Newspaper of Evening Star, February 11, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 11, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR | A Crtior* Ca*k-A somiwbtt dot^I cut was tbe subject of investigation yesterday at tfce Fourth District Police Court Asu>a Hills, aid to be a man of coasiderable wenIth. ?m arraigned on the complaint of Pbilopaoa * a.her, of No. 541 Wm Fifty-fourih street, who charted him with entering, oa the *wh of January laet, her apartments in her abaence and steien from a drawer of a boreai a certain j document of the nature of a promissory note for 11* and a form of agreement. It appeared from the statement of Pbllopeaa that she bad been living wtth Anton for some time as his wife, bavlag received from him a promise of marriage, hot he becoming enamored with another lady considerably younger and more attractive in appearance, forsook her and mar. ried the new love. Philupena immediately commenced an action against Anton for breach of promts**, wbicb wss subsequently eettled by bis pitying S60 in cash and executing the docutnent referred to. the note being drawn pay. able in six months from date, aad the agree, ment stipulated to pay Pbilopeua the sum of ?5 weekly for one year. Pbllopena kept these eollaterals in a unbox in her bureau drawer, and upon one occasion so informed Anton in an Inquiry of bis respecting their whereabout*. Upon another occasion she says he threatened to steel them. Upon the day they were stolen Philopena bad occasion to go out, and dnrlng ber absence A ugust Hartrot says be saw Anton in ber room standing at the bureau witb some papers in ber hand. Justice Kelly committed Auton, temporarily admitting himjto bail. A further examination will be bad In the case in few days ? N. Y. Herald. A MtAKB I* a STOVB.?We learn that a gen- ' tleman residing in onr town some few weeks i ago perchaseo a lot of old, condemned sleepers from the railroad company, for the purpose of using them as firewood. Tbey were accordingly conveyed to bis residence, and sawed in suitable lengths for the stove, and wer* used as fuel, and as such gnve gr?at satisfaction, j until one evening tbe good wife plajed one of the pieces in the etove, when ? very strange and remarkable occurrence happened. Shortly alter pUcn ig '-be wood in the stove her attentioa was attracted by a singular noise in the room, not unlike the crying of a child or the moaning of a person is distress, and upon searching for tbe ause of it ascertained that the ??i-?? proceeded rrom the stove, and becoramg -onie*bat alarmed, called in her busband and acquainted bim of tbe matter. The gentiemai at once advanced to the stove, and upon opening 'be door a strange and fearful *ight it pt bis astonished gate?right in the very midst of tbe blazing flames was a large black snake writhing in agony, and uttering the piteous noise which had attracted the attention of tbe lady. The snake slowly crawled cut of th* stove and Vlropped on tbe floor a veritable "fiery serpent,"' aud in a few sec. ouds expired. Tbe snake had doubtless entered a cavity in the sleeper in tbe fall, and relapsing into a torpid state, was only aroused when encompassed by the flames.?//aaorer (I'a ) S)"<-t*Ur. A DitfoLATt Uupxtby.?The line of the S' uth Carolina Kail road, at its best estate, never wp- particularly attractive, but oae of the editoia of tbe Charleston Conner, who receutiy over it, says: Alas for the prospect along the route! al. ways somewhat monotonous in its dead level on either hand, except when tbe blooms of pring sof'ened tbe landscape into b*au y, mid sweetened it with tbe beauty that ushered in the summer prime, it is now one dreary waste, as if under blight from the passage of a thousand demoniac wings. Fields lie at waste, in naked tallow, wherever the eye may rangeBroorostraw aad sedge, and weeds, shoot up in desolating luxurlousness of undergrowth Fences are all destroyed. You see no cattleno groups of browsing cews?no troops of grunting swine. Famine has come in the name of freedom, and devoured the herds as with a tongue of fire. You do not see the promise of perf. rmiug industry in yonder iine of virtuous treedmec. who lounge in rags, with hands in ibeir breeches pockets, now utterly bewildered with the delightiul problem, a |it?|e more difficult tbaa any in Fuclid, which shall enable freedom to feed without tbe exercise of mind or muscle."' Sgicidb r?o* L'WR*vt"iTTBD Lovb?The town of Anna, ou the Central railroad, in ' nion county. 111, was startled yesterday morning by the news that Miss Martha Stok-s had committed suicide. It appear* that ine unfortunate young lady had attended a party, accon panicd by a young man of tbat town, and returning late at night the young man told ber be was going to marry, naming the girl. Miss Stokie did not believe him. and so expressed herself, wh- n tbe young man showed ber the license. It appears tbis vu cro-bing new s to her. and she determined to rid her.-elf of Me. She, however, controlled herseir. as to any outward demonstrations, but slyly procareo arsenic, ana swallowed nearly two tea- j spuob.-tull. Her friends soon noticed that she was ill. but she continued to deny it when asked, and finally they sen: for Dr. Condon, but when be arrived nothing could be done, and the unfortunate girl expired at 2 o clock next morning ?Itemocrat Two I^>YKK* MIj>si??.? ?The Sacramento (Cal.) Union relates the following "The police are m veptigating a peculiar case Two well-known citizens were paving attentions to tbe same lady, and she dually accepted and agreed to marry one of them on Christmas day. APer the engagement, the anfortunate saitor sriii continued his visits as a friend of the family until wi'hin a day or two of the time fixed for the wedding, when the accepted suitor mentioned to the lady tbat he did not like sotnr bing n the conduct of bis rival, and therefore did nut desire bim to be invited to the weddu g. Oa Christmas the bridegroom did net appear to be married, and it now turns eat that tbe rivals rode out together on tie <Jav previous, since which aeitber has beeu seen. It is feared thai there has been foul play in the matter." More or Flint s Oi-kratiobr?Another or Fl?nt s financial operations baa jast come to light. It appear* tbat Messrs Crook * Co., upholsterers, ofTOaltimore, were engaged to do certain work to ships on this station, and thereby ran up a biU'of anout ?3 uoo against the government. Flint drew on the department for the amount but neglected to pay it ov?r to Crook A Co., and the fact but rece.itlv came to light by tbe application of Cr*ok A Co , for a settlement. Iu this case it appears that the government is the loser, and Crook A. Co . will recover Flint will be remembered by the most of our readers as quandom proprietor i f the Old Dominion newspaper of tL i City.?r rfoik Day Hook, Stk. y Some time ago a planter a snort disanc i from Memphis gave a party to the young ioi?