Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1867 Page 2
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*> THE EVENING STAR The Urgeit Circalttioi U tfci DiUriet .y W. WALXACM^ a ad ff?fiWur. WASHINGTON (JIT*: WQ1PAY FKBllVtty II, 194T. fRBADlNO MATTRR OS IT1KT FAQ*. 8KB OCTSIDR FOR INTBRR9TIMO **LI ORAfBIC 1XP OTHKR MATTER. TO iOVUfUIM. The Mlvwisi is um> o^atl ibowtag of II* I etvculatioc of the daily papers at till erty compettng fcr the Oovernmeat adverttaiag f BBdcr tbe recea iMt of Coagreea direcUag en ch advertising to to ms<V> ta tk? two dally a*w?papers at Washington navtBg the large* ir eolation: Evaaino Stab 7,?U copies par Raw. Chronirl* S.U08 ? >. InUllt ? h - | The returns of advertising by tba etty papara ' or t?e qnan#r ending l^(?nb?31, im, aa Wten ftvm the books of the lateraal Revenue i Office. are as follow*: fcvaaia- ST a*. Intelligence 9W CikrMicb n im Htjut-lican 9 94-) nOTK REVIVES. It is not rood to be too sanguine, becaase it aods to :be bitterness of disappointment if our 1 Anticipations are not realix?d; bdt we cannot forbear expressing our gratification at the de j velopmrnts to the House of Representative during ?be last few day*. Tba cheering iudi. , cations ol ti satisfactory settlement of onr ex- i iaftng political difficulties are not more appa- i rent id the action of the House tban In its toae and temper shown etiring the debate Thus It ie manifest ibat while there is no disposition on tbe part or the Republican members as a I body to recede Inn their position of de- I mar ding from tbe South such guarantees a? will secure to the natioa the toll benefit of victories hardly won; yat a great number vl tt> m are seriously anxious to effect a reMera'ion of tt? I'mon. if it can be brought ! about with safety, and without any sacrifice of honor or principle Their perseverance m the courm indicated in Sat urdays debate, will *e iru*', result in th- adoption of some plan' jnM in Itself, fatief.n tory to tbe great majority off tbe people, and acceptable to tbe Execulive. That tuch a plan will meet tbe approval ot extn misu in either eeetion Is not to be ex. pecied, bnt tbe great mats of the people will tan it a? a means of escape from the perils which threaten to culminate in a change of onr whole system of government, with wbat re nits ne one can fore-^ j, ,8 a tlme for8lBr. dy intelligent patriotism, flrra aad wise ia action, and not for parly maneuvers and political trickery, wbicb. contemptible at any time are criminal at a period when fssnea of gnCh magnitude are impending. TUB LONG BRIIXiE AND T1IR IMPRjitv HtBT Of THE RIVKR CHaXN*L By reference to our report elaewhere of tbe do,Dls o, ltl* Board of Trade at ita meeting on Saturday night, it will be seen that that bjdy ba* taken up the question of rivor improveroent with an earneMnese that give* promise of boxful resalta. We are happy ?n<1 oar lews regarding tbe measures to be taken for the improvement of the channel and the Long Bncfge so fully sustained by this intelligent body of geatleaaen, and also by so competent an antbority as Gen. M C. Meigs. ThT ad mirable plan of rtvex and bridge improvement recommended by Lagiueer A. L. Kivea m !<*>? to Congre.s. to which we called attention on Saturday, is very warmly endorsed by u>e Board ol Trade, and also by Qen. .Meigs, who adds some valuable auggestioas from ftia ovu experience in regard to the mode of reconetrnctitig the Long Bridge. TUB INTERNAL TAXES The Committee of Ways aud Means will probably report to day the amendatory internal tax bill. Th* committee propose toexempt frcm tax all articles which enter largelv ' J?to th? coJtof living,for instance salt, leatber, V!' Partll,'a. pottery, ana bollow-ware ar. al exen p ed. as are also hor-e-raaes, scales, i all ffam or horse engines, all dram, gas. or water ptp^s. of iron, *o*d, or other material- , all elotbtegmade from articles subject to tax' Jitiwers and siiiria and other auch article/ . tI*T|T,D ?r knJt'are nor? however, exempt from \ll wRero a tax has net been paid on i the raw material Rdvertisementa are to an relived of tbe tax. Many Bttiuiwtsr* ! which are now taxed two per cent, are to be here*Iter tree of tax. Among theae are eln? and varnieb. and all wmgona, draya and tracks coetmg lees tban fSUU. used for farming or frmgbting purposes Butter and cheese are L?h 1Jom ***' A Mctlon l? added to avoid 1 ?T ,axe,s *? lhat ^bere there ia a tax oa tbe raw material tbere shall not be t?r?fr ou ?he raannfaornred article In various forme. The tax Is to ba either on tbe raw material or on the manufactured artiale Tbe committee propose, in addition to dry cask* and barteU, to exempt all other caaeI, barrele, or other coopery, including oil. lurnor meat and fish barrel* ?r caaks The iSl Xl mains tbe same on l?<jnora or dlaUlled apirita, but the license is increased from one hundred i to live hundred dollars. The provisloa reia ting to distillation from grape, apple and pea^h Lr?,*hir?iW "me. bot brandy madeof^ape. ^ ^ fJy c*u" a *al,on The incometax i* to be on *b- amount in excess over one thouand instead of six hundred dollars, and a- a uniform rate of four per centum. The teat tax oa insurance and repairs of all kinds are to be taken out of the income. So, in effect tbe income is to be exempt to an a vera**' amount of fifteen hundred dollars. In addlnn In riV ? * n*W ProT,8io,i 'or the coll'cion on spirits of an "iron clad ' coaracter. Where the preeent law saya fine or imprisonmenu i ? 