Newspaper of Evening Star, February 14, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 14, 1867 Page 2
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>< THE EVENING START The ItrgeU Cirrulttioi it Ihe BUtrict W. ?. WALLACN. UIMraai PriprieUr. WASHINGTON CITY; THURSDAY FEBRUARY U, 1MT. BEHEADING MATTES. 091 BYBET PAGB. g?B Ol'TSlDB FOR INTEBESTIBO TBLB t? RAPE 10 AND 0TH1R MATTER TO ADVERTISERS. Tbe following tbe olciu showing et the circulation of IB# daily jap* of tb?a otty owyMUK for it* (}o??raB?it kdv?una| ander A* reoent a?t of Uobjtmi directing auah ndvertietng to he mude in the two dally Mw?paper* of Waabiagton having IB* Large* Ircalauoa : fcvsmwo SJran 7,718 coplee per day. CkrontcU .. ....S.1W " " +nr*r 1.552 " " The returna of advertiaing by the oity paper* or the qoarter ending Ib?cemher 21, 1064, a* taken from tbe book* of (Be Internal Revenue Office, are aa followa: t.vni*a star tl3,l?7 Intelligencer 9.19S Ckrtmic'*.. Kepubltcan I U9 THE MARYLAND CONTESTED ELECTION CASfi. Oa Tuesdsy *vnin<, tn Baltimore, J. J. Stewart, Ksq., appeared before Judge Bond to offer testimony to coute.t the election of C>iPhelps aa member ol Congress from the third conimrminl district of Maryland. Colonel Phelps filed an exception to Judge Bjnd'? taking tbe testimony in this case, as, on aecount of tie peculiar r>latious Is wbicti nis Honor stood to tbe respective contestants and to tbe incidents of tbe election, having, aa jndgeof tbe criminal court, committed to jui tbe police comiuUaiou*-ra appointed by Gov. ernor >waun, tbeie might be perceived an impropriety in bis consenting to receive tbe testimony, and that he would, to some extent, be acting as judge in his own ca*e. Judge Bond yesterday notified >1 r. Stxwartof his inability to take tbe testimony, oh a-count of other pressing official business. Mr. Stewart will now be necessitated to apply to the Fortieth Congress for an extension of tbe time required for tbe contesting of Col. Fhelps' seat, aad under th?- act of Cougresi ths testimony may be taken before a I'm ted State* jndge, a counsellor or jndge of any State court, or mayor, if resident wuhia tbe congressional district When no such officer reside* in the district tbe evidence may be taken before two justices of tbe peace. The evidence ?n tiiepirt of CjI Phelps will be taken belors Hon. Judge Giles on tbe 1MB instant. TUP. INCOME TAX. Some of the northern pipers are still engaged In diseu?elng the income tax. The opponents of tbe present law do not urg? its repeal, but advocate a higher limit of exemption, arguing that tbe man with A3,mm a year, paying 4I\M) tex, has left for hi: other expenses, and does not make any eacrilioe; while the deduction from a salary cf B-uti or f ;,< 0 ? per annum Is a great severity, as he who la called npoa to pay u earas no more than 19 actually necasary for tbe comfort of hia family, and is obliged to pnrsne a system of rigid economy to pay bis expens-a and Keep out of debt. The propose,! limitation of SI, OJ will probably satisfy those who take thia view of tbe ca?e. It ia charged upon those who favor tbe higher limit, that their arguments amaclt of agrariani?m. This is hardly fair. Tbe poor man pays enough in tbe shape of taxes indirectly. and if be U burdened beyond bis mean* will finally liimself become an expense to the Government instead of contributing to its support. It certainly does not seem jnst that an income dependent on continued mental effort or physical labor.and likely to ceas-altogether through sickness or other causes, should be a? heavily taxed a* one derived from money capital. ST*a*?HIP? mo* Baltivoketo BKEMI.I.? At tbe regular monthly meeting of tbe Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, held in Baltimore yesterday. President Garrett announced that the negotiation* with tbe North German Lloyd Steamship Company for tbe eerablubmeutof a line of first-clasj steamships to run regularly between Baltimore and Bremen, had been fully consummated. Tbe line :a to be established permanently, the agreement beiag that not less than two flrst-slaaa t-teams bi pa shall be ran regularly for net less than two years. Contracts have been entered mo for the bailding ef two steamships, of 2,5U) tons burthen, with first-class accommodations. They are to bo completed in time for (be voyages to commence in Febraary nextThe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company la to erect extensive pier* and wharves at Locust Point for tbe accommodatioa of the s'eamtbipj of tbe line. i^Tbe report and address to the peopleof Maryland of rue Grand Council of tbe Union League of tbat State, places tbem firmly and boldly oa tbe groand of manhood anffrage< and recommends It aa the great principle of Republicanism, which alone will keep the Union men of Maryland in sympathy and al- . Lance w ith tbe great Republican party of tbe country. BTbe aDrmg elections m the States begin witb New Hampahire, on the aecond Tuesday ,n March. Connecticut follows on the first Monday in April, and Rhode island on the Drat Wednesday in tbe same month. K/"It seems to bo admitted that Massachusetts will reject tba Constitutional amendment. I The Palmetto and Bay Stites are ones again side by sido. WThe President bus withdrawn tbe noni. nation ol Hon George Bancroft aa collector of tbe port of Boston. Tbe great historian could not accept tbe proffer. ^" Our Mutual Friend," at Wall's Oper4 House to-night. VTbe trestle work oa the Virginia side of . tbe Harper's Ferry bridge was wasbeo away 1 on last Monday by the high waior. i nT3=? BAML1NB 0S01S