Newspaper of Evening Star, February 7, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 7, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ! "SuraT I.i?e Mam Brvw>I8 "-8o?w time i Mo. two (itrman -arp*nt4?rs. named tieorga Ol??rholrzer and Jobn K.nntzmanii, went Ui~ < gather to JlashTflla to obtain eroplnynimt. j They found it, worked hard, aod prospered. Tbe\ boarded in a tavern ia that city, and ae Mr Kont*m?i)U remarked on Si'.nrday, were sboo-t eo ticlr an brudders " Knniimana alter a while took 'be ague. He found on? morning that Oberholtzer was gone. He at . the t-aiae time missed near S&*iin m^ney, a ] cbest of tools ktd a box of clothing. Ttie j h?tel-fc*eper bad perfect confidence in Ober holtzer. and when appealed to, express* d bis j b*l ' 'h it tbe -whole ?hing was a joke. Kontz- j man, however, hemg able now to crawl about, , ina inted inquiries, and learaed that bis p?r- j Adious friend had chirped the stolen property | to Philadelphia by Adams' Express. He there- i fore came to this sity. He found the eae^e contnlnieg bis tool* and clo'hing a' Adams' fcxpres* Office, and the officers of thetcompnny j bearing the fac's. as nred him that none hut th# owner should have tbem. The delinquent, i wnen arrested, restored ?>?. He wm held for a further hearing?rhtladflphin Gnxttft. Tm Fswnwiix Baitists.?The Freewill Papuat* bave 1,2? churches in the United Stales, with about T.<m> members and 1.076 ordained ministers. These are all in th> Northern States, as their denominational oppositien to slavery has prevented their >xu*a^ion ia slav? States. They have two colleges? Bates, at L*wistun, Main*. (a new mentation >, wth 4^- students, aud Hillsdale, Michigan, with in*) | emdents. Thev have 'wo theological ms'i'utiwns?one at New Hampton, N. 11 . with 16 students, and the other a* Hillsdale. Mich'gan, with *21 studeu's. They have also six literary institutions of high order, that at New Hampton N. H., reporting 71 pupils for the tour tfrms of last year Tne Home Mission S ici-ty hasan income of ?16.5?7. Th?y al?o employ a K- neral ag?nt for th" tie^dmen?maicinzs^veuty mis?ionarie?. t*ai*her? and agents sustained in vi hoi*- or in par* bv th- socie'y. They h ive a Korelru Mission Sooie-y, whose reeelp-s last year were *12,!? ?> The* have in Ori-v-a. Ir.dia, vi h*r* the famine h is made such ha vor .1 urine the last year, four male and six t-mile rnt?Mcnaries, aiul six naiivefeachers. L.A:-T AUD NitxT NOVBMBKU STAR SHOW. run ? A comparison of sue whole unmoor oi nie'eora observed with the numerical results i.f previous showers -bows that this Shoffar w.?? tar Irjs -unifi am ;han some of its pr?de-es-ivrs. W nc'tier other par s of fh<? w no r-i-n"??ds trander phase in thedtspi ?y hs*i we In Tngland did v.e cannot say, for here is ai pre-eat uo autumtic in formation on ?t e point. M. I' iul vi*tOravler. who ought to be an'hority, a' ''e,-eui sitting of the French A ?rt?-mv " f v ten sugs:e*ted tiiat the t tiutuiu oiapi.iy o tn** eo.> 0 tm^b' be stj *?d hi Noieeber. fescMM, lie -aid. . ?? r,allv gr- i: >(iowers are thiriv-I" >ur y> i.a :ipTT?, ir.-'ee 1 of thirty-three, and th-- la?t oi was that of l- E3. Moreover he called a ten'ion to the tact that every xraud showrr vr-?- prec? 'Vil > v one not traud in tte y^tr h?-|?re it. 1 bis was lue casein i- .j w!i?-tLer >t will h?* so thi? time we must wait till n-xt No\? mter to learn ? fc <Jentlfin/tn't )togi:in'. How to taT\t. (* ?! i>. ?A5 the thaw hiscone. ttir do> tors are lockiee for an incr-ase ot bn- ? < ?: anil as rarrv trade inu?t live, we tier a i? w hints upon the readied ni?tb xi? ai gratifying tL-' fra*??imty. ivrsons wiio are px.t'al *o rh- nma'i-nri ?hould wear thin ho-os itiid heiarrtnl to k???p tbem well snaked iu -now water. A quick fever can ".? secured by !ea\inc off overcoat*. N#unit;ta complain'-* ire open to Hi who vain till ;her becom-* lif-a'^d. and then stop at tne c?>rrer cf a street apdcoolcfThy a cental cha' wi'h s>>,ae good tallow. I'outflis :tr- trr?e to all who will insist upon thr. w icr opeu their coats to catch tn(ftnl* soti'b brffzt" ?tn h prevails. T^** lartifs*>r? such ihorntigb rxper's in til? art 'ba* w - iK'i-d not offer them any eugg-xti -n. but t-y abandoiiiuic ib?ir cloaks and rnhtoerand t -or'nif 'o tbfir hc>ots ami stia atIj, !h"j will r?'ach a cruel diet by a short cat. TO}tiA< it TitE*.?Via r^cf ?: Clir oiiv-u'ion held in ('hicuiro, M M of 'bat pia<.e, advi-ed miui-t*-r? to >ur i k a iv their writ*?ii sennoi.s, aud to eo d -vu m"o th- ? ;;rk alleys, lanes, and dance-Inn- - i I preat b *o *b- people?nreaclt to then, in v* i'pni *,r. nyvrufrf tbtt you can hud 'h*.. and tn?*n ,%ou can r-a h :lietn, as it w*?re ffii. tti - lr>.tn th** al'ar J/-Mr- 4'h*i- Ptiiuiut iii, of Me' !e i" Ky . av? -h- Vn:*tbe'ht ?wn (Ky ) l>aur>*r has .ivn } rtii io live chlidreu -.vithtn the past 1*2 mi'U'bs. tJ l - ls -hick .n Like Erie. |/)lr. Payne ha- in'roduc^d in'o th<? Wi eeiin,!-la*nr- a re-->!a?'o:i inii'iiritis ty tb- -xp? di-ncy --f T?roli:b'.'in^ '-disloyal * , .? trim carryiag tire arm* or o*h-r d-mgerot.s w-apons. %f~ ,N#w Hasen has aa ice boat, *h- M tttii J.. iHnld, which an run wrb safety on i e : otr in, he? *h. < ai. ! make seventy rail**? aw hour. She isthiT-y fe<T lon^. BS 1 hree? liar lesion. S. C., men picked up an uii-xpio ied slieti and eudeavor^d t? dra k the lose-oa?toextractthepowdsr The. .&-!! exploded. kili'Dic one and w uudii.^;:lie OeciUet brenkiu*; uiuch glass. i/-The Metbo?li?ts, ol Philadelphia, hiv erected a church ho*", cruitatninr a r >m tor tb*prMi*ters' w>s>klr me*?in??. rooms for 'he bit-hop. and a reading room w hich atf >rd- a pleasant gathering place f r the prt-a_-U rs tnd lay men oi that city K/"On the 17th ult., in Accomvc couu'y. "\'a . wmle the whole ear h wa- coverel with s?ow, there was one ol the sev-res*. thnno-r forms ever *nowa in tha* country, and 'hlubtninr struck in several places Mn.y people'bought tha end of th* world was appreaching. | LXTBIKS FOK THi HOLIDAYS. MA ILL 4 BD S CAMDlTs AMD CHOCOLATES, CAHA VKL s cuiam chocolate. DOIBLS VAMLLA tH'I'.'OLMB, I Kor table use. > BOSK AND V A BILL A CBNT ALtMON D9. niXBP >1 OAK PHTMH,?n4 AbfeOHTkU Ca?Ul>:s Jmt r*c?t?rd tt KING PLM?'I / M P. KING A BOH. WJC8T INDIA OBANGBS AN I* BWitr Malaga gkapb^. Fresh, at KING PLACE. MINOK MEAT POMkSTlO.i J ust a,?de. of select mvtorlala. At KING PLACE (^OLDEN~bCCPV?BN??NO WINE i t?i h pinakt native wine Gold toltr. full. j?t delicate flavor aad 'rs tt ,.)