Newspaper of Evening Star, February 9, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 9, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Iicltcmeat at Btrtaa'i Miiim, Tbtit ?u a wriutiuauve of ?u rituorli> nary character at B<*rnnra s Xawum, l??i \ evening, during the representation of ??The Christian Martyrs." Everything went on well ; to the close of the grand triumphal procession of Constantine, on his return to Kant?, when the wild animals, consisting of l>ons, tigers, leopards, elephant, camel, zebra, Ac., j were marshalled on the stage. These, with the anxilarles ot soldiers, Ac . had just left , the stage, the scenery was shifted, and some i actors bad appeared, when adall, beavysonnd was heard behind the scene*, followed by a crash. This caused some consternation: many per. > eons imagined a lion or a leopard, or perhaps the whole of them, had broken awav. and . wonld, perhaps, come eut to make a closer ac- ' unaintance with the audience, aud a rush tor the doors was the result What increased the excitement was the sndd?n exit of the per, ! formers, who left the stage quickly, for the , purpose it seemed of saving themselves. All . that part of the audienc* in the orchestra i chairs, parquette. and in the ranres of sea's I beyond, comprising three or four hundred men, women and children, ran precipitately, 1 jumping over chairs, benches and railings, | and crowded upon rach other in the center 1 passage As they saw nothing chasing them the flight was not so wild a* to cause any sen. ) cos injuries: but the crash did not cease till the hall doors of ground glass were reached aud broken The retreating actors returned to their places, ' and laughing, motioned to the nadience to be ! seated. It was probably ten minutes before i qniet was restored by the return of the fright, j eued people, so that the play could go on. The spectators in the upper tiers were not so much j alarmed They probably thought themselves I comparatively safe. The explanation ot the tronble. if any was given, on the return of the actors, w is not n. : rally beard. It was observed that the Nova i Scotia giantess, who was near the door, and evidently determined not to move till she saw occasion. We have just learned that the commotion was censed hv the breaking of a rope attached to a heavy piece ot wood. The wood tell up n the stage, behind the scenery, with a heavy crash. Some of tbe ?npernumei ies. who were iu iront of the audience, ui.t-nlv became panic-stricken and tied The fear of danger wa? communicated to (be audience, and a general High: from the ball was the result, .None of the beas's escaped liom th; ir cac**?, and tUe panic was wholly causeless.?.V. 1'. J'ott. CV>vipRovif?t>n with a Korhir ? On the 3d of Of'ober last, 1' C Parkers Jfc Co., broker*, at >o. :J4 New street, Ne* rk were r bbed of ?t< .<*( in sold certificate-by an employee named lieurge Calvert, who escape i witti the miney. Since that time t^edetectives have been endeavoring to find vert, >n Sal. urday succeeded in arresting him in Montreal, whcte he had rented a house and fitted it up in elegant s'yle. The detectives found of the money in Calvert's trunk. When it wis discovered that the money thus found could not be recovered witbuut'a loug civil suit, as this was technically a c^*e of embezzlement not reached by the extradition *reaty. it w is proposed to the robber tj compromise the artair. Calvert at first declined to ?ive up any ot "he property found, but tin illy proposed to surrender tbe S3.>.0M> on conuitioa that the film, ene of whom was present, would give him in gold coin and absoln'e possession of *he furniture tound at bis residence. Hard aud impudent as the terms were, they were ac> edei! to. :n>d ih? firm suffers by th > liibbery a loss of about a.'i.Oi ii, without ativ immediate prospect of punishing the offender. Female IKm tors.?The London Lanctt*ays | that a young lady iu Fans, bavin; tionoraoiy passed two examinations in mixed sciences, has been ordered by the Minister of Public Instructions to go tbronrh a preparatory course ot medicine at Algieis, a-s her medical attendance might be of great service to the Arab population. and through her the bt?oii it j medical science might penetrate the tent and ' harem of the /i rab, where no male doctor | would be admiittd Lately, another lad v has passed her examination as midwife, and has ' obtained permission to otter herselt as * candt. j date tor examination at Paris for the decree of doctor of medicine. Distke.-sisg Casualty.?Miss McCaleb. a ' very estimable yotiug lady ?.f We?t river. Md . j *?< 'brown tr ma buggy one d ly la?t week i with mih foice as to fracture her skull. It | appears that >n company with a friend. *tie | w as taking a drive, when. fr>?m some nn a>-?er- | tain? d the horses took fnghr and off, tbri.wn-g the occupants of the buggy o'tt. j Miss >l< Caleb brown vlolently against a tree, aud re, wived sn? b severe in tunes rhat she died !be toll< wing day. The unior'uuate |-fly was soon lo have been marri.-d to a rmitletn ui ; of ?ea>ib awd position in Philadelphia.?An- I naj ?lir An entertainment for th beneM" of tti? ' widows and orptai.- of Koine, (la., was givmi in ttia* city a lew days tiuce, and a tableau occart-d in b* (terluim incc in wbiea a C?o. federate flag was displayed The agent of the Freedmei '* Bureau put a stop to the exhibition. and shortly af*er. a detachment of the l?itb C S. Regulars arrived, and arrested live vonrg gentlemen who took par' in the tableau. ' The prist ner* were taken to Atlanta and c m- ; fined in the military barrack? by order of G?-n. 1 Thomas, commanding the depar'mcnt. yi here is a proposition pending in the Ohio Legislature to amend the Coostitnt jd ot that State so as to establish equal suffrage. Its passage necessitates a three-fifths vote. ; wbicn will require every Republican vote iu j the Senate but one. and all but six in the liou-e. j It Is rot believed that this vote can be secured, as neither House is ever full, and as the K-*p- ' re enratives from the .Southern part of ifce State are not very zealous for the change. f On Tuecday night a celored man. who I gave tbe name of Henry Dennis, committed a i most daring robbery on Soath street below I Seventh, Philadelphia He threw a brick 'brougb the bulk window sash at Hatfleid'a watch and jewelry store, and then grabbing five silver watches made off with them He was pursued and was captured In his lligtat he threw the watcher away aad they were all recovered. A young lady in a Boston school, on be. In? a*k>d why, in Latin, winds came to be cailtd ma^cnline. quickly replied, "I do not kww unless it is bccause they are so fickle!'* WThe Atlanta (??a ) Era says the total numt>eroftbe oe'titu-e iu tha' S ate realties fifty thousand, who have not the actual means of subsistence. WTbe express train Trom W.nrt=sr, C. W? was hailed at Suspension Kridon Tuesday night, and no' permitted to eross to ihe Atn-r. ican side, because it was behind time, tb-cijs. ttms officer ^taring that be had instruction not to pass any wbich were not on time. ?