Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1867 Page 2
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THB EVENING STAR. Tie Urged CireoltUti ii the liitriet u\V waxlach. m>H m yesyrtetov. WASHINGTON C71TT: MTrnpAV rcrtvm i*. imt. WUADI16 MATTER OM ITIIT PAQR. 1KB OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TELEGRAPHIC A.VD OTHER MATTER. TO ADVCartSKRt. Tl? following ;s the oflleiaj Aborning of til* c wen la won o< daily paptn of (kw at 17 oompeuug ror the Oovernmen t advertising eeder tb? recent set of Oongrese directing lack idTfrtuici to to mad* la Um two dally aews? papers ot Washington aartag tt? large* eirraiatioa : Kvasivo STA* 7,7U copies per day. Ckmnitle. S.IM0 ? m hf'lHftnctr l.S5t ? ** Tbe mama of adrertlslng by the etty paper* or t*e quarter ending llecember 31. rSM. u fMifc from the book* of Um laieraal Kerenue Olflcc, are as follow*: Lvenius Star ?l3,lu7 lnt'll\grnc T 9,lte C Ironic It Mrpublicctn 5 tti TUE LAKOR QUESTION. Man Is naturally slothful. W are it not that be is compound to wage a constant battle to ward off hncger and cold, be would soon re. lapse into ignorance aad barbarism. Tbe more pressing bis necessities, the fiercer his conflict with tbe opposing forces of nature; a fight in which bis body is strengthened and his intellect tbarffned. Thus, in the tropics, where nature is ibe ally ol tbe human race, and man can *11 h?lst without exertion, and needs bat littie clothing, ne is coon stripped of all physical energy and mental activity. In tbe temperate zone, be must work for a living, or depeud upon others. Labor is hH normal conoil ion Two classes only would seem to be exempt?tho^e who are rich enough to hare others work for them, and those who are pbTMcally unable 10 labor. But tbe rich man is really tot an exception to the gen. eral rule. His exertions to keep what be has, aiid increase his store, keep him often more actively aud anxiously employed than the poor mau, who is compelled to toil daily for food lor bimtelf and tamlly. As to those who are able but unwilling to labor, they should not be allowed to prey upon tbeir indu> nou> neighbors, or evade tbe Divine command, which Is Imperative, and makes work a moral duty. -Six days sbalt thou labor.'' God commands us to labor six days in tbe week just a- much as He comtnaad* us to cease laboring on tbe seventh. Those who discourse on Sabbath bn akicg, often overlook tbe other clause of tbe commandment, bot both go together; and he only can properly appreciate tbe Sabbath rest who has devoted the preceding six days to labor. Tfcee* remarks ba%e been soggestsd by the tate of affairs developed in this country, as Tecorded In tbe dally papers. Thas, while a cry comes frem tbe city press, particularly in the North and Kast, that tbe labor market is overcrowded, and men and women are almost perishing far want of food, our Western and Southern exchanges teem with appeals for emigrants to settle in tbeir respective sections, aad complain of a scarcity of laborers. Forests are to be cleared, farms to be cultivated, mines to be worked, and factories established. Men now a arving in the cities May, in a few years, by close application, by unremitting industry. soon attain in the country respectable and independent positions. These facts should be widely circulated, as a matter in which the wboie country is vitally interested. Young men particalarly should be appealed to, to seek new fields of employment. Many of