Newspaper of Evening Star, February 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 8, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. RNMlktkle Suicide. A Cleveland (Obiv) paper Mil* a Strang* story to ttie following affect ?A man, v&ou name and residence In suppressed oat of dsllcacy toward bis family, became reduced in circums&aces, owing 10 endorsing a note Tor i a arotheT. who became bankrupt, and th* misfortune preyed upon bia miad, and he became gloomy and apparently threatened to become 1 insane About a month ainee bia family be- : c*b? aware that some myaterioua task waa clmming bia attention In a tool and workboaae near one of hie barns. To all inquiries aa to the nature ol hie work he returned an evasive answer, but kept steadily on. Sometimes he would allow two or three daya to paee by without visiting the shop; but during sucb times be would be more than usually vacant and cast down. One day last we, k be suddenly appeared before hie family, dreeeod j with more than uenal care, and stated that , i?e intended paying a business visit to bis j brother, and would be absent two or three data. He would liaten to no suggestions that aome of the family abould accompany taim, and went away. Next morning, curiosity prompted a peep into the tool bouae to see wbat bad made him so busy. Hla wile, accompanied by one of ber daughters, accordingly forced open tbe door, wben they found tbe husband and fat ber stone dead, and laid out in a coffin ! Tbe mother fell to the floor in a swoon, and the daughter ran terrified from the spot. A speedy investigation breught to light a note on tbe shop bench, whicn stated tbat tbe deceased bad taken his own life by swallowing prussic acid, and that tbe cofQa waa the work of his own bands. Trouble had rendered bis life unendurable, and hence tbe rash act. Death must bave been very sp-edy, for the body could hardly have been "laid out" with mora precision. Such methodical coolness in tbe work of self-destructiou was j never before recorded?a man constructing his own coflin, and dressing himself for ibe grave ! Virginia News. The Fredericksburg Heraid says: Mr. L. t> Magrath, who has been largely engaged in trading between this point and' W ashiagton city, brought snit betore the Mavor, a few days ago, tor the value in Washington, of nine partridge*, [out of a lot of one hundred and eight) which had be?n ?ent by the Sou-hern K*press company, but had failed to reach Mr. j M s. agent in Washington. The value here , was 12^ cents eacb: in Washington 25 cent* each. 1 he Mayor decided tha- the plaintiff wis entitled to recover the Wellington city price and gave judgment tothat effect." Mr. (Fray. of Hockingbam, has introduced into the Senate of Virginia. ;> bill to authorize the transfer of the property, barter, and franchise ef the Manama* (iai? r ulrrtad company, a-.d 'he stock shares in the , the Orange and Alexandria railroad; v nich, on bis motion, was referred to theComrr.ittee Un l' un i Internal >a\igaUon. It it as since oetn reported to *he Senate. Among other enterprises in Virginia tt mav not te- ont of place to mention The Virg nia force lain and (irani'e Ware Works," situait d un South river. 7 miles south of Waynesboro". these works were commenced m'Con- ! federate times. The niw Or.LEAxe Hoxtcina?The n>w C?rleans paper* nring us the particulars ol the * li.r.g of J.J. Ilryaut, a sportsman, in that city, by Jcdge Fred Tate, of La Grauge. Tes t-, which has already been announced. The difficulty be' ween the parties, it is said, origina'ed the previous day. when Bryant publiclv accused T-'te of swindled some merchant ont of S3,'Ml. Wheu Ta'e met Bryant In the St Charles Hotel be broached the"sut?j?et again; Bryaut, who was naturally of a hot temper, becoming very violent and calling l ate, it is said, a thief, swindler, and coward. Taie acted qu te calmly, told Bryaut that h?* had b-en drinking, and endeavored to avoid a difficulty. Friends mtervened. and Tate left the hotel. Bryant, being carnedoff to one side, continued to abuse Tate, who shortly thereafter entered tne rotunda, and approaching Bryant, asked, in a conciliatory tone, who it was that had spoken disparagingly of him. Bryant pushed Tate violently away, drew a I knife ar.d made a I low a* him. Tate ;mm*di- 1 ateiy drew a pistol and fired rhreo times, one ball passing through the heart, one entering the right cheeic and passing through tne bead, and ibe third fin it g lodgmeut we did not learn exactly where Bryant tell dead instantly. clutching with a death-grip the dagger v.-ith which he had inflicted a serious stab in *ne right side of bis opponent Kryant wis abou 65 years of age, but bad j the appearance of being mncb younger. lf? 1 passed several years in San KratKisco, and i? ' s?id to have spent between flity and a bun- ! dr. o thousand dollars at an election for may- j or h<>ld in that city, in which he w is a candidate Mr. Bryant leaves a wife, son, and tiro I d:mghter?. Dun ng the wr?r much of bis time j was spent m New Orleans and Mebile. Hp I hns a brother now residing in Alabama. It is j believed that Bryant has. in bis time, spen: I ovtr a ball million of dollars. BS~yir* Mary l>avis, wife of John B. Davis, i ol K. hirono. ln<1iara, disappeared in the I Snramer of i-t'6 Soon alter a nuch decayed ' e dy was found in a fleid and recognized by ! 'bo clothing as that ol Mrs. Davis, tbe features b. mg too much decayed to admit of identiflcati n Mrs D. bad been insured for in the Connecticut Mu'ual Life Insurance Com- j P*ny. and for?3.W>0ln *be New York Life In- | mrincf Company. The latter paid the policy to th<- guardian of Mrs. Davis's children, but | th- Connecticut Company held back, su?pect. mg fiand. This prudence had since been re- 1 warded, as we learn from the Richmond Trie- I rant, Mr-*. Davis and her busband having bee a found living in Fennsyivania, awaiting the t payment of both the policies befere moving South. The New York Company has sued the guardian for a return of the money paid. Thecarp Masia.? At no time it would seeir. since the crganizatioa of refined society has the mania for the outre and bizarre mani- j fested itself more than at present in visiting, i party, tnd wedding cards. Persons, who claim to be leaders of fashion in cards are constautiy trying their ingenuity nnd their bad tarte. we might add. in devising something new, when tbe old styles were really much better. Tbe result is tbat gentlemen and ladiee are surprised on opening wbat they imagine from its bulk and appearance to be a package by *xpr?as