Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1867 Page 1
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" ^^L ^^t' . ^H.. 1^ I ^B ' fl .. B ^l A - : j . Va. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 14. 1867. N*. 4.&19. i .' l ... . i 1 ' THE EVENING STAR PUBLI8HBD DAILY, (ST75DAT nCtTTlD) AT THE STAft BUIL.DMVQ, 8cm A writ tomtr 1"aaa'o. *i tmu mm* lit* ttrui, T W. D, W ALL. AO H. The STAR U MrT?d by Ml itmm to Mr tabecribare la tbe City and Lhatrtct at Tn t'nn raa wm Ooptoa at the coaatar,with or without wrapper*. Two Cuts aaeh. Pmica fob Maiuso:?Threo moatha, 'On* m*U*r and rsftj CtnU; Kl montbe, rim JWlart; one year, fin Dollmrt. No papera an ml from ti? oBo? longer than paid for. The W LEKLY bTAA?published oa rriday morning? One Doilmr mmd ? tfel/a Y?r. DENTISTRY. Dm. lbwib'b dbbtal asbociatiob, Ho. at>0 PKNB'A AT* , ltlwtM Uth u4 Utk ilrMta, TMth extracted without pain by tdalMttrlig Bit roue Oiydt or Langhlng Qw. Dr./^b ikWII ku rac*atl; purchased tb*b?rtMS3 Chemical ANirtin "a the country for**"IB making Dart|H?r?r) iiri?lio,Mila|ro**d V ?! Inhaler Tbe Association la now prepared to aak? Teeth on Gold. Silver ?4 Bubber m Mew York Philadelphia aad Boetoa in??. All pereoae ?hllD| dental work done eaa bar* It m cheer M in tbe tbote gim?l ritiee All work done in the Bfateet end bee* manner, end warranted to flee ?atief action. Persona will do wall to call and examine oar work. de>4 tf T * * T jg- LOUMIB. M. p.. ?/* Inveator and Pateatee of m HUllAb PLAIK TIITH, atteuda personally al^BWfc hie office in thte city. Many peraoaa cauMBBV wear theae teeth who eaanot wear othera, aad a* peraon eaa wear ethece who eanaet wear |)^||| Perecna o*lUna at my office can be woaaodated with any atyle aad prlc. or Teetb they may da alre,bnt to tbeee who are particular, and wish tbe purevt, cleaoeet. etrong?-?t and moat perfect deatnre that art can procure, the MIHIBALT11TH wlU be more fully warranted. Roome la thla elty?No 3 SB Peau'a aveaee, betweea 9tb and Mth ata Alee, *07 Arch rtreet, Philadelphia. oe B-lr PERSONAL. Y OU CAN NIVIR MAKE TUB TBIPoaBa obn or Safuaritau humbugs Bee Dr DltBY, 494 7th street He ietbebigaeet auth rity on rock cesee Hie private rooms are oppoeite Odd Fellow a Hall jaW-lm^ 1>BBV?NTION BBTTBB T^AN CUBE I French prevent! tee againet dlseaee aad preg caucy ( wbtn accb la nnde-lrable) Sent to aay addr*a?. at f4, $5. and 97 per dozen, accordmg to Dr. M>001? box +03, or call at 499 th atreet, top etaira.) Washington, D. C. ja23 lm' MBB. CL'KTIS 1BV1NQ, Clairxoymnt, and T?st .Medium, will glee lite readings. Including Past, Preeent and Fstore at her ottice, 440, north elde of Pa. av., between 4)4 and Sth atreete. Office honra from t to 2 a. m. and to 9 a. m. ja It lm* Ab. maTkicb, ki&L doiaaririu asTBOLOOBB OF AMEBIOA, From the poeition ano aspect of tbe Btara at the time of one's birth, will reveal aetoniahlng ae crete that no Itvlag mortal ever knew before; how to be successful In all reasonable undertakings He telle name and very day yon marry; deecril>ee tbe intended comienieD. aud telle all eventa of life, good lack aad long life to vieiiore. Ladies to centa to 91 cer.tlemea in fall 91. Gall at 470 nth at . near F, all hour* until y la tbe evealag. de II ftnj /^OHFIDBBTIAL.?Young men who uave InV jured tbemselvee Dy certain aecret habita, which nnfit them for bnalneea. pleasure, or the datiee of married life; aleo. middle aged and old mea. who. from the folliee of youth, or other Bnsee. feel a debility la adveaoe of their yeara. fere placing themaelvee under tbe treatment of aay one.ahould Bret read "The Secret Friend " Warned ladiee will learn somethlag of importance by pernaing"The Secret Friend. Bent to any addreee, in a aealed envelope, on receipt of 36 centa. Addreae Dr.GHAB. A. BTUABT A OO.. BMtoa, Baw ao e-ly CLOTHING, Ao. IT J. HBHIBB0B*, Metropolitan Hotel. l*t? Browne, W . ? 3?B Peaaaylveaia areaue, T >-tf Waehlagtoa, P. O. OTTO ILKBIfH' P1ABOS AMD OAUHABT A BBBtUaMV PABLUB OBBaMS. AH will Bad It greatly to their Intereet?^^^ to examine th^e^uuerb luntrameute be-kwRl fort-'aurchnaing %n> other. Only agen- y *t GBOH.'B L. WILD * BBO ^ lew Piano Forte *a<1 Organ Wareroo.o. Ho. 49T 11th street between P?na * avnne Had I ctreet. A eeiert aas< n:u<>nt a: new an**ec:>nd hand Inatruicr:it?, itrln ing a CHDBCH OBO%B, for aale at joweat .ac v price-, and on eaay terms Tl N1>0 and BP?AlBICa faithfully executed ao 13 em * ^ BCBII Did IAIII. BANABITad * I ?|PT! BAMABITAJT9 91 FT! THB MOST CBBTA1B BBMBDT BTBB OBBD "Tee, A Poetrira Gcmx," fer QOtfOMMUatA, GLKMT, STRICTURES, 4, Oontalaa ao Mineral, ao Balaam, ao Mercury. Only T'n PiUa to 6a Tkktn te Agta a Cwr?. They are eattraiy vegetable, haTlng bo ameil net aay eapleaaent taate, aad will not la any way Injure the etomach er bowels of the meet delicate Cnree in from twe ?e four aay a, aad recent caaea la "twenty fonr boara.' Prepared by a graduate ef the tniveratty of Peaaevlvaala, eneof the moet eminent Doctor* aad Chemiata of the preeeat day, %o u^wri, no !rcubl4j w CMJifi HMtitir, Let tbuee who bave despaired of getting cured, or SS'KSC* . rirr"*" 1 Beat by mall in a plain earelma. Price?Male packagee, 91 Female, 91. BLOOD/ BLOOD U BLOOD III SAMARITANS BOOT ASFD BKRe JUICE la offeced thevabHoaaa leBMn on re. SYPHILID OK TIK BUB A L D1BBABBB, the SAMAH1T Ah B BOOT AUD HBJt? JL lC'S I. ? moet peteat. eertaia tod effectual remedy ever preacribed, It reeehee aad eradiea'ea every partlole of the venereal polaoa.eo that the cure la tborouak and permanent. Take, then,of thla parifyinarem edy and be healed. and do not traaaaalt It to yooi posterity that tor whleh yja may aipaat te afW DO BOT DBBPA1MI Although voamar oe proaooncee laoarable, BAMABlTAB a BOOT AMD HBBB JTjfowe will remove every vestige of tmpnriUee from the happily adapted, la L loarated D tern a ( Leaco* rcasa, in beartna down. Falllac of the Womb!