Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. , local news. ABUSSMUTB. ?? TO INR. Wall's kmw Oruu Hou?b.-Benefit of 8tage M???" H. B. Phillip*, t&tt Evening, on which oica-lom will be performed. for the first litre ib Washington, tlw new drama. ?Our Mutual friend, or the Golden Dustman," dramatized from Cbarle* Dickens' lui great .novel. Tbe Indians now m this city will be present. I 1 Mata&bal TH*at**.?Mrs. F. W. Lander in 1 tbe cornedj of "Peg Wofflngton, or Muki and , Face* " , 1 MrrzsRoTT Hall ?Young Folks Concert of Profeaeor Fox's musical una patriotic featival i of beauty, by 40i< young; lad tea of Washington, In costume, this evening. New Mabkbt Hall, Georretown?Prolenor Merchants' Mirror of the World, to* Bight. Odd Fsllows' Halt. ? General O'Neill (the hero of ktdreway) will speak this evening. Admittance free. o? tii? F.rrrnAKT.?The vestry o' the new Cburcb ot the Incarnation are making a strenuous effort to complete their edifice, on the corner of 19th and N streets. At the elocutionary and mnsicai soiree to be given this evening. Ke binary 11, in the lecture ro?m of Fptpbany Cburrb. we are pl-*a*ed to learn that ftli>r Jul-ana May is to alngsome favorite selections Those who attended the previous entertaumeui will he gratified to beat another aerie? of readings and recitations of like artistic merit Tit* socthkrx rsrcblicaw Associatiom? A J. Hamilton Vjpvttt the SUeent Plan rj Rt<-?n-fm</iV? ?On S viurdiy evening. the bustlies* of liie clerks' meeting at Union League Hall baving been hurried through, in order that Governor A. J Hamilton, of Texas, could deliver *n addre** before tbe Southern Republican Af.-onauon. tbey having also rented tbe tail The speaker was introduced by (general Wilson, chairman of the clerks' meeting, wbo still occupied tbe chair. Governor Hamilton spoke for same time, contending that no State had a right to exclude any class of people from using tbe elective franchise, as that was contrary to tbe Constitution of tbe United States, which guarantied to every State a republican form of government. Tbe people would sustain Congress in enforcing this, it wan Congress that was timid, not tbe people. Under the proposed constitutional amendment, the Southern States conld disfranchise as many as they pleased, and tbe only penalty prescribed by Congress was that tbey should only bave representation according to tbe number of actual Toters. The speaker said h- wonld throw np his bat higher iban ever before ir old Massachusetts would take tbe initiatory step In voting down ' tbe amendment. He did not intend to make war on OMigrens. but unless tb?-y would pass a law providing that every loyal man twenty, one years ofageshonld vote, wbe had notbeen convicted of crira*, tbe time would come when < tbey would bave it biased in their ears worse than a nest of vipers. Tbe loyal men of the South wanted no such protection as that of the sword, held by a pampered, be whiskered brig, adier general. Military men were very good in war; tbey were an arm el the Government to execute tbe will of tbe people as announced I y Congress. He was willing to acknowledge that (Jen Grant was a great man. aud deserved all tbe h 5nor that had been shown him; but he did not deserve ?o sit in judgment between tbe ' speaker and those wbo had driven him from < bis bvme and now kept him away. If be who l slept at Mount Vernon conld be resurrected 1 to-night, tbe speaker was not willing that be 1 should bold all the people at the edict of his voice People talked about Andrew Johnson being an usurper, but he had never yet entered upon such a fearful experiment as that; but If 1 Congress should pass tbe reconstruction bill 1 now before them and the American people ' should weigh Congress and Andrew Johnson, tbe end of tbe scale which held Congress would go dowu and Andrew Johnson would go up. Congress had been dealing with the ( reconstruction bill fer eighteen months, aud 1 talking as lightly over it as they wonld about reorganising tbe municipal aovernment of " asbirgton, and be believed they had devoted as much time to that asanytbing else. Andrew Johnson was. by tbe Constitution of the Uul- ' ted States, Commander-in-Chief or the army and navy, and would have command of the brigadier generals who were placed in the South. After the close ot the rebellion Gen. ! GraBt was sent down South to examine the eountry and make a report. He made a trip of a lew days, came back, and reported that everything was lovely and the goose hung high; and at that very time tbe speaker wa? writing to the President that everything was not lovely and the goose bung low. Military men were never intended to administer civil government. This trouble in tbe country conld never be settled until every rebel frem the highest to the lowest be marked with eternal infamy. If at the close a number of tbe leaders had been executed fer treason, ten thousand smaller ones would have tied tbe country, and there would have been peace to-day Tbe reconstruction