Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. ilVUMITI, * .. TO>IUflT, Wall's t>aw upkka MoW?t._Owing to the grmt uLifts of Our Mutual Friend" last evetiag, the performance will be repeated u>n!(ht Natiobal Theater-Mr?. F. W.Laader fjt the last lime in -Medea," ro-nnbt. I'D* p*r*ormsBce to couclude with ?The L,o*u of a ..Mkt/*bott Ball.?Some of the sweetest of the Scott h ball.ds will be sung by Mr Kenn?dv. the celebrated Scotch Toenlwt, at his entertainment thisevening. and Mis.- Kennedy will play lone Scottish reele. M. 1* CnrRCB, Congress street, George' *?-^?'WWoiic Panorama ot the Bible on library"1 *?r beBeflt ?' tb? Sunday School Boart> or School Tkpjti?<.-The regnlar monthly meeting of the Hoard ot Trustees ?? Public Schools was held last evening in their room at the City Hall, the president pro Um Ifr K. S Walsb, in the chair. ' a MJ ^ al,b Pr?"?,*ntc<i the application of Mrs A K. Trenbolm for pesition as teacher, which was referred to the examination comralvtee The reports showing the condition of the r^ad? aur,n* tl,e montl11 Of January were A number of hills were presented by the treasurer, and appioved. Mr. Tustin offered the following resolution which was adopted : ' Th:it tb,> ?*cr^tarT be requested to call the attention ot the Mayor to the language of section two of an act in relation to the public schools, approved November 2TL 1350. and al?o that he furnish the Mavor with the names of members wno have been absent from morthan three successive meetings of the Board with 'he actual number ol successive raeetiB's "2T? T^'ch #Vfh mt>mb^ra have been absent WiJ*WD uid before the Beard a comma. nication from James AiUm?, K.sq., Cashier, Jiauk or w ashington, calling attention t j tbe fact tbat tLe Treasurer's account was overdrawn, *l,i -c :?T, on account of drafts having been plac ed to the credit of the present Treasurer,-which should have been placed to the credit of the lotmer Treasurer, Mr. Sessford, checks having been given by him for coal, repairs, , for the schools, in anticipation ot a draft of which draft, when given, was placed to Mr. Morsell's credit Mr. Sesslord having resigned. A resolution was offered by Mr Wilson, and adopted, directing ibe Secretary to inform Mr Adams That tbe Board has no authority to taKe I any action in the matter, the Treasurer not be. I ing appointed by the Board was not responsi- I ble to it. Mr. Wilson nominated Miss Susie K Haw- I kiub as teacher of Primary School No. 5, Kirst l>isirict, and sbe was elected. Mr. Wilson presented the list of Text books row used in the schools, to be printed in the annual report; reieried to the Text book committee Mr Woodward called attention to the fact tbat a Mr. >ox had visited the schools ior the purpose ol having the children sing at con cerrs given by him. The members of the Hoard stated that no permission tj do so had been given by either of them, and the whole thing was without auy authority Mr Cl?rk- offered the following, which w is referred to the music committee: \*h?na - it is believed that the practice of preparing for and giving public concerts by I the puttie muooU i? detrimental to ibe best interests and doe.? not assist or promote tie geneiai obiect of acqmein^ a knowledge of the science of music: Therefore, J KetolrrH, That the teacher of music is hereby ti?e 10 d"c*llt,BU* ?bem uutil further no^ ^ nstin offered the following. which was J NesolreJ, That tbe secretary ascertain and I HTC 1^k6". 'or ir *l-y trustee now resides outside the Urn.-s ot the district from which he was appointed, and that if such be the tact, tbe Mayor be requested to declare the seat of such member vacant and nominate a succesHbees offered a resolution returning the | thanks of the board to the Hon. Thaddeus Stevens for having proposed so liberal i?d en lightened a system of education for (his Histrict. and earnestly recommending the ador>tioc* main featnres by rbe Congress ol the nited state?, trusting, however, that the at>- I proprlation by the trovernment may not be i ,w OD,*-tbird ot the amount required. The mem tiers ol tbe board stated they were I in favor ot the resolution, and would cheer. I fully vote lor it Several other bill tor tbe same purpo-e would be Introduced in <\)Bgress. and by the next rawing the board \v,>uld know the provisions of all the bills. The resolution was pMfpuueU fortwo weeks. lUhoarned unul Taefcday, thevS'h instant. Orphan s' C??t kt. Jwtg* J'urcell.?Yesterdav the will Of the late Edward C. Dyer was tiled and partially proven. The es'ate, after be- I qn?athing several mementos to his friends, provides tor his children;gives ftdui as a subscription towards building C-rroll Hall s&jm to Bey father Boyle, fio? of which he is t, I \ Orphan Asylum. SIM) to the Si. Joseph Orphan Asylum, and the Dal- I ance as be may deem best. He leaves hi-estate to Messrs. T. J. fisher and S. B. Boarman. in trust, and the latter as gnardian 1 he will of the lare Martoa Hauptman, bequeathing to heradopted daughter, Mrs. Jnlia -,KeVa^d u n n* h?*r natural life, at her death to her grand-children, and nominating Ldward Swann executor, was fully proved. The will of the late Richard Henry L,ee beqmeathmg his property to his brother and other relatives, leaving bis wife, Adeline L*?e, as executrix. waa fuliy proved. ? The first account ot the executor of Anna cmith wae approved and passed. A Pickpockkt About?Yesterday afternoon a gentleman and lady were getting off a street car at tbe corner of Ttn street, near the I 811,1 Hons*, at Market ^pact, in a moment I were surrounded by several young men, who I were pushing and crowding around them. UdJ *ept her eyes upon the leader of the gang, and saw him reaching about the gentle- I man s coat pocket. As soon as the gentiemau had opportunity he looked for his pocket-book but it was gone, and with it between fifty and | seventy.five dollars in money. They bad tbe young man arrested and taken to the Ontral Onardhouse by Sergeaut Ureer, whe'ehe was I Searched but the money was not found. The I prisoner gave bis name as Kdgar Willtes, and a.?ted a postponement of hia hearing until 3 ? clock this evening, which was granted. ? # I.KVT Cocrt.?The first meeting of the Levy Court this year took place on Monday, wueu the following members were present Messrs Hurr, Biagden, Plant, Magruder aud Nichols! ?r. Knwianti was absent on account of sick- I ness, and the places of Messrs. Sargent, Bo wen *nd Belt a?re vacant, their successors not I having been confirmed Thomas Biagden, ?