^!. bliity. aad for all complalnU incident to the eaa eat by expreea. Fflee 91M per bottle *** BAMABITAB'B WASH ?1 u??*???? Full directiona. Prloe V oeata. The afllcacy of theae remedlee la Mike ackaewiSKI b?axri^u"u? "T" Bsrsiaia ?" srs Jtatta* 1 have need The Bairnrltaa Bemediee' for Venerai di^eaeee in lta moet onatoaaary forms: that 1 have aeed tbem with judgment, dlaaretion. aad properly, aad, have feaad tbem respond to my anOclpatioae promttly aod effectaally. Kaowiag their oompoeltloa, I have the fnlleet confidence la their eMc^ . aad m fara^my aee of them extoada, .'W'MPq. BOW BBS, " Aaetetant Burgeoa. th M. T. Tola. ' BaU by B. O. FOBD, oerwerUth atreet aad PenaesaaaiAH a.BLara. waish.uvor. e. v. blackLAW OFF1GB. BLACK. LAMOB A GO., Ooaaeellora and Attorneya at Law la the Baareme Go art of the Halted Statee. the Ooart of Glalma. the Ooartaof the Dietrict. the Bxeeatlve Departmenta. and Oomnaltteea of Goagreea. . atreet, (dlreetty eppoelte Wlllarda^ Hotel.) de 18-tf I ATBaT P A B18 FA S HI BBS OF HAIB1-a DBBssINtf. a. allmt, PMBBCR HAIK DRESSER, 3 214 M atreet. betweea Ltth aad let* ata. JM- 5* ?*' Halr-Drssaar. of the vk,a he arrived la thia 2*auy, haa4 aee beea eetabliehed fer tae last ? Waahinatoa aad Mewport, eaJiAlL w Dm*' ' torrid vio mat mm*, and ti*** *?cie?y. He haa the haor te aal*W" ^ be haa thla eeeeoa imported the latest Mil aad atao pomadee, and aaary thiag that beUa?e to the dreeataa of hair at mm reaeeaatie pHeS. ^^^iaTim* Soap fBD CABlDLK TlAa^FAOTCBBB. Theaahecriher Will bo ileaaeB to aee all aia old frieiioa and caetamere at Ma aew ataeeefbaaiss?? ? atreet aorth, bet sth endMh atreeta, eetl them at the laaiB each prleee atreet, he* tmaewech a?di t Jail-dm 480 cbbtbal11o^iboffiob. 480 Bo. 4W lit hetreet, owe Boor below ra. are.. vftioSti' VSMWS: Vf MB&SSCS syi.umiw.imiM, r"'c' for aale aad reat aa eaejW*. ?.4W lltt trfcsyyi?TBAoy. IAMBB0CIUB. BMto iwMeseead w Nraiiwa.jM Tar a I tare Be paired, Baap* , , j j j k* U i'J ? BANKERS. JAY (Mil * CO., Illlllf. IVtwwKww, wiiiti Bwii Ml l Icarroat Btrkit rates, u4 fc"? ob hui, k tall ny?lr ' Ml WTIKIMIR MIDI, BBTHN THIBTTBB, ABD COMPOUBH 1NTBEBBT I0T1I. nlm tar STOCKS. BONDS, Ao., ?mM, ud CeMectlons M<| ob all miwlMi potato. _*e 1-tf HARROW * CO., lilUH, Corner LoBtalaaa imn tad S?mtfc tool, DXA.LXM III eOTBMNMENT SECVRITIEB, OOLD AND S1LVBB jy f-tf AND LAND WABBAHTB. Fir?t Mitiml Bnk of Waifciigtw. B.D. COOKB, (of JayOooko *0o.,> President. VLI. HCNT1NGTON, Cashier. 80VBBRBB1T DBPOBITOBF AND FIBAH01AL AGENT OF THB UNITED BTATB8, 1 6U s.THt, epi? .'?? tkt TrtmsMry Dtrartrntru, Covernmeat Beonrltteo with Treasurer Doited StatN 9TONB MILLION DOLLARS W?bof ulMil?llcImwi of QOVERNMENl &ECURITlES*t current market rates. FUHNISH EXCHANGE and make OW Kelt mm mi ALL TEE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We parchase Government Vouchors oa the MOST FA r OR ABLE TERMS, and fire careful no prompt aktentioa to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. and to any otbor bualness entrnated to ns. FULL 1NFOBMATION la regard to OOYBBM MBNT LOANS it all tlmee cheerfully furnlabed VX. B. HUNTINGTON, Oashler. Washlagton, March ID. IBM. mtl-tf HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. f A I g . WTlLABD 8 BOTBL, ( Washington, December 1,1844. l Benstors, Bepreseatatlves, and others. reaidfag In Waehlngton, who otciif private apartments, can be accommodated witn their MBALS at this Betel at the rate of Bl" 10 per week da 4 2m BYKBS, OHADWIOK A 00. J^IBKWOOD HOUBB, Corner Pmna. irniu' mnd TSvtlfth street,Yf^Aw Watnintton, B. C. JaflKL Bltaated la the moat central location the city, midway betweea the 0AP1T0L AND PBEBIDBNTtAL MANSION, Only a ahort dletaaoe from all the Departments, latent and Foot Offlcee, Smithsonian Inatltnto, tc. H. H. DUDLEY A 00., notl-tf Proprietors. f^MBICH'S BBSTAUBANT. A-i No. 366 Penna avenue, near 6th street. F- BMBICH wishes to Inform hi a frleads andtho public generally that lie now keepe conA^.* stantly on haad GTSTBBB. fresh every day. prepared In every style uSI _ Bit WiMBB and LIul'OBS cannot bo snrpasasd. Call and gtvs him a trial. ocSStf ?1???Ma^*^aa^^w^? WOOD AND COAL. ? O A LI OOAIi!! AT GBBATLT BBDUOBD PBICBS. Gross tone of 2,2mi lbs , delivered In any part of the city. Cheetnat White Aah. $7. Stove, I El and Furnace White Aah, $SJO. rtdiak. S8M. Lehlgb. 49. Oak and Fine Wood eoaotantly an hand. Orders received atonrOfhce; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh etreet B P BBOWN B SON, JatB-tf 46ft tth.atreot, betweoa K and F. QOAA I COAL I I COAL III T T. FOWLBBB CO. White Aah, atove and egg aires, 98 M per toa. Bed Aeb, de do #8.7?psrtoa. IJd poDDda guaranteed. Ordera received at the central office of the Washington and Georgetown Ice Compaay, (late L. J. Middletoa A Co ,) corner 12tk and F atroeto, and at wharf, foot of 10th ateeet. ia Him B. 8. LAMKIK, Age at. Goto w . B. V O B B 8' FASHIOHABLB GABPBT, FUBBITUBB AMD BBDD1BG STOBBS, BOB. Ml A 619, INTBLL10BN0BB BUILDING, OOBBBB 7TH AND D., AHD 0 ?0? TTH 8TBBBT, THOBM'B BCILDIBG, ADJOINING ODD FBIiLOWS' HALL, AND EXAMIBB THB FIBBST ASSORTED STOCK THI8 BID! OF PHlJbADKLFUIA. Be hae all the latent designs made In Phi lad el phla, New York, aad Boaton. The atoek 1a always aelected by Mr. Moeee, aad Oouuht at the loweet rates for caeh, which eaabie* him to compote with Bestern prices. Hlaflneet F urnltnre in made to order la Philadelphia, and of the boat material that can be fonad. Purchasers should study their ova In tor oat by calling at hla Stores aad examining the well-aosorted atock of CABPBT8, FOBNITOBB, Ac,, and obtain hie price-list before going elsewhere, which he will fnrnieh with pleasure Hie assortment of Mattresses. Blaakets, Oomforta, Oeunterpaia< s. Pillows. Bolsters, Featherbeds, aad all kinde of Cottage aad Kitchen Faralture la complete, whleh he ofTera at the Uweot New York and Philadelphia prices. Bern ember Nos Atfl and 619 Intelligencer BntldiDB. corner Ttb aad D. and Na SO* 7th meet. Thorn's Baildian, adjoining Odd Fallows' Hall, bstwaea D and B streets. js 14 tf W. B. M08B8. 