* in bis neighborhood. It was a gay time, and in the caurse of tbe evening the boys ami girls played forfeits. While this was tomgen, it chanced that the son of the planter, a nice, modes' fellow, had to claim a forfeit of some t f tbe girls, but he was over?.om? with ditiOence. '-Go ahead, John." said the pi inter, "aid Kiss some of tbe giiD." John hitoh-1 from one foot to tbe o'her. blushed, and finally blurted out 'l?I?uever kissed a irtite girl, Jaiher.* The laughter 'hat endued tn:iy be imagined. 1 he ?\ew York Times ata'es tbat a emsle firm in New York has produced, lor this te.r's trade :n \ an ageregate u! uvrr iwo and a half million valentines, ranging in price from three cents to one hundred dollar , and the total value of which, as sold at rfti , is m^re iban three Hundred thousand dellar* This Is the production of a single firm. Lb**e or a Faux ?Mecsr*. O'Neal Jt Noland. real estat# igemt, nave 1-ased for a term of years io Messrs. Ore#nam Hougb, of Baltimore, and D. M. Ma^ ?u, of Fauquier county, Virginia, the farm known as th* ' Tibbs Farm." the "Meadow Cteek'' firm, be. lou*u.g to the estate of Wm. S Dabnev, and fonr hundred aud fifty acres of the D"ulora tract, on tbe opposite side of the road. CKj.r. 1 tbttnrille ( I o I f'hrwrle. A* lvrrgsri K Couvbktion ?The (.rni,^4 States under writers bad a convention in New ; York last .Inly, wbtch was so productive of good result* that another insurance conven- ' t?on has been called for February 20th, the Invitation towbich ban b~en sent to about eight hnndred different companies. Delegates f otn a large number of these are expected to visit New York at tbe time specified. A Nashville negro bas sned a Mr > Walker for false Imprisonment, laving dam- I ageaat because Walker had bim arrested qu suspicion ofa robbery. whlb. it now appear*, was committed by another. . ^"A "Philadelphia lawyer" gives the following definition ?l law'and eqnity;_"At coiBUwn law you are done for at once; at i equity veu are not so easily di?po<ed of. Oue is pru?<*ic acid and the other is laudanum " A at recently got into the larg- cylinder of he Hoe pre?s of tbe North liritun Mail newspaper. TUr uniortuuaie pus* remained quiet fu: t W O hliudred I - V< ! Olio lis of lUe C VIied?r, wt n .be Mi under It upou the forms and was distributed over them. j the Albany Krenmg Journal save: "A 1 leading dry ?:o->ds merctiaut of New Vorg said I to us yesteiaas -I sr. old willingly draw my I check for a hundred thonsand dollars aa a bo. nas to aay benevolent iustiiution, if tbe House I would to^.orgow dismiss the subject of 1m- i peach maut." i WA. A- KeJley, "proprietor" of th? North A-me/icaa g4t concert or Chicago, has qnietly |eK that cky lor pgrU unknown. Tha , drawing was re b?ve taken place on tbe 'J9th It , hat it dsda't | | my a* aged gesUenaa is said to have remarked that there was aever a voaaa bora who co a Id survive a rreut while It eh? bad i btumu M 0J*tjthipf all the tiaf, , AUCTION SALES. Ill OftllJ * WILLIAMS. iHtXMMi. D It. >H. WMf 7th ami P Hmte. TiTlSVTL.,?^VL^i^l8S"Jft%0S fimsHEr fiiMircdt ( ?.. shall Nll.M tb? irMBiM. part ?( bat J'jj! ** "* *?- *' front by 'analag back to a gooa It-foot alley, naklag iti^Ntr?kl< balldlag let, to which we cell tbe atteatlOB of bv?in, M It Vtll b? Mid wit boat Mint. Ttrai cMb. Mh COBT*?MC,Bf rCTMM itMHtttttfMt *JSSS e^beinyof MI*. M QBBBM A WILLIAM!. Aaef. R1 ?OGPBB A LAT1MBB. Aj*t1o?eeri, 0 < Late cleika with Jas. 0. MNalre Ado. ) Boathweet coroer Peaa'a areaae aaoilth at .Star Oflot Build! ag. TBBSTBB;S BALB 0F~ YALUABLB VIMBTABD, b BAB TUB NATIONAL BACB OOOBSB ABD IHBANB AMTLUM *** By virtue o! a d*?4 oftruet.dated tkett of May. A. p 18M. aad da I y recorded, the undereiate<l will Mil, oa W BDB BSD AT, tbe Mtb day of February, 11 oloek a. m., at theaactioa rooms of Cooytr A Latimer, corner of rtaurlnilt ateaao and 11th street. BUr 0?ca Baildioc. that ??rtal? Viieyard. containing 7V acres, being part of K<Mdntcko Place,'' deecribod as follows:? BeglBnltg at Btoae Bo. 1, oa a farm road laid ont ca " Koecin*7ke Place" by Moses Keiley and CbarlM J. Ultlman, the nee south 76 dec. watt 4 chalas aad Su iou ?f a chaia. soath dog. weet 3 67 lua chains,s utb iSJ4 deg. weet 3 7-100 chains, south 31U deg. east 13 31-1 0 chain* to the said far? road, theace by said road to tba begianiag The place comprise a valuable vineyard la fall bearlag, and It wltbin abont a mile of Washlngtoa city, and Is wall deMrving the attention of ag ricaltortsts. Terms: Oae third caeh. of which f 10# must be paid immediately after the tale; balance la six aad twelve mouths, with interest. Deed given and de*4 of trust taken. FBED W. JONB8. Trustee. _fes eots C60PBB A LATIMBB, Ancts. BI COOP KB * L&TlMBB, Auctioneers',' . late clerks with J as C. McGuire A Co.,) b uthwaet corner cf r?i.n"* ?venus aadllthst.. Star Oibce Eu'ldiag. AUCTION 8ALK 0K~MATERIALS AT THB _ tmkabobi kxtknsion On MOM 1>AT February l?. 1M7. at lOo'clock a. bi. will be told at public auetlou at the Treasury Building, the following articles, rl?. Machinery for Haw Mill-never ueod general lot# of old Doors. Sash. Frames Blinds. Architraves. Shatters, tire Woed Bcrap lroa, Oast Iron Columns, Fire Orates, aad Chiaanes Pieces Two heavy Wrought lion Axles and Boxes Ir a Gates. Ac., Ac. Terms cash. All materials to be removed within ten days after sale A. B. MULLBTT, Supervising Architect. fe ? eoAda COOPBB A LAT1MBB. Aucts. |^| I- WALSH A CO., AucUoaeers, a *?, Corner 10th atreet an 1 Penn'a avenue. We respectfully -all the attention of Hou'ekeepert, * uriiiture Dealers. Ac., toour bavin* fltte-1 up our large aad spacioas Warehouse. onO street, for storage of goods of such peraoas having foraiture and merchandise of every description tor aale, and that we will give each sales oar special attention, at oar auction roomt, corner of loth atreet aad Penasyl vania aveaue. or at tbeir private residences. Mo charge for storage. Oar experience in the Auction aad Commission Business in this city, aad favorably known to the Wash ington public for the last fifteen years, will, we tinst be a sufficient guaranty to give perfect satlalactioa to tbosa will patronize us ... M. K. WALSH A CO., _* l*wlw Anctionoers |IT MAOLB A CO., Auctioneers. ~~ W Salesroom Mo. 89i Peon, avenue. Between yth and 1Mb sts. . *w ?LF * ?.? T1!1 ?