Newspaper of Evening Star, February 13, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 13, 1867 Page 4
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THE FiVENING STAR | labaaua Trcatam of * Child. (From 'heCoiumbua Journal.] anny Blackburn, a resident of Mid. dletown. wsi arretted on Satnrdar for tnhuroanly whipping or (Mating tier child, a little girl tlx or jm?b years of age. Thia pamabmeat was no'. the result of a single fit of rage. Dot the child bad been mistreated br born father and m Mber for two or three weeks. The neighbors bud freqnenUy protested, bat bad only met with insult from th? parents. On Saturday morn iag the cries of the child broaght j the police to us rescue. The woman was arrested and aker. to the city prison, and tbe cbild given into the car* of some of tbe ladies < living near Tbe woman at the Mayor's ofBce made no de. fence, but said that sbe punished the child to "mane it mind." Sbe was careful, when asked her name, to emphasise ".Vr*. Fanny Blackburn .* 8be poke no word in explanation or palliation of her crime. When tbe officer reported that the child weald die in a few mmutee, she showed no signs ef emotion. Her face seemed that of a person much abused. and with no proper appreciation of tbe crime attached to tbe inhuman abnee of b?r child. She walked into the cell at the city prison in a calm matter-of-fact way, and scarce, iy beaded the expression of the officer that he must hurry away tor a physician. l>r. Heimick first visited the child, and afterward in. Boyle. The legs, arms atrt body of the child were bruised. a# though beaten by a heavy stick or club, and, upon the body there were me or two severe cuts, and a very se. vere cut upon tbe bead, amounting almost to a fracture of tbe skull. The hands had been held to the hot stove until severely burned. On both fides of each baud there were ban looking biisters. nod the mother admitted that sbe bad resorted to this burning of tbe cbild a hands aa a mode of punishment, but tbatsbe '-didn't know the stove was so hot." \\ ben tbe Marshal and other oUcers entered tbe room ihe little girl sprang from them, but : wben assured of their kindness, she was almost delirious in her manner of expressing her thankfulness. Sbe seemed absolutelv in- | sane upon the subject of being wbip'ped. Later in the day her father, Thomas J. Black, burn, who was not allowed to go near his child, at the foundry where be was employed made use of some unwarranted aud insulting expressions in regard to tbe ladies in whose t Large tbe girl was placed, and two or three young fellows, sons of the ladies referred to, procee ed to trounce" him alter tbe most approved style. The police interfered, and as it whs learned he had abused the cbild as tnnch a> bis wife, and ns tbe feeling against tb?*m brth was very bitter, be was arrested and taken to tbe calaboose. Tbe child, in ihe apernoen, was taken to the St. Francis Hospital. a? tn* Medical College, I aud hopes were yesr?tday entertained that it { would recover, bu- wi h a delorrned bodv aud j weakened mind The fflm^ again-L Bla k- I burn and bis w.fe in Midilletown w is of such a character that a prompt arrest saved them perhaps from a worse ia;e. The fi<ts in toe case afford their own comment. The parties will ha?e an examination before tbe Mayor. Thk Imtvrb Aik ok Thiatbu, Ac.?A French chemist has been making au analysis lately of the air we breathe in a theatre or other close bouse, containing a thousand or more pereoua. He earner into a tht-.ttr" at ten o'clock at night a bottle of ice plat ed on a plate, and then collected the vapor v.'bicb ripidly condensed on the outside of the bottle and flowed dovm on io tbe plate. At fire', ttiis vapor, thus collected, bad the smell, tbeta^re. and. so far as cou'd be determined, everv chemical quality belonging to the waters of ' > the most deadly fever marshes. Under the microscope, this water was at first clear, but aoon. that is to say in a week, it was fouud to be full of flue animalcule. A little later and these animalcule bad grown, and the big ones , were seen pursuing and devouring the little ones. Still larer on, at the end of two months, the water was thick with amm ilcuKe, various 1 forme were seen, and still tbe work of destruction was going on. At last, bnt three hideon* monsters were seen?microscopic monsters, of course, since ihey were coutamed in a drop of water?and these were still fighting to see wbub could devour tbe other. At tbe end of three nenrhs the water became clear and miasmatic again. fc/"On Wednesday morning tbe son of a wellknown merchant in Buffalo, was sent to t ie bank with a package of money, amounting to five hundred dollars, to make a *?pieit in tbe 1 bank. After be had beeu absent for eev-raj hours, a message was set.t !o the Psng to inquire into tbe cau<-e ot bis -?n's absence, wtien it was discovered that he lud not b?*en 'tse-e i < at all It is suppo-ed tha> he w-nt to the de- ' pot and took the cars for he W'e-t. The t*jv is about fifteen years of agimxit.kai k m to 1 ?a ?The i ialveston News, speaking of the t rr imi ot negroes *irnving in that ?uy by every steari r from New Orleans, save: -We suppose they generally come under contract to labor on our plant*, tions for the present year. We hope they may work better than they look; if not, tuey will prove a tax to their employers, for they look as it they had been starved." f A man in Clayton. Michigan, who has been married foar years, was engaged the other day in executing some legal instrument Which required tbe mention of bis wife s name; he attorney asked him wbat it was. He reected a moment, and then confessed tnat he ad forgotten it. He was obliged to go after ie wife to find it out. it appears that during January there Were in the Uni'ed Staies thirty large fires, at each of which the loss ww over 9WMM0. Tb? aggregate losses by these fires amounted to 10. WThe population of Texas at tbe beginning of tbe war was between N4i,UNi and 'W>,UUU , It is now at least 1,20b,UUo. Population is flowing into It from every part of the civilized 1 world. ^One of the most cartons items by thu Atlantic cable is tbe announcement tbat the Pope is considering tbe proposition toc?nunu? < 'bristopber Columbus for discovering America. Another arrest was made in New York on Satcrday, f?r alleged violation of the lottery law of the State. The perron arrested jg Henry A. Van Dalsem, a clerk of the Ladies Charitable Fair. WOne of the largest owners of real estate in Mobile has deducted one third of tbe amount due from bis tenants on notes given tbe i>a-t year, (tiving, on teceivirg two-thirds of the amonnt, a receipt in full. A gentleman from Chicago, named M M Laramy, wa? robbed ot *-.uuo on om> of tbe Broadwav cars. New York, on Thursday night. The thief was captured, bur only a small portion ot tbe money was found on his person. ^French savants offV>r a reward of tjo.noo traces for tbe be?t essay on the "rejsn?r?'