Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1867 Page 2
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THEE V EN ING~wXtCT, Tie Uigtti CiieoltUoi it ike District W. . WALLACH, mt>f Ui Pr*frt?ur. WASU1WOTOH CITt: tiTI RDAY FKBR1TAKT ?. 1*?T. matte* obt rtbrt tag*. 8*1 0UT3ID1 FOE LNTER88TIH0 TALE GRAPHIC AND OTRBR MATTER. TO ADTIETIIUI. TRe following is the ofReial ahowlag ?* Ui? escalation of the dally ptp*n of tRia wty competing for the Government advertising Oder the recent act of Coagrese directing such Mvrrtiaftii to be mad* ia the two daily ii>wipapers ot Washington lavtai tM itrfta trculatton: Etuiio Star 7,718 copies par day. ChrnmitU J.MB ? u int*Uigt%e*r .. .:j.S52 ? u Tbe returns of advertiaiag by the city paper* or the q carter ending lw?mb*r 31, 18M, aa taken from the book* of the later a al Revenue Office. are a# follow*: Rtk.IM STA*. Jn:,lUr*c<r CkfNNd?. ,q ijf *7?Wic??. 5 3^ TIULOSti DUIDGE AND TH E IMl'KOTKMKNT OF THE CHANNEL. in ibe year ihjti, in accordance wilb an act of Congress calling lor plana and estimate* for permanent bridge* acro*s the Potomac, Alfred L. River, L?q., the able engineer to whom the execution of the law was entruausi, made v?ry caretul survey* aud estimates, followed by a report tbat elicited penernl admiration by its ' ability, am by the .agacity of the Tlews pre. 1 sented for dealing, not only wiih the bridge question, but also with 'hat ol even more im. portaoce. the question of tb* improvement of navigation on our river front. Mis plans were so practical and *o easy ?f execution, at a moderate expense, tbat it waa at tbat tim* deemed certain tbat the work would be speedily entered upon and completed; but more than ten year? have elapsed, and it has not even been commenced, while tbe necessities for it* accomplishment have yearly show. tb*m?elve* more apparent. The recent breaka*e of the Long Bndg* and the railroad bridge cansmf a necessity for dealing with tbe queition at this time, and the lact that the Potomac during the present nood has songbt the very channel indicated by Mr. Rive- as the proper one. mufces it a nmter of interest to reproduce tb* main point* of hi* report. It is evident, he says, that plans for a per. manent bridge at Washington cannot be properl\ ma ured without a due regard to the intereet* of navigation, nor should tb* equally vital and importantqnection of railway communication be overlooked. A thorough ex mma'ion of tbe river and adjacent country wa*, therefore, deemed indispensible. A compkta hydrograpaic sarvey, extending adiatanceof six milei?from the island rocks, sailed the Three Hitters, (a half mile above Georgetown,) to Ofsborough Point, (one mile below tbe Arsenal,)?eatabliahe* conclusively that acme improvement ia tbe actual state of the river >a imperatively demanded. The depth of the Potomac at the Three Sutert is eighty, four f et, and thence to a quarter of a mile below Eaaby * wharf varies irom to thirty-three feet. Below that point the current spread* ifeir over an immenae surface, gradually losing its energy, n nt?I the channel present* a depth oi only ten feet at mean, and eight feet at extraordinary low tides. A* the ilde rise* only three feet, this depth is wholly inadequate for the purpos-j of navigation. Farther on, the cans*way of tbe Long Bridge ao contracts tbe current that we acain And a depth of thirty-two feet Below the Long Bridge tbereexist* two channels?:heGeorgetown, or Virginia, and the Washington, or City channel. The former i* by far the more considerable, until the tidee of the Eastern Branch exert tbeir beneficial influence on tbe latter. After tbe junction of the two channel* the water attains a depth of fifty-four feet Ihue it will be seen, that there are flata separating tbe Washington and Georgetown channels. aud extending as far aa the La*'e-u Branch. Be *ays: U bren x*jy common to assnmetba these fiat* owe their origin to the causeway constructed to facilitate the erection of the Long Bridge Thi*, however, aeema to me a singular confusion of cause and effect. The r*'*u,"d ,r? not the flat* from tbe causeway. There exia'ed originally Without'tn*r??>*b th nr With or ? ?*' Bridge causeway, must ^"^peered a* a con*equen se of th? permanent connexion ef Mason's or th<? Virginfa Shore. of oM aa well as reflec tMB upon the neceeaary operations of nature convince me that theee Data date from a perils wavaThM ^v^?,b#. ^T*Ct*?n of ^causeway. Thai .bey have increased more r tDidir ?? bai natural l deposits must reaalt troin me ireebet waters of tbe Potomac Ib^eTS^? doablx tarbld from washing tae abore* or a btcbly cultivated region. Itmuit ^ kill Ydes turnMh 1 mora alluvial deposit than unbroken for*t? rnrt*TI^7? ?r tb? opmiioa of tbeee and ^ mKDy P?ru' formerly de^p I and accea*lbfe, now scarcely exist, of wbi-b ' i if our l?tnediaOB vicinity, and h In many cams thi* state 0f things admit* of I ' W^LboDl ?reat continued **. , ponditure* The case of the Potomac at Wash . 1 i IngtoB 1. happily different. Her7lh?%olnrn? I 2[eZ?^TKU amply sufficient, when properly I : peered by one initial expenditure, to iuear* I good and lasting navigation. So long, bow i ?. bydiffuiiTo : m! . L ^ surface, we must expect a chanre- I < aMe and insnfllcient channel. I have there- i fore prepared the following plan, requirinr i ,m?" expentfitures, and J i?eem certain ia it* operation and leading to i moet enduring aad beneficial reeulu. It i* hut ! i tore *?B of work commenced by nal l! *?rf* tconaieu in opening a clear water-war 1 of 1,7,0 feet along tne Wa'.h.ngton *bore by 1 removing a portion of tfc* exiatiac csawvtr i and replacing ,t bf I nee Unit reM0n ,lowerlBA the dam con- { i necting E?