Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. local news. AlUBBMIITB. Me.. TO-M1QBT. WiLL'K New or km a Hovaa.?Mf*. Emily Jordan'* this e venii/g, OB which occasion will be the first representation la ibis cny . r the romaoiic play, "Lesbia, or the Spy it \ enice.M >atiokal Thiatib.?Benefit ot Mm. F.W. l.ander to-night, whcu eft* will repeat 'Adri?-nne tbe Actress," for tfte last time. Mr. U. 1%. Murdoch will rftcitft '-Tfte Widows' S>*b." Miti'IKott Halx.?Tbe Oratorio of ?Tbe Mimi)." which wu ?o successfully given by ib? Fhllburmoiiic Soci?iy on Wednesday evening. Will be repeated this evening. Hamlin* (M. F. ) Cruk b. corner of Ninth and P st?*eu.?Grand Concert for tbe benefit ? f tfte cbarcft uy tbe choir this e vetting. Odd Km.lows' Hall.?The carter Zonave Troupe tbia e venirg. a Hall, K street, dfcween 5>tb and Jinh.?(kiud exhibition of dissolving views tor tbe benefit of the new Catholic Cbnrch in the Fint Ward Fast WaaauieTOlf (M. K ) CsrBCB.?The lately successful concert will be repeated this evening. Cbchch or tub Kuril art.?Second lecture this evening of Kev. iir. Samson, President of Colombian College, m tfte "Holy Land," fjr th* benefit of tbe new Lputcop&l church in the Fim Ward. ThbSocthbbh Bbtcblioax Association J.ast night tfte regular meeting of the Southtu Republican Association was held at tbe Washington Rtiilding. T. J. Durant, of La., in the cbnir. and D. H. Hin-ham secretary. Senator Fowler, of Tenne-see, addressed the meeting ?>n the pending reconstruction bill, and expressed bis di approbation of it. He believed that it the bill became a law it would not be nx montnt before they would be sorry that the measure bad been adopted. Mr. Griffin. ot Mobile. Ala., suggested certain amendments which should be made to the bill so as to provide thai there shall be ten districts instead of live; that the proviso in the third section, relating to the civil authorities, fball be stricken out; that the district comtt) aiders shall ;ake possession of the State ar?. lives and nullify the existing governments; tbat the district commanders shall, if necessary, organize a local loyal militia, to be snbject to the orders of tbe general commanding, and thai the district commanders shall give ti ll protection to the loval people in any effort 4*' y may make to form loyal State governments on the basis of universal suffrage for loyal men Ylr 1 leld. ol Mississippi, offered resolutions <1fclarii:g_flrst, that all rebels have forfeited 'h-* right of being protected by tbe Government. and have forfeited their political rights; second, that justice should be done the loyal (i'.izei.s of the South; tbat national dignity and >e urlty demand tbat in any plan of reconstruction adopted by Congress, disloyal persons should be ignored; tmrd, tbat Congress should appoint one or inure commissioners, whose <in y it shall be to investigate the claims of loyalist- 111 the South; wb oh was laid on the ttble; fourth, that if Congress should deem it j? oper to govern them by military rather than by civil power, the comm.suion aforesaid be *1 thorize>! and directed to proceed under said tnilitarv Government and protection to the performance of their duties, Ac.; which was tabled, fifth, that any unregistered or disloyrl I e son may be restored to citizenship by tbe r. <mn.endation of the state Legislature, after lull reorganization and the approval of Congress. Col M>ss, of Mo., said that he did not think that Congress bad any thought of anything more than the passage of tbe present Mil. Tbe bill was full of objection. C?n gress seamed to thir.k that tbeloyal men were unfit to govern tbe South. He did not,hinkit was right to I ut tbe people there uud?r military despotism, ar.d he hoped Congress, if it could not do better, would not pass the bastard scheme pending. Jndge Heistaad, of La , said that it may be necessary to have a military force m every southern State, as had been intimated in cvse * an impeachment. At p"esent the whole political power in'he South is in tbe hand? of rebels, and he asked ft>w can a loyal government be made unless the rebel government is t ut of the way 1 Thousands would strike off the rule when they were told how. Louisiana had tried the civil mode of recon?trnction and failed, and he was now in favor of trying the military plan. If the bill passes, he could at least go home wi-h the belief that he would be piotected. He hoped that tbe association would not stand in antagonism to Congress. Judge Sherwood, of Texas, was in favor of the bill and of military rule, and be believed that Congress, after passing it, would go on and give tftem something else, and they will at least have the protection of the military while makinz a loyal civil government. M'- K King CuttJer, of La., said that the association should not undertake to dictate to Congress, but they could give their couucel. He bt-lieved that if reconstruction could nji be had on a civil basis, they should ?ake it on a military basis: and the Government should be In loyal bands. Judge Fields asged who were to judge of the leyalty of parties. A Voice.?Gen. Grant says tftat the people in the South are reconstructed now. The resolutions of Jndge Kleld were considered seriatim, and