*q . H'cM,d "'"Porary president, and Mr Vtallsn acted as clerk The following officers (the same who served last year) were I appointed : Clerk, Nicbolaa Callan, Esq ; attorney .Halter S. Cox; superintendent of I roads, Tobias Boudinot: surveyor. D. B Car- I penter; collector, James Piihng; sealer ?f weights and measures, Robert Boyd. Sad OccORaitNcB.?On Saturday last lnfor- | mation was received here of the drowning of two sons of Mr 11 M Lowry U S N , and grandsons of Mr. Cnarles Calvert, in L*ke trie, tear Buffalo, New York. The deceased were aged 15 and IT years, and were skating on the late, when tbe ice gave way with one, a.nd as he was struggling the other went to hi* I assistance, and both were drowned. Just pre- I vious to receiving the telegram announcing the fact, a letter had been received stating that one of them bad Just received bis appointment of acting midshipman is tbe navy. The re. mains are expected t? arrive to day, and the lunrral wiil take place to-morrow. J" P^LTTTreaterday, Mr. John ( lark, a well-known resident, was I ?.rTtVi'd by offlcer Ko,h ,or obstrucHnir * public alley, and was taken before Jostice Thomp. on. who fined himss. Mr. Clark refused to lb* :?"'*** w&e ?bl'?ed to commit him to the workbuuse. U,*CLa?f Kc<uil Division.Son* Thur^d^v 1?Ck' w,H * fBnd assembly, on 7u^ <>Qd Hall, and h ? ^ *rreeahleneea of tne,r last andiithe arrangetneaU being made who attend' * Unie m,ly 60 exP*cU<1 C^TLB trovers' Rest, dor?ug the week *;ntilng Tuesday, ^5 cattle were offered, of which number iru were sold 10 butchers at the following prices Be,t in marJ" r* 10 i common. 5 I to 6*; inferior. 4 to 5 Tbree hoadred sheen were sold at 6 to 0 cts. groee. 1 Ko? CoriT -Yesierdvy OfBcer Hill, of the th ward. arres*^d Hnrrison Wilkinson for the JnrceH) of a plated ?at'or stand and other I articles, tlie property of Kltzahath A Wrich I Tbe csetnr s and was recovered. i?nd tbeprie- I oner was s#nt*o jail for court by Justice Wal- I ter. , J Plai>es*nrk<? ?The bill anthorlzinf the br. 1 id tag of a bridge over tbe Eastarn branch of the Potomac at Hiadensburg was road a I eerond time in tbe Maryland Senate yeeter* I day. i Policb Kb ports.?The police reported SB I 'b the iMrtrlct y^^terday, ana the flue* I impoeed anc untcU to f 10$ 57. , ^ Alexandria aid Vioivitt ? From toe tffiSr- P?P?rs of yeeterdajr we clip the Owrng to theriae in Goose Crwi, and tir;* c*kee of Ice So i ting la It, the stage from L e?.7* P*??*ngern and mail, could uot cr??- ItteaterdayM tbe ferrymen were afraid to risk their boat, and consequently do con nee t.on ww mad* with tht Loadoon nad Hampshire railroad train, tbe passengers on whiC3, wlf? 'eJl yesterday for Lees burg, were compelled to re'nrn to tbis city in theevening. and wait unii! tbia morning's train, by which time it was supposed me creek won in bare fallen. nnmhers are availing themselves of Jf* . ? A. K. K. eacb trip, tuat made of (hi. ting to U?e city being far prrferaole to the Crecrgetown route. Several of the employes 01 the road, thrown ont of employment bv the suspension ot through trains have started a wry across tbe Washing ton channel,aud have reduced tbe fare. In tbe Senate of Virginia, on Saturday, on niot.on of Mr. Meade, Senate bill No. lii, to authorise tbe transfer of tbe property, charter and franchise of tbe Manassas (Jap Kailrond Company and tbe stock and shares in tbe same to the Orange and Alexandria Bailroad Company, was laid on tbe table. A large force is at work repairing tbe trrck ol the W. A A. R. R. between Fort Kunyon and tbe bMdge.and if tbe weather should prove fnvorabl?0be trains will run across tbe bridge on Thursday %r Friday. Gales Settle, youthful son of Abner Setttle. Esq., of Fanquier, was drowned in Goose Creek, near Piedmont Station, on Sunday, the 3d inst. He was throwu lrom his horse wuilst crossing tbe stream, which was in a swollen condition, and was drowned before assist in ce could reach him. The ice in the Potomac is still quite heavy in places, and is constantly shitting its positiou. ? Brotherhood of thk I'niow.?Ata me?ting of the Grand Circle, "l-ippard, No. I." of the J'lMrictof Columbia, held on Saturday evening. the !dh instant, the following officers were duly installed:?G. C. Washington, Thomas l?icb. I*. C. Jeffer?on, Richard Emmons (1. C. Franklin, John Adams; G. C. Wayne, lichen U Gritiin; G. O. Fulton, Christopher (J. tJ (linird, John W. Thompson G 1 reasurer, John M. Mc Karl and. Marrikd ?Yesterday morning Rev. Fither John McAnaly, of St. Matthews Church, at the pastor's residence, united in marriage Joseph Allen, Esq , of Illinois, to Miss Margaret Catherine, eldest daughter ol Wm. Forsyth, Esq., the Surveyor of this city, who has'a host of friends. Many wishes are expressed tor ibe welfare of the bride and groom, who it ia hoped have commeuced a happy career. Hoard op Common Council.?The Board met pursuant to adjournment la-t evening. Messrs. Moore, Anderson, Joyce, Mead, Mulio> and Nallev present. There being no quorum the lioard adjourned 'o Monday evening, when the consideration of the bill lor the purchase or a boat and seme fjr the Washington Asylum will be resumed. 1 CITY JTEMS. Theory of Coitus?Where there is excessive pre.-sure. or friction, against any part, of the peison, the cuticle, or outer tkin, forms layer upen layer, in order to protect the iujnred part. If the foot be the part effected, the irritating cause isgenera'ly continued till w hat was ir. the first place designed as a protection. becomes painful ol itself. Kor at those particular parts where the exfern-.l pressure ij most severe, tbe cuticle forms in little cone shaped unevenness. with the points pressing n?ainst the cutis vera, or true skin, which intervenes between tbe corn and the flesh, and which is very sensitive, the nerves in the true skin being so close together that it is impossible to pass tbe point of a fine needle through it without wounding a nerve, and thereby causing extreme pain. Instances are on record of persons losing treir lives by resorting to that most dangerous method, of endeavoring to extirpate their corns, with knives or razor. And as those little cones extend into the fool quite a distance, it is impossible to cut them out, without cutting the nerves and arteries of the skin, which ir apt to result in very serious consequences. Specialities are now being appreciated, and where the chiropodist is l?