*ou * island with the Yireim* i abore, *o a* to bring it oa a l*vel w?ta extraordinary high tide- _T_ 1 ma*^^Trd Mrffc? by * piane of i | masonry, dredging a short, new channel acraan i i ?r building a breakwater ! i s^fl^k!outb,,rbp<i">t ot Kmoq'i laiand to I de8e?t the current of the river into the new i i Channel, and, finally, reclaiming the flat* at the moath ot the Tiber, +u?V??mm Wa*hiB*L,#B*ha<ld ^ *P ?R??aei along the i Wa*hiogtoa shore. The Tiber, or more nrnn < erly the city canal, abould be continued to tbe new .ho*, hu*. .u?l auard-U^b* be pUce* at ! lu entrance ibi* the river. The advantage* i re* a lung from theee arrangement* mav be t rr^r1 *p vou?w^.-TbTKI>?ss.?st ' improvement of ?v,Cati0n. leaypermHmt, . b*n*ua? the river will bo eonflaed la aeaf- t Mc*??tly Barrow channel for thNe-annrt*r* l of a mile below Ea*by '* wharf by^he prape?d 1 breakwater, wbich it leaves ia a dlrectien 1 opening reeerved for it, and I becoming.tangeat to a bold, carved shore of l wcraderfnfiy regular outline, it is well kaowa i '* <rur form "able and deep I 2tew' the ?,1^5221! baTt 10 deaI Tirt^ri rr.ii r Briqg* can neyer he of such -violence a* to form an exception A r?m*r* able corroboration of thU fcet mavi ft^I ( by reierriag to a map of 2* fon?d ? lished a* far back tu i:!V> The old *w3fcSai* ! l#hl,?'Hrn,eri^ considerable aagaitude' bowed no disposition to deflect, ?5thouVh ! S?^(M *b^mTW|?b|l<? ' 'y against the Wash- \ yair 1 ?? ..1- ; taa* tRe proponed new cnaanei cawwt 1 poMibthty injure, aad wiM ia all probobilltj tmprove, the mouth of the Kaater. kraaoh on which the Lnitad States Rave very important late re* t* connected with the Navy Lower ?*n thi*. iii* obv.on* the ragim" ,Zftbi w ' cannot be affected by the proposed chances i* "ay be objected that there perhaps ax lata ? eome natural obetacle to forming a chanael 1 arroe* the flat*. Fearing an objection of thi* I oaiare, 1 thought it well to aaeertiUn poertively altuyial deposits. Porthis 1 1 purpnae l caused to he eonetrueted a simple ! 1 h iron Two 'n 1 twwatv fleet hei*w ? taton ? ? ^feaa spot*, , pnated to the aew ebaSa.PThmimu^SftI* 1 completely and oonclB*ivelr the ooeaJen of I SRWiA'SSiS-fcJSBt stnsrssf it : would 9COC do th* mt, Ic u con^dtAUj |e ^1 1 >ie?ad t mi by eeastracutg ?*e krnk-wi)?r m l chods, the amount 10 be dredged can be greatly diminished For this purpo?e it u nro posed to make the break-water, in th* first instance, snly to the Virginia channel, them i> # of on, ortwo hundred, feet for navigation, while MUMUnk iM r. roaming portion of the woSo5?eotii5?i^ The present Vlrgmiu channel J?oul 1 tB thaa temporarily improved ~K?W ' 3 fi tire, aad yet a large proportioKf the Send, ng correal would be deflee e ?V Uj.Wa?2l ingtou sbore, and exert its frruft to c?n2?t m the work commenced lifctbe dltrffihirSCVw The moment tbe newcAnnel stall orefcntTe 2S,*5j 'vihi"; foi ???'??? ^d wh.^h -b hon,d ?>" rt "r closed, which would be dose moat judiciously, perhaps, when navlga^on Is Mtnsa&Ml during the intense frosu ol winter "Fhe rerM^ad,^TTh^0nito,.n',hd ?P^rat'o?>* would gtye, aJoo^!ft?w? i? * ly aDd un^e/tlthy flats aIOPC ta* shore, a new asd deep ^kniin,---,-IT, ty j ln-5-OT> *"d M haa sons- j - ^#lyffle the current, seniiag ^w""'hio. no tS; rrtli ?n J Virginia shorn. However ' *1* ru t sane a I this may be on the dZnTtkitZHl ?Li?* nTWr' 11 ma,t *?? boevi,r?' ??? ?<> <? ebannsl U inftaitely prefer^ *** ' ??ior osti It baa also besn proposed to Oil ?at th>- river from the tVash??r' ,he Virginia channel. This bl & mm?- re,?u,p? ma*7 wars to realize, fae?/u~? V "prx"'r" r,BO" oommercial *nmt from tho present >* bBsiaaas. and might seriously comfhTarsTnaT of "? rive* below ?Vd baalth of a large portion of tte citv would ho greatly benefitted by toe doable ef *ci of removing tbe flat, and irapr^.ar the sswerage. Tbe cors'ruction of goard-locks at the mooth of the Tiber would perfectly i>ro. tectthe citv from the consequences of inua-' dnttone which are now a source of great an mo?1TC*^ seems a strange anomaly that the Presidential Mansion should crown a hill Uimmaii.ig n t peatilential flat, oa which a large portion of toe sewerage of the city Ucast to tester iu ibe san and "eaerstl nnwlo" some mia?na. lta removal hae, consequently lOWf Imt'l SMCK?-RtC(i thA aVndn , wliich would be more than sufficient u> realtee all the improvements now proposed 3d. it it should be deter minedto^ract a per tranent bridge at the aite of ths Lo^Bridge the proposed plan would diminish iw cost bv' iur? may be simply causeway. If there i? to be no permanent bridge at this location the OlflZf D8 ol WasblDgtoC sbould DOSi?*ai a? il- f the facilities afforded by a ferr?lu^he State Of tbe river that pr.vll/g*- i. dS ^ ordinary low water, to the lljhti't row^nt To pass Irani Washington to George^??n"tt water it Is necessary to turn tbe point of Sllu* ^a li ,tP?x-11, t*'low tb** arsenal, in order to a* ml ? *in,a chann,,l?a distance ortwo m''t? be'bg thus drawn out to six **y tb*'propped modification of the dam connecting Mason's Inland with the Virginia shore, we should secure ail of i;a advanfire* without experiencing any of its evil effects t n tilL?