Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1867 Page 1
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_ w W H I ~^H B ' S ^K I ? > ? vst. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 8. 1867. N?. 4.341. n i .THE EVENING STAR f PUBLISHED DAILY*(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BUlL.D>m?, corner Ptim'*. *vtnue mmd lit* itmi, MY W. D. WALL A OH. The STAR U MtT?d by vne earners to their *uhecnbors in the City and District at Tsa Cmmt* rax vm. Copies at the <wa?i?eT. with or without wrapper*. Two Csbtb each. PmiCB ro? Mailiho ?Three months, 'On* Dollar and Fi/tff Ctntt; wtx months, Tkrte Dot. Iwi; one year, Ft** Dollar.?. No p.ipers are eat from the office longer than paid for. The WEEILLY bTAR?published oa Fniij morning?(M* Dollar amd a Half a tear. DENTISTRY. |)B. LBWlEI DEBTiL ASSOCIATION, 17 _ Bo. 8*0 rkNM'A AT* , Between 11th and ljth iKhIi, *. ***aeted without pain by ndmlnstsrlng i *r (>M*hinc Oai. Dr . w i .h recently parcba*ed the t>i'?tMS3 i hen.ical Apparatus in the country fur^'' P f nT* ??oo??rjr da,' ?*?r??ed V*|. sulnr Inhaler. The Association ! now prepared V'^ira piTriih.0 w.Go 'JH?** "d Bubber at Saw lork Philadelphia end B ton prices All per dental work done can have it necheap eln the above named cities All work done in t ne neateat and best mMnrr a.d warranted to ; Ptr,OM w111 do well to call and examine onr work. >ie 14 tf T T . 1 , ? m- Looaua, p.. p75Tm V?.f*1?*'6*?* ? MIRbral PLATB TEETH, attei-da personally at^>ep^ hie office la this city. Many persons r-intiSBl " r th*w teeth who ?Moot wsar others.^*^ * tfp*?10 **r#on ** otheri who eannet wear ** office ean be accommoda .rf- Ji, *Dd Price of Teeth they may de .*ho are partfcnUr.aud wi?n the i cieaoeet, strongest and most perfect den 2?7 ????'* MINERAL TEETH will be aore fnily warranted. ***?W? 3S? Penn'a avenue. be FhiUd"jh7a ^ A"?-a?7 Arct?.ru>' persoxXlT" V'OC CAN KIYIK MAKE THE~TRIP~on Baa enn or Samaritan humbug* See Dr DMi! ?, 4 . t h ? i eet H<- l* ihn blgueat *uth >rity , t* h c??ea Hie (livikte room* ?r* <>pp >Mle <>id Fe'loaa Hall ja'jTlm* UUTBiTIM BETTBR T^aITOURK* 'fenh ir icnlivn a^mint ilse*so m l pr?n,*b'Hichi?aiiC? i ?Mr>S'iit to an- *UItt s*. at .??. )i. 9<uil *7 i?r .o/en according to iualty.b> I?r >*OOl? Ho* ,0J, or '.all *t ??? tb k trt, up ataira )Waahimton, 1> C ,?:< lra* \| B8. ' I HI IS IR\ IKO. Clairvoyant, mi T'.<t {, ?Wi*a, vUl |Ur lite r-nliiigs, lacli'liu^ V . ! ao l Future at her oiho?*. 420, d ?rth <Ue of Pa. ?v? betweeu ?S and ithatreet* Ofliee '* " from 'j to . a m and Mo is m. jm ?t la* AB. Mai Bli M. UAh WtBHllfUj As IKOLUUEK or AMKKIUA, t roin the potitiMu auja-prei oj' ti>e St^rs at the time .>1: on . birth will ust muUini ?e crj-ta that no li rl n? niort>tl ?t?r knew beror*: a w to beeaoc'-Mtnl In all rea^onatde nudert itint^ lie telia toime *nd ?wy day yon marrv. .l??cn:>e? tha inl<*o>iml C?r. pauioo. t> ll( all efentiof life, good hj. k nid lonrf lilc t<> viaitora. Laua? 40 c?-iita to ?1. x<>'.ti<*'?ei. iu toll ?1. (Jail atlTU 121i.i ?t n?<tr h , ail ho j re until j In tie oTeuiii^ de 31 2m' I'ENTLKMEN WUU~A KK AKTLIC r K l)~-A " cere aarra:.l*U h> itu old Surgeon of twentytbr?e jear? ex^x-necce in thi? parll. nlar hiau'h t the profrraian. Charges mo<]?rate Do not apply to '|iia< k?. tut to J B.Q\KL>NRB M L> late of tbe Unite,I States Ricord Venereal.Ho.' P'tai. Office No *1 outb A atreet, opposite the { apit' 1 I? ,?are. aouth ?ld... MB- Madicioee alao furui^be 1 at cost. de J7 Ini^ fONFIDENTlAL.? Tuuiif men who hara , iV_ jurad ^themaalree oy certain secret habits, wblch unfit them for buslnets. plea-are, or the dntiea of married life, also. mi<jj|e ?k.^ aD,| 0(J W.h?-| fr0."JV o: ?,,nth' or o?'*?r Ctn?P9 ifp| a debt.try in h'lrtnc* ot tn^r 7019 before placiiiK tbem-elves on,i.-r tbe trenUMnt of any one. should fi a, read Pecret rrieud.-' aarrie 1 .<u)im siii ler-.rn ^oiK-Liiiu^ of itnDort(?iice 1 f perusing "The Secret frleiiJ. ? S> nt t^ any al <i' . lu aeealel enre!oe^ ?<n re-eiTt of .-5ce ,ta A-*dre* Dr.CHAS. A BTUABT A 00 Baatoa ncP-ly CLOTHING, Ac. P J. HEUiIBUEb, ~ ^/i-ryr v^V*^0' H * L??don ?Oo., * JTIZ?S'S AXD MILITARY , MERCHANT tailor, i\ etropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, __ , w Pennsylsanln aeenne, myjrtf Washington. D. 0. ( PIANOS AND GAttUABT * NEEbHAM a i'AKLuB OBUANd. 1! *r'atl? their . ?* theeo-uperb luotrameuU be JLraJ for. purch Asing tny other. 0.f? Mency at GEOB?;i L. WILD * BBO 8 nih ti''U.0 fort? *n<1 0r,tmn Wareroo^j, No 4?7 lltb street between Penr, a avenue ai d E -lre-t A select ass rtn>ent of new ai d second h*n,i in trnments, lK?cli?iiiDff a Cll TRrn usi1 & u ? ' V' sS?? eaay terTtts Lu to? "d BBPAI*1?0 falthfullyix^ntid ^ECBIT DIB JlT 8 1 r. liMlRITs.1'1 n (FT! mam a Rita*-a aim THE MOBT OBBTAIH REMEDY EVER (JDBD "Yee, A Po??tivs Grat,"fer GOtiURRhOtA, ULRKT, 8TK1QTURMa, 4, Oontains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. Oai* Tea FUls to 6s Thttn to A/eel a Curt, They are entirely tefetai ie, bsTlug no smell no any nnpleaaant taste, aa>l will not In any war ia jura the stomach ar bowel* of th? most delicate Curee la from two to four daya, and recent cases In "twenty four hour* " Prepared by niraduat* fcf the t niversity of Pennsylvania, ana of the tiulnent Doctor* and Chenilata of the present day w trposwrs, no tronolt, no kmntt teaaUt er Let thoee who have deepa. red of gpttfav on red a* who have been gorged wirt, Balsam Oofayns or Mar cury tryths SAMARITAN'S GIFT S^il by xm>?il in a plain 6qt?1oba FtnckftgM, ft F?wrt#f f|. M BLOODt BLOOD'I BLOOD111 aAMARITAirs MOOT A*DHB)&C\,ncM SYPHILIS OR /EnESEAL?1h5e?SBB. tks BAMAR1TAN S BOOT AND HERB JL loi',?! n'?