/"A piciuie n a la;e uumlier nt Puiuh rei nispts a tasfeionable and affe,, i??nate couple, the husbaud searching vigorots- v n bii waistcoat pookets. The young wite inquire.-: 'Have you los' your watch, love.'" ( Aud be refilie^: ??No. darling, twas a iiew bount 1 had tor you somewhere." %f~ A lady tesi her in ar Indiam school pnn- j ished one of her pnptls by making her #tai,d on ; 'be floor with her bands tied behind her i.ack I ai.d a suck planed in her mouth in sucu a ! manner as to k-ep it open, so that she could not close it for n,m? time afterward. A Pittsburg grocer threw a kettle of scutdiug water over a party of little boys who I we:e scraping ?ugar frem a hogshead in front I of bis store. Tbe bovs were all badly injured. 1 f^ATY itt Diraimn, 1 Fr?*et<ions ml Ooisisi, J?a 1J, 18*7 < j Bssarate I'rof-.Mls, svalsd sodeslorssd. "Pro I cosalsfor Navy Supplies.- will be received at ibis Borsan until .'o'clock v? TCK8DAI. ths lltb Say f fet rn iry ?-i:, fcr fornl-hiug ami d< nvering at the Cnite4 Mate* Navy Tarda at Maw York and I Po?ton. on or bef >re tbe first day of April next. I tho aoantlttes '-f the different artirie<i p-'-lh^d In the adloaring list, two-thirds to t>e delivered at B*w )ork an<l on* tbtrd at Boston, vl; - I ?S? Na?j Beef, 3 >M> hh'i , per 1H Hew Navy Pork ? DOu bids., per Rice HW 0> 0 poui.<ls, per pound Dried Apjil?-s. ho uo puouds. per pound Bngar, MM*' pennda. per pouud. T*s, UNO sonnd*. per i onnd Cotfee. WO ftai pounds, per pound Beans, i.'t.v bushels, per busnel foiaases.M.uO gallons, per g illon. tae?ar. Jt 0U> g?lloa?. per gallea Bids will be rtcsived fur ooe-foorth. on* half, thrsa-fosrsbs, or tbe whole sf the qaaiatitis* named, ao l those only will h? accepts.I. wtl .h are conaldered for tbe Md vantage of the lioveranient. All tbs artules e<>ataine<l In the abovs li<t must he S'iual te tbe navy standard, and pa?? the usnal IsMscUtin- . , For ? description of the articles an>l tbe ps'-k ages to contain tbnpi, bidders ar<*|retsrre i to tba Snivipies at tl.*e said asvy jards. and fortof.>rui? tl? a as to tbe laws apd rsculatione is tin .-li ii-t ; forta regaMing coatraeta. to tbe ottices of tie lui.nat.aiu ?ni Pafmasters ef tbe sereral nsvyyards. Imported articles will be received tn bon 1 free from duty, ant so internal rsvenue tax will be chargsabls up*-n any of the above srticlss Kvery offer must be eccoetenisd by a written | gnaraat) . signed by ons or aere responsible per soi s. to the et?e't that be sr they undertake that ' tbe bidder or bidders will, if bis or their Md be accepted . enter Into an ofcligation witbln flvedais. wnbgood and ntbclcnt sureties, to famish the sappliee proposed; the oompetawry of the gear aaty te be certified by tbe Paymaster,Diatrkt Atterney. or Oellseioe of the Oa?terns. 0n prepoeal will be coasSdared a a lees acomparlea by sack gaarantv, aad by sausfestorv e?id*ace tbat tbe bidder Is a regaiar dealer lathe articles, and has the llesass raqslred by act ot ODnraas I.BRlboi. ^ d w?v Chief sf Barsaa. AUCTION SALES. AJT coom ? LAT1HEB. AvctfoaMn. D (Late cletk* with Ju. 0 McUuira A Co..) Bcathweat c rirr of Psaosy Ivania ava. and 11th itrMt,ltu office Bulldiaf. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE CHI0KERl*O PAKLOll OBlMD PIAMOFORTB. FRENCH PLATE MIBROB, BILK DAMASK CURTAINS, VELVET BRUSSELS CABIETB, B1LVBB PLATB. LOT OP PIHB BRANDY, *1NB>. LI?I'OB Ac..AT AUCTION On MONDAY MoRNING next, Pah. lltb At ten a clock, ?t the resideace of kit Bioeileucy O.O.Ttwm, tli* Biulih Mimstar. Bo. I Oorroru'i Bow. wo iball sail a saaerior lot of Paraitare and Household B fleets. comprising? Rosewood Cue Be van octave Ghlckirlif Gilt Frama Prancfc Plate Mantel Mirror. 12 by 48 tact as TTiree Mar eon Bilk BwHk Cartaias, Tunli and 1 Ooraleo Walnut Parlor Baite. in taarooa, 7 pio<-aa uphol stared. in Bod aad Black bilk Daaask One Oval Rosewood Mar hie top Centre Table Three Velvet Brussels Carpotr and Bug* Pear Turkish Ea*y Chairs Mahogany Sideboard. W alnat Extension Diutnf Teble and Bod Linen, Cana seat Dining Cbaira B'dareads Bnreaua ano Wardroboa DonMe at d Single Mattrosaas, Feather Bolsters nd Pillow*. Also, Preach China Dinner Bet. gilt edge, aboat IV) pieces Silver ylated Tea S?t, 7 pieces Larte Plated Halter, 34by 17 Inches Small Plated Walter. )?> by 14 do Large quantity of Ont and Engraved Glaasware. Also. 928 bottles Amontillado and other b?%Dda of fine t?herry Wlae 116 b"ttle? fine Pale Pronch Br?.jidy, vintage 1441 fi?5 do Extra Pare Port Wlw* M do Aaeorted brande Ch liiT dn Chateau Margatix LegflH^.,and Pontet Claret W bottles M nscatel an<l Malaga Wines 10 d<< Cant a Cm* Rum lb do Pajaiete sherry A few bottle* *f Hant rtauterne and Kirach, The abo\e are a very choice lot of line Lbjnors, imported *xpre*hl> for >lr. T*<wr?. aud will Iw sold in luautities to aait purchasers, al-o, Cne Com>?>e,one Light Wagon One ?et Light Harness. Teim* cash. tl 5t COOPEB 4 LATIMER, An~fs HI COOPER A LATIMER, Aactioneera, It i late clerk* with J.ia C. Mciiuliet Co.,) B> uthwest corner of Peiiu'a avi nue and 11th at., star Oftice Building. AUCTION SALE OF~MATEBIALS AT THE TREASURY EXTENMON. On MONDAY ioi'inars i> at lOo'clork & m, will be sold st public anetiou. at the Treasury Bui .ding. the tol low ink* ar tic lea. viz : Mil: i'H for baw Mlll-n>-vt-r so i (Several bt- of old Dorrs Saab Kram?i Biit ds. Architrave* Slimier*. Kir.- W 'id bciap rod. Cast Iroti Columns. Fire Orates, and <U linnet Pieces Two heavy W r.uithl lr> n Axles and Ruxn^ Iron Gate* Ac., Ac. Tei ma caah Al! materials to be removed within ten day? af ter sale A. B MUI-LETT. Snpervlsirg Architect fn 8 COOPER & LATIMER Aucts BY OREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers Nu. iUto, corner 7th and D streets. VALUABLE BUILDINTT LOT. FRONTING OB Ml' h'l KT V%RSr HI I W K K N L A N l? M hThEKTft HOKTH, AT PUBLIC AUCTION On TUESDAY, the 1-th in?taut. at I o'clock r u ,*eit,?l sell on the preini>es p irt of L t No. 2 In S inaie >o 44f. having JO feet front by 126 te? t deep, running ba k to a gooa 10 foot al ey, u>klii( it a Jhii I wildiuc Int. to which We call the Mttei tion of buyers, a* It will be aobl wo hont re?erve Term- caah All conveyancing an ', revenue stamis?tthe< o*t of the purcbaeer. 0 down ou tbe day of sal*. f.-jd GHEIN i WILLI AMS, Aart-i RY CO?PER t LATIMER. Aartlxioers. Late clerks w ith Ja? C MriJii.ire 4 Co ,) Stnthwest corb' r Henn a avenne and iltli st , Bt*r Oilice BuiKaug. TKTSTEE B SALE OF~ VALUABLE VINE V A bl?, >EaR thk national RACE COl R?E AMD INSANK A" Y LI M J>y *lr?"e >t > < f rrn?t. dated the ;d of May, A f>. mt ui> r'-c"i de<i, tno uitderaigi.e<l wi1 i <e 1 . c V\ V I N Kb D A ? . the 20 h day of Ken r. at IM7 ti ii i- < t a at tkawctiso raonao ; I o per Laint:?T -orner of Peon?v I vania ay eatM aad lltn atrwot .^ttr OWca BaiMtng, that ce??aij ?>.? : containing 7', acr?a l<e> << p >rt ol " Ko?(iuiko PlacO,' de*cr:bod aa fallow* ? }i e in 1 ?t Cu'li N j. l. t.n a 'a m i oad .nil ut ' . u ' hoa :ne ?o i iace" by Moses Kviley an?l t bar te J Ci.linan, thenc s *uOi 7o dt-g wait t cl>ain< and ion f a chain, -onth fleif. w ?t .