to find aa invitation to dinner, or a reception, or a gerroan. Tbia is the day of the reicn of the fantastic and tbe palpably elaborate. which blossoms into fullness in cards of all kinds. Simplicity is tbe best thing, and the it.oat elegant, let it be remembered: and we ha re more Beed to return to old times, than to advance to new?at least in tbe present direction?for the gratification of good taste and tbe nnyfjectionable in form ?.V. 1". (Jaztiu, Jan. iMk. The riwshpir Ai>ybkt;si*<. Tax?It is creditatile. that while the newspapers of the country have rot in any adequate manner presented ihe injostice of the government tax upon newepaper advertisements, the unfairne?s of that imposition has forced iieelf upon tb> appropriate committees in Concross. We rn tice that the proposition is favorably en'erta ird to abolish thia tax. Any redaction of the excessive tariff upon Imported printing paper f eems to he impracticable at present, aud thus th* most expensive item in tlie prodec- j tn n of newspapers is kept at an enormous ; figure In addition to this bnrden, together j with 'be rastomary taxation npon incomeand ' the other pecuniary calls from the government, j it we seems to be no reason, in equity, why : newspaper* sbonM be subjected to a gouge of j thp^r cent upon their receipts tor advertising ? A/. /.??>* H?p ivwiratior to THE Wiht It is atated that tt>e coming spring will witness a larger emigration from Northern Lnrope to this counts/ than Das ever before o cnrred. In , x iew ?f tins fact ihe legislatures of several of tbe n?Mb western s'ates are discaasing propo- ! sitidue Kx>k ng to same action that shall secure , to them eome of the benefit* of this immtgra- ! tion In tbe Indiana legislature a Mil baa ' been Introduced for tbe appointment of a ' loard ef?.migration, consisting of flvamem- ' hers, for this purp?ae. In the Minnesota ! legislature it is prcposed to print a hundred I thousand copies of a pampbet in tne Lnglish. <i?rrau'o and Scandiuavian languages, aettiog 1 forth the iaducemen a which that state presenU i to sueh emHcrants 1#e Madison (Wisconsin) Journal urges ' similar action by tbe legislature of that state I/"A Houston, Texas, merchant gives tbe public notice that b? is going "to put an end o all (he cows" that come la his store. t WTbe Rev. Henry Morgan haa been le?. turiugjn Bostonxiu tbe virtue of early raw] riagea. He declares tbat politically, aocially" morally and apirita.Uly, man requires a wife' VMiMianppl is in distress tor Legislators. Nobody will consent to run. There is eyl- ! dently a higher moral tone than haa been auppo>< d in teat State. WA ckiiarn of Qo:ham while in a street car was held tightly by a gang of desperadoes until his pocket* were rifled of ?S5. (JT A hill haa been Introduced la the Weet Virginia Legislature to levy a specific tax on old bachelors, for th* support ol immigration into tbe Stat*. T be Cm torn House ofllciala of Belgium. recently seised a man, horse, gad cart eagaged in aa ingraious method ot smuggling. On a ' small horse a largv* sk n had been artfully adapted, and tbe interval stuffed with tobacco. tSTh. man ia Kosbester, N. Y? was tried for penary in swearing to a false an ewer to a complaint. It waa proved that tbe man swore but he was cjearud on the grouad that ia making bis afldarlt ho was not required i# "kisa tta buofc.' - * SPECIAL NOTICES. BALL'S TMITAM SICILIAN BA1H BBNEWBB hM irowd Iteelf to be t be mo at perfect pniiritiM fur the bur ever offered to the pabiie. It I* a vegetable compound. and contain* no in...? "mil keep the hair from falling oat. It chMim the ac*lp,aU make* th* hair soft. lnetrooa and alike* It to aeplearitd hair d rearing II? y*nm, ?U or jo?i|. lh<?oM (kil t? Jt. IT W llCOMMIWDIt IKS Cll> ?T TH? FlWT *i3rC&ArHl?Sr.\?.UUa Sicilian Hair Re newer..nd Skene other m ^ w 9aa Its a. If H., Pro?rl^o? ! Per aale by nil Draggista. j>?-T>,lT HABBIAQB ABDCBLIBAGT, AID TBI IIeppiaeee of Trua Manhood.-An B.sar lor loiu Hen on the Crime of BoUtade, and ihe Physiological Brrora, Abnaaaand Diaeaaea which ct ante Impedimenta to Marriage, with eare ?*ani of Ballof. lent In aeeled letter envelope*, free of charge. Addresa Dr J SB1LLIN HOUGH l'?N, Howard Aseocletloa- Philadelphia. Pa. jnll-Bm BBOBBT D1BBA8BB. BannEifait's Girt la the aieat certain, safe and effectual remedy?Indeed. the only vegetable remedy ever dlacorared Cnraa In two to tonr daya. and recent caaea In twenty fonrbonra. | balsam, no mercnry Only tea irfHe to be taken. It la the aoldter'a hope and a frien<i to those ?ho Jo net waat te be eipoeed Male package*, fi fe "s fatan'sBoot awt? H**? Jtrfcaa?A poattire aad permanent ?nre for Spy hilt* Srrofala. Ulcere, Bores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Prlee ?1 15 per bottle, i Sold by 8 O. Pord See advertisement my surely, steadily, successfully, BHOLANDBB'B BXTBAOT BUOBU la CIUM very caee of Bibwst Ihaaaam. Bg???tA?isa. Qhavil, UftiRAhl DiaonosKa. Wwinim ?nd Paisa In the Bacg, Pbmalb ConfLAiaT* and Tsocpl** artolng from Biennis or aitT Sirj OOHB, TB APPL10TBDI TBI SM9LAND IB'H take no other buckp. i Bold by all Apotheoarlea. Price #1 D.BABNBB A CO., Bew York, and B A EBBS, WABDACO. | Hew Orleans. Bontheru Afenta BUBLBIOH A BO0EBS. Wholeaale Druggists, Boaton. Mae* general Agenta fab 10-lP AUCTION SAL,h>. BY CeuPEB A LATIMKH Auctioneer... (L?t? clei k with,ia?.C Mc'iuire a. Oo.. i SoutLwert c mer of Pf-nti.j i va ,i * av?. and 11th street, btar Ofbce Uuiidiug Bl'PEUlOB BOBBWOOD CABK CIlIdKKHINO PAtilJ'K UKtNIt PlAM'iFOKTK KltA.N?'H PLATK MittKHH, Hll.K OIK TAINS. V|L\ hT BUUfHULH < A U ' IC : 8 BI-LV KB PLATK. LOT OK PINE B ti A N L> Y . WINKS l.l'JLOK .tc .AT AUlil'lOB. On MONDAY MuKNINQ next, Pal', llth at ten d do. k, at the leaidence of hie K\cell?n<:\ (i. O. Tue-ar*. tlie Spanish Mlnis'er No. I atr?'t. Corcoran'* B->w. we shall sell a superior I lot of Painitare aad Household Kfl< cts, compri sing? Rosewood Case Seven octave Chirk #riag Qil? Frame French Plate Mantel Mirror. 6J by iS inci es Three Mar?on Bilk Damask Curtains, T?*#?ls and Cornice Walnut Parlor Sui te. In maroon. 7 pieces uphol stared. in Bed an I Hl%<-k Mik Dimuk One Oral Ro?ewo<d Marble top ? entre Tahiti Three Velvet Hru?n ? i't>r^ei-a .<! Huge Poor Turkish Ka y Chairs Mahogany Sideboard. Walnut Kxten-Hn Dining Table Table and Bed Linen, Can* seat Dining Chairs tdeteade Btireaus ana Wardroiee Double Hi d Single M?ttrer-e?, Fc?ther Bolst'Tt and Pillows. A Lao, Preach Chile Dinner ?ei, gilt edge, aboat 15' piece* Silver plated Tea Set, 7 plecea Large l late*i Wiiiter. 