*h,D|ary etA*PS of Denver it would force the whole current around hyOeorgetown thus keeping i? channel free. In Umefof dan?" ous frtshets It would act as a safety val v?bv largely Increasing the water wav. thns de pressing the level of tbe river on Its pi",a2e by the Heighboricg cities, and greatly ditnin lsbing tbe injurious eflecto of Inundations' more eep^ia'ly In Georgetown A??he j?ma iriTsr t, s?S"'?!5',?"11s.'1sasi "'IS??'1:' ?? ? ?? tbf asm ?t the h."d , 5 Wou,rt become an imm-tne waste we r of great stability, |U sloping fncewould a>. t as an ice-breaker, while irs lea s<-ned beigbt would preserve It from the anrrv Tlolerce Of tbe .w^lfen waters of t PotSSSZ strncMon. * preTIOOS oc^?'on effected its del 5th The expendpurea necessary t) secure the t o?. ""nera ed above will not amount'h part ot the value of the l?i,a reclaimed, the greater portion of whic^, I 'me, will belong to tbe T'nited States, as threo r^errati.ns at,d one street front on it Z inmate, -t w.ll be . e?-n that tbe cost of removing a portion ot the Long Bridge canseway, replacing it tem. datn?,tV>y a 7ro^,,*'n sfructure, depressing the . ^ 8 Wand, dredging a new chau! nei. and building a breakwater from the i.i,nH I mounts tof.^,387. If tn /dS w l' struct a guarrt-lock at tbe mouth ol thrfl^r* and reclaim 1M acre- of land by raUingThe level of the flats six feet, and facing them w' h a more elevated dike, the total expendiTare will amount to #8<i2,477; equal to 8 |(t cen t? I per superflcal foot ThU sum could b^ mr considerably diminished by makln* arranJ7 menu to retain the allurial deposit lt^oufd require, however, a series of years to rwhie "r* natertal results lfom sucha.ys^m advUahfU0^. Wp^ltl0'" means be thought J advisable, the earth required could he I f "" n.iI?oa"porS.nlL oi tbe city. thu? securing a doable bfcnifft The I possessing as it would great commercial faoii I T*.0t ** ,h8n ftf,y P-T iupe'}: ticml foot, or, in tbe aggregate, 81(IS ihu I MidHin befor* stated, tfie, the !S pendItiire in question. For each and all ot I these r.mK,ns^ BO he^tauonin recom mending prompt and efficient measures for tbe improvement of the river in the manner here which might exist in some quarters aa to the J efficacy or the plan proposed, however clear I r/v^?B|T C" of 'u <^rta,n success, [ J hV klti! .nBy dBty 10 insult with some of I tbe highest engineering authorities of th* I country on the subject, and tbey concur in the in Itaelf, and what Is also important suscenti I aiTr0!^1"*1 "' ,,zaMon- without Interrering in ?MnZ*/r ?I V ma7 ttm?' the general in. w,,b "" *?proTement or the rlrerlpass fh?V?? consideration ora plan for bridging the Potomac at the site 6r the Long Bridgei L * 1 ? most Inflnencmg and the most in. Ob^^s .Th^ resol.tion or uoByrees ralhr far bofh a stone arch ann imn I suspension bridge. First, then,supp"ng 2? river to have been modified In tnVZ above proposed, the stone arch bridge a?Cord ?age to vehicles along tbe liyer'a hank- a I jf 7ft fept .^1 presenting two opening^ " 70 each: next, nine arches . I 'jus cso,.uv Jay dispensableprecau tlon. and gr^Uv ^cmT-, ngthe erection ot tbe hrtdg*^flffmr h?K!S" "PPortl^ p^ a"' ourteen and the abutment piers tw?nr* feet thick at the .prtaging fin. ThTi^I* sanying estimates show that an eeono^ i 5N? ? "*>" " E? ?"r ba brlclr viaduct across the causewA !1 rether with stone arches over the Vir?i^?J ihaunel. it is proposed tn that cass to J olid earthen cauJeway, w"h TSe^wdi * and span the Virginia cbau??Vvni 4l? nTOr^rctl * 400 fB#t chor<* ^hi turface of the roadway Is elevated fortv r^T tb<)ve mean low tide, and corresponds with i ks r"r. t?,sr'2:of"?*" ?r#ssurs on ?! foundarions. A less height ra,- saa^'ssstSff8^r? contrast tbi watsr^the. bsrree passage or small craft'" fn*rrupt Concerning the draw, hs saya *?tWf i? 2 ?"?>ged that, turning on a antral pl6r? it oploi two Daaaa^^e A# i . * IxmhomJTvSt \byffiZrZLJ* ,#0t -vrs- * sss?a:??3SsSHS Slfthawsrj&sSi common road, aad sidewalk*." raUroad, ^^rv?irr^~r Pyjfjy, rtT". at tbl" PO'n* PMclndat tha ^iTmatMs?^ * r*MOMl ^"Cturea. age or .hJSTT' A labour? * haB,'"0?e **<* <lambls strtcture Although lta sxpenss would hs but little in "^r l? Uiat 01 ,h# tolM vch bridge, which is ireaUy ..perior ,n dnrabti,ty Considered solely tn aa MlBawiT.JJ' tartaa point ? view, the mmmt raObm-VS, itruetton that consld be placed at the sits af ml ^<?g Bridge would be softd stsa* p|n% 'ftot wrought Iron spaas of te to SfO ^ ^T' B+vea *i?pitome* tbat tt? c?et, according to twT geperal data, nugijd be a'jout ?*?.<*?. With regard to raflqfpRofenectiona, be ttyi . ie Long sitb pfeeema >very de<?irai>le facility. a*xt fb^alltydfcove tbe I,ob< Bridge presenting aMdWaftnteiliUea for the contint. tiefcof t tain tasby' wbarf to th# Vfftinia ' Uore, passing over the Ho?tb?ra < pogflon of.MbMn'a Island. It had beeR pug' gea^d thai a ^uayeiyiion bridge there cafkl !> 6#-Br>n*troct?BRA<WH? interfere witb oBfrljw tWn, and tbe'Toeation Was thoroughlygxtflf iaed witb reference^ tills object, but WnhQtt* favorable rwalU. The roadway wouMF'fie thtr'y m forty leal above tbe highest available groanrf on the "Washington shore, a feature phiectiocable in eyery way, and precluding tbe paseag* of a railroad. At each an elevation tbe bridge would be 1,000 feet In lengb, at be<i ' a wmpcr'aYy WnTTfffe',' And of Immense expense A bridge cooM be bnilt at a lower i elevation, bat it preaenta tbe disadvantage of a draw, obstructs navigation, and would not bci owmoriats so large a number of tbe oiuxena of Wash mfian as tbe Ixmg Bridge. Tbe railroad connection, though poaaibie, la not ao favorable as the one at tbe Long bridge. A abort distance above Kasby^e whirf occurs a very great | contraction In tbe width of tbe river. It nas teen suggested that advantage migbt be taken ot itu ltatuie, to erect a bridge there at a moderate coet. It would, however, in tbe cpinion of Mr. Kivea, be dangerous to contract atill luriber a water-way already iusuOsient by introducing piers?a necessity not to be obv a'ert by a suspension bridge, as a draw would again t>e indispensable. A brlage at IDis point would greatly Interfere with the busiLess aud commerce ot (Georgetown, and pietent no lacilitiea whatevei lor tbe passage of a railroad. 