.iuu ot the bone " Thev declare ampntaMon can be superseded t?v the creation of new bone. Liimliv.?It is staled, and if tru- adds much totue child raurdererers guilt, that the little fellow, th? victim of the Rev Un Isley, refused to repeat any otber prayer than tbat his dead mother had taught btin ^Ttae pecuniary stringency is ?o great in Pitt county, N^r'h Caroina, the people r^. cently compelled trie Sheriff to burn ut? all his wri's and executions returnable at court, refusing U be ejected from tbetr homes and being unable to pay. Destitution is evident ail over tbe State. B^T'he Supreme Court of M-asacbus^tts has decided that at*qu?s- 'o * cure tbe right of voting to women is not a legal charity, rind 1 has decreed Hit' the five thousand dollars left ! by f rtiDcii Jackson for that purpose shall be ' divided among hia heirs. adTBoth Honses of the Arkansas legislature bave parsed. over the (tovernor's v?to, a bill providing relief for the families of deceased soldier* and tor wounded and disabled sol- i diers, and providing artificial lunbsfer such ' aa are maimed and not provided for by the l/nited Stares. ^JOLDMBIA UVtriTAL run WOMU LTUO 1M AB7LU1I, FocrteeaUi street. < sire Is.) comar ?f M street Washington, D. 0. TMa IuttMfea has been eeubllshed for the reosptioe ef patients who may be safferlng from diseases eeennar to their sex aud for the ad?l.s?At ^Yta sKaTber r^uU* " >"? ?* ?* The haildiag Ie dtuM la the woet healths ?erttea ef the DhuMi sarroaaded by Its owa leal s?d Bargleai attendance. pio al iTi vr, rmotow in ohiif. * e VHOHPSON, m D., ?3l>Sd D , Oeoraetpwa JTHU8 M1LLBB H D , rstreet. Washfagtoa. O'f adwlseloa to the free beds la this hoeIff which there are Si.I eaa be ebtalaed ef !5* '? ** ?We??w. 1*4 1 street, or of aay e? the Medical staff, aai of the Beve. Dn. Ball arte*. OMIette. aad Ooowbe. Wl vea and widows ef soldiers Mrtaf a4aM?t will agpty to the hacyeea Moral. Dai ted Btatse army. patients living at a iHataata whe desire te Mm to this t mM ratio a fbr treataeot oaa whii yrlsSa t. AUCTION SALES. ||1 KAOL1A CO., twtlHun. D Salesroom Bo. SO* Paaa. avaana, lUtvMi M tn4 Mtk Ml, A?L? A eo will clvatMrNiloultttMtloi to the aale of Beal Eeiato aud ifonaeholi TV 'uiatfl Al*?' * tfatock* of Qrocarlea, Wtoee. Liuuora, ud Merck tadiae of *nri de rijf'iO", Hnriw, Carriage* Htfim, Ac. Wkeral cMk idTiMM made oa consignments. T MtMToo* avery T0S8??*v tHBMDAIi tot SATURDAY, at to MAOLM * bo , J*11'" Auctlonee r*. SEN BY OOLMAN A CO., AUOTIOM AMD _ COMMISSION MB BO HANTS. h 8B1 and 'J93 Peana. av..bat. Mb ud lmh ata. seat ruction ??; Taeedar, Tbnreday, aud Sdnrdtr moralni and (rtnlBg I Salesman. wtllllZrZTS* ,*f G*?d*. BooUa<f *i??E Gooda, f.roekorp. Tia Were.81 [ore?* j bead at prfyato sal*. Oaak &d ^^olooale and Ketall D> alera la Hardwara and Tin War*. Storea, Ao , Not. Silt and 931, 7lb ittfM, between M and M. . A largo quantity of Oorvernmant atock. oaaalat 'B*?'BJ??k*ta.Saeete. PtUowa. Bhtrto Clothing, Carta. Harnaae. Vmou, Wagoa Whe-le Wheel barrows Truck*. Platf.rm Scale*. C ounter Scaleg, tCrn* ku-y. Lamps, Lanterns Tar, Pal at, and s< I* S,ove ft?? Also. large quantity of secondand Stores. with aany otbar articles to* on merona to ennmer ?to. Tba f oada are nearly new, and will ba told at at Boat an? price to anlt. ja 18-lm H. OOLMAM A CO. GOV ERNM ENTHSAIa&. ^TIAMIB FOB BALK. Sealedbids for tba purchase of tfc* coppered and copper fa?tfr.ed steamer VIXEN of about 2*1 tona burthen. aa .he now lias oil tba Navy Yard. Wa?hli>gt*n. DO. wl.l be recelred at tka Coast Survey office until lam. Februaiy ?|. Tue ahi p keeper will ?bowth? veaael to any ona winking to Inapect bar Tba right la reserved of refusing any or all blda not considered ta tba interest of the Gorammenc Bids rboald be addreaaeri ta J I. HILG VKP aaaiataat in charge. Coaat Kurrey Ortica W a-<h' In* on, D.O., and endorsed "For Vixen " fa 13 9t BU1LD1M MAT COi * VAL.KS EMTCA M P"AT AUCT luN. C%*if ty*arttTmast*T'> CMce, Dew* of W^htntton.l Wafktn'ton, It C . Februarr . Mi7. I ^ .TJz0rder of fhe Vluertermaetor General, trie balidinga at Goavaleaceiit Ohuii, between the Long Bridge and Alexandria, will ba a >ld at mh lie auction on fl'I^UAY, March 6. nmler tae ?upervi-iunot Bnret Lieut, tlol Judim >1 Moora A- (J M. Sale te commence at 10 o'clock Tcea# bnlldlnga romprixe it Harra.-kt, 6 Me?a Houaea J lloapital a da.6Stor< Hr.naea I Liiindrjr. 1, Waah llouaa 2 ea. 2 ftahl-a | She-I. nnl f ft" f %T1 ,u ?'* f?"om 7xM feet to 2taira Pulldirtga will be aald aingly Teroia; i'aiL. in OoTerainaut furd* riftten daya from Jate ur aale will he granted purcbaaars to reiuove tbe.r hm idir.achak. ii Tompkins. Bre*et Brig tien. l>apt. u. U. General. U9Zli A' t'g Chief <j M Peoot Wiah'ntr on. IBNMBNl SALE AT CHABLBSl'oM, The following Ordnance Property will he aol l Bt ttVr,i!U<1 S,?,M Araen il, < barleatoa. B 0 . on M?BD\V, March i, i->,7, eonmenciiig at in o'clock a ai A bent ;(Kj net tona < Uann >n ) tact Iron. , Abaot7'0net tona Hhot. Shell. Ac., (about oaehalf have valuable aoti metal HttdChed ) Ahont 100 t?na Leaded Miell A tot at tens Scrap Wrought Iron AJbaat 4*2 tona !*arnp ttraaa, t'epp?r. Ac. U, U o..den Artillai y Carriages. Ir.NieH. Ifi? H Ofcden Ob.'taala, iron- d Abont 7.'? Oaralry t?adnl>-a. 7.?0 Uridlea. t.&M) Woik Boxea, and a ijnautity olother Leather tfl*"" Flr* *ngiae, i built by A?aew, Philadelphia.* AUoni iraubarr?la Unaerriceable powder Abo. a lar*e iniantity of othi-r Property. co?na.lnK principally o' Mnaket Ai>pen<la<ea. lt?^a. Bope. mpb'inenta. T"o|h Ac , Ac. Terms Cark on th- day ol aale, m United St.tte* cnrraacy. Amp'etime allowed for the removal of Properly. at the expiration ol which tbat not removed will revert to the i>?vet uruent By t>nihon t) ?.