the first,second and fifth were adopted; the others being laid on the tAhlf. Mr Cutler offered a resolution declaring that the association unanimously approve of the reconstruction bill now before Congress, with amendments to provide in the first section lor nbrogsting the present governments in the State making the tbird section provide tbat no rebel shall Lave anything whatever to do with the life and property of Union men, ac. Mr Griffin offered the resolutions introduced by him at the commencement of tbe meeting as a substitute. Col. Moss, of M j., offered a resolution declaring tbat the bill was on- wfticb the association could not endorse, which was laid on the table?yeas 8. nays 8. Mr Griffin s amendment to the resolutions ot Mr. Cutler was adopted. Governor Hamilton.ol Texas, spoke m opposition to the bill, saying that it looked to him line a ennaingly.devised scheme, proposed >imply because they think tftat they mu*t do something He would not charge that Congress bad deceived the people, but he felt justified in suspecting it. This bill seems to look to purchasing the fidelity ol military officers, and it fidelity is to be purchased, it is not worth the KT'lf" , t^^gress had utterly failed to meet tbeir ple,ige?; tbsy had promised to set a?ide the usurper He believed tnat they intended to keep this question open until after tbe electijn As for military officers, some were tyrants bv nature, and ail tyrants by circumstances Thev conld withstand the Influences which would be throw n around tftem. Mo mac can be sent to Texas who can find the loyal heart Judge Hiestand. of La., offered a resolution ftskiug Congress to take up and pass the bill *'rawn up by the association, in conjunction with the bill now before the House' also tba* tbe plan of reconstruction will not be accept, able which does not provide for civil government in conjunction with tfte military power as an additional one to the resolntions of Mr' <mffin; whub were accepted On motion ol Mr.Cuttler, the further consideration of the subject was postponed. Tub Sovtu Washihgtob Rbmbp Ftbd. The ftmoubl realized by the bell given at Island Hall for the benefit of tbe poor of the Seventh Ward foots up to the very handsome amount of jo, as we learn from 'lis treasurer, Mr Kobt. H. Graham. Only thirty tickets nreout yet. This was undoubtedly one of tbe beat managed and most successful affairs for tbe bewflt of the poor ever carried out in % bis city, and binds unfading laurels on the handsome brows ol the "Turtle?," and all others concerned In the humane effort. It was very judiciously agreed npon by tbe managers that tfte proceeds of the ball shoald be disbursed by tbe committee of ladies appointed at the meeting held at Po'omac Hall <to the evening of Jnnuary 21, 1-67, m the form of necessaries of life, and the treasurer of the t>*ii fund was anthori/ed to give tbe commit'ee <-f ladies credit at stores to be named by him, for such amounts as be may in his discretion deem proper. Ssbphadbs.?Healtl's popular American Brass Hand was out in fnll torce last night on a serenading tonr. and discoursed most excellent music at the various residences favored with a call. They first visited No. 24 Gay street. Geuigetow n, for which compliment one omr editorial staff tenders bis most grateful acknowledgements. They then proceeded to Wathingtoo. nnd called on Mr. C. P. Baker, of the City Council, D. J. Abbott,ma-ter paint<*r, and Mr Borland, master carpenter of the Treasury Lxtension, and didn't get home until morning, as they were handsomely enter* tamed at each of tbe places named. Tub Yomn K?m k'h Co*' ?r.T* at Metzerott s Hal', it Monday and Tuesday evenings next, will oe nni^iie and beautiful, and no loser of youth, beaaty and muaic should fail to atteLd. Msucal ?We are glad u> announce tbat tbe harming and ixtpnlar Madame Parepa, tbe favorite tenor Hngnoli, and a troupe o'. accomplished musicians will shortly visit this city. Noklk's great picture of tbe "Slave Martin 1 New Orleans" is on exhibition at L. J. Rothrock s, Seventh street. ? : Kixiawis* explained by Mr. Killtan tomorrow evening at Metzerott Hall. Tk? 1m ?INU4?. uiunrTKi or tuyil. The id pwi still matin la the river u m WrOaeMlij, and tM current still oonrMtottr tbe fl*U, although not quite us rapidlr a* preTionrijr. Wbn U? in krokt it ctrrled a v?y the wreck of tbe schooner Harmony fro at tl? foot of l'2ib street, where it bad bee a lying in low water for two year* past, aad dropped It directly id front of Middleton'a wharf, foot of Wth street, ia the cbnnnei, from whence tt will be neceesary at mc? to ramon H. Yesterday morning. at about 11 y o'Hoek, the tug hoataCfcvv Cartln and Katie Wise, c flirt-red try the Orange and Alexnndria Railroad Cm pan v. arrived at tbe 7th street wharf. hiving broken their way rip from Alexandria. The effort was a very hard on*, and at places it|wa? almost impossible to eat through,bat they succeeded. ImI evening the same tug* brought np to the Areenal wharf the past?nf erg, freight, and mails from the South, aad this morning they brought up another installment. The Keyport, of the Aqnia Creek line. stated out'from her wharf this morning, for thepni-pose of opening the channel, but h*d not proceeded more tbaa a lew hundred yards when her engines stopped on the centre, her hows being imbedded ru the icepack. The Vanderbilt wa.