Newspaper of Evening Star, February 12, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 12, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. A Marde rer HUU4 Dtwl. An EsxlwliaitB, about iwenty-toar jnrt of ?ir, Sain I Mills, in cbarg< el iwj o(? ?r? frem Btnton, .Mmi Detectives g. T. | l?? < <1 win and M'jsee Sargent?arrived at the Foh e Headquarter*, lastevenin;. on Ute way East, to an- wer to he chMfg ol a mnrd-r ! committed oa the Sih of lifetatwr last, at , Franconia, N. H. The murler 1+ deemed a* one of horrid brutall-y. His vicitn. (}?nrta Maxwell, had hia head severed tram his body , wuh an aie, alter which tbe h^us* vu r)b- ! bed of all its valuable*. A team was taken from the stable, and with tbis tbe murderer drove to Oorbaia, a diatanee of forty miles, and tbsa took the Grand Trunk Railway to Canada U was evident that tbe mnrder had been i committed when the victim wa* eating hia supper. and, increoihie a-> It may seem, ths I murderer actaa ly tlnlshedjtbe recast,ifter cat- 1 tine off tbe man'a head This was established ! by ths fact that bloody finger marks were ; fonnd spun a knife and fork, some biscuits, a cop. and other accessories to the table. Some circumstance* tended to fix suspicion upon tbe nan now under arrest, Samnel Mills, who uau English miser and at the time of tbe msr- j der. ws>-*it work|in the Lisbon Gold Mine.abjnt ten miles from Kramon^a Accordingly, a re. ward of f"Mtt was altered by the selectmen of Krancoma for bia arrest. This induced the detectives ol Bo-tea to take the matter in hand. Mills being a miner, it was though' probable that be would resort to a mining district, and I to all such places handbills were forwarded, giving a full description of his person and , manners. This led to hia arrest a few daya sine*, in Galena, Illinois. The prisoner strenuously d<*aies all knowledge of tbe crime, i but it is said that one of the Itostou detective*. ! on first reacbirg Galena, turned the man's pantaloons pockets Inside ont, and fonnd : th?m stained with blood, where, as would S"m, he bad thrust his bands into them. H?is atont t wenty-four vears of age, dark sallow complexion, lo w lorehea I, very ht*h cheek hones, dark, straight hair, and larje .md senual month.?Huflalo Erprtst, Thtt< How to Economize Fuel? I)r. 2-imnel Warren, author of ?-Tsn Thou-ni.i a \ e vr." recently wrote a letter to tbe M ly irof Hull, Kngland, to say tn*t oofore levying tor L>ndon be desired to mike a pra;ttca! Jugje?tlon to tbe housekeepers ot the town. The -uggeation w-s this: "To sooiioinu* he burning of coal, send for an ironmonger or a nliok^mith, ai.d order him to take the me.??ure of the bott. m of your grate and make y.jn a sheet iron pla'eof about one-sixth or an in li in thickness, or even lese. Simply lay this, and light jour lire as usual. Ii will soon burn up, hnt you must keep pretty open the lowest bar. so * - o secure a slight draught. When the fire las t*-pnn to burn poke it gently from beneath at.d the ITame will gradually gel through the entire mass of coaJs, the iron plate beneath ges red hot, and so keeps up a constant combustion, at the same time dispersing the heat tl.rcngb tbe room, instead of its being sent up tte chimney. thns entirely consuming tae coal, instead of tilling the hearth with ashes." A f?nny etory is going the rounds in Paris A lady in the first society was recently obl-^ed to dismiss her nmse on account of an excess of firemen and private soldiers too often repeated. After choosing as asacceseor to 'hi, criminal a very pretty g.rl, the lady explaining why the first was sent away, enjoiced it on tbe second no to do likewise She admitted that she shouldn't. can endure a great deal." said the lady, ?t.nt soldiers about the kitchen 1 uun't endure." After a week or eight daj^. the lady tame one morn ng into the kitchen, opened a cupboard, and discovered a yonhful military character. ?-Oh n.a'm:"' cried the girl frightened. "I give v>n my word i never saw that soldier before in all ir.y lile?he must have been one of the old mes lelt over by tbe other girl!" Sixgclak Cask ?A gentleman was picked up in the streets of Savannah. a few nights ago. by the police, who put him in tbe guard be.use under the charge of ?drank and h*lpFriends called to see him, ana mg wh m was a physician. The chief police o:licer told ibe doctor there was no use to <.e* the pat ent before next morning, as he was In good charge and would l?e all right next morning. The doctor, being a personal friend, insisted on serinjj the patient, notwithstanding the remonstrance of tbe policemen. On examination tbe poor man was dead, having been attacked with apoplexy, although strictly abstemious and temperate. STRUoriat:os or Dislocation-_Tue Nelson (New Zealand) Examiner, in reporting ! tbe execution of Burgess, Levey, and K?-t|y, j three Tbng-like murderers, says: "It Las been ! a matter ot dispute among-t medu al anthoritie? whether death iu such cases is caused by strangulation or by dislocation of the spmal I column. The necks of the t'.ree malefactors were therefore dissected by lira William* and 1 Cusack, and it was eatisiactonlv proved tbat I death had resulted in each case from ?trangnlaiion, the spinal column hemg found to be [ perfect iu every instance: thus setting this I n.Uih vexed qnestion at rest."' Periodical Fkvbr*.?Dr. W H Bsx'er. of Moscow, Iowa, writes that in oee month of 1 last autumn he treated over one nundred | cases of simple intermittent and remittent ' te\ ers with hypo-sulphite of soda alone, and I id no case has there been a return ot the fever ' atter taking the remedy a reasonable length of 1 time He gave it in i.fteen-graiu do es in solu- I tion in water. lie did not trust entirely to this medicine in pernicious or malignant types o. lever. I Sricips.?An old negro man. >ix'v-?i?ht i years of age. named John Minor, owned h? ; Dr McKennie, of Caroline county, becoming disgn?ted with freedom, wandered back to the i premises ol his old master, G. F. Goodloe, ls^ , and prepared a grapevine rope, tied his feet together and hnng himself in the woods. His body was not found for six aay= afterwards? Frederick ibury .Vcu-x. *7"Kev Mr. Veitch. presiding elder of the Winchester district of the E. M. shurch i? lying dangerously ill at his reaidence at Winchester, Va. W An mgemona Frenchman has inven ted a method of stopping a running horse by a contrivance whish seizes his nostrils and s'oos his respiration. fcTThe M< nam girls are --aid to prefer a whole gentile to one-teuth ot a Mormon It is somew hat Paradoxical that when they marry a (Jentile they get more man than if they married a Mormou.?Ex. W A Mi-sonri hla< k?mrh ha? prepared a i h> rse sh<? for tne Paris Eihibitlon, made ,,f ! raw ore trom Iron Mountain Half the ?hoe Is i finished, and tbe o-fcer half shows the ore a^ u is dug from tbe mine /"John lAudrnm and wife expired on the sauie day last week at Untbbert. Geergia. They died of lingering, bu' di?similar diseases X-Scme 'hieves brcke into a show-wmdow ota Kcooklyu ioja ?r ??ore and sUde three bott:e" lattelled W bis key " Th^ thieves were Drohably di-gutted when they found that the bottles contained only water. ^"An elderly gentleman, who Is ronh'ef with lamene--. wa< assisted into hi* slet^ti at one ot ih? hor-e railroad stations in B!