Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tit Urgtil (ircalilioi in tbr BUtfitt ! ^ ALLACHt B4itor and PrtyrUltr. W ASHINGTOT* OITY . FR iPAY TEBRUART S, I*6T. ; SPREADING MATTER OS BTBBT PACK. FEE orTSIDB FOR INTEBESTIKQ TELE 1 GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO ADVERTISERS. The tol!o?iD( is tb? official sbowiag of thi ctccula'ion ot the daily p?p?n of this eity ( competing tor tl? Government td??rtiiia| BEdet the reewataetof Coagrees directing sach > < advertising to be made In the two dally aewspaper* of Wa*kia|too kaTlif the largas MrnlaiMa Cvb?i?a stab 7,ri? copies par day. VSrtWiirit uw ? ? I Intelligrnctr ?.Ut Tbr mores of advertising by tba city papera or tte quarter eadtng December 31, IMS, as taken fr as tbe books of tba loieraai lie venue Office, are as follows: tyamao STA* j Int'lligrneer 9<1W Ckromc.'e a i -J X'public an **** 5,3^8 THE REDUCTION OP THE WHISKY TAX. 1 fcete is considerable agitation among spirit dealers on the sabject of tbe proposed redaction of the tax cn distilled spirits from two dollars to one dollar par gallon, which was recommended by lion. David A. Wells, Spe- 1 cial Commissioner of the Reyenae, in his report to Congress through the Secretary of tba Treasury, at the opeuing of ibis session. The question is now be lore the Oom m it tee oi Way* and SlfMis for consideration, and remont-'rasffj. from all quarters are coming in to t'?em. protecting against i.uch injustice and l? - at alil be inflicted upon holders'interest* all over tbe country, if the reduction should b?- made. It is represented that over thirty trillions of gallons or spirits are held in stock by dealers of al. kinds, on which ibe loss will amount to as maiiy millions of dollars. Mo:eover, it is represented that thi* Measure will tbroT immeuse profits into the bti.<i* of parties who will secure controling P?**t? in the market ^rom tbe reduction; the urT parties ? ho, sfter securing control of tbe 1 bulk yjf marketable wniskj in |f<w, influenced l%pgre*s to increase ihe tax from one dollar and a liaif to two dollars per gallon, and then pockcted iLe immense gains thus derived. TII K PRESIDENTS RECEPTION. Tbe seconu reception mis season of tra** President took place last evening, and wa* ird??d a most brilliant and Ush.ouable aiTair, tbe crcwd being oue of the largest everast.m?.l?U wuh.n tbe walls of the Executive i bian^on. eigb' until eleven o'clock a ! continual Mream of persous were arriving and departing. The parlors, bails, and e*a: room vere filled to tbeir greater capacity. The President was in -icelient spirits and gave a greeting to theguesu. For the tip' time Mrs Johnson appeared in public i ,k* *" 1 ,U ve,> ?,4>"r but tnucn be?" i?i* a?? UTa'' ?'s,t Mr9- 1'atterson ' i"*' ** ?Tfr? ,tM* accomplished dingbt-rs o, the i resident, we re also present and as*ist-*d in wt Icumiiin the guests. Among the visitors were Secretary U'eii?? \l eVin>' d b> Morgan, ? 9'ster Of Mrs' | Mr- rh^re wr\,Mct;ulluth' ^compamed by * Mc? u"??h. his daughter-,,,, law Gen. Grant and Mrs. Grant. Gen Sher SK-'M' tn^h Mfn? r V; CL^tr^e d'AfTiiir- Italy S?n. r Romero, Mexican Minister; and a larr- I ni.ti bero. the attaches of ite various legation*ieorge Peahody, the lAind >n banker Bi?hon and Ksberc C. Winthrop, of Mass K"on- oftbe N.Tr il apt Pythes-ee, ol the Lnglishnavv andla/lv- i Vf Kf'"a?'l. S-nato-TaJs fJr i.aU,r lady and dau-h- I ter. Sena.or Morgan and laly. Senators Sauls bury and Patterson, Vice Pre- dent "ivJs SuMo&? *m number ofJ^epresenta- i Moor?- Morrow and Ri vas. of the I President's staff, c\?L. Moore and K-Tes ie,? accompanied by their la*lie-; (Jen. Wilcox HnV00?rBToi^*rnH%.^*3riB**l*r Gen-ra' i rue, Ufn. Townsead, Oommodores Powell i and Lee, of tbe Navy; Lieut Com. Shirk SurKavv W'tX' * lar** number of other | j T. Welles, E-q , chief clerk >avy Department; (lov. snarkie. ot ' Miss., and thousands of prominent citizens from all parts of the coun-rv uul,neni citiieens ..Si' .J.?,t?sa?* ^ whi'e ribbon. Mr*. Patterson wor? i white alpaca and pepium trimmed with mi roon velvet, hair dressed w ? cfrU L?a mgle ?amelia. Mrs Stoy.r wnr. . "'orj,d 8l1* ?<? white lace ibawl, halrwimid and dressed with white camel,a. Misfs^iver i P?ld w,tb ?ow neck and I anort sleeves. Mrs. Senat.Mr Doolittle worn *. r?ari-colored silk, trimmed witb black lace M.e. Doollttle wore a white^ poplin mromed with pink silk, bair plain ]grs Ool Kivea wore an ashes of rose silk ind i>eplum heaw!TT Jr.mSed ?,(sb'aKCk '*c? fffcJSid?5? ' trimmed wifh white fluwera Mrs iv% 1 7"',lrdjn black ..lkWw^ JwiS nKSSJ -i2wcb^ FjE1 dreg led flower.* MrT^n^M organ 1 bonTton Sy^bSd"1 ^med with**reen ?lk' The Marine U*nd, under Prof. Scaia ner M*rcb, TumlSiSSf it25S?55lcltf,i"d u iNnbueco, Verdi, I p*;t*r^r,Fi St" ?"??, IU1. buc t,e r^Vii The police arrangements under Lieut Hnr ! ley and Sergt Buel, of the First Ward - h ^ - k CT i be qo,*t and orderly manner in which they attended to tbeir dnties in nrZ >eu ms as far as possible the passages and i doorways crowded up. * <? THE RECEPTION Of SPEAKER COLPAX The nsual weekly reenption of the popular .speaker ot tbe House of Representative. w?. in^.h .attenl!ed '**' notwithstanding the tact that both bouses o f Ooogre.* were n session, and that a leyee was beldat the MrIC*UT,l lwB' ^P*aker Ool fax, wiUi Mrs. Matthews and Miss Maubews, received their nuasroos visitors with the nutMi W# not,c^ numU offbZm?