< this morning getting ap steam for the purpose of hauling her out, that she may make a Iresh start. The local trains on the Washington. Alexandria. and Georgetown Road, commenced tbeir regular trips yesterday moraine from Alexandria, stopping near Roach's Spring (the track on thi* side being waahed away,) from which point passengers walk to the break in the railroad, ana are ferried over ta small boats. If the heavy rain of to-dny continues twenty hours longer it will probably raise the river sufficiently tosfart thelmm?>n'ie accumulations of drift ice above the I,ong Bridge, and it so still greater datnnge to that siructnre will inevitably be the result. The wharves in (l>orgetow? too will be damaged considerably in such an event. ? AlBXAWDRIA ITKM8.? 1 rom the (r?zett? of yesterday afternoon we clip the following This morning, alter the prisoners in jail had been turned out of their cells into the common-room, the absence of tbe blankets lrom two of their beds was noticed, and upon examination It was discovered that two of the negro prisoners bad woven ingeniously contrived ropes from their blankets, and bad them concealed upon their persons, with which to scale the wal s. The ice on the Potomac opposite this city. Is tolerably solid and tenacious, except in the narrow track opened by the steam tugs, and boys were stealing upon it this morning. The base hall convention, at Richmond, adjourned t?n T?ie?dav evening:. Alexandria was chosen as theplace otmeeting for tbe next session of tbe Convention. Mokkt sold at tbe meeting of 'he Excelsior Building Association (-'Oth month) last night at 45: ?:),Oiio sold. At the monthly meeting *>f tbe First Ward Huliding Association. Tuesday night, (Uth month,) was sold at an average of 51. At tbe last meeting of the First National Building Association (18th month) 13 shares were sold at ?n average of 52%. Tni EiQroR 1,aw.? James Bernard wa? arrested this morning bv Officer Ross iter, of the Is* wiird, for selling liquor on Sunday, and Jh?. 1>. Orowlv wa? arrested by Officer Harris f. r celling liquor by the small without license. Each was fined f*2l by Justice Drury. ?.? Polios Kkvortk.?The reports of the police 'bis n.orntng exhibit 4S arrests yesterday. The total of Uses imposed is #111.12. * CITY ITEMS. IIarvbv A Co, 889 Pennsylvania avenue, between f'th and loth streets,has jusireo?iv?d P? r railroad a car of the finest oysters that bas been in the markets for the last six'y day?; also, titty barrels prime Norfolk Oysters; which they will serve in everv style. 11 Oslt a vkw Cassimere Suits of double ana twist goods at ? .'!?. The best double and twist suits reduced from to B25, at Henninz's, coiner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. R Borah Ku-lian lectures to-morrow evening at Metzerott Hall. ?? Optioia* Goods.?Wpera glasses, and spectacles made of pebbies, aod sold for half tbe price charged by opticians. Warranted to suit, at 1. Alexander's, ^40 Pennsylvania avenue. <4 Coal Oil only Go Cents a Gallon at Ninth street, between l> and E streets. A full assortment of Lamps on hand at all times at low prices. 3 Cm Ullrich, Jr. Y AL zbtibbp.?Comic vaientines 75 cents p*r groes The largest and cheapest assortment ef Valentines in tbe city, wholesale and retail, at Shillington's Bookstore, corner street and Pennsylvania avenue. 6: Mt old Patroxh will fluditgreatly to their advantage by calling at tbe new Shoe Store, No. 0u2 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Wilsoh, lm late of the firm or Burns A Wilson. Dr. Whitb, Chiropodist, 4*4 Pena. a*., between and 6th streets, continues tbe successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office bonrs from 8 a ra. to i p. m., and ft to Bp. m. Established 1961. For Chilblaiks and Frosted Feet, White's fcmbrocation is a specific. Price f I per bottle. Kor sale at 4V4 Pennsylvania avenue, between I)* and 0th streets. ASubbPilb Cubb ? Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. Circulars fr*e. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Romame. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. . 3; PBBifise can be had in any quantities at the 9tar office counter IHKU. 8LOAH. Of erysipelas, on tbe 7th tn-taat, Mm. BL'TU A 8LOAM , formerly of Baltimore, In tbe 97th jear of her age. Her friends are invited to attend her funeral, from Fletcher Ohapel. corner of 4th etr**e? aod Mew York avenue, on to morrow, <Saturday,) at 3 o'clock, p. in. * 81 MS. On tbe 7th instant, after a short bnt painful sickness, vbieb he tore with christian tortitnde aod resignation, WILLIAM SIMM, In Us Uth year of bis age. Ble friends and those of the family are invited to attend the fnneral on Bandar afternoon, at 1 e'<lock. from the residence of his mother, on Massachusetts eve., between 13th and Uth sts. * CONDON On Thursday, the 7th instant, at 4 o'clock a m., PHIL IP CONDOM. aged U yoars. Ills friend* and the*s of tbe farnMj are requested to attend hie fancral, from his late residence, on P street. DeVw??n uth and Uth streets, on tomorrow, I gaterday,; ths Ith last., at SS o'clock, I