1 be aqueduct piers, be reports, present ad 1 vantages tor the construction ot a bridge, bu tbe facilities for railroad connection are not lavorable. It is impracticable, or at least would be excessively expensive, to pass througn 1 C?eorg>town witb a railroad, aud the country around Georgetown Is very nneven, and the con&tracuou ot any railroad through it, aitbongb feasible, will be necessarily expensive. Tbe locality called tbe Three A'wfer* is little ! adapted to any other than a suspension bridge, aud the railroad line that would connect with tbe Three Sisters is less favorable thau the one by ibeaqueduct. In recapitulating tbe conclusion* resulting from the vlewa aet forth, Mr. Kivea sa>s: "It is proper,iperbaps, that I should here briefly recapitulate the conclusions resulting from tbe foregoing views. The localities presenting decided advantages over all other for a permanent bridge are the present site of tb<< UiDf Bridge and that of the aqueduct piers. For tbe general accommodation of tbe city of Washington, and the facilities of Intercourse with the country on the opposite shore, the site of tbe Long bridge is evidently moat appropriate. A permanent bridge tuere, however. is necessarily expensive, and, to avoid the total obstruction ot navigation, rauaihave a draw, which u at the same time an inconvenience both to travel, especially railr ?d travel, and to navigation Every locality between 'bat ard 'he iqnednct sh ires in It* disadvantages, without presenting its facilities. '1 be proposed bridge over the aqueduct piers is more economical, avoids a draw, and accommodates at the same time the intereats, of navigation and rail way travel, and, to a limited extent, local travel also ; but as a means of communication with tbe opposite shore for tbe city of Washington it ia altogether defective "To provide for all the exigencies ol the case, therefore, it would seem to be necessary that both bridges should be constructed?'tie I hong Bridge (on a legs expensive *eale tliau that which has been contemplated) for ordi>>ary purpose*, and soa? not to be lnconsls'ent with an improved navigation, which Is at present a most urgent want: and the bridge over tbe aqnednet pl-rs lor tbe three fold u*ee of railroad, local road, and vasal. Tbe cost ot the two ibus regulated would not be ?o great., pro. ably, as tbut of tbe I-ong bridge alone, fitted for railway nse as well as ordinary purposes, in vol vine increased width, a much teavier draw, and more expensive construction of every kind, while tbe dangerous accidents. and many lacouveniences inseparable from the concurrent use of a lone and extended bridge for both railway and oommou travel would be happily avoided.'1 The apace occupied by tbe Important and intetesting viewa embraced in Mr. Kivea' report, aa aet forth above, obligea ns to defer any further remark in this connection. We are glad to aee that the Board of Trade have taken tip thia question, and hope that they will Initiate some action leading to practical results. CONFIRMATIONS AND REJECTIONS. The Senate yesterday, in executive session, confirmed tbe nominations of Thomas .1. McKenney, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Territory of Washington ; Mathewson T. Patrick, Indian Agent, Upper Platte Agency; Jamee Wentworth. of Miasonrl, Con am at Moasow; Direct Tax Commissioner. James D. Martin. Sonth Carolina; and Surveyor General Lafaye te Carter, Idaho, Idaho Territarr. ^"Mias Rose Eytinge'a laat night at Wall's Opera Honae, on which occaaion ahe has a benefit,and appears for tbe laat time as "Kate Peyton" In "Griffith Gaunt." (V?=?FtiUBDRY M. M. CHURCH.-The ftev. JJ? B J. B MORGAN will preach at thia Church TO-MORROW, at 11 a. m and7)?p m. !? [Y^g=?CRZlTBAL B11LD1MO ABSOCLkTIOB ' IJ? A monthly meeting of this a*soclattoa, for the reception ?f dues, mill be held In the t'onacll Gbsniber, sn TO BSD AT Ins'snt, at 7 o'clock. WM. W MOORS. feggt Hscr stary. fY^fcy-" BoTlCR ? All persons having claims lis a*slnst a balance due from tbe United gtstss to JOBN BElLiY, late aecond-claea fireman United States Navy, decayed, are hereby notified te present sack aUtois, with proper Vnnchera. to 8 J W TABOR, Fonrth Auditor, within fonr (4) month* from thia date. Feb nary 7,18*7 BTRFHEB J. W. TABOR, f* 9 ft Auditor. . .y*S=?MABOKin FOTK'k ?A atated codtk? lj ? tlon of MOUNT TBRROM ROTAL *R( H CHAPTBR, Wo. UO will beheld MOSDAY, the .at which time the separation of tbe Grand Royal Arcb Chapter of Maryland and the DUtrlct *f Oolambla. will be taken into cansideratJon. All eenipanions U*l?ngin* to aid Chapter are rasMCtfoll> ra<i>ie*tnd to be present. By order of the M I. H. P. fe9 2t Attest: J. W ORIFFIN,Bee. (r^PAFtBHAHQRRi! ?Ton are r*>iu?it#d I 11? to attend a meeting of tic Association nn M^BVAT 1VBNIN0, the llth in-t?nt. at 7^ o'clock. Rverv mesaber is earneetlv requested to attend, aa kmieuof Imaartaace la to be tranaacted. By order of Praaidant. ft I V Q BBAW, Bee. rrrr- MITROPGL'TAN RAILROAD COMIJ5 PABT, ^ w OIm,corner of ITtb street and Baw York eve. PamsT, February 8. IW. Battee to harebv alvea ta atoekbetdara that tbe 'payment of tbe lntareat on the bonds of thia Company te become dee inlMareb next will be anticipated by Immediate payment on preeentatiaa of tbeooupona attblaofflco. ? feg-5t J. w. TBOMPBOH, Pre?