( . a&d ie?? tti ?u ?ut hall the ro^t of Imp rted Vine KISI^ PLACE. >'I1ITE OPOKTO POUT, . . * C Tears of the buuro, 'I B"~' ? p. Klsa, BO?. 4?tt t King Place. poBiAM*a hTFAN ENGINRH, Couiblulng the iua.xiniuai of effi^ltacy.iJuratdllty, aid ecososi), aitb the ininiui'im ?f s?iglit *ml price They are wlUel* and faverahly known, more than OOO t?lBg in u?e. All ?uramttel satistactory. or n? sale l>eacri?tlve oircaiara sent on arpiicatlon. Address _ J. 0. HOADLET M CO., n*>eo3m Lawrence. Maae. V'ICTOB BECK IEPIANO TINKR ANI? BKOrLATOa- ^ EsTABLlsiial/ 111 1?4. mill oxrxas vow MEestvvo at DIM P(*K Y A OTOOLK E, Bograsera arid bta tl? ners. Ac . :t 2b Pa. av., het. Srth and loth ste. F. < MEicMENMAOH S Piano Eoona, 499 11th street, b??r Pa. avenue, Sp'nal ."Vo'*e? from Wm Kna^t t Co , Rntu mor*. Mr Mocker naa tuned Pianos fur us at our Warero nis. aiiJ wt take pleasure in stating that we ballets htm to be a competent tnner. no 31 Sm UBPABTMBBT OF THB INTBBIOB, Pas-ion Orr;cK, Juif Uth 19M TO ALL WBOE IT MAY COBCEBN BpytlcaUon having been rued* under the act >f Jane23. IMi. for the rei-*e?of to* follavlng de ecrlDed Land Warrant*, which are allege*! to bare been luet or de-trayed.?H"tlce is her?by glsen thai at the date following the d?ecrleti<>n of each wariaot a new oertiOca'e or ?arr?ntt/f like teu<>r wtll be relseaed. tf ao valid objection should tbeu a""' JOE. B, BAHEETT, Oommleelouer. No <5 USA f ar ltu acres, iseued under tbe aet of March 3d. 1*46. ia tbe name of Lasarut Harlou, and was granted September It, ia>>. February H \&ff. No M i.7m, for \t? scree. Isei.ed ander tbe act of Marched, 18-A. In the tume of Bol>*rt W Pierce, and wea granted Ma> 12, |H>V M?r> h ?. IW Bo. 99 2at.for leo acres, leaned unter the act of Hart ti I IMA, in the name of EU.ah L> Rail and w a? granted J one 9, l^#i. MarehS, lh<7. Bo ten, for Wacrwe, leeuwd nnler ttie act of Harsh ia*5. In the same ?f Pl?im, aod wa> pr? t>d Angast 1Mb, 18.**. Marrh l-or. Wo VT '1J l?>r leu acres, issued ur d?r tbe act of^. In the name of Jarue* Henry, aad ?m (rrttM Asrllty. 1^1 March ,W 1^ -7. Mo s? 7*. for leu acre*, tesued uiH.?r 'he act of March 3d. IMA. in th* iitmr of J ihn W<e>4, and wa* ranted Felooar> 24. IW>7. April t. 11ff7 N' .ftelSO for 1K> acres leaned iui1eribe?ct if War h 3d IS"#, in the nawe of Sarai W od, wl1<w of BcSrt Weod. ana wae grantal February I >, iS. 7. A prll t. 1D67 No <1,49', for l-V acres, ieeuad nnder th* act of Fermary II. 184', in ttie of SsmTe' HoJson. nnd wasgraated December ?. ims April X, 19:7. No $t&. for *) ?rr?e l?en*daa1*r th* a<*t of (leptsmher laM la th* aame of Laacd<m 0. Joh-iKn a ad wee granted Mar?h 3, iA>3. April tf, *?gr; No for*?a^ree, laened ua^er the att *f Mar< a 3 lathe nase* ?f Lwedon C J?hw acn aed wae granted A pit i I.Isa;. Ar>rtf?9 Is ,7 No ~1 31. fur 12# acie?. laaueg under the act rf Mar, b 3 IMS. la tha name of Merr. widow of tb<*n%* Bowling, and wae grantal Mart, ltM. AprilWtlMF. AUCTION SAlii!irt. UI OUEBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, 13 fie. Jut, cuiutr 7th and I> ktreets. TIIBI1 BILL 1ABD TTbLES AND BILLIABD ! BALLS <rt8 AND >ixri;t?s; ALSO A ' riVI tBVBN CiUTATB MAM OAHY CAM PUNo. AT PlNLiC AUCTION Sa aATCBDA V, ti.f "<-b lust .at JO eViloch am, we shall toll kl oui Auction Rooute. thiee Hilliard Tel be ell in complete <>id?r A en. a lit* Buv> n, octave Mahogany 0**? Piano. In perfect order, to be ?old without reeer? elor c?wh. j fa a ORBIN A WH,LHMg, A acta. |>Y AaOIiI m UU Auctioneera. U a?A Pennsylvania mnm> ' PEBEMPTOBY 9ALE OT BINE CIQABS, ! ! SM? K IBO AND OHBWINQ TOBACCO. Ac. Ok SaTI HD A Y, February 9, at 10 o'clock. At | our Patee Boom, a large lot of I Mnetigare i If*'proe- kin* Cat Chwwing Tohaoco 4*0 lbs Virginia Muoklng Tcbacc*; ' augroee do., ?r , Ac Balanc- of sta,< k of a dea'er. Snip poetive. NAOLN A CO , 1 fe 6 Auction?rs. | ill W L W ALL A OO , Anctionemte. D Original Hone and Carringe Hat ear, La. at., iwtwtfB 4th and 19th iU BALE OV HOB8ES OAHBIAUE9. HARMESS, Ac , Be On SATTf BDA V MOKMNG. Peb. 9. At 10 o'clock. we will (ell, at th* Bazaar, a ntimber of Sacdle Car-luge and W >rk floraes, (a fall d?* i sciiption ntsale Icoir.prisln#? Many cu?d Wiiik. 8*ltf!? anl Ilarnee? Horses, in clHdini* Mir of dark Bay Hereon, perfectly tin >n single or doable h*rn<-SJ, aad only I s< Id lor wntnf ? ?. ' Auo, Set of doable Harness and Covers. A Leo. A large collection of N- w and Second band Bug gits Rni-k!i?ijK, Carriage*, Wigous, and other \ thie e?. Two new JenDy Liu.l Wacom, built in this city. AL<>>. N>-w end Se.- nd hand Hninas, 8a idles, Carriages Mo . at privato -?le Beg-.iiar sales da>?. Tusdtys, Thursdays, and ! [ Setuidaya 'atriakes aid Harness always cti private aale fe 6 \V L WALL A CO.. Auaa. HY CHOPBR a L\ FI MKK AncDo*?*n, (Late rlei k* w it:i .'a*. 0 Mcinire A Co..I j Southwest r in*rot Penney 11ania eve. and 11th j ktre> t, Star Office Building. SCPEBIOB KO?KWOT7D CASK CHIOKERINQ PAKL' K GR'.NH PIANOFORTE. FRENCH PLATK MIRKOK, *11.K DAMASK OH* TAINS. >RL\(T H HI'S*- ELS I 'A R! BT8. h I L V KK PLATS. I OT OK r I N E HliANDY, WIN*!- I.I'JI'OK Ai* . AT AUDI ION. On MONDAY M iRNIVW nut, ITeu. Ufa. %t t?u o elm k, ?t ikf .eM.U-nce of hia K< -eilancy i? O. Tas-er?, the Spanish Miniafer. N > Jft I ?tr? ?t,J'or<- 'rknV Bu?. v? e oliall ?e.' a * ipt.r:or lot of Puia'tore and Ilou^thjM E..1. ct*. > nupri I kin?? H<?ewo< d Ca^e ocf*', c PI maf irte by Chi. k nns Giir > raine Fren. b PUte Maiit< 1 4Iiir r. 6. b> mcl e? Tlif* Maroon Silk UaiHimk Curtail* T>ta* !* aud Coi no ? Wain it P?r'or8nl?" Mirnnioon 7 > ? e* >i;<bal j ?terel in B'"J n?d Hl?k Pills | auimk Otolith! Ro-e? o.n Marble top <:?Mtr? T^blo Thr?*?- \elv?"i Hrn?c'a Cari.e:. a .1 Bus* K. or Turkish Ka y ?;h .ir* Mahcgnny 8i<ltb ard. W .iluut Rxteu^i j Dinltu Tahle Table an<l Bed Lin.-n.O u e ?eat Oinln^ Chair* B?d?'f>,dB B'i'*aii? inn Uardr I ? ? Lioubie ai d "intclo .tiattre- ?e?. Kt?a?b?-r Bolot rj and Pi'low*. Ai ??>, Fret), h China Dinntr Sn, cilt edge, about lVt-ie<-<a Si' *cr i laied Tea Sf t, 7 f l??c< ? Larpe Plat,-4 Waiter .lihy i7li.chos Snail Platert Wair?-r. iQ by it .J j Li.r^e'juaiit'ty ol Cut ai:d EDgr-irrd Class ware. Al?I>, S.sbottles Am ntillaiv u..a other brauili > T One fherr\ Winn 1X6 l"ttle? hue Pale French Hrnndy. vitit-ign 1-m ei do Ektra fur^ Port WIip Tei <2<> A si>rt*-i ran'ln tb >ui)'a.'ne i.'7 o,? t'liatenu Mnr^aux L?vrukje, an I Pon t> t Clam 1 bottles Dln*cat?l and Malaga Win's 10 do >.?nta? n./ Rum ? l '> do Pn'ar ete eht-rry i A '?? t'?ttlf* (it H ?nt Sa'iierne and Klrscb The l?nf are * Tt-ry ch lc? lot of tine Li riot s imported tiyrfid) tor Mr Ta<?arn. ?ad v.ill !?e ?!d in <i?iai>liti*9 ?o suit pnrchnsorg. Al-^I, I.' Ccui o,one Lirht W*<ou Oi?e - >: Lul.t ba.L'oiT : i ?a- b, f.-i t < OOPIR A LATIMER, Au :fs. tp Y OHEEN A WILLIAMS. A nctlone?rs I Mo. '*!?>, corner 7th an<t O streets \ ALL AELE CI ILDlAu L? T. FRONT IN i iin t.TM v* itj. r HE WiKN L a.\i? M j Mbliili NO'.T I. AT I'l'l'LfC AUCTION I Oullil' R."L?A V . I t>a i t.i lu-tai' atswclock r. m we ahftV ?el! o:> th?t pia ui-m. p^rt ,.| t, ,t So. 2 is l*'(oitif No. 4iJ. havi'sr Oleet fr mt by I/O 1' t iIppi . mniiii iim k t>i a k > a lo-f ?.t al . II a?il t: it a d'-I! ?Llf I llldlUK lot. to *UICU # ' I rail Iiir attv: ti?,Q ot I uyvia, as it will be soil wi * lient rwitf II ra?- caeli AO o? : *ey.?acintr an.i reyenue ?ta?t i s it thu :o#t ! ut th? pitrcbw Ij.'M > r.wn nu tl e d it of sal-4. o .1 UUKAN A VIUV|||,&M| |>V CO. PAH A L \ T I L li AuTtlone"riT I** i ! !<? with ins C McOitiio t Co ,) 9 utbwcrt corner IVuu'a a*muoaiid nth st .Star Oi'ice B..iluii.g. IKtSTIE'S SALE OF VALUAHLK V1NK ^ A BD, ^ K Ah. TTIi; NATIONAL RACE Col AND I N s A N K A.- i LI M H Tlriueo a f frn?r, datei tbe2d of May, A I? isiis. ah I ii!\ rec< ided,whn undt rsiuLed mill sell.? n va RUN Ksl'A V . lhafii b d<y <>f Ketiruarv,i3?