them now falling into evil habits in our over-crowded cit es, wbich will lead them to the jail or, might, before middle attaia wealth and distinction in some new community, where competition is not soactivt and unrelenting. All they want?many of them?Is a chance to succeed, and this chance denied them at borne, they will find in the new settlements In the West, now being opened up to trade and commerce, and in tbe South, where immense natural re'oaree- are only awaiting the application of skilled and intelligent labor to make tbe Soothers States the rivals of their prosperous neighbors in the North and West. A New Test Oath. Editor Star: It Is generally fell among lsyal mea that there should be some evidence equired of those who participated ia tbe rebel, len, that tbelr hearts art weir loyal to tbe Union, as a qualification to vote and bold office, even under Sta-e authority. If a man still desires the establishment of the "Sombera Goafederacy" be caaaot claim to be a good citisen of tbe United Stares, aor, If be is fraak and bouest, can be complain that he is disiraachissd. Oa tbe other hand, if hie heart is aow right; if be repudiates tba heresies of sesession aad rebelWon, and desires tbe perpetuation and supremacy of tbe Union, there Is no reason of State why he sbonld bo ezelsded from the polls. It is eery desirable to aafte all good and true mea of tbe South in support of the Gorernmeat. The "Iron Clad" test oath, it is well understood, would exclnde nearly everybody; aad tbe substitutes that bare been suggested by the authors of tbe Norcb Carolina aud Loaisiana bills that have been read or adopted la the House of .Representatives, would exelade three-fourths of ths white popalatioa, at least, area in tboee Stater: while la other States those oaths would bar out from ninetenths to mnsteen-twentieths of tbe whites. Tbi? is certaiaJy aot desirsbls. They would at ih* same time exelade thonsaads of the most intelligent negroes, who, we are assured, prrtemdr.d to tool great enthusiasm ia tbe rebel cause. Tbeir sympathy with a caase which bad for la object tbe perpetuation of their slarery, was doabtless, in the majority of cases, affected, bat, aadsr tbs Louisiana bill W,H be called ap?a to prove by competent loyal wuaessee, that they were lying duriaft tbe whole foar years that they were throwing up their caps, with tbssr shovels of earth, for tbe CoaCederacy. la lien of such oaths, tbe following his been Ef**ted, which seems to cortr ibe whole ground, and to gire all tbe safeguards to the Gevsrament that caa be dsrired from test oaths: . lilA ? ' d? ?'?mn?y swesr(or affirm) that I earnestly desire the restoratioa of all the southern States te tbelr proper relations ae members of tbe United States; that 1 am ia faror of a Ualoa of all the States unfler tbe Constitution as n aow extern: aad that I am aot ia favor of a southern confederacy, aad would opposs its establishment, even It it coald bs effected peacefully and without cost I farther J pport tbe Gonstitntioa of the Ubiied States aad tbe laws made ta par. aaacs thereof, as tbs saprsms law af the land, aaytbiag in tbe csastitaUoa or laws of J?y Surs to tbs contrary notwithstanding. Bo If It is urged that this sath will bs falsely take*, tbs ssms may bs ssid ofaay tern c*tb< evsa tbs iroa-olad.