^ l?1??l' ' L'*111 fl effectual remedy srer aL sen bed it reachee and eradica4e* every partlcl! 2i the venereal poison, so that the enre Is tho^onJh ?ud permanent Take, theu.of tkl* purify}^ r2i edy end he healed, and do not traaamlt ft tf posterity that tor whieh0,?? DO NOT DE8PAIBI j^WRWKfraiPliBSt^o,. will remove every vestige of Imporitlee from ?k. b^ppily adapted, ia Ulcerated Utara. i f? rhosa, in bearing down. Falling of the Wo??r" J*d for *" ?5?4lBt> incident toth?^-* seat by szpiaM. Frice #1 * Mr botUs "* i. in ? ??A*'TA51 WASH Root ?ad Herb 5uisee"' with the Fnl| directions Price IS cent* ^t>T of tbaM remedies i. alike aokn.? f as,*uJM fw?ia " K?S5"K4A,T.?/?TH" *"1? MdPVebBi*Viitl,*?i0?J all, Baltimore, !Li-V?r"' lid' Ut* found a.ttclpation* promptly and sffantn.ii^ ^ t eir eompositlod: harsthJlA"owi?? tneireMcTT. and m f? S^5lg5.flfijce Is 1 rsacaopsad them suonglyT^ *?o?ia. "ALFRED O. BOWBME A^aUat Borgson. Kh S/T. Toto lards' Hotel i '"h (directly opposite Wl|. i- de U-tf I j Itii. BERG 8 LOAN OFFIUB. ~ U|.bast ^Bj*abi,tbed 1W. Motor TeWIlTgYJV*1MO0afpaSii' hbd all kinds of M?rrk..M. fPPABBL, conldentlal. S?l North "V?*11? Hot?.'-"- - r^rSrirjitlonVl ?: jag lm* I ATEoT PARIS FABHIurs OF naiw 1^ DBEasI.NO ?r "BIBB. ALL IrtT, M?irCH HAH: DRESSER, 3'J4 Bstreat. between 15th and Uth sts. Mr AlllA^rom Paris, Hair Dresser, of the . ',b *bi>? he arrived In tbie It k."* k<* BaS b** established for tae laet ft. '.C? MnEteM aad Newport, aaet hi v'tfrOB^F# ' **+'<*** aud !L hlgbeag eaclety. Ha ba- tbe h?aor to aaf?.'L*".tBV th,1 '"Ported tbe lat<wt sv.raV2S * T dremlng, aad ala<> pomades, and srythiag that baiangs to the dressiag of hair 1 "ff reason**, le prioee. ja F to* ^ThAI> CANDLE ANOPAOTUBBB. ^ 9l" ** to see all alsold r, ? cV,OD"? ; b,B D*w plaoeofbusl Ur.K. lrm kBwrtfc* Ut ,4U X>2 Mil strssll, | -trefje win ke. p ronstautly on hand his pre - HhemT.K?! L**d'"*>,*J,i wilJ ceniinae t? i " ??ulkd?u.w##t c"u "imm ? I bankers. J AT COOKE fc tX>., IAIIIII, t\fi*nik ttrtet, oppoutt TV??M*r?, c nyand Ml 'current market rates, ul k?I ove'aatly on bud, a full mpplf of all GOVERNMENT BOHD8, SEYBN-THIRTIES, AMD COMPOUND INTBBEST NOTES Orders far BTOOKB. BOtf D8, *0 , e*e?ated. MMt Collections made on all accessible points. w l -tf ' | 'ARROW tc CO., BANKBB8, Ooruor Louisiana avenue anu Seventh reev DkAMtRS III bUVKHXMEXT SECURITIES. 0( 1.0 AND SILVER ? ? t AND LAND WARRANT*? ?irst Naiieaa! Bank of Washington. H.D COOKE, tof Jay Cooke A Co.,) President W Jk. 8. HI > TING TON, Cashier, GOVERNMINT DEPOSITORY and FINANCIAL AuBNT OP TUB I'SltSW STATES. 1 Utk .nr?ei, otfo i.'t Ikt TV|/J nry Dtpar Gtvernment Seenrltios with Tretwurer Unite* HttlM BJ-ON E MILLION DOLLARS.^* ?* ? buy and nell all cla-aes Df OOf EHSMEfiT il t'L:RITlESmt current market rate* tthMISH EXCHANGE awl mulct cW.*< <?.,?< 1 . ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THE \ MTED STATES We purchase Oottruiu?il Vouchers on the MOST ?A VOR ABLE TERMS, and rive careful <ns prompt attention to ^UOUMTS af BUSiyESS MEM and FIR Mb. and to any other business eutrnsuwi to n? FULL INFORM ATION In reg.ird to G0\ KRN Mlk'I LOAMS at all times clieerialty fnriiianed WHS HUNTINGTON. On shier Washington, Marck X. 1S06 m .M rf hotels, kestaukants '?. c A B o ? W1l.LA RD 'S HOCBC, I Wa?hiv.tun, Decmber 1, it'4 ( Senators, Bepresentauves, and others. raiding In * ashir.gtun. who oeciipy iriv ?to api.rtuiejtU, ca* Ce arc'ininiodated with taeir MR XLS at thle Hotel ?t the rat? of $1 (!" per week <ie 4 2m 8YKEB. OHADWIOK ? C9. IR&W OOD HOUSE, ~ Corner P???i?<i. arswv* an t utr'd. f W*'kin*' a, 1). " 1 Sltcetdln the moat ceotral location the city, B:idway M*??a the CAPITOL AND PRRHIDENTIAL MANSION. Only a sb< rt rMetanc from all the Departments, Pateut ?.nd Post Office#, 8mJth-.oui an luiliUt* tc* H H DUDLK Y Jt CO., D0,'l^ Proprietors. PMBIC'H S UEVTAURANT, 1^ lio. Ptvua ateDU) . near '"t i street, P EM BK'H wishes to in Turn, hi? ft U a :a an J the I pnMi-vrenerally that tie now k. eps dk^-A . . A l itantl) en baad OY8TEBS. Iresh eveTyy<?>A# day. prepnrml In ev*>ry style 1I"BI j iiia V* !>Mf anrl LlgC ORji cannot be surpaiTeT Call and girt* him a trial. oo Hi tf wood and coal. {J O A L ' C O A LT5 AT QKEATLT BEDCCCD PRICES. Oroae tons of i,J?oibs , delivered In suy part of the city ( bestnnt White Ash. .%7. hto\e f g? an'1 Fnruaca White Ash, 93.2U. ktd Aafe iiso. LeMgt> $J. Or.k ai d Pine Wood sonstantlf on hand. OrJ.-rs re, ei ved atonrOflice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8 P BROWN A SON. ja26-tf 465 Mh street, between b and W. ^JOAL : COAL! I GOAL 111 T. T. FOWLEB A CO. White Ash, stove and egs siices, 98 29per ton. Bed A'h, do do %6.75 per ton. 3 240 pounds guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of tke WashIfcKton and Georgetown Ice Company, (late L.J MiddletonA Co corner 12th and w streets, and at a barf, foot of lUth steeet ja 14 1m B. S. LAMKIH, Agent. /:o to VI W , B , MOSES' VABHIONARLB CABPET, FCRNITl BE AND BEDDING STOBES, N08, y21 A 419. DiTELLlGkiNCKB BUILD1MO, COBNEB 71U AND D., AND HO flO?TTH STBBET, THOBN B BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD PILLOWS' HALL, AND EXAM1NB THB FINEST ASSORTED STOCK THIS BIDB OF PHILADELPHIA. He baa all the latest desigus made in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. The stock Is always selected by Mr Mcsaa, and bought at tke ioweet rate* for cash, which enak'ca hire to Compete wltb Baxtern pric?s. His finest Furniture is made to or ier In l'kiladelphia, and of the best material lb*! cnu L? luuad. f'urcbasers should stndy their own interest by calliug at his Store* and examloiuK the well-asiorteif stock of CABl'ETS, FU RS ITU BE, Ac,, atd obtain bis price list b- fore go^g elsewhere, which he will furnish with pleasure His assort meat of M attr?