3lby 17 inches gin Ml P!ate.1 Waiter, iu by Ii io L^rge anactity of Cut and Kugr ?ved (Jlatsware. A I . go. XSI ttles Am intiMmo nu>t other I?nn'ltof line Sile^r^ Win1U'j lottie* fi'ie Pa'e French Rr.ady, viot.t^e l<il f?t> do Katra f ure Port Wfwt 36 <1 > A'S.jrte'l brau ls Lh iiive%_^ 1U7 on < ) ateau Harxaux Lot.'ffifl, and Port tet Clar?t bottles Mnscatel and Malaga Win-a 10 do Sauta Cru/ Knai 16 do Pajaiote Ph<-rry A few battle* ??f Haut >nuterne and Klracli. The above are a ver> ch-lce lot of fine Li.mors, imported expressly tor Mr Ta^sar t. and will be sold in <iuactitles 'o suit purchasers. A I>0. One Coupee,oc< Light Oae -et Liglit llnrnera. Tei :ne aaah. l < OOPBB t LATIMKR, An:t?. RV COOPKB A LATlMKP., Atictl .neem, ilata cltrkt v>iili J.?. C Mouuiie A 4.->.,i 1 8 uthwesi coiaer of Penii'a avenua na<l lltu st , I btar Omce Bn<ldin<. AUCTION SALK OP~MAT RKIA L8 AT TUB I THKA8I BY fc.\TKN >!<?N On MONDAY lobruarr I- lno7. at W .iclork a in. will be ?obt at put lie an ti<<u at the Treasury Bul'dlng the following art! les, >1* S1.irbit.ery for haw Mill- n*i?er u^e-l Beverai lct> of old Doora. Saeli Frame* Blind*. Architraves Shatters Fl'- W <-?d Bcrap I:ou. Caet Iron Column*. Fire Orates, and Chlmije> Pieces Two heavy Wri usht It< n Axle* and Boxe* lr n Gate* Ac., Ac. Term* caah All materlala to be removed within tea daya after *nle A. B Ml I.LETT. Snperrtsing Architect. feS eoAda COOPBB A LAT1MBB Aacts. BY OBBBB A WILLIAMS. AactlonMrs. Bo. iiitt, corner 7th aad D atroots. TALI ABLE BI'ILDINTTLOT. PBONTIHO OB ?TU BTBEBT WEST. BBT W KEN L ABO M STBBETS NORTH, AT PUBLIC AUCTION On 1UBSDAY, the l^tb Instant, at 4 o'clock p m., we ahali aell. on tha pramUea, part of L>t o 2. in Square No ? , having 20 feel front by IJ0 feet daep.rnnning bnck to a aooa 10 foot Alley, making it a deelrable bnilding lot. to whtob we call tba attention of bnyara, a* It will be aold without raaerra. Term* caah All convaranclng and revenue (tamp* at tha cost of tba purcbaaer. ffto down on tba day of aale. fe S d OHEBN A WILLIAMS, Aaota. BY 00<^PAB A LAT1MBB, Awatfone^ra, ( Lata cleraa with Jna C JUuira I (jo ,1 Soathweat comer Penn'n avenueaadllth at ,BCar Ofl.ce Building. TBPSTBB'S BALB OP~ VALUABLB VINEYABD, >BAB THE BATIONAL BAO'B GOCBSB ABD INSANE AKYLL'H Bt driMoi a deed of truat,dated tha 2d of Hay. A I> I'M. aad dnly rec rded, tba underalgnad wlUaoil,oa WEDBEbDAY.the 20ihday of February, 1867. at 11 o'lvcka. m.. at th* auction room a ot Cao#ar A Latimer, eornar of Pannaylvanla avenue and llth atreet Star Ofbca Building, that certain Yiieyard. containing 7'. acre*, being part ot "Kooclna'ko Place,'- described a* fallows:? Begioidbg at Stone Bo. 1, oan 'atm road .aid <>nt ca "Koacia'/.ka Place" by Hose* Kviley and ( harloe j. Ublmna, thence a<>atn 76 deg. wast i chain* nud ju iw> of acbaia, aontU h , dog. west 3 67 loOchai ns, n nth 45 ; deg wed S 7-kW chain*, outb Hit dart. ea*t l;< 31 l o chaina to tbe -aid farm road, iheaca by aaid road to the beginning. The plato- comprise* a valuable vineyard in full bearing, and Is within aboat a mile of Waablugton city, and is wall deaervlng tno attention of ag ricalturleta. Terua: Oaa-third caah, of which *106 must be paid Immediately after tin aala. balance la aix and twelva KMttii, with Interaiit. Dwd givea and 'leed of trnat taken. FBED W. JONES. Trustee, fe 3 eote COOPBB A L AT1MBB, Ancts. ||T QBEBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. TBLBTEB B BAJL.E ot VALUABLE IMPBOVBD PBOI'EhTY OB 7TBSTHEST. By virtue of adaod of trust, bearing data on tha 16th day of Aagaat, A. D 1&6, and duly recorded lu LlbtrB.S U No Irt f.dfoa 4)9. Ao . of the land record* for Waahlagton couaty. in the District <f Columbia, aad by direction of the pariy | aerured tiureb/. 1 will aell at nnMIc nactlo ?. in ' front ef tbe premiean, on HOBPAT, the llth day ot Pebraary. A. D. 4 o'clock p. m . Lot nnnil>ored twenty-foar iNi la Wlltbercer's recorded anbdlvtaioa of square anmbered fonr hundred aad forty t?o<?42>. In tbe aity of Washing t< n,ln the District of Columbia, together with all tiie improvement* thereon. This property is well Improved, and located la i vary deairable and Improving part of tha city Terma of aale. One third la oaab.of which fso most be paid at the sale; tb^ remaining two third* to be paid in aix and twol-ve moat he. with intereat from day of sale, and te he escured by deed of tru* t to the aatiafactlon of the trua tee. Terms of aale to be c?m#lled with wlthla flvo dn} *: otherwise tbe traatee react ve* the right te resell at fbe rfak and ooat of first purchaser, aflar ne week'a pebllc notice. All conve>ancing and atnmpaat tha coat of tbe pnrcbaat-r. WM. ITW'ABD, Trnatee. jaa aoAda OBBEN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. UI QBEBB * WILLIAMS, Aactloneera. TBUSTBE S BALB OP B>AL B0TATB. By vlrtae of a dead of trnsf bearing date on the fifth day of January, 1846, executed by John Collin* tome for the benefit of John Haael, aad recorded In Liber B.C. T. Bo. 57 .folio HI .Ac. .one of the land recerdafor Waabjngtoaeounty ,ln the Dlatiict of CalamMa, I will offer for aale. on tbe nremUea. an PBlDA Y. the 1Mb day of iannary, 110, at ? o'clock p. in., the north parte* Lot Mo. It, la 8. i a are No. 8a7,la tbeoityol Waahiogtoa, D. C , floating IS fcet and ] iaebaa oo eeatS^~Vh atreet. between A aad B atreet* north, aad ?inning at thn? width to tha rear, together with the improvemente. eoBaiatiag of a aasall dwelling hoaae and ether balMtaga. Terms One half oaeh, the baieaoe ia 6 months, the pnrcbMer to receive n deed and give hla note, eemred by edeet oTtrpat. All ceavryancieg and ravenae atamaa a* tbe oeet of the pnrcbaeer. A deposit of #M required at tha time of aale, aad thewvatee reaerwea Ueright to reaell at tba aeet oftfea percbaeer f f tbe terma of aale are aot compiled with Wlthla five days. are ao? oo?a JOB BBWOBBI S.Tmstee . ^ BB1BB A WILLIAMS. SeS7-9bvSdg Auctloaeers. tOr TBB AROVB SALB IS POSTPOBBDna- 1 IH MOB DAY, the lHb day of Pebraary aaxt at tbe aau>* hour and plaee Ky order of the Trust. e# ja|fi2eaAda BBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aaota, PROPOSALS. pHOPttSALB FOB OOEH MBAL. Offtr* Utrot Omm\j*nry s/ Mnsunt*, I Wnskinaton. D C., February 4. ifBT.f St tied Proposals, iu duplicate. ere Invitel until Tl *81 A*. February 11. IttT. ?t It M., lor furtiit-hing th* Sul>ei*i*nce Department with all tbe CCBN VI Ali that mat be rs talnd from the 17th o> > i hruary, I0C7. until the Otti of lane. 1847. Tie Meal to be delivered M the Subsistence Btorehooi-es to the Monumeut Lot