** thrtr peraoaal attention to the ?f IUb1 Batate and Household Furni jure. Also, to the sales of stocks of Orooeries, Wwes, LiQuorc, ftd Merchandise of everr de ration. Horses. Carrlagee. Haraese, Ac. Liberal cash advaacM made oa consignments. Benlar Bales at oar salesroom every TUBS Dif IIUMDAI; aad SATURDAY, at lo ? MAOLB A 00 , jall-tf Auctioneers. Hkmby colmak a COj auutionand COMMISSION MBBCHANTV. Mos 891 and 893 1'enna. av., bet. 9th and lnth sU Bales at auction every, Thursday and Saturday moralng and evening B. 0. BBOOBBB. Salesman. A full assortment sf Dry Qeods, Boots, Sheos ruralsbing Ooods. C-rockerv. Tin Ware. Btovev Ac .always ea hand at private sale. Cash wA vadcad on coasigaaieBts. A LBO, WholsMle and Betall Dealers In Hardware aod Tla M-are, Stoves, Ao., Hoe. 827 and 831, 7th street, between M and B. . ^ laMre quantity of Orrvernmont stock, consist Ing of BUbkets. Sheets. PI Mows. Shtrta Cloth inc CaTta. Haraoss. Wagons. Wagon Wheela, Wheel * barrows Trucks. Platform Scales, Counter Scales Cr^Lkery, Larnpa. Lanterns. Tar, Falat. and 5< .Oisi joints Stove Pip* A1m, large quantity of second hand Stoves, with many other articles to* nu tnerout to enumerate. The goods are aearly u?w snd will be sold at almost any price to snit ja 16 lm H COLMAN A CO. mmmm?^ ? | PROPOSALS. Proposals fob paper for thb pub. Lie PB1MTIBO. Offie Si/perinttmii-nt Puhltr Printing, / . _ Br'?>*?a?.'eit, Jan. tM. I8d7.t In pursuaace of the provislous of the i-nrth section of the act entitled' ad act to further regulate tbe pnatlng of the public documents and tb* purchase ot paper f?r the public printing " epprov?d n the rth July, !)?*, Sealed PropotaU wlH be received nutli Wednesday, the lithday of Pebraary. 1167 at 12 o'oleck. tor fnrnishing the Paper for the Public Fritting until thesut day of December. 1S67, the said Proposals to be epeaed before aad the award of contracts to be made hv the Joint Committee of C<>agresa on Public Print Jih# ,OW", bidder for ihe Irtercet of the Government. The sub.olaed sohedule *pe cifiee.M nesrly a? can be ascertained, the Ma?n tlty of each ktad of paper that will be required but contracts will be entered Into for all tSat mil be needed daring the year, and do more ' GUM l.-CBGALBBDBBBD PB1NTING PA B^Ou reams of fine Pilntlag Paper. uacalead?red nfainrlni IttJ* iaches, and welgbias fort* * B ve pounds to tbe ream of 000 she. ts. 7 Class 2 ?CALBNbBBBD PBIMTIBO PAPBB a.l'UOieamsof superfine oalendered Prlatin Pa'per. measuring MxM laches, and weighing flfty-threa pounds to the ream of fiOj sheeu Clsss 3.-B1ZBD AND CALBNDBBBD PR1BT1.100 Printing whp%r% #Izp(1 nd Mf^r calend^rHt, inch**. ' "? ?Vi Class 4 ?MAP PAPBB P?0?r. tired aad caleadere?l ot such sire* as may be .e-mired cor Wr meataring i ml wbIlIi!ft( twenty one l ounrfa fo tbe remm of utu OB# 1,M?? CIms 6-WRIT1NO PAPBBB. (to be of any ra. . <julred welfihr.) * 2 !?. y.uarto f0". !"*'? mche*,?'cep. Wxie* ?r |7 Inches . rH .. i.eni*.' incbee i'm.\ ? ?0"t,lI>eo(y,2t>,f*32 inches 2.ow) Folio Putt, i7xn inches ??? ? i cable folio Post inches * S .< M^lum, Mxft Inches l,<s.? " R?.>al. I9x >4 Incbee * Super Roy?|. ; inches Imperial. 22 ?x II incbrs 1 . f my required sixe o?t enamerated above and nat exceeding 2ixt0 incheit Clast 6.?PAPBB FOR PObT OFKICR liLANKS ' euglne alzetf.t 4J0 reams cnearariu^ itxj* laches, welching 40 p- iiiids per ream 1 7i?'tetms measuring 26xS2 inches, weighing 4; f undsper ream l,2ui rean.e m?-nSMtiug i4s.V5 inches, welching 5J pounds per ream 1<*J reams maasnrinc 18x18 inches, weighing 2J pound* per ream 4?W reams Treasuring 18x24 inches, weighing 24 pound a par ream. Propi'?nls ?tit ig rroelve'1 for tbe whole un iutlty or ftr any portion, not ]eii thin one thOii**u<i reams 1.f me (.aoern desigaated io Cla-ses 1 and 2 snd for tba whole quantity or any portion . f the papers designated tu <*lM<es ft and 6,b?:ug not Im? tbaa oae fourth Samples of the <tn?lity of the pap*rs. In all tb? cla sea, will De furbished neon application nttbls Office, and tne successful bluer* will be re*intred rigidly to coaftjrm to tbe samples fnrrished B?ch clats w|i| be oomldared separately, snd be nVject to a separate contract but bidders may offer for one or mere of the classes In the same proposal Mo proposal will be coasidered naless accompaaled by a guaranty that the bidder or bidders. If bis or their proposal shall be accepted, will enter iato an obligation, with g.?od and snfflcient suretfe-, to furnish the articles proposed for- aad each proposal taust he accampaaied by satls'actorv evidfBce that the rersoa or a^rsoua making said proposal are saaaafactureia of or dealera in tbe deeenptioa of paper which be <>r thei aropoao tof'irDtah. 1 All the paper in the several classes must be de Ii>ered at the Government Printing Office, in tbo city of Waahlnaton.jexcont class ?, which must be delivered at Buffalo, If. T.,?la good order, I fre? from all aad every extra charge orexpeu-e. and subject to tbe inspection, count, weight, aad measurement of the Buperiotendent, aad be in all resreit* -ati-la. tcry Thesupplylag of an inferior article la any of the clas>e?, or a failure to supply the >ju?ntity re quired at any time, will be considered a \ tolaUon of tlie contract. B'ank proposals will be furnished upon appll. ca'lna at this office, and no p^yoeal wtlllecpnr "ered which 8o<-s not coafurm exactly thsrowltn. Proposals will bo eitdorsed on the enveloca ' PropoeaJs tor Paper ,f and addre?e?d to the Jmuit Cymmtttr*_e? PsWir_J*ria'iw^, either to the care of Iloa H. B. ANTHONY. Cbairmaa of tbe Beaale < omnnttee oa Priatlag, Hon. A. H LAP1 Hu'mnmi 80m tail tee on Pri at* la#, or O. WBMDBLL, Beq? Superintendent of tbe Public Priatlag. Washlagtoa, D 0 ^ Jolnl Oammitte of Goagress on Pabttc Printing: ^ ja 11 1awtw Pa?ariatcadeBt of P^M*1jvu^'ttg. W* T- 00LSi%B0T4ABi5r J Show Owe Maaatactarer, School FaraltareUA sad BoaseCaraishing Warerooms. lteu4Ml DM Puraltare of all SeaaHatfoM. boatht j&SSSsrS^r " 2 PROPOSALS. purwiii bob ur?rr .