3 A All POTATOES. ,tJUU bBJbela MAI MB POTATOES, just arrived, and for aale at our Wharf at the toot of 7th street. B. P. BBOWN A SON, Commission Merchants, de 14-tf Ho. 466 ?th St.. between E and F. pLOOll F B_B D I A fall assortaesBt of all grades choleo Flour for Bakers: (jaality No 1; prfoelow. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H. Gam brill mot Pete pec o> and Ltnganor Family Flours la the District. As the latter brand has been extensively ooanterfeltod aad s?]d la this city, ws woald tnform those wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers ws furnish It lower than It cob be obtained from any otbor source. acVKKsi'rSSfj wVs." " Buckwheat at low rates. .nr4" ixrr&z Indiana bvobbo and 1st street, *?M Bear Depot. D K X O T A L . ] TU> ?.oWLon,io? i?o?(Vi<J, 00?. Have removed to their Hew OBko, Mo. TI L0BI8IABA ATBNCB, First door es?t of 7 th st. DIB BTT 01B: Cbas. Knap, Freet, Goo. W. Bigg a, Tloe Prest, Rssrtsr*d??tf M*6eLB p. LABNBK, Secretary. r>HOCOLATB DOUBLE, VABILL*, L DB H. MAILLA1BB. ' Par Cacao et Sucre. Bxemet de teutlmela&go. B. M. F. KING * BON, Ktag Plaoe, Coraer Vermoat bvobbo aad MM stwet. ""{XJM mm Freah. KING PLACB. pBOIOB BOTE, BAiSIBS. FIGS.OPBBANTB, v SPICES. 4a., Ac., to ealt this particular seaDHILIP THE BBOOBD; br Charles Gayarro. tT Joseph tbo Saeond aad alt Ooart, br Muhl* bach Eraithwaite's Betraopeet tor Janaary. III nANK TATUA special notices. A BTABTLING TBUTH ! Tlvomirfi die Mmllr from ktflMM eotfka 4 cold*, which *oontripen into ccntinpilM, or other equally fatal dlfHMi of the Loan; ?h?B br the tfm*;v o*e of a ingle bet tie of W1HA8 S BALSAM or WILD OHBBBY their llvoeconid kit* been preserved to a green nld age. It Mr METCALFB'S gbeat bhbom atic BKMBDY l? tb? only sure cure for Bh?amUlim ever kuuwi.ud it I* n wonderful in lu nature certain in it* *ffects. f?J tolw^ 8 0. FOBV, Agent. BALL'S TBOBTABLB SICILIAN HAIR BBNBWBB has nroved imelf to be the most perfect preparatloa for the hair ever offered to tb? public. It it a vegetable compound, and contain* bo iajnrion* properties whatever. it will Bxsto&x grat Haib to it* Obibinal Ooi ob. It will keep the hair from falling out. It clean*** the scalp, and make* the hair eoft, lastrou* and silken. It 1* a splendid hair dreeslpg. Fo pernon, old or young, should ffetl to use It. It is BicoMnvvn and c*? bt thi fiwt Msdical authoritt. %r A*k for Hall's T*g*tablo Sicilian Hair Benew er, and take no other. _ ? B. P. HA Lit B OO., Kaohna, N. H., Proprietor*. For tale by nil T)rnggi*t*. BBMEDIAL IN8TITUTB FOB SPBOIAb OA8B8, Bo. 14 Bond atroot, Bew York. yFnll information, with the highest ttstimoatair: alio, a Book on Special Dtsease.%, tn a staled envelope, sent free. Bt ture and fend for them, and ?ou wilt not re* et it; for, as advertising physicians are generally impostors, withont re/erenefs o atrangor should be trusted. Enclose a stamp for postage an<i direct to DB. L&WB1N0B. Mo. 14 Bond atroet. New York noll-DBWly KT MABBIAGB ANDCBLIBAOY, AND THB Happloe** of True Manhood.?An Bssav for Young Hen on the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Errors, Abuse* aud Disease* which cr eate impediment* to Marriage, with sure means of Belief. Sent in sealed letter envelope*, free of charge. AddreseDr.J SKILLIN HOUGHTOH, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pn. jallJm BECBBT DI8BA8E8. Bamakitan's Girr m the most certain. *af* and offectnal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rent*dy ever discovered. Core* in two to tonr day*, and rec*nt cases in twenty-four hours. No mineral, no balsam, no m*rcnry. Only ton pill* to be taAen. It I* the soldier's hope, and n frieu'l te those who do netwunttobe exposed. Male packages, Si,female, fs. B a w a kit an v Boot and Hkbb j tick*?a positive and permanent eure for Bpybille. Scrofula, Ulcers, Bores, Spots. Tetters. Bo. Price $1 M per bottle. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. ay I SUM ELY, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY* BMOLANDBB'B BXTBAOT BUOBQ is cfllm Tory ens* of Inmr Puiaii. bbiviatim, Gkavbl, okinabt Dmobdbbs, Wbaknbss and Paim 1b the Back, Fbmalb Complaints aad Tbovblbs arising from Bicbmii of ant Bins. comb, ii affl10tbdi tbi hmolandbb's. TAKE NO OTHER BOCK 9. Sold by all Apothecaries. Price f 1. D UABNB8 * OO., Bew Tort, and BABNB8, W ABD BOO., Mew Orleaas, Sou then. Agents. LDBLB1GH B BOO BBS, Wholssals stbmms, Boston, Mass.. Beasral Ag*nts. |*a M-ly COLGATB B CO.'8 WINTMB SOAP. Becommended for chaffed hasps and for general ton.kt nse daring cold wxathbb. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers, feb 9-eoly DANCING. pBOFS. J. W. B H. P. BBBIB' * DANCING AOADBMT, BM Pennsylvania avenne. bet. ?th and 7th sts., A Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. C9L .ihST forming every evening. Those do^t h ?s opportuni^V** 'h0Ul3 *T%U thBn> <m? Sl'/i * ?lB thl? for Circulars can be had at J. F. Bills' and W a UottTott A Co.* Music Store*. Wl 0 The Hall can be rented lor Soirees. Bo. _ Dayt and Hourt of Tuition : a Mi*ee* and Masters, Taeeday and afternoeas, from S to 8 o'oioeB. Gentlemen a Glasses. T need ay and Friday evening., from 8 to 10 o'clock. rth*r information, apply dnrinc the honrs ef tuition, or address note to the Acaaemy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, ja 8 M"'"'UftCOTtf1* D"u"a MA BIN 18 ASSEMBLY BOOMS. A _ B > between Hh and Mth streets, M academy Is bow opes for the recep- flk tloa of pop!Is. pajs and hoars ef taltloa for yoaag ladls* *n*^*rs, Thursday, and Satardays, from Holy. b. Gentlemen'* cUwaee from 8 to 10. same evenings. M. B ?Private instrnotlon given to salt the convealence of the papll. seM asqubbadb^hd fajc^t dbbss^alls The nadorslgned would most ireepootfally inform the ladies and gsatlemen of wanhlagtoa city, aad the District g*n*ral1v, that he 1* at all Ume* prepared to famish parties with Masquerade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or mad* to order. He has taken rooms at the well knowa ftgtw^HshBent of Christina Bappert, Bs<j., S?9 7th street, between D and B, whore he will ha happy to await order*. CHABLBS RBBG, , late Oostamer at Ford'* aad Orover^s fell-Im* Theaters, Waehlngton, D. 0. BOOTS, SHOES, &. uiLuaia or* i MLLiaooTrTi The entire stock of Ladles', Missos'.