Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1867 Page 1
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Anting Jte, V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11. 1867. N5. 4,316. "tiTeeveNing star PUBLISHED DAILY, I SUM DAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAB BU1L.DH40, jmAatfit earner kwm ami liU ?treat, BT W. D. WALLA OH. TM STAR to served bj tae camera to their subecribare In the City and D telnet at Til Ciiti ran wiu. OoytM at the counter,with er without wrap pen. Two Outi each. PaiCB roa Mailiho?Three months tOnt IhUar aad T\Jty Ctati; six month*, TKrtt ?>*lara; one Tear, #Vee Dollm i. ffo papers an aent from the off ee longer taaa paid tor. The WEEKLY STAR?published on Friday a>r?iflj- One Mar end a gay a Tsar. ??????a?a??? i dentistry. DB. LEWIE'S DBMTlL ASSOCIATION, . lo. too rESM'i iTi, Between Uth a ad l3tb atraeta, ?Teeth extracted without H'n by admlaaterlag ??{??? Uijia er Laughiag Oaa. Dr./^^ LBWlB hae recantly pnrcbassd ths t*et*iJ55X Chemical AM?rMn la the country foe**-' i ip a^lna ncrs gae e vsr> day; aieo, an Improved Valvaier Iahaler. the Association la now prepared *? iaaka Teeth on <Jold, Surer and bibber at Sew lork Philadelphia and Boston prtcee. All peraooe wishing dental work done oan bar* It aa cheap earn the above sained cltiee All work done iu the neataet and beat Banner, aad warranted to give satisfaction Peraona will do well to call and examine oor woTk. d? 34tf T" * 1 S/LOOIIIB.M D . pfrrL,?5fe-,l,i Patentee of tae I USUAL PI*ATB TBBTH. atteuda personally tt^?^ bla office in thte city. Many peraona caaMfeBi wear tbeee teetb wbo cannot wear othera/4**"** tbeee ? '*r*OB ?** wm* oUlMra *bo eanaet wear , em",nf at aay office oan be ecoommoda w?! ^ fL'S" ^n<1 Frtce or Teeth tbey may dedre, but to tbeee who are particular, and wlett tha pareet, cleaueet, strongest and moat perfect d n lin ??*"?rocnre.tbe HIBBBAL TBBXH *wiJ5!2 P9^r? f.n11? warranted. Boomela thle city-Mo 33* Pean'a avenae. be ffiagiia?10th A1*-?0T Aw? gy? PERSONAL." Y OU 0AM NEVER MAKE THB TRIP en Baebu or Samaritan humbug* Bee Dr. DABBY, IS1.' 7th itieet. lie 1. ihe hlgneat authority CMe< HI* private rooms are oppoette Odd Fellowa Hall ja2s-lm* IFRBVBMTlOM BETTER THAlT CORk I French prevent!*ee agatnat dJeeage and pregcaccy t when ? la uodeHrable j Sent to anv ad<ir?a? -it J t. ?.V s and $7 ?er !o/?n. according to <iue!t?y,by Dr WOOO Box >83, or call at 4>y th etreet, (up etairej H eshington. 1) C. ja?-lm? ,\I MB. CC BT IS 1BV1NO, Ctairvmpmat, mn<i Test I i, * Medium, will glv life readings, Including ?laet. Present and fBtn:.! atber office, 430, nerth aide of Pa. nr., between and ?th streete. Office heart from 9 to I a m and 8 to 9 am. j a 14 Ira' AB. MAI BI b. H*4L H*;faNTIF I UAS trolouer or amerioa, Krorr the p< eition ana aspect of trie Stare at the time I'l one', birth, will reveal aetmiahing aecret? that no living mortal erer knew b?*tore: how to be occ--*?ful in all reasonable nndertakmga. Br telle Dame and very day yoa marry, deecrii>aa tb?* intended companion, and telle all ereata of life, good Inch and i?og life to vieliore. LalieetO | cent* to $1 geLtlemea In fall #1. Oall at 470 11th at . near F, all hoara until 9 In the evening de 31 Im* | 4 ' BNTLKMEN WHO ABB AFFLIOTID -A " care warranted br an old Surgeon of tweatythree jeara' eiperience in th1a partlcalar branch el the profraalen. Cbargei moderate Do not apply to quark*, but to J B.OABErMBB, M I* . late of the I'oited Statea Ktcord Venereal.Hoa l,ul- Mo- eouth A etreet, opooelte the Capitol P ,eart-, eouth aide. B B ? Medlcinee alao fnrniahed at coat. de 17 lm* C'OBFIDBNTIAL?Yonng men who bare inv.^red thweaivee oy corUin aecret habiu, which unfit them for buaineee. pleaaure, or the dotleeof married life; alao, Blddle aged and old Cmen. who. from the folliee of youth, or other, feel a debility in advance of their yeara. fere placing themaelvee under thf treatment of any one ebould firet read "The Secret friend.'' Married ladiee w|4i learn eomethtag of importance by perueing 'The Secret Friend." Sent to aay addreaa. In a aealed envelope, oa recdlpt of 23 cents A'idreee Dr. CHAS. A ItUABT A 00 . Be^toal no >-ly CLOTHING,*?. J. HBfBBMBfc, _r Saoceeeor te H. W. Leadoa A Oo., ^ VITIZES'S AlfD MILITARY ? MERCHAyT TAILOR, Wk Metropolitan Botel late Brewu'e, wif ? 368 Penaaylvasla aaaaae, l tf Waablngten. D. 0. OTTO WILKINH' P1AMOB AMD OAIH41T A MBBuMAM'-S PABLOM QMQAMB a?ViJ!lH U """T ? their M to examine tbeae tuperb ln.tramenta be-IBBa fore pnrabaaing any other. ?T?B^ Only agency at OKOROI L. WILD A BRO utC*?Jl'L?J"l0rgmb Warerooja No. 4?7 a f"^n avenne aiA k street .. eeieci aaeonaaent of new aod second hand In. atrnmenta, Including n CHURCH OBQAM far ^.at lowct factory prleee. and on aaay term. ""Uiaa <uurf?ur^S?id g B C BBT D 1 g I A g B 8. lANARlfaH'1 6IPT! BAMARlTAtra QITT i THB MOST CSBTAIH BBMBDT BTBB OSBD "Tee, A Poetnya Ora?," fer OONOREUOtA, OLE Mr. 8 TRIG TURKS. Cont ,lna no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Mercury. Ow.? Ten PtUt te t* DiM$n to tjtci a Curt. Tbey are eattrely vegetable, having no amell no. aay nnpleaaans taate, aad will not in any war la jure the atomacb er bowela of the moot delicate Curee la from two to foar daya, and reoeat caeea ta "twenty fonr houra " Prepared by a graduate of the Cnlveralty of Pennsylvania, eneef tbe moat emiaaat Dtctaa aad Cbemlats of the araeaal daj no wn?*Tt, ne irvubi*. n* chantt wkmtner. ' Let thoee who have deapal red of gettlag oared at wbo have been gorged ?lth Baieaa OoaaftaoTrt? cury. try the " SAMARITAM'B GlTT * Beat by mall In a plain enwelaaa Price?Male pack a gee, #3. Fea&^ BLOOD! BLOOD! / BLOOD!