bill now befjre Congress carefully avoided and was meant to avoid setting aside tbe rebel State governments, and tbe country to-day owed General Banks a debt of gratitude for his speech against it. Arbksts by thk Dbtkctivbs ?Last Friday Detectives Miller und incomes arrested Solomon Herman (wtio is anotorious passage thief) for the larceny of an overcoat valued at Sio, the property of Edmund P. Gaines; one Masonic pin. a pair of pants, vest, and shawl, vaiuued atffci, tbe property of W. C Black; one coat and sundry valuable papers, the property of James McColgan, and a number of articles of wearing apparel, valued at Sm. the property of John Kelly. Most of the property in each of these cases ha* been recovered by the police The same Detectives arrested Melville Kurtz on a charge of stealing one pistol, one overcoat and one dress coat, the property of John H. Seville. Also, one pair of pants,one vest, one shawl and a pin. the property of W. C. Black. The property in these cast s was recovered and identified. The same detectives also arrested Celia x oung for the larceny, at various times of cut glass ware. %-&r> in money, and various articles of sewing and trimming materials, tbe property of Mrs. Ann Van Bnsklrk. Tbe last named prisoner was a servant in the employ of tne complainant, and was detected in various petty larcenies; but upon the confession, and promise to be honest, she was retained in service Sbe was subsequently suspected of tbe larceny of the 825 from the complainant, and also various articles ot jewelry, a pistol, Ac., tbe property of Hon J. F. Driggs. and was arrested: but tbe evidence was not deemed sufficient to send the case to court. Sub?e- < quently additional evidence was produced, and she was rearrested. All these cases were examined by Justice i Tucker, at police headquarters, Saturday i evening, and the parties were committed to jail for conrt. J Win. Hull was arrested by the same detec- i lives for the larceny of a coat, the property of John H. Seville Wben be was arraigned for a bearing. Kurtz, who was already committed < for court, exonerated Hull by confessing that i he gave the coat to him to be pawned, and i Hull was dismissed. ( # Miitiik o? Clbrks.?Pursuant to notice a ' large number of i?epartmeiit Clerks me', at Union League Hall, on Satnrday evening. General Duane Wilson was called to the Chair, and Messrs. Samuel llam?ay and S. W. f*?er- i son appointed Secretaries. It was asked that i the ebject of the meeting be slated, but no one being able to do so a serie* of resolutions were < adopted returning thanks to Congress lor their evident Intention to deal fairly with all the clerks, and condemning any further agitation cf tbe increased compensation qaestion After the speech of Gov. Hamilton, noticed else. I -where, nnd (be adjournment ct tbe Southern K*publiran Association, tbere was great con- ' lesion among the clerks ae to who called the meeting, the object, 4c. A very large number having ?olleeted at the ball by ibis time it was charged by some that the Treasury Clerks bad i railed tbe meeting for the purpose of defeating tbe bill betore tbe Senate, many of the Uterks t In that Def>art men t having received their additional compensation Others charged that the Treasury Clerk* wanted ?o per cent, en their salaries, and ?he increase received by them ] alsa. After cries of "Turn off tbe gas," ??Go i Home," "Cheers for Congress." and great con- < tusl< n. ibe meeting was again organized and .resolutions s. in liar to the first ones adopted. c OBrRA*1-' CornT, Julg* Purcell.?Saturday, I the will of tbe inte Kieanor Baden was fully ' proved and admitted to probate. Letters were ' issued fo Tbo* E Baden; bond f2,00?). The will of the late John W. McKim was filed and fufty proven. j Tbe of Jaa. F. Manstiwld, bequeathing his property to bis cbildreu, was hied. Mr? Tlarv Ann Fearsoa, executor of the will of.I N Ke->r^>>n, gave a special bond of fQ,iiOu to |.*j t'l rt-b'" and legaciee L C M<< it was appointed guardian to the ot| bn > > T'<- P- and Harriet Wilaes, oond f 4^0. , . The lii>' * ?t accounts of the administrator of A < K IU ail. of nuardiaA to orphnns of C. S. Whitt ?v: (I executor of Eluabeth Miles of AflT nwrnier of George Johnson. 1 letters ?: : lui.isirauon on the estate of John P. K Ct aw ford, deceased, were granted | to Evan Hag]*es. bond SI tt.0. Thkii niobts i*fkotlaw?.?Mr. Kenned\. the celebra'ed Scoiush vowallsU will give ttree of bis poi alar, entertainments, "Songs of K-oMand," at Me'aerott Hall, on Weduasday, >nday, and Monday evenings next. Mm Kenneny will accompany him on tbe piano- , Jorte V almamdrfia abd Vicnfrrr.-From lata JgMedrla papers we e*p the folio wtag: b^^i^k^pSn? MdYn"u^ihCJ?r* p orti be* w*e'e? *!? f*e ?*** oae o'clock BtlnHtr the Kayport puwd bv here on her way to Aduin Dm* She maw right' good HW WbUe J?