Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAI Tlif Urgttl CtrmliiioB in Ike Biiir W. P. WALLACH, C41Ur ti4 Pr*prtet WASHINGTON CITY : WEDJIFUDAV FEBRUARY H. 1? VKIADINO MATT KB OS ITIKY PA PLE Ol'TilDE FOR INTf RE?TING TK GRAPHIC AND OTUKR MATT ER to ADVfcETUEAB. 1 be following u> toe ofll. Miii e*owmg ot eiTto 1stioc ot the daily p*p?r? of tkia < competing for the lofrnracm wJT?rtn BLdcr tbe recent a?t of yoncrwiarfMUiii M?rrut?i( u> be mi<t? in tl? two daily ae ra, ,r< of Washington aaving the tar circulation Evkhimg MA* 7,714 copies per da CArenvIs " " /nW/u'Wr :W-; M 14 Tb? rrtirnt of ad veriiaing by the city pa| or tfce quarter ending lH?<*ember 31, IHW, taken from tb?? book* of the Internal Reve Uttice, are u follows: Evxwmo Star. S13,1k7 Jnt'llig'nc'T.... U.IH Ckrantcl*. ?.bt htf uliican 5 3 <M LA*T RECEPTION OP SPEAKER COLPA? We are requested to atate that tbe r?cepi by Speaker Colfax on Thursday evening i will be his last of this season. The certai of mgbt sessions, hereafter, is tbe cause closing them. LOUISIANA. Tbe passage by the Mouse, ye terdaj Messrs Eliot and Sbellab.?rger's bill for reconstruction of the State government Eouis.ana could hardly hare been unexpei by any one cognizant of all the fact* invol in the INew Orleans riots of J uly last. Tl facto demonstrated beyond question that government which Louisiana has, is, pra ca ly.but the rebabiliumou of all the danger< c3e-| otK- ai d revolutionarv elements ibat c trolled her affairs during the ascendency of rebellion iu that quarter. Then, Union ra white and Mack, wt-rn the victim* In l.?oi ana of persecutions and sufferings at the bs of tbe so-called authorities, scarcely less a cious th:?n thosf inllicted upon theearly Cb tian martyrs, and for a like ctnse?opini sake. 1 be riots giving ris* to the bill ah relerr?d to. t-bow that tbe ins*rnmenta of late rebellion he itate not to murder and d into exile those of Union sen u mens in tl midst, with as mnch ferocity as ere the < mi nation ot the rebellion. GuTtrument, according to the American \ ory, is for the protection of the lire, liberty property of tbe citizen. Our < General (iov? ment id pledged to those ends wherever jurisdiction extends. It must secure tb?m tbe operation ol law if that be possible, not, fry the exrrci.-e of force. The riot! qaestioa prove the ut'er inadequacy of current gov ernment ot Louisiana t i comp the protection of 'he hie, liberty and prop< of those in that Stale wbo were not rebels arms ? r ympa'hizers with the rebellion. T is, admitting tba* they (the rioti) were not work ot the organized local authorities of Orleans, wAicA tktywtre im truth. The det of their atrocities, rivaling as they do thos any other similar ma?e&( res of tbe defence by bundr* 4s characterizing tbe career of Topenn and Asiatic despotisms of the d ages, will live in the memory of man a* I as recollectieua of our times may be presen and hourly tbe impression will become n general that, as administered, the present g eminent of Louisiana is simply the perpet tion of the despotism of tbe rebellion ovei ot Union sentiments in Louisiana, and is more aitin to the republican governn which it is the dnty o( the United States to cme to the people of that State, than is ths be King of I'abomey. It is a? well known as any thing can tbat tbe temper and lone of th-?se New Orl' mas?a<res are those of the influences wl still control the local affairs of all the St lately m rebellion, in no one of which ci white man be duly punished for the mul Of a negro, or a late rebel for the murder i Union wnue man, by any State court jury. It is further well known that ev wbiteman wbo dared to oppose the rebel actively, or wbo now holds and avows thi was atrocious and unjustifiable treason, n leave the South to save his life and what pr erty he may be able to tnatah up hurried!] tl*ecurr?ut controlling element* of societj that region are not divested ia some waj other by the General Oovernment, of their ribte immunity of crime ere the complete habituation of the South in the Union ta place. As a matter of choice we decidedly pr the plan or bill of General Hanks, for Lonisi: to that which passed the House yeeierd and we trust tbat the Senate will so am tbe latter as to make It conform aa far as j ibJe to the Hanks bill, where that deals * tbe rights of the people. The hope of p? and proe-perity throughout the South is loc up in tbe future of her laboring masses, w and black. Tbe Sbellabarger and Eliot proposes to place them, if they went into rebellion voluntarily, in the same categ with its tar more guilty leaders, which grave eiror thai should be corrected. 1 he Setate, it is uniurstood, will past m*a*uie in the uext two days. We trus may be amended there as indicated above. Hy way of Illustrating tbe disposition of controlling elements of Southern society wards all Unionists there, we quote as fotl< from an article in the Kichmond Txmei ot p th of January ult., palpably justifying muideTs and ober outrages upon Unien r tn lexae. wbichareof as commonoccnrre in that State to-day as in 1803: ' There the negroes bave not Been demoi Ized by tbe Kreerimen's Bureau and the sob? inarms. The climate, too, of this magniflc State, although talubnous in the extreme. I been found in.healthy to tbe few ktraggl Yankee letter, writers, and meddliug ne^rop lists who have ventured there in quest of n chief They have, in manv Instances, wl tbey have stirred up ill feeling between rapes, been mysteriously devoured by wo I and bears, or scalped by the Camanche*. 