(7 atllo'ltcka >n. at fiiaui ti si rooini ot I'ooper X l.atlninr inerid Penn*y lyanla a? tine ai.i1 lltli klre t Star Oltic* Building, that crilaiu VUejnrd centalt.lm! 7 4 arr.-a li?i g part of ' Ku viuk. ko Place,* described a* fallows ? Hegiui li a at r*.ot>? No. ], in a 'km road skid out <n * Ko>" in-/ko llacK" by Mosea Keiley and t h*r!ta J Ublman, ttieuc>- k. ntt? 76 deg. watt 4 clialna and 2 iW> a rh ai a, ?outl> tt \ deg ?ult 3(7 lot i baiuk. b nth ki 4 'eg we-t 3 7 l'*? ckaina, toutb 31'. dux east n 31-1 0 chains to the said I farm road. Lb?io e by at id road to tlia beginning. 1 The place c .aipri-. s >? vnlnanle v neya'd in full beariaj(. and la htthin alK>nt a mile of Waahfugioii 'it j. and is wall deaerving tne.itt'ntleii of ng ricnlturikis Tunis . One third c??h. of which ? I OB must be paid ioiinedlntfly aft*-r ti e sale; balance in aln and twtlve ruoiith*. with interest. Deed given and de*d of trust taken. K BED W JONBS. Trustee, fasoota ceoi'BK A LATIHEB, AucU, Ut GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRLbTKB-S SALB ofTal^ablb impbovbd PBUI'B HTY OH 7TB STBB1T. By ririne ?f a deed of trust, tiaarlng date on tba letb <ta> of Aotust, a 1> i860, and duly recorded in Llbrr k. M li No 1?. folioe ?I9. Ao . of the Inuti reaords tor Washington county, in the District < f t olutnbia, and by direction of tka party j securtd th re! y. I will sell at pnidic auction, la front el ttie prenii<ea, on MONDAY, the 11th day : of Febru?ry, A I). 1887. at 4 o clock p tu . Lot nurmerel t**en?y four <24> in Wlltberger's reCt-rded abdi\i?i"U ol ?-iuare nuiuliered four hundred and f rty two (44'-J. in ttiecityof Wasking t' n, in the Dirtilet of 1 nlnnibit. in/^tber with all 1 the luipron-ti enta there in This pi ope' ty i? w- I, improved, an*< located in a Tery oesir>able ab'l lmprnarlntf part of the city. Termpof aale Oi.e third in caeh,t>f which $S0 ino*t b> paid at tbe *ale; tti? rem .ining t wo toirds to be i aid in ?ix m d tu el ve nn'nths. with in:*-ro?t 1 from i*ay f ale sin] to he Secured by deed of I tru-t to the SHtislaclloli of the trustee. T<-inisi.f KHie to be complied *ilb within ftv?? dnj s; ottu rwike tt,e trn?t">- rea>-rves tlm right ts resall at Ike risk an : cort of tirat pun li??-r, alter ' ? n? ? ei-k's pet,lie in tice All <. nr tncirii; ai.' atamps at tbe cost of tbe rarc'ii?? r WM II W A BD, Trustee. I ik.'I'KAda OBEKN A WILLlAMtt, Aucta. |^T OBEBB A WILLIAMS, Anotloueara. TBUSTEL S 8ALE~Or BEAL ESTATE. By vwtueol a dead of trust bearing date oq the fillli d,y of January, ?xecuted by John Colli n - 1 i! 1 e i? r tbe benefit of Jeliu ila^el, anil re c?'ii>?4 11 Uber N. C T .No ^7. folio lii, Ac. one of tf ? !?i.d 1 da lor W M>biugt"U county , In tb>: Dis 11ii.t ol luhunb'a. I will otIVr for aa!e <>n the [rtrliii-1-a eo kUll'AY tbe Istb day ol Jauu?ry, I'm, at 10 clock p in., th" north part of Lot No. li, ib Square No. di.7.iu tiaacityoi Waehingt^n, I? ? froi.iing 16 f?ft aij<l 2 inabea on east s' ih sneei hftween A arid B streets n<'rtli, and . .n- < oiiitr at tbat width 10 the r>-nr, together with ths tmpmaements, cnaifiiug of n small dwelling hoave ano efner buildliiKS. lerms one baif casii, the balance in 6 m>niiw, the p n baser to reeei >e a d- ed and give hia note, k*< ur>'d ky a de<d of truat. All conveyancing and revet He >tamps at tbe coat of tha pur< haaar. A d?-|.o-it ( f %f0 teiuirad at tlm time of eala. and tbe trustee res- rvrs the right to reaeli nt tha cost ? tbe parchs*er it tha term* of sale ai a not complied With Within five dn>?. JOHN E MORRIS, Trustee. . , OBEBB A WILLIAMS. de27 itawAds Auctioneers. try TDK ATOVB SALE IS POSTPONBDnntri MOkl'At. the iim day ef Febrnary next, at tbr satne hour and t'lare Ly oriler ot tbe Truj-iee. j?i.i cantos Okkkfi A WILLIAMS, Aucts. pBOl'OSALS FOB NEW JAIL. Bxpaht>is>t or Titi Ijitkrior, J W as!! 1 _n>tun January M, lgS7. I Sealed Proposals will be received at tnis De partcnent oritil 12 o'clo' k m , nt MONDAY.tha 4th r.f M*r<-ti '"7- for the orectlon of the .fail in end lot the Mat net of Oolnmhia, authorised aad rrtvided er by tbe act of Cougreas, approved July u ic a. The designs, detail drawings, and spec!gentians ran be Men at tbe architect s >fllc<-,ln the eastern cr< uads of th* Oapitol. Washington citr.every day earapt Mondays, between the buura el 9 a. m. and 3 p in , on M?<t after tbe >?th Inatant. fouiais bide will I e reaelved for the masonry work,brick work, iron work and carpentry work. The c"oiractor ahoae hid m >y be aocegted will be inquired to enter Into a autticient bond, to be approved by 'be S?cr-tarr of the Inrarlor, for the faithful completion of his rontraa:t. Parnients will be made a- the nork progreeaea. on aatiinatea certified toby tha architect, bnt twenty per can turn of tha ?sMmates win ba ratalnad until the cantract la pejnf I-ted. Ti<eaontia<t will be awarded to tha lowMt raapouaihTe bidd"r, bnt tbe Department reaervee the right to r?jf?t any or all ef tha blda ahouid it be da*mad for tba inter*ata of tha Ogyaramaat to dt> so. The blda will ha opened at noon on tha 4th of March next, in of anck of the bid da re ae tc?< ckooee te attend. Proppeal* shoald be endoiaed on tha anvalona, ' for New Ja 1 "end ha directed to tha Sacratary of the Iateriav. Weekin^toe. IV^.'jeMwdW Secretary of tha latarto'r. PROPOSAL#. P&OPMAL& run UUKH Qf rt Dtpot Commtstary of Subtisteiut, I (fwtiMMti. D Ci, Februsrr 4, iN7.l Sealed Prepoeals. Id dapticale, are invited until TfMI'iT, PebruaryU. 1M7. at It M.. for fart'I>I Iuf the 9o)mIiMk( B?pertm?nt with all the 1 COBW MKAIj that ma? hereout rod from the 17th o' fat ruary. 1M<. until the UOth of June, iM7. Tba Meal to be delivered si the Snlmstenoa Storehouses, in the Monument Lot and 6th ?tr*<t vhirfi or at the Baltimore and Ohio aellroai t'epot. at each limes anl la inch qnantltiee aa the 8nT?mu< itBaf 4lrw t. after ire day*' notice. The Oorn Meal to be delivered in good,sound dear barrel*, each containing one baadred aad ninety six 119#) pounds to t>e fre*h ground. and of geod. merchantable quality, and will be inapectsd iafora It la received. . _ Pay meats wiII be mad* 1 n aurh fnnde aa the Govern ment aay furnish for disbursements rfids miit be addressed to the anderfllaned, at No. 993 O street, indorsed " Proposals for Corn Meal " O BBL.L, fa 6-4t _ Major and O. B . U. B. A. dboposals res pbbformihq sibit ai ?V W<mKO?2J?LTJ*IIABTia.:> H*ad<n?**ter> Departmmt of Washington, ) QJt? of Chitf QunrtermntUr, S Wtukintton, B. C., January 31, 1887. \ Sealed Propoeala are Invited at thia offloa until 1] oYto< k noon. February 16,18-7, for tba removal of all alnk deposits, ashes. and dead public animals from ths virions barrack*, building*. Ac ,ow ied and occupied by tie various branches of tha War Department in snd about this rity, (te be designated hy the thief Quartermaster. Department of Wathington,) tor the period of one year from Hereto 1. 