Newspaper of Evening Star, February 15, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 15, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. ; 9 rut Salt af C?il-Tw# Hu4re4 Tkw ???< Teaa Sold at A actus. The Peunsylvania Coal Conpanj sold in New York us WMtanday, by Mnsrt Bar. dett. Co , tncitMirn, iboit two bm< dred ibwutand loom of freeh-tained Pittston coal. Four or 0v? hundred persons attandeB? ?? nn usually large gathering?and near.? all were coal dealer*. 1 be lotal value of the coal old wii nearly a millioa dollar* The Poet give* ik* following particular* of the sale: 1 be lnap coal was first pat ap, and a bid of 4 a ten was made. Tl? price ruse quickly to *6. and would doubtless have gone higher, bat Mr. Hoyt gave direction* to aell it, aad a number oi dealer* took ia all over a hundred tbou. and ton*, aa rapidly a* their name* could bo written, tbe amount to each being from 5,0( 0 lo,(M* ton*. Before tbe call* for this eoal ceased tbe auctioneer offered tbe next lot, wbieb waa steamboat coal. Tbe bid* lor it went to at wbicb between 40.0(10 and 5t>,000 tons were quickly sold; and aboat 20,wo toas of grata coal were takan at tbe ?m? price. Tbe egg coal was tbea offered, aad tbe prico bid was first ?6 and *5IV# a ton- Upon Mr. Hovt's statement tbat tbe price sboald be higher ibe rate rose another eighth of a dollar, at which aearly *Aj,ou> tons were sold, la all case* aa soon aa the bidders ceased calling out their asmes promptly, no more of the coal theu sell. mg wa* offrred?Mr. Hoyt annoaociag that he company did not care to dispose of mora. 1 he >iove and chestnut coal sold at 95 4o and 14 \tS a ton, respectively?only one price bet tig n-ade for each. Tbe previous sale af Pittston coal was made August 15, 1M*. wbfn forty tbousond tons were Imposed af at the following rates: Lamp coal, 6 .* afg 6^34: steamboat, 9? 6.1%; grate, 94; 6o*>X, nearly all at the lower rate, egg, BftKJf; siove. ?4 5oa9S6.'V- aad chestnut, 5 lv3%. Tbe tall since tben tias been from 37 ents to Si f%2\ a ton on the various grade*, step tbe sale of Scranton coal of January 30, 67, as a b&eis ot comparison? which 1* not utte correct, since the coal is different?it v ould appear tbat lump coal has risen from 75 tents to 91 a ton, and s eamboat coal aboatSO rents?while g rate has fallen tin cents, stove 40 rents, and chestnut aleo4i>cen's, and egg is unchanged. Tbe coal offered to-day was be the toa of two tbousand two buadred and forty pounds; and tbe cost of bringing it to tbe city will be perhaps seveoty cents a ton making iu average value at tbe wharf 96 the ??ion ton." In a general order announcing the with, driiwal of tbe militia froin Lxr.ty>>t>i conn y. Xiet-ouri. tien. Montgomery informed the I?eple that If the laws we're not enforced against criminals he would return with a foice. and that he was autaori/ed by the (Jommander-in-Cbief to say tnai there would then be uo law but the law of tbe bayonet, until the disturbing element Is destroyed and tbe law can have free force In such case no distinction could be made between the men who do n nlavi fnI acts and (hose who incite, induce, or proenre them, or conceal or defend them after tbe act. A I'niJT for Ckll \ tt Ft-ooaa?* cot r?-spondent of the Amer enn Karmei writes persons wishing to line their cellars, and wao do not wi^h to go to the expense of bnyin? cement, can take coal ashes and mix wit a, water to tbe thickness ot mortar This can be put on about four inches thick, after which let ?t lay twenty-four hour*, tben stamp it with a beavy block of wood tbree or lour time* a day, u ntil it is perfectly hard. It Is better than cement, as it will not crack or scale off, M?i tile lumps of ciaders contained in ibe asbes da no barm. W Two highwayman shot and kill?d a man In his buggy near Cincinnati on Taursday night, and the bor*e, u* ? *. ingui, un away with tbe iorp*e still in the vehicle until be was stopped by some cittxeus. Tbe murd-rers escaped without any oftbe bjoty they ex pected to obtain by the murder. BP" A young girl named Margaret Kim arte a Yi'liii.t&iy eonfrsi-ion to tbe Buffalo Peine, that she set fire to the bouse of .YLr. I ???> at .N .agara Falls, a few wa^ks ago, ?->he didn't kii.'W why," as she had always ' ?> n tr-atrd kindly by the family. ITAman who ba? a wife or sweetheart utuj.ed A.ize is not to be beueved ia anything, for he's always sure to tall Liza about everything. WNew York newsboy* are deceiving the public br crying "John Morrissey's first speech id Congress, only one cent." BP" A bankrupt merchant rays that hi* bust, ness has been so bad that he con Id not pay his debts, eveu if he had the money. 47*It may be ioteresnng to gentlemen who have lost their Hyperion carls to learn, that bald bead* are the correct thrng in Pari*. %jTHnffalo has a ghost which goes aroaad the town shaking it* "gory loi ks' at people. VA nice young gentleman, in Detroit, while sitting by the side of bia, in tae parler, robbed her of her pocket-book He failed to ?-steal her heart away " W Anew counterfeit f.t noteon the Fourth Katlonal Bank of Philadelphia is in circulation in Lynchburg, Vs. The counterfeit nolo i* the same length of tbe genuine,bat at least a fourth of an inch narrower. MTAt an examination before tha Legislators f Kew York, Uu as mod ore Yaoderbilt testifted bat bis evenings were devo'ed to whist, and be did not allow business to interfere with ha game. SPECIAL NOTICES. a BTTHI MOsT WONDBRPCL MBDIOIBB ever kaowa to maa ia MlTCALfl'4 OBBaT BH BO MATH) BBMBDY, T*U yoar afflicted frtei.os to ti 7 it. f* ?