Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1867 Page 1
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f (Stain g Slur. v?-v.. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13. 1867. N?. 4,348. ^ * ~ti1e evening star PUBLISHED DAILY, 18CR DAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BVlLDtNO, &mtkwftt farmer Pin*'*- ****** ?M 11 tk itrut, bt W. L>. WALL, AC H. The STAR to served by toe carriers to thoir enbec-ribore In the City and District at T?? Cbiit* ram win. Copies at u?e conn ter, with or wlthont wrapper*. Two Cbbts each. Pkicb fob Mailibo--Three months* 'OM Dollar and Fyfty Ctntt; tlx months, Thret Potior t, one Tear, /\t? Dollar t. No papoxa are eat from the offee longer than paid for. The WEEKLY STAR-pu4>Wshed on Friday morning? On* D+Uar am 4 a Half a Year. " DENTISTRY. D~~B. LEWIES DENTAL ABSWCIATIOR, Ho. SbO rl.NN'A AVE , Between tttb mad Uth streets. Teeth extracted wt trior* pain by admlnsterlnc Nitrous Oxyde er Laughing Oaa. i)f /^K^ LhWIEbas recently purchased the best^C^I# Chemical A?Mr*tui ia the country for^ ' 1 ' " traklng prt|M?rer> d?y, alec, aa improved Val ruler Inhaler The Association U now prepared to n>ake Teeth on Gold. Silver and Rubber at New York Philadelphia an1 B<>?ton priree. All person* wishing dental work done can have it asch-at as ia tbe above name-1 cities All work don* ia tbe n*?test aad best manner, and warrants 1 to give -etisfectioa Persons will do well to call and exemswe oar work. de ti tf t v* T M 'LOOM?.MJ>.. J^e Iaveater and Patentee of tae BH1BAI* Ft AT B TEETH, attends personally aty^ bis orcein this city. Many persons canl^H wear tue?e teeth who caanot ?ear others, * aad no person can wear others who sanaet wear theso. Persons calling at my offloe ean be acootnmoda ted with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to these who are particular.and wWi the anr?*t. cleaneet. strongest and most perfet Va; tore that art can procare. the MINEBAL TBBTH will be more fnllj warranted. Boosne la this elty-Nc 3S* Penn'a areaae. be tween l>th end 10th rts Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia ocj0jv_ PERSON A Lu V'OU CAM REV KK MAKE THE TRIP on Ba 1 ohn or Samaritan bnmbng* See Dr U*? FY, 4 7th ?ti eet He Is the hign*>st authority t ii m). h cases. Hts private rooius are opposite Odd Fellows llall jagt-lm DBBTIITIOI BKTIEK T?AN OiJRl I French preventives against ul?e*ee ni pro? nancy . sbrD such is nude i. able i a^ut to au addree at St.B.V %?aiii !S7i>-r lo/en according to tiuail'y.l.y Dr. Wool* I'.ox ?o3, <T call at i" tb street, np stairs.) W a*biugi?,n, D .aS-lw* \|RB Cl'MTlS IRVING, CMM-os/ant, an I Test 1*1 ,J. j mm. will give life readings, Including Past, Preseutauil Future at her odice. t '^'J, n rth side of Pa av., Utsron *? aul dtn streets. Oftce hour' hen $ to I a in id<I i to < a a. .? M l:u AM Al lil' E KS.AL. BUIBBTIPIO A3rBOLOGER OF aMKUIOA, ? ron the r >sttiou am aspect of tte Bears at the tim< i our * birth, will astoni-tbinii se ere:- ihat do li't uk mortal ever knew l?eiore, h ?w to b* - ic ?-4itul I Tk all re i^O'i *i?lrt un<lert-*kiu*<s. iie fell- ran^e and vsry day you marrv . de-? ri es the ii)t?-i e<i cantpanion, and t?-lis sll eferits of lite gt' ti ia< k and lonir lite t<> >tsuors. La iesSO cents to ;I: gentlsnea iu foil Jl. Call at I 70 lJih st tesr F. all houra until * in tae eveaiutc ' de SI 2ni / ' IM LK M EN WHO AKK AFFLICTED ? A " 1 .-ure warranted by an old Surgeon of twnutytbree years' e*pertence in tbis particular branch t the profeaaiou. Charge* moderate Do not apply to -tuat ks. tut to J B. OMiW^SiiS, M. D., Inte of tbe Uuited States Ricord Venerea! Hos aital. Othce No. '<11 South A street, opposite tne ( ap'tot ? sar?-.soiith?l>lc. N H - Msdicinee also furnished at cost. deJJ lm' CCONFIDENTIAL ?Tonng nun h%?e In ;ured tbsniselvea oy certain serret habits, which utjflt th<m for bn?ine?s. plei?are, or th?duties of married life, a I *o. middle ?tod and old men, who. from the follies of youtli. or otner 5au*es. leel a debility iu <dvancf- of th^lr years, before placing theno-elves undi-r the tr> *meBt of any on*-, should flrat read "The becret friend.'' Married I tdies will learn voroethin* of importance by p? rusicg "The Secret Friend.'' oent toai?y ad drees, in a sealed envelop** *>n receipt of 25 rents. Address Dr. CHAS. A STUART A CO.. Boston. Mass no s ir CLOTHING, Ac. ?' ~~T. HE IB E RU BbT, i S a cress or to H P. London 6 Uo.( sa CITirEys \>D >111 ITAjtY ^|| VFKCHAS7 TAILOR, M<tr-?ol tan notel late Rrown s, (f 3c?'i Pennayl??nla avenue, rr.7 1 tf Washington. D. 0. OTTO UILKBN!) PIANOS AND CARUART Sl Mli IiaM 'S 1'A RLuR ORGANS. All will find it greatly tn their interest^ is. to M?an.e t!: -*?-upert- 1 uMruinenla be-Ss.^yyB fi r*-*'pnr?hasing any other. Ill \ i ? Only agency at GKOKGB L. WILD A BBO S New Piano Forte and Organ War'-roo^o. N i. 497 11th -treet between Peon * av*-nne and E -'tre t A aslert asw rtment of new ai ri -ecoijil b't'el Iuatrun mt.?, Including a CHTRCH ORGAN, for sale nt lowegt far??ry price- and on easy terms Tl M > <? and RBPA1BIN0 faithfully executed bo u (m* KET DISEAdBS. ? A M A R 1 T ? M ' S AIPTI SAMAMTAira Qirrr THE MOBT CBRTA1N RBMBDT EVER CSED "Yea, A Po?<t:vk ?rax," fer (toyOHKUlZA, ULKKT, 8TMC Tl'K&3, 4s Contalna no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercnrj. Only Ten Fills to ^s 2H*is u> kjfeci a Cure. They are entirely vegetaole, having no amull not any anpleaaaut tast", aad will not in any way injure tbe stomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures tn from two to foor days, and recsnt cases tn "twenty tonr hours " Prepared by a graduate ?f the University of Penasvlvanla eneof the most eminent Doctors and ChemlsU of the araeextdaj. ?o sj-po.?i?t?. no irowc.'i, nt. chant* wkmUttr. Let those who havt despaired of getting corad.oi enrr ?i Be||t by mmii Jn # plmJn eBTe,0M Price? Maie pack at 3e, $1. BLOODr BLOODH BLOOD/// scrofula, DLCBRb. sores. 