1,0111 on lhe convicted offender ,nQPr,*onnient shall not lhlV" tbe b'" Provides that tbe imprisonment shall n?Jt be leas th?i ?woer three, or more tban four years. *y"lbe Lf* Republican paperin New York City which Dana A Co., are to edit, is to be called ?rA? Mornimjf Chronicle." but it will not be brought out aa early as was anticlpatedtbe Ut of Mareb. f"'ieorge Bancroft, historian, haa been nominated to tbe Senate of the Umtod Suites to ! be Collector of the port of Boeton WThe aaoaot of Fractional currency de- ! atroyea during last week was#338,900. Miaaorat Ln?^Lat l hb -ResoTn;ions have ^" 'Btronuced In to tbe State Senate declartur all railroad coneolldationa in that State wn*cb ^rmblv,,???^tn^^PP^ri,Te(, bj As embly anil and \old. and calling for the passage of a law to regulate freight and pajaenrer rate., aD<1 Ior tfi<. protection of the r^u'of tbe people, a bill bM been introduced ^)nto the Huqm to prohibit driving Texas cattle tnrough the State, oa the ground that tbev bring contageona diseases with thea. A cod*. f.?rT'*IT rM#ollitlon to awend the State Oonstl" tL J.2.222,25 ??t1,bM Po"?on referring to ^ Qsahaeaatoa of lawyers, Dr?*acher? */ waa tabled in the Mouse.7 A con^nrre"t reeo* tor0.0.^'":?,^ ^ Fo#tn>^t*r (leneral o reroute between St. Louis paied recently discontinued, was "om . J ft an x, and dt ?-il at ii,,M. from Fresideat -eatecne. and Oeaeral Aua,dois* ni?^ , * rested him o. the liSj?!-*1V well escorted, to tbe disposal JTthrKeleSi oil th# V&f. H n H rfin ft n m e k tbe city of San Lxis Fotoel to r? 10 Fresident Juoiri state, that be World 1.17. l?oi*ag0 for 2aea?ecas OB the 14th ultimo an* Sfteid,,f*m4i' or three day. ? "i? * 'ro ,;T; prcc-edm* ox bis ?.r^y to ths W'fy of Mexico tia Saa Luie Foloei. Tsi Makt.ajd LB?iiatATUEB.?-Tliar* WMI?' of fbe Senate on Saturday, la Fouse, after some debate, the AiieraaT <ounty congested election case was ?o?t., ,^i i ll? *"? ?? publfii xlooli 10 . fisss ?ut" **?-w "V* I We to be .ei2ed for MnaXTi ju<?ivnenu ob?aited by femaU emDlo^TL^f L BRk: >rreeHbes l.,pri/onm4t tXhtZ Zr ,Mr U H?altBd to S. cRy^'f \ ork is it*operation. ' * Till: I'KKSI Di.ST'8 VISIT TO MR PRVB'JDY. The Pr??idriii, on Saturday, pud a vt<itto Mr George pMbodr.wboM last meant >ent act bat given bim still soot tef ^Jai? upo??h.? r grutitude of the American i-eogla, 7*7wM^^' Introduced by lb* Ho*. Robert a Wintern? of Ikittun. ihf frrtiiirut "ipr?Md bis Were 1 *r?-?t satisfaction at b^iu* ???.i JT. , Frahod;, ?od bit drrj# rrnMv o(Hai taut' i i ML'a benevolence He cs?UMd?fva It hfa datv fce said, to cone m a private cKu-n aTd an American to tbauk b<m for this great niuoun Kill, mid expre*M>d bis cunllilriic* in th-* rr^m ?.a?u wbivb would H.M tberefron, esp >ct' ally ?u??t wm given at a time when the roan. I try was so divided. He expreaard hit grvifl- f rrnrilrVfLV/l'.^g*1 tb" L'0t,C'rJr ?" ?w W--U I , r Feaoody, a uian wboee nam- is rev&red ' tiers Aa tocxe. lie cloaca by aay ?ng lhaihe was tul>f tmpr<*sa#<] with the fa?t that Mr. P??. ^?r-r!?na,n" ta"' present" *-r.#ra ,ou. and th^tfe iWr r'etlt* could rot 1 toit munificentdoatMou, own mU? of void# of tb?9 yoonf r*nUebi?u ?fc"ut aim became sray aJULorTk*^' 'n "T'r.expresaed bis deep ?* ? * bailor eoufVi red upon bltn by lb* isit, end saM u>at be should always estimate It aa ..a* of tbe great honors of his ?iB?. In rei*rriag to tbe President's remarks la regard to the donation h> >.>c madetst a time so opportune, Ar., he aaetred *|r J. bason that he ?*s ?orr, * he had al war* be'n' that tbe o<ia a try would soon be ivetowf harmony. ae.d that no discord or ill fating should prevail between the *<-i?ioaa. The entire Interview, though hat brief, was very aff* ting and pl>vant Among the person* pra-e*t on tlie occasion rfrteada oelv) were a^.ers Hi,rge, Ruesell, Mcl I vain.', and V* etimre. trustees of tbe lnad; General Coll.isn li'.,ted State, arrav; Ooionei, Morrow and !{?. ". ot?h- FrfhidrnrV housftiold- H B rh. Mr* Vice-President Foster and'Mr-" Senator liixoti W im l r< ks ?At present the Nii<qa?han ia is ?wHira ne with tbo?e aquatic f>wl< and pw?)?n.r^ reaping n harvest at dlfl^n4t po?a ? a ong m? river. W?- learn that at Middle* ? n a? bitn a-? sixteen pairs were shot bv W l?,K0l,%0ne *** tb'8 *""k- Prmcipallr of tbe flrhcr aprcie. 1 hey ar.-seitiue from flfty toaevetity.flve c?miu R pair (Tanvaa hiclts ?.iid mallards are scarce, Hnd worth from one dollar to one dollar and fifty cents per puir ? Columbia Spy r . .A,^!TU,1?* K*mtr#i?i SWITTDCB?A lat.* ( on federate oihcer wrii>*? i.j the Kichinond Kxaimn-r thai a man recently detailed to I 1 a a scheme on foot to get up a gilt eater pnte ooteusiMy lor the South Orphan Aaaociauon. but In reality to benefit alone the speculators. The man came from lit In mors, and st-lir"*** wri?*?> there exposing toe S*l? of PaorKKTV ?ilr. .Tab**z Warren, of ( bt^apeake City, h?t> purchased the little weolen mill at tiie foot ol Giipm> falie, formerl} owned by lethro Jobncoa deeeaaed, for SI,6o(i. Also, tbe residence of l)r. S M il*r ry, near Bay View, for *3,500.?Elkfr* \Ykig. ' y?TKV*illne?a ia ascribed to tbe Vn^^" m * perpetrated since be went to k iSliSc. *" " o? *> '?"?y .. tutK French pbotorripher has intredaced a maeic cigar.Voider, upon wbich a photorraub "mT"* l*r c,K*r ha8 h^?n smoked for a [y a "BOilDOF TBiDI ? An a?l Oiirnari Hmi. llv.5 l?(*f the Board ef Tra l?srlll take Blur* *t 5 NlllO Jebruaar 11, ias/. at 7K o'alack r> ai*?iber ia rsqaestad to attend. - - - *^_*ABDO, Secretary. QJ-THODGHTS OH HAMLKT, lP*ur n.) Illnstreted by Recitations from tbe Flay, By H CLAY rA^NKV*in*u?P-H HALIl? ,tb street.T0*8 lust., at d o'slock Admlssloa ^aeenU fe u.n, jT7"JO?*PH ? ?HAFr?*Lf>. iftMwn, ^W'BOTIOSEET. k J OKKAB A DINiNO tJALOOH, !? aTe- Ul mb ,3?h aU. .wriisi fife' ?* OoatoctiOBsrt*, Jal'ui J{"m \~ftiS4XPb. atfMa.S- W,.,, b" B*"t to attsad to all ds f*H lm _ JOBBPH B. SHArriEbD nrg=?CBWTKiL BPILDrilO t88001&TI0V~" 'v?*S'w"g,?f aitst'rf^*?anPtr7"" f b*T,B" e^'? Btife. to*?OBN EEiLil i.'u ^JLV*1 8 " Auditor. jja^H^&iTiS^gggpgy Srsra-? A*u*t: f> w. onrriK ?