^65srsSSS?S&L 1 til II oVloek m , f ebruary TJ. 1JS7, for furalshU|t4*ltf?r?4it VmUhI?b?i OocritUvi.Di O..I1.SSO barret* of Hydraulic Cesseat; MP barr*l? to be delivered ob er before April I, 1M7, and Ik* Uliwi oa or befer May 1. Ilw ; tbe whole to bo of tbo very b?ot quality, Bad eub/eet to the toot, laapectioe. u4 approval of the lal>rcUr of Materials. Treasury Bxteuaioa. ill bMa aiit bo aoeoapealad by the guarantee of some responsible person tkkt tbo blM*r will accept a ad perfora tbo coatraot If a?uM to , hia. Tbo Dspartmeat reserves the right to rsjeet any or all tbo bids If eoastdered for tbo ta tor oat of tlie Ooverumeat to 4o ao, and ao bid ?ill bo eeastdere<i that dooa aot cod form to the reqalreaeats of tbla advertiseaeat. Blda to bo oaoloood I n a seeled envelope aad oadorsad "Proposals for Oemeat" A. I. MUItltBTT, fe fCbroB 1 BapervlsiBK Architect. UtaMmarttrs Dw*rtmtni *f WmtkingUm, } QtIra of Chttf QaarKmutdr,} KaUiaitoa. B. C, Jaaaary SI, 1M7. \ Seeled Proposals ess Invited at thia offloo uatll IS o'clock boob, Febraary W, MV, for tbo removal of all alak deposits, aeties, and doad public animals froai the various barracks, buildings. Ac. owned and occupied by tbo various braachoa of tbo War Department Id and about this city, (tabs designated by the Chlof Quartermaster, Deportment of Weshtagtoajtor tbo ported of ono year from March 1. lM7. Bidders to furaiah all necessary aaa tori ala aad labor for performtac tbo work, aad to glee bond* to beexecuted at ooeo apob tbo award of tho matract la tho aaa of Iff thoaaaad dollara for tbo 1 faithful performance of tho aaaio. Payments to be made Monthly. Shoald the amount of work required during tbo fe riod of tbo contract be eltter tacreaaed or do creased, then a proportionate Increase or deduction to be made in the monthly payments Llit* of the placea to be visited and a statement of the present amount of work required caa bo had on application at this office. . The undersigned reeervea the right to reject aay au<* all propoaala should they to deemed too kl#h, and alao the right to annul and dleeontlnue the contract at an> time when the contractor shall fail to perfera tho work required In a prompt aad satisfactory manner. . . , , _ Bld? should bo eadorsed ' Propoaala far Performing fanitary Work of Quartermaster s DspartmeBt," and addresssd to ^pj^yr^g' Bet. Brig. Sen. aa<TChief Quartermaster, ja 31 lit Popt+tinsBt of Washington. jjBOPOBABB FOB LVMBBB. TBEASI XT DKPAKTMKMT, ) OrrlCK or Bi i-bbvisibg Abch itkct , > , , ? January 30,18*7. \ Sealed Propoaala will be received at tbia Office until 1- o"' ?* ? k SI , February lath, 1867, for furnishing lUBjber required for tbo Nortb Wing of tleTresiury exteu?ion, aa deacribed in the follow iBK aoheJulo. , HU,W.? lineal teet nf N. Carolina (heart) Flooring. , 1\? inch thick, not over 8 inches wide, and clear of knots . M.OUO feel, hoerd measure, W. Pine Com (Julia., l Inch thick. 5,MO feet, board measure, W. Pine Gobi. Oulla., 3 Inches thick. 1,000feet, board Bi?asnre, Spruce Scantling,9 by 4 inches,20 feet lengths ( 10,000 laet board measare, Spruce Bcsatling, Sby 4 < inchea 14 feet leagtha J 35,0<0 feet, ooard meaaare, Spruce Ball a, I by S In- ( chea, -0 feet 1< ngtha. 15,000 teet, Im ard measure, W. Pine Selacfg, lln- ( cbea tbick. I 3,000 feet,boardmeaanre, W. PlneBelects.dressed, i >4 inch thick. i 3 eooteet,board nieaaun, W. Pine Salacts.dreMed, ] !, inch , i 4.010 feet be-id measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, \ % inch thick. _ , i 2,wOt*et board nie%aure,W. Pine SeleeU,dressed. , 1*? 1n< he* thick. i 2 OuO feet, board measure. W. Pine Selects,dressed, ( 1J, Inches thick. < 1.0(0teet. board meaanrs, Poplar,dressed, >, Inch , thick. 1,00? fret, board measure. Poplar, dressed, \ Inch All the above deacrlptioas of Lumber must be of 1 the beat qnallty ot their several kind-", and mnat be delivered at the Treasury Building fr>m time t? time as oi dered. and be (object to the in- ' stertlcn of the Inspector and Becetver ot Hate j Bids to state price per M. feet, and must be ac- 1 companted by a written guarantee froui Mime re- j apo- *ible person, that the btdder will esecuto and peiforin the coutrnct it awarded to him Tlie Uepattasout renerves the right to reject any I er ail the I.ids, If considered Tor the interest of the (. overkiueut to do so, or to accept aay portions of I them. Bid* to be encloned In a sealed envelope and eudorseu **Proposals for Lumber.'' A B. MCLLBTT, jaSl [Chron 1 Supervising ArcniUct IJBOrOSALS _FOB " CONSTBCOTION OF X BB1BOB. M A.i<ik ? OrricB. Feb 4 1367 Proroeala will be received at the Ma) or'* oiflce until i- n ., BATI lil> A Y, February is. tor plan*, * peel ticati cos, and construction of either an Iron or M ooden Bridge, at the termlU4tioa of R street north, acroso Hock Cre^k, said Bridge to be m,'s feet wide and 75 feel long and not less than 11'* feet above tbe surface of the water, at loe tide. For fnrther information apply totheOtty Snrvepo-, City Bail B1CHABD WALLA'JU. fe4-eotd__ _ilayor._ ( PBOPOSALS FOB A KM Y TBANSPOSTATION. I WrABTBBWA*TKB QkSBBAL'* OrFTCl. { WnHis?Tiii. i>. O . Jannary 1?, ISC.^ Sealed ProP'*ale will be receive ! at ihl* ethce until l2oV|ock m .on the IMh of February, 18o7, ; for tbe transportation of Military Supplies during the year commendn< April 1, 1*>7, and ending March 31,1868,on tbe following routes: KOUTI Mo. 1. From Fort Mcpherroo Nebraska Tsrritory, or 1 such parts as mar be determined upon during tbe year ob the OmHha braucb of tbe Unioa PaclAc , railroad, we?t of Fort McPberson or from Keit i Laraniie, Dakota Territory, to surh po?t? or de- , pots as ore now or may be eatablUiied in tbe Territ/o' Nebiaaka. weat of longitude ]i>t deg , |u the Teriitory of Montana, *outb of latitude li ] deg.. 1b tbe Territory ?t Uaketa. west ot loncitnde )(M deg., IB tbe Territory of Idaho, s ath of latitude 44 des . and east ot longitude 114 das , and in tne Territories of Utah and Colorado aorth of latitude ?o deg , Including If necsaiary, Denver City. BOL T* Mo. 9 ( From Fort Bl'ey. Mate of Kaasas, er such points aa aiay be determined apondnring the year on tbe Union Pacitic railroad. B. D.. t? an\ po.ti ] or deport ihat are now or may be estabiishe<l la the State of Kansas or ia the Territory ef Colorado. south of latitude 40 degrees north, and to Fort ( 1 nion. hew Mexico. ?r other depot that may be j designated In that Territory, aad to aay other point er polata on the route. , BOUTK No. 3. From Fort Untoa or such other depot as may be ( established in tbe Territory ot Mew i an> posts or statione that are, or may be estab Itsned ia that Teriitery, and te sueh poets or statioos as mav be designatsd in the Territory of Arizona, and la the State of Texas wsst of loafltude 106 deg. . BOUTB Bo. 4. From Bt Panl. Minnesota, toauch pasts a? are J now or may he established In the btate of Minnesota. and la that portiOB ef Dakota Territory lying s*st of tbe Missouri river. I Tbe weight to be transported during tbe year ? wlil not exi.