ID- * BIBD Ob the 8th Inst., 7BBDDY,Infant soa of John 11. aad Annie Bird. * SPEOTACLBS AND . B*BGLa88B8 manufactured out of tbe genuine BBAZILlAB PBBHLB, proved aad tested by Its pelartvatioa. when laoont?cl with Torn mstine. art- suited with the utmost care aad attention. In accardanee with the physiology of the boman eye, and the particular condlBclentlfie and Practl<-al Opticians, 344 Penna av , between Rlk aad ISth sts. ' Mlcroscopee, Opera Glasses,Thermometers, Stare scopes aad views taa great variety, and at the Mi* York prices. fed-St 486 486 ; BBDBOMD PB10B8 FOB THIRTY DAYS HAUIITII'B. Hsving In Store the largest aad best assert nient of PAPBE HAB01KCS, W IB DOW 8RADB&, ua OVAL PIOTVBB PBAMBB lathe District, and wishing to reduce Btoek prior to b>skins sprlag purchases, the? will be oRered for the utxl thirty dars at rede rod prices, sicluslvely for OASH. Xasbraced In the above will be found a verr rlsh and beautiful selection of Embroidered and Plain Gilt Parlor Papers of foreign and domestic maoatactare, with a fall line A"". In Walaut, all Gilt. lmlUM ?n Bbony and Basewood. Also,square Bustle Tinines. A large portlim of these Goods were made specially to order, of the bast flalsh aud fabrics, and will be disposed of at lowest rates, aocoreing to ?a?ltty. _ i All orders for Paper baagTag or Window Sha4os punctnally fl'led In eit? or coaatrv. Any order net satisfactorily attended to wiR be oorrsotsd. ard nati si action guaranteed. In addttleu to the above, always ta store a few choice Pointless. Bntravln^s, Oh rote os, Walaut Brarkets Picture Cord and Taseela. Picture Bine* Balls, Bo that will a? disposed <H at ranaonalde prtce*. Para as ueedlnc these O?ods are lavtudto sail aad compere Gm>ds and Priors. TBBMB PimiTlVBLT CASH. t* J. M ABK BITBB. Bo. 4Ha Bsvonth street, fe S 6t light doors above Odd Psllaws' Ball. * AMUSEMENTS. ' ...r.AL-*,,IW OPERA HOUSE. HBPMI^J^ ""*" -"-PSprEllTOES a nULUFl .... bTAHH MAM AQI|. *.'??* ? IcSajSad! M P0B,?Uc * ' * THBBpLYO#Ivij[ II?H o"? u MIU- itr jomn^w alien, ' Mr. *' ?* ''wlor Spolatro i .-n ."**.Mr. O. MatklfT VVlT ~ li:* "r- V?rr#f _n Other characters hy the entire T9'liOIB?|W, BlMlWt AMD bmr mishT ?' . . or MISS KU8K It V TIM d|. By desire, the successful drsma m OKirriTfl UACJMT. Qr#M s^iX^5!;a NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania www, Mtr W lllards' Hotel. THIi (FBIDAT^?VIMiMO.^F?brm?r7 8,1857, foFmwrt, STf. V.WV VJVftVo.T, ?l only repetition, positively of rvmt:, ana Aft,r fc^k'i!^'"' THI AOTBI8S TSttvStf rrftsgKft- "TH,W,DJO wtr? cbarya ?or e?ate aeoured In advance, ter ?re.;h7:>UV ; C'rtaJn wt? MIDMA RK0W *I<,mT< M?8. LAM DEB AS |\T O T ICS, ~~ . . ?or the patronage of tbe Bapnblioan As r t oaiGHAL P0*TI?UALOlR?ADil0?. AT **" ?n THUttSDAf KVKN1NO, February 14, coniR fBcic^r at 8 o'clock Ticket* ti cent* ; rec*nl* 5 *" h* obtained at Park r'e Vflc* Stand ; of Hev. D. W Anieraon, t'JtU atreet Bsptjet Church ; Be*. W. H HaaUr, of Iariial Miller, Attorney at Law, 1 ytli .treat. By order of tbe Committee. f? g FANCY PRESSES AID COSTUMES. .. Tableau* and Private Parties f.a ?Vly to 'BANK HI A. Tr 9 <* 4?T 10th atraet. METZEROTT IIALL. MOHDAY AND TUESDAY EVENING3 Fabrnarjr II and lj. CHASTE AND BKAUT1PUL AMU SEME VT FOB THE PEOPLE YOU MO FOLKS' CONCERT! ? OR ,^?* Mnsical and PatrloMc FI8TI\ At OF BEAUTY ' By nearly 400 KOUMO LADIES AND MISSIS, .. All oi Washington. i .I !n appropriate Costume* of America; Qunon of nil tue I'owcri. ?ala*y of State-; Spring and MDiffler UMMij Winter, Fairy Queens and Hosts 2' * '" ?. Ulp*ey Queen anl her Flowers; I Zephyrs, IFIower Girl-; all arranged terrace I ?i>u?? terrace, each performer bcfug iu full viewfr< m any part of tbe hall. A<li]!i?M.,D. AO Cents, Uesorved Seats, 75 Outs I I'oera open at OS. to corumeum at 7l, o'clock i Keat r ved 8eata eold hy nnmber at Metzerott'a Music St. re, where a Dla?ram of the Mall can he ae> n. UentK-oien U#he?a in attendance to seat tbe aucitnce fe 7 5t* ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7lh Street. ! POSITIVELY FOUB NIGHTS ONLY WEDNESDAY, THUBSDA^, FBIDAY, AND February 6ih, 7 th, *?th, and 9th, 1?*6T. TUICABTEB ZOUAVH TBOUPI, Reorganized for the a*Mon of 'c7. nod increaaed to 9ft IN Ml UBIR, willgiTafonr perfarmancea aaabaye, preeentin? an ent rtly ne? and oriRiaal programme. ^ n*e-JS'"n'tH ?? etnt,; ch,,Jr*n under 13 yaar t of IWa op.A at 7 o'clock. Performance com ncea at 7\. ' 6 4t* E P. KENDALL. Agent. ! LOST AND FOUNUT ! norKKT BOOK, With conleats and card of the I <l?t VL*T:i''l""*1" ?*? ? ,f?r? or Oapttol yeater? - reward will be paid tur r^tnrnio* stkine to M\r)Un?i atooue. fe s vt' | '| A)^i*|NBUPTfc,n Vd a FbuvTn J .w h bridle The ow ner to rtjnwieJ to c<>me for ward, prove property, p ?y I char?? an,i take It awa> K.1MO S KlYIS' B.ahlea, corner ltth and D etreete. fe8 3t* I I OPT?On Thnraday eTeninc, at the Pre?i. I H \ NDK KKrH Iie*1' ^' ' cienne Lac? l? i t The finder will be liberal- I h> 1* the First Matlontl - fe8 2t* j the Prnaideot a Leva*, a lt*bt irrev I 1 MMLTOH t VEHCOAT. email plal'lining' U'lack id4 white.) NNiil the gentleman who t ?ok I ? i? MITZIIOTT A 00.'8 MuaU Kntibliihmept, Pfpp'i A??pn6. f?8 Jt* I IV to the ?ob?crlber an ar about I at:,i??ttaxust; v.-.