>?fon ? oay or two sin e, by a couple y .nug meu who, u ii vie r cover of this act ot rn i n ? kindness, relieved his pocket or tUe sum of ?l..^i*i ^"T!? Cincinnati Gazette sta-e* that a b >v thirteen years old was blown from a tra u of ?ars while pai><ing from one car to ano'her The accident took place on the Indi.napolis .ianctioa ha; I road, and the Nv, tailing into ti.e snow, escaped wi hout in>nry. /"L'nis Kletn>n, a young German liv ng tm D bis s.s er. died on Thursday In New ictSc. from ihr ?-l!e-t t* ol a Mow on rue d?rvi wi'b an axe, re eived, it is alleged, a? the hands of .us sls-er. who has di-appeared ,<rTt"'v 1.' nl? ?las Company La?br.>ugh' a Milt against 'he city for f .o.ioo Jor gas u?,d since October last The city claimed that the gas wa? mnch be!, w the quality specified in the contract, and refused to pay th? bill of ths Company. fcTA hnndred year, before the first dtvorse in I tome. Maiachi, the last of the old propoets in Jndea. protested vehemently against divorce at pleas are as a crime against all rlgnt rellrjoas fcahng.aad the true companionship VA soperstitioua madman. ia Hungary killed lour children and ate their hearts b?' lieving that hy so doing he woald have power to become invisible my la St. Loais a Baptist Chnrch Extenaioa Society has raised PJSJIb the pa,t y?ar There are hot a thousand white Baptists in the c uy. ^"The bishop of London threatens the ri-ualuts with addiUonai legislation by Parliament to stop their practices HALL'S YKOBTAJNUB BICIL1AI RAlk KKNEWKB has frovsd Itself to be the meat perfect preparaOoa lor tae hair ever offered to ths nahiie It Is a vegetable componud, and eon tains a* lajnrleae pfopertie. *h*i?v*r. It will lasroaa Oaav Haib to its OaiaiiiAi. ObLoa. It will keep the hair from railing oat. It cleanree tbs scaly, aa4 aakss tbe hair soft, lestroos sad salbea. It Is i splendid hair drsastaff. Ho per*oa. *ld ??r yonag ebon Id fbil to eae it. It is IirnsaiiiM# and Oe?? mi tbb t\ Msi cal Arraoaivv mr A*k tor Ball s Tegetoble ttoiUaa Hair Kenceer, aad take no wtber B. P HALL k OO , Ns?h'ia, N. il., Proprietors, /er sale by all Dragglsts jatt TbJy * ? * AUCTION BALES. BY OOUHB * L ATI HIE . Amrtione<.r?. < Late cImii with Jm 0. NfOplre A <*> ?> |6?tk?Nt Mraw pmi*? mMMUtkrt ,9ta* Oflk* Building. ; 1vuih v". OOUBSB AMD IBSANB ABlLDM ? By tlriMol a d*W vftrul.lkM tk?U of May. A V IBM. ud daly recorded, the nnlerslgr.ed will Mil,ob WEDB EsDA Y,theMth day of Feb ruary, 18* 11 oTock a m.,at ths auction room* of Cooper A Ltllner, eornor of PiiMflttilt ?? eaae end 11th street Star Office biimidi, that cartels Yltejard. containing 7\ acrea, Mac part ot " Eosciaaxko Piece,*' described as follows:? B?|tiDU| el Atone Ho. 1, ob a ??r? roed el I ? nt en * Kosriu?tke Piece" by Moses Eeiley end Cher lee J. Uhlmas, thsnse loath 76 dee. wsO 4 , chains and >> 100 of e cheie, south n * d?g. w?;8t 3s7 M chaias, > uth 46^ <lef west ST-100 chaias, oath Si'4 dec. out IS 31-1 0 chela* to the ?eid , farm rood, theare by eeld roed to the beginning. | The piece comprises e valuable vineyard in full bearing, end la within about a mile of Washington city, and la well deterring the attention of ag rlcaltnrlata. T-rms Oas third cash, of which 91?* must bo paid lirmediate!) after tLa *ale, baiaace la six and twelve months, with lateraat. D?od glvea and dest of truat taken. FEED W. JOB IB. T roe tee fe I oof CBOPBB A LATIMBB, Aacts. BY COOPEB a LATIMER, Auctioneers, lata cterke with Jae C. McGuire A Co.,) Bouthwssi corner of Penn'e avenue end 11th at.. Star Office Baildlag. AUCTION SALE OK~MATEBIALB AT THB TMEABUHY EXTENSION On MONDAY tahrnary ix. 1867. at 10 odock a. m. will be sold at t?nhlii auction. at the Treaaury Itulidlng. the tollowink' article*, via. Machinery for Saw Mill -never aaod Several Uts of old Boor*, Sash.Frames Blinds, Architraves. Shatters. Fire Wood Bcraplron, Cast Iron Columns, Fire Orates, and Chimney Pieces Two heavy Wrought lion Axles and Boxm Iron Oates. Ao., Ac. Teima cash All materials to be removed within ten days after sale A. B MU1.LETT, Supervising Architect. fe6eo*d? COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aoets BY NAOLB A CO.. Auctioneers. Balesro om Mo. Penn. avenue. Between 9th and 10th sU. HAOLE A CO will give their personal attention to the aale of Beal Ea ate and Household Furniture Also, to the tales of stocks of Groo?ries, Wines. Li inora, an I Merchandise of every do scriftion. Horses, Carriages. Haruasw. Ac. Liberal cash advances made on consignments. Begalar Sal<<* at oar aaleeroom every TOESDAY, THURSDAY: and BATURD A Y, at 10 o'clock MAGLBAOO, jail tf Auctioneers. HEN&V COL MAN A CO., AUCTION AND COMMISSION M KKOH ANTsi, Moe 'i''l and '^9H Penna 0th and loth -ts Bales at auction every Tue*dav, Thursday, aud Saturday morning aud ev?ning H C. BBOOKEB, Salesman. A full assortment af Dry Goods, Boots, Bhtes, Furnishing Goods, Crockery. Tla Wart, St.***'. Ac .always ob hand at private sale. Cash ad vaccod eu consignments A LBO. Wholesale and B*tail Dealers In Hardware and Tin Ware, Stoves. Ao., N >s. ilJ7 and 23 1, 7th street, between M And H. A large quantity of Government stock, consist log of Blankets. Sheets. PiMows. Bhtrts Clothing. Carts, Harness, Wanons, Wagon Wheels, Wheel harrows Trucks. Platform Scales. Counter BraWs, C'ro, kery, Lamps. Lantern*. Tar, faint, and ioints Stove Pipe Also, large quantity of second jatid Btoves. with many other articles toe nu morons to counter *ts. The goods are nearly new, and will bo sold at almost any price to silt. ja 16-lm H. OOLMAN A CO. government sales" BL1LD1MB8 AT COM YALKSCINTCAMP AT AUCTION. (%?/GuarrrrmaMer's (&cc, D*po( of {Fa?At?fton,l B'a.wiinr'on, U C , February 9, 187. { By order of the Quartermaster General, tie buildings at Convalescent Oh tup, between the Long Bridge and Alexandria, will be sold at pub lie auction on TUBc*DAY . March 5, nnder tfeesupet virion of Brevet Lieut, Col .1 aires M Moore, A. y M. hale to commence at 10 o'clock. Tnese buildings comprise 11 Barra< ks, 6 Me?s Houses 2 Hospital W ai ds. 6 Store Homes. 