-???*s. Hlack?>t*, Gotoforts. CvunterpaiB'-S, Pillow*. Bolst r?, Featherb< da. and all kinds of Cotta?e and Kitchen furniture la complete, which he oilers at the lowest New York and Philadelphia prices. Beru*>mtH'r No* '>41 and Zl'J Intelligencer Bnlldinr corner 7th and D and No AO** 7th etreet Thorn s Bnilding. adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D and E street*. J?14 tf W. B. MOSIS, O AAA POTATOES. 0,UUU btiJhela MA1NB POTATOES, just arrived, and for sale at onr Whirl at the loot of 7th street. B P. BROWN ? BON, Commission Merchants, _de 14 tf No. 4B?1 ith at., between E and F. |T LOUBI F B_E D I A full assortment or all grades choice Flour for Bakers: <jualit> No 1; pricelvw Are tha only direct receivers for Oolden Hill, J. H Gambrillmot Patapecoi aud Linganor Family Flours In the District. As the latter brand has been axtaneively counterfeited and seld la this city, w* would Inform thoee wishing this flour bf arrangement with the millers we furulah It lower than It caa be obtained from any other source. Quality secend to none. Price fraction lesa than other first-class Family Flour. Bnckwheat at low rates. All gra<tea of Western Flour n store and for sale lew by W M OALTAOO., Indiana a venae and 1st street, no 13 Beer Depot. B a O T A L . THB HATIONAL FHUTN INSDB4N0B OOMPANY OF WASHIBGTON Have removed to th?ir New Office. No. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUB. First door east of 7th st. DIB iTt O H 8: Cbaa. Knap, Pree't, Geo W. Biggs. Ylce Preat, Tboe. Berry, Maraball Brows, Bich'd W%ll?ch, G S.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Henry D, Oecke, de 3 tf NOBLB D. LABHBB, Beoretary. /"'IIOCOLATB DOUBLE, YAB1LLH, V DB H. MAlLLAIBO. Pnr Oacao at Bucre. ^E x em ?t d e t a at ? King Place, Corner Yerasoat aveaue and ISH street. WE? UIDIA OBAHttBB ABD v,.., pHOIOB HCTS, BA1BIN8. PK18.00BBANT8, ' V. 8PICBB. Ac , Be , I* salt thla parOcular season For sale by E. M. P. KING A BON, 4s 31-tf King Plaoe. JUST BB0B1YBD At . JATHB A IILI1V, A superlwjet"o? LAIHBS* CLOAKIB'gS,"which iBey are elfeHmg at very low prices bo M M (Vf LfeCB MEAT ef sioelleaeooalltr. #tl9 .U e-*u - L.I9T OF LETTBRS KBXAtlflNO lit TH K WASHIMGTO* TITY POST OFFICE, Friday, February 1?6T. I OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN Till PAPBB HAVING TilK LARGKST CIRCULATION ] fc^"T? obtain ho y of these lett-re tse appliean nivntctU t?r"Ailt?riU*ti LitiKi."(iT*tht data of the iitt, and pay on* cent for advertlalag. I' not < a)l?-d for w ltfaiM one month they will I f f?nt to the Dead Letter Office. LAMES' LIST. At dHioaChr'i Hewitt Cutbr'ltPrBB Rllea Mr* Mis Hatnblin J nellai'altuer A 0 Mr* A n -; I a 8 C M r? R Mra Paten Rllen Mr* AmifTioa R W Hy land Anna A Pillabnry I W Mr* Hammell Rmma Mrs Annerson Jane HanklnsRra Paaia Jalla Mis Hoover Jennie Pheraoa Ratie B'rtlr Lam-a llopptrtenAnaFParker A l in Bti viiHi tli Mr'Utr'it Lun* PbtlllM M B JHurk Ann e Hartwell F M PumbledajUW n BrooksAnn Mrs Mrs Mrs B.owi-Tbe FMr-ButchiEion A raecball Marg't Bate*Ll7./ie lire Mrs I Mra 1 row n Mary > H-ltoaSa bKMrsRhodee Jenala Booth M<-Uie * H*wkins sarah Boff bl?/te Mr* Mrs Boss Francla Brown Rllen J Harris Maria Ro-ekrans Oar Mra Honetnn Maggie Bell Siiwl Mr? Holly M T Belay Lena Brown M 8 Mr# nersey Miss KohblnsCoraMre lliich Kelccrs Hartitnn 8arah Roblaaoa KM* ? Barr Haliie Mrs Mra Jlecbberaer Ag Barr< ttE'a'MrsJUes J nea Mr* Barber lea'eMre Janes Rettv AmeBobinsoa Her- I Bei kit; K'a.u.? J J on"- O Mrs man Mra Mr* Jacn. M ??gie Bid ley Kate BartellRnK'iMrsjndtie Mary K Randolph Misi ItarketBl a.lanejehiieou iiiiie Kyau M IIth Mrs Xuilth lane Mrs Bremer'' 81 Mrsjefierson (leor'aSluan Fanny A Bt-hlt ih R Mrs Jc ti son J'e M r'B'-ott KH/a Mrs 1 entley C?rrie Jackson Alice Smith Rli'j Mrs Bi. wuel J Mrs Joim-t >u Julia ttmaH A N Mrs Huro? s M MrsJ ?T-on Kate Smith L >ni a(c) HayJe> r.ifc , R Johnson S?r?liMnlthl H Henm-y MartheJ Auu Sheld Ka*ena Mrs Jot.nton (,'harit Siumn Am'aMra Brad' rd V Mrs Mr* Smith Francis f i u uiKli Mgi K. John-don An Sm.'b Mag'eMrs I?=*rV er ^?r.ih B gu?t? Mrs ?p ar Mary 2 fro- Add. Jackson Maggie Sno >k Marion < ft Joa ne Johnson Rmily Smith Sarah CUk M|tMrt Mr* . _ Scott Mrs Chv-eW " Mr* Johrsoti MLc )Scag Mary Cha-eBar Mra JohnsorGeoMra ttpwttewood B1 n < ftrroll lu-ilv King Eva Mrs Clin ri;? iir F 3K leeK alheainkeSteeens J as Mrs oiiho.t has M iK'K Hester rttephena A Mra Cheat e r J of it M King Klien H bholtun Kate A ( onnr lle^ Aene*Korti Snsanna Mrs ('mi i NSterLo tFK' 'long Lacy WStreatar RlWa R ('on .fjy Apnes Mrs Mra , Itoti S inilMrsKiiiaey Kila Pitinara L cyMrs tio?Mn lUr B K My Mat aWrsBberman Anaie M - Krily ? P M?.2>uirirk R1 hMrr i abt-'i' Mary BO Laws Mettie Snowden Kate < net 'erMary Luhe P MOWrill*Y Mi i Lake Ann L MraSiaedforjl Uut < ipi tiii Masoiilitjt Y \i .iy SfiilfMJOMMft I Mra l.ord .1 B Mra J-t Johns Rmma D.a-nl? t M'yMrsLncHS Alise A Mrs I Day Anna Lewis II StrikerO'eWMrs l ow L M Mra Lymau Mii'aMraShaarer A W Mr* l)inen Marv Le*n Mary K 8< .rley m MMrs I i a*i- A R Mr. Mrs S.or.on Mrs t l?. KmiuaMrsLar