8potb, TETTERS. scalks, boils, syphilis OR VENEREAL DISEASES, Ac. SAMARITANS ROOT AXD UKR-B JUICB I* offered the nbllcaaa aoettlve care. BVPH1LIS OR V k. > sKIAL Ol3fcA?KS, ths SAMARITAN t? ROOT AND HERH JUICE is s B.oet potent, sertain and eflectual remedy aver preacrtbed. tt reachee ami eradic.atea every particle o! the venereal poison, ao tnat the carets thoruugt and permanent. Take, then,of this purifying rem ad; and be healed, and do not transmit it to yon* posterity that for which yCn may repent la aft* yeara. DO n?t rrwpaib1 Bltbongh too may oe proj, -uu' e . incnrabls, samaritan'!* r<n>t anl? h k rh jl'fc'bb will remove every ve?ttg* sf Impuritle-t from ths system, as well as all the bad wf eoSs of Mar. wy FEMALhSi FEMALE^;!7 in many atlectlona with whlcn numoers of Fe mal's -ort. r the RooT AMi uikb JUIOJCS mosi happilj adapted, ia L lcerated Ctetas ln Ltacorrtn?-a, hi bearing down. Palling of tns Womb, da bllity . and for all complaints -.ncideut to the sex beat by axpreaa. Price j; ooius SAMARITAN S WASH eaaes at Syphuta. used tnoonnection antb the Ho t akd Herb J?ls?s Fall directions Price 2A cents Tbe effl acy of these remedies is alls* acknewl e^.?ed by physicians and patienta. They are qs?0 ln the L S. Hoapitala. WHAT TBE SI BGEON4 8AT UP TUB 8AMAB 1TAN S REMEDIBB "Po?i Bo?rtTAL, F"ii SI* lu-UAt-L, Ualtlmura, Md., Feb. 1), lMt ?"1 have great saUslactl.n in stating that 1 kavt as*-d ' Tbe Saniarltaa Remedies' for Veneral dUaasea la Its most cuatocuar) forms, that I have used thara with judgment, discretion, and properly, and. have found tneui respond to my anticipations promptly aud effectually. Kaowing tneir composition 1 have the tallest confidence Io their efflca* >. aad a* far *s my oaa of them sxtendg I reoommanJ thorn strongly. "ALFRED O. BOWERS. "Aaaistant SurgcoB, eth Nf. ?ol? ' Bold hp B. 0. pobd, corner 11th street aad Penasylvaaia aeenao, Waohlngtou; UBNRT ooob *ssassbyi:?r,.vuD.aasf.f""''i1iH, 'ulxisll lun wtldh.umus. c. w. blackLAW wrr ic*. BLAOR. LAMOM A CO., Ocnassilora and Attorneys at Law In the Bnaremo Court of the Called States, the Court of Claims the Coarte of the District, the Bxecativa D^aartments. and Con.salt tees of Coagress . *** l*th atroet, (directly opposite Wlltarda Hotel ) do 19-tf HBBZBERG B LOAN OFPICB. Kstabiisbel ISM. Highest advances made en WATCHES. DIAMONDS. JEWBLBY. WEARING APPARBL. and all klnda of M*-rchaadise. Btrsinoas strictly confidential. 3il North V street,between ?*, and Bib sir*ets. Immediately In rear of the National Hotel. j?l lm* Latest parib fashions of uaibDBESSIM*. E AiTieT, tKERCH HAIH HRESSKR, 314 B street, between lSth and ltth sta Mr Alltot, from Paris, Hair-Dreeeor, of the sel eh rated Marhel, with whom he arrived In thla c untry hao now beea eetoblished for tae laat elgbt years la WashtnxtoQ and Newport, ea o*ins the patronage of tharotw* iliy*?is(i(n?(, and of'tbs highest eociety. Hs has the honor to aaionn> s tbat he has thl? season imported the lat<wt fashto'ia of hair dressiag, aad also pomades, and everything that bei?oge to the dreaalBg of hair at vsry reaeona. le prltes. ia 7 B?n* SO B. J EW BLL. (>AP ABD CANOLE HANWPACTUBEB. . Ths sabecriber will he pi eased t? see all als old friends aad raatomera at Ma new al?ee of business. G street north, hot 4th and Bth streete, where he will keep onstantly ow band his erebi uit< Seeps aad < aadlea. and will eeatlisae to sell tnetn at the lowest cash yvtcse 0 street, betweea Bth aadBt JBU-4B A bankers. j at cooke. it co.f IAIK11I, Afteenth strut, appMti Bmiini, i!t,ud Ml i icirrnt atrktt nt?, uA OHUiUi on hand, i full nwlr of Ml oovbbnmbnt bonds, beven-thi&t1ss, amd compounb interest notbs Ordere fsr stocks. bonds, Ac , nmM, ?nd CeHectlona Bade on all areeeatbU folntg. xel-tf arrow fccfl., bankbbs. Corner Lctliltat tmui ud 8?T?art reat, dsalsrs in oove&nmext securities. ooi.d amd bllykk iy f-tf and laud wabb4rtb First Ratioul Bank of Wuhiagtoi. u d.cook b, (Of jay Cooke ft Co.,) President. w m. 8. hi ntington, Cashier. govkrnment dbpositort and FINANCIAL AGENT Of TUB UNITED btatk8, I HA ttritt, ofToiUt tA* 7Y?a.i*ry Department. c<vernmer>t Securities with Treasurer United states mfone million dollars ^ w e buy and sell all classes of oovern men1 'lclkities at current market ratea. tUKXISH exchamie an I make Cohertiom . ft all the fh1ncip a l cities of the mted states. we purchase Government Vouchers on the most favorable terms, and five careful prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, snd to any other buaineas entrnated to ne. ft ill information lu regard to govebb sj ent loans at all tltnea cheerfully furnistied wm 8 huntington, Cashier. w ashlngton, March 20. iaa? m 21 tf hotels' restaurants, Ac. C A B D _ willard'b hutbb. i washin^tns, December 1,1866. \ Senatora. Beprewentativea. and others residing In Washington, who oecnpy private apartments, can be arc?ni'lodated with their meals at till* Hotel at the rate of }l ?! per week de 4 2m sykeb. chadwiok ft co. 1rrwood house, t'oin'r Pfina. arena' ami Twelfth Jfv?et, Wa'hinmon, d c. I.-'gii * Situated In the moat central location the city, midway between tbe capitol and presidential mansion, Only a abort distance from all the Departments, i atent and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, h. h. dudley 4 00., no21-tf Proprietor*. l'jikk h b re-itaurant. -l* No. 34i pmu? avenue, near 6th street. p km rich wishes to inform hi a frlenda and the public generally that tie now ke?-ps con-ft . . m -tantly i n bai>d o^btbks. fresh every ;lay prepare.! in every atvl* hija 1 ii i? vs in k - ?n<l 1. iijcobs cannot be anraasseT. Call and give him a trial. ocJ3 tf wood and coal. {j o a li : coal t" at greatly reduced pric ks Oro?? tone i -z.zi0 lbs , delivered in an* part of tbe city Cbeatnut White a?h. 9'. Stove, kga snd Furnace White Aah, $8.fc>. K.d A?b isao. Lehigh. $q. 0 k ai d pi ie Wood eonstantly en band. orders received atonrOilice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreet b p brown ft bon. .az.Vtf 4f>a 9th street, letween k and f. ^joali coal ! 1 coal iii t t. fowler ft co. White Aah, atove and egg aitea, $3 25 per ton. Bed ai>h. do do $d.75perton. 2.1*0 pounds guaranteed. Ordera received at the ceatral ofllre of the Washireten and Georgetown Ice Company, i late l j mi.mi.