1 Laundry.1 Wash House.2 Oflhe*.2 Stabl-s. 1 She-l.anJ 4 Blnks, whit): vary in size from 7xa> feet to 2&xi7s feet. Piiildlngs will be seld singly. Terms: ?'a?b. In Ooveramont funds. Fifteen days from 4ate of sale will bs granted purchasers to remove their buildings ('HAS. U TuMPRINB, Brevet Brig Gen. Dept. Q, M. General, f?9 211 A<:t?gCLiefQ M . Depot Wa^Mniron. i 1 ovebvmbni bale at CHABLBBTOB, If b. c. The following Ordnance Property will be sold at public aacttoa at tbs l'att<.d States Arsenal, Charleston. H C., on MONDAY, Mar h 4, is>7, ci'mmencirig at 10 o'clock a m : About net tons < Catnon > t'ast Iron. About 7iOin t tons St^ol. SltsrII. &c., laboctoaeLa!f have valuable soil metal attached ) About ltO t< ns Leaded Shell Ah, ut 1 tons Scrap Wronght Iron About 4.': tons Ssrap Hrasa. Copper. Ac. 637 Wocdrn Artillery Carriages, ironed, ltd Wosden Ct. ^iis. iron- d About 7.0 Cavalry Sadelea, Bridles. -i.5?0 Cartridge Boxes, and a ijaantity of other Leather Woik. 1 large Hand Fire Engiae. (bultt by Agnew, I'hiiadelphia.i About lr<W barrels Unserviceable Powder Also, a large quantity of other Property, cons.siIi.k ptincipalO .1 Musket Appendages. Ban. hope, mpl-ments. Miscellaneous Tools Ac , Ac. Ter its c<t-hob th day of sale, ia United States currency. An.pie time si lowed for the removal of Property . at th" expiration ?l which that not removed will revert ts its Get ernineat. By aathoiit;- of (-hiefK?r^)rj,n*^ C^pt. ai.d I'.vt Major. U S. A , fe9-?Amtd Commanding ? harlest n Arstn <1. j^AKof of abmFclqthinq7 DT?' OsitffefnsiK'V ) Balti,nnr*. Ml., February 6, < Will b? sold at Tabltc Auctlia In lhocity of Fa timore, at Government storehouse. Mo 1'2U South Entaw street, on WBDBB8DAY, 12 M , Febinary J7,1B<7. a let of AEMY CLOTHING, consUynjof^w yoBE STATE JACKBT8. of irregular patteiB. aud otherwise unsuited for iesue to troops By reason of its long retention 1n store, the material Is in tome instances mors or loss dam "Vfae sale will take place in lots to suit purchasers. Terms' Gash, in Government funds, on day of silo Three days allowed to remove purchases. Ill order of the yaaitormaster t.eaerel. A. 8. E 1MB ALL, Captain, and Assistant Quartermaster. U. 8. A , Depot Quartermaster. ADBEON, THOMAS A CO., Ho. I* South Charlat -treet. fe8 16t Auctioneers. 1MPOBTABT BALE OF GOVEBHMBNT VB8BBL. D'POt C^varitrmiitlr'i . > Baltimore. Md., January 3s, 1*7 { Will be sold at puulic auctioa, attiie port uf Beltlmoie. t Henderson s wharf. East Baltimore.) on THUB8DAY. IS M . F?t,ruary 28. 19S7. the BUPAKB BIDE WHEEL STEAMBB OOSMO PuLITAH, Of 779 tons, length, ?? feet, breadth of beam. Si test, depth ot hold, IS feet, cylinder. Ml inches, aud | 11 leet Itroke A rars opportunity is afforded in the sals of this : Steamer to pereons deeiriag to purchase a really hrst class vssel. She 1* of light draft the engine and hollers are In meat excellent condition, and the hull perfectly sound and strong. It is be'ieveo that fer size and build the Cosmop i:tan-nrpasses any vessel hitherto offered by UoursBii-st for -ale at title aort Terms cash, In Government funds, on day of ale f urtber particular* may be learned upon appllI < ati<n to the under signed or to the Auctioneers, Metnr* ADkhUN, THOMAS A CO.. No. 19, South Charles atreet. By order of the Quarteruiaster General. A B. KIMRALL, Captain and A. Q. M., IJ. B. A., fe 1 21t Depo^Qiiarteruiaster. ^OYEBNME2iT BALE The property known as the "GOVEBNMYN'T I Tambebi AND STEAM .-AW MILL, ' . Ith s'vrot) Mvs acres of laaa, near Sau A..tonio. Texas te >led Proposals, in duplicate, will b" received Q|, t"tlie Inldav ot March, 1S7. for tho pa r? h t<e ot seventy five acr-s ot l*nu. more or less, togethe: w;ih the 1 iilicmgn erected th'-reou, end the apBurteuancee appertaining, that is to *ay 5 ON E TANMEBY. 1 Containing TWgLYE ^Tt>^E LIMB VATS, ! MFTY TWO WOODEN V \TS, SEVEN STONE POOLS, 1 a?d capable of tanning Ifteen tbousaad hides per ' at-11 u in ONE STKAM SAW MILL, capable of sawing tl.iee tlionaaDd fe?-? o lumber dally. ONE SMALL STONE HUILDIH*}. The above prorartv Is *ltua*ei about two miles ab >ve San Aktonlo, on tlia Baa Aatoalo river, a ad tbe water is o*4*Ouc(ed to the establishment by a ran* of hewi. stone, laid ia < ement The laud ?a< purchased and inprovsmeats made by the Ixte to-called Confederate Governn-.f nt, and are estimated to hava cost in ; gold' Therrororty has been aader lease for the year I l?fr at a monthly rent of fMt, payable tn ad ' vabce A secured t4tl?* in fee simple will be given I I y the United States Government l'rrp< s?ls will be marked "Proaeeals for Gov ! emm?nt Tannery and Saw Mill.' and addressed to J. B KIDDOO. Bvt Mijsr Gea . Asst Com. Bureau B . F and A_L , Galveston, Texas ja 11371 w" ' wiiiia{fff,p 1 Show 6ass Manufacturer, School FuraltnreUA. and Ooasefnrnlshlng Warsrooms Msw an! |M| Old Furalture of all descriptions, boocht Ff | and sold Repairing, Upholstering, end Varnishing done at the shortest notice. Southeast corner of 8th end K streets aorth. No 13 de 18 Soi* ALMT BBACEKT8. A large variety t-raer and side WALNUT toBACEBTS At M MtE BITBB'S, Bo. 4*6 7th Street, S doors ab. ve feltt Oi l Fellwws' H all. OAL I BOB. ABD OIL. or tha Prartiaal Aoaer> \ / icaa Miner; baiaa a guide to oar mines and slsoral resource*, with numerous map* and Illustration*. Price 97M. _ ja IS FBABOE TAYbOB. PROPOSALS. jpAOPOsAUB IOB CEMEBT. r,_ , _ . TVfiwtn Dtwmrim+mt, / JJfcf 9ip*rruMt Arehiirtt. Prb. 8 1^7 < wtii1?J5I22S??? ,Sl!!Lh* r*c#,f*i *thU ??3* ??V!ltLn .rJUfc .-i February 23. ir7,f..r forai-h m ?. ILii t . or Oeorgetown. D. JL'i'. L^f "/ H)dr*ali* C> meat . mm bar Inrf hL k ^r",er(^ " M before A|rii I. I#i7, i^i^T *r ^'0M ll?l iTlw/: tba ?, Til? 5 Je* thevary beat <iaalitp, aad ?ab?rt aa eVflJv? H D:*T, *? . nad MW?V*I of the la ' " ?? Trsaawy Extension. ' mt*J1 be acompaaiad hv tbe curtnUi a^e!?J?* **r*?" tfcat ,k* t>idd?r will ? ? *? aad perform the coilrict If tvtrdtl te Thy P?r?rta?iit reserves the right to reieet an* us SAtsnstr""",c "* "?" ?< <* Bid. u be taclotml i a a sealed envelope t?i t? dorsed "Proposals for Oetaeat." 1 . . A. I. MULLETT. 1 fChran ] Supervising Architect. pROPOBALS POR PKttFOHMTNGgIFlt7 ' I Ml MfOKR or QOaLTKRMaBTJBR'h I DEPARTMENT mQlBKa H*adi*ari?, Iktranmim ,f Watkxwn, ) - . <<^t?a/Cfcit/ <S**rfr*ma<tet.} m WmsAmtttm. &. C, JinnarT *il )A>7 ( Sealed Proposals are Invited at this offioe na'il Ll Sli'.T.kE?? ?*? ?? far "?tTZMi " ?ji ' dead public eaiioala Ir*"? tfc* ' 'lonstai racks, buildings. |c #,w and oriuflH bj the various branches af the Wtr Departmsnt in and about this < uTTiZ WS* ?l "?? Clilef Qnnrtermaa ar &&t?m[t $"xr&v,or ,h#^rio<i * ? 'W . 1?&"<#*,B toJnr?'*h *' neeeeaary materials and I lator for performiag tne work, and to rive honda tobeaserntcd at oaoanpan tba award ol the? ? ! rlffht *! j'ub of fl"' 'bcu.end dollar* for tba i fat thin i perfi>itnan?e of tha **m? """? ior tna *? l)e made monthly. Should tha amount ?f work required durlne the ' period af tbe coLtract be either increased or do ' proportionate increase or deduc- 1 i???? r Iw*de m tbe monthly payments. L'ata of the pla< es to be visited ana a aUtement of the present amount of work required caa bebal on appll allot, at this office. ? 