^^R Chiidrsa's, Men's. Boy's and Youth'* * VmL BOOTS. 8HOBS AND OAITBB8 Will be *old at private sale at and . IsBLOW OUST PBIUB8. ? . anubbmann. sos 7th street, between D and B street*. ja tt-lm* opposite Odd Fellow*' Hail. ?| BOOTS AND bhobs. fli ? B W JB_T OBI. The undersigned beg* leav* to Inform hisfiiende and the public generally that he hae opened the IBW CHEAP 1T0BB, No. AOS 7th street.nnder Odd Fellow*'Hall, where he ha* on liana a general assortment of Ladiee' and Gentlemen's, Boy's, Misses and Ohildren's BOOTS AND BHOBS. Berne*iber the >amber, aoS 7Mi street, ander Odd Fellows' Hall The New Cheap Store, formerly K. F. Pace's store. de 18 * ' WEOEQB B. WILSON. Q 1 O (I I B 1 B S . HALL B PLANT, PLAIT'S BUILDING, Corner Bow York aveaae and 1Mb street, (SatraBce oa lew York aveane,) Dealers 1b flae FAMILY OB90BBIBS, TIBS, W1IIS, IMPOBTBD LUXDBIBS, Be., Be., woald respectfully notify their friends aad the pabllo that they have jaet opeaed their lew Oroesry Store, where oaa be ohtalaed any article aoa ally keyt la a Ant class Greoery. Without attempting to eaasMrale oar larg*, frssh and well elected stock, wo eordlally la rile the public to ezamlae oar stare aad etock, boUeviag we shall aol fall to five entire satisfhctloB to all who may favor nt with their patronage. We call espeeial attention to oar aasortmoot of TBBS aad OOFFBBS, which havebeaa eelecUd with f reat care for pority. Dealers Will Sad a Sao assortBioat to seleot from, aad oar prloee to salt. Geods delivered promptly ia aay part of the city, )?ntaw AtIJIIIBW OBBAP STAMPING BOOMS 4?? 9th ssreet, oepeilte Patent OMce, ladiee got at oar redaood price*, oa the very beet '-ts we are able dally tolsaM aow patterns as wsli imake and stamp sny pattern brought as. L srfosa. - a ; - l ^ ?. i . . ( . 11 ? ? J: ui vu 1 ^ ? ' J i TELEGRAMS, fee. Tbe Pennsylvania State Sea ite for (wo days h?T? di'cntwd the (Mil restoring rip(its to ?tie PitUbarg ud Coaselisville railroad taken from tbem by tbe act ot IMH. The opponents of the company assert tbat it will not pi*s. A free railroad bill was reported by tbe R tllrosACominittee in the J^i aif 1ue>da> lb tbe Ilium alter a lone debate, a bill sub nttting the qn-?. ion of Sunday ear travel te ih? citizen* of Philadelphia a* a special election to l>e h-M on tha 5th of Marhc, th>?ir de'tsiou u final parsed to a third reading by .58 "ijes to 3-- nsv? Mt. McCoimack,Couservative. offered ft b.ll in the Scnai* of Missoari, Tuesday, to subrni to a Tote of the people a proposition to ratify ibe decision of tbe United States Snpreme Court in relation to the test oath reqniivd b. the Constitution to be taken by * lawyers, preachers, etc The b.ll *Uo provided tba no person should be disqualified as a t >vr unless convict< d of trcHwin or felony. Tti bill was rejected by a vote of six to twenty i*o. Tbe Radicals pmmi?e that, whil<* t:i :ir party will abide by tbe decision of tb^Siipr-' ii? C<ourt, they do not pr><|>o*<* t? give tbe r?&->l< the right to vote >et awbil;. Tbe editor of St. Lake Viditt* states that ai Downer's Station there were 7,c ?> Inliaus. who bad met other tribes to decide npon war or peace. One old chief, wboappeared friendly, told tbe coach driver it he w.tuicd :o s.-ve tn? lite he had better leave the hue before the grass grows. A lady was told a' one of tli?? stations by a principal chief thnt lie would have berfor hi* sqsaw before long. A large and beautiful met. or was observe,i by many persons at San Francteco Mon ! iy Owing to the snnstine the size oonld no' 0'> closely defined. 'I lie telegrapb reports tUat the same meteor was seen in (iilroy :ind \V .tsonvilie,

accompan ed wiih a tremendous noise and a heavy ground shock. From information received b?*re it appears that North Carolina Las virtually rejectel i^j<? reconstruction compromise prepared by liuvernors Sharkey, Parsons, Marvin an.) Worth. A test vote has been taken, and it i* profratd* that the proposition will be formally defeated to-day. lion. G. Williamson, formerly of General Folk's staff, has been rlected U. S. Senator from Louisiana. Tbe announcement of me passage of Eliot's bill in the (J. S. House ef Kepiesentaiives was calmly received and Lately commented upon. Tuesday, the anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln was celebrated in the New Jersey House of Assembly. A portrait ot the late President was presented by a corumite* appointed to procure it. Sevetil distilleries nave lately been seized in New Orleans, by th*, for infraction of tbe United States reveuunlaws. The frauds upen tbe Government ar? proportionally equal tc those in the East and West. The publishing House of the Miami Printing Company, near Eignth str*e'.. Cincinnati, was destroyed by fire yesterday morning. Tbe Lresses were saved in a damaged condition, oss, S35.0I.0; insurant s * ." 