{ >7 1 urbaina, ? nth , o< g we?r 3 7 bxirhaiu*. south 3I:, ilt-t; east l.'i Sl-1 0 cbait.s to Oim raid farri. rond. th?-n e by roiel to tlie beginning The plan- coojpri- a a>le vineya'd in full b'-arnig. anH ia within a'x ut a mile of W ianiiig ton < ity. and *?ll deaer\ing ti e att< ntiou of tg I ricnttariai*. T> rm* One thir l cash of whish 510# must be i paid iaui ediately alter tLe *ale balance in an j ar. i aiot.tha. with lntere*t l?r:4 given ai d detd of l-uit taken. KUKOW JONES Trustee feSeota I'wliI'lK t I. AT1 M KR, Aacta. |^Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Aiictionear'a. 1 RL'bTPB S SAi E of vTLUABLK IMPROVED P BO! K UT \ ON 7'ill^l uKlCT By viri oe . f a .!. t l of iruct. bearing date on the l'ib day of An^uat, A D 186?j. at.a 'inly recor te<l in Lib?r K. 84 II No ! > folios 119. Ac , of 'lie iaiiu re< ordn lor Washington i</naty, m th--Dis trit t I i oliitnbia. ?d b> <iiruction of the parly ae<nr?<l th- reby . 1 a ill sell at pu> lie an tlou, in fiont el the preminea, on MONDAY, tt.e 11th day o! February. A D. 1337. at 4 o'clock p ni .J^ot nuniterad twenty four .24' In Wiltoerger's rec tded snl divt?i -n of square numbered f >nr h'tndre<l at.d forty two 4121. in the city of WasHing t' n, in the District of Columbia, tog-thor with all ti e improveiretita tberaon. TMa picpetty is well improved, an-4 located la a v? -> deairable an 1 impr. '.; ij. p trt of tha a ity T? rnia of sale Ot,e thir l In cash, of which jM meat be paid at tha sale; the rem tining two thirds to be paid In six aid twelve months, with int? i eat from day of rale, ana to be arcured by deod of tru?t to the aatiafactioti of the trustee. Tuns of sale to be c mpli?4 ^ ith within live daya;'/tb- rwue the trnat? e reaerve* tiie right ta rasall at tbe risk and coat of Ur?t purchaser, alter Be week'a public notice All convej nncing at^ stamps at the cost of the purchaser. W M. H w AUD, Truatae, j a iteohda 6REKN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. |?Y OREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. TBUttTEE'S SALE*"Of REAL EBTATB. By virtue ol a deod of traat hearing date on the fiftti day < f January, 1-yii, executed byJohuOolline to me tor the benefit <>f Jehn llazel, aad recorded in Liber N. C. T , N o. iT.folio Hl.Ac. one of I tbe laud r?-c?tde for W asbingtoD eounty, In the IMatrict of Columbia, I wrll of!-r tor a&le ou tba premif-ea. en FRIDAY, the i^th day of January, Ubl. at 4 o'clock p.< north part of Lot No. IS. in Square No. 8o7. in thocityo! WMhington, D. I , fronting 18 fret and 2 inabea on east y 'lb atreet between A an 1 B streets north, and . inning at that width to the r*-ar, together with tha Improvements. con?i"?ing of a small dwelling house and other buildings. Terma : One half cash, the balance in A tnontha, the pun baser to receive a deed and give his not-. e< nr.-d by a de>d of trnat. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at tbe coat of tbe puri haaer. A depo-lt cf $t0 re,uire i at the timn of sale, and tbe trustee reaervea the right to resell at the cost o? the pnrcharer If tbe terma of sal* are not com pliad with within Ave lavs. JOL1N E NORRIS.Trualee ORF.KN A WILLIAMS. de27 2awAds Auctione<-ra. /"THE AP.'YB BALK 1^ POSTPONED until MONDAY, the llth Cay of February next, at tb* aaine In ur and i lace ity order ef the Trti-* e. jal9 2aw*de OKKKN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. |\| A f L L A Hirs " _ _ ivl CHOOOLATS DE PANTAISIB, BT BONdONB. ALaot M A I L L A BP'S CHOUOLAT PAR EXCELLENCE, iTriple Vanilla.) This Triple Vanilla < HOOOLAtB ta superior In'juality and flavor to any other made ia this country, aud la jrepared_ei^ecj^.1 * nae. corner 14th aud P atreeta, ja f under Bbbitt House, f UXUB1BB FOB THE HOLIPA1B. MAILLABD'S CANDIES AND OHOCOLATE8, CARAMEL B CREAM CUOCOLATB, DOUBLE VANILLA CHOCOLATB, (For tabla uaa.) BOPE AND VAHILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIXED ciUOAB PLUMS, and ASBOBTED CABD1EB. Joat receded at K.INO PLAOE Z M P. KINO A BOB. W*BT INDIA QBANGBS AND VV BWEET MALAU A OR A PES. Fresh, at KINO PLACE. Mincb meat .domestic.) Juat ma te, of aelact material!, At Riva place. OLD EN BC U P P E R S UNO WINE, ll Ol'B FIN BbT NATiVj WINE. Gold coler. full. >et delicate Iflavor and fr?grauco,and lesa thaaone half the cost of Imported Wiaa. BINQ PLACE WHITE OPORTO PORT, . . t"Teara of the Dnoro,") Direct imperiation. . Z. M. P. KINO A BOS. do29-1 King Place. I WM. T. COLLINS, CABINET MAKER AMD UnbERTAKBR. f7\ Bbow a?s Mar.u'acliirer, Bcbool FumllureuA. and Uon>efnrBtailing Wararoctns New an4 f^fe Old Inrnlture ef all descrlptious. bonaht / ^ | aud ??>ld. Kepairiug, Upholstering, and Varnish ing done at the aborteet notb o. Bwutbeaat corner of Mb aud K atreeta nortb. No. IB. da la-ga* V'ICTOR BECKER. ~ PIAHO TUNER AND "p"" M EaiABLiaHaD in 18*. BKl otDiaa now aaestvap at DBMPSEY A O TOO LB'8. lagravara and Bta ttoaera. Ac., 3'JB Pa. av., hot. vth aad loth ata V. 0. BkiOBBNBAOH a Piano Booaa. 4 IB llth atraot, near Pa. avaaaa. Sf'riml fr*m Wm Knmb* P Cb., Baltimore. Mr Becker aaa tnaad Plaaoa for as at onr Wararaoaaa, aad we take pleasure ta sthUag that ?a <??IWraklMtohoaowaotaattaaor. aallln l)^Ssf?2KL-^^rsss,*?i' fsuok TATLO*. PROPOSALS. pEOr?SAIA FOE ?OBH MEAL. Oft* Ptpi Ommvstry of SubtUi'nt, I Waiktntton. D C.. Vebrnarv 4.1H7.( R??l?4 ProM*!'' in duplicate, ere InTlttd until TUESDAY. Febrwary 12. I8f7. at IS M ., for farnt-fcing the Subsistence B?partment with all the OOEN ilALthit may be required fro* tbe 17th of february, 1967, until tbe Wts. of J an*. 1887. The Meal to bo delivered ?i the Subsistence Storehouses. ia tie Monomeat bat and 6th street wharf, or at the Baltimore and Ohio Kailroed Perot, at each tinea and in each quaatitlee aa the Qovr rament may direct, after .Jr* days' notice. Ti.e Corn to he delivered in good.eouud floor barr^la. each containing one ha ad red aad alaety six <196) pounds. to bo freoh around, aad of good. merchantable quality and will bo inspected before it la received, Payments will he made in anrh funds ag the Government may furnish for diabarsementa. jilds matt bo addressed to the under?lgr?d, at ' No, '293 Q atreet, indorsed 'Proposaia for Cor* Meal." Q. BELL. 1 fe 6-4t Major and Q B..U. ?. A. FBOPO8AL8 FOE PERFORMING 8ANITA EY WORK OF QUARTERMASTER'S DEPARTMENT. Htadmmrtert Dvartmtm of Washington, ) Ofieeo/ Ckitf ('r,} Wa-kiutton, B. C . January 31. 