1 The nndt-raiKDed reserve* the right to reject int an- all propoaata ?hoald ibff t.e deemed too hlyh i ierlgh,tto " nnl ??" disenuttuuB the (octractat an> time when ther?itractor nh-ill f?il t'? porferm the aurk required in a prompt an I aatIsf ctor? manner. "" Bi?f? il onl'l be eadoreed ' Propo?al? fer P*rfonUnK^anitary Work ol gnartenuast.-r' DaPArtneit, iod to the ntiiiorriiffiied. rtwt R ? ? A 1 I?ODJH?TOB. i. ?i it. ' G*n. aud rbi?-f Quartermnater, ja 31 lot Department of Wa?hia?tjn. |>KOPOBA?fS >OK LUUBKIt. ~ o.fick .T?*i481 RY ?ErAR K". ) urriCK or Abciiitkot.S n nt\<^\2o \ri??fk* if*. Wf,eb^aarnT?I?is'> i*^r C* tt'a T^aaa j*|txta? Y*"1 f,,ribe N > th'w'lnu".^ 1 K^M *hi!Ail?toMl*"'M m the fol*w,u?lineal fee. of Carolina (h.arf F!o<,rir.e, rlear of knot* DOt ?'" ft ,nch- ^ ! M""VaTh tMck1 Bl'Mnr#-W Pine?om OalU., 1 ' 5 m ln"U?thickmeMUre' W Pi" Com 0nl,?- 2 1600 WJK5tt?saf,ru- 8c"M,??-3 ^ * JO.OCtt^eeteboard^Niea^are^Bpruce 8caatliDg,3t]r4 I S5,0it) leet uoard aieaaure, Spruce Raili, a b? S in, chea.^b feet Ungtba. ' ,,,n < cbee.t'rbkkrd D""uur#' W- plBe Selectp, 2 ln- , 1.WO ,?*'i;(bh(7;if ?M?nre. W. Pine Selecta.drea.ed. J S M Pine Sslacts.dreaird, J 4.0C? feet^lK.ard measure. W. Pine Sele. U.drat^ed, J 2,Wt)l?t boardinevtaro.W Pine Beleats,dressed. 1 1-4 Inr bea tbiik. < J OOu reat. board meabure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, ! ' ? '??? bta thick. ' 1 l|eet. board measure, Poplar, dressed, ^ Inch ( 1 >0? thick'0*'' m*Mnr#' p?H?r. dressed, |BCh .?.^^,hp*bov#dMcrlpti"""of bomber mn?l be of 1 r*' nialujr ol their several kind-, and must Silvered at the Treasury B a. Id in* f!!m 0l.d,>r*<1-*nd te ""bject to tbe In- I rial'a * C lnspectar and Receiver of Mate Bids to atata prlca per M. feet, and must be ac- 1 ?r, l'"d tir w'Wfn gnar%ntee front xome re- 1 sronpibU teracn. Dial tbe bidder will extent? aaJ perlom, the coiitr=tct if awarded la hi in The Department reserva^ tl>a right to reiectanv 1 ar all the ? id-, if rer.sldered f.,r th" 1 Qtereifof*he tiiernrhll'eUt 10 d0 ,0' or 10 ?cc"?t ?r porti.?s of IChroB J_ Bopirfiil., Ai^kd. pROIOSALB F OE^! ,0^0 N ST RUOTI0 H OK ? , , Mavok s Ofp:c?. Peb 4 1867. . fi'lV? rtce.ved at tlie M i> or s utfli-e until i.'n , ban RD AT, February i?>. for plans. spe< Ificatleris, and coustruction of ''<tber an In-ii or W ooden Bridge, at the termination ?.f K stroet lionh. a, ros- R,? u Ure-k. aaid Budrfe to bf-et will* and 7S feet l>ag aud not irss than lis feat abnve the surface of tba water at low tide. > or further Information apply totheOity Snrrey. BiOHARD WALLA1 MI. 10 * *?,d Mayor. J)ROPOSALB FOR^AKJttr TRANBPORTA^iraPTK & MASTER Ofc^BR*t> Omcg, / o . . w*'HiiBTti*, |). O.. Jaouary is, I8T ( rnM? i#,4 ,P1ro,J' ?' *?II racelred at thN eWca yn'll l-'o clock m.. on the i^th of February, i>*;7 for tbe traasportatlon ef miliary Supplies dutina APnl ' l^7. and ending March 31, ldob, on tba following roataa * , ROUTS N?. 1. nV.h?,l^Zf McPhertion. Nebraska Territory, or ach (arts as mar be determlbed up^u during the > oar on the Omnha branch of tbe Union I'aclOc rmi.road, wen of Port MrPheraon or from Kort Lsraiiue, Dakota Territory, to such pott* or deflt? ?? ir.V?\or " * ^ tablisbad in the Ter k 2 N'biaska, wsst of loncitnde b<2 dee in iI'iL1-!/ I1"1"'! ioutti of latitude 44 JJ_*'ritory el Dakota, west 01 longitude I 1 j Territory of Idaho, s nth ul latt!? %.41 ?^d east of longitade 114 da? and in the Territorten of Utah and Oolorado north of Iatinid^ deg , Including If necMsary, Denver _ _ BOLT* Ho. 8. From Fort Riley, btata of KaasM nr >n^k P0,?k" tt ?*rnt' <,et*rn"l"ad na odnring tha raar en the Union Pacific railroad. I D t. ?ivV, .! or depota that are now or mhy be establishedYa the 9tata of Kanaai or tn the Territory !' Colors 1 ??i^,S.0I,ttl,D'1# n-rth. and to Fo?t I I nlon. Bew Mexico. <>r other depot that mar he designated la that Territory, aad to aar other point ar polata on tbe rente. oUl*r _ _ ROUTE Ho. 3. iJ1. ^ '",?r ,u< > other depot as mar ba established la the Territory of Hew Me*Sen t,? 1 *D> Posts or station" that are. or may bJ^uib Mined m that Ten Itory, and u anch i.u 2?aUtioLs m nay be deiinaat#4 in the Territory of Ar- i M 3:i?nd /B tbe 8t*t# ot T*"? ?~t UoMltud* _ ' . ? BOOTH Ho, 4. _'r 'm ?t. Panl. Minnesota, to aacb peats a< are I!??T V Ti In the Mate ..f MinnaDakota Territory lyin* e*it of tbe llitAoari rifer. _ 7f? to ba transported dnrtng the year J u -I **i? ? ?n Boute fto l. sn.iiuu ouu pounds on Roate No 1. lo i? u oun pounds ; on Route No' poiinda *onnd,? Utl on Route Mo. 4, I^.uw. ra'te/y*0**18 W'U L? m*d* f#r "*h tonu 10vn lies' Tt'w'h.H? 1^ r*fr. per 100 ?r'nnJi P?r in each BioVTh .K?' w traiinport thest^rn A"" ' .>*. i "'IVH;"'-!- b-. bond i,r 1 m?re reaaonail^i dollara. signed by two or ' fa-eV2R!?-s ?.*erBOD?^*n*r*,,tort"? that in tio^ertiwtel ?*? awar.iad Tor the route mearl,n?tU?V!?n ?rop*?al to the aarty pr .posing th1 ^ Bcce?ted ana entefed into?and > ^ *c""Jty furnished by aaid | Uf^m< nt With th# temiof thta adver | tbe^oamonitg ? to bond? ?n On Route Ho. I, fj-o.oou. On Roate No. a, awuniu. On B >nte No 3, lis) (KU. ^'cro^e^^and eolit> will be rinlred ?^ered M *car*r.rSp?!i'* n,a,t b? aador?ed " I'roposMe for Army Transportation on Route Ho l.jTs.ori Tnlesa <^h*%n?iii',#- *nd. "?b* will be antertaio^ ot ihls advertisement? wUfa th> "^^.m.nts The party to whom an award is made mast be sl ve tkl rl * at onca. and to ^eth?^t'^,,d* ^r tba faithful performofferad'la'reaarvadf* ?' b'd' lhat raiT b# The contractors on each ronte must ba in readi t?r serT/ce by tbe 1st day of Aartl, 1M7. aad M?a?liLhZll bnalneJor wblea be may l>a commnnlcatad with SfXTrSf *Blank forma showing the coudlUene of the eonta ba enterad into for aacb route can be h&a on application at thia affice, or at tbe afica of the Quartermaster at Hew York, Saint L u Pert HS?T*^orth,?',,Bh*,8*,,U Fort'Baal' p"o?o?!l mI ??" >?y a*i be a part Of the By order of tha Quartermaster General. ALEXANDER BLISS, ja 18 ?t Brevet Lalonel aad AaelsUat _ja 13 36t ? qaartarmastarJP B. a. |jObTON ME8S MACKEREL. anIwr?srit7Sf,Tl'f fr** B?9tOU dIrwt' ?? nnd which rare!f n'Jid'th'eV* thU market bHng used mostly for home aonnmpMon ^VthV; base I*en trtmmed of every tirl ?? Klateble. the klM contain very much mi^a a quantity usaally packed. "*r* N. W. BOBOHELL MA 1 L L A R D^B 1" OHOOOLATB DB FANTAISI* Al3? "T bOHB'OH?. MAILLABD'B * CHOOOLAT PAR HX^ELLEHOH, i v?a'>tn (^BOOOL^'Ve* etuQfe H.W.EUHOBBLL '