^ of the House, together with other distinguished ci izens. The chief attraction, howey/r was ,P/*,**ne*?f General Grant and Maior (;?n *ra' Sheridan. Tbe? d sungfufjd diers arrived at a late hoar, and w. wfrmti fh^nh? bjr^i" pr#,*Bt- General Sneridan wis the observed of all observers, evervbodr ?Jin! cavalry* Th. ?,si>?8AL O* PUBLIC LANDi* ^0,nm,-,,0n'r ol tbe General Land <Bce has jnst received returns in part for uu "J **"?>< " <*> - tnm .b. : * i>OAAl 01 1 '2 fc?*2 s/.riU A# tK ? dll* tbe ca*h and homestead ayalciB^ihe sale" for <ssh amounting to *14,113. Returns rS^ivl l for the month of January ?how an ar^rlilt ?isposii of hM acres, a I tbe foUowin?l"^ offices, yia; L?si Saginaw. Michigan 7 't! w m*' Minnesota, ii# ? ^roix, Wivoiiiiot ;? acL. anrf' at Topeka, Kansas, 2.WJu Icw T^I?.. portion of the Isnd was Uken unde?fk-'f tt'*d !*w Ior ac,oal?*ttlenient and c Jj?j??, - TH* Wuslt Sta" now on oor counter IZ'Z? "d ^ wr,p^>,'r T'**f tor the mails, ..V, "g' aHlen* mucb reading stter a rb?*f?iaa Story." which is well t?ld and wT^W-rY''iwasfte my; Congrvwional proeeedin^-^HV,.^000" Sketches, with J?ome.tic MiiiXL morons part mental and Local News; HHd ' iloneekeepiBg Mucilany;^ 2md^ UU^ Telegraphic Diepatche. froH1 SY: m J. Shilllngtoa, OdeoT Baildiar < -we have a eopy of tbe story of Black Urook ] the dramatic yerson of which has been so long < the sentauon tc New York. ^Igg Frem Mexice. M?iic?n d>'t* to iim 2d hint bo*n rtctlrM Lanalee wa< reported to shot, t>ui u a not credited. Cortinaa is robbiar, Mllar ia*. ind conscripting. Maximilian is iMort/d ui be under the thumb or kia father eonWaor ' ere Foaher, wbo la the real Fmpwor Ht porta are cnrren t that the Krench WH1 embark ooi.ertban expected. The Imperialists in ronscrtptint men and borsca Jor ttedohawof h ?l Tu? M'*'co MaxlBiliaa, Oastleaan, Jiew TkTtjL L"had a ,tor?r Interview The Liberal a bare occupied Tenomna. .,A ?>" ??en rooKbt at Hops, snd th#l-rench were victorious. Dr. S K-nxk * ii-n,,w<3.?t*t** Conenl at Jalapa, la daad. h * ?^*v ho'd *" *ooda in ibe caatom hou?6 at \em(,rnz. Ort*ca ia to be tried bV ronrt martial. Generals Mejiaaiul Mtramla rHbl"" ?nJ^n J^ai' Pot??? with eeren fiiTIL Tha Emperor order, them to attack the Liberal*, aad. if victorioua, to order an election, and if the people aay empire, ba STeJK;rT lf tbey "5 wV.1 lUr. Official news from tbe interior of Wat S'.ate ?aya that (general JesusOonzales, Ortega, and Ma4,?n 1wtr*arr",t',d 41 Zacatecas, by paneral Micael Auaea, on *he 7th met, and |,?t??5a'*? J tare* and were ordered mammal PoU>*''ther* ? ** tr?*<i ??y a court(Ireat preparation* are being made at Zaca. tecjis by the civil and military authorities for the lerep'ion of Fresident Juarez, who la expected to arrive thereon tbeistkiaet, A tram of specie arrived at Maiamorosafewdaysago. Tbia ia proof that the roads are free. Great improvements are being mate in Matamoros under the administration of Iferrioxabal. Tbe street, are thoroughly repaired. Commerce la reviving and merchants bay* confldenoe that order will be mnimajned. Cortinas, at laat a roiinta w aa a' Idler He conscripted and re. cro t d all the Rancberoa on the road, bnttbev dewrted at. every opportunity Fears w?n> euter'amed that he may rome in 'ront of Mafatruro#. but it is now known that the New ''" n force* uuder command of Garcia, who with him, would matter him at any a?tempt be wonld make against the tfovernmeut A courier baa just arrived with new* r T a Liberal \ ictory at (Jo lima The Imperial lirlth."Pn wa" "r.d tJoiimaoc npied by the Liberals under (}en. Julio (lircia TS=- BKLIGIOUS B0T1CB?SA M bM JAN jfetv rTi.Jfn. "PP'0'?'! MJelater of the oo55?,i' jirS"?rwv.vsi'ift :?% !,U':;'." (T 4 ~ AHGKES Ton nri requeued '>:i .ssss'sa n>^nin?r in #?arfieftlT i t*. ' r<> ? QJH4W. Bee. i HOTIC1 7Th.f. ,i|i h? ag admwraed the WASHINGTON RIIIBH IVOR5AL ??*** RK0EKB8 TBI8KV.V bnnrn 1 1 fctfJ0* al t Meyri. K||. a t" th- I o??rn#r of 7Lh *n'1 r atreeta. opp'j. s te the Post Office. BOBIBT C FOX, Secretary. MSTB0*?LJTAN bailboad"COM Office, corner of 17th etreet'aad New York * ? | Notice Is h-rebr dveu"toVto^'hoUUr'. S!lTrrL? on the bondtV?his C m. ?2"Jd ln?M,,rch n**' "HI t>e a-itl-l je'ea py Imnieiltste itvnitnt m> sr.. ?T .i . the coupons .t ikiioffion ?'?-?t?tl,n of J W. TH0MP9QM. Prest " :,rvi?z, '"d An<t >''*t n,JlU ,Jil' hound.,. teA K rail.* to duty Micha*l UcaStAS [[J^'"IAH BROTBKftHOOD! GKNKBAL. O ' H KILL, (The Hero of Bidgeway.) *ILL BPKAK AT OBD ritLLOW'S HALL. Ox MOMDaI KMCnihq, Febraary II, 1S57, U,tJ'n o'f wliL*nm^7. hie follow nog,, geiiernily. Itou, aud tbe frisudaof lrelaud Adayit.nce Free, BeiorveJ Seata for Ladiea. If*V? ? ?om 5Tf,fVNYO# S.'i? ? on Tickets tin be had at the d ,or *'*'''at f ^ frr-"T,.B? ?* BOAMD or TBAbi feaSSg: O" "l8SI*!fSS ~ Will be deliver*?^bv B,,S if?'ai Lffl*"*" B., DODOM M i"!*6 Ts="A GBABD COOOBKT ! ? win b. *UTViirBon, Ot ureh *oVVilDATHivi||isBo*tSl T,th th,t saspi&sS gj-orriti J?OKlTiEl Bomrof TUB FOlIi*.wiNfciT?7iL ' r,b"ary 1.1357 B*iLTii?"tjLABBD w'Tiirwwa '?'? ?< ?.?. """ ?wi. kn i 81.0,hl.r. atr ucted Drai^Tw.i or w.C',,1 0r-.0h' Alleys.and Oattera. and Fo0l SUnMht^r ^*1* ' syfeVVo'Sfti,"-"- ?' ?3 wa '"" ?"?"4 "?" wF.!f,hn,xi:.K:j,,,rciPu v Doos'S or i^ as Factories' " ?rain*?* *'om1 Dye Sources of Unhealthy Bxhalations ? e\> "c"^MnK' M ?o?