-tol a Co..) corner 12th and f streets, and at wharf, foot of 10th ateeet in 14-im b. 8. lamkin. Agent. G'o to 1 w . b . m o b e 8 ' fashionable cabpet. furniture abd bedding storks, nos, s'jl a ftl9 intelligencer build ing.coknkr 7th anbd., ABD bo so* 7ti1 btbkkt, titobn'8 buildibg adjoining odd fellows u\ll, and examine thb finest assorted stock tb18 8idk of philadelphia. b- bat all the lateet designs made in Philadelphia. new York, and Bostuu The stock is always selected by Mr. Moses, and bought at the luwe.t rste. for caeh. w hich emtSVa him to compete with Ivtern fricc?. niailnest f iiratturs ia lua le to or'ler in Philadelphia, and of tbe best material that i an be fooo.1. Purchasera aiitiiild atn iy their own interest by calling at bis Stores an l e\huhniul; thn ? ?|| tnkorted *tock of ( abi kis, cuksitukic. fto., and i.rain hi* price liat before ^'oli.g elae a here, which be w iii furnish with pleasure His ??! rtnif m of m %ttreated Blanket., Oomforts, c?unterpaii>ea. Pillows. Bolstt ra, Featherb-Oa. and ail kin ia of Cottage and Kitche-a Purnitnre is < ompiete. w hlcn h>- oilers at the loweat New York and Philadelphia price*. betueuibt-r not \i l hqti '> 1 '< lutelligenner Bnilding corner 7th so l d and No 4?? 7?b street. Thorn a Bnllding. adjoining odd Fellows Hall between d and e atreets. ja 14 tf w. b. mu3es. 3niki\ potatoes. ,uuu bt.ihels maine pot ato es, jost ar rived, and for sale at onr Whirl ?t ih? toot of 7th a?n et. 8 p. It bo wn * son, Commission Merchants, de 14 tf No. 465 9th at., between e and f. ^ LOOBI FEEDI a foil assortment of all ^rulea choice flour for Bakera; .jua!it> No 1; pneol >w. Are tiie only direct receiveta for Golden Hill, j. ii. Gambrlll i not Patap?co) and Linganor Faintly Flours li the District. As the latter brand has been extenaively counterfeite<1 aud aeld ia thia city, we would inform those wishing thlatlourby arrangement with the millera we furniab it lower than It can be obtained from any other eource Quality second to none. Price a fraction laaa than other Brat ciaaa Family Flour. Bnekwheat at low ratea. All gradea of Western Flour n store and foe sale why . w m oalt ft co., Indiana avenue aud lat atreet, oo? near Depot. k m o y a l . thb hattonal tbion insobtncb company of washington Have removed to th?lr New Ofllre. No. 71 louisiana aykndi, Flrat door east of 7lb at. dib bttt obi: Cbaa. Kna?, Fraet, Gea. w. Kigga. Yioe Preat, Thoa. Berry, Marshall Brown, Kich d Wallach, g 8.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Wo, Dixon. Benry d. Cooke, 4e3 tf BOBLB D. LABNKB, Secretary. C^hocolatb double,vabillb, dk h. ma ill aikd. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Kiemst de tent; melange. z. m. f. king ft iollt^ King Place. Corner Yenaont avenue and i?x atreet. Wk8t india OBANvlES and swkkt Malaga orapks, Freeh. placli. pbolcb nut8, ba'sins. fios.cckrant8, v' spk'kb. Ac , Ac , to nilt thia particular aenaaa. Foraale by t. m p. king ft bon, de 31 -tf King Plaoa. Pi1l1p the 8kcobb; by Chnriee Oararra. Jaaeeh lae second aad hla Court, br muklbach Braithwaito'a Betroepect for January Gardening for Profit; a Guide to the Market and Famlir Garden Swiahura's Laue Yeuerie. two Marrieae-, a uovel by MtaaMuloch The Advenw:i?&teiH azs?~-T" ml va4sck tatl01. SPECIAL NOTICES. I BET TBS MOAT WONDEBFUL MBDIOINB ??r >d"wt> to aaa is MITCALIl'i GREaT BBBUMATIC REMEDY, Tell roar aniictcd frtei.da to ti 1 it. fa 4-eotw B. O FOBP. Agaat. HALLB YBGETABLB SICILIAN HAIB BB BBWBB Bnm the Hair. Hall's Vbbbtablb Sicilian Hai* Binmtii Restores gray hair to the orlft"*1 ooler. Hall's VaaBTABLB Sicilian HaibRbnbwbb Preveata tL? hair from falling off. Hall's Vbobtablb Sicilian Haib Bknbwir Makes the hair soft and glossy. Hall's Tb?*tablb Sicilian Haib Ben**** Does not stain tbs skin. Hall's Sicilian Vboktablb Haib Benbwee Has proved itsalf the best preparation for tha hair aver presented to the pnblio. Price 91. For sals by all druggists. ja?-Tuly BBMFDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPBOIAb OASBS, Ha. 14 Bond street. Hew York. B^Full information, with the kinkest is.Wimo hi alt, also, a Hn*k on Sprnal Diseates, t? <i senl'd envelope, stitfrer. W Be mre and ttndftn them, an,I yon will not ruf'M it. far, h advertising phy siclans are generHlly impostors, without reler no stranger should be trusted. Enclose a stamffor postage and direct to DB. LiWBINCI No 14 Bond street. New York no It DAWly ?<T MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, AND THB Happiness of True Haal)?ud. ? An Essav for Yoting Men on the Crime of Solitude, aud ihe Physiologic al Errors, Abuses aud Diseases which ci eate impediments t.. Marriage, with sure nieaui of Belief Sent in sealed letter env-l opes. tree of charge. Address Dr .1 SKlLLIN HOllGll PON, Howard Asa>clation. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Scn BECBET DISEASES. SamaBITan's ?irt is the most certain. aafe and effectual r?medy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever dieoovere<r Cures in two to tour days, and recent caws in twenty four hours balsam, no mercury Only tea pills to be taEen It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who Jo net want te be exposed. Hals packages, #2.female. 9 J. , Ha> abitan's Boot and Hkbb J CICB*?A positive ana permanent "ore fer Spybills. Scrofula ulcers, Sores. Spots. Tetters. Ao Pr'ee 91 *5 per bottle. Sold ty 8 O. Ford. Bee advertisement. my i SUBELY, STBADILY, 8VCTBSSFVLLY, BMOLANDERB EXTRACT BUCKO is ctmiNa ?very case of Kibnbt Di?basB, Bm**iiA*isM, QbavbLi Drinabt Disobdebs. Wbaenbss and Pains Hi tha Baci, Female Complaints and Taobblbs arising from Bxcessbs op art Bipb. OOMH, II AFFL10TBDI TBY SMOLANDBR'S. TAKE NO OTHER BUCK*. Bold bp all Apotbecartea. Price #1. D. BABNBS A 00.. Hew Tark. and BABHBS, WARD A CO., N?w Orleans, Southern Agents. BUBLBIGH A SOGERS, Wholesale Hrtiffi^|AMton. Mass., General Agents. feb 10 ly COLCATB A CO.* " W1NTHB SOAP. fi'.comn.ended for chapped hanb* and forgeneral t.hlhi use Uur ug cold wkathbk. It may be 4>otaiwd of all druggists and fancy goods dealers. ti l> 'i eoly DANCING. |)ROFB. J. W. A H. P. BRBIB' DA NCIN'J ACADEMY, gt Paansylrania avenue, bet. 6th and 7tb sts.. Jh Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. New Classes for mine ?