1867. \ Sealed Propoeala are Invited at tins office until 12 o'clock noon, February 14, isfT, for the removal of all siak deposits, aches. and dead public aaimala from the verloae barracka. buildings, Ar .owned and occupied by tbe various branches of the War Department in and about this city, (tcbedealfnated bv the Chief Quartermaster, Department of Wa-hlaaton,) tor the period of one year from March 1, 1867 . Bidders tofuraiah all neceaaary materialaand labor for performing the work, and to tflve bonds to be executed at ouce upon the award ot tho matt art intho turn of five thousand dollar* for tho faithful psrfoimanre of the same. Payments to be made monthly. Should tbe ainosint ef work required dnrlo? the period of the contract be either Increased or decreased, then * proportionate 'increase or dedue tion to I e made ia tbe monthly payment it Lists of the place* to bo visited and a statement of the eresfut amount of work required caa be had on app'l attou at this office. The undersigned reserves th? right to re eotatiy an ail prop .s ilt should they be deemed tiobiizh, I au)i also the right to anuul and discontinue the centiactat au> time when the contractor s.iall fail to p rierm the work repaired ' a a prompt and satit!sClor> inaniier. Hid- si 011 Id be endorsed " Proposals fer Performing fsnltary Work or ynar?erm*stcr a Department," and aldres'-ed to the urvlersitnel. MI LUD1NUT0N. Bvt. Brig. Gen antFChief Quartermaster, j.i 31 lfit I>eparttnepf of Washington. j)R*Fc8AtiS FOR LUMBKR. TRCA?cky DE?artm*NT, ) Officu of Bui-aavisiao AgcqirncT.S , . _ , , Jatiuarj 30, l? ;7. \ Sealed Proposals will he received a', this O rice in.tu I- o ink M , Febmar> lath. lsV. f">r iar- | iii-binK lunibor required lor ti.e Sortn WiuK >f It Treasury Extension. aa described in tiie following sctielr.le:> luteal le>-t of N. Carolina < heart 1 Flooring, l'j Inch thick, not over 5 inches wide, ami dear of Knots. 25 00# feet, board measure. W. Pine 0cm Oulla,, 1 inch thick. ft HO feet boaid measure, W. Pine Com. Ctilla,, 2 in< h*s thick. 1 coo feet board meaaur . Spruce Scantling, 3 by 4 iachea.20 leet ieogtha 10 Ul'O teet. board measuro. Spruce ScaBtliug.ShyA inches. 11 feet lengths OiC feet uoard measure, Spruce Raila, 2 by 3 laches, lect hngtbs. U.UH ;ei t, board measure, W. 1'ino 8electa,2in cbex tliick. 3 OUO leei,bo?rd measure, W. Pine8electx.dre--ied. iu h thick. 3 c(X) leet.boaid ii.eiKurt, W. Pine Selecta, drPSJ'd. It inch thick 4.U('0feet ba^id measure. W. Pine Selects,dreaded, J, Inch thu k .'.mo teet board mea*nre, W Pine Seleati,dressed. 1 '4 Inches thick. 2tMO!eet board mpa->ure. W. Pine Selects,dressed r, iac ut? thick. 1,0 0 teet. board measure, Poplar, dressed, 2 Inch thick l,ua ie? t hoard measure, Poplar, dresaed,s, inch thnk Alt tbeabovo deacr 1 pti uj of Lumber must bo of tbe tirst gualll> ot t <clr aevel al inn,, and must I he de Ivered at ti e Tre tsury Bail iing fr .m time tn time as ot dcred. and be subject to th<- ia?t? 11. n of tbe Inspector aud ii'toeiver ot >1 ite tials. H'ds to atate price per M. feet, and -tmst be acc< mpatil? d by a written guarantee fr 11 soma re sponsible person that the t I t ler will execute aad perioitii the contract it awarded to him. The tievai tniciit reset ves t ie right to reject an', er all tbe bids, it cOiih ?r i for tb< iotorest of tho ( o\eri.ment to <lo so, . r to t cept any port.ens of them. Bids to be enc'osed in a aeated enve!np? andca<ioi re 1 " Pro Los lis for Lumber." A I! MOLLETT. ,a31 [Ohron ] Supervising AiCLit^t. Proposals fou const rljotion of BRIBOK. M \ tok .s Ov?:ck, Feb 4 186". Prot-oaals will ! ? received at the M tyor's Office until 12 i> . 8 "i 1 i EI?A1, February irt. for p!a is, spe UicnticliS. ?nd c aatrtKtion of e>ther an Iron or ^ oodaa Briu-:.i at the termination of K str- et north. a?:rose Hotk '"re^ k. sa'd Briuue to b<< V? feet wide and 7.' |e?> long and not le?athanlPi fee', above tbe *u|ir* e of the *tw at lo* tide. K' r further inform?tiou <?oplT to tha City jurt. y0 .City a?il ElCUAliD WALLA'!!!, fe t-ootd .'dayor. Pli'Jl'Or-ALS FOB AKUI TEANSPORTATION. QrAT?nttt>IA5TKR UK.MiiL'i Orrtcx, / W *-11.Mi;Tui. I). O. January 13, t8^7.\ Sealed Prop-sals will be received at this aitiee nctll 12o'i li ck m .on the 28th of February, I8i7, for the transpr rtatfon of Military Supplies durtug the year commencing April 1, lvi7, aadeodlag March 31, Ut>3,on tbe following route#: ROUTE No. 1. From Fort MrPh<-i>oD Nebraska Territory. or aach parta as mar be determined upon rturtog the year on tbe Omaha branch of tbe Union Pacific r.< it road, west of Fort McPheraon. or from fort Laramie, liakota Territory, to such posts or do pots as *1 a Lou or may be established in the Terrify o Nebiaska, west of longitude It2 deg , In the Tet it' ry of Montana, south of latitude ? ; dog., la tbe Territory ul L*akota. wast of longttude lot deg., In tbe Territory of Idaho, aoath of latitude 14 deg.. and east of foagitude IU dag , and In the Territories of Utah and Colorado north of latitude 40 deg , including If neceaaary, Denver 01 ty. ROUTE Ho. 2 From Fort Bllejr. State of Kaasaa, or auoh pointa as may be determined aponduring the year on the Union Pacific railroad. M. D., t? any posts or deoofa that are now or may be establiahed in the State of K ansae or ia the Territory ef Colorado. aonth of latitude 40degreea north, and to Fort Union. New Mexico, or other depot that may be deaigaated In that Territory, aad to any other point er polata on the ronte. ROUTE No. 3. From Fort Union or anrh other depot aa may be eatablished In the Territory of Mew Mexico, to any posts or statlona that are, or may he c-atab limed ia that Ten itory. and to ineh posts or statiota as niav be designated la tbe Territory of Aritoaa, and fa tbe State ofTezaa west of longitude 104 dec. ROUTE Mo, 4. From St. Paul. Mianeaota, to anch pests a< are now or may be satabtlKbed In the atate of Minnesota. and la that portion of Dakota Territory lying e 'st of the Missouri river. The weight to be transported dnring tbe year will not exceed on Route No 1, Su.uOu uu>) pouada : on Ronte Ho. 2. 20,?>0 0>Ki ponnda ; on Route No 3,1100 oun pounds, and on Boute No. 4, 3A)?.duii ponnda. Prcpo-als -i111 be made for each route aepa rately. Btddera will rtate the rate per 100 ponnJa per lonn.lies, at which they will transport the stores In each month of the vear, beginning April 1, 1867. and et dins March 31.1888 Bidders should ai ve their uamea ia full, as well ?? ttielrl places of residence, and each proposal shonld be ace >mpanlel by a bond In the aum of ten thousand $10,<W) dollars, signed by two or m >re responsible persona, guaranteeing that In >a-e a contract Is awarded for the route mua tioned in tbe propria! to the party proposing th 1 contract will be accepted eaa entered Into, and g <d and utf clent a*carlty fnrnlahed bj aaid party in accordance with the termaof thla advertisement The contractor will be repaired to glva bonds in tbe following amounts : On Route Mo. 1, f2r^,0u0. On Ronte Mo. J, 20fl,o00. On Monte No 3, UJO.O<W. . On Enute Mo. 4, to fOO Satlefactorv evidence of the loyalty and solTency of each bidder aad peraod offered aa aeoarIty will be required. Proposals mnst he eadorsed " Prop?ieala for Army Transportation <? Ronte Mo 1,1 3, or 4," m? the case may ho and none will be entertained nM~e they fully oomply with the reqalremesU ot this advertleement. The party to whom aa award ia made mnst t>e prepared to exeeote the coatract at once, aad to give the required bonds for the faithful performance of the contract. The right to reject aay or all bide that may be offered || reserved. The cimtractora on aach ronte mnat be in readlneaa for service by the let day of A aril, 1*7, aad will be required to have apiece of baaiaeee or agency at which be may be communicated with Piomptly and readily for Route Mo. 1. at Omaha. M. T ; for Rente No. 2, at Fort Riley. Eansas, for Boots ho 3 at Fort Unihn.Mew Mexico;for Route No 4. at Saint Paul, Minnesota. Or at anch other point for each of tbe aeverel Koates aa mar be indicated as the atartlng p*lnt of the ronte Blank forma howin? the condltiena of the contract to he entered into for each route can be bad on application at thla office, or at the offlce af tbe Qnartermaater at MewTork. Saint Loula, Fort