1 settlers in Texas have bitterly deplored th accideu's, bnt they have not'been able tg j Tent them!" THE *' IIUWON TAYLOR" BOOK KT0R1 Hy announcements made It will have b seen that tbe abjve-uamed establishment gone iato the bands of Measra. French i Richardson. The people of Waahington i thousands of others throughout th* coun wbo have visited here, feel an Interest in fcrtunesof ibis establishment from perao regard and respect for its estimable founi Mr. H ndson Taylor, and from the fact tba has been for years one ot the moat attract retorts at tbe Xatlonal Metropolis for pers of taat? and cultivation. Here were tun be louud the choicest that tbe world co supply in the way ot booka that are boo) and the latest and beet productions of mod art In pain tn-g and engraving. It is pleat to know that this place faMt Into the hand gentlemen to capable of keeping np iu h orab)e name and agreeable aseociaUi Mr. 1). ft', ft'renca has for some time past the responsible man age m ent of th* establi menu having by bisbusiueea capacity,enet and integrity, wan the esteem and entire e fldence of hit employer. In knowledge bookt and the book butineat ha Una proba no tupenor ta the country ; and in thit t W tan fit tnaoessor ta Uf. Taylor. Mr. Kl ardson is a Hhlladelphian. and, we learn. b? n similar name tor probity and bnMness ca city there that hit partner, Mr ftYeneh. d n this city. Mr. Taylor carriet with him on hi* ret ment to bit attractive bmae *n th* iludtori beat withes at an entire community* for W not beliate be bat nn enemy or DUwiaha the world. (7"IV joornevmeo tailors in New York 0n a strike, i* consequence of n rednctioi pric** hy the employ*rt. * I STAT* DINNER BY THK PBBSIBBWT. ? The eixtk Stat* dinner of the President took place TM'?rd?? evemnr a: m o'clock There III wfrf prK?fi,i in-.i.ii's th? President and ladies ? j of 'be Executive M-tnsiou, General Sberi- i inr. , an, Mr*. Senator Dunn. Senator Mender- ] s n, at d he following members of tbe House 1 j of kepresentati ves H<>n W. K. FmoK*, ! S7. D- lniio and l td v. Charles Denniton, J. F | Drugs, J L. lmw#on ant Udv, W K _ v E id T r. linn, A. .1. <}|<>?shreun>*r. B. , t,B- ; ) Hggbs on nnd lartv, C. A Kldrtdge Cn*s j LE | <?iort>>-sr sun lady, J H P.irt)uhar aud lutv. | H.Ij lhwnand lady.Kn?ni>*-r Dutn>nt. Hon. J. H. Ih-frrci, J i.. Thorn.i?. of Maryland, lirtiftiiiis Dot<il< <ly and tadv. Allen lira If trd, i and Col. J. F. Chaves. N M.; W. A Kurlei^h tbe u,i?' ai,y* DaUotab. C,lr 1 DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC l,AND,H l,n? Ketnrua retired by tbe Commissioner of uch General J.and Office ifcow that 3?>.'J acres of w?- public lands were disposed of during tbe gee mi-n h or Januarv at ?h* following local of. ' fleet:?St. Cloud, Minnesota,'J-i,5ni acres; Nebra?ka Citv%Nebt aska, ?,<'>31 acrea. Tbelarger ) p- rtioo of tue beds were located with Agrij cnltnrnl College scrip,and the remainder t.tkeu under 'be bom< a ?-a<l law Incited with Military pern i warran:a and sold lor cash. , a* _ nue Vali'? OrkitA Horss ?The appreciation of a really good stock company by tbe patrons of 'be drama in tbis city is sbown by the crowds nightly assembled at this comfortable theatre, wbere the production of the most successful ol tbe newest plays, with great attention as to stsge effect and perfectnees of cast, suffices to fill the bouse without the ad ventitious aid of llon a star." In fact, many of the stock company ,,,xt , here have meir specialities in which they ap. n,y pesr t, i far greater ad vantage than miuy who f#r *re now playiBgs?aren<ragemenison tbe Amert lean stage. " Our Mutual Friend'" was very ' successful last evening. and will be repeated , to-night. r, of ? the , *R0M Mkxico ?Tne Mexican Minister dist of ! credits tbe reports about tbe defeat of the R^. :t?d l'^blican army ot Mexico and the capture of 1 " . President Juarez, published yesterday. Th*-? j rumors are supposed to come lrom the Ironjese i rr on the 2d lut'anr. anil Mr. K<>m-ro has of. the flcial letter* from Maiamoros of the same d ue, 1 icti- ,n which very different news is contained. According to Mr R V information, (general >>cof??do arrived at San I,uis I'oiosi on 'he on" i 1Mb ultimo, and his msiu army would enr<r the tlo-re ihe next day. (general Trevino had 1 ien. st.itted lor Celaya with the vanguard of ihlisl art>> to me*' Miramon. who was therewith ! one ihout-and tlve hundred men very much 1 nds dt n oral zed. Ca.-tillu had assumed command tro- of Meiia'?'roops. and w<te at l^ueretiro with j ri4. about two thousand men. The liberals were tin's 1 *lui!e of being victorious. , tove j 1 the Tr* BOTirm ?A B"gul%r Meeting of the KEttle _L* PlbLlCAB atifeOOlATlON will he hald . rive | onWEIifcESDAV EMNIIiiU,the I1thtii?t t)?ir eleck, at Union League Hall, 4k I Jib at. Bu dis- i tn?cll"UisUUftr nis.lp ou acconnt o' raee.cilor. 1 or r^liul -n to hec.?nie meM-lier* of tuiS ans >ci?iion A good ii? ral cbarart r .:n<] adettre to a l>*o the ,h rmi?e ol hun.aiiii) aud freedom Ibe onlj necei?%i? 30* requisites I'erson. w|.Mor te >ole the wwoci* ' and iK-n cau cori? in ^er^oii or ?<i-lr?<n I rn " A. O HALL, Hecretvrr. lU ,rf VJ?.T.fN .8,TT *T1 ?" -ThT^JNT U3 Eh? will meet at German Hill I by fTTh strwt west, m IIIUEsDaV tfVSNINo' Irb Itlliibstaut Hasiaess of importance claiuit i i in jour alttntiou. Bj order of 'h? i'tn'ilmi ' ??i! W* ?KBUN,8ecy. J rfy. WAMl*aTOB bKATlNW OLUB ~A 1 wa jj? fc^etial Me? tin_f of tU? m>-ntbers o th? . , ltAY t \ KSIBU Be\t February n. atS o'clurk ! 