*?e ry evening. Those dealt ing to enter our classes should avail themselves of this opportunity. Preparations will be made in this quarter for our annual May Ball. Circulars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W. O. Metserott A Co.'s Music Stores. The Hall can be rented tor Botreea. Ao. Day/ and Hourt of Tun ion : For Ladles, Misses and Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from S to & ? oioeE. Gentlemen s 01 asses, Tuesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to is o clock. For further Information, apply dnrtaa the boara ef tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson. ja8 MA BIN I '8 FASHION A B LB DANCING ACADEMY, AT MA BIN IS ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M E, between 9th and 16th streets, This academy is now open fer the retep- fBBh tlon of pa pi la. Days and hours *f tnitioa for yonng ladies misses aud mast- ra Tuesday s, Thursdays and Saturday f, from 3 to 6 p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 14, same even!ngs, N B ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the papll. Be 14 MASQUERADE AND FANCY DRESS BALLS ITI AND PART1BS. The uaderslgned would most respectfully inform the iadiea and geutleman of Waahiogtoa city, and the Distrist generally, that he is at all times prenared to furnish parties with Masquerade and rano' Costume, sither on loan or made to order. He has taken rsoms at the well known faitcy establishment of Christian Rappert, Es i , ftya 7th street, l>etween D an* E, where he will ba happy t?t await orders. CIIABbl.l HERO, lateOoetumer at Ford's and Grover's fell-lm* Theaters. Washington, D C. BOOTS, SHOES, &. Jelling off i belling offTi " o The entire stock of Ladlee', Missas',^^ai Children s. Men's. Bo)'a and Yeuth's BOOTS. SHOES AND GAITERS Will be sold at private sale at and BELOW COST i BICES. JOUN ANOBRMANN, SOS 7th street, between D and K streets, ja 12 la' opposite Odd Fellows' Hali. ||| BOOTS AND BllOES. fW N B W ST O B B . fV The undersigned beps leave to Inform his friend-* and the public eeuerally that he has opened the NEW CHEAP STORE. No. AO* ;th street.under Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hau<l a general Hssortinent of Ladles' and Gentlemen'a. Boy 'a. Misses and Children 'a BOOTS AND SHOHS. Remeaiber tha number, .'<0i 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall The New Oheap Store, for""de'lfl^'*'F**" ,,tOr??*0B0B B. WILSON. ^BOOBBIBS. HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New York avenue and 15th street, < Entianre on New York avsnue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GROCERIES, TEAS, WINES, IMPORTED LCXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their friends and tha public that ttey have just opened thsir New Grocery Store, where can l>a obtained any Article nan ally kept in a first claaa Grocery. Without attempting to enaaaarate oar large,fresh and wellaelacted stock, we aordially invite tha public to exaislne onr stara and atock. believing wa shall not fail to five entire aatlatoetl n to all who may favar us with their patronage. Wa call eepeeial attention to onr aaaortm?nt of TBAB and 00FFBB8, which bnvebeen selected with' great care for parity. Dealers will find a flna aaaortmant to select from, and oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly in any part of the city. j An 9 3m _ JAMBS Gauss. DmlUt is y?wand Second hand Fumttnre. Old Furnitare Repaired, Baapholsterad and Taralahad. ttth and Bsts..(near tha canal.) Blffhaal prtoa pnid lor Saoond band Furniture. aal ly* TJBITBD BTATES BOBDB TBBABORT NOTES, Bought.aold and sxcHansed on favorable terma. LBW1B JOHNSON A 00. Bankers, fe 7-tf Penna. avenue. 480 obbtbal^aVoffiob. 480 Ba. 4*0 lot hatraet, one door below Fa. ara. ^110 .000 to lean en GaldaadBilTer WATOHBB, AMOBDB, CLOTHING, an* MEROHAN?E of evary daaeripttwa. js ^"Business strictly coafldentlal vyM. EBABB A OO.-B PIANOB, esisos * *15 far aala and rant on eaaftarana. a? Ba. 400 nth ^ri'uss"""r.v.isromMSic., , TH.K.KAMN. Jtc. The steamship Ella Knight. whi*h sailed from Baltimore Monday for Petersburg, Va., ** ' Cut ihroujth by 'htt iceoff fort Carroll, and ran ashore on Sparrow Point to keep fronn sinking. She has on board t valuable cargo, and itls reported that fhe ha* seven feet of wa'er in h^r hold. Her pa^seugers wt;re taken off, and have returned to ltalt;mjre. The schooner Garland, from New York, ( aptain Keen, was wecked in the Obesap?ake bay, off Poplan island, during the g i!e of Saturcay mgnt, and sank in three fathom* o waer. Onejot her crew, named litulr- i or Ft iladelphia, was drowtied, and the eipta n was rescued after being in the rigging eiga:

hours. There is no insurance on the vessel. A despatch from Concord, N. H . says that while tue river was blockaded wi iiiceai Wes; Hertford, \ t., Monday, the watei ro-e as high ?s the second story windows of Williamson's hotel The oldest daugii'erof'dr. Williams n was drowned while attempting to escape The IVrr.essee Senate passed th d >reu suffrage tM, on a second reati>i, rwu- .ig t> strike out the clause proble m ' :<e>r to "it lie-. D i . " a il probably pass it ?n a final read- to-day. J N. Free, otherwise I t-the immortal ' J W.," whose tnter i h .letter-on Davis a few tnmithss<n> remembered by our reader-", ha-- i? r >d. departed this lite. son. whrre >*i * r; Colonel A. P. Henr.\ rist ofAbraham Lincoln was in; i, ,\cude:ny of Mumc, in Louisville, ? night. Tn* Coal 1 radii.