<. "Let coumrd ilnf and kmrtUi* knav$ form our isU nf beauty, And ilmk aside, lilee beaten hounds, when Erin calif to duty."? Micrxxl BcaXLAM rre?fBBIAB BR0TB1RB00D 1 QBXBBAL O'llILL, (Tba Bero of Bidgeway,) WILL BPIAK AT OBB BKLLOW'8 BALL, ?n MOBBAY BVBBlBQ. Febraarr 11, 1S47, where be will be happy to meet hi a fellow coaattyman ofWaabingtoa, and ihefrleudaof Irelaud 'Vinjniwlri,. Intrnd a*,t? for LwllM. Ttcketa can be had at the deor. lel tt*

IS* """WHiftfJKS""1 Corner af 3d etreet east ana A street north, Cap* li0,igSLt!EV.JS&*r;'SS$?i?}li-. BARLAB, RxBacrstary of the InUrlor, will preside. Tbe offerlags of tbeelasses will be acotmpanled witb aaiUbte daslrae be , and addreams ba,ui.w iTm ?aLst^ga?"4*1 i'a LSCTOU loos OHUBCa OT TBI *OM>iT IvlllM.VntoAtT II. W7. ram OWeef ?rteeloa, ?? ??ta. ' > i v < Tie Beard f Assessors bavlag eompladad tbe ar^aseessmant for lW.wtM ctae a baai^of ' s^tMrtetj c'lty ElsW^^Mwfag; fhwn^a. m.T<?.1' 4%7ei1!?V5bi?pl4Hk ^UbO (al'tt^l ^ \ 1 CONGRESSIONAL. ' ? - Mr WillSATUrDAT* *>br,?arT 9. - !...?? Z presented a memorial from syi f .hLPfff*' * ?'ttT, askin* spe-dv .ic?rn^Li^^L?-V.tw0r'Z8Ul?saip of thenar- , sxtasixisji^' pSj# by the HoUiMfS??iihe 4 Kjjj Ya^* printed tbe memorial of Msrr N .^n^P" W CMT tM,*h*nd wm killed io the " STaSISM.1* """ *aoc, r*porie?'ib#, jino .iu-srri, i -* M*. Anthony, from the Committee on lag, re ported a resolution topr^^.^ copies of rbe rvport of Admiral Davison mur ? L&fl1^*?n,n,,inlc*tlon' ^h'ch wai p?itt-fi > IMJVCMTTS&TW " b.HI 10 ,r*n?*" <? frrrwi J^ar l*partment ReSSS^&saS1 * lasts: S5JTS cKmES ? "* 0w'1?* ?"" ? Mr. Chandler introduced a resolution re a^.Tj5K22"v2? Rjf,t?ir; sX2? <*>?*rnors for the rebellions ^ Mr. Johnson objecting, it was not ooaeidMr. Sberm&u introduced ? moinunn < ? ttrooUag .he o. iBK ? quire whether it is best io continue the pre*, ent system of pnbliehin* the debates of < >n gr-ss. or bare the prlntiQg doDe at tb? ?? ?w?.?b,ddVrntlnt 0mW' ?r ,et "outto tJ. ?r*r ere*weil ?t?jectin?. it was not considMr l)ixon rose and asked to correct the re I Tr ri0^ h C,,ns ,,nUonal amendment as ofl ' U red by him, a portion of the first section ^iTJtr Jt -hould be a? follow, ?j fh-iilr* t n,on undf>r "?e Constitution is na<. shall be perpetual. No State sball pa's any law or ordinance to secede or witbdr** sr. kk;::,?" On motion of Mr Wilson, the motion to re consider the rote by the l^SkrJpt bUl The question being taken, the motion to re cous der was agreed to, by a vote >> to u . the farther consideration of the bill waa'thei! postponed. men On motion of Mr. Morrill, the bMl to amend tbe a?t relating to the construction of a i n 1 . ^District of Columbia w? taSen Vp LnS ?fMorrl?- ^e bill to incorporate he Howard University in the District of <\? I Inmhia was taken on. ameniiea On motion of Mr. Morrill, the bill to author >w the trustee-< of Foundry church to Ju lVd S2ZZ a cer,am equare was ***<? ?P On motion of Mr. Yate?. the bill to in KS'.TKsyMr "oa< Houaa?(jn motion of Mr O'Veiii p. \ the joint resolutionr"qj?t'ni tba Secretary of the Treasury to a?S 1he charge of the name of the yacht Mayrtow-r io (SS BU'' ??Jerred to Committee oa The House resumed tbe considerrtion of Mr I 5aTa rfCOMtrattlon bill, and Mr L inks' (Mat*.) took the floor. His first intention was I 1 kP W as r*rorted by the f'ommit Ve, but he changed this view dmb ^ii. . He believed the State* lately m ?ebel?,oa wer? t still State#, nor could they cease to be so unt I I t fj? OoTerr.ment gave ite consent H !n6the *?lll0n <,et'r,v?d 'be people to Co-operate In tbe (Government of tbe country, and thV ct 'T11 thri St*te8 with a^egal exi? tence, but also lea vet the people in a con men?tn ?fTbneOIl'Si;rmrKh|U ^'n' nated as in a state of eiegn, and we h?iH ^H-srSr? country, and should not object to place s:at^9 nnder martial law for that porpoJS but the bill goes further and floes more. It esta') 1 au'Oontjr. ? -or> tiovernmenu as may pleu? them a?rt , . assume all legislative aud indieiS' and abil! confen-Jngall this civil power sJS?id VhT im1***? \ .Tl,er'* WM another objection if r'? a or a line in this oil! whic ti ?T?^Jr.?Perltk,n ?r ,ooks 'O the establish ?^nt of aiiTotfcer government. If passed wi h this unrestricted and unlimited power it w ii bave the effect to crush out the UbeTt.M ai tlli i s f r ^ Up Nebraska bill, and the action I of the Senate thereou, and the President's I ?C?irS ,t" *"lw" r~J " "? Ul?k: h,M l.^tl0nW,rt,<H,?" Ooverument fT%r~orjHiBolkDormoi I M?MI^??pTrn%:^h MJf SVV 1 bt LoDf kJ' f.Mt- .oh,,,. ?T&.) " ggK, bl/la ri???i*JCI.,n4.,h( *???l*nt?;?POs? The LeeTnrM^trin'wT S larf* enoe bVl?ketarfor0,thTu',da> n#<1 *rt" *^i?ngsWUI Tickets for the course ti Ria?i* .. I evnts. to be hid At ik. u ' jL", tickets, J* | Office M nM at the *,ok Btores and at the star I -r J js? I 1^*' i T A B L I 8 H ID 1 8 s , J ATI * riBOUSON. j ave*uk, coss?a i?T ?TaaaT, j Dealers.n 0aP,TOL B,il' Ph? It/gTBUMBNTS, Ae., Ao. fa??I' II LA1,.LrHlA ALk forS-lvsOiau I T^?A00? ?K B?OKB BD I aid the ^hii? Jl.k ^ ha?py to serve his"rlends SaVf Vi**n ?b4 Tefcaeoe. at Bo. ?4>e Loaisiaaaavenaa. near Baak ef Wa*hl ? fe 9-la |r?M *ALB?A small rresm oelored MABB. * with silver mane and tall: Is se*l?