10 to t .keinto c nsid?ratl?n the propr-ety of oar-' 1 hat chasing the Bkatipg f?ark gronmls Br or<-r ?f ' the' J.J CHAPMAN, ,VnT* /nt" | n ! :,M IFlTIL'S.I ^0fj SOBS V I tkmpbbabob, less . ?mTaVl?at' v Lt'??f n'J,h?r AisemUIy on I THI KsKAY ? BMlBfi next. Iith Inst r-u- | a pleasant time guaranteed to all ark ! t S?. admitting gentle,nm, an t l*lie?.to ong ^'or nie'Bl'*r 01 th* ?i'ci?, or at tbe ' red. ; PiccMdi to be given to tbe pnnr ] lor? ; B C MA-OR,. VieeWpr?sMTeutDNa,Pre,idenl J or. I Jamis 8 Bit. 8*cre??rr. qx. ! ^ ** V'sxos. Treasurer. fe 12 It* an nTir~JuB*l>u H anArfiElh; . 1 1^-3 KRENOH COSKKOTIOSEBT. ! ; La DIES' ICB CUKaU ft DlBiNO SALOOB, Wnt ! n, 24ft A?e. bet. 11th an4 1.1th *ts. .se- We<5dlnga. IMoner or Hnaper Paities supplied at < it ot J^rl M,,i' n "f novelties iu Pxra.-ulds. fane* takes, and Oonfectioneriee, Je.ii^s; Wei-llug akes, btat quality T?M? flruannebts 8?lvU. b", I Ice Creaiu, W*tsr 1. e U. onn Bone 1 Tar 1 a... *ei. p ain Kscoluped Oysters doued Turkey In ' ah* jelly, Charlotte ite-se, etc., etc i lich I . Attendants also will he sent to attend to all de , 1VI UVV?f Bon mete. Wreatbs, and : cnt rlowera te order in a | Jell Ja JOSEPH H. 8UAEKIEL0. rder fY^?THE BET DB PA*-<?N, PKISIDENT ! of a UOIsLBU^. Jill b.g"; ^0^TB8E OF LEOTUI.KS ou the Bolr Lan'i for ! aud j M?e Uoefll,of tbe New Eelsropai Ohnrch, in tbe 1 err i {'r,t W?rd, on TUIbDaI, February 6th. In tbe 1 , ' I'Sjnre roem of the Chnrrh of the Epiphany. * Hon' The repntation of Pr Hanson as allctnrer Is at it "J fnowa, an4 the interest whieh cannot fail to ] !q4? ! ? / '*'ubiect and the exceffent purpose . bt?Jn 7,#w- ?nei draw a large audlenne. ' ?P* I ? T.h*i L*?*?ree will he Sve in number, and will r, if, '"V 4 #n Tuesday and Fridsy evenings. 1 , flI *h* e??"*. #1. Single tick'ts, t* n* ' * l'? M?ok Storee ?nd at tbe Star I r or ' j*rt J ter. I T^"* ? T A B L 1 8_BB~D 1 8 a . I r#* ! McPBEB80B B FBBGU80N. ! Jte5 ' ??1 rami, stmbk, con<na 1st stkbit, I n I OaPITOL HlLL, Dealers la ' efer PIBB DBrOS, MBDICIBBS and 0HEMI0AL8, ? I"4, i _ irfSTBDSS?. j Yd: -^5ffrtfSS^HinKSSy,>"w"'' : nu oe It tf ' ?os- i ?? - ( rith T'AK* VOT1CE -Having fitted np and stocked 1 A ?ithcboi:e FAMILY GBIXJERIE8 the store on tbec->rii>-r of lith and F streets, ibe uaJersignel ' ked desires to Inform his friends an ] the enbllo gen i that be Is now prensred to fnrnlshthem i with all goodsnsnally foiindlnaflritelassgee< sry i b,U ..... ^ W B BEI-L. 1 the ' M Corner lith and F streets ?ry ? (f 1ABHIAOES ' CAEEI AOBO u (/ABBUOIB! . laimB , On band a very lasge sto.k of BewWpjffif^ and Second hai>d Carriages, of f?ry this pattern and finish which will be eolj at reason- ' able rater Bepslrn c promptly vtenle4 to. . BOB T H. OBAHAM. I > B??onltorx, 3T 4 D street, bet 8th and 9th. tlj? , fe 13 at Ship, 477 8th street, near D. to- rj*O0?BIBS-FI?B TBAB. )ws TABLB LUXURIES, Ac^a^*8' C0FtB*B' the _ D. B. BELL'S. Corner of nth and Fetreeu. t nen SlABDIH18' 1AI1B BAIM1S. ' PRHRBH pipq nee ALMOBPS. WALNUTS AND CBEaVhuM ' J nst received and for i*le by i , ? .. ~ ? * BELL, ral- i fe 13-3t Corner of 11th and I* atrsets St Q B 1 1 1 1 II I I T I ?' i oeo. i jo?bsob A CO. i mg Have reeelve<i a fnll supply new style QUAKIB mi- j SK1BTB in all numbers. Baluieral skirting, I ? - | spring My lea Enslleh Frlate. aad many other t,w* K'JiilS i*' eeaaonatita Uoods W1HTBB DKESfl tbe tOOlifliat ?ery low prices. Bleach-d and Cu | vea bleacAed CBTTOBa ae low ae the lo vest. l'?"? r, it JOHNSUB k SUTTON 8 ius- ' 13 Old Bland, >207th et ' re- f|' A & E NOTICE ~~ ] Those wishing ta purchase 1 Fl*B AMEBICAB GULP WATOHBS, ] DIAMONDS. AND THB BEST OF OOLMJBWKLRT. j ba GOLD CHAINS AND SOLID SILV1B WABE. * MADE <?F COIN 1 iI,d WILL SAVE AO CENTSON TUB DOLLAR 4nd I. ALBXABDEB'S. J w??rk?s and Jewelry Keaeired aad Warthe panted. Diaasoaha aad Bigbtaea Karat Jewelry na| anufaetnred iu \V ashington by -fc l3rt I. ALEXANDEB. ~ flg "" r" sf i > to bbbsh supply, nld i COUBVOISIBBB, #rn ALBXABDBB'S, I rol ?, JODTIB'S. 97" All aolara aad site*, from i\ to 10X, my Ladles' ?lores, ? ; Oentleniea's, f j 84. I JOS J.MAT BOO., iak. > ? Phnnylvaala avenoe, gT. f# ?L*!!! 9th aad loth ate. 1 a.. pBOFOSALS WUM COBBMBAL. P?- *> iakslstsncs . IJT'tV * MOD uideot JL0? Mtfa oe? tr?#l Wharf; or At th# BtlUmor* tU Oklo Iliii |)snot, at *urh thMg andta eveh onaitlUe. I Ira- retire dlr^jt, aiw'0"'^ 1 " "d *<??" , Pay men te will be atade In snob fnads as theOov. * erae<eBt na< famish for dtabara?aie?ts ar* Elds niaat ba addressed in the aaderetened mi. szJ2L::'a" *4m^ ' i$ 4t H?j*r and O. ?., 0. a. A. CONG ItKSSlONA l7 &* ^ t wkhnmday. February 13. Ski-ate? Mr. w&iir a?k<*d for iiif irulli! of i di.-patch from Colorado mime r-'solnti >n? passed by a macs con ventn>M in tnvor of strs jrc.iMz.ition. and mknif O miitii to pass '.he silt u>r the admission v1 the xate Lu i ou Lt? * table. Mr I'omeroy presented a petinon from loyal rin/enao; Aik tneas. asking that tbe oill witch part-ed the House yestsrdav providing a government for Louuiini, be so amenJed at to uidude Mr. Wilson, Jrom tbe Committee on Military AtTmr*, reported without amendmentBill to provide for tbe disposition of the irregular fund in tbe Kreedmen'a Bureau bill to authorize the paj mptit of prize mosey in certun to officers aud me* of ibe signal corps. Also, asked the indefinite postponement of joint re? tendering* 'be thanks of Cuucres* to Secretary Mmnou, (General M-igs, aud Other., wDich was agreed to. Mr Wade moved to take up the bill from the IIon.?e to j rovide a civil government for the State of l.cuis;ana He regarded this as on? of the most important bills to b?