Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1867 Page 1
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/ I 1^^ V W W^| V | fl^H I VM W^ # * . 1 r " '" ?? .- - - va. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 12. 1867. N?. 4.847. ? * <?? i THE EVENING STAR ft BUSH ED DAILY, (SUNDAY XXCXFT10) AT THE STAB BUILDkNO. 3<mtkvxtt earner Hum aad 11U ?trssi, ?t W. D. WALL A OH. Tk? STAR to served by haa earn#ri to (Mr rubeeribars la the City and District at Tan Cmi ru win. Copies at U>? coaater.with or vItkoat wrappers. Two Cnrri ?wb. Paica Ml Mailim:?Three months rOn* D*Umr and Fifty CtnU; ih month*, Tkrt* Dol(art; eue year, Fix* JHUmrt. Mo paper* art at from the ofBee longer thaa paid for. Tbe W LEALY STAR?published OB Friday Mnhi-Ow M2tr and a Half a Fear. DENTISTRY. ItR. LRWIE'S DENTAL A8S4?CIATIOH, U Me. too fENM'A iU , ItlwMi 12th and 15th streets. Seeth extracted without pnln by ndaUusterlng ro?i Oiyde er Laughing Gee. LtWII kai recently purchased the bestAsflSal Chemical Appsretus ia the country for**'1' ** esiliii sore gee a very day; also, an Improved Yelvular innaisr Tha Association Is bow prepared to ask* Terth on Gold, Silver and Rubber at Rev Fork Philadelphia and Boston prisee. All persons slikmi dental work done can have Itnscheep aa ia tbe above n ame<1 cities All work done in tbsnesteet sad best manner, aad warranted to give satisfaction. Persons will do wall to rail and esamine onr work. d? U If I TUT B . f _ M _ 1 \he Inventor and Patentee of ike MIRRRAli PLATS TEETH, attends personally ai#B^ his office In thse city. Many persons cannMNNV wsar these teeth who enanot wear others, 1 end no person caa w?ar others who eennat wear |kma Persona cat I In* at my offloe ean bo aceommodetod with any style aad price of Teeth they may desire, bat to these who are particular, and wish the surest, cleanest, strongest and most perfect denture that art can procure, the MIR ERA L TEETH win be more fully warranted. Booms In this oity?Ho 318 Psnn'e avenue, between fth %nd ttth ste Alto, 907 Arch street, f hlla^elplila. stW It PERSONAL. V OL CAM HETEB MAKK THE TBIPonBaI c n or Samaritan bumhng* Set Dr. DAEPY, -19^ 7th street, lie Is the blgneet authority n ftirh esse. His private rooms are opposite (XId reilows Hall jnw-lm* i?h*\*NTION BETTER THaH CUBKI French pr<-vsntives against '.i?e*se *nd preg _.scr> when arch is nnde treble) *snt to any addrts? at $6 and ?7 ?*r lor.en. according to Dr. WOOI? Box tits, or call at WD <th street, lop stairs > Washington, D. C >e28-ltu* ,\1 KS CV'BTIS IBVINQ, Clairvovmnt, an I Test A" M'd <vm. w ill give life reediugfi, lncludlnv Past, Present aad Pntnre at her office, 4*20, nartn side of Pa. ar., between 4!* and 3th streets. Office hoars from 9 to J a m and S to 9 e m. je2tlm* A B. MAURICR, REAL 80 IS NT If! 0 A9TBOLOOEB Or AMKKJOA, From the position ana aspect of me Stare at the time <>f one's birth, will reveal ast'>aishing se crets that no living mortal ever fcnew before: how to be succestiul in all reasonable undertakings. II- tells Dane snd very day you marrr; deecrit>es the intended companion, and telis ell events of II fs good lurk and long lito visitors. Ladies 80 cents to Si gentlemea in full fl. Oall at 470 U' ! ?t near F. all hours until v ia tbe evening. de 31 am / ' EN TLEMBN WHO ABE AFFLICTED-A 1 I crre warranted by an old Surgeon of twentythree years'experience in this particular branch el the professisn. Charges moderate. Do not apply to quacks, tut to J B, OABUttER M. D., late of the Uuited States Btcord Venereal.Hospital. Office Ho. ul south A street, opposite the Capitol S,uer*. south side. W. B ? Medic lues also furnished at cost. de 27 1m* C~<OHFIDBHTlAL.?Toung men who have Ins jured ny certain secret habita, which unfit them for bueiness, pleasure, or tbe dutieeof married life, also, middle aged and old men, who. (rom the folliee of youth. or other oanses. feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing tbemselvee under the treatment of any one,should first rsad "The Seoret Friend." Married ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "Ths Secret Friend.>TBent to any address, In a sealed envelope, on receipt of S cento. Addrsee Dr. CHAB. A STUART * CO.. Boeton, Mass no?-ly CLOTHING, Ac. J. HEtBSRQE*, ~ . _ _ Bucceesor to H. V, Leaden S Co.. ^ V/TIZEITS AND MTLITABY w _ MERCHANT TAILOR, K| Metropolitan Hotel, tote Brown's, Wlf . ? 368 Peansylvsnla svenue, " my 2 tf Wnshtngtoa, D. 0. 01TP PIAHOB AND OABHART A WEEUMAM S PABLOR OIt(3 a Ms AM will find it greatly te their intereet? t" examine theeetuperb lutranMts be-Kb|B 1. re snrchasing any other. Ill ITT _Onrv ageacT at OEOKOR L WILD A BRO.'S Hew Piano Forte and Organ Wareroojn, No. 497 11th street between Peon a avenue and ?treet A islcrt ass rtiuent of new and second hand Instrnments, including n CHUBCH OROAR, for ej* factory prices, and on easy terms. TTNlhOand RIP A1R1H9 faithfully executed no u sm UlfiBIT DISEASBS. SSMARITTN'S SIFT! 8AMARITAST8 GIFT I THE MOST CRUTA1H BEMEDY EVER USED 'Tee, A Pomtiti 0c?i," for U0&' RRHQtA, tiLMKT, 8TRICTCRK&, 4s Contains no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercury, Ontt Tm PiUt to to Thktn le !/w? Cure. They are entirely vegetable, having no smell net say unpleasant taste, end will not In any way Injure tbe stomach er bowels of the m< st delicate. Cures ia from two to four days, aad recent cases in "twenty fonr hours. Prepared by a graduate of ths Cnivsrsity ef Pennsylvania ensoflhe most eminent Doctors and Chemists of the preeent day, no txpo'urt, its tromb-t. ns ckan*$ wkaltv?r. Let those who heveiee paired of getting en red. or who have boon gorg^ ^^ B^sem Coanrtoor Mercury. try the SAMAB1TAN 8 GIFT. Seat by mall in a plain envelope. Price-Male pack a gee,Jl. Re^SeTw" BLOOD r BLOODU BLOOD! f/ SCROFULA, ULC'EBS. SOKES, SPOTS T?"v.N?JV [."uiii., 'J/BIL BABABlTAFa ROOt AND BRtS'jUWB la offered the yabltoaea aoeltleeenre. SYPHILIS OB V INtKKAL OlSEASES. tha bAMAElTAR-S ROOT AMD fiERR JUIO!