and 6th *tre"t wharf, or at the Baltimore and Ohio Bailroail Perot. at sncb tinea and in such quantities aa the (ic Lt mar dlrei t atttr^re days' notice. The Cora Maal to he dell v> red in good,aound fmr barrtli. each containing one fa a ad red h4 ninety six < 1#? pound-, to be freeh (round, and of good. merchantable quality. and will b* inspected before It i* received. Payments will be m*d* in inch fnnda a* the Oot mn<rnt mar forul-h for dl*l>ur*ementa ,-Hdit ma*t be addressed to ih?tt4erflfn?d,it b'o. tU3 Q ttreet. indorsed 'Propoaat* fir Corn Meal " O BILL. fe ft 4t Major and C B , U. B. A. l>BOPOBALS CHH PBBFOBMINQ BlNITA1 BY WOKK OF qCAbTKHMASTBB'S DEPABTMBNT. RtndquaTier* Department nf Workington, ) QjUtof Chief 'Juanermatter,S Wa?ktntton, b C . January SI, 1887. S Sealed Proposals are Invited at this office natil 12 o'clock noon. Fetiinary Id Ho7. for the removal of all sink deposits, a*tie? au<l dead public animals from the various let ra> Ks, buildings, Ac.. owned end oecopted by tfae various branches of the War l)f pertinent in no) sixmi this ?lty. (te be deslgnaii <1 by tb" Chief Quartermaster. Department of Wa'hingt >n,> for the period of one year from Marcta 1, 1S67. Kidder* to fur?i-?n all necessary materials and labor for performing tbe work, and to ?lve i onds t? Mei?cia?d at ouc? nfju tne award of the con- j f act in the sum of fit* thousand dollars for tb* faitlilui perfoimance of thes?uie Payments to 1" uiade monthly Shout 1 tbe aiuoiiut ?f work required during the i p. i i d of that utract be fitter Increased or de- | creased, then a proportionate increase or deduction to be mud'' in the monthly payments List* of the places to be visited and a statement of tbe pteaeut amonutof work reguired cam be had op application at this office The undersigned re*er\es tbe right to reject any ati t ail prop :?tls fliey te deemed too high, and also t^ir right to annul and discontinue the j < ot.ti net ai an> tini<> wn?n tbe contractor shall fail t > p. rferm the w<>tk reguir d in a prompt an I sat( tsUctory manner. rti^? s'iou? be end< rsed ' Proposals fer Perfoin ing f'^nitary Work or Quartermaster's De parttueht," and addressed to the nndersisned HI LtJDINOTON. I Svt. ttjlg. Gen and Chief tjuarf-rroaster. j:i "tl - ISt Department of W iShlagtOtl. J>KOPOBAI.S FOB LfcMbKK Trvah at Dkpartmimt, ) OFFlCK of S; I'EUVfMXii 4irii tTKCT > January Is?;7 \ Sealed l*ropo?ai? will b" received at this 0'*ice uiitii lis ricrk !M , Keli'nary I'th. H5T. forfur| i,i-hi?g 'uml>er required tor the N .rth Win* of 11 ? 1 ressu i y KxtetiRiou, as dtscribed tn the foli lowing schedule hv ttl) I"'' al feet of N. Carolina (b>-art? Flooring, 1'4 inch I link, uot over 6 inches wide, and < I fur of k llOts 25 f.t! ieet, board uo-arure W Pine 0om Gulls., 1 liili tl.ick. Uet. boaid tin-as ue, W. Pine Ooiu Culls., 2 in> b? s tl.ick. 1,1/Of fe??t. toari measure, Spruce Scautilng, 3 by 4 it' bes. -.u tert lengths lt'OCOteet ! nil u.oa^ur''. Spruce Scantling. ; by 4 llli he*. 14 feet iehgtbs 3S i"? Ut't uOard measure, Spruce Bails, J by 3 int lies, .li feet It ugths. li u? e? t, board measure, W. l'ine Select*, 2 incfaen ttiick. 3 ofO tee> ,boai-?J meustire, W. Pine Selects, dressed. )4 in. h thick 3 ' i*i tevi, hoard :nei> ure. W. Pine Selects, dres??d, 't inch th;ck 4.in0 teet bo^id Measure W. Piu>-Selects,dre-o?ed, h inch thick. 2,ii 0ti et I oard i. e ii'ure, NV Pine Select , dretsed. 1 't in- I es thi< k 2 00V feel board m ? ure, W. VI- i Select#,dressed, 1 'n incbts thick. 1,0 off ei, board unaiure, Poplar, dresse 1, '.Inch thick l.UO ff11 board me i?nre, Poplar, dresied, inch thick A) the above de-ict ip'i at of Lumber must be of tbe tf,| quoit I) of Mieir sevii al kindx, and must I he delivered at tfie Treasury ItUilling from tine I. tin.e a? oi ueied au<l be subject tothein i*'t|. n ot the Inspector and Heceivet of Mate rials. Hid" to state price per M, feet, and must be acc? mi aiit. d by * wntten guarantee from ?ouie r?H|Oosihli person ti at ttif old tr will execnte and peiforti 'becoitr ic it ?w atdeil to liini TI.e l-ep?- tin* lit re'i-rfsi tlie i ight to reject any nr all the faid? if ' et sidered for tti" |otere?t of the ( overbmeiit to do ?<?, or to ? cept any portions of them bid-to be enclosed in a s aled envelop* atid end' ire j * Prop s ?is for Lumtier. '' A B MULbBTT, ,a 31 [Citron 1 Supervising Atcnitect. 1>ltOPOSAL? KUK AliMlf Tk\N3POKTATIO.S. QratiTKK*- rrt: fl N*RII. < ^yrict, ( Wa^hi.ih r"> l? 0 Jann ?ry 15. 18)7.1 Sealed Prop *a's will t ? re"?tv?d at tilts utiti 12o f i k m, on tin* ?-th of K l-rnary, lS'jf, lor t be trsr*r<>t!sttt n ?'f >1 i li ar* Bv. ppli^s Juriu< 'be ) .-ar coinmenciiii; ^. rll l 1*17. sod end in K tlarrb Jj, i<J S o^ tl f ' lU.wmg routes: Hi 'CTK Mo. 1 From Fort M cPh' i-uu N itra-ka Territory, or I snrb 4 arts >s be 't> ruiined cpon a uilou: the year on tbe O.u.iba branch tbe Uiiion l'artfic rrn'road, we-t of Port Phersou or from hort Laramie, Hakota Territory to >ucti ?o-<t- ?- depot* tts ale uo? or may be ??tnMighi-d in the Territy o Sieb a^ka. ?nt t loucitade |u2 ri*>g , in the Ter itoir of H is'su i. "outti of Iititnd^ 4i detc. In the letritory .1 Laketa e-t ot b a/ttude 10i deu . In the Territory of hiaho, s 'nth of latitude it deg . and eut or longitnd- 114 dp< . and is t e Tenitorter of I'tnh a;.d Colorado aortk of lakttude 41) deg , Inclo !lug it necessary, Deuver City. BOt'TK Ho J From F??rt Bl:^y^^^tate of Raasac, or suoh points a* may be d< Wmined np- nduring the yoar on th* Li loti Pacific railroad. ? D.. t? any poats or depots ibat are now or may bo estal>li?h?<i In the hf ? ol Kansas or in tlte Territory ?f Colorado south ?'f lnti'irle tMdegrees nortti, and4? fort I niou. hew Mexico, or other depot that map he . deslgaated in that Territory, aad to aay other point cr points on ?h<? rcot? BODTE Bo. 3. From Fort L'nloa or audi other depot aa May bo established in the Territory of New Mexico, to any posta or stations that are, or may i.e estaUlltbed in that Ten itor?. and tu such posts orstatioLS as mov t>e designated m the Territory of Ariz oaa, and in tne 8lata of Texas west ol ljagitude 105 deg. BOUTB Ho, 4. From St Paul. Minn-not*, to such pasts a-are sow or may be tstabiisbed in the Mate of Minnesota. and la thst portion of Dakota Territory lying cat of the Missoori river. The weight t be transported daring the year w ill not exceed on Bout* Ao 1. 50,000 uvu pwnads ; on Bonte Mo 2. 2lH*>0 0oo pounds ; on Boat* H). I. M i'OO Oon pounds, atd on Bonte No. 4, J,fcitf.m?i pound*. Proposals will be made for each rout* separately. Bidder* will date the rate p*r 100 pound* per 100 miles, at which they will transport the store* In each motith of the year, beginning April 1, 18*7. *nd ending March 91. 1V8 Bidders should give their name* In full, as well as tb*drl tiace* of r- ??ideuce, and each proposal should be accompanied bv a bond in th* ana ?f ten tbonaand -Slo.^Oi) dollar*. *i#ned by two or nior* respotisibl* peraoa*. guaranteeing that tn ca-e a contract is award*d for tbe rout* mentioned In the prop*sal to tbe party proposing the Contract will be accepted aad eoter*d Into, and goed and sntbeient *?cnrity fnrtilshed bp said party in socerdanc* with th*t*ra*of this advertisement Th* contractor will be r*<ioir*dto give bond* in tb* following an oiiMts : On Route Ho. 1, $2f0 CXO. On Bonte No 2, 2ne,llO. On E<int4- No 3, loo (u>l. ( a Bout* No. 4. to < 00 I Satisfactory evidence of the loyalty and sob peticy of each bidder and persol oflered a* socurity will be rs jnirei. |