- i . lutity of anthracite coal sent .his t ? ,, the Philtdwiphia and Readme liailroad ls,74(i ton*, a tailing oir, as compared wi .2 th^ shipments last week, of ?,V')u tous, and us 20mpared witu the corresponding week of l ist year of P2 Kin tons. We find lutle to notice in th? trade this week, which still continues dull and unskilled. No change is anticipated until after tne disposition cl tolls and freights by our transporting companies. which will, in all probability not take place until wuhin a tew uays of the opening of navigation, and the rates to be established will chietly depend upon the state of the market then. The shipments from the Schuylkill region, although, perhaps, too heavy for the gi*.d of the trade, are considerably less than they were this season last year, and will probably continue to be until prices become more remunerative and the demand increases In the Lehigh region there i? still very liuie doing, and the production only about half as large as it was this time last year, but it is supposed that operations will shortly be resumed, unless the operatives should refuse to work at wages warranted by ibe present prices of coal. We hear of nothing enconraging from New York. Very little, if anything, is doing n the wholesale trade there, and the stocks *et on hand are supposed to be ullicient for another month. The Delaware is still blocked up with ise, and no coal is now ruing forward from this port.?I'Mladelphia Xarth Ainrrxcun. Extract ok Oniohh _a writer says "We are troubled often with severe coughs, the re. suit of colds of standing, which may turn 'o consumption or prematnre death. Hard coughs cause sleepless night* bv constant irritation in the throat, and a strong effort to thro w off offensive matter from the lungs, i'tie remedy 1 propose has been tried by me, and recommended by me with good result, which ts simply to take into the stomach before re. tiring for the night a piece <?f raw onion, after chewing. This esculent in an uncooked state is very healing, and collects tne waters from the Inngs and throat, causing immediate relief to the patient.'' K^"The late heavy fall of rain has caused a freshet of considerable size in some of the Nortbfastern State*. In (^oin^cticut several of the rivers ran outside their banks. Diois and mills were destroyed, and railroad communication was seriously interrupted. The damage to property in the vicinity of Norwich is estimated at $I50,UOU. In Khode Island the llood surpassed any that occurred there in thirty years. The railroad bridge at vN oonsocket was partially swept away, and the damage iu the state, as far as heard from, loots up Old Prulge, over Lehigh river at Allentown. Pa., was also carried away. (/"Two youths, named Charles Snyder and .William Sheldrake. w?-re arrested on Thursday evening. upon a warrant sworn out by the directors of the public school at Twenty.tlrst Ward, Philadelphia, charged with having committed a violent assault and oatfery npon Mr. Mills, school teacher. It appears that the accused took a dislike to Mr Mills, who had seen fit to reprimand itiem for misbehaviour, and determined to punish him for so doing. They met him after school hours and gave him a thrashing, using slates and books in the assault. The lads had a hearing and were held in $5(0 bail each to answer at court. T. iriv Laws.?The Massachusetts State Senate, by a yea and nay vote of IS to 14. passed a bill on Friday repealing the usury laws. Several amendments to fix a deMnite rate of interest were rejected. The bill has yet to be acted on by the Mouse, but that branch last week passed a bill raising the rate, aiid it will probably pa-s the Senate bill. The N-w York Legislature, by Its merchants, bangers, and by borrowers, as well as by leaders of money, have beeu urged to lepeal the usury laws for fifteen years, or more, bu: so far without success. A CRfEL Act.?In Providence, Wednesday night, newly-born twins were left in a willow basket, by some person unknown, at a lady's residence. There was a note from the mother In the basket stating that necessity compelled her to do as she had done, and expressing a desire that the children should be taken care of by a person of Koman Catholic faith. One of them was already dead from the effects of exposure. The other infant was so chilled that it is hardly expected to survive. A romance of lo ve and larceny baa just come to light in the Police Court of New < irl?ans. A lady in bridal array waited vainly in a church, while he who should have officiated as bridegroom was selling her diamond cross worth $:.\5'rfi,to a pawnbroker. Therecreant lover, a well-known dry goods clerk of the city, attempted to commit snicide after his incarceration for the crime, but was prevent*! by a public-spirited j.ulor, who thought the ci'.y could not spare a citizen so enterprising. ?y"A man in Turkey hai? been fined eighty piastres because his daughter's discarded lover committed suicide. The judge reasoned It ont very plausibly in this way ?If he, the accused, Had not had a daughter, the deceased would not have fallen in love; consequently, be would not have swallowed poison consequently, be would not have died; but hn, the accused, had a daughter, and th? dereasedlbad fallen in love, and had been disappointed and had swallowed poison and had died." 1&" The Oyster war. for which Virginia Is continually famous, is said to be at present on the brink of a new campaigu. The Statu levies a tax on every bushel of oysters shipped North: the Northern oyster dealers will not pay as much a bushel as the tax amounts to; so the Southern producer has either to go out of busiuess or cheat the revenue; and all the parties concerned denounce th? tax as mean" and unconstitutional." First Sti kobom of thi Skasow Yesterday morning, two yonthrnl sturgeons were exhibited upon the stands of Brown k. Stntz, in the. Fish market. Both shad and sturgeon have been taken remarkably early this season, and It can only he accounted for by the faot that the weatbsr has been very cold, and the finny specimens were anxious to be taken in out of the wet.?KicA. Examiner. Immigration Dwikid -The Montgomery (Alabama) Mail is very anxions that the Leg. islarare of that State shall encourage foreign immigration. Alabama wants a thrifty, mdurtrions laboring class, and the distinctions tbat oppressed the "poor whites" before the war being obliterated, immigrants can And in Alabama and elsewhere in the South line fields for enterprise. yTbis Is, indeed, a fast age. In olden times people were satisfied with snow, bail, and ram in winter, and rain and thundergn?t? in snmmer. Onr winters are made up of then all. Vln the town of Alliance, Ohio, a festive yonng couple were bymenised in a sleigh by a clergy van who stood ea the pavement. ^Tbe largest plough manufactory in the world Is at Loaisvills, Kentucky. It can turn out lon,ono ploughs a year. A good deal of the *ork u done "on shares." from etroi'e. The Great Reform DeiataitrtlUa la Lea<?a, ftr. LoIDok. Feb 11-Tb* reform deaionnra. tion ob Monday km a great mrr?? There were over -20.U? person* in tha ptoMoiM.iud the streets were lined with more than 3tt>. 