^ff"th. hUltVTiS Bonus or Bolldfiifi, or ortiona thbraof #*? * sum or dllaaidatlen or 4?& adaSSEftV1* Pr?Pe?ty of those Id the ricinfty * Bi-wles. ertnr olhir obstruction In entt**, freventlag the free flow of water therein. *oW#r,? , 3t Seertu^y flSars'o*Health. QJ-TBB Vu?B?SASLi^aif*Al?-AMD LBCTCB1 BOOM OfVaB OHCBCB OF TBB s&siss&jf&mEt Oards ef admission, an cests. r. Mt By ordar eftke President, [fat] fe l aot Apt tb? bentflt of tho Now iiiSlii?! MUM for First word, on TDiHUi? 2^! Olircl, ! the I-HJ.,. roe'm Of Ih! Cktr^ of tbl '* ^ The rerntatloa of ? ** Bplphaay. all known, and ths iQterwt>twKioV * ' ?*orar is OSes! KJ wssi ssKij I ABL18B.D 1 ? ft j~ t.J^tfiiP?nSKKis;jnr^r-H.?d. i\0*?fT' SfSlVojZllH^ th? "tttfa * "y Store 4?5^5k j Vw * p i ? PIABOB reA _JAJ ?fft IffPefwifs^rou^Urt ^"h?5"Ba "** * BiB?!Vibrw mh u"UI Wftld ^F^RTS" **a be seen at mj offlee, fs a St* HBNBT B, BKABLB, Architect. CONGRESSIONAL. 1- *iDnY. February 8. _ ? Tb?C3fc?rp?gi#Bt-d the memorial ot'be Legislative MMHtlyo N'? H^ii J j)|iroprt?tlo? to compensate ,ri? r** of tWI Teirltiry for luu< incurred toy the lavasfen frmfTfm* daring tbe re>~|fW? * * OwnmitTto? on Military AfMr Deolittle presented a memorial, a?'< iu be purchase ol the SandT Islands m M -Oik harbor, for harbor purposes Referred to Ooramtiieeo* Military Affairs I Alio, a petition from Jam** O'Neal, or Ala., railing attention to the great depreduion on the public lands In that State. Be;err?-d'ttf I omniif'te on Public Ltnili. ' 1 ,*?? petitions from, ciluens of the Di.tiial of Columbia, asking the codefruciH?? of a national road from Wadmiton , "?d ??! * forth tlie ad rantaro* Waebingtou a* a imh water depot for me iroa-el*ds. Mr. Patterson introduced a joint resolution to provide for the pay meat o? Teuaessee Homv.ituards, nrgani/ed by M?j?r (}ea?ntl Jlurn.ide. Referred to CommiUeeen Military Aflaiis. i ' On mott,* of Mr William*, the e-retilnr of Monday next was set apart for thecou.ider*. tion of the bill giving increased compen.a?ion and employees at Wasbtnrton.. Mr. V< ilfon, from the Committee on Military Affair*, lepuited bill to authorise t*e Secretary of War to transfer certain iou at Harper s *??ry<? West Virginia. Mr. Henderson, from the Committee oa the District or Columbia, reported. with amendments, the bill to incorporate the Metropolitan llatl and Market Company ol the District of Columbia. Also, bill to fix the duties of ja.ticea of the peace for the District of Columbia Mr Hon Introduced a joint resolution trans. I teniQg be publication of the official reports 0r ihe pioceedm*. ol Congress from tbs dlobe to the Chronicle. Mr McDeugall objecting, it was aot conSldered. I I he legislative appropriation billwasthen taken up. An amendnient wits agreed to fix- I Ing ihe salary of the nssi&t&nt doorkeeper of I the Senate at S^.SlHi. * I Mr. Poland offered an amendtnert fixing the j salaries of tbe judges of the Court of Claims a' per annum alter .1 une 3u, ihI7 Mr. Fessenden opposed the amendment. ' Mr. Trumbull said the amendment ought to I be hdopted. I .1 Mr:..vr?*e?aid the judges of the courtsor the District of Coiumhii ought to receive the 1 same salary. It wouki be hurtful to their dn?- I more JUdK<f8 r'*bt a,on??,d? of them received Mr. Feseenden said the jodges of the Su. preme Court ought u. receive more wtUrv than the judges of any other courts, as u wis the highest jud cial tribunal iu the land I Mr. Johnson advocated the increase to ha judges of the CJourt of Claims. , M r. Hendricks said there were taaay ol the be-t lawyers in the con itry who would take these positions at The labors ol the Judges of thet/onrt of Claims were not. half I so onerous or Important tie those 'of the first I and second Comptrollers of th? Treaanrv who only recede n 4t>w The salaries of tt?e .fidgea of the Supreme Court of tb-' District of Colum. bia were. Ia.-t j enr, fixed at 91.IHK), and if the Judges of the ( curt of Claims were made to,MN> the salaries of the District Judges w >nld I ?V '"creased also. There wa - 110 d >ubt of it. The great body of the lawyer* througU. I too'th* Co?ntry d,(1 not rTial"> Sl.'iOO a year k called for the yeas and navson lo%aor7?.dto Ht; Wb,>U il wa' disagreed to by a Mr. Wade moved to strfce ont the appronri. I ation for printing the proceedings o: the l?t I 01 ,tJe fortieth Congress in the Daily I r J'r,' ZSST" "out Hol'SK?Mr. Hlame (Mo ) reported a joint I resolution from the Committee on Militate Aflair? directing the Secretary ol War to fur. Bish to the diuereat States certified copies of mnster-roMj- of volunteer forces upon appti. | Siat?es?'l'a^d,n,"atfreDerHlaof th*aspect 1 ve r^V.1vra0f',hU^r Mr* w*ulworth.(lll ,) the Secrst.irj c f the rreasory was directed to inform the House what amount of bonds of tbe On. n.'. -L fn "sll 'n Pncit|c Uailroad Companfe? have been issued, and the da es of such ?KtVLm?nd Y.) introduced a bill to I tr\ h in!J' '''"'portatiou from foreign conn, ri a to the I nited States of persons charged I w 1 h crime, and to provide for punishment f ir I violation of the laws. Ac. JUferred to Committee on Judiciary. I tnl'vo1? w^r Spalding, (n.,) the Secre? J. 7? . d,r'cted to inform the House h./ T companies in the southern Statej I sf?t PJ,1^cbasl,'(, rolling stock of tb* United n ? ,P?Vernm,*Dtat ,h" c'o??of tbe rebel.h? "mount ol stock purchased In each I tase tbe amount of money paid for such pur. I chase, and what set-off said State, claim Jo have against the United States Government, li^ introduced a bill to estahI iisb certain offices for tne assay of *old and I LPlTS^L^^)omn,Utee on Ooiaage, On motion of Mr Clarke, (Kansas.) the Oom- I m tee on Agriculture was directed io Inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill author I ixing a commission of scientific men to examine I m /* caos#t ot ^hat is known as the Texas I .! * "? b**tLmod? 