i- a earner 14th and F atreata, 1 * lhbltt Hoaaa, LKGAii NWIOJEL II THB BUPRBMK tOUJl. or TUB DID* 1 TIllOT OF OOWCMbLA, . , ThhM tiftfJMMrjr.ui}. . Patrick * hise Hd Audi** J i Joyce. ICteilalnaBtS, | J???h J?hM?r Itirr Johw > qvtty Bo. 837. on, J ohm M lutoi. John I Flya aad John Aaioae, de-1 ftkiiuti. ' 1 >? 1 IjhI of ths bill tiled iafttalt cava* ts to pra> nre a decree lor the sale nf set tale p*mm or parcel* <>f groBDd lying And b*|n> la WasMogtoa city. Wtlrirt >4 Qoiamme, bMulict ftand part uf Let 4. ia Muare 1JM0, to eattafj adeht dne by de feasant. Juwpk JuhMBD, iw the cmalal naate. The hill sets forth la sabetaaut that tha aaid Jaeeoh Johnson "M indeht.d 1* Mid complain ant* In tha sum of #U7 ?ifor goode aot<1 and deItTered by eomplaliante to tbe said J?e?ph .lohi op That at II' Una of contractive (aid dabt the aid Joseph Johnson vaa >Mi?d and pqesaased af the raid pieces or parcels of gr .and, which, while IndebUn. , he ireuoulentl) conVeyed t> mW defcpdaiit. John M. Beaton, la trnst if r tbe sole use and btsfflt of Mary Johnson wife of said J<*eph Jehoaon. That corepintnaats ohtal -.edj ud?ir eLt etaondemnatlon of the aaid plecns or p-*rc. la oi groni.d In and by virtue of aa tluoinMat issued out of the ooitwod law aide of this court in fave* ot coinplalevnta saainat said Joseph J.Vinson and vraya that the said deed of trnit iron aald J?a pa Johnson ts sain Jobn II. TT*a<nn a* aforesaid oo prodaced before tbe < ourt . auo tbe *atne t>? oan called. That tbe aaid complainants, after the issaing of aald attachment aad M?e levins ef the nuiir on teeaald pieeee or parcele of ground. ascertained that the aald defendant. John Flyn, claimed to have a lira on tbe ?aid piece-* or patcelscf aiound. that on searching tbe land records *1 ? astmal. a county District ot Columbia, no lisr or deed o| iruat ?a? retarded in said laal records, l>rt that after finding of tbe jurr and indgnit ut of rofedematlon vn tbe *atd attachments. the aid record* were ukib aeaichcd and a deed of trnst from raid Jeaepb Jchrsont- Jobn Malene, to cure Jobu *l>n for the aim of tl ? >, ?*? found recorded. That the aald deed of t'a-t vaa recorded neatly eleven nout >8 alter the date tiwieof. ami ot? r two months afwr the Issuing an I lerivg ot raid attachment. 'j hat tbe said attach oiont ! a prior Hen oa the aald pieces and parrels of ground before the ?ald dee. I of trnst. Pray*a diacoverv.of the aniouut still dne ami unpaid on aid deed of treat and pray a a sale cf the siij pieces or parcela of grotied to satisfy the dntuauds of the coniplainanta and other creditors, and for&n injunction against said defendants Joseph .lehtiMin Mary .1 ohnson. John M Uanson. John Fhuar.d John Malona, aud their < enfe<lerat?a, vb-eH discovered. to restrain and prohibit th<*-u and tteir a?ei>?s an-1 servants ffou selling or ll? poeing of oriiimi manner farther incaniberins, t be ?nid pi?cea or t>arce|? of granod . Itia thereupon, thia 3d day of Jaonary, 18T, nAjiidk'ed ano ordered that notfe^of tblisnlt i>e Kiven to ti,e fal-l ao-i resident deft ndanta, J04epb > >Via i iti. Mary Johnson, and John paMisiuujj | a C4ipy of Ibis order in the Bve' in; Star, a news???per rnMlsh.d In the city of H a^hini(ton. In the I I'iMrlctof Oolomhle, thre# times *t week for si* | rotirecutivo weeks waridtii; s?*d nim renMeot d?- I f> ndants to be at>4 appeer. in geraon r by soltrlt< r at rnlea to held i n th? ofHce of the Cb-rk of | this Court, on tbe ftrwt Tneaday of June, A H. . 1-^7 to annw'-r the s?a.l>l l.iil of oompUint otii. r w^etbe same will be tak'ti pro rotnJes*o M-ttn^t thtm ProTi.led the Mrat publication of this ir ler i ?tia;l appear at Ipa^t fonr months beb>r?a>tid flrst j Ta?"d?> of June is", *i><i stitiug the ob.ect aud t.Lstaiite of aaid bill of romplaint. A. B. OL.IS, A"?o-i?te Jnstico, Ac. Atruecopy: K J . SI F.IQ^. Cl-rk * M.J' M1LLKR, Solicitor for compl>?inaBta. ja4 3taw?w DBTHANS COURT,*e\ 6.IW?District of Columbia. Washington Oo?;stt, to-ier ? In thecaaa of #orria Adier, admlni^tral >r W. A , at Mary Ai.n ? lark, dtxeu^ed. the adnilniatrittur . A. aforeMid baa. with the *pp^e^atiou of tiie iTphanv Court of Washiugten tiuuut) aforesaid, appi i;ited Saturday, the 2d day of March, 1*17, for it final settlement and diftrihntien of the puri >nal estate of aald deceased, and of the as* iU tn batid, as far aa the same have b* ea coilaoted Hid turned Into money; when and where all the creditors and beira of said dec?as?d are loliftwl to fctteLi'l, with their cl^iuif prop rly Touched. er they may otherwise by law r>e deluded from all benefit In said deceased * estate; proTided a cepy of thU order be published once a week for three weeki in the Kvcnlng Star, previous to the aald day , . Teei:?JAS. B O'BEIBNB. fe 5-w#w ? Blister of Wlfli. rpBIS IS TO OIVBMOTKJE, That the enbscrl I ber has obtained fl-otn the Orphans' Ooirtti Washington county, in the Uistrict of Columbia, letters los aipentMy on the eeraonal estate of IoIid T. Brnxtfiii, late of Washington, I> 0., ieeeaeed All perxom baTinf <ia>m? agafti-t tiie aaiu deceH>nd, ?re hereby waru?d to the same, with the Touchers thereof, to the antwrlIrfir. on or before the .list day of July ne*t: the> may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all bejn? Pt %f tbe said estate iv?n nuder my hand thin .tlst day of Inly. iy? MART J. BBtXTON, PKU>0SALS. djjOVKBXMENT SALE OF BYE GUrrK.M ~ Ojkcr Dtpc: Ciimmi.tMiy, / Fi rf Monroe, Vi/ftntu, feh ft. Sealed pn.pO'ila. In dn p|:cate. will re eivd l > tl.e i.nUtiaigMd uutii 8 ATURLiA. V . the liith li!?t.. at 10 o'clock i m for tiie purchase of t5 io-j ponnda, tnore or leas. H..aate.i ?nd <lronnd B ? (Niftee, riot t e ,uired 'Or issue ky tl.e United States U o\erTimeit The <;o!i?e ti in barre'a. avera?in<; 20-^ p-?mls ea?h. will be pntlngoci shii?piiiK order, deitv ered at the w harf for shipnu ut rre? ! cli*r^?., auj nm-t lie removed within ten days atter p uc la-e Propea-tls rec. ived for two barrel, and up war-'a The <iov?-rnment reserve* the rieht ro re- 1 jert any or all propoaals d>?msj anaitisft' to'v Terms < a?h. it) Ooverum* nt ?n-ids 0'i-?'lalf iai notifiraiion of arcepiance of proposals' re matnd'T t rior *o Shipment. Pr?.po?i.i- should be eii.iorae-1 on tbe envelope " Pr.'posala for R)e Coftee.'' and addressed to T. P M> LLKsTll, Firat Lieutenant of Mh Artillery ?n i fe 11 ftt Bvt. Major. U 8. A., A O a. pROPOSALS FOB *FL01B. 8T psisti^ick OFFT*. U. S. A . 1 rkaropko. 10.< wkst lwimky -tkeet, baltimorf. mt> . f^r.iary k, |;ykf. ^ Fealed Proposals, in duplicate. will terened att'iis oftl.