*at-d penile do not allow tnem?e|Ves to suffer, hat periodically submit their feet to the inspection of bis more experienced judgment and skill. His method is to extract those little cones, for which be has instruments adapted to his profession, that enable him to entirely eradicate the excrescence, without causitg pain, or drawmg blood, affording the patient immediate relief. and unless m very extreme cases, if the predi?posirg and exciting cause be avoided, often ellects a perfect c u re. Lanckt. Jewelry and Sii.vrr Pi.ated Si*oons, rorks, Cups, (fobleta, Call Bells, Butt-r Knives, received this morning, at Prigg'a One Dollar Jewelry Store, Mo. 43* Pennsylvania avenue, near 4 street. Optician.?I sell gold, silver, an.1 steel spectacles, opera glasses, made of the finest Brnziliian pvbbles. and sold for half tt?? pric? charged by opticians. 1. Alexarafc-r, -^4u Pennsyl vania avenue. W A Variety of business suits, just marked down to & &), at Meaning's One Price Clothing Store, on the corner ol Se\enth street and Maryland avenne. Valentines?comic vaientines 75 eents per gross. The largest and cheapest assortment mi Valentines in tbe city, wholesale and retail, at Shilliugton's Bookstore, corner (u street and Pennsyl vaniaavenue. 6: Mt old Patron* will fina it greatly to their advantage by calling at tbe new Shoe Store, No. 50S Tib street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Wilson, !m late of the Arm of Bnrna A Wilson. I>B. Whitb, Chiropodist, 4*4 Penn. av., between 4)| and 6tb streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, buniohs, bad nails, enlarged jointa, warta, moles, vasualar excresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to S p. m., and A to 6 p. m. Established 1861. For Chilblain* and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price *1 per bottle. For sal* at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4jf a*d 6th streets. AScrePil* eras.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrumenfr positively cares the worst cases of piles. Sen^y mail on receipt of #4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Romaine, Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; Pen if i en ean be bad la aay q nan titles at the i'ar office counter MARRIKD. i,? On the lJfb Instant. L. UJ^ White, JaMI8 8 BA.YNaKD.of ffi C ; *'ld /?NNT, daughter or Jaa. Rlordan. Ee<i , of this city. ?? ?? OIE0. kOWEY On tbs gib instant, from rirownlngflt Erie, Pennsylvania, WILLIaM LOWftT needle i'HARLES CALVERT J1f.v; ,'.?its"" ? * funeral will take pi are fiom the residence of their grandfather. Charles Calvert, 34J i9th tiNtto morrow, 14tli lastant. at two o' lork p attend of the family ara Invited ^ts T .HVI-'11,T mohvId a lot ofhbw I Spring st> les of " n BONNET FRAMES. Also, a eeiect assortment of fine FRENCH FLOW IBS. to which I respectfully invite tbe attention of my Customers. Beoms 446 H street. Je 12 3t MRi. A. Q. 0A8T0N. Removal, WABH10NA BLI DBEBSM AKINO. Mrs. M A EATON most res^ctfuily Informs her friends and patrons that she baa nwtved to 4?4 I street, one door ?estof7tb street, where she Ine*r1r,lnf on Dressmaking Euslnees In all its varlont branches. Orders fllle4 with neat neaa and dl?patch. Mra is prepared to deOntMng and Basting et the shortest no Hoe tn the most fashionable style. 8 P B * dreae em ting rnle Unght^from 4 to 500.000 ""t?,?""""unato. FROM KKKDALL OUESV T1NBYARD, CON COBB, tbe asest vain able drape |n tbe countiy * NORTON'S VIB01NIA, CATAWBA BEBBCOA. B1ANA, UABTEOBD PBOLirici with many other eholoe kinds, at por uo cuttings, or *1? per 1 W0; warranted all good wood and true to name. Oarefallr peeked aad skipped to any addreeeoa remittance. Early order* are aoHcited. J. PB ARSON'S Fruit St ere, fe?-lm' 4W1 8th street. VJTEBL1NO BILLS for ante ia snnw to anit nnrv ebasers. ^Big|beet market price paid for AMBBICAM LBW18 JOHNION A CO , Bankers, fo' tf *9-3 Fenna avenne. po* W TOF WAOON ABD 1ABNKW A neat and handsoms cv turnout.the owner having no ust for them. Tobeseeuat Pnmphrey s stahiss, Ost.,^a rear of the Natioeal Bot'l. T ? a customer la ** ' the Whole w Ml he said a bargain. fet-Mt* QOLDBB ODPFBRBOBO WIBE.(Native.) Bieb. fruity flavor, with delicate boqnet Fro4sc? ef tbe ?SCCPFBBBONO ubapb, eTBerth Carotink. , .. t. M. F. W*? * SON. >'* Un-U JCinA Flaoe AMtTSKMKNTS. NATIONAL THEATRE. HMiyWiiU MWM, MM WUlards' BoM. VUHIRPA1 1TIIIIO, Fehraarr 14,18*7, u?t MiNttKt bnt three of MBS. 9IIII1L LilDIKi formerly HIM i BAM M DiYUPOIT, U< last t<me t( _ . I1DIA. T? '" ehfr with tbe liforlli Musical Ooa <11 tt* of lb* LOAM OF A LOVER f a extra charge ior eeata aMurM In advaace. 1 oora open at"; Cartain will rle? THURSDAY IlVFNIN^TBLIZ ABBTH. QUEEN ? O^BBULAMD. wall's new opera hook. ?.PROPRIETORS B. B. PHILLIP* - STAQB MABA&KB. WBDBBbDAY KVBMINO. Fek '3. 1 ~. Third nightef thegreat dramatization or Dlckena'popaiar hotel. entitled .ocr mutual fbirnd : v. OR TBE OOL??R UC8TWH. Nightly received l y crowded sod delighted en ateiAc*?. T 8ti"rav'vi't',^,1t c8",,s4ti0" FBIDAY, B.u.fil of "57. C BALI. Tb? .ret Dtuat of , w _ THB LONG STRIKE, and the Farce of ib? LOTTERY TIOEBT. bates or admission. Private Boxea, 08, Orcbeetra Chairs. 91: Drees Circle, 76 cents; Perquette, so centa; Family Circle. 26 ?nU; Colotud Circle. 25 centa. METZEROTT HALL. SONGS OF SCOTLAND. MB. KKNNRDV, Will give bl* first entertainment TO BIGHT, at 8 o clock The second ou SATURDAY, at 8, tha third and l*?t on MONDAY, at 8. PIANO FORT* _...Ml*s KENNEDY Admiaaioa 40 cent*; Beaerved S?*U ? 5 cents, at Metzerott'e Maaic Store. il' ^oticiT Under tha patronage of tha Republican As* >cl ation of the Dlatrict of Columbia, OK.GIN A L POETI3AL KBADINQ3 , BT J. MADISON BELL, AT UNION LEAGUE II ALL, 4SI Ninth atreet waai, On THURSDAY EVENING, February 14, Commencing at 8 o'clock. Ticket* 15 centa ; reserved seat* cent* ; to be nt>tai<'*d at Parker's I'oat Office New* Stand ; of Rev. D. W Anderson, ISHhalieet B.iptiet Chardi; ha* W.I1 Hunter, of T*rael Church and N 11 Miller. Attorney at Law, A 11 ;<tt? *treet weat. n't th? Hotel* ?i d Buok-storea of the city , aud on the evening ac the Hall. By order of the Committee. fe 13 2t jjKAN D CCUS C E B T On WEDNESDAY. 