> ITV" to TnilS Vfceetfni o7t" 1" r|Nnestai V'l ,.?y *,d?' 9f P'esiJsntT * tr%a'' Tlli? Q. BHAW. See. f^=? METEOTWL^TAN BAILBOAD COM OSce, corner af 17th etrset'aad Hew York era KSAsnraaer^-"" J. w. THOMPBOH. Prest If"*" LECTCEB BOOMoFTaioBUBCB OF THE MOEBAY BTEH1HO, FBDkUABY 11 isar Cards of admission^ an eeata. fe 5.?t By orrtarof the FresHeat [lat] fsl eotAal The U^7.r?. winrS7 i lhrf* aud'*?ee. s*nt?. tn ba w-e ? ' J tagta tickats. M Office! ^ <>* B????s sad at th* Star ^- itiBLisiu, ... JtePBBBBOH A FBBOOBOB. jJ ' "T '"'MKVkKPKVj? siaa?"1""-"jf^iWtXu^.'SSSsS""^00* ? 9~JL~L O 1 it. I BALTIM0E1 EE FIB ID PKTE0LE0B, Also, | LCBBICA?!V9 91L9. 'estheiecaa be no doaM oflta anaarlorltr u u -,OB BADObrrrs? '??..Swri3 ?f offlSif ! ajyiyg1as ff sr1 n-s-^ bafors tk? ik I* thereof to tbe subscriber, on or oth?Mni- h? wJiT of ,F?hraary next: they mm, e* itTtsall beaeitoftai MfkMW 110 - " mwt- m FU9H BUFFLY. COBBVOIBIBB#, ~~ ' A.IsBXABBEBt, ? JOOYIB'B All eolors and si see, firm iv to 10M ladlss1 QWtss, |t{ Oeatlemea's, Btf.gA, JOB /. ?AY * 00., lb 11 tHf '?*H?aala iihu, hetaeea tth aad 1Mb sts. * CONdfifeySIONAL. % ^ . ? Vf .. M6sDAY~tfihruary It. ^ e?ATi ? Fb#<gwor l*i<1 t--turr the Sen*** ? cowgt n d icati tefitrinitf Oovfmur of ???< I ?nng|?i^iit?H' jitUUWlon by the Lcfitlatur* of ttw S'^ate at^looo?n?iitutioual arnen.lmMt MfTpolaod presented a memorial fr >trt%* t*in|Kfrary Meik* la tfcs ijuart'rmas'er <*>n erafs tllflce. *MtW* that tQrir compensationba I Increased to tbat of first-class clerk* Referred 10 Finance Com mitt Mr. Willey presented a memorial, a.kTnr'1 for the passage or a law to protect patentees. Rolen e<l to Committee ?>n P?M>nii. Mr. Wilton, from ibe Committee on Mdi'ary Affair#, reported, ?d4on in-* 14 >?<<> resoiptiufe far the rejief of dertain vuldu leer officers. ? Attn, ad v?r?e| y- on ?lM? MH to amend tb? act If co'porating ibe National Soldiers' and Sailors'Or|bmr Mom* ' A Ho. t:?VoraM v on th? joint resolutioa for th - puicbase of David's Island, iu N?w York harbor. Also, favorably on tbeactTor the relief of tte member* 01 the '21st ff?jw York cavalry. Also, joint revolution lor tbe relief of the en11 > 1 ??! mm of the ;th West Va. volunteer*. AIm , on bill to au'norlxe ?he purohase of ceitain lots at AUeKbany Arsenal, Pittsburg. Fa Mr Ramsey introduced a bill *jo iBf irporn'x . the AUniitic and Island Cimpauy. Referred ! to Committee ou District of Columbia. Mr. Morrill introduced a bill to amend the : act lo incorporate ihe Na'ional Theological i Institute. lleierrjd u> Committee oa District of Columbia. Mr Anthony introduced a bill granting jur<eoictU)ii to tbe Court of Claims in a certain clause involving ibe right to a protest. Retsrred to Committee on tbe Judiciary. Mr Sumner Introduced a resolutionregulating ?bat the Committee be directed to consider the expediency of an amendment to tbe Civil Mights bill, where tbe rights of a citizen of the United States are concerned in any case in any of ibe Males Mich case shull be tried in the United Sta'e? Courts. Mr Fanl?bory objecting It went over Mr Chandler asked to take up the resolution Ititrodnced by him on Saturday calling on tbe Jodicittry Committee as to whether the President had any authority to appoint Pr ^visional Governors. Mr. Chandler supported his resolntlon in a speech of some length, in which he declared that ibe appointment of tbe?e Governors wit in palpaole violation ot tbe law, and a usurpation of tbe autboriiy of Congress, for which he deserved impeachment. It was alleged that the President had delivered over to the rebel railroads In the South rolling stock which belonged to the Government, and for this lie deserved impeachment. He had suspended, as ' was alleged, without authority of law, th?* collection ot the direct tax in therebellious Slatst*, and tor this alone he deserved impeachment and removal. He bad made appointments not only without tbe consent ot the Senate, but alter they had keen rejected by the Senate, and lor this he should be impeached. If not. the Congress of the United States might a* well never meet again. In regard to the fears Which bad been expressed as to the disastrous effect ou the country in case of impeachm-nt. It would not prodnce any more derangement than the removal of aNew York custotn-hon?e official. This Republic would live and neither the fall ol .lefTereon Davis or of Andrew Johnson would have any effect on it. Mr. Dixon said he should move an amend, tnent to tbe resolntlon as to whether Preside t Lincoln bad authority to appoint provisional governors. Mr. Cooness did not like tbe language of tbe resolution. He moved to striae out the words "Vice President" and "acting " Mr. Feseenden deprecated the bringing up of such a resolution at this time. If he was a member of the Judiciary Committee he should not coiiMder if, if it was passed, and wo aid make no report on it. In view of the acton now goiug on in the House, be thought it wan not proper tor the Senate to express any opinion oc this subject. Mr Pomeroj also deprecatt d the introduction of the resolution at this time. Mr. Grimes movsd to lay the resolution on the table, which was agreed to. The invalid pensions bill was then p&sstul. On motion ot Mr Fessenden the bill supple, mentary to the acts establishing the Treasury Department was taken up and passed The Post Office appropriation bill was then taken up and pa sed. Hovea.?Mr. Blaine (Me) introduced a bill to promote the Interest of commerce and shipbitilding in the United States Referred to the Committee on Commerce. Mr Ri.