-ced (>n Boote ao 1,9u,?uu uuu pouade ; ] on Bonte No t. 2V,r*A) Out* pounds , on Itonte Mo 8,h.uu> Ouu pounds, and on Bouto No. 4, 3,#o* w c pounds. I'ropoaals will bo made for each route eapa- c rately. I Bidders will *tate the rate per 100 pounJs per )0o miles, at which ihey will iransport thestoree b In each month ot tlie jeer, beginning April 1, , 1467, and ei.dins March li, id'.s. Bidders slionld sive tbetr names ju full,as well a" tttelr} places of resilience, and tach proposal a si' nld be acc >uipan1ed bv a bond in tbe sum of ten tbonsatid ?l ',0iy ) dollars, signed bytw<>or mi re responsible persons, guaranteeing that In ra-e a contra<-t is awar>ied for the route men tioned in the propeeal to the pat ty proposing tbe contract will be accepted and entered into, and good and sufficient security furnished hp said party In accordance with the terms of this a lter tisement . Tbe contractor will be required to give bonds ID tbe following amouats : J On Route Mo. 1, f t'ii.OoO. Oa Route No S, auo.iioo. OnBouteNoS, 100 (??. . Oa Route Mo. 4. lu ?od L Satisfactorv evidence of the loyalty and sol- 2 vency of each bidder bb*I person offered as secur- c

tty will be required. Proposals must be endorsed " proposals for ( Army Transportation ob Bonte Bo l.*.3,or4." t as the case mav be. and none will be entertained 1 unlese they fully ooaaply with tbe requlremeBts . of tbis advertisement. C The party to whom aa award is made anst be f prepared to exeeute the contract at ouce. aad to give tbe required bonds tor the faithful perform- I anc* of tbe contraet. 1 The right to reject aay or all bids that may bs Offered la rseerved. . j The cdatractors on each route mast be in read!- C nese for service by tbe let day of April, 1887, and will be required to have a place or bueinees or s egenoy at which he aay be comaunicated with Eamptly and readily for Bonte Mo. 1, at Omaha, r T.; for Beute No. t, at Fort BUey, Kansas; for I uteNoS at Fort Tnion,New Mexico;for Route I No 4. at Saint Paul, Minnesota, or at such other point for each of the several Boats* as aay be ladiceted as the atartlm; pel at of the roato. Blank forme showing tbe conditions of the contract te be entered into for each route can be had . on application at thieoffice, or at theoffloe of tbe | Ituartermaeter at New York, Baint Louie, Fort Leavenworth, Omaha. Banta Fe, aad Fort Snel- > Hoc. nod must accompany aad be a part of tbe ' proposal. S By order of the Quartermaster General. J ALEXANUBR BLISS, Brevet t'elonel awd Assistant Ja l^aet Quarterma?ter. P. 8. A 4 I^OSTUN MKBS MACKBKCLT * I am aow rt-celTlog from Boston direct, the very ( Bneet quality of MRSB MA'IKKKBL, and wbicb rarely Bud their way to this market, " being used mostly for home consumption. As they ba>e l>e>-B trimmed of every p?rt but the most . palatable, the kite oontala eery much mere than 1 the itaaatlty usually packed. N. W. BUBCHKLb, Corner 14th aBd F streets, under ! da l_tf Bbbltt Boase. J M A 1 L CJBOOOLATB DM f ANT ATM*, i ALi0,. 11 j " A 1 L CHOOOLAT FAM BXWBLLBBOB. ? TMs Tripla TaolllaCflOOoL^Vtl^SlrtL, | ia quality aad flavor ta other made in this at ' LBGAJj YOTXOBS. "gSBKJS mZZ&ZLZLAtl!! **z* ? ??!???VS??/to*&* ! T**i? Xmm or Str UiltKt vfot'iumLlm, beiug Vot iM<ikftal ?SKf? .^.rrs*^ mM Jo"rl*J i,.uJTitlT^'^T TS tffi?lT?taM2tTMrIa P-SMSSSd 9t ?kH?,"s:?: &##* ?! jftSeUByh .srsaasa Sfftrf- T^** f?L?,w " "? ' "btaluad jodf thv ?%)d BIACMIIP ^ TirtHofu itlichaital leaned oat of tki mbbm tow lido of this cwt is fuw f * J?*ph iSniVVS HJ" 8*e4 of tratt froa uii JM-nh i ''^rJSrrrJ? $5? J?Si MurttoVS'aKSSlSr'A; sr^csrsfjaaSffils if. ^ly couaty District of Columbia. bo 4 . u ?? 'J'1*' *' * recorded in Mid laa t recwdi, b?t that after fiudl.K oftU %T? .nfjjffa* nt of roadeaatioa on the -aid attacfcieitt the sa-d records vera aasia marched ?Dd?T2i rf {oV.MTTj^n JrTShf **" ??* J*ha ??ton? } -IS 'JlD for tbe ibb of |i auu wm foond rjcofdtd. Tbal ,*< gafd d99d ^ recorded nearly eleven uon(' 1 after the date UtI w nfVifj'V.%f.t7? ??nth. ?ft?r tbelMaiag and ItTluofitid tttichncht 'i feat tbe eaid attach. 5?1 lieu oa the aaid piece* and par. els ofgrouad. before tbe ?atd dee.) of treat Prari a fl!2?IH3f0fr,?e "n,onDt I" doe ana unpaid o? Mid de?-d of trust and prajra a aale of the uM Plecaa 0f Mrcel? of grouf.l to aatlsfy the demanla ?I? cenijiaiDanu and other oreditor*. and V<ftia!? mJU$i1"1 *?*'''#t ,*'<1 defendaate Joseph Jehasoa Mary Johnson. John M Waae.njX! KonaDd John M*!one, and their cnnfederatee ?b?a discovered , to reetraiu and prohibit ageau end servants fr.,m selling or n?thiaaliii~,u *fcv " ?" ? further iucaaiberln*, w!flvpi#e** or P?I| of ?renud : ^ *np<In this id <iay of January, liW7, adtot*il'hltl " 'oeof thlesuit beclven to tbe aid noil resident del.udaata, 4oaeph John 1"*;'*1." riy^hr pnhiisb7ug ? copy of this ..rder in tbe Kve> in* rttar a nem ***?*?'to'>"d in the city <>f Washington, in the i'i? ?i Columbia, three times a week for nt r. "k" -?'<l resident d f'-ndents to be and appear. in ?"raon vr by solidtht? V?rn f* to ht-1<> 1 n the oftice of the Clerk of fbls Court on the first Tneeday ef Jnre A l? l.v.f to answer the Mid Mil of ewmplalnt, oth?r [! e the same will be tak. n prj Mai nit ihetn Provided the tiret ptiMlration of tMaorier r?J.'A^riat leAViunr before a^d ftraJ 1 ne?dey of June. 14 <i, Hnrt atntin* the obioct and ubatauce of aaM l>ill of complaint. ? ?, ? A. B. OLIN, A?-o i*te Jnntica, Ao WM r?n7b0 H. J- MEIGS Clerk jim 3taw?w Solicitor for conipIilaaHts. 0EFHA^OOUKT,r.?lt Ur5jarZpSr^ci In the rLll ?MlA* ^ MHISOTOS Ov i XtT, to- Wit If m Mn ria AU ler, adoiini-tt rator W 4 H MA%rIf^r"" Wk- dr='^- ,h* drn??iatratoir 0r?haBr c^r1 ?f\t,- ? the of the Y?*rt 9f >*??bin(fton County atoreeaid. LbfflinirL,! "rd,i!'tLe. M d,'> "f March. iaS?f.7r lonal^ttJT? , fme?? ? diMrlbntlaa of tbe perhani ? id df eMed. and of the aaana in ":"h **?*-ass-VK? \r?vy of 'bie order be pabliehed T- -J" T W K.T.0^ KSSf . s, ^ewJ AiV"J ?l wwhin?ton, D C benefit e* the Mid *'t*te eie'ad<>d from .11 , my band this 3lst da* of ,1uk Tc-lawSw* MAH? J MKAXTOb ' MaMMMMMMMiSiiLiL. G()VKK\ME\T ?ALEsl Bl iLuli,?b AT maiT ^mTTt C%i</(fuarurmatitr't O+Tc.D.poi of ir,, v? , W on, L) 0 , F6f?rujirF u Ia.7 I ' I 1?r"?'r 'he Q..artermaeter Q. *1 rtf't A taild.iiXB at Convalt-aceut Cimp uiu.i,' ii L-,d* Bridge anl Alexaudria, wilTl-, , h f. . lie auction on Tl'*sUA\ Marc'n ? J ' Apub of Br< vet Lieut'. ?'.,1 ?., ?D?"r i * *" A U M Sale le com., . a. e at iU?,vTor' M J'Jre' I Tine bulldli^Hcoiufrite L'i I'uria \t Mooeea 2 H -piial Wa ds. 6 stor--fiou.i' i , M<M" ' iry.l Waeb Uouae oth e. J tStaM - .