Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Ilie Until Cirtnlatit* ii Uii tiiuiit ? g , L. W B WALLACH, ?lMr ai4 Prtprlntr. W A^UIMOTOM OITI ;' TI KIDAY .....FrBUVAKY H, IMT. S^RIADINQ MATTER OX BTIRT PAG1. SEE OL'TSIM FOE INTRMniM TELEGRAPHIC AND OTTIfR MATT Tit. * TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the official * ho wing of tRe circulation of the daily papers of Una city competing fcr the <)oviraa?it adfwuiuii under tbe recentact of Congress <)r?ouu not ad Terustrrg to be m?d? tm im two dally newspaper* of Washington having the i&rgee circulation . Ktiiids STii 7,714 copies per day. C'krtmicU . ' " intrtUfucrr 1.5? ? M Tbe reinrro of ad vertising by tbc etty papers or tte quarter ending December 31, IS6?, as tagsn from the book* of the Internal Revenue Office, are sa follows: tvIMKU STAB JnUUtfmcr 9,194 Vhr&mel* Mfpubhcan 5 Jfj I, APT EXCEPTION OF SPEAKER COLFAX. We are requested to urate that tbe reception r>T Speaker Colfax on Tburtday evening next m ill l?* bis la?t of this season. The certainty of night sessions, hereafter, is the cause fcr closing them. THE DILI. To GOVERN LOUISIANA. The bill introduced by Mr. Eliot, in the Hou^e of KepresentiUves, yesterday, to re-establish civil government la the Slate o< l-"ui'iina provides that the President of the I niltd State* shall appoin', h_r snil wi'h tn>? advice sod consent of the Senate, a provisional Governor. who sball bold hi* office for one year, udI?-m sooner removed by the ad vice aud convent of the Senate. Mr superseded by election provided for in the bill The person co appointed Governor sh til be thirtv years of line. and n citizen of the State of Louisiana, aid shall not h ive held office under the Confederate government. or under any State coml>< .-ii g tbe said Confederate government, or v bo recognized ?he an'hor.ry of the Con fed? !??,? who voM lor any pretended act of sec-ssion. or who ha>l b?en in the army or tivy or the United State* and bad subsequently su| jv,.r ed any ptetetrrted government at variance with the United S'ates; and heft,re entering npon his dnties as Governor b? shall take the oath pre-eribed by the act of J nly I, 1 snd a further oath that he has done no act in the interest of th? confederacy The President shall also nominate and," by and with the consent of the Senate, .appoint nine provisional councillors who shall have tbe same qualification* as for the office of Governorand t-ubecrib.- to the same onth, and shall bold office for tbe same term as the (ioveruor. unless sooner removed, by and with th?* advice and consent of the Senate, and on il a I>-gis ature is elected, shall ?xercUe all legislative power, hnt shall no- enter upon their duties until they shall have been confirmed by the Senate. The Governor and Council shall take pos*e?s!on of all the archives and property of the State and shall se* to the execution of all laws of the State and of the i ni ed State*, and the Governor shall, with th>? approval and consent of the provisions, c nncii, appoint all officers now rec?gr.i7-d under the >tate government, and all officers so selected shall be reqnlred to take the oath prescribed for the Governor The bill provides for au election lor a Governor, l.iemeaant Governor and member? of AssemI blvin June. tw;7 A'that elecion all p-rson*, without distinction of race or color, and over twenty-one years of ape, citizens of tUe United States, and resid-nt in the State for one year >ball be qualified as electors, except such persons as have borne ami ajramst tbe United S'ate*, or 'nrifd in rebellion against thr* authority thereof, or who cannot snb-crlbe to the test oath A conrtof record, may, however remove the disability as to any person wbo Las not been engaged in rebellion since March I-A4. upon proof of tbe fact. Until fully admitted to Congress the State shall be represented by a delegare MILITARY ORDERS. By special orders 4n0 70. from the War Department, dated J* eb. 9 th, the President direct* that Major Gen J. A Mower, colonel 5tHh US in tan try. be aa>igned to duty according to Lis brevet rank General Mower is assistant cotrm^slorer of the Freedmena Bureau far tb-Sta eof l^onlsiana. 1 Brevet Major Gen. J. H Kiddoo, ll-utenant colonel ctd infantry, assistant commissioner of tbe Kreedmeu's Bureau for the S'ate of Texas, ba* N^n relieved from doty with the Uurean. and ordered to report to the commandin* general. lMj irtm-nt of the Lakes, for dnty with hi* regiment. Brevet Major Gea JelT C. Dana, colonel STid U. S infantry, baa been relieved from hia present duties cs assistant commissioner of the I resdmen s Bureau for the Sta'eof Kentuccv and ordered to proceed to bia proper atati on Msacb 1st, with permission to delay en route three months. NATIONAL SAILORS' AND SOLDIIRS' OR Pll AN HOME. Tbe bill ametdatory of the act to incorporate tbe above institution, waa reported back from the Senate Military Committee to-day with an amendment, making l?. K Canter. Henry D Cooke, Amos B. Eaton. J. W Alword, Hot alio Bridge, Byron Snnderlai.d, and 1-ranklin A. liwk Uusteec. Tbe trustee*?aaii elect a boaad of iady managers. consisMngof tLiHeea. who- ball have power to superintend and manage tAe internal affairs of tSe asylnm EXAMINING Vtl AETEEMA^TERfi. Ike l>ord. con ?iMiig oftiens. Thomas, Lndmgtou aud Hopt. recently appointed to examui? ?ff cera in tbe Quartermaster's Ilepartn?ent. are now et ^aged in examlniug Br^yet. Col -luo G Chandler, Quartermaster at Port Si.eii I.