C050BRT wtU bo ' IkJ rspeotodea miVBT VBRIIie. the itth Instant, cemsse aeing at* o clock. At the request of frtead* toe prist ef ticket* has been re-laced to ? cent*, aad can be obtained frea ear member <f tbe Cbolr. or at tbe deot oa tbe eveRing of tbe Conceit. To It tt nTs=-BLL MBCBABICS ABB LAROKBB0 In U3 tbe ampler of tbe Qe varum oat are requested to atleod a meetingte bs held at Temperance Hall THIS BVRRmd, tbe Utb Instant, at haltpast seven ecloek. Important bnstasee will be <x>natn?. ns-c,T.z",^.T"o.""TB n?' Tbe Bepabllcea Aaaectbrtan. without distinction ef eoter. ha* ita regular meeting THIS BV EBIB0. la Turner HaU- corner ef Ma yinad venae end AH *< . at T ? m- ?u*taes* of great Importance IS BOTD, M D., If Seeretery. ir*" buaep or tbbde rooms, LL2 (CtasarT A >* next, l#'b insieat As k*etu>e* of ImporUnee will Be sabmlMed, tx ?e en^wad Mat every me saber be preeewt J. I IBMNBt, Pri*i<mt. B SAEDO, Bee. (Int. Obren. Oalen.Bep ]jTe 14 Feb lub instant Bnetaeoa of Isnportaace claim* yomr attention. By order "f.'be President. jell** WM PhBOB,Sec'r. WA8HIBOTOB IKAflBO OLCB.-A |LJ Bpeelnl Meeting of tbe members of tbe Wasting lea Khntlng Clab will bo held on THCB9BM Bv BB1BV nsit Pebruary it. ntto'efoek, to take into e-.naiderntiea the nroprtetrof pur " HF/nh.vsfa, ?a25.rt J-J OWAPMAB,?c fttbten llnt.1 fe H M go 8 9 t TEMPBBANOB, *' Br re^ae? t,'_ will ri>? aa other Asaemklr on THtBBPAT IVRBISO asxt, ittb ineiT A pleasant time guaranteed to all Ttckrte ft, sdmfltinf gsoUeman and ladles, to be bad from nay member of fie Olreie, or at tbe i 3 0 aioaa, Tloe Preeldent, Jams* S Blv. Secretary. W Q. asnon. Triasarer. fsMM* Th* Bill for ef tke *satk. Tbef liowh.g la a e>?py of thattll r*pn *4 from the Joint iknnmit:r? Ml ttncutttiritiioi by Hon Tbadaeus 8t#**a*, aft It psaiN me House ol Kepresen tat Ives yest*n|ay: A Bill to provide tor goT? (iDDfntol lb* iasarrrr.(i?|iry .Vates. W b-'trat the prvi?nd?l ^"'^V^ruiniu of the late so-c*lieil ContMerstoTSttt#.* of V'tf(init Norib Ctrollnit. Sou't> Carolina. (}eor(ii. Mississippi, Alabima. Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Arkansas were set op without the authority of t!on|rMt >*d wt.bout lb* saneiiou of tb* people; am! whereas and pretenden government* afford no adequate protection for life or properly, but countenance and encourage lawieasne** and crime; and whereas It la necessary mat peace and good o d*r should b# enforced to said so-called States uutil loval ami republican Sta'e government* can b<* le|a ly tabllshed; therefore. Be ii jmcN fry the Senate and House of fi'prtsentaUres if tke LniteH Stale * of America in Congress aseembled. Thai said lai* so-called C >afederate States a ball be divided iota military riULrict* ana mad* subject to tka military aa. tbority of tbe United State* aa k*reinafter pre. acr b d, and for tbat purpoao Virginia aball constitute tbe first district; North Carolinaaud South Carolina tbe aecond district; Georgia, Alabama, mud Florida tb* tbird district; -Mississippi and Arkaaaa* tb* fourth district, and Louisiana and Texas tb* fifth district. Sec. 2. .4ltd be it further enacted. That it thill be the duty of tb* general of tb* army u> assign to tb* command of each of said districts an officer of tb* army, not below the rank of brigadier general, and to detail a sufficient military fore* to enabl* such officer to perform bla dntiaa and enforce bis authority within tbe district to which he is assigned Sec. 3 And te it further enacted. That it shall be (be daty ol *acb officer assigned as aforesaid u? protect ail persons in their rights ol person aad property, to suppress insurrection, disorder and violence, and to punish, or cause to be punished, all disturbers ol the pontic peace and criminals, and to this end he may allow local civil tribunals to ink* jurisdiction of and to try offenders, or, wUeu in his judg met.I it may be neceatar? for the trial ot oflenders, he thall have power to organize military commicsion?or tribuusls for tbat purpo-e, anything in tbe constitution aud laws u( any of tbe so-called Confederate S ates to the contrary notwithstanding: and all legislative or indiclal proceedings or processes ts prevent or control tbe proceedings of said military tribunals, and all interference by said pretended Stat* governments with the exercise of military authority under thi* act, shall be void and of no effect. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That conrU and judicial officers of the United State* sh ill not irsue writs of habeas coijiu* iu behalf of persons In military custody, except in cases in which i he person is held to answer only for a crime or crimes exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of th* United States within said military districts, and iarfictaale therein, or unless some commissioned officer en duty in the district wherein 'be person is detained shall endorse upon said petition a statement certifying upon honor that he has knowledge or information as to the cause and circumstances of the alleged detention, and that be believes the same to be wrongful; aud further, that he believes that the endorsed petition la pieferred in good tal'h and in furtherante of justice, and not to binder or delav the punishment of crime. All persons put under military arrest by virtu* of this act shall be tried without unnecessary delay, and no cruel or unusual punishment shall be in dieted. Se?. 5. And be it f urther enacted. That a> sentence of any military commission or tribunal tereby autherized affecting the life or liberty of any person shall be