// SCROFULA, DLCBRS. SORBS. SPOT* la offered tb? anblla as a aoaftlve rmrl SYPHILIS OR VEht&MAL l>lBC?sV? SAMARITAM'B BOOT AMD RBRB %I*S' l?t afKl effectual remedy ever .J. scribed; It reaches and gradisateeevery partfeu ti the venereal potaoa, ao that the cuxe ta tho^il^ and partsanent. Take, then,of thia anHf.t^rt^'" edy aad be healed, and do not traas^t It af It? posterity that for which ySu may ...k h ?? BeT DBSPAIBI Althoagh roa may oe proaounces i arartki, jsfisfriffi/jssR*.ns?S!SSffi. TAzt'ir1 'y&irisvr' In mauy aflectlcns with whlcn numB?r, 'f . males snffer the BOOT AMD HMRb JVii\Z bappll* adapted, la Ulcerated OWas In rliura. In bearing dj?n. Falling of the Jni?CHT' bllity. and for Jl complaiau .aoldeBt Xcx'g'L*9 Bsat by express. Price ?i.? p#r botUa 1 . . BAMABITAN'S WASH R^fa^SbWeil'' lDOOQa^ao> with the Pall directions. Prloe 1ft cents The efllcacy of tbeee remedies la alike actna.i "a" "" !?SJVKa??iTH"*?" wvjftf liara that 1 have ased them with judsmentdlecratoS!1 't*?TO?!rlr' and, bava foand tW, re.^l t?^,' auSKlpatlone aromptly aod effectoallv K > ^ALPBBD O. BOWMRS. Aaglataat Snrgeoa.SU M I. ToU. ? Bold by B.C. FORD, earaer II ta aweet and 'luaiiia.iuci. waisi.uhoii. c r at*c? LAW Of Flea. atacg. BLA OX, LAMOM A on uoaiiillcrt and Atterneya at- Law In th* m a^? ^^^h^acatlv. Departlaria ii to| > atreet, (directly eppoelte Wll de 13-tf LI KBZBBJtO ? LOAN OFPICB. " *?, . . . KataMletiaa 1-WI. aad all kiada <J Mertkaadia* ' confldentlil 341 North C atreet.UtSaTnVwi^S 2 '^u' i. rear'of'thtllitlc^ B im? I^ATAsT PA*^?hi9l,# OF liAIK b. aTJliot. HtFflfrn HAin ItRFSSWR, B atraet beta-en 13th anU 14th at) Mr. Alll^, frolt P?ria, Hair-Dreaaer, of the celebrated Ba bel with whom he arrived In thia cvuatry. baa now been eetablKhed f?r tae last elant years la Washlnsttia aad Nswport, ea V'ag the patr< aage of tbecerpi tqw,-, and of tbe highest eocietf. He has the b< aor to aaaonace that ha ha* thla aeaeoa imported tbe lateet ItlllOnfl of hitir |lj Also BOKDI^I. ind ?arytblag that lelonga to the dreeslng ef ialr d very reaaoaat. I? prleee. iaf gm" ^*P ABB CAl'oLB ^ ANV PACT OB KB. . adll be plaaaed to aae all ale aid *rt*ade aad caetooiara at Ms new p4?aeofbnd5Tw ^ 1-1 ith ma? **b *^*sta, af W,U M 11 aad bis pro Sh S will ceaUnae to iTsS* BANKERS. JIT COOI1 * CO., Ill EBBS* FKfiumk art*. m?** l>ww?? htiad Ml i?urrent mnrket mlae, no* Bea? onitutlT ob bud. i Wl wffT ' *0 SOTI1HM1IT BONDS, BBTBB-THIBTIB8, AID OOMfOBIl IBTBBBBT IW18 Orim Mr BTOOBB. B0BD8, Be.?a*ee?te4, 0*Action* ?nde en eU neeeealble points. m 1-tf U ARROW % CO., . bahebrb, _ Corner Louisiana nxenne end BeeentB *ee?, v*ALne in eOYKKNMEMT SSCUR1TIM8, ??I'D ABD BlIiVBB ? ABD LABP WABBABTB_ ~FUil RfttioiAl iwk oI WwWiftoi. B.D.OOOBB, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) Praaldeni. WM. 8. HLNTINGTOB, CuW.r, eOVBBBMBHT DBPO0ITOBT and F1BANC1AL AGBNT Of *HB CB1TBD STATES, 1 Hk ?rrostia tha Trtatwry D?arti?w?M. Government Becurltiea with Treasurer Unite* 8Ut*"?rOJVE MILLION DOLLARS *e bu* endaell nilclaeeee of GOVEHNMBNl bECVBlTlES at current market rat*. tVRXISH EXCHAXtiE and mak* OalUHtam* tm ALL TBE PUINC1PAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purcbaae Government Vouchera on the MOST FA VORABLE TERMS, end fit? oerefnl line prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIB MS. and to any otber business entrusted to na. FULL INFOBMATIOB In regard to GOVERB MEBT LOABB at nil time* cheerfelly furnished WM. 8. HUNTINGTOB, Onahler. Waehlncton.MnrobM.18M. nil W HOTELS, R EST A UR ANTSTAo. A B P . WILLARD'S HOTBb, I 1 Wa?hi?gto!?, December 1, IWe.f 1 Ben at ore, Representatives. and others. residing In Waebtngtou, who oecuey erlvate a?art*ente, I cai b? iccoinHiodattd witii their MKALtt Bt tali Hotel at the rute of ?1<? *> per week de 4 2a SYKEB, OHADWICK A 00. K^WOODBOOBB. ~ I Corner Ftnna. mrmue and Tteelfth ttrttt,TT^Bw W*?hmtion, I). C. JJtBU Situated la the nioet central location tbecltj, midway between tbe CAPITOL ABD PBBBIDBBTIAL MABBIOB, I Only a abort dletnnoe from eH tbe Depnrtmenta, 1 Patent and Poat Offices, Smithsonian Initltnte, I etc. H. H DUDLEY A CO., I noM-tf Proprietory 1?MBICH'S BB9TAUBABT. 1 Jlj Wo. 345 Penue avenue, near 4th treat. p EMBITH wishes to iafermhla frlenda andtba I public generally that he govkrepi c?n e stantly on baud OYBTBH8. fresh every WaBB I day, prepared In every atyle. i?JU J HI* W IN E8 and LIQTOBS cannot be aurpaeeed. I Call and give him a trial. ocM-tf ?* wool) AND COAL. I OA!*! C O A L 11 AT GREATLY REDUCED VBTCB8. Qroe* ton* of 2,lau lb* , delivered In eny part of I tbe city. Cbeatnut White Aah. 87. . ^ Stove, Iff and furnace White Aah, 89.10. Bed Ash. *8 M. I Lehlgb. 8?. _ 1 Oak and Pine Wood onatantly en hand. ' Orders repaired at onr Office; or at tbe Wharf, foot ol Seventh .tree. g p ^ jalStf 46ft 9th atreet, between E and F. I ^JOAL 1 COAL! I OOALIII | T T. fOWLBB A OO. ! White Aah, store nod egg alxee, 88 M per ton. I Bed Aah. do go $a.75 per ton. 2.140 pounda guaranteed. _ . I Order* riCMVtd Bt the centril ofHc* of WMl* I ineton and Georgetown loe Cob pen y, (late L.J. | Ml<Vlleto? A <Jo.,' corner lltfc nnd f streete, and 1 nt ?fcarf, foot of 10th ateeet. , . . I ja 14-ltn B. S. LAMKIB. Agent. />0 TO Jfjl W. B. MOSES' I rASHlOBAPLB OABPET, FUBMITUB8 AMD UEDD1MG BTOBBS, I BOB. 921 A A19, 1MTBLL10EB0BB BUILDISO, COBBBB TTB ABD D.. ABD I BO 30t? 7TH 8TBBBT, TH0BN *8 BUILDIBO, j ADJOINING ODD VBLLOWS' HALL, ABD EXAMIBB THB riVEST ASBOBTBD I bTOCB. THIS B1DB Of PHILADELPHIA. Be baa all tbe lafc-et deeigna made In Phlladel| pbia. New York, and boetou. Tke atock la nlwaya ] aeiected by Mr. Moaee, and boaKbt at tke lowest I rate* lor ca*h. whicheuaSi^a him to compete with 1 Baotern pricea. Hla tlaeet fnrultnre ia made to I order tn Pkiladelphla, and of tbe bast material tbet can be found. , ? . . Parckaaera ahoeld atndy their own Intereot by calling at hi* Store* and exanrtnlM the weiraaturted atock uf C'ABI'BTS, FCBBITUBB. Ac., aid ttnln hi* price-hat b> fore Kolog elaewhere, which lie ?ill furnish with pleaaare I His eafnetment of Mattr?'8?ea Blankets, OomI forti|C8QBtfrpiiB?i, l'lllo??. Bol?t'-r?. reBtherI Im de. end all klnda of Cottage and Kitchen l>nr1 nitore ia complete, which hf offera at the Iwweat Hew Yurk aud Philadelphia prioea. I R*-n)-rnber Noe ftll ?nd 61? Bulldinr. corner 1 th and D end Be AO"* *tb I itrM. Tht rs'i Building, adjoining Odd ITellowa Hall, between D nnd E atreeta ;a 14 tf W. B. MOSBS. 