*;. M nnesota. A number of officer* arc row uuder < rdcrs to report to tbe Board tor exainiTo-i,.n, among whom are aeveral from California. Thus far the Board ba^ examined J apt Kunball, Col. Batcheler? and Capt. I-aoffer r /"Several committees of the Maryland I>|Ul.uure ate now in Baltimore visiting and examining into tne condition of the vartoaa public matitutions in which the State ia inter* e :ed The \ irg.nia Senate baa refneed, by a large majority, t? appoint Commiaeloners to Washington to watch over the iniereate of the State. ?"Rev. Henry Ward Beecher does not favor the movement in the Houae of Hepresentalives, ferimpeaibment. S^Thia, February l-'th, u Abraham Lincoin's birthday. V -Our Mntual Friend" draws immensely a' Wall a Opera Houae. V no* Maxici>.?Gal veeion and KloOra<id? %.air% to tti*- iDHint and Mcxicto dtvi to the: d instant have been received While a .1 uarist rejoicing was going en at Zacatecaa, Aliramon suddenly appeared with iuuu troops, and Juarez evacuated Miramon seised the city and puraued tbe retreating forces The ImpenaluM. are on the offensive, and tbe fall ^ leuU Po'o?i it coDtiderad c^ruUo K-porta say that they Lave captared Jnarez and bia train, with ibree.quertera of a million dot. Itrs in silver All tbe Imperial generals are conscripting closely both men and horses A French frigate arrived at Hraxos with Liberal prisoners to exchange fur French and Ans. tnan prisoners at Matamoroa. There ara fears thai President Juarex has been ta**u prisoner b> the lmperaalisu under General ijaicroca || W ' ^AIHTEES, ATTEETIOS '-ThsPsTlfT O ESS' I EIOM will waetst jjl strset west, on TIIDESBaT EVSNIMO V*b ltth iasiaat B? of i?eortaaes ai.i.. J1"1' l??*?J<>a. By order vl ike Pre?iden*. '? w*. EESOE.Bcc'r. to tsks into c-.asldiratlsn tbs araer'str ef ear* ? ,h# it*l?^*nkr ' e^sr sf J J OHAPM A*1. ?se fQhrea iletT^e'n St ??>? 9 T K M P E E A N 0 B , 11 Wy rsaus't.'" will aire another Assemhlr m TlfOEBDAY EVES IE0 next, 1 *th ftet^ *" H?.-*21 422 *Vr???esd te all ?. adwiMlm gsntletnsn sad ladles, to *e bad from any aisnabsr of t%? Circle, or at tbe O??* e Pioceede to beglvsa to ths imt b o ?>?,. rJi",?.,/.??50' J as*as 8. in. iseyetarr. W ft. Vaaaon. Trsse irsr. f? n 31* nrg-CEETEAL Br lLbiifl d&onifTol~ liof A idodUIi BMIissoitM* i^sMoD 'or Issreiary. >TTFA COWF3!f3ATiaX The Senai* gaUvrfcm were crowded lut?T?n. in* to their ntrnoet capacity by tbe clarka la t#? lV|)tr<m*Di?, (sti? and female, and to?n friend*, all intaroeted in tbe hill before tt>e nenate giving additional eoap,>DUtion 01 twenty per cen'. to the employaaa'la ? civil1 eeralce of 'he GoTitmrauL A!t?r? debate lasting several boora tbe Honae jolBt r*aolatien vat amen Jed and passed aa tjil?*? Jiaiirtd, dc Tbat there ahali be al IMrad aaft' '' peid out of any money la tbe TreBdtry not otherwise appropriated, to tbe fall??0c de cribfd pertone, now employed in the cHrtl N rrTicant Washington, as tallows:'?To ciAi officer*, temporary and all other clerka, mewncer, and watchmen, Inclndiar kq. ' del*ilwl M ?uct?. to be computed . upon tbegroas amount of tba compenTa ion re^-iTed by them, and employee*, male and ; female, in any of tba following named departoU>"r1ei*r*??nd employee, male and female, la tbe office* ot tbe Coiat Surrey. 5*"' ObaerTatorr, Nary Yard. Pay mas er a<?u*Tal. Ia<lu<ilnc tbe division of rt-terred claim*. Commissary Qaaeraf of Ta rt T**" Tl Kreed men, and Abj-B< Oned Linda, Quartermaster's CapiJ1?. Treasury extension, city Post Offlie, and Uoramtaaioaerof Public Knildtnga. t3 tbe Ibe.oarapber and assistant Photographer of ' Treaaury liepartmont, to tba anperinten- I t ent of roetera, and additional compensation of I 'Ueniy per pcBtan on their respective aU arise I as nx??d by law, or where noaalary ta Hied by law, upon their pay respeot vely, lor one year from and after the Ourtietu d.iy of Jon*, eigb. j Teen hundred and sixty-ma; but when any of I said perron# i? or shall be ?aly entitled to re I '' ** aalary or pay for a part ol said year the I , S?,(J twenty per centum shall be c imputed on I I the amount aucb person is so eu'itled to re- I ) cei*e lor services hi any or all of anid departI or oBlces within said year: /, I hat be shove named additional com pen-a- 1 I i*5'n P^"1' ??ployeea of the Patent Office shall b* paid out of the funds ofsaid olfii?e: i'nn.ted further, Tb:.t 'hie resolution aball not apply j to persona w ho-f salaries as lixed hy law ex- 1 I c>ed three thousand five hundred dollars par t annum ? J Stc. '2 Jnn be it further rttolvrL, Tbit all ac a I ?r parts of acts heretofore pus.ed authorizing tie Secretary ot ihe Treasury to apportion or iistrihn e among the clerks of hie department ai.y an m of moneys by way of additional pay or compensation ate hereby repealed; and tf er the pn^eaiee of this resotntion 110 money shall I be paid to auv offlct r. clerk, or employee or the 1 rea-ury Department, exc. pt such aa may I# fixed by law J JJ-TBOUOHTB OHHiMLlT, | (Part ii.) I Illnatrated by Becitationa from tba Flay, j By H. CLAY l'B!IlSS, SA^'kvSB'imu0!0^! " 4LIj< 9th "?'