Proposals mn?t be *adnr<ed " Proposals for Am y Trarsp^rtation on Konte No 1,3 3. or 4," a* the cuse mav b* and none will be entertidned unless thty fully comply with the requirement* c'this sd vertis.-tr> nt I Tbe party to whom an award is made most t>e prepared to execute the retract at once, and to give the re^uiret bonds for tue :aithftil perform- < anc* of tbe contract Tbe right to reject any or all bids that may t>* Offered Is reserved Tbe contractors on each ronto mnst be la madl , ness for service by the 1st day of A art I. )& &, and will be reunited to have a plac* of baslnOH* or | agerics at which he may be communicated With ' BiOmptly and readily for Boute No 1. at Oaiaha, N. T ; ter Benre No 2. at Fnrt BHey. Bansax; for Konte So 3. at Fort Cnion.Ncw Mexico. for Konte i N? 4. ac Saint Pan), Minnesota. Or at suck other ' point for each of tbe aeverai Boates as may be Indicated as th* starting peiat of the roat*. 1 Blank farms showing the conditions of tbe con- I tract t* l>e entered into for each route can b) bad ? on application at tbl* office, or at the office ef tbe ] Quartern!eater at New York. Salat Louis, Fert Leavenworth, Omaha. Bsnta Te, aa<l Fort Saei- I ling, and must accompany and be a part of tbe propoaal. By order of the Quartermaster General. I A LR X AHDEB BLISS, I . Brevet Colonel aad Aaslateat ja 18 Mt Qoartermaster. D. S. A. I W" T- "nSSi&'fAKT "A"EA" | Bhow ?a*e Manufactarer, Bcbool Fnrnltarettl and Bousefurniahfnc Warerooaa. Mew and Ifli Old Furniture. *f all deserletlona. benght fTl I and sold. R* pair Lag. Upholsteri**, and Varnish Ing done at tb* shortest aetico. Southeast corner . of 8th and K atreets north. No. IB. da U-tai* IJOBTON MISS MACKBBBU " \ I am now rseelvisgfrom Boston direct, the vary 1 finest quality of MI68 MA0UB1L, J and which rarely find thoir way to this market, \ being need moatly for borne oonsamptloa." At thev 1 have been trimmed of every part tmt th* moat alatable the kltsoontafs very much merethka I J . _ Corner 14th amd F street*, nndar d*l tf Bhbltt Hon**. \ ^AnO^rSJfffkfTD BNODLAT9B_^^ f( Bstaslisbbd m UN. ub dbmfbbtV^^IS^ ^ ^ ' f )& &?!'** ** 1 4 w illh street, n*ar Pa. av*xa*. Jj SrttUl fotim frmp Wm.JnabtJ A.? Balnmort. I' Mr Becker ua* tnaod Flaa** for na at oar Ware- 1 rooma, and we Uk* pVeasanfti ?hl|a| that w* bo- J ll*vs him to ha a c<*mpatent tnn*^. aosi im J * ">,l *ltt "* '* ...... ' ?t . , x-""j ^ca* r5 .4 fa ft* WS ,ig4 legal, notices, i" ib? ,StfflroV<#LV?s,v", thim aw Pitrkl wkim ud And raw j. I Joyce, complalaaata, i joseph j oh mm. mary Joba-i Bqatty on. Jobs ii Hanaoa, John) rill and john iiatone, i * Id&diDti 1 he, bject of tk? bill am (atttta cnu* u to procure a decree far the anla of aort^in pieaaaor Mrca'a of groaod lylag and mull Waahia?toa city. DUtrut of OoiamMa, betng Lot ft and *rt of Lat?.tn Square !, , to aatlafy idabttacVfdafeasant, JoaaphJohaaon, to tbe c mpiainnata. The bill aata forth la aabatoaca taint tka aaid Jo*epb Johnaoa waa indebted to aaid complain;*.\n tha mb at |w ?i for good, aold and da11 tared by complainants to tha said Joaeph Johason. Thnt at thettmeaf contracting said debt tha nld Joaapb Juhaaon waa a at tad and poeeaaaad af tba tnlrt places or paroela of groaad, which, while l,e was indel-te.l, he irauduleutly convened to c?ld def. tdunt. Joha m. Hanaoa, la traat for tha tola nee and l*neflt of Mary Jobaaoa. wife of eald j oaeph Jobnaon. That ooonplat naato ohtal ned j ndgwent otaondemnation o?tha aatd piece* or paro-'la of ground lu ni d by virtue of aa attachment leaned oat of the common law aide of thla eonrt la favor of cotnplMnenta against aaid Joaeph John?>n and prays that tha <ald deed of trnet from aaid Joa?ph Jehraon to aaid Joha . h*a*on ne aforeaaid ha prodnead before She Court. aad the tame be cancelled. That the eald complalnanta. after the laming of aaid atta< hment aad tha lariagof tha same on tba (aid plecee or parcela of ground, aerertnlu<d that the aaid defaadaat. John Flyn, claimed to have a Ilea on tba aaid place* or parceieof ground: that on aearchlng the laad record* af Ikeaningtca conaty. Dietrict of ' liai or deed ot trnat waa racerded in aaid laad record*, bnt that after finding of the jari and jadgnunt of condematioa on tba aaid attacameata, tha aaid record* were again a*arched and n dead of trnat from aaid Jaeeph Johnaoa to Joha Matoae, toa> cure John Hin for tbe anm of $1 w>, wna found recorded. That the aaid deed of trust waa recorded nearly eleven n.ont!ie after tha da to tb< reof nnd over two month* after thei**uiag aad leving ot aaid attachment. That tbe aaid attachment 1* a prior Iten on the aaid plecee aad parcel* of ground before tbe -aid dea<l of trnat. Pray* a dl?cover\jnf tbe amount still due and on paid on e*td d* d of trnvt. and prnya a aale of the aaid pit'* e* or parcela of gronttd to aatiafy the dcmanda of the complainant* and other creditor*, and for an injunction ?gal tat aaid defendanta. Joseph ,l?.hr>' n Mary Johnson, John m. Haoaon. Joha vt.nand John Malone, and their coafederataa, when discovered, to restrain and prohibit them and their agent* and servant* from telling or It*po?itif2 of. or in aa> manner farther incumbering, tb" -aid pieces or parcels of grannd r it is thereupon. this id day of January, lf*tf, adjudged ami ordered that notloeof thla suit be given to r*.e?ai4 ton resident defendants, Joseph Tohnsoi Mary Johnaon. and jobu Flyn,by publi-hiug uc p> of thia order in the ir?' Ing Star, a newspaf t published in the city of Washington, In tha Mlctriet "f Columbia, three time* a week for eix co'.secutive week* warning aaid non resident