-ss.i'^d LV.V.';"0" _I66 Haw York arenue. I I 08T? On the J'lth January, at or betweea tha I ?e'*^ooh,t?J?nd*r willba rewarded by aVeau'acd H atr^t b#tWeen ^ ('AMI TO MY FBHMI8H8. on 4th of Kebr7? JedwVUW' * "? white atar in for. ra.v.^, J? 7 3^! OBO. H. HOLLAND. C'AMI TO THB PBEMIHES of the aubaorT?l rheothe^m J0** * b,Bck C0W With * hoh .-II, the other a pale re cow with atrap around ni'f etrlpeon her back. The owner I will come ferward. Frore property charges and take them away proper^, pmr i LONDON 8HIPMAN. Fort Marcy, jnataboTeOhain Bridge. I I i<Bl?ek^i?i^K7^la?w7J'**r Traaanry. a I tli, wkltS^Tkf COw"aifaJf bJr * properly ,r pay'char*at^ aild take 1?ar J?i?f Martha Race* o^aJSiiy^ I /'AMI TO TBI PBEMIHHS OF TUI SIIH" HOMEb wit0AShrJlh,?/, *ehrn ary, ? dnn-cMor with a r>)*ck tmf 1 and black man* tka I owner ia rejnasted to come forward, prove his I (^OLDHM SOUPPBBNOHO WIHI, (NatlTe.) dnae'o/the'7 **T?r'WUh deM#u# Frod#2,lf *'M< F' I 0T10I OF OOPABTMHHSHIP! " MlfoiJS i^Sl?i?^.n32V?i number of year a employed aa ci.rks tn tZa well Auction and commlaelon How* of Mmh ? "??>1 have, thla 3d Aty of y.h' I raary, 1867, entered in tea OataartaenTh^TOdor thi n-ire and atyH of OOOFli A LATIMEH ?nJ XXIOSV ,P*cl0tt# tws"bm? Building, santhwest earner af Pmirmi.,.1. . I maaand llth.traet forthe%ora<JeSf i*l\ general Aaotion and ComaCo^i^i^S^SlTt! branche*. BISHOP CoaPHR ta MAHUU8 B. LAT1MHB. parmlaaion te- , "iT* , Jfv t0n^'e A t'o. Tt""cl. 'iti'rSX""" ??? >. t!? * na. B. Moeaa. Sibley A 6uy. WOMHTHIFO HIW ! ? uooVA?j,>m>uinnDUI TXACTICAL cCiWFr fefcjrsii ' M V %'>er^ *1"1 ? I Iilu4 ) Makea Oar pats to ordor with dlspatcZ on ' rat* raas, and aatisfsctiou guarantied^ oiJSl?- L constantly an hand, and far sate. f*" f 500,000 oba^lV.i,b?"^^B WROM KENDALL GRSSlf VINEYARD. I COHCOBD. the meat vataabla Orapa In tka country HOBTOH'S VIHOIHIA, OATAWlU HHIHOOA. BIANA, HABTFOHD PHOIiBS; with many other choice kinda, at Hi 15 Der ? ?' ?10 per lui?i wnrranted afTlilS wood and true ta nam*. Oarefally aaekDi *bip?*d to any add re as oa manittance Harly ordara are solteltad. IF YOU WAI1 BAHOA1N8 I nr. uaijijssyr* w u^?g*rv?ggj?:. | Waiaaantta? priaae, en the larp baet da n tf ** * ?oMo* ?* wd?oS5 ptuii.' ?M J M WftyuissgsssM " ? vir JKSamall Inatr^nanteT aad/mtt I* I Oteo ?? JOUM F. ELLIS ?? Fa. are. near iuth at. A ' ?uA, wants. ~ WANTED IVRD1 \TBLt-A o* ?>0* m >iuni,389mil. fa>? YV*hTKD-A WOMAB m cfc?rmald, eaB ? esalstlathe weak i eg U< ironing. Aagly. with n:?rtMM, at 1*4 I *traet,

tut. i?* WABTED-A OOOB. VilB BB end1R0??R, U 101 r atreet north lib ??4 l*k itrMti VMt. Ou that know? kitVMfceii l?< good kai; io? other H?d apply. * 7 a WANTBD?To bap, a goad HOCSB, la a good hMlWi, with modern iBitovnHaM. Prfc? not to exceed B?M AMtwJ rblAKT.toi?? Hon?, A19 Iw Jwwj won, ft 7-W WAITKD- To nti. ? H008E. faralahai or unfurnished in t;.e nsightorbooJ nftheaor ?f Fa ave aadlftthst. Bl.a-Parlor. dinlngroogp and ? or ? cfcssabers. Aypi; tow Udr?>i w. B ( nt Ham mask's fo7 St* WABTMD-In Waehington eitr. B 0. a HAH of iwlutrioii habits. with i horse aad *ag on, to toko chars* of the sals of a Baltimers Brewed Alt, commanding a ruady onto. On > ee tobllshtd is buaiaees preferred. Good refereaces required. Addreea Immediately, Box Ho. 1443 Post Office. Baltlssors, Md. la 7 6t* WANTBD-A first rata WOM AN. toeook ?a?k and troa for n small famlly. Bona need apply bat can brine good recomaeaBetlon to 44V 0 atroot. between 4H and 6th. fe< ?t* WANTBD-A 11 parson* ab< ut breaking up honaekteplng will pl*aao call at oar offiow, aa wo with to boy tholr fnrnlturo. havtag oon tant calls for the name Aleo, Husei far rent. D. L WELLS A CO., fe 41m carat'r lOth and F atrooU. ft 1 nnn TO #?,000?A geatleman h*?l?t qPJ.tfVMJ above capital wants to ln?e*t the sane as ,artnerin a lucrative basin*-** of so 4 standing, and make himsaif nseful. Good refer ncee reoulred and given. Bute business A1 dreea C. 11., Bo* Mo. 776. fa 4ee?t* VI' AST ID We want neveral ftrat claaa FARMS " Id the coantry for our Customers. Also, HOUSES and LOTS in the eitr. both large and small. Apply Immediately to D. L WILLS A CO., corner itlth and F ?ta. ja >' im W ANTED! WANTED -At the B-rutting Office, No. 4 hi C atreet. near Haiti more Depot, BBCBU1TS for the Vntted states Army. ja It Ira W ANTED?Now and Oaat ofl CLOTH I NO, old GOLD and SILVER, or ear other article of value, at the old established Merchant Pawn bio'ker'* Store ot B. FILToN A CO., .102 9th at., 3 doora north of Penna avenue Bole Agent for BINOBB'b tsEWINQ MACHINE de 22 ly 1*7 ANTKD-10? L 4DIF8 tnamediat?lv. to emTt broider Yoke*, Banda, Wrapper Yokes, Flan nel Skirts. thinners, aud Iultlwis. To good bands who bring sample of work, good vrag->a aud con atnnt employmeut given. Onll at the new Stamp lug Boom. 4 39 9th street, opposite Patent Otlks bTAM PINO reduced to FIVE cents per width. jle l^tf. IV ANTEH-IO.OOII L ADIES to knjwthat at r v the New Stamping Bot.rns. 43? 