***.TOBS ? **"' ,,:|b mat., at a o oiuca Admlsalca .6 oenta. fell-2t* fr"^*Jo?*ra a shafTttlTT 1 tTwi.w., * ,.f**NOH OONK kotiohbbt. j La1>IXI 1CB CHK A M A l)INiN(J dALUON I bel ,2th 'n-1 13(b .ta. D.M* or ?0P>er Parties .uppifd at ^k^^*n "rh rve11!- '? Pyra?id" fa?cr i iilf 1 Oo?fecti^o#riei, Jelliv* Wel-lia* I I ''akes, beat uualitjr Teble Oruamenta H*i.T, 5?> SaS' *r*t#i lr',,*ora?l? Po.icU. b .ne I Turj^lly.^Jbariofte?Ab ?+, etc'^ofc U?L'ea Tur"^' e?,'nt ,0 ?ttend to all de I sftajswsa"- ?" len ,U1 J08BPH fl fluniKLU TF" claims Stsffca to^o7N BtM*V ,dli# fro? .th? mi rZtiuA Jl aacoud clasa fira- I nrM*-. lUd b,u,a >???. decaaa?4. are k?r?br notlfled t0 present snch e'alnia. w'th prop, r *? 9 3 Y TABOR. Fonrth Anditor I Va?7 Biar t4) motith* from thia date. Kah narr bTlPHIM J. W. TABOR. J" 9r} Auditor. rr?"T.? TOoT.X {.rTU< OF W?n of muki pi? cor?6ci!r>i?* I from th? 1Mb imtaut to April 1st iQcinaive 'Son 9 I H"1, we,t wid?' 'r?ni'? to By order of the President^ (Int] fs \ #0t A?1 1 h!d in iVi*?*** !" n<l ,be axcellant pnrpoae I ?7 ' ttu,t Imm aiidline? I i . j u fturei will he ftv? in notnber And will I bV^L':;r#rV?vTaf"Uy Fr'?*r e?ai?u?g? Tir|^|% fr r the ConrPA Ai HiBiHo ?:,.u a. I Orl'ie U be sl the B#ok Btoraa tnd at the SUr j Jj?* B T A B L I 8 H I U T?5 ? a !^~ ... McPB*BSO? A P*BOCt.ON. 1 i ?'l Pia* avBxua. coaxaa 1st araxxT, Dealer. In ?A,,TWL Hili; '"WsVA'aSriSKSr"sas5f",c"' dFb?h?B|ir[ ^lound1 p* lj tf ? " r?*Ptly anawarad B'?BBOM to COLLBQIATB INBmBTI. B*L1?yi^."B Coijity Mb ?Th* Serine ini SamU,'iroS*tot0n OP#*" F,br,4rTll,k Appfrfor 1t. Bey. 1. q. g WALDBOH. | Fibeavllle. Md. j I* ?linn*'T."du4 (W'fw.iMaflvT" !L, 0B.?B, aar.ectly broken, and wl.b Irn BI AGB aLd li,ht OAB.^55 ; f I'M OF PBOPOSALB OF A MIBBBLLA character repaired at the Offlc* of tba : ^bHTa"n i?rT"e"1 ,or tM w#*k FTl?? Alexandria. Va.t offera to I B^rcbaaa lOBeorda of ?lne we d. at *o7d , Oeorge W 8nmm*ra. ofB'. honl*. Mo .oTers to I oeata ***100 MW t,OOM* and 10 n?* ca?alry great^ | a^CALBB! BCAXRali~B*rAl7?V 1M HCCK8IBBB BCALl~of allklnda ' BUTTBB BOALBH, ' ! ; PliATFOBM ALD OOCBTIB ?*JL^wtL1S, uIm'.'ac.VIc 8C?0P?r,r walghPotstmV't!,r- j J * ?i?*BOLBW, fallaow w. deeanth a treat, ;; s?AM?no?iA?,?B,rlmi "? '^xm'' " KS*a the Ha*r Yard ftiP?0tfS?Jerc7bar,*OWth* T#M#t u ?M wl,h bldfaoiMMliarid'to tbS lnU?.5 of fbfiovar*" Bidaaboald be addraaa?<i to i B. HIloabu aaalatant in charge, Goaat Survey Office Wash' I Ann*-' IB4 ^ "A "For VlxeB.'' I OODBT Fab. IS, XM7.?DleraiCT i ' mf'"nft'Ty''-rT01' Oocstt, ?e leu. if KV?B' adaaloiatrator *cM>.1.1.- <l*c?aaed. the adalaiatrator ! S5^???SSrfeS5?Sfc *"?! J?* wbara all tba cradltora and are neUB^ u attetSl. ! S4*1,** yporty vouched, or tbay m*r i iU ? ndadad froaa all beoeflt In dtcMNd Ntitl ? Pro Tided a copy of ikii or- I ?1P# *?k for three weeki Im Dm Bvaalag Star, irtr?ai to tba aald day. 1867 BPB1BB STOCK. 1867 J J. mat a oo , 3?? Pann. avenue, between 9tb and lfth ata , Are now receiving their BPBINO BTOCB, en bracing a great variety of chelae BTAPLK AMD FANOT IMP0BTBD ABB DOMBBTIO DBT OOODS to which they reapectfullr fnvita tbe attention of the public. All artlclae aia markedextramaly low, aa tbeir aalee are?deeicln?tval> for aash. feio i?f q 9 a i o nr BALTIMOBB BB^IBBD PITBOLICM ALaw, ' LCBBIOATIBO OILS. prteee to the trade. Aa Baltlmora btstAlhe'ie"",!-1.-" tb* ^niud taeie eaa be no doaM oflta *uner|?rltr. Si iid rT* M,o, m FBB9R BUFPLT. GOCBVOISIBBB, ALBXABDBB'S, . JOUTIlf. BiT All oolora aad aim, from WOT Ladlea' Olovaa, f?; Oeatlenaa'a, f J ?#. JOB J. BLAT M 00.. BBB Peaaaylvanla aain*, h,,",w batwaaa ftfc aad MA at*. ' ' h ' r1 ri fU. . { CONGRESSIONAL. i Tbk*WLT. 'i5rwAtt Ut Wjl or, ifia th' O iI on Military Affair* ran "*<1 th# .>ill to enytde fur * re^r^arr incrt-aa# ta th pay of the oi?ra of ike U. S. MBJ- p ' AIk.Mi O Ukltf theadt to in orpora J ?* /iauoialSoUMereaadlSaMora'Orp lan'e Heme, wiita uutaMMlla tbe form oii>u< us tfM. ' *r ^ Mr. Ramsey rrp?rt?d a bill t? Allow -ha So'fhrr Minnesota Railroad Com to corf. Kiact abridge ovw the Missiesippi river. Mr- Sumner, trum tbe Committee oa Foreigu Relation*, imported ngailftt th# mem <nal of 1o?i*Hid Harris, Con-ul General at Japan, for com|M>*>ailoB for wtth-m performed. Mr. Sumner said tbe Committee folly appro. clued the eminent cervices pertormeu by Mr. M it rid, ?<4ii tbey WAi unable to discover ady j authority to award to turn the eom pea sat ton { M'?fd. ? Mr. Sherman introduced a bill to providefor I th- payment of Compound Interest Note*, j K?