*"' from Washington to this city, bat can react, la oaa unbroken a beat of lee, Ber progreaa waa very alow. Two of tba color#* criminal* tn oer eonetr M' wore detected Thursday, In the midst of their secret preparation for"escape theJefrom, by the officers in charge, and their plans fruetrxted. It seem* tbat their Manbote bad been torn Into abrade and converted into a rope, by tba bid of which they were to scale tbe walla, ana effect tbeir escape. Their name* are Wm, Grin Ion aid Johp ThorAste. The work of repairing tba Railroad bridge across tbe Potomac will be commenced at once, and proaecnled with vigor by the preaant managers of the Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown raiWoad. who have already a large number of bauds employed tn 'hi# cf'y loading cara witb lnmher with which to till tbe hiatus in their road. Another sensation ia started in tbe city, find many of onr citizens are excited lo fever heat, orislnatlng in the new project of a snriender to Congress oT the Aqueduct piers lor railroad purposes. Mr. Wm H. Carlln, the conductor of the passenger train on tbe Loudoun and Uamiishire railroad, is rapidly recovering from the effects of the ?evere injuries be received at Herndon station tome days ago. The roads in this neighborhood, and we suppose in-the whole State, are in Rccb a terrible condition as to be almoet impassible except by tbe Bgbteet description of vehicles The little (laughter of Mr. I^ewis Erlll. who was so severely burned last month that b-r life was f*e->p^ired of, is mending slowly, and hopes are now entertained of her ultimate recovery. W 4 A |t R trains continue to run to the south end of tbe I.,onr bridge, from which the passengers walk to Washington. Tbe pistol shot wound received by Mr. Tim Leonard, laat December, haa nearly healed. ' Laucwv Oa1'** ?Saturday, Wm. Michael was arrested by officer johnaon, of the Second \& ard, for the larceny of a gold watch and rirjr. the property ot T. Jarvis. Th?cft*e is held for bearing by Justice Bates. John Alward was arrested by tbe same officer for receiving stolen gojds", and held for a bearing by tbe same Justice. John Green and Wm ltedson were arrested by officer Hill, of the second Ward, on anapicion of tbe larceny of ar overcoat, *4.5t? in money, and certain valuable paper*, the property ot John K Tunnie. They were sent to jail for a bearintr by Justice Thompson. Kan/el Brown and Wm. Yeates weie arrested by officer Whitmore. ot the Seventh Ward, upon a charge of larceny of certain property claimed hv Thoa Fisher, of lieorjetown. The case is held for a hearing by Justice Boswell. Ltctt-rk ok IIamlkt.?We invite attention lo Mr. Preui*' concluding Lecture on Hamler, ndvertised in another column, the flr<t part of wblcb was v+Ty fnvornhly rpcivnd by h. J highly enltivated and appreciative audience a few evenings ago Chahob or Grand ?aecbnv.?Wra. Hv?ird (colored) was arrested la t night by Officer Gordon, of tbe 6th ward, upon a coargeof lorcibly entering the house of J. H. Gordon, ind stealing a small sum of money. He is held for a hearing poo Licences ?Saturday, officers Yeatman, Lvaiih and Whiiiuore, in the Seventh Wnrd. irreeted eleven parties for failing to obtain licenses for their dogs. The fines amounted to ? Towir?James p. Sanders, Esq, of Yonker*, flew York, the Grand Sir* of the r?rand Lodge of the Uuited States, 1. O. O. F., is at Willards' Hotel. Police Kepohth *<>k Sati bdat -The arrests by the police 'n the various precincts on Saturday numbeied 59. The fines amounted to 9 118.14. A QriCT Sabbath?Tbe lieutenants of police reported this morning ten arrests in Wastiiugion, Georgetown, and tbe county. And the imposed amounted to 911. CITY ITEMS. Wabhikgtow, February 11th, IW. Editor Evening .Star?I>ear Sir: How about the Hedge bog that came ont of bis hole on the 2d of February, and didn't go back again? Y ours, ic.. . P S ?Please announce t? vour readers that our friend. B Bayly, Boot and Shoe dealer. No. Pennsylvania avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, on account of the near approach of spring and wisbitg to reduce stock, is selling bargains iu heavy goods; he is selling ladle* tine (Congress, button gaiters and balmorals, wortb from 9U 50 to *6 at *2. 92 50, *1, and 93..00 and a fine assortment of Gent*', Boys. Misses and Children boota, shoes, gaitere and slipper* at great reduction on former pricea. Ko deception. styles Jewelry and Silver Plated Ware received this morning, at Prigg'a One Dollar Jewelry Store, Ko. 4;? Pennsylvania avenne, near street. Tbe 9:2 and 915 black doeskin Sack Coats are still for sale at Henmng's One Price Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenne. Vat.b*tibb.? ? Oomtc v&ientinea 75 eenta per gross The largest and cheapest assortment ef Valentines In tbe city, wholesale and retail, at Sbillington's Bookstore, corner 4)$ street and Pennsylvaniaavenne. S: Mr olo Pataos8 will llnditgreatly to tbeir advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. 