Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1867 Page 1
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J - ? - ? - - - ? ? . V^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 15. 1867. N*. 4,350. THE EVENING STAR PIBL18HK3 DAILY. < SUN DAY BiCBPTBD) AT THE STAR BUlLDUfO, JbaOaKtf ccmtr /?eaa'?. ??*?m ami 11 (Jk ttrui. ?T W* 1>' WALL. A OH. Tlw STAB * served bjr u? carriers to their m been bars t? the City and District at T? Cbiti r?m wiu. Copies at the counter, with or withoat wrappers. Two Obktu each. Faica fob M ai lim:?Three months. OM tHUur and Fvfty CWi; six months, fkrre iMImri, one tut, /in D'AUrt. No papers are seal from the office longer than paid for. The W LKKL.Y hTAK?published on Friday moraine?One OsUer and ? //?i/s r??r. DENTISTRY. |\B. DENTAL At>S4*OIATIOSf, U _ >0. S?0 rKNN'A ATE , KtUnn mh u4 Uth streets. C7**th ctUmM without (sit by admlasterlag LttVt ' J* Laaghlng Gm. Dr.^-yn^ BWlBhas recently purchased the best?J523 theajfeal Apparatus in the covatry for^J"'? f?ce(M even d*7; nlse, sn in.proved Val rale* fnbalsr. Ik* Association is now prepared U Mi? Teeth on G?4d. Silvnr snd Rubber at New iorA Philadelphia ?4 Boil** prtcee. All per eoM wi?hlnK Sental eoikdose t?o have It as cheap seio the above namsd cltiea. All work done in tbenenteet snd beet manner. ssd wsrrsnted to ^v^Jgwora '" w1tl do "WT X" " *V'lsOOill8,M ? his office in this city. Many persons c&lMB| ear these teeth who cannot wear othenO?? adao person can wear others who sannet wear ;b-ee e-*? * office oan be aoooaaMda jJ J1* sad price of Teeth they deUre, but to theeo who ere particular, and wish the rareet, cleanest, atroageet and mo?t perfect den m JLbmifrl ??? Procure, the MIBBBAL 7UTH will be more fallv warranted. Boome In this city-No 33- Psan*n aveaae, be LT??"*Mnd f Alao. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc?-lr "I'ersoxalT\'0C CAN NE\m"aK* THE TBIP oe Bn Clin er Samaritan burning* See Dr DAL B?, 49ii 7fb ?treet. He ie tbe hlgneet authority on ?och ca?ee Hit private room* ar? opposite O d Fellows Hell j*.?-lin* |>BBVBNTION BKTTMtt itlAN OUH.;!A Prenth prevsativee against olsesse and pregaa*cy ( when such is anCe-irable) Sent to an si dresa, at f 4, $6. j* and ?7 i*r do/an,acct>rdn.g to ?neilty,by i?r. WOOD Ho* or cell at 4>< .'th street, 1 up stairs.t M mhingtoa, D C. jaJSJjn* MM CUTIS HVlMO,ri<irrroyiiiir, nm t Tut Medium, will glee lit* re*diu?s. including fre?t, Pre.riit sod Putnre atberoibce, ?, c-rth side of Pa. a*., beteeeu 4S and ith streets. Office honrs from y to 2 a m sod to 9 a. m. ja It in* Ab m a 1 it 1 c*7~a a a l aoi laTririo" As TEOLoGEB Or AMKBIUA, >rom the poeition sna aspect of tbe Bt?rs at tha time ot oie's b' t?. will reval Mtoni?hing se < e:? that no lif g mortal seer knew before, how j he uccea.iul 1 1 ail rea<oa?>>l? nadertahing*; lie telle same ?nd esrf day you marry , deecribe* {be laieii.led con ??nu>n, aid t< lis sll eeente of life,good lack snd long life to vieltore Lal ei to cents to 41 geutlemee In fall 51. UsIlattTO mb st . ne ?r r. all hours until y la tbe eeeaiag. d e SI 2m * I^ONPIDBNTIAL.-Tonnc men who have inV/ jnred themeeleee Dy certain secret hsbits. which nnflt thens for basineae. pieaeare, or the dutiaeof married life; aleo. middle aged and old en. who. from the follies of youth, or other lanses. leel a debility in adrance of tnelr years, before plscii g themeeleee under tbe treatment of "J ?r?t read "The Secret friend." Married ladiee will learn *omething of imaortance by perusing "Tbe Secret friend." dent to any addrasa. In a sealed envelope, on receipt of 36 cents. Addreae Dr. CHAB A. 8T0ABT A OO . Bo-ton. ?oHy OLOTH1NQ, <fea " Ft. BKBlloiv ? JiccNioru H f. LHdonlUt., 4. tuTlZMN:S AXD MILITARY *>M merchant TAILOR* W\ etroyolltan Hotal late Brown's, WW __ , ? 358 Paanaylesata aeeaua,"--* Jy 1 * WsshingSoa, P. 0. ^ B BBOWMB. , J. 8M1THBB1. BBOWH * SMITHBB8. . _ VS AeUlHOTOffi. DO. A TTORft K YSAXD Ctf U A SKLLOKS AT LA W _ AMD VOLIOlTOAd fOt TBI 1 ' BCBBAU BlflOlBj. fBtBDMIf ABD _ A BAB DON BD LAND* Office *0. 4 7b Seventh street,opposite the Post ?- - fa t- iy Otto wilkb*b" pianos and oabhac'? A BBBl'HAM-S PABLQB 0B0AJ3. AM will find It frsatly to their internet a e^samiae theseuperb lnetramaata ke-^ib feJ5 aay other. 'ill" Only sgeacy at OBOBOI L. WILD A BRO > Hem Piano Forte aad Organ Wareroov Ba iq? llth,,reet betaeea P??-s\yeinlk.SJt A (elect a*S' rtment of new andxeoond-hand In strcmenu. Including a CBUBOH OBGAN r?e 'Vr^i vn*" facferr prices, aad oa easy terms TIN l^Q sad Bb/aIBIBQ ftdtS.^U^id ? AC BBT IIIIAIII; 4flAKITsRi| SirTl 3AMAM.ITA AT S SIFT I THB MOST CBBTA1B BBMBDT BYBB OSBD "Tsa, A PowiTira 0ca a," for 90S0MRH0SA, QLMMT, MTMJ0TURM8, Coatalas no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Meretiry, Only Ten Pills te ?e IhAea is a/sei m CWs. The j are entirety Tegetaoie, haviua no smell ? aay anp.eaaant tasU, aad will not la any war la jare the etomach er bowels of the meat delicate Caree la from twe te tear days, aad rrosat ia "twenty iMtrhoara." Prepared by a graduate of tbe tajrersity of PaaasylTaala. eneoflbe moti eminent Doctors sad Chemists ot the irsssstdaT as izro'vrt, ae trtmkU, ae whrntrctr. Let those who haeedespaired of gattins eared am who base beea gorged with Balsam Ooparkaor Mse^ eery, try the . SAllABITAN 8 OirT " Beat bg ssail In a plain snrsleaa PTtoa?Male packages, fs. FsmS7 ?