* ac'ed on, and a* ^o little time remained, he hoped Senators would be as brief as possible in their arguments. JVlr. Lane asked that the business of the mornn g hour l>e proceeded with. Mr. \\ ad* said that it the bill was not acted on immediately it could not get tcrough this session. fclr Hendricks ask d If a House bill could be proceeded with on the lirst day it wa- received In the St-nate. The Chair said it could be read once, but could not be proceeded with unless by uiianim<n* consent Tbe question was tien taken on the motion, rfFUltintr as lollows : Yta?? Messrs. Browr, Chandler, Oonness. Cragin, Foster, Frelingbuy sen, (Crimes. Harris, Hendeison, Howard, Howe. Kirkwoofl, Morgan, I'omeroy. Kamsev, Sherman, Ste Aran, Sumuer, Wade, Williams, Wil?ou, aud \ Stes? 3. Any*?Messrs. Buckalew, Cattell, Davis, Dixon, D olmle, Fogg. Foster. H>ndricKs, .lohiison. Line. Morrill, Nesnrnh, Norton, Patterson, Poland, Spra^ue, Trumbull, Van Winkleand Willey?19. So the hi.i was taken up. 1 be bill was iben read the first time. Mr. liendriiks objected to its further conMoeiatioii, and it west over under the rules. Mr. Howard, from the Committee on Milit<iy A flairs, r? ported favorably on tn-bill :iuthorizing ilie payment ol the awards offered by tue president's proclamation iu May, 1-<JI for the capture of .MlTerson Davi*. Mr Poland, from the Committee on the .Tulicinr ,, reported an amendment to tie bill to tttolisb imprisonment for debt. Mr. V. il-on. from the Committee on Military Allaire, risked to be discharged from the fur", ther consideration of the resolution to pay tae lennetsee Home (iuards. Also, adverse re. ports irom the same committee ou a large dumber of bills. Mr Trumbull, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported adversely on the petition t>f certain L'. S. jurors asking an increase of per U em Mr Williams, from the Committee on Contingent Expenses, reported bills io pay the widows of the late Senators l-oot and Collamer the increase of salaries accruing to those Senators, which was parsed. Mr. Morrill, from the Cotnmitt-e on the Dig. tnct of Columbia, reported bills to extend the time for the construction of certain s reet railways ; to authorize the incorporation of co npames tor manufacturing, miiilnx and m> hsnical purposes; to increase tb? pay ,,f h.Hiitff? at d criera of the District C>nrts: to tu.ei,d the act incorporating the National Ideological Institute 1 be bill to define and pnnish certain crim?s f?ga nst the United States was taken mi *m*nd#d and passed [It punishes larcenies jt Gov. ri.m. nt property by flue an l iraon-onrrent.] Mr Morrill introduced a bill rellnqaisbing the drum of the I'm ted States to certain real state in Washington city, of which Caroline Hill died seized. Referted to Co.ntniltee on Judiciary. Holsk ?Mr. Mclndoe (Wis ) presented re?, jiuiniis of tbe 1.egislatuie of Wisconsin ielaLive to a grant ol lands lor a railroad to <>r?e i hay. Inferred to the Committee on Public Lniidi. Mr. Miller<Pa )asked leave to introduce the following: KctvU rU, i bat it is incompatible with fie policy ol the protective system of tbe I'mteu Mates, and deirimenial to tbe interests of the .oumry, to admit iree of duty loreigu Iroa, y. manufactured for railroad purn jsss jt otherwise. r r Mr. <llossbrf nner (Pa ) objected. Mr. Pheips (Md ) stated that he was nen?sImly absent fmm the city, with leave, when tie vote was taken ye-terday on the Louisiana reconstruction bill He wonid ask leave Co record bis vote in the negative I be Speaker laid before th* House a ?om municetion froin the Secretary rf the Treaium. tr msmitting in an?wer to a resolatimi of he -id instant, the amount or revenue collected in Baltimore city, and in tbecoanties of Maryland from ail SMurcep, except dn iesou imports. Referred to Committee of Ways and atdered tube printed. Tbe House proceeded to the consideration of Mr. StPVJ'Os bill to f&blisli mijit&ry foveros Hent In the South. 7 govern. Mr. Van Horn (N. Y.) made aspeech in sun. port of ike bill. H Mr. Itoutweil foliowrd, arguing that the governments of the South were more pretend?d governments, and bad no binding fores It it be irus Congress has heretofore admitted the existence ol tbsde Southern communis ties as St-tes, then the action was taken unadvisedly. The preamble to the bill under consideration only recognizes the governments of the Southern States as pretended State gc vera menu, and therefore, for the por. poses we hare in Tiew, to keep in Congress he control of the States, it is nece<saj-y to pass the bill with tbe preamble included. He was )pposed to all the plans submitted except the niilUl!7 measure as proposed by Mr Stevens. Mr. Sc enck (O ) believed martial law was lecessary, hut it should be accompanied with ?ome plan thowing how peopls may be rid of ?e baronet, and be, therefore, favored Mr. Blaine s amendment. At 2 o'clock Mr. Stevens demanded the prerious question ou tbe pas-age of the bill Tbe House, by a vote of 5* yeas to 79 nays, etused to second the demand. Mr Bingham then obtained the floorand ad. rocated bis amendment to the bill. 1867 1pb1ho btogk. 1867 j. j. mat * 00 , 30? Penn. avenue, between 9th and 10th ste. ^rs now receiving their B PHI NO STOCK, tmbrsclng a great variety of cbslos ilaple amd fahot impobtbd and do mb8ti0 dbt goods. ? which they respectfully invite the attention of the pnblle &~AlI of their goods ais marked extremely lew is their sales are m4s sxelualvsly for eash fe 18-8t QBBAT hSDUOTlON IN DBT OOODaT" isJPfflaS' ?.'