2<)TH INST., AT EAfeT WASHINGTON M B.CHURJH, for the l>?-netit of WASHINGTON NAVAL LODGE. N<*. 4 . F. and A. M. Door* open at 7 o'clock, commencing at 3. Ai!ni^?i,>n ...... 30 Oeuts ta 7-7 11.13.1.',18 ?.20-7t L1 A N C Y DRESSES AND COSTUMES. 1 For Tableaux and Private Parties Anly to MRS. FUANK BEa, fe 8 i.f 4*7 Willi atewet. LUST AMD i?'OUND~ 'TIIK TWO YUONG MENjWHO PICKED UP J tlic on Mtbalieet ?outh, wlli con'er a la?er alio Met a reward ot 8 b> leaving it at Ihe Coiner of b and li>,. No. 10'' booth. le 13 at* OST-An Etruscan Gold CLASP and FRINGE ? * be oiiging to bracelet The tluder will l>? lib aialli itwaroed ?> leaving ihe s*"?a at Z. ENGLISH'S. coiner of High and Water atreeta, Georgetown. f* n jrIOST? Yesterday. b* a lady . on 10th nrril, be ' t?een K aud ii. o> on G at , a fine linen caint r.c 11 A N |->h bBCHIE F, e Iged with lace. A *alt?be re* ard will be paid tbe nuder It pievented at iah ar it* WTItAT KD AH At?H# the lith lustaut, u> ar ^ ForttLcum. one 1 la>k HOBSK white hind foot.ataron bi* forebmi. and one black MAKE white ?t?r ob her tori-bead ; halters on A liberal reward will be given if returned to DANIEL MEURL1NG, Lear tint toll gate, 7th st fe li lt* $50 Waa stolen from my atore, a CUP and 9 AUCE B, bel' tit ii>g to tbe Waahtngton Ohln? par haaed at tie an tion sale of the household effects of the lale <'ol W. W. Beaton; they ?re while with a heavy km en vine, ai.d the letter W in red, burnt on the bottom. I v ill g<ve %60 to recover them and '-anvlct the thief A loafer mean enough to ateal them *ould rob a 'I k woman ot ber aoup. JAMES QUILH, Second hand Furniture Dealer, fe 11 3t* 11th and B at* , near Oanal. GKORGETOVVN ADVKUAITS. |r*g=-GBTND EXHIBITION Iks _ ? ur Tilt DIOBAMIC PANOMAMA OF THE BIBLB with Polarizing Apparatus, fllnatrated with Palated luagrama, a: the M P Ohurch, Congr. *? ?reat, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY andTUOBSf AT, Feb 12,13 and 14, for tbe benefit ?f the' Sabbath Schaol Library. Admission a? centa; Children 13 cant*. fe i2-2t* 17^=* GEOB<iETOWN. D. C .>ebrnary \tfTLk3 We, the mtderaigned, JOlge* of Mleution for Georgetown. D. U , by virlua af no appointment by the Supreme tloart of the Dlatrict of Colombia ot tbla date, hereby glee notico that we will begin the aeaaion at the Ooanell Chamber, in thia town, on MONDAY naxt, tke ilth inat, at 10 o'tlock a.m., for the pnrpoae of reciaterlng aa votTe all male peraona of twenty-one yeara or age andapwarda. wt>o have resided In the District oie >ear, and tbrea montba in tne precinct in which be ahall offer to Tote next preceling the llth inet.,excepting paupera.peraon* nnder guardianship, thoee whe nave been convicted or any Infamona crime or oUenee, and peraona who mar ha*e voluntarily viven aid and comfort to the rebel* in the lata rebellion. JOHN W.BRONAUOH. OHARLB8 H CRAlOBN. , LEONARD L. CLEMENTS, fe li st Jndgea o( Election, f HEAP COTTONS. 101 BRIDGR^BTRsifT^GkoRGETbWN, D. O. Jn?t recalled.a large ?to?k of OOTTON GOODS, which wa are aelling at lower prlcea than ther have been aeid aince the war BI* ached Moaiin, 12^. 1ft, 18centa: gooo yard wide BUIrtlng ditto. 30 and29eeats; 4 4 Androaooggln Blaa<bed Muslin. 30 centa. 4-4 Waatntia d?., 33 centa: S 4.6 i. 8 4, ? 4. lu ?. 11 4 Sheet!nas. very low; Calicoes at ItH, 1ft. 16 centa, Merrlmecka, trpragnea, aad other beat makee. ?) centa; Bbirtlog Punt*, 2D centa; Ua bleached Mualins, ItH. 1ft ceuu; yard wide ditto, lh and 20 centa. Mall aad examine our atook. MONEY CAH BI SAVEl? by ?i? doing * lm* BENJAMIN MILLBB VV M H WHBATLEY'S PKKMIUM STEAM JJ D\ BIN A CLBANSINd ESTABLISHMENT OfBce No 40 Jefferaou at., Oeorgatown, D. O Betabllsbed idii; pramiuia awarded by tha Metropolitan institute, 18M ; rebailt 18.*;. and Inow by far the largeet and most complete eatabll*hmant of the kind ie thia eactioa or country, with a large ateck of the beet foreign and dpmeatic Dyee and Ckamlcals; replete wltb every de*irabl? Apparatus, aud provided with the beet Talent and Artietlc bklll to be obtaiae<l. The aubecrlher la prepared to demeaatrate to hie cnatomere that pre eminent a* may have been hi* previona reputation, hla motto 1* " Bxcelaior" ! Dyeing. Cleaaalng. aad Refialahlag Ladles'and Gentl em aa'a Apparel, Sllka, Velveta. Satina. Me rino. Clothe, Ac., he meaoa to eland narbvalled Truly thankful fer peat favor*, ha eoMalta the cob tinned caatom of the community. V" Good a received aad returned by Express with the ntmaet p'omptneea and dispatch. jalJ Im WM. H. WHBHTcBY. Dyer. BkBPARTMBNT OF THB INTBBIOR, " TO all b*n IMd# BBd*r tbe aet at f" ^iEJJ< the reiaaae of the following deWarranta, which are alleged to have th!?A??K.0J.f ~"oWc* ! hereby glvea that at the date followlag tha descrfatlan of each 2?n n?^ ?f rtlflcate or warrant of like tenor ap^ar r *,0*<1, ,f M faction should then 400. H. BABBITT, Commissioner. Ho. lCiJM, for lin acrea. iaanad andar the act of March 3d, I8*B, In the name of Robert W Pierce, May 12, 1866. March 0.1?7. Bo. W.240, for 160 acrea, leaned under the act of Maroh S MM. ta the name af *li.ah D. Ball, and ws?, Mnroh?. 1?*7. Bo J.Jlft for 80 acrea, Issued under the act of arch 3d 186*, In the name of Qeorge Plum, aad Wt? A'fSMUth' l85*' *?rc'k *>.1-^ No W ?ij for acres. Issde4 tinder the act of lfclldd,K96, Id the Dime of J*H"8 Hdarr. aod wtf"r^drA^lLMd'lMV ychao.w*. ^ laeoed uniur *he act of March 3d, IMP. lathe name yf John Wood, and area graated February M. !867 April 6. IB?7. No. ftglto for 10U acraa, Issued under the art of archiSd. IW, In the naate ot Saran Wood, wio >w tM Brantad fabrnary K>, 1567. April 1,1M7. No. 41,49ft, for 1? acres, Waned nalir the act of February It, 184\ la the aam-? of Ssmnel Hodeon, "? WV E^aated December 4.1848 April 20, 1W7. Bo. 67 J2a, for 80 acrea. laaneo unW the act of September, 1MB In the name of Lang Jon O. Johnson aad was granted Mnr?h ft, i86S. April 20, 18W a No 27 JSI. for 80 acres, issued nn*?or the act of Mar> h 3. i8M. la the name of Laugdon C. Joha*?5 A?rll April 20 1-W7. NO. 72 231. for 120 acres iesued under the act of March 3. IMS la the name of Mar*, widow of I***?*! ?o?Ung, aad was granted May 9. 1854. April ^0,1807 Bo. Mlsv forlF) acrea. Issued an<"er tke act af '< ta tba name of Felly Pease, widow Ma^^ilw ,m Braatad Jaly 18, I860. No. sa tMjor JBO aarea, issued andsr tha apt af arch Sd. JSftft. la tba names of the minor ehfldren a, ^-BU^W0*MW,,a#d w" July [TTM^irrrn^?p * fa 2 lm* . between loth aad llth sta. j ?? ----' WANTS. U IMII'-K, miImm, m4 ?'' a ?tll ?* hkmmiik HOOtK vrlkiM il ra >?we, ?" ? atiw,| l? in. tin, mmi be aixttrit*. Ad ??? Pwt omc?. if