Leavenworth, Omaha. Santa Fe,aad Fort 8nelllncr. and must accompany aad he a part of tbe proposal. By order of the Qnartermaater Oeaeral. ALKXAMBER BLISS, Brevet Colonel and AssiaUat ja 18 J6t Qnartermaater, U. 8. A. IJOBTON MESS MAOKBBlii, 1 am new rwoeiviag from Boetoa direct, the very fineet quality of MESS MACKEREL, end wbich rarely find their wag to thla market, eag used moetiy to* home consumption. As they ?/ fT#ry ?krt kat the raoet palatable, the klta contain very much morathaa the quantity usually packed. ' " "?r# ,Mn M. W. BURCHELL. Corner 14th aad F at???nndW 401'* whhltt Mowea. P"ii.7bT," ? ?!: bach Bralthwaite'a Eetroepect for Janaary Oardealeg for Profit: a Oalde to the Mttkel aad' Faanllr flardea aiaeara'e Laua Venerlc Two f* 1 fbamck tatloe. LEG All NOTICES. PTHl BOPBBME OOUET Of fU DIB* TKIUT or COLUMBIA. TMaM day ef Jenaary.iMr. Patrick Whit* and Aadrew J. t Joyce, (oavUluatt, j Joseph Johasea. Mary Joba) Bfiatty Ho. MP. sea, Joha M Manaoa. Joba I Plyn and Joha Melon*, de- I fndinti, The object of the bill IM lafthie cum ts ta procure a decree far the nk of eertaia piecee or nnilt of groaad lylac and being ta Washington 1 city. PUtric t of Outaaibta, kttuLol t aad nart of Let?. In Sqeare 1,010, to satisfyidiktdMkr defendant, Joseph Johason, to tha ctafltinuti. Tfce Mil seta forth la sabetaaco taat tho said Joseph JohiMoa ?m indebted to emd oomplaln| ante la tho bob of B?47.*ofor foods sold aad d*> i 11 vered by caattdiaiu to tho eald Joeeeh Johaeon. Tbat at the time of contracting taid debt tho eald Joseph Johnson was solaad aad anesoased of tbe said piece* or per ?els of groand, which, whilo he ti< go Indebted, he trsueulently eoavered to eaid defendant. John M. Hanson, la tmst for tho sole as* aad 1-enefit of Mary Johason, wife of eald , Joseph Johnsoo. Thatcomplaiiiaateibtalnedjadgcjent ctfaondemiiation ?t tho eald pieoae or parorls of ground In andby virtue of an attachment Iseaed out <1 the oommoa law side of this ooart la favor of oemplainenta sgainst said Joseph Johnson and prays that tho eaid deed of tra*t (rose said Joaeah J oh neon to said Jaha M. Haason a* aforesaid be 1 prodaced before *.ho Court. aad theeaaw bo cancelled. Tbat tbe eaid complainants, after the iseaing of said attachment aad the leviag of tho same oa the aaid pieces or parcels of grenad, ascertained that the said defendant, John Plyn, claimed to hav? a Ilea oa tho said pieces or pareels of ground, that on searching the laad records f Washington couaty. District of Columbia, no lien or deed of tmst wa? recorded la said laad record!, but that after findlag of the jari aad judgment of c rdomatloa on tba said attachments, the aid records were again searcbed and a deed of trust frem said Jeseph Johnson to Joha Malene, to s? cure Joba Flyu for the scat of #1 OOn, was found recorded. That the said teed or tract was recorded nearly eleven month* after the date tbneof, rnd ever two moathe after tbelssuiag and | levixK ot-aid ittacbiMi Nt. That tbe aaid attachment if ? prior li- it oa the said pieces and parcels of emnnd. before tl e said deed of trest Pray* a rt'?covei ! ( the amount still due au<t unpaid oa mM d* of trust, and pravs a -?le of the said p ?e or rarcele of ground to satisfy the demands ot the i j nplamanu and other creditor*, and for an io^n t- n ngal? ?t **ld defendants. Joseph John- n. 5!ar> .John* n.John II. Uaneon, loha Vlynaod John Maloiie. and ihelr ceafederatee, vhfB d'ncorertd. t > restrain and prohibit them and tbt ir agent* a< Servant* from *e!llng or 11spoeins of. or i a aa :u*aner farther incatnbering, ibe >aid piece* or pa: eel* of sraund : It m {hereupon in * id lay of Jannary, l&*7,adjndct-d and orf1' i dthat tiotioeof thlssult be given to the *al4 aov-m-ldent def<-ndaata, Joseph John* m, Mary Johns'n. ami Jebn publiahiug \ copy of tbis order in the Bveijng Star, a newsp .p. r publish) d n the city of Washington, in tiie iMsiririof Oolnntii*. tiiroc time* a week for sit OLaecutiTS ?eek? warning *ald ?on-re*ldent def> i.dantn to l-e t?i I v vetr, in ?? rion or by *oliclt r. at rales i l.<- b* la in tho ofhee of the Clerk of this clot:rt. on tbi lirst Tuesday of June, A. D. lsu7. to answer ihe said Id li of oomplaint, otlierv. i*etbe same will be taken pro cv/ifet-yo against tiiern Provided the fir<it pnl.llcatiou of this order *i aii appear at lea?t foar months I>efwrssaid first Toe-day of June. 1^7, and stating the object and 8uLstai:ce of laid Id 11 of complaint. A. B. OLIN, As?o< iate Jnstice, Ac. A 'rue copy B J MKIQS. Clerk WM.J. Mll.LKB, Solicitor for complainants, j a t .'itawiiw JKSS1E McUBKMOTT. GDABDIAS OK GEO. B. MrDermott. t'bariee K McDermott, Frank P. MtPe- mott. and Jesxle B. McDermott, having l ? ported to tbe court tbat. In pursa*ac? of lt*dei r-e raMbed and approtau l>y the Suprenie Court of tbe District of Columbia, she sold the interest f tier said wardi in the fol lowing propeity, lying and beittv lu tbe city of Waabmitt n All th? strip i f Kronnd lying east of and adjacent to the 4 w?-lli ing house built au l<ot No. iu. in ?'iavs W5. in I cut city, which was owned by tbe late Win, He| l'ermott. save and except the fonr feet adjacent I to and eastol saiddwelluig, with a d-i'/th eiual to ti e de' tb of *ai<l Lot Ho 20. bounded as follow* nrtfinninK foi the same at the uorth?--st anal" of Lot No s iaare Mo. 10''. and running theuoe aest IS leet, tbenre south 141#fe<-t, to an alley M feet wide; thence east along laid alley 13 teet tr. th-west line of Lot 21. tbence n rth along said line lta; f<et to tbe bealutiiag. containing 1^4" ? S'iuareteet, atpuldlc auction,'or the sum ol one dollar per square foot, to Jehu O Clark, and that tbe pnrchsser ha* comelted with the ternisof sale | It is. till* I'.th day of January. A. D 1(*>7. ordered by the court tbat aaid sale be ratified aad con tirn.edon the ivth day of Kebraary. A. D 1S^7. unless cause to ths cont rgry be shown on *r before said day Provided a copy of this order be pobli-bid in the National intelligencer an i Eve-n ng star one* a week for three success! v? week? prior to eaid day. W*. K. PI B' KLL. Judge of the Orphans'Toiirt. A true copy. Tekt. J AS. B. O'BKl BN B, ja2) w3w Be?l*ter of Wills. , 'I'HIS Is'T'ToiVE NOTICE,'"Thatthe ?ubscrt- ' 1 ber bas oi taine?l freui the Orphans' Court of Wa.