-e (Me.) introduced a bill authorizing the purchase by the United States of ibe farm of tb? late Robert Isberwood, on the Eastern Branch, la the District of Columbia Referred to tbe Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds. Mr Dixon (R. I.) presented resolutions of 'he legislature of Rhode Island, rnlative to a break-wateron liloc* lslaad. Referred to the Cotumlt'ee wn Commerce. Mr Ward (NY) presented resolution* of the Legislature of New York, asking Government md in favor of the Northern Pacitlc Railroad Referred to tbe Committee on Pacific Railroad. *r. WeMter (Ohio) introduced a joint resolution for tbe relief of Henry E Peck, Mmis er Reeideat aud Consul General at Mayti. Re erred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Mr Ecklev (Ohio) presented resolutions of be S'ate ot Ohio relative to adoption of amendments to the Constitution of tbe United States. Referred to the Committee on tne Judiciary Mr Eggleston (Ohio) introduced a bill making appropriation for the repair, preservation, and completion ol certain public works already commenced. Referred to the Committee on Commerce Mr. Julian (Ind ) introduced a hill requiring the Legislature of Utah to transmit tbe laws of the Territorial Legislature to Congress in compliance with existing law. Referred to Committee on Territories. Mr. Grinnell (Iowa) introduced a bill to amend the act for the relief or the legal representatives of Union soldiers dying in rebel prisons. Referred to Committee on Military Affairs, with leave to report at any time. Mr. Peine ( Wis ) presented resolutions of the Legis'ature of Wisconsin, in favor of an increased duty on wool. Referred to Committee of Wars and Means. Also, presented resolutions of tbe same legislature, requesting tbe removal of certain Indian trices. Referred to Committee on Indian Affairs. Mr. Sawyer (W is.) presented resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin, asking another appropriation for tbe improvement of tbe entrance of Fox River. Referred to Committee on Commerce. Mr. Bidwell (Cal ) Introduced a resolution granting lands to aid in construction of certain railroads in California. Referred to Committee on Public Lands Mr. Wbaley (West Va.) introduced a bill to establish certain mail routes in West Virginia. Referred to Committee on Poet Offices aud Post Roads. Mr. Chaves (N. Mexico) introduced a bill 'o ascertain and settle private land claim In ?he Territory or New Mexico. Referred to Coin, m it tee 011 Public Lands. Mr. Goodwin (Arizona) introduced a bill for the relief of tbe inhabitants of cities and towns on the public lauds. Referred to Committee on Public Lands. Mr. Higby (Cal.) introdnced a resolution directing tbe Committee on Library to iuquire into the expediency of purchasing Carpenters' picture of the first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation. Passed. Mr. Righy also introduced a resolution de daring thai it was alleged tbat a commission authorized by the War Department was now is session in this city, for the purpose of con siJenag claims of cltltsns of the late rebel States for property taken for the use of the U. U. army; and Instructing the Committee on Claims to ascertain wneibersucb a commission U in session; If so. by what legal authority, and to ascertain also whether any claims bare Wen allowed aad paM, and what authority rxiTiJ**,ora,low,B? aad Wf ?<*chclaims. d(?**\) Introdnced a resolution till ? ? Commit** on Printing to repAtt the propriety and probable cost of printing the reports of contract* for mall service for the J?f ending September 30, ism. passed. Mr McRner (Cal.) introduced a resolntlon, : Which was agreed to, declaring that in the , opinion of this House tbe Government of the [ United States should proeecute the claims or | It* citizens against Great Britain for losses sustained daring the war, by reason of British id toffbels, with the same energy and de. ; terminated * was exercised by the British Government ill r?UUoa to the capture of Mason and Hlidell. Mr. Henderson (Orefdfl) introduced Natations declaring that whenever the peooi* ot t ft/tution **BOHn?* Jllegianee to tbe CoflshaVi ?irt lh* United States, or "J!! eges in the Union, aad all govern boundaries of such Stati.\?hMl ? h! Government of tbe United States ^Lnd idling farther tbat the late war wa!?m.t^.-J for tbe purpose of upholding an? thorny, but for nphe.ding the national '"of '*' that the UnioJremains undVvid^d and in last. Refei red tothe CommluC on i? construction. I W on meJtr. Morrill. (Vt,) from the UoiamittMA> Ways and Means, reported the hUlam?V? tory of tainting laws relaiing u, lateSl rlt" enne, and moved that it be made the ani?ili ovi2rr d*"d*T Ten,?C next M aeren Mr. Scbeack (Ohio) objected. Mf. Morrill eaid night sessions were TfnVLr Mr. Scheack aaid the bill to e?naliae the ? w*- - - ' i -'((sswiapmp * mtfl bounties of soldier had been Dovod Mid toik finjr 10 <>?>, an i ii?- wnwlil obje.-t <o anyth-i-r ih?i ! led to set that bill aeide far any ( nk?uhdv a . a . Urt nio"u?. tttrulM vi? suspended, an i Mr. Mot ntl*s moii&a ?u agreed to. Mr.,E>(Ma-*,) from ^e 0?.n'tiRt %?n the Now Ort> ?d> lUat. mad* a Import, wftkn *r?e u^dera^to be frtn ed. Mr/?uysr (Pa).anr>mit|4d ?' minority rejwrt. v v W f V A. Mf. Fhotalro tBfroclneed a mfl to ptyvide for a S'ate government lor Louisiana , fir protwlf* lor the appointment by the President, by and witb tbe ad ?ic- and consent of tbe Senate ot a Pro visional Governor aud Council J Tbe question of present consideration ot the undrr discussion when oyr report TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ?? m . . FROM EUROPE. ^able Rates tab* Reduced?Tbe Praselaa Dielr^isas'tal and Commercial, Ae. .Lubdom, |;>b. Q? Evening.?It bas been of. filially announced by ibe officers ef tbe An. glo-American Telegraph Company tbat on and after tbe 1st day or Marcb next tbe rates by ?he cable will be rertneed one-half.