9th street,oppetite Patent Office, they can had the best selected a*? rtment of Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, Capes. Aprons. Josevs. Waists, Yoke?, Bands, Wrappers, Slippers Piiicushioua. and Inl tialw Also, designs for Pillow Cases Ottomans. Chair Covers. Pianos, and. In short, everfVarlety of Patterns a* they aro daily loaned. We have a French Machine and a Practical Stamper, aad have lednced the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and atamp 'i?y pattern brought as. Braids. Silk and Working Ootton very low. de l*-tf \\7 ANTEl'-SKCOND hand furniture W Also MIKltOllS. CABPKTS. BEDS, HBI> DISOand HOL8EF L" KNISH I N<? GOODS ol every descr ption. B Pl'tlHl'Y 4(i^ 7th street. jeMJ-tf betweon (} and H. ?aa? side "boarding. BOABD ?Front PABLOB. hands 'iw'f fur i.i?hud. for two, at per moutb, B ?ck PAR LOR. for twe, at $10 per month, at .fO E stre?t, n? ar 10th s?ra?-t. fa g-6t* 1>ABLK VUAhl) at h<>. 4h4 loth atreet,a few door* north of the avcan* Terma 9a pet month de 14 tf rKKSUNAL. KlAl'AME AHOLIAB, nit Imprtstfi Mttlium I'l and C uirrayanl, No 3^3 6tb ?t , Corner of K at . can rend the I'aat, Present, atjd Fa.ure, la able to aavito in all business matters l?Ml or stolen proprrt), recovery ot the swuie, love, mtrriage. Ac., trom 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. fe 4-?t* / |N LY FOR LADIES TO BE* D -Elegantly Embroidered NIOHT GOWN and CHEMISE liOKKS, more elaborate tban any ?v<?r >Tter<-d here.of the n-wr*t and most beautiful deelgn*. received dsily, fr?m oar corps of l&i superior buDcla. itnd for sale at REDUCED PRICKS. Being tlie largest manufacturer here of tnls kind of lad iea' wear, w* can plea?e nil. both in <jiiality an l price, and are determined, at whatever c mt, to | roduce tiie best work, lean? the moat elegant patterns, and toTAMP CHEATER, than any oncers in this of any other oity. Oer repntatim aa the only Practical Stamper here icsured ladle* that no injarious compositions are used, and shields them from trusting their work In the hands of those who buy a few bl >ckg and proclaim themselves stampers. Stamping, $ cents per width, and give you a Collar and Cuffs in. VM. rBIMCB, 439 Vth street, fel-tf opposite Patent Offlca. P L. 8BUECKINO, M D..HYG1BN1U AND HUMIKUPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Orrica?249 Pa. Ato., bet. 12tb aad 13th sts ja 30 1m* WAKE NOTICE-1 hereby give notice that I 1 have doc instructed any one In my bnslnes* of Preserving F1 >wers, and no on* doing bosineasia Washington Is authorised to oae my name, ja 23-l?* MRS FBIBS, 4iW 11th street IMPORTANT FOB LADlM-At CHABLES BACM'S Hoop Skirt Manufactory you can bay French Woven Corsets, whalebones, reeds $1 16. Mo. dV Louisiana avenae, betwesa 4th and 7th straeta: ja 11 lm? LFBIDAL AHD FtBBBAL WREATHS, BOD gCBT8,CBOSSBB. ABCH?BS. STABS. Ac , preserved in natural form; I aa ported FLOW BBS, HA1B FLOWERS, and BRAIDING. Aleo.lmported MOSS, HA IB DBBSSE8 for BalU, by lira. FBIBS. Has removed to Bo. 439 Uthst., between G aad H. oc S 4m* rrAKI NOTICE ?Bridal and Faneral Wreathe, 1 B >quets, OroaMa, Anchors, ate., areserved In nataral form; Was Flowers, Hair Flowers, oa Olas* or Pearlrat No. 34* U street, near 11th. ja M-lta* J OHN D. OLABK, ATTOBWBT AND OOONBELLOB AT LAV ABB BOTABT PUBLIC, Bo. 396 Hth street waat. do U ly georgetown adver'mts. l)BOF MEBOUAN1S GBAND MIBBOB OF 1 THE WOBLD will be exhibited in Oeorfetown. D C., at Bew Market Hall, commenctnc MONDAY BYEB1NG. Febrnary H, 1^:7 See small btlla- fe 4 eolt r*HEAP COTTON'B, ~~~~~~ L AT MILLER ' 5, 101 BBIDGB 8TBBET. GBOBORTOWN, D. O. JI "t^l v?d a l" e stock of COTTON GOODd, which wa are selling at lower prlc**'{' y have been sold *tnc? tb* war Bl. ached Mualln, 12,'.. 1?. oenta. gooo yard wide Shtrtlng ditto. 30 aud 2ft seats; 4 4 Aadrosco?g*n Bleached Muslin, SU cents; 4-4 Waasatta d-., 36 cent*; 5 4.4 4, H 4, ? 4.10 4,11 4 Sheetings, very low; Lallcoe* at 12K, 16,1< cents; Merrimack*. S^raf uee, aad other baet makes, *) eenta. Shirting Prints, ? cenu; Uo bleached Muslins, US, 16 ceate; lard wide ditto, 18 and 29 cents. ?hH and examine onr stock, b* ""sskrins'lollse MENT- Oflce No 49 Jatfersou *t., Gaorgetown, D O. Betabllehad l?l; premiain awarded by the Metropolitan Institute, 18of; rebailt Mtf, andlaow by far the largeet and iao*t ooaspleU asUblisbmautof the klad in this sactooa of eoantry, with a large stack of the beet foreign aad dotaaetic Dree aud Chemical*, replete with every derirabU Apparatus, and provided with the best Tal ent aad Artlstlo bklll to be obtaiaed The eub scrltx-r is prepared'K> daosen?trate to hU custom ars that pre eminent as may have heea hie previous reputation, hi? motto ts ?'' BaceUlor" In T)yslag. Clean*iug, aad Beflalalilag I?adlea' aad Oentiemsa'e Apparel? Bilka, Velvets. Batins, Merino. Cloths, Ac., he means to etaod nnrivalled. Trtrfy thank Inl far paat favoee. he saHoita the con tinned eastern of ths oonmsaRy. Goo,Is received aad retaraed by Express LOP1BXABA ATBBDB. ^ j ' J. H. OBABB * OO. Have oa hand a large aad fine assortment of GOODB, suited to this market, aaah as BUTTBB^ CHEESE, BGOB, APPLES, BA1BIB8, FIG8,' OITBOB, NBT8, HAMS. ? DF18H, MACK. EBBI*. HBBB1BG, BOAF8, CAB HBO GOODS, Be. Ala*, 80 BstraU Maare's celebrated CBAJft PAGSB CLBBB.hy barrel or gallon. A lithe abowe goods are aBe red a* Mm lowest uaiUt price, aad warranted to salt, by J. m. OBABB * 00? te 4 1m I?a. are., batweep ?th and TIB. \17EBB~jrBEYBBIDGE, pV ixroiTtu or OLA88W AB^^ Bava caastantly aa band a largestook efG^ODS, af the latent styles, from the bait aaturs^MBH at as law prioas aa they aaa be ytrohaaedP^ In Bortbern Htiee. .. . VPartiealar attention U i?J?tadJto oar m"*?rotavu?a allst. Maria* started a BB ABB FOWWDB1 fa ?oaaM> Hon with par Gwn and LoekwWtk hastaees, Imp prepared to Bo all work la tkatlfa*. * ja 14-ta * JOHB J. TBABODT. 