4m ? Hundred* of nountcd pioueers, drilled an cavalry, beaded the proceestou Ta* beet order waa maintained danac tbe aacb, and but few arrests were made 1 b>- day *u brifhi ar d tall of sanshiae. tad all L??ii.>o seemed to be oat of door*. Flags aad banners were everywhere displayed, and the American. French, and luitaa flags were carried ta (be procession. aa waa also a picture of tbe yacht Henrietta. During the march the hand* Isved Yankee Doodle." Marseltai** Ivmn," "John Brown," and tbe Ganbaldi hymn The Prince of Wale* and Pnace A1 fred observed tbe display fr?m tbe United Servlr* Club, bat their preeenre elicited ho cheer*. A aoperb ovation took piaoe at the American Lbbaaar. All the men in tbe pro. cession took off their bat* a* they paeeed and (tve nine cheer*. The following mottoes, wblcb were liberally displayed ou the banners. indicated the sentiment* of tha pe?p|a " No surrender!" "liberty. equality, fraternity, aad mas hood sutlrage Serfdom ta infamous." "The voice of the people can net be tupprested wtth *afety.*' Dtsobedienca to tyrant* i* daty to cK?d "Taxation without representation ? tyranny." "Liher'yto those who dare demaud It." Trust in God. but keep yoar powder dry." The pro*es-<.>n terminated ita march at the Agricultural Hall, where an immense meeting was held. Thirty thousand people were preeent. A letter van read trctn .K lin Stuart Mill M P Tbe o'Donohne, Mr Potter, and Mr. Taylor, all nemtxra of Parliament, made s|>e*cbas K*e >Itit n* were parsed denouncing the IlerliyOu^Tnment and demandiog manhood suffrage. Neither Mr Gladstone nor Mr. Bright was prevent nt tbe meeting. Monday afternoon, tbe Hon*e of Uomi<v<as waa crowded to bear an expe. ted announcement of the Government pr gratntn*. 1 he Prince of Wale*. Prince Alfred. Duke of Cambridge. Pri nee Te? k and 1-arl Kusseil were present. Mi Disraeli delivered a long lis torical essav on reform and tbe English Constitution. Toward the close of hi* speech he eald the Government would intradace re*>,lotions to test the sense ol Parliament hetore presenting a relorm bill, and tlxed the &>ih mat a* tbe day for offering them. The resolution* are vague and unsatisfactory, and merely state general principle* Mr. Gladstone, In a !ew common-place remarks, accepted the Government'* plan of proceeding, but protested against delay. During tbe session a rumor pre. vailed that the Fenians had 'aken the ctiy af Chester. which caused great ?xci etnent, an I tbe Dnke of Cambridge bas"lv left the hoa--< durir-g tbe detmte lor tbe War Office. i n kstkr. Feb. 12 ?tbe presence here of a nnmber of supposed FeniaLs who had recently crossed over from Ireland, gave rise to the apprehension of a riot, bnt they bave -mc lett tbe towu witheui creating any uisturoance. Berliw. Feb. 12 ?Prussia will *. n<i pletrpotentsaries to treat with the ex-Ring of Ha iover in regard to the disposition to be made of his private property. Paris Feb. lS.-Tb? American squadm.. it is understood, will visit Cherbourg during tbe continuance ot the International Expo-ition. Madrid. Feb. pj?The Cor'e* will beop?nel by the <|ueen on ihe Aith of March. It is reported that the Government intends imposing a forced loan. Lokdo*. Feb. ii.?A dispa- h from Constan. Unople announces that the Sul'an has reaolved to emancipate bis Christian subject* from their political dtfabilite*, aad that he has issued a call for the assembling of a Turkish Parliament. at1ikb8, Feb. 11?Gen. Kalergis, tbe Greek l.n voy to tbe I nited States, aailed on tbe -th inst. lor America. In'elligence from Candia is to tbe effect tbat fim more Greek volunteers have surrendered to the forces of the Porte. King George I* about to send an autograph letter to the Kmperor Napoleon, Qneen \ ictoria, and !b^ t /ar Alexander, asking for assistance to Greece. Virginia Sews. On Thursday night la?t, in Frederick?bnrg an afftay occarred in which the two brother* Milzell, of the Shakspeare House, aad a Mr. Marlow. who tielongs to the burial corp?, were sbo* by Sergeant Young, of the I2tb U. S Regulars Adam Mitxeil is very seriously hurt, and it is thought caun it recover. Marlowe wound is in the right breast, and tb ueh ugly i* not believed to be mortal M lia-l Mitzell is wounded in the hand. T* e is understood to bave resulted froti a blow given to Young by Marlow. Young is a m. tive of K ichmond He was committed t< r trial. The aflray occasioned great* uetn-at, and is tbe topic of general con vers* u>ti A contemptible scamp, uitler a ] r^rai->e >f marriage, swindled a poor widiw in Norlolk. out of s,x weeks board, and abot.t *J i in money and jewelry. The guests were all assembled, but the bride-groom failed to ap. pear, and lett his victim without a dollar The Winchester Times, in speaking of the iate sleighing, say*: "In our city a team often splendid horse* gaily caparisoned, was w.tnessed. whilst "turnouts*" of six and eight horses waa a common greeting to the ^ye The Fredericksburg Herald say* there are forty or fifty families in tbat town dependent npon the charity ol the corporation, and that there is really more watt there now thau at any other period. Can Govibxmi.vt iii Taxed !_ln the case of the Common wealth v* Provident Institution for Savings in the town of Boston, th* Supreme Court has given a decision The statement of the tact* In tbi* case is. that in the six months preceding the l*t of May. p?*s, tbe average amount of the deposits in the defendant institution was Pfc,(47,652; that ot this amount $I.I2?.