executed, until it is sipproved by the officer in ommand of ihe district, ana tbe I tws and regulations for the government of the army shall not be affected by this act except iu far as they conflict with Its provisions. Jph h~8harriftLr?7 IL? KfcftWOU CONK KUTIONERT. LaDIES' ICS CHUM A DlNtNG SALOOB, a J to Pena. A**, bet I2tb ami 13tb *te. Weddlnge. l>iun*r or Supper Parties impplind at abort none* stub novelties in Prramid*. tuner takes, nod Confectioneries, J*iii?s ; We Ming Cakes, beet quality. Table Ornaments Ssladn. Ice tr*s?i, Wster Ice Ronu Punch, Boaed Turkey, piam , Esooloped Oysters, boned Turkey In jelly , Charlotte Setae, etc., etc Attendants also srill be sent to attend to all d?Uile ef arrangemeata. Bomieti, Wr*aths, aad cat flowers to order fell lnl J06EPH H. 8H AFFIBLD. rra^THB HBV DB SAMSON, PRESIDENT IL? COLOMBIAN COLLEOK. will begin a COtBSX OF LE0TUBE3 on tke Boly Land for tbe benefit of the New Episcopal Church, la the First Ward, on TUBHDAT, February 6th. In tbe Le< tare ro?m of tbe Church of tbe Epiphany. The reputation of Dr Mamson as a lecturer 1s well knows, and tb* interest which cannot fall to be felt tke subject and the excellent purpose bad in view, aiuet draw a large audieoae. Th* Leeturee will be Ave i* nam her. aud will be delivered on Tuesday and Friday e?*aings. Tickets for the oours*. ft. Siagl* ticket*, t* eente; U> be had at tb* B?ok Stores snd at th* Star Offiie ja ti rr1 8 T A B L I 8_B BO 1 8 ft 4. rPHEBBON A FBB0C80N. ftTl Tnnn *v?*ni. coanaa 1st stbiiv, Capitul Bill, D**J*n la FDBB DBCOS, HBP!C1JIB8 aad CHEMICALS. PEBFCMkBT. FABtnr GOODS. ^ 1NHTBC MINTS, Ac., Ac. Phfeldaaa PrtseripVon* accurately eompoundsd. The Mlftkt B?U oroMptly aaswsrod. ee irtf t/BESB BABBABT DATBS, Malaaa Oraa-e. r btrnwLerry aad Chocolate Careuiels, B?s*berry Cr"?m, Oh^olat*, Ac , Ac.,jnst receive 1 at w ALLACb'S. Blfk st , Qsergetowu fan 3f qobbam'ubbbb oobb. ' <8rV. BDB9HBLL, Corner utk n.?d f stre*t*. f* 14-tf auder Bbbttt Bons*. JUST BBCBrVBD.-A SB* lot of Malaga Orap**, Bavaia Oraa(?s, Malta Data*.fresh Fin, St Jsgo Baa??aa aad flee Freoeb Caudle*, at JO?. B. SBAfFIBLD*8 Frenek Confectionery, Bo 946 Peaasplvaala avenue, tatween lttk aad 15th street*. feU-5t* n . HAIOS. Usi Baeon A Bavea Plaao, for |1B. r-ws^ On* Andrew Stela, for #6u MM One almost new 7 octave Isrge roaad'lltii corner Beardmaa A Gray Pisao %275. For sale npea easr terras at th* warerooms *f W O *BT*BBOTT A 00 BoloAfteot* of Btelaway A Sen's Plane*, aad Maaon A U nasi la'* Oabiaet Organs fe It tf B*OOOBA?B wrr?| BOMB MANDfAOTUBBB' Tba LABOEST STOOB aad OBBATBBT ABIETT la this etty. of SABATOff A TBVBBS. 80LB LBATBBB TBCBKS, ABD WOOD BOX TBCBES, LAOIBS ABD MBN'S SATCBBLS. TRAVELING BAGS, YALISBS. BABNESS,SADDLBRT,ftc., Ac , At JAMES S. TOPHAil * CO S MABUFACTOBT, %*- SftO SBVBBTH BTBBBT.^B One Dour nvrth tf Odd Ftllewt' Hull. TBLBkS aad HABNBSS promptly aud thav* oagkly repaired. fa 14 It rf^AKB BOTIC*.? Having fitted up aad "locked 1 witheholo* FAMILJ CbOOBBIBS tb* alore oa tbecern-rof lithaud F str**ts.ihe undersigaad deelree toiafnrm hie Meade aad the public genera ly tbat be la aow prepared to furaUktheia with all good* aaaalty rauad la a St<t elaee grocery, U B. BBLL. f* IS M Corner nth aad F streets. / 1AKB1AGBS i OABBIASB8 ' V 0ABB1A0BS' -??B. 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U IS-MX between ?U aad lttk sta. 1 ? CONGafcSlONAL. A V TaVKfTOAY, .February 14. dettials'or ?ie* cCueagae, Ption.a K* elected M ?tf Legislature ?f Kauwi to ill in* c",ed b* ,hedmtl <* Mr Rum then came forward and took llR1 oath. Mr. Wad#, from the Committee on T?r/ltories, reported. with aa anrodmrai iu thTiia-^ tare ol a substitute, tbe bill to amend the or. Knnic act ot tbe Territory or Montan i. Mr Ko^s preseuted the certificate of election o* b?a o*l:eague, tbe Hon. S. U P M*?erey. M the kausas Legislature, u> represent tfiit Sfa?3 lu tbe ?*uate o! the United Siau>? for tut; usrta or at* years. commencing on the Ith of March u?-xt, which ?n placed on the tilt*. Mr Connem iutioducert a bill to "uib'ritft tie eatabliahmtnt of ocean nail service h*. tw^en tbe Cmic-d Sfa'es and the Hawaian 0 Interred to UomuIUoo on Post Ofi Island bill was the a Uk?n np on v bich Mr. Uuon, ol Uouu , was emit led to tuc tioor. Mr. Dixon addressed (he Senate at length in opposition to the bill, and claimed that Pnilau. iphia was Actuated by aeltlsb motive* U tendering th's ialand to u.e Government a? a gift. In a abort time application would Be mad#* to the t inted Stales to transle* to pniiaoeiphia all the area no* covered by the u*yy Tard at that place, which would be and is bow of iitmfUK* va I tie. The real question sbonld be to piocure the most suitable pla?e in every respect lor the aepot for ibe iron-clnds, without r*f. rente lo political considerations Mr l) advocated ib? appointment of a comrnisa.on as proposed by Mr. Sumner, to examine aad select ibe bestsite ior tbepurpose. Dunn* the winter the iron clad a would be Ice hound at Leacu* Island, as u is well known the Delaware river is frozen over, and in caw or aa attack on auy or our harbors, an iron-clad fleet would be unable to come to tbe rescue. 