0 FOR SALE AND RUNT. RWi PUkPlSBED OK VBFBBBlBaBB for rest at I*. ?1< Ptk tirttl, k*i?Mi H u4 1 streets. feAM* RBBTABBABT FOB BALE?Bear Nnmm ane, a very f?"?i araad for as eaterprtalaf i?'?B B*NT?Twe iinfomlshe-1 MaasiicaUM KOOM8 oa first floor froat satiable for koaea keeping. and omm an aecaad l?*r Apply oa ik* prea.I.esji?. 144 O at., bet. 11th aa4I Itth ?gH ?* S 8* LI I *VPEoV$ to?Io t%M. riesirabiv located. A Bar apportunfty for ur ana <Mini|tO?B|l|4||tk?(^?TlkUtlMI. &ku4i?ij< ??* itor* room, wftk Urn ikov window, and liiltM new. Will ba wM at a (?itati m tlje * MVi la otter I bi1m<? In '' 'L* ?iiM?tMt.?rtdirMtoiti?atr Poet Office. A pair of Baa. yaaaf, stylteh lirm 1?r aala,- also, a new Light fipriag Wagaa feSAt* PBOVIUfff IAUII 8T0BE FOB ' BALB?17 1 luU Mrttt, knvNB L aad M treats. fa7 41* F(>? fcMT-A HBIOK HORII, MHMlilii eight rooms. with gas, situated o? U direst, Ntwwu M and Sd. laqairw next door. tar ? MIOBABL KaBBALT. iAOI hBMT- A three a tor * B BIO It HOOBB wftk r L I rwt. betweea 9th aad ifi*h, with all 1mpr?vsrr>eats Inquire 504 Latraet.betwrei 9tta and 1Mb W St* F"OB BE NT-Three aUry FBAMB H0U8B. II roonia bttwrtn H an4 O streets, on ltth, I 1 and In.ialro of WM. MABTIN, Mo. ! Lob iaiana avsnaa. or two doora eaal of i?th atroot. lataad. U7K* L^OK BENT?T"0 PBIOE HOI BBS. N . <4, I six roams, and No .!' nr.- rooiaa. au Si at >tit,Mtw?*iOit and Maryland it*., 0?idtol Hill : rent moderate Inqulra of M&ii'-ABB r FLT MN ,cor. 1st and K ste north for&t* HOl'SI FOB BEBT?One three story BklCk hOCRB. newly papered at 4 raitre I. w th ran and water. an4 nn? stable, e -atainirg ro >in f< r t lioea, attai bed to it No 4 7 |.Vh ?treet. bei? oen A and B Ialand, within a few mlnnt-s walk of ths Mnttb-onian Inatitnts, Treaaurr llaiMliit. kc. Apply at 7th stre< t north b tw. ?n 1) au4 E. le 7 8t L""B BBMT?Tw<> f AttUOid unlimited Tl on fliat floor. ?r ?i>ul4 rant tbr*e BuOMBoj second floor, unfurnished. Apoijatcor M %? . and Mb at., opposite Armory. I aland feS-U* h'OB BKBT-A tanr s-ory BBIOK H<?CBE. floating on Nortli Capitol and M *t? injnire of JOHN BI PPBHT, Butcher Stall. No -17 tra Market fe 6 64" |VOB BBNT?At |h per m >nth. oaw aev*-n room r H0l>B. alt out ft <ib the south side of H at., lilaiid.betwt-ent)* and 6th streets 8T A KB A CO, fefi.1t* 4 7th street, near E RFSTACBABTF?B BBNT OB BA LB -The " 8T. CH ABLKl*" BBSTATK vNT Applv on the premises. Mo 5 A st. south.2 d-ors a Wove **w Jeraa) a*?., Immediately oppoaite tha t!*?t tol. fet ?t* hM?H 8ALB-The hTOCK and ri\Tl uK? r St<?re 4 7 * 7th atri^t. ?>?ar K, opp 'alt* General Prat Ofttra an "Id aiUtliilird atand.?atta*>Te f*r toy. tancy. or atationery atora 8t?ck rotfii:ed any amount to amt pnrchaaar. fe C-?t* FM?H BAJ.B?TW OOOP WILL. Utli. LI CEMs>Ban<1 riXTCkESiwitli ttork If asr ?ed upon) of the Ororary and Liijnor Btor* aU iat-*d ?n ;ha 8 E. corner of 1J>? and V ata Ingaire ou the piemiaea. (e(-U* L'OB 8ALB?tOnly caab ra^iiired, tfce balr ance can t?? paid in mon'hly tn-talu nt- of 4*' aach ) new two atory peieo room H')U?K tit nateit on the aouth ilJe of tl rt I>laad, b?-t. 4'. and bth ata 8TAKB A CO., f(S 'it' 4h*'; 7th street between Dai.4 I LTRNIf-HFirB OMS r<iB BENT-Furniehe<1 PA BLOBS an > 3d au I ?1 Hot KO'tf"tor renf Be ard ran l>e ol tai;i?d ?pp>nite. Apply at <47 K Mteat, near 13th ?tieet, oppoaite ritukliu Bow. fe] jot* L'OH BALE? $}S# caah reonired ?BeroI ral new 2 atory Ht?l BES In dltT'raiit part* ofthecit) . Thia la a rare rtiance fur per* >n? of ct ill n>? ana to prorate h >uiee. 8TAKK t OO , 4--\ 7th -t . bet 1> |t |( i?' LOU BENT?One large three <tory ItBICB I IIOL8K. rontalniiiR aix r<>orn? and cellar; large > xf'l, alt Bated ou the corner of 1 th ant Q ata ; pump In the yard Bent ni -derate Apply io J. T , 8tar Ollice, or on the premtiea jais (w HObbK AND fT^BB KOli BENT-N*. 44-? PeunaylTaiiia Avenue,betweeu 3d auJ 4 , at* , a vry protnlnent btiaiuesn ataad i'<>??esai0B tiyeu February 1st Apply at O leoa Hall. P WALLACB, ja!2 eotf Corner 4'? it. an<l I'enn. areaae, f\T OTICB? FOh HTTV TOK IE AS E - T n e we 11 known F18HCKV "U the Potomer river, thle ?<de of Fort WanMoffton known a? tha Bea-lev Fishine Latfilng. on the Manltnd aide, lo a ilea by w*t?r and 12 by l??d Apply to H B. JOHNhON , B'J. 3' 3 Penn arcnn?. betwiea and 6th ata . oppokUe National Hotel ja7 dim' F^OB BALE?A OOUMTAY 8KAT ANO U\K 1>KM FA BH, w ithki one mile et the city Tola piaperty will be a<>!4 low and ori ea?y term*, or escl.anK*d for cit> property Alto, from Twenty tV Sixty Acre? adjoiniuK the above. Ala?, farina audConntr) Beat* In Mary laud and Viriola. Apply to V. L> 8TUCK HKI HUB, B?al B?t ite Attent, Mortheaat corner 7th ar.d F at re-t?, ja 5 1m* Wa?kinKtoa. D C^ i, OB BENT?A three atury aud oaeeiuent Brick r DWfLLIMO HOL'BE. brown front, water and iiaa, tea room*, now naderg ln^ rcpaira; aitnated on ir h street weot. between L ?t n rtL and Mitij. iT)nie,Ra. Jtili. la jlre at No. '^02 lith t. between > and 10 a. m. an4 4 aad ft p m. ja 2 tl FOB BENT?The FABBLforthe laat three years the rraidaore of Moor Tbeepbtlua Oalnea, conalitlnc of 1M acres, lying near Fort M-aban.l ?.iie froi.