Bi? y Magfie St Oiair Mary I i<|tM'h?r tn I r Mra blmnn ns D Mrs I Mrs l.ncas Mir'aMriiwlt> hel L Mrs I It-ny tonJnlia V Mara Johanati Tvier TJr NAMrs I 1>n-c>n Su*ea Morae I 8 Mrs Twiker L'e Mra D< i i.erg' n Miles M J Mra Twit? hel A Mra I nif M Mor?aii Irlnc- Thoma? R I Mra I fa land Maggie Miller Aana Th mp?"n M Mrs Mor.'oa bydia Tailirferro M r I V ii rallBVh EMraMorgMi Rn;clineTwitth-IM A Mrs >inrsej VI | Mra Mrs Tra?e? V ir* Mr* I V i,iot M J Mrs Mor??n RHen VauebanO Mra I -is Mavuie Morris Carrie Talaljai M'tMri I ltd \Mirds Jno S MillerKattj MrsVan Wie Kata I Mrs M?r*iu Clara WoodFrankMrs I I ,-k MiryLMrsMeirhan Aitca AanRMrs K<irtMa*yH Marrn Fanny White Julia R h t< r Rlr/aMrsMadison Mary r Ward Fred kMrs Vli yd Clara K Murray Mary H W.'lsh Am HMrs KitspaUlok Jao Mr* Warr S b J Mra; Y r* WatAoo J e Mrs I par'ey Helen Mrs Wilaon Q L sirs 1 mlar Addfe Mercer Mary Wallace An'eMO F t :on E nt a Marfarl^a Jan>W?lton Annetta I Ki . ??r A H MrsMcNnity Ma-y Wiiitams Linia I F<.kier Julia LaMrKenxie 5laryWhitney O'hMrs 0 Mrs Mrs WMteworthBeli Fiaher M yJ MrsMclmffte Alice WtllUraa Rit/.'h Gratiam Jtto Mrc Mrs Warren LarnJ (.rayar^a liMriM' Millan Carrie Wheeler An'e 2 I Gardner Sopis Mra Whiting Mary K G stem M illle MrHenry Mary Wallace M aMri Co> deii b F Bally Sarah AnnWiison MrtHunt John Mrs Mr* Wheeler MaMrs j P ile Anna M Belsen LillvMrsWil.on M tJMra J Hill Belie J MnBelson Pridc'tA WJ|| er JuTia A J Hel'!* Mary R Oak>aTh s Mr? Wa^hingtonMlaa 1 n?ll F W Mrs PeiiieO-?th'eMr?Voanker MaryA j H ,le M Mrs Pack Aanle Mra Toang Alice 0 Hull II .1 Mrs Palm Delia A Toong Sallia I Ball B Mia Pa?e 8?rah I OKWTLEMKN'S LIST. I AppfegateA Allen Jo? H Ayler Meri;?n Anderson R R AskeroJno Anderson ?fm Alexander J P Abrahams L Allnntt WmB AedrewsJno Alexander Mr Adams Wm A n d e r a< n J W r, . _ , ? Blair Austin Balej Br| Brig Burnea M Bennet Andrew Oei. O^o l.ancroft Mr | HrtKkney A B Boadiao' Hen Clirohst N F i Rurve*a A T Brown liiram Bradford Nioh's I Hhiuit/. MajA Brail 1 HeuryJBingham N W Bryant A J Berry tl Ber? Otta Blair HnAustin Rarnhy Ha J H BnrhridgeOlOH I P.rlnsmaiVe * Boraess Jamea Bull Panl Clark Billon John Burnt Pat'k I Burns Bern I Bevaa* James Baa tries P BercmMr B Beatty Jno 8 Bogart Bitter ] Brookbank C F Bov,la John Brown Bich'd Ballard Cbaa B Barron lamas Biddla Sam I I b'air Ha Cba W Bartoa James Bembarg Sasn'] I Beam Bow'd Bell J BrlecoaBnTheB Bat* Rlic Bowea J R M BnrweliT Bart ACoMeatrsBrlacoe Jim W Brawn BTt Brig ID BallJohaB <>eo Theo F Byrnes Maat fcd Boyd Jna Batler Wm Brown Fred kWBrown Ja*iea 8 Bonfant Wash'n I B>rrtanOW Beach J H Bower Wm Bibb Geo W Bark John Braiatoi Wm I Btnuell A Co Wlirown l.a*l H Brooke Wiaalaw I Crsma^er A Carrlngton Gen Cheney, Mom A Oouueily A Hanry B Pelkemm i Ch> try i hss Pan field Geo Coffee Mr ! 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Henderson aeo Haond Serg't J HellingsWaaB Hunt HA 'K I I Usmlln Hon Hall Bar JDB Htlee Winfld S | Hanalbal .gayaea J H HaarbergerA Harriaon Hon JHnll Jao A Meluer T Howe Ool J H Hacel A Whit* I HarrliAJobDaonHarU Col J B nan J O Howe JB JameAUt Jonea Gao T JeyceJnoA I Jobnaon Arm'd Jonea Henry X JonM James L I Imeraoll Boa Irwin John 1 Jonea Rob Clark C Jahaaoa laaael Jlahlna Thoa Jenkins BF Jeachim Jacob JohnaoaMajWH I K.rpeaBrysal: KtiappDB BailerJaoF I Ke log Hon BF BrorliFred Kingman Mr RltchenHoaBM Belle* H 8 _ Kneed land B^d I K ulilmani'CbaF Rek Hetn'h Fr Kelaey Hon WH KnanC B Bltky HonJoa'h, . ? Lawn are A Lantaar Geo I^agoadMrWH I Leeser Be* Is^ Lea Geo Le??B 1 Lea Gea C melt a Lyon J B . l^fley Moaalll Lelstner Pick l.erlaaon J LewiaBami Lya-hl'snnia Ludiagtoa Mr LerktenTaoa

, Lamh Geo D Jamea Leslie W M McBevittCaptA McHenryHe'ryDMcBeaaaMlekn J J imrrilF B A MeraaJBr McrriaCmlArlk'r Miller Jeha MHm Mil J Major* A MorellJno Maxwell A Bro Morgan 0 H Mag ruder Gen J Mijki I MIlLrChML R _ Marsrtaad M H I Mack la Chas Morrow Jea McSagae Peter I Meeban David Markateil r JaaMayo Robert Effipsrrfepl ;; i . A ^ McMalty F W Binli J L Mailailtu M2?hln **?k MS?'1*".? MiUaa Tho. m I!i J I HcU?i J HO H Mirktun W fcDiB# J T Miller Wm m?A!! w r?# A S*Poa MeKeever Tn Mcvmr no MrKimr Mr Nswn!a*j?bBH ' b laHDiktrkil R'fri1 . Ott Jos J Oil W M S,1?**' Oliver Wm A gaaem Wm Parne Beary Parne J Scott I hllllH i(n4 jPiflird g | *?ii? " ?S&Kf v "? ' HBryAlPBrklBS JackeoaPhimpsOolWrnF 22?&A,9SJ "ftZtu* ^TU Thim*r wZZfMm Boblni Jno H JUthhoIs 8mm1 if 14 n? (Ml Jno H Robinson I ini^ni?" KutbBrfsrdJoknBont Thos fci.VwJ10" ? f RI?bUn Wm p***r, V*1** * *o?cb? J no H Beld Wru " dei John Bines W B Bleb W A kobinpon JohnBBay B A rax on A Smart Hiram Siehel Mmm , ?J#w"fd,J?? r Strains Nathan Btn?rt Albert HnnottJos Inut o P Stickney B B Sutherland lnoSsickler P BtrcniftnrJtO Etratton J T Shelton Bobt ShooophBOA Shank< Hon J PO?S? ill ran Bo?"r* Br?*n I1"!1 ""J" Stevens Stew.rd alfi n n* Bro D geelaeHonLawls * oiarx SiLi.?^ I. Stanton JUM D8nb 8atrl w * St rat ton Jno T Sbeitiell 8 L Bm<?k wt5 E. ,f?',i,V,,on Jm KSpurgin Smnl S !5?iar,.i?e.J?nl,i jB0 Shlllin^Uw A |mlf hPSoirtbg 'ePtourmet .1 B jr Toshey Sendel Fredk Sn*ert J W Smith T O Soanneraao flack Jas F! Shocker Thos ? k.\ S L Strauss J Smith Thos 0 P< band QcoH Ve'yp Lewis ^ AB:Tn*e H 4 Co T?n Byck Sam I Jf?lor Jbo H Thomson Smith h(nja?"Penj Thomson J It STalo Sam'l *?!??''Jv0hM Temple .1*8 col Turpui Tiio* L ? -u * * I"00" L * r ula Thos J Trier PI.Hot B Th rnpson H Taylor Geo H Thompson Bobt Tb ason Wm *? Ti,?Rr"lftSS:, T?'