| M BLOOD/ MLOODtl BLOOD/// dY PHIL Id OB V\*hitaALl>lSE7Xia ? AM ABIT AN "8 BOOT AMD HBBJB J DlS' a?d effectual remedy eeer sJs yibed; It rsaohss and eradloates STsrTiirtlir^ the t? tie real poison, so that ths enrau ?? T?.B?nt; T^*V th?n, of this yarifyiu ran edy snd be healed, aad do not traasmli It tf posterity that for which ySa mS^aeat u yiill. w * mtwm DO IW DK6PAIB I ^BAlTf bFtaiTJ ^ ^NnD*HlSf^gri'0>B will remese every reeUge of ImporUtaa ftrom happili adapted, ia Ulcerated Uterus Si ff?n,0*t rhssa, in beaiiae down, railing of ths Wn^t ??r' li. I. MM _ Boot aad Herb Snless. ooaasoOoa with the run directions Prteemeewta Th? of tb?e remedies |? alike ankn..t as*, nasar^"? ~ s"" BSPBttWi'"""" -.' jf* Foar BaiuaU. Balttoar* that I base ased them wiU jadgSJSTfiaraSS5 aad properly, aad, have foaadthemMssoTdtrt!^ I reeaamaaad tham stroagly. w ?*?ad^ I^MOM A 00., 14U ^ <^V opposite WllLatbbt hidmb-o# atJl. B. Ai.LI0T a?aiJ[?Jrri1 "A / A- d'R KSSRH, ' A I street, betweea 1Mb aad iek .i. r. Alllot. from Parts, H.t,.n??lr celebrated Ba<hel, with ?koa k,S ifo tn? VBaslaees strictly coaMeatlal^^B , W,: ua* ''2' "is ss. "*j nftw* " -Hum i CARRIAGES. ^IDIIf j. J 0 YCB * 0 0., C4BBI40B M4NUF40TBBBB8, BOS. 4TT 4ND 479 FOBBTBBNTB STBBBT. Wt ?r? ?nw it*|tri <t to rittlT* M .MKV. dtriforDABBlvnu ia til the new ard faab onabteatylea tobe completed kt an early day. We hareon hand a large aaaortmeat of LIQBT FAMILY OABBIAOBS, FIBB TOP AND BO TBP BUOOIBS, PBABBOBBB WAGONS, BOOK4W4YB, 4c. Feairoaa of malataiaing tbehljh a tan d ard which our ??rk haa held fen many year* we conrineoar t omui- exclnalraly to 0ABR!A9B9 of oar own manntactnre. aadwf th- nr .; cle-? only, #nd id lee oar patron* and trie pulll< that wo offar bo inferior eale work. BBFA1B1B Gated* a ?.p*cial?ty. fa lieolaa AM'fclW J. JOTOB 4 CO ""bank eksT" JAY COOK 2 t ' O., BARIBBIi AfttrntK ftrtu, .rpostU lVeaaanr, <*S))od Ml tcniTsnt marhat ralee, and beep onataatly on hao^.a fnil inpply of all 00VBBN!lBNT BONDS, BBYBN-THIBT1X9, ABO COMPOOBB 1NTBBKST B0TB8. Ordora far STOCKS. BONDS, Ac, ex acatod, and OollocHona mada oa all aaeeealble poiuu. eol-tf JJARROW 4 CO., ' B4BBBBB, Ooraor Loatalaaa ataana and Bayaith raol, DULIU IN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND BILYBB ? Mf AND LAND WABBABTB_ fint national Baak el Wukiigton. B D. COOBB. (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President, WK. 8. HCNT1N?TON, Oaahlor. OOYBBBMBBT DBP08IT0BY an , FINANCIAL 40BBT OB THBOBITBD BT4TBB. 1IU itrm, crPcut tkt Trusury Dtpmrtmmt. Got eras eat SecnrlUee with Treaaurer United ******wrONM MILLION DOLLARS W a bar aad aoHall claeaea of GOTBRNMByl bhCURlTlESnt oorraat marhat rataa. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make CHledum, oa ALL TEE FMINCIFAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Wi parchaae Oovarnmaat Yonchara oa tha MOST FATORABLE TERMS, and firaoareful aaa prompt attention to ACCOUNTS 9f BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, aad to a ivy ether haalaoaa animated to na. H'bu INFOBMATIOB la regard to OOYBBBMBBT LOANS at all Umea ehaarfally fnrnlahed WM. B. HOBT1NOTOB, Oaahlar. W aahlngton, March SB. ISM. mtltf HOTBLSTRESTAURANTSr*0. 1/ 1E&W OOD H008B, Cornet Pinna. mrtnue mn-i Twelfth (Ireaf, Vf?|Aw Waiktntton, D. C. Bltaatod la tha moat cantral locatloa tha city, midway batwaoa tha CAPITOL 4BD PBB8IDBBT>AL MABBIOB, Only a ahort dlataaoe from aH tha Departmeata, Pateat and Poat Oficaa, Bmlthaonlan Institute, H. H. OUDLBY A 00., *?Mtt : Proprietor*. ??MB1CB? BBSTAUBA#T, au Mo. SSS Penaa avenue, near 8tk atraat. * 1?MBICH1.WIb^* *? f?fhra? hi a ftioada aad the fyRfinsemisli ?... t. .. BS? folla?<jtwfc|aj_>_;l. oc M-tf * WOOD AND COAL. ?04LI CO ALII " " ? 4T OBB4TLY BBDCOBD PBICBS. the on* t0U* ?f deUraiodla a ay part of Cbeetnnt Whlto Aah. $7. Store, ISC aad Furaaco WhlU Aah, H?-d Aah. M. Leblgb. 49. Oah and Pino WooS eoaatantly oa hand. Ordt-ra received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Bavaath atreat _ BP. BBOMN 4 BON, M-tf 46? Mb atraat, botweaa B aad P. ^OAk! GOAL II 004L 111 T. *. POWLBB 4 CO. Wblta Aah, a tore aad egg rltea, 48 Mpar toa. ?*<?4b4. do do #0.76 per toa. 2.140 pound* guaranteed. Order* reooUea at tha cantral oflceof the Waah Sfit? Jnd Georgetown lea Company, (Into L.J. Mlddletoa* Co.,) corner Itth and ? ctraeta.and at ? harf, foot of 10th atoaol. J* B. B. LAMB IN. Aaant. ~BOOTS, SHOES, 4. OSLLlHe OFF I IILLM, OFF 11 Tba entire atock of Ladtaa', Mlaaaa'.rVl Cklkdraa'a, Mea'a. Boyk and Yanth'e akL _ BOOTS. SBOBS AND O4ITBB8 Win bo aold at prirata a ale at aad BBLOV OOST PBIOES. JOHN ANOBBM4BB. SOS 7th atraat. between D and B etreata. ja 11-Im* appoatu Odd fallowa' SaH. BOOTS ABB attOBB. fn a a w _8_t o a a. n*ai4arain?d boaalaarataInformhlafriafla Odd Pellowa' Ball, whora ho haa on haaaagenaa?ortment of Ijpdlea' aad Ooatlamaa'a, Boy 'a, BOOTS 4BD BH0B8. layatir tba nambor, SOS 7th atraat, aadar OddSaliewe' Mmi Tha Maw Obaap Store,for wl/I. T. Pace^atora. I daft MBOBOB B. WILSOB. GO *0 . B. O B B I' P48BIOBABLB CABfBT. FUBBITDBB 4BD J BBOD1BO 8TBBB8, BOB. SSI 4 SIS, XBTBLLIOBBOBB BSILD- < 1BO, OOBBBB ?TH ABB D? J 4BD 0. SOB TTH BTBBBT, THOBB *B BUILDIBO. ADJOINING OOD FBLLOW8* BALI.. , 4BD BXAMIBB TBB FIBBSt 48BOBTBD < SSOOK TB18 BIDB OF PB1LADBLPB14. \ 1 Be baa all the lateet deelraa made la PhUadel- j phfa, Baw Y orb, aad Boetoa. The a took la altan elected by Mr. Maooa, aad boacht at the loweat j raaee far cask, which eaablee htm to eoaiale wlta Beatarn prlcee. HlaBaeet Farwltora id made to 1 that* b f 1"nd1,ki*' *** ?