* i?1! ruoet potent, eertam and effectual remedy aver are" i- rtbed. It reaehee and erndlsatoe every saVtirlVor the venereal poison so that the cure Is tborouA J!?4 then, of this purifying reff sdy and be healed, and do not transmit (ttdvm, posterity that tor whtoh y5a mSrmSaJ tm HEi DO neT DKBPAIBI A;fK*.rp?w PoWjtn.Krwsbii will remeve every vestige ef Imparities from iks ?f ansr.-"b4d happily adapted, in Uloeratod Uterus, in Seeor! r-?*a, in bearing down. Falling of the Womb tlllty, aad fbr all oomp)ainu incident to thesaa Seat by sxyrem. Woe flJl psr hottlo. . . SAMARITAH* WASH KJThSJtiSS- with the Full directions. Price 18 cents. The efficacy of tbeee remedies la alike noknawi. -an" VBAT IS. stating that 1 havs used 'The SamntitM EemadlM> for Feneral alsonaea in Its moat oaetomnry forma' t at 1 havs aeed them with judgzaeu sad properly, and, have foaed them reepond to my 1 reooasmsitd them strong ly. "AlfrRRD O BOWERS, "AmtoUnt Surgeon. Mh?. X. Toto. * ^gwR?.W83Bar^g' 'UlHIils. SLACK. WaaD H . LaMOR, e. V BLACK LAW OFFIUE. RLACE, LAMOR A OO., to4 Attorneys at Law In ths fin i Talted States the Court of oGC? ths Courts of the District, the Exanadre DeeSaZ e?d Oommltteoe of Oeagress. ' u?&4s* " * wavspIf-RRCBERO S LOAM OFP1CR. XI , Sstabiisbsd 1W. bisbsst advances made en WATOBES. DIAMORI*; JSWELEF. WEARIHQ APPARRL. aad all kkids at Merchandise. Bnsluens strlotiv confidential. 3A1 North C etreet,between 4W and ?tbstreets, tmrnodtaisdy in rsar of the RnUenal Re?el. laS lm? 1/TE6T PARlS^ASBjVHS OF HAIR e. AHIOT, tttKMCH HAin DRESSER, Ml R strset. betweea ISth and Uth sts. Mr AUiot, from Parts, Hatr-Dreeeor, of tha l.tratoi Rachel, with whom he arrived in thle country- be# now been established far tne last et*nt years ia Washington aad Mswnort, enoylag the patronagsof the corps dtMbtmnfiqttt, and si th? highest society. Hs has the honor to annouscs thnt he bus this season imported the latest fashions of hair dreeelag, aad nleo pomedea, gad ?vsrytbln? that bfhage to the dreeslng or hair st very raeeoaac ie prtcea. aF te* W O R. JMWKLb. r*<>AP ARD CAROLE MA?0PAOT?RSR. Ths inbecrlber win be jlsaiil to see nil alsoid triads abd at hie aew alaaeofhastsess. o strset a?rtS> bet tifr aai wlmute, *tiere he will keep eowetaatiy on head Ms praSoaps aad readies, aad wl|J rentlnaela **n tbem at ths lo?set cash prleeo O street, h^ sadtth. jail-te BANKERS. JAY COOKS ft CO., BAIK1BI, n/iuntk arm, wwfa lHeeiifts wl titarmt *?* < ?> . ^ oaataatly oa hud, I tall mlU af ?B GOVBBBMBNT I01M, BEYBN-THIBTIBS, ABD OOMrOOBB IBTBBBBT BOTBfl. Order* far BTOOBi. BONDS, Aa., azaoatad, and 0*n*cf1oua udi OB bU aaaaaalbla point*. Mi-tr UARROW A CO., baiiim, Coraer Loatalana h?m and Baa??tt * * ? DBA.LIBS lR ROTRMNMENT SECVRITIB& SOLD ADD SlLVBB jy l tf AMP LAMP WABBANTB_ Firii Rttitial Bwk of Waihiagtoi. BP COOBB. (of Jay Cook* A Co.,) PregU*at. wl, g. HLNT1NQT0H, GuUir. QOVBBNMBNT DBPOSITOBI AND FINANCIAL AGBNT OF THB UN1TBD BTATB8, 1 ftU ?<r**t, or? o silt th* Tr usury Dtrari mtnt. Governmeat Security* wit* Tr*a*ur*r United 8Ut?"?T'OJV? MILLION DOLLARS.^ Ve buy BBd sell b11 claaae* of QOfERNMENl C L R1TJES at current market rates. t URNISH EXCHANGE nnd make CMl'rt\on> on ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OP THE UNITED STATES. We parch*** Government Toacbera oa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and giv* careful ana prompt atteutioa to ACCOUNTS a/ BUSINESS MEN m%d FIRMS. and to aay other bualne** entrusted to ua. PULL IK FORMAT ION in regard to GOYBBB ft BUT LOANS at all tlmea cheerfully famished WM. B. HUNTINGTON, Caahler. VMthgg. ftaroh ft. 18*? mfltf HOTELSTRESTAURANTS, &?* ^ A B P wTllabp'b hotbl, I Wa?h;)i,.toSi Pecember 1, iS66.f Senator*, Beprerentatlve*, and others. residing Id Washington, who oecnay private apartments, caa be accommodated win their ftBALB at thla BeU'i at the rate of #1<> SO per week t ? de 4 2m BY ABB. OHAPWICB A 08. IBBWOOP HOOBB, Corner Penna. avenue and ISeelfth ifr#?,ypAy Wmi*i**ton, &. C. ilJBl Bltaated 1b the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL ANP PBESIDBNT1AL HANBION, Only a ahort distance from aH the Departments, Patent aad Poet Office*, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H. DUDLEY A CO., notl-tf Proprietor*. EMBICH'B BB4TAUBANT. No. 363 Penoa avenue, near 6th street. P. KMBICB wish** to inferm hla frlead* and the public generally that he now keeaa ton A ?. ? M stantly on band 0TSTEB3. fresh everrfcMl day. prepared la erery atrle. lOBl Hit W IN BS and LI'Jl'OBS cannot be aurpasseT. Call and gtve him a trial. oc 23 tf WOOD AND COAL. ^OAIi! COAL!! AT GREATLY BEDUCED PRICES Groan tons of t,240 lb* . delivered in eny part of the city Chestnut White Aah. $7. Btove, Ige ?nd Furnace White Aah, Bed Ash. *8 60. Lehigh. 9a. Oak and Pine Wood aoBetantly on hand. Ordure received at onr Office; nr at the Wharf, fo...r, , BE0W1( , ,<IN Ja24 tf 463 9th atreat, between B and F. {JOAL t COAL! I COAL III "T. T. FOWLBB * CO. White A*b,*toye and eggsizee, fa a per ton. Bed Afb. Bo do 9^.76 per ton. 2.240 pound* guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of the Wash* incton and Georgetown Ice Compear, (late L J Middleton A Co ,) corner ltth and F atreeta, and at wharf, foot of 10th ateeet. ja 14- 1m B. 8. LAliBIH. Ag*at. C^O TO W W.B.MOBXB' FABH10KABLB CABPBT, FCBNITUBB ABP BBDP1NG STOBBB, BOS. #91 A ?19, 1NTBLL1GKBCBB BUILD1NG, C0BNBB 7TH ABB P.. ABP BO. 4B9 7TH BTBBBT.TneBNB BUILDING, ADJOINING ODP FALLOWS HALL, ANP EXAMINB THB FINEST ASBoBTED bTOCB THIS BIDB OF PHILADELPHIA. He baa all the lateet dealgna made in Philadelphia. New York, and Boston The atoek la alwaya elected by Mr. Moeee, and bonght at the loweet rate* for caah. which enable* him to compete with Ba?tarn pric e Hiaftneet Furniture ia made to order In Philadelphia, and of the beat material that can b* fonad. Pnrehaaera *hou!datndy their owa Interest by calling at hl? Store* and examining th-well-aakorted atock of C'ABl'BTB, FCBNITUBB, Ac,, and obtain hla price liat before going elaewhere, which he will fnrnieh with pleaanre Hla aa?