-sotw ?1_0 POBD, Agsat. BBMEBIAL IHSTITUTB BOB BPB01AL 0A8B8. Bo. 14 Boat street, Bew York. BVPali iaformatloa, with the kUktu usttmo maU, also, a Book oa Sncxal ?? ? sealed Hstfiw. /" Bi ihti and send /or licm, OMd VOU will mot ruri it; advertising phySlclans are generally imwi'wi. without referefu ae etrangor sheuld be trusted. Bncloee a staaia for petage a?d direct to BB. laAWBBNCE. No 14 Boad street. Bew Yerk aoU-OAWly WMABB1ABB ABD0BI.IBACT, ABD THB Ha?plbee* ef True Maa hood? Aa Bssa* for Young Mea oa ths Clime of solitude, and the Physiological Brrera, Abuses aad Disease* which create impedlmeata to Marriage. wl4hsare means of Belief Sent in lealed letter envelopes free of charge. Address Dr J SKtLLIN HOOQBTOH, Boward AaaucUtioa, Philadelphia. Pa. ja 11-3m SKCBBT 018BABB8. am a a it an s fin r is tha meet certain, aafs aad effectual remedy?indeed, tbeoaly vegetable remedy ever discovered Coreeta two to toav day*, and re- tct caeee Is tweaty four hoars Bo mineral, ao b*isam. no mercury 1>*1> tea pills to be taaea. It is the soldier's hops, and a friend to thoee who lo ??t want Is bo exposed. Mala paokagee, #1, female, g i 6 a a a a tan's Boot a?l Bseb J ctca*?A positive un* permaaent ?ars fbr iJpyhilis Berofala. Ulcer*, g?ree. Bsoie. Tetters. Bo Pr4?s %l 96 per battle, sold by i. C. Posj. Bee advertisement. my ft SUMELY, STEADILY. SUCCESSFULLY, HOLABPBBB BXTBAOT BUfiKD is vsaias ?? ( s-*ery cass af Iiirit ShsasaB, BaaSHATisw, Cum, UmiKAty Di?oxd?*s, Wsaxnam and Paim la the Baci, Pxasj-a OsaiUHn and T&oislbs aitalag from Bxcassa* o? am Bifs OOMB, f B AW L10TBVI TBY PBWLABOBB'S TAKE MO OTHER BUCEW. Bold by att Apotheeartss. Prtee #1 B BABflBB * CO., Baw York, aad BABBB8, W ABD A CO., Bew Orleaaa, UstkM, Apsaks BBBLBIOH B BOfiBBB, Wholeaaie Hitm Mam ***** MBlBlf COLGATB A CO.*8 W1BTBB 0 A P . **??""*aded for cmaprxD a ax is aad flsr general toilbt ase dsrtag cold wsatsii. ft mag bs obtained of all druggist* aad fsney goods dealers febg-eoly ?mm p 1.0 0 BI ? B BDI A fall mmi tmisl af all grades sholaa Plow for Baker*; ?aaHty Be 1; pi to* low. Are the enly direct receivers for BoMea Hill, J B. OambrllI (aot PatapacoI sod Uagaaor family Plonrs Is ths Dtetilst. As tie latter brand has beea eateaeively eoaaterfetted aad eeTd fn this e*ty, ws weald faform thoee wishing this door by arrangeasent wtth the miller* we furnish |t lewer than Tt eaa be obtained from any other aosree jss.' Bnck wheat at loo ratae. , Ai l grsdss of Weetsra Plojr a More and for *al* by . ? W.T OALT A CO., ladfana aveaae and let street, ? " aaarOesot W'Lirii'Wffi'.r "STS'SJ^fL Old Puraltsre ef Ml 'i?*er1ptlon*, brush' and sold. Bopairtwg, t phoi*s*risg, andvMntohPBILIP THB S COO WD by (^arteTOarm Boch Btalthwnlts% B? tree peet fur Jana&rv < > PBABOB TAYLfM. | AUCTION SALES. ; EJSWMttJW**!skiv, i ^"iSiiMaL. ' i ?*7 f*' ]* ft old Boon Sash. Frames' e2l22*jrtr .fctTi: ??* weed ^^MbmAUnT 0n,urv*-' Ire Orate*, and Fret 0??U *T*icht lTeM A,|M lW * * Twni cuk t Wf?yUfW* U U r*"?T? ?ltUa ton days if * # WLlMT, Bapervisloe Architect fe< *?Ade OOOPBB il l,AT 1M BB "nets. B? 'tstu^unsrw.w Between Mk tat ltth ate. 12SskLfr?" '^Spasks s ssrs Liberal cuh idUMM made on consignments. BccaUr Mm at oar ulwrooa ?r?n TUBS; ? *",f Auctioneers. HBBBY OOLMAN A OO., AUOTIOM inn - ??l?i2f?Q1??.10N " OdAMW. A SZfJr*tJ?& S 1 oaaa. " iM. 9thaad loth ats. Bale* at ruction every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdayjnorninj aad evening^ B. 0. Bfloom, 8alNMo. jMi!LS?K:! 35&M& 5S?; ffisv I &?Z\2*???. WW . _ ALSO. t J**UH Dealers In Hardware and ?r?' *la ' * . No*. #J7 and 431, I 7th Mr?M, between M and J. in. <>' Govern iont atock. censlsth * U-w, eU- Flllows. Mhirts. Clothing L -? ,in#,V Wagon Wheel., WS! ??-' i n 2 Trucks. P.atfurm Scales, Counter Scales ! ?%? a& MS?*' ^nternv Tar. Paint, aid 5?'.?*} u? e PT . ^',0> '?rfe qnantity of eeconil4? ' w ?njr ether articles toe nn f-re,,*? oaamer >&?. Tha goods are nearly new i? J #,d at almost any prloe to snlt H. CQ1.MAM A OO. ""government sales; j^TBAMBKFon3ALB _ for the purchase of the coppered vnd "*"*r VIX?n. ofabont l ? tons burthen, ae she now lias off the Havy l.^rU a-bingtan, 1> C.. wlil b* received at tkeOa^t I ?k J Gfice nufll 1 p. m , Febrnaiy Si T,i? "/..'r:^T^r*?w ,h* ?'?i-"5I jratttAsrsS OsStinruu* Bidstbonldbe addressed to J I HlLOtKU . i^",?n^b*r!!.'' 0oMt Surrey Office Wash' /eir?t endorsed "For Vixen.'' glULBliw ATOASIP AT ^y&v:r;;.??'cDKZZriwr-i LottC Bridge and Alexandria, mill be * >ld at oab lie Mrtiob on T0*al>A?, Mirch a/nV er taS^n. pervifion of Brevet Lieut. Col Janes M. Moore Sale to commence at 10 o'oiack Tnete buildings comprise 22 Barracks. 6 Hens ?0.T?l H??Pital Ward?.6Store HoSmi. iL.un ?. WoshHouso. 2 Offices. 2 Htabl's l SheH ant fJSt wh,ch TMT ,n ,u? fron? ?*? feet to 2ixi76 Buildings will be aold singly. !?? '"*"b. In Government funds. Fifteen days from date of sale will bo granted pnrcbeaors to remove tbolr bnildlngs *r,''a _ CHAS. H. TOMPKIRS. GJO\ **?**! SALB AT CHARLBSTOB, aT'^^"V'.rV.,i'SRM,;S;sSl i\ ;5 0#t ,OM ' ^'oonon > Out Iron. A > otit 7;0uet tons Shot. Shell. Ac., labontna*. ?(. J' 'alutble wft metal attached ) About ICO une Leaded Shell ' ihj! '5J?M B?r*P Wronght Iroa. ,05"??r*? Brase, Copper. Be. ul ^iT .*rT. Oarrlageo, Ironed. V?-Wo?den_Ohaesda. Iron* d IWtlei, 7SO Bridles, 3,joo Wstk ??*oa, and m qoantity of other Loatber* <*??" *?? *. Abont 1,^00 barrtla Unserviceable Powdor. Al.o, a largo quantity of ether Property, conBeting principally of Hnaket Appendages, Ban B?Pe, mplc ikenu. If isceilaneoos Ti^ln Ac . Ac' i cnrreKy ?* day 01 ia*',B Dnlt** >Utes J'owodlartto roaiOTBl of Proper?y. at the expiration et which that not nbotmI ?lll revert to tfco G?verna>*Bt romoved By auUiori iy of Chief of Ordnance. ,. _ ^ W. H PABKBX. (apt Ordnance and Bvt Major. U 8. A , fe 9 sAatd CommaiidIng charivatoa Arsenal. J^AWI SAbB OF ABMT CLOTHIHO' Drpoi Quartermaster', OMet, i j ?%J v .i^'stssasa-iy't V February*. 