1867. Bidder* to furnish all necessary materials and labor for jerforming the work, and to ?:lve bonde to l-eexecuted at once upon the award of tbeeontrn<tinthe rum of five thousaad dollars for the faithlui perfoimance of the same. Pa)ment* to be made monthly. Should the amount ef work reqotred during the . ptri 'd fcf the contract be titter Increase-! or decreased, then a irportionate'increase or deduction to be mnd<' in the monthly payment*. Lists of the places to he visited and a statement of tbe present amount of work required can be had on eppll-utlon at this ' thee. The undersigned reserves the right to reje , ny a-i = all proposals should tb< y be deemed too nigh, | an-i also the right to annul an l discontinue the . rent' act at an* time when the contractor shall fail t perform the work requir-d In a prompt and satisfactory manner. . . _ , , ? "Wirt- should be endorsed ' Proposal* fer F* -auitary Work or Quartermaster's l>euurtuik Bt, ' and addressed to the undersigned. M 1 LUDIM^TOB. Bvt. Brig Oen and Chief Quartermaster jii3l-lSt Department of W lehlngton. puopuBALs run lumbsb; Treasury Drpartmkxt, ) OfFICF of Bt I ** VISING Ale Iti T ECT,> January ?1, ld>7. \ Sealed Propoaals will be reroivod at this Office Mitti 12 o clock M , February lsth. ls>7, forfori aliing lumber required for the R -rthWiug of n. Treasury Extension, as described iutlie following schedule o,U.O l i '?al fe< ! of N Carolina (h- art) Flooring. ll4 inch thick, not ovt-r 5 inches aide, anl clear ot knots. 25 uOW fpet, board measure, W Pine 0om Calls., 1 Inch tbiciv. ; feet, boa.d measure. W. Pine Oom Culls., 2 ia< be* tiitck. 1 couteet. boar-i measnr-. Spruce Scantling, 3 by 4 inches. 20 teet lengths li cCO leet 1'onid n eaaure, Spruce Bcaatliug.Shy 4 inchea. 14 feet lengths 3?,? 0 feet i>o?rd lueaw ire. Spruce Bails, 2 by 3 inches. it) feet Itngthe. I..,! uw 'ect, b<>ard measure, W. Pins Selects, 2 inches thick. 3 "tiO feer.boaid measure, W. Plr.eSelects.dressed, ,l4in- b thick. ;? ws' leet .board nieirure, W Pine Sale :ts, dros*?d, inch thick 4 04-0feet b- n d measure, W. Pine 8elerts,dresKod, 1, inch thick. , m 2,(nnieet huard ii.easnre, W Pine Selects, droesed, 1 ? In. l:e* tbi< k. ? 1 r a teet. bo ml mea?ure. W. Pine Selects,dressed, 1-, inches tbi, k. i.ooleet. board H.eamre, Poplar, dressed, ;? Inch thick 1.U0 te?t boaid measure, Poplar, dressed,s, inch thick . , ^ Al.tbea ve descr ipti"R4 of Lumber mu->t l?e ot the l>e*t t|U ality ot their several kin 1?, and must be ("ellve ed at the Tr-asury Bniliiog from t.n e t* iime as oi tiered mid lie #ub. ct to the lu?ie 11. u ot the luspector and Be. elver ol Mate IlnlS. liids to state pric* p'T M . :>??t and must b* accR;i.?iil.o by a written gnai-vniee from some re sponsible porsc-n that the Ml ler will esecnt" and i e- tot in !h>- c u.t ci il aw ir^ed to hiixj The l?ep?'tcj-u' -errrvei t .e light to rajert any m ail the i.' '.j li "nsidered for- th I'ltere-t of the i.overkinent to ilo or to a c. pt any porti'ii* of them. Bids to be ene'esed in a aealed enve 1 <p? and ou1 t ?i"Pr p..?*! tor Lumber " A B MULLBTT, ja31 IChron ] Unpcrvislag Atonitect to practical pump - mak.bbs asd 1 plu'itbfks 31 avoh's 0?f;ce, / Va*u"."? . ros. Jas Ji, 1S<>7 ( pr"?osaM in i.i n< will i - at tn's (Wii> e t.p to i2 >V tock m on TH UBSDAT, 7th of Febi utry nest for innking Pumpa. bvdrants, bor? * 'iiveying water, and for siokinf; Well*, !< '11 nee --ary materials and workman hii> In M"*lng 1 ying and c-Bipletlng in the t at ai,, a i ;oi ke- pins the Puuipsand Bt drat t-in per'^ct repair in the tirst dlstiict. co p ?-.i of th ? 1 ht ?us 20 ward* ; in the second di-tii to" i -seO of the vl, 4th, and 7th wards . ai, . i . Ihe third district comcos.;d of tue&th and t.t words, each iilstri t ta b>- bid for separately, at I to ' e tiven to di^eiCnt i ontr?ctor?. I f'?r the teim of one jear, com:n> uoing on the 1st day of Arril, 18n7 _ Specifications > an be seen at this offica, also at lh< oilieeof the C. .ii n? i--1 oners of Improv?Biei)ts, in th? baa* aent of the " eat wing of the City Hall. The bi<ls for th- Iron Pumpa and Hydrant* will be tor the whole city. Tbe Major reset vea to blmaelf the right to reje-1 an' or all bid* if be deems it to the Intereatol tbe C*> poration to do so. B. WALLA0H, jaSSectd (Intel] Mayor. PKOPOSALS FOB AKMY T BANS PO STATION. Qt ART?a*tA?Tkh Okmkal's Orrtcx, I WasHtNMTo.n, 1>. U., Jauuary 1A. 18?57.< Sealed Propoeal* will be received at this ettice until i2o clock m.. on the M?h of February, 1867, for tbe transportation of Military Supplies during the year o<>mtnencing April 1, 1*37, and ending March 31, 1S68, on the following route*: BOUTB Bo. 1. From Fort McPhereon Bebraaka Territory, or such fart* a* mar be determined upon during the year on the Omana branch of the Unioa Pacific railroad, west of Fort McPhereon. or from Fart Laramia* Dakota Territory, to such post* or depots a* are now or may be established in the Terrify o- Bebtaska. west of longitude lu2 deg , In the Teriitory of Montane, south of latitude 4$ deg.. la the Territory ?f Dakota, weet of longitude lot deg , in tbe Territory of Idaho, couth of latitude 4i deg and ea*t ot longitude 114 dag , and in the Territories of Utah aad Colorado north of letitude ?u deg , including If neoemary, Denver ?ltt' boutb ho 9. From Fort Biley. state of Kaaeae, or rueh points a* may be determined na>aduriug the yoar on the Ualon Pacific railroad. B. D., t? any poste or dept t* that are now or may be established In the Hta*e of h ansa* or id the Territory ef Colore do. s?nth of latitude 40degrees nortn, aad to Fort I'nlon. Dew Mexico, or other depot that may be designated in that Territory, aad to any other point or polnte en the route BOUTE Bo. 3. From Fort Union or each other depot a* may be established In the Territory of Bew Mexico, to en> poste or stations that are, or may he eetab11 ?r;ed in that T?n Itory. and t# eueh post* or*tationa aa m*> be designated tn tbe Territory of Arizona, and in the State of Texas weet of longitude 105 deg. BOUTB Bo, 4. From Bt Paul Minne*"ta, to eucb poets ar# now or may be est al iieht d in the btate of Minnesota. and In that portion of Dakota Territory lying e st of ihe Missouri river Tbe weight t<> be transported dnring the year Villi Dot e*'?id ? n Route Mo l, 3U,W0 uflu pounds ; ou Bcote Ko. 2. 2u,wil Phi pound* ; on Konte Bo. 3, KiSU i0o pound*, aud on Beute Mo. 4, 3,6oO W pounds. Proposals will be made for onch route separately. Bid<lere will state the rate per 100 pounJs per 100 miles, at which they wlil transport the store* in each month of the jear, beginning April 1, IS6~. end ending March 31.1 Bidders should gi%e their name* la fall, a* well as their) places of residence, and cach proposal should be aco >mpanle I by a bond In tbe sum ef ten thousand Slo.ooi) dollars, signed by two or more responsible persons, guaranteeing that In a-e a contract Is awar-ted for tbe route mentioned la tne pro petal to the party proposing the contract will ha accepted aad entered Into, and good aud sutlcient security furnished by said psrty in secerdanco with the terms of this ndvertit emeu t The oeotractor will be required to glra bonds la tho following amounts: On Boute Bo. J, $2.'fl,000 On Boute Mo l, 200,000. On Boute No 3. 100,000. _ ^ _ On Boute lo 4, to.100 Satisfactory evidence of tbe loyalty and solvency of each bidder and person offered as poonrtty will be required. Prop"*at* must he andor*ed " Proposal* for Army Transportation on Boats Ho l,2,S,or4," as the case may be. and none w|H be entertained nnUse tbsy fully comply with the requirements of this advertisement. The party to whom aa award is mads most t>e prepared tosxe*uta tbe contract at onoe, and to give the required bonds for the faithful performance of tbe contract. Tbe rigbt to reject any or all bid* that may be offered I* reserved. The oonuactor* on each route most be la readine*a for asnlce by the 1st day of Anril, 1M7, aad will be required to bnve apiece or business or agency at which he may he communicated with