<<rtDieat of Mattre*aea Ulaaketa, 0?mforte, CenaterpaiB<**. Illiow*. Bolatera, KeatherN da.BBdall kinda of Cottag* aad Kitchen Fur nlfnre U complete, which he offer* at the l?we*t New York and Philadelphia price*. Beme<nber Noe 9VI and 419 Intelligencer Bnlldiar. oorner 7th aad P. and No A9*> Tth rtrnft. Thorn'* BaiidiBg, nd.'Oiuing Odd Fellow*' W. B. MOT18. 3,000 hm-ilieirMVIN?"paTAT01S.iow .r rived, aad tot aala at eor Wharf ?t the toot of 7th treat. B. P. BBOWN A ?OB. OenmieatOB Merchaate, de 14-tf No. 46* Pth at., between B aad F. P L O U Bl F 111 D1 A full aeeoi laaunt of all grade* cholca Flour lor Baker*: cjuelity No I; price low. Are the only direct receiver* for Golden Hill, J. H Gum brill mot PBtapsco) and Linganor Fa-nlly Flour* la the Plstrict. Aa the latter brand haa be-n e*ten*ively counterfeited and *eld la this city, we wonld Inform thoee wiehtng thl* flour by arraagoment with th* mlllpr* we furntah 1t lower than It caa be obtained from any other aourc*. Wcalltv aecead to noae. Price a fraction l*** thaa other f rat-da** Family Flotr. Buckwheat at low rate* All graiaa of Waatern Flour aalor* aad for aala law by W. M. GALT A CO.. Indiana avaaaeaud lat street, noli Bear Depot. p B M 0 Y A L . . oo"Hav* raaoved to their Bew Office. 0. 71 LOUISIANA AYB5CB, . Flnt door e**t of 7tbat. : ?6S: BSfc^k* G B.GMaon, Daoiel Dodd, fa. Piaaa. Hd?"tf ?*?V6bLB D. LARBRB, Saaratary. Pur Oacao et Sacre Ooraer Vermont avenna a trap . J pHOICB BUTB, BA1BIBB, FIGB.CUBBABTB, deJI-tf AlagPUae. pisa, wessra.^'asfr svst bach Braithwaita'a Betrocpect f>r Janaary. ?rd**!*> far Pratt: a GbM* to the Market aad fMrflr f *rd*a. Bwiabara'a baa* Yeaeri*. Twa Bairitf*: a eaval br HI** MaluuB The MmIrTelT^GriBp. illuaaratod. Tba II Bear Baek tar 19m, Loadaa. "hi FBAB0B TAILOB, SPECIAL NOTICES. ??T0?Lir?'3 ORRAT KHKOH&TIO IkllBT lalht 00)7 urn care for Rhenmttiim w kao<i. ud It ! m iwiirful in 1U wtar* u < ei tain la its streets. fsfieoSw 8 O TOEB, M'at. BALL'S YBGETABLE SICILIAN 11*1* SB fftWll tk* Hair. Ball's Tumiu Sicilian Baib Bsnvwba B?lor? y?T hair to rbe oritriwal colar. Ball's Vbobtablb Sicilian Baia Kikiwii Prevents the hair from (Ailing off. Ball's Ybobtablb Sicilian Haib Kknbwkb Bakes the hair sort and glossy. Hall's Fbobtablb Sicilian Haib Bbhbwbb Vot not staia the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vkoktablb Haib Bbitbwbb Bas yrurtl Httlf the t>Mt preparation for tho hair o*er presented to the public. Plica #1. For sals by all druggists. in 30-Tnly BEMED1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASBS, Bo. 14 Bond street. Hew York. t&~Tu\l inlermation. with the kt*k**t lutimonmfa; also, a Hook oa Over ml DtHOses. m a i?al>d envelope, sant'ree. Bt fure tml ?<*'/.for tkr.m, <** 1 yny will not regit it; for. as ad vei Using ph> stclan* are generally impostor*, without rtftrenret no stranger shenld be trusted Enclose a stamp for postage a?d direct to BB. L&WKINOK Mo. 14 Bond street. Mew York uoHDAWly *S MABB1AGB A&DCBLIBAUY, AND THE Bapplneae of True Aiaahood. - An E.rav for Yoang Km on the Criiun of Holitude. aad the Physiological Errors, Abuses aud Diseases whlca ci eate impediments to Marriags, with sure means of Belief Sent in sealed letter en "lopes freoof charge. Address I>r .1 <K I LLI N HOUGHT'>N , Howard Ass relation Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sm BECBBT OlSBASES. Samabivan s Oitt is the must certain, safe and efteclnal remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cores In two to lour days, ami recent cane* in twenty four hours No mineral, no ba'sam. 110 Mercury Only tea pills to be taaen. It Is the soldier's hope. and a fri?nd te tho-e who lo net want to bo exposed Hale packages, #s,female, g.i. Sai? abitak'sBumt am' Bkbb Jticbs? A positive and permanent ture for Spy hills. Scrofnla Fleers, Sores, Spots. Tetters Ac Pr^re fl 2A per bottle. Sold by 8. C. Ford. 8?o advertisement. my I BUMEI Y, STEADILY, SVCCESSFOLLT, BMOLABDEBB EXTBA.CT BUCBO IS CVBllf* ' fry case of Kidnit DisbasB,, <3ravbl, Ubinabt Dnobdbbs, Wiainims ?nd Pains In the Back, Fbmalb Complaints and Tbobblb* arising from Bxcihkki or art Eir?. OOMB. II Al VLIOTBDI TBY SMGLANDBB'S. TAKE NO OTHER BVCKV. SoW by all Apothecaries Prtco fl. P. BABHB8 A CO., Hew Tort, and BABHB8, WABDAGO. Bew Orleans, Bon thorn Agents BOBLBIOH 8 BOQB&8, Wkolssals Druggists, Boston, Maes , ftoneral Agents. fob l?-ljr COLGATE A CO.'S W1HTBB 8OAP. Becommended foTUAprcu man bs and for general To 1 Lt 1 nse daring cold wkathbb. It may bo obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers, feb 9-acly DANCING. pBOkB. J. W. A H. P. &BB1U' DANCIHG ACADEMY, M I Pennsylvania aveune, bet. dth and 7th sts..jB Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. (gj^ Hew Classes forming^very evening. Those dei siring to enter oar claases should avail ttiem elves cf this opportunity. Preparations will be made ia this quarter for our animal May Ball or ! Ciraularacan be had at i. P. Bills' and W Q JM-tserott 8 Co.'s Music Stores. Tke Ball can be rented for Solreee, Ao. Days and Mourn of Tuition : for Ladies, Mioses and Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'olotk. Gentlemen s Classes. Tuesday and Friday evealngs. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information,apply daring the hoars I sf tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. ja8 ; M* MABIVIS ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M _.. E, between tth and 10th streets, This academy is now open for the rocep- 0^ [ tloa of pupilg. Days and hours of tuition for young ladles masters. Tuesday a, Thursdays and Saturday#, from J to ? p m G?ntlem?n*s claases from 8 to 10, same evenings. H; B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pnpli. WM lilASQCBBADE AHiTfaHCY DBBSS BALLS "1 , ABD PABTIBS. Tke uadsrslgned would most resnectfnlly inform tbe ladles aad geatlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he is at all ?'?ee prepared to furnish parties with Maauaer de and Faacy Oostuma, either on loan or made to order. He bas taken rooms at the wall known f^ncy ostabllshmsnt of Christian Buppert, B?i 849>th street, between J) and B. whefe he will U happy to await orders. CHAbLes BEBG. , ? . Into Oostumer at Ford's and Ororer's fsll-lm* Tbsntors. WaahlngtOB, P. O. "boots, shoes, &. t^ELLIHB OFF I SELLING OFF II ? Sfll The entire stock of Ladies'. Missee'.rWl Chlidrsn s. Men's, Boy's and Yonth's ' SNL BOOTS. 8HOBS AND OAITEB3 W ill be sold at private sale at and bBLOW COST I'BIOBS. JOHN ANUB&MAHN, 404 7th straet. between D and E ?tr-ets, ja ll-lat* opix'slto Odd Fellows Hall. ?A| BOOTS AND SHOES. fB SIW TT 0 B B . rw Tke undersigned begs leave to Inform his friend* and tbe public generally that be has opened tbe HBW CHEAP STOBE, No. *04 7th street.ui ler Odd Fellows'Hall, where he bas on hand a general assortment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's, Boy's. Miaaes and Children's BOOTS AND SHOES. Bemembor tho momber,i04 7th street, unler Odd Fellows' Hail The New Cheap Store, formerly K F. Pn^a'a stars. de 18 UEOBGE B. WILSON. ^BOCBBIBS. HALL A PLANT. PLANT'S BL'ILDIHQ, Corner New York a^enne nnd 15th street, ( Eatrance en New York avenue.) Dealers in fine FAMILY GBOCBBIES, TEAS, WINES, 1MPOBTED LUXUBI1S, Ac . Ac., would respoctfatly notify their friend* and tbe public that ttey have jast opened their New Oroeery Store, where can bo obtained any article osu ally kept In a first class Grocery. Without attempting to ennaaorate our large, frash aad wellselected stock, we cordially invite tbe public to esnatne our store nnd stock, believing wa ehall not fail te give entire satisfaction to all wbo mag favor us with their patronage. Wa call especial attention to our aaaortmont of TBAS and OOFFBBB, which haveboea select?d wltk groat care for pnrltp. Dealers will lad a Sno assortment to solect from, and oar prioee to sail. 1 Good* delivered promptly la any part of tho city, jan ?-3m JAMB8 (801LP. Psaisr to Ntwmni Stum* hand ggRSSSS&g IJB1TBD nTATES B0^1 PS TBBASuBT NOTES, Bought, sold and ezekansed oa favorable terms. ?. 7-it ' 'oa*to\A gL.'.'iiH'.480 onntT UMa*orri<n. 480' Ha. 480 tot ha treat, one door below Vi. avo. Nkl of every dsoerlptien. Jot EBusiness atrictly confidential.^Qg WX. BBABB A OOI FIABO8, ,*?? * ?mpi swfaf. w.aJrar*"4"u" Kl-stto* ?70. BBTOOBBBACB. TELEGRAMS, fcc. The St. Louis Democrat' r Topeka special says the Kiimm House refund to concur ta ibe Senate amendment to the joint resolution to chtrnge the constitution toaito allow the n'(ro?s to vote. The Senate voted to strike out the word "male, ' as well a* "white," and 'o make an educational test. Tbe resolution roea back to tbe Senate,and they will probably recede. Application is to be made to the United State authorities for a force sufficient to prevent depredations by robber* in Anderson conat.v. K> htut ky, tbe Governor being nn tbl* 'o lainish State troops for want of sufficient military law. County ofliers will not call upon tbe (Governor to arrest tbe marauders. A bloody affray occarred on Fell's street Baltimore, ln?t uight. Two policemen, named l>ob*on and Irving, were shot wbtlatattempt, irg to arrest a despetate character named Henry Glody, but both will recover. Wnrd has been received here that the North Carolina Legislature have nebated the recoiisirncMon comprora^e proposed by tha Sintbern Governors for the last three days witnou; arriving at a satisfactory conclusion In the Superior Court tu Chicago, yesterday morning, a new trial wasgrauted in tbe Stewart divorce case, and leave was given the complainant to amend the bill Tbe storm is reported to have been very severe in tbe Chesapeake bay, but as yet no dia asters are reported.

The northwest wind cleared Baltimore harbor ef ice. CONGRESSIONAL.. Snv at*.? Y esterd ay ? At t tie evening session, the bill giving '20 per cent, additional compensation to clerks, messengers, w afcbmen, and other employees of the Government in this citv, was amended and passed The bill as pas?ed. will be found reported in full, else where iu our paper today. Houpk ? The bill to prov ic'a for a State Govern merit for Louisiana is noticed elsewhere iu onr paper to-day. After discussion yesetday afternoon? The House seconded tbe previous question, tbe vote by tellers being 7V to 70. Mr. Hinpbam Uemanued the yeas and nave en ordering the main question. Tbe yeas and nays were ordered. Some fillUiusterlng then came off. when a vote was h*id on ordering the bill to be read a third time, resulting yeas 81, nays 5'). Tbe House then adjourned wubout voting on tbe passage of tbe bdl The Sew Orleans Riot. The majority and minority reports on the New Orleans riot, submitted to tho House of Representatives yesterday, are both exceedingly voluminous. That of tbe majority is signed by Messrs. fcliot and Shellabarger. it reviews in detail tbe history of tbe first convention, and publishes the proclamation of R. K Howell, who, as presiding officer, culled tbe second convention together, and say ibat in cailiiig tbe convention to reassemble be whs -imply executing a duty imposed upon him by ttie first convention. Tbe testimony relative to tbe riot of the first day is very voluminous, over