- ferr? d to Commi t e oa Ftnanea. Mr. Morran, from tbe Committee oa Commerce, reported favorably on the Wll to amend ! the act providing lor the aafety of paeiengers I on vessels propelled in whole, or in pari by steam Mr Wilson introduced a joint resolution to fic>litate the settlement of claima for t-luart-r. matters' atorea and aubiietence supplies fur- I n shed by loyal per?oa* to 'be armies of the United vta mUi the rebo!li??uaS a'ee. Referred , to Committee on Military Affair* Mr. Mrr'til inrrodnced a mil to regulate the dl tribntioa of the fond in the Freedman's Hareau, on motion of Mr. Willey, Friday evening next was set apart tor the consideration of | business relating to the pasenta and Patent Office. Mr Poland introduce a resolution tnatrue*- I it>K tbe Committee on the Judiciary to inquire in^o tbe expediency of proposing an amend- I ment to the Constitution, first, to restrict tbe I ftU e ot the Pieaident t j one term, and extend tbe term losix year*; second, to abolish tbe I office of Vice President, and third to provide fot .the election of the Preaideut direutiy by | the Vote of tbepeople, without the intervention ot electoral colieues. On motion ot Mr. Polund, the Bankrupt bill 1 vet* taken np. I Mr. Komnar advocated the test oath amend- j roeiit, heretofore otfVied by bim, to this bill. 1 He said it was due to tbe loyal people and tbe Kreenmen of tbe South who were now b*?ing I so bitterly prosecuted. ! Dr. lumi liad information from the very beet sources tbat these chafes were untrue, I and that the colored people were as a general thing treand kindly. j Mr. Howard said tbat was not bta inform*. I tion. lie hati been told by a gentleman ju?-t I trum Texas tbat there was no such th ng as I criminal justice in that State Tbeex-rebeU I and guerrillas bad committed l,5uo murders in I the last > ear,and not one single conviction had I taken pia?.e i Mr. lioolittle believed that some outrages I bad bern ccmmitted there, but not to such an I extent. He read a letter from a citizen of Wis. I con-in. by the name of Willard, a soldier in the late war. but now settled in Texas, in wbicb I tbe sia'?ment is made thai justice is unob- I ftruc-ed. and that things are moving along I qnietlv atid peaceably. Mr. "Wilson said every one of the mili'.-try I commanders in i e Sonth reported that anarchy I pn v aiIf d, and there was nothing but cruelty lor the freedmen. Hdisi -Mr. Tallin, (N. Y.,) from Commit- I tee i>u Printing. rei?oi >ed a re olution to print l,i4*? extra copies o* 'be bill in relation to In- I ternal Revenue; 2,MM) ropies of the majority I and minority reporta of the (Committee on the I New Orleans R.ots, ntid 1.M0 copies ot the evidence taken in 'he case, and l.t*>0 copies of | tbe Teport of J. Ros* Br >wn on the mineral 1 re-oiifceaof tbe country, and they were agreed j to Oq motion of Mr Wen'worth (IP.) the Sec- I retary of the Tr? n?nry was directed to inform I the lionse, in so far as h<> coutd, of 'he proha- J hie coat tinder existing law* of the construe- I tu n ?t tbe Union Pacific Railroad, which wis I the subiect ot a report made to the House ye*. J terdav On motion ot Mr. Beam an. (Mich .) the Sec- I ruary of the Tre*sury was dirrcted to inform 1 tbe Hofite whether po*tmast?rs tnro ign >nt I the I niHd Stat<t are required to acconnt for I internal rever.ue tax on salaries paid to clerk* I ot the prist office, when such salaries are paid I outof ihe Treasury of the 1 niied S"ate?; :m;| I to tiansmit also c pie* of the regulations in I relation to tbe subject: and also to report I whether such tax is collected from clTk? of 1 assessors and collector* of interna! revenue; I and if there it any discrimination in euch col* I lection. and why? Mr. Eliot (Mass.), from the Committee on I (/onrmerce. reported a hill in relation to the I meicantile marine of the l'ni?ed States. Or- I dered ?o be printed and recommitted. Mr. Miller (Pa ) presented resolutions cf the I le gislature of Pennsylvania re.'ative to relief I of soldiers who have lost their discharge pa- I pers. Ke.erred to Committee on Military Af> I laira. On motion of Mr. John L. Thomas (Md.), I the Senate bill to change certain collection | districts in Maryland and Virginia was taken I from tbe speaker1* table and referred to C*m? I tnittee on Commerce. On motion of Mr. Darling (N. Y.), the Com* I mitiee of Ways and Means waadirected to in* I quire mio tbe expediency of ao amending tbe I tariff as to provide that all geoda imported in I American bottoms shall be allowed a draw- | back at the time of tbi' passage ot tbia act. On motion of Mr. Ferry (Mich ) tbe Com- | m 11 tee on Invalid Pensions was directed to in- I quire into the propriety of increasing tbe fees | allowed surgeons for examining claimanta for I p* n? ions. On motion of Mr. Ingersoll, (111.,) the bill I to incorporate the Ceater Market Company of the iMstrict of Columbia waa ordered to be | printed. The House reaum*>d the consideration of the I bill reported yesteiday by Mr. fcliot, to pro- I vide a government for thr State of Louisiana. I Tbe quesuon recurring upon the motion to I lay on 'be table, I Mr. Finclt withdrew tbat motion. Mr. Eliot ibea witadrew the demand for the I previous question, in order thai tbe bill might | amended, and upon his motion tbeaeotion (1*i) providing for a delegate in Congress waa I stricken out. I Mr. Eliot renewed the demand fer tbe pre. I vioua qneation. I Mr. Eidridge (Wis ) said that when tbe mo- I tion to lay on tbe table was witbdrawn, it ] was understood tbat an opportunity was to be I afforded for debate. ! Mr. Eliot said be did not know upon what grouad tbat supposition was based. He knew I of no such undeisianding. He hadnoobje;tion to the bill being debated for an bonror two if tnat was satisfactory. He would there. tore suggest thai