**lal ] heda.aadall klada af Oottage a?S Bltokea Par- J BlUre I* complete, whleh be effoaa at tba iaweM ..urn.*-, 4 MB in a^in, ia U vai * 1 1 IjIST OF IiBTTBBS minnita n tbi WASHINGTON CITY POST OFriCE, Friday, PtbfiMT 15, 1MT. [OPFfCfAT.LV PHBLISHRB IW TH? PAPER HAVING THE I.AROB8T dRCULATIOK ] KTTo obtain any of theee let*?re tin i||Ilent no*(?kM f?r"i4T*TtiMil Letter*." gtT* the data of tbe IHrt. and par aae cent for advartlalng. Vlfaot called for withtaoee bodU they will be tant to the Dead Letter Office. LADIES' LIST. AMyn Ann* lutamOVlra Mibiffr Bailie Alli-aBlib A MraBatoa Mary A MmUu Cath A'tlaetou Bile J Mrs Merldith Violet Abbott LtuliP Pick M A Mra Mil Mr* FraackMBifa'n>*all??nnMiBnie AUrichOorgleT Fi*k W B Mm Martin M L Mr. Apdeie<>nIParlanFeatoBlitaeMreMorrtll MA Mra Allen Fannie M KtvherKllraMra Meaile* MI ? Attweti Lucy C Fltagernid BlnTiMorena Morell Mrs FraafcltaBjMre Mr* Anthony Mary J Faler lore F A Maiiaa?y Mr? Mra Mra _ Math*w?Brldget Burke Annie X FitigeraidPMreMerHa Sarah Blake A P fickett Mary A MrOaaey Harriet BellAnBHraMrfFegaaMaryMre Mra Brawn Caita M r?-gerty MgtMr* McOeme Maggie Mra Fialey Rata Mackeaale John Brown Bridget Grrei 4 I Mra Mra Beala M A Mra Uate Elite G R wcomt M H Fa'rd Mtt'Mi 8 Grim< e Lacy J NichoUen A M Babe M A Mr* Mra Mra Brooke Reacy Gale BP Mra R?-tterfield A M Brown male* flimaMra Rally Sarah A Bowen Snaen t> Good Jane Mra Nelson Lielie Mra Grinnoll Sylvia O'Riel Bitty Baaore Martby Goorklx Flor'cePope I>T Mra Aaguate Mra Genric Annie Parka A Beard Mar) Ann Oriawold ' a'laS Plant MareeltaA Mia Oamb'a Nancy Prior Pap'e Mra Browa H attia A titlbertRoeetter Pierce Sakle J Wake Nellie Gladaion Saaan Pumpliery AM Bredli*ii?a Mra Mra Mra B>?rtoa Jalla Goodwin R Mra Parkloyt Sli/.a BarnityAngMre Greener MolieB Mra Bn*onJoba"W nillPerah Powell Halty Mr* HnltAnnte Parker Core BernerdCMMra llnnt Jane Mra Porter MB Mra Ba>l< v Maiy B 11..rue Joa'eMr* Plea"an? M R Hi.aaol Jeuaie MavoaMtn Mra U aol* Luctoda fraddtnH a'feM Blrki P Mr* Robs B Banan Prancia Hn?hn BrgMr* Kay Mary A Mra Mra Howard Katb'e Keilly Julia Butler Harriet Mra Byau H fl Mra Ana Mra Hevwend Anlo M?herd*onL Beetly Je?e nie Mr* Bolline Mre BarretBHaotath H arri? Kd wdMr?R<jbbina I Mra Berdtr a B F Mraftealef 0 O Raaaell B Mr* Bcnden L*nra J Hearacy Judith Koger* Rli Mr' Brj ant Ph* Mra M Mra Ramptifl G Mra Benner Mary Howard AnnaH B?niar4 7.ell% Betai* tiaoe Mra Red ft eld TPMra Bt-nner Mary T Heaillne WMre Smith .?an<' Mra Mra HowerdO? Mra Stmng 0 Mra Burn?t8na*nMraHillary P Mra Smt'hBMre Benglitnen V A liarnaMg't A Stull Ly<Ma Mra Mra Mra Scott Lacy Mra BardenMUa Imir* Maggie Bharpe A DMil Clark Joiepbiao Jonea Lucy Smith Mary Clark Phila J Jonea Belay Mraswift Moranda ClarkJohanaMraj^nea'J ?iaa Itona 8 A Mra Clinee Kitty .lordaa Ga^rilla Stone M illie Clonde Made Jackaon Belle Mstaum M Mrmt?elia Anna JohnaonMargatSnmer HattiaM Child Maria B Mra HnttonOMra Orcaa Blanorah Jofcnaon Flnleysiantoa H Mr* CreaayFrnk Mre Mra Simons B .I Mra GrawlyJaneMra Jackaon M 'aMra^toddard B Mra Culler 0 H Mra Johnaon Mary BBibhett 111 Mr* Carlx-a F A Mra Mr* Stewart Bmtly Cunningham Jackaon Mary Binall wood A LanraM<a Jafferaon Hnaaa Sherman Mollle Conden Alice 8 2 Johneon Ma JamSouthern M Mra Crawford Harry Mra S*?mereWMra Mr* KarrBridt*tMr*Srpher4 Mollie Oarlay L Mra Ring Blla A Bombard M K < ann>n C L Kna?? A O Mra Tenay J AT Mra Canar Ann Mra BtngBectar Terflinger A Cotbleaaaer A A King Mara tMra<f||0rBt0(l n j Mra Kimball H LMrj'fhomaaon 0 OorbanAByMr* Klelbar Annla M Ton ping CF Mra Campbell A Mra Mra ?Tyler Harriet caajiainca V H Rellev Libbie Ot*W Mary Mra l<ee GanrgeaanaThompeen I G Gannelly Bar- L<?Te Srphire TnckerMDMra bar a Mra Lewi* Mary R Thompaon M Cunway 8 P Lillev Mary MraTahor M D Mra Carpeaiter Virg Lee Marj't Mra Thoma* W PMre ('nuninghamBD Lee A H Mra Taylor Mra Oragell Roea Lamphire B Mr We?t Oaraliae Ciaaii Lanra Langler LaaraBWeit K Mra Powde Sid'y W LaareaceF Bit J Weed H L Mra Pake Bar BMra Loani* SHaaMraWrtsht A S Mra Pari* Wm Mra Laaaienn Ida Walah B*rehMra Davia Jennie L LewiaW<llard Wright MarvH PaltonA uapdM Lindaey B*chael Wright Mia* Deiwartb Lirie Mra WiiderABMraS Poraev Fannie Morth Boa ay WilaonHMMra Paly Jno BMra Marka Katie Wilson'Florence Dobaoa K Mra Meade M William* A Mr? Liickrnaoa T 0 Mara Olive Vilaan A Mra Mra Marree G C Mra Walker Ooaano Deahietd Magi* Moron Ada Worthldge Mra !