60S ?th street, nnder Odd Fellows' Hall. G B. Wilson. Im late of the firm of Bnrna & Wilson. Dr. whitb, Chiropodist, tm Penn. av . between 4jf and Bth streets, continues the success ftil treatment of corns, buaiona, bad nails, enlarged joint*, warte, moles, va*cnlar excresences, Ac. Office hour* from 8 a. m. to i p. m , and ? to Ip.a. Established 1661. Fob Chh.blaiji8 and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price 91 per bottle. For aale at 4*4 Pennsylvania avenne, between 1% and Oth streets. AScbb?ilb CuaB Dr. Gilbert's pile in itrumeu.t>pd.e|Uvely cures the worst cases ef piles. Sent,by mail on receipt of 91. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted verv where. Address J. B. Bomaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; PnrvtM ean be bad tn aay quantities at tbe Wtur office conntsx MOLPBH agpfFBimoao wij?.(?ativ<rr Elch. fruity flavor, with dsUeete bonnet, froInoe ef tbe . ? . ^ 8011 PPBBHOHO QSAPI, >f Mortb Carolina. . M. P. KIHO A BOH, dsStf King PI toe. ^tikliaa BILLS tor sals in sums to suit nra rbssers. Bi^bset narbst price paid for AK1&1CAH Jr , WWIB JOHNSON A GO , Bankere. 'e7-tf Pfuns avenue. P>B 9ALV-MASB. MO TOP WAQON AMD HAKMKBS A neat and handsoms rv nrn?. ut,the owner having no use for them. T ?.1* tu be ?ssi. at Pnmpbreya stables, Ost.,"ZX ear of the Batlooal Botal. T? a customer in ant the wbuls will be ??ld a bargain.! fsS-ltt* |^1?80LITI0 Ths eo partnership heretofore eaistlng between S O. MrK new H P 8*lL under the name and tyle ef MtKMCW * BILL, is this daydis olved by mutual consent n.C MrKNIW, BAalOBL p. bkll. The bjisinssa will be o^ntlnaed at tbe eld stand, lo. 40A Pennsylvanls ave. bf H O HcKNBW ?lere fcs will be glad to aee tbe patrons ef tbe )N Irm All persons indebted to the old firm will please all and aaltle thslr ace< nnta. W. ?. McKMBW. January 1,1M7. Is Hi [ l&DUBB FOB TBB HOLIBAlfl' m a ill a rdh oahdfbb amd ouocolatbb. cabambl'b c'bbam ch0colatb. BOLBLB YAM ILL A MHOOOL %TB, BOBK AMD VABILLA BCBBT ALMoVi>B, BIXbD MT,a& PLL MH, and AHSOBTXD CaBDIBS. lust received at k1b9 pla9b. Z M. P. K1BQ A BOB. WIST 1b?1a OBANUBB AMD BWXBT MALAOA QUA PBS, Fresh, at k1mq placb. \|1MU1 MBAT lOuHBOTlO.) Just made, of seiast materials, At K1MO PLACB. f^OLDBB BCUPPBBBUNQ W1MB. W OWE PINBbT NATIVB WIHB Oold color, fail, yet delicate 'flavor and fresrancs.and lees than one half the eoet of I m ported wlbe. HBO PliAOBV.fHITB OPOBTO POBT, "^tb. b991b9-ptos. couants, , .AMPSKMB]jifl? whm movss. 5 BlBST ? WALL ?i- , -i , HttMinw . B. PHILLIPS ^agBTBSSgg T M0B,AT "BViVitfSff? " Ss#=^w^l liUH MBTPAt r|T|NB ; 1 to. tlli ttOLVia UODtMil jcvtrtmif. fit!!?* *?* mr> a-j?r fwic m?e? Thrilling incidents. MeestfTut Tablewes, Ae. oiUil^S f*^1' !*? <>reheet*a ohetin, #r; preee SSw^^Si'isrst.stss'. k?il'c" ? THEATRE. Penaaylventa iTnnt iNr Willarda' Hotel. 8IOWD * {> LAST WHE OF TUB BBIL, engagement or MS|. 01*1*41, L'AJTDBB, * ?^T?*PQ*T,A?4?l7 ^ FebraaryU.J&ST, 9f i * Cbai lvi tttmlr i cdtbrtttd Owmed> i lo ItirM acta. (UitM r,i> PS? S>f?M?T01?; ob. MABKS AN i* Faces. Ho extra eharf* for i^?ti seen red In advance Doors open at 7; Owtlatn will rlie at 7.U. Notice. Uader the patronage or the Bepubllcan A* ocl??lon r.f the District of Colambla. ORIGINAL POETICAL KKADIB09. AT mn?I I #inniDnS?1' btLL, ' AT CBI0N LEAGUE H ALU. 4*1 lilnth afreet thl-bsday k ye king,1 FebJSarrlV, S^i?^c *?!i ? cI#ck Ticket* 13 ceati ; re r#T?V^flws? cente .- to be obtained at Park^r'a rnh .i /. !i of ?ev> ??Anieraoa, mh afreet Bartiet Church; Bev. W. H Hunter, 11 M,n#r' Atl?i"ej,-t B> order of tba Committee. fag pAMOr DBEFBKB ABU 008TUMK87 . , For Tableaux end Private Parties fe 8 ft" 7 t0 MBS. FBA N K BBA, _8 ! 4 * T 19th atreet. B i H D OOHCBBT On WEDNESDAY, 2?TH IN8T., AT EA6T WASHINGTON M E. CHUE3H for the benefit of ' WASHINGTON NAVAL LODGE Bo. 4, P. and A M. Doom open at7 o'clock; commencing at8 Admission 30 rjenta fa 7 7 1143.15.18 15 16 7t *U ' MET/.EKOTT HALL. MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS February il ami li. ' CHASTE AND UKAUTIFCL AMUSEMENT PUB TOE PEOPLE. YOUNG POLKS' UONCKBT! _ . _ or Pf?'. Fox s Musical and Patriotic FESTIVAL OP BEAUTY By nearly 400 YOUNG LADIES AND MI USES, | ... . All oi Washington. !! 12 ?J*ro?riete Costum-e of America; Quaai 2*.^??te??f Stat.., Sprln? and ^nmii?|-rQu?ena; Winter, Fairy Oneena and R?nti oi Kalrioi. Oip?ey goeen and her FUwera; I Zephyr*. tPlower Girl*: all arranged terrare above terrace, each performer being in full view from any part of the hall. * I Admiseion. 00 Oente, Beaerved Seata.TA Cents I J'oers open at m commence at 7'j o'cl ock I Keeerved Keata sold by number at Metrerott'a mnslc Htore, w here a Diagram of the Hall oan ^e ee-'ii. Gentlemen Usheis in attendance to aeat the fe 7 at* LOST AND FOUND. | I OST On Saturday, 9th inatautTa DAT IUjOK. M-J wrapped up wuti iooix newapacrra A milt I ara!ch*on!r? "JVj ?