defendanta to be and appear, in person or by eolicltor. at rnles to be hel<\ in tbe office of the Clerk of ibn Conrt. on the firat Tuesday of Juee, a. d. 1*7 to an*w? r the said hill of oomplaint, otli??r?l-e the same will be taken pro ro.xfttto against them Provided the Urat publication of this order aha!i appear at least four months before said firat Ttiet day of June, it 7. and stating the object aud anbstance of aaid bill of romplaint. a. b olin, associate Jnatlca, do. a true copy: r j . m rigs, Clerk. wm. i miller, Solicitor for complainants, jat Stawew Jbssib HcPBRMOTT. guardian ok qko. i- >l( Dermott. Charles k McDermott, Frank i'. McD-imott. and Jea?lc h. McDermott, having reported to tbe court that, in pnrauaac- of tt* d?cr*-e ratified and approval by the 8npr??iiie c >ort oi tbe Diatiict of Columbia, she rm tb- Interest of her aaid warda in the fol lowing propeity, lying and h# iiiL in the city of Waahingt>>n All thn strip of ground lying east of aud ad.acent to the <i wt-lling hoase built en Lot No. 2u.ln a iuara ,w5. in aai i city, which waa owned by the late w?, hoOernuttt. aave and except the foar feet adjacent to an t eaat o| said duelling, with a d"'tb e |ti\l to tie de'th of aaid Lot No 20. bounded anfollow* htg'n ing for tb" aame at the northwest an^l" of Lot n j si. in a tnare n>>. 10">.aad mailing theoce arai It feet. them e *onth 149'4 foet, to an alley 20 feet wi le; thence east along said alley 13 feet to the we.t line of Lot 21, thence north along aaid line |10h feet to the be|intiing, containing 1.9f>'4 aiiuare feet, at pn Idle auction, 'or the aum ot one dollar p<-r annate foot to Jahn o Clark, atd that tbe purchaser he* complied with tha term- of *ali>' lr ia. tlil* 2mb <tav of January. a. d hs7. ordered by the court that *aid Bale be ratified aad conflrniedon the 19th day of February, a. d 1857, tiHeaa ?au*e to the cont: ary !?? ?bewn on er before -mil day Provided a copy of till- order be published in the National Intellig-ncer ami Evening t?t?r ouce a Week for three ancceaalve week* prior to aaid day. wm. f. porcell. Judge of the Orp'iand' Court a true copy. Teat: j ad. n. o'u tc ft bn . j a 2? w3w RagUter of wllld. GOVERNMENT SALES. ^overkment salb. ou?nirMN*n si rhihtenor storrs and bt rpli h commissary l'rupmrit at acction 8fb?l?tk!lf ? <?ff!c1. 0 8. a., Corner f>al<lrr>taw nnii <rrnnt ifreet?, . ke'ir of 1<?a Lombanl atreet.) f HaMm<<r '. Md.. |tef>roar\ s. l+?7. j Will he Sold, at puMIc auction, at warehouae o>" ner Italdciatou Grant st reels, (Immediately in rear of No 1"^ ? e-t Lotnbar i street. 1 at 12 o lock M., >n MONP A Y. February U,1M7, the follow Ing < ondeuined Sub*i-t?m # Store*, via . '.<1 lbs ii?m* i7.',l lbs. RiuGotTe* AUo.atth- aame time the following surplaa Comutlaeary Property, vl/ : lfi Ruling Pena. f> Pap?-r Files, 32 Pap?r u'>-igbt*, SOflice Le-ka. i Iron Safe*?in perf ct order. 10 Plaifoim Scalea. 6 Bucket*, 1 Letter Pre** 1 Dampening Hruali 12 Oavera. 12 flatcheta 13 steal Saws, 42 m<-at Knlve-. 11 Steels, 12 tap holers 12 Meat h?oka 13 Li inid m*a*area, 7 <5imlets ft Bprlig Balance*. 11^ Metal Faucets. 12 Molaavea (ratea. 14 Bco'-p*- 11 1 unnel*. 2 '' Coopera 5 Cooper's Drivers, 2 v|ee? 6 Puarhea, 3 Head Raisera, 4 Scrapsrs, alo?. a lot ot empty Rarrels. Term- : f aah . in Government fuada. Three da>t allowed to remove purchase* thomas wilson, Rvt. Lieut Col and c 8,0.8. a.,, fe 7-3t Bvt. Brig Qen Vola. Important bali of government vrsiil. Itfot (^VHTttrmaster's OJir/, ) Filnnuirt, M'i.% January 30, 14f7.f Will be ?o!d at public auction, at the part of Balmipote. ( Beuderaon s wharf, Eaat Baltimore.) ou thursday 13 m . February 28.18s7, the buparr bide wheel stbamrr oosmopulitan, ?f 779 toDa; length, 226 feet; breadth of beam, 31 k*t. depth of hold, 13 feet, cylinder, m inched, aud u leet streke. a rare opportunity la afforded la the sate of this Steamer to persona deal ring to purchase a really firat claaa veaael. shelaol light draft, the engine and boilers arc in moat excellent condition, aad tha hall perfacttp sound and atrong. It i* believed that for else and build tba Cosmopolitan sarpaaeea any vesael bttheito offered by i Uov?r nmeut for aalc at thla port Terme cash, in Government fund*, on day of 1 ale Further particular* may be lea reed npon appU- i atloBtotke naderaigneO or to the Auctioneer*, Measra adrton, thomas k co., No. lt?, south Charle* street. By order of the Quarterwaator General A. B. kilHAliu, Captain and a q. m., 0. s. a.. 1? 1 24t Depot (Juartermaator. ?po builders and otbsrs. . Chu/Oyantrma.''ttr'? Office. Depot of Woaktaigtaa,! Washington. D c., j anuary 31,18s7. ( By order e* tbe^uaitermaaterUeaerai, the |0lll. ber u?ed in the coastrut tion of the Fair Building, corner Mav?ath street and iPeonsj lvaula avenue, will beaold at anationon saturday. February > at 12 o'clock noon, nuder the *tipervlslou of Brevet Lieuteuaat Oolonel Jainee m Moore. a. v m . a< tbe (iuvernment Lumberyard near the foot of 81 a tb street, eoaatsting of about tt l^tfaet timber, joist and acantling, (new.; 52,461 teet timlier and boards, (old 1 61 window Irame*. *2 aa*>b. and 10 door*. Schedules containing fnll deacrlpti ns of this lumber may be bad by application to Oolonel Moore previoaa today of aale Purrhaaaa most be removal within ten days from lay of aala. ' _ Terms eaeh in Government fnmis Breva*t rclg Gen. chas m tompkins, Reputy Quartermaster General, a3181 ActChid m , i>epot Wa-iiington. ^overnmbnt balm. The property iuiown as tha "gofcbnment rANNRRY and steam saw mill, ' with levent) live acre* of land, near Saa Antonio. TexM sea lad Praposala.4n duplicate, will be r??elvad p to the 1st dar ot March, 187. for tkepurchasa >f seventy five acres ot lanu. more or ices, togeth r with tbe bullolags erected thereon, aad tM appurtenance* 8rtbn stonb pools, tad capable of taaalag fifteen thoaaaad hide* per knnniD. onb stbam saw-mill, capable of aawing throe thoueand faat at lumber daflv. _ < 1 onb small 8tobb hdildib'}. The above property i* eltaatod about two ml lea tb >ve Ban Antonio, on tha Saa Antonio river, aad ;he water i* oonducted to the eetabliahmunt by a raoa of liewa atona, laid la oamant. The laad waa purchased aad Improvamaato nade by tha late so-called Coufedt-rate Govaranent, and ara estimated to have coat f 110,000 ia told. Tha property has been nader lease for tha year w, at a monthly rent of 9sm, payable in adranee. a secured title la fee aimpla will ba given >y the United States Government. Propoeals will ba marked ' Propeaals for Gevirnmaat Tannery and Saw Mill,' and addreaaed o j. b. kidd00. Jvt. Major Gen , Amt. Com. Bareaa b . f. and aTL. , Oalvaston, Taxaa. ja UPt if aoebbbl amp oodfish. S K-JG'ft'fJ'/o'ii'iSiS01"""1' mssSSAT '-TOMlbr Oomml**ioa Merchant*, deu-tf .Mo. *6* Nlath *t . bat. b aad f. jphb brbat rbbbllion. by John Minor aalf^ wuto tatiiom. j^WTBSasSS6 j RAILROADS. 