piamptly end readily for Bouto Bo. 1, at Omaha, H. T., for Baute Ho. 2, at Fort Blley, Baaeaa; Cor Boat* No t. at Fort Un16n,Hew M?xloo;for Boute Ho 4. at Saint Paul, Mlnne*eta. or at such other Joint for each or the several Boute* as may be Inioated a* th* starting palat of tha rente. Blank forma showing the conditions of the contract ta be enterad into for each ronte can be had on application at this office, er at the offloe of the Qaartrrmeater at Bew York, Saint L mU, Foci Leavenworth, Omaha. Benta Fa, aad Fort 8nelling, aad must accompany aad he a part of the fOiOMl. " " ''irsf ass^fBta. Brevet Colonel aad AsMataat jalS-Wt Uaartormaster. if.aT A. w" ' """a" Show date Mannfaetarer. lebeel FnraitnrettL and Boaeofurnlshlng Wareroomo. Mew and M| Old Furniture, of all doeertaMona, benght /VI / LEGAIj IOTIOES. i? ?.J" DTMtM ? fitrkkVMMial Mdn* J.l Jtjd, MBptilulti, , JOUfk J oh MOB. Mary Job*} Bqally No. BT. on, Joha Hacton, John j Flyn and John Maloao, de-1 ThUffiJot of tbo bill filed inltbta caaoo to to fnrgro 14oer*i (??ho ante of aortala |l?Ni or **rce! of ground lying and bolag tn Waahlngten iitr. Diittict of OoiibUo, MnfUu nod part of Lot 4. In Square 1M?, to aatlsfy n dobt due by dofendant, Joeeph Johnaon, to tho c-asalaiaaata. Tbo Mil toto forth in auhetonco that tho Mid Joeepb Johnaon waa Indebted to Mid oomplalnantela tbo anm of ?447 00 for good* ootd and OollTfrd br compltlnMU to tbo mM Jooaph ton. That ot the time of cootroetlngeald debt the aid Joiorb Johnaon waa felted nnd pueeoeeed of tbo void piocoa or aaroela of froand, wbicb, while be waa fo indebtod.he traunulently conveyed to aaid defendant. John M. Banaon, la trnat tor tbo ole nae and benefit of Mary Johnaon. wifa of ?ald Joseph Johnaon. That coenploinaate obtained judgment otaoadam nation of tho aaid piocoa or parcelo ?r grmt.d In and by virtuoof an attach moot iseoed out if the oomaoa law aido of thia court in favor ot ?einplalneata against aaid Joaoph Johaoon nnd rraya fnat tho aoid doed of trust froa antd Jao-oh johnaon to anid John M. Ilaaaon no aforeonid be produced t>eforotho Court, nnd tbeaamo ba ?an crlte i That the aaid complalnanta. nftor the ! taing of anid attachmoat nad tho laving of tbo aame on tho anid piocoa or poroela , rertalred thnt the anid defendaat. John Flyn, claimed to have a Uea on tbo aaid places or parce - of ground; thnt on searching tho laud record* f Wo4rhlngtc>n couaty. Diatrlct of lion or deed of trnat wna rocorded In aaid land roc- , orda, but that aftor fading of the jury nnd indginent of condematlon on tbo anid attachment#, tho pani recorda were ncaia searched and n deed of trust front said Jeeeph J oho eon to John Halono, j to care John Flyn for the aaa of 41 W'.ww found recorded That tho aaid deed of trn*t waa recorded nearly eleven nontha aftor tho date | thereof. and ovey two niontha aftor thelseutng and leviug of said attachment. 1 hat the aaid attach irent ia a prior Tien oa the anid places and nareola of gronnd. before the said deod of trnat. Prays a disroverylof the amount still due ana unsaid on caid deed of truat.nnd prnya a sale of tha aaid pi ore* or panels of ground to antiafy the demands cf tby coinplainnuta and other creditors. and for au injuniilun *gai' at aaid defendanta Joeeph ehti-"U. Mary Ji>hn*?n. John M Haus ia, John Fi>uand Tot n Ualooe, and tholr confederate#, vhen dlecmerd to tesfrain and prohibit tbom and the - ?* :.< ? ?n 1 servant* from selling or dlayoiilng I or it. manner further lucomberlug, the ?al " pieces <t parcels of ground : Itif -renpon t his .id day of January, 19<7, adjudiffd .i i. ordered that noticeof tbiaault be given to the ^ ao'.i i eeldent defendants^ Joaeph John uu, >i > Johnaoa. nnd Johu Fly a, by pnbUahtng a coi y bsHotdor in tho Evet log Star, a new# pap* r i.l 'tub'd In the city of Washington. In the I'istri. f Columbia, three timea a week for all runifi no " eeka. warning aaid uou roaldent d?f< n?l*i. - it? l-o hii?I appear, in i^rioni??r by olirlt r. 4t mlf* to bo held in th? ofllc# of tbo Olork of thia <"ou rt. i n tbe first Tu?eday ?f June, A. L>. l.y>7. to answ.-r Ihe aaid hill of ?ornplaint, other vi-o vbe aame will bo taken pro rorf?.??o against them Provi'ed the first publication of thia orier ! uli apyear at leant four montha befjroa*id nrit lut 'day of June. IS7. ana atiting tbe object and aubitance of aaid bill of complaint. A. B. 0? IN, late Juatico, Ao. A true copy: R J . M E1QS, Clerk. V M.J MILLKB, Solicitor tor complaioaata. ja4 3taw?w JK.iSIK *cb*HMOTT. OUABDIAH OK OBO. 1; McDermott. Cborloa >' McDoraiott. Frank 1'. BOcPeiaiott, and jea?lo 11. McDermott, haviu^' reported to tbe puranoac* of ltadei r? o ratified and appro\od by the Supreme C iurt ot tto Diatiict of Columbia, ahe a.>11 the interest ?.f her said w?rda in the tol lowing property, I) log aid 1* in/lu the city of Waabington Alltheatrip of ground lying eaat of and adjacent to the dwelling honee built ou Lot Mo. 20.1u "inert SOS- In a<?ii city . which waa owned by the lateYtm.Mc In r iirttt. cave aud except the foar feet adjacent | to ami ea?t of aaiddwelhng, with a d<-ah ajiMl to the dfc '-tb of vai l Lot M > 20. bounded au folluwa g'nnloK for tb<-aami ot the northw.-at an^le of Lot No. II, in aunere No. ja ..ood runuiog thenoa eai 11 feet, then, e couth lO:4 fe? t. to an alloy ^0 feet wide eaat aloug aai I alley |1 toot to theweot line of Lot 21 thence north along aaid line )?<*>* fret to tho be,inning, containing 1,940 , iuare feet, at publl'-anctl?n, ^or the ?um ol one ioll<r p< r n<iuai t> loot, to J?h? O Clark, and that the purchaser haa comali- d with tbo torui^of aale It ia. thla 2'.th day >-f January. A. D ls67.orderod by tbo court that aaid cale be ratified ond confirmed en tho 19th day ot February, A. D ld;7, un1?a* ?auae to tbe contrary bo ?hown ou ?r bofare calrt day Provided a copy of thlc order be pub!i?b^d in the Natiwoal Intrlligoncer aaj STooing }-tar one* a week for three ucceotiva weeks prior to said day. WM. F. rUBCEbC Jnlgoof the Orpbana'(T.tnrt. Atrnecopy. Teat: J AS. B. O'HEIBNI, ja2< w^w Bogiiter of Wllt?. "?nv K UN M K NT" SALES." IMPVSTAST 8*kB or UUTKBMMBNT V18I HIL. Depot (fuarurmauer'i OJUe, I F'tlltm?rf. M-l., Janoary 3<?, 1*7 ( Will be acid at puollc au< ti< n. atthe port of Bai tln. >ie Hendersoij * wharf, Kmt Baltimore,) on T 111' K^ DA ^ II M . Fxbrnary 2?. 