* r*1<1 for lu dalivery I fr^a Omce, 43^ Peun. av?dq? fe ll-tf 1 I ??0.Wt0W"?,Mt Bator day. a deable k MABINO BH AWL. the finder will be uitabi) rowan ej by leaving 1. at air Demar'a at ore, corner High and Gay atre. t. Georgetown. JUL ma by fust eb. ( 9f,J-*bur.4aT. the /th infant, going from ,t?ett, n E ?trret. outk to f-land Baea u i i* ?fe Bllrer WATCH and CHAIN Thi * rv!,t; ;m? a dtceaaed frieuil. $50",TTi,l>_ W%? etclen from my atore, a CUP and 8AUGBB. I t ei Db iii# to the WiiktDfton purctiiii^l at I !!"! 'Sl'l11 i ,* of tb" houaehold effect* of tbe late I Col W w 8eat><n they are white with a heavy | er. en vine, and the letter W la red, burnt on the bottom. j I will give 910 to eoover them and . envlct the thief A loafer mean enough to ateal them would rob a sick woman of her ton p. j JAMES GUILB, Seoond hand Knrnitnre Dealer, ' _fejl 3t llth and B at< , near Cinal. i ft ^ ? Loet. on Satnrday, the morning j WO ef the yth. a I lark and tan pdp. with eara fut ^ Previous evening. The abeve reward will ^?. Paid if left at 340 Penneylvania av?nne. Bear I 3,n fe ? ?t I '?n 'r0ln a*b?oriber en 1 fo^ATJsWdg.'Ki^'jFKiLri ?'i ?? U?a of feet.and end of tail, aged atom 14 montb*. and anawere to the name of "Bulla " I Five he paid terhla retnrn to fe?M atreet, or 4 7 7 i?h atreet. J th? Id iustaat a B BO WW I 1 MCLB with aaddie and bridge T "owner 1?i refine.ted te'Come forward, prove property, i ,y cberaea and take It away B1HG 4 RiYlS' I StabTea, corner lath and D atreeu ^8 Jf 486 8BTB5THBTBBBT. ^ BBDUCBl) PBICBS Fok j thibty days mabkb'itbb's, I m^nVo?" iD 8ton> th# Urs<,#t nd beat a.aort PAPEB HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, Anv OVAL PIOTUHE FRAMES ! In the District, and wlehlng te reduee Stock tt i # mtElng apring piucfiaaea, they will be ott?*red for the utxt thirty daya at radaced t.ric~m "J.1""1;*1' Jot CASH. Embraced In tl.eab0>V will be f?and a verv riah and beentiful aelect?on of Embreidered and Plain Gilt Parier Paper, of foreiirn and domeetic manatactnre, with a fall li?? ofmtdinmand low priced Papera Alao. lllae I Ai? . ? WINDOW SHADES, * different ?i*'B. colore, and patterna - , OVAL PICT I' BE FBAMEH *n Walaut, all Cilr Imitation Ebony and Bo^e- I ti?- ?r *f P'hnaea. A large por I 1,1, t ?. ,1!Kl'wre made aneciall v to order, of the beat fiaiah and fabrtra. and will be dlapeae</ of at loweat ratea. accoreing to qa ?Uty I ?1"r. "f Window Sha4ea PB0ctaall> O'led In elty or coantry. Any order net aatiatacforiiy attended to will be corrected, and ant 1st action guaranteed. r?CM.u, In addltlen to the above, alwaya in atore a few choice Patntinga. Bngraviura, Chromoe, Walnnt Bra<'keta Plctara Cord and Taaiela. Picture *">?? that will be dl??oaed of at rea",r?J* a?^diag theee Oooda are invited to call and compare Ooo<Ta and Pricea I TBBM8 POSITIVELY CASH. _ J. MABKBITRB. r. , ? . . . ?o. 4*? Seventh atreet. fe i-M Bight doors above Odd Pellowa' Hall. lkBPABTMBBT OP THB INTBBIOB. a ?L?Sk fa?^VStJ5iW?ur ESen iHi ? W'franu, which are alleged to have lha?a^tJ Notk5* u bereby given IJtfr.iL1 - "U following the deacriatlon or each win toieL?-^ ??/tlie*"? or warrant of like tenor appTar. ' ,f?? valid objeotioa aboaldthan ? BABBBTT, Oomtniaaloner. j Marcb^ll^ii-jr' If ^r?,> taaued andertbe act of Sa W??!;*?Ud ?. i** h9,lM7 Be. 99.MO. for WO acrea, haaned aader the act of Maroh ? i*? i. the name of ElJ *h D Bairl^l w?? granted June 8.1*1. Maroh S lJ? > Marcb ld5'i^r fLU*"' *" " <? ??der the act of Maicii 3d leb6, iq the Oiue of Georse Plnm *jwt I Angu?t IStb, 1W6. WTrchSO,"^ I Ma!rch^d lAsa* ,*#V4?"*4er hct of J co 3de iw6? Id the BWo of Jimes Heirr I tfirantjd April22d, 1861. mJcS*, iSff' ' ' Bo M 7M. fo# ISO arree, leaned aader the act of March Sd, lags, in the name of John Wood, and 5f ' nlad Pol'rnary 24, 1857. April 6, 1847. Marr'h J^jT'i iFnn,l*r ?> >>* 5fJL ?J?f' ? th* of **rari Wood, wtd'>w ftj^ApnT'mi. WM ,rMUd r^rnmr' W' No. <l,49i, for ld? aevee, iaaaed under the act of Vr"ary '?*T ' aameof Samuel Hadion and waa giraated Deeamber 4.1848. April ?Tlgo7'. B0.67JBS, forgOaeree. iaeaed aaler tlieact of*. 1HMI In the name of Laagdon 0 Johna^ aad wee granted Mareb s, i4?. April ao, Mir?rk^' ^" f.nhdar the aot of flier en j, 1815, il the oeme of Lenfldoe O Joke* I *?Jf 'JJmVi'raaiad April 1,IW>. April 20 lis? I March V ii^orim?K-r#f- '"" J' naderthe act of arch J 1H4S in the same of Mary, widow of Ipril jS,?mT *' WM 1H54. Ho * m for lpt acrea. taaaed aa^er the act of Mareh 8 l?M,?n the name of P.lly Peaae. widow Ma7?*lK7. ***' *nd ,M rrmnt*4 J"'lr >?? j Ww . BTBIBWAYE PIABOS. wtiimSiVv i-'.1? Jg*lyel a aew asauif eal o# STEIN WAY PIANOS, to wMeh we call_-a^ I the attention of pereona whom we haTefHlEI I ? f?rn!ah wit hi a the laet"TBYl Sail* ?i*a??J? aleo a? haaA several EBOONDO A II o W IIOI. r^" I MOBEY leaned aa Bold aad llTer/^^L