1,000. Albert Teulel, the murderer ef Captain James Wiley, on the Delaware canal in November last, was convicted of murder in the first degree, at Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Tuesday. Tbe River Improvement Convention met In the Mercantile Library Hall, at St. L<ouis, Tuesuay morning. COXORESSIOHAL. Srwat*.?Yesterday afternoon? The League Inland bill w;ts discussed at considerable length. Pending the consideration of the sabje t, the Senate went into executive session, and soon after took a recess till 7 p. m. At the evening session, Mr. Dixon presented the credentials of Orris R. Ferry, Senator elect from Connecticut: which were ordered to be filed. At 7:30 p. m., the Clerk of tbe House announced the passage by tbe House of the bill to provide for the more efficient government of the insurrectionary States. It waa read a first time. Mr. Sumner moved to proceed to ita consideration; but Mr. McDougall objecting, it went over. A great number of bills in reference to District of Columbia matters were acted on, and will be found reported elsewhere in eur paper, and at 10 p. m. the Senate adjourned. Hoes*.?Yesterday afternoonMr. Stevens'bill to establish military govern ment in the South being under consideration,? The House refused to lay the bill and pending amendmenta on tbe table by a strict party vote?yeas 39, nays 115. Tbe vote was then taken on ordering the main question on Mr. Blaine's motion to refer tbe bill to the Judiciary Committee, and it resulted?yeas s6. nays 70. Tbe question tben recurred on Mr. Blaine's motion to refer, with Instiuctions, to the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Stevens, being entitled to close the debate, took tbe opportunity of doing so at this time, lest he might not have another opportunity, in consequence of the recommittal of the bill. He spoke for some time; when tbe ques tton was taken on tbe motion of Mr. Blaine to refer the bill to the J udiciary Comauuee, with instructions to report it back with an additional section. There was great excitement as the vote waa taken, and showed?the Democrats coming generally to tbe support of Mr. Blaine's motion?that it would be a very close vote. After all bad answered to their names, It appeared that there was a majority ef two or three against Mr. Blaine's motion; and then the Democrats, to preserve the uniformity of their record, commenced to change their vetes from yea to nay?to tbe great amusement of the House, and provoking questionsae to whether it was in order fer members to vote three times. Finally tbe vote waa announced as 0!i to S5?so that the motion to refer was defeated. The question then recurred on the passage of tbe bill as modified this morning, and It was pasfed?yeas. 11*1; nays, 55. [Tbe bill as passed is given in full elsewhere in our paper today.] Mr. Stevens, exulting at the final successor his measure,asked :he Speaker whether it was In order for bim to endorse tbe declaration of good old Laertes, that Heaven yet ruled and that there w? re gods above. [Laughter ] The House, at 4.30. took a recess till 7.30 At tbe evening session, on motion of Mr. Morrill, tbe amendments of the Seuate to House joint resolution giving increased compensation to civil employees of the Government in Washington were taken from the Sneaker's table, referred to the Committee of Ways and Means, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Harding, of Illinois, said he wasopposed to the measure and would not give assent to anything that would give it a better position; but tbe Speaker quieted bis fears in thai respect by assuring bim that Mr. Morrill's moti?n gave to tbe meaaur* no advantage. Mr. Whalev introduced a bill to estsblish mail routes In West Virginia and Virginia; which was referred to Committee on Post Offices and Post Roads. Tbe House, on motion of Mr. Morrill, went into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union, (Mr. Boutwell in tbe chair,) and proceeded to the consideration of the bill i eported from the Committee ot Ways bad Means on tbe 11th of Febntary, to amend the existlag lawa relating to the in tare al revenue, which waa debated at seme leagth, when all general debate on the bill was closed, and tbe Clerk proceeded to read the bill by sections for amendment. The committee rose at tea minutea past tea, and the House adjourned. TuMiXTLAiD LaoisLATraa.?The Seaate yesterday passed tbe bill to incorporate EllicoU's Mills under the naane of Jallicatt City, and aide to incorporate the Ashland Iron Company of Baltimore. The boom Mil was made tbe order of tbe day for Tuesday nsxt. In tbe House a resolution was offered by Mr. Applemaa, a radical, to endorse the bill passed by the U. S. House of Representatives establishing a territorial government la Louisiana Mr. Jtmea, conservative, made a speech la opposition to the reeelation, aud spoke aatil the expiration of the morning hoar. Tbenewreg. iau-atioa bill was thea taken up, amsaded, aad recommitted. ^Samuel . Comman, a young member o? tbe bar. pleaded gatlty in tbe Quarter Sessions, la Philadelphia, on Friday, to a charge ot forgery, and was aenteneed by Jadge Lad. I?w to aa imprisonment of three years. tdrTbe Episcopal College projected by tha late Bishop Polk, baa beea opened at Wins heater, Tennessee. It laaiveprofrssorsaipe, tor tutorships aadooe haadreu students. ,|Od 1 %i w ... 1 ? ,?Vu lasf .sua ,17 ,n 'J * | LOCAL NEWS. Tbf C?m o( KaithMi vs. ItMtoa. Hon. Hen:y Stant>erry and W. T. Kendall. Esq . a* for Sfcwtwy Stanton in tbe suit pending npsin?t him befere tbe Supreme Court of this District, hiT? filed amended p!?as. It will be recollected that William T. Mojih?oi>. f< rmerly in the banking bausMt la ibi* oitv, v a? arti-' ted during tbe war by tne iriliiar'\ BTVhorit'es, and wu tried by military (omr>in<li,r nnd fouitd guilty ofglvtng aid and ;nformation 'o 'lie ni1 try. and ndmdcwI to ibe A lhat. v penitentiary. but wu sabeeq ally pardoned for ht? arrest and imprisonment he now claim* damage# to the amoaat of P5K .C U The defe uc<* hart previously pnt In a plsa of r?<<: gnilty, and having obtained Imt( bare ft'Mt ad lit."n^s pleas. Tbe first special plea i- tbai the pUinfTT oncbt not to have or man.imii hie nc'ion, he< Mise before sod after ibe time of'be u ppofed ire?pafs, via: trom April !~th, '?6I, to June l*t, ie?5, sundry rebels, t!.!