^k I Hmn ?rMri>?*rntt<i ftla Apply ?>IVm u 8 fe ?-3t I N?m t&at "BliAVB ^jr:40^wy>* vaaggas h. J. BOTHBOOt. p I A H O B r I cJUSlZZ!?""^Ml S^MujlnBlunDi'i. PROPOSALS FOB BBBToniLIBO?TAB n Pr**eetaatOhaech 0**rg?t?wi, D SilwIWfrfiS'SS, "Ul ?T? J&r?4&i3!i2m-k*"f.a ... HBMBT B. BBABLB. ' *+* Architect, P > at COLLI MS' * ??fry, eJJ^nBSjIvanla aveane. Balls. Hetela.Ae.4sa??lie4 datly. feg-St* K-F1T1 MOBB~ ! ~T m*^' Q?o?aUoas ragolarly ?eLBWIB J0BM80N AOO . Baakere, J*f * "<? Peaaa. aveaas. A.K BB0WHB- J. 8M1THBB8. BBOWVB * WMTTHBB3. 1 WABiIIBQT?B D 0 , u. I . *?. ?16#,niu .lr?t,.fwS? jh^pjrt pi MH1I Vy t PcUfK P. N. govkrRbicit se< urities. V\ iSBiNTux. Kebraa-'y I. I98T. Jmj Cook* Jt Oo farm?b the foilowiag quotations of OoxaganieBt eecartuee: Muyinp Selling ' I'.i ?' Coapon, irt?l.. li*- k i U. S. Five Twaattee, IBM H#* Io? fj-"?- Ft"V* T*wtW. 10?l K?)g W7 1 IT B. Fin TtmUm. 19M 107 10:* ! U.S, t'iTf Tw?iittNll)U)4J,|l;il.lu4]( lu** li. g. Ten Kortie* ............... 1W?H lol I "TTR. Sever Thirty, August... IBS* j t.S. tea Thirties. J une...?..lwi\ m\ . ti. S. fee van Thirties. Jaly U4\ 1QS\ *XW TOM FlfciT BOARD 8A1.M Coupon* l0.4v/? ............lUOfc I's. i-62 igt>* < *)% 5.*is, 1^64 1TO* 7-to's, June *U6\ 5.20's, l*fc5 lt?7\ /-*? . J Ulf Kl5\ 5.*/s, Jn A J j. 65. lUo y UoM. 13? K flflBtriAL. Ltwli Johnson k. Oo , quote Ktoaks and Bond* n homc and fbreign markets as follow*. Nfw Youx. Feb. 9.?1st Board?I'. S. registered. 1<#U do.. coupons. 10-*; *.*rs, regit, He re d, I US do. coupons, ltr-* ay., l-"i6, in"lii-lii s, ri?gistered, W: do coupon*, 10 fc; 7-3?. *. 105 Jf: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, J.')v t'anion. 46*; Cumberland, >5^ yuirlnl. \e , 4v*; M&npona, 10; Hn? York Central. It/ltrie, W*: do preflMr'd, 73 Hudson. 13- %: Reading. 1"4 ; Michigan Central, l?r*: Mi. *qtau SSouiberu, To \, Illinois t>utraJ, 114 % Cleveland and Pittsburg. 84 V Cleveland aud Toledo. 119: Rook Island. 9- V Noribwt*tern, 37*; do. preferred, 6**; Fort Wayne. Chicago and Alton,??. Alton and Terre Haute, ?; Toledo and Waba.?b, ?; W. 17. Telegraph, Hoston Water Power. ?. Pacific Mail , Atlantic Mall, . Gold, 2 3>? p. m? < t T t LLING LIQUOR WITHOUT LICKNSK-OI FT CONCERTS ANli Tut I'ttl/K RINO-I.IK PAY OK TOK METROPOLITAN POLICE l'AWN b&uRRK'S LICJCNslk. In the Senate ;bis morning, Mr. MorriM introduced a bill to amend and simplify the act* relating to the Metropolitan Police of the I?istrict of Columbia The bill pro rides that the third section of the act approved July*}, i-^je. providing lor tbe approval by ib?* Hoard o. Police of all licenses authorising the dts.'?3Mtton of intoxicating drinks, be so ?on - rued r? to authorize tbe revocation by the H*.ird of Police of any such license whenever, m tb?. ?* judgment, the public interest may require. Tbe second section make* H unlawful tor I any of tbe local authorities ib the District to alter, amend or remit any due imposed in virtue of any ordinance now or berea,ter exist. Ing in any law of Congress relating to the sale ot liquors. Tbe third section provides that all fines collected (except those awarded by special act for school purposes) shall be held by tbe trea*urer. to be expended undsr the direction of tbe liotrd of Police, te build and provide suitable sta i tion houses in those precincts where the looai j authorities have failed to provide them: and wb?n a sum sufficient shall Have been col- | lected, after deductiug the neceg^ar^- amount | for luel, Ac , the balance shall be paid over to I the treasurer of tbe city or county to which it b? longs. The foanh settlon construes the act of July 16, 1002. so as to embrace all persons who may j vend or offer lor sai , circulate ?r ? ause to be I circulated, any ticket, certificate, chauce or evidence of chance in any gttt concert rai'le, lotiery, or other like mode of obtaining any money or property of a value superior tj the sum tor vthlcntbe Mime is sold, aud ail persons who may, within the Disflct.enter upon I any agreement lor any personal encounter as I pug. Iitts. or who may come within said District lor tbe purpose of passing into the territory of a neighboring State for the purpose of ench an encounter, and all persons so I ing may be proceeded against under tbeorders of the Major of Police In 1-ke manner, a? in of gaming houses or houses of prostitu- I tion, and upon conviction befo:-e any Police I Ma^.strate 6ball pay a fine not exceeding tut* 0 or l*s,< than #4 or be impnsonea not exceeding one year nor less than three months, or 1 both. The fifth section provides that any person I charged ou oaib by an officer before the m&jc- I istrate, at the central office, wi h beiag a pro- I lessional thief, barglar or pickpocket, and | stall have been arrested, the luagistrate. if being satisfied that such person had an un- I lawiul purpose in view at the time of arrest, be or f he shall be committed to jail for a term not exceeding niuety days, or give bail not to violate any civil or criminal law tor one year. I The sixth section provides that the salaries of members ot tbe board shall be &49o per annum each; treasurer, 8^40; secretary to I property clerk, tl-440; two clerks, ti,V40eacb: ] one cU-rk, tl,0U): police magistrates. 