11^7, the BLIH.HH (jlDlu W UKIIi &TCAMBB COSMOF'-?lil T A H . Of 77'.1 ton*: langth, 2^4 feet, krfadth of b - >m, 31 teet depth ot hidd, 13 feet, cyliudor. it1 iuchea. aad II foot ?troke. A rare 1 importunity in afforded in the role of thia Hteaniei to peia^ua uesiiifcg to a really lirat cloca veaoel. Michul HaLt draft th<- engine and boiler* aro in most excellent condition, aud the bull perfectly cound aod atronu. It is believed that fer cir.e and build tl 0 Cmmop. 1 tan curpasaea ?uy vecsel hitherto offered by Government foi cale at tld* poit Terms caah, in Government funds, on day of #Vurther particulora maybe ioarnod upon application to tbe uadet cigi.eci or to the Aoctioii?era. Me?cia Al>BkUN. THOMAS * Ou., No. IB, B. nth t'hailee ftre> t. By order of tbo Quartermaator Oonoral. A S. hlaltALbf Captain and A. 0. H.. U. &. A.. fel 24t Depot ?duartorma?tor. rpo BC1LDBB8 AND OTHERS Cti 1 >J C/uarterm fitter 'j office. Depot of W*?kiniio*,i Wa\hin*ion, D C., J tnuary 31,18(7. \ By order ot tbe yuartermai?ter Qe.ieral, the lumber u?ed la tbe conatrmtion of the Fair Building, corner Seventh atroet and Penney Wania av^nud, will be aold at auatloaon SaTUUOA^ , February 9 at 12 o'clock noon, under tho eoporviciot, of Brevet Lieutenant Oolouol James M. Moore. A. o M , at tbo Uovernment Lumberyard noar the foot of Sixth atroet, aoaatatlns of about 43 AW feet timber, jolat aud acantilng, (new. > OtMl foot timber and boorda. (old ) Mwtndo* froaaos. *2 aa^h. and lOdoora. Schodulta containing fril deacrlptlono of thia laiaber may be bad by application to Oolunol Moore previuna today of sale. ^ Purchases must bo remotod within ton daya from day of sale. _ . , Tama caah iu Government fnnda. Broret I'rlg. Gen. LHAS. R TOMPKINS. Deputy (Jnartermasler General, ja3l8tAct g Chief Q M , Depot Washington. ALCTION SALE OF OOVEMNMKNT BUli-D lMQtt. Ckttf Ouartermmjiter's Ufire, Depniof Wa>Mt*tton,l s Wtuktnuton, D. C.. January M 1*7 ( Will bo ao'd by order of tbe liuartortnaater Gen eral, oj THUH1DAY. February 7. at 1* oVtock noon, under the aupervlalouof Lteutenaot Colonel tan ea M. Mooro A. H M., the following build toga, ?l'uated on 11 atreot, noar tho B. aud o. B h Depot. wne f'.ranary. 37 by *1 foot One ottire. it by i6toct One BuiUina. 16 by Su f?ct. One*hed. laby24teet One Stable, 16 by 16 feet. One Bink aud Fence. Terms k'aah, iu Government funds ' (jUABLKS H. TOMPKINS, Brevet Brig. Gen , Dept. (J M Geu., Acting Chief tjnart^rmaitor, jo 29 lit Dapot of W aahlugtou. ^ ^UV EBHMKMT SALB" The property known aa tho "GOVBBN MBNT TaBNKHY AND HI IIAM SAW MILL.," with ??vent>-iivo ocroo of lond, noar Sau Autouio. T8e"od Propoitaia, in duplicate, will b* received up to toe latday ot March, HI.7. for thopurchaao of aoventy-fivo acres ot iHUO.mcre or leaa. together wlih the baltotnga ereci? d tb roou, and tho op"sss'vivJiriv.'0"' c;o0u.;^Tf.L^T?.vUT??"T8> KBVEN STOMB POOLS, and capable of tanning fifteen thouaaad hides per annnm OHB PTBAM SAW MILL, capable of Bowing thiae thousand foet o lumber dailv. _ ON* SMALL STOMB HDILDIM'ITha above proporty ia altaa*od about two mlleo ab >ve ban Antonio, on tha Ban Aatonio river, and tbe water ia conducted to tbe establishment by a race of hewn stono, laid in cament Ihe land waa purchased and Improvamanta made by tbe Itito so-called Confederate Government, and are eat 1 mated to have coot <>iAu.000 in gold The proporty boa boon aador loaae for the year 1M6. at a monthly rent ol payable in ad vanco. A aecurtd title fu fee simple will bo glTen by tbe United Hates OoternBient l'ropoaala will bo marked "Proaoaala for Ooveminent Tannery and Saw Mlil.'Tano addraaaed to J. B. Kll'UOV. Bvt Major Gen . Aaat. Com. Bureau B . F and A/L.. Galveston. Toaaa. ja 11 S7t rffACBBBBL AMD CODFISH. 40 bar fain B^'r^VcuKo?*A^,0D,16!,' Ootnmlaaion Merchanta, dels tf Bo. dSft Ninth Bt^ bat. B aud #. nill 9BBAT BBBBLLION by John Minor 1 Hot is, $2J0 Character and Choraotorlatlo Man. by B. pTWhlpBla; f I To. Tho Sdonce of Wonith. by Amaaa Walksr J Ufa and Timea of Bad Jockot. by Wm.L. Stono. B#. ^Tha Sauotaory; A story of tha Ol-rfl War. by Nichols; Illustrated; #2 Blsain* tha Bod: A Novel, by Mmad Tatea, 76 centa. Baoo for Wealth, by Mra. _r* TEA.UK TllLO?. |gOBTOll MBSS MACKBBBL. 1 am now receiving from Bootoa direct, tho wry flneat ?inoltty MaOKBB?1*, nd which rarely find thalr way to thta market, being uaed moatly foe home conoamptlon. Aa they have lie an trimmed of a vary p jt hot tho moot C,1atable, tha klto 00x1 tain vary much aaoro thaa e quantity uanally P?ck ^ BOBOHBUj, Corner lith nnd V Btrooto. andor da I'M ^ BbWtt ttoaao. p old' F?b*A Sao aaaortnaont ad Oold Pona, RAILROADS. 1866 mivflT LTWI A BOUT* 1867 TO TBI KOBTHWBST. SOUTB, ABD SOOTHWIHTKB ?rHIDDLB4 Oikpd after November 1*. MM. tralM vlU Imu m fellows Wmktmgum^ t M ,?. I B^H-or..--} 18 . >. 1 tar u4 Bight Oars wiHi modem mm saving from fonr to twslve boar* la tin* over . M7 otbor route. Two hnwdred nilee saved It WmUti mo 0?a4nl Mow York. Two D*llr TniM to the Weel. '? ' forth Tkroub from Baltimore to ROCHB8TBB OBd PITTbhTBOB without chtnn _ PinoD|t?ri by this root? fro* 1j*t? the ad ventage of moktas oil eku|M it UBIOB DEPOTS. aud bo FBBB1B8. ^ . Tlekoh by this route eu bo procured at tho office. cursor 8th street oad PMneylvouloavenue, under tho National Howl, where reliable laforBiatloa will bo |It? ot oil times. FuMnirm procuring tickets ot this offloe eoa aeenre ooconmodotloM la Bleeplag Oars for BlWiahlagtoa. D. 0. BD. 8. TOUBO. Geo rui. Agoot. Baltimore, Md. >1 f WASHINGTON, ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN RAILROAD. TI K B TABLB. Ob Bad oftor MOM DAT, November 19,1M. aM aatll further Botiee, Passenger Tralas will niabe* tweeu WaahlBgtoa oud Aloxoodrlo oo follows : LMTI W*wi*r,Toii. LIAVI aluakdbi*. Fiona Md. avenue depot. From oar. Duke m Hoary 1 KBl #15 A.M. ?t?., Locol ot 4.43 A. M. , oughMell lis " Loco! cor Eiag | Locol ot??. r<0 and Henry ~ . It* " m ? Locoi tt s no M M ?? S JO P. M. " HflO M I 4:? " ^ " 100 r. M. ** " Through Mali ,corner of ? ? Jl 90 " BukeAHenry 8 U0 P.M. Locol cor Elog and Hotiry_... 7 * SUNDAY PAB8ENGEH TRAINS^ " Liavi Wa*h:jh.toji. Liavi Alixaspbia. From Ma ?tnn?d-pot. From cor Duke A Henry Through Moll 6 38 A M. sts., Local at 4 46 A. J4. Local at *90 P. M Through Mail too I' M. O. A. STBVENS. General pai*r<Dt?Dd?nt. oo 10 W.J PHELPS General Manager. filKBSMWIi ? . _ . Wuh:SSTOB,JM.I,]W. Trains botwoea WMhingioR and Mow Tork oro bow mn u follow*, tn TUB HEW YORK, without chang* of cars. Leavp daily (except Sunday i at 7:43 a. m and ? 90 p in FOH SEW TORK, cheaglne can at Philadelphia. L> ov? dall> (except Suaday) at 11:15 a m.oi.d 4 50 p.m. . FOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily (except Monday > at 7 45 and 1119 a. m., and 4.30 and 6.90 p m OB 8LMPA*. Leave for Bow Tork ?nd Philadelphia at < 90 f. m only. Bleeping can for Mew Tork on 6 90 p.m. train dally. Through ticket* to Philadelphia. Mew Tork or Boeton, can be had at the station OiLo* at all b^nr* in the day. aa well pa at the new ottice l i the Bankers ai.d Broker* Telegraph Line, 311? Feaa. avenue, *?tween 6th and 7t h atreeta. Bee Baltimore and Ohio Bail road advertisement for echedule between Woshlngt?a, Baltimore, Abbo polia. an< the Weat J . L. WILSON, Master of Troneportotloo. L M COLB Oeneral Ticket At eut GEO. 8. EOOMTZ, Agent. Washington. oc 90-tf OALTIMOBK ABD OHIO BAILBOAO, D Wai>hi<i?toi, Jan. t,IW, Train* betweoo W\BHINOTOM AND BALTIMOBB.and WASHINGTON AMD TUB WBdT are now rti a* foll?w?. rir. FOB BALTIMOBB Loave daily, except Bonday. at 7 0?, 7 48. and 11 IS a m., and 2V*-, and 4 90 ao4 ? 