3n aii POTATOES. ,IMMl bnjhela MAINE POTATOES, jnat ar rieed, nnd for ante at our Wharf at the toot of 7tb atreet B. P. BROWN A BOB. OommiMloB Merchnnia. de 14-tf Bo. dtt4 ttb at., between B and W. P Ij O U Bl M B B P | A fnll aeaortaaent of all grades choice Flonr for Bakers: <inn!lty Ho 1; price loir Are tne eiilf direct receieecs for Oolden Hill, J. H. Oambrtllinot Patapaco) aud L*nganor Family Flour* In the District. As the latter brand kns been extensively counterfeited and seld in this city, wnwonid inform theae wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we iuruiaU It lower than It can be obtained from any other aource. Quality eecen<i to none. Price n fraction leae then otber ft ret ot ass Family Flour. Buckwheat atlow rates. All Kradea of Weetern > lour n store aqd for ante lew by W M OALT A CO., Indiana avenue and let atreet, no IS near Uepot. | a E M O V A L . the battonal r!?Tr>w ib^drabob oomPANTOF WASH180T0B Have reaooved to their New Office. Bo. ?1 LOUISIANA AVENUE, Firat door eaal of 7that. D I B lTrVb B 8 : Ohaa. Knap, Pres't, Geo. W Blggs, Ttoe Preet, Thos. Berry, Mar^hiUl Bn>wn, Bjch d Waliach, G S.Gbieuu, Daniel Dodd, Wm, Dixou. 'ggJ'^BLB P LABNBB. Secretary. i 'HOCOLATB DOCSLE,VANILLB. C 1*E H. MAIUBAIBU. Pur Cacao et Sucre. ?*'??! * Eioff Place. Corner Veraaont avenne and i&Xi atreet. WEST 1BDIA OBABGE8 ABD sweet Malaga obapbs. Fresh. K1BQ PLACb. CHOIOB BCT8, BAlBlBS, FIGS,CURRANTS, BPIt'ES. Ac , Ac. to-ultt^s particular aeeson. Versale by iE. M P. EIBO A SOB, de Sl-?f Bing Plaee. DB1LIP TBE 8ECOBD; bj Charles Onyerre. t Joseph the Second and nla Conrt; by Maklbach BruMbwaited Betroepeot for Jannnry Gardenlag fee Prolt: * Guide to the Merhet end Family Garden Swlnbarnu Laus Tenerle. Tare Jenr Pfic* IV ifw# t^YLOR. special notices. ? KTTHl MOAT WOBDBBFUL MBDiniNB ??r known to man U MITVALFI^ OBBaT EBB0MAT10 BBMBDY. Tall yosr m?l<t. J fr leads to liy H. to 4-eoSw 1. 0 FOBD.Agoat. A MODBBB MlIiOLI I From oU ud young, from rich aad poor, from high born ant lowly, wdn the Ualveraal Yoioe ( praiae tor It to n HrfNt and mlracuiou* article. Onrse baidneea Makee hair grow. A better dreeatag thou any "oil" or 'pomatum." Soften* bra*a. try and wiry hair Into Beautiful Silken Tr,*'f at above all, the great wonder la tfc? rapidity with which It restores Ouat Mai n to mOliauiu ^Untowtlmeo.aud PBKSTO, OH A NOB t the white* and worat looking hair iMMjti youthful bounty. It doee not dye the hair, hot alrlkaa at the root and Alls It with new Ufa and coloring natter. .. . . , . It will not take a long dlaagreeable trial to ?rore tba trnth of thla matter. The ftrtt application will do gool; yarn will aoo the Natcbal floioi return? TOD BROW >T, hlt the old, gray, diecolored appearance of the hair will bo gone, glvlag place to fuatroua, ahinlng and *Thak for Hal l'a Weill an Hair Benewer: ?o other article la at all llfco It la effect Yoa will ha 1 it OHXAF to BtTT? PLIi?A!ft to Tbt? Awn Sen* to do You Good. There are many Imitation* Be aure yen procure the genuine, manufactured only by B P. HALL A CO., Fa-h?a. N H. Voraale by atl drngglata BBMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB iPBOlAL OA8BS, Be. 14 Bond atreet, New York. 07*Full information. with the * ?* *?< tftirnn ntah; alto, a Hook on Spinal Dilates, ?n n teaUi envelope, s?ntfre?. He sure ami ''nil fur l/ieni, and you will not rurei 11: lor. ai adveiilslug phy llclaua are generally impostor*, without no etranger abuuld be trusted. Eu?l?5?-,* for pontage a?d direct to DB. LA WREN* K No 14 Bond atreet. New York no It D*Wly W MARRIAGE ANDOBLIBAUY, AND THE IIappiii?aa of True Manhood. ? An lor Young Men < n the C'rlni* uf solitude. itnd the Pbyaiotoglral Brrora, Abu?e*aiid Di*' **e* whicb ct eate 1 m pediment a to Marriage, with ?ure rae*rn of Belief Sent'n eealed letter en vi lop.-* fre-< of charge. Ad<lre*e Pr .1 fKILLIN H0UGMTON, Howard Ana -elation Philadelphia, l'a. jall-3m SECRET DISEASES. BaHASitan's Oirria the moat certain, aare and affectnal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy over dleoovered. Onroa in two to tour daya. and recent caaea in twenty four houra N<> mineral, no balaam. no morenry Onl> ton pi 1 la to be taaea. It la the aoldler'a hope, and a friend to those who do net want to bo eipoaed. Male package*, #3; tomale, Si. BAaAi<m'?BnoT A^mHunB Jric???A poaltl ve and permanent sure tor Spyhill*. Scrofala Ulcera, Bore*, Spot*. Tettera. Ac. Pr'ee 91 25 per bottle Sold by S. O. Ford. Bee advertlaeraent my SVMELY, STEADILY, 8VCCRSSFOLL T, SMOLANDEft'B BXTBAOT BUOKD la CVKIM nerj caw of Kibrkt DisiAan, BgnWHAYia*. skavil, UniBAEY DiaoSDums. wiaikw and Paiws hi tba Bacg, Fbmali Oompi aijit^ and Tkocblbs arising from Bzcb^ks or ant Kiev OOMB, IB Af VL10TBDI TBY 8MWL AND EB'8. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK9. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D BABNBB A 00., Bow York, and BABBEB, W ABD A CO., Bow Orleans, Southern Aganta BOBLBIOH A BOOBB8, Wholaanla Drngglata, Boa ton. Maaa General Agenta. fab l*-ly COLGATE A CO. S WINTBB BOAP. Kecoaimended for chaffed ui\?