1K7 a let of ' " ^ co.e.,?8,ef ABMT CL0TBIMWW TOBJt STATB JACKBTB. ?ino7B?rl^5pVt, r>, * oUer^#e no suited for ?' r*v?n of ltB 'o?? reteatlon la store, the tonal la la oobo inatancea mora or leee Bam* Jbe sole will take place in lots to snlt parehaaen Jorm: ?aak. la (overaaioat faadsfw Throo day a allowed to remove parchaooe. By ordor of the Oaattormaeter Geaeral. Bad Aaslstan ^Qoar Mnmaeur^Tf^'.'A AMSorfffiSfitTrer*'re k-llt *?-1# "Oath Chariea street, o *o* Auotioaeers. JMPOBTABT BALI Or^OOYIBBMIJfT YBB B.sss,jrs5r?si?i srsh f Wiu bo aold at pnollc ancttoa, atthe port !lf ital. T e d BSD AY . M'M1 'r"b?mirfn! ] e J 011 BLPAKB B1DB-**?. ?fc?A*MB OOSMO Of 77# tons; length, tt6 |??t breadth of w CltU kollovod that for alao aad balld tbo fl?mn litaasarpaeaee any veeeel hi thai to offer2^T ivernmeat for sale at this port ?ore4 by aaTo.rn,# C**k' im Oo?*'omont funds, on dag of Farther parti oalars maybe learned opoa anali catloa to the aadersigned or t? the Aucttou'fre Messrs APBBOM, TBOMAB A OO N.7 ^ Boath Cb rles street. UU" Wu- 1S? By order ot the Qoartormaator Oenoral _ A , A. 8. KIMBALL. f.U4t Oaptalaand A y. M .O.s.a., J*1 Depot Uuarlerm>at*r (jOVBBBMBNT BATIT i tI?v Kr ?'k ;r,i Sealed Propoeaie, in dapllcate, will be r?r?i??H ue to the 1st day of March, MKT tor tb?Mr?h?? of eeveBty-flv* acre* of leM, more i~. . A.*?* i or wltB the bullbings ?recte<l ibf roon. aed the parteaaacea ?P-t.i?i? teat Is ^ ^ c"uMhTxWjoiyw&> ?? Mnum'*"' ?f Unuin* ?oelnIthoui?nJhidM p?r OBB STIAM BAW MILL, capable of aawin. throe ,<h?r;o?tf,Tt*,o'Jombor dsij^ #f ^ SMALL 8TOBB BDILDIMQ. ."?* ?b0Te property la altaa?od aVoot t wo mi lea tte'V^i^S^,^ *]' ?? Aa^?.?o rive j at 'o#ttewcl#d totht eetaSlfihment hv b r"tv.f to1 ' ci^t I n bf* h1 7V Pn?!^?od aad improvements ??t id71 Bo vera gold eetl mated to have coat flM.M la tha property has booa aader lease for tka ? ??!5L." fJKffVtjm WtTwrtu iV~ Hropoialt will btmarktHj "PfomiiIi for Oav* raaeat Tannery aad Baw MHI.'Uau addreased Bvt. Maior Ooa , Aeet Ooaa. iWroa^B^F and ' A L . Oal voaWs, Teaaa. U ,1^4 QOTIBIMin HABBBBS: ? *,000eotta TBAM IA|f|fl|. UO setts AMBOLAHCB HABBBBS, 1.000 COLLABS and TBAM BB1DLB8, ] OABT HABBBHB, McOLBUiAM BAB MSB, BID1BQ B BIB LIB. -v _HALTBBB, HAMBB, AO.? Be. JJarir- IU* J**TSvtt*:'yfa '? 4,a.'a.tsijgg?y:^i.1 , M A 1 *" oaowLiif bs raajuna. OHOGOLAT PA* BX9BLLBBCB, chooolaWTTuShIt yy ALHLT BBA0KXT8. " '"""'KKM'n. " ft PROPOSALS. I pMrwuLi g ob oum. , _ . IVeaswry OMrtaunt. I Mm ?/ AqMrvufM JreAtml. Feb. l.lMf t Boated rnKMk will be received It thu oflioe fA"1A**'22* 'obraary 23, 1857. for fomtik UkWItotW ?t Wiahlattoi or Ofiwiehwi, D. I S WS?M ar??o?:TfS.i r?; ; and the MIimh ar before May f, 1M7 ; the *h*l# * > ?" "* ?'' * *! ,*?d subject ^WWS^^iTESi.1."- 10 All bids MUt bt UdoBHii^ bir the turutM af Mm* responsible parson that tbe bidd*r will KJM * * perform the coatreet If h warded te Tbe Department reoervee tbe right to reieet any or all tbe bide If coa.idered for the tetorostof tbi Government to do so, and ao bid will be considered that doee aot conform to tbe reqalremente if tbfe advertisement. Bid# to be oaclosod la a waled obtoIow aad endoread "Proposals for Oemeat." A. B. MULLBTT fet [Chroa ] Supervising Architect. pBOPOBALS FOB COBMMBAL. QBrs Dsyes Ommumr* of 9*ktijiim, I .-i- rTs^;fi?fcKS?r,3-jr.-.,a. TUBBDAI, February 19.1M7, a* it a., for fur nlshiag tbe> Subelatonos department with all the Cornmeal that may be required from the X4th of February, 1*7, until the JDth of Jaae. 18#7. i The Meal to bedeilvered at the gubeiatence tot ebon tee; (a tbe Moan meat Lot. aad Sixth etroot Wharf; or at tbe Baltimore aad Ohio Bail- , f#*?.?fiot' at "*ch tlmee aad la each t nan titlet 1 ae the Qovsrament may direct, after five day* i nonce. The Oerameal to be delivered In goed.sonnd i flour barrels.eaeb containing one hundred and ninety-alx 1196) pound*; to be freeh ground, and of good.merchantable quality, and will be in rpected before it is recelvsd. Payment* will be made In anch fundi at the Gov* eraoient may furnish for disbursements. Bld5o?,?Sk?t#"ddr?,Md *? th* undersigned, at Bo. 993 "O" street, endorsed ''Proposals for Corameal." O. BFLLT H-<t Major and I). 8., U. B. A. DBOPOSALS foB PKBFOHMlNO BAB1TA I KV WWKK OF QCAUTBBMABTKB'S DBPAJtTMKttT. tft idtfuarter* Department af Washington, ) _ . . UjSceo/ Chief Quartermaster Washington. D. C., January M, 1M7. \ Heal^fi Proposals are Invited at this office until 12 o'clock noon, February Id, 1367, for tbe removal of nil -Ink deposits, ashes, and dead publlo animals from the various barracks, buildings, Ac , owned and occupied by the various branches of the War Department in and about this city, (to be deeig' y h Chief Quartermaster, Department '. ?fatbingtonjlor tbe period of one year from tfUrrhl, 1M7, Bidders to furnish all necessary materials and la-or for performing tbe work, aad to give bonds to be executed at once upon the awsrd of the roo -set in tbe sum of five thousand dollars for the i perfoinii*n<e of the same Payments to be made monthly. Should tbe amount ef work required during the period of tbe contract be either increased or decreased, then ? proportionate 'Increase or deduction to 1 e made in the monthly payments. I<tsts of the places to he visited and a statement of tbe present amountof work required can t? had 1 on application at this office. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any ' ati'' all propoeais should rbey be deemed too high, and also the rtgh t to annul and discontinue the ' centred at any time when the contractor shall fail to perform the work required In a prompt aad satisfactory manner. Bids shoulii be eadorsed " Proposals for Performing Sanitary Work of Quartermaster's Department," aad addreessd to the undersigned. . _ MI LUDlNUTOa. Bvt. Brig. Osn. aad Chief Quartermaster, ja 31 - 1H Department of Washington. pBOPUBALB FOB LVMBKB. Trfasikt Department, ) Orvicx or BtpgavisiiiG Aachitxct,> 8^?'i',d?Pr.0p2"1?L* received* at this' Uifice until li o ciuth M , February lath. 1357, for furniching lumber required for the North Wing of tie Treasury Bi tension, as described in tbe fol* lowing schedule: *,?