VV"A?i*rCBv ayousg man a ?l\TATI'>B la J , . ?* le.??ls or retail grocsrt. on- *^n V r'anra <</ Mrin tears. Q >?d fff?r*BCIl glveti. jdlreeg Box 1? ?tara Moo. fa 13 3 ' a reep^tabTVgtrt, a siyita ' ' tj.?n a* chemborma>4 or seamstress, to < ? rflnlpg ?? ?i k ? r te?o? by ?fce tor m iaih. rets tf required. ammm Box *i?, *'*r tvamiu-ir krortuit^i.'o'i^-a " or Bhfnrot-i o4 saltaVle f..r ^ot^ekeep'ns, ia a i eep*otable neighborhood The t*st of refer?ud u<i<iir*4. A4<lrni 1 '* rt,'i 4*3 Po?t Offlo*. W ashing ton. _fe lSjCt^_ W ANTE i>?By a respectable ?<toi? Wwin. '' mttatiuw ae Took la a private family, or hoarding h?i>?. The h*>t?t r?t?r?iic? |<r*a If r?ni ti?d. Pie ear address a act* to Box Mo. 41 Bfttr Office. it* All THUMB IN WaNI wc B? 'L<?l M'.n r of at} kind should roll at eaoa at 81S P* ui. avenue. hot. Ijih aid ll'ti iM fa >1 'it* ?TIt 1PPIK UUY * ANTBU -Waniel. a Br?r CI wfco unterstanda stripping tobacco f >r cigar makers i^lj to 489 7 th atre-t near B. ftiUif f. H. hnliv a co Ufantbd?a man SERVANT Bona hat a thnroaahly competent waMoavb* can fcrlac tfca but rec<inmen4a?<o'>s o*M ipfHj at *o >? 4th etfol, a ear the City Hall. fe II St* W AMTBU? #3.B0? to #t.00<>, ou security worth llto tiroes tha aiininil, A liberal interest on tbo aawe wilt t? p ? 1 mntiily Appt * to V I?. 8TOOBBB1BGA A CO . M A oo-ner of 7th and f alroata. fa 12-!'* A "young womab wi>bbm a situation in a respectable fatally aa Chambermaid *nl Stamairees. or children's nurse. Haaauilea of the Sewing Machine, Inqslre 4 36 "that hot. Gaid D f? It St* Im) latlb ovnbu8 A n l> farmers ?A youeg working tartner la de-<irnu- af meeting ma rersca who wishes o lat ht? farm on shares, ' or wobm rant one, with itnck. At. O-od reference given Addre-s fakmkr. 8?*r Office, Washington. fa 1-1'* WANTED?A POSITION Mbtn<?t?rpfr by an Anierlcaa ladr In thor ugbly earns* tani ;or would take a ?m%ll fo-nlshe 1 nnu?e whore the irnt coaid l.e paid In b^ard <J->ol sscnrltr. Helerobcoa exchanged. Address C. 1.? ^<*r <>f fico. To 12 St* WANTED? At No. *!<> I8tlt afraet woat,het. H and 1, a PaESSM AKRR for whirh the ha-t ratf? wilt te given and work tha year mind gnarontood. Moue bat a cempetvnt h*nd c-a.1 aptly. fe 'J St* II ANTKU?In Waahiogton city, B 0.,a MtN " of induiti ieui bablU with a tioree ao 1 w*^ on, to take charge of the aale of a 1 ? i u Brewed Ale, coniiuHDdiDR a n-adr role. Oo-* tahllah*4 in bnMooe* preferred. U >od refereocea r?-.juir<d. Addrea* immediately, U?i Ho 144.) Po?t Office. Baltimore, M4. fo7?t* vi' aktip-ai1 c?'?iini about t<reaklii? up ' ' bonaek?t;pli>g will pi-Mke call at ourofco, oawe w i *h to bu> their loraitnre. Iiartag cuu aiatit catla for the same A ie?>, H >u?e- for rent D L WALLS A OU . fe4 1m cerpir 10th and K ntreets. II ANTED.-We want several firat cla<a VA K Mr! *? in the coontry tor our Ctutomero. ai?o, 1101'?B8 atd LO!> in the city, both large aud diall. Apply immediately to d. L wclls a OO.. corner 14th and K ?t?. ja % im Wanted"wanted -at th? turnitiug Office, No. 41)1 0 a<ree'. h?ar Kaltlmore Depot. UA0BUIT8 lor the battel Mttes Army. ja lft lui i\f ANTED?Bew and C'aat off CLOTtllNuTohi * ' GOLD and SILVIIi.or a?j other article of value, at the aid ?-?aMi?hed .Merchaat Pa?n txokar a fetoie ot U PI LToN A CO ,AoJV:b at., 3 doora n> ith of Pentm avenue. bole Agent for BIMUEli's 8EW1NG MAOdlNK de 22 ly k % ' a N T h O ? 1IW L \ l?l Kb liainod tat^lr . taeiu" I r ddor Yokes. Itaud>, Wrapper Yoke*. Clan nel bkirta blippera and Iultiwle. To vood hau la who brlnir ?au>pie ol woik. guo-1 wagea an I con at..n? employment given. Call at the new JUauip Ing Koi.iii, 4 .'!< 91 ti street, opp ml te P.tieut Offlco bTAM PINO red need to FIVE centa per width, de IS tf. W'AM'l ED?tO.OOO LADIBM to kn <w that at the New Ktampitig Bo< m?, 4 39 9th street,opp?<>ite Patent Otti< e. tt.o> cah tind the lo?t selected asu. rtmviit of fatterna ever ottered here for (Iloaka, t ap.*, Aprona. Joaeya. Walata, Y ike., Banda, Wrappera, bllppera. Pincnabiona. ami Ini tiale aik >. ileaigiia for Pillow Caa.'a Otbimt ,. Chair Covers. Pianos, and. tn ahort, eTer)*\ari?t> of Patterns a? they are daily ismied We have a Fiebtb Mai hlne and a Piactiaal Stacaper, aji have tedured the price to FIVE CENT8 FEB WIDTH We make and atanip an>j pattern broneht ns Braids, tjilk and Working Botftin very low. de r tf WANTED-8KI OND H AND rrhMirD?? Also MIUKOR8, CABPKTS. BBD8, BED DIN O and HuWSEF DRN IfMi I NO OOOD.t of every description. B BUniL'Y 4 0^. 7th street JeeB-if l.etw eeti O and H, east side PERSONAL. %*; a8111nqton, Jas.u. i?i7. w? TO WUOii IT may (J<#Ni'BBN It having couiu to my kujwlo<)ga that repert? Bate been in circulation to tbo imury of Mr C. w hlto, ('oufecifoner, rogarding his conned >n with tt e bupper fu rniahed at tne Masonic Hall, reeently held at the fair Building lu tfc!? city. 1 deem it my dutf to state, that 1 al^ae am respsnsible for all defects that sxisted on that occasion li* f?nu*ctlou with ths supper furnished Mr. Wbite was retjueated, at t>ns o clock tne day pr*vions to the ball, to furnlan tbo supper, and at flr?t deolliiod; but at my earnest solicitatiou coar?nte 1, aBd 0n Qjy advice tnicUh-d Tor a sm^ll nuu'bei, as mysslr and a majority of the co^oiittsa bolleted tbat the ball would be a failure, and did uot want to see him loss by furnishing tbo aapaer n. b larmkk lt Ohalrman ofj?om. Maaanic fa'r and Ball. MADAME AHOLtlAB, an ImrrtsieU Me-lium and Ctitri oyiinj, Mo 3*^3 6th ?t , corner of k. t , can read tha Past. Presont. and fntoro; is able to ooviao in all butineoe m-ttiors. lost or stolen property, recovery ol the iam?, love, mimage. Ac., from 8 a m to 9 p. m. le is-m' DEBSONA L ? J "M B. your baggage, left at tue A Turner Bouse, will be aol t t- pay bill uul?as redeemed belor? February 21,15*7 fel2-3t* PEOPBI K"0 r . ff*akb HoTICE?All persons having 1st A^.