-nrgent~ ai d tra.tor* against the Government and auLbori ty of tb?* I'nited State?, were levying anl ro*Wing war on tbe Government ot the United S'atv?, and to the end of subverting it-? Government thereof, maintained l.irp-e :irn i?- hesiece. capture and destroy ihiK city, oie of the fortiflt-d cities of the United Sttiier, lit vbl.-h wa? situated tbe headoimrtersof the armies ol the United States, and 'hat he. the ?aid Smitb?on, at the bead i imrtm of the armv. while the armies were b?sieginjr ihe . i?v. did act af a spy contrary to tt.e Articievot ar, and give tbe enemies of the l?over< ment Information tinder tbe flctitic ue nam*' ot C'ii* I{ < bibles, and encouraged :h?mto a-^aul* "he p*rr:?on of "his city, and imparted the information that Jobneon (meanmj_ Andrew Jot n?< n, ol Tenn .) was here enterlrg ip't an arrangement for the employment ot men to go to Tennessee and Kentucky to bnrn hrtrtpej, destroy machine shops, A a ; and afterward* the ?iid Smithson with farther inteat to give aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, acted aa a banker, broker, and llnancial agent for enemies ot the United States, and put in circalatioa for tbe benefit of enemies ol the United States bills and obligations lesned by the so-called Contuiera e States as a means of credit, and for the parposeof carrying on the war against the Government of the United Stat"*, die.; that a, tbe time said alleged assault and Impriaonment was made the defendant wai Secretary of War. and that at tbe time he believed that be (Smitbson) was engaged as aforesaid. The defendant brings into conrt the record ot tbe proceeding, finding, conviction, and sentence of tbe said Smitbson. and the approval by President Lincoln of the sentence of the said Smi'bson on charge of holding correspondence with theenemy, and giving intelligence to the enemy; in pursuance of which sentence tbe said Smitbson was imprisoned in the penitentiary at Albany until tbe :25th day ot November, 1NH. at which date he was released from imprisonment by order of President Lincoln, allowing his sentence to stand as tecurity for his good behavior, the President deciding not to pardon him, but if be misbehaved to arreet and Imprison him upon tbe old record, wbich arrest aad imprisonment aforesaid are the same assault and imprisonment complained of 'a tbe plalnt'fTs declat * itou, and this the defendant is ready to verify, wherefore be prays judgment. Tbe second special plea la that be ought not to maintain hie action as to breaking into and enteriug bis (plaintiff's) dwelling, Ac.,because under tbe 5tb section of ibe act of July l?tb, 1HN, authority Is given to the President ot the United Stales to ?e.*e and appropriate to tbe use of ibe armies ot the United States certaiu property, amoLg otbers that ot persons giving aid to the enemy, Ac. Thai, acting nnder tbe order ot tbe President ol the United States be (the defendant) did, on tbe 30th of Jnne, 1M>5. cause plaintiff's property to be seised and applied at> quarters for officers and a home for soldiers' wives and children. Tbe plea further states that tbe District Attorney libelled tbe said property on tbe 2d of January, 1664, under the act, aDd a decree was made to sell the property in tbe Supreme Court of tke District of Columbia, but on the iMd ot October following tbe decree was vacated because of the production of a deed of r ust by J L Edwards and Charles Wilson, trustees. I Tbe third plea is that under tbeactof March, 3, iH>:i, the production of any order of the President ot tbe United states ahalt be a defense in any suit or action as to seizures made dnrit-g the war, for imprisonment Ac : and tbat the "anppoeed trespass ha (defendant) committed aa Secretary of War wai by the order and nnder tbe anthority of the President of tbe United Slates and daring tbe rebellion, " and be therefore prays jadgmeat, Ac. Among the letters brought forward to establish the first plea are the following : ' Decixbhr 1*2TH. 1?61.? My Dear Colonel ? 1 wrote yon last week; hope yoa received my letter. 1 received yoar little note, and also the letter lor our friend la 11 : handed it to her. You bad bettar direct all your letters, Ac., nnder an envelope to Charles 11 Cables? I mean all v?u intend for ?m ; heretofore they have reached n.e in rather a loess way. We can learn little or nothing about the intended movements of McClellaa's army across the river. 1 believe the fellow is a soward, and will never attack yoa without he is forced to do it. 1 would like to see yon rash dowa upon him, if yon think it safe or best to do so. 1 mink von could drive them back ta their forts with ease, and with great advantage to tbe cause yon are fighting tor: bnt yon kaow w hat is beat. I have an important fact for yon, and it ta important that you look to it promptly Johnson, of Tennessee, is here, and be bVs a devil in him as large as aa ox. He is enteriag into arraagements with the President and Cabinet to turnish him with large sum* of money, to be naad la tbe employment of men to go ta Tennessee and Kentucky to burn bridges and mills and machine sbopa and such like. These devils have determined to destroy every veatigeof property, and take tbe life of every citizen in Tennessee, rather than not succeed with their fiendish purposes. Tw?v meaner and vilerdevila never lived than Johnson and Kthertdge. They are concocting all sorts of plans to get possession of Tennessee. Watch these devils closely. Tbe Cabinet will give tbem anv amount of money to enable them to carry out their plans. 