*' Bad noen will take any oath, and other bad men will stand at their rompargators; but even bad men. if thfcy bare occupied prominent positions before tbe public, caaaot afford to b* branded as perjurers by tbeir neighbors?aad this le the class which it is desirable to aeacb. It is of little consequence that a be gars mod rote, though their hearts may aot bs right, as it regards tbs I'aloe, provided tbeir leadership excluded rem oflce. A great merit ol this tsst oath -u, that its V caaaot be disrated by ib*se whom it wia axel ads from the polls, aad from office. Sm/Torto Pane*.?a leading Mar them P*par says of tbe ,nr?aiisst '-iftlignasr. that .qt Is nothing mors tbaa a dally apolog^ for tiseatm aad a daily calumny epos patriotism ' ?alternating bat wees attacks upon fi jifia' * aad complimeate to rfce traitors." ' * ~ WtTrotn J. Sbmiagtoa. Odeoa Balldl^g, we have Frank Lttlu't Lmdg't to r March, aad B?adU'? Dialog ass, Ne. *, for schools, parlors, aad festivals. Mr. WIImi'i RreMikfi^MjaBiU. r *Dunng the evening mmq at tbe &raat* yesterday, Mr. Wlleou luirodiaced a oi{j urmCing the conditions upon which thh>tii*s ly in rebellion may reaumhtheir pr%cti<Sil relations to the (Jovera neat or the Uuiitt Statee, as follows: Be it enacted, etc , TlMtf lb* fourteenth Article i ot the amendment to the OonaCUJtioa hannt < been duly ran fled by to? Legislatures 0f ttie requisite number of State#, the same is here .y 1 declared duly ratified and part or tbe Consti- I tutiun of tbs United Statee, and valid to all intents and purposes as part of tbe Don-motion 1 of tbe United sum; and when any of tbe i States lately in rebellion sball bay* rati fled ; tb??Sam, and shall hare modified us consutuj tlon and laws in conformity tnerewitb, and j which sball mmt? eqn?t nM Hhphrtlftl snf. I ffM' to aJl tils male citizens ot tbe United States that have attained toeace ot twentyone year*, and hare resided in the Stata on* year, and In the town, parish, city, district, or eooaty three in tntbe next preceding the day of election, without regard to race, color, or previous condition of servitude, except such as may be disfranchised for participation in tb# late rebellion, in any and all elections for Presidential electors and representative* in Coa*r**e, and tn nay and all ele- tlons for Governor. and for all State, county, district, parish, and city officers; and, as provided bf its con*tituuon and laws, that all citizens of tbe Unite* Stales snail equally possess tbe figat to pursue all lawful avocations and business, to receive tbe eqoal benefits of public schools, and to have the equal protection of all tbe rights of citizens or tne United Sta'es in said .state, and when said Constitution sball have been fubinUted to the voter* of said State, as tbos deflufd, for ratification or rejection, and wben ibe Constitution, if ratified by the vote of tne people oT said State, shall hare been submitted to Conges* tor examination and approval, *ald State sball, if its constitution iw ?ppro%ed by Con^res*. be declared entitled to rf-i-rt-sentalion in Congress, and Senators and Representatives sball t?