( < bial of Ordinance r H l*A RK S3 I apt Ordnance ai.d hvt Maior. U S A . fe 9 sAnitd C'>mniaiiiili<g t harl?at >h Arse:i il. I^ABOK SALE OF ABMY CLOTHING. D'POt 'Jti'irttrmuttr'* OJI'"*, / . Faitinmr'. Mit.. February 8. IM-C" \ WIM b? sold at i*abllc Au< tloa 111 tbeclty of Fa:tin>rre, at Government Morehon?e. No lw'9 Bonth Bnt-w atreet. on WBDHBSDAT. 12 M , Ft binary 27,1S7 a lot of ARMY CLOTHING, roatlatlrg r.f ?,4J- MEW YOBK 8TATE JA< KBTS. of irragnlar pattern. *i. 1 u11i<t?ii? nnaulted for ivana to irw?ipa By rea-on of ita long retention in atira, the material la ia aome inatancea ru -re or lae* d imaged. Tbe rale will taka place in lota t -> anlt purct.*??ra. larma Caab, In Gorerum-nt fnnd?, on d?> of a'a Tbrae day sallow ed to remove purcbaaea. by order CTthe 1 ,anitarin>?ater ireaxral. A. 8 HIMBALL. Captain, and Aialatant Quartermaaaer. Il. 8. A , ynartertnatter. ADBEON, THOMAS A CO., Mo. 1K boutb Charlea ?treet. fe 8-Ht Anotloneera. IMPOSTAMT BALE OP UOVKBMMBNT VEdBEL. Drwot (ju*TteTm*st*r,i QMre, I w . . Balttnurre. MJ., January ?. i?7 < W ill baaold at puollc auction, at the part of Baltimore. ( Handera.>u a wharf, Eaat Baltimore.! on THCB8DAY. it M . P?braary J8. 1^7. the BCPABB SIDE-WllEBL^STBAMBM OOSMOOf 779 tona; length, 228 faet; breadth of beam, SI leat. depth of hold, 11 feat, ayliadar, ut incbaa. and 11 feat atroke. A rara opportunity Is afforded in tbe gala of thia Steamer to pera. na daaixlaf to purchasa a really 8 rat claaa veaawl. She la of ll?ht draft, the engine and bollara are In moat excellent condition* and tbe hall perfactly aouad aad atrang. It la believad that far alte and build Ika Ootmo8'l:tan anrpaaaaa aay vaaaal bitberta otTered br ovarameat for *ale at thla port Terma caak. In Governmant funda, on day of Further particulars maybe learned upon appllratlua tbe uniei algnen or to tbe Auctlon?era. Meaara ADBkON. THOMAS A CO.. Mo. 1<9. South Charlaa atreet. By order of ths Quartarmaatar General. A S. KIMBALL, . - . Captain and A VI. 0. B. A . ? Depot (juartermaater. ^OYKBHMEMT BALM. The property known as the "OOYElN M ENT TAMNBBY ANU STEAM BA W MILL, ' ulth seventy fiva acres of laad, near San Autuulo Texaa belled Prepoaals, in dapllcate, will be received up tn the let day ol March, l??7. for ihepurchaaa of aevent? live acr -a ol land, more or leas, together wiih the bnlloinga erected ih -reon ani tba aapnrtenancea apr?> tala'iig. tUat la to aay UNB TANNERY. Containing T? AL\ E bThM LIMB VAT8, F1F1Y TWO WOODEN V\T*. u, , . . ?*VEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tannlag ftfreeu thjuaawd hide* per annnm ONE fTKAM BAM MILL, capable of sawing three tuouaatiu te. t o lumber d.iih . ONE Ms ALL STONE I>.UILL>1HG The aho\e pio,art? iaaitna'el aWout two mHea ab n Mn M tonio, >>b the San Ant nio river, mil the water if c-iaiiciKi lo the eata' liabui'-ut by a race of hewn atone, laid ia auient. 1 be land waa i>urcl<?aet an 1 1 mprovamanta niade Wy the l.tte -o c?lle<I Confederate G >vern n>ni, and ara estimated to have coat iuoouuin gold Theprorerty ha* been nader loi'c for the year 1W-. at a nioni My rent of payable in ad v<nce A aecnr* d titl- In fee ?lmple will ha given bp the Cuittd Miataa OovernaieHt 1'ropoaala will be markod Propeaala f >r G >vernmtnt Tannery and baw Mill.' and addreaaej t" ? J B KIPDOO. llvt. Majer Gen . Aaat Com. Bureau R . F and AL, Galvaatea, Texaa ja Jl S7t IkEPARI ME NT OF THE 1NTEBIOB. 19 UXITED STATES PA TE.YT oFVlrE, ? ^ WAauiauTOH, January 21. 18J7 On tbe petition of JOHN TREE of L??"ll, Maeeachiieeite. prayiag for the extenaiou of a patent granted to him oa the 10th day ol Mar, 1 11*3,for an improvement in Knitting Lo^aa. for aeveu yeare from the expiation of aaid patent. Which take* place on tbe loth day of May, 18,1 It ia ordered that tba aaid petition be beard at tbe Patent Office en MONDAY, the Ud day of April next, at 11 o'clock and all aereoos are notified to appear and show cause, if any thar have, why said petltioa <>?gbtnot to be granted. Peraona oppealng the extenalon are required to file la the Patent Office their objection*, apecially aet forth In writing, at l*ast tirtm'p days before tbe dar of healing; all teatimony filed by either party io be uaed at the aald heariag must be takea and tranamittad la aecordaace with the rulea of theefflce, which will bafnrnlahad on appllca tka. Lepoaitlona and other papera railed npon aa teattatony muat ha filed In the office (wtary daya before the day of hearing, tbe argumeau, if aar within i#n dare after flKng the teatlmony Ordered, also, that tble notice be awbHahed In the Republican aad the iatelligenoar.Waahington. P. and la the O >arler. L aa l Maaa , r?vce a week for three auoce*?tee weeka; tba flrat of said aabllcatloae to He at leaat sixty daya prerlona to the day of hearing. _ T. Oj TBBAEER, m ajlh.Mjt>, OaasMleeloper of Pat?ta. P. E.?Ml tors of tka above paper* wliipieaaa copy, aad send their btlla to the Patent Office with a paper coataiulng thla notice. ja *? uwSw W"-"""A" iffi&XXSKsSSS! ist'snL Old Furniture ef all deecrlptioaa. bea?h> /T| and aoM. Be pairing, Opkolatorin?. aad Varnleh1^m do?aat the aborteat net Ice Soatheaet corner OfMh aad E atreata north. No. 13 da U ta* yy ALMUT BKAAETH." ~ A larre variety earner end aide WALM0T BBACBBTS At . MABKBITEE'B, lo. 48S 7th street, | doora ah >va W Md rallaei' B?|| piTEIOlAl-B UU NOK Of PEAOTlOE _ MgAMOK TAYLOR. ?*Ef BLAW?MTir~i(l " 1EOB1IBT rOHOIH, Pawnbroker, in-i Mk **oa?. jaU iw* / PROPOSALS. pMWm M? UlillT. ! ? _ . _ . rvtmsmrt Dsrortmsaf, I ' Qftt-mf .Iww^wiwr Archil**!, Feb. A.1*7 J wU1 b# receivod M this ode* ?.*. jMi. 2* -! Febraary 39 IjKf.for famish lpgi delivered at fuhlattM or Georgetown, D. **"*?" Hydraulic Cement : m tor rei* to be^eHverHI oa er before April I. |*T, ITi, ? "Si* #??W?" * fw* May IT\*si; the "h*'? *? boot the very bwt qaality, ?4 sebjeet to the test jaspectioB. iMtiTil of the In**Ti??r^ B*tfrlal*. TrtMHy Bxtoaaioa. All bidi mm bo conmpkBl*<l kr tbeiurutM r Mine re* possible person ttat the bfdd~r will ?er#n iM perform the coatraet If ivuM to Thie Department reeervee the right to reject anr or oil the bids tfcoBstdered for tbo I a Ureal of the Government to do eo, and ao bid will bo eoaetdered that dooa sot can form to the requirement* of thle idwrtiHa?Bi. , Bid* to bo oBclooed I a I sealed eavelopo ud endorsed "Proposals for Cement." A. B. MULL ITT, fc* IChroB 1 BsHrTlilii Architect. DBPARTMRHT &tadiumrttrs Verarimtut %f Wtskintttn, I _ . Qfcto/Chnf (JuarfrmatttrA m , . _ Wmiktntton. B. C, 'iBlirr 31, 18tf. I Seeled Proposals ore invited ot this office uatll 13 ?.?