81,ft4U?acb, I dctectiver. S1.0K'each i surgeons. $&4u each; | major, 81.74V; captain and inspector, 81.'.20": I lleu'enants, 8^40 each : sergeanu, 8>tL> each; I privates, 8V2neai-h per annum ; and in addi- I tion thereto ihey shall be paid fifty per centum I upon said aaiounte by the elites of Wasbington and Georgetown and tbe county In pro- | portion to tbe number of privates allotted to | -ach. the corporations of Wasblngton and | Georgetown and tbe Levy Court to levy and I collect b special tax not exceeding one third I Of one per centnm for the pnrpose aforesaid. 1 The8eventh section 8xee tbe license here- I a ter granted to pawnbrokers at 8'aiu per an- | num and for carrying en ench busin ss witb- I out Itcens* shall pay 8SUi or be imprisoned m ] the Penitantiary one year. The eighth section provides that atl*p*wn- I brokers shall keep a book open to the inspec- I tion of police officers. No article pawttad to I be ?old within six Months and within sixty 1 days from the expiration of tbe time when I sncb pawn becomes forfeitad such sale to be advertised in tbe two newspapax having the I largest circulation three tunas. Tbe ninth section provides that juak dealers shall keep a book riving name and description ot persons from wbom articles are purchased, I such book to be open to police officers. ' Tbe tenth section provides that tbe U^ari of I Police shall fix hack stands, pre cnbe rules and regulations for the government of hack- 1 men, and fix tbe rate of compensatiou for car- I rymg passengers. Hj the tenth ssctioe parties ponisbed an- I der tbe lib. 6th. 7th.8th, or 9th sections of the I bill can apply for a writof habeas corpus, and | tbe case can be rebeard before a J ndge of the I District Supreme Court. Tbe bill sifter being read twice, was referred to tbe Committee oa tbe District of Columbia. I MR. GEORGE PEABODY*? LAST MUNIFICENT GIFT. j Tbe correspondence published this morning relative to tbe last mnniflcent gift by Mr. Geo. I Peabody, banker, to advance tbecaaee of edu- I cation in tbe South and Southwest, does sredit to tbe hand and heart ot tbe great philanthropist. His letter is addressed to the trustees ot I the fund, Hon. Kabert C Wintbrop. of Mass.; I Hob. Hamilton Fish, of N. Y-; Right Kev. I Charles P. M'Tlvalae, of Ohio; Gen. U. S. Grant, of the U. S. army; Hon. William C. I Kives, of Va.; Hon. John H Clifford, of Mass.; I Hon. William Aikea, of 8. O : Wm. M. Evaru fcsq , of New York; Hon. Wm. A. Graham, of N. C ; Charles Macaleeter, of Pa.; George W. j Blags. l>q . of Washington Samuel Wetmore, ] Esq., of N. Y.; Edward A. Bradford, Esq.. of | La.; Geo. N. Eaton. E*q., of Md Bad George Peabody Rnssell. of Mass. Mr. Peabody says: I "1 give to you, gentlemen, most of whom I have been my personal and espscial friends, | tbe sum of one million of dollars, to he by you I Bad your successors held tn trust, and the in- | come tharoaf used and applied in your disc re- | Hob fOr the promotion Bad encouragement of | iBtellectaal, moral or industrial education among tb? young of tb? more dmtltata por- I Hons of tbaSoaUiern aad Sooth western Stales 1 of oar Uaioa; my purpaee beiag that the bene- | flu intended shall be diatribased among tbe I entire population, wttboat other dtettactioa I than tneir needs and the opportunities of usefulness to them. Besidea the income thus de- j rived, I give to you permission to nse from tbe | principal sum. within tne next two years, an I amount not exceeding forty per cent. Ib ad. | ditioa to this gift 1 place in your bands bonds I of the State ot Miasiaelppi, ieeued to the Plan- 1 ters' bank, and commoaljr known aaPlasters' I bank hoada. amoaaUag. with Interest, to abont eleven baadred thousand dollars, the amount 1 realized by yon ftsa which is to be added to I and uaed for tbe purposes of this trast." I The trustees paa?ed appropriate resolutions accepting tbe gift for the purposes named by I nr. Peabody Aa orgaatzauoa has already | beea effectad, of which Hon. Robert C. Win- | tbrop, of Mass, is chairman, aad Mr. Rnssell. I of Muse., secretary. Committees of flnance and inqniry appointed, and it is the Intention ot the trustees to commonoe active I operations as toon as possible. i ' DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LAND. Returns received at tfte General Land Offlca I abow thsd IfcW acres ot the pablle leads were I of dariac the moath of iaaaary last I at the follpwlng local offices Mo. 8L181 acres; Humboldt, Kaaeaa, T.778 acreer the. < iTr^aler part takan np under the homestead law* ' for actual settlement an?d*mMD?B. a . ^ Pat?TS TO.arfUTO**'?"fwo baadred aad Hevea^mtanta will ba issued from l|h? Fa tea i , cMdb lor M W-wbhi# m tawmf the ; bhie'llTtUd^ ^ j NATIONAL BANK CPBBBNOT Dating U r tMK raCtbg to-day tbeen ?u t?Q*d of national baftk curren.y SJ8\7*. baking total to d?te of Pro* uti< la to be deducted the nrififf returned, ia dadtof won -mi not**, aaoaattat to S3-], leaving in actual circulation at Una a ate 9^7-^jat. . , ?KCLRIT1B* UlCLIt The itttrafai of Mcurmta held by u* Treasurer of ibe United mi:h ia Iraal lor national banks. dated February 4, shows a* securty lor circulating notes a balance m I' ai*etf Niate? bonds of 14d.$4t.#*'?. and a? a? rurlty li>r depitalt of public moneys B*V?%i.. so. Total. JCPOgs or Ki acTioag ?Thia morning, the Supreme Court in general term, incompliance with the law recently patsed, appoint* 1 tbe following peraona to register tbe rotors o' Georgetowa: John W. Brosaugb, Com H Cragm, tad I>eonard L Oleaienie. Imtkikal Kavaaca?Tberoceiptsfrom thia source to-day were TT&lbl *JTELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM KIROPE TO BAT. Tbe Pope will appeal ta tbe t atbelir Fawera? 