*e until li ni., on TFIL'RSOAl, Februaty it. 18 7 for famirhing the Dnlt?.l ^tat^s ^abhisteure l>*-p?rt4r>eat, delivered In Baltimore, i Md , with Four Hundred <?08> Barrels, fresa ground BXTBA FLHFR. The propoaals will be for what l? known at this Pepot mNm l.andt, (tis)btiiB. No 1 abd Ki'i bbia. No. 1.1 to be of winter wheat, an I bids will be entertninedtor any iiian'lty lees than thewbcie. Any part of the Flour will be anhjert to order wi?htn five days After notification of acceptance of bid. bnt the Flour will be beld at tbeexaenseof tne ccntractor. until ?nch times and In such unentitled at It may be called for. Eids /or ta'k trade to be on xparnte *h*eti of Viyer. Blank forms are fnrnlibed at this office Barrels to be In good ahirptng order, fully h-id lin'd. Flat hooptd and machine made harrela will be rejected. Satnplea of the Flonr offere-1 must in alt case? be sent in. bnt not enclo-ed with the proposal. Tbe nsnal Government Inspection will be made jnet I efere the Fl- ur received, and none will be a -repted w hich ia not frt>k ground, and agreeing with the aample. Conditions, teqniremonts, payments, Ac., aa beretafere. Pr< po?a?e to be endoraed " Propoeala for Flour." and ac'dresaed to the underaigued, of wheui In s,utr? for lurther deiatie THOMAS WILSON. Bvt Llent Col. ^nd C S .C.S, A., fell-4t BTt. Brig 8?n Vols. PROPOSALS FOR HC J TbB ttetbo'list Protestant Otinrch <ieor .-.'town. O O.. will l>e received until TbrBfDAY EVENINO, February luh. Plans and t^i eciflcationa can be seen at my ?:tioe, corner F audith streets. HENRY R. SUABLE, fe 8 6t* Architect pBOPOSALS FOB NEW JAIL. Be paktvkvt of the Intskior, j Wash .v;ton January it, 1^67. t Sealed Proposals will be itctitel a* tuie Department until 12 o'clock in , on MONDAY, the 4th of March ,18<7. for th? erectiun of th>> fail in and for the Dietrtrt of (\<iaui1^a. authorized aaJ rri Tided far by the act of Conareas, approved July 26. Itftti. The designs, detail drau ings, and specia~ations can to seen at tin- architect s oftici,ia the ea-tern lrounds of the Oapitol. V'Mhingtoa city.every day except Sundays, betwteu the boura ot 9 a. ra and S p. m,. on and after the ffitn Icst^nt. Bepsrnt^ bide will ' e recelTeJ for the nia-Oriry work,brick work, iron work.aud carp>?iiti y worl,. Tb? c<>n<r&itur whose bid tn*y be accepted -will lere.uireJ totnterinto a saflicient bond, to be appro\ed by the Sccr*tarv of the Interior, for tae fa'tbful ci U'Sletfon of his contra, t Pavments will be ntud^a- the work i ro^reeses. on estimates cer'ified toby the architect, bat twenty per ceutr.tix of the estimates will be retaiued until the centiact ia completed. 1 lecontra. t win be awarded to the lwweet reeaonsible bidder, bnt the De|kartmeut the right to reject any or all af the bl la aaould it be dennfd tor tha tnterota of tbe QoverumaaUto do SO. The bids will he opened at a oa on tlia 4th of March next, la of each of the bidders as may choose te attead. Proposals should be endorsed on the envelope, " for Mew Jail." and be directed to the " Secretary of tha Interior, Waahiagton. D. f.? _ O. B. BROWNIBO, jaW-wew Secretary of ths Interior. D^4KR^0Afl"e!?*iy?S>ncs. ?o,?. -ss^fTiSBS- TWiubT Danbury, Coanecticnt. praying for the artaa* aioa ol a patent granted to hi* tha 3d day of May, lll^ orderwj that tha aald pMtlea be heart at the Patent Office en Mooday, the lAth day of April next, a* lSa'otock m.; aad all aeraoaa are notified to appear and aaew cause, if aay thaw have, why aaid petition oaght aot to be granted. * Peraoaa oppoMag the extension are required to Ble ia tbe Patent office their ebjectiona, spedaily set forth la writing, at least tmtnty days taCrathe day of baarlag: all testimony filed by either party to be need at tiie said hearing maat be Ukaa .nl trail am It ted In accordance with the rales of the office, which will be famished oa applleatioa Kd^M^JSite'SasSr:" Ordered, alao. that this aottae ha pabltsbeg la tbe Bapabllsaa.hnd tha latelligenoer, Washington. V. 0 , aad ia the Palladium, New Haven Oor.a . once a we*k for three eacoeeetve weeks: tha iSSSWaV d"? CoaaJL? *a3A?amS. * * tif,1,fVOT?w WMNHTS win^Measa opy. and aead their Mils ?o tha Patent Office wtU a paper oentaiaing this netiae. >aH iawlw railboads. rUJtSTLf^jill BO(7TB 1867 to thb bobtbwmt. mouth. abd south1 !) *mA ?W'?T** Waebiagton | BaMiaor* Jt U a u. : &^fc^>s^%;r!r1Krst M7 #*?rrw??, Two red ?il?? sarVlto WMtm MM Ceatral ?* Tort i Tw? Ml| TralM to tN Wert. * " ' R?rtk Baltlaaare io KOCHUTIBud : f'l liflCmGH vlUontchuf*. "**I*M?ts by this rout* fivm Btltloiore have t r|f.Vr,B,,SRiTji)fitt ck*"*~ " t""oa Tickets by tAla ronte can k? K?Nr*d it tk? ofl ? . coraar tth rtrest aad PMHrhtnti avenue, I nader tbe National Bet* I. ?k*r? reliable iafor matioa will U gl vea at all times. i __"a***ng?re procuring tlckote it till* offlce cut . JJ*"re ajcommodatlotie la Sleep!.. Cars for 11 ! '""""TV . WtLKIN*. Ttefcet Agent. : ?d. >.too?o.e?.,j'assr? d ol Baltimore. Md._ d?>i ir , gauwi mm mm WasHiMstow. Jaa4. 1S>7. ' B0wr^Iff;,<J^r^tu,n,tO*W,<J E9Wr?r* kUUK.withoat chanaeof oar*. ?Vm BunderTa* !: ? a m and j i ?*a **W T0**' ?*oa?<a? care at Pktled el- } I . dally (exoept Sunday? at 11:11 a. as aad 1 I >1 p, KB. PHILADBL PH 1 A . ?e,t <oacaptSunday)at 7 ?a and ll .lS a. j m., and 4.30 anl ?.3u a. m OB SUNDAY. m odiT *?rk *nd Phl,B4n,*h,i *l ? Bleeping ran for Hew York on ' SO p. m train daily. , through tlcketa to Philadelphia New York or Bo?lon. laubo Lad at the station Otiee at ali Soars ; la tlie day. as well as at tbe ue* office ij tk? banker* *r <S Br? kere Tetegraph Lib?, 34* P??nn. ' a?mn?, ?h *nd 7tMtrfct?. i See Beltim* re aad Ohio Railroad advertl?em?ut for schedule between Wasbingt-a. Baltimore, A ana poll., an. the West J , L. 'A I LSOM, Mattr o( Tren* pwrtatieo. L M. COLE General Tlckvt Agent ?*0. 8. &OONTZ, Ag-ut, Washington. Oc jn-tf IJALTIMORE AMD OHIO RAILROAD. W A?li-\.T. N. .I?tl 6 , 1 *7 Trains between WA8TTIN^TON AND BALTIMORE ar<l washington AN9 TfIT WBST re now rci m fo!l?w*, Tix FOB BALTTHOBB L?-a?? daily. except Sunday. at 7 0". 7 411. and IS* n?., and 2^a?, and ? JO. aa<J s 00 p tn. r ton all h ay stations. iKs1;:;10*" aBlldM *7uu ??1 fo& : Ay statiors south of aknapolm JLNCTlUH v"lD Leave at 6 14 and 7.JO a. an , acd at I.Ju and ? at p m. " ; _ tob ANNAPOLIS. Loaje at 7 ?r. a. m., at.rt ou p ra No trains to or frobi Aouapolia od Son lay uM 6L>UAk FOR BALTIMORE. Leave at 7'tf a m., and 2 ou ao. riJOp n , for WAY stations. Leave at 7:46 a ni., ant 2'fl" >tud *'W p F> kOB ALL PARTS OP THE WEST ved*11I. aacept eaulay, at 7:? a. aa., aad I a to p Hi. Ob Suuday at {? 00 p.m. onlp.ooanecUn* ?t Belaf . htatlou with tr%jns from Baltimore Woee.U*. Parkersbnra. Ac. 1 TH BOUGH TlOKBTB to the We-tcan be bad at 1 tbe ?a*htn?rf>a Stattoa Ticket Office at all hoc re in the a ay. aa weH aa at the new office of the Banker* and Brokers' Telnfraph Lino, 34S Peon, avenue, between 6th and 7tb atrcets Tor New York, Philadelphia, a-ul Boaton, aoe nlvertlnmerit of "Tbrouijn Line."' J. L WILSON, Maater of Transportation. , I- H. OOLB. GeTterftl Ticket A (rent. oc SOtf GBO. 3. KOONTX. Agent Wanbinrtoa. Hllson RIVER AND HABLBM RAILBOADS-Ou aud alter Mux L>A v N ? t9, l'<Jf>, triina for Alt%ny abd Tror. coauectim; with I p. eiiliern aud YVeateru trains, will leave New Yera ' aa tollows: 8 a m Bzpreaa train via Haieoa River Railroad, J.tb st and 10th ?v., thr?n?b to lta'*?lo and I t-n^peiitl.a Bridge without cnange o'cara and con- I ilr.R at Troy w itbtraiua lor Saratcgv Rutland, t Bnrliiig'on and Montreal. 