tbe bill be diacutaed tor an I hour or a half, wbea be would call tbe previous question. I Mr. EeBlond (Ohio) said be understood tbe gentleman to propose to allow an bourand a I half for debate and then call tbe question oa tbe passage of the bill. He did not wish to be understood as now speaking for tbe minority, I but for bimseif. He thought tbat wheu it was proposed to harry a bill ot this imporuince through after an honrs' debate, it wiu time tor the minority to assert their rights. He was aware tbat one raasou urged for this ha*te was tbat the House Representatives were near the dose of the session, and that no policy ef reconstruction had as jet been adopted. Well, he would eay, that the minority were in nowise responsible for this act. In the organization of tbe no h Conrress a Commltttee of Reconstruction was appointed, and tbey have swallowed up everything, and now and then they produce a bill which Is odious upon all sldea of tbe House. After some further discusaion. a motion to postpon* was defeated by a vote of 40 w ?3; and Mr. Eliot suggested that two hours be allowed-he opposition for debate. Mr Hoyer (Pa.) was assigned the floor, but said bis side uf tbe House did not propose to accede to Mr Eliot's suggestion to allow the bill >o pas? after debate of two bours. Mr. Boyer then addressed tbe House In op. position to the bill. QB*AT SBDUOTIOB^IN DBT Q00D8. TATES A 8ILBY-343 PRNM. AV? . Are closing out their entire st-?<-k of wiatar DKS*8 tlOODS. OLOTHs. 0AMIM1RM BLANKKT8 and BRAWL", at greatly reduced rates, to asake room for their aprfag stock Ther are also selling? Hear Yirk 4ilia 4*4 Bleached Maslla at 40 eta. W am'ntta 4 4 do do is eta Andreecoggla 4 4 do ?0 10 eta! Jsuiea Steam Mil la... ucia fa 11 4t H. C'LAOITT, H. B. UWiBMT, BBAL BflTATE BBOKBBS AKb A00T10RII1B. Partlaa cen(em?laUaa baildlag la the spring or pnrrhaaina nnlasprovetf property for lavesUaeat will flad It to their advantage to look over our list before purchasing, aa we have added recently to oar former list a large amoeatof that deecrietioa ot property. We caa offer ssaav indacem^ats as regards altuatloa. low prices aad easy terms We have also for sale eeveral email tracts ef land 3 tbe Immediate vleiaity of tbls city, very ellbiy located fer eabnrbaa ? eldeneea, aa well aa gUy Uwved farma la Maryland, whlek are really bargaine. Property lett Fttk us far aala done net auWaot the owner to expense unless sold while oa oar booas fe Helm #LAOBTT k ?WmT. a m a ether itock Beards. Quotations regularly re* ceived, IfUmU JOBIiOMf SO-Bayers, I

tot-lf 898 fsaaa avaaas. 9 1 tJ 4 riL?OK P. U. TTr~~Mj|f w fT 11 rr-fi; COTKRHMENV SE< VRITU.S. \j7?! w AamaoTo*. Febraa.yQj *?7. Jay Cook* * Co furaub th? following qu. tatioas of Government securities: -^1 U. a. C's Coupon, lr?l '"uiSjf ^'l^g'k U.S. Flee Twmum, 196* ?8!| 1( * U. S. Fiee Twenties. IbM 1.4 JX * U S. 11 Twenties. IMS . .. 107 lo-w U.S. Five TwfDUM.JiBA.r, w ,l4?. .,^2 V ?IZZ'SSSii-t4---?"*"* *1 ** '' A*?u*t .,$? U. S. Se\en Thirties, June x* .^5 U. S. s*T?n Thirties. J?ly.r....lW lSj 1 "I* TOaa FIMT Boiuj n^jja Coupons.loci's. ion* 5 ???' 1HM ?" ' ' h* a ??'* ?11*"**' * lft5 * 5.20e, WW.. ?Ai 1, June |?L<;\t 5.V0 8, 1865 107^ /.3(fB. Julr 1(15 w 5.*fs, J*.JtJy,'65. IU5* Gold * financial. I^ewts Johnson * Go, quote stook* and Bonds lu borne and foreign market* as follows ^ *w Yoaa. leb. ig?lit Hotrd?U.S. re#IHfi>d. IW1> do., coupons. Wv registered, it6*. do. coupons, l*v\ di S? i?l*; a? coupon^ 'iuT^' w "j\ Uhlo and Mississippi Certificates.' 2.*; Camcn.47*: Cumberland. rm* UaicklTf' er, 4!k Mariposa, lov n*w York Central 101 v tr ?. wy; do prefer'd, 73. llnd-on. 12s/ Heading, Michigan Central, lurt< Mich.' igar. Southern, 75; lliinoia Centnu," Cleveland and Fiusbur*. Pi V: Cleveland & >?' Toledo. I*> Kock N ^Jwe.. tern, ?<; do. preferred. 6* if: Fort Wavne #k; Cbicneo and Alton, 1M. Alton aad ?er^ re llaute, 33; Toledo and Wabash. 4i?- w IT Telegraph, *i\ Boa ton Water fow?r.*'-* P?' CTflc Mail. 15 ; Atlantic Mail, ics. Gold' ? jo I p. m., 137\. ' * JW COMFOCND INTEREST NOT**. Mr. Sherman, from tbe Senate Committee on Finance, to-day reported a bill authorizing the Secretary ot the Treaaurv *> Imd** temporary loan certifleatea lor The purpose ot redeeming aud retiring any compound intereat notes out. Mantling, bearing interest at a rate not exceed, irg three per cent, per annnin. principal and interest payable 111 lawful money on d-mandl ' and said certifleatea may constitute and be held by any national bank holding or owning the same as a part of tbe reserve provided for in sections 31 and 32 of the act entitled ?an act. to provide a national currency, tic "an proved June 3, 1861. Provided, that not le? than two-fifths of the entire reserve of such bank shall consist of lawful money ol tbe United Slates; Ard pror.'ded further, that the amonnt of *uch lemporary certificates at any time outatanding shall not exceed Sx(i,oug,iwii Louisiana. It se?med generally conceded aronnd the Capitol at 8 p m to-day that the bill recently reported from the commit-ee to investigate the New Orleans riot, *<?., for the reconstruction of law, order, the protection of individual life rights, A-c., In Louiaiani, will