seventy-lour witnesses hav ing been examined. The riot is claimed as not bem^ the result of accident, but of a deliberately planned scheme to prevent tbe meeting of the convention and its consequent action. Tbe authorities ol the State and of the city of Ne w Orleans are held responsible lor the riot. The mayor of New Orleans, it is charged, determined that tbe con vention sheiild not assemble, and Lieut. Gov. Voorbees and Attorney General Herron united in tnat determination, aud, in order that no impediment should be thrown in the way, Gen. Haird was purposely and deliberately deceived as to the lime for tbe convening ?f tbe convention 1 he committee reltr to tbe speech made by President Johnson at St. Louis, iu whicb tbe New Orleans riot was charged as tbe result of the action of tbe radicals in Congress. Hut for tbe high offi.iai character ol the person who made the speech, ihe committee say thev wonld not have deemed the charge worthy of notice, but they insist that Congress and its action bad nothing to do w ith the rise and progress of the riot, or wun the assembling of the convention. Tbe report represents the present state ol alJairs in Louisiana to be deplorable, sayug Pardoned rebels are in power everywhere, and especially is this the case with regard to JVew Orleans, the mayor of which city, the committee say. is notoriously disloyal The proscription of I'nion men is carried on with a h.gfi band, and teachers, mal? and female, aTe deliberately killed: and those who have been loyal heretofore, or manifest a disposition to be so now, are deterred by public sentiment and by the terrors thatsurround them Tbe only remedy is m tbe intervention of Congress to secure to tbe people of the Suite a republicau lorm of government, lor under the present condition of things th<?re is no security whatever, and since the surrender of the rebel armies tberebelHon has simply assam?d another form, and until a loyal State government, in accord with the Constitntion of the United States, exists, there can be no peace, and to accomplish that a temporary government is required, and the passage of the bill leported by the committee is therefore recommended." [Tbe bill is given eisewhere in onr paper.] Mr. Heyer, of Penn.. the minority of the committee submits directly opposite views, and closes bis long report with conclusions and pro]positions, which In brief are that tbe riot ot tbe 3vtb ol J uly was a local disturbance, originating in local circumstances of great provocation, and iu no wise tbe result ot any hostility or disaffection on tbe part of the com munity of New Orleans toward the Federal Government. It would be a monstrous injustice t# bold the wboie people of tbe State of Louisiana accountable for tbe acts of those engaged iu a riot coiilined to a small portion of the city of New Orleans, and for that cause to abrogate by act of Congress, tbe civil government ol that State. In no proper sense of the word, and in no degree whatever, is the riot of July 3cih attributable to the government of Louisiana. Mysterious DisAi-ricAiiANun. ?We refeired in our last issue to the disappearance ot Willie, son ol Col. James Wallace, of Cainbodge. Md. When last seen be was skating near the river shore, shortly after sunset, on Wednesday, January 30th, with a crowd of grown persons and children. The prevailing opinion is that be broke in the ice, and yet there are several circumstances to m:tke it by no means improbable either that he was carried off by Mime one for the purpose of extorting money, or that, becoming bewildered in tbe dim light, he lost bis way. He was a b? y o. 9 years of age. lair complexion, ruddy li^-ht hair, blue eyes; bis right arm bears very apparent traces ol having beru broken or dislocated at the elbow.?CMnltridf/* juicer. he Mormons wish to be "let alone." I tarNew York has a pleasant novelty in the shape ot girl stealers. fc^'-one who knows" says that thnnderaad lightning in winter is a sign of famine. If John Mitcbeti is out in another letter favoring Fenianism, but abusing Stephens. JET Hog thieves in Indiana chloroform their plnnder to prevent it from squealing. /"They hang horse and mule stealers oot ia Alabama. I?"Woodsawvers in Kckomo saw a cord of wood and take it as a part of their pay. *7"Oneen Victoria weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. fcTThe n?t international anti-slavery conference ever held is to convene in Pans next June Great Britain, France and Spain are the prime movers. IVAn woman was horned to death last week in Woonsocket, R. I , her dress taking fire Irom a pipe sfce was smoking. |/*A religious paper says that Protestant theology is last losing all bold on the popular mind in America and is evaporating into dim :enj?ctnree. 7"Some desperadoes at Memphis boarded :be steamer Cliltoa, while at her dock, and administered chloroform to several of US pas >engerr, and robbed them of their vataables. a/"Tbe driver of a New Orleans street ear ran over and killed a child, and wae punished with a lew ? pertinent remarks" from the reorder , T'More snow has fallen among the White Mountains within the past fortnight than daring tbe previous eight werhs. It is aboa?4?a leet deep la the roads, and much drifted. ??The Wst corr?ncy Is (hat sortof cairency L where a dollar here ia % dollar the world >yer. flQrio Hetybhe (Mhee.) sehoole ?te*pnaiah -efractbry pupile with doeeaof cayenne pipl*r. LOCAL NEWS. CWH'ttUl ilttiri. HOARP or ALDItVKK, l>a. 11, W7 ?Tbe Hoard met pursuant to lav. Pr?eat, K<?n. Cross. Givea, Golirk, C. S. Moftt, Ltoyi. Barr, Turton, Tail. T. t- Lloyd, President, and S. V. Noyes. Secretary. The Chair laid before tbe board a communication from tbe Mayor. staling that be approved on theMh instant ? joint resolution la itlatun to tbe registration of voters." Also, a communication from tbe Mayor, in antVfr to tbe retolntiuo of tbe board of tbe 4ib iij?tant, requesting to be informed " uuder ?tiat law, or by vrbat authority, tbe contractors with tbe Corporation for paving, appropriate to their own use tbe old materials removed in the execution of their work trom private and also public property, each as brick. curbing, flagstones, A.c.