1 Mr. Ponieroy did noi propose to debate this bill at any length, as he was anxious to tike np the Louisiana bill, and consider it uuUl iu pusf-afte. Tbe discussion was further cootin tied. Hoi-S*.?Mr. Kitsson, (lowa.)fromt.,?Committee on Appropriation*, reported b;tck tbe I'ost Office appropriation bill aud recommended concurrence iu the Senate amendment, which provided lor adJiuonal clerks Agreed to. Ou motion or Mr. Sciienck, tbe Honse ioslated upon its aniendnent tu the b li rernlat. iiiR the terms ot cert a i olliees. aud a committee ol conference was appointed. Tbe amendment ol ibe House required tb* assent ol tbe Senate to the removal a* well as appointment ol ('abiiet officers. i >n motion ol Mr. Lawreuce (Ohio) a committee of conference was ordered on the disagreeing votes npou t?e bill r<> pnnisb the crime ol obstructing the I nited St?t-s mail trans|K>rtaiion by interference with railroads or otherwise. On motion of Mr Illaine (Maine) the bill to reiiiibur-e tbe loya: States lor troops Inrnisb-d during the war was taken up, the question recui ruin upon ibe notion to reconsider tbe vote whereof tbe bill was recommitted. The bill gives *65 for each man furnished by the several States, and appropriates in all *ilo,i-Mi,OH? m 5 percent, bonda not negotiable for lb years. " Mr I>eiauo, of Ohio, opposed the consideration ot tbe bill. Ht argued that there were pri vtite claims of Inlividuals whose property had been takeu tor war purposes who should first he paid The States could afford to wait lor the amonnta here appropriated He was especially opposed to saddling such an increased debt upon the Government. especially when the bounty bill, which appropriates **2 .<!.(M',ur, must be passed. Mr. Hiaine said wheu It was considered that ronds were ?o be issued for the ?1 IS.UOJ.iXTj it was ?u actual relief to the debt. Mr. Delano took a different view, and aald the States conld afford to wait. Mr. Kan da 11, of Pennsylvania, was oppo?ed to the preeent condition or the Treasury to the assumption of a debt which we were not bound to pay. Mr. Hoyer, ol Pennsylvania, said he ha.l mai.e up his raind to vote lor this bill, but owin? to the action of the House tne past week be now lejt compelled to oppose it. The bill provides for the assumption or a debt bv the r ederai Oovernment which ins not compelled to pav. If all the States were r?pre3ented he would commend the bill to the adoption of the House. But tbe recent legislation shows an evident disposition to exclnde for an indefinite peilod the Southern States that lately en*.iK,.j in rebellion, without regard to their present disposition to obey the Constitution ana it^ of the country Mr. WiUon. of Iowa, moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the table. iNct agreed to?yea? T2, nays ^5 The vote whereby the bill was recammitte.! was then reconsidered. Mr. Wilson, or Iowa, moved to lay the bill on tbe table ' Wot agreed to?yeas 61, nays 87. Mf ^bayer, of Pennsylvania, moved toref^r the bill to the Committee on Ways and tfeana and the motion was agreed to-yeas 81, nays M*r,.PllM from the Committee on Militia, reported back the bill to provide for organizing, armlnp, and disciplining the militia. Hie Mil was read. It provides lor the enrollment of all able-bodied naturalized or nauve bora citizens of the United States, be. tween tbe ages ol 1- and 4yeara, except ladians not taxed. There shall be two regfimenta of infantry in each Congressional District and Territory ol tbe Vniied States, and such companies or artillery and cavalry as shall be aa. thorlzed by tbe several States The regiments so organized shall form a national guird for dn-y in the army of tbe United States in case of war and insurrection. Commissioned otfleers shall be elected by tbeir respective companies and commissioned by the Governors of the States, and all shall take an oath of allextance to the <}o vrniaeut of the United States In ume of peace tbe national guard shall be armed under tbe orders of the Governors of tbe States. The States shall provide for training tbe national guard RGOSDOM * 00.'S " ?? Pkftb IBVKS. JILUKS. CATS DM, The hest of thslr kinds. *? M W BCBOHBLL, corner llth a?d W strests, 'Til andsr Bohltt Moase. \i* IORK BttOK WHIAT HUNKY BIBuP, P^OMAC HBBBISO.(with Boes.) Family vlouu. All fa "A"T.LA*D CCEBD U\M?. ' A11 or flrtt Quality ?n<l at low prices. ? H. W. BOBCHBBL, Oerner li?h and Tstreets, JLV1 Coder BbblU Boots. 1'AII N OTIC B. '^IsMag t* purchase ?sS?^rAv%f.^Tzrazi:'j,v. WILIi BATI BO CBBTB Oil TBB DOLL AB. I. ALBXAIOIRI, KT Wat?b#t.llth sad l?*h sts. ,n Washlngt^n lT 1 I. ALBXABDBB. ?|. iid r" D"or g| '1Mb supply. COUBVOISIBB'B, ALBXABDBB'B, ao- si. . JOUTirs. wr All solors and sixes, from Bfc te 1 Ox B^ Indies' ?10V^, 08; O.nU-M^ Va M JOB. J. MAT A CO., f. rnr ,M STenus, between Hh and loth sts QBBAT BBDWWnoM IV DBT OOOBlT Are IliSS P,IM ATM f WatUt^"1 4 * B,#55b*<?*<0eta. Aadreseonln?-? 1? 2? -?eta.' Steam Mills. ?*> cts. fsli st ? ~~~.l?eis. W." ct**s*?. s. mm, MAI. B6TATE BBOKBBB altn AUGTIOBIIBB. Sall/bSSJK? la Msnrlaad.VSlsh an ,l?erty J?rt with nsffsr sals Beet net b^.7MT saMwhlle J* OLAQBTT B BWBMBT. ^MRtlOl LVXIT^MB. ^ ** ave!?/uHk. ? ? ? * l?m ' ? *?*