01 prevenUon, Ar- I Mr. Haldwin (Mass > asked, but failed to I i ** 10 introduce a resolution directing [ the (^ommittee on Rules to inquire Into"h? I 1 Z* *? an,endi?g tbe rules as to pro. I . tb? call of ttoe roll after ighto clock in the evening, no quorum shall I be found prett-nt, the Houi shallTmm^laS^v I adJ?ur? nnfi' ^n o'clock the next day. I The House resumed consideration of the I Reconstruction bill; and thfbin S.pok* in ^Po^'Hun to 1 Tu? exUtinr Suit# fov^rrimpnta I mHiptained. were set up by authority of law I <deAri^?**ur* l>ropo?*d! he held, was l I^ ?y n?con8t"?>?OB!iriH?ra was no aa. I thority whatever for it in that instrument It I made the military power supreme and suh I orned tbe judicial authority to it. it deprived persons reused the right of trial by ,ury a?tJ ma?l andoVjy tlonal'nght of l 1 i h i^11* hrard 48 d??ense by conn, el. Ihe bill was also in direct violation of I n?.Tcl8lon? of th'' s?P?*me Conrt Mr. Thayer (Pa ) claimed the rirbt of Con I grese, ae the immediate representative, of t^ ePrn PStaatesPrMCUb<J ??'e?E2WB&i! P n?.>T Miiii Kp m47 ^ obtafaed at COLLI if 8' I "?? p., 'I'"' """Vjl0.0HDA^TO? ?'""d '? c0.K8I?VrV.xAVl ?"xV'o?i* rZrVn*".0*** MPADAY MOBWINO, Veh4 4Jii Vv0ur *14 7|b street, ' fiat? to I#ac# Shawls and Points. Price ^rWhlt. Beal Point A>>llcsttoa Shawl. Price *eaj Valsncisanes Handkerchiefs. I Point Application Lace Barbes. Beal Thread L.oe BaiuS.01" CnBS#rala#t> *** *^i?nrt Laoe Collars and dto-^o%-- tho^n^:i?S?UX^ figuree*rU# 01 *T#r' arUtl* ? "arked la plain LAM SBC BOH * BBOTHBB, 1 feS-4t ? ?l*.8eyeath street, ~ 4 Intelligencer BUIldlna. J^ABOC it ALB OP ABM I CLOTHING. u u'*?[ (J"&rJer""'*tCT,.% OJIcs, / consisting of A"f OLOT"I*?. r ?V TOBK ST ATI jinw. 'UlSiiuZt?*''*-"* ?"? ? for Jssawwf fe^'aerrers Md llllllu?4|wt(rMII*L9tSi\ A?..o.^Ktfa'!r5ri, F-HVli ,0n ?"**?", mely^d fflf a}1"? * ?OBB' j w,?gg'.g celved. **" Q??*n*ioa? Mgnfarly fe? fe 7 tf LBW,B JOgJSW^Cajaakere. A., B0M" sTi'niwM. ?o***6#???ne8W^S66?^| uas oiz- - , PraS'*,?*?? ?0?s or riioTioi street **T 'wHOI*. Pawnbroker, AOS Mh jaU aw* Y't ? ' :ahflPll.i . ^ nB! 4 0'CLtCK P. . C9VEK1MEIT SECURITIES. Wuhhuto*, February 8, 19*7. Jay Cooke Jt Do furaish the following qaoLauons of Government securities; U. B. Coupon, 1881 ' SIRS swat isa?issS B \ V f ^ ? ?~ ! y. o. im f ortm luitf tmi I '' S. Sf vti Tbirtiw, Auut IW5 iusw 1 ?; g- j JSJ U. a. Seven Thirties, j?iy lu5 lw* | BBW TOM FIRST BOARD SALBB CoupOBs It8* I0.40*s ionV ; ?'2',!*' 7.18's, August. ...Iu5y Jnu? luStf ! 1M7 V /.3u'a, J air iii& u jb105 aoid financial. ?L'wU Johnson A Co., quote Stocks ana Ponds In home Bud foreign markets u follow* , Niw Yom, Feb R-j.t Board -New York h?n'r^!' L2*1 *;r,?-59\. Heading, K3*; MictiIran Sou hern, 75 k; Cle velaad and Pmsburg. 1 t. ?' iw^ fr*? * 'to?* Island, 99-, Chictco iWf*",rn' 3tt: *?" P^'srred, 68? Gold, 2 o clo?*k p. m , 1 I JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL HOLT. 1 be evidence in tbe Conover ca-te, it wil! I be teen, exonerates Judge Holt :from the i rerkless charges made against bim by a portion of tbe party ]>re?s. Those journals wbicb heli ed to circulate slanderous imports against this faithful public officer should now pub* lish the evidence showing that he knew nothing more of the character and designs of tba witnesses examined before him, thau the public at large, but acted throughout as any z*al* ous and faithful officer of the Governm.-ut would in sueb a case. the military government bill. Ther? was a large attendance in the House to-day, in anticipation of definite action upon Mr Stevens' bill providing military governBient for the Southern States, but at half past two o'clock, when we left the chamber, Mr. K'evens bad not called the previous question upon the bill It will undoubtedly pass the House this evening. In the Senate, its chances of passing by a two-thirds vote are very doubtful. SOUTHERN VIEWS. It is said that Go vernor Pardons, of Alabama, opposes the plan of reconstruction favored by prominent Southerners lately in conference in Washington. Also, that Gen. Jack Hamilton, et Teias, and the Southern loyalists of hi f cbool, denounce the Stevens Military (}ov!