10a ni Expresa and Mill train via Hudson ! River Kalln *d. conriectlne %t AH *ny with We^t tn train-, and at Troy with train? f r N'-rth. | 11 a tn Express tialu via H?r!em ttulr al, I 2 th #t and stb *v.. c< naactitia at i'bethvn with : We?t?m Railroad for Lebanon Spring., Pitt*tie d, I ?c . at Altanj ulibUeatern trxins. ai,d at Troy t with traiiia tor Baratcga Rutland, Barliaaton and Montreal. I Up m Expreas train via Hnd?on RIv r RaM- I rohd coattectinr at Albany with Waat-rn tralna, and Ht Troy with trains lor ^lonlr??M with tiieep i ine car attached 4 16 p m. Express train tit Harlem Railroad,,* At Cbatbaui witb Wecteri, Kail road for Lebanon fifilngs. l itt?fteld, Ac : at AH ar.y with Wr<tem trains. aDd at Troy with trains for Bnt ' I tcd. Hnrlinirton and Montreal Sleeping care attached at Albany. 6 jo p at "lpresr ;r?ain via Hudioa River Bail- i road, with ^1-eping cara attacbtxi, a d through to huflalo and t?uip^::Jon Brils without change of ' cars. Also, neex'n* car every day excepting S?'nHai a attached from H?-w York tb-omrh to Ogdenai urg withont clian^e. via Rome W.andO Railroad. Oonnectton tor Troy will be mad* at East Albany Tbln train will ran on Bonder* II P m Train via Hudaon River Railroad, with sleeping car attached, c nuecting at Albany mith early train* f?r Bnft<l? and Saspenaioa Bridge and^at Trey with trains for Saratofa and .points ' A Snaday trala will be run via Hudson Biv*r Railroad fiom New Vork to Poucbkeepei?* and in- I tern ediate etatirus leaviug New York at 8 JO a 1 di. Beturning, leave Ponshkec paie a: l.4> a. w> < arriving In New York at 6 IS p m Also, a Sanflay train viaH trl m Bailr->?d. leaving 42d street et Ma. m , and arriving at Mfllertoo at 3 60 p an Returning, leave Mtlbrtoa at S p m,, arriving la New York at is.3-< a tn WM. H. YAKDBRBILT. ja It Vice Preeideat. TO TBAVKLLBBB OOIBO SOUTH TWIOB DAILY, (Bxnday p. aa. exoepted.) Tbe ?nlckeat and moet direct route Is BlcbiaooA, Va .and tbe South, via the Potomac _ steamer* from Sixth Street Wharf. Waabingtou to Aiuia Creek Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Batlroad, > I now entirely completed from Crenk to BicBUiOud,Ve.connecting there with traineoa tBe Rickmond and Petersburg and Richmond aud Danville Railroads, for Petersburg Weldon, Wilmington. Ralelgb, Greensboro', Sailsbtry. Charlotte aud Ch<-?ter. S. O Steamer* KeTport and O VanderMIt leave Sixth Street Wharf dally (Hnnday evening excepted? at 6 40 a. tn. awl 7 p. tn unr? arrive In Uchmoad at 1.4.'' p. m. and S SO a m. THROrOH TO RICHMOND IB SEVEN HOUBS. Vtfty Miles Bborter and 2t. Hour* uutekar ta?a aur Other Route. Ha rare and get Through Ticket* via Aeate Creek and PrederickaUnrg, to Riohmoad. at tbe Cvnipaav a Oftce. corner v( l'? ?u? avenue aud oil , streat, or on board of tue boaU ^?a?age checked , through. ... . Omnlluaaea and Baggage * agoaii will be 1c ' roadlneas to c^nve* p<*aeeugeft and baggage be tween depot* 1h Richmond fl Paeeeagers by thi* line paee by daylight Mount Vernon, and may have an opeortuuuy of vleidug several battle fleMe near Vredericksburg by atop , ping at that point. . . . Breakfast and sup on board of Weaaiert^ GEO. MATTINGLY Bnpt . Wa-.hlngtoa D O O. I MATTINGLY, T!cke^A^eaU apS-ly ttaaeral Paaaenger Ag'aut. POTOMAC TBAMBPORT^TION LINE. NOTICE TcTBHIPPEliB Tbe Btaamer EXPREssTcapt. B. A. HITtiBB. leaves W"aahingtcnat6 a m. and A_1 _ Jt?, exa&drla at 7 a. tn E\ tH18AT URDAY for Olymyat* Bald a Ferry Smith'a Point, Chattart;n Laadlag. Na t Stores, Mathlaa Poln?, Char?l Point Plowdeu% t Wharf. Laacasiar s Wharl, Stone* Wharf, CurlioBien Ba/i Fo*welL'? Wbarf, ila7etr? wharf, . pint* Folot, Point Lookout, and mrriTat at Bmltf* ! VS. bmIh ????.?.?.. i ap7-tf Ho. 34ft Penna. aveaue. PBOTBCTBD BfAoVAL^IbBTTBBl PAT- ! ent of Bnalaad, and eecared by the aaala of the , Boole tfe Pharmaoie de Paris, aad the iapertal , College of Madk*ae, Vleaaa. Trieaemar Ho. 1, la the attectual reaaedy far Betaxation, kpermatborrkoea, and Bxhanetlon of tbe By at em Trleeemar Ho. t ha* entirely *mp#r- t aaded the naaeeoua nae of Ooaavta, Cubeba. Ae. Ineeemar No | Utke InfalUbie raaedv Tar all purities aad Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the mae of moreary and all eiker deleUrioaa s,^^^rt4sr?;r'j,vustr-.3 WBoleaaU aad retail by Dr BAKftOV, Be. 1?? *To^eBad atoe^ofY oloBD. Bo. **0 Beaaaa.anraar llthK. ue a-tg JIT ACKKBBL ABD OODFIBH. 10 000 pounds large SHOBB OODFIBH. dB BarralaBo. 1BAOBBBBL. delt tf Bo. 46ft WlatB et.. hot. B aai f. 1 BMF.1iSSa^BS JsW FBABOK TATLOB, KA1LB0AD8. G..AT TfWE'tr.VVkWV.,^,, " fi a5?iS3S!v SIMM?TiJ ' 0BN1N? AOrOBMODATlOBt ! &? *f *">** -? - ? ? ? MOBBING IXPMU _ Af t.l* a. rn for iMdiu, Uluoi. HarrUhmr. P'ttBTiUe, Fine Cr??t, TtSMn BBBbnrr Vtf* fiam s > or t. Elmlra. HeeHemer\V^era Fall* a$ two, Aiientaaa. Wllkeeaarre. 7in.?!. VLk (wrtlale, Cha&barabatc. Hagemowa a* , a* * Thle trwi roaaecta a* EBA Ll.Vti *ut hi.".., Penaayittuii Natiread traiae far ^ ?m with the Utwoa \ alley tralafaY fUa?t.' burg. Ac ; at POUT olistun >1u oastt^. Ran road tralaa for h tiltemaaort. l?ek ' jfiilr., Ac.. at BABBIBBIBB with *"??"' c< atral, Cumberland Valley, Bad Saituyiklll -? Bregnekaana trwtn* for koftfcn raherU.,d t^? lien aport, Tork i'kMib?rik> r?. Ptaecrere' a? , irtiuoox EX fBBSS DLeasee I'hliedeipaia at S.JO p to for Bn<1m, Pottarilie, H?frubur(. Ac , ~Titrfin> ...V H> *au.g and Columbia Railroad uum Cwr ?. c<mm? tint Ac. ^ BBAD1BG ACOOHMCDATIOB Raa*ia? Ml?t di eiopping at all (>i atationa. arrives la Panadaiplta it ??ra I 9 Re.ititiag. Imtm Philadelphia t| |]d i' m irufi in Regain* at: v p m p> ' lriiM or rbtiaJeipkiereare Harris* a rg at 9 M? ia!? ^B? Poturill* it 8 42 a ..trrirlHia PBilajet?hiaat iis p ?. afv raoon traiBellara liarrtal'Urg tt t 1<? p. ?n aol fott?tl||? at i 46 b m . anivn.gat Philadelphia at* a p m * ??? Barri-turg acenumoOeiloa lea Tee Headiag * tai4 hi .m4 Her riabarg at 4 lu a a. Ooi.uect lag M Reaoltig a Kb ifUritv a A<~coaia<Mi?ti'>? fj??. m,*'* ' m" rrlfln? 