Kkri in, Feb. fc\enmg.?The King of Pru* ist Las Closed tbe Diet. He relumed bis tiiinks to ih?t body for the cordial aa?Mtaace extended bias, and etronglv "hoped for German unit) He also i>ointed out the necessUy for a permanent peace at butne and shroid. TOe Kin* and bis speech were enthusiastically reeeirrd by the people Feb !l? K venjng.-~U. S.5-j?.'a, 7$ Erie i-bsre*. Illinois Central. 9u\ Fakir, Feb l>?fcvening.?lT. ? 5-w.'*. Fuakkkout. Feb. 9 ?V. S. 5 M.'S, 7* VI.nwuo*. Feb 5?? F vening ?Consols lor mon ej $il % . Double Murder la Msise-Tbe Nejrt's t onfession as te How it was Aceem plisbed. ljcwistows,**.. Feb.9.?In n?fereafcetoth? Auburn murder the ne^ro assert* that be did not think tbat tbe murder was contemplated. and consequently be went into tbe bonse unarmed, while bis accomplice first seised Mr*. Kms-ley and demanded where the money wh-?, when she screamed for Mrs. Caswell. Ibe accomplice iben struck Mrs. Klusley with a chair. Mrs Caswell on coming out of her room was struck on tae he.d witha hatchet by tbe accomplice who tben left ber for dead, when both the marderers returned to Mr?. Kinsley's bedroom and searched tor money where she indicated but fouud none. Mr*. Cat well had returned to consciousness and wss attempting to reach her room when the nerro followed ber and killed her with a chair. In the meantime the accomplice had finished Mrs. Kii.sley. They then tried to light a Limp but failed, and after further search, gave up all hopes of finding any mouey and left. V'errill. wbera tbe uegro charges with being tbe instigator of and accomplice in the crime,is in .jail. Detectives are understood te be at work on his case. Later from Havana. Nkw York, Feb. II.?Haeanx advices to the 6th of February have been received Tbe cholera, small-pox and yellow fever still prevailed at St. Thomas. ' Over seven hunuiel persons died from the cholera ia five W-eks. VTbe tirall-pox is abating at Mantanzas. re whites have suffered more than the b aeks. The Spanish ironclad Tetnan had arrived at Havana. Accidental Shooting of Col. < arrlngtea* Fobt Laramie Feb. ii?Colonel (Jarring, tor, witb tbe i8tn Intan ry, and Major Norns, comm.tiding escort, arrived here lrotn Fort Phil Kearney en route to Fort McPherfon his new headquarters. On the 7th inst.ut while riding beck to clo?e np the train, Colonel Carrington's revolver struck hie saddland exploded, wounding him in tbe thigh On his arrival here Surgeon Shell removed the ball ibus ing amputation. Dead. Cine i nx ati. Feb. II?M. P. M^liuinUn, formerly eonuecled with tbeCincinnati presi, d ea yesterday. Fire. Chicago, Feb. u_Thtt building at tbe corner of Cass and Kenzie streets was destroyed by fire last nigbt Tbe lo?s is about Sio.bOU. (^BEAT BEDUOTIOH IN DBY GOODS. TATK8ABILBT7323PKNN.AVI, Are closing oat their entire s??rk of VTintsr '.00D8. CLOTOd. CA881.MIKCS. BLANKKrd sd4 BBAWL-, at grestlr reduced rates, to make room for thslr asrlag stork They ar?- also selling? Hew fork dills 1-4 Bleached M Bella at ?0 ets. M amsatta 4 4 do do Vet* Abdrwscogglo 4-4 do ?o SOct*' Bttani Hills ttc;s fe ii >t W.H CLAOBTT, H B BWKBNT, BBAL B8TATE BBOKBBS amd ACOTIOMBIBB. Parties rontemplstlng bailding In tbs spring or >un bsainv aalsseroved prop*rtr for lavestment will fltd It to their adventago to look over our list before purchasing, as we nave added recently *? oar former list a large aamiit of that deecrlp tion of property. Wacaa offer maay ialacem^nts a^iegards Hnation. low prices and essy terms We have also for tale several small tracts ot land ,BMT"4leta Umity of this city, very sli slbly looated for saburbaa r sidenees. ae wsll as highly Improved farms In Maryland, which are r?ally bargains. Property left witb aefer sale does a?t subject the owner te expense uahess seld while on oar bnaas f? " lSB 0L4QBTT A SWBBHT. 1867 BrRixa stock- 1867 J J. MAT A CO , 308 Penn. avenue, between 9?b and l?th ats.. Are now receiving their 8PRIH0 STOCK., embracing a great variety ofcbeloe STAPLE ASD FAHCT IMPOBTBD ABD DO MRBTIO DBT OOODB, to which they respectfully Invite tbeatteutlon of the public. A1I articles ate marked extremely low, as their a ales are made esclnslvely for easb. Mn-Wf pBOPOSALS FOB FLO UK SuaetsTxacR Orvtca. D. 8. A , J Exab of Mo. 104 Wfur lomsard *Taxrr,> BaLTiaoaa. Mu . rebraerye, Hd. S Pealed Proposals. In dnpllcatc. will be received att* le office until 11 in., on TIIUBSDAY, Februaip 14, 18 T, for famishing ta? United butes f>ut?sistetiri; Department, delivered la Baltimore. Md., witb Fear Hundred (Ml Barrels, frean ground _ . BXTBA FLflCR. Tbe proposals will be for what is known at this Depot asN<>? 1, and 1. iJOii bbis No landiOObbls. Bo. J.?te beef winter wheat, an I Md* will be entertained for any quantity iea? than tae whole. Aut psrt of the Flour will be subject to order within five days a'ter aotltcatlon of acceptance of bid; but the Fionr will he held at thsexpeoeeof tne contractor, until ?eoh time* and In sacK?nantit lee as It may be called for. Btd* for tiuk grad* le *< ea tt.'arnte <kuu a/" paptr. Blank forms are famished at this office. Barrels to be In good skipping erter, fully bead **aed Flat hooped and machine-made barialaiml be rejected. Samples of the Flour offend mast ia all oases he sevt In. bet not enele-ed with the ere?osal. asaal Oovernmeat inspection will he made just betore the Vlrar Is received, and none will be *bich is not frtfk greitad, and agreeing witb the sample. Condition*, requirements, payments, Ae . as beretafere. Propo.als to be endereed VPropoeala for Floar," and addressed to the undersignsd, of whom la 'inlre fer farther dstaili, THOMAS W1M0E, * it i? Brt. LI eat Col C i.,TO.:., fell-41 Bvt. Brig Pen. Tots. r: ? *0 SIMPSOH HODBB, corner ef 10th . ,,'H' *Ad. fapa'a aveoae, and get a large UlSi' HILADBLPHIA Aiik lor Five Oents. ^ T?'1 hf happy to serve hi* friends la u f 0,**r* uad Tobacco, at Bo. a<H Loaisiana avraae. near Bank ef Waihlag ?s?