trnment scheme, and will hold a public meeting soon to oppose It. metropolitan hall and market com Mr. Henderson reported from District Committee, in the Senate to-dsiy, tbe bill to incorporate the Metropolitan Hall and Market ( ompany of Washington," with amendments. Tli# corporato rs are George S. Gideon, S P Brown, K. F. ^*apf. a. h For welt, Joseph w Parish, John W. Butterfleld, Tbos. M Plow.! man Geo \. Kvans, George H. Plant'aud A. Shepherd. Capital stock, 93 KM**,; shares, flow. I lie company is &utbori^(i to enter into a Contract witb the Commissioner of Public huilduigs for tbe lease of a tract of land belonging to thf Government, bounded on the n? rth by B street north, on the ea<t bv 6:h srn st, on the south by the Washington canal and on the west by 7th street, for a period not exceeding years, and erect on this ground a market-house and hall. The companv is al?o authorized to cbange the b?-d of the Wash it.gton canal betw?*n ?tb and 7th streets, so as to enlarge the area of gronnd designated. TIIE GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. It will be remembered that a few weeks since a memorial was presented to the Senate by the officers of tbe Soldiers' and Sailors' I niou, protesting against the dismissal from tbe Government printing office of soldiers and sailors in preference to men who never rea d? r<*d tbe Kepublic service, and also declaring tbat tti? are employed there who refused to take tbe test oath, aad who engaged in war ayainst the Northern armies." The illnese and absence of members of tbe Senate Committee on Printing has prevented an enrliej investigation of these charges bat w* understand that 'o-morrow tb? v are to he examined. Mr. Wendell, Superintendent of Public Printing, and the officers of the Sold.ets and Sailors'Union, are to appear personally, and are to present such evidenc# as tb^charges0'l#Cl?d' Bub<taDt??ilnf or refuting FROM THE STEAMER PENOBSCOT Despatches have been received at the Navy | Department from Lieut. Commander Fleming commanding the U. S. steamer Penobscot] under date of January 24th. announcing his arrival at St. Thomas, West, on the inst, having experienced very heavy weather. The health ot the inhabitants of St Thomas has greatly improved, the diseases that were epidemic there having almost eatlrely disappeared. PlifX^EEDINOS ?''J!'|!.^|j''^TICE? OF THE Mr. Henderson, from District Committee, reported favorably, in the Senate to-day, on the bin to regulate proceedings before J ustices of I the Peace in the District. Some slight amendmeat* are made to tbe bill. litTKuHAL Bbvkmcb. ? The receipts from this source to-day were 9416,435 M. fc^Mrs. Emily Jordan has a benefit at Wall's Opera House this evening. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM EUmorE. The P*rl!;EfP"?*i*"-K?F*lB?B to Speak n the MexU-aa aad Eastern Qariti?a> British B?ndh#lders wm.t Back,-i_rV; StfZiml. ? ?! C#m[By CaM? to Associated Press. F4iU6* Feb. 7?Evening ?Prince Napoleon Vill be director of the Paris Exposition. The Emperor Napoleon, in his address on the reassembling of the Corp# LeglslaufT, will annoance the final disposition and close of the Mexican and Eastern questions. Lbkdov, Fete. 7?Evening Lord Stanley states that tbe British Government protested against the delays and illegal proceedings on the part of Spain in the ease of the English thip Tornado. "*" -Lobdob Feky 8th, Noon?The holders of Confederate bonds in this country have nnltnd |n * P?t|ti?n to tbe British Government to b aca their claims .i5bjL', 7Ul?AB?r4eMy Is to be Premier of the New Hungarian MinUtry aad Minister to France, \ ikmna. Feby. 7til.?Austria is to have responsible ministry. Te * Lobdob, Feoy. 7th, Noon?The Bank of England bas reduced its ratos of discount to three per oeat. *>b-8' Noon ?Consols 90k; U.S. K** * TO 13-W; IlltBols, 80*; Enes, Livbrpool, Feb. 7, Evening?Cotton closed dull, with a day's sale of 7.UOO bales. Middling 14^ a 14 if d' W<1 ar# now qaoted at livbkpooi, Feb. 8. Noon.?Tbe broken clrcniar reports total sales of cotton lor the week " A1 rrening at 43,000 bales. The market had a downward tendency and middling uplands have declined rally one half penay during tbe weec. The market to-day is uacl)?nf td with a prospective days sales of abeat 7,000 bajes; middling oplands l4wd. 1 be market for breadatuffs and prorisioas is steady and without quotable change. , l?v**po?i2 *'eb Evening ?The market for tallow Is Urn. The Doable Murder la Maiae. Portland, Me, Feb. 6.-Auburn, the negro murderer, in hi* confession lmplioates a man named Luther P. Verrjll, brho bas toea arrested, aad wbe denies everything. <e? . ... ? WA Chicago husband disappeared last BammeiVand his wife shortly after obtaiaad a divorce. Now he has reappeared, savin* that he 'wijwiit away to teach his win leesob," aad as (he pair have been remarried, it is fair to assaate that she has learned iu J"*Jo?l Undbfcy, the clergyaaaa who day to imprisonment in the state Prison at abarn for four yean and three swaths. LOCAL NEWS. Tm Uonotu CAM ?afternoin wour r*)K>n closed. Jo*. A Ho?r*, alia* OinpMI. wu bri>| n> rxaalu*H* r?c?cnlaed ptpcr b mo tied bin as the depositor made before Judge Holt concerning tbs co npheity of.l'f I Mi vis ia tbe Mitmnuita ransptra* J. Tbe witness then read tie document rrfen*d to parp?rua| to bare been a iumment of tbe ronTmatiun between .loin H. Smrait. Judah P. lieaiamin and Jeff Dtvn, j relative to (fee measures to b- taken ia order to ' ec(omplt?b tbe murder of Abrauam Lincoln ' He Citified before tbe Home Judiciary ojtn- j m it tee tbat tie statement be bad made to J udt? Holt Was falae, and tbat be bad he^n mduc-d to five such false testimony by Conover. Hs committed tue written staien at. prepared or . Conover, to memory, which ux>t blm several days. He raw Conover write tbe statement at j tbe National Hotel. Wm. H Reberts, i Nathaniel (>ser and tbe prisoner wer< pnsent wben tbe paper was written, studied and rehearsed. It was prepared aiaut J two weeks before be went before Judge Holt, j Tbe witness testified tbat when In Xew York in November, be received a letter from tbe prisoner. Witness was at tbe ume en route to Canada to hunt up a 'supposed" witness whom be told Jndge Holt knew more about he conspiracy Conover says in the letter In order not to discourage tbe Judge, co not draw too mncb. Do not lead him to believ* ti atyon are too anxious.ano tbat your gre.