< and for general toilet uae darlDg cold wkathis. it may be obtained of all drngglata and fancy good* dealer* fob Holy dancing" |)BOITtt. J. W. A H. P. hiiElS' DANCIBQ ACADEMY, J| PannaylTanln arenue, bet. 6th and 7th ita . Xm Oppoalta Metropolitan Hotel, New Claaaoa formlngeyary evening Thr>?e deairing to enter our claaaea ahould arail themaeUoa of tb la opportunity. Preparation* will bo mad* *ln thla quarter for oar animal May Ball. Otranlara can be had at J. F. Bllla and W O Mataorott A Co.'a Mualc Stores. The Hall can bo routed for Bolreoa, Ac. Days and Mourt ef Tuition: Tot Ladloa, Miaaea and Maatera, Tnoaday aad Saturday afternoona, froaa S to 6 o'oloafc. Gentlemen 'a Claaaea, Tnoaday and Friday evening*. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further taforaaation.nvply during the honra of tuition, or nddroaa nnoto to tbo Aoaoeaiy. Quarter commencing with the flrat leaaoa. jal MABlBl'B FABH10NABLB DANCING _ ACADEMY,AT A MABINI 8 AS8BMBLY BOOMS, M E. between tth aad 10th atreota, Thla academy to now opaator the rocop- UBk tloa of pupiln. Daya and honra of tnltlon for yonng ladiea miaaea and maatera Tnaadaya, Thnradaya and Saturday#, from S to p. m. Gentlemen'* rlaaaoa from S to 10. aama eveninga. B B ?Private inatrnctlon given to anlt the convenlonce of the pupil. not* t\l ASQVEBADB AND FANCY DBBS8 BALLS ! ! ABD PAUTIBS. The umderalgned would moat roapoctfully inform tb* ladiea aad geatlemon of Waahingtoa city, and the Dlatriet generallr, that he la at all time* prepared to furnfab aartioa with Maaiiuerade and rane?- Coatumo. either on loan or made to order. He baa taken roome at the well known eatablUhmvnt of Chriatian Buppert, E*j., i'JU 7th atreet. between D aad B, where ha will be happy to awaitorderi. < H ABLE* HEBG, lateCoatumer at Ford'* and Or .ver'a fell-lm* Theatera, Washington, TV C. ^BOOTS, SHOES, A. Jelling offT sblling off iT 1 ^ ? fd The entire atock of Ladloa', Miaaoa'.wHj Children a, Men'a, Boy'a and Youth # vBL ROOTS. 8H0BS AND GA1TBBS Will bo aold at private aale at and bBLOW OOST PBICES. JOHN ANGBBMANN, fiOB Tth atreet, between D aod B etreeta, jal2-lm* oppoalta Odd Fell"w*' Hall. a^m BOOTS ABD SHOES. fW B B W _ST O B B The underalgned bega leave to 1 nform hla frlaada and the public generally that he hae opened tbo BBW CHEAP BTOBB, Bo. 7th atreot.under Odd Fellows'Hall, where he haa on hana a general aaaortmoutof Ladloa' and Goat lemon n, Boy'a. Miaaea aad Children 'a BOOTS ABD SHOBB. Remember the number, 309 7th atreet, unier Odd Fellowa' Hall The New Oheap Btore, formgrtoK F. WILBOW, ^BOOBBXBB. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Comer New York avenue and l.ith atreet, (Entrance en New York avenue,) Doalora In fine FAMILY GBOCEBIES, TEAS. W1NBB, 1MP0BTBD LUXURIES, Ac., Ac., wonld reapoftfully notify their frlenda and tba pubfic that tt.ey have juat opened their New Oro eery Store, whore can be obtained any article uau ally kept in a ft rat claaa Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large,freah and well elected *tock,we cordially invito the public to etatnlneuur f to re ami atock. belb-viug wo irtiall not fail to give entiro aatiafa ti?n to all who may favor ua with their patronage. We call eapeeial attention to our aeaortm^nt of TT?A8 and COFFEES, which have bee a eolected With great care for purity. Dealera will find a fine assortment to select from, and our prices to ult. Goods delivered promptly in any part of the city. j??M| 480 GBBTBALlioiVoFFIOB. 480 lip, 480 lttt hatreet, oao door below Pa. iri. A1 o.ono to lean en oJJIdand Silver WATOBBS, DIAMOBDS, OLOTHING, aad MB BOH AS"fir TILCeRANS. he. Another wry largo tre, the most dlMftroii elnee ?37, occorrrd at Mobile Saturday Bight. A *holi rquaiv of 'he principal bulawa houses, it uifd ib the bear of tbe cliy. boundeu t'J Water, Daupbln, St Francis and Oomm?r? itwt?, were onrned, witb the exeeptioo of two buildings at the corner of St. Francis and Water streets. The Iom is estimated at #*10,800: Insurance about 8Q0,U00. The St. Louis Rrpuolicmn't St. Joeeph specia ays Isaac Kuaentbal, who wai recently tried tor attempting to blow up his store with powder, ha* commencerl suit against Jobn I>u" oi ?l. the owner of the property, wtiom ne chargeejwith haying arranged ihe whole plo n on'e? 10 ? oropel him to vacate the premises He claims S-2o,0i0 damages The Kansas Senate passed the bill taking away all rights ol dow-r f ora widows resdu-g in tUa< State wbi s-* huabtnds die in the S'ate. Al?o. a bill to allow the redemption f lend sold for taxes on payment of six p*r cent. >uiere*t. instead of twenty.Ore per cent, as now i rov d d by law Ilogota advues state tbat the American minister, Bnrton, mane no settlement of bis difficulty witb the Lxecutire, and was abont to

leave tbe capital for the coast, to await metru' t'ona from his Gevernment. He cumplains of a lack of courtesy to bimself and other foreign min sters by Mnsquera, aud evidently appears to have the best'ot the dispute. General Bradsbaw, late candidate for codec, tor ot Buchanan conntv.Missouri, has brought snit against William Sherman, ceunty clerk, for violation of tbe law in throwing out votes enough in the late election to elect bis own party candida'e. General Bradsbaw claims 00 damages. Saturday air. M Ken/.ie made application in the Court ot the C|ueen's Bench, Toronto, CW? for new trials in tbe case of Kennedy and McGratb. two Fenians convicted at tbe last as-izes. Tbe judge? have the application under consideration, and will give their decisiou early ibis week. The Southern Relief Commission In New York have collected $21,(Ml. Orders hive been Issued to purchase 20,000 bushels of corn and ?,OCO bwshels Of wheat, of which 9,000 ar? for A iab:<ma, 5,non for Georgia, 3.000 each for North and South Carolina James Hughes, a clerk in the office ?f R. H. Smith A Co., coal dealers of Cincinnati, was