1 send you a pamphlet touching up McCiellan; read it, it is nsb; it will give you some incite also to matters and things as they are viewed by such men as tbe author?LUet. .shall I cotUnue to look o/Ur and supply our friend ?? B f Expsntet fall heavily vjxm me in pre tent em l>arratre<f condition. Everything I have after paving my dtUt Is at tk* command of those u'u represent. If you sbeuld fail to succeed, 1 don't wish to live any longer. I have given onr friend in B the money to buy the books you wrote for. My God ! how 1 would rejoice to see you and your army in this city soon . come ahead, I believe you can get here. ? Ltberidge haa gone to Kentucky to em{)loy men to engage in bridge-burning on a ?rge acaie. look to this matter all over the South, particularly in Tea . Ky., aad Ya I saw our friend in B?? last night' all pretty well. Miss Lilly M la dead; died yaatgrday with the typhoid tever. O. how aorry I am' what a nice, intelligent, sweet girl she waa. She was as true as steel. Tbe family are in deep distress, and also la great pecaniary need; wUh I was able ta aid them, they oaght to ba cared for by Lilly's friend to same extant. 1 writs ia haate; I have already written touching money matters; tet me kaow if my lettara raach yon. I suppose yon receive our pert reaulorhy Troape oantinne to some in, and how atrauge H Is?no ladueement ia the world hat the amall pay they receive; with lbs ofBcers It ia different?they go In for plunder Ac. w hat a satrof rogues thay are; watch ail the time. Chaslxs K. Cablbb. 13th just ree'd; lette* trom frtend la B " Dbc'k 14, *61.?My Dtar Cel..?I hays jaat ree'd your letter of the 7th instaat; glad to bear froaa yon; handed the latter enclaetag MO ta oar friand ia B la yaar letters referriag to oar friend, only ?ae the leuer B?, la fc. 1 wrate yea last waak. enoiodng a from o?r friend la prison; hope yoa rae'd It. 1 observe what joa Bay reepecUag an advanaa; will attend to the matter prampUy. I send along With thia anumbsr of tetters; please forward them. Troopa are still going over the liver?three thousand cavalry went oyer yesterday. Be anre to look after bridge-burners in IVa . Ky . and Va. Ltheridge, af Tea., ia gone to Ky., to arms ge far baruing bridges, m^lts, machineshops, Ac., fee. Large eaaaa af money will ha expended by tliU Govern meat la each work. What are yea doing touching afceh workt Something onght to ha doaa la this direction at oaae. Wa have no ?ews af late reel here today. The weather Is very fine. We hays some mean iaaa hem. who have large poaasastons la the aaatfe, whose names 1 mJlfitee faa hy. and-by. I write in maeh haste, to baia Ume for the aeBsengyr. My ell- \ kaya somethlag Bice for yoar chief, whiah l will send eooa?tm O* fiWHtia- , M Traly, Cfisai.? JL Uablm. .e-n r.i toe.< k?->> "*? Demr M If any coofldwrf whti*rrr can be pUctd is aaythiag that la Mud kr titoe* la high authority, aa ad vane* of the t'ede'Hi (Tory) Amy of i^Rinn wiM rake piao* | * '** *** ?< tbelfth of Beat oclfe-mnt likely it ?UI take plat* this w?*k. U*?*ral told a (ri?ad of mine. oo Saiardajr, Mat a advaao* *o*M ia mil probability be mu? week He alK told htm taat Buraeidea fleet wu all la aoafeatao. and ta a reeeral state of doraagemaat it ia important, however, tbat yoa watch both land and water, aa it ta nor* tbaa likely tbat yoa will be attacked bo-h by land aad water I woe Id ad. tea, aader all tbe rircumstancae. tbat yoa prepare for aa attack tbia ww All at tbeir available force an tbia aid* or tba river waa aaat acroee tbta moraine Jobaaoa aad Rib. erld?e. of Teaaaeeee. are dotag all tbey aaa to ret Yankee thievea la to Ten neat** and Southweetera Virginia, to bara bridges aad mtila. tore hoasee. machieeabopa. Ac A large aata ot rr.oa?y baa been aet apart by iba Oabiaet for tbat special work Watch tbeae devils Keep a sharp loo boat tor tba bridge-burner* Ac . ia every directiea. Look oat lor aa adranoa tbia weak. Ood be witb yoa. Ool. Tbonp on baa beea arretted?letters sound oa tba durker. Poor fellow ! Uec'rn. fMl. CRmM> R Caiibi " Htmday M<m\ng ? 1 eacloee letter jaat reI celved fratn oar friend. Addraaa aa wiLb great care hereafter "chari a? r. (jarlu ' "I aend several paper*. Lb i aaa are w or kmc ncely la Lngiand. Ood ia wi Lb aa, aad no mtetake.'* Aad tbe aaid Kmlthson, at tba District of Co umbia aforesaid. oa tbe Mith day of November, 1*61, did alio writa aad eanae to he ranetnttted to tbe rebel headquarter* at Oan> irttillr a crrttio other latter, ia aubetance aa allowe "I have everv reaeou to believe, from all I can bear, tbat McClellan will certainly make a bolt at you next waek. Watch bim on everv band; every device will be aaed to deceive yon. aa impreaeioa will be made on every band tbat no advance will be made, taat the raiy will go into winter quare a, Ac.. Ac. r ay no attention to such re porta. I aay, watch I by and and by water f alto caaUoa you I 10 WTeral fleets BOW being tittad oat?holler aad liuruaide'e ? they J*"' I1"" demouatration soon Watch Norfolk and York Kiver. A meaaer aet of devila never lived than Butler and Uurnside. They would do auvthiag to aa c. ceed1; burn citiea, murder aea. woman, aad children, and doavery other wicked thing th*v can, if by so dome they can rai?e tbem?elvea a button bole higher with the Northern Yankee devila. Kill tbe devila incarnate wherever ton find them. Watch yonr battenaa on the Potomac by day and by night. Yhe darke. night may be selected to attack your bat-riea I expect to rentilyou a despatch in a dav or two. from a lady friend, Mra. Argie Yoa know abe received your letter and waa more than delighted to hear from you. " Wasuihotok. Nov.%, "Dec. 2*, lH#l._/>car Gen: I wrote yoa yesterday giving yon ?ome information additional to tbat contained in my deapatch tbe day before. 