1866 FMHSTLTWIX BOUT! 1867] I TO Til OBTHWBfTJMHJTH. iJH) SOUTHWI 5T IIDUIjJ j . Oft tN Ml * lovtmbtr M. M". tnl* wlU Imti Million; Washington?T OBa.aa. I Baltlntora ......t IS ft. a. i ~ rm " M _ u 10 a. . ' ^niisjfsl ^.ftUTK?S~ i?T5? Say aad Bight Gar* with modern lunMmHi, tad saving fron tei| to tvtlvt hours la tlat n? ur othar route. Two hundred alias saved to w-"" K,Ww.';i. M ' Worth. Ttioirt from Baltlaors to BOOHMTBBaaS P1TTBBUBOB without change Pimsctribf this rout* fron B*ltJnM>r? h*?j ^2^TMtM*ofMkh^^ ck?a<M la DB10B Tickets by tktorosti can bo proeurod at the ofAce, ooraar M street and Pennsylvania aveaue, aader the Rational Hotel, where reliable infornoatioa will bo given at all tlmae. ?T.*S*iSSK?52y SflSW. !&SKi If ?lr. or Fltutgry TIliK1>. Ttct^tlf*'b Washiagton. D. 0. ID. B. YOUBG. Ooa. Pass. Agaat, _ Baltimore. Md. _ *L. WAIHIN6TON, ALEXANDRIA AND GEORGETOWN KAILMOAD. , TIM B Ob and alter MONDAY, November II, 18M. aad a a til farther Botiee, Passenger Trala* will ran bo* tweoa Washlngtou aad Alexandria aa follows: LxaTB Washih&toji. LnriALUimii. From Md. avenu-- From oar. I>uk? a Henry Local at 9:16A.M. ate.. Local at 4 a A. M. Through Mail 6 36 " Local oor. King I Local at T OO " and Hmrr .. 6 at " 9.0# " Local at- - 00 ' ? I X) P. M. " 10.00 ' | 4 30 " " ?? lap F. M. , M ......... 4 30 Through Mail, corner of * ^.ii a " BnkeAHenry 9:00 P.M. Lo'-aloor. Kin* aad Henry.. . 7C0 " " " u.jO " BUWDAY FASSSNGEB TRAINS ItArlWiSU XBTO* Lli i'I ALIXAifDB'A. From Md arcane d-'p. t From cor. Duke A Henry Through Mall ? <? A M. ata . Local at 4 t5 A. M. 1 Local at_. .10 e M. Through Mail P. M. O. A. 8TK\ Mi. General Superintendent. PQ 10 W.J PU ELPS. General Manager. I T^HBOUOH LINK BITWIKN WASHINGTON PHILADELPHIA AND NIW YOKK. bVH _ . WAeHiNcToM. Jan. 4,1M7. Trains between W a* lung ton and Maw York are bow ran aa follow*, viz: FOB HAW YORK, witboat change of cars. Leave daily (except Sunday) at 7:4ft a. m and #:W NBW YORK, chan?lBg cara at Philadelphia. Leave dally (except Sunday) at 11:1ft a m and 4:90 p. m. FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lea to daily < except Sunday >at 7:4ft and 1115 b. m , and 4:30 and 6 V) p m ON SUNDAY. Leave for New York and Philadelphia at 4 9U p. | only. Bleeping cars for Hew York on 6.10 p. aa. train dally. Through tickets to Philadelphia. Mow York or Boston, rati be had at the station Office at all hours in the day. as well as at the new office ij the Bankers aid Brokers Telegraph Line, J49 Pens. Bvenne, >*atween fith aud 7th streets. See Baltimore and Ohio Ballroad advertisement for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, Abbbpolls, an" the Went J , 1.. WILSns, Master of TransportatlOB. L M. COLB General Ticket Agent GBO. 8. HOONTZ, Agent, Washington. oOOtf DALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAI), O Wa?h; v?tom, Jan. a, 1987. Train* between WASH INC TON AND BALTIMOBB.anti WA8RINQTON AND THB WBST are now rnn as follews, vie FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave doily, except Sunday. at 7 0>\ 7 43, aad 11 1ft B. m., and 2<om, and 4 90. and ? '*0 p aa. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS. Leave dtily, except Sunday, at 7 00 a. m , aad 3 f < ?nd 3 00 p m FOB vJ AY STATIONS SOUTH OF ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION. Leave at 0:19 aud 7 uu a. at , aud at a.0"and4 99 * FOB AKNAPOL18. Leave at 7 4* a m . and 4 su p. m. Ha trains to or from Annapolis on Sunday ON BIMHY FOR BALTIMORE. Leave at J-4ft a in., and t.UU am a on p . ta. FOB WAY STATIONS Leave at 7.44 a. in., ac4 l.iiu ?. d > to p m. FOB ALL PA UTS OF T?i* WKST. Leave diily, except Bandar, at 7 4i ?. m.. aud 8 p ni Oa at 8 DO p m only. nnn"-tl nt *t R-i^y Btadou with trains from BaUiMjret j W ,?e tog, I P<irkei>burg. Ac. THROLOH riCKlTB to the We-t in be nal ?t the * anbliiKt u Si.H,on Ticket Office at all U >urs in the day, as weH an at the n?.w office of tbe Hinker. and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34? Penn. a\rniie, between t>tb sud 7tb streets for New toik. Patlalelpbla. and Boston, see advertisement of ' Through Line." J. L W ILH<iN. Master of Trsnsportation. L. M. COI.B General Ticket Agent. oc 90 tf QBO. 8. KOOHTZ. A^ent Wa^iiimtoB. Hudson rivbb and hablkm bail. 1 BOADS ?On and aiter MONDAY. N v l9, ll6S, trainafor Albany aud Troy, connecting with Nerthei n aud Western tralua, will leave New Yerk as follows : 8a. m Bxpreaa train via Hudson Biver Bailroad.3ith at abd 10th <iv.. thr^ngh to linTalo and . Bwrens!?B Bridge with^Bt change of cara and ron* ne< ting at Troy w ith trains for Saratoga, Bntland, Bnrllngton and Montreal. 10a. m. Kxpresa and Mall trala via Hndaoa Biver Railroad, connecting at Albany with Woatorn trains, and at Troy * 1th trains for North. Ill m Kxpresa trala via Harlem Btllmad, SAth st. andstb av., counoctiug at Chatham with Western Railroad for Lebanon Spring*, Plttstie<d. Ac., at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with traina tor Saratoga Butlsad.Barliagtou and , Montreal. 3:iftp ?. Bxpreas train via Hadson Biver Ballyosd cosaectiBg at Albany with Waatern traina, | and at Troy with traina for Moatmfti with sleeplag car attached 4.1ftp. bi. Bxproaatraln via Harlam Railroad, conaectingat Chatham with Western Railr >al for Lebaaoo Bprlnga. Pitufield, Ac ; at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with trains for Batlaad. Bnrllngton aad Moatraal. Bleeping cara attached at Albanr 6 30 p m express tualn via Hndaoa Biver Ballroad, with sUeping cara attached, and through to Buffalo aud Snapension Bridge wltkoat change of cara. Alao. sleeping car erery d ?y excepting Satordays attached from Mew York tbrongh to ! OgdeDaburg without change, via Boms. W aad O Bailro.itf. Conaecttoa (or Troy will be mads at BastAlbaay. This trala will ran on Band ays II p A Trala via Hudsoa Biver Ballroad, with 4 leeping car attaehed. connecting at Albany with early trains fer Baffalo and SB-pension Brldgs. . and at Troy with trains for Saratoga and points * A^^naday train will bs run via Hadsoa HI v?r ; Ballroad from New York to Poughkeepsie and lu- ' termediate stations leasing Now York at S.30a bi. Beturalng, leave Poughkoepsie at 1.46 p. m , arriving 1b New York at 6 15 p nt Aleo, a Boaday train