18 P*?U4ai?kla at Ueiaei Train, with a yuaatnaer car att&rh?i lease* Philadelphia at It boob for Keadiag mi wa) auiirat, leaves Reading li at* a m ?ni ia * f#r ph,'a4*,?hi* *it ail the at" re tralaa run dally, SondaseeaceatBd boa- ay Irate* leave Pottovnle mt 8 a u. JZa Philadelphia at 9 16 p m.; leeae Philadelphia f?r Reading at 9 a. b . retcrainr from Reading at 4 b *'*' UHSMEB VALLET K A 1 LK< > A (> rui?t|trilar Dowuiavioan *i?4 lairraidiaia pfiou t?kt 'ba ; 30 ai.d t.lii ul ?u ? tratra frcai Pbtlad* lybia. raturutuc iiuui d^.., iu?to?a at 7 a u. at.d l2.j0na( b "W *?EK i^?5Er^8TlTTTR?CE?? Lrar*" Mew York at 7 W a. ni aolji m a?? in* Kaaoti ? at i M, ii m a m an 1 | 4" ? m , t<i.? at Barrtatxirc with P^n??, |Va-na t ?.nU,a tMirai Kailroad B??r.? t'4 n. f f u???'&: Ciuc* (" Vau Batnraiof Expreaa TraiB i far-a Hamal .r. . twmj.lfc Kxprt-na frum PltuZa* ? at S and 9 05 m , v Ift p m paa-ioe u?1,, ' . 4 4?aad,l?.?a. a,, atd .1 v J b .tTml?* N?a I< rk W a. aad 1.4* p n, ?l-, ?|ni< *cc?.n par-jli,* thf.a traiaa through t^t.-.,, mm Liu aai pi.Ubur.k. w.thoat eka,,^ ** J#r* Mntl trala for Baa >ork loarea Harrlabtirc at l!itSSi " '? T""1" " -ii BCHWYLKlLL AB^SrsyriHABaA BAIL. Traiaa leuae Aabnra at 7 fiOa m for Pln?rrom and Harr labor*, aad at l.m p. m? U>r and 1 ramuBt, retaralt* uem m ^rriatar* ? r ?.? aad from tiauoat at 7 m*.m. ?ud ait ' peeioht. ot^da r.fall daacrlptioua forward*! to all tha al or? ?< tnta from the vompany'a new Kr.le.t j>4pat, lr^ad *bd w 1 iloa atrexta . .... *'?l?llt tka1bs pbi'adrlahia daily at saob. m , w a n< on aad?y m. for K?a.ilu?, lal.aiioa, Harriahar? Pcttarllla, Port tUnt-aod all poiaUbayoid.' ci ore at the Phllada p\ la Poat Offlca for all ?um?a ..h the road aad ita braocbea at s v m *"a is'* atati,,aa oaly at S.U u '* Pennsylvania cbmtbal bail ho a |t wlniek akuamua ment * tha traiaa of the PeuD-ylraala Oaatral Ball. T v? i"*e lh* ? aad Martit atrWta which ia lea had dire, il, b> taacara ta. a?ketPtree i'aa- a?er Bjiiaray. tho^-?t tutijke.tmw^aftt. ^trn>t r?n wiiaia oao ON hc n bays?The Market Streat Car a lea to Proiit ai.d Market atreeta ft lulcotaa hefori tufc departure af ea< h ira.o ut* mann'8 baooatfe bxpbbas Will call for aad dalnrar fcaxe*** at tha l>epat ordor* left attaAtton" CUaatuutauaat, win racalra _ . T<-*in Ltart Dtot% Tit; MI Train a* j M ? m Paoli Accota'a Koa i a 2. 10 v a m i jt %, 9 m' t!t? v"* \*d kr,e *t ij wi ' haikaturu IraiB at I (M m ilarilabar* Ac<.?tuui<?iBtioa.... u - ju Lanc?tttr Acccm: . datioa.... >t ? ia> m m' yitt?i or*h and Erie Stall at 8ta?'?t pl ladelybia Birred " .it l" 00 f" u' c pmabur. a B.Ie Hail laar^daKy. xc?pta?t,i.fcJ'^e.,,hU **pr#" ? ?!*. All otbar ^ ^ ^ Auudu) - ??" *.**?" hi Traia ?a to Willlamaaort v Itteat rlimbge of cara, aad arrive at Lack Ma>on at 8 H p m .**' ***?* ? ? * *' **a1a *0 to Car lUIa aai cbauit erabarg wlthont a chubf* of car* ^'r* ? r"r Tic-kau caa he had on application at the Tickat Ofti?_a, t>31 Chaatuat atrvat. 7Vo.a? Arrtre at D*pm, I'.t CiBciauati Bxareaa at itaoa m Pbllndalphia Eapr*aa at riuam" Pa li Acvam.. has. 1 A J ??i m , A 7 )0 a n Parksborc Traio j. u m , ? ra?|CCae.Trmla "^Unp'.m. Day Bxpreaa . ill'."..'.".'* ? *0 a m" harri.t.urr a. coaimo laUoa at tIti i MeaOay U e*oe?t CiBCinaatl ExpreM arrlraa dally. au otbar traifca dally excapt Souday ?*o?r ?f.^T**n**Til#*Tl,,K 1,0,11 Baraa at 7 a. at . and MllUamapnrt at 40 a. at., reach Philadelphia, wiiboat chaa?a af cara, Willlama?ort, br Day Bxpra~a, at ? ?>p at ^ the PeabaylTauia Railroad Ooapanr wtll aot atAun e any risk for BaKca?e, except for WaarlBw Appart i, and limit their reepooeibiUty to Un? Bundred Dollar* ta value. All Ba^gace exceeding that amonat ta valne. wfll be at the riak >t the owaer naleee take a l y a^al ooVtract * For further inforiaatiou. apply to iOUB C. ALLEN, Ticket Afeat, 611 Cheet* sot Hrttt. b abc el h. wallace, Tiekat a?eat at tha Depot an emigrant tbatn raaa dally, except Baadav. For fall yarttcalare *a to fare aad acconaoda tlcna apply to PBANC18 PUNK., 1ST Dart at. fBBTBAL BAILR0AD OP NEW JBB8BY? v/ phaaeB?er aud freight Depot la Be? tork. toot of Liberty atraet. Ooaaecte at Baoia*r>a Jonctlon with the d**!eaare. Lackawaaita aod >a cetera ba^road. au? at e?atoa with th* Lehigh >?ll?y Kailr ad and ita rot,nrc?i. n?, ferniitta a direct line to Pittabarg aad the wart without charge of can. ali emtown line to tbb wirt Two Axpieee Traioe aally tor the Weet, except hunda>a, abeii oie>- 1'raiu ia the ereaiug Mxt> uiilea aad three boara aa*e<i by tlita hoe to rhir ,g0< Ciacinuatl, St. Louis, Ac . with bat oa? chaata of cara. WINTER ARRABOBMBNTS, Con.tae dug Jaaaary 7, ls>7?la^te Bew York aa followe : wi a m ?For b<trtnb, bethlehem. Match <l? k. * 11 llama port, Wilkaebarr . Mahaxiy cit%. Ac. a lo a m mail Tsair?For Flamingtou. Eaatou. Water tiai. Bwraatoa, WUkeabarre, Great li? l.i. Pitiabur*, Bi Lijhaintou. Ac. 1< a. ii ?Western ixpre?!< for Ea-ton. Allentowii. Harrlaharf. Plttal-urrf, a*>d th? *eat. with 1 nr one change m cara te Claclntiatl er Ohlrar', at.i but two rhait*r* to St. Laaia at Harri-harc with Northera Oeatral and Philadelphia aad Brie Roads, for Brie aad the Oil Ragioaa. 12 m t?4is -For Eaaten. Allentewn, Maoch ^'huiik. w llkeaba- re, Reading, Pott*title. Barrl*burg, Ac. 4 P. M -For Bait a. Bethlehem, aad Maucb Chunk. 6 P. M.? For Boxnervllle and n?aiatt?a. 6 P. M ? For Baatoa. Read lag. Harilabaif. WillUmt^crt, Irriuetou. Corry. Erie, Ac. tileepiaa car tr.'ia "e* York to WtMiamapert. IS P. M ? For Swtnorrille 7 .10 p. m.?ForSomervilia. sp m - w*>ii k\ Bxraaaa Taam ? Par Baaton. Alleatowa, Reeling. Harriet arc, Pituharg. ai.j the West. 81.aping car* throngh froai Jersay Cltj t> Pittaburg every eveaing. Adrf'tloaal tialn* are raa to Bsrpn Pot at, Blizabetk. Ac. _ _ TRfcet^for the Weet caa he obtaiaed at the o?aa oT the Oeatral Bailroad of Bew Jeraar, foot of Liberty (treat. North Ho. 1 A*tor Hvaaa, Boa. ill- Bread way. aad at lo. 10 Greenwich atraetjaIt JOSIAH O. 8TB* BBS,Superiateadeat New york ahd bbw havbb bailboad. Paeaeacar Btatioa ta Baw Yark, ooraer S7ta atraet aad Faarth araaae TRAINS LBAVB BBW YOBB For Bew Ha*aa and Brtdtapart-l. 8 1 Bx ), U ? m. m.; is.ii <Bx.),l(Ba >, sa0, AAI. aad 8* Bx. k 'itrt Mllford, Stratford. Fairfield, Be a th port, and Wee*port?7,11 AO am, S.W aad 4 SD p m. For Nor walk?7, sao, II ad a m ; BUiBx.). 5 (Ex.hi 8*. <* *??. at. For Dartea aad Oraaawich?7, IB, 11.90a . t ,*>#. 4.90. f.M. aad M a m. For Btaaaford?71 S (B*i,9J0.11.Ji a. ia.: ?1? (Ex.?. s?e* liA0,4.90, a.*),* 90. aad l(Bx.l ? >. For Port ORaatar aad latarmadlate Btatioaa-7. f AO, 1LS0 a. 9 10. 4 *1. 8 99. 8.99, aad 7 p. m. OONBBCTIBG TBAINB. Far Boetoa *ta Sprlnafield-A a. m., (Bx.;) l> (Ex..)8 p. m. Tor Boetoa rta Shore Liaa-19 1*. (*/of'Hartford aad Rprlagfletd-d, (b*.,) 11.9" a. *Far Ooaaacthrat Liar Ballraad?? a. m.. (Bx.,) UWa^KtT Howtrwal 8 p. a. to Barthamatoa. For Bartfeid, Prarldeaoa aad Fiahklll B. B ? ><fvV*v KH?B< *ow Loadea aad Stoaiagtoa 1&Sli*?aASy.-r J .Vi. a-u-,. **Far fliiaaatnaln aad Baasataek Ball road?8 a. ""f^rVaaharf aad Barwalk B. B -7,tSi a m.l 4 ^Vrniaodleua Heepla?Oara attacked tai p. m. *)?%' JAMBS H. HOIT,?a?erlata^*??.