*> Dneal feet oflI, Carolina (heart) Flooring, il? # w f ? not #T,r laches wide, and cleer of knots. M.000 feet, board saeasare, W. Pine Com Calls., 1 en thick. a.flOO feet. board meaaare, W. Pine Com. Culls., 3 lnchts thick 1,000 feet, board meaaare, Bpruce Scant! in*. 3 bv 4 inrhes. TO feet lengths 7 * 10.000 feet, board measure. Bpruce Bcaatllng, 3by l inchee. 14 feet lengths 36,(k0 leet uoard measnra. Spruce Bails, 3 by 3 Inches, TO feet l< ngtbs. 13.001 leet, board measure, W. Pine Selects, 3 Inches thick. 3.000 feet,board meMure. W. PineBelects,dressed. Inch think. 3 800 feei, board measure. W. Pine Selects, dresaed. ,*2 inch thick. 4,000 feet bo?rd measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, ]t inch thick. 2,0u0feet board measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, !,'? Incbss thick. 3 000 feet, board measure, W. Pine Selects,dressed, _ I'i Inches thick. I>0t^etvboard measure, Poplar,dressed, H Inch I ?00t' **l. board measure. Poplar, dresaed, Inch thick. AH the above deecripttoas of Lumber mast he of the bast quality ot their several klnd?, and must be delivered at the Treasary Building tr >m time tb time as ordered, and be subject to ths In ^o^tlsn of the Inspector aad Becelverof MateBids to state price per M. feet, and mast bs accompanied by a written guarantee from itooie responsible person, that tbe bidder will asecnto anl perform the contract if awarded to him. Tbe Departssent reserves the right to reject aay or ail the bits, if cenaidered for the interest of the ( overament to do so, or to accept aay portions of them. Bids to be enclosed In a sealed envelope and endorsea "Proposals far Lumber " A. B. MULLBTT, ja3I (Chron ] Supervising Aromteot. pBOPOSAL8 FO^^DONSTBUOTIOB OF _ Maton's Orrtcn. Feb 4 1807. Proposals will be received at the May or'e Offlce until i2 ta.. HATIBDaT, February is. for plans, specifications, aad construction of either aa Iron or Wooden Bridge, at tbe termlBatiaa of ? street north, aeroee Bock Creek, said Bridge to be MX feet wide aad 7s feet loaf, aad not lees than U)* feat above tbe eurfaceof tbe water, at loa tide. For farther information apply to tbeOity Surveyor, City Ball. BIOHABB WALLAOH. fa 4-ootd Mayor. pBOPOSALB FOB mi TBABBPOBTAQciimxiiTii Obwxial's Omcg, / - . , W*.im*GT<i>?, D. 0., January IS, 1887.] Sealed Propnoals will bo rsoolvod attkls office jatll 13o'clock m.,on the 28th of February, 1867. for tbe traaoportaitloB of Military Suppllaa during the year aomaseacing Annl 1, 1867, and ending , Marcb 11, IBM. oa tbe following roates: - - BODTB Bo. 1. From Fort MePherson. Bebraeka Territory, or sach parte as mar be determined upon during tbe 7ear on the Omaha braach of the Union Paciftc railroad, west of Fort McPkersoa. or from Fart Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such posts or depots as are now or may be eeUbllsbed in tbe Torntf a? Bebraaka, west of longitude 103 deg.. In tbe Tertitorv of Mowtaaa. sou to of latitude 4? dag.. In tbe Territory ot Dakota, west of longitude MM deg., In tbe Territory of Idaho, ?>n?b of lati- i tade 44 dag., aad east of longitude 114 diag . and in tbe Territories of Utah and Colorado aorib of Uti- i Igdo so deg.. Including If nissmary, Denver ? m BODT1 Bo. 3. From Fort Blley, btate of Kansas, or such i Points as may be determined upon during the year on tbe Union Paeillc mllroad.ll. D^t. My iite T5 ???.H B0W or 1,n*2 ?> established |Q the State of Kansas or in the Territory of Colorado, south of latitude 40 degrees aortta, and to Fort L nlon. Mew Mexico, or other depot that may be I designated in that Territory, aad to aay other point ar polats o^J^e^rou^e. ^ i *r.ri? Fort Ualoa or such other depot as may bo ' established la the Territory of Bew Mexico, to I Mono that are, oraiay be estab- < II (bed In that Teriltory, and te sueh posts or sta- i tioiis aa inar be designated In tbe Territory of Ar* lusSti lh? 8tM* of of longitude 1 _ ' BOCT1 Bo, 4. lw%-"dafBtlte?^^Vb|rtJer " *[*lBl>t Iki be transported dating the year will not exceed on Borne No l, 30,000 uOU aannda PonndT-Tn' BoWfe pounds ?? OBU ?. 4, 3.S00.U00 ( rate^y*0**^* ^ each route sapa- J Bidders will state tbe rate nor 100 aoanJa ?er g ap "g BSgg, ending Marcb^ '1 Aprtl l* I Bidders eboald aire their ? 1? rBn ? w.n tbelrjplaces of reMdeacaTaad each irS^!al 1 css;&'^'?'uKs,ra:*.,5i ta "SflZS&Sj < tte\ol lowing mi on n ts** r*qn,r*d *? ***o bonds la 2?-1' oSfcluSSl, m'M: r} ^ Ol lonto |o.4? tO.?00 ? ?? loraltr and solSTSiif^SSSlf* PWW>B m 9%0%r' Proposals mnet be sadoreed "Proposals for ?SSS5S! Tbe party to whom aa award u made mast he iXMtt# the Coitrict at oiict, nd to aS 101 "** flU ful ^rfcrm- I JRd^rUJrV?'* ^ b? 1 The oontracrors on each roots most be la read!dfoModae tbe starling Miat of the ronto. lank forms *bow(at ttia oendHlooa of the oonBp seder of U*4a??ef?joter i??? proposals. mi or ?n iwi: tort ,"lflr I loit.,tt II o olutk k < for tb? ptrtkiM of u i?o Kssr;!Tfw&Ar.w,!3KtIT{i fisaus 0e vernai eat. The Coff.e i? In tamlli, imiglii M8 mii4i t Mb: will be r?t1i|oo4 d*"" ered at the wharf for iUmmIWo*cWp, ta4 W* t* ? * 4 wlthf^ten <?M after farokiu. ) Proposals received for |?? barrels u4 apWard*.