<""*?"K"T"r?n mliSj", V","L v.w.,.0 W el I are AH Wearer Jan G Whltacar B R Woo?HonB*n2 Williams JACo Wri?ht Bobt C A Walters John WsllsSB wi.hh"' q XM*0" Pr J C ^tlliams non \> Rihburn Hod WilhonJ St*pfe K wVih. . * p X'blttelaterJnoWoods Theo Williams E P Wilson Jn<> | Wheeler TT iltei- B A W ri a ht J as WenvorWmfl J) "nan 'rank JJbite Lt-ander Whet lerMa Wm Raters Geo Wisendorf? N Walton W fi 2 JJ.',IP0r*2o'? ^keelotk M M Wj|?on Wm U bitiie) flarisAW estbr. ok M T Wnortr Wni Weinberger A Welsh M M Young DarU - W?t?n BmWB Touni P Wllkerson Br WLite BobtH 2 Zook II M i , MISCELLANEOUS.?Union M'ch'ts Bin Ed Uor Musical Almanac; Adaaa B . Afi"; Mr A ?, BOWEN. p. M. dancing. ~ jpBOFB. J. W. A H. fi. BBEIB' DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania avenne, bet. 6th and 7th sts JB Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Qk forming ererr erenlng. Those da ..JSEKfi" Si',1.u """ ' '? Ctrenlars can be had at J. F. Bills' and w n ? Oo.'e Miisio Stores. W> 0< the Hail can be rented for Soirees. Ac. Days and Hourt of Tuition : S.*?r L?dlee, Misees and Masters. Taesdar and >.atnrday afternoons, from 3 to 8 o'clock Qentlemen s Glasses. Tn?sdajr and Pridar et?. nlngs. from8 to lu o clock. ?ria?y ere-f ,?rtT?',th?r 'Jformation,apply dnrlsc the hoars er tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with thefirst lesson, ja 8 JVI4 ?1"1 A0V^t?Lr"???'?? "ABflU S ASSBMBLY BOOM3, H Tki. ^Fa b*,w.e*" ?"> ?nd l?th streets. 4A tlon of ^pnplllF7 nowo^'*r the re ephonr? <!* taltioB for yona* ladies Oi-ntlemen'. classes from 8 to 10. same -renin*s ?10 "itm |\J ASqV.BJUJ^A?0Ft,i BALLS cl'y, and the District generally, that he Is af all Id a'nVVarX '? f?rnf*11 P*rl' with Mas juer2rder He hL VlLUm#' Uh,"r on lS'u or to TSi^'^m^VSf VSWui'u ,a;pVe1r,tk^TD A^i7th street, between D an<4 B, where be Jrill U hl?W te await order-t. CFlABbBS BKRO Tboots, SHOEST & gBLLIMB OF# I 8BLLIBO OFF 11 The antlra stock of Ladle*', Misses' ^Vl Children e, Mea'a, Boy and Yeutb -a '? BOOTS. SHOBS AMD GAITfeBS " '11 be sold at private sale at and bBLOW COST PBICSS. .. ,.v _ ^ JUHN AN'OBBMAHN, #oa 7th etreet, between D and B etreeu, jalMa* opposite Odd Fellows' Hall. BOOTS ABO SHOBS. h b w Tt o b a. The undersigned begs lears to Inform his friends *** prabllc generally that he has opened the CHEAP BTOBB, Bo. 90S 7th street,unJer I Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a general assortment of Ladles' and Gsatlem&n's, Boy 's, Misses and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBS. ] _B???Bibsr ths nB*ber, Mil 7th street, naler Odd Fellows' Hall The Mew Cheap Store, for mylr K. F. Page's ?tora. 1 defe GEOBQB B. WILSON. Q I V (I I K 1 I S, i HALL A PLANf, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York arsnne and ISth street, < Xntrasre en New York avenne,) '> Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOCBB1BS, TEAS, WINES, IMPOBTBD LDXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., 1 would respectfally notify their friends and ths pnblic that they hare just opened their New Gro , eery Store, where can ba obtained any article nsn i ally ke?t In a first clasa Grocery. Without attempting to ennmerate oar large, fresh and well- (' selected stock, we sordially inrlfe the public to examine o?r stars and stock, believing w* shall 1 not fail to give entire satislkctlon to all who may ( farer us with their patronage. We call espeslal attention to onr assortment of { TKAS and OOFFBBS, which harebeea selected , with great care far ?nrlty. Dealers will Had a < fine assortmsnt to select from, and oar prices to ' suit. Goods dsllrerad promptly In any part of tfce city. ; janM? Sss j f OXPElBS FOB THB HOLIDAIS. " ! MA1LLABD 8 CANDIES AND OHOCOLATEfl ( CARAMEL'S CBBAM CHOCOLA1PB. < DOUBLE VANILLA tJHOOOLATB, BOSK AND VANILLA BD^BT ALMONDS Just received at &1MG PLAtfB. Z M. P. KING A BOB. 1 WIST 1MDIAOBANOB8 AND \ ,. ? #WEEX MALAGA GBAPBS, KING PLACk. ' I*|inob mbat (Domestic,) J A".. J*"t made, of select materials. At &IKG PLAOk. { r^OLDBB BCUPPBBHONG W1NB. t . # ?.v* finebt nativb winb. < Gold colar, fall, yet delicate flavor and fra- < grance.aad lass thanoas half the cost of Imparts* wins. KING PLACE. j WHITE OPOBTO POBT, , . . < ("Tears of ths Booro.") Diraat imyortattan. ' ' ?? ?. m. F. 4 ? oTO ^0 ?0 B W ^80 J Ma. 480 lot hstrset, one door bslow Fa. am,. < t.#.1? ?"? *? BCMd'aad Silver W ATOHBS, ' DfAMONDB, CLOTHING, aad MBBOHAB- 1 DUB of svsry description i jb > S^Bnslaess strictly eoafldeatlal.^g I 1 telegrams* ate. A few WHki since a aotortoua desperado named Jack McDowel hired a span of boraea at Council Grove to go to Jnnction City. Kan* as. lie did not retnrn. The owners of tbe bortes tracked him to Omaha, and brought bim back on Friday last. He was very defiant, threatening to horn down tbe town, and kill aixteen of (the citizena whom be bad marked. He further stated that be was a rebel, and was on Qnantrell'a raid*. Citizens took htm from the sheriff's hands on Sunday night and hang him. Thomas Hall Foreman, formerly ot Lancaster, Pa., bnt now claiming to be a resident of Philadelphia, has instituted suit against the Examiner, of that city, lor libel, the alleged libel being contained in an article pub;i-!i*d at tbe time Foreman was arrested on the charge of defrauding Levi S Reist.of Warwick Uvnf hip. and others, by selling 'hem stock In supposed bogus coal oil company. Tbe Kansas Senate has passed a bill for tbe creation of an emigration bureau, and approSnating to carry out Its objects. The louse concurred in a resolution to amenl the constitution by