*' Tbe Mayor states thHt sucb is not tbe case. "On the contrary, the old materials are expressly stipulated in tbe contract* as being the property of tbe owner, ana not the contractor. ' Ordered to be printed. The Chair appointed on the joint committee en registration of voters from this board ^provided for by resolution pasted at tbe last meeting) Mepsrs Neyes, Turton and Tait Mr. Noyes introduced a bill amending the act for sale of vegetables, Ac . by weight, by reqnirtng commeni to be sold by weight. Kelerred to committer on police. Mr. Noyes ottered the folio wing resolution and asked its immediate consideration : Beit Kt solved, <f-c. That a special committee 'ot tnree members from each Board be appointed to act tn conjunction with the Mayor in endeavoring to tenure to-operaw ve action trom Congre*s with this Corporation in carry ing oat a comprehensive scheme ot improvement of tbe rU er channel, and al&o in the reconstruction ot the Long Bridge ou a more permanent and satisfactory plan than that ot the pre?eut btructure. Tbe resolution was passed unanimously. *1 be joint lesolutiou trom the Lower Board in rHerence to George Pwbody w.u passed Mr. (liven introduced a bill authorizing the condemnation ot an alley in Square 37t>; passed. Mr. A. Lloyd, from coraml'tee on claims, reported a bill for relief of Michael Downey, passed Also, reported back petition of William Booth; referred to the Corporation Attorney. Several resolutions from the Lower Board were ret? rred. Amendment of the Lower Board ?o bill for relief of U. H Kidenour waa referred to the committee on claims. Mr Turton introduced a bill making a farther appropriation of Wit) to pay tbe balauce due tbe Rational IntelUgencer for publishing tbe proceedings of the corporation and the lawk; referred to finance committee. Mr. Cross introduced a bill for grading D stwet south, between 6th and 7ih street* eaat: al?o. a bill to grade and gravel 11 th street east, tietween Pennsylvania and South Carolina avenues; referred to improvements commutn. Commok CorwcTL.?President Moore In the chair, and all the members present except Mr. Dudley. A message was received from the Mayor, announcing his approval of an act to pay the apothecaries of the 4th, 5th aud 7th wards tor medicines furnished, and act for the opening ot Oth street. Tbe following were introduced:?By Mr. Stewart?Bill to open and grade Uth street west, from N street north to the boundary: referred Hy Mr. Peugh?Kesoluttons tendering the hospitalities of the city to George Peabody, Lsq-: parsed. Also, a communication in relation to an alley in square 21": referred. By Mr. Morsell?Bill to canse the secretaries ot tbe two Boards to transmit the printed journals to the members, referred. By Mr. Peagh? Bill to pay R. A Waters $3?<? on acoouut of bis contract for binding the digest of the laws: pa* Bed Tbe following w?re reported from committer:?By Mr. Peugh, (ways and meansj? Substitute for bill iixiug the compensation of the KegiMer. providing that tbe Kegister shall rt-i.*i\e per year, and his assistant ?l.2?io; substitute adopted, (Mr. Mead voting 10 the negative.) and bill passed. Also. Alderman bill on tbe ?ame subject: which was laid on tte table. Also, substitute for bill to furnish copies of the laws to the police stations, and with a copy of the Xational Intelligenccr containing the laws Mr Drury objected to the measure, stating that it was an attempt to furuish tboae whose business it was to know the laws with subscription to tbe papers. The pollen had already ectail-d aa enormous expense on the city. Mr. Pengh referred to Major Richards'report. made a few days since, which showed conclusively that the police were actually a saving to the alty. and proceeded to argae that it whs necessary that the police sbonld promptly be made acquainted with the laws. ' Mr. Drury alluded to the amount expanded lor the polise as being very onerous Mr Mead offered an amendment to increase the pay of laborers 20 per ceat; ruled out of order. Mr. Baker moved to lay the whole subject on the table: carried?yeas 12, nays 6? Messrs Joyce, Mead, Malloy, Peugh, Simms aad tbe president. _ ? By Mr. Stewart, (improvements)?Bill to pav John Webster a deficiency for building a bridge on M street, aoross Tiber Creak: aftar some debate, passed. By Mr. Joyce, (polica)? Petition of J. M. Armsbarater. asking reimbursement for injuries sustained by falling on the ice, and asked to be discharged; so ordered, aad the petition was laid on the table. Aldermen's btll amending the act ia relation to insnrsnce companies, with amendment*, which was recommitted, unfavorably on a bill togiNe John Jones permission to erect a sign on C street north: on resolution for the removal of railroad tracks: on bill to Increase the M/e of the gas burners tn the streets crossing the mall; on petition of Messrs. Owes, Noyes, Dawson, for permission to erect an iron railing beyond the building line, and was discharged from their tnrtber con kideraiion. Hy Mr. Morsell, (same committee.)