fs 1 Im* bstwaea 10U US Uth sM. - ? m ? - . ~ WAxys. Tln-w ii ImnMwtrk for ? ??an?amtlp WMt-frw ?>"<! '* W ?to,T< *LHmL to AVf.?,lt,'AI? * ?**? ' ? * ? i ..I , * <o?kttrt t? m(Im m araeMar <aod ?nMlf. AMrw?Wt?t? B? l*.?urnffc?. H* A fMTXfreiwTtfiMjra a >?* ?A?'^T'',* * chAmhsrsisW *>d to a*st*t Ifc igaar*""" i? WAITID- At Ko. JW 18'h at root ? ?., 1 '?? - B Ddl.tbbl^H&KIK forcn li tiia b* t TOM ntll k* dm *wf work the fmt r>utH IMrutMd^ Mum bat t h??d s-ed wh. ^ bin* VV 4.*TjtV~A WMIT* WOM >f, 19 take en ., ,Vr" oherg of tbe work And home for a faas1 7 T.??ar* *"? bring satisfactory rsfbr-arae ?< to ability and dtrkUr, A pplr nt Ik* atar offlc* faf-tt* Arruni^Aiit1'ti>AV? B , Star office. fo9 3t* W A*T*D IMMBDt AI'MLT?A |*?4 OOOK '' and aMUBsM?3SB7>a fan at' HODli. las. sood "*loceilon.w|th modern Improvement*. Price notto exceed #6AddriNJ tt'LI&liT S*n. He Quit*, ?l'j g?w Jersey avenge. p 7 St* UL'ANTED?To riot, a HOUSB, ruralshad or * * unfurnished in tbe net?hborhoorf ?f thf> eor. of PB ??? Md IMk?< BlM-Ptrlor.itlBtoi r?? *r6 chambeis., Bt flBmmwt'a. fa 7 St* WaISTE P-In Washington aity. B. 0 .VMtM of Ibdusti lent bablt* with B horse ami <**( on, t? uk< charge of tba sale of b Baltimore Brewed Als, commanding b readr sale. One ea tabliehra in husisea* preferred. Good references reqnir-d. A<lrir*a? immediately, Box V". 14 45 Poat ufhce. Haiti mora, M4. fa 7 at* WABT1D-All larKOn shout brMtlm np housekeeping will pi-aae call Bt our ofiler, M wo wish to buy their furniture, having eon Stant calls for tba mod* Also, H?n<ai for reat D L. W BLLB A OO , fa 4 1m ctb?t Wth and F street*. Uf ABtID.-W? want several first class FARMS la the country for oar Customers. AI?o, BOUblB and LOTs i u the cite, both larire and aniall. Apply lmaie<fieUiy to D. L WlbLS A CO ., corner Iflh bb<1 K ?t? ja ?) tm W ANTES! WANTED11?At tho B?er<iltiug Office, Wo. 46! O street, near Halttmore Depot KtCKriXS for tbe (?nitsd estates Army. Jit lft llfl A HTBD-New and Cast-off CLOT H I N U, old GOLD aad SILVER, or aay other arttcia of value, at the old aotahlished Merchant Pawn liokar'a btore ot R Fl'LToN AGO.,3oi9th at., Sdoora n>.rth of Pcnna avenae. Bole Agent for BIBOEH'b HEWINO MACHINE 4ea-ty WANTED?100 LADIES lmmedlatolr. to em bruidor Tokea.fianda, Wrapper Yokea, Flannel fikirtn. Bliipera, and lultlala. To xood hau la who briQtf KBoiplaof work. >wo<l wa?(ea and con at?nt emplo) tnent *lven Oh I at the new Bta np lug Rokiii, 43^ 9th ntreet. opp >alte Patent O0ce. f TAM P1NQ reduced to FIVE oenta per width, d* is-if. Wanted-io 600 ladies to kn .w tbat at th- Nevr fta:nping & 439 9th street .oppoaite Patout Oilice. they can rind the beat eelected a*Hf,rtnn-nt of Patterna erer offered here for Cloaka, Cap^a, Aprona. Joteys. Walata, * >ke?, Banda. Wrappera, Slipper* Plnrnabioaa. and lol tiala Alao, dealcua for Pillow Uae*?. Ottomaoa. Chair Covert. Planoa. and In ahort, erer>*VarlHty of Patterns a? they aro daily issued We have a Freacb Machine and a I*?a< tiaal Stamper, aad have i educed the pric? to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought na. FraM?, Silk and Working Ootton very l,/w de l*-tf WANTEO-SECOND HANI) Fll KR I TD HE Aleo MIKKOKA. CABPETB. BEDS, HID DlbOand Hul'tK FU KN l Ml l fc O GOODS of every description. E Br?'H17T. 46^ /th atreet. J-?-8-tf I etaeen C and H, naar tide BOARDING. TABLE UOABD at No. 4 >< 10th atrcet,a few doora north of the btobm. Terma |U per month. da H & PERSONAL. 'pAKB HOTICE?All peraoua having left * ** atchea or other Jewelrj to be reaaired with .) KBaIIS 11,net ca'! for tfceni t?e'oee the lith day Feoruaiy, Jd67, at B. BCHNSTIN I'S, 47A HtU slreat. lelli.* ONLTFdR LADIES TO RK D Btegsntlr mhroitforMl NIGHT SOWN and CU EM IS4 lUKId, iuor<- hlaborate than any ever offered here, ot the Bew**t and aioat beautiful dealgna, received deily, fr?m onr corps of 190 superiur liaada. end for aale at KEDUCKD PEICES. Being the lBrfteat mannfaetarer here of thta kind ot ladies' wear, we can p!ea?e *11. botk In quality an>i price, and are 4rtermined, at whatever c >at to predncetlie heat work, lean? the moat elegaat patterns, and bTAMP <'BMAPIB, than any ?oncer u in thia < r aa> ether eity. Oar repatati>-B as tho only Practical Stamper here Inaured ladiea that no injat ioua cumpoaltlona are uaod, and ahialda thtwn froiu trusting their ?ork in tbe banda of tiioae who buy a few bl >oka and proclaim thrnaelfoa stampers, stamping, ? centa per width, and (i v? you a Collar and Cuffs ta. WM. PAINCM, 4 :iy 9th street, I? 2 f opp?lte Patent Office PL. 8HDMCKINO, M D . H TOIMN 10 AbD HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Orrica?349 Pa. Are , bet 12th and Utb ata. ja 30 lm TAKE NOTICE?1 hereby give notice that 1 bare not t attracted anyone In aay bualneaa of Proaarring Fl >wera, and t>o one doing busineaain Washington ia anthoriaad to nae aay uame. jBU-lat* VMS FKIMS, 4*9 llthatreot IMPORTANT FOB LADIES-At OHABLBB HAUM '8 Hoop Bklrt Manufactorr you can t>o ' French Woven ( oreota, whalebones, 91 M, rooda $1 b Mo. 4P Loaiaiana arenas, beta-ea sth and 7th at roots ja 11 lm? UB1DAL AMD FUNEBAL WREATHS, BOO (JOETS,CROSSES. ABCHWRji. STARS. Ac , preserved in natural form; Imported FLOWERS, HAIR FLOWBKS. and BKAIbIN0. AI*o,lm Sorted M SB. HaIR DRESSES tor Balla. by [ra. FRIES. 