^'atchosor other Jowolry to bo rosaireJ wita J KBAU8 mast call for thorn before the 1 ith day Vebr tary, 1M7. a; B. BUBMoTlNE'8, 474 istb street. fell St* nNLY fOE LADIVX TO BBAD ?Blegaittie v7 Bmhrotdered might oowm andCdB&llSE 10kes, more elaborato than any ever otToreu 1 here, of the newest and most beautiful designs, received dnily, fr?m our corps of 130 auperiobands. and for sole at BEDDCED PRICKS, ttemg the largest manufacturer here of tuts gind of ladies' wear, wo can please ill. both lu <*ua!ity and price, ond are determined, at whatever coat, to prodnco the Vest work. Issu? the most elagaut I patterns, and bTAMP CHEAPER, than ouy Ooncern in thia or aay other city. I Oar reputation as ths only Practical Stamper here Insured ladiee that no injurious compoeitlois are used, and shields them from trusting their work In the hands of those who buy a few bl<>cka I aud proclaim th?msel*eo stampers, stamping, % j cents per width, and gfe you a Collar and CufTa in. wm. pbimcb, 4 4V 9th street. fe 2 tf oppo-ito Patent OfTIco P L, 8HUECKIMU, M. D . UYOIBNiU AND . HOMOCUPATH1C PH Y8IUIAM Ornrt-a49 Pa. ato , bet 12th aud 13th its Ja 3D im* ' lUKK MOTIOB?1 hereby give notice that I 1 have not instructed anyone In my busineea of Preserving F1 >W?rs, and no one doing bnaiaesaln Washington is authorised to use my name i jaM ln' MRS. FR1B8. 4 i? nth etreet I 1MPOBTANT FOB LADIES-At 0H A RLE8 BAUM'8 Boon Skirt Manufactory you coa buy French Woven Corsets, whalebones, #1..M). reeds #1 15 Mo. 49 Loaisiana avenne. between eth aud 7tb at reel a j* 21 Im* LPB1DAL AMD FDBBBAL WRBATHS^BOO yuets,crosses. amc U?B9. STARS. Ac . ' freserved la aatural form; Imported flowers, i [AIR flowers, and BRAID! NO. Aleo, im ported mobs, Hair dresses for Balls, by Mri. fb1bs. Hog rsmOTed to No. 4K9 11th st., between O end H oc i tin* < WE NOTICE -Bridal and Faaorol WrT?th^ ! quote, Crosses, Anchors, etc , a eserved In nataral form: Wax Flowers, Hair Flowers, oa Olsss or Pearl, at No. 3 IB G street, near iith ja 14-1 m * 1 JOHN D. CLABE, ATTORNEY AMD OOOM- ' BELLOB AT LAW ABB BOTABT PUBLIC, No. 12th street woot. do 14 ly BOARDING. j i/ob bbmt WTTH BO ARB-One aooad-storf 1 A front ROOM, aoatly furnished, aultablo for Pereono, at 417 imh street, between (I ond B. Also. Table Hoard. felS St* J ITOB remT?Two well furnished PARLORS, on ' . thAtrat floor, with or without BOARD ApplyJ93 B St., bot. 9th and loth. fe 11 Avbw boabdbbs CAB bb AOOOBMO I dated with Board and Lodging, at $% 60 per i weak. Table Board |S to per weok. Apply ^OS D at., bet lsth and ISth Sta. h li St* | rTAnUE N'oABD at Bo. 4B4 MTth street, a Imp I J doors awrtb of tbo ayonaa. Terms fM nor oatk.^ As tf-tf | AT THB BBW CBBAP STAMPIBB BOO MB ? A 4 49 tth threat, oa port to Patoat Office, ladies 1 can get at onr radacod prioea, on the yory bast I Waniasutta? _ Might fawn Yokes, ready stamped ~40 ctg. Obemise Yokes, ** ** ^.....Ss eta. Baado * oto. Either for oraldor embroidery, onr patte ns are of tha very Isimi designs, so lee ted with cara la New York, and being fa reoelptot them weekly, | we aro able dally tolasno nme patterns as well J make aad stamp say pattern breaght us 1- 0.0. Working Cotton nl rodncoa prioea. , da I>-tf I IIBAM FODBDBY, w AJ Bo. 414 9 street ivtof started a BBAS8 FOPMDBY In oonnocMon with my Bun and Locksmith bustnses, I mi frofnrftf to do nil vnrk IB SBnt lino. Ja IS?ws john j. fbabopy. to 1-dkaa XX p^'.'m^wU (. 1 FOR SAL* AND RENT. T<> LIT-??IC* BOUBBaf ? rooms. la First .* . x H> BMik **lk(anniN far ^r*> *? WILLI A CO . r!LM * f*or?er 101 h M.I F streets. F?i VL,-A **? ""*> ?*frK h o u?ir^ * !?* " ?< ?* bMl^ ? ?V *~t or * w ?l> b>un4ar r or tMtft, Price #!. A# ply at j?T j? street t it is tf tf "or# n?fBraisbed *<M?M 8, * eeiTJi /, *> * HBa; roaaaalBnt to *' ? '?* Atpiy tl 80S Pena. ??? I **? felgiw* H?^?/OK a??T Aii> fubbitoiui M.- *""wawiMM U r*?.sas. aad |? UTTI a^.*i?**r'"?*u Fureltare fl.iM *??< ??.' fr ?otili Apply to D. L WELLS* OO^harthweel MMr lOth a*J W. fcllt1 nxrl ? lib\JgCT>-< |f o BTH PlX Berea Of COOd LARD with ft (oaiOr<-)?H Bad Baildings ealtable for a garden or bat Lor, rtther Jt2T*d*U *"d CMaJ W* aiLLVi'i " f* IS W RATa 3t* HILLlAH. FO* BENT-A lino DWBLLlMd oa Pemsyi TttUmm*, IftwNt lltk aad ton streets' reMainlne li rocms.wtth bath. water g?s Ac BALE OB TO LET F101 BIS in th? I'hi ladelphia B^w. 111 ft -1 east. Those h*a?es are well situated for a sum me r mi dsnce. h>?i>i hot acd cold water, gas and bath, half boor's rii? of ibtauiM cars from the Treasury, and four Squares to walk They will bo ranted by the month or year, or will tell four of them low for cwh BOOM to rent*! 30a ft! Inquire of the ??eDt,3ui F street. f? u ?? (t OB BBIVT?A HOUSE ' aiainlng tire ro?m?, situated ori I*h at . bet y an I R sts Inquire at the corner of tuth and y itr?* ti. fe It- it* F'OK BENT?Two famished or aafuriiistied, t terms moderate) Bo. to*o Let bew <th and at h ata.* k *T * ?fL-T7V,a? J1*10* WO08B,ojrn?r J JLh sod Maasacba?e.ts aveaae. Inquire JL ?niTu" 4M4 ilib et.. alter 4 p m %il per month. Poeeeeeioa given Immediately fust* 'I'HB HALF Of A HOI CK on Penoa. avenae f iotb and lith ?tr?ets for rent, la**M,rkti 8r%r"5tli itio ^tu 0tfl. fn 11 2I# K^HMiUVi^'At #l*i ?n?J ^t'. two two atory ft tlUL' fBJ, Ci'Btftimng fi and 7 roonm each ' J!:*1* **** 7th e*tT A 'IVB KOOM HOl'SB TO BBNT. one A 1tolB ,h<* ^ Pitol. B-ut #16 >?r nit lith Inquire at 51^ hiew Jerae) ?*e . n ar Ilaitimoro Depot. I? j K<i|B|NuNuT?7?'M,1Trn,e?,i.111 ?? HIN? BooH. fnmifthoi, for boaeaea^ns; I IImiim a l' Also, one or two larva . . 8' throufhont; central, light *n<l lifulttij. 4 43 12th O and II fe IJ It* I BINl ?a new cjmt-r UblUK I 1 UOfcsB. ol sum ro ins. A No. 1 stand for itrecery and provision r>asm<?s, ?|r?at<>1 on 4th, I betwoon M and N Mreet. ?erth rtrit bo In the toftr. Owi ?r at tlft:d?a a gtore, 4?? J I ana sylvfti la ftTenoft, a^?r s-i *t. f? 12 ?* L^OB HALB-The HTOOK . OOul) WILL, l.KftsE I ftii.lrftrtcf riXTUMlSol thawelle tftWlsn.d Grocery Store ho. &4!?7th ?troet, Nary Yarn, now K I .a * ?