murdered last week on the Licking turnpike, about a mile bevond the Brighton House, by three men. Tbe object of the murder was plunder. They escaped capture. A body of priests, of the order of San Francisco, wiio emigrated tj Costa Kica in November, have been expelled hy the unanimous voice of the people, who raised five thousand dollars to pay their expenses ont of the country. A heavy northwest storm of wind set in Saturday night in Baltimore. A boat was capsized in tbe harbor and six persons are supposed to be drowned, namely: James Young, .Tosbua Davis, and William Cadell, ferryman, Thomas Holt aud Mr. Hazon, passengers. The government ofCosta Rich has concluded a contract with John C Fremont, James W. Nye and others lor the construction of a railroad from Lemon bay, on the Atlantic, to Caldera. on the Paclllc. Trinity Methodist Church, in Charlestown, Mass., was burned to the ground yesterday morning. Loss $24,000. Some neighboring bnildings were burned, swelling the loss to ?40,000. Partially insured. Levi Haup, who mysteriously disappeared from Harrisburg, Pa., on January 19, and is supposed to have been foully dealt with, has nut yet been heard of. The chemical works of Davidson A Co. were destroyed bv Are in Haltiraore yesterday morning. Loss 840,000; Insurance 8-23,000, in city offices. There is more cotton and o'ber produce at Norfolk. V a . awaiting shipment than ever known before. The Legislature of South Carolina has parsed the relief bill, which staves off the payment of debts lor twelve months. The steamer Ocean Queen. from Aspinwail on the 1st Inst., baa arrived at New York with in treasure. Ad vices from South America are unimportant. A British bark had arrived at Valparaiso with sixteen large cannon for Chill. Gen. A. G. Lawrence has been well received as Minister to Costa Rica. W. B. Little, the C. S. Consul at Panama, is dead. A bank is to be established at Guatemala with a capital of four millions. Tbe revolution in Nicaragua has bean suppressed. Virginia Mews. A letter to Mr. Keilam, tne delegate from Accomac, dated the'2oth ot January, (very late from Avcomac.) gives the information tbat the winter there has been severe almost beyond precedent. Chincottague hay was frozen over, many beds ot oysters have been carried away by the Ice, and many cattle have perished. Such have been the destructive effects of the cold that some of the Chiaeteague islanders have been ruined. The Fredericksbnrg News says: "In this county multitudes of small insects which look like fleas, are observed on the snow, into which they work themselves, and after it melts are seen washed together ia piles as big as your feet." A little girl, niece of Captain Cbilds, is re. ported to bave fallen heir to a fortune of a million and a half of dollars. This little heiress resides in Portsmouth, Va? and is thus suddenly enriched by the death of a relative in Liiglaud. The ice in the Rappahannock moved down on last Tuesday aud with the exception of what little remains in tbe turn, just below Fredericksburg, tue river is entir>-lj clear. The growing whe^t, it i* reported, is looking very well, throughout the State. Mklahchuly Spicidx ?The wife of Mr. G. W. 11 Kuuge, ot Wumiugton, N C, committed filicide in that place on Monday last. She was subject to periods of mental derangement ol more or leso duration, and had at one time been an inmate of a lunatic asylum. On that day tbe wa? l*lt at home with no one present but a small servant girl. Shortly after tbe departure ol her husband. the lady was observed by the servant to enter the kitchen. She bad beeu there some htieen minutes, when the girl went to s?e what she wat about, and discovered her banging bv the ueck, and apparently lifeless. Almost frightened out of her wits, the girl ran to a friend's bouse about two squares off, and returning with assistance, the poor woman was cut down, bat too late to recall tbe soul that bad down to its maker. She had monated upon the servant's bed and tied one end of a rope around ber neck aad the other to a peg driven in the wall, then letting herself down nntil her knees almost tonahed the bed, she must have been strangled by the mere weight of ber body. The position of her bands in death show that in her agony she attempted to grasp a board nailed across tbe window, probably to recover an upright position The deceased leaves a family of four small children, who, with the distreasad husband, have the sympathies of tbe community. A COLD SLEIGH Ridb.?Tbe Pottsvllle Journal, of last week, published an account of a sleighing party ot ladies and gentlemen from St. Clair having been attacked on the mountain, as they were going from that place to Mabony City, and robbed. The Journal said J. 11 may seem incredible, but it is positively stated tbat tbe robbers stripped tbe occupants of tbe sleigh of their clothing, leaving nothing but tbe underclothing of the women and the bnffalo robe; that were lu the sleigh. The robbers compelled them then to torn back and return to 5>t. Clair, We have since learned that the occupants of the sleigh were a party of married men with w< men other than their wives, who were out for a goo<t ilme "on the sly" tblnk'.ng their spouses knew nothing 'about it; and that tbe blgbwavmen" were the wives of the aforesaid eertleme'n, who, having got wind of tne delinquency of their liege lords, bad disguised themselves and lain in wait lor the party, determined by this means to avenge themselves and and punish tbe offenders.? Tainajna, Pa.) Jour. ne I. VTbe "yacht skirt" is the newest aew thing. K7*8tx thousand four hundred and forty two emigrants arrived at New York during last month, aad 7,839 up to the 0th Idst. VBrigham Young has been baailng somi of the Mormon merchants ?vOr the coals for .heir exorbitant prices. VADetfoiler* la a It of aaguish aad remorse aver his ewa had soadaet, ?nt his hroSU. uX4 <. b?? ? ?