00 p m. rOB ALL WAT 8TAT10M8 Leave dally, except Bonday, at 7 00 a. m , and ] I-" asd 8 00 p m FOfe .< AX BTATiOMB SOL TH OF ANN AP0LI8 JDNOTION Leave at 6:18 and 7 00 a. at., atid at S > and 4 18 p. m. FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7 4r, a m , ar.<1 tu p in No trains to or fruni Anuspoli* on Bonday ON BIM'^1 FOK B \LTlMuKB. Leave at 7 48 a ui.. and IjM an 1 4 00 p ra riiri A V 81A TI ss Leave at 7:45 x :u . ou-i 2 >* and * "ii p r?. FOB ALL PAriTB OK THE W r.aT Leavo daily, except tfandsy, at 7 45 a.m.. %nd 9:00 p m On Sunday at -i p m. only .connet ting at Heiay Btailou with tiaiiia fiom Batiuioreto Whveilag, Parker?btirg Ac. 1HLOIQH 11CKBT8 to t e We^t can be had at the *aahiugt'>n 8*atiou Ticaet Otflce at all ho>irs in the any. a* well a* at the a?w office of the bankera and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34^ Pens, svenu", between 6th and 7tn stre-ta. For New >oik. PLila leipLla. and Boeton. eee advertiK niei.t of "Throngn Line '* J. L WILSON. Maeter of Tranaportation. L M OOLB. General Ticket Agetit oc 90 tf GBO. 8. BOONTZ^Agent Woihinatoa^ nlP?ON BIVBB AND HtBLBM BAIL- ! BOAD8.?On aid alter MOM'AV. N '? 14, 1-W, traina for Albany and Trey. *fth N?t tbem and Western trBlus, will leate No* Yerk aa follow a : 8 a. m Express train via Uad??n Biver Bailroad,3ithst and lOtb av., thr?ngh to Bailalo and to?rei>*l*n Br idee w:th<>at change of cars and connecting at Tror w ith tralue tor Saratoga, Butl^ud, Bnrlingtou and Montreal. 10a. m Bxpreas and Mall trala via Bndenn Blver Baitroad, connecttag at Altaay with Weeteru treln->. ai>d at Tr-?y with train* for North. 11 a m Expreaa trala via Harleoi B?ilroa<lt Kth at and ?th av., connecting at Chatham with Western Bailrood for Lebanon Springs, Pitufie'd, Ac : at Albany with Western train*, and at Troy with trains tor Saratoga Bntland, Bnrliigton and 3 46 p bi Expreea train via Hndaon Blv-r Ballroad coBaectiBg at Albany with Waotern trains, and at Troy with traias for MoalfMp, with slsoping car attached. 4 16p m. BiirMitrain via Harlsm Btllrnid, connecting at Ohatbam with Waeteru Bailroad for Lebanon Springe. Pitiefield, Ac ; at Albany with Western trains. and at Troy with trains far Bit land. Bnrlington and Montreal. Bleeping cars attached at Aloaiv. 8 SO p m express twsln via Hudson Elver B?tir> ad. with *l?eping cars attached, and through to Bnflalo and 8nspen?ioB Bridg- wlthoat change of cars. Also, siesiplo? car etery day excepilag Saturdays attached from Mew York through to Ogdenaburg wlthoat chaage, via Boiae W. ood O Railroad. Gonnectioa for Troy will be made at Bait Albaay. This tralo will ran ou Bind ays 11 p Bi Trsln via Undson Bl.ver Bail road, with ileeplag car attaahed. coBnecting at Albauy with early trains far Buffalo and Baipensloa Bridge and at Trey with tratas for Saratoga and points "A^tUiaday traia will be raa via Hadioa Biver Railroad from New York to Ponghkeepale aod intermediate sialic na leaving Hew Tork at 8 90 a Hi. Returning, leave Poughkaepsie at 9.45 p. m , arriving in New York at 6 15 p ib Also, a Sunday train via Harl-m Bsilroad. I??t Ing 4Id street at 9a. m , and arriving at Millert n atSSnp m. Returning, leave Mllltrtoa at5p. m., arriving ta Mew York at |J.9' a. m ' " WM H. VANDERBILT. jal9 _ _ Vice Preei leat. UIOUMOMD. FBBDBBICK8BUBO AMD FO K VOMAO RAILROAD. TO TBAVBLLBBS qOIMG SOUTH. TWIOB DAILT, (Sanday p. m. aaoepUd.) Tho quickest and most direct route te ID oh mood, Va , and the tsooth. via tlie Potoato* it earners from Sixth Street W hart. C^^yaa^ BiamoSTVredertckibBMrtnd "tornac Eallrood, bow entirely completed froai Aqa.i* Orwek to Rickmond.Va.connecting there with trotnsoa the Bich. DioDd an?J Paterwburg aod Klcfimond andDanviUe Usiiroals,for Petersburg, WeldoB,Wllsalngton. BaMgh, Greensboro', Saliebary. Char lotto aad ?8teunofs Keyport and O ToatarMIt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sapday 've^ngeaoeptod) at 140 a. m. aod 7 p m. aad arrive laWthaotl at 1.46p. ib. asd 9 90a a. TRBOOGB TO BIOMMOBD IB BBTBB HOOB8. Fifty Ml lei Bhorter eBd SkBouri Uuloka* Ikoa My Otter fcoute. Ba MM ami Ttiroofb Tickets tli Aduli 8SStftS?n jS^t"r OB&S^d of the boat!. Baggage checked OMlbBeiei and Baggage Wagoai will be ?a raadlBsnto coBvey paieengefl and .baggage be lag at that point. . . Breakfast and aupoaboj'd w S?I?Ma*tM. B O o. bp I-If MerJ PM'Mger Ageot^ riOTOMAC TBAB8FOBTAT1QB UBB. * BOTIOB TO SBIFPBB8. *!T."' M'"1 ohqchplatb D* ALIO, ? ' MB **??? "SS; , sss| ??? - v. RAILROADS. iZ BEADING BAILBOAD. What tbibk li?b ebum philapbli'bia to the HTIkiOl of pikn?rlv4*14. THE SVHVW.KII L SI'*>VfflAN\A, (1MB ?KLa\ U AS It WYOUJ.XJ VALLlh.S, THE *Uh TH XOhTHWksT A.SO Trii CAS ADAS WINTER A HM t G KMK \T ijf PASEBSGEH 1RA1SS. 8.18*, imftm p#h'.tb1it1?!?th mooal* 1A>wbill atmti, PhllideipaiA. At tbefallovtu* fcourt: _ mobbing ac< obmopatiob8 at 7 ji ft. b for km?iii md all lBter?*Aiitc BfAtioaa BitBraing, l?'H beidiac ?t(IO|. ar. arrlviag inphiladelphia??w? . MOBBIBG EXPBBBB At s.lsa f?r Ending. bet an. d, Hirrftlarg, NtttTilto.PlMfirvt*. nMtit (ta'tiri Vti liiaoipert. Blmum, blip in Fill* B affile. AlleaU><*a. w llkeebirr*. r. tut-i. t?rk. Cirllste, CkMtUtlbiiri h?|?riu ? Ac . ac TbU trill a iuKti At bbaiilnu with iht Pennsylvinn BAilrw*i trails fur Allentowa. Ac am with tli? uimoi Nailer tralB |?r h*rrts barf, Ac i it pobt glibton *1U U.UtiiM Railroad train for * lilianieport. lwk KiBilra, Ac . II DABlilBlBfl with tloru?rr Oatral, ca:nl>eil*ud Veller. ud Schuylkill i?4 l?lgii?kuu tr*l*s for Bortbnmb? rl* ;4, wttllameport, Ioik.CkMt?r4ir| riu?irou Ac. AITBBBoON expbebs Lhtn PbliMdelpbl* ?t ' *1 p hi for Beading, Petti Title, hirrimii ri, Ac , catiectiug wlm Beading and Columbia Biiload irim [ut Colombia, Ac beaclbg accommodative lutm Read tog it 8 3?i e u .iivfii i.g it ill way tetione, arrive* In Pnnadeipbie it y ?v 1 n b?iuriiin(t, e*\e? Philadelphia it 4.30 p. m.; arrivee in Re* una n ; s; t id 1 rum iir Plii.ideiphi* leir* flirrlsVn-g it a. l? 1 . and Pctuvllle it e 4* t m err. tin* ip Pkiledeipbn it 1 ?0 p m. AiVrnoon tmni l?ivc llirrlabnrg it t 1 1 in iBd Pottsvitle it . 41 p. m . arriving it Pkflidelptiti it tf p n. Hirri*butg ico. :i n>< onion Im*h Beading it 7.30 1 hi.. ud Hirriabirg it 4 10 e tn. oo.. uect lag it Riming aitb a till do u a<. otiiu .lauoi Mth ite su p. m . arriving in Philadelphia it f.!<| p. m, Market tre n. with 1 p*a*enger cir a'tiched, imhi Philadelphia it It 4'' b"ob for Heading in 1 It wiratatioaa, leave- Beading li a-i m , il Downin?t"?n 12 3 p ui for PluliAelphii ail all wi> itatlcua. . ? All the at- ? traininindilly,Batdav*.-xc. p'el. tum. *r Train ulte Pott?vll|e it c 1. m . aud Philadelphia at 3 is p m . leeee Phili lei, fci? f r Reading it m m.. returuiBs from Beaomg it ? as *' 0be61bb valley kailk>At?. Pining* n lor do?i il?to?u and mt<tuimiit?i point* t?k- the 7 >) i .d ? li m ?. j ?.4i p a trilei froir Pulidrlpbii. rrrurnltig troai l>u?u ingtow b it 7 i m. ltd i.'