* admitted therefrom on iheir lading tbe oath prescribed br law. S^"Tbe Interlaken Advertiser of the 23d ait., eta es tnat our Minister in Switzerland, the Hon. George Harrington, drove through town in a splendid sleigh drawn by three stylish nags, arid on tbe Saturday following visited, ! In this turnout, the far famed Grisdewald. We ! are glad to learn that bis health enalfles him . io partake of tbe enjoyment peculiar to the bardy Swis? mountianeers. rom French k Richardson (successors ' to liuaton Taylor,) :J34 Pennsylvania avenue, I we have the excellent American Agricultural Annual for 1H*7, published by ?range Jndd A, Co. It is an admuable publication In the in| terests ol agriculture and horiicultnre. , flaTA number ol citlzensof Alleganv county : Maryland Dave addressed a memorial to the Board of Public Works of Maryland. In tovor of a reduction of t-jlls on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. wrw Patk>t8.?Two hundred and twenty, eight patent* will be lamed from the Patent Office for tbe week ending on Tuesday, the i 19th inst. Daring the past week SlOapplica| tions and 90 caveats have been filed. j S7*Gardner haa produced some capltil pho. t graphic views of tbe flood at the Long | Bridge. Sal*or La>i>? John S.Dallam, real esi 'a-e a^enr, or IM.ur, Maryland, has .sold a larm of eighty acres, situated on the road. h?1 tween linblin and Conowingo bridge, to Mr Savin* of this city, for S3.30J. ?? a orrick. oitt iull, WAsniNQTox, D. 0., Peb. l?. 18*7. The members of the BOABD Or ALDIBMBg and BOABI) OF OOMMOS COOSOIL are requested tomeetat tbe Mayor's Olficeon TO HOB. BOW, (tunday,) at I o'cleck.for the pnrposs of attending the funeral or tha late Alderiuen |D MO.vaoa. BlCHABU WALL AC 11, It [Sunday Bar aid] Mayor. Yy* I- O. 9.?Tha offl <-ri and msaa*>er?~ ?f JsJ tha M. W. OBAN 0 LODUl. n W OK* RD KliCAfc PMBNT, MOOST MI JO B KMBBT. Ha a. and OIH fBAL LoDGC.No t **$_*tone* led to assemble at tue Hall. TO M0B> BO^ (Sunday) AFTBBSOOH, at 2 iVlKk, for tha vuraoeaof attending the tnaeral of our deceased fellow * amber. Elijah Kdmohitox Br ri?- 11*1 1H1 OOflMltfBI. ITW*c,n?monlcatlon "of JW* LODOl Bo. If, will be held at fnwi *vii^V??r of ? nh streets, on bOBLAY BVBN1HO. at two o'cleck.for thenar. pose of attending tha funeral af oar fata brother ' ? H.r.H *oK!*V ! Us-3 TBB. amotated at aaahlle meet!ag of emI *lajees ?f tbe Waahin?ten Vary Yard. held on tae , rehmap l?th, to draft a aid r? selnflona, iattl og forth Ike hU b regani said L^f ofVhr^^^rt hp"""** ?' ^ . kwln*, Tha* the thanks of eatd easloyeen are ? hereby tendered to heaator Wade and Ms coadistois la thrtr efforts to s*enre justice to "fA th- farmer especially, for his noMe adtocscr of the cause of thJee v^o are oa i 0CCMi0*?"t>f^ the bone and sinew of tha Be it further refit-td, That sach mn deserve I *' re*a?ye aur aaitad *a?*ort, land we hereby recossmend them te their r>? pec tire oon!5fever*nt?U ed t?the su *?ort of the laberlaa me a who eonstltate the * whe create legislators i >;o.m?i's?w&H[K,?L. uurViS: *,0at,?0 : i K?aV''.ftis'! POVTPOHBDtoTOBBDAT BVBNIBO, the i?th ln?tant, commaaelag at Bo +! *?. Ticket* p r?.Bta; I * ?htsJned from any member of the Choir, or , nt tbe deor oa the evening ef tba Concert, fe ll tt m .atwhieh addreeees win he delivered by Bev dr2!2b 7 "mP,Mf be Id? ! "trrr'n"-'B"nr^=?boabdor tbadb booms, (GLASingAwiMT's) There wll' be aa adJhJEl4mMt^g'^he ! A'???1" HelAIPO^ii. flute OhfOittUgUi.R?i ] f# 14 aJ*JO"^f?gS4Vo7K6T,0?.T. I ' ICB CBXAM A DIlriNO UALOOB, w **an. Ave., bet. utk and Uth sts. Waddinn. l>f naer or Buapar Partiea saaalied at ebon aetie* with nevettiea la Pyramids, faacy Ooefectieuerles, JeiflW; WedJtag i ???m??fs: Salad., i JOSBPH H. SHArriBLD. i " w"n- ! .