*?* ? .Febraary M. 14?7. for the removal of allelak daaceita. aabe*. and dead pnbllc aaimala from theJaiiuus borracke. boMdinge, Ac . owned and occupied by M-e varioua braachoa of the War Department la and about tkia <lty, (tobedeelcBated by the Chief Qnar term eater. Department Ma^? itt7B,,,or ' on* 7*ar front Bidders to fnrat*h all aeceoaary material* a ad labor for performing the work, and to give hoods to be executed at once a pen the award of tho cooI'WtlBtho ?a?of Ave thousand dollars for tho faithful perfoimance of tho same Payment* to be made monthlr. ShouldI the amount ef work required darlnz tho period of the cm tract be eltter Increased orle cr^aed. then a proportionate Increase or deduotloa to li* made in tbe monthly payment*. Lt*ta of the pla< ea to he visited and a atatement of tbe preeent amount of work required caa be had on apptl -atlon at (hi* office. The undersigned re?ervee the right to reject any an all propoeal* ihoald they to deemed too lil*t<, and also tH* right to annul and discontinue the contract at an> time when the coati actor ehall fail to p<Tferai the work repaired la a prompt and satl*f ctory manner. Bid* *l)oulil bo endorsed " Proposals far P*rfoi 'unitary Work or Quartermaster's Dopartmeat," and addressed to the undersigned. - . D - .* 1 LODINGTOH. 1 . Brig. Gea aad Chief Quartermaeter. ja3l lit Department of Waahlngton. |>RUPOSALS POR LUUUKU. ' TBFASI ?T DKPARTMFWT, J ! urriCK ur hii' AMchitkct.S i , . , January 30, l&fT \ , ^ recei red at this Office M ' f^raary I8th. 1857. forfurntfliins Inn.ber required tor the North Wing of Ue Tretuury Extrusion, as described iothefol* i lonifm CDMuie; J j't.eal leet of H Carolina (heart) Flooring, !|4Jm kaota ?0t ?T" 6 lBChB" Wid#> *n l ( 28 *?Ki feet, board meaRnre, W. Pine 0om Gall*..] I Inch thick. ' . 5 COO leet..board meaanre, W. Piae Oobi. Oulla s 1 ia< hea thick * ( l.OWJ feet, boar 1 mea*nre. Spruce Scantling, 3 br 4 I iBehea, 20 feet leugtha. -* -?? j 10,000 ttet board meaaure. Spruce Scantling,!by 4 inchee 14 feet length* i 3"5.<HOteet Hoard moa*ure, Sprnce Bails, I by S in- i cbea, at feet l< ngtha. ! 15,(?P teet, bj.ard meaaure, W. Piao solocta.sin- i che? ibick. ! 3,000 feet, hoard measure, W. PIueSelect*.dressed, i .^in n thick. ] 3 oouteei. board mea*are,W. PineSelocta.dreMed. < ij inch thick. , 4 ,'K.O teet bonrd measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, 1 J, inch thick. 2,ocOteet board me^*are, W Pine Selects,dressed. 1!? ln< lien thit k. 1 2 000 feet, board measure. W. Pine Selecta.dreesed. 1J. in. he* thick. ' ??,kb*ril "l?Ma^a, ^?*,ar' dressed, S I nch l l,Wi teet hoard meaanre, Poplar, dreeeod, H' lach < thich. a All the above de?criptioas of Lumber mu*t be of t the ben quality ot their seTerai klndt, and nut ( be reilvered at the Treaanry Building from i time tk time a* oi dered. and be *abject to the in- < I * U?b of the ln?pecter and Receiver of HateIlHlS. Bids to state price perM. feet, and mn?t be acc< m,->?i.l. d by a written su*r%nt' e fr?>m honie re- i njonslble persf'D that tbn bidder w!!l e\e;ai<- and pcjlert" the cotitrac' if awarded t" him The l>epartBKut reserve* the ri^hr t) reject any er all the hld?, if ceosldsred fir trj? 1'itereit f,f the OoverBiDeiit to do so, or to accept any portitu* of I them. |}ld-> to be enc'oped in a Ssal' l <Dvel :p? and o*idortea "1'bolm**!* for Lumber." A B MC LLiITT, ja 31 IChron j Supervising Arc utt ct. PROPOSALS FOB GON8TBUOTIOM OK ' A BBI 1>QA. i MauiR iVrrci, Feb 4 1S?7. ( i'roi'oaals will !,? rec^iTed at the Mayor'* OlBre uutiliJii. b.\Tl UD a X, February l?, for plau*, , ep?. ificHtion*. and construction of either an Iron , or Wooden Hrhltr*. at the termln?tlon of K atreet north arrw? H..? k Creek. *ai 1 Bridae to be ?X feet wide and 7."> teet Iodi( and Bot leaethaallH feet alx ve the surface of the Water, at lo?tide. K. r further information apply to the City flury**. 0 .City Hall B1CHABD WALLAOH. I* 4-eotd Mayor. pBOPOSALS FOB^AHM* TRAMS HO UTAQlAF.TKHMA?TKR Oa.NtBAL'H Oprici, I v\ A-.tii?(.T'iN. U. C.. January IS, l?)>7.C Sealed I'rop aal* will be received at thta ?mce ntitll ljo rl^ck m.. on the V<??h of Kebraary, 1W7, tor the trantportation of Military Supplies during tbe year commencing April I, IW, and Boding March 31, 1868. on the following routes: ? ' ? BODTB Mo. 1. From Port McFhrrfoo Nebraska Territory, or nch paru a* mar be determined upon durlac the year ou the Omaha branch of the tfnloa I'aclBc railroad, we?t of Kort McPherson. or from Kert Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such posta or de pots a* are now or may he ectahllshnd la the Territy o- Nehraaka. w**t of lonaltnde l?j deg , In the Territory of Montana, *ontti of latitude 41 deg.. Ib tbe Territory ?t Dakoto. west ot longitude Mm dee , la the Territory of Idaho, *oath or latitude ?i dee and east of loagltude 114 dog . and in tbe Territories of Ctah and Colorado aorth of latiCity d"* * luc,u'1,DI? " necessary, Denver _' _ BOCT* *rt. a. from Fort Riley. Mate of Kaasat, or such point* a* may be determlaad ar nduring the year oa the Onion Pacific railroad. . D., t. an. poata or depcH that are now or may be established in the State oI K ansae or in the Territory of Colorado south of latitude ?0 degree* north, and to Fort 1 nion. Me* Mexico, or other depot that may be designated in that Territory, aad to aay other point ot polate on the roate. - ? ROOT* Ho. S. Fro? Fort I'nioB or each other depot as mar bo estaliiahed in the Territory of Hew Mexico, to any or stations that are, or may he eetabllstied il that Ten Itory, and t? sneh posts orstatiobs as ma> be designated la the Territory of Ar1*4 de* Mt?l of loagltude _ D ,BODTB Mo, 4. From St Paul. Mianeeota, to such posts a< are now or mey be tetahiiKhed in the atato of Mlaao*o?o. and Ib that portion of Dakota Territory lying e *t of tbe Miaaonri river. The weight to be tranaported daring the year i wia not exceed en Rome Ao I, So,MOD oOo pounde : on Boute No. a. Jo.ts ? ?oo pounds ; ou Ronte Ho 3, h (HiO nfsi poatids, and on B^ute No. 4, 3,fto0 uuo , pi'UDns. ' .Proposal* will be made for each ronte *oparately. ^ B'dders will Mate the rate por 100 poanJs per 10>i titiiea, at which ih?y will tran?port the stores ^ ^. n?onth m ih?