^w V*nn- I feet!* whlch Tarr ,u *"?*??? -x2?folftJiixTrs j Bi.tldlui* will te a<id Mrifflr If/?* ?OT-'h" e t funds. Fifteen days from 4atx of sain will ba ?r.n? ^ pujchaaer? to remove their bnndinjca *r*ntod G *BHM1N1 ^HAB|j?8Toir, barleat'ia. H C . ou^IOIIDa X *1?*??^-' ioamienrf i g atnioV|?<-k a wi r-*1 18,1? Ab<',t ;i?i net tone (Cat,no? > ??Mt . ^l*Vut net ton* ??,or ,*c abon?o?? balf have valuabla a?ft ru^tal attached i About 100 f ?a Leaded bt.ell * > aL'JI 1\ t?L* 8cr?l> Wr?n?l't lroa ^ tone Pcrup Krass Copp, W^S" n^,",? r,! c?rrl tea, Ironed. If. W oeden Oh;ie?fa, iron, d :%^t^Ll:iJ)mrmlry^t*m4ni' 74(1 Brldlee, s gno W or k i'0*e,* HBd A<J*HUtity of ether LMther I'biladf4 Fire 'boiU b' A?ew, About lrtuu barrel! Unserviceable Powder AUo. a larre inantlty of other Proaertv e..? ii*ili<(< priticipally <,r Mnaket Appendages Baita 2W- ?,P moots. Mlecellaneoua Tools ic . ?c* inrreacV. B a,e'in United States' Atopie time sllowed for the removal of Proaera" ? By authority sf Chief of Or lnance jp ^ t* \ it K 6 B r- O <*??* Ort??noa at 4 Bvt Major. U 8. A , fs?-?Amtd Commanding > bar lest, a Areeual. I^ABQ? MALE OF abmx olothISoT I Drpor (jimrierm.mcr's OJic*, f Will h~ ^,1^" .'Trttnurt luff ? I ,*T,Vi_ ?oId at Public Aoctloa in thscity of ! uiVhV: at ??*?rati?#nt ttorehoa? . No l JU toBth Xutsw street, on WKDKIBOAY 12 M li .-bi uary JT, 18.7. a lot of ?*. . ABMY CLOTIIIsa, i cnalatlcf of . 'M7'* SEW YORK STATE JAf K1T8 ^n"to trrf%P"tUr*' auJ olUtrw,*e m,auiied for i By reaaou of its long retention In atore. the iged" IU *?aie in?tar.<,fcs :n re or leas d im Tbe ?alc will take place in lot* 11 anit purchasers a>flU" C"011, lu Oovernmt-ut fun U, ou da> or '1 hree d;?) a allowed to remove purch?s?* I y otdsr of the yn>?i tanmit. r <;<>n?-r:ii A 8. MIMKALL.Captain, and Asdat*nt Quartermaster. L s. A . a ... Mo. * bonth Charles street. Auctioneers. [MPOBTAMT SALE Or GOVKBMMl*T~V Bd- i n Depot (fuariermaster's Oflee, f iL lfcHU HIBK 009 M0 )fp9 ton*; leagth, 229 faet, breadth of b*aa ?i Mlet'uok0? 4, U ft*t; y,,nder' Miochaa, aiid "W?rtoBity ! afforded in the Mia of thia ??w.cta2T?i3S . She la of Uaht draft, the engine and boilers ? r^^ssr^T41^mnath* | t!,ssa 'tsssv > ?ov.rnmeBtfor sale at tl.U aort #rwI by ale^,U, CM'1, *n ?0T*punieut funds, oa dap of ' Further particulars maybe learned 11 a>>n aftKn atioa to tbe uad arsigt.eo or to the Aurtf?nPf il' UefBra. ADBkUM, TMOMA8 4 Oo Ma^s' lon?h Pbarlea street. UU- 1^' By order of the QuarterniMter General 1 . ? 8> KIMBALL, fel?4t Captain and A. Q. M., U. 8. A., I !*4t Depot Q uartermaater. ^OVEBHMBST BALI: { Texas **"** ne*r 8m Antoaio. , ?tKrVi!S^,S,32 ; r Tf ti'" XrVSSa th1 inrtenancee appertsiniug, tliat is to aay 1 i . _ OMB TANNKBY. OMB STEAM BAW MILL. Capable of sawin* ' hree thousand feet o lumber d.-iifv"" sawing Th-^* 8?ALL 8TOMK HCILDIVCi. Thsaboisprppaitv iaattua'sd about two mllaa ^.vs Baa Antonio, oa the Ban AaTai. rt ver ?aS J5*kJ3l K 5Kttl3Joaii555??SK?? ud... u sJSS'i*. ik*?'YE??S.,u'SS.". IfJli*" T~r ' HAiLROADS. ^ lovn TO TMB lomtyrWPTI. AMP SOUTHiSiVwS^''b*rH P"*<4 ?*? w1U V^?fl|ajk| MiFyRS ^{^Maiiarfe <?t >n ?lgbt Out with saadsm Imktwhii, niMrlMfrM Cnr to twelve koan TTtlM ?*r My ?tkw ml*, Two k?adr?4 aBU* iin4 to wwtora mc OMtnl Ni? Terk Two Mlf TnlM to tW Wort. JSWuSa isas^"55?*" P***eng*r*by this root* frua Bold sort have ,rw" tlckifc b> tkU root* mi bo yrmiri rt Ik* otBco. coraor Mb itro?( aid PioHflrnli imw, aSer the Bortonot Hot* I. wboro rsfftabl* tafor atfoa WIN bo given ot Oil tlaoa. riHfi|r*ri>r*ciirli( tickets ot Ikli ooo o*?ur* Mcowo4itioii la Blooptag Oar* for 11VILKin. TIekrt A*.., ?? , ta. pj'ssar"-DbBilttnofi, H4 d# 1 If T-..- > Waohimtom, Jh. 8, l?r. JSffi*1" wTorkM* f?* *OBB. witboetchaaf* of ear*. topa '*?*Pt Sunday) atT:4ft i.b. ud MBW TOBB.cbaagla* car* ot PMIadelLmm<?I|| (excopc Suaday) ot 11:18 o. a. ud yWKgttBWft ?t nn o. m.. and r? and 8:90 p m , ? BUHDAT Leave for Haw Tork and Philadelphia ot 4:88 ?. oaly. Sleeplag cora for Bow Tork on a JO p. at. train dally. I hrongh ticket* to Philadelphia, Mow Tork or Bo-ton, ran be bad at tba station Offlee ot oil hour* In the doy. aa wall aa at tba n*w office In the ranker* and Broker* Telegraph Line, 3 4P Feaa. avetine, k?tweea 4th and 7tb streets. See Baltimore and Obio Bailroad advertisement for schedule between WaiklnfUi, Baltimore, Annapolis. ac the West J, L. WILSON, Maatar of TransportatloaL M CO LB General Ticket A rent 0*0. 8. BOOMTZ, Agent. Waailngton. 00 90-tl DALTIMOBB AMD OHIO HAILBOAD, u WwHisstoH, Jon. t, 1987. IHVSV1C are now rua aa follawa, vir. , _ . FOB BALTIMOBB ,,,? ** '' "Ji except Sunday, at f.-gli, 7:is, nod 11 16 a. m.. and JiOw, and 4:30. and 8 00 p. a. FOB ALL WAT STATIONS. KSS'j'r"8nnd"- * ? . rotl AT 8TATIOH8 SOUTH 0* AHHAPOLM JUNOT1OH. re p b T# "*and ' 00 *?d ot 1:09 and 4 Si _ ^ . FOB ABHAPOLI8. Leave at 7 ?5 a.m., and 4.3a p. a. Bo tralna to or from Annapolle on Sunday _ uM ntftl'AT. FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave at 1M a. an., and t uu and 8 00 p. a. FOB WAT STATIONS. Leave ot 7:48 o. m., and 2ft)and t w a. gv r r<i*<.AljL PABT8 OF THB WEST. UjT'm *? ?* Sunday, ot 7:46 a.m.. aod On Sunday ot 8.00 a. a. only, connecting at Belay tr^ina trom BolUmor* to Wheeling, Parkei>burg Ac. THHorOH TI0KBT8 to tb* W*a? can bo had at the ashlngtoa Station Ticket Office at oil bonra In the oay. a* w*M ao ot tbe a*w offlc* of the Banken and Brokers' T*] graph Lin*, 34S Penn ne. betweea 5th and 7th atreets. ForMow fork. Philadelphia. and Boa ton, ao* iQftrtticireijt of * ThroofE L1ne.M J. L WILSON. Maator of Tranaportatloa. _ L. M. OOLH. Oenarftl Ticket Agent. orSOtf GBO. 8 KOOBTZ. Atetit Waabliiftoa. I|tI>50N BIVKB AND HABLMM^ BAILII BOA OS-On and utter MONDAY. N .? i9, j^?h, tr?ina for Albany and Tr*y, coan*ctln? ? itti lUithernand Weatern train*, will |*or*N*? Ter? follow* : 8 a in kxpreaa train Tit Hadaon Birer Boilroad , 3 th at and 10th av . threngh to Buffalo and tnireiiol.n Bridge without cnaage of cora and coonectli'g at Troy u ith trains ior Saratoga, Bntiaud, Bnrlir gton an4 Montreal. Ida m Kxpreta and Mall train ria Hud eon K'vi-r haiir. ad. rouuectina at Albany with vv ??tern train-, anl at Tr?.> with trains for Morm. II a in Kxpreea trola via Harlem Billr ai, <-t and 4th ar.. conaectint at Chatham wnli V*e?t?ru Bailroad for Lebanon Sarin^s, Plttitieid, 4r. at Altany with Weatern train*, and at Troy with tralna lor Saratoga Butland, Burlington and Montreal. 