striking out the word '-white ' pasted by tbe Senate. an?i amended tbe bill so as to strike out the word "male," and al?o to make Intelligence the basis of suffrage after tbe year lt-70. The Workingmen's Convention at Albany, N. Y., adopted tbe platform of the Baltimore Labor Association. Tbey also adopted resolutions deprecating the empiiymeut of chil drenof extreme youth in factories, and urging tbe passage ot lawstto make ten hours a legal days' work for lactory operatives and t ar drivers. Tbe Daily Xeut of Kingston, Canada, states that gold has been discovered iu the township of Longborough and the township of Victoria, and there m cp-i v reason to believe tbat gold is to be found in the region lying j between those two poin*-, wbicb are about I oui* hundred miles apart. The St. Louis 1'tmorraVt Jefferson City ?pe. j cial says a matter or great interest to Missouri I bondholders has come to light. It is a scheme for depressing tbe value of railway bonds of | the State, concocted by a powerful ring in the i interests of tbe old State Bank. (Seneral Griffin is gone stillfnrtlier than his late order, and the bureau in Texas is virtually withdrawn from all control over the freed- I men's interest. It only retains an advisory and reporting power, with the supervision ot i schools. The Pennsylvania Legislature having adjourned before the joint resolution ratifying I tbe constitutional amendment wa? sent to the Governor, it cannot be signed until that fcbody meets next week. The Omaha RepuUican says Captain North I bas been authorized to raise a battalion of I , Pawnee Indans for serweeon tbe plain*, and that be bas commenced tbe work with hue prospects of success. The Probate Court at St. Louis, yesterday. under tbe provisions of the emancipation or- I 1 dinance, indentured thirty colored orphans, w ho had formerly been slaves, to the Colored I < Orphans'Home, where they will learn trades. I i A special dispatch says that late advices from Montana reports the discovery 01 silver ' lodes whirh will yield from three to ten thou- 1 sand dollars per ton. Tbe Arkansas Legislature has passed a resolution appropriating money to -eplace fnnds of the lleneral Government se./-i by the con- I , vention at tbe time of the secession. TbeNevada Legislature passed a joint re?olu- ? tun asking ('ongress to grant that state juris- | , diction over l'tah,and ordered a copy to be i telegraphed to Washington. I , A bill to call a S'at* convention to amend' then nstituurn was ntroduced into tbe Senate of Virginia yesterday. After an exciting d~- 1 oat* it was referred to a committee. | i '1 he iramhise bill passed the Tennessee I 1 o'onse yesterday afternoon?ayes 31, noes *J5. I ' it extends the right of suffrage to negroes. The Kentucky Senate bas passed a bill le- I galizfng tbe acts of .lames Litbgow while act- I 1 ing Mayor of Louisville. Navigation of tbeOhiois now fully resumed with twenty-live feet in the channel. <OXURESSIO*AL. Sknatk.?\eaterday afternoon? The Legislative, Executive and Judicial I 1 appropriation bill being under consideration, I ' The amendment appropriating *50,000 for < temporary clerks in tne Treasury Department, and authorizing tbe Secretary to classify tbe | 1 clerks accoiding to the character of their * srrvices, was debated at aome length and < adopted. I < An amendment was adopted appropriating $15,000 for janitors of the Treasury Depart- < ment. Tbe Senate, at 4.35, took a recess until 7 1 p. m. At tbe evening session an amendment was adopted striking out tbe appropriation for ex- * tra compensation to officers of the House of 1 Representatives. Mr. Fessenden offered an amendment for the ? appointment of eighty additional clerks for tbe Pension Office. Adopted. Mr. Poland offered an amendment, in- I creasing the salaries of the the judges of tbe I ' Court of Claims from *4,000 to f5,*00. Disa- I c greed to. I Mr. Williams offered an amendment, increaa- 1 ing tbe salary of the Chief Clerk ot the Senate I 0 to $4,ouo, and tbe Sergeant-at-Arma toS3,50U " perannnm. Agreed to. I The bill was taken out of Commit toe of tbe I Wbole and reported to the Senate, and the J Senate then, at 10 p. m., adjourned. * Horsx.?Yesterday afternoon, Mr. Steveus' I b Reconstruction bill was debated at couaidera- I y ble length. While it was under discussion? I . Mr. tarnsworth said This bill was in ac- I . cordanoe with the viewa of Generals of the I . irmy wbo had experience in tbe Sonth?Scho- I Held, Thomas, Baird. Wood and Sickles?and I t b?li?Ted il wu also in accordance with tbe I _ views of the distinguished commander of the { t irmy. In reply to Mr.Shellabarger, whoaaid it was I very important tbat thai statement should go I j betore tbe people, | a Mr. Farnswortb repeated It. | r Mr. Le Blond a?ked him whether he under- I t itood bim a? saying that Gen.Grant approved | <j be measure. I 0 Mr.Farnsworthhad nosaid?o, butexpre-s<*d v lis belief tbat it was in accordance with Gen. g Jrant's views. | 4 Mr. Le Blond supposed the gentleman did | # lot cla>m tbat he had any personal knowledge 1 u in the subject. Mr. Farms worth said he did not. Mr. Rogers followed in an hour's speech r. igamst the bill. I " At the evening session, the bill was debated I 1 intil balf-past 10 o'clock, notice being given r >t several proposed amendments, and tbe I c douse adjourned. I Thk MABTLAHDL??if?LaTC?