><~xin Btnma Morria An'mMrewaitemaui Mra Por*?y Blla Maralaad B Mr?W??burn NMra Pavla AnnaMra Merhlia Flere'eWIMia Rellie A Pavi* Soahla Ma?hawa G W William* O Mra Damn racy MreJ ? ToangJo*NMr* IV<klna Maria MiddletonHanry Tatall JO M Mra PnffejMOBMra Mra MI8CBLLABKOU8?Mra M. 11, (GENTLEMEN'S LIST. ArmeaOA AtklnaoaH'rS ArmatrongJack AlleaParid A*heriaaa H'y 2 aon Aahley Bdwin Atlard A Harrl- Adaiaa O Abl Prank eon Arnow Bob't A dame Geo Alazandar Jaa AlaaaaderBW Aadiewa Qard'r Allen Jamea Alatou 1 kue r AarmJ Drake Ambaater Mr Arnold M A AdamaJohaS Bradahaw Aaron Header Prank Bareh J OeriagBall Alfred Bateman Geo ton Blair Bon Ana- Baacroft Hon O Boyd Jaba 0 tiaS Bagby G W Berkley L Batt Alezaader Baxvar O W Boulter L H B-ran A F Baker H F Beaa M I BradtAH P.ounaMonaHen BUIock A Oa Batea Alexander rie _ Meeara BoaweU Alf> T Biahoa Henry BerglandOt Black AlleaJ Bell Heary Beele 8 R Brcoke A O Bregden Harry Brown Cel O M Bnraa A Bareh 9 Brown Hiram Barley B H Boglen Ben Berkeley Jno H Brown 8am'1 K bellLtOol Baruett Jacob Barker Bam'I Bryant Ckaa Berry John Bebb Mona BeallCtoaeB Bil/zardJaoB Browa 8 G Bnrnet Dea l Bnrdlae Jaa Berkley SP BogertBarid Browu?-ll 1 A BnckinghamSM Barnet Hoe D GBiaay Hon Jaa Brew a 8am'I K Bart A Cc B D Barnett J Batae Got T 0 BattBltxS Brewaiag J T Baker Tbi BeieaBM baeaharOee JH Ball G _ _ Broad well Bd O Baj aard J 8 Banning Mr L Brett KC Bradley Jokn Bryaoa Mr 8 Bnrklagham F Barroek J 6 Barn* Walter W BacherJnoG Halrd Bar W B Bnrr F Browa John Bark a Wm Cammlnge Hon Oaynor Bee B Gall Jno B Alaaaader t Camo Henry Connor Michael Cram A M Gowiee Hearr 0 Gbitmbara A Clayton Adiaon Ciarkaon J W Matthewa Cr>f ley A Karl ah Col bourn J O Conner M A Clark A Clinton Bay J J Orider Michael Cbaae Alex'nderCollina John > Carey Otto Ceeain Aag't Cathcert JoebuaOlark Qnincay Camel Allea Cjuiaina Joe W Colliae Bobt Carter B Collina .lame* Colbert Bobt B Creek* Chae M Cowaa Joe Cate B 8 Campbell CI O C Candaniele Jao Cochran Bam'l Cook Che* Cclline Jamea Cramer Tereaoe Ohaee Gen Pan Cethrane J H Oroeby T A Clayton B M S ConteeCol I Cob way T W Cor bin B Ooatae K S CaaBeld Tkoe H Gierke Ha Bd MCax Jamee Oe a ping ton W Conrtney FrankCart Je*aeT Callen Wm J CnapmauGM Clark Joe _ Oaatello Wm Caaaaaa Gioranl Clarke Jno T Craig Cap Wm 2 tiro e Geo W Clark J M Clark Wm Cox G Thoe Pool title A M Pap O W H Bongherty k yeaeaa A D- nahne Jer'mh Magaire Pevidaon Bert Poagleae JaoG Payla M or man Pavla Chae _ DaaiaJohu Ponelan B H Poddrltfge C B IPoaaldaon Jaa APaffy P Pedlon^oir Pr Darideoa Joa H Pe Stiver B W Denehtll HabWUevie J W PickaonBeedBM PavldaoB Bd w'dPoblne J B Pabney Thoe Prayoid F Paalrry J bo H Denham Thoe B Podge Hn OH 1 Doatm Mr Dyer Mr Bdellne B BdmondeBloiM Baglo BobtN tctwieel Chae Baaer Jae H L Bagllah Baml dwardaB X Ifflngen Joel Brneiaoa Wm Btberidge J f Braeat Owen B Bager Y D Bdwarda Jaa Brana Babt F Feld man A Fnnk H Field 8 0 Parmer Ant FltajatrlckH'rTFlahar Saml Pleteber Ab Perfuaaa JnoH Friaby Wm s PI etcher Chae FFIynn Jno Ferret Wm PlBBey Hob D AFrlxboe J O Ford Thee B SH&.V SSSAfe. ssaiv Bordea Cbaa H Green Geo G Oamboaf P _ Sordoa Cbaa T Grmwold Geo A Grlaaaa BM F 2 BardaaiOhaaW Oalaey GillU B^tS Maj 2 Grarollef HoaJJGray BytOatBbt Bo*a Col Gaxxery J M Garner 8 J 3eho David Graham Jno H Gray i Wml Bray Br Onllck Jaa H Gregory W 8 Hall A lax Hale Howard B eofarih Mr B ante rflfea And HaywerdHaa'a Hatton IB _ : Bfltoa A P Hall Harry tiarrle*?BHoaB Uopkine RonBFBarrinrton H HeatBaad'lBon Uaaly B B Heee Hoary Hart Blcbd M BUI Maj C H-t Harrla Bamll'a UaipeauiBeBK. iorblaiaa Chae Had lew Jaa M Ho?y*r Baml AVow Ktcni.. fesv l Heapdone Ck'a Bnater Jae B HotJae . 1 BallDoajlaa Hoghea J?a HaadrtakWA Jeward Bnach BiekaJoha Henry Wm P __ ] Barman B BoytJoba HeadriokaoB W BJltoa B B BnntrooeBaL'd Hadeoa Willi* T garrey Ga^ldO UaaeaHaLowla Headricka W W Sow# Geo W lebaaonArthar Jaeeba Bay J O J aha bob BW i loha*oQ Al'x Jamee Jno G Johaaoh M M I I art aoa Angela JeaoaJao Jaokeoa Shedlt j leaeaBOhaa Jonea J*el Jaaeaoa M 1 , I a* tain B JohBeoa Mr JohaaoaWm 1 leak* GO Jaaaay Meaara Jaokaon A BoaW IM rah am C#o A Oa Jordaa Ba v Wm lewett Henry L Jack'oa Beter JokaaoaWm j IndaoB J W AB Johaaoa Babt Jaaet wm H .Ittlv. ) 11' !tSi v*T . ? 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MoOarter Bdw'dMoaa Isaac Walter 8 Monroe B C Mooro J W i Multee W *?ward BMaun Col JamaeMruioe Wm Mather K McDonouth M Meroer Wa Mooro BdwurJ M.r.b.ll * Bro MnaiWa Bewcomb Boa ONuttUg J Hash Wm _ A. ? _ Norma Jno H Ntrhola Wm J E S*!n *,cho,M Bowman W W w.LT^i a' 2?.Ud 'S*1 ?? -Horthake Wm Newton J A Molaoa HonTAB 1 ? OtherdayJohu O'ConaorMA Offutt Hatiry B O tiaar Pat'k Qoaoa Joha Etf7.8,,B?l2r l'arker M M PillaburjAS ParnorJnhn 1'oaca Baml p'!5* ?_ fc n P*rr<>tt Cwl J B Powers Tboe Pomeroy H PerranltJea Park, r Thoo T r.?'* u ? **" Hon J A I'reetaa Wm I Inny Oped M Page i o Pil? bon Wa A Parpena J A Prire Manrlre Pago Wm Bern her Hon A Robert* Geo W Reed Jaa H Rann. y U M Kitteohoa?e LW Bh harrti B L Race H Bo? Manniac P" B?^ i 0 M Richards Jno M Robert* Hon wM2 Rodman OhaaC Ri<-be> Jbo M Bead Th*o D Ree tides D'nl'n RoMoaonOprJ Q Budl T M 5lc?rJ?? D ?icbard?en J M Rodgera W W Baady Daol Roger* J no K Baodall W||| W 1?!',Mob Band nil Wra N Beab right FLO haadall Jiaimia Ko*er? Wm II Russell Frank J 8 2 luteilne Who Boiioille Qahriel Miouite w B 0 Btetera Aucaat flhalfleld J 8 Schllecker P F balmon Abram Stanley J j j Btuart * Powall hbnator A HklptlDg Rev J Smith P W 8I< nKh Abrah laBucdarth J t HUaard KO IMdcn A H barmen to J O Bra?? Hoa Bob't Bnlblo A Htew art J F Bimon. Rab't Sh.M A B'ratJon J no T Bton-8aa. l BtOiairUol Bt Ulair J W Bondara Si Inoy SoveraoaGP B?ii4?r Jacob Beloa Tbo. Rr/i.?