? rVh.V??tf.V^iS.g-h#ir "rlna ,lockWa?.ottrhM4n" l V fished Mnsll. at 40 rts. ^Ddrasenggts 4-4 jo ? JJ* 'STif"" ???; W.H CI*a?,tt' b. swiiirf. bbait b8tate bbokbb8 and ACOTIOHBIR8. b?IMing In the spring or sainwsm property for tnve?tm?at sill fltd It to their advantage to look over our 1st before purchasing, as we lave a-ldsd rsciatly o our fotmer llet al arte amount <>f that 4 sec rip lion of property. Ws caa offer many Indac meats %n rewards sito*;ion. low prices Md ?rl. We have also for sals seversl small u4u sf liid la ths is>mrdlat* vicinity or this citv vary ell Jhly lccatrd for aaburtan rrsldeneesfiw well as Property left with as tor sale doss net subject b ?*? pltqktt i bwbbnt. [ dxdb118 tob thb HOLIPAlT BOPE AMD A VILLA BOAUT JLLMnVna ' mixbd ?noab plcm?,^i4 , _ abbobtbd cabdibi last rssstvsd at kimo plamb. r- enrq * sob. Wnr 1MDIA OBANUBS AMD IflBOl MBAT (dombbt10.) . ?? ? aads. of ssisct mstselals,

At KlMTFtKh. nOLDBM B0UPVBBNOMO Wliil VifBlfB OPOHTO POBT, < ? " * *"!? ?,?." tiu Plaoe, J ? O'CLOCK P, K. GOVtBUMI .\T SECURITIES. w Ftbravj 13. H?7. Cooke A Co furnish tbe following quotations of Government securities: Vuy tag. Selling l\ H. ?'a Coupon, 1*1 R-\ |,?k I . S. Five Twenties, 10b* H<> U.S. Five Twentiea. ihh 1<7 lo?k 0. S. Five TwtDH* IMA .luZtf lu; v U.S. Five TwenUea,JauAj y,'66.:<.5 luik Y- J'? Forties V?-x lu,? I ^ I?,rU'f' AHJML...!.">* .*? U. 8. Seven Thirties, Jab* H6', iu&* U. 8. &even Thirties. July 1,5 . 106 * *** TOfcK FIR8T BOARD *alka. Coupons luf? 10 4u'a 101 >? 5-SO's, lffti liioy 7.MTe, August ... 105\ 1,(7 ~ Juue tu.s ??'.!!' v' u7* ? *? " J ulr iar>S o.JU's, Jn.&Jy, 65. Iw6^ Gold Ij7 ^ FIKANriAL. Lewis Johnson A Co., quote Stocks and Honda to boms and foreign tnai kete a* follows Naw York. Feb I1-1M Bovd-U.S registered. Ifc8l, I(i9 do., coupons, 109; f-fi a, legistered, K6.V rio. c?>u|k>iis. ivt'i^. do., istis, J11, )( M'-40 s, tvintWul, #7: do. coupons, 101; T-3i s, inr\: Ohio and Mississippi Certificates 2^3#;Canton. 4*; Cumberland, :*i^: Qou-.ksiiTf,, 41. Mariposa, itijtf; N<-w York Central, IkIJi: rr4?, 50^: do preier'd, 72. H?d?on. Ui. Heading. K 5',. Michigan Central, Michikuti South*ru. 74^; Illinois Oonirti, lih ' """lid turf PiiU.-ur*. slv Cleveland and Toledo. W^*: Rock ivinun. Non&vce. ten,, uo. preferred, Kort Wayne. ?>-$<; Chicago and Alton, ?. Alton aud Terre Haute, ?; Toledo and Wabash, ?. W. U. Telegraph. ? Boston Wii'cr Power pacific Mail, ?; Atlantic Mall. ?. Gold, " ?u p. m? 137. TIIE I'UlJLIC PRINTING OFFICE INVE^TI G A T ION . Testimony continues to be taken day by <iay before the Congressional Joint Printing Committee relative to ibe trmta of the allegation of mt mb?'rs of the Soldiers'ar.d Sailors'Union, that ibe Superintendent of the l'ublic Priming has treated soldier printers unfairly in tbe matter of discharging and l'urloughing tbein. The evidence, we bear, go far taken, all goes iq show that the present Superintendent ad. beres strictly to tbe very proper rules in the premise? established by his predecessor. Mr. J. l>. Ilelrees. These rules give employment: first, to ex-soldiers and sailors who have families depending on them for support; next to others with dependent families: next to soldiers and sailors without fnmilies ; and last, to young men without families who have not been soldiers or sailors. In the m ttter of discharges or furloughs, the rule has been todischarge the most iu< outpetent or inefficient first, without I consideration of any oth<'r fact whatever. Nothing offered la tie way of testimony, we teel sure, has shakm tbe conviction of any 1 member of tbe committee, that tbe rules above mentioned have bee* rigidly en forced under 'h?- administration of the pre -ent superintendent as under that oi his predecessor TDK MASSACRE AT FORT PHIL. KEAKN EY lti? expected that the Commissioners re. cently appointed to proceed to Fort Phi Kearney and investigate all the circumstances a'tending the recent massacre or U. s troopby tbe Indians at that plac*, will leave ?imaha about the S.',th iiistan!. The subject was dis. cussed in C??bmst meeting yesterday with it view of bavirg instructions prepared for thComnsissiom rs by the Secretary of tbe Interior, and have them begin an investigation a1 an early day.| TIIE STEAMER R. R. CUYLER RELEASED Tbe Attornejr tleueral has ueculed to allow the steamer H. K Cuyier to proceed on her | jonrney after giving bonds to the Government j for a sum double the value of vessel and cargo liot to violate tbe neutrality laws. It will be remembered the Cuyier was seized at New York about one week ago, with a cargo of arms and ammunition, on the chargs of an attetipt to violate the neutrality laws, she having been fitted out in New York to sail for the United States of Colombia. THE NOMINATIONS. It Is believed that the Seuaut Committee on Foreign Affairs will report against the confirmation of Mr. Cowan to Vienna aud Hu?rh Ewing. Minister to the Hague, and in favor of Jobu Sey*, Minister Resident and Consul General to Liberia, and H.S. San ford, prometed Miuister Plenipotentiary, Brussels. INTERVIEW WITH THE INDIANS. Tbe Commissioner of Indian A trans yester. day had a second Interview with the delegation* of the various Indian tribes from Kansas, now on a viait to this city for the purpose of makiug arrangements to move from Kansas into Indian conn try. The interview lasted lor some time but no treaty was completed. RECONSTRUCTION. It is deemed not Improbable that separate bills applicable to tfc; several States (as in tbe case of Ix>nisiana) will take the place of any general reconstruction bill. It U known that bills for the States separately, are in the course of preparation by competent hands. THE BID." FOR PAPER This forenoon, the bids for paper required at the Government Printing Office daring the next fiscal year (amounting to an aggregate of some f?