-. Be'iBtng a Bridge. Imaroreoienta. dwell ng honae of Ii rooma, atone a table, aervaat a hooaea, barn. Ac Addreea E. 8 ." 437 E atreel, Waaa Ington, D. C.,or aall ta person, betweea ! and J m. m. oa H-tf ft^OB BKBT-T wo large aad one amall rommaalr eating AOOMB, anrarniabed. second floor Mo. 134 Penn. ar., bet l?ih and 2Pth ats. no 28 tf OB BBBT?The 8TOBBBOOM corner of Pa. ? avenue aad 11th atreet wast, in the Btar Office Building, foraserly oecapied by W 41. H?ti?r >tt aa a muaic aSore. aad recently aa the office of the National B spy ass o Ace Apply to 0. B B AK B B. Btar Office. da JO-tf L'OB BaLB?Baveral deeirable WuiTdiag LOT8 I in differeat sactian of the city. Teraie, #100 down, aod $14 per month for tha remainder For aarticalars, call or address BOOAN A WTLIB, No^35?S 7_th street. deH eolm* SABE 6KkBOB-For Immediate eale. one ef the beat located small corner store GBOCE EBintberlty. Btock and Fixtures new ApW immediately, by letter, to A. B. C.,Oitr Poet ce. no 26 tf L^OB BEBT-Two Parntabed BOO MB, at So. r 4 67 13th atreet betwsan E aad ? ats de 14 tf 486~T W 7tb atreat.V apraoraiatii rot (jth streat. ALL BIABUIIh, BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBIXEli PAlMTUiaS AMD BM OKA FINOS A limited bnt choice eeleetiaas of Oil Paintings. Engravings. Chromas, Wreaths, Baskets of Blowers, *o., appropriately framed. OVAL PICTl'KB FBAMB8. A rich and varied assortment from the beet man nf actor era tn the eaantry -mbractn* Walant. Inw itatioa Boaewood. all Gilt. Baatic and Carwed Frames. Paeeecartewta. Card Frames, Ac PICTXJBB COBB AMD TABBBLB, WALSUT ? BBACBET8. Ac. Picture Oard aad Tassels all stses aad colaaa. Bine Baits, WaHint Brackets, Butla. Ac. PArBBHABAIMOB AMD WIMDOW BHADBB A beautiful Taristy af tkaae goods, embradatttee richest deeiapa of (Mlt Embroidered Parlor Pa* teras tn the IHatelat. with a well assorted stock of the cbeapar grades, with a larga variety of Window Shades. (Hffersot s4a?s aad colors. Orders far Wkadow Baadaa aad P*r**kinp-M punctually filled, la city or eaoatry. A large portion .if the above Ooods ware made specially to older, battering the best the chaapeet, and aiming ta leap that class of Oooda. wa raapattfully invite ttaa PnbUc to iaapect aad aomparaowr Gaods w ith any la the market. T' " rS3SJilffT*?E. 4.. Ttb da 18 Etaht doors akove Odd Fellows^Ball. BAP BAOO, PABMBBAB. bbolibb daibt chbbbb'. bd ' BEW YOBK CBBAM. oBTBll'B Pill APHI. TOUMO AMBilOA. W. BCBOHBLL, aoraas Fourteenth aad B streets | ja!4 aadar Bbbasa Hoaee. ! SlLLMIC OFF To CLOBB BD81WBBB. A.W TOWBH1MD A OO ,Jamalsrs, B&B 7 th st., bet waaa D aad B. Hariac detsrmlaad ta retfrs ft-osa bwslaees, wa offer ov baaatiful assortment af Jwwalry aad Fancy Oaods at Aral cost. All foods sold guaranteed to be what re erase a ted. WMlat closing oat oar stack of Jsweiryaad Fancy Qaada. wa affer our patroas who wish ta pare hose Watches the oppntmlty of bnyiag tham at wlaolssals rates. PB10B LIST OF WATOBES. BiWar hunting sase, ancher mo rem eats, jewelad, BA, fold; Da. Amerieaa, BUary saoTaiaeata, jeweled, ?17, goM: Dn. Amerieaa, P. 8. BartUtt tnoxameata. jawalei, #21A mM; 14 karat gold.? awt. case. American, P B Bartlett. chronometer ba.. tW.golA;, %n, gold; U do , Aaplataa, TraoefA Co., ckroaoasslarval., faft.tcAd. ABTIOLBB TO BB BAFFLBB. 1 Ladles'Oablaet aad Ckalr.paptsr mache, totold with pearls first coat, ?*U in geld. 1 LmmWss' Wark Table, aapier maske, iaUid with a?-ari: Brat caat, B7M ? fold. 1 Baaawoad Draaatag case, mounted with solid BhiHtfUwr; Brat coat, ?iod I *tK whale to b&raflle* tor #4M OBTaaay. A. W. TOWBBHBBB B 4H>., Jawaleaa, MB 7th atraet few doora haknw ja 10-lm* Odd Fellowa"Ball. ITIlHWAf rlABOB.ta which we aall-_^Kkl tka attest 1 an of persona shorn ma WtsBH baea enable ta farnlsk withia the kaat*1' Wd kava also aa Band several BBC0BDHABD PLAMOB- which wa offer fer sate apoa aaay Urms. W. G HBTZBBOT* A CO., t^BBDB I BEE OS ! BBBBB I JaatamNad at Paw York tha steamer ermania. fram. Paris, wltl> a Isrge let of nor- BABPBM 8BBDB for J P. BABTdObOW, ja tl-c09t Add 7th street, WaaklB<t?B. j j auction 8alk& ~ TMJM ATTMMSQUM AMD TO-MOMMy* ,' kt"/. jawijs.-.irsrkw inrtmu onuiior woolii uoit.., llrrM kid krrrr Dtkar il. T. ""* '"W weak. W" tk? balaaee of ?In t*r ?"d".'"" juf ?V2*' nTirlVc^?!* * ' < kit* Ml (rtf >(,htlu ' ? d??a ( ? silk froat Bblrt* u< I?r*?*r. '* <**? ? Wooih, ? < Omi,u U ^ ?A?Bir? fray ai d wklta BUukti. VOO'CL l*ruk(M ai.4 | L AI r Caawla ??,?y M* Olc^. p U?k Md. * r UrJfnUSST ?.m. ?.?'* Wt" l*??teck t* AteTemu ciik. *??? M K. WALSB A CO . fan |J* THOt. D?WUIO_*w j Owrpuri. m. ., ACCTlOB Ribl VIV^T i> o , on momuat laf? r"" rW?*k ? . all Walchaa ?, ? c'ii.r(o^r, fa *-*9* jmc"r'* iw# ^ #BY, * .,b' " ?* n,i pi?ce. tae S 14 *" ' ?atchea. ?*tj tbi- h^ihZt hMH # " Oloct*. et?.. |? i? bidder for ra?k. tt chance taaioa** 11 Th?e D0Vi.iaa.AT-t ?ftR5lfcL "oobtibtbd T?l KtBAl tM tATl'UDAT kVlMlNd u ,e5 -?bol_ l>OWL.INa. A met. |{V W B LIKUAOU. 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