TW GntruMitNNriM Um right to re- , jectaay or ?ll proposals dwatd aaeatiefactory Term- Cash. la Ooraraatat funds Oae half oa aotiflcaiioa of acceptance (f pre pom la: nmalader prior to shipment. * ?" ?? * ^ Proposals should be endorsed oa tbe envelope, " PropoMla for Bye Coffee," and add recced to ?. ... T. P McELBATH, . ,, *>rat IdeuUaaat of tU Artillery. tad ' "?* Bvt. Major, U. a. A., A. 0 t. p BO FOB ALB FOB 1BW JAIlT BlFAKTMXlVT o* TW? I.ITXEIOE, J __ Washisotoh Jaaaary 14,19*7. I f**1**. B*.*1. ft*1 > racolrad at tMa Do* HrtatMIbNI is o'clock m., oa HONDAT. the S& ',f*Vjl.*.,,rwti?* ?* *** -'ail ia J < k of Columbia, authorised aad ? i?K ' ** Congress, approved July ?* ?" dr?wlm?, aad s?eel ficaMone can be seen at the architect'a office, la the eastern grounds of the Oepltol. Washingtoa city, every day except Buadaya. betwtea tbehoureefpa. a. aad 1 p m.. oa aad after tho *th InaUat. B*?arat? bide will ba raaelTOd for the masonry work, brick work, iron work, aad car pantry work. The contractor whoaa bid mar be accepted will be repaired to eater Into a sofllclent bond, to be MBfF?- by 8*??,,'ary of tho Iatortor, for the fo'thtni completion of hla contract. Payment* *a'^* made as the work progreaeca. oa aatimatea car titled to by tha architect, bat twenty par eaa turn of tho eetlmatoa will ba ratal aad nntll the contract ia completed. Tha contract will bo awarded to tha lowaat responsible bidder, bat tho Department reeervee the right to reject any or all af the bida should it be <i< cued for the latercats of the Government to d<> so. The bida will be opened at nooa on the 4th of March next, in presence of sach of tha blddera as may choose to att*ad. Proposals ahoold be endoraed oa the envelope, ' for Mew Jail." aad be directed to the "Secretary of the Interior, Washington. D 0 " O. H BKOWNINO, jaafc-wtw Secretary of the Interior. legal, \otices. IN TUB BUPKBME CODit Of TUB Did1 tkiot or Columbia. _ A . ?Thia 3d day of J anuary, \aR, Patrick White and Andrew J. 1 Joyce, comrlaiaante, | a. I Joseph Johnson. Mary Jobs) Equity No. 817. on, Joba M Haneoa, John I Flyn and John Maloaa, de-1 fend anta. The. I.jeet of the bill filed lathis caaae ia to procure a decree for the aale of certain ptecee or parcels of ground lying and being la Washington city. Dlstrvt t of Columbia, being Lot A and part of Let 4. ia g^inere I,UM), to satisfy a debt dae by defendant. Joseph Johnson, te the complainants. The till aets forth in substance that the said Joseph Johnson was indebted te said complain untslu the eutn of f 447 40 for goods aold and delivered by complainants to the said .loeeph .1 hn son. That at the time of contracting said debt the aald Joseph Jobason wee seized and poaseesed ef the said pieces or parcels of gr and, whicb, while he was eo iudebted, he ireuanlently eourejed to said defendant. Joba M. Banaon, ia trust tor the sole nae and benefit of Mary Johnson, wife of said Joseph Johneon. That complainanta obtained judgment of condemnation of the said piece* or parcels of gr<>nnd In and by virtue of an attachment issued out <>f the common law side of thia court ia fever of complninents icainst aaid Joaeph Johnaoti and 5rays that the said deed of trust from said i?e *ph ohnsonto aaid John M. Hanson aa aforesaid be prodaced before :he Court, and the tame be can celled. That the said complainanta. after the Issuing of aaid attachment and the levingof the same oa the said piacea or paroela of ground, ascertained that the aaid defendant, John Klyn, claimed to have a liea on tbe said piece* or parcels of around; that on searching the lead records f WeeningtoB county, Diatrict ot lien or deed of trust wa* recorded ia said laa i record a, but that after finding of tbe jury and judgment of condematioa on the said attachmeata, the said records were agaia searched an l a deed of tra?t from said Jeeeph Johnson to John Maleae, to s? tare John Klin for the sum of fl dun, wa* foand recorded. That the aaid deed of trust waa recorded nearly eleven months after tbe date thereof, and over two months after the i*?ni ng and laving of said attachment, ' bat tbe said attach sent ta a prior lien oa the a<M piecea aad parcels of ground, before tbe said deed of truat. Prays a dlscoveryfof the amount atlildueaoa unpaid on said denl of trust, and praya a sale of the aaid pieces or parcels of ground to aatiafy the demaada of the complainanta and other creditor*, and for an iajnactlon again at aald defendants Joseph Jehnsoa. Mary Johnson, J'>hn M Uitt - n. John FIn a and John Malooe, and th?lr cenf<t<lerates, when discovered, to restrain and prohibit th n and their agents and acrvants from selling or dl* posing of, or in nay manner further tucumbering, tbe *atd piece* or parcels of grannd : Itla thereupon tbla Sd day or January, 1W. ad- S judged and ordered fh at notloeof thlaaiiit be given to tbe said aoti resident defend an ta. Joseph Job uaon. Mary Johnson.and Jebn publishing a copy of tbie order in the Bve?ing Star, a newspaper pubjtahed la tbe city of Washington, iu tha District of Oolumhla, three times a week for six consecutive wedka. waralng said did resident defendants to be and appear, in person or by solicitor , at ralee to he hold I n tbe oAce of tbe Clerk of this Court, on tbe first Tuesday ef June, A. D. 1#7. to answer tbe aald Mil of oe in plaint; otherwise tbe Mine will be taken pm ronfe'to against them: Provided the first publication of tMa order shaii appear at least four months before said first Tuesday of Jnne I8R7, and atatlng the object aud subetauce of eald bill of complaint. A. B. OliIM, Associate Justice, Ac. _ A true eopv: _ B J. MEIOH. Clerk. WM. J. MILLEB, Solicitor for complainaata. ja4 Itawdw D"lStfA'orJL rls }.%** ?? Ws. o. u. r*"toTtS",WKiSaM?.^ggii. SON. of Springfield, Maaaachuaette. praying for tbe extension of a patent granted to fiiiii on tbe 7th day of March 1*4, and patented In England the Slat aayef April ,lfi?g, fer an improver,?nt in ?? ?