< baalaw Keaaon lor erllln^ had I n<?itb >or farther information inquireou the I premise*. fen ;? I l OK Pa LK A f.i>t cU?? new Fram- Hul sC, I I a " jriS" *' attic, ou Greeo *t . t>et Sto>i I 9*7 "V1 ** ' sts.,No |12i. containing 12 rooms including bath ro? m and pantry, withwat rand I'rfeopf e*eyK^nu',l^*r "td? VApp,f to HAKICK m .w. (1 ' fi'w,,,r St., bet. Oongre** an 1 nun Mr,Ufori{etuwii. i? 12 71* STOB? JOB KENT Also, oaa BOOM. wf ?h th" ^ ttofe if required, at Bo 34u ath air?.-t . o' ,?r ?Iii fa 11 at* I- HBhT? Anew UOl'SK, fire rooms, on l<th I t street, near K AppO |j fell If ?BO A- HHK1 11 34 !? ? L street, near nth. I/OB S I LB ?A ?cw twa ?t >ry>rame HOOC l.r ^-V/00""- w,,h l""?l *?^rel* lar, Mtnat 'i "n 17th sir-et, hatw- n L and M st< i VM H rtl'sk*'1"7.? 'll* ft"'1 r*"ftr A"'1* H.H1WB8 ou the premise*. ft-ll j'* h"'?? fTOtJk ar.d ri\TOBBi~or Lf^rt!4 I'h 5T*1' tt"V * ?iPO-??e (iru-'al foVLr^lrV staal. suiubU tor toy, fane) .or ?t>tioii>ry store Stock reduced any amount to suit purchaser. fe 11 ? ALaAg* MBATLT rCBSISMBUIMKLOK aiid Minon vi on lirst tloor?private rahie ,n rooms-ones.,rare from the Capitol aid aitr LV.?t? aTe., between north B aul 0 ? B fe II <t* "asrs e.s'l'0i''i^ "Hatred, t^e nal I heu ^ it,ri Hm ?r instalments Tide ..1 l .,l i^ ,f".#lftiulogo raoias. pa-age, ll? e? i '!*>; .?*ted Do. to4O n nh tf atnet, near Msw Jersey arenue. fe ll et* I h* lMa?id?iui UANGt-For a farm in ini Biriii tririal*. a three story BUICK BOI SIC in Ln'ont?v?n. l? C , with two LOTS attacbtd.on tbe rood leading to tiie D. 8. II ?pital L mlltm n%"^" lower stBry ha^ been used as Ta?J,'5Pe-"rnTr*> ^ t-'?od bonnesa can be d >n?. 25? or 92 *?. ?ni balf ra,h, the f??I ?? >'*** wittl Iniere-t A 'eel ticulftrs I u'lue of' J Oa h"c ^fiT AL(J "r!" ^'he CTaVy VAW ?< Cc?HtiVpafl^A*B' i2^1'1 tre^t- fr?oririf I V^tftpltol Pftrk.?Two har.d.eme pAKLOHi.fsr- I ifwrnuhed, wub gas. TwoCil&H-l 15KKg Location d?hbbI1?i. fm ^ 5t? L'OBSALB-a BBSTAUBABf. .Ill rl.Tures, Islcenee one of the beat Hands la tbftel^r Apply at KBOWM 8 Bestnarant. cerner of, th and K >ts.. a^rth of the Harket fe> rjt , 'arv^^st^ffjsjasg vr: fe>* I, HOBLB. | ^?B SALB OB BBBT-That su,ry and d.y c'"*r Hol SB Be 4 7 7 O street, between 1st I ftnd .d aear Triniiy i.hnreh. 9 rooms with alt mod I ern lmpro?en enis Will ba rented te a gc*.d t^n- I ftt low Uqnire ef JOBN 11. WABD La>ai>er I Tard. 12th street ftnd Canal f? ?" t R!|LIL? uI?"' j th,t r?t Clase HIL,J LlABD BOOH northsast corner of Pean ft I ftrrnue ki d 1 Itn street roar of Phelan s best I and Utest pattern Tat.le? ftmt *11 the Farnitnre ftnd n*tnres the ba,t. Will ba at a sacrifice. a* the owner cannot attead to it Inqaire on the I premises. fe??t* I ^ ? B 8 A_l. E~ ~ j Several new First Class DWBLLINQ B0U9BS ?lth modern imprreem??t?, la pleasant parts of the city. for sale on liberal terms j HOrSBS FOB ?ALB~ ON HOST EVBBT 8TBEET IN THB C'lTT. 'BJtI Business Property, Desirable Balldlng Lots Milmrban Beaideneee. and snr three baudrej Farms, including Hue <\>antry Bests lor sale br I KILBOtBN A LATTA. H?al astate Brokers. _ ... Oon>ar Saventh and F streets, fe ? ?t Pabllshers ?.f the Beal Estate Balle lq. L> EsTA BBANT l'"R SA LE?Bear Henu m eve I i .nue, a very good stand for aa eaterprislns I AIP'r " OBO. JI ENEMANN 6 Lager Beer Brewery. fe i fit Htuui?sI''B BENT?One three story BalOK I HOI SB. newly papered ft ad p*inted. with gas *? /***, *ble, e 'BtalnlDg ro >m for 1 I *"? 13th street, betweaa I mitheanian Instltate, Treasury Bailding. Ae. fe 7y? "treet north, b.tween D aad E. FWafoSP B"?*B FOB BBNT-Farnished ,'AJWj0JM ?'' M a?1 M BOOHS for I f*n*- Board can be obtftlned apposite. Apply st I iiH " *' Uth opposite Frank- I 1,n_ *owj fe I 10t* L^OB BALE?iBsly Btag eash re><airedt?Seve- I J- <$<"' Sri fejsrs em.* - ""r.ASv-1 Hods* aid btobb fob bbbt-b*. ?4? Pennsyivaala a venae, between Maad 4*% sts I \ T,*l Promlneat buslneee stand foaeesaioa llvea Febraary 1st. Apply at O.I?k?b BaliL^ jail eotf Corner it. aad Peaa. ave^ae. L'OB MST-A three story aad r>aeemeat Brick I J*. DVTELLIBO BOUSE, browa front, water "J5 '** rooms, bow aadergclng repairs, sit- I IHS ** "ifeel'West, betweea L st artk and I Base, areaae. Be. 3b9/ la ilrs st No. J OA ]?th i I. betweea 8 and 10a. m. aai 4 aad I p. m. ia" tt 1 POBMNT-Ths FABHjfortbe last three yaars i-?i? rr.'i**0* of ?**>' Theephll us Oalnes coadstla| of DM) acres, Iriai aear Fort Hshao, I tia I >om flsuaing s Brings. ImarovemeBta.dwell og I *c Asdrm I. B.? 437 I itrMi Wbib I iDgtoa, D. 0.,or sail 1. parsoa. bMwM^'ftad?t 1 ~ eeutf j ?fdo?M small eommunl- < KOOBB, islitbiihMl, iMowl floor Ho I < 134 Penn. av., bet Itihasd BtbaT^ no ? tf' , POE BENT-The BTOBIBOOlf oaraar oTp* H.*T?t *4*^ street weet, la the Star OdUe 9all?Uag, formerly occapi?d by W Q. Hetaerott s ?l,lr^*?Uy as the oBceof?, ^ i SAM lAMOI-For tnaedliu n|? onf I r? i* ^ 'if***! wiall corner store QEOOB- I ' IF *00 WAB* BABQAIBS ~ i ???. S, ?5L asju,. Js !1 lla b?twaea La av. aad B street. j W EBB * BBVEB1DGB. 1 ?CEMrmU ' OVU& AID - _ . . . ^ . ?LAB8WABB, i A"** ??fatly eahaad a large efteek ef ?<*0DB, , % I ~ AUCTION HALES. RT ?ni * WlkLUlk, AMOd^n. U Jl? A AO. ?IHB*r 7tB U< I) ItTMli M!*?" WOO* or DET* OODB. OBAT* IB!? *** D i OTTO* SHlBTS. DKi*'U<, Hf J*>k ?BCEisrs. JiOpl?*|r sus*ra? VBRBBLbAS, fPoi,, "N1IN, NEEDLE*. AkD 00T LEBT. MmIiIIC UklHFH>* IM tMUit.ti |?*y|..k B. SB., We Shall Mil At *? AmUn k?MH a grm eraJ WMrttmiit of the Uwi* named gaod* iu wblfh we lu?ltatb*et action of Mi'rkwtn ' Terma cul. GBAEN A WILLI AH*. f* I" Anert>i?K |II 8AQLI I Ou.. AtKUi'Man D gW-> PcBUCylrAAia tutt(. On TBT'EBDKT, Feb. K. at l? o'clock, wa will Mil.MoirMwria'B! > CltOT 1 Baa page* ?) cmm Asaoriea A>i<iuors t* cum Biiluo ?m?,U cum Puck BMfb . W>mmA A Bittero 10 J gallon dawf icbBS O ft. Wkigkoy l*d*ml oba*Old fort WtM Uowl^kM Hi llaod ?> . mm., Ac. ALH ? (TOM laokiai Tobacco JC.? ('hole* Bag* re Mi bo a a* Raiw n* gll draate Flga boap ttitick anil a iratrtl Twil'nf Orocerleo. 7 ho abov* io?4i will bo cold o1ik??t io?or>. ?* W AO LB A W . itru. B1 W. L. WALL * CO.. AlcilMotfi, Store* )U end 317. Soatk cornor PeuusyIvaale eve&ne ul ttk et. OKOOBB1B8. SB0AkT~L1000B?. BtTTk K Br AT AUilTlOH OB TM(JES1>*I lukMMii, Febraaryl* wo our Auction Kouaii, without reeerve lsi*" balance of o Hoc* of* ? BJle Whit* and Telfow Bacars K?