-hiiiKtun County. in the District of Columbia letters of administration on tbe personal estate of Cornell's Doauvan.late of tbe Cnited ^tat*s army, decemieii. All person* baviug claims against the said dec'aned, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, ? Ith the ronchers thcreaf to the sul>ecril*er. oil oi .^-.lore the :d day of Ke?"iiary uext; they tuav otl -rwis? by law be excluded from all benefit of the *uid estate. Given under ?' hand thl* -d day of Febrngry, , 1M7. MBS M ABTH \ K 1?'Ki???N, te t lavjw* Adna nistr.itrlT. ' (JO V Kir N M KN^rSAi7Ea" J~A RGB sale or ABM* CLOT H ING. D'PO' (^utrtfrtnutfr's f Fall i in or*. Mrt.. February 6. 1S57 S Will be sold at rnblic Auction la tbe city of Pa'tlm?re, at Oorerament NU>rehon?e. No 1 J9 South Entaw street, en WEDIHttDAT. It M , Fehrnaty 27,18 7. a lot ol ABUT CLOTHING. consisting of HEW YOBK STATE JACKBT8. of irregular pattora< and otherwise unsuited for ii-soe to tr>ops. By reason of its long retention In store, the material Is in tome fnstauc#s more or loss damaged. Tbe sale will take place In lot* to suit purchasers. Term* Cash, in ?iov<-rnment funds, on day of gale Throe days allowsd to remove purchases. By oraer'of the 'iaartcrniaster'ieiieral. A. 8. B1MBALL, Captain, and Assistant Quartermaster. U.S. A., Depot Quartermaster. ADBEOH, THOMAS A CO.. Ho. 1* bouth Charles -treet. fe 8 16t Anctloneer*. ^OVEBNMEHT 8ALH. CONDEMNED SrRRIHTEHCH 8TOBBS AND SCBPLIS COMM1SSABY PBOPHBTT AT A0CT1OH. St-BJiTsTXRca Of pick, B. 8. A., ) Corner Halderston and Grant itrtets, (Boar of 105 Lombard street,) f Balitnor*-. Hd.. Fenruarv s. 1W. Will be gold, at public 'taction, at warehouse oorner Balderstoa and Grant streets. (Immediately in rear of No lo? *??t Lombard street.) at 12 o'clock M.,oo MONDA Y, February 11,1-47, the following condemned Subsistence Stores, Tiz : 91 lbs. Hams l'S'i lbs HioCotfee. Also, at the same time, the following snrplas Coninilasary Prop' rty. ? 16 Buling Pens, A Paper Files. J2 Paper Weight*. 3 Office De?ks. 2 Iron Sates?in petf-ct order. 10 Platform Scales, 6 Buckets, 1 Letter Press. 1 Dampening Brush. 12 Cleaver*. 12 Hatchets. 12 Meat Saws, 12 M at Knlve-. 11 Steels, 12 Tap Borer*. 12 Meat H*oks. 23 LI nid Measures, . Gimlets. 11 Sprlag Balance*. 22 Metal Faucets. 12 Molasses Gates. IS Scoops. 11 Funnels, 2 Commissary Chest*, 6 Coepers Ad/.*s. 5 C ooper's Dri rers, 2 Vices, 5 Paaebe*, S Head Baisers, 4 Scraper*, Also, a lot ot empty Barrels. Term- Cash in Government fun is. ib,~ u,. ."...1 BTt. Lleat Col. ?ud C 8 . D. 8. A . fe7-3t _ Byt^Brlg Gen Vnls^ JMPOBTAMT SALE Or^GOVKBNMBNT YEahrpoi (jumrirrmasi'T's OJirr, I FalttmvT?. Ml., January 34, 1*7 \ Will bescld at puolic auction, at the pert of Baltliroie. i Heudert?' n s wharf. Fast Baltimore,) on TUDBSDAY 11 M . F?hruary 28.1W. the SDPA&B SIDE WHEEL STHAMHB COSMOPOLITAH, Of 779 tons; leagtU, 2JS feet; hreadth of beaa, II feat, depth of he ld, II fact; cylinder, Ml inches, and 11 feet stroke. A rare opportunity is afforded in the sale of this Steamer to persons desiring to purchase a really first class sesael. She i* of light draft, the engine and boilers are in mest excellent condition* and the hull perfectly sound and strong. It I* believed that far slsa aad build the Cosmopolitan surpasses say vessel hitherto offered by Government for *a!e at this port. Terms cash, in Government funds, oa day of sale Further particulars mar be learned upon appllcatioatothe aadersigsed or to the Auctioneers, Messrs A I'EICON, THOMAS A Oo., Ho. 1*. South Charles street. By order of the Quartermaster General. AS. KIMBALL, Captain and A. Q. M.. 0. 8. A., fa 1 24t Depot Quartermaster. ( MJVEBHMEHT SALE The property known as the "GOVERNMENT TBHMHBY AND STEAM SAW MILL, * with seventy liyc acres of laad, near Han Antonlj. Texas. fc?e;>led Proposals, in/lupllcate, will be received up to the 1st day of March. IS>7.for theparehase of seventy five acres ot Uuo, more or lses, together wlih the building* erected thereon, aad the appurtenances appertaining, that is to say : ONE TAnNBBY Containing TWBLVE fTuNB LIME VATS, FIFTY TWO WOODBH VkTS, SBVBN STONE POOLS, aad capable or tanning fifteen thousaad hides per aanum. ONB KTEAM SAW MILL, capsble of sawing three thousand feet o' lumber dnilv. ONH SMALL STONE BDILUl.H'1. Th* above property 1* *itaa?ed ahuut two miles ab >ve San Antonio, on theBan Aat >nio rtver. aad the water is cousucted to tha eatablishment by a race of hewn stone, laid la cdmeut. Tha land was purchased and Improvemsats msde by tbe late w-ealled Confederate Ooverameat, sad are eeClmeted to have cost iflM 000 la gold. The property has been aader lease for the year 1Mb. at a monthly real of 9M0, payable in advance. A secartd title la fee simple will be given by tbe United States Government. Proposals will be marked "Propeeals for Govsrameat Tannery and Baw-MHI aad addressed Bet. Major Sea.. Asst. Com. Bureaa ?nd AfL.. Qalveaton. Teaae. ia?l-Pt r<Oii, 1BOH, AHD Oils, or the Practical A?r V/ Icaa Mlaer; haiaa a guide ta omr rnlnco aad mineral reeoarces. with namereas maps aad iHastradons. Price ?7Jt. jail PIAJIOK TATLOB, RAILROADS. 1866 PMMVLTiSnl BOOM 4867 TO TUB IOBTIWMT. BOUTB, ABD BOOTH? .. schbdulbj . . Oa a*4 after Bovember It. I8M, trains will I U.M y teiiovi' | WMkUftM?1 SSa.a. I Baltimore?mi l J&Hfii SSftL i day aad algbt Oars. wish modern l?erevsmoata. iMMTliiirrwiteMlmlwkotr* IiUMOTW ut otter rente. Two hundred Mi 1m nnt to WmI?IW?OnM New York Two Dally Trains to the W*t. M .? ?* ?. J?OTlb nrouk fmm Baltimore to BOOHBBTBBaad PlTTSKl BG1I wltkout ckaare _ PuMt|*ri by this route from BilKnor* h*i? >k* M*t?tin nf mIIm >11 shsngTf la DflOl DBPOTS.Tsd ao FBftBlBS. _ Tickets by tbls root* can be proeared atAbe oftee. cniwr Mb street aad Pec ns y1van1aavenoe, under the National Hot?l. where reliable laformatioi w?M ba give at all tlaae. _ _ fmwmw yfKnrin tickets at tblsoflloeoaa secure amMaaodatioas la Sleeping Cars for B1 alri of rlttitori. B. V W1LK1HS, Ticket A?ent, Washington, B O BP. 8. YOUBG. 6m. Pass. Agent, _ Baittasore, M4. dM lr_ rpHBOrOH LINE BETWEEN WASHIKGTOM ' 1 T? . WUH'^stoh, JH.I, 1M7. Tralas between Weehin?ton aad la? Torkan aow run as follows. rim: FOB BBW YORE, without chaage of ears. #? ** 4*"T 8oa<lay; at7:?6 a.a. aad w MBW TOBK,obaaglag can at Pblladal- ' pbla. Leave dally (except Sunday > at 11:14 a. a. and 4:90 p. a. FOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally < ex-eat Sunday * at 7:44 end 11 II a. ' a., and fJl aad $Mp m (1 IOIPAT Lh?? far Haw York and PhSlea^phla at IB V. a only. Bleeping cars for Bow Tark on *10 p. .train dally. Throngh tickets to Pblledelpfela,Mew York or Boston, ran be bad at tba station Office at all bona* la the day. aa wall aa at the i?? office H tt* Banker* and Brokers Telegraph Libe, 34? Penn. avenoe, NtwMa 4th end 7tb streets. See Baltimore aad Ohio Bail road advertleement for acbednla between Washington, Baltimore, Anna poll*, an" th* West J, L. WILSON, Haater of Transportation. L M COLB General "Nck-t A sent GEO. B. BOOSTS, Agent, Waahlngton. 