** ti local news. ' Board of Taana.?r*e / U, Ckannli ? Ifortet Umitt firmed.?8|t?rt|r aieht :?eeuag of tli# Board of Trad* tu held at their ro. ms. to consider what should be don* *? 'h# Part*a? destruction ol tax l'i Vs, N ?-lir' *ob" T presided, wPh air. N. Sardo secretary. ?h^r,k? f.?"8h'pll*rd ut*d that having f?|t that the fature prosperity of ta* city depeaded in >% measure oa a bridge oyer the Potomac r*. amine at tbe present sit* of the Lone Bride* and on tbe Improvement of tbe channel. u? ?"d wrl,,e* to 0?b. M- If*, (who take* great interest in the welfare of the city.) asking his A? ?aojaot. Gen Mnn bad referred him to the plan lor a bride* and th* improveS'1!b* "brained in a report to the wTh2T7JL ?S* Int?r,or' b* Mr- A. L HI TO,, puMUbea * 7 " *ct ?f wb,ch lbe *** had a.Bfor..oSi?h#rd **** th? ,eM'r of ?*m- *'?? Warhisoto*. D. O, Fob 7, 1*7 -In reply this date, oa me part of ibe Trade? asking my views in regard to the improvement of tbe Harbor of Washington fn* <or^h?*?r.Wn'i aoa the b#,t m(yi" ot provIding for tbe travel acroM ibe Potomac, 1 bare tbe bonor to iavite the attention of tbe Board to t'*bruary 7??. >?7, by lb* Seen.: J o* Interior on thin subject. It will be found printed in Executive Documents, 34.h n*efreThf i'^'0n' "ous? ol Hepore^eutaMIL* drmw,n*? which accomthe* 1m??HT? Bot <*? published; they are. I presume. in tbe custody of tbe ofti Sena?a.,Ile " 0t K^r^'^Te? or of th. Mr. A. LKItm, tbe an tbor of the report was a thoroughly instructed and scientific iorinwr rew^the VjlenlUr" *"n*m**riD* -cbool of En! rope, tbe Escolsdes pent* et Chaussees w? carefully considered tte subject and mad* spe. sK.:x\raand S,b ^'"tonof u u hot lively to be improved. thZtZtflf"* ponTen'eBf ait# for tbe Bridge is i? i l5T. Prwnt *-on* Bridge and Railroad Bridge. Tbe great width of tbe river will make fhir^"??,anerit br,d*p at thi" PO-at costly, and the great expense ot erecting ? bridge throueh?nn? .rn?,e ,engtb- 01 a eu? cient heigh'to allow tbe passage of vessels under it. seems u. render a draw or draws In tbe channel wavs ***' but m(,?t costly bridge at this point wonld be one of masonry. Eitbfr n' i ki' 'i011'1' co*t mcr* money than will ltuiZ'y*tn b*'Con,e available ' j that ?.????? 8inc" thU r'porX WM in of b?22L. ?11 ??LrlM,c* ,a tb' construction h**0 *?'n^ Oonsldertnr all llf .qur? .? of durability, aaf?ty, and ecoa. ^ incline to tbe opinion that tbe best bridge practicable will bi a supemructnr^f "rest'in# n'n!rl,h|,pa"" ?f ftbout to 35 i !r*2 nPpn Pier" tnade by alnking boiler th* lbf foTm ot lbe P'er?. through tiiTin. fn ,h mu * 10 a ftrm foundation, and ?ihD* iron with concrete, or brick or oiher masonry. A wooden auper.-ructu% upon such piers would be cheaper^ Am <?s? but damages by Are and by rot wouid in time amount to so much that It would be better to expend oa the original construction tbe differl?# co,r ot ,ron an J wood. mended ?n*,h?/ imPrOTjn* ,L? harbor recommended in the report of 7th February ih?"bove referred to, 1 think the best thatl'have seen snggested 1 read the report at the time and have juat looked oyer It again. In the tea year, which have elapsed sfnee .bat renort preiented to Uongresa, i have p aa suggested for this improveaient which baa appeared to me as practical eem<Z??i and effectual aa tbia. It is in a ftdredge a channel throngh tbe flata in a li*ne BrTd*e*andetn^aJ5hin'St0n draw ot s?S.Mi: s reuort? H R vf??rd U>-ttle ?*>o*e-mentioned seMion. Ex Doc 60 34th Ooncreas, 3d vanl ' T'r* re,p**tfBU3r' Jour obedient aer. A "LmSSZ"**"- "" bo^o'TSSSW hA',?iffSsiLfflfjajrSd'taf.K and Itood channel, and be pro?^t?ai.a eo'nni,"e? ?>e appointed to coSfer i?ayor *nd co?ncils on the subject t^e vb?Hld -*ca,r# trad" 'roa Virginia ^Vr that ?h*i a? a channel should be made, that w aabington may build up a trade anf fba!nhe/r.^ P?pBlat4on- wL a ahim; tbat b#rt, at tbe capital of tbe nation with * population of 120,uuu we are ?Qbject, in mMr ,he of (J-eorgetowtT^ Bacon offereaa resoinuon instructing the committee before Congress to have DnuuJi Mr SSJ-ja pS! ? Mr. Hires, with the proceetUa?a of the meet, *' ^ Clagett aaid tbat nature had dur Present flood, oone half what the re! port of tbe engineer proposed in the wav of opening tbia channel, and he aucgested thaf the committee also ask a detail StVflUeri to make an examination of the river. *r. Shepherd urged tbat tbe matter shanid be prosecuted actively, and tb^t tbe Boar,' wi^h ? cYnf#r tb* corporate anthorltio* With a view of agreeing on some plan, and having agreed upon one, they akoald mk? . uauedeffort with'Coagre^ Somethin^Thon.d *hi^hD* P*'dl,J towards an object apon which, in a great measure, depends the saiva tion of Washington. ^ uiesaiyaMr. Wall remarked that he had been informed by Senator Henderson that that* Wlut l5?S the^rl/^i^1 ' CoD*"*B to ao anything to wards the erection of a new bridge, and although he ?ian"ht think much could be done thu ae.t ^iouf be wns in laTor of tbe motion u? q* .h ?h?-1 ?4?r'rtown dld not wisb tbe is?.w!o p?^ Jof w"bington to bave a bridge, but wanted our people u, cross their bridge. He proceeded to speak of the fact that parties about tbe <5apitoi are endeavoring to deteat measures which the committee proj osed. It was onl^a 7ay o? tj*o since that a committee from (i*>rgeUwn were endeavoring to h??ve certain amendments made to a bill tbe board had asked to have passed, which amendmenu wonld bave killed !k ? " to be done by Congress for the board or tbe interests of the ?lty. the mem work together. au/'sLme'ne sbonld be present constantly: Mr. Sbepberd offered a resolution directing the committee to confer with tbe Mavor on the subject, and prepare a suitable bill" lor such XKZsrrwri*"to a futore ?i the board for their actloa. Mr. J . R El vans asked what was to be ac?e<L y ^nf*rrin,t Wltb lbt* *?yor, and said tb^re was danger if tbi* coarse wai purI ? h k 8nbj'ct would be used politln?l!y. and be was sure that the board would be embarrassed. ,u Mr. Shepherd said that Congress wonld not be inclined to mak* an appropriation for the wboie ot the work propoi*, Mi,twuld mot b.