-.foraeven years from tbe expiratien of "W patent, which takea place oa tbe list day of AUll} 190# ? Itfo^rtered tbattba Mid aetltloa bo heard at the Pa?ent Office on Monday, IheiMh day of April next, at 11 c clock M^aST all are notified to appear and ahew cause. If any they bava, why aaid petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are reeaired to Ale ia the Patent Office their abjections, specially sot forth In writing, at leaet (vrniy days before the day of hearing: all teetimony filed by either party to be need at tbe said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished oa application Depoeltions and other papers relied upon aa teatimonf most be filed la the i fllce twenty daya bofore thedev of hearing; the argumenta. if any, within tem daya after filing tbe tea Imony. Ordered, alao, that thla aottce be published la the Bepubllcan and tbe Inteillgeacer, Washington, D O., aad la tbe Beaubllcan. Springfield. Meesa cbaaetts, once a week for three auooesalve weeks; tbeflrat of eald publications to be at leeat sixty iaya previous ta the day of hearing. T. C TBI&KIB, * . .... ? Oapmlasloner of Patents. P. B.?Bdltora of the above papera will please copy, and send their Mlla to the Pataat Office with a paper containing thla notice. fa 4-lawlw l^HIS IB TO GIVB NOTICE, That theaubacrfJL ber has obtained from the*Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters teetamentary on the personal estate of Eleanor Baden, late of Washington. D. C.. de ceased. All persons having claims agatnat the said ieceased. are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voacbere thereof, to the subscriber, on or t>efore tbe 9th day of Pebmery next: they may otherwiM by law be excluded from all benefit of the iai<i estate. Given under my hand, tbla 9th day of February. 1887. THOMAS B. BADBN, Je 11-lawSw* Administrator 0 T A. ' pOLUMBIA BVBP1TAL FOB WOMBJI LT1BO-IB ABTLOM, FonrtMntbttreet.fcircle,)coraer of M street, Waahlngton, D. 0. Tbla IaatttuMon baa been eatabllahed for the rose ptl on of aatleata who may bo au(faring from die- , taaea eecaflar to their a ex. aad for the admission jytegl achamber *******lh* Ha'arU of tha ? US ^ildii le situated la Ue moat healthy portion of tho Dletrlct, aorrounded by (ta owa irooodfi. Oara aaaa tbe door eoeij Bye minutes. Terme ef admlseton : From |t to fl| Mr week rn acoordaace with theroosa required, payable In Mlvaaoe. This lncladee Board, Medlcinea, Medloal aad Burgled afaadaace, 'sr**?* thaml, fu? admlaeton to tb? free bad* la tMa bea. P-Oenta 11 ring at a dlataace who desire ta acme to tbla laatltutloa for treatment eaa aacare private gOBTOB MBBB MAOKBfcBii. *i a? " ? MBSB MAOKBBBL, m jslss ?22! *** ??* ?. b?,? bMB trmnd ot mrr **rt bat teuS! Bbhltt Hoaaa. +w?, t/ ' ILIILroaps. ' 1866 PKinLUlS MVTl 1847 g?M *0 1IJ X0STBWEST.IMH7TH, AMD SOUTH* .JSWMioIkDinjj tmtyfjtm- '*'"*?! It. Mi train* will VKklaiiin?1 Ma p. | BalUmors? IB a. m. I -.1) M ft. m. g3&&Nfciglg? MMiiMfMi Ntft ITClTt kowi 1| Mm over asy other rnft. t*? hiadrwl hIm mm4 h Wsstava aas Qtatrfti M?* Tort. Two Dally Trains U Um WML J8afetesiaaK^,oS""t"?'MMagftrabr tkli roste from Baltimore have ^saiTSaua Tkkiftbf ttiiniltmk* trosarod at ths sf?" ocjasr 8th frost sad PwurUtnlftiruM, ff thsHaUaaal tMn relfsbls laformatleu w?M ft* ?(TM at all ttmoe. Fxiiaiiii nwult tickets at tklitlMNi fflVVRSKS."0" s ? Tniia - - _***"' INT. XTNBS D#CW#9tt WUhlHftoa anM HlW TOrk Aft FP* ?* YOBH. without chaactofoan. rg*'* (oxceftt Sunday; ad T:4B ft. a. u4 Jg* **w YOBE,ohaagtag can at PhlladslJiMTtdallr !?C*H Sunday) ?t ll:Ut. a.u? ' ?OE PHILADELPHIA. - ?Jii! r '""J'liiWlit f;tt ml 11:11 ft. . ??d Ol and | jo a. m . oh bcjmdat. Learo far Mew York and PhilaoJ phi a at 8JI p. a oaiy. . B'wNaian for law York oa <88 ft. m. trala daily. Through tickets to Phlladslphls, Mow Tort or Boston, can bo bad at tba Station 0ffle? at all konra In the day. oa wall aa at the new office In tha Bankera and Brokers Telegraph bine, 349 Penn. avenue, *e?weon 6th atd 7th atreata. Bee Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad adTertisoment for schedule between Washington, Baltliuora, aaaftolia, an*1 Ike West J, L. WIL80M, Master of TransftortattoBL M COLB general Ticket A Kent OBO. 8. kOOITE,A|?Dt, Washington, oc 80-tf IIALTIIOBB AID OHIO BAILBOAD. ** Washington, Jen.?, MB7. are now raa aa followa. via FOB HALTIMOBB Wlf, except Sunday. at f^o, 7:48, and a. m , and and ? 80. aad ? uo p. aa. ^ bob all wat stations. ??S2d8 w{,Sfc*,t 8undM'at r" u4 FOM .f AT STATIONS SOOTH OF ANNAPOLIS J U NOT 1 OB " p ^aT* *' *:U 7 ? - nd at 8:0o aod I N _ ^ . FOB ANNAPOLIS. ?JL?*Je .45 *.IL *n<1 4* ? ?o trains to or from Annapolis on Sunday I'M SUNDAY. FOB BALTlMoBB. Lesve at 7.1* a. m.. and l uu and i 08 p. m Fob Wat stations. Loaro B?7:a a. m.. an* rnu and ) Ma. at, FOB ALL PARTS or TUB WB8T. 8 uo? m "coat Bandar, at rna.a, and a??!< f* 8.00 ? only.connecting a Belay Station with train* from Baltimore to Wheeling, Parkerabnr*. Ac. THROUGH TICKETS to ths Wort can bo had at tbo <*aaklnctoa Station Ticket OIBce at all konra In the nay, as weH aa at the aew office of the B?akora and Broken' Tolocraah Lino, S4 6 Pena. avenue, between ?th and 7th atreeu -J'?LJ?,W lork. Pbiladolnhia. and Boaton, aoa adTartlaement of Throogh Lino." J. L WILSOM. Blaator of Transportation. ? _ L. M. CO LB. flntrtl Ticket Agent 0?? tf GEO. 8. KOOMTZ. Agent Waahlnttoa. Hudson bivbb and hablbm bailBOADS-On and alter MONOAY. Hor if, 1M6, tralna for Albany and Tror. connecting with Mot them and Waatorn trains, will leave Now York aa follows: a.m. Express train via Hndeon Blver Bailroad, Suth at and 10th *v., threngh to Uofl?lo and BO'tenaUn Bridge withont change of cars and connecting at Troy w ith trains for Saratoga. BotUud. Bnrlington aad Montreal. ' 10 a. hi. Express and Mall train via Hodson River Hail road, connectlag at Albany with Wsstsru train*, and at Trwy with trains lor MortH. 