3.48 p m Kxpre** train via Hudson Blrer Bailr> Hd ronwecMnr at Albany with Wootern train*, and at Troy with trains for Monlftfe. with *i**aintr cor attached. 4 16 p m Binreaa train via Harlem Rail rood toi net tma at Oiiathani with Weatern Bailroai for Lebanon Spiing*. l'ittafleld. Ac.; ot Albany with Wrstein train*, and at Troy with tralnaforBut land. Burllneton and Montrool. bleeping con attached at Albany 6 30 p m expreea taoln Tla Hndaoa Btver Ball r ad. with sleeping car* attached, and through to huflalo and Suep^naion Bridg without change of car*. Alao, sleeping car every day exr~ptlac Baturda> a attached from Hew York through to without change, via Borne. W. and O Bailto.i*. Coniiaction lor Troy will he mode at Baat Albany Thla train will run on Bnudaya 11 p m Train via Hudeon Biver Bailroad. with Bleeping car ottoohed. connecting at Albany with eariy train* far Biffsl* and Soapeaoloo Bridge and at Trey witb train* for Saratoga aod point* Her tli A Sunday train will b* run rlo Hodao* Blear Bailroad from New York to P*ucbkeepai? and intermediate atation*. lee Ting How York at 8 90 a m. Be turning, leave Pongfik*ep*>e at |.?S a m arriving in New Tork ate Up m A No. a Bnnday train via HarNra Bailroad. lea v- i ing 4M *tr*ot ot Ko. a., aod arriving at Mlllert<in at 3 M p m. Betarniug. leave Mill, rton otfia m., artlving In New York at it^) a m WM. H. YANDBBBTLT. J? IS Vice Pr? ideut. ! RICU?0? 1..DTO TO TBATBLLMBBOOIMO BOOTH. TWICB DA1LT, (Sunday p. a. *xo*pt*d.| The quick eat oad moot direct rout* to Biohaaoos, To . and tho South. *1o th* Potomoa _ . ateamera from Sixth Street Wharf.fio^^BA Washington, to Aauia Creek ood^^*^M^B* I Blchmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Bollrood, bow entirely completed from A<i?ia Crook to Blck mond.Ya.connecniig there with train* oa the Blchmond and Petersburg and Bicnaaond and Doavillo Bailroad*. for Petersburg, Weldon, Wilmington Balelgb, Oreeaaborc', SoUabury. Ohorlotto and Cheater. 8. C Steamera Bey port aod O TaoderMlt leave Stzth Ktreet Wharf dally (Sunday eseolng excepted! at S 40 a m and 7pm and arrive In Blchmond at 1.4.' p. m and 3 Mo a. THBOCOH TO BIOHMOHD IB BBYMH HODBS. Fifty MUeo Shorter aud SH Honr* Uuloker tttoa ; any other Bout*. Be anre aoa get Through Tlckete via Aouia (Jroek aud Fredertckehurg, to Biobuuond, ot the u | i j; iOOIMi coru??r ?i P< uum %dg 6tb street, or on ooord of theboau Baggogo checkec' tnrougli OoaUboaaaa aod Baggage W ago asiwlll bo is, raadlneas to oonvey paooeogot* aid boggage be twees depoia In Blcbaond. ...... Paaaengers by thla line poaa by dojlight Mount Yeruon. and may have a? opportunity of rial ting pc veral battle flelda neor Frederlckaburg by otop ping at that point. _ . BreaklMt and an* oo board of Stooaon. OBP. MATTIMOLT.Sopt . WaahlMtoo, B O O. * MATT1NOLT, Ticket^Aynt^Wjahlngtoo. apl ly Beoeral Paaaengar Agent. pOTOMAC TB AH SPOBT ATIOM LIMB. MOTIOB TO BBIPPBBB. The Steamer BXPBBSS, Copt. B. A. BTTUBB, DBDAT forOIy^t,Bodd%Ferrr.^""^^*1 rlomen Bay, Fox well M Wharf. Hoawll% Whorf, Plney Point, Point Lookout, oad arrlvoo ot BolM. M .t . a. -i-S^MABBO Ag^to, op7-tf Bo. 34P Panna. aveouo. PBOTBOTBD If'HorAL^BTTBBS PAT- ' snt of Bug laud, aod aocared by the aeala of the Bcole do Pharmacia de Porta, oad the Iapenal College or Medictee.Tioano. Triesemar Mo I, lis tbe effectual remedy for Hotaxation, ipermatborrhoeo, and Bxhauition of the System. Triesaaar Bo. ? ba* entirely awpertedad tbe naaaeou* uae of Copavta, Cubeba, Aa. Trteeemar No 8 is tbe infallible remedy for all Impurities aod secondary Bjmptnma. tbn< obviating the uae of moroary aad oil other deleterioos Ingredient*. Bach praparatloa to in tbe form ot o most agree able Loxeng* Secured frea the effepta of climate and caaagoo of otmoephere to ttneoe??, at B^oacb. or four Soaaeala out for 99, on<l In irii?os. tho* saving $9 Divided ia separate do*oe as admlaistorod oy Talpeaa, Sal lam aad a, B?ux, WhoNaale aad retail by Or BABBOW, Ho. lag Bleockor atroot. Mew Tork. _ To be had alao of B. O. FOMD. Bo. SSO Pen a A Bveoao. ooraer llthaC. ??Mr Jk V ACKEBBL AHD CODFISH, fci'acasaic- ,ors~? BKWi'ioVi.'" loot oi Bevsaw -a. (loaaasiasloo Merchant*, dolP-tf Mo. dSS Mlotb a.. bo>. H and f. 1 WoUjb*by Aaaw Walker, #3. Llta andTIa** rt mmi MTMi. i RAILROADS. I fZ tnpik? fttaioiD THE XOKTH *QKTHW*sT A\j, TH* CAhABAM. WINTER AUMAVBHBst OW > ESQ EM TM AlMg^&i^grJ. IA*d. U C<2iwr'? P*??? TMriTMl>TB H4 UAL LOW BILL itraota, Philadelphia, mi tbafoilovlac I BMBB1NO ACCOB BOPATIOMP At Beadlag Md all teurwMe W*l,ivlf,T!? **?< ?i 4 J??. ? mtnn la Philadelphia at 10 p. a. MOBB1MO IxrUM At t.1*? w>rlMtu, Lahaaoa, Harr1?barf, NuitiU*. ftBMu Siabirr Wfli liamapart. Btmira. B?c)>eei*r. Bl^ara Falle.Baf; laio. AUeatowa. ttiibosharra, Fiitatoa, Twk, CarfwTa. Ct?b?Airi,H*fmio?? Ae , Ad. fkli trtli cMWtti M Hi PINO with the Brirt Penaayivaala Mallraad train* for All*a>on, ?? , aa with tba Labaaca Ygtar trala far ; at POBT OLIBTOB vita Utiaolm , C-ntral. Cumberland * allay. aad *afauy Iklll aad ln??D*k?iiia tralaa lor onfc??Wmii4, Wil> lian.aport, York. CAam bar* burg. Piaagreea. St. AFTBBMOON IXfBIW I Leavee Philadelphia at 3.JO p. a. for B?Mlut I Pott* vt lie, Harrieburg, Ac , connecting *ita Beading and Colombia Ball read traiaa for ColaaM*'*< KBADIIO ACOOBBOPATIOH UavM Km<i*| at t M a mom?I at ad way tatiou*. arrivee in Philadelphia at v ava m. Beiarnlag. leave* Philadelphia at 4JO p. a.; 1 arrived In Beading at 7 Si a > Tram* tar Ptiiadalthialaa** Harrlebmrg atg.i) ! a a., and Pottovtlie at a as a ni., amrlac la Philadelphia at I oO p a. AfV raoon train* Ua*a I UantolMri at 1 in a m and PMUtlll* at p. m ; arriving at Philadelphia at 4 at p m Herri *barg aco> n>nidation leave* Beading at ' 7 So a m., aad Harnabarg at i-lu a. b. Connect lag at Handing a|th iltimo a Ac< omuj tatloa Sooth at daw ya.. arriving In 1'biladelpbla at y.l" y. a, _ Market Train, with a paaaaager aar aitatM. loaded Philadelphia at It a' noon, for Bead!?< and all way atatieae.leavee Beading a , *at powntngtoan It * y. a. for Philadelphia aad ail way (tattona. all tba ab?T? tralaa mo daHr, Bandar* exc< p-ad. Nuaaay Tmtna leave Pott?v?ile at 8 a. m . aad Pbl atl el ya I a at 3 It y a.. taawa Philadelphia for Reading at la. a., raturarag froai Beading at4 K CHKSTBB VALLIf KA1LKOAD. Pa?*ery. r? fox Poa i.lagtaan and laierni.dial* point* take tba 7 30 and 0 15 a m and *rA p u tralaa from Philadelphia. retnraing fro* Powaiagto* a at 7 a. a. aad 13 Haaot. IBW YOBK BXPBBS8 FOB PITTT8BCBOU AMD TUB WAST Leave* Hew York at 7 w a. m an 11 y. a., pa**lng g at 1 *6. II tit ni and I U ia ?u ! Contacting at HarrUburg with Paua?? Iranta ani H-rthem Central Hailroad Bx?r?ee Traiaa for Pitt?bur*:h, Chicago, Willlaaaepurt, Blutixa. Aaltlaoia Ac. Baturnlng. Bxyraag Train leae-a Harr|a> Mrf n arrival of Panaey 1 vanla Knpreaa from Ptttabar. li at 3 aad * Uft t m . 