-reasonably expected. The city sbonld naj, a portion, ind a bill ehonld be drawn np mhi. factory to both parties. If we go to Congress ' without conferring with th* Corporation, it would be found lighting tbe boerd. He referred f the fact that in the past Washington bad lost by being too slow. The citizens were agitated about a city railroad, and while they | were talking about obtaining a charier, others ^vpaa.q(la;h(ev0r 0M-Which theyobV improvement, he did not think that Georgetown would be the loser would have her chaaaei, and Washington would hare the same channel; but 11 Georgetown was damaged by the bridge, ahe would bare to be damaged, for we must bave tbe bridge, which is the great connecting link be tween tbe Nortn and Soath. Mr. El vans alleged that the Board of Trade hhd been discourteonsly treated by the corporate authorities, who laid upon tbe table a memorial in relation to dredging the channel Mr. Mitchell (Mr. Bacon la the chair iremarked tbat he was peculiarly situated r4id Ing in Georgetown, and doing basui*?- in Washington, having interests in both ctue* He could not see why such antipathy is felt b* the Wa?hingtou people to the people of Georre town; but there was one qnaliflsation thJ*?P,e baT* which the people of Washington do not have, vu: that of iZkinJ care ol their own Intetasu In laus, when the Long Bridge was first projected, the people of Georgetown protested acatnst it. because th*V foresaw the consequences, and inhlsl.fbUme be remembered when ships left that to wa fer tbe various porta of Europe with a* much regularity as steamer* new leave New York! and large sums were pasd aaaaaily into tbe treasury on accoaut of customs for that port He * id not think *e Leag Bridge wssa^J ary lot tbe prosperity of Waehragtoa, and was opposed to itremaialag, bat he would aot Ononry rrpdn. Yt k veMHry for tM bt*4ga1? rtaui im m h?n mnwum to Bla<*r**ta or aarflatoara. th* p**pi* re bad a h|hi loufe for ita mwrti, nfil?M tte| proMMd to kwp ik? coal traAs. qaedaet hel*ag*a to the Oweem-neart, ad wm tar proper plac* tor ifcr andg*. lad tfca aaiaral roars* fbr taa railroad tadM of tbrongb 1st itnn aad Maryland amw '<? Loaf Mr dje, U through WashiBgtoa, cro**lag Hock Creek aad tb*ar* o?#r tbeaquedoct. Tbt Owaaiwiaaw af Peblie Bvilotap bad lalbratd bin that Madk) would ba repaired to repair th* brtdr*, and farther tbat It was a ?mW obstruction th* proper pthe* for abridge being oa tbeaquedaet piers. Mr 8h*pbnd said tbat tb* ^awtloa bad r*. aolvod Itself into tba case of Riv*e versa* Mitchell. aad bo wa* contained to tb*piaieuff. Geergatasra wubf v> ataad aa tb* Hatuianr* aad Ob to Railroad did; tba railroad beiag tbo oaly way to gat lato Wasbiagton. and through Georgetowa 'ba only way to get oat. Ha did not aa* tbat Oaorptowa woald suffer la aay way. They bad aow a chaaeel, (aiibeuga bo bad once atacb on a bar ta tb* cbaaaaUia a vessel drawing eight feet.) aad tbie poops.t. would fire them a better one. It was a pro. poeteroaa propoattioa tbat Georgetown ouit be passed through to got Soath. Mr Wall remarked Unit Maaart Kid well aad 1 lodge, promt Beat citlaeos. aad member* of tbe board from G*org*towa, fa sored tae plan of Mr. Rive*. Ha (Mr. Wail) wanted tt understood tbat they war* not going to tb* 1(1,400 people of Georgetowa tor an* fbrors. It waa pre poste roes u> aay we eaaaot bare a bridge. witb spans of from <Wi to MP feet, cro**lag tba river, aud vet we may drtre down a thousand or ao pegs to build a railroad bridge Mr Facca's revolution for priatlag tb* report wm adopted. Mr. Elvaas moved to lay Mr. Shepherd's motion authorizing the commute* to confer wnb tb* Mayor of Washingtoa on ibe table, wbicb wan lost. The reaolntloa waa adopted Mr Mltcbell remarked tbit Major Preach bad aaid a substantial bridge could b* placed on tbe aqueduct in muety day*. He offered a revolution declaring that no further appropriation should be made for tbe repair of tb* Loig Bridge. Mr.Wm.urme said tbat tb* Lrftng Hrid|? waa on* wbich should be respected by ??*rr American ' ttnen as o*er It tbe flrat army bad paired to Virrtnld. and it waa one wbn-h bad been of iirm?? Talue to tb* Government, over vtiKli ibousaudeof men and m llion* of dollar*' worth o: ammunition and supplies bad been transposed. He bad a greai respect tortbepecpl# of i>*orgeto wn, among whom he once lived, but would flgbt tb*m on tbi* question, ana be bad fought them la tbeConacilson account of ibis bridge. He would not object to Georgetown prospering in every wny, bnt for God's aake let u* bav* a bridge of our own Air-1 toe railroads bad been spoken of, acd tbe Hoard bad expressed its approval of them, and y*t Georgetowu waaU tae public to pass through their towa to go South. Mr. Mltcbell'a resolution was lost. Mr. Wall called tbe attention of tba meeting to ibe fa*t tbat there wa* a bill bel>r* ta* Senate to lacorporat* a company to build a new market.bouse, and be was satisfied tbat one ef the names used waa without tbe conaent of th* gentleman. Tb* committee of tbe Senate would like tb* Board to mot* In tbe matter, and bad suggested that a bill would b* f raaaed for tbo erection of a new marketoa tbe caaal, between loth and l?th street*. They had determined on making tbe site of tbe present market a park, to coaaect with tbe Smitbsosian grouada. Mr. Sbep erd moved