<o,(iuii worth) were duly opened iu the Senate's Printing Committee's room by the chairmen of the Senate and House Printing Committees, in presence of some twenty or thirty of the bidders. The number of bids were large. The following bids (per pound) maue were tbe lowest for the diilerent classes of paper, via: Hy C. R. Mohler?For class No. 1,17* centsolats No. t,? cents; class No. :i, 24 evtib: cla*s No. 4, a?i)| cents: class No. 5, 27 cents. Hy J. R I)ayh-?Fer clasa No. tt, 21k rents. As Mr. Motaler foiled to state bis residence in bis bids, all of which were very far below any others offered, and aa he was wholly unknown toany of the trade present, the impression was general that no attempt to execnte contracts under them would be made. It will be a day or two before tbe rest of the bids can be sealed so that p can be ascertained to whoa these important contracts will fall. NEW REGULATIONS FOR TREASURY EMPLOYEES. Secretary McCullocb has issued a circular directiug that hereafter the several bureaus of the Treasury Department shall be open fTotn V o'clock a m . to 4 p. m., the employees to report promptly at 9 and remain until 4. Tardiness or leaving without permission or iuatieution to duty will be sufficient grounds for dis. missal. The heads of the respective bureaus are charged with the duty or carrying out tbe order. . ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILR0A? Commissioner Wilson, of the General F^ri Office, has just transmitted to the Governor of MinnseMa certified traascripta of two ap- i proved Hats of lands enuring to the Suite to aid in the construction of tbe St. Faal and Pa. cifla railroad,cijitainiDC la the ?cgrtgite 113,Ml acres. TELEGRAPHIC NBW3. FRO* EUROPE. ' l.rv*Ki?00L, Feb. 18? Evening ?Cotton flat, sales 7,000 bales; Middling Uplands 14 ]| d. The Mancbeeter market closed fla?. Bread, tuffs ste idy; Corn 39s. 9d; Beef firmer and more active; tallow dnlL ( savtcted ef Mvrder. SACO, Ml.. Feb' rr ?Mrs. Swatt, of Kenne. bee, has been ronvtcted of manaiaagbier for poisoning her hosband. '* ' * Murine News. m!?n!J?L '>T\ 1* -Kevwia cotter Mahon. ing has been sent la search of the shin Bavaria reported,t'tablef0^the coast. P Pennsylvania Ratifies the Amendment. stitntloaal amendment. we 1 ' a ? | > '' , Y.rV Jl.rk.i., ' Www YftR*. f#b. 11?uvuon-a- KlA-r ^j... s.w * Item* *1 Western N'*?. ?t. I^ono. Feb* I:; - A man n*me<i Nicholas Jiin'urd bl< vi'0% d l*? children on Subnay night hi BrookHfiJ, M>?*ouri, nud t&?4 kUVdhln^lf Apreposition waahroucht before the Mnno 11" Sfov yesterday to iinvnd the Stat* ce'iamution f>V striking out tbe word while wher Ttr il occurs ta that Instrument. - -? ??? ? bOCAL NEWS. Charge of Forgery.?Tbl.? morning. Niti ttiiir| Hi net was be;ore Ju"iice (Jinersou, ?> the cbiirf<- #f b^inr wnwtmt with Thos H. ! C. Hin'on. in fo ginr 'b? nam* of li-v. li. M | Turner to a no'e trr 83'; be having tnvu i bv officer Fuse. The fTidmcf went to fhnw that Hiaee wti ! Indebted u> a grocer for ;>. and look Hiutou ii? 'he store. representing b1 ,n a.s Kev. II. ,M ' Turner The latter paid be would *ive bit | roe tor the amount ol the bill. 10 which lh? ; forer Button w?t to a remlernnn and bad tbe note drawn, whl h be signed "M M I nrner," and Iftne* indor-ed it Wbti it be. auie doe. Him** advised that Turner tit I * mranted, wbich was at once don*; but no i IVv Mr 7 timer waa found, be being * on I. nred preacher on dnty in tleorpa with tbe Krierimei'i Bureau. and having h??n Ah-en! { lor several months. Turner a agent wa? found, j and seein* tbe s grature to the note, pro nounced it a forgery. Hine* was thereupon I arrested, and this trormnr ?iu comiai'ie] u> ju-l. Hin'on, tbe principal, baa not yet been ; arrested. OnTiiorox a*d Hh emits Qi akikd A meo'tur composed of orthodox and IlicksiM <|uahers or Friends was held at toe meeting, bouse on 1 atreet, on Sunday atu-ruoon, and whs addretst-d by M'fMi >? M .latinev, of Virginia, asd Tarty, of I'.o-ton Tbie cnr.sdiriated tneetm* is said to he a remarkable octurrence. probably tbe only ins'.-tnee in thia j country for many \ran past aithoueb tbe { riefiiii'e line of doctrinal distinction between tbe l?u societies is generally re^anled a? difficult io ascertain. and well informed persons say thai while Htrksite opinion* are entertained bv many orthodox Friends, orth ^d n npl-ions are as often expressed by Hicksit# Friends. Criminal Court?Jurist A'ui'r,?Y??terdiy Wn?. Scott, indicted for receiving stolen prop. erty. was found guilty. Albert Miller, Indicted fur an assault and batterv with intern io kill, was convicted of an kiiauit Mid Lattery and sentenced to pay a fil'e of #5<l. In the c;ise of Martha Ann Smith, ind>c'.ed for larceny, a nollr pros, v a entered George Washington aud lieury Bones, indicttd for iarcei v, were convicted. In two other ca:es a vnflr j<ros w?? entered. H?nry Campbell, indicted lor larceny, plead | guilty. ^ I STCAWGB COBDClT OF AS INVALID.?Yesteri day morning, a lady arrived in this city from th? iSorih by tbe six