- year, beginning April 1, 18<<. and endin* March 31, 18?8 Bidders ahould gi%e their nameo la full, as well as tbelrl places of reaideaco, and cach prop<M?| slionld t>e aco mpinted by a bond In the sum ef. ten thousand *lo,0ft>) dollars, signed by two or no re rei-potislbie persona, gnaranteoing that In -a-e a contra't l? awarned for the route men tioned in tti?- prop<ial to the party proposing the contract will be accepted aa?I entered Into, and go?>d and ??H cleut *<-cnrity fnrnlshed br said party in hcc?rdance with the terms of this adver tlsement Tbe cwntractor will be required to gl vo bonds in tbe following aaiouata: On Koine No. 1, f M0 000. On Route No. 2, 300,000. Oa B No 3, 100 ou>. ?.M , . t>a Ronte No. 4. iO.iOO Satis actorv evidence of the loyalty and sol7.en2i<i kMc r and p?rsott offered as security will be require). Proposals mu?t be endorsed M Propoeal* for Arioy Transportation on Ronte Ho l,i.3,ort," as the case uav bo. and none will be entertained anleee th?y fully oomply with tbe re>jairemenu

ot t his sidvertieement. The party to whom aa award is made Bluet be prepared to exeeate the contract at onco. and to give the required bonds for the faithful performance of the contact. The right to reject any or all bids that may be offered Is reserved. The contrscfors on each roate mast bo la readlnes* for service by tbe 1st day of April, 18?7. aad aill be required to have apiece or baetneee or S*S2?y.?1 w^leh J?* coamunicatod with Piomptly and reodily for Bpato Ho. 1. at Omaha. H. T.: for Beate Ho. 2, at^Fort Biley. Kansaa; for Roate No 3. at Fort CnjOn.Hew Mexioo; for Roate Wnt Paal, inneoeta. or at aach other point for each of the several Rob tee as may be la* dicaied ae the startl ng potat of tho roate. Blank forme showing tho oondttlena of tho con- ] tract to l>e eatered into for each roate oaa be had 1 on application at this office, or et the ofloe of tho QBarters*eater at Hew TorB, Baiat Louis, Fort Leavenworth. Omaha. Benta Ft, aad Fort Saolling, and must aocompaay aad boa aart of the proposal. " "a" y?iL*r?S3lrB????uM, Hu?tum asee MAOKamai.. In ? ? r^.l,l.f from,tb. na flaost quality of * MBSB MAOKBBBL, BfiJSSa ^Ltlr to? kJ52froSL2,.tVlta aesag aeea mostly tor mm eonsamptloa. As they have been trimmed of every a*rt hag tho moat Klatable, the kit* contain very mach W^raUaa s quantity usually packed I M 4'L ^"**"'ARWIW*a M A 1 L SaOOOLAi FAS BX9BLLBHCI, *Ms Trtple Taallla OHOCoLWb'JSfiiir J laeaalfty aad flavor to aay e*bar made lathis MUttf,?y h pnitiBtiwUhr WiUisi! I LSOAla NOTICES. I>TH10mPB4P.?'i0pCBTr0BTBlfr?U(l 1 w fcKuHW *?"'*" T" DUT,,0T i J jJ"1.11 H IMIwb, mrdlu to her minor hi, OhitltiMofril k?Tti( report* It" ttt _ court that in nmiMe of it* daeree. ratified aai * *?p*** IMr?M Oonrt of in* Diatrlc of ' -tombta. that *ba *oU 14* irteret of her aai I Property. 'jiM *?1 beiu* , I* th* city of VMhtafioi. io wit - That lot or lj gronad (UutoM B atreet a rth, kaowa u Lot * .-.''A" enbdlalaioB of 0?aare \ii, n ?*V.r?1 Bicbard D. Outt*. eat tkat !S5??i cf MFla* witt tt* Irrai of **la. he baa _ Midtba whole parcbaee mon< j Id cash. with i a- J tt reat for eix aad twelve months.In all amount * fag to fi-M ?. h U this ?th day af Febro*ry, ? lidT. ordered by the Coart that aaid aal~ be rati- ?! W?,fi.w"rB'4 ** d?r Of February, * A. D 1M7. an lees eaaae to the cottar? be ahowa aaor before said day Provided a copv of thlaor- ? drr be pabllahad in the National lateUigaacer > 7 ai d Bvenlag Star ana* a weak for tbrao *uc< ee aive week* frior to aaid d ay .. WM. ?. PUBCBLL. J " Judge of the Orphans'Conrt D 0. , ? ^ ""eoty-feat: J AS.*. OBBIBN*. fo7w*w Baglater of Wii|?. ? J^?"L'i!IcD".?,??TTUUAKDIAB OK OBO. m tf "" J*cP>r?ott. ChaTl? r McDermott. Frank H. McDermot'. having m reported to tbe court tbat. In paranaac- of Ita d " m J# *11 ?,pfroVF b' tte Supremo 0 >urt ! of the Dietrlet of Columbia. aba wl I the interest 1? til follow!#* property, lyioff and bring In the city of Waahiag&S III thi atr,5 ! of ground lilac eaat of aad adiaceat to the dwell- rl ,Df.h?V* VJ1" *n Lot Ko- *?.Hi aquarsjtt, m I 11 city, wblcb wee owned ??y the late Wm Mc- J permettsave and axcept tbo foar faet advent !r *2TUS1^ *!**Vli,ni*' wUk ? d*/>th e ).1*I to the de&th Of paid Lot Ho M. bounded aa foil >ws : "egtniilng for thesam* at th* northw-at an tin of Lot Ho. 11, la agasre No, 19Vand mailing thence weet 13 leet, then< esontb 148?, feet, to an alley 20 Bc feet wide; tbeace eaat along aaid alley H teet to tbe weat line of Lot SI. theace north along atid tin* 1??K feat to the beginning, contalniug 1.911 , guar* feet, at public auctlen, 'or the sum or or? _v dollar per square foot, to J*bn O Olark. and that p? bm# compiled with tbe terni?of aa'* A.{ Tt la, tbla tMb day of January. A. P lt?7. ordered * ' by the court that aaid aale be ratified ai l onflrtred on tbe 19th day of Fvbraary, A O 5.n->7 _ anlraa aauae to the contrary be ?bown on ?r .. f re laid day : Provided a copy of thla order be pnl?IUh?d in the Rational Intelligencer aaa Eremog _ ^tar onc? a weak for three uccearive weeks prior m, to aaid day. WM. F. PUBCKLL. ' , Jndga of tbe Orphans' 0 mrt. * A true copy. Te?t: J AS. B. O BKI BN?, I ? }a >9 ?>w Beviater of Willi. J 'HIS IS TO OIV* NOTIOB, ThaTthe aul acrt- P * ?fr dm obtained from the OrphaDt ('our* of WMhlnRton Covutjr, in the District of OolumMa. 0 *<i,p'ni?t'"*tlon on the p?rft<>'ial eetate of fo w ' 11' am Barkhauaen. late of the U. 8 Arm., Ai lecaaaed. All peraona having claim* againat the taid deceased. are herel r warned to exhibit the tame, with the vonrhera thereof. t<> the aiiUcriher. >n er before the *9th iay of next; th#?y i nay otherwise by law bo excluded from all benefit ?f aaid eatate. |J Ofren nnder my hand thla 29tb day af Fannary. E m ^ , . . LOUIS KI BT/.. Jh 80 lawlw A'lniitMatratar. BPHAMS'OODttT.raBH. ARTMaiP^Dma.CT OPCoLDMBia, WaaHlMGIdlfOoONTT, to- en ? M in tbecaa* of *orria Adler, adminittrator W. A , ar >t Mary Ann Clark, deoea-ed, the admmutrator h^i.w1tt the aparabation of 1 Jrpbaaa Court of Waahingt?a fftiaaty aforeaaid. n ippointwl Saturday, the id day of March, l?