0C?tf _ UALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAI LBOAD, P Wa!?hi!? J an 8,1*7, Tram* betwen WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBE and WASHINGTON AMD TUB WB*T are now rna aa follow*. vix FOB UALTIMOBB Leave dally, except Sunday. at 7.0". 7 45. and 11 1A a m , ana Hie, and 4 90. and 8 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAY STATION*. Leave daily, except Bnnday, at 7.00 a. a . and i <?>aad 8 au p m. FOB V.- AY STATIOBS SOUTH OF ANN APOLNS JLNOT1OB. Leave at t li aod 7 UU a. ., aod at St?<and4 9i * FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave at 7 4'. a m , and ? at p. m. Bo tralv to or from Annapolis on Sunday. UM Hl'NDAT. BOB UALTIMOBB. Leave at 7:44 a. m., and J iM and H 00 p. m. YOB WAY STATIONS. Leev e at 7 45 a. m . an 4 1 Oi and iWi.n. BOB ALL PABT3 Of TUB WBST Leave daily, except Sunday, at 7.45 a. a., and 8'0 p m Oa Sunday at 8 Oo p m. only.connactlng at ^elag Station wlta trains from Baltimore to Wheallug. P>rker?bnrg Ac. TMBOL OH f ICR BTB to the Wast can be bad at the * a*btnfft<>n Station Ticket Office at all hours In the aay. as weH as at the new office of the Bunker* and Broken' Tel?graph Line, 349 Penn. atpnue. between Mb and 7tn street* For Mew York. Pbilaialphla, and Boston, aaa advertisement of ''Through Line.'1 J. L WILSON. Master of Transportation. L M. COLB. General Ticket Agent. oe 90 tf GBO. 8 KOONT7.. Agent Wasbltis ton Hudson bivbb and b%blbm railBOADS ?On and alter MONOAV. N -v l?, 1 -a>, trains for Albany and Tror. connecting w'.th 1 Baithem aud Western trains, wiil leave Naw Y?rk as follows: 8a in Bxpress train via Hud*nn River Bail- i road. 3i tli et and 10th av., thr-ngli to l!urr*lo and > So?renii|?n Bridtre ?ith<>nt change of cars and r nineciine at Troy with trains lor Saratoga, B'ltl i I, Borliiigton and Montreal. 10a. m. Bxrrera and Mall tra'.a vi* H : t?.?n I BlTer hailroad, connecting at Allxinj with \S extern train-, and at Tr?y with train* I r North. I 11 a ni Express tiaiu via Harlem Biilr ad, 2-th >t and ?th av., c<>n"?ctinR at ''bat'-ntr) *'lt:i > Western Railroad for Lebanon Ss'lng- P?tt-tie 4, Ac at Albant with Western train*, an I ai Tray with trniue tor Saratoga But and. Bun nstot. and Montre&l. I 3 ?? p m Express train via Hadson H.v< r Bail- , road conxectins at A It try with Wsat.rn traljs, and ?t Troy with trains foa MontTSM. with sleep Ids car attached. 4.16 p m. Bx ares strain via Harlem Railroad. I connecting at Chatham with Western Bailroad for Lebanon Spiluga, I'iitsfield, Ac.; at Alnany with Western train- and at Troy with trains f?r Bat Und. Burlington and M. htraal Sleeping :ars attached at Albany. 6 30 p m. expreas taala via Hud so a Blver B\ll road, w-itb *1 epiug cars attached, and through to BuOalo and Buapen-ion Bridg- without change of | cars. Also, sleeping car everv day excepting Sa'ardaj s attached from B?w York through to Ogdensburg without change, via Borne W. and O Beilroad. Oonnectlon h r Troy arlll ba made at East Albaay This train will ran oa Sundays II p m Train via Hudson Blver Railroad, with sleeping car attaabed. connecting at Albany with early trains fer Bufalo and Suepansloa Brldtra. | and at Trey with trains for Saratoga andpoiuts Berth. A Snaday train will ba raa via Hadaou Bivsr Ball road from New- York to Ponghkeepsi.< and intermediate stations. leaving Mew York at 4 9? a m. Bfturning, leave Penghka pai*) at 1.45 p m, t arriving la New York at 8 is p a Also, a Snnday train via Harlem Batlroad. lew- i Ing ?Sd street at 9a. a , and arriving at Millertoo at8 sop a. Returning, leave Mill?-rtoa at 5 p. m., arriving la Mew Yerk at H 9" a m I WM. H. YANDBBBILT. I ja 19 Vtae President._ "D " I TO TBAYBLLBBS OOlflO SOUTH TW10B DAILY,(Sunday p. a. excepted.) Tba QUlckaat aad most direct route to Blchaoad. Ya .and the South, via the Potoaaa _ ^ ^ steamers from Sixth Street Wharf. BfjBKC Washington, to Aiula Greek Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac BaHroad, aow entirely completed froa A'jala Greek to Rlckmond.V a, connecting there with trains oa the Bleb* mond and Petersburg and Blcfiaond and Danville Ball roads, for Petersburg. Weldon, WHiaingtoB. Raleigh, Greensboro', Salisbury, Charlotte aad ^Steiunete Eerport aod O YanderkHt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Snnday ?\--alng excepted) at 4 40 a a. and 7 p m. aad arrlva la Blchaoad at 1.45 p.m. and S 90 a a. TBBOUGH TO BICHMOBD IB SEVEN HOURS. Fifty Ml lea Shorter aua IS Houra untcaer tiiaa aar Other Jtoute. Ra an re and set Through Tickets Tla Aeula j Greek and Yredsrlcksborg, to Blahiu..nd, at tha Company s OCice. corner of Poena, aveaue aad ?th street, or oa board of theboeta. Baggage ohecxed UOmSlbuseea aad "J* readlnees to convey paesengea and baggage betwee a depots In Richmond. Paaaeugers by this line paaa by daylightJlcnnt j Vernon, and may have aa opportunity of visiting several \>attle-fields near Fraaerlokskurg by stopping at that point. . . G. B. MATTIHOLT, at S-lF Beaeral Paaaenger Agent. POTOMAC TBABBFOBTATIOB LIMB. * BOTIUB TO SHIPPBBB. Tba staaaar BXPBBBS, Oa?t. B. A. BYTHBB, saaT UBDAY tor Glyaiont, Bidd^ilerrr,^?^^ SSSpBSti. sWrSa.- i~w?. ?B^?. *1 *" "i? asila sso ,4<Mii. MT-tf Bo. 344 Penaa. avenue. Pbotbgtbd "pat- I ent of Bnclaad, ad secured by the seals of the Boole de Pharmacia da Paris, aad tba lap*rial College of Medictoe, Vlaaaa. . Trieseaar Bo. 1. Is the effectaal remedy tor Bes&jSi1 srrs jb* .s^K.^rs^a'R.v'to Impurities aad Secondary Bymptoms. thai obviating the use of msrsary aad all otbar doleterlous ,Dfcach p?eparatloa la la the form ef a> aoat agreeable Lozenge Secared frea tba aBeett of oilmate aad changee of atmoapbare. In tin caeee, at four #9aaeealaoaefor #9, aad la cases, thus saving # Divided la separate doses as^ ad ml al stored by Yalpeau, Bsdlaaanda, Boux. *Vho^esale aad retail by Dr. BABBOVS Bo. 114 gTobabadsja?^of A G*OBD. Bo. 'J" "b afaama.eonar ntb^. wl* |Y| ACBBBBL ABD OGDFIBH. ,or.*r.8svvrtb'i."aeva^a^ Ooaaaslaalaa Merehaata, dalt-tf Bo. Mlatb tt,. bet. B aad f. i P.i8SS^W'o4SsJSa; flAIOK TAYLOB, | RAILBOAD& LJ?W.B ILL a tree ta, Philadelphia, at thefallewiog .' ** ** AOCOM MOD ATIOHS StattoM* m' 1U*<1,B* *** ?' inter**!** %l(tliU,lMfNB?^]uttllO? arriving ia.PbiUdef?kia at V 10 p a am v?a? MOBBING BXPBBSS. AH-IL' S for Baadtng. Ubu... Harriet, f *HiTlUt, flat ttrtn, Tiauii ? >(..., , J* Namaport. Blmirs,Jtoebeeier%iMare FaJa ?Jf fato. Alleatowa. ^ ilkeebarre, Putatoa i?," Carllele, ChMhtntiriJfikctmti*! *?' I This traia consecta at EBADING with ?k. r?DDitl??iu? Railroad tralna fur AHmio.. aad villi tke UbNot V allay H?I| f?r Htfrt,' karg. Ac ; at POUT CLINTON wita Oala^IaL Ballroad t raise far V* llllamaaort, U,t Eimlra, Ac . tl BAUlHllO with Bartae,' C*Btral, Caoiterland V?li#r, m< Vh ylklll luKnituDi tralae for lorUnnib'rlM. Hui llamapert, York. Ckamberaburg. Pinegreve, Ac AFTBBBOON IXPBISt Pklladelpkla at 1.10 m. for Eaadtn, PsIUtIH#, Harrtiturr *c , conne?-tiug wn& UbAc" trains ferCalam? , ' BBADIBO AOOOMMODATIOH Leaves Reediugatd jua ., mumhjaik||a>. atatlona arrivea in Philadelphia at y *< a m ReturBiBg. Imt?. Philadelphia at ? 