o'clock traiu. sue was in ft ehie bealtb, and remained at the Baitirntre and ')liio Kailroad liepot until the evemiic. when ? fTlcers llrewer aud U Callachan. ot tbe | houitb Ward, procured a permit trom the ol I'ublic Buildings lor her removal to Providence Hospital, wlie.e she will tie properly cared for. Slie obstinately refund to give the ottUers any in:orm.uion relative to herself or her lrieuds, aud the otlicers do not yet know wno ebe is. or wheie she came irom. Thk Kivkr.?Yesterday, the s-eamer Win. nts-imniit. of the Alexandria line, a tem^t'd to mtike b^r way to Alexandria, but filled to *et tbrousb the ice gorge in tbe tnoutb of the Ktsiern Branch She is mnking anotLer etf >rt to-Jay, and a reqnes' having been sent to tue Quartermaster's Department for the use <?f some of tbe tugs in breakmic the embargo, it is hoped that before night tt>e boats will t>e ruan n?. Tt.e passoncers from the South by tae Orancennd Alexandria Kailroad are ?tili tieiug landed at Giesboro'. ? (jAMiw.tKG for Huinks.?Wm Kd-lmand W m Scuonboru were axre?ted last night bv o^icer^ Clements and Oordon, of the Si*tn W?rd, f?r gambling lor drinks iu the;r res'auratits. They were taken before J attire Hm<4y, who fined each ?2U Playing cards for dnuics is a very common practice in suburban restaurants, and few are aware of tbe fact thatit i? a violation of law #50 fur each offence will soon break up tbe olo custom. The 1 km as lJELEr.ATioMS.?'The detentions of the Chippewa, >a\ and Fox, aud otnei Indian tribes, numherngubout ??, why have Iteen here for some weeks, leave to-morr?w for tieir homes. Having come by the Northern Cktrtrtil route tbey will take "a route direc'lv west, go?ng by tbe Baltnuore A Ohio Railroad to Parkersburg, and froru thence by the Marietta & Cincinnati road to tbe West. - m Poetical Rbadihor.?Elsewhere In onr collimi.s w ill be found an ad vertieemeut of tbe entertainment to be given to-morrow evening at the l. nion Leacne Hall, on 9th street, under tbe auspices ol tbe District Republican Associa'ion. J Madison Bell, tbe colored poet and elocutionist, is said to be a man of wrigiual poetic capaeity. Tbb Kkw Police Bill ?It bas been sag. gested that tbe provision of tbe new police bill, which provides that the Major of Poline may order suspicions characters onto! tbe i ?iy when an officer makes oath that tbe p-rty is a thief, should be amended so as to give Justices of tbe Peace the tame power on ibe oatb of a responsible citizen. pBOPOSALB FOB CI ft* L LAB ABD UCITA1 UUM HAttKlXa ttTAMP* AMD CIB^ CCLAB BAT1B0 STAMPH. Post OrricK Di'aitvist. ) Washisothv. D C , Pebraary U.1N7 c BBAliKD PBOPOSAL8 will b? rece.v-d at tbts l eysrtmeut until tks 23th *ay of March next, ueen tor fnrbisliiua for tl>? use of Post Uthc?s In tie United bUtes, fer foor years f-om the ft rat *?y of April next, MABK1BG mad RATlMd M AMPS of tbe follewlag Aeecrlptioa, namely : CLASS I. Circular and Cancel Marking Stamps combined, of ^t?^el, about one Inch iu diameter, with Ibe ti*tite of tbe office ill State, with ivpefor aioutbs ad dates tn blo?k* of like material, with sufficient thumb acrsw for the same, and with handles of mahogany, walaat or other heavy wood, and of a modal n?et convenient for use In iruM*li for tbl?cla#a ? Oircelar Ntanine tbe bidder will aiate tiie adcitiunal charge per letter or t\Ure for Inserting in the circle, when re paired such words and figures as "free,"' |ild 1?,M ,'shia," "alvertfscd.'' Ac. Also, Octagon Marking Stamya, without the e*Dcel, bat Btmilar ir all other resaect* to tbe Circular Stamp, with type for tbe years, months and days, of tbe same materiel. CCA AS 3. Circular Vsrking BUmpe of iron, or any other durable material, for the aa> of Post Offices and Biute AgenU on railroad snd etaamboat lines, 1 with tbe aame of the oMce aad State, or tbe name of tbe railroad or river line, with type for mouths aad detee, ta blocks of datable material, with suitable thumb screw, and baudlae of walnut, cierry, er other enltable wa d, of a model beet adapted foraae. tbe stamp to be ef the same diameter as is described for Ma. 1. CLASS S. Circular end Octagon Marking Stamps, of a suitable aad durable material of tbe sauie size a* class Be 1, with tbe name of the offce aad State, sad type for months aud datee la the Of r cular Mam p. and for years, mouths aad daes la tbe Octagon Staxp. ef prtatera' type metal, la jlecks ef elBKle letters and figaree. with thumb sciew aad handles as described la class Mo. i. CLASS 4. Marking Stamps for foreign mail*, similar to those aow ta u.e la the Post Offices at Boston, llew York, Philadelphia. *c .,or of any other aitable sty!< for foreign m.tils. BAT1MO STAMPS. Circular and Bating Stamps to erreepond with tbe Circular fctamps of clasee* I. s aad s < u material, bandies, ana workmanship, as fallows ? free,""Mleeent." Forwarded,"*'P. O- Bueisees, free." 'Advertised " Steaaboat",>ebtp.'' ?'Cancel." ?. 8 . d."** Held for Postage " MIsdirectee " "Met townd/* "Maelaimed." " Befvsed." *'Registered," "Mlseeat aad forwarded," Be turned to writer," "Bstumei for better direction,"" Due 4.' "Due 8." "Duels "Ac., Ae . aad of figures only such ail S,1>,M St Ac., Ac.,aad any other Bating Stamps noi herein uamed to be furnlsaed at a prUe not exceedtnc that for " Be tamed far better direction." when the same is of letters. BPrenosaM will he received for all sf ths abovs descrit>ed Stamps, er for each separate class Stamps will te ordered for the uliereat cleeses ef efiase according te the srseeat er fetare rales rf ths Dspartmeat Models of Stamps mast aecompeay the propo"JUbidd^ must famish with his prspesals evidence of his sMBty te eeimely with bis bid Two sutbcleal sureties will be required to a eondelivered te the Pest OSes Departmental the ?wpsa>i ef theooulractor. Proposals sbeald he eadorsed on the outside of the snTeloae thus: "Prepseele fee Peat Office Marking Stamps.