>7. f >r b* final aettlement and diMributUa of th* per- i lonal eatate of aaid deoeaawl. and of tbe a**4ta in ? . MJ^r. th* same hare been collected Wl ? Into money; when and wher* all * h? creditor* and he Ira of aaid deo*aaed ar* , lotifled to attend, with their claima prop- _ !/ Br,,th?y otb*rwl*e by law be ? excluded from all benefit 1b Mid decetned 'i es +f : provided a oepy of thl? order be pabllahed aJ 'ace a week for thra* weeka la tba Brenin* Star rerloua to tba aaM day. t _ _?_? Taat:?JA8. B-O'BEIBNI, fe ?-w?w? Register of Wine. 1 r hI?h^TK?tf1L,rNOT,i5*' *ha?ttaanhacri ] A ber haa obtained from the Orphau*' Court of Washington County, in the District of Oolambia I attera of administration on tbe peraonal eatate of 1.1' ornelln* Donovan .lata of tha Unitad Statea artay. ( lereuwd All persona having claima against the St aid d*ceaaed. are hereby warned te exhibit th, Ps lame, with the vonchera thereaf. to the aub*crih?r. 1 " ?r.l,',,orr t!le ?d df7 09 Fahruary next; they th 5 Uw b? ^eluded from all benefit In w said eetate. an . SJT#B "?? hand thla 2d day of Fabrnary. av I*7 , MBS MAbTHA B JOBOUH, 1 ^^Jjj^^^^^^^^^Adalniiiralrli. hi PKt7PO^ALS. oc f^OVBBBMBflT MALE OF BYK qorFBaT I r Depot Committal y, J J-, rt ^innrnf, Virginia, Iet> ?, ls>)7.< H. Staled pr?po-i a. in out iicate. will be re.-eived j by tLa una*talgied until SATURDAY, the iftth to lutt.. at 10 o clock a nt,. for tha purehaaa of m mc pound*, inore or leaa, Boaated aad around B e n L-Pee. not te<iai(ad for laaa* by the United Statm Ri Qovernniett D Tbe Uoff?e la In barrala, averaging ?0i ponn.'a R rarh; wi II ba pat la good ftbippiug order, deliv Tr ered at tha whari for ahipiiM at fre? ?f ch^rire a<>-4 i m?.-t > e i'-moved wlthfn im daya after purci'a e 2> < PropbS-tla r< for two barrela and as W war^s The Government reaervea the rigbt to re s ie't anv or all propoeala deemed anaatiafai torv wi T'-ium Ca?h. in Oovaruacut ?nnda On* half M on notification of acceptance of propoaala - n>. < tuai uder prior go sbipmeat. ' -J I'ropoaaiM ahoul'l be eodora*<l on tbe envelona an " Prupoaala for Bya Coflee," and addresael to in T. P. KLRATU, i Firat Llenteaant or Mb Artillery, and ro fa ll-5t Bvt. Mator, U S. A , A 0 S u pBOPOSALS BOB FLO LB. ' J St'BsiiTKNCF. Orpin. U. S. A , ) M BuiorHo. 104 WtsT Lombard stkkiy,, r BaLTtMOBK. Md . Fabrnary S.l?>7. \ ?ro*?*alV in 1"Hicate. will ae received at thl* office until 12 m., oa THUBSDAY, Feb- ?' rnar* 18IT for faraikhlng tbe Unitad Statea ?" BBhalsfenr* Departmeat, delivered In Baltimore; ?roa?dW Hundred (K?) Barrel., fre*n ? 'Z* . bxtba flopb. Tba propoaal* will be for what la knowa at thi* !i' Depot aaM ? I. and 2. < *iu bbia. ?o 1 aadVw bbla. ?? No. 2. > to be of winter wheat, an lbida will bo en- SS tertamed tor any 'juanrlty leaa thaa tNe whole. Anv psrtof the Flour will be anbject toordar ? within fi ve daya after notification of acceptance of . bid: bnt the Fiour will be bald at theexpenaeof 1 tne contractor, nutil ?uch time* and in auch unan- "' titles aa It aiay be called for. " Bids /or eark trade to be oit separate sheet* of 1., *nver. Blank foraM ara fnrnUbed at thi* ofBca " Barrel* to ba In good ahlpptac order, fully head- ?, Ined Flat hooped and machine made barrala will ' De rejected. Sample* of tha Flonr offered moat in all eaaaa ba tent in. bnt not enclosed with the proposal Tbe usual Government Inspection will ba mada H inst hofara the Fl<-nr |? received, aad none will be Bl lr,CTpt.?^ wi?'rh i? not frtsh ground, and agreeing vith the aampla. Oonditiona, teqniremonta, payments, Ac . aa leretofere. . A Proposal* to be andoraad " Propoaala for Flonr . tud add teased to tbe underaigned, of wham in- ? iuira for farther detaila THOMAS WILSON. Bvt. Llant Gol.^ndC 8 , U.S. A , K1 fall-lt Bat. Brig Pen. Vole. ** PBOPOSALS FOB BBMODBLIBO THI K I Mettuxiist Protestant Ohorch <*?or e?owa D dk i -.WUI be received nutil TBUBSDAY BVB- Bl NIHfi, Fehraary 14th. B* Plans ana ^peclfirationa can be aaen at my offlea. Oh :orBer F and 7th streets. g , HBMBT B, tRABLB. Sti f*8 6t* Architect 6 4 PBOPOSALS FOB HIW JAIL. 14 T1 BgPARTMKNT or THg iMTgRIOR, J f| ? . , _ Washimoton Jannai y n, 1J67. ) ealed Proposals will ba receive! at tula Da- 1 Urtment until 12 o'clock m , oa MONDAY, tha #J lib of March .1817, for the erection of th? Jail in ?nd for the Diatrict of Oolnmhia. authorized anl ?, [/" '^.ad larby the act of Congreai, approved July JJ, tt>. !" *>. B1j Tbe deal una, detail drawl nga, and * pacific atMMa can be aaan at the architect 'a office, l? the eastern f_ zroiiada of the Oapltol. Waahingtoa city, every , lay excapt Snadayn. betwten the boura at? a. m. ?nd 3 p m . on and aftar the Mtb iaatant. Separate bide will la received for tb* masonry I,. work,brick work. Iron work, and carpeatry work . * J Tbe contractor whoae bid m?y be accepted will 1 t>e required to enter Into a snftictent bond, to be ? approved by tbe Seor*tary of tbe Interior, for the *' laithfnl c<niPletlon of hia contract Payaieuta . ill be a?daa- the aork projfrease*. on estimatea ? cat tilled to by tba architect, hot twenty per cen- |] him of the eat I mates will ba ratainad tinlil the I centred Is conipleted. Tbeconttart will ha awarded to tbe lowest re ponaibl* bidd> r, bnt tba Department reserves ' the right to r?ject any or all af tha blda aix.nid it ia< ba detmed for tha intertata of tha Oovarnmaat to ax Jtjso. 01 The blda will ba opened at nooa on th?*4th of Sb Match aext. ln of each of the bidders aa Bt way choosa te att?ad. yf Proposals abonld be andoraed oa the aavelopa. ri< for Mew Jail." aod be directed to tha PI Sacratary of Hie Interior, Waahiagton. DO" BM sJLs-am'.aa?. j mtvnrr,o,. i ojtt.S M Maachnsatta, pray lag for the extanafoa of a Rtant cranted to him oa tha 10th day of May. . J< for aa Improvement ta Warp Bat Babrica. ^ Ki!Kr?V<IM? 'rMa ax pi ration of aaid patent, which take* place on tha lOtn day of May .1*67 aa ?** ' prdei ed that tha aaid aetltloB be heard at Ti iOB MOMBAY. tha nd day af ! ?, ti?Jf11 o c,?ck * i all aaraonaara bc titled to anpea" and a how oanae, If aay they lB, have, why aaHlpavitlon aaght not to ba graatad/ si-^*fvU1 *teoii?n ara raqnirad to rt Sifr . atajfO?oa thalr objactloaa, specially ? at forth InwrlUng, at least twen^ dar* before $' bearlug, all taerimoay fllad by either aa yarty ta banaad at the aaid bearlag muat be wken aa uid traaaaHited la accordance with tlM rules of the office, which arlll ba furnished 0>n appllcatioa i, 1?