?bill amending the aft in relation to selling potatoes, Ac , by weight, fixing 36 pounds a? rbe weight of a bushel of potatoes; passed Bv Mr. Baker (Claims;?bill tor the relief of Henry Boiler ; laid on the table Letter of J Gunnell: committee discharged. Petition of John McNaily ; laid on the table. Bill tor tbe relief of E M-Spidden; referred to committee on drainage. By Mr. Mead (asylnm)?bill to purchase a seine and boat for the nse of the Asylum. [This bill was considered for an hour or more, the opposition, by filibustering, preventing action on the bill until twelve o'clock, when no quorum being present, the Board atijourned to this evening } The Chair appointed Messrs. Baker, Morten. nntf Mnlloy as tbe committee on the part of this Board to a*c?rtain if any farther legislatioa is necessary to seenre the registration of voters, in conformity to the late law of COURTS. . . Board af Trade. T1IK IB1DOK gcnetioi AOAIK?THE MARKET Horsx An adjourned meeting of the Board of Trade ?ai beld last evening at tbelr rooms; the president, John H.Semmes, fceq.. in tbe chair, and N. Sardo secretary. Mr. John L. Kidwell offered tbe following preamble and resolution. Whereas at a meeting of the Board of Trade of the District of Columbia, beld at the Board ot Trade room a. on Satarday, Pebrnaf 7, l?#7, a resolution was adapted instructing ibe committee to represent tbe Board before Congress to nrge upon Congress tba consideration aad adoption of the report of A- L?- Rives npon tbe Long Bridge and the improvement of tbe cbannelTwhich report was made February 7, 1857 and has since been endorsed and approved of, as meeting all tbe requirements of tbe District, by Major Oen. M. C. Meigs, therefore He?<rfwd. That tbe Board of Trade approve and recommend to Congress the erection of a Bridge on tbe piera of itoe Aqueduct above Georgetown for railroad aad wagon travel, with a suitable draw, soaanot to interfere with tbe free navigating of tbe river. Mr. Kidwell said In offering tbe resolution be aated without any authority from tbe merchants or oitlsene of Georgetown He had been requested by a gentlemaa of that place to assist in sacartng an improvement eC aa vital importance to the people of l*at section Georgetown bad a water froat of three and a half miles, but only a veryamall part of It waa bvai labia. an aceouatof sbswwetloa oadaed exandrla Caaal Company ta balld a bridge . ?4- ? . 'qaedael, M rntltto* ttai tfem ifeoaM be a draw la tfet itrtetir*. Aton ife* tqwiaet tlfM *M u toMM VMW pc^r, Wl It <* 14 boi b* lard ob aacoani of th* obstruc. lot touTioUoi toy (M rtaet Th* 4.1 tiudrii canal, which cost 9i.1uQ.uao, and bad paid hat KMM to tho eoapuj la thirty yesrs, was bow haul for |i,?N p*r M?um. It was T?y fftlMtthatiMiMMN were ?tag to in tho sqaedeet lor bridge yirpoiw. ud all the people ot Oeorgetewa bow asked was that th* Boor# of Trad* co operate with them la getuag rid of the aqueduct oMrurUot ud developing the water power above the low*. Mr. Bacoa noved on imndoMt to ta* resoimton by lawrtlif after the word 0?i(r*H the word* " ia addition to a bridge at the pvee' set sit* of th* Lioog Bridge." Mr. Wall *atd h* had ao objectioa to th* reeoiotion of Mr. kid well, bet be thoaght deorgeUiwa should ro-operate with th* Washiagtoa people wiMUaN and not, a* heretofore, opp< ae the people of Waehiagtoo la every 10staace, tbey bhd longbt the city h*fore Ooa. irrw and beea the can** ot toeing all. Mr. Ktdw*ll *aid It was ttn* th*r* had haea a rpirttof jealousy. hat it wai aow dying oat. Tbe people of Wasbiaglon aboald clear oat tho Canal aid brine the Cumberland coal her* instead of carting it aa aow. Georgetown had raised bar bridge* *0 tber* was aow ao oh*traction 10 tbe retnrnlag boat* Mr. H B Sweeney *atd to halld a bridge oa the pi*r> of tb* Aqueduct woatd aadoabtedlv destroy th* Alexandria Canal. aad th* Board in Baking such a thing of Coagr*ee would he asking them to do an aareaeoaabla thior. to de*iroy tb* property of private citiaeas with* ont p.iT'cr tbem for it. There was no tairneao in It, and tbe Board of Trade ongbt not to aauc tion any eacb object If tbe people of <?*orgetown wanted th* bridge i*t them go to work and get it. Mr Kid well tald the Oovernment now had a claim against tbe Aqueduct of .Ksi.imo. moaey loaned for tbe coastructioa of the aaoaw wbicb bad never b?ec returned Of coarse tba leaseholder* would be paid for their lea** before tb* bridge was erected Mr. Sweeny raid if ibe Board sanction the principle of taking this bridge belonging to private persons, bow easy could it b* tnrn-d upon the people of Washington, and the Kail, n ad Company take away the Lwnf Briage Mr. Mitchell thonght tbe bridge subject bad been discussed Saturday night, aad tbe Hoard bad indorsed tae plan of Mr Hues, wtn-b provided for a bridge for locai travel at tbe site of ib* present I?ng Bridge, and a railroad bridge on the Aqnedact piers Tb* cammiit-? ?f the board bad been lastracted ta publi?h ibat report as adopted by tbe board, aud \<y adopting tb* resolution offered by Mr. Kidwell was only earning oat the repott adop ed Saturday nigbt. At the request of several gentlemen. Mr. Kidwell withdrew his resolution and offered tb* following, which was adopted Rttolrtd, That tbe Board of Trad* reroininend to Congress that in any futare structure they mar erect across the river above Georgetown. tber* be a suitable draw, so as not to interfere with tb* navigation of th* river. Ifr. Bacon offered tb* following Rtsolrtd, That th* committee appointed to attead to tbe interests ot ths board oe, and are hereby, instructed to co-operate with tbe Mayor to endeavor to obtain from Congress 'be passage of a bill to enable tbe Corporation of Washington to bntld a market-boose on the square at present ocsapied by tbe Centre Market. Mr. K M Hall offered tba following aa a substitute for Mr. Bacon's: Whereas, it Is now understood that Congress will, at an early day. require the renovator tbe present market between 7th and uth street*; and whereas it Is desirable that in such aa event a convenient and accessible point should be fixed upon for a faturemarket Therefore, Retolred, That the committee appointed to confer with Congress on the affairs ot tbe district be