-lm Fo* SALE-A email rrenai eohired MARB, with sliver mane and tall: Is seven m old: .ound aad eeVle AppV atttaB 2?5J Ohlef Clerk, Hoase Reprssenta "1* S. fa 9 Jt p I A E O 8 . ~ i ,u"0,w ISW ra??S?T?B. ^ (t ??y oRee. coraer F aad7th streets. .lh? JU Bout.. Q.oUMo., r.(Ql.rir " psssf1* >asse?ok w ntoimm 4> > . ' - wuiwa una. tree*. EDITIK ft wf? 4 O'CLOCK P. M. * i ; s? ' A i fcoYCRNMEWT SRI IRITIEI. "* "W imiipri n > February 11, It*?. Jay Cooke Jt Co furniHb tbe following qnotatioas of tiOTerumoBl vctnuM . Mmgimf. StlUmp t.ft.l'iOvapM. I^K l-*\ U.S. FlTf T WfBUW, l?*S K8|| lUb \ , , U.-ti. Five Twpuw*. 18*1 litfg 106\ U-S. Five 18*5........ ii?J U.S. KIT* TweBtleOanAJ'y.tfc.lotV lu^ H* 1>t r<irtmr,>..... ..M?* 1W% IT S. Seven Thirtls*, Angast.... ta'> tv." ^ V. S. Seven Thirties, Joii..??l?4\ l??s% U. 6. MVM Thirties, U*\ I mw TOBK riBST *<??RP BALM. Coupon* t.ililJI' 4U.V)'| 100% 1-62 ' &'*, Aifui....iu>\ MU'a, HM..V. Wf 7.3U*s? Jane IU5* 4-?'K l?<x? 1U' % ^Ju's. July ...... MR!* 5'A i. Jn JtJj. W.106\ Gold ...... 136* . ???. ? 1 provisional GorrfcNiiiNT fob louis j - lAMtl There was quit* b bttbbob la tbe Honu to. dsy utu Ut? bill iBtrvduord by Mr. Elliot, of MawirbaMlu, from New Orleans HioUIb. vestigating Committee, providing for the appointment of a provisional government (or Louisiana, to take ib? place of the present government. Th? bill provides t?r tbe appointment of a Provisioaai Oo vers or and CoubciI of nine by the President, with tbe advice and consent of tbe Senate, all of wbich appointee# shall be able to take U>? test oath An electiOB stall be called for tbe Ttb of June, at wbich all loyal persons, without distinction of color, shall vote ior Governor And Leg. ,Mature. Confederate soldiers who did not enter tbe army voluntarily, are allowed to vote. Ihe motion for the previous question ou the bill was earned, bat fllibastenng tactics were resorted to against patting the question on the passage of the kill, and a&3 p. m. it seemed no1 improl>able that tke bill would go over until to-morrow and be printed, and that detvite would be resumed on tbe reconstruction military government bin. SITRRATT. No information bas yet beea received at tbe Navy Department from tbe steamer Swatara with Surratt, the conspirator, on board. It : will he remembered that tbe Swadra tailed for home on tbe 8ib of January, and it wa* then thought she would reach here by the 1st of February, if she sbonld make tbe trip under steam. No doubt the canse of her nonarrival is that it was necessary for her to come a great portion of tbe distance under sail. Be. ing a third rate steamer, she can carry but a small quantity of roal, and her commander not wishing to stop at anv ports. It is v*ry probable that bensessvil wbeaerer the weath. ! er permits. It may baa week or two yet before her arrival. As before stated, she will j come immediately to tbe Washington navy yard, should tbe river permit, and the prisoner will be handed over to Marshallioodiag for saje keeping unul tbe trial. It is not improbable that tbe Swatara may be used for the prisou-sbip should the jail not be deemed s&Jflcieutly secure. THE FRENCH LEAVING MEXICO. Commodore John A. Winslow, of theGalf squadron, nnder da'e of Pensacola, February 2d, transmits to the Navy Department a despatch trom Lieut. tk>m. Wm. Gibson, Of tbe steamer Tahema, at Vera Cruz. announcing that on the I9!b ot January about 1.5<? French and Belgian troops came down from tbe Oity of Mexico, and with other troops already at Vera Crnx wen immediately embarked fbr Fraace on board the transport Kbone. All tbe French garrisons lrom before the City of Mexico have been withdrawn into the city, and are rapidly being moved to the coast. A codducta, with about three millions of dollars, c?me with tbe French troops. RECEPTION AT THE WHITE HOUSE. Tbe weekly reception of the ladies of the Execu tire Mansien, 'Mrs. Patterson and MrsStover, took plac* ibis afternoon between tbe hours of one and three o'clock, and was attended by many ladies and geatlemmi,' amoig whom were Attorney General Stan berry, and lady; Judge Field, and lady; Mrs. Judge Swayne, Admiral Tegettboff, of the Russian Navy;Mrs. \ ice-President Foster, J Bdge Olin, and lady: Mrs. Montgomery Blair, and many others, tbe parlors being crowded doriag the whole time. SURVEY OF PUBLIC LANDS. Tbe Commissioner of tbe General Land Office bas just received preliminary returns Of surveys of the Oberosee Neatral Lands con' sistlng of tbe demarcation of tbe Southern and Western boundaries and tbe establishment of tbe 6th standard parallel south of tba 6th principal meridian through tbe same. These mes have beeo surveyed with a view of subdividing tbe whole neutral Lands under the Srovislons of the 17tb article of the treaty or uly l?tb, it-46. with tbe Cherokees iu Kansas wbich work is now beiag prosecuted by the TT. S. Surveyors. The returns of township lines have also b#n received of tbe north parr of the Osase lands said io tbe United States under tbe 1st article of tbe treaty of Sept. -29th, the subdi visional work of which is also being carried On in the field with tbe prospect of an early completion. LAND TITLES ADJUDICATED. During the past week Commissioner Wilson, ot tbe (jeaeral Land Office, sent to the toeal office at San Francisco, California, decisions m thirty-five cases of the series known as the ex-mieeioo of Saa Jose under specialact of Congress approved March 3, 1885. There are but seventy-three of these cases remaining for adjudication. Tbirty.two entries in addition to tbe seven recently reported under special act or Congress approved Jnne 17,1855. entitled an act to grant tbe right of preemption to certain settlers on the Kaacho Bolsa de Tomales, Menu County. California hare jnst passed tor patenting. Claimants are rapidly consuro&ting their titles aader the provisions oi the act. DISPOSAL Or PUBLIC LANDS The Commissioner of tbe General Land Office bas just received returns exhibiting an aggregate disposal of 35.721 acres of the public lands during tbe month of laooary last at tbe following local offices, vig:?Last Saginaw, Michigan. 