*te?t aim is money. Above all. do not araw on him f'om New Yerk. Wait by all mean* until you get to House's Point. Let no necessity induce l'"i to draw before you get thei*. 1 know tbe effect will be bad?very bad. You bad better reach House's Point short?had even better hoi row tbati to draw from New York. 1 have no< time to explain, but I know and promise y( u tbat tbe effect will be disastrous to our j-cb* m? s and prospects Don't fail, then, to do as. 1 tell you.'' W H. Roberts. al>as Joseph Snevil, testified tlia* be came from New York with Usimt* r in November, 18B5 for the purpose of making a little money. He desired me to go before tbe Judge Advoca'e and make an affidavit, I which be (Conover) was to wri?e, implicating Jiff. Davis m the assassination conspiracy. Hid said statement in his possession several days; committed it to memory, and aferwards 1 went before tbe J ndg* Ad vocate < with j ; Ho are and turnover, and repeated it. He ; recognized tbe signature a;tnched to his ! written statement made before Judge Holt as j hi* own Other witnesses were examined but their I evidence was not material. Tbe court met this morning at ten o'clock I when the trial was resumed. E. C. Bowdin. clerk of the Judiciary Otm mittee,wns called by the prosecution, and tead ] from Journal of tbe Commute? the names of ' Me?srs. Wilson, Thomas, Houtwell, Wood, bridge, Norrie, Cook. Rogers, mid Lawrence, as tieing present durine the session of the tCommittee, on May ttb, the date of Conover's testimony The testimony of Conover was reported by Messrs. Hays and Smith. Tbe prosecution announced tbat they would | here close their case. Judge Advocate (general Holt for defense was called and sworn. Upon being shown 1 the affidavits of Campbell and Snivel! be teatiffed that they were in his hand writing j Witness reduced their testimony to writinr Did not ask Campbell any questions as to his I life: bad no ground a', tbat time to suspect tbe truthfulness of his statement. Had a conver- ( satlon with Campbell previous, and he then s'ated as to what bis deposition* would be. Witness then put statement in writing, aid it was sworn to by Campbell before ( Thomas, a Notary Public. Witness wa< not present when Campbell awere to be affldwit. but it was returred to blm by Campbell duly Hutbenticatfd. Witness took Hoar before the President, and his depoeition w is read over b^ore the President, Secretary Seward, aud Secretary S'anton. Hon. A. J. Rogers, of New Jersey, for the defense was sworn and testified that in M\v, 1-Ch, he was a memt>er of tbe Judiciary Cjtnmittee of tbe House. At the timeofCjuov-r's testimony witaes-s thought tbat f?,ur members of ti>e committee were presen'; those were Gen. Thomas, Got. Ron:well, Mr. Wilson, the Chairman and witness. Cross Examined by Mr. Carrington?It took five metnt>ers of the committee to constitute a quorum, but a rule was adopted by tbe committee that if a quorum was not present at 11 o'clock tbo-e members of the committee could act. Witness thought those affidavits were 1 fabrications and was attentive during the examination of the witnesses. Hon. Mr. Wilson wa? recalled as a rebutting wituess and testified tbat there wa? a quorum of tbe com.TiUtee present during the exaiuiuation of Coifbver. Messrs. Crook, Woodbridge and Lawrence testified fo being present in tbe committee room at the time. - ' ? Tiib Tobaccosi.sts' Cosvkhtiow.?Yesterday afternoon Mr. Prague, to test tbe sense of tbe convention and get the ideas of the members in relation to a reduction of tax on tobacco, offered the following resolution Mtwlrtd, That Congress be requested to make a uniform tax of ten cents per pouud upon all tobacco manufactured in this country, either plue, smoking, er fine-cut aad snuff. Considerable debate was elicited by this resolution. which continued until 3 o'clock,when tbe convention adjou aed. At the evening session. Mr. Prague asked and obtained leave to amend his resolution as to read 15 instead of 10 cents as the uniform raie of taxation. After discussing tbe matter, and the opinion of tbe convention seeming to be adverse to fixing the rate of taxation. Mr Prague withdrew his motion, and Mr. G. W. Latham of Lyncbbnrg, Va , offered resolutions that in the opinion of this convention a very material reduction ot the tax upon manufactured tobacco in all Its foims and grades is essentially necessary to toe proper protection of honest as against fraudulent manufacturers, because as tbe eccasioa for fraud is decreased so will be the fact Itself, and It Is tbe further opinion of this convention tbat aredneed tax will, for the reason stated, produce a larger aggregate revenue to tbe Government than tbe present onerous one, which Is paralyzing the Interests of tbe legitimate tobacco trade of the whole country: and tbat tbe attention of Congress be earnestly invoked in this matter, and that a copy of these resolutions be forthwith delivered to the Committee of Ways aud Means of the House of Representatives, to tne Finance Committee of tbe Senate, to the Secretary of the Treasury, and