|i of bailor and Honey HMe m.?oiauU, Broom*. Bucket* Oreen Ttti.UtDilu. r>e*p fO t-lli W blPlt. Itf.Bdf, Port \tiM B. am. Pajer A?pie Batter l<ot Lollrj' Pboe .'o imii Bitter*, ctfNTtc>'lin With o feT article* la the Grocery liao.all of which will bo terein?tortl> Cold. fa ?3 W L WALL AJ*>^ Au. te |>T CttOPEB A L ATI IK K Aactioaver*, D (Lat* clerk- With J a* O Hctluir* a Or.) Boat b writ o> raer ot P*anay Irani* a to au4 llth atreat. titer Uft?? ttailUiag FIB* UUlBr M iroi'i Oprtrl. Citt IlaLt. I Waahtnat'iu, D O . Fel.rnary II, |*?T < with lb* yrii*i>ina? of an act an 'Hied ' Aa act rrlatiag to naii wiiarvee or wock*. aj proved July IJ, IK .1 aotir* ia ktrtkf giv?a th*t thorn will l? offered for kale, to the higae.t Md TR ii"wen*. *Ik,C. C#fc,er *erket hpe< on THt BI*DAY, the ll>t Itiaiaet. at 17a clock M . lor a term but ncMm oa~ >e*r, an th- riithie aa.l ptmltgea gr.nted or allowed l>r th* I .w* *t thta t orp ration t<, ?r|tbliik w'arv*? ?t do-k? tor tb* leading, alraartt g. am a'e ot h-h The official c. fj ,,r tl*? rdimno- r?t b*- aeea at <1 ?B\ lnforojeti n given a* tbl* oflic* '? ? St RIt-HAfcD U ALLACH, May-.r. UT W. L. WALL A CO., Anctiauaere *-* Boulh corner Pann av aae an J 9th at. We wlU aell. < n tbe pieiaieea. oa BBIBAY ir. TIKNOOM at 4 o'clo-k, fait ?f LOI No ? aotiaie f A fronting -4 teat ?a a .* foot all* rtiuaiBK back 46 feet, i.elag the raar t art . t |..t N . M.rortainiBK < i.e thi.a-ai.e ai>4 eighty Wt, Im prcT<d t>y two |T:aBie tieaae*, containiLc five rn.>ina e .ch TLe a* oee j rojertT ? attu^e.1 hetwe^a aoath B end C tre< t? and "d and ts at erte w?at. TTO)? ntade known ou day <>f *ai* lal.< H L W ALL A OO^ Aurl,. B? W. L WALL A CO . Aacti"Be*>ra, Original Uoree au4 Carriage liaiaar, V? Lou.aiaaa aaeaar. SALB OF UOBSB8. CAKEIA0E8. H \ BK B8i, ?B BATrBUAT MOBN*N0. F-b ii.n IteVI*. we * ili let I. At the Bazaar Dumoer of ? Mi? Carrlarf and Work flet aoe, t a fail deacrlptioo at aale,) conprtoin* about KOBTT OOB*?B9 M' Work, Cad'lie aiol llarneea Horace. a a ,. ALW| A WW C<^lection of hem mod Second btod Ha# > ?*bli |la^*W%ya' ^arrlagag, Wagooa and other Two Lew Jenny Ltnd Wafoaa. btiilt la tbla city . A Lao. New and Second hand barueea. Bad die*, Carrie*** Ac., at privat- eaie ^ ' Regular aali-a da>a, Tneedeya. Tbnradaya az.4 Batnrday* toM-ia^ee buI Haraeae al weya on arleate ante 1? w. L_WALL A CO.. Aoete, HY OOt/PAB A LAT1HBB AV? .ae ra. t Late clerka w ith Ja? C ^UOaur* A <3o .1 S?. utbwt rt coraer I'ean a avenae auj ijtb at . Star Office I'cildiag. T?rBTBB* BALE <TT VALI'ABLR *INB ) A Bl>, NBaB THK N A1 I'1N a L UA?'B Cul HM AND INfcASE AhlLIB by Tlrtueo- a dr*d , ftruet. dated the id of Ma,. ..P ,?W' recorded, the uudn* a:.ej wllleell.ra W R1>N BcbA T . the ? h day of Tel. rnar>, !8b7. at 11 o'l^ck a n. at tSe auction ro >ni* oi 1 <x>p?r A Latimer, ?. rner of Pebbajlvania arfnue and llth ?tre. t Star office Building, that c?r,*!B ^ M *yard oonta'ulng 7\ acr^e homgaart jf * ko?ciaa/ko Place,' de?crlbwd a* follow* ? Beginiili.K at Bioae Ho. 1, oa a 'a'B? toad .aid ut ",Ko#.''^*7.k* Plaf*" b* ?UM hi .lry a.,d (.barlea J, thence aoath 76 deg we?t ? chalB* and ?. liat of a. bate, aoath Xt , w.-et S"7 t^chaine^.* nth a*'* de? we?t 8 7 louche xe. eoulb ar? deg eaet IS J|-| a chain* to ib* -etd farm roed. thence by eaid road to tbe begianiec . The Blac?- coarri<re a valuable vin?> ard ib foil bearlBg, and la within aboat a mil* of Waehlugton city. and ia wall decern ng tlie att> aliat, of ag rliQlturlat* t*r?a; One third caafc. of whlek |l?Bu*t be raid Immediately after tLa aalo; baiaaoe la at a ant t% tiro tHOiith*. with In tercet l>wd *lv*a and deed of truat takcu. PBED W. JOIBH Trua'ee fc S cota COOPBB A L.AT1MBB. AacU. BI OOOPBB A LATiMBB, Aa^Uoaoera. ~ i late clerk* alth Jaa C McUulrc A Co.,1 Bonthwoei corner ?I Penn a arrnac aad llth ?t star Ottioa Baildiug. AUCTION 8 A LB OK~M ATBBIALI AT TH1 ?- MniaT.a wA??.KT -uP. DA.T T?*ry ik 1*1. at 10 o clock a. w-iSilf- .a?1# f.1 Btet'oa. at tbe Treacury Building, the following article*, via . Machinery for Baw il|-a*ver need 1?** ol<1 koora >aeh. F raatea Arclil*rav*e Bhati*rc Blew Weod Bcraalion, Oaat 1 rou Oolurvina, FircOratoa, aad <>hiaanet Piece* Tw3 heavy Wroaght ltoa Axloa and Soxes Iron Gate* Ac . Ac. Termc cash All matorlala to be removed wltfela too daya after a ale A. B. MULLETT, Sapervieing Archltcrt. fe 8 eoAdc OOOPBB A LATllfBl Aacta 486 ????*_******. miuocap pkicbb FOB THIRTY DATS mabkb'itbbb. Haaiag in Store the lar**et and beet aasort Bient ot PAPBB 11AN0IKG8. W1BDOW SHADES. A*B f?TAL PIOTOBB FBAHBB In the Dlatrict. aad wlahlng to reUuoe Stock ?r tl? *PriBg puicheece, they will bo Offered for the ioxi thirty dayc at redoced pri-*c "?? CA8U Baabraced Ib the abo7o* b? '"f*- '?*r! r**'1 *ud boaatlfal arleclloo of Embroidered and Piaia OlU Parler Pap?r. o" fo't-iga and domectlr niaaalactarc, with a fall line ol aardium aad low pri *d Paoera Aleu. ... . . W1BD0W 8HADB8, different litec color* mod ?*iternc - , OVAL P10TLAB rKAMKI j Gilt. Inilta'toft Ibvif and Eom> wood. A,#?,nuire Easllc Friaei A Urge por ?*.1!*^ t?o?>de were Bode aacclally to order, m ^ i liaiah and fabr'ca, and wt 11 be dlegece>/ of at lowcet rate*, aceoreiag to a?*UtT All ord*ra for Pa?er kaaglaaor Window Shadeo foactaall> flfled Ib elty or coaatry. Ab> order aet aatiefectoiiiy attended to will bo corrected, Bd fBtiaiai tloa rnaraateed. I< addlHea to the above, always la store a fow choice PaiBtiags, Baaravln*s, Cbromos, Walnut Brarkoto Plctaro Cord aal Teeeolo Picture Eiaa* Maila, Ac tkat wUl be dUyoead of at reaaonaf>le prlcce. Pcrs< aa aeodiag those Oeod* arc _ J. NABKBITBB. . , ? _ Bo. 4*m Seventh *treet. fo ? <t Bight doors above Odd Fallows' Hall. ^ELLIN a OFF TO CLOSE BCSIBBSB. A. W TOWBHEND A OO .Jewelera. Alt 7th st , botwooa Daad B. 'Bed to retire fTosa baeiaocs. wo jfer oar beautiful aseortm-at of Jcwdry and . 5? G?o4c at trst ooet. All good a aold gu area^ 10 \^X t^^eeeatod. W hi I at doclag oak sur stock of J care fry aad fancy <iood?. wo oif*r ?>ws who wleh to porehaeo Watches tko ???ortaalty of bByiag thoai at whelsoals rates. FE1CE LIST Of VATOHBB. ^Bllver huaatn^ oaeo^aaebor yavisasets, >cwoliowstod, ff7,Void: Do AaacrtcaaTf B. b^*!*"t : ft j; bal.. #87. sold; Mdo. do., t7?.g?M; IS do .Aapietoa, Traoey A Oe.. cbroaoMotor val., AETICLBB TV BE BAFFLED. 1 Lodlec' OeAtaal aad OWr. ?aM*r macho, laJaW-laa* <MM*Mton'lSl. 0*1 If tff^FACTCBB t *ta2r A?^BSC rl - a. ya . vm till