*' aad a'Sreaeed to tbe first assittaat Poetmaster Oeaeral. Waehlntten, D O. ALBX W MAMDALL. fe lS-wSt Poetmast?r Qaneral pORABLM . STBAM MM01M?a. Combining the maximum of eMdeaey.daraUtttrs aad eceaomy. with the ' * ' "iM e?d price. They are widely aad^fnverablyjkaawa, I'l'eis* o.eeADbBTio?. urna i????>? Baview let ts^eaary. n^a9K TATLOE. % Affairs la Qaavt. L,aromR. >b*r t warj ... reeleo Ibis mi>rtiin| *y olfl er ltrJWn u\ charge of lobbing Wil^oo ?*-we|| ** " PowMl had bm.gbt a 1^4 n^T * * .m, ? (! pat up ii ll\il?'? *t?h|* iw. n,,S? wb're the pn*rt?r wa<*d p laid dawn in a r^ora ctnafoj waft ;h- ,,,K1 an<ltella?l?ep. and the prt?oa*r took bi? |(J, b>ok, and tak nr oae-fislf tire. .-anient, pii fsl ?<ber half back in Powe|ps pork.: TbS 1. ey *u recor-red and lb* pr.soaer ?u J?. ". ja-ifur ?ourt by .lustne Ru. k*T Ti? Koai?-Tb* arrival of a nn-aS.r n, wagon* from the mljbeeat coonti-s of M ?r? UnMiiT^u^rn.,,, to hop* that tba road* ?r? ImproTioc and will b* in e?oe| .m rondit.oo i a day? I#r tb* iran*fH?rt%ooo of tr?heaviest loads by Wacom So far we b*r. b^ard of no crsat Injury to any of the n>.i i. | and If the weather continue* a* mo<l#rai? a, present, we raay reasonably tip^t .h>. lhj r^ a r. to be made will c.?u?* no obatracuon ' ol travel. T*a Rm?T*T*T?The Judge, of *?act,on finished ibelr Sfaaloue at the Cummu Hot n! noon tu-daj, and will prooe?d at once t ? prepare tbe li*t?of voU?r? Thev will, |j 1 er?r, bave two days more of cessions in wu. o i to correct the lists, of which the public ?i | ' *>* notified Ncjovunt baa been kept of i e : number registered. the Jndges gl\u,g 'b*ir j undivided attention to the examination <w ? pilasts as ibeir qualifications, bad Iiuio tiu? i to devote >o ar.vthmc ?<s* R**rwi??. thiik W?ik?Tbe mecban.,-, who wer? engafed upon various impr.>?-. ment? when fh- severe weather b-gau ia ! cember las', and w-re ol.ii*. d tosu?j.en.i h-ivrem tried their work ai-d to-dav a nnm^r .> anflnts bed itnprovenn u s are pio^n-snnr rat. dly towards c< iapi?t|>in r Ju i i i*i?(}rain Na :kkt ?The rece, of breadstuff, are solelv bv ihe wag on wm?, and are light to-dav The demand for flour u aprovlif, but transactions are maiulv witti tue el'y trades, and sites continue to l*? m to snppiy tbe immediate wants of dealers \ transactions in rram reported. Pricaa changed. C/ II BAP ooons, CAL1C0BS AT t'KBTs PBR TABD Jast NMtT?d, one ease. 3 a?i yards.. WABUITTA IBINT*. Good st} lea and fast colore Price 12* cenU p.r yard. Full supply BLBAVI1BD aad BBOW.M COT TOBs, from i;)$ c?ct? t" 37 rSLts per Tard > ? receiving ??r APBIMU bTOCk All Goods a.aiked e?treats], low, a? oar aaies ate aiade BXCLUMYELT FOB CA81I. J<n? J. MAT A co.. 30* Psnnnylvania avenue. fe U Jtif I et???n 9th and itltb sU ^IBTBOPOLITAM PATKMT 3?? c ?r~l. Mm ,s*.tf j,? 5" ? the test niaterlal careful!, ..iMfoJ o*^!1 Invite atteutioa.^an,^,^., vaH^le. f From Welch's lan.llr floar. e .uai to ?t ju tbe ceuntry ' _ . . SOPA Ck&i'KBBS, AIS?:.hj f ir*.1!01" b.t<h ink '* *??* p?ffr HlOAH (!Ka')IBB?. ULT I BH ( HACK BBS, CBAOK Kb D( St. PILOT BBB40, OlBtiKB elf Art. m7fhnr* Grocers *nt VaVui^ Wlih HftVfiipr i ?ti|] kbovi FAMILY RhB%i? 1013 ! TBu, H A TBI M ?*" t T 0 atr-it Til sir.. . ^.'' MUNAI.. Tti Jw ? 'BAT A M lvPABlAN BOOK eTOKB ba? r'-aiote.) to tne uld ntore lot Pens t) Ivama avenue above ?* 1 "" "?U>?.r"r .* 'J1* K * '* < aale of. that has ever * i b'Scouutrr at aa. tioo soon . ufiVr t t mr* ccn?t%atlf iak' i i ? l?"k' Fbiladelalna ?c-,^^,!S?^d- urJ"r# * A~K bbowmb. i j eiiru ks BBOWNB A 5MITHEB8. .__^_^^.yAMiINOTOB i) 0. ^ TTf> K A k 1 S A \ I > fV > c .> fr / / (j KS AT I 4 IT Ol.iCITOM VOB THI * BIBBAL BEFI GKR4. FRCRPHRB. A?D w ;????*>?" LANLS o?!!! b beveath street.opposite th^ P >?t -w- fa t 11 1' . , BT. TIMOTHY'S MALL. PABBO>8. Obtoavllla. ?d. XVo'hlfrfiV1.^"?0 V*'M VM w" ot? ' hl**? Cltrk And aih^Hbib ??>, u.t.,l ABD BTATIOHBBF BTOBB?V?4*^ FBEM-B'A BltWVrLmS^T^ h'tk* ' r-T' ,f coma,..dths.tehl.mi^fr 1^1. ?B,d U WaabiuBtoa, D. ., Feb TAY^ ?? ?* HOOBB. corner of imk s srd Pfm a iv|(.b$ ai* i vnt a i ,rM ,fW;[.rH,LAl)KLPHlil A^ fer KU!bilt? C Ji< o a Sri r?D?Tu f *L00 M n? * Ob STOB will be happy to serve hi* frients t"*ar* ToWaccn. at R .. b4H Loniaiaaaavenaa. ae?r Bank o." VaiMat ** fe 9 :m THB wuwn^nm gf?f erF.B.D .. W"^lVr/.Va?.Vw7oKB riR3T Washall apaa. on HOBDAT MOBMBU Pe r"^rL ,^rn'r"h:'^ a,'a "tl1 street. Bbawlnaad Polnta Price ^J*hiteBeal Polat AppllaaUon Shawl. Price *r.*' VtJ? -cleaae? Haadkereblafs. _ . . . .* C^.iart Point Appilaatlea L?ce B>rbe<. Baal Thread Lace Ba? ^.?U*r* Ye|U7 Cnfll*^ ***i Mlracaart Lace Oollara sad The above Good* will be open for Inspoctioa ea r-nday, February il. and sontlnne until Ws1d<?day evening, whea thoae aaeald will be te.hipped to the owner I Tbe price of avery article Is marked In plata fin urea. LAB SBC RGB * BBOTHBB. . . .. . 41A Siiventb street. _fa8-4t latellige^rer BallJinc. jy 1 n o L l TTO . _Tbe ee nar tnershlp heratedors esi?tla< betseea B C. McKaew A 8. P Bell, aader tbe uasi" and atyle of MtBMBW M BBLL. ia this day diaaolvad by wataal eaaaeat fl.O. 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