undonbtediy pass. We trust It may be amended by substj. tutinir tor the teat oath it em brines that em braced in Mr. Stevena* bill for tbe government <>f North Carolina. Otherwise a large elas* of most reliable an 1 intelligent I'nion men will be dislranchised in I^ouis ana. V\e mean m?n occupying the po&itiou oi Gov. Uolden, and mostot the prominent men of that State'who act with him. STATKDINNKli AT THK KXKCUTIVR MAN* The sixth State dinner of the President will take ptoee this evening at the Executive Manston at six o'clock. Cards of in viiation have b> en issued te a nr.mberof members of Coagre?s and their ladies. THK NEW TAX LAW. The Committee of Ways and Means expect to be able to present their uew internal Revenue bill to the llonse at an early day. Tbay will recommend several important modifications that will afford mucb relief. THK MKADE CLAIM The argument ol the celebrated Meade claim case, that waa expected to have been commenced to-day before ihe Court ol Claims, has be?r postponed until tbe JCth instant, we hear. Ivtikmal Kkvkkuk. ? The receipts from tbis source to-day were ?3W,908.33. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. PROM EUROPE. Ttf. *e,or"1 ?*"o??lratUo ? Change ? MiaUtry in Italy?Finnncial and C?mmercial, Jkc. L01110!*, l*eb. 12?Noon ?Illinois Central, 91 Erie, 39J(; U. S. Flve-t wen ties, 73 3-lrt. Fakir, freb. la?Noon?U. S. Fire-twenties. w*. K?a?wobt, Feb. la-Noon?U. S. Fire, twenties, 79\; Consols, 91. Tbe great reform demonstration yaaterday and la?t evening passed off enthusiaaticatlv butqulttly. From representationa made to the (.toveram^nt, serious Fenian rlota were feared at CheHer. but tbe author.tie* were w&tchfnl aad tbe outbreak did not take p lace. I ,3' 1V^on?Tbe Conference Cf tbe Nontb German States ha\e adopted an I army (system similar to thntof Prussia I t LOB*Ki;?, Feb. 13, Noon-The Cabinet | Ministers oi ltnly have aii resigned | CoNaTASTi>OPX.*, Feb. 12, Noon In the | new Turkish Cabinet about to be created All Vi*za? Fuad will accept the Foreign Minis. 1 er*bip. ! ST. PsTKUgitonn, Feb. i-2.-Lient Colonel Knox and ail embassy ol the Huseian Atneri. can Telecraph Compnny waited upon the Emperor >esterday. lie represented that the iine on the Asiatic side would be completed in J ulv next. * Governor Korsackoff and General Sbelasinboff. now in Liberia, have formally acknowledged the counesp of the American Congress in -egard to the attempted a.*sa?Miiation of the Emperor. j Western News. St. IjOCia, Fee. la.?Major General Hancock arrived bere jee'erday from the East. Tbe hef uLlican't M?ssila, New Mexico, correspondent says the Indians are very troublesome in neighborhood. Much atoak baa , be. n stolen and ?e\era) murders committed. The N t public an't St Joseph's correspondent says advices tn.m Upper Missouri state that Governor Foulke, of Dacotah, has been summoned to Washington on matters connected With tbe Santa Fe tribe ol tne Sioux Indians and the Yaungtnwns The citizens are anxious for tbe removal of tbe Sante Fe tribe from their present location, being near the settle. Went Governor Fonlke will take with him fifteen representative from each tribe named. Destructive Fire in New York. New York, Feb. la.-A building on the 5?tT'VT C"rD;r of street occupied by IJ-Clnttendon & Co., as a dry goods store toek fire early this morain*, and is now (noon) burning with destructive firy. 0>?o?0 Cluttendon's loss is estimated at n million dollars. The insurance cannot at present be ascertained *3 tbe books and papers are lucked in 'be vault. Tbe lose of Joffroy k Co., Is estimated at Sltm.iCO*. partially insured. The building was erected for a society library, and waa Talned at ?150.00l>. It is totail v destroyed. ' LOCAL NEWS. O Thb Rrm Travel Still Ijtp*dio. - Large quantities of ico still remain in tbe riTer, aad t is yet backed up against tbe Virginia end of ^DtVble^h?i,1Sri? ?bPre U 00 p?rVL w .V ,n tl,r "PP^rance ot the Ice li.f 1. allhou*fc now and then a ar*? oak# will 11 oat down tbe car rent and lodge in the gorge in the mouth of the Eastern Branch, \e4terday two taf boats fro pa Tb*NavyTfgrd attempted <0 open a way out of tbe branch; bnt after several fruitless attempts to get through the pack, returned toltoe yaM The tugs from Alexandria, With tbe South-r.; passengers, having failed to get thronah the pack yesterday, this more lug fended their pasfreagers at Sisifcoro, where they were met onengbt.them to the city. Tbo Alexandria Vaettte of yestorday aftsrnoon aaar* : Tbe track mads by tbe KeraorC ard the tugboats, wbicb run in connection rtty^JA >*ct <> rt?r4'fro*a i^aSPXe Pote!j wna Loecaraafh paesanyen who t >? nontax trata from tfca Sonth, artrr a >end' bonrs Id frnii|i>ii ?u*mpi| I t rti.-t <m.were compelled to pa* back whan v u .. \?o \pr Ihrm ^ unilrrj yard* of lb* Arsenaly bn^fcgQoV. Cortin break mr b*r rudder m<l brtu4*ltmi*4 bv the ice which *l ^at^Aint.* Tb* returned pa* ber? ?r w?m on by tke e***dns And (}f rt^wwn *<? ?? ? ' ??b. V'*'^*?r ,b? <**!?' *ai witk thm KMle WiM wilt makeanotaer attempt to tore# RpvaptoWaihinttoo th:e evening, leavinglbia cHy at live e'clact." Th? Care o? (JrficEt Wtu?on._Ye?t-rdav air*moon, tbe ca*e of Officer J H. Wileoa (wbo*e arre>t we no rced yesterday) cbarr-o wt h assanltinga colored boy named L?wii was taken op before Jnstice Rite, Messrs tti0' ,h'? city, and.