-ri0TnB Jnrtajm H Sbaldoa Tboa F stissyj^ te'j\;;c Sebaott Idw d BcaneJrknJ Btoao Hoa Thna aL^tf'n'* P^fnk# ?*? J P Bull Iran T M Smith ?H R? . I Baa thoron A ValSmith tt H BtrtatJoa oatino sssiffBiK. Sli w? ravtellr H W Stack M Btewort J n B'atlar Henry 8 Ba?. Mr sU7ar Wm D Sberaa Jneob 8horm*r M Baaly Wm H Bteabakama H'yBarkett B A BhVi Wm H Sbaakha MajH SBcott Patar B bweadlakartt W Twyricla Alox Todd Han Thomnnnik J n S,byt^9 Turnar Opao TbomS b j ? Toohy D J io Twoliy Hu*h Traibal* Kox TaaalaPearittH Trlmbl J?? Trow Hon B B Taylor (> T TowoirndUatr Towner Thoa K Tayior Sdwd Touro John TboX?t W.U Thoaapaon F Tovaaband JH BU A^lZ*rP Bant wood Jooii Gen O P iB*fi aa TrampllnP J.'}'" 0?' AW Wi I llama C H Walker Hon M WilktaaoaBF WoodaHonGaoLWaldarman M Winaton Ban; Woolay Boo Warrea ? O Wilcht eba? H Weila fay Wtlak i'atk W*1"'.*'1 Chaa Wanhbura H I Wllliama Pkillia SS.r? ^Dl. Wbi(akerJe..eHWhittam Bicbd' WhilaDanl WJldmaa Jac (2 White Blchd J*areHojDK V healer .John Walker R I! 0 WeaTer Braata* M arner Capt J Wall Bobart W lieelock Cart WUaea Ja? T WaUb Thog a m J.oh" r Wlthera Tboa }i,ood B W Winter Jatuea Wnttoa Wm W alley Ed ad Weir John Wflliama W R WHIUnia J II Wright Jno C Wilder Wm vfnrr G<^ Weiab J no Walla Hon Wm Wright tTa?*? M"I,onMrS White Wm A Zlmmar Jo'hWBTaaeey OAS Tataa Thoa A . ^"htJBLljAliKOBi.?Kox Mo 5, General Sg Mr- I Intendant Pacific and At'aaUc telegraph Oo "Voa! *? A?arlc!aArmani J. BOWBB. P. M. DANCXXG. ~ pBGFB. J, W. II, P. ABB IB' J DABC1BG AOADBMT, ?m j Pannaylyanla avanaa, bat. 6th and 7th ate dB I Oppoaite MatrapoUtea Betel. mi h!w f1?1 e?rn*1*I ?*ary eToning. Thoa* d?. I Jfsssraaa.'-? ???t.rr? CUaalara can be had at J. V, Bllla' aad W a I *2*r2U..* Kuala Btoraa. W Tha Mall can ha ranted for Bolraw, Be. _ , ?^?l? **d Mtntrt if TVtitea ; iu? Miaaaa and Maatara, Taaaday aad I ^.isiSvasai alnga.froml to Hoc look. 'nafty rtAer 1,1 ^or???tlaa,apply dnrlag tka hoara I M'V."3a?s?vu D"2' V!l!18 absbmblt booms, A tm. b#tV#u ** *** atraate, uJa^s^S*;7 *?w OM* * ' ** rw?* Da?a and haara af taittea far yoaag ladtea Oentlaman a claaaaa from s to it. aama aaaalaga M",ouuJtf?a85L?M?,? , Tha nadaraigned woo Id moat raaaaatfallr in- I form tha tediaa aad gaattemau of Waahlngtoa c*?f.??4tha District gaaarallr, that ha teat all timaa prepared tafhrnlah aartiaa with Maeqaer- I ado aad Fiup Coataata, aithar oa loan or made to ordar. He haa taken room* at tha wall known I ?w?cf tUbllehmeat of Ohrtatiaa Bappert. ItiT *vl'J>th atraet. botwaaa D aad B. wbafa ha will La happy to await order*. CHABLBS BBBO - ? Ooatnmar at Ford-a and Oroaar'k fa 11-lm* Thoatora. Waahlagtoa. D. O. I Q O O B B I B B . ~ " I HALL A PLANT, | PLAHT'8 BUILDIBQ, Ooraer Haw York traaia and ltth itroat, I (latraace an Baw Tork aranna,) j Daalara in fiaa FAMILY OBOOIBIBB. TBAB W1BBB, 1MPOBTBD LUX0BIB8, Ac., Be', would raapactfally notify their frfaada and tha I ] public that tbay kin jaat opened thafr Hew Oro- I ' aarp Btora, whara oaa be obtained any article vka ally kept la a flrat claae Grocery. Without at- I , tempting to enumerate ear large, freeh aad wall- < eelected atook.we eordlally la rile the publte to I 1 axaaiae our ate re aad atock, keBeTlag we ehall ! not fall to cive eaUra eatlafhcttoa to all who may I < fcrer ne with their patronage. We call eepeetal attention to our aeeorttteot of ! ! TBABand OOFF1BB, which Barekaaa aateoUd with great care far purity. Deatera will tad a I Mortoaaat toaateet from, and evprteea to I ! mil. 1 Ooedadelivered promptly la aaypart of tkeolty. I ' j*u P3m A'd?."!**" BOOMB ' _ * , Baada ' " ^a cta "* "f elite rtty to Imaa new patterna aa wall 1 1^.paa |: 1 MOT A_* * ' HATTOBAI, TTHTOir IBWBABOH 00M- ! PAHT OF WABBTBGTOB c Bare reatorad to their Baw Oflee. . Mo. T1 LOBIBIABA ATBHVB, ' Fiaat-dear aeete<7thak. I ^ ??HT BdBLB B. LAHHBB, Baaratary. J ^>!T JS^>, Hi|>-BOOK or FBAOTloa a FBAMOC TATLOB. ^ssm^ssswii; TBLBeiAMS. ke. The joint committee of the PMMylmit Legislature to inTMUfftU the allied improper mllirim la connection with the recent senatorial election reported yesterdav. the report being signed by all the member* of the committee They report that they cave a thorough examination of everything brought before 'hem. and that no evidence w produced showing corruption on the part of an? person named in connection with the position of United States Senator or aay member of the Legislature. Some curious facts in the case of the steamer Cuyler, seised in New York a few days since* have transpired. She was sold to the Columbian Government, but her owners ?