*.?The Senate I c yesterday agreed with tbe Honse to appoint 11 I c pint committee to examine tbe condition or the I c <tate tobaceo warehouses. The new bill pro- J b viding for 'he election of a Mayor and citv I ouncil in Baltimore Axes tbe day of election ,n Wedneeday. the 13th of March. s Tbe House, during Wednesday evening's ti leseion, passed thirty-three local bills, in- c -luding the one to incorporate the Monumen- o al Hotel Company of Baltimore. The Comp- ii roller ol tbe Treasury informed tbe Honse 1 hat be baa already commenced the payment v )f claims for bounties dne enlisted men and p ormer owners of slaves who enlisted during i he late war. The resolutions declaring that jroposiuona to alter the constitution abould , man ate from the Legislature, and tbat the o ?ow*r of tbe Legislature to ffnbmlt questions o the vote of the people cannot be limited by a he conatitution, wnre adopted. The Allegany 'omested election c*ae wan taken np and dis- c ossed. The Speaker of tbe House baa laaued _ Ha warrants for the election of a delegate * rom Cecil county, in place of Mr. Magraw, lecaaaed. _________________ Casdidatm ?om Gov*miromo? Vibgiwia.? 1 The Lyncbbnrg Republican says: "We are redibly informed tbat John B. Baldwin, of a Augusta. Maj. Sntherlin, of Danville, and }eu. William Smith will certainly be caadilates for Governor at tbe ensuing election. The race wUl not be sufficiently interesting uowaver, unless a few mora gentlemen aonient to take tbe field. Gev. Leteber seem* to m very strong among the people, and Foote, 1 Johnson, John Goode, and Waiter Staples nave a boat of friende. Col. Fayette Mc- c Mallin, la alive and kicking, add will probably , > npon the track. Mr. Flonrnoy, we under itand, will not ba a candidate. ? KTTbe impeachment movement has given a J rreat amount of business to the telegraph lines. Tbe speculator* nave made ooaaidertble capital out ol it to affact priooa. 0 'I .S / X- .il ^ I THE ACBl'RN TRAGEDY Arrest m4 CmKuI** el ' Ifct W?r 4*r?r?-AMtktr rt*w Dml*ra?au. Liwi*to?,jIi , rn.?-Ta? terrible nor. der of t?o old vows la Ankara, on r** stormyThursday three or four wffli since, is well r>mi-mkrrfil udko) tbe most brutal and fiendish 'bat aver *u worded in tbo chBiail ciiradtr of ibis country Tan oM vod'B were ravltlfd. and fk?a murdered Several arrests Ut? bsea road#, bat oaUi now all attempts to secure tbe realty guilty parties have been ia vaia. When tbe straggling Frtacbmaa was arrested mm two weeks age tbe doubt* murder was eaveioped ingieater mystery than ever, and everv trace of the aoibor of tbe hellish outrage seemed to be obtit rated Search bad baea mads lu every direction fot trace of a straggler, bat altboagh a fortnight bad elapsed.aad every neighborhood baa been aroaaed. yet noae could be beard of aa suspicions. except this unfortunate Frearhman. This a? aeace ol every trace of a straggler gradually compelled the officer* to dismiss tbe straggler theory, and coaflae their attentions nearer home. As sooa as the esse raise to this point, the aatboritles sent to New \oik and secured tbe services of <me of the best detectives ia that city, who quietly came to Lewtstoa and Auburn, some tea days since, and. unknown to aay p? rsoa except those ape,, tally interested, procedr-d to investig a*e the circumstances of the scene of the double murder, and mingled with the people In the vicinity ia tbe anise of aa ordinary stranger, conversed freely with everybody who bad anv Information, and took Bote of every circumstance that bore upon tbe tragedy, and with tbe help of tbe local officers ferreted ontever^ tact. The detective was satisfied tbat Tbe crime was committed by some person or persor.s well acquainted with tbe premises, aad that tbere was prohable reason to suppose that money might have been tbe original object in entering the house, if not of the morder. These and other facts threw suspicion upon a negro about twenty years at age. w bo was seen at work acme mon'bs in a sboe factory ia West Auburn, about half a mile distant from tbe acene of the murder. Me bad been arrested previously, but nothing appeared against bun and be wa* discharged. He was. however, arrested the- second time aud confined in the Auburn >ail From their in\estimations tbe officers were enabled to lay before tbe negro certain developments, which led to a full conle*sian tbat he wa* one of the parties engaged in the commission ol this diabolical crime and the further statement thai a white ma Li wa? concerned wltb him in the double murder. He confessed all the ircume'nnces of the crime, particularising the manner in which admission was gained to tbe booe ant. the crime committed The white man implicated by tbe negro w II arreted to night and an investigation hi ' to-m >;row FROM EIROPE. Eosnr.>\ Feb. 6?Noon.?In Parliament, Ksi night, E< rd Iierby, in fp!y u? an inquiry made by Earl Knssell. s'ated bar I. rd S>v ley bad asked Mr. Seward to s.ate plainly 'he points of tbe claims on which iu ;tdiusrmeud t>y arbitration was desired by the l/mwd Slates. A new Atlantic telegraph company i? now terming with tbe intention of laying a submarine cable to Halifax by way of the Ajferen. The prospectus announces tbat tbe tolla will be four pounds starling on tweutv-toiir word*. Viiska, Feb C ?Keiierspog ha* been appointed by the Emperor to succeed Heleaedl in the Ministry. St. Pktbksbcrg. Feb. 6 ? Dispatches from Central Asia announce that ne Kuseian for?es have gained a victory over the people of the Kban of Bokhara. near Samara, am a. Paris. Feb. 6 ?France has made a commercial trea'y with I'eau. particularly providing for the export of guano and borax. E' ve, Feb. 