3D ? m urimii l?i?D<ai7i9* m p Tralae far Philadelphia lease Harrlsharg at 8 m Aid PetUvtll* At 8 43 ft m Arrirtm* in m At 1 t>0 p ?. A ft# rooon trAfu |MT9 Hurltbari ett K p m PoitavllU att a ? "j M Ikfiedelphle M(a, ?** ?HarrUbnrg u? n.modatioa Imtn Heeding at J n^. ??d Harrisbarg an lv) in OoudI i at Beading ?llb Atlemo-n Ac ohik i?U >n ft" J. .A* ? "?** PhlU^^bU al . Market Trala. wltfc a ?uM?t?>r car atta*b~i leasts Philadelphia at II 4 booo. for Headiag ani all wayatatfeaa, lease- Reading li *, a ? T?s Dowatagtowa M ? p m for PhlUd. lek.a aad all way statione. *"u All the at* ve train* ruB dally, Bandars bnnnay 1 rait a I-ere P. .t I-t. 11. Vn, PL ?!i Philadelphia at 3 IS p m.. leave Phila.ui. hii ? ? Reading at 8 a. m . returning from Reading 4, 4 ^ P" CHESTBB VALLEY RAIDR.-At) rassetig' ra lor Downiagtown and intermediate potato take the 7 38 aid 8.IS a m < ' # . ! trains from Philadelphia. returning from' Do itKtov b at 7 a m. aidirjuaauii uo?mNEW VOBk BX PHk>S PUB PITTT^BCRnu ANDTHI WWt T l*0ti Hew Hi I at , * ru ah.| Sam ?. log Keft'llrg ?t I W. It t|? m ?n,l I t'?.,! , ?i?lT'tS: ',.1, Eat!ir?lng. Expreaa Train feav-a Barria' Br. Wrtwl ef^wearlrBnla E>pr.M Tr .n, * at 3 and l< U- a m , i* 1 p m pa^aiD? K * it , ?.tf aa^illiAia. bi biiu 11 ?i p m -trnVi Hew York 10 a n, pP?. *r '*V??. acc?Draij>lug the^e tralu* tliro i.h (^t? Jll ',,r* ^ BCrtlYLKlLL TALLEY HMLti^A > Tiaina leare Pollari.'U at f, u to . n, *..j 7 p. in ; returniBg trom I aa.a ,ua at 7 s ? ui ? i l.avaad ? l? p. si. < " ?*?-*. a aul BCHWYLE1LL AHD Sr^yCBUAMai A RAILTraina leave Aubnrn at 7 :0 a m for Pfr,? a?d Marnabur*. and ,t, ^ p m. W 1 p ni.. and fraai T.aiuuut at 7 M a. n, ?U)1 , ^ PKEIOHT, Oooda -Tall deacrlitioua forwards to all alioTt- points ftoB# the w.>n panw'a v, w , , Uroad and Willow atreeU 'r*lgut I B EI OUT 1 K A IN <* Laar* PhiladelpBi?daily at A sua ta , 1J ?s Br,?n and f. p. m. for k-*<.lug. i^-i.nuoD H?rri?.,? ^? Poltaallla, Port Clibt-a, a ad all poiata beron?* MAIbfl * Clo?e at the Phll.dBlp l. p0,t offlca for a'l The traiBB oftlia P?un-j kaai? Central Kail* r*?? >'V the Depot, at Slat >a 1 MarkVt alrwt whl'hl* t?-a had dlre^ti) ! tb?car> f tbe ?T r ket Mreet Pa... .... H,I.V.V Th, within ob? Oil 8L Ai to AVE?The Market 8tre?t Oara i-are rroi.t a! d Markat atteet.ii uiinutea b.for- * * d'. cat tor* *r ?*< h traiu 1 a^ A,M?^BMAOOAO*.mXPR*98 WiU call f and cell*er Hag.*%(?* at the Depet. Order- Utt tttlmu ?.C' ' will receix , Ma?T . Trutnj l.e<trt Depot, Fit; Ma i Train *t ? an ? P?<' . A(?cm u N a I A 3.10' 0 ain aiia*b Past Line ?edBrt?-Expren at i >? L ' Park at. nrir Train . *. , ' , H ?r- 1?i,u ri? Ar?eni? na'lon ?, ? j, Laacaater Accuru dati n %t i i M" LI'!,*-ur,u' ""itr,<' M",: i.'?? PIJ|a<.i-iphia Eavreea b* Brie Mail l.area danVTUo^'?.i: Fhiltiflphli |p<i,'fE (iBilr Ail a??ia. trali-n darj.Mr,;. T< A" olL#r Pa*-a?-B(ar4 b> Mail Train re to Willl tin.a. rt \ * itliout 1 li.tBge ot earn, and arrive at Lock Ui Ten at 0 ic p. n " ml Ba^P^^agera ly M?ll Tr.!? KO to CarUalaanl Chan.1 eral.nrg with, ut a el -uige of -ar? Me. p|.,g Car Tl. keta car> he had ri apnlirati n at the Ticket ?fth. a, to'J t Cheat.,.t atree" 1 a . 7Vit*? Arrtre at D-r r?'z v i ? n: ; ij a.. rS: Day Bipr-aa ^ " H^,r.ffa,t cr,ra,?<1-ti- fct 1M ? MoBday P Aipraaa agrlaas daily, eacept Cincinnati Bxpreaa arrtTea dally All ot? er train* dally except Sunday . A" oUl'r uTm!?r>8*ri'*^'ing-1"K,t h*t'? at 7 a tn . * 4 ^tlliMnaport at 84? a. m.. r?ach PLHadeip"a, s.'teyjrs.i?'! ' ? <> the Peanaylvania Hail mad Gonpanr will B^e aaanmeany nak for Baggage, axrepttoV Waarl^ APpart-1, a&d limit their reaponaibility to Ul< Hundred Dollara In Talue. All Ba^ga?e aic^d lng that amount In ralne.wlll t>e at t&e rnk it the owner naleea taken by erecial co.tract w r"l*r Information apply to Dnt0J??at? ALLIM ??ket,IgVn?t. t)lChM|. D?F?C^ H' wallacb? *?okat A?ant at the AN EMISBAMT TBAIN rani daily, except MM AY. Por foil particular* aa to fare aad accnuddt tlcna apply to PBANCIS PUNK, 117 D""it rBNTKAL RAILROAD OF NEW JBBSBY? P ??aenger aud Freight liep< t 1u Me* York foot of Liberty atreet. Oonaecta at Hampt. b JuncttoB with the Delaware. La kawanua and Bailroad.aud at E ?a:na with the Lehirb Valley .iad ita coeaecti .a*, femilng a 4 ulrect line to Pittavarg and the Weat with ut ? change of cara. AI.l.BKTt>WN LIKE TO TUB UB8T. Two Kx(ie?a Trains d illy for the U . 4t, excert enr.da)a, when one Train tn the evening ?*t\ wiles and three hnara aared by tMs line to I hit-ago, Cib< innatl, 8t Loais, Jtc , with bat oae ehance of cars. winter akrahqementn Oomme>clu* Jaauary 7,lsj7-Le.?- New Yjrk i? ilowt: A M ?ITor K%?ton, B-thl h^m, Mrr?? Cbaiik, W UliAiiAtp ?rtf ^ ilfce?t>*rr , M&Iia f Olt) ? AC ?:10 A M Mail Tra *-For rieiaiagton, E*?^ ?crant.?a, Wi!ke?i>arre, Gre^ Betin. PiUcburf, RinfhBmton? Jtc. A. II ? Western E\pr>-se for Barton, Allentown. Uarnatarg. Pittsl arg. and th- Wert, aitn but oi.e < bange <>f cars t? Ciucianatl er Ot lta? , aad but two change* to :?t. Leuia O. h .. cu it Mern-bure with V.>rthern Central and Philadelphia and Brie Roads, for Brie aad the Oil Begtons. It ? ,Tli"L~^or Baatoa. Alleatewn, <anrti hank. W likesbarre, Reading, PotUrllle U ?rnsbar*. Be. 4 P M ?For Baat a. Bethlehem, and Maocti Chnnk. P. M.?For BomerTllle and Fle?in?t~B. ? P. M ?For Bastoa. Raading. Harriebnrg. Willi amaport, Ir viae ton. Oorry, Rrle. Ac. bleepibg car from New York to Willianiepert. ( is P. M ? For 8??mervllle 7.30 T. M ?ForSomerTille. P II ?W*arrB> liriKM Taata ?For Beaton, A lien town, Reading, Uarriebarg, Pittuknm, and the Weat. Bleeping cars through from Jersey City to Pittsburg every eraoiag. Additional Uelite are raa to Bergen Poiat, Blir.abelk. Be. Tlcket^for the Weat raa be nbUtaad at the office of the Oeutral Railroad of lew Jersey, foot "f Liberty btreat, Borth Ho. 1 Astor U OD-f, Hoa. U1. UTI. 4W Broadway. aad at Ho 19 Greenwich atre?t. jail JOSIAI1 0. STB* BNS,Buperiateadenl | New tobr and hbw havbh bailrjad TaBBenger Btatloa la New York, corner STia street and Fourth avenue tbaihs lbavb hbw tobe For Hew Haven and Bridgeport-}. |iBx 1.11 *J a. m ; 13.11 (Bx.),3(Bx ), 3.Si, s.3u. and 8. Bi 1. p. tn. For Mtlford. Bt rat ford, Fairfield. Beathport, and Weetport?7, UJU am , and S3u 1 n. For Norwalk?7. y.>>. It Sua. m ; 13 IS^Bx.i. 3 (Ex.).S so. 4 30 8 9', aad m Ex.' p. m For Darlen and Greenwich?7, 9 ?j, 11 9* a 3 M. 4.30, i ?. and 6 3P_p m. _ For Stamford?7, 8 i Ex 1.? W. 11 V a m 1- '* (Bx. , 31 Bx, 4 at, ?.?i.? an and H E* >P For Port Okeeter aad I a term*-, i ate ?tati??a?--. 9 ae. llJua. m.. SAO., S SO. Caad 7 v m CONNBCTIBQ TRAINS. Far Boeton via 8prtacleM-? a. m.. ( Bx.:' 3. (Bx..)8p.m. For Boetoa via Shore Liae?13 >*< (1Vor'&artford and Spring-field?8, (Bi.,HI.** BFor (Bonaec'tiSut ilvar Ball read?8 a. m.. (Bx;) 11 Si a. a. to Moatreal* S p. m. *0 HartkamatoB. For HarttofB, Provideaoe aad rtehklll B. B 8*^e*Meir Havea, Near Loadea aad Stoalagtoa toFor Hoaaatoalc aad Haagatack Ball road-la. ""p^rVaabary aad Harwalk ft-*-! '**oBimo<llBtii Bleaplag Oart attacked PpI f. i *S4' iAHM H. BOTT. BtpartatMiaal.