swiBnm 4 ^LOCfr F.'il. 4 COVERlilERT SECURITIES. V ashibotow, February It, 1M7. Jay Cook* * Go furnish the following qaotatioas of GoTernment secartuee: Bmying. Selling. H'S't uoeeoa, )?n. U. | F?t* T*ewa?*, i*? is** in* U.S. Fit? Twenties. IBM I<7 luTk W d. rtt* Twvatm. UN I?rv |08 U.S. Fit# TwmUm,J an*J'y,*6#.jy6? iw* V S' J** .WM* ioi \ 1* M. Thirtip^ August.. ,. n ? k H4i* U. S. Sevea Thirties, Jut.<HA|i?j( toga U. 8. Seven Thirties, Jaly i*6% 1U6JI WBW TO BE rtBBT BOABD ULM Ooopoae 109 V Mitfs lot V ??: . ^ iwj r.fK.'., Aiciii:;:!?s 5 2<Ps, TfcH 7.db's, Jbo? ...... Mb K 5.w., ih? lor* Jalv :*:.nSsj FINANCIAL. Job mob it Oo., qaoi* stock! and Bonds in borne and foreignmarketsas follows: Nbw YoBK. Feb. 14.?1st Board?U. S. r*g. istered. 1S8I, 1W\: do.. Coupon*, 100%: S-#Ta, registered, 107%; do. CO poll.' WH\; do., IMS, I07,\; lw-40s, registered, 97: do. Coupons, lOlk; 7-3t>'s, MW- Ohio and Mississippi C*?rufloxww. Canton. 45)f; Cumberland, 3?>. Quicksilver, 41%, Mariposa, 10 New York Central 101: Er"?s5;*; do prefer'd, 70 Hnd>on. le^k Blading, )04fc; .Michigan Central, liS; Michigan Southern, 73^; Illinois Central, 1ISV Clevelaud and Pi?tuburg. 81: Cleveland and Toledo. 119; Rock. Ulaud. W:i)?; Korihweetern, 3;*. do. preferred,??,??; port Wayut*. G: *: Chicago and Alton, Alloa a ad Twr< IIhuip, ?; Toledo and Wabash, _! : w. u. Telegraph. ? Boston Water Power. Pacific Mall, ?; Atlantic Mail, ?. Goldi, 2 30 P m? nn^. INDIAN TREATIES. THe Commissioner of Indian Affairs yester. day beld a lengthy Inter* lew witb the dei?.*atlon of Kaw Indians, and tbe treaty providing lor tbelr removal from Kansas into Indian Territory was consummated. To-day laterviews were held with tbe delations irom tbe San and Fox tribes, and it Is thought a similar treaty will be entered into by them tomorrow. Tbe Kaw delegation left for their home tbls morning. RECEIPTS PROM CUSTOMS. The receipts from customs irom the 1st to the 9ih of February, at tbe ports below named, were as follows : New York S3^J67.?1 41 5?*!?"-'*V 57V, *41 ?W Philadelphia 71.177 24 Baltimore 108.634 9H New Orleans, (irom January 20 to January 31) ?2,6G0 G9 Total S4,t?W.Ml 38 ANOTHER INDIAN DELEOATTON. A delegation from the Sioux Indians, of tbe C pper Mitsuun. consisting of t-everal chiefs, are expec*ed to arrire in this city on Saturday.lor the purpose of settling difficulties existing between them and tbe Indian Bureau, growing out of the intention of tbe Govern ment t j remove them from tbe territory now ojcupjed by them into the Indian country. SUPERINTENDENT OF T1IK U S. MINT .lasne* King, ex-Postmaster of Philadelphia, seems to have the Inside track fot the place of SnperlntendeDt of tbe U. S. Mint at Philad-i. pbia. CONSCIENCE M0NRY. Treasurer Spinner has received a letter from Ma.or H. A Waluwrlrb', A Q, M . at, Tenn.,enclosing Siu which was handed to Mnjor W. by a man named C C. (Guilford, an ?x employee of tbe Quartermaster s liepar-ment, wbo say" tlnmir the timn he was in service he wronged the GoTernment of that arnonnt of money. Also a letter sigued Minjto, dated Fast Liverpool, Ohio, Febuarv 1st. enclosing *5. DUHMAfr OP PUBLIC LANDS. Retnrns received at tbs General Lind OfTlce lor the month of January last show 3i,:j47 sere* of public lands were disposed of at the following local ofli<es. viz?.1 unction City, Kam-as. B.JMte acres; Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 15,TO arret. Saint Peter.Minnesota, 7.6t4acre? The greater portion of the lands wer>? taken nader the homestead llw for actual setlem"ni and caitivation. TBI SIMTiko, labl night, of CoaserTBtive Republican Congressmen, friends of the President, and prominentSoofhern gentlemen now here, at the Metropolitan UlBb Boom, seems to J> ave be?? of a conTersational character, and intended to ascertain If by some slight matual concessions, not amountiag to any sacrifice of prlaclple, b measure of reconstruction could sot be agreed upon thatBroald meet the Tie we of beth tbe Legislate asd ExecntiTe broaches ?f GoTernment. The comparison of Tiews expressed cerved to eaoee the belief that the later Tiew may lead to practical resalts hereafter, tbongh bo defiaite steps were taken last Bight. Tbb Lbaocb islabd Hill was occapying tbe attention of the Senate to-day, Bad was receiving a smart ponading at the hands or Mr. Dixon. It has been conclasiTaly settled daring this debate that League Island, New London, and the ether potats lobbied for are utterly unfit for iroa-elad stations. Now let the Senate settle on the Washington Navy Yard as the proper place, and thos satisfy eTerybody^ It earns to be bellered that the Louisiana Provisional OoTernment bill will pass the Senate with considerable promptness, but the bill of Mr. Sleveas will aot get through se readily. Pkbbohal.?Gen. O. S. Ochoa and John B. Keato, of tbe Mexieha array, are at Willard's ....Col. T. Ingraham, formerly prorosi marshal of this District, is in town. Ihtkbnal BaVBSCg.?The receipts from this source to-day were 9286,976.31. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. mOM EUROPE. Arrlr.l at New Yerk ef Has. Jeha Use lew?New Americas Newspaper la LeaNbw Yobk, Feb. 14.?The City ?f Baltimore from LlTerpoel on the 30th alt., tIb. O ueenstown 51st ult., has arrived. Among her passengers are the Hon. John Bigelow and family Her news has been anticipated by the cable. A weekly newspaper, devoted to the iatereeu of America and Americans, will be established In London. It is to be sailed the ^merieaa, and will be a first-class journal of the form of the Spectator. OeTeraer Orr ss Reteastractlaa. ch ABLB8TOB, S. c., Feb. 14.?Tbe annirer. sary banquet ot the Charleston Chamber of Commeroe was held last Bight. GoTernor Orr made a speech, Mtt la the course of his re. marks said of the scheme of recoastraction re. ; eeoflyagTeed nbon ia this city: .J0** *?* UII the Legislature of Narth Ueroliaa>.adopts tha programme with adopts this amendment, and if tbe other > Soathera States adopt It, or maSlfSt ? poaltlon to adopt it, it will produce tha hast results upon a considerable portion of the retflcal party, and sbts the South from many af the proposed radleal measures." _ Ferelga Ihipglag News. PnihABaLi-BjA, Feb. 14.