#n> not to receive pay for her uatil she was delivered at Lagiiayra. Venezuela. In the meantime a conspiracy was formed on board, under th? lead of an ex-rebel officer named Read, to tarn her into a Chilian privateer when oat at sea. Her owners srs now satisfied that they would have lost their vessel bat for the interference of the United States authorities The Court of Common Pleas, Louisville, Ky., during the discussion of the effect of the rec-eat decison of the Court or Appaa's, James Liibgow, acting Mayor, withdrew h*s d-i^o;e, whereupon the court ordered Tomppert to t>?? reinstated. lie will resume his mayoralty today. > Four men. lately belonging to the steamer City of Ita'b, arrived in Charleston, S. C., yesterday, irom Georgetown. They report their ship burned at sea oh Sunday morning. There w?n< twenty-six persons on h >ard. all of whom are believed to 0** lost exoep-.inir Uiese lour. It has been decided io Canada to place a squad el Government police at ftia?:tri Kalis to patrol between the sugpen mou Bruise and Table Rock, to piotact travellers. LacU mm is to have a breast-plate inscribed "Government police/' Tbe lortiflcations for the protection of the city of Montreal aresooa to be commenced. St. Helen's Island is to be reudered impregnable Forts are to be erected at Supr&irle, Mount Royal, and at several poiuta ou :he south chore. Three men named Lee, Coffer, and Home, were arrested in Chicago yesterday morn-tig charged with the forgery ot Huenn Vist*county bonds of the State of Ohio to the amount of *40,(Mi. A preliminary examination was had and tbe prisoners held to bail. The Republicans iu Connection: have made tbe following nominations for Coagreis ?1st district, Henry C. iteming 3d district, Julius Hotcbkiae: 3d district, H. H. Starkweather, 4th district, P. T Barnurn. The San Francisco JtulWin of January *th says: "We are likely to have no special election for congressman after all. If this be so, California will not be represented in the Fortieth Congress until after the regular election on September 4." The British Government will assume the expenses of the defence of Governor Lye, wbose trial Is now progressing in England. The bill in the British Parliament for a confederation in British North Amenoa only em. braces the twoCanadas, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Intelligence baa been received that a rebellion has broken out in Paraguay which seriously threatened the power of President Lopez. News reached Dublin. Ireland, yesterday, that tbe Fenians m*t yes-erday morning and marobed toward Ken more. Troops aud artillery have been sent in pursuit. Twenty.six of the Rhode Island msmvri voted to ratify tbe constitutional amendment. Only two voted egainst It, one of whom was Tew, the other Gerald. All apprehensions ot a flood in the Susquehanna have been {dissipated by the breamng up and moving off of the ice which has covered the river for about six weeks. The warm weather ofth?? past few days has froduced a freshet in several streams of tue Umois, and considerable damage has already heen dong to property. Bingbamton, N. Y., elected the Union tlcke' by an average majority of 17U, being only 100 leas than ou the vote lor Governor laot fall. Advices from England state that fonr r??iments are to be w itbdrawn from Canada ou tbe opening of navigation. General Bntler addressed tbe Maine Legj*. tnre yesterday advocating impeachment ot the President. The Kansaa Senate baa passed a bill appropriating ?18,(Kioto aid in the construcMon of a blind asylum. Frederick Colby, fifteen years of age, committed suicide in Lawrence, Mass , Wednesday morning, by shooting himself. Resolutions in favor of impartial auffraee have been introduced in the Maine Legist*, tnre. A number of vessels have paaeed through tbe Sues canal. Tbe m an u facta re of beet.root sugar la to be commenced In Montreal, Canada, shortly. Fno* Mexico.-'The Vera Cruz correspondence of New York Herald says "Maximilian i will leave the City of Mexico Immediately, or 1 baa already left, for a point from whence be i will embark for Europe. The French are continuing the preparations for embarkation, i and look for the arrival of a large fleet of transports. Porflrlo Diaz is to occupy the City oi Mexico after its evacuation by Mar- i sbal Baxaine, ana he is now approaching tbe capital. Marques wants money, aad demands sixty thousand dollars from the Mexican mer< 1 chants of Vera Crns. The Prefect suggests < that American, Eugliah, and other merchants be levied upon as well as Mexicans. Miramon aad Marqnex will be obliged to leave the < country." , Y ikoihia LsoieLATTRK ?The session of the Senate, on Tuesday, was chiefly takea up I with the discassion of the Important railroad I projects; one oeing the bill authorizing the i transfer of the property, fraachiees, Jce., of the i Maaaaaas Gap Railroad Company to the Or- i angeand Alexandria Railroad Com pin y. for , the purpose of forming a "consolidated" i company, to rebuild the former, and also to construct or aid la constructing the Valley Railroad; and the otber was the bill kaown as the Chesapeake and Obio Railroad bill The 1 former bill was passed by tbe Senate aud 1 tent down to the Hoase of Delegates for their 1 action. The latter was the pending busluess 1 at the hour of adjournment. < Gov. Ptsnponr oh Pardons ?In a com- ! munlcaiion sent to the Legislature on Tues day, relative to pardons, the Governor gives tbe names of ninety criminals pardoned aad reprieved by him between the 15th of January. , I?66, and 11th of December. 1908, and the re a- , tons tha' induced hie aetioa. He thee takes , sccaelon to make some remarks upon the -?de- , moralised" condition of tbe people of the State . in consequence of the war, and aaya that whereas before tbe war it waa tbe inclination 1 if the juries to acquit, now It is their dlspoei- , ion to convict in every case, and it in lmpoest. >ls to exclude from the jury-box entirely the political leelmgs of the ho nr. i Fo?mcatioh with Ncanons. "?Coder f his caption a bill haa been read the first time I a the Maryland Senate, and laid over infernally, providing for the repeal of section 1 jf > >f article thirty, end re-enacting as follows "Section 151. 