Instructed to iaqmre into tbe matter, and to report for consideration sach a bill to this Board relative to tbe propoeed removal of tbe market as they may find most expedient and prort r. Mr. HhM said that the committee of tho Board before Coagress had in several iastances been in tbe confidence of tbe Congressional District Committees. The market-bonne subject bad been mentioned be several rasinbers of tbe Senate committee. Tbey had brought the matter to notice, saying that some action would soon be taken, aud intimating that Congress was hostile to the present location 01 the market, and It migbt probably be removed ia lest than thirty days Several members of the Senate committee bad expressed a desire to bave the views ol the Board of Trade on tho subject. Mr. Bacon said tbe Mayor had told him if the Board of Trade would appoint a committee. a bill conld be got through to rebuild the market bouse on tbe site now occupied. Several members of tbe Senate Committee bad approved of It. Th* property wbere th* market bouse was now located bad been donated to tbe corporation for market purposes only, and tbe Board of Trade bad a perfect right to go before Congress and respectfally ask tha: the new market be on the same site as the old sue. Mr. Urme thought tbe proper place for the market was on Loninirtna aud Ohio avenaee, between'Jth and mh street*. Twenty years HfO the property west of the market couid l?e purchased for cents per foot now it could not for ?6. Mr. Bacon thoaght Mr. Orme bad no right to say anything, be was nol a member or tbe Board, because he had not paid his dues after being called upon. Mr Wall said he had nothing to do with bringing the market house subject before the Senate committee. It was first mentioned by several members of the commitiee Mr. Orme said h?- was under tbe impression that his dues were paid; bat he had paid them now. Mr. John H Semmes said he was a property bolder aboat the market, but be did not care lor that: be wanted the market located wbere it woo Id be most for th* benefit of the public. Tbe ground where the market now stood was given to tbe city for market purposes, and Congress bad nothing to do witb it. Ho tbougbt if a suitable building he erected tber*. there would be no objection to it. If Oongreaa said we ehoald not have it there Utea we should try for some other piaoe. Mr James L. Barbour thought the subject of removing the market-bouse was brought about by those who wanted it la aaotber locality for their own benefit All others were satisfied with the present locality. The prosent location was undoubtedly tbe best. All we wanted was a respectable building. Mr. Semmes said if the market-house was to be removed every man who had a piece of ground would want it near, as bis property woula become more valuable. It was like removing the seat of government, which woald bave been removed long since, hut every mem. ber of Congress wanted it in his own Stair. if the present market was removed the property on which it was located would revert to tbe original heirs, as it was given for market purposes exclusively. t>r. J. E Morgan thought that men who bad bonght property near the market, and expended money there, should be prelected, and their interest taken care of. Mr. John R. Lhans thoaght if the committees would go before Congress with tbe understanding that a proper building should be put up, the great objection to the market would bo removed. Tbe only objection Mr. E. had 10 Mr. Bacon's resolation was that he was opposed to lugging in the Mayor of Washington. The Board of Trade could accomplish more. The wbole truth waathat by persistent effort* on tbe part of the Mayor he was offensive to tbe Congressional committees. Mr. Semme* offered tbe following as a substitute for Mr. Bacon's resolution, which was adopted: Kttclrtd, That the committee appointed to attend to the interest ot tais Board before Congress he and they are hereby instructed to ask tbe passage or a' hill compelling the Corporatioa to erect apon the present site of the (Jeater Market a suitable building for market purpose*, aud such a one as will be an ornament to the etiy. and tbat the committee be further instructed to lav before Congress a copy or tbe original graai of said site tor market purpoeee, and all other facta connected therewith Mr Ciageti offered the following, which waa adopted: t Whereas the recent freshet la the Potomac liver baa caaaed tbe chanael oa the Virginia side of the river to be blocked ap so as to caaso the flood to seek ao oallot across what to kaowa as tho flats, thereby opeaing the original channel on tho Washiagton side of tba river, practically carrying out aad demonstrating Mr. BlTes plaa of bnugiug the channel oa ths Waahiagtoa aide. Taorefora, he it Rr suited. That the committee or the Board of Trade before Congress be lastraclod to request the chairman of the District Oommtcars ia iioagress to offer a Mil lastracttag tbe Secretary of tho Treasury to detail a special board of engineers to exaaalae the channel made by the freshet. and report what actloa is Immediately necessary to retain the same oa this aids ol tba river, aad to aathoriae the Corporattoa of Washiagtoa to levy a tax to carry ont thee* pmV C. Bald that wuhla a day or two past this channel bad been examined by himself aad others, aad that It was foaad (hat there w?ra twelve feat of water therein The committee to repreeeat the tatetaet of tha board be tors OoagTeas wars asuathil 10 em. ploy a clerk. Messrs Owen Thorn, OJcoCt k Boa. Wm M. Philip, Fowler A Co. Job a ?. Holllagehsad, Kllboara A Letts, aad Uroaoh A Co. we*a elected mem here; sad the haard adjourned aaul atxl Monday evening. iliag moaey aad other property to the valM of nearly a mil: ion of dollar* from the traaaary depart meat, in Memphis, Tenn.