11 a m Express trala via HarUm B-iilroad, 36th ?t and ?th av., conaoctina at Chatham with Western Bail road for Lebanon Sprine*. Pitufied. Ac . at Albany with Western trains, and at Troy with trains lor Saratoga. Eatland, Burlington and Montreal. 3:tf ft a. Express train via Hod.on Biy-r Railroad coasectl as at Albany with Waatern trains, and at Troy with trftlss for MonWBia, with slaoaing car attached. 4 1* p.m. Express train via Harlem Railroad, connoctinjat Ohatbam with Western Railroad for Lebanon Springs. Pittsfield, Ac.; at Albany wlta Western trains. and at Troy with trains for Betland. Bnrlington aad Montreal Sleeping cars attached at Albany 6 30 ft m. express twin Tift Hadson Elver B?Mroad, with ?Kepiagoars attached, ai d tbronc^Co bnftalo and Suspension Bridge withont ohanfe of cars. Also, sleojing car ovary day exceamog Batarda) a attached from Hew York through to Ogdonsburgwlthont change, via Bome. W. aad O RaiIrons. Connection for Troy will bo mada at Bast Albany. This train will ran on Bnndays 11 p m Train via Hudson River Railroad, with sleeping car attaobed. connecting at Albany with aarly trains for Baffalo and Suspension BrUgs and at Troy with trains far Saratoga and points Aouaday train will bo ran Tin Hadson River Ball road fram Mow York to Ponahkeepsie and < termedlate stations, leaving Mow York sr 8 10 a m. Beturnlng, leave Pongnkoepsie at 8.45 ami arriving In Mew Tack at It p. m. Also, a Sunday train Tin Harlem Bail road. isaTlag 4)d strsst at 9 a. m.. and arrtviae at Hillertoa atS BC p m. Eotaralng. Isave Millrrton at in m., arming la Mow Yark at it.S? a. m. WM. H. YAEMRBILT. jalt Tips Prsstdoat. jJIOHMOM^FMDJ^ESB^Me AMD FO TO TBAYELLEBB 8K?IMO BOOTH. TWICE BA1LT,(Bnndny p. m. exoopted.) Tha qniokest aad saoot diraot roats to El?tami, Ta ,aad tko Bonth. Tla ?bs Potosaae steamers from Sixth Street Wharf Washingtoa, to Asaia Creek Richmond, Frederlckshnrg aad Potomae EaHroad, now entirely oomnloted from Aqala Orssk to Richmond ,Ya, ooaaecang there with trains on the Blobmond and Petersburg aad EloSasoad Mid Dan fills Ball roads, for Petersburg, Weldon, Wflmingtoa. BaleUh, ^Oreoasbora', SaUsbary, Okarlotto aad Steamers Ksyport aft O. TaadorbHt leave Sixth Street Wharf diJly (Sunday evealnc excepted) at 8.29 a. m. and 7 n m. aad arrlrs la Blubakoad at 1.4tp.m.andSt8aB. THBODftH TO BIOHMOVD IE BETH HOOB8. fifty Miles Sksrtor ana 8)4 Honrs Qatokac Una aay Otkor Rants. B? sars aad got Through Tickets via Asuls Omsk aad Fredericksburg, to Btohmoad, at tho Oompaay ?s OAos, corner i Poana. avoaae <*nd tth strost, or onboard of tbo boats. Bacgage checked ihroofh. Omnibassss aad Bacga?s Wagoas wlll bs ta readiaess to ooaswy passougoBi and bagaags batweea depots is Richmond. Passoagers by tbla Una ?ass by daylight Msaat Tsraoa. aad may bars an opaortunlty of vl?ltlng several battle-flelds near Frodoricksburg by stop fine ?t that point. _ . Breakfast and sap oa b*ftrd sC gtsssssrs. GEO. MATTIMOLY, W* . ? O. O. E. MATT1NQLY, Tlcke^iynt^J^*|1|I1??0B. apl-ly EuaoralPaswagor Agaat. DOTOMAC TEAEBPOBTAT10E UEB. * EOTICE TO BHIPPBES. URDAY forOlymoat.Budd>sForrr Smith's Point, Chattarton Landing, Maajemoy ftcv. iXipvXiXb S at f-tf Bo. S4# Poaaa. avenas. PBOTBCTEP 5f1^TALi,LBTTB B8 PAToat of England, and eecured by the seals of tbo Eoolo de^^sjrmacie^ds Paris, aadths Imperial ths Systsm. Trleeomar Mo. * hasoatlroty supjr"VlSiNtoMJMMItopr.liUOV,... IX ^g532sV8*tb?.?. ? Sff, |L|A0EBEEL AMD OODF18H. lalB tf Wo. d8> Mlnthat.. bos. Eaadf. * " BULBOAJB l i.rwi schvmjlilL tcr&jlAird***. CVMBtkLANb A\D WYOMiyu f ALLI KsH cftjui&sttrKISSAVnTO UiWlILJi atrwu, FUtttel^it, at tbs foilowta* "^rr ?*? -. ?<? HoiiiRo ixrine. talc, Alleatowa, * Hkeebarre. Tittetoa. lark. Carlisle. ChMiUrtbtil.H^tmo.j ^e Z. * tkk trata cnmm m bbadibu vitktheBeet P?&u;liuit lUilrMil Utlu for Alleatowa Ac Hvrv/*":. fc.siirens'vsni^ Giinl, Camherlaod V?ll?f. kM Mailkui ul iMtwktaM tr*JN tar I?rt>f>?rli>4, Wiu Uiui?n, Ink, CbMitankurf, flaifrtit, Ae. Amiiiwi ixriui. Leas? Philadelphia m AM p. a. for Beadlac, PotbTill*, HarruLurg. Ac , wUMitm ita Reading and Cola?bia Railroad UtiM for CoiaaBBADIBO AOOOMMODATIOB. I?eevee Beading W(lu* M .iiotatnitUll war mtitm in m I ji* a. BeiarniM, feave* Philadelphia M a St p. arctoee la Reading at7 3*a a. Tr*ii?? tar fUMMfkitUtft H?rrlik|r| tl|.w I ?ad Pottsvllie it lit t ..vrfrttf la Philadelphia at 1 *0 p m IflTiwoitrttiilMT* Herrlsburg ?lt 1" p a n4 PeituilU it t.U a. jirrlTlu(itrkriM?l?l>Utll?l| Barri?barg aeooinaaoOatten inin iMdlq a* T N * n . m4 Btrriibiri ( 4 M a. . Tasairl lag Bt Beeolitg ollk A(te<uo< a ioMMtdMlM Booth st 6* p a., arriving In Philadelphia at 9.1" P. a, " Market Treta.wlth a taMinrnr iftocM, Itlttl Philadelphia at IS ?' doom, for lUUltf mJ all Vtriutiwi, iMfM VriilDf llJUt a . Klxl Dowaiagtuwa IS R' p. a. for Phileaelokia aad til ^?y f4?tioDI. All tbe sb< triiHruB dally, Banderaexcen-*d. Bnanay 1 rail a l?ave Pottsvllie ii(t a , aad Phllndelpbia ?' 3 15 P ni : Iseoe Philadelphia f..r Reeding Bt 8 a. as.. reteralag from Reading st? a 0BB8TBB VALLEY RA1BROAD. FMinitnlor Dowuiagtown sod intermediate points take lb* 7 3D at.J a ui ki.4 ?jl p m train* from Philadelphia, reiurnlug from Doweitigtow B at 7 a m. at 4 12 .? neon 1IW YORK BXPRbSS FOB PITTTSBUBOH AND 1 UK WR8T Lhtk Hew ^ oik at 7 ?.?* a. to and 3 p m . it? tog Beulivg at 1 *5. 11 63 a m and I ?? p m . u | connecting ?t Barrt*bur? m|?h Penani Uaoia ami Bert bom Central Halloed Bipras Train* f.,r Pittrbur^b. th.'cag >, Willlaaaarurt. Bltulra, Maitiaaoie Ac. Beturnlng. tiprfi Train leevre Har-lsharg r>? arrival of Penneylvanie Bxpreaa from rituUr.n at 3 and ;?#.' t?i , 9 15 p ni peseta* Beejiug at 4 49 BDd,l0.f>x b. at. and 11 3S p m , arrlTfaa at Hew Tork It) a m . ar <\ s.45 p a. ?l~-piu? car* i accompany I it* ihe*e trains through tietweea Jeri ?