1/ anynngroor mulatto shall ret aay white woman with child, upoa con * riction thereof In the eourte ef the eomty or illy having jurisdiction, either wfcen such * ihUd was begctten or born, shail be eeeteuced * the penitentiary ibr hot tons than eighteen nentha nor more than live yeara. 0 Stddbit dkatei?We are informed that Edgar Miller, eon of Washington Miller Michael Henry, son ot Pllllip Henry: and fl William Gorrell, grand eon of Mrs. Elisa dorel. youths be ween the ugee of 14 and lft yeara, T iving nenr and attending school at Monnt i Ciou Church, wove taken sick at school, ou * riday last, aad died, one act Saturday, one oa _ Sunday, aad the other an Monday. Physi- * iana were promptly cafVd, but all their * ttorm were reels ted kf the singular disease which had taken held oa them Ckarle?um Fa-) frtt Print. BsMABKAIUL?The Yor kvllle (South Oaro- v laa) Kmauirtr aaya that oa Saturday last a ady living near Rock Hill, la that District, ? :ave birth to a daughter, aad forty.fbur hours b .fterwards she gave birth la another daagbter rnd a sen. The weights ef the lafhaas, repecUvely, were five aed three quarters, sev<m F tad eight aad a qt -nnr poeade, aad they are ? ill, with their aotLr, 1 dnhag mm weU ae eoald * topeeted.1*- The kWkMd of Sit My la (1 ivir seventy yedta etd. aJ . - CtHUIMlVXAt. Sntn-Yfi rr4tj *, (kt Lnkm Ulead Mil btis| Btovr a&?mirm>i~ Th* Uw4a?it ot Mr. <? ??( lor the kp. point meat of a (MBIiiIoi to rivntM (nil *l*Ct * titf ?M <MI|r*t4 to -Jl*l 14. any#**. TW Mil wa* Ibri placet on >U puiaff, UA *? pa?*ed by?j*? r.naya 17. TH bin ? roN > tW rimdoa t. Tb* bill was akra ap ud nad ** Ond tIM. Mr. Trembell *poke of several tn?ad*MU that wm 14 N to perfect M U?uiu> bill. Mr. Widtnld it might be that the Loaisitaa Mil waa not as perfect as It coa!d be mtdr, bat be (It* MdUm lb at if Mntion itttnpM to carry t ki work of aaaradiag it 100 far, they micbt lose It tlloftlWr. Hf wUbod It ond riiood that wbfo this Mil out ap ao won Id (it# lb? 9>aaa ao ml aatil It wm disposed of. Mr. Svaiw MM bo was la fhvor of both bill*, the bill of Mr. Wade, and th* Mil ol Mr. Wilium*, the 00 waa lb# rght way to recoe. atractioc, tbe other waa the right way 10 pro. tocttoa whea the l.oalalaaa Mil aaaaa ap for consideration beaboald ofier an *m*udme*t oasisliag of mm irctiooa tba ana repeal* all rebel legislative. begins tag with tbe ordinance of temiiot, except aacb aa May be a*ceasary ?3 keep tba go vera aval 1a aaouoa. if ibere bo tay aacb ; Um eecoad aaaala tbe ia> termed iate decree* of coerts aad glees certain power a o tbe ai, aad tbe tbira reqatres aa oath 10 aapport a repablican form of go vara* neni. Mr. WimI*. by reqneet. consented to tae poet, ponemert of tbe Louistnna bill aaul te-aor. row, ami tbat ! be printed la tba meantime wub tbe amendment*. Tbe bill of tbe Reconstruction Committee wae tben taken ap. read a aecoad use, aad ordered ?o be printed. Mr Sherman (ben called ap tbe compound intereat loading Mil, wblcb waa amended and phased. At tbe evening session. 00 motion of Mr. Wilson, tbe Mil to establish and protect aa. tioaal ceetetene* was taken up and Mr Browa called up tb# bill to authorise tbe const ractioa of a submerged tabular bndre across tba Mississippi at St. ],outa. which was passed, Uid tbe Senate adjourned. Hoi aa ?Vee'erday afternoon? Tbe Hons* Committee of tbe Whole oo the state ol :be Union, rtnumed the consideration, of tbe bill to aai?*ud existing taws reinuog to internal revenue, which wa? ameuded, aad a recess was taken until evening. Tbe House resumed Its session at 7)f o'clock, and immediately went into of tba Whole cu th* *tau> of the Union. (Mr lioutwell in t le chair,) resuming the consideration of tbe bill to amend exl-tiag law* relating to internal revenue, tbe qneation being on the motion of Mr Ward, ot Kentucky, to strike on: tbf paragraph increasing ibe special lax on distiller* lrom SlUJ to ?iu<. to which Mr Darling bad offered an amendment to Increase it to SI.out. Mr. Darling's amendment waa rejected. and Mr. Waid'a was agree, 1 to So tb* tax oa distillers rema n> as in tbe preaent law f lug. Mr. Humphrey moved -ostrlkeout the paragTapb wblcb Units till tbe ?'h of April, ! ?:, tba ritthi of gaa romp mies to add 00 uieir tax to the pi ice charged to coaaumers. Mr. Garlleld opposed ihe mouoa. The interest of gas companies was also defended by Mr. Davis, while Mr. S:henck denounced the discrimlaatioa in their 3avor aa infamoa* and abomieaoi*. Quite in animated dtsensaion arose oa this snbject, participated in further bv Messrs lielano, Kggleeton, Williams Wilson of Iowa, Aliitoa and Mromwali agalns. tb* diecrimi. nation ib favor of tbe gaa companies, and by Messrs Hooper aud Moorhead m support of it. Finally debate was cloeed, aad the vote was taken on Mr Humphrey'* am cad meat, whi h was agreed to. So tbe paragraph waa struck oat, aad tbe right ol iraa com paaie* to add tba tax to the pnee charged la lermiaatedoa the .fetch of April, Tbe paragraph in the existing law