<njo had been invested from time to time in l/nited States bond* of different kinds: that this institution had no other taxable innd but that which accrued from the deposit* and the stock and investments tbat come trom these deposit*, which is the amount that has already been *|>ecifled: that an assess, ment of taxation was made upon tbe bam of the regular percentage of three-eighths of one per cent, upon this whole sum that the defendant* offered to pay tax npon tbe amount not invested in Government bond*, hot denied that the city had any right to asaess thai portion of the money that is already invested in the** bonds, and claimed that to tax the same wouia be repugnant to the Constitution and agaiust the laws of the United State*. The court has sent down the following receipt decreeing in favor of th* Commonwealth The assessment upon the defendants under st. IWi, cb. ss. 4 and 5, and under ?t. IMS, ch. lt?4. is not imposed on the pro/?er?y of tbe corporation, bnt is an erritr or Juty on tbe tranchlss or privilege of tbe corporation " Thk Chiwk-e Scoak-Cahk.?a rreat manr people are said to be planting the Chiiie^t sugar-cane in Texas this year. One geutieman living a few miles from San Antonio planned half an acre with it last year, and made from its yield thirty gallons ofmol.i"eS v bicb be sold at a dollar a gallon, and four hundred gallons of viuegar, from which he realized fifty cents a gallon. He also secured from the half acre in question orer a ton of good fodder, and many bushel* of seed, valuable for feeding stock. Ahneptt resolctd>vs.?There is now before thf Kentucky House of Kepres- utati ves a resolution requesting President Jobn^jn to grant universal amnesty and pardoii to 'bos* engaged in tbe rebellion, and also asking that John C Breckinridge may be pardaned and permitted to return from exile It is thought tbat a portion of the resolution, relating to Breckinridge, will not be adopted, a* it is considered that he should ask for a pardon if be desire* one. KTTanadia will be the name of the newConfederation. ^"Ihe wheat crop In the Valley of Virginia i* said to be looking remarkably flue. /"Lucy Stone is lecturing on roosterpecked wive*." *fln Jersey Shore, Pa., a man was floed three dollars lor t.aveling on Sunday i7*The health of Jeff. Davis is much better thau it has been for six month* past fiT'Kansac will need by the (1st of April five thousand men. laborers and mechanic*. y a game of chess for filiuui* to be plarM over the Atlantic cable by English and American player*. VTbi Moffatt mansion on Union Sqaare< New York, late Fenian headquarter*, ha* been sold at public auction for tlSl.iluO. fiythe Fenians think they see a spec of war between England and France. William b Astor, of New York, ha* recently given 54i,otki to the Astor Library, which was founded by his faUier, John Jacob Astor. fie7*a little innocent child which a Kentucky mother left alone to play with dolls and chiaaware, waa fonnd a charred and lifela** mas* amid her toya. 7"Tb? farm of mi** Marv Cook, of Howard ch.. Md., has been sold to Thomas Crawford lor w4.giu. tar a. dose of laudanum and aa attempt to hang himself very nearly caused the faaeral of a young married man in Brooklyn t'Tbere are not less than two hundred and fifty ca*e* ot small pox in the city of Lexington, Ky. wit costs alaaleen-twentieths of the laboring men of the co an try tbe heat part of two weeks wagee to buy a barrel of fleur. la Kansas colored ehUdren are admitted to all the pnbiie schools oa term* ?( equality with the white papils. etf- l se-?n | CONGRESSIONAL. Sex at*.?Yesterday afternoon ? 1 tie tuibkrupt bill wu putod by > vo ? of yess 2a, uays -in, and goes back to the House for tobcurrmce in ammdmiDti. Mr. Wilson reported from Ibe Committee on Military Allairs a bill providing for a tempo. ! rary lncrra!? of the pay ot army officers, and lor oth? r purposes. Mr. Wilson io trod need a resolution providing facilities for the settlement of claim* for quartermasters' stores, Ac., furnished by loyal per-ons to tbearmy ol the I'nited Slates <1 urine tbe late rebellion. under which com-nittee- *r# appointed to examine the same. (Tl * con.mittee* lor this section are as follows ?For .Mary, land and West Virginia? Major (>en. Francis Fessennen, Me ; I.ieut. Col U. H Tompkins, Quartermaster's Department, and Major (Jen. Ja^. S. Nfjlfy, of Pa Virginia?Major <i?n . C?as. livens.of Mass ; Lieut.Co.. .Its A.Kkiu, Ciuar'ermaster's Depat-meat, and Major <>eti. S A. Duncan, ofN. >1 J The re-ioinnon was referred to the Committee on Mill at y Affairs. ? further business of interest was trans. act*-ti during the afternoon, nor at the evmiu; session. Hor -k.?Yesterday afternoon ? The reported by Mr. Kliot to provide a government for ihe State of Louisiana debated at tome length, ana then passed?yeas I Ki, nays 4*. The announ cement of the vote was received with slight manifestations ol applause. Mr. Chanter presented the credentials of P -n. illiam Aiken. Representative elect fiom je second district of South Carolina which was referred to the Committee on Kecoi struction. At 4 IS the House took a recess till 7.30. At the eveuiug session, Mr. Stevens' bill for military governments in the South wt* dei ated bv Misers. Kelly, Maynard Aiisou and o'hers to a quarter before II o'clock, when tbe House aOjourned. Mrs, Nugent, the < hilri Murderess. This unfortuna e woman, at present confined in Wheeling jail on ttie charge of murdering her child, is almost daily visited by ladies, who desire to administer to her comfort. She is more talkative of late, and when the sad subject of the death of tbe ?btld is broached, she freely expresses herself asunder the belief that it was the best thing that conld have befallen the little angel, as she knows it is now in Heaven, and had it lived she fears it conld have never reached *hat blest abode. Since her imprisonment Mrs. Nugent has written what she terms her "life."' The writings till some forty or fifty pages of foolscap, and abounds in incidents of woe and sadness She begins with her cbildnood, and follows herself up to the Wheeling jail. Sbes;ysber parents never treated her wuh kindness, and as a consequence her