*^ ' ff Para relied apoa aa Ma- B| ??<? twanty daya bo- _ ?/o the dav of bearing; tha argameBta, if any. itWn tea daya after Bling tha taatimenr. aeek for three saocaasive weaka; tba trat of aaM Ifca day of haariac ** **** 4*n ?r T1ott, 10 jJ 3 ^BOBPTIOB LUZVBIBlT ~ ? MfigS | ? ? Ow.TV^UwTit. Hi RAILROADS. 866 fmssiltavii bouts 1867 fiigawE mm. mii t) th* koetbwi8t.90cth, ihd wcthwbbt. n. ?j .f,WI5Ta* SOHEDOL14 m follow. a?t*nib* ***' tr*lm wtu fashing ton... THin i Bait < nor* j ii ft a. J 99 ' i m is 10 ft a. Till obbat l&"bLb tbacb boctb m lib 1 LEG ANT BOBBEBY .ftia State ?>a ?7 and night Cars with modern iaprpveaeata, d saving from four to twelve hoar* In time otw ry other root*. Two hus<lri>d biim sarad to rtwi ftftd Cwtrtl now York. Two Dally Tralna to the Wort. North fcroneh from Baltimore to BOOHBITBBand yrnftrboh with.,otchftft?o rm?cnf?ri by this r me frk>m Baltimore ho to ?firvvsft"-*" c?'?? Tickoto by tblo route can bo procirod at tko ofr*' c?i?r ttfc street ftn>l Pennsylvania avenue, nder tho Notionol Howl. where reliable infarction will bo plven ot oil time*. Passenger* preparing tlckutt ot this office ooa *'iro aecomiaodatlons In Sleeping Cara for El lr? or Plttabnrg. b. j. wilkins Ticket Agent. .d ,i. t?0?s. fl?. p.?w^|:i"oq db Baltimore, Md. ? ^ ,u1 ly PHRdE?.U LIKB BETWEEN WA!HiIK.aToi 1 ^^H^ADELPHIA AND NEW VUKE. tr?l?. ?. wamimto*, jttj, lmf. ?york. withowt change of eoro. Wp m <o*co?t Sunday) at 7:46 a. a. and ; fob new yobb, changing %rs at Phlladol- j Left vandal ly (except Snn'ay ) at ll:l? a a. and t?..r?r ph flap* i,pm a Leave dally texre9t > . dn> ?t 7 andll:)! ft. and ? 90 mil n 0 ? on fcfNl'a* Leave f.<i New *n?l Pbitoa j phi a at c:9t p. only. r j sleeping cnrs 'or >?w York oi? ? 90 p. a trala lly. Thr< ;? ?< ,. ts to Philadelphia. Now Tork. or >stoi , -?il <*< at th? rilatio-i Office at all honrs tlu !*> k- well ?? at tho nei? office i3 tho ! - ?< <? mi kera Telegraph litie, 34* Penn. fti lit*. * ??w-fii and 7th street*. bal'in. r- ?nd ''hio b*llroad advertisement r w hediJe tetween wtihlb(t??, Baltimore, nnnpolf ?i the West. . v ii,son. m*Sfer of t r*ns p.,rti?t!ou. l .i ''ole (Kner*l Ticket Ageut . ^oobtl, Agent. Vashlngton. cc ' tr faltiltobb and ohio ba1lboad, ' wmbisuris. Ion. (, 1?7. ,:icsei Vir;xir,ZA'anT'o\nivn vavs?: e now rnn 00 follew*. viz , . fob b alt i mobb Loare dally, except Bmiday. at 7jn, 74a. and lfia m., and 24^, and 4 30. and < iw p n?. r fob all way stations iwiwp'm0** 8nndm' ** 700 * ?<? >fc .1ai stations soi th ob annapolm JLNOTloN i^aro at b:1b and 7.ou a. a., ftnd ftt s on and 4 % bob annapolis. uoaje at 7 4.1 am, and 4 ? p m No trafna or from AnnatM.lie on gnixlay "" u# euho&f. a, fob balt1mobb. learo at 2 4ft a u> and > on aud s Oft p m FOii way stations. ftnd 2:ftu and s twft. a. 'ob all pabts of the west '/?" *??m flftftdfty, at 7.48 ft. a., ftud ja Sunday ?t ^'#0 p. m. only. connecting at Belny ?tlon with train* from Ba)Umoro to Whoollag, >rk?-rkbnrc. Ac. rHUOrOH riOKBl4to the Waot can bo hftd ftt 0 ? asbinirt?b Station Ticket Office at all honra th<* %?weh ao at ihe new offl<-? of tho Bank? ftnd Brokers' Tolrcraah Lino, 349 Fona. ernt>, between 6th and 7th otreeu For Now York Philadelphia, and Boston, aoa Tortlstmont of "Through Llao." j. l. wilson, Master of Transportation. l b, colb. General Ticket Arefit. ? tf obo. 8 boontz. 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Bnrlioeton aad Moatrftal Sleeping car* atcbed at Albany. <90 p m expreos t??ln via Hndton Biror Ballad .with *lf opi og cars attacbe<l, and through to uffalo and Baop^n-lon Bridge wltbont change of ' irs. Also, sleo#lng car evory d*y exc-ptlnc ' itnrda> attached from b?-w York tbroueh to rdenoburt wltbont chaago, via Borne w. aod o ki11 oad. Connection for Troy will l>e made at ut Albany. This trftla will ran on Sundapa ii p m Train ?ift Hudson Biver Bailroad, with seping car attaohed. connecting at Albany with ' rly trains for BnfTalo and Suspension Bridge d at Troy with trfttn* for Baratoga and*o4nta ?rth. k Snftday train will bo ran rift Had aoa Blrer ill read from New York to Pouf hkeepsi* ?dg t_. rmodiate station* leaving Bow York at 8 jo * Beturnlng, loara Pou?hkaepaio atl.tip m ! riving la Now York at 8 lft p m * alen, a Sunday train TiaHarl*-m Bailroad. tear 4Sd street at v a. a . and artiTlog at Hillert< n 310 b a. Beturnlng. leave Mllierton at s a , arriving in New York at 12.30 a a. wm. h. vandbbbilt. ft 19 Vice Proeident. 4iii Ti TO TBATBLLBBS OOlBtt BOOTH. twiob daily,(Sunday p. a. oxoeptedJ rto qulckoat aad a oat dlmet route to BIchaoaA, i ,and the South, rla ?ie Potoaaa jt"aik inmora from Sixth btroet wharf.bmkaa aabingtoa, to Aauia Oreek and^^^^^^mi chaond, Fredericksburg and Potoaaa BftHroad, w eutlraly 00mplated froa aii?la Oreek to blch?d ,Va, connecnng there with tralna on tho Blch* ind and Petorobnrg and Blcnaond and Danville ill roads, for Patorsburg, Weldon, Wflmlagtoa. i lelgh, Greensboro', Sal lab a ry, Charlotte aad isator, 8. o. Iteamers Beyport aad o Vanderhllt leave Btxta root Wharf dally (Suaday e vt-aing encepted) at 0 a.m. and 7 p m and arrlra la Blchmond at , 5 ?. a. aad 9 90a. a. 1 bough to biohmobd ib seven houb8, ' fty milw Shorter ana is Honrs Qntokar iau any Other Bonto. la an re and got Through Tlokeas via a?ula aek and Fredericksburg, to Btobmond, at the mpmy '0 Offlco. corner of Penna. avenue and Mb eat, or onboard of tho boa to. Baggaga oheckad rough. _ OmnUusaea aad Baggaga Wagons will ha la sdlaeas to oonvey paeeeugera and baggaga beeon dopota la Blchmond. 'aaasagers by thla lino paaa by daylightJtonnt moa. aod may hare nn opaortunlfy of visiting roral battle fleMa near Fredericksburg by atopag *t that pot at jreakfaat and ana on board a* Waaaaan. geo- MATTINGI.Y.bii*., WaAhlmrton, b o. i. mattingly, tlcket( iynt4 ip?-Ly *a?ra? Paaaaagar Agow*. IOTOMAC TBAHBFOETATIOH islbb. notice to bh1ppbbb. The Btaaaer BXPBB8s7capt. b. a- bythbb, JraaVaahlagtonatd^ a.and ai _ j-., aad rla at t a. a e v e btsa t aqhv eda y for ulynsout, bu<ld s Ferry itilh'a Point, Ohattorton Landtag. Nanjeo?ov arm Mathlae Point, Ohapel Point. Plowdenn harf^ Lancaster's Wharf, Stonal Wharf, Oar>inon Bay, Foxwells Wharf. haxhl'. Wharf, nay Point, Point Lookout, and arrivaa at b*1m? *** " ? * ?i?5 In a BBO Aaanta ~ w ^BOTBOTBD W^VL\MrrM M PATTrleeeaar Ho. 1A la the aHsotasI raaady far Baxatiea. Spscaathorrhoea, and Bxnauatlon of a yetoB.