6 ? His Holiness is considering a'propoeiti' n tor the canonization of Christopher Columbus. The (Vib<;ikia) Potomac- Railroad.?In the Virginia House of delegates, on Tuesday, House bill Ms to incorporate the Potomac Railroad Company, coming up, Mr. Graham uttered an amendment to the pending amendment of Mr. Dunnington Mr. Graham's amendment rendered tba charter of tbe Companv null, in case the Fredericksburg and Alexandria Railroad Company, should vigorou ly begin work before .lamary 1st, l-dw. Mr. Graham's amendment waa lost bv a vote of ayes. ?:<: nces JO. Mr. Robortsoa proposed an amendment extending tbe period tor the Company to comply with cer iin prov sioti*. from May 1st, p*T7. The amendment was accepted by >lr Dunnington. Mr. Robertson offered an amendment, tha effect |of which was to tlx the terminus of tba road at Alexandria. Mr. Waddell offered an amendment to the amendment, by making tbe road |.Bs? on tbo r>ank ol the Potomac river, via Alexandria, and terminate on tbe bank of the river near 3eorgetowu. Mr. Robertson said Alexandria bad exhausted her resources and incurred a heavy debt in building up a series; of internal improvements for tbe benefit of the state, at.d h-? boped she would not bv tbe adoption of the last amendment, be tripped her of all 'he advantages which she was entitled to, anO which he so rr.n< b needed. Mr. Keilev said he hoped ?h? "S'ste nded unalterably in favor of railroad connection and through tra\ el, and against tbe police it damming up trade and travel for tbe benefit af certain localities. Mr Z.Turner opposed Mr Waddell's amendment. There was alieady a railway from Alexandria to Washington, and be thought tba ipposition ot tbe Alexandrians was perfectly consistent and proper Mr. Waddell's amendment was lost by a vote >f ayee. 1?; nays, 57. Mr. Robertson's amendment was agreed to, ind tbe bill ordered to its engrossment. Death from Htdrophoria ?On Monday, Daniel Gallagher died In Philadelphia from be e(Tects ot hydrophobia It appears that le ceased, same days ago, picked up a small log which followed him in the street, and took he animal to his home Mr Gallagher underook to open the jaws of the dog to ascertain hi* ige, when be was bitten In tbe thumb Nothing more was tbougbt of the matter, and ha tontinned at bis work until Frtdav evening ast. when symptoms ot hydrophobia appeared. Medical aid was summoned, bnt it was withut avail. The paroxysms became vary severe md tbe safferer bad to be tied to bis bed. Ha lied in great agony. How to Ma kb Toron Mb at Tbwpb*.?The London (/ueen says: To those who have worn lown their teeth in masticating poor tough cow eef, we will say tbat corbonate of soda will * found a remedy for tbe evil. Co' the steaka be day before tbe using, Into slices about two Dcbee thick, rub over them a small quantity if soda, wash off next morning, put It lato unable thickness, and cook to notion. Tbe ame process will answer tor fowls, legs of cuttoa, #tc. Trr it, all who love delicious, ender disbea of beef. Thb Viboiwia Frbbdmbw.?Tbe "African tethodist Episcopal Conference of Virginia," ,t its recent session at Petersburg, adopted a epert on the "s'ate of the country," in which h a passage ocenrs: ??In very many of the list nets ot the country, where the dependenoa if the colored people upon the white, and tba vhite upon the colored, has been so complete, ood feeling exists toward us and efforts tolay are making by our white brethren in the outbern states to benefit us religiously and therwise." Cafital Pckishmekt ?The Italian parlianent. we are informed by the cable, bas abolihed capital punishment in the kingdom of taly. This is a great point gained by the hua unitarians, and in order to test whether rime is increased or decreased by tbe resoval of the terrors of capital punishment, a lose watch should now be kept on the Italian riminal statistics. For over twenty years apital punishment was prohibited In Tusany and no very bad results are reported to ave followed tbe aboliuoa ot the gallo**. A Tariff os Ir*.?Boston and InMstchuetts demand that ica should be protected, alpr prosecuting a profitable trade m that arti. le since February.18o5, when Frederic Tudor,, f Boston, shipped tbe first cargo, andexportsg SI,out>.<**) worth from Boston alone in in*o. he sabiect is actaally before the legislature, then a committed recommend Congress to imose this duty. This ia the coolest thing yat n the way of "protection." VFmh ihad are among tbe luxuries rerived in Richmond, Va, this week. Vit Is predicted tbat tbe year 1887 will wiU ess tbe downfall of tbe Otlokaan monarchy. *#-TbeWest Virginia Legislature ha* delined to coaaider the proposition of the \ irinia Legislature relative to remaloa. ^The separation of the Mexican Char a pom tbe Church of Rome is a fixed *ct 7-Tbere were <7,*6b lllegrtimsts births lft jjgland last y?ar. VBismarck bonnet* aad needle-gnn skirt* ra among tbe latest whims of fbsaioa. u-i New Torter fell dowa stair* tbe other l7kC wM^slaap-walklng, and broke hia i#ck? 7>Man propoaea. bat bia wife disposes. iVTha population of Boston in UK was 98,317. In 1HW It was 173.840. gTTbe London Registrar-General says tba hange of temperature daring tba late "cold nap' killed aboat 466 people in Loadoa. 7- Charles Sumner, accord lag M rumor. , to retire fiym political It* nt the etoee of bis resent wnatcrial (ana. la tat*, aad wtU pend a number of years in Europe. 7*Tberets a load call for laborers on soma f tba Georgia plantations. . , / .e fl^s . til til