-The ships Marltia aad Ki deout nave beea ceademned and sold atJUogaaorj tor M^oo. " The ship Cock of the Walk, from New York for Bremen, ia at Falmouth damaged. VtBOU'IiA WABTB IXJtlOBATIOB.?A Mil IB under considsrauoa ia (he Virginia Legwlathe tirgiaia Immigratioa Society. The hill giTee to tbe eociety h subaldy of two dollars per capita tor each Tmmlgraat brought to the State by its iastr a mental t Use,provided the amount sbBll not exceed ten thousaad per1 annum, aad reqairea the aociety to pay hikek ^rantaauwsJ s-r&s: chargeable to the Oom mea wealth aeapaapar. The New Yerk iua argues that lithe Force Hill passee CoBgress, that body W1H heome the autocrat of tha country, the Stated will shrink late Bothlngneas, aad the military power oaa na easilybe ex tended orsr Mew xerfc as oTer fioath OarolMa. to tbe ifwrqalse^deUso?oBt,*o^rnemu?th? Count d'Artois's children la 1781 was sold at aaotion la Paris for 6,000f. It is Baderatood hat the Hmprees Eageais ia the parches er. - ' c. _ ?? LOCAL NEWS. tYes.rday morning the ttoia>?r Wionui*. ?Xc| ?tdrU imaccMifal ee a piftif* ibrooch tbe ice to Ai-xsa>n tbe prfttaM day, made anoiber attempt sad succeeded in getting tbrju(t) Tm (tamer *u ia command of ('apt. lk? Eut- 1 ^ win*. aa*i)i#r? war* up board Frnidfat CjIC of ifc* IVrry Company. Oapt. and atootadezen paMBf?ri Sh? Ifft U>? wharf \ at lu:4&, aad proceeded down ik* tfeaaMk entering the solid Ice about three bnadrert yarrts below tbe Arsenal, where abe parted ber rudd?r cftaiBi. Wbrn abe waa compelled t-> otop rt?tai ii tlx inch la*. Aftar repairing h*r cbais she again started at ltfiSO, anu in tsreatyAT# feUmtn eat WNH to rhe trap* opened H by tb? Alfxiadrtl toga te Oie?boro wbart, aud pror*-^?r 4?wb paesed the balf-way tre? at I-4S, aad reaching Alexandria n? * {|, > making the trip frew Wharf to wharf ia i|, hours A portion of the iroa rim of tbe wheel wa? earned away oft BVr downward trip, and at once wae repaired en eoachlnr Alexandria 1 here waa quite a commotion ia iba streets of < tbe town on the arrival Qf tbe steamer, and shortly after reaching the wbarr Otpt. Knt wisle in v?<eg tbe company on board to Price's Saloon, where they partook of a capital reDor in g the afternoon a number of p\*sen*'r? and tua freight ol Ad a me A O. came on board. SUefefi Alexandria ai? 15, and found 1 tbe n\er iu front of tbe town clear of ice, with | the exception of aoma AooUt the coal wharves tome solid ic? was en^oa stared, wbidb she worked through and reached h?*r wbarr at 7 37. making tb6 trip ap In 1 boar and 24 miantes IU. 1 bt* morning the Winniaalmmlt started on bet regular trips, making th? ilrst in fortv inmate*. Tbe Keyport. of tbe Aquta Cr?ek line, and tbe Riicker.Oovernment boamef-. this moritiug. Aa tbe ice below i? reported to be i well broken np ana floating oft, it mar be ahid that tbe river i? open, and veutlt below are expected op shortly. | '1 he boats ot tbe i^atham mail line to Aqula ! Creek have commenced their n*nlar trips, And , tbe VandeibUt will leave to night. The steamer E.1). Knight, tbe pioneer of the new line, ia expected np to Alexandria tbis evening. Tbia morning, two tugs war* despatched from the Navy Yard with coal for tbe A scut, ney. Chimin ai. l!orRT-^u<l^ h'lrher?Yesterday. Oe?.rge Washington and Henry Bones, convicted of larceuy, were teuteuced to two yeara in the A banv penitentiary. Henry Campbell plead guilty of larceny, and was sentenced to one year in tbe Aibinr penitentiary Cbarlea Collins, indicted for larceny, was found not guilty. Moses Daniel, indicted for a like offense, was acquitted. In tbe case ot Sarata Mann. tb* scb >ol teacher indicted lor an assault aad battery on one Of her pupils, Walter Bassable. a iu>Ue 1 rot. was enteied. Burgess Powell plead gui'ty to petty lar- i ceny, and received a nominal sentence. < harles Collins and Augustus Simms Were convicted or larceny, and sentenced to la mouibs in tbe penitentiary. , To-day tbe case of Thomas Rye alias Ryan, charged with an assault and battery with m- i 'enT to kill Jobn E. Ayers, was tried aud is i being argued. Hmtthers for defense. e Th? PRIZE Ri?g?lloraixo Cotter ha, Am.tkrr ' Mill m Cwhfcttcvt ~A prize flght t,)0k place 1 Tuesday neai Milford .lunc'ion depot, Oonjectlcnt, on the Mew York road, between Rash 1 Bolster, of Washington. D. C., and Will Warburton, br Hartford. One haudr?d aud lifty tougba went down irom New Havon. ija ibe f) down part of them refased to pay fare, ] and tbe train was stopped until some gam- < biers on board made up tbe sam required i The parties Joucht five rounds, when Bolster's trieud claimed that Warbnrton atraek a lonl blow. A dispute enaued which resulted J in both Pid*s bre&lciBf into the rinp, wtieu a \ general light took piare, in which naneroas I parties were roughly baudlad. Alter the i tieht was over a tiumher of roughs went over to ibe village of Milford and behaved in amott lawless manner. Squads of police were sent over from New Haven and Bridgeport to pro* tect the railroad trains and secare some of the rowdies. ' A Night IX Scotlakd.?Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather last evening Metz-r- I ott Hall was titled with lovers of music, who i were offered a delightful entertainment by Mr. Kennedy, the Scotch Vocalist. His anecdote? i and songs embrace a wide range, pathetic, ha- i moron?, patriotic and descriptive, and his manner of speaking is natural and easv, while bis graceful and simple.bat effective?tyle ef sing, i Ing, charmed the large audience preheat. 1 be feeling with u hicB he sung someof the Scottish i ballads gave tliem new beauties. He will give i another entertainment on Saturday evening. i KBCoTBmr OF Stol** Oonw.-Some time < ago, tbe bouse o: Mr. Jobn W Tucker v?