1 omitted to aay yecterdav that I eneloaed a deapatch from our friend Mra. Oraen. how, which I hope reached yoa to-dav I alao encloa. d one from onr friend In B To-day 1 have it in my power to aay tbat Kelly |S to ad vance oa Winchester Stone and Bank* ara to cross and go to Leeeburg. Burns,de a fleet bat,er,M on Potomac, end McClellan A Co will move on Cantreville aad Manaesas Thie move will be made next week. As I remarked yecterdav, be prepared for tbem OD^Ltrf . nd and at moment. Mason and Slidell have baen given up and tbe Hall clique are fnrioas l,ooh oat for a amaab up I send yoa the papers containing Seward a letter, ?c. "Now, my dear (General, lookout far a large army and tell yoar men (Ood bleea them) to cut and alay until tbe laat man ia daatroyed don't allow one to come back to tel 1 the aad tala' No living man ever made auch a deaperat* effort aa McClellan will make, nevertbeieaa I believe be ia a coward aad la afraid to meat yon. If aomeexenae la not batched up. voa may certainly expect an attack next week My Ood ! Gen , give them tba moat awful whipping that an ?rmy ever received. Mr. Clellan a army will certaialy number I80.taiu or one hundred and eighty.hva thonaard men, perhaps more. Let our next graetiug be in Washington. Yon shall have a warm racentioa. 1 write in aom?- haste." " # _.A Ciiaaot -Yesterday afternoon w m Cleaver wan before J uauce (J 1 hereon ou tba charge of having committed a rape on tbe person of Mary Anu Kivee, a white girl of nearly 14 yeare of age. on the 5th inat., he hav lag been arreeted by ofticer J W. Thompson of tbe 4th Ward. Mr. W. Y Feudail ap^Lr for the accuaed. Kduardina Hells, a colored wonan, liviuc in Marble alley, testified that one day laat w?t she taw th?> accused comiug down tba alley and a girl following him. They vent ia a room ot her houae where they were abaat 15 minutea; while there witneaa looked ia tbe room and the accuaed aaid "it 1a all right" I he girl went ont flrat and ran up tbe alley. On cross-examination witneaa aaid it waa about II o clock in tbe morning when they came there. She stopped near the doer but did not bear any noiee or tbe conversation, and did ot again hear aaythiag about tbe case uiul yeaterday. fammy /tonplat, who Uvea with the former Witueee, testified ta tha aamc effect. famu?' estifled that he waa ^lled to see the girl on tbe ?rh mat., living oa South Capitol, near N street south He in I 5\IVtrtk-liSllKr^C.0J,-,ti.0?' aBd informed that she had bad tbe chills. He made anexdal'on tJ*B tin<lka* ?><Lru '? iaoerated conSirak Kiret (the mother of the girl) teaMile d that when tbe grlrl reached home on Tuesday aba waa very weak and bleeding, and waa taken witb apaema Dr. K. S. L Walah was sent for and preecribad for her, and abe appeared to get better. Witneaa did not know what happened anul Saturday, and than ex amiaed her. She waa in an awful condition, W, T*r* 'ow- **pectiag every breatb to be her laat. She had a apaam res tar dav Oa eroaa-examination witaeaa atatad that the airl had had spaams before tbia occurrence, and aext'iSoJtb" ^ M /9mn ofa**omU" 14th of Mmrg JackMm, oolorad, taeUfled tbat Mra. K to Me her gtrl, and found her almost washed away la blood aad oat of her aenaea. Mmry Ann colored, teatifled tbat abe waa in tbe Oenter Market oa Tuesday of last "the girl. The accused aaid he wanted her, and called her behind one of tbe benches. Witneaa left the market ia about 15 minutes, and went boma by tbe back street. Before reaching 4fc atreet abe aaw tbe girl come out of a gap in aa alley, and tbe girl came to her saying, -Mary, I'm almeat dead." Ou the way home she stopped with tbe girl at the of a white lady, and got some things to stop tbe bleeding. Officer Tkompi m testified that he had in the morning eeen tbe girl, who appeared verv weak aad exhausted, and looked ia her complexion aa if abe bad the jaundice. Tbe evidence lor tbe proaecaUon was here cloeed, and the defense declining to offer anv testimony. Mr. Kendall argued tbat a charge of rar>e had not been proved ; there waa bo proof tbat the act bad been done againet the will of the child, even admitting that the accused waa tbe party. Justice Qihereon eaid that the evidence waa sufficient at least to warrant him holdmr tbe accused to bail to answer tbe charre of assaul t batMsrr' and *? h'la bim sum of I-lent. Kekloff preferred a chargeaf keeping a beuaetoraMiraaUon purposes acalnat Edwardina Wella, tbe keeper of the houee where the affair took place, aud she was held to bail for court to answer the oitarge 10 250 The accuaed, Dr. Cleaver, doaa not deay that he waa in the houae with tbe girl, but aflece? that abe pnraaaded him to leave tbe market and go to a house, and tbat what waa done waa done witb her eonaent. Thk District in Ooaoaa*#? During the evening aaaaion of the Senate yeaterday. Mr. Wileon called up tha bUl la amend the act ia-^ ceaporating the National Sailors aad Soldier*' Orphan. Home, which waa paeaad. It changea tbe namea of the corporator a, who, ia tae arTg. inai act, were Oeaanl Oraat aad otter oMcera of t?.e army aad aavy. aad aabstitaiee la their stead reaMent ciUaeaa of Ua Dtatrici of OoiiVce M >B ??r payer a few daya Tbe Senate thea proceeded to oaaelder buaineee from tbe Committee on tbe Uiatrict of Oolambia aad paaaad billa af tbe foliewiag ut*y ^-Kateadiag the time lor the 00mf leuoa of cartaia atreet-railway a: to amead tbe act 1acorporatlag tbe National Tbeolacioal laaututa Waahiagtoc, fixiag tba aaaapeaeatiaa af tba haillffa aad cnera of tbe coarta of tbe iMecrtct of Colombia; to graat oartala pnvllegaa to tae Waablagtoa, Qeorgatowa, aad Alexaadrta Kail road, to protect tba rigku at men let women la tbe District, autbotiaag limited partnerahlaa la tba INatrict; to lasad tba charter af Waabtoftoa city. (Tbw bill asakxa certala cbaagee la the ooet and mode of laaalag Iicenaee.) b bUl appropriating ?i.tta for tbe temporary relief af deaUtata nelori J neeple of the Die trie t. aad to be dUaWtbatad aader Iba aapariateadance of tba Praaflmia i Bawaa. Tbe hUlaeppiemeatarj to tbe act la corporatlag tba Naaraboya* Home was taken an diecassed, aad laid over. Aa aaa ta th<i lawn of the District af Ooiambta la relation to jadicia! proceediaga tber*. waa mm! Aa MIf tae DteSkWT to Jail fob Corar?Joba Ehaa r srxirsr&zsr;, S51 pJXTWi2*SJS.'tE. sdBt bam to jail tor coart ^ V f> rf. a*evT r . m |