tbe Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with tbe request tbat they will give tbe subject that consideration which this convention feel assured its merits demaad. Tbd resolutions were adopted; after which the convention adjourned to meet this morning at 9 o'clock. ? This morning, a committee was appointed to lay the proceedings of tbe convention before tbe Committee of Ways and Means of the House of Representatives. Resolutions were adopted recommending the making of inspecwra of tobacco salaried officers, to be paid by tbe Government, who ball give bond in SJM.0U0; tbat tbe tax on manufactured tobacco of all kinds sbeuid be t 'duced to 15 cents par pound: that manufacturers using a counterfeit brand should have their establishments confiscated aud they be imprisoned; after which tbe convention adjourned sine die. 9 ClBCCIT Cork*, Chief Justice Cartter.?The case of Alden agt. Magruder, Hinton and Pearson is on trial, and to-day tbe testimony closed. Tbe plaintiff claims S5.000 damages, because of the defendants having refused to receive bis vote at an election, (it having been challenged on the ground of his being a foreigner ) Mr Riddle appears for tbe plaintiff, and Bradley and Bradley for tbe defendants. Alarm of pin a?Yesterday afternoon, at 4 o clock, an alarm ot fire was sounded from box 31, caused by gas escaping in tbe oellar of bouse No. 4? pa. avenne, and taking fire. Officer McOolran, of tbe Fourth Ward, shut on tbe gas, and the fire was extinguished without material damage. ? l*i Charob or Graid Labcxxty.?Mary Barrow was arrested yesterday by officer Marks, of tbe Fifth Ward, upon suspicion of the larceny of between thirty and forty dollars in greenback* and silver. She was taken to the station-house, and is held for a hearing. {j HIT ID STATU B0RD8 ~~ _ TBBASUBY NOTES, Bought, sold and exchanged oa favorable terms. . , ^ LI WIS JOHNbON 4 OO, Backers, *c 7-tf 39a Puna, avsnne. <?BTBB LA BOB a LAM CASKS, 5 by f feet. *3 nearly new: do first rate fsr book cases. Also, 3m* V BBQBAVIM01. framed, tbe Ceroae?n and Marriage of Queen Victoria, aud the Fn,J#5A"' ef the Prince of Wales; Leaaiagton let of Others, vary cheap, at JA1IIS QOILD'i) Second-head Furniture Store, l?h aud B street, nsar Penal. fsT-M* low pbiob8. O TO I. ALBXAMDBBH to buy Watches, Diamonds. Coral Sets, Garnet Sets, OoM Thimble*. ; Gold Spectacles, Gold Obelus, and Sliver Spoons and forks made of Coin. Tor sale at half the pries charged by other jeweller* la this city. A cheice stock just received. Oasae and exasaine; yen will save fifty seats ea each dollar. S 46 Pa. avcBue. ft 7-It* yy ALHUT BBAOKBTS. A lnrge variety corner and aids _ JgBGBFTIOB UlWtt, r K t qv Place, ' j * ? Oer, Tt, gve. and US at. i j Gsergetawa Caaactls Au,nun -Tto- mot parJ!"f law. f rr*?*a i? (Yuiiim \ M??* and Htnai; Recorder Matthews^ <bi Cfeair Mr. li>d% iron tbe tUDdinc com aitbark reflation fr. f*\or of . ' "'meriere, t^mmimoaer ? .1 Also, reported (met fhe ordinance JSTETtS u< 'pf,<n" d,rwl **?? ??r ta' k J ,, * ' certain 0I,? (Vf which allow * discoant af ats p?r ce?t ao ail ' "'7 S3 ? V'IT- '? * ?? * . * ' *?d aaother r*0uPM it* r?er cr?'?|'. to b? p?id th* Collator. fr> ? ? p-r I Ofitci ikfimooit tolN-fd U. 1 p?r r*it a. the araonat levied, wbub would yield me il.i lector aboat f&UW per i>?m the*. (The a>m.ement N "be roe. therefor?. M m prev,o?. ye?m. B%-#lr 8 per ceat discoant oa um p?wi NIO, V, April let, ? per cent on taxes peld prtor Lt July 1st, and * per rear on iIM p.(rt ? October l?t.) wa. in*. Tbe r.eoin-ioo la fa tot of IH. t,'an* M ft t)r_ C>D. guardian. arm* rej?c?el bv a tie fou A resolution for plartng * bvdrant at tb* corner ot Kiki ai4 Liana ?trMU wu i>M?<d rt, tnessnge ot the Mayor ta i?|.r,rr? to. and en . doting torn* of, iwiiiuim to Ocngreee f?r lo. eating 'he navy yard tor iron-rlada at Wash, ingtcn city, and praying a char r fnr a mi?r >vri direct frim Wisdmfot cmt to Cinelnaati was received from tbe Hoard of Common t)uuac-l, and laid on tbe table. Ke-oiuiua from irve T*" ^?11 ralattra to Inruithinf arti |m reguired tor the police M?nun bou^onlr on tb* orner of tbe Mayor, resolution ta favor of ??. Iv Barnard A Co.; ree<.iu'ion to pay tbe a$ee?. a. re. resolution a?tborixi!.g tb- M iTor to ad. vertiee fur p'ans and proposal* to cover wua iron plate, icf (u'vr? on Prtrtg.- street iu car* tain crosswise, and resolution a. homing tb* Ma^ot to accept tbe proposal of Win Wbelaa * ?<o.tofti np water closets m ta? nolicf station. bouae, were panted Adjourned ?<>"1'l - The fr^ldent beiag *h??Dt^ Mr. tloddard *i? called to tbe eiiair Tbe Mayors m-eaage. trauMortiug petiuou* t > t. ongree* lor ib# incorporation of n om r^nv fortbe c n.'r'.ction ot ? railroad fm V Mnarton, rhron.h Virrmia, toOne-nana, Obto; f.,r Trakinr ?*?e depot for ironclad* Iu nubiL(iou. rrlrrred to tbe Aldt-rmen Mayor's netware iran>m ''it>r a coinniunica'ion of Win Wb? lan k t^reiativn to w ater future* at the police Matioa. referrwd. Mayor's tne^anfe trMn?roittni( account ot National intelligencer: rejerred. Mr liarrvtt ITsM-nted |>etitior of Jame, Allman referred to tbe Recorder. Tbe account of the K?corder wa* received and referred. Mr Fowler prosanted petition of John K Ker.tolda tor an appropriation for market . hou * weep; referred Mr <na^nfri. from w?v< and means committee, reported a resolution to pay tbe a?.e*v>rs ; pa- , 1 Mr. Orme. from commitw on police ren >rt ed resolution accepting the pr<tp.