-< i robbed of abunt i worth of goods. Suspicion ' rested upon certaiu part ea, but nothing de?- I nite was ascertained. Yesterday, Meat. Hur- i ley and Sergeant Boel. of the Pirat Ward. I received information that led to tne arrest of ' Snean Beckley and John Brown, occupants of a beute in the Pirst Ward, where the officers I recovered a portion of tbe atolen goods. The < prisoners were taken before Justice Brnry, who committed them to jail for court < RrnATic Oo?c*?T-?lr. Hableroana, tbs ( favorite tenor, annousees one of bis popular concerts at MeCzerott Hall aextTneaday, when he will be assisted by Mias Seetig, latelv ar- 3 rived from Europe, of whom repert speaks highly as a mezzo soprano. Messrs. Steineoks. baritone: and Bach, basso, will also appear Mr. Kossconrth. eminent as a pianint, will add to tbe interest of the occasion. Tbe sale of seats is to commence on Saturday next. A Colored Has AffoiHTao as Clxrx ? I Solomon Johnson, a colored man, baa been ap. Pointed as n flrst-class <lerk In the Treasury Iiepartment. Johnson was formerly tbe bar- i ber of Preeident Lincoln, but for some tune j past has been employed as messenger in ;he office of tbe Secretary of tbe Trea?ury, where 1 by bis good conduct, be won tbe friendship af tbe Secretary. He baa not yet been astugued ' to any burean. A Goo? Orchestra.?The excellent per- J formance of the finest selections of operatic music by tbe orchestra at Wall's Opera House is a subject of favorable comment by all lovers of music who patronise that theater. Such 1 gems as tbe overtnree to Zampa, Fra Diavola. and other operas, are given with a correctness and force not often excelled even in oarefnlly selected orchestras lor operatic performances. 1 Mom Prtz? PionT*.?Sam G^llyer, the champion of light weigbta, now ia Ricbaumd, baa accepted Use challenge ot either Barney Aaron or Wg. Kelly, to tight at IK pounds in May next, for ?5.ot>u a side. Aaron is to bave apriority of claim. Collyer will be in New York within the naxttwo weeks to arrange the preliminaries. a Tun NriSAMca Law.?Tbe police are determined to enforce strictly tbe sanitary regulations of tbe Corporation. Tbe Inws are well understood by housekeepers, and tbe plea of ignorance will not be considered In these cases , Yesterday a number of housekeepers were arrested ia the various precincts, nearly all ot whom were ftaed go by tbe police mngistrates < Con tracts Awaroih.- The Mayor b" ' awarded tbe pump contracts to the following?Wm. N.Tu?ker, first district, (First and 1 Second Wards;) Joaa W. Tucker, second di?- t trict. (Third, Fonrtb and Seventh Wards;) B. R Hsxzard, thtrd district, fPifth and Sistb Wsrds j Thomas W . Miller obtained the oon- < tract for plnmbfng, Ac._ The Liqcob Licbkeb Law?J alia Schnell ' and Caspar Herbert were arrested yesterday by officers Crown aad Nattiag, the first for , sell tag liquor withoat a licence, the other tor selling liquor by the small witboat a proper , license. They were taken before Justice Wal. ? tar and lined S90 each. 4 ?. ?v? j A PLBASAWT ElfTBRTAI*MBVT.?The COS- < cert given laet evening by the children at- ) tacbed to the Sanday School of the New York \ avenue Presbyterian charch was a decided success, aad the large audience by their fre- \ quent applanse showed they wore mnoh pleased with, the eatert^inmeni. i Violatiwo TEE Q-aei Law?Yesterday J Joha Weak, colored. Wan arrested br Officer Cramp, of the eighth precinct, tor shooting aad trapping game birds 6nt of season. He was taken te the offioe of Jastloe Call, who 4 Ined him S3. 1 1 ' Balz..?Tbe eeventb grand ball ot the First Ward Soetale, to be givea at Odd Pellows' Hall M eh Wednesday neat, will no doabt he a most enjoyable affair,as their aim i lar ea ter tain seen ts bave heretoforebeea very aubosasful. I Otisn SAcaao Oononar.?Haydn*e great ' maalerpteae, the oratorio-of "tM Paseton. or ! Seven Last Words ef oor ShOioWon the UToee " 1 will be firm ? Wall's Opera Hease da Sun. i day evening next, in most effscuve style. 4 ? 1 ?t 4 f < ALoeeva* Knnowe-row ?We regret te stau .ISM . SAth^itfitAld-TbsOatral Balldlag As 1 sociation, at Its meeting Tnesdny night, (17th month) sold ?5 shares at aa average of 4# per cenU Affaire Ml nr?r|M??i - | Too N?rriuui (ViraiT,?? ? Auattaatxontfor Vapor ami Council - Th- dH???? i>i?cir<i hy tbe ward m~iing oi vo?.'. I oppuead lo iufflin?.M(.u ? T.for MayonaMy.nnd a tuketfor c <m Owen. WMItiM |**a nlcfet at L,\,,. , Mneol. tUportrri for rt? pr> M ?*t* eaciads.i B>* ??<tobtod lo one of the r following report of the pracf^dmi. The ortanintioB *a? perfected hv #Wt, , Prases. Whaaitoy. Eh , praeideat, and/ *r?or Marbury werftarf. Tbe tm wu i?k,, for a Candidat* Utr Major, which reeutte.i . 1 the BOIBinatJOB of H. Addta^a. fceu . the preen! tBCembent, by tbe following vote For h IddllOD, IV; J O HMU>(. } J? l?Od<1>j 3; It k. Crawford. ?. Tbe ioiUw.Bg uv 4 weio iwimiK u>r omUnbib Council: John M. Stake, K K Ru-reu, J < Da videos, Wm debauch. tleo W? * Job?, J J Ktn*. Jsi Qoddard, kaaa rel, Wm. M. Hohrer, David Mm Tbb Iib Mevjito^Tbi* morsing the Ifwt*. to now D**i; away from he: ?r? n. wbarves, and ttie mt-rmea ?rr? driarbe-a wrb a view of the aurfaoe of the ri*er. Tb-, I* to cur-*ot ii ib* river, aad the tee tie%. ' at wuhont danger to lb* property oa ti* *barT?a. >locb iiudun a nx xt?There aeer,? arrival* ot im porta ace to-day, aad ea'.e* ' flour were lc ?mail jou lo the city trade < ? change of the price llela. No sale* of (rata pored. and prices Aomiaally aa iaet um, IQ the Star. At tiawfai a aid Viciairr ? Kraut tba i\. exandria uapm> ol yeateidav alternoon ve 1 collate tba Allowing- I lo tti? cw of ih# WxibinroB, Aleiaadna J aad (Worifuwa Railroad (taMM, va. ?e- V *'V *adl?b*l|?a, J ua<? Meredith..