9 !: y at. yaaalag H?>adinc at ?.?? and(lu.M a m aad II *> y. a . arriving at Se? York 10 a n , aud 3,*.'. y. a, bl.?.-pinc oara a> c?aiyati)lu( thare tralaa thro?igh b?-t?a?n Jaraev Ctty an 1 Plttabnreh. witboat chaage all train for BawYork leave* liarriabnrg at 3 lu p. m. Hail tram for Aarrlabarg le>v?a Haw York at 12 nooa BOaUYLEILL TALLIT EAILBOAD Tiaina leave poitavlila at 7.11 Wa ni aud 7 IS a. m . reinmiag <roa Tacaagaa At 7ka a, and 1.4d aad ?.U p. a. BcHVYLAlLb AHI^ BTSgUBHAHHA BAILTralna leave Aabnra at 7 (Dan for Plnagroaw and Uarrlatarg. and at 1.50 p. m.. lor Pinacroww and Tratnont; retnralog Irotn B?mat>ar?: >t ]|| p m., aad from Tiamont at 7|iba. aad y.a. _ _ FBBIAHT Good* of all daacrii tiona forwarded ta all tba above nolnta froa the tumyaar'a Mew Pralght Iltpat, Broad and W allow atraata FBBIQBT TKAlBO Leave Pblladelahiadallr ati.Ma. a , IS ?t noon I and? y m. for ltvaoing, Lebanon, tta-rial ara. Pitt*villa. Port Clinton, aad all pointabarond AIL* Cloee at the PblUdaly H Poat Offlea for all flaca* on toe road aad ita tranche* ?t t a m aad lor tba ynnaiyai aUtaoaaoaly at 3 15 p tn. ja 1? tf nKHMKYLVAtIA CBHTB.VL BAIL Ac) AD. 1 WIMTKH AHUANUEHKM. Tfcetra naof tba Pennsylvania Central Ball* raac leave the Itepot, at 31et and Market atraafo, whl< h I* tea'bad dlrecil r hy tba car* f the Mar. hetbtraat Paaa.ngar Bat l war Ttioee L.fthe Chestnut and Walnat Mreet Baiiway rao withto oaa i atjaare af It. ON 81" MM AYS?The Barket Street Card lea aa Front ai.d Market dtreeta a uilaataa before tba departure af each train. MAMBU BAOOaOC BXPBB88 will call for an.', deliver Baggage at tbe I'epat Urdar* lelh at tba >flice, Bo. ?3i Cbeetnut atreet, will racala* attantloa. Tm\*< Ltave Dtpi% Ft j Ball Train ? .at S (Mam. Paoll Accua'i Mud. 1 A 3. 10. ><a a in ail V ym. Faat Line aad Erie Bzpreaa at 12 <M a*. Parkernrg Train at 1 ut ?. a. Harrlebnrg Arcom'nodatloa _ ... at 2.?J p a. Lancaater Aocomin-xtati<>n ?t 4.0<J p. a pitt*l<argh aad Arte Ball at v cu y. m. PIJa*iriphia Ax free* .at 11 40 p m. Pittaturg A Bale Bail laavaa dwi.y. exceyt Saturday. Fbila^elabla Bxpran* leavaa daily. All otbar ! train* dally. exr?-y* bnnday. Pa?aei.cer? bj Mall Train ga to Wlllfaaeaort aithoat change of care, and arrive at Lack Ha? en at p. a. P?-??ttger* t.y Mall Traia eo to Carllalaaad Chain! erelntg without a change uf car*. y le?-ping Qar TickeU can be had <>n aapUcatioo at the Ticket Offita, 031 Chc? tuat at rvet. 7Vai?> Amve at Dtput% Its Cincinnati Bxprra at It arta. a. Philadelphia Bxyreaa at 7 1" a a. Paoll Ac?em.. koa. 1 a t... elOa ui , 17 10a ta. ParA*l>ui? Train _._jtt * at a. m. Lancaster Trala ? at lz ?o y. a. > aet Line _^t l tu y a. *>ay Bxyrraa at t.ja y b BarrUnnrg A conaaodatloa at P.V0 p. i Philadelphia Lxy.eea aarivea daily, exoeyt Bowdag. Cincinaatl Bay red* arrived dally. All other train* dally except Bandar. Paeaenger* laa\1n? Lock Havea at 7 a. a . and Wllllameport at a0 a. a., reach Philadelphia. wlibont change of card, Witllaa*p rt. by Dai Bxprea*. at 6 fc' y a The Peanarivania Ballroad Coayany will not aaaume any nak for Baagaa*. except fnr Waarlna Ayparvl. and Halt their reaaonaibllity to Oaa Bundred Pollara In value. All B^ggaae axoaadIng that aaonnt ta valne. will be at tba risk of the owner natoea taken by daedal coatract. For further IdS>rm?tiou ayyly to JOHN C. ALLBB. Ticket Agaut, ?S1 Cheatnnt Hreet. BABL'BL H. WALLACB. Tiekot Agent at the Depot AH VB16BABT TBAIB raa* dally. excaM Bnnda). For fall partlealar* a? to fare aad arcnaatda tion* apply to FBABCI8 F3HB. 137 Packet. CBMTBAL BAILBttAP OF HBW JBB0KT? Pueeaaaer and Freight l>et>ot In Baa Fork. foot of Liberty atreet. Couaect* at Bamyt<>a Juuctlon aitli the Delaware. La< kawanna and iteatern Railroad, and at Baaton witb the Lehigh Vailer Railroad aad IB connect! n?, farn tug a direct line to Pltaaarg aud the Weat without change of can. at.LBHTOWM LIB! TO THB M BIT. T*? kxtreea Train* d*ily for tba W?et, except Sui da>a, ?hen one Trala in tba aveniug Plxt> mile* ami thrae hour* aaved by tM* Una, to Chit <go. Cincinnati, St. LoaU, Ac., witb but one chanre of card. WINTHB ABBABOBMBNTS, Comtre'clng January 7,1^7? Leave Hew York aa follow* ? A M -For Baat"?, B?*ttib h?m, *a?ch Cbank. A illiaaeport, Wilkatbarre, Baha'ioy Uiti, A.c. a.iw A M Bail Train?For Fiona-tigto-i. Baaton. Water ttap, Hcraatoa, U ilkMtwrra, Great Beud, Pittahorg. Bi ghamto <, Ac. u A M ?Western Bxprea* for Ea?tou, Allentown, Hairtahurg, Pittebarg, and th>- *Mt, witb but ore change of card to Cincln- ati or Ciilcag >. and bnt tao change* to ^?. Latna <> anecta i*. Barn-burs with Morthera Ceatral and Phllalei phia and Brie Aoad*, for Brla aad tba Oil AegloD*. It M. Thai* ? For Batten. AUaatown, Bauch fhonk \Mlkeabarre. Beading, Pottavllle. Hcrrid^'.M.-For Baatoa. Bethlehem, and Bauch Chunk* I p. B.?For BotnarvIHe aad Fleaiagt <a. p B ?For Baatoa. Aaadlna. Harriet org. Wllllaaaport, Irvine too. Oorry, Brie, Ac. Sleeping car from Maw Fork to Wllliamapart. 4.14 F. ForSaaerville 7 30 P. Bj-ForBoaarrilU. If. a?Wx*TEaui Bxraa*a Taaia?Far Bawton. Alleatowa. Aaadlng. Barrieoarg, Pitt.burg, * el^aplng card tbrongh froa Jeraay City to Plttat>Vid<itioBal SdtM ara raa to Morgan Palat, * Ticket * to?the Weat can ha obtaiaod at tbe o<Bo* of the Central Bnllnrnd of Mew jeraey. foot of Lit etty tredt, Borth River, at Bo. 1 A*tor Joum, Mod 994, JT1. ?'i? Broad?ay. and at Bo. 10 Uja 1?WJOSIAb'o. STB *. BH8. Bapermtoadant. fVBW YOBB ABP IBW BAVBB BAttBOAD. < i\ laaaenger Station In Haw York, cor aar g7tb (araet aad Fourth avauue TBA1BS LBAVB HBW YOBB For Bew Havaaand Ucldgeport-l. 8 i Bx >, 11 ? a. a., U.l* lBx.),IiBx ), 3A8, ?A). and dtBx.)? 9 Jot Bllford. Btratford. Falrtald, 8-nthport, nud Weetport-7,ll>?a a , 3 *0 and ft.Ai i> in. For Horwalk?I, 9 JO, ll JO a. a; 13 litBx.i, 3 / v ? i i .VI. a 30 t V, and 8 (Bx.t p m. _ . VorDatian and wreeawtcb?TT 'Hi 11 30 a m 3 ft *>. an<l 6 30 a ? ., For BUaf0rd-7,? (">.?* " ' -1" iu IF* ? ) SJOd 4..t?giaW?6 jtt* ^ m~ For l'ort Chester ^4 % ?.?, 11 JO a. a ; 3 to. * ?. ? ? 4.?, and 7 ? a. COHHBOT1BO TBAIN8. f Far Boaton via B#riagbeld-8 a^ mi.. (B? . ? (|a.,)8p.a. For Baatoa via Shore Llao?it 1*. ' For Hartford aad Syrlagflald??, (Bx.,) 11 >' tBall road?4 a.a..<Bx.J *,l!?aiirLft5Jl,, B^ Loadea aad Btoalagtoa UTof RMriHk InltMck Wlllil I*. I