imposing a tax of t*n ceata por gallon on oil. naphtha, benzine. Ac , tae product of crude petroleum, was atruck our, tn order laat it might be put on the free li?t. The paragraphs relating to sugar were struck out, and new paragraph* Inserted, taxing all sugars produced from tbe sugar cane aad nor refined one cent per pound, and taxing refined sogara .wo per ceaL ad valorem. The present tax on wood-acrewa was reduced frcm ten to Hve per cent, ad valorem. Tbe ('onntit'ee shortly afterward* roee, and' the House, at lo o'clock, adjourned. Mobcow Lighted with Gab ? A canons ceremony was performed at Moacow the V7tb ot December last, when the eld Kassian capital was, for the Orst time, lighted with gaa. At two o'clock a *Te Deuiu ' waa sung at tae gas factory, which was, moreover, aolemnly confetrand. Then there waa a grand banquet, after which the officiate and the priacipal guest* proceeded to the Kremlin, where a platform cohered with red cloth had bee* prepared, alos-e to the Cathedral of St. Miehael. At half pn?t four the mayor armed himself with a taper and approached tbe neare*- lamp, of which ibe tap was already 1a the baads of an aide. At ibe word of command ("Ore,** we suppose) tbe tap was turned, tb* gas was lighted, a military band began to play the national hymn, and the music was continued until tbe w hole Kremlin was illnmiaated, as well aa a large portloa of the exterior city. Thb 17*trt Law.?There Is ao le*a than three bill* pending In tbe Virginia House of Delegates modifying the nsnry law: First?An'bonaing any persoa, company or corporation actually engaged la aotataerc ai, mercantile or manufacturing operatieas. except bank* or banking corporation*, to paj tea percent, by contract la writing. 1 |B. tereet to be alx percent., *xc*pt under aacb contract. Second ? Alio wtrg*even-and-ahalf per rent, interest nnder contract, an4 not excepting boaka. Legal latere*t, aav* under contract to be alx per cent. Third ? Aatborlxiag ten per cent, under cantract between citiaena of this aad other Stoles. Akkbicav Railroad laoa it is reported that tbe U n ton Pacific Bali read Ooaapany tilt DlfiftiOQ, dilCl&iBl &DJ COiBKUfl Wltll the movement to induce Congress to rescind the provision of tbe law requmag tb* Pacific railroads to use American iroa, considering not only thtt they are bound la good faith to Bfihere to this provision of tbe 00atract, bat that the English raila now imported to thia country are not cnch aa they would wisb, even if they had power to aae them. 1a in* construction of the great continental highway. which, being national la it* locauoa aad management, they think ahould be bailt exelnaively of national material Jewish?The Rabbis of ha rope are to assemble tn council in Paris, aext year, in order tbat the great Sanhsdnm may take place in conjnnction with tbe Universal KxhiMUon. rhe Central Jewish committee of Paris haa taker the initiative of the meeting, which will be specially called oa to decid* th* follewiag questions: Tbe abolition of the prohibition of certain articles of food; the auppreealoa of polygamy that exieta among tbe Jews In Algeria, and the recognition of female children u equally qnalifled to Inherit, in that country. with males. *7"Tbe long-threateaed war ariaing oat of the "Lastern question" appears to be ap. proaching Deepatebe* from Uocetaatlaople announce tbat Turkey I* making great preparation* for war, and that Koaaia intends to re. pen the old qaarrei about which *be and l urkey fought in the Crimea. Thl* time, bow. ?ver. Kraace and Esgland scarcely will aid rurkeo, and Cnndia, 1a tbs general oommo:ion, may secure her freedom VOoagr*** haa varloa* 'Marastlgattag'* committee* at work: but the oa* tbat is tare*. gating frauda at New Yerk has met with aa iccident?the peculiarly "sharp" cm sens or hat place having stotea a great pan of the vidence which hns been taken Tbe 00mnittees, however, intend to call tbe wiiaessee ?ver again, and will "laTeatigats" as eigor>usly as ever. The Halifax papers advsruss "Pick-m*ip Bitters." WA Richmond thief late stole f8,uno in oon derate moaey. it was tbe peuiest kiad ot arcen y. STTbe Indiana are rerj troableeom* la Tew Mexico. WA beggar woman la Q.aebec sxebaaged baby for a loaf of bread. N^Hsnrv Clay told Aaaa Cera Mowau tbat iaalag to like tbe pr*sideacy, aot 10 be saagat ad aot is be declined. ^Mn. JeCerson Davis was la Norfolk a Friday, visiting a friend TTo telegraph tb* Qeeea's spssab cost a.m. Tbe expense Jasufied a better article. VTwo women la Plttabarg bad a cams of [stlcnffb la ehurch. ay A colored blgb school has beea op*?ed at x joelsrill*, ander tbe aasptoes of tbs Ifiif | allaae, ay Every arraagemsat la being mad* m 'arts to bass boosts visitors to MaGreat h? ositioa. 9-Tb* ladies will aot taik aa maob tbie loath as they did la Jaaaary. VA sing I* firm ta Mew Tarfc baa IMa rear laaaMetared UM,M ralea*4asa, wbish are ahsed at?ata,1C7 ^ WA lottery is to be argaMand la Prasso unag the Exhibition. Tbe capital prla* will s t* ?,(HK) and tbe pnee or a ticket two a*at*. V Why to Jeff. Davis like a aaaa wbo die. o*ed of all hia potatoes: Beeaase he's saMom at. A Texas paper says "the deed ta loose.'* >ar tem per aae* aetata say be is "tight" They hoaid kao w for (bay ar* moat wUb blab