>1 ? Richmond, baa granted a eupcroedeaa Tba l?'?a understood. lum tb?- I****? in po**<eion of lb at part of the road, which ilea in ? irginla, and supercedes tba decree of J u<*? Thomas. Tbe L*e*?>e* ar* required ui bond la the aum of bio.tu which. k m etat..i tbay are prepared Li furnish 1 rnm*d 1 atei y Tba spirit ot competjtaoa Utwe* a tba atn.U ferries m tbe break ib the L.oug lirdge. on u? line of tba W A A. railroad. anr|ia>a y thing of tba sort yet seen. The bids for ittroaage are being put ao long and strong tit tra*alen are ottau pa/.zled boar 10 act. aoc* being on lb-- point of t iting botb Imea lb tba Day Councils laat nicht aloaera for boldinr tne appr<>acbtng manicit i election were appointed A resaluUon si?. pending tba collection of taias on cart, u propatty occupied during tbe war br Ke?*. rai aatbority. and for wBicb ao raat was >*. eel red, wax paaaed A yonag woman by the name of Fanny f w llcka wa? very badly cut about the bead Kst nigbt, by a young man named Jobu kram? an employee at tbe (iorerumeut Wood Ya 1 Tbe cauae of the tronble is *aid to have b- n wliiaky. On Monday laat tTilMam L. L*e waa con miaaiooed jnatic^?f the pear? m 1? ? r -t ? , if ot J-airtax coouty, in placa of William 11 ! rgnaon, deceased Ahoraawaa 1 oka a day or ao aiaca fr?-n tbe stable of Mr. Flakier, of Fairfax, a ah >n dietance irom tbif city. A reward of CM t is oft*r#d for bi? rrctptur#. h A Curreapondent 01 the Alexandria Ga: ' 1 p minate* for Governor of Virginia, Ja<.* J H^iiry W. 1 homai. of Kulrfti wko I j beeu a member of both Honaaa ot tba L*gis tnre. Auditor ot the State, Judge ofthetloa of Conciliation, and now Judge ol Circuit. A warrant waa issued bv J uauce .Muora . tt>rdav, for lb# arrei.i of a'coiore.l man nam 1 huinbm, for aawialnac and beano* Mary, t wife, in a merciless manner, in a fit o! imi9?ej. ? ?*? I>ry <>aada. Trade is more active, especially in the l*it tew uon. and soma large bouaaa, acowiar dating tbem?e|ver to tlj# circums ancea of l Lime, are rety bsay encouxaifiug , aab buyers by libera, discount, making it more probuiM^ u-pay a: once, ra bertbea take credit Tlie lead in g hon?e of H IJ <7)afln A la do. e Bis. and. ihongh trade wa* bad generall? Oil onghont the momi of January. ?et iu> aales fcmonnted to only ?l??,uin f^^a tb-vn in January ot laal year. \s ben |>ric? Ware an t liigber, f]?*..<?* difference: where tbe jatea are milliona. 1* but a email per centa. Pncee at nreeeiu are wnak. exewpt tor a * ttaple?. Tbe troubled etate of tbe (iuvern aent flnaneea and cnrrency hinder* trade , a Jlttle. A better condi'ion of trade will enc ; wben Longraaa aball have finished th-.r tlnkeriag of tbe currency. Brown ebirtm.-B i.Dd stiMtinfi improved in deiruiod and u?.4* til# latter eod of tde w**k utocks however, "re large. Desirable qualities of blejrb-d pooda are more arm, aa well na actire. I t,a large ?tock of undeairable goo ta laaeilmglow I'rilla are more active, a* al*o -tripe* IV, imn anil move flowly. Prtnta. during the laskw ot)?, are mucb nor# active a#^ortwi#nt^ tre large and good, aad attract attention as regarda ibe deaaraMe atylea of tbe sprinc reason. I>ark and heavy goods bangoa band 3ingtiama are more brii>k l>elaiaea of spring a, to are now in good demand, and pricea are lial,a? clotha are much more active Llothiera are buying freel* of broad^lo b-.. ?ut pncee are not atron*. Prime fancy ca>- alao rather more active. The aueatytoa |a large aad good, but the demand la only beginning to wake up. ^atiaeta are dnll Little ia yet doing m rormgn goode; hut tbe market will eoon open, rn auction ofTeringa are being waited for ? vi. independent. iiu ^OTIRBIIIT BAftJIBbS. l.neoaetti TV AM BAKWKM, M aetta AMBOLABCB B AMIU. *M? OOIXAII and TIaM AAIOLBt. OABT BABBSM, McOUUdJ ?A?DliB8, B1DIMO IKIMM. ^ ?ALTBM, BAIBI. Ae . Ac. ^1?^" *?i;* i~?S?9?W0y?"" ' and #1 Loaf at ana avenae, fU*t batweea >tb and 7th a tree u \|BTBOPOLITAB PATENT be beet material eacefully eetocteAThe Orw" re mannfaetnred at I hie e*tabltokmeat are bbm. u>r te aar heretofore offered la this market W< a ?ri r reffl Welch % famllv float, eqaal to any la tbe 'oSfTftftuas. ff ATKB C*AOklW, entiAB OBaVEBM '" "uWXWgXr feivim TBO. BATiMBKBTair Caueet 1867 IPBITC STOCK. 1867 J. J. HAT * 00 , SOS Pans, aeenne, betweea ?tb aad ltthgU , Ire bow reeeivlag their pbibo rroci.. ?mbracing a great variety ef cheiee ITAFLB ABB PABCT IBPOBTBD ABB DO MB6T10 DBT OOOB8. 10 wblch they reepeetfBUr Invito theatuntiea ef ike pnblle. KT*All ot their gooda ate marked extremely low, M their aalee are adeexelaalveb far eaeh. felUt pBAl I TBA8 J ! TBASI!! Bavludaflr laereaeed damaada for oar aetoirated TBAB, we have doabled oar order* for the tame, and are aaw prepared te fa rut ah aar rantenable amount u*>n the eherteal aeUce and at :b* verv low eel raeh piieee. We have the bat >OLOBOO, be.. BLACKS, tbe very beet Bll'iLIBB BB*AKVAHT. OC?< POWDBB?riBP HI ALB. and JAPAbk. Oat TBA? era aetoetad aith the greateatoare.and each brand tooted br lark celebrated tea-taotera la Ba? Tbe very Battering eneoee* tbua far etiendM "" f?arjwsr fe?-eoM Oapoelte the Aveaue Honae. [ assnui/90^99 4 ?r i,w BOBBBT pbambb. Alee, aoaieet aaeortmaat ef Bae tBBBOE PLOWBBS, o whiah T reapeetfallj laTlto tbe aitaaMaaaC mr Jaatemara. Beoam 444 B aoraet. to II-M MBt. A B. QkBTOB ul^v^rtoaTlraaahea. Ordain fitted with aeelt* pries paid tor AllBBIOAB * kBWlB JOBBBOB A OO . Baakera. tol a |?i Penoa. Bteaae,