# (J. &kiWU. of ?PP*artn* lor ifc* oroe*cttHod, an^foba I>. Clark for tb' tfWfltX: The bTV I f^^a *ae called, and ataied that tke Baht k-i. i over several minatM pnvtogi to iboan. pearance of tb* offloep. and Lb art tb? "hricb;" b|'v passed him wl'brm* ?*ftnr?Teet*d, and be M. t**en while qn telly lean tag againat ik* railing. Several colored nn>n deposed to the f?m#ffffct. Major Biehardn. eat.erint-n ieni of i olio*, suited ikat no officer * poiio*. nnder the mix of tbe Btnrd. should o*e blsVtton ^x<?pt iaeiiMwb?re aieitfr eras mp rrtied geuileiaeu present irstitie.l tbai tb? bor re*ined % lolettfly, and that ia tbrlr opinion ar.l ,D%Pa.a,rj '?rc^ *?* ?* * ? *e r-VUaTJr,ftl^lrMalr* tb* ***ada?t to L,. K or bt# 'ITWUertt eonrt on , c ?' e-aanft *nd hxttery, an 1 fined Lewis f} for disorderly cnndnct. Ebpobctbo Cobi*ouatiob Uws _Tka polirr are giving attention to the strict enfore* ffcrnr of tbe ci'y ordinance*. and It will b* well ^i.^Tr" to,c*mp'y ^owp'iy -P" SLvStb'Wali'th^llm* ^nh'.on./ln ft. r?r\?*nTT? Hard the ofTl -#r? are eaforetnr th* law requiring dor* to be licensed Tb?-r r^HfTh .y:"Urd*y ??d?r Jai Taw ai d tbe fine, amounted to ?n. Tie sani'arv officer* are serving notion to abet* nnnance* j5_aT^dn"n*tb,>w,?">r ??> 'very section of h? ?h m*nv explanation* offered by tb? notified, bat tb* beel and cb-ape.t 9X. ense in every case |? for the ocrupifloT fh* pr mieea to abate the nuitaaoe forthsruu. a? coat ef a trial to coat of the ?ho\i DAJ Pcnoor' T"mow ?At tb* meetinc of the \\ nehinK<o? Snnrta? School tTnlon, Held e?r ."rTi? " th" ,0,1?wia* officef? were e4?^t*<i tor the ?n*oine ye%r: prM.dent, A. K. Browne; Vice Pres.d-n'., R If. Tehn*on. A A Pnrr. O B Ramt-leii l"nT',?!! H?*rrou. ReCordin? S-c' re arr. .1 O. J odd; Oorre?p >ndinr Secretary. K C I-ox; Treasurer, B Stinemeti ~ "" "*>?* ?' otT?nh?AiL.TK?*"KTA Ra,ito*d-The leeaee* ^ -L*VW**b,B*,on ll,,(, <Je0rr*u?wa Railmen i,?U,panJ "? t number of the traVk ^-">P*,rKBr 10,11 Porr?on of ,Sl w * be'ween the aoothern en^ of damped" bv- li?acb'M sPr'"?. rerentlr ?t bjr ,h* moveaiitnt of the ice They are a!?o enraeed in reiiiacinz the hH?e thU r 'h'* raJ,r,,ad ard expect to TruiZlmAL1A9l \s",KOTOW r.Anm** ,w th.. . ZD wbo rePM?eB!.^l hian^tfae ^,,7^ie'?fa Nat^nal Bank at Washinrn>du w "Lt yoDJir "r' Atlantic &. 'Jreai l?nd wZ b":^""n Salamanen a?d trie re. land, on We<in*edmr eveninr Tberirl a*v*(i 'r^cf'?a of th* pM?et<pern, wh^ ,Wo oj SXH -T'r ,h# took k m ^'he rear end of the tram, aud dropped him o ?<T*ALIlrf5 t'L<>TH*g.?Yesterday, Dennis Srr*?n, W*r arr*M,>d *>y offlcr Howes lor * nm yrV an ov*"rcoat " ?>?? B^ni K. UarbT. th* . ?' thecamp* neer the cit*,a.>d th* accused was tak*n to th* (>ntr?l 0,,,^ \"*UC* ^or'HI jammed the Vw * *t ,rP'?r'd Bnson received the MnUiZtS'fc h-r party to pawn. Jti,?ioe ainreell holds him for another h?*nnr. when man *ho cave tbe coak to him is found. ?if ,*rL,CAT,?" rottaa In.itrwcTTON Annnplioa'ion prayinc 'bat .lame- s. t rench raavh* enjo ned ?nd re.tra.ned from .Ur^nn J ^ u>n auC- H Dp0n ,h" Yashin*. ? o. Alexandria and (l*orretown RaMrovl t ^mpany.waebefore Jod*e Uertervro ?d at tbe rri-wi??V? ^?"rt Room. *hi? morning, hut artLHi*nt npon it was d*f*rred until Monda* next, the l^tk instant.?Alexandria Vauttlt, UfA. Serknai.1 to SKXiTin Uowr -Ia,t evenitig, a number of citi/ea* of Vixcoasm nr. curipsiiiied bv American Brass Band ^tLereiSTlor How#- of th" a ril n?d*. Mr Howe appeared aad spake at eome length npon the political q of the dav ?p^,t^'cb ,ae company partook of his ho? Soi awn SAiLeBe' TTxto* _Ln.?t e*e ?r*rVht T,,''rin* of ft?* Vnion a resolu'ion w?t, adopted urging upon tbe |n-h CJonere-s he importance of *l*cUng honorably dis. ?ir?on?'i?^t?l ur*aB<1 Sai,orsu> wn* of the positions in the House and Senate. Major J K I>oi.ehtv. President of tbe Union, tendered kia resignation; which wae accepted. ??R,uW^liloc,T' Judft Fuh*r.?This mor a i? w 5^. on*- '^d'c'ed for an assault and betterv, was found not gality. e^!?rrar*t U#l, 8k' alias Oopeland, indicted ^rfl!rc,>n-T' fB"tJ?and a nominal sentence was imposed. Ooon I.iap Pa^ciLa.?We bare tried some lead penciis made by the American Oompamt of New York, and furnished as bv the **?nt ir this city, and find them eqa*k io ported article. 4 ltte Im* Fob UoraT ?Anna Wtlliame, colored ... "di ,o i?" i Sffr'1''11 * o' ? ? 9VRVT FRAMES. Also, e aslerl assert men t of flat ... FLOW1B8. to wnich i reeyectfally invite tke attention of my easterners, leoni 446 H street Mif. A tt. U48TON. Rim oval. PABHIORARLB DBESSMAKIVO Mrs. M A BATOS moat respectfully informs btr friend! and patrons that sb* baa meved to 4*4 I street, one door vest of 7th street, where she ia l1** Dr*a?maklaa Busing la all its varloat branches. Orders filled with aealnesasnd dispatch. ... Hiiro wivu ae^ A M?