11 as removed to Mo. 429 ltthet., between G and H. oe S 4m* T'AKB NOTICE ?Bridal and Faneral Wreatha, A B quels, Orossea^Anchors. oto , a oasrred in Bataral form: Wax Flowers, Hair Flowers, oa Olass or Pearl, at No. 34B Q atraet, near Uth ja 16-1 m* JOHN D. CLARK. ATTORNEY AND-COUNSELLOR AT LAW AMB NOTARY PUBLIC, Mo. & a* Utb street weat. 4ol4-ly GEORGETOWN ADVERMTS. (V^^OEORGBTOWH. D. C.. FebrnBrr 9.1M7~ ?3 We. the nn4ersigBed, J?]?e*of Bleatioa for Georgetown. D. 0.,by virtue ?f an appoint ment by t)>e Supreme Court of tbe Mistrlct of Colombia ot this date, bersby rive notice that we will begin tbe aession at tbe Council Clumber, in thia towa, oa MON DAY nazt. the uth lost, at 10 o'clock a.m., for tbe parpoas of retiaterlng aa vofcra all uiale persona of twenty-o*e year a of age and npwards. wro bava resided In tbe District otejear, and three months ia the precinct in which he shall oB>r to vote next prece<ilug the Uth lnst.,exeeptlnx paupers,persons under guar dlanship. tboss who liave bsea conricod or aay Ibfamona crime or offenae, and pnraons who may have valuntarily siven aid and comfort to the rebels in the late rebellioB. JOHN W. BRONAUQH, CHARLBH H CRAW UN. LEONARD L. CLEMENTS JTe ll-8t Judges ?f Blectloa . Z^HBAP COTTONS. AT MILLER'S, 101 BB1DGB BTBBBT. GBORUEToWN, D. 0. J Bft raoelve4. a large sAc?k of OOVT*)N &90DS, which wa are selling at lower nrlcae than they bare l>e?B seld ainca the war ?BWached Musllu, 13',. IA. licoau: ?o?d yard wids Bhirtina ditto, a) ami 26 senta, 4 4 Aadroaeoggin Bleached Muslin, 90 centa; 4-t Wamantta 4?., 36 ceata; i 4. 4. n 4. 9-4, IV 4. 11 4 Sheet!ugs, very low; Calicoes at HH, 1*. 18 centa; Merrimacks. Sprague*, aa4 o-bar beat makes. 20 cents; BhirtlBg PiiBta, 2? ceuts, Co bleaahad Masllna, i*J?, lZ ceuu; yard wide ditto, 18 aad 20 cants Call and examine ear stock, MOMMY 0AM BM BAVBI* by so 4olag )a?4 lm* BBNJAMIM MTIiLBR. WM i. WHBATLBT'8 PBdIMlDM STEAM DYB1NO A CLBANSiNd BSTABLIBd MBNT OBssNo 49 JefTersou at . SeorisUwa, D. O. Bshablishod 1431; preaatum Awarded by tba MotropelMaa inatltata. lMT; r?4>Bilt I86<>, aad Inow by fa* the largaat and moat ooaapleta establishment ef the kind ia (bia sssboa of ooimtry, with a largs stock of ths beet'foreign aad donveatlc Dyea bb4 Chemicals; r?plet*wlth every de<Hr able Asparataa, and provided wHh tbe boat Tal eat aad Artistic bklll to ba obABkao4. Tba sab scriber ia prepared to doaaaaatrago to bis onstomara tbabprs eminent as may have bee a his arovions reputation, hi* motto ia > Mxoalsior" ta Pyalng. Cleansing. an4 Bwfl?*ebi?g Ladiea' and GeatlemoB's Apparel, Bttka, Feiveu. Bat ins. Me rlno, Wsika.Ac .ls aaeaas to stand unrivalled Truly tbaBhfnl for paat favosa, he eoHoits tbe cob tinned custom of tba esmmoadty. W Moods received bb4 rotarae4 by Expreaa with tba utmost promptness ai?d dlapstsh. jBl?-IiB WM. H. WHMHtCbT. Dyor. WOMB THING MEW ! W ENCOLRAtAB HOME MAMUFACTUMB 1 M. GOOD MAN, PRACTICAL CAtLFET Wfe^FfiR, w . Corner 4X and 0 atrcsts. (Island.) Makea Oar pel a to ordsr with dlapatcb, an mods rate terms, and aatisfaoitoa gnarantiad. Carpsta toaetamly an band, and far aals. jntl lm 500,000 a*?j,aaau?na?s,? rBOM KBALL GREEN rlXEYAMD. CONCO&B, tbe assat valuable fci?< ia the country* MORTON'S VIRGINIA, OATAWBA. REBECCA. DIANA. HABTFOMD PROLIFIC, with naay other cboloo kinds, w |1B par 100 cuttings, or $14 par I W4; w at ranted all goo<l wood aad true to basis. 0ar*BUly paoked aad shipped to any address on rsmittanoe, la6-l? 4>1 nth btsoat. M*" "*T " _ mMBgr'^T snd MatrsaU. ?S IS' ' -TT^^adarRbitt Hoaaa. n<K.D FBMS?A IstVasrhssM of Gold Pens, fofsalk and rent. t lw* *Lorj *'* ? mo^sb, Wi^Vn..;'';: ? ;s;s ?..Af f bt.rtvj**^**. "to"* 3 riXTOHI of 1 i h ?tre*t, n?ar k. opposite v~asr?l nrtrrr ^:, . ? 1"f.*? *? nttakl* .?, ??' *!? |v? "'mw? at or* Stock r*d no*.] any kMtitlonit parchMw. _ (a u ? Aja^a ****** fp?mibh?i> parlor i ?a oll'kOUli on t)rat (iMr-vrlviftt fttiU tiro"it2!uii5f",,%t!! *** ?it? riita ,m| ara.,between nor t? b^anic ?1 'tidulrtu ||i? te| ' L.TZ2?uirrte" ' r? * '-* ???? ; jf, . l i? w*'il b'm" rt?bi, iiam, alj* aad |>mk allay; al.naiad m0 kia luftha 1 *utb,,u*z Mew j.tmy p^tse ' ?\F,x?PA*??-r*r ottiivwrli^l." r*lb.ui.* *^r** rr brick bol sb tn Ualoatewn. ! o. with two lots at tkf ?ji,?n ro2jl. ' ading toth* w f. h>??lt*l t itri t"- tv *tory hm k*"1 *^1 m 1 1! or>'*v>nt food b*?tn*aa can b? d a? 1 j*""-* 1 ?e*t>, or 9i ?m, ' ?# h?lf ra?h, tha t?k*r '* 9?? ?"d??" >wn, with Inters*. 4 de*1 ij*** deed?f ?m?i taken. for fnrth*-r paIkm.t. Ic-mr. ?r J??MU? ?Tthvvr. on in. k:yrr,r..%;r;;.?"'??" -. c^^!yi?#vst 'i*4'!?' ?w* ' ? a trout, fronting \y Capitol Perk.?Two handteme Pa kl')k4 fn^ l'v;*, ?? '? ?* ?? w th cm. t.o guam- i bebs Location nne<i nailed fa? ftt> po*?alkra rbsraubam r. ?? vm?> ?, 3 *}* f**1 ,!? ?:?nee. oua o' the b?et ?t?u 1? tn nf7t* si? j* "*?.f v* k-'a?rent. corpgr of 7th m k at*.. b"r?h of tha Market fe? m *breeatorr bkiok Hot) sb. 1 (ODtalntat li ronai, a4t??l?j on 4th at rwi < s^*r*sb or,b a ?nd north b streets. In jnlre at ' l*a?1a erenae, or Mo. 1* ?>a'h a ' F~J??isi ,??