^al of Wb~lanAt'o, to supply tbe station house w,:h water pipes, Ar.;ra.ped Also, rtom fn?nil committee, relative to improvement* of Undce atreet. reported resolution autbontin* the mayor to advertise for piop.>sal< to cover the KU'ters at Hifh, Oonrr"!, and f}r??ii airi*.ts at their intersection with llndre atreet. w.tb iron fla*riii* pa^aed Mr Kane, from commut??eon (tnevanee. reported adver?e|y oa ibe petitioa ol W.ti. Bossy, lor remissio. ot a fine, and asaed to be discharged, n?t diaCbarred. Mr. Fowler repor-ed a re. ,|?m ,n remntinc a ?ce imposed on W tl Humv laid over nnder rule. Tbeordlnauce lewm* ren. eral and special i?*e? tor tbe rear l-v.T wnb amei dmeuts by tbe Aldermen,'wis received and 'he am< ndment- wer- concurred in Mr' I'unlop I'ffered a re olntion in relation to a nac footway on tbe south aide of Aqueduct street, instructing the streets comtmtte* u? inquire into tie expediency and cost of lavinir tbe same: adopted. Adjourned. Ttta Ki vkk \ isiting the wharves this m jralug we discovered no cbunge in tbe ance of the river. Tiie ce was aa seenreuter.ed in tbe channel as yest?rday. anu no in. dication of a movement. >om? of tbe river men, at noon, thought tbe river alowi) rismg. ann inicrnittioii from .<*nr* ttir great damage will result from tbe fresbet wbrti soon hegin. A letter dated February at William?port Md, received by a Merchant here ?ava 1 be lr?? passed off the river la*t mgbt aiid to-day wuban: doing any damage to d:ttn? on canai Frc-dnce la coming in Mowly, will come more rapidly now that the danger froia the ice ih over. "I he 1 e is tbe heaviest ever known here.** Old residents near tbe IJttle Falla repjrt that tbe ice is hanked in larger quantities in tbe river above tbe Chain Bridge thau was ever known before. Tbe fear is. that wbe0 tli#* ^ Jit^r from tb^ mountain* down Oiat tbe damage by the water will exceed tha* by tbe ice. Tne ice being tlghily wedge<1 in tha river, it i* probable tbat before it is moved Uie water will be deeper o\er the wharves and m ibe w&reboures than upon any farmer occasion. ' Tb* Mills ?The flounac mills are aot operating Ibe condition of tbe water is sucb aa to prevent the wbeeia from revolving witb any degree of regularity. Flocb amOBaia MAr.KgT ?Tbe rain has been falling steadily since ten o'cloc tbia morning, caasing a suspension ol oart-door business. 1 he demand for flour baa improved considerably, ut tbe prices are nncbaaged. and holders only trade in email lots, priacipally by tbe dray load No receipts of gr^in reported. Frice llat unchanged. piBLui 0&QAK8 AID M LODEON9 Attaatlaa Is e*llad to iay large stack of 8 D. A aw1eicah paeloe^'rgams kjh . AID HBLuVIOHS *II1T1 <* all alrea. aattaraa, ?c. Priota raaaoaabla. Tarat???. ? JOHM> ?LLI?, . . ? *Ot> ranaaytsaaia sveoue, near Tsath street l-HIB IB TO IVrOBM II CO8TOM K 11.4 ?w t? 0,bara tbat I will deli ear free of cbsrss f?AD. at Baltteore II staking aaab ftr tbe romiag beiidsys. f. ( ... .JO?. KAUPMAV. _?a 6-M if aoatk B streat. Qapttol Alll. ^"ABBIAOIS! CABRlAO?k~ w^fkVw warrMtad" *Ba?alringV of**^ kiul! proBiptly attandad to. Alao, boraa ahoeiag fafllf , W'B t H OBAH AM, faa-St >T< P. a>< 477 atb street. S*ch*eJf.? BILL* 'oraal# laaama toaait parooLo""* ,ark#l pTit* *** for AMIBICAM f.7 tfLBWIB jO?N?0? A CO , Bankers. r!i? |?* Peaaa avsaas. Xfs'aii'rhiPf ^lOKBD.havrag add hi* tnaiaaaa fhinVH i BI("HVB^??-*^ *'th# tTm of r, ^ - and ba woald beg to coin mead tbsia to kls manr friend*. WMhin^?? n ? * v *ATLOB. waahinfton. P. P.. Feb. 4, IMZ. f% g $i F?*HO TO' Wt?OI AMD "ABIIBBi A aest aad handsome rv larnont.tba owssr having ao ass for them. T-J> To be seen at Pamahrey a atahles. Cat..^O!X 4r#0(.Ult * 1 caato??r in wsaj tbe whole will be ??ld a ! argala. fa 5 6f 0188OLUTI 0 H~7 atyla of McKIKW A BBLU, ta tbia day dia aelrsd by maiual conavnt n. O. BcKSIV. BAMOBL P. BtLL TV^P-'*** *> aontlaaad at tks old it*D 35ffZflJSJiZSX _ M. . McKMlW. Jaaaary 1, mr. raft-M IT**AiTlJUrT OT TIB I*TB*10B] wwrrlot a a^ 4aacrtadea of\aob wm . *rtl?aata ar warrant of Hke team Smw rateaaed, ff ao valhl etvaotlaa aboaldU^aa JOB. B. BABBITT. n ... 1 ST ?f. MM. Pabraary aOTi ,MUHl o**' tbe act of area 3d, 1 wl, la Ut hab? of Eob?rt W PUm* *Sa w2f II*?**1 *** WS6. Mar h i, tm ' aaraa, iaaaed ondar tbe aot of SHnukAmtTlar* ?"-4^V'Lr S?wh Sd.'iau! 1* uV?Ml,."f4aJore. PUdTUi WV*3*^ Aaga.t 1Mb, IV*. March ?."** area M, MU. latbeana^of Jaaea Haarv.aaJ ^"ra1 ' l*\ "y?* M. I??t7' Marea^J ial? ?* af rasT laened aa4er the act of y* IM>1 In the name of John Wo?d, and Mo'M?IM f/-*?2,n*rr *'.,a57l^ A?r11 ? I*7 , MA. 58 1M for MO acres, iaaaed under the art of ^a A*9' ^ tb# "** of lUrak Mood, wvi * ^AKiUMr- *'** |rMW K, No. IMM, for l?a acres, iaaneg rnmt4rm? act of February 11.1W, ia tbe Baae of Sawael Hods ??. ? ? fjaBtad December ?. ISM April . Ma. *7 JM. for ? acres, isseed na ter the act of Saptaaiber. IW la the auae of Laaadoa O. iohs*ja aad waa granted Marsh ?. ikM. April W. Mfcaaa. Iaaaed no^ar tba aet of March S. MM. lathe naaae of Langdoa 0. Johnaad w as graa tad A an I 1. lsv A art I ? lW Mo. 7|itsi^for IMacraa. Iaaaed ander the act "f March 1MB. ta the a ease ef Marr. widow of liars, asr'1"- ? ranted May ?. 1*M. Yyrx. urn i oo.i riAaot, ~ " ?wm rant aa aaifWat. a; Ma. 1MB Mraat, above Penaaylvaala aveaae Hl rM* ff. 0. BB10HBBBA0H. !