tb* appointmeat of a committee to draft a bill to be submitted at a subsequent meeting but pending action tb* Board adjoarned to Monday nigbt. CON6KKIIIOMAL. Sx*at*.?Saturday alternooa? A bill to protect tbe rights ol married woman in tbe District of Columbia waa discussed and laid over. A bill to authorize special juri** la tb* Diatrlct of Columbia was discussed aad laid over. A bill to Incorporate tbe Natioaal Capital Iaauranee Company was passed. Mr. Wade offered a revolution, wbicb waa agr<>ed to, instructing tbe Secretary ol tbe Senate to prevent tbe bill to admit Nebraska to tba Secretary of State, with a certificate of iu pas. i aage through botb Houses over tbe President'* veto. An act coacerniag tbe fire departmeata of Washington, giving the different computes tbe right to occupy dnrtnc the pleasure of Congress tbe baildiaga tbey now oecapy, waa passed. Tuesday evening, after 7 p. m , was aet apart for further consideration of District bills. The bill to provide for a temporary increase of pay to army officers was recommitted to tbe Military Committee: aad tbe Senate then, at 4 p m . went into executive session, and arter a short time spent therein, tbe doors were re. opened tor legislative business. The death of tbe late Henry Grider, of Ky.t was announced. Mr Davis delivered aeulocy on tbe deceased The customary resolutions were passed, aad the Senate adjourned. Hoc?*-Saturday afternoon, tbe K*coastruction bill of Mr. Stevens being under coaisideration? Mr. Raymond said be believed tbat if tba abject was committed to a disc reet aad jsdicious committee, whose flrat object sboald be to unite on some practical meaaare, tb* House would reacb tbat result which would command the support of its members aad of the country, and tbe approval, or at least tba assent, of tbe Executive. He did aot pretend to bav* any further grounda for suca a belief than those vbich wer* access ibi* to every other member of the Hoase equally witb himself. But be liad sach gtouaaa for tbat belief as made It lacambent upoa him at least to aubmit tbe propositloa to tbe Hoase. He had put it la the form of a resolutioa which ba aboula ask coasent to offer at tbe proper Lime. Mr. Thayer asked Mr. Raymond whether b* bad aay reason to believe that tb* President of tbe Catted States woald approve of, or co-operate wilt, any plan embracing coastitauoaal amendment. Mr. Kaymond.?I b*liev* tbe geatleiaaa ta pushing me perhaps a little farther tbaa 1 aax prepared to go on that point. (Laughter.] Mr. Tbayer?1 do not wisb to pre*s tb* g*a. tleman If be caaaot answer. Mr. Kaymond.?1 don't know whether tba gentleman lnatats on my atatiag before him aad before tbe House all the reasons that led me ta such belief. Bat I have no besltauoa la say. iagto him and id saying to tbe House '*?' ta. my judgment, a bill embracing thea* provision* and passing this House witb a proper spirit of unanimity would eagage tbe asseat of the President. Tbat is my personal belief. _ Mr. Spalding.?Has the gentleman from New York Secome thoroughly satisfied tbat tba pending bill will not pass : Mr Raymond.?I have become satisfied tbat tke pending bill, if it should pass, will not pass with such a degree of unanimity as will make it effective as a law I Mr. Spalding.?1 mean will it pass in a coa. stitutional mode?by a two-thirds vote ? Mr Kaymond ?1 have my doubts aboot that; but I don't know I merely throw out a suggestion tbat if allowed tbe opportunity 1 will offer such a propositloa. The bill was further discussed by Messrs. Bontwell. Kaymond. and others when Mr. Hiae. of Keutacky. rossaan an noun red tbe death of Hoo. Henry Grider, of tbat State, wbicb took place duriag tbe recess of Congress, and pronouaced a eulogy oa ibe private and public character of tbe deceased, concluding by offering the customary resolatioaa of respect. Remarks in eulogy of the deceased were also made bv Me*srs. Vinck. Harding of Keatucky, Maynard, aud Rice af Maine; after wbicb tbe reaolutioas w ere unanimously adopted, aad, la pursuance of them, tbe Heaaa at 4.15 adjourned. Railroad Schemes is Viboibia.?T wo bills became laws yesterday wbich may in tba future bav* aa important bearing oa tb* welfare of tbe Stat*. The flrat authorizes aa ex. tenaioa of the Fredeucksourg aad Qordonsville Kail road to Charlottesville, and an increase of it* capital stock by a million of dollars. The second Incorporates tbe Atlaatlo and Great Western Company for tbe ooaatracuon of a railroad from Norfolk, via Clarke, vllle and Danville, to a coaaecuoa witb tba Virginia and Tennessee road, at or aear Bristol. Tbe flrat mentioaed line looks ta a connection with tbe Baltimore and Potomac road, opposite Aqaia Creek. Tb* **co*d proposes to nail* with tbe Virginia aad JC*a. tuck) road from Bristol to Cumberland Gap. Both will* depend for their coaatru<*cion mainly upon capital from without tbe State. Rickmond Whig. A skater's lake ib Pari* la daily amoothed by jets of hot vapor. 9-A man ta Harmony. N Y., put hi* r*ild in aa old boiler aad Ictt it to freeze to death ^A Cincinnati newsboy baa seed a street rail read company ^Statistics show that a widower la twica aa likely to marry aa a widow. tOTh Penn Van, NY, woman dropped her child iatoa well and loat her reason. KTThe mud la tbe street* of Loawvllle, aocoidiagto a paper of tbat city, la aot qaitd foar feet deep. ^Tfca garroters of Loadoa bav* a factious habit of choklag polio*m*a. tar A. Southern paper aay* that circa****, negro shows, street fiddlers aad orgaa grtaders with moakeya ar* iavarlaM* ladieatbaa af ireoaatracttoa. rfkt la Blllt Wa hardly opaa aa ax. ebanga wttboat readlag, -Bill b*tor* th* Usu Malar*.'- Who Is to aad what ha* b* dapsi WTto sheriff la Aagasta, M*-. fcaajsdaal aautbar atop aa Ha orgaa n a abaxah an feat e*j.