18.645 acres; Winnebago City, Minnesota, i!,5e?< acre*; New Orleans. Louieiaaa, 0,488 acres. Tbe entrees at New Orieans, La , were nnder the homestead act, and will add additional farms t? the product ve force of Louisiana. At the East Saginaw and Wiane. bego city offices tbe greater portion of tbe land was taken for actual settlement and catiivbUou. -w. NEW SITE FOR THE DISTRICT JAIL, be. Mr. Rioe, of Maiae, introduced in the Hbuse to-day a bill aalhorlxiag tbe purchase by tbe United States, of tbe hra of one handred acres, of tbe late Robert lsherwood, for tbe sum of ~4,uw, to be ased as a site for tbe jail of tbe District of Columbia, in lien of tbe site Fv- 1jW?) tbe site far of all kinds, ibe remainder of tbl fllE to be laid out in streets, alleys, reservations, kC , to correspond with other portions of the city. Referred t<j Committee on Public Buildlags and Gronfids. ALL QUIET AT OUT AM AS. Despatches bave been received at tbe Navy Department from Rear Admiral H R. Thatcher, of tbe North Pacific Sqndron, dated San Francisco JaaoarylE, announcing tbe arrival of the steamer Saranac (Capt. G. H. Scou) for supplies. He reports all qaiet at Oayamae, and tbe anthorities of tbe Republteaa Govern meat are in fall exercise of their political rights, no disturbance having occurred there pmce tbe evacuation by tbe Ffencb. ORDERED General Of**J erdered 1st Lieutenant E S. Ewlag, 34th IT. ^ Infantry, to repOTtt^ Major Gen l Howard, OoJ7??'Mioner of Freedmen's Bursau. for ??tj WlUl tba Bureaa In tble olty. EENOMIHATED. ? Tbe ?a?i? * A- U. Sioanaksr bas again baa* sent to tbe Senate for Oollectorablp First District lateraal Reveaaa. Pean^ , .. It Via erroaeonsly slated cm Saturday that tbe Honse bad recommitted the recon iraalioa miliUry government MB. Tbe Huwitiii no decisive aeUoa on the MR da 'SftViVY* il 4b"^*<^rfore etilT before 9ba< I body. 1KTMITAL RKTBSrt -The, rre^M tbia aoarce t?-day were KJt.m-i 73 ym ^ eadme on Saturday last. ?l.ti-,.mi ?. mab.s, * *<* ! *aaeipte -mm 10? ut ?f j?,y ?*., < ?1?2,1H7J1J<8 * F?fc?4L -Bieratadt. mi mrun. w etopp.e, at W Ulard'a. He btt brought ?n? cx kl> m w. b*a?-m?!t pictures with him. id tB* pe-rmt 01 . yoaag fcrtde LOCAL NBWS. T** Kirn ?r Aoai* ? TV HUamrr,' beiam ?Tbe steamer K#yj?*n. %Utn r. ot t&? a quia ere** Uoe. which tatt h*r wuarf abua< (Mti ehn't <*u *m. aruay. returned about 7 o'clock la-t ereon,* baaing trade ber way to Aquta Cr?rt TK.' trip dovs *11 made tn about ftve nonr?, mm { ah* found tb# ice most traabl*M>ar h?ta?i, her wharf Ud Owaboro Beiew qguu.v (hart tlierf waa ion* drift lea. aad abjoi Washington come Utile trouble was expen enced The hLryport uw ih? A?< oney lib* ordnance boat of the Nitj Yard) at,4 the ? O. kaigot (tb* pioneer aramo ~r oftusaw line) safely harbored in QeaaUce Ore*-k. where there la ao danger lYtwn the ice TaKeypwrt left Aqula Creek at tn o'clock yetter. day morning. and found on her apward trip the kco very bad ta place*, o? Sa urday m**. I it belar froaen hard, aad waa "lightly d?m . seed. Tb* officer* erect the opinio* IBtt tt>, pitch at tbe moiitb of tbe Kastere Hran.ti ? I gorged from the Wtom, aad tola morning it i* a greater barrier to trawl than it baa yet beeu ? tb* iai? from Aleia?4n?, with pav?ii(rr> from the South, aft*r n pea ed eff.irta to gei tbroagh it and tailing, returning to Aiesandila On Snierday. Mr. Skirtmore* flab house on the shore just west of the Virginia ?ed of telling Pridge. waa carried ?ITbv tbe lae. nod l? now lying near Uie mouth of t out Mile Kan ? * . Tub ftonaikv at tub Ttutrir.?Tb" Secretary of the Treasury tbta naorumg ixut : the Mlawlat circular : Thba -1 Kv lHu-aaTwaar. Feb. II, iw 9i.'ltM> Rewmd. Tte above reward will be paid a* herein after mentioned, lor tb* arraat of A. Win. Le~. alias Georre palmer, alia* George Korer-, *> years, abort gray bair aud monttacbe. aroally weare ab?irt bid* whiakera. He aerved two }eara, Tic: 1-*1 and t**<, under the a*mof George Palmer, In the ilet regiment \ * York volunteer infantry, commanded by Col Wm. Rogers, of Buffalo I^ee wan employed iu tbe Loan Brai, b of tbe Tn-aeury lie part meat, from ftept?mber, IHM, to the Tttth o January. 1017; he left a*?b. ton city tbe latter dat?\ and la ctarj^d w;tr> abtconuiag with some thirty-six thousand dollars (.?ft.t?n) or more m 7 3u 1' note#, of the ftrat aeriee, aated August IS. Ira>4. will be paid for tb<* arrest and delivery of Lee to the Superintendent of Polio at Washington city. D. C , and sn.ouo for tb? recovery of tbe money, or in ibai proportion, for the amount that may be rt*cover**d. (Signed.) H. ttcCcxrf* h. Secretary of the Trea?ury. Criminal Uocut. J waft Tuktr.?TXt Com. v Cote?Tbis morinng, ibe jury, in tbe cas* or Santord <'onover, alias Cbvin A. liuaban indictext for penary, after r>*o*irliig tbe in. strnctlons of the Court returned a verdict or eullty. The counsel for tbe accused. JudgLander and Mr. Gooding, rave notice of thef int^ntion to move lor a n?-w trial. In two cases ol larceny, agains: R. H.Clark*a voUr pro*, war entered. John Bell, indiced fc*r larceny, was ~onvicted of larceny, and sentenced 10 tbe Alhanv panitenuary for one y*ar Tbe (m* ot Robert Holtxman and SamnH I'arrls. indicted lor the larceny of ftSS.Ote frun the bankinc-honse of 3f!e?srs. Kiggs A Cv. some mobtbs ago, was caliieo, and Holt/cnaii answered. Tbe IHstrict Attorney propo-wn i<> enter a n>4lt pro* as to Holtzman. bu: tb" c jut eel. Messrs Norris and Smitbera, b?