.v* b?ob. kiw i0bk bxpbtss fob pittt-bcbqu and TUK v b8t l*?*m hpw a ork kt 7 i" i 111 in i 3 p a) pi<? fug hel hi ?lt i m. ii u* in itil i i' p tn ?u.? ? nil tiup k| Birrl-hnrjr ? tth pn i-t Iviiii inj h?r ul.ii Octt 11 tiiiiio**' btpri * tmuif ir I'ittrbur^b. Clucig WiMiuapvrt. Bliutri. ri?|. tiaoie lo. liltnrtili.g k*rre?i Trilti !ei* ihcingr, rrivil if l'iui>yhi i? kifr*-m fr ar l'ir?t ir .1 it s *?d sh' a m . v i . p. bi pwiut it ? li ?t 4 4? ai.?|h> .'Z * in u d ii .? p tn . t-rivintr it nm virk iu ? 3i , ??l 1 4.s p in. m -?int. c?n i?c c<-n p?ii> 1 ihe-i trait.* tlir?iich 1 0 j*r. i-\ Lit; in 1 PliUtuitib. uu"ot cu*rik? m >11 trim f-?r bew ^ .rk ?<e? ilarri>hurif 2 1<) p bi Miil trim for hirrol orij l^tm 1 crk It 1? tKK'B 8rnl'* LKIL.L TVLLEY BAILh,<?AD Tuini l?-?\f p' tt<*i le at 7.1; tu tn.iu47.ia p ni , r-'orn nit troai Tiu.i ai at 7.a', a iu , a:, j 1 i mi 4 1ft p ni. bob w % lb li l asd pfsvckuans 4 bail bo alt TrilDll?-aT? Aobnrn it i f?/*.n for fltieirrovi ind UarnabnrK. and it 1 : 1 m., tor Piiv. r- vr *i,d 1 ratuout, irtaiBiiig tr ?t:i li irrniiur?; t .1 ji t tn., and fr?ui tieuint it 7 3b a. ui ,.ud S.jt p. m. frkiout Oooi*h -fill 'le?cri|Moti? forward*! tn all the at ov? p. inti fri>tn tl,?- *-oiupinr' w freight itepfat, broid ind v illo? tr?ru t Kit 1 ttUT TKAIB4 Laivi Pbiladrlpbiadlll) at:..Ma m , ii ?s boob Itid f! p Ui- for K?-|uiug, Lrl ation. ii> ri< >gr( Pi ttivilli, Tcrt Clint' u.aiid ill poiuta i>r>ond M AILS rioae it the Phl|?d?!pl |a Poit uffid for ill p'?c? ilitli'' r id il'1 itl hranrhe* at ' a.m. urn for the prt ncipal etitiobb oui>'1: 3 1. p u, ji lit tf IIESNfTLVAMA I'BNTUAt BAlLHoAU 1 * 1 NT I K AkttSNUk MEN 1. Tbatra.u?uf tht> pebu^rIvaiia Central Kail* tfra . icat^ tfce iii (ot, it jl?t all mars t Itriict*, ?h!ckli i^ihid 'frrcil) i) tiilciri iu<- ank?-tfctr?et btliwi) ttiu t il, 0n?-?tt .?t ii'd ? ainnt ." treot k?n??r rnu withlu ui>. 1 uar> ?f it. oft blM*ai 8 the Mirk^t str<-et r*ri |?if? kr lit a'd 3l*i k?t iti'tts 10 mtuutea bvtori the d ('litiir* ?f ea>h tra.u m&ns's b ag0age b x pbest* w ii ? a'l for awl deliver h*g. age at tn*> i?ep*t <>rJ*r? left it tin uttlce. Bo. tjl (Jheatnut itreet will it- elvi ittentin T"i*r,< l.tart U'Fo', l i Mill Trait. 4>?i tn. Ploli a it'tti't: n * ias. io-o a m a . 1 j> p 1. fast li 1 e ?d<1 en- iliittin at ij ?*i ai p*rk*t nr? Tratn . ?; 1 <1 p. ? Hart|i?i>ure an-on iixiitioa at j lp tu. Lat'Ca?t?t Acoomiii"<1lfi<-ti . ... -<t 4 ' p ui t ittkl'uril and fctle Mat! a* y ' p "1. Plillidfipliia a x i r-?a at i i (4 r ni Pilin-tu a bi le lla.l itatrl dat'} . tlcrpt Satuidiy. Pbitailelphi* kerr^"? leivn dill/. Ail othlr train* dlt). e*r?-p? piifi^a ri-#?-|ieera b> ma| tr*'ti e? to Wtllfattl?B9r* without cliange of tir?. ind irtive it l?ck Ua ten at h i< p m. par** ngero l'f Mail Trim no to Caritananl cliilill-eriV o g a It i ut a cli an*'- of car*. he'plug Par tl ket* can bl Lad u i lion it the Ticket ?i'\, *. 13' Cbvutitt atre?t. tvaui lint t a' drp. lit ; ctnclbniti Evprti- i 12 soi ib. Pbllitdelpbil Exprt-m ... it 7 | ? ia Paolt Aceom.. am ias 8 jo 1 ni , ,t 7 10 a ta p*rk?l'Urp tnlo it v 31 *. m Linci'ter Triio iri'iop m , >i? it 1 it p tu Cir Bipr* at ?-4> p m barrl-t uig a c hmo'iit'i'i . it ? ?j p. tn Philadll|.tall Kiptil at rues daily, except Moadiy <'>Bcinaitl Expr**? arrive* dally. All other train* dat lv except bon<1a> Paiaenger* laivlng lock hirsa at 7 i m . i',d \Mllnm*i>ort it 8 40 1. m . r-?ch Piniideipiila. without change ol ciri. f.?:n Williaai?port. i if pi> Expre?a. it 5 .v p b> 'the PeamylTanii kal'roi>l Conpinp will a>t isaume at.) risk for b*itg?ge, except for Weirlnc Appirel. md l-tnlt their re?pi>n?ihtlltr to tfu? Hundred Dollirs iu vain*. All bikgnte ixceed ing thit irnonnt In vilne. will be *t ta? risk of the owuer unless tiken i y aieclil eoatr*ct. For further Intormation ipply to john c allen, Ticket Agiut, 631 Chutbtil afreet. samuel h. wallace. Ticket Agent it tb? Depot an em1gbant tea ib raa? dally, except Bondi). f< r fall pirtlcalim * to fire ind icciaa 4ations apply to fbancis funk, 137 d* a *t. Central bailkoao of new j kbset? p.i*eenger and Freight i'epot in Be? York, foot of Liberty street Goniecta it hlrnp^>d Junction with the Delaware. La kaaanti* ind Weatern Baiiroad. aud it Eaaton with t??? Lrbi?i Viilley Katir ?i. ?id Iu cov necti ri?. f?rtntag 1 direct line to PiUa>irg ind tit* Wat witboat chu g* ff cara am entown line to the west. Two Fxpteaa Train! d illy for the w.-st, except bitt'da>s when one Train in the evnli.g Mxt tnile* ind three hoar* sived by t'if? line. toCbiciigo. CiBcinmti, t?t Louis, a. . with bat on ebinue of car*. winter arrangement"1, ooriibi' ctng January 7, isj"?le^re New i ork 11 folio as n ,?i a m ?For Ea*ton, b-th|eheia, Match Chank. ^ illtaniaport, fa ilkeabirre, Mihinoy ?lt{. ac. __ t 10 a m Mail Tbi \-For riem.ingt.111. Eas ton. Water Gip, Bcrantoi. : ikes bar re, Uteat Bend. Ptt'abnre. Hlnehamtow, ac M a M wteru for l^too, 411^ntown. HatnahirK, Pittai ir*. ind ib^ ?mt with but one ckiuge of cir* te CtnciBintBer Obtcag ?. Id but two chinBe* to f>t. leuil 0.'bii**ct* it Birri>bnrc with k ^thern tv-atril in<i phii*4?lpbn ind Erie Moidi, for Erie iod tbe Oil be r'm Taai* ?For E.stoa Allentiwn, Manch rhnnk. ^ tlkeibirre. Reading. Pottaitil*. Uarrlebnrg. ac. 4 p m ? For Baat'-n. Betklebeui, and Miacb f p MFor Borrervllle ltd fie?|ibgt"?. 6pm ? For BMtcn Heading. Harr ist u' g wllllimaport, Irrineten. < orry Brie. Ac. Meipiug cir (r<'ia New Tork ut u illiaoiapert. luf. i ?f.r h^bierviile 7 so p. M? ForBonierville. _ _ 8PM ? Wb?tei> Bxi pksi Tbai* ?For Bm ton, Alleatowa, Beadltg, Mirriabarg, Pitt?barg, ''sieeplBgthrough (roaa Jereey City to Fitta^ j[ tiVnaT * ti'ilu* are run to Bergen Pol it, *mc1ket^fwctke We*t can be ob til Bid it the office the Central bil?-<^ of Bew Jeraey. f.ot of I thertv afreet. Bortti Bo. 1 a-tor hooee, lis i . ut i. z2b Kroidwiy, ind it Bo. io ?jal?wj0'svabl0. bte_* rn8,BtiperintenJeat New yobk abp bew bavbb bailbokd. Piaaenaer Button la Bew York, corner 37ik atreet aid Foerth venue TBA1BS LEAVE BBW YOBK For Bew ttivea ind k^ldgeport -7. ? . Ex >. ii s? ?. m.; (Ex.), it Bx ), 3.m. t.?. and 8, bx.k '-f?ir Mllford. Btritfert. Fairfield, Benthport, ao<t Westport?7, ii .3d a in , s.m and s.*> p u. For Norwalk?7, 9 ?>. 11? 1 m : llts.Bx.). 3 (Ex.1.1 s" 4 38 t, lad % ( Bx.i f tn For Dirlen and Green wick?7. i b, 11 ?' a ? ; 3 4.s>. ft 3u. ia.l 6 > p For hlinaf. rd?7. a (e* .f %) ll.? i_ni *3 13 (ea.l.sie* ) 3 ftO, 4 30, *) lid a( Ex ? p. For Port Cknter aid Interma.llite Bt*ti >a*-7, 9.30, 11.30 a. an : 3 ao, t 3u. ft 33. 6.3b, aad j p a. oobbiot1bg tbainb. i Far Boa ton vn Bpringtteld-a i. m., (bx^) 3, (Ex.,)8 p. m. For Boatoa rla Shore llae-is lft% ' For'Uartford aad 8pringfleld-?. (ex.,? 11 b? a. "far ibona^almi? t ver Bill road?8 a. 1 b?.;> nr? For Oieal BallraeA?i3.ia p. m. to Borthamp'"for Bonaatontc aa# Baagataek lallreid?a a. "'for'baabarT and farwslk b i -t. t b? a. a.; Bleepiag Oire Attack** tot p. ai. tj^s' jambi b. bof t, Baperta tend eat.