> ( 4t> riiubarsb. witboat change. Mxinrain f'T Mas York Iravaa Utrr.ibur? at | 2 10 p m Ball train for Harrlabaif UavaaBav York at 12 m>oB BOttUYLKILL VALLBT BAILBOAO. TiBinaloaTo P<>tt)Ti:i? at 7.11 ?a tu au<i 7 IS r. IB.; rrtarriBK troni Tkaa.oa at 7AS a m.. auJ .4CBBd 4 16 p. BJ. BCUb YLK1LL AHP^ BTSQUBHABBA BAILTrain* leave Aaburo at 7 Mi a m for PltMrror* i Bud Harrlabnrir and at I tw p. m., lor PlMfrora * and '1 raniost. retaraiKg Irom Uarriabnrf aI s M> p nr., and from Trauont at 7 IS ?. m. aad S 2f FKKTOHT. Oro4* nf all rlMrrlptlona forward-?1 to all tb* atrove polnta fr?.an the Woriipany'a Wow Frelahk l>cp*t. Broad and Willow atraeta FBB1 OUT TKAIBS Laara Pbiladrlpbiadarlj at. .jwa a ,11 Boo? and 6 p. tu for kr>|, L.!<auon. Harriabar* Pottavllla. Port Clinton, aiid all poiuuuruuj* mails * Clore at the Phlladaipiila Poat Office for all ?lac*? ob the r< ad aa l ita branches at S a. a , aad for the pnacipal ?tati<>Bs onlr at 3 IS a m. ja It tf PBKW?TLVA>'1A OBMTBAb BAILBoAD. VlINTKH AkK&MUSHIkl. Tb* tram* of tbw Peun-ylvaaia Uaatral Kailtaao leave tbe Depot, at Jut an 1 Market street*, whfibls reavhed direct!) b>tkacars >t th<* Market btreel Paa* a?er Raftwa) . Th<?eeyftb^ Ubmtnut and alnnt ft reel Railway ran witbia ona Bqaare af it. OH BI NHAYB-The Market Street Caraleav* Frout and Market * treat* 36 Bit a at a* before the departure af each traia. MAhb * BAUGAUt BAPBBBB Wllloall tor and daiivor Ha?t(ac* at the liapet ur<Un left at tba "ftce, lu. t>3t Chestnut aireet, will racalva Bttsatiob. T^tttn* Lear' D'ro'-, Viz; Mall Traia at IWa m. Paul I Aevom'n boa IAS. It.<ua nikll SI :u. Fast Line sad Brie Cxireaa at 12 *> m Parkst nm Train at 1 IM p in. Harilaborg Accom.'iiodatioa.. 2.30 p m. Lanc%*ter Accomui dat. u Bt 4 (M p ? Mttal nrgh and kite Mall Bt I CO p IU. Philadelphia Bxrre** at 11 p ui. < Pittsbkig A Brie Mail leave* daiiy. exc??t Sat- j nrAajr. I Pbiladalphia Bxprew* leaves daily. All atbar traia* 4?il). exc. p' bnnda> . rars< t*ei*kr Mall Traia ge to WilltaMsaort a) witbent cl anae of car*, and arriva at LockHa- * en at S 10 p. an Psaseafers bf Mall Traia go to Oarllalaanl I Cham) erst nrg without a cbanfe of ear*. tfleepli'g Oar Ti<keU<*n be bad on apptioatloa at the Ticket Mftu a. <>31 Chea tnat street. 7V?a?? Arrtrt ml Drpot, Fat : OtaclaaBU Bxpreaa at |? as a aa. PbilpA*l|bia Eiprraa at 7 loa m. Paoli Acaem.. Sioa. 1 A t M 20 a a ,A7.Ma ca. Parkaborg Train At IB a. m. Lancaster Train At it 40 p . Fast Lib*? At IMp a Day Bxpreaa at l-?p m. Batrlvbnrs A<-maaao<iattoa at t.SS p ra. Pbiladaipbla Us prats arrives daily, axcept Moaday. Claciaaatl Bxpreaa arrives dally. AU other traina dally except Baaday. Paaaeagers laaitng Lock Havea at 7 a. . w.d Vtlllanaport at 8 4? a. a., reach PhllaAalphla, wiibont cbaa?a af ears, Willlaasport. bf Day Bxpress. at 6 s> p a 1 be Peanaylvaaia Ball road Coaapaay wtt) aot aaaitve any risk for Bagf afe, sicapt for Waartac Apparel, and llalt their raspoasibLlity to Oa? Bond rod Dollars la t*1os. All Bagga** axoaod Ing that amosnt fa valna. will U at the risk of tbe owaer aalsss takea by saacial eoatract. For farther latormatioa apply to JOHB G. ALL KB, Ticket Agent, 631 Chest at street. BAMCBL H. WALLACB. Tioket Ageat at tbe *a5*BMI?BABT TBATB raas daily, except Baaday. For tall particalars as te fars aad arcwaanda tioas apply to FBABCIB F^MK., 13 7 Peck a. CBBTBAL BAILBOAO OF BBW JBB8BT? F?eBeaser and Freight Depot la Bew York, a foot of Liberty street. Ooaaects at laiuytus & Junction with the IMaaare. Lackasraaaa aad Wrtteta Bail road, and at Baeffcn with the betigb J alley Railroad sad ita ronaoctl n?, fer niog a M direct line to Pltaaarg aad tbe Wait without change of cars. ALLBBTOBTB LIBB TO THB WBST. Two Bxprsss Trains dally lor tbe West, except Bondays, when one Train in tbe eveainc Bixty mi lee aad three boare saved by this line, toChlcHgo. Oiacianati, Bt Loaie, Ac , with bat oae abaaga ef cars. WIMTBB ABBABBBMBBTB, Ooaiae? clng Jaaaary 7,18*7?Leave Bew Tork ss follows: s .io A M ?For Bastoa, B-tbl.b?m, Manrh Cbauk. WtlliasBsport, Wilkaskarre, Ma'..aioy Ott>, Ac. SWA M Mail Txai*?For Ftaaington, Bastoa, Water Oar. Bcraatoa, Wilkeebarre, Great Bend. Pittsbars. Bincbamtoa, Ac. ? A. M ?NVastern Bxpreex for Bastoa. Allentown. Uatrisbarg. Plttabarg, and tbe West, with bat one change of can to OiaciBnati ar Cbicag >, aad but two t hangea to St. Leais Ooaix-ct* t BarTt^barc with Burtksra Central aad Phtla]?lpkia and Brie Boads, for Brio aad tbe Oil B'fflODP. 13 M. Tasih?For Baste a. AlleatewB, Man h a'huna. Wlikeabarra, Beading, Potavtile, Barns^S^.^l.-Bor Basta. Be this bom, aad Maeck Oinvkk. I p. If.?For Bomorvflle aad Fleaingt-a. S P. M ?For Bastoa.Baadlag. Berrfobarg. FllUsaeaort, Irviaetoa. Oorry, Brie. Ac. tileepinA oar (roa Aow Tork ?e WllUsasperi S.1SP. M ?For SwaerTtlie 7 30 P, Mj?ForBoiaerville. if M -WBTitn BxrxxasT?Ai?.--For Baaton. Allentowa, Reading, Barrisoarg. PrtUbarg, 'gl^jt^Tsrs tbroa^h froa Jersey City to Pittsl'"aI/itiVna*bIm art ru to Borfea Poiat, *Tir'ksti?ibrCthe West eaa be ebtalaOBat tke o?r* ef *b? Central Ball road of Bew Jeroap. foot of ti'.ertr street. Bortb River,at Bo. 1 A star Boose. M M?^??V!Tt1, ?8S Broadway, aad at Bo IB ^ lat>^C>SlAyO. BTB * BBS. BapetjaSeadent. NBW YOBK AMD BBW IATM BAILBdsD. PaasaMar Btatloa la Bew Tork, ooruer sJta street aad Foartk a venae. TBA IBS LBAVB BMW TOBB For Bew Bavea and ltetaAapert-i. | . Bi V U ? a. a.; 11.1* (Bx.),?(Bx ), Mi, SJI, aad St Bx.?, ^ PFor MUford, Btratford. FalrtoM, Beatbport, .... 'V&S-XiUr...nms-: ?? * Fof'&Jrtfo'rd aad BBTlacBeld?B, (Bx.,)U* " mJjT n'uJaVfoaLfc^- allisH T a,a-<Ba.> RSfflff rtI 8,i5?i)eirlf&rBa. Loadaa aad BfoaiaAtoa 1 ^iHtaaVAhilUF B.M ? V*to Bartkaap tW Beaoatoaic a4 Baag^aek B-?r^"f'orVaabary and Barvalk ft. ?.-?. ? *-m': **ComaodleaS Bleeplag Oars aMsrbsd ts 8 ?. a i*Bs ?. s?tT,a...ii'-'? ^