1 be 1 ar La to * ?a< uaie Marj. baldi ayaaputhlaee witb tbe I re|jaa-t iaaaciai aud <>?maa> rrla I. (Tty t'anle to isaoaiateo Preca. Ixnmoif. frb a? Noon ?Consols Pt.C-14; IT. S. S-'Ai'i, Til.IS-If. Erie. 4*. llltnoiaC ntrai, vl. Liv*aroCL, Feb ?Noon.?The cotton mar. featopena eirong, with a probable day'a aa lea of l?,OCt> bales Prices remain unchanged Middling T'plands, ll^all*,. I^o*i>oi?, Feb. 9?Nooa.?A letter from Garibaldi. publiehed to-day in Venice, expree*ee s\ trpat by for ib? Cretans. Pari*. Kfb 9? An understanding ba* be-n arrived at by w bicb ib? Tarkiab force* are t ? evacuate Nervta. Fame. pea l-lt la eiated tbat tb* Pop* will aoon make an appeal to ibe Catholic powera lo auatain b.rr Affalra in PenuayIvnnln. HiKKHiDiKUi Pa., IVb W.?Gov Geary u>. day i* ued a wa riit for the eiecatiou of Alexand r M Wiley in l.u^erue county, on Friday, March I. WiHy woe convicted aU j len'enced lor toe murder of Aleck. Mcfclw-e id May leal. A despatch (mm Piu?bnrg announce* the arre?t of ttir>>e m?*n ou ni'picuu of baviug robbed tbe Duncunnou iro? work?. Electian. kiapiko. Pa, Feb. 9 ?wm H Gernau 1. democrat, w?? eiecicd M*yor of tbla city > ?.*. lerday by fct> majority. Tbe vote wa* ligfei. LOCAL NEWS. Tn* River? TKe Xew Channel? Tkt CmMao* a oj Ajfa-irt titb'W?\ alerduy afternoon tbe J au-aiiier Keyport, wbi b attempted in tbe morning to cut tier way through tae lea t>ack in tbe Washington channel, tbia aid*- of tbe old Penitentiary wbart. waa uaaucceeaful, and r*iuru>-d to tbe wbsri at the loot dt t> b atreet 1 tin morning ab* ba?ked up toward* ?tb a reef and getting well under way again attempted to bte.ik tbe pack, but ahe again failed. Abjut I! a clock tb? ateamer Vainlerbili. from ibe Tta street wharf, atarud out aud brok? ber way u> tbe new ebauuei m wbic babe continue.I to tbe Ar?Oual, and tbe.-. returned to ber wbar: t>y tbe iam? way. Tbe Keyporl waa backed ou* and by tbe same route avoided tbe ice p% t and proceeded down tbe river. K? porta from down tbe river are to tbe affect tbat tbe ice below Fort Washington ia well broken up and gradn.??lv floa'iug off Some parties last evening reco .noitered tbe new channel, aud found tro:u Faaby'a wharf (foot ot G a tree!) to tbe L?ong liridge tb*t iu? current bad washed out a cbaunel of eigbt t-edeptb aud over. If ibis can now be kept cle\r It will be a great improvement, and will enhance tbe value of property generally Ibe ice rtmaioa packed to a considerable heigbi against tbe l>oag Bridge, auU ia ca?e of a flood or sudden tUaw tbere ia ooasider?ble danger of more of toat structure being carried away. Indeed, it ia said by pariie* wbo waiaed D\er tbe bridge tbia morning tbat tb<* timbers on tbe Virginia aide were sprung considerah y (luring tbe nigbt PBK80M AL. _ IBTBBtOBBAT AbTlgUABlAN BOOK bTOBB baa removaU to tba Old atort, WO4 Paaaa>lvaniaavenue above #iiiar:*a. Antograpba, tbe (repeat aale of. tbat baa ever taken aUce la tbia country, at aactiun aeon. Catalogue a?lea of Beoka are conaiantly taki ag ? place at Boat on. Haw Tork. Pbf tatfelabia. Bain A n>or?, Waablagtoa nnd B 'baond. Ordera will be received aad OaUlegueaabowa. Booke. Llbrartee In anr qaaatlty, A?togra?bt, CarioelUee, Ac., boagbt. bee MtJNTBB feUw rpBASl TBA* I I '^aASi ! ! Bavlng dally lacreMed demanda fir oar celebrated TBA8, a a bave donbied oar ordera for tbe e?me. and are now prepared totnraiab anj reasonable amoaat upon tbe eborteet nMUeanlat tbe very low eat caab prlcaa. We bave tbe b ?t 00 LOB OH, best BLACKS, the vary beet BN'5LlbB BKBABFAtST, OCMPOWOkBS. IBi'K hIALS. atd JAPAbS. Oar TBaBare aelertet wltb tbe great*etcar>-. aad eacb brand tee ted br one of (ba aaoat celebrated tea tea tar a In Nee * Tbe very flattering ea'ceee tbna far ettoal d na ealr atimalatee to greater ?aartloaa to ?i??M THB UOMG. *3b 7th eireet, fe V-eoM O?poeite tbe Avenue lloaae. pBOPOBALfl VOB CBMKBT TYtanry D?wrrtmtn', | OJict tj S^ferrtitn* irclkit'ft. P"b. 8. itir s Pealed propoaala will be received at tbie office until 12 o'clock ? . February 23.1S"7 f rferm-a Ingtdell^ernd at waahlngtoa or Ooorgetoara. D. C.,i l.Nu barn l? of Bydr^ollc C<na?Dt : Mv ear rets to he delivered on ec t afore April 1, ls^ . and tbe balance on er before Bay l, 1497 tbe wbole to be of tbe very beet <iaaHty, and aab ct to tbe teat Joepectloo. and auroral of tb It ap- cter of Materials. Treaenrr Bxteaai o All bide in cat be ereomrauie*] by tbe ganraetee of eome reepenaiole pereon t? at tbe bidder will accept aad perfora tbe coa?ra9t If awards i t? him. The Department reeervee tbe rigbt to reject any or all tbe bide If conaldered far tba latereet of tb Ooverrmeat to do ee. and ao bid will be eoaali ereii tbat doee not oeafuraa to tbe reeelreeaaata of tbla advertieeaiewt a Bide ae be eacloeed in a eealed envelope and an- * derail-Pro^a forC .ent - jjCLLRTT. fet (Cbroa 1 Sapervielng Architect 'PHI TIBBBT OOOD? BVLB OPFEBED IN 1 WASHIBGTON 00NB10NMSNT PBOM OBB OP THB PIB8T 1MPBBTBBB IB IBW TOBB. We aball opoa. on MOBDAT MOBNIBG, Fe raari 11. atonr atore. 414 7 tb street. St Beal Thread leace AbawUand Points. Price Alftf to fliSI 1 White Beal Point Application Shawl. Price *B*al Talearleaaoe Baadkarsblefa " " Ceilara Point Appllcatioa Lace Barbea. ? ? Collars. Beal Thread Laoe Baibaa. 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