*inr anxioo? for a verdict, a jurv was sworn and lloltzmao was found not guilty. iMnlel Wayne, tndictad for larceny, wa* emvMUd. Jamaa Franklin, was found guiltr of larceny, and sentenced to one year's imprisonment In the penlteniiarv. PoLica Orricna in Tsodbli ?^This morn, tng officer J. B WiI?on arretted Jo^ Uvu, a colored boy aged about twelve vearc. f. r tlgbung in the street, and started w'nb b.m to Juttice Kate?' office. Some rentl?-men wt? wax# near by followed the officer to th?* ortic* hod there made complaint that tbe officer had ?nrmiu*d an assault aud batu-ry oa the b^v "With intent to kill, and bad struck him on tb" bead three tia>*<s with a club Tbe Jasti ? h^ld the policeman to hall for a beariuc tbia afternoon. Ta?* boy's h?*^ waa cat, but tbe officeravera thet it wa? by accident that h" waa atruck Thecaeewaa reported to Mi>?r Kicbarda, Superintendent of Police, wt?j promptly suspended tbe officer, and ordered him under arrest aad to take oV his unllorn a StDUKjr Ibsamity.?Yesterday morniag. about e o'clock, a youag man, well known and highly res pec'ed by our citizens, was at - I tacked with a fit of tnaaa.ty while in Wataon barber shop, corner 6tb atreet and L?ouiaiana avenue and ?bot Msaaalf accid?nilv tbrou?ti tbe left band, inflicting a lenont wound. Hbad two piatola wttb him. one of which bis brother took froBi him. bat be handling tbe other. It explod*<i. and tbe ball paa-ed through hi* band. H* l*ft ta* aaloon aad ran into tbe atre*r, causing considerable alarm to p~r<.on* witb whom b* came ui contact, and anally Was secured RjrrraB tub Coats ?Persons having coat* taken by mistake fron tb# President? on Thn-*day evening last, can racatve their own by returning the** tn their posseaton to Mr. l>onn. at the Executive Manaioa. Representatiw* Hunter, of New York, lost a rerv flue coa: be-rieg bis name on the co4tnr. Solicitor Jornon, of the Treasury Department, also loaa valuable one. Mr. Donn has a number ot coat* m bis possession which the owner* cau have by applying to him. Mbdical Ripur.T oj? tub KitinxiR Hint Surgeon Reybnrn. Of the Fr^dmen's Bureau, surgeon in charge of the District, has made bit report to Major General Howard, showing tb? condition ol the freed men In hospitals during the month af January. The whole numtwr under treatment daring the month waa i,7j of whom 51 died, l.UOi were cured and di? charged, and 6M remained under trsstmoni at tbe last of tbe month. Tbe dtaaasee most prevalent were bronchitis aud pneumonin. m CowTBArra fob 1- rumsHjjro ptorm ?On Saturday lasu bids for torni?hing 1.VX' barrel* of flour for tbe Sabeistaace Department at Wathingtoa, D C., were opened at the office of Colonel Bell, Commissary of Subsiatenoe. and the contracts for ?i.turn barrels, second quality, awarded to A. Rosa Ray k. Bro , at fia.6- per barrel; barrels, second quality, to Giveaway A Howard, at CIS per barrel: juu barrels, first quality, to George Waters, at f 14.37 per barret. CiBctJIT CoraT?Jwiff* Carttrr.? This morning, tbe case ot Aiden vt Magruder et al . commisMoners of election in the Seventh Wardaction to recover damages from the deteudani* lor refusing his vote?was givea to tbe jurr. who returned a verdict flbr tbe defendant. Riddle for tbe plaintiff, Bradley aad Bradley for the defendants Ritirr or tri Pock Darlnr tbe pa<* week the Special Relief Commission ot tbe Freed men's Bureau, 10 dtsirlbate tbe appro priatioa of S^euO, nave given n.o?4 worth of grocerte*. fnel. and clothing to I.US person*. thoue relieved being both white and colored Adbtttbd.?L*ydon H. Stevens, of this citywas admitted an attorney and connsellor of the Supreme Court of tbia Dtatxlct. on tbe 9th lest., an moiion et . Thompson, fcsq. __ Allaire in Ceargetewn. Tab FTbw ataoinrnv.?This morning. Meesr*. Bronangh, CMasoU, aad Dr. Cragia, the jadgeeof eleetlon under tbe late lawef Cangrese, took their aeats In tb* main halt ot tbn Custom House, and began to register tbe voters anew. Tbe ruah was not ao great as during the hrst sessions of the former commission, consisting ol ibe Mayor and Aldermen. The colored population is just being notified of ibe tasalons of the coamtsetoaer*, and tbe crowd will no doabt be aa great as oa tbe previous occasion. l>A*OB*orfl Chimbxt ?Tbe chimney of residence of Mr. A Baumbach, oa High, uesr Danbartoa, hna attracted tbe attenuon of tbe police as a daageroas structure, it being aplit several feet en each aide, and tbe police oflcer* think it wiH fall when tbe earth moistens, as It usually does in tbe Spring. The case has been three tlmee before tbe Justice, and this morning tbe proprietor waa fined *5 it. Nbw Kbtbbfbisb.?Preparations are in progress for tbe opening of nn extenai ve brooai factory in tbe bniidmg Na 109 Water etr*e'. which will give employmaat to a number of workmen, FloCB A*d QkAtjr Mabkbt ?The market opened this morning witb aa improved demand for floar of all deacriptioas, and sac jcially low grades. Holders are Arm and sell only in small lota to tbe local trade. Usurious of Batarday remain aacbnnged The acceptance by tbe Government of eeveral buedred barrels of ffo. 1 aad t Hoar from the fveorgetowa mills, dlabilaiabea tbe stock ia band. K o arri vale or sales of wheat aad corn Prioee nominally aa laat qa#tad. Taa Ire ?The tn*m last eight hna gl??a young abaters opportunities so skate ia is tug oa the new tee asrawd ta eerie aa loealrtiee tn tbia vicinity. We bear of bo iadleattoas et a speedy eleartag of t^a Ice above, aad n> tidings from t^e river below Fort merchants and rivermea art UviagU hope of a speedy nae of the rlTcr.