^rleaaaar Ho. 9 hae antlroly saperim^n^vaswummfar ml la 'flf Wf'bolaaato and ratal l_hy Pr BA.BBOW, Bo. 194 ?? *??jjgt |acbebbl abd oopfibh. laU-tf Bo. aba Hlathto.. hot. Band w. t|B BBBAT BBBELLION. bf Jtka Minor 'SISfM. rn^rnTHmmrn. rmumk tatuob. i railroads. " rS"TO WiJoif1S WISSSt' gj?*ltL . treat,, ' At 7 J?**Ii5r0.A0<'0*M0D4Tl0*? ?'itlo2 * 8 Mi HI HUrM?i.i? ! ihVb*ladtfphI?It"~ p11 ** 80 ?. a,,arri vn^ I At..... X e.m.1 Petartllla. PliaGrore. #MMM^5aiLa7S m'J* "- Mrt *! !?. i^wrrviLwriiL'M I towa, HllkNtirr*, niutoi #!V" | < arHala. Chiabanbarg,ImMoni!' Iork. , Thia trua connect a at BBaMSG with tn. a Ballroad Wain* for Alien tow a * ? \ allay trala far H? f * fcar?.?e ;at POBT CLIMTUB withCateV.2!." Railroad train* for W lllianiaaort Lark S k.Bilra Ac.; at BABklBHt tu JukJI?*.?' ; J-?ntral, Cuuit*iUn4 Ully. nd Schuylkill 8o*iaekaana trail* fcr forth ui^riWwia*1 11 an* port, Tor*. PlE?E?' ? I T ? AFTIBKOOM BXPBBftt* jtesr. "'issKtv if SSST2?Wj* * KB A 1)1 HO ACOOMMUDATIOH ^Bfc^.rtf^pkWt'sr ? a m'nl* tgSiWi: r9 " J'kiladel *hi? at I ? r m '? nri.'SVi'i!!l* ,n , Harrlal-nr, at . ... ? a^ w2S55Ml^ft^?I* B.'rrrri,\lu**1 ,,kHa?.ir?.|.atra ?a *'U * <m M \3 sr-waw fTf. a * p rr?*?8?i? MtaMUte 5 .'rk I Train, with a iMifonr ewe * . . Plilladt labia at It ^ Dood ? * ---.r ail way ?<tati?n*, Ve^V^^T*'"" "*j ?rssiti,ufc ?'St*Ac.Vi"a Philaital?kia at ) II y a.. Inn PbiladSipTuVf at . a. a returning fro. Boa^n, it? ? ' Cil Ei-TBB VALLEY RAILROAD ^"vxr.v. V0; S'n.v:; HBW TOBK BXPRISS FOB PITTTSBn?r?.. , . AND THI W?|T TTS,Cl31 Leave* Hew > or k at ; in a m an 1 S m ? It.* Keaili g at I *6. l| fcS a m and i a? am . .?Si ?* . ryrsj&vv'ji.*, s Bear I.rk lo a a . **d aT BliUJji"* %l a. ibeoa traiaa through (Lt?A* r,*r* trwn for ^r. ksw BCMi. YLkiLL TALLBT KAILAiii n Train* oaTf P.-ttatl U at 7 11 *? m V m . iwtaraiBR from Taaa jaa at 71" ? I.^K and (||| m. *a ?-fai?4 ?.HVYL?ILL ,11L. p m.. ac4 frant T *u. B, at f M a.? 'J j ? ^ Good* ?f all <1aac'l*no*a^ forwards ?? . al (,v^ p. Icta fro? ta^ hamiant'i rJ . ^ ad and Will?? at>"i W r,e,?"? fbbight tkaimm Laava Pbi!adrlnii? daily at a m ij tt . Clw at tbc PbiUda<ai.|a Poat oam r ?lac*. ?.n U,r r. ad a.d Vta hranche..^V?r ^a ISP* *n"ip*1 ,Utl* !/ ? 3 tsi m ' OB BUM VATS?Tba Market Street Oar. Front and Market atraauu iu1obi?* t C.p?rli,r? af each train before tb* .^^rV^?i?;tBtiPKS? '??" /or asa^-aji -f-t', wiflas Mali Train 7Va*"' ?>'w' r?* I arkaburg Traio ? Harilaboric Accatumaiiatioa.H. i i! ? " Lancaater Accomt:, <tati n " S 12!^ ?" I ittaMrtli and Erie Mali *f * * " mPMTadalphia Bxrreaa l? m ? "' " " *" o,"*r csaasrUaagMs? - f ??fasf!,ss?,TiiSia.'3^r""u? p*rk*t>arc Tr.ln . 111 '^ ' a L.anra*t?r Trail Faat Liaa?...!r . T ?i M f- p " Dai Bxareaa *? 1M . m. Harrt*t?urt A< c<>ai?o<]atioa ! ?* " ?,"~ iMU,. ??K u<"- *" ?<? ' l^k Hana at7a a a..* da?bu?;?^ .SSS Iw ta Tain*. Will ba at ta* rirt ?? 1?F wlai coawract f JOB.C iLir?l,,iSnv to c t atrLr AtLEM- Tlck*? i.*"t, 631 Cha*f ' WALLACB. Tiokat AftM at tba Ba^a**IO*A1'* TBAIB raaa dally. cic?*t For fall aarticilar* aa to fara aid accnmB -t? tlon* apply to FBANCI8 FUNK. 137 Dack.t rjMTEAL BAIL ROAD OF WBW JBB8ETPa*aeDKrr and Freifht Dapot io Bawfork foot of Llbrrtf *iraat Oonifcta at flarnat n Juuctian with tba Delaware. Larkawanua aui Va1Tl?r"ll5iliirlr0a4,'^*t " too With th" Lehuh airier l?ft u e?6?*cti rw. far:nla? a c^;.1'v*c^.Fitu**r? ^ "? w-' ft ALLBBTOWB LIMB TO TBB WBST aXV Tr 'Sf l*11' ,or th* W-*?. exert J f iT one Traiu io tba rrning JV-T.V tbraa hoara aaved by tM* lioa o-acbUTio?^.^"- 84 ?'?t' ?"?? WIITKB ABKARQIm tNTs SS-?a? Jaaoary 7, lo?7-Lau?e Mew York m A i?M,1Tr?r **-ton. Betli|. hem. Mairh CI * Ae ^tlUaawport, WilkMbarr* . Malia ,oj'A M Mail Tmaix?For riamfn?toii. Ba* ' VV'iika*barra, Oreal Bend. Plttahnra. Rinfbamtoa, Be. ? A. M -Haitarai Bxareaa for Baxtoo. Allentowi, Hairial-arc, Pittabirjr. and lb>' We*t. aith bnt ona ? haui* of can t? Cincinnati ar Chirac?, and but two chance* to St. Lauia C nn~ct? ?t Marn-burc with Northern Oentral and Philalel pbia and Brie Koade, for Bria and tba Oil Be glona. 1J ? y*>r_Baata?. Allaitawn, M?arb ehanVNM.krabarre, Read Inc. FotUflUe. Harri*uQrc? c? 4 r. M.-Tor Baat a. Bathlabam, and Maucb Chunk. . P M.?For Bomarvilla and Flaalict *N. P- M ? for Baatoe.Maadiac. Harrtabnc w'lliam?a< rt. lrTiaaton.Corrj.Bna. Ac. biaapiug car from New Tork to Wllliamapart. P. M ? For &>aafrvil!e 7 .10 P, M . ? For SoTnerrilla. BP { Bxra?:?* Tiat?i ?For to? ton. Alleatowa. Beadlic. Marriat?arc, Pitt?bur?, iiii t nf Witt. % Blaapiac care tbraacb (roa Jeraay City to Pittabnrc every evaninc Additional tralua ara rnn to Boreen Point. Blixakath. Ac. TuketVfor tha Waat caa be obtalaad at the office of Ike Oentral Ballr<?d af Baw Jeraay. foot of Llbortr a treat, North Blear, at Bo. 1 A* tor Mon?a. Boa. 8.4, ST1. .'36 h road way. and at Bo. 1. Greenwich afreet ja If J OBI AH O. 8TB . BB8. Bi?eria%aadent NBWVOBk ABPBBWHAVBN BAILk itD Paean near Btatioa la Baw Tork, corner tfth treat aad Fourth avenue TBAIBS LBAVB HBW TOBK Wot Hew Barea aad BrMfa?ort?1.8 t Bx I, IIM a. m.; 12.1. (Bx.).SiBx ), IM, aJD. and ? Bi K '"Fur Mllford, Stratford, FalrkaM, B-nthyort. aad Waatyort?7,11 JO a. ai ,S.tOaad..B) p ta. Por Norwalk?7, .Ju. HJO a m ; 11 n Bi (Ix.).8*i.4BI .F.iad 8(ii.>? m. For Daiian aad Greenwich?7, I B, U V* IB. 4B.tB,M4 8B. . Far Btaaford?7, . i B* I, ?. 11B a m : ? U (Bx.i,.(Bx )SAO,4.W,.Ji, AB.aad.iBx ?. Por Port Okcatar aad laliraillate ?utt?a*-<. ..38.11 J. a. m.; I k. ? *?. ?B. ijo, aad 7 y COBBBOTIBG TBA1N8. Par Baataa via Byrlacheld-d a. a., iBx.;l 8? (B*.,)8y. m. For Boatoa via Shore Llie?11 1*. ( For Hi^rd and iprtnffleM-., (Bx .'11 >' %m Oonnectlant Ltar Ball read . a. < >.;> llkaB.ta Montreal - . p. to Bortkaaauia. Por BartAard, Provldeaca aad PtahkUl B. B9*^2r iiew Barer,' Haw Load^a aad Stoalnytoa Bailroad?8a a.; lt u.Saad8 p. m- _ ? For Oaaal Ballraad?it.u y. a. to Bortkaimp^or Hoacatoat* aad Baagatack Bailroad?8n. B1Fo3r^>aahary aad Bor walk B. B ?1.9 99 a. a.J *"CoSnafodiead Bleaylag Cart attarhad ta. 9*? ^AMBBB. ^