stay at home was one of trouble and trial. At the early age of seventeen she became acquainted with Nugent: her pnrents oppo>ea his visits, and often drove her from the bouse. When about eighteen she ran away ard married, and since that time her parents, brothers or sisters have never cpoiten to her, and she has never returned home. Soon af'er her marriage her husband begun a lite of intemperance aud dissipation, ana since that time she has led a miserable life. A few weeks before Mrs. N. came to Wheeling, her husband went oft down the river, and in great distress she came to the determination to end her own life and the life of her child. Wi'b the circumstances of the sa l infanticide, and the subsequent arrest of the marderess, our readers are all familiar. The "life" abounds in repetitions, and bears every evidence ot having been penned under feeling* of the most abject woe. Some portions ot it, however, are well written, and show tnat at times she has a clear mind and steady nerves Some of the feeder lines of poe'ry interspersed through the pages are well worded, ami full of love to the "dear little babe that lies under the mound."'?l'\tttl>urg KcfiuOlic. A TkrrinLE II*xd t?-Hami Fioht. Here- I with 1 give yon additional and accurate information ot the terrible calamity that be:?*i tue l~tb United States infantry on the 21st day of December, 1!-G6, at or near Fort Phil. Kearney in Dakotah Territory. On that ill-fated day tbe Indians made an amack on tbe wood train ot the aforesaid post. Colonel H H Carrington, commandant, sent ont reinforcements to assist the guard of tbe wood train. The in. dians numbered fifty, the reinforcing party numbering eighty-one men, including officers and citizens. As soon as the Indians perceived that wejwere in close quarters, they began to retreat. Our men followed them. The Indians en'ered a ravine, our men still following. The Indians had two thousand warriors concealed in the ravine. The troops were permitted to enter tne defile until they were carefully and hopelessly snrronaded Then commenced one of the most terrible|flghts ever recorded in the history of Indian warfare. Our eighty-one whiles repulsed two thousand Indians in three successive charges.: but the fourth charge was too mncb for them. Owing to tbe overwhelming numbers and disadvantageous ground, our men could sustain themselves noloager They were killed and sculped to a man. Not one was left to tell tbe tale of blood. The post was too weak to send assistance to those poor fellows. They w ere horribly mutilated. There was but one eye witness to this fight. Dr. Hlnes, he being at a distance from those men engaged. He states that our men fought desperately. The Indians kept an bundred men busy carrying off their dead and wounded. It is a supposition that tbe loss of ihe Indians amounted to IdOktlledand wounded. The tact, however, is not easily ascertained, as they carry off their d<*d and wounded on purpose to keep them from being seen or their number known.?Fori R?n?C?r. L juuville Journal. Hmiso a Bkae is Vermont awd Finding a Panther ?A correspondent in Wmdeor, Vermont, givesan acoountofaremark&ble bunt which came off at Weathersfield on Thursday last. On Wednesday afternoon a party of hunters discovered what they supposed to be a bear track, which crossed the road twice within sight of Downer's Hotel, in Weathersfield They followed it up the side of a steep bill for about forty rods, aud found it led into a cave, through the mouth of which the animal bad evidently passed several times. A dog was sent into "the cave, harsh growling ensued, aiut the dog beat a basty retreat. The hunters concluded to close the month of the cave, and pay his supposed bear, ship another visit on the^ollowing morning. Accordingly on Thursday a party numbering one hundred and fifty went to the cave, and having worked a hole through the top of the cave with an iron bar. an a?h stake was Inserted, which vis immediately seized bv the animal and a i.-.rge p-ece torn out of it. a green crooked stick was then put lato the hole which the animal grappled, and was thus drawn to the hole by the hunters, who fired a ball from a revolver into his head The yelling and screaming which ensued from the eursged animal was ludescribable. Again the stick was introduced which was again seized, and the animal brought within reaca of another charge. This finished htm, for he tell back, gave one awfnl yell and was heard no more. On being brought out of the cave the hunters were astonished at finding?not a bear, but a large male panther, seven feet long from tip to tip, thirty-three inches high, and, though rather thin in flesh, weighing lbs. This was the largest panther ever killed In the State. Thompson, in his account of tbe animal, says tbe average weight of a full grown panther is one hundred pounds, and tbe largest be ever knew killed in tbe State weighed one hundred and eighteen pounds. Lsgiflatiob ik ViB?iiiiA.-We haye recently printed several complaints of tbe Rich* mond journals that tbe Legislature of Virginia waa wasting its time in idle talk and was not attending to the business of the ?:ate. A recent issue of tbe Kichmond Knqurier begs tbe Legislature to do something useful before it adjonrns, as it must do on the 2d of March, and acensea the members ot vacillation, timidity and want of energy In providing far tbe domestic affairs of the state. The State canals are going to ruin for want of proper management, and no provision Is made to pay the interest on the State debt. A Sihoular AHDSBHWU* AeciD?*T.?Yesterday. while Mike Carmardy, who ia employed as porter by Messrs W. 0. Joaes A Co.. was engaged la driving a a ail in the head or a barrel, the hammer struck upon the edge of tbe nail causing it to fly ont. It struck with great force right la tbe hall >f his eye, inflictlag a most painfal weaad. After the blow, tbe White of his eye rolled down hisct:?eb. which presented a most ghastly appe mnee. Mr Carmardy waa removed to the bouse, and medical attention given. It la thought that be will aet eatlrelv lane the use of the wounded eye.?Atcftatead Ttmti.