>xyrsttrir&il'k', at low. Inquire of john k. ward. ls-nl>er * a r -i. ijttk at root and canal u?"t k,*'t. tb,t iratda* mil, tj'aro room tnrthmt c>mrr of p?nn'a i *^d,ur a,,d l,tb *??r of Pholtn' "*? ' and utrct ??tt-ru t*mo? ani a!! the rarnltnie l,*at. Will bo sold at a'acrlteo! ! i^-?i.own*rcauttotaue"!l uu Inqatra on tha premiaea. fe9<t* |r o * ? i b r i ?*t*ral n?w Plrat Claaa dwelling horsrg wlthhiooom 1?prot#ni^bt?. In pleaaant parte j i tbccity. for rala ud liberal term*. hoc 8x8 tor 8alit~ on most evikt < 8thrrt in *tt* oit*. j Raaiooan Property. do.lrabl# balmink Lot* i i Snl>orban s>?idODe?a. aad ot?t rhrao handrod Farma, trcladlog ria* runatry Seata. lor m|? (> i k lLBOtr1 rn x latta. 1 Real Ratate Brok?<r*. r? a t? d vii 19or**r 8o*eath aad w atr*?u, f* t b p*kliahrr? ,,r the r-al Katatr BnlU'la. w0e un ^l'h.NlSH kd t "0- *10 a,h ?tre*t.toiw*ea h *od 1 ft 8 St* okstaprant f(?r 8alb?boat Peonmav* i * du. , a very*' ! itatil for an ent.rprimn* airl> ,u 0,60 jikmkmab* s Later Bter Br*a?ry. fe ? it h ejl^?t-jw.v,nfu/n?,h*rt "' nu" ?tiag koom8 oaflrat floor froat aaltabl* for hon?e SJJESfctf^JH -fi floor. Apply ob Ui? I 34* Qilllh mud lith vt> rixtubbs jor ? "at arb provision hocsb, rally located. a flm opportunity for an* on* i d? > toengage la the above baaiBeaa. a handa0?1* ",0^,, 'oom. with tare* nh w window, ft . j?x ibretil5w'. Will be m>id at a bargain, aa ttie partiaadeolr* to eaga^* In other l>natne?e la- i pmim'w a "iv* vt box 111 City a? i r a palrofflu* yoaog, etyll.h flor? ^ lor aalti. alaa, a aow Llahtfprlag Waaoa l?l $t' | piiit1??? .a*? *a***t 8tubk for . .j.. ,uth *?*two?n l and m crf^ta. f?7 ?* i h'^fb rc?r rent?On* thre* atory bbick ijl bolbb. newly pap*r*d and paintod. with ma and water and one mnme, o^atalnlng ro^m for 1 i a?^'h h<^ ^ ^47 j3thb*tweto ? ' and. withia a f*w alnnt** walk of th* ^b?lhi>enian Inatitnto, Tr^aaory Baildlng. ac fe ?tl "* "tre, t nor,b. batweoa u aad b. i f???smbt"la i??.r '!nry bbick hocsb. a ,v,hnw V,?SuSliii ^pitol at-d m ?u in jnir* blpl'bbt,Butcher Btall.2fo.370oir* market. fed At* i UEXTaUBANT for bbnt ob balb-The it ?8t chable8 rbbtacrant Rap|> ou th* premiaea. Mo ? a at. aoath. j d-ora abore n*w j era ay a**., immediately opposite th* Oapilo1 r* t ?f i p*or bali?(Only $i-<< c.iar, r* joired, tte bal dc?c,b be paid in monthly 1n?t*im-nU of 'b) aew two-atory aetea ro?m bucafi ait < nated on th* aoath alJe or h at . 1?ub4. bet. 4'. < and <th ata. stake a oo i f*6 6t? 7th atr**t. betwtwa d ai.? k^r^ip b,'?*s ruh bbnt?Kurniah^l . .. an ^j18 fcn<1 m n'1 m flo?r rooms tor f'd*kbf>ard.e** b* obtained eppo?i te. Apply at hj iil ' ' * " 1 atf*et, oppoaito Frank- i ? ltcw- fel-IOt* pob balb?<Oaly $im aaah r*<iatr*d?? s*v*- i < JT 2par ?r.7. f s#iw:&KTs.b<? '".SAS? , 1??? bbbt-on* la?g* thr*e atory bbick i r. ? i- containing aiz rooaia and cellar; i large yard,altaatadon tb*corn*r of l-^th and o at* ' i 1 pamplnth* yard. Beat moderat*. Apply to j ' i ' t , 8tar Offloe.oroathe prenilae*. iw ' i Hobbe amd 8torm mk ibbt?n*i~44* Pannayi vaala ami*, b*tw**o 3d aad 4s ata . i , ? ,"-r7 prominent bnahj*a? ataad. foa**aaioa i *lt*? Babraary lat. Apply at Odeoa Hall. m jau eotf Corner *% at. and PeDn Weno'e. i j ooomtrt seat and gab dem f a rm. wittriw one nail* *f the cltr Tiiia i 1 property will be aold low and on eaiy ter?a, ?}? i < ezcl>aiig*d for tlty aroperty. a Wo, from Twenty ' to Bixty Acre* adjolalnc th* abor*. Ala*. Farma aad Loantry 8*ata In Maarlaud and Vlriuia. ' Apply to v.l> ctookbbimub. i j _ 4v Meal la tat* Ageot, , m?rth*a?t coraer 7th and f atra*ta, i' j? ? '? Wathingt 'u. d. c. i 1 t ?dV^^kitimti1 hr?tr !srt .*n<1 h?*fment Rric* i > * . owsll1mo hol8b, brown front, water i "?w repair*, ait i si... atr**twe?t, betwaaa Lat. north and i Mafa. avanae, n*. rth9. ja ulre at No. w03 nth t. bat ween 6 and10 a. nt. aad 4 aad 8pm. ja 1 tf i fv?l"*"**? ?abmjkior th# ,mt ?bre* year* reatdaaceof Major Theephllua Gaines, con- ' ai*tlng of 13b acre*, tying near Fort m-than. i . ii* i rdi*,b*^ ari^*- ln>bro?'??>^nu. dwell ng Hable, errant^e hou.ea Addr*** 'b 437 Batraat. Waah logtoB.p, c.,or*alHa paraaa, b*tw<*n] an<< 7 , " ??/ , pob bemt?Two large aad od* amall *otnmool- 1 f, c*u|*s booms, Bafarnlahed.pecond floor. No 1 134 Penn. a? , bet lPih aad ?th ata. ao j8 tf i 1 l'ob bbnt?The btobbboo.%1 corner of Pa. i ' w??ij! ?? * * u,lh w**t, la the Mm Ortlo* ?. 2 i^fo.rb,?r>r by w ?. Metserott i'.ti iv aad receatty as th* olio* of th* s. i1i?m bx >r#" ulbce Apply toO.m. bakbr, btjkf Ufflce. do I 5 r_*h.* beat locat*d email corner a i ore grooe i bibb In th* city. Stock aad Fix tare* a*w a a- i ply immediately, by l*Mar, la a. b.c., citr p(.!It hmc* ao* tf , |<^0* ""t-tw? ^?*t?ah?a rooms, at Mo. ' 1 ab7 isth Street hetw*aa e aad w *t* da 14 tf j ? c ~ I i Celling off to^oifoss bdsimbss. |' a. w tow8ernd a fswalsra sis 7th st.. b*tw**n d aad b. Having ratlr* froia baalaasa w* 1 it*' ??,r?j^,*atlfu1 aMortmeat of j*w*lry aad , 2??^ mt ?f,*ao*t. All good* sold gnaran- i ' ?o b? what r*ar**amted. 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