viaHarl*-m iiailroad. leaving 4td street at Ha. m . aud arriving at Millertoa at 3 60 p a. Betnrnlug. leave MilUrtoa at 6 p. ai., arriving Ib New Yorkatit.S 'a m wM. H. VANDBRBILT. js 19 _ _ _ Vice President. ^lOMOBD^mDj^^ AND FO TO TBAVBLLBBS GOING BOUTH. TW10B DAILY, (Banday p. as. oxceptod.j The quickest aad most dtract route to Blchaaoag, 1 a , and the Bouth. Tla tl^p Potoasa* _ steamers from Sixth Stroet Whari. finaBf klchmoud^VredeAcksburg'and Potomac BaHroad, Bow eatlrely completed froai A?tala Oreek to Ricksnood ,Va,connecting there with tralaaoa the Blchiton d and Petorsburg aad Bicfimoad and I>aa vlllo Railroads, for Petersburg. Weldon. Wilmlagtoa. Balolgh, Greensboro'. BaLUbary, Char lotto aad Stoaaiera Boyport aad O. Yaadorhllt loavai Sixth Street Wharf dally (Saadag evealug o?cepted) at 40 a, m. and 7 a. m. aad arrive la Blohmoad at 1.4ft aadISa.b> THBOCOH TO BIOBMOBD IB SBTBM HOOBg. tim JOI^pTsseagertby paHby darlight Mount Ts^TSS may haw ^ owortualfy of ^atMag alag at that point. - ? i BO^Of^tATTlVo?LYWS^pt , WasblnAton, B O. I o. b^lattingmt. i ipl.ll Baaor alPagsoagor Agaat. 1 nOTOBAB TBABBFOBTATIOB IsIBB. j , r BOTICB TOSBIFFBBB. ( Tha fil l? BXFBBSS, Oa??. B A. BYTBBB, j laaras WMhlBgtouatO r aad Alrssw ,1 Wtlrt^ Lancaster's Wharf, Stpas1* Wharf. OurT,"'" 'i % M 41 h obAoSuuaI? bi ,AJJVo?l'e?n. '' Alaoi 1 1 WoSoiii ??sxmi^JOJ. ( |, This Triple TaalHa OHOOOLATB to aaparfar 1 fa q uall Waadflar or toaay othy aJola tMa "" VFlfoloSsW"-1' oofar 14th aad F straota, 1 ji | nadsr Bhhltt Hoass, RALLROAD& * CANADA* WINTER ARMANI k\?Jk JH* ?s ^cmttKw'S At T ? PV1.?.0 .Aor<>? MODATIOBS i.??!2iiaw?u,,wr "?? "??* .,,,,? MOIIUtt B\PBB88. ftla trail rtiMM at BBAdRiuVi PtLn-flvania Bailruao train* f?r A lUfcio^,'" J*4 with U* Utwai'D Vtiiif trala i*r Vmh'' bura. Ac ; at POBT QL1BTUBwitaoJiSfE!: tralaa for ^ Kimlra, Ac., ?| BABKIIBLBA ^ Central. Catuberlai A Valley. and sebuyfL^f^JU Buagnehaana trala. for llamsport, York. C^mbar.burg. Plnafreii' a* . AFTBAvOH KXPBB88 Le?TM I blladelpfcU at J.SO p. rn for m ? ? Btinrtmf, Ac , ei-noectine ??Sj tU* Ac" Columbia B*11 road trai?a IbrOol^U? ' BBADIBO ACOOMMODATIOB ???"' - Tram f?r rbllaaalphla leave Harrl?W?r> at <a h^.?,.p:,'TS"; ; w^-skES? Harriet nr? at t l a m . aid PattBrtlU^I?^^?T? "riaVrV k"?* fct'-Hp;..;ai*aV i 46 * 7 2V i i'l ? " ttJID'Klalloa leave* Bea.lina at I 1 m , and BArriibvrc it 4 ]o 1 m n^r,? &,r "ub "?* ? i-o-^ssTo1. ft" p m/ rr,T,a? ,n I'Wiadflfhla M JK^sauss raw ?L2-~i ali way; leave* Radius IKB^m" **a Philadelphia at 3 14 p m . iaava Pbt|Idal12?iVz Kealiiuc at 0a. m.. r.turuiM from llaSJSlJSig ' OHE&TBBVALLET BAILBOAD ifisr hemk m; 'iTss.'s; ,i,;,.v."MBW YOBK BXPBKSg FOB pITTTSnr on i> _ _ ABl) TUB V% AST " BCBOtt I. vr*. Urk,,; wa. :u an tja n IbK Beailtc at I M. li u a iu and I ?7a J Bat timing. Expre*a Train leav~a r.?i., arrival ot Pena?y Ivauia Ei proas fr.>i,%HiH'* B at 3 aid ? .is a m\ y is ? ? EL2T2? Jil'/'T ', ?.??a m aLd li 3U B af^"11" ?< rk 10 a id , tud 2 15 m m hi ?.? r arcrmi* H> f tbe-a trMb. thro"*h ?!lTi * ^*r* -itsus k'&Viri?$g?Z VX-Si XS!.""*" I."-..*.' KdUTLKIbi VALI.BY BAILB'ian Tiaina leave PotWvila at 7. l| ?a n p. m., re(uriiiBK 'rota 1 auia.aa at 7 U? m ff l.?V aa i 4 IS p. m. ? ?*'-as a m ., ail 1 BCUWVLB1LL AMD BT8WLBUBBMA BAILTralBf lca??, Aabura at 7 SO a m f. p p<.^_ ** 2 "*rr,#f,ar*. ani ^.t i so p. m f, i. 0T* ?' m "fir",n? tr?m H .rn.bua 3 2 P ?;, aBd f,#m T.Buiaut at 7 B a. m aad s.? P" B EIGHT 1*1'at, li road an<! Willow atreeta I'd ft p. m for *?m. li,? |L>V.?0t' u 1? 44 no?B r..w.m., P-m Nui.,, :u"U"i UVo;!?.sr ... *% '9rt|lh* ,rluc,*fcl ?aiy at 3 li p u,? * Thetraiaaof the Prbn-rkuU C?ntr?i d < raac lea re the be pot, at iiat ani u'?ra ^ a LI. b i. ,ea tied dir^Tit ui < arVr^'r *'* kt-t Mreet Paa?- iger H uaay. Th.ZI?, / iwii'T* lut ftbd H alijut Mreci MaiIm m* 1 a.Dar*' af It. ' wiimu OB# ON fcl'B HA Y8 -Tb<- Market Street r*r. . Front ai d Market Btr. eta* mliu?l k V d. partur? ai e?. h train ?ba .^3 ^ahv^rV^eJt WiiL;%" & *? 081 Cb"t,jut,tr-?t. will rTe'v. Mall Train TV<,*"S L~*t D'"'< r'^ Paoll Ao. o?'n N i i j. i?7^ ^" 5*.^ * rn> Line hD<) Krle Ixi.rfii 111 J1-? m? PmrkttMtrff 1 rtio. ? HtnUburg Accemino-iatiuu 2? 'If, * 01 Lauratfr Acconii i..iati n . . .*) p m. 1 iM.I or,|, and Bit. Mai? Bt ? ?W Pm. r-ii'.iMjb,;?trV,". ?' A^i,-t<fern by Mull Tr%iii <7b 11 \& ii< :^ba?tV ^ 01 ?gi??iVWU5aa .^.crV ^ Cincinnati^^ Philadelphia ICxpr- bb .. ' " *? % m* Ph. Il Armni., kua 1*1 k"*?? ? ?. t 1 * mPark?bui ?; Train * 7 ?u a ci. Larra*ter Tralc * ai a. m, Fa?t Line.. . at. Pay Bxpr?sa ?J * 1 '* P m. Barrl?t>nrg Arconi?o.taM?? *l * w ? ?. *S5K:a2?? d3?, ?" *" ?"?r viim!l!'.|M!l.lH^'>* L?ck Harea at'a ?b Wllliamtrort at 9 tfl a m di , ? *"4 without rhan^e of cara ,rh' La> BipreM.at6.V p . f*?'U W""?miPort. bf a?an ma aSp"nakYo'" B a ! g ^T,1 e x WaiirlV^ ... V"?tIL H- WiLl'?C?. Tiok.1 A(..| u u>. h'A??I,u,T T,i,? toi,. ??? P*r fall aarttealara ? to fare and a<T"m*AAatU n< *r?ly to fBAXC'lB FUNK , 13 JD?,,,7' BAILBOAD OF NBW JEtmr Junrtton ?tth tbe IMawar* I U w " nipfc.U flggaa*mm ALLBBTOWH LIKE TO THE M Bit rji'^".',1^' a&'ir. a cbangB of car*. 1 *c > '*? bat Coni^>c*iMj"*aA"|^^t*S^ Tork M srHVe ??;^gB&rrF5K:^ JJfAc* ri'tu!*" 1":,?!? ChunkM ~ror "? BaUUBam, and Maacb 5 p 2 ~tfl5J"!1tI,U aad Flemlaat ? 5 r. M ?For Baiton Ketdin# u.?m , Uaattport Irvine ton. < iorry ,^'rl e^ a.l. "" > '- rem. Ticket^for tha Waat can be obtala*d at tk. LltMtrt/atreit' iSpifTalf' ^ "tT J"aeyU'^f^ Oreenwlch atraet Ma ? ?? ? jal? JQ81AH O. BTB'.BBB.SaBeriaiB^aet. IVBW YOBB. AMP IBW HAVBB BAILBOAD itraat -T^irvrrri, u? r..r Mllford. Stratford. Fafrflald. BanthM^t knd Weatport?7.11 m a aa . and ft SO r For Narwalk-^7, iju, li AJa m ib ??/ ?' ? a For Daiian aa4 Oraaawich?i, t ju m k. m I g. ? jb, ft B>. aad ? ? a . * ' For SUBford-7. s (Bk), 910.11.? a m 1J 15 I*J,,'2(E1?L5M?<^BfttdHIt ?a ? , '?'P?rt CBaitar aad InUmaa'ti ate Btattoaa-T, ^B, UJO a. ; B flu, 4.BI. IB. IJ|( aad 7 p. . _ - COMMEOTIBQ TBAIN8 -**r. "if" Bprln?tield-? a. tB*.;> ?. E*")fl For B?ton rta Shore Liaa? IS lfl, >or Hartford m4 SpriarBaM-B. ( *..) 1I B) a. _| ? ) Wj B 9. Oi. For Oouoectfeat elm Ball road?9 a. b..(Bx.;) II ?a m. to HoBtreal Ip lanhaaitoa Fjr Hartford. Frortdaaca aad Ftahklll B. B.>,(B*..) II.Ma. at Far Mew Haven, Nav Loadan aad Bt^alictoa RaUnoad-ta. aa.; IMft.laadflB a For Oaaat Baliraad?12.l? p. m. to BorthampFor Rowa tonic aad Banc a tack Ball road?8 a. njSp m For Daabary and Morwnlk B. B ?7,? ?i a UB> p. at. OaaasodlatM BleaptacOara attacbad to! p. m. ja l5* JAMBS H. HOTT. Bap?r1ataadaat. 1