* Is prepared to de Catting and Basting at th<-shortest Botice in U* most fasblenable sty Is. b pTmT**1#r adreaa eat ting role taughtffr?at ij* V>"lvmf*J#fAls} ? .. WasttiaaTop. Janaary a*. ]MJ Oa tte aeUttoa efBOuLiM WU1TB. loreierly dlplsjdlM, Massachusetts, but now of Lowell, Massaehusette, praying for tne ex tea stoa of a patent cranted to kirn tae *1 day of *!?. r*-issBed to kliii in tkreed'vfsioaa on the X7tk day of October 1*3, for an iatproveJt* iJLf* M,raw' lor aeven years from It Is orgsred that the aald peUtton be heard at the patent OSoe on Monday, tke Sfth day of ??J ??? at it o'clock M.: and aU persoae are t* appear and akow eauas. If *a,tneybave, why said peWionoaakt not to be granted. Persona opyosmg tke exteaaeu are se^aired to file In the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at UMt tweutr dayabefore tbe day of heaiinf; all teatlaiony tied t>y either perty to be used at the said hearing n-' he takmi gayiia ivpsssJSf.'SiEa? before the dav of bearing; the arganseata. If any, within Uadays after flung the teetieieny. _Ord.afa^alB0,tkat thia notice be pabllshed la tke BeimbltoAaand tke IntejUgeaoer. Washington. D. O .kad ib tke Beanklieaa.apiiBtteld.Kaee., ence a week for three aaocasaire weeks; tke first of said puhlicationi to ke at leeet sixty dars prenoaa to tke dag of haaiiag ^ *T0. THBAKBB. w . Oomadsslowsr of Patenta. a paper containing tkia poffiee^ vm K-tew?w rwoBasfw Mf TOted testes tkeVtb day ofapnl, 1*3, jpn3?S3^3 It is oadeved tkat tke aaSd antltlan ke L?at tke Pataat Offiee oa MogdiTIke Wk dkjT of pr??.>*yt' u * ; aad All pereoas are ,?odBMigS m ,;3safi ggixsii aaS^Sfa^tt a I JiOJ i AT H 3* J' Affair* i? r,f#r|?t?in. Taa A?Ti-6U*.u?#wrB?*tteO lA*t nirbt, t^O'i?PB^*f4>?orc*>?>iri. l ti .B|?r i?l *u?rk*? l>*td .Art \1 be rarUro* f?i><*nrt? to ?V>n fl re d?terat?a frota each ??t4t?atK ifeaaaaaatioa oa W-a. nf-jsy vraiuc next, aad awmiuK t ?.i(h dhu? lor Mayor ana alevoo ratwlidatea for <t>* ward of Coiuoioa Ooaam r.%* follower dtlegatee WW* ~J?atad i-eF rat i*rr Uict M fl Moran, A li J aee H. K Walker. K Baiifflr?,Wn.A HuicAiui. 8ww>ur W>^. : is.* Jmyn "***** **??* j. m. i?v. 1>av?4 LOra Third-fckJdier. W O. maw. Cleorc- Mnai?r. j7t. WwVerv, jj|t' 1 J.<5o*'k*. Koartb? Man, pir-trall. J J K%aa. T?m?ttiy Daly. <ke>orge Krart. Bd T. < VwH The w?M iwaw,.? um pviwi o| L*ng * Hotel. Till R*o;n*BATio* -The jndfc** ofe|eCtioa a*? bnMty eaga<wd with tte rffMrrion of ' nitrmuflM the i id partial ?*Tiace Mt or Ubcfcreaa. hurr ibrir caa>ia*acefaaai tber , have breo k< pi buav wkA Um ragieirauoa. *b<i in ik# meatvtrrie bare b~aa rvijmmi u> p?w- npou (he qn ad ill nation of voter* la mnkirg up th. tr mind* upon the )aw paiata, j tiey have aot barn wrnfeMt lazal ad * tea. | Upi n iti* qti-cua, ii i imi who wm< i<Kfll(| a the rebellion nud baa eebse^eadwy tM**n portioned by tte Pre*,dent rati: lad to a *oia. tie ^ecltie D^fWt.yety, the law makiag no exception m favor of p*rdoaaa iwbeie . Ttey al?o role that a maa wbo baa lived j ta eire month a In tha town, but niaainwa troia ena praoiact to another witbia thr?a ?oatka preceding tbe Hfcuna, te aot eat*>t?d fo row, tie law T?<joirtag ?ae ?? to rw?Me ta ib? pitffclact *nfrt be offrri to vote sin# iKbefore elecrioa. L4ICWT or Rora?Thie aiormng. Dili* la Srhaaiwa and Martin arr-.t^a ? r*org? Joaea. Jacob Harmon. Daniel Harrison, aad |*>?via OiJfmar, for the larceny of rope. ib> nrjpertr of Meaar*. Wheatljr aad Tbe rrp* ?M W*d by Um own era at their wbarreeto ?e< are proper r from bHnc car^dd nwa* bv tke ire*be;. TUm are held at the at*Uva-b<Mi?a lar farther hear!, g Klocr iiudBAii M4RKKT ?Ktoor in ffnad fmand.ana market (ai.rr.iily <j?iet t<>-<tay No arrtvaJ?o( flcwir or pratn rapurted. sale* umtnportaiV, &rd prire? narbanr^d ii EtEoPOLiTAir rTrYmr i"l irr.ii bar bb i 347 0 itmt. Wtv?fn 4)1 aud ItL itiab. * Farnlabed with M. Kamia'a 8?Ua4l 1 R*a> Oaaa acd (b* moat ar?f?te<i i?Hcbin?r> na.uc d oa bat the baat uiatai 1*1. caielull> ae a tad laaUrara era maaafactara-l at ?u|* a.tablUbaaeat a>a aaaa ri. r to ki<r bar^tafar* affarrd In tl.ta uarkxt W* ir.aita attaatioa ?nrU?4aa A totf cbai^a artPI* from aal??t fanila floar B??aToN ' BACklKA "t??i Waich'a faiull* flnnr. a jaal to mmj la tka aaatiy SOD A OKa?'KBB*. B?tt* no*, fro? Mflh grata* axtra r.aor A la?, tbe itfliuvmi afmnuard aarlatlaa VATIB CBA< KB Bit. ?anwiaa . eloAb I'KMKKBO BUTTBK < BAOKCB8. OBACK Ik DCSt. PIWT BBBA D, BIBOkB SNAPK. ... RuVfLTlll, _W *r* alaa Baa?l>ifg Grocara aad ranlll?a With Baaraaer'a wall known rABILY llbBa U ! 11 in. TBO. HAVEBHBK. ??T Qatraal MIWK* 8 "AT^BTWUABIAII BOOB ?TORS removal tott^Vld dtor?, 404 P#n? > nue iloft Wiluro1!. Aat4wiHb?,(h?iKr?ite?t iftlt of. that hmm w *l* * id tbiicoimtrr mt u< lion toou. (4l4lo?i.# itltft of Books ar coMtiBlly ukmc Bl*>c*at Boati,n, haw *ark, Phiiadalabia Kaltt?a< te. ? a-hn jt t. an ) B>> Km<.od. oro'-nt wltl ba rt<alae4ac<) Catalocnaa ab*? *. <n tnanHtr. Antogratb*, Onrioaltl??, bonght. See BU1HTBB. fe Mw I^IAbl TBBa :T TaAii '! 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Ac . aee caul >ga* and clrcalar at tba arlhcipal boakatora* of ibla addcaaatba priactnai. aa M B. PABSOiri. OatoavtUe. Md. THBrNPBBSlOSBO kariagaild tus tiMaia to b * < bief < terk itnd *a<oci%ta tb?- P -K ABD 8TATIOBBBT BT??BB, III P*nr>arIranla a ????, will Id f o to re be end fed br the firm of fBIKCR A BP H A BP0OB. and be wt>ald bag ta o>.Rimead thea to hi* n<aar frtaid* ?. .. . _ _ _ BPBIOM TAYLOB. 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