*f hwwere having completed the i f*r 1*7. will sit ns a board of ? * had fcptho p?rpoa* of maklag corraetloas, from the Uth laetoat u April lm inemaire,i?aa* y5*?U<C',et fchool Oomnsiseioaar's Boom, r*/m! Sch'ds) ' "*l1 " ST"* ? a. m. t* , , harder of the President^ [Iat] fe l *ot AM i vlrt^^rt" elhti^mul nijarsig stf a ... JlcPBSMOH A TBBOUBOH. "J '**?. arsiicg, coaan la* sunt, iwufi |. * *ll,l'* wss&sjta j*" btatlB ? BEO.t uurm, fc, SJt* ! c. sewimflr i nitithu<>rmi4d?s<(.n?,t.d1i 1 BayardTaylor. The Clavarlaa. a Bav9;>rTrIr. ] lepa. The Village ee the CllV; by Ml*s Thack- i erar. TvtMwriaceo; hr the anther ef John Bal- | lfhx. Ptekwiek Paper*,Plamoad Bdltloa. te U F BAB OB TATLOB. c'oWdfessiQNAL. - >' S*TU*BAT, Krbruirf 16 * zZltrzrJ:^c ,ni,nu'n* ?? i^mho ' * f ? *V?i* rovernment tor the laevrrerHoaarj The discussion wae if a Be ulofjr cbar ictef. Mr Siininer ofV'd an amendment settle* t^Vn dn^,?lb,'.?OD tH t^on*, Ameudme*! bad ?ate!a?ihnr. 2 tb? r^qa.-iu- numaer^r Mates authorized to pass upon it, and waa ?f th* ?ooet,t8t,o?; which was dia. a *?bi^u?rT.2!?!rHl ?* L<*??'^a bNl as w k >I tue un?etie& mum rtiriJwr* al" adJourn*<1 ??* " o'ci^ci tP** Ul Ctt%Mr ,a,d ?*?or* thI n-eoVuhoni pas?ed by the Ktulatura,oPf,0n of a Const . tutional twidm#nt providing that >he United Mitfw wnatera be elected dlMctly hvTh.neo Sle, ins teed of ths legislatures jUrfA^TL ommittee OB the Jndiciary d 10 Oo motion of Mr. Poland. the S-nate In. led on Its amendmer i to the iiaokruot hill and acceded ;o tbe reqo..t oTtbe Hoa^/for a Cimtaittee of Conference. Oa taction of Mr. Morrill, the Senate agreed to the request of the Huu?? tor * commiul^r srsrsifhA'::!"^ Mr Morgan presented the joint resolution* ?h?PilT *!\ ,h* l>?r??l*ture of New York thanking (,cn(re?K for the d<<mm of the Ih<' Wet of Columbia rnfiage bill ^r !h. pr?!* dent s veto. Laid on the table. M.r- J??,'1".'"' 'rom tbeCominittee on the IMstrict of Columbia, made a report on the oe. tifion ol certain naturalized citizens of the Ihstrict of Colombia, asking the extension of the elective franchise tn emigrant?. Air. Morrill said most, if not all, or the em. ?e-?n-s were mhject* or the monarchies or Eu. rope, and therefore aliens to this (lovernmentyet. hey dee,red to assist m making ti"f' It dtd nut appear that thev had assisted the country any In the late strutgie. tt?n d!?*'hifr?frtMr MoiT,11?,bp committee was tion of 'be sohj?ct 1116 c?"'d^aMr. Lane, of Ind., presented, as be said with great pleasure, .be credentials or hi" .ucTes sor in the Senate, Won. Ollrer P. Morton Thi Crr, wer* P??c?d on the fl|e On motion of Mr. Trumbull, the bill to nro. Tide for the allotment of the justices of the Supreme Court among the different circuits and the appointment of a marshal for iha Supreme Courr, and a marshal lor the District of ioumbia. was taken np. amended bv tnking out the proriso fertile appointment of ;:i;:h:;r.6s Dutr,ct of srm At one o'clock, the bill to provide for the more efficient government of u,e in?nrrec the Chair statiag that the" I ?n would be on the amendment of theScn.i^ from Maryland. fMl. Johnson ] in?**??or Mr. Doolittle took the floor. He said snch measures as were now proposed were the n,.t ?f ih# political heresies whuh had 'heir oripin in Mass^chnsetts. He had been bitterly denounced In Hi* own State, r Wis. tonsln.) and elsewhere, for telling the peot>le s^ve'iSdiPt?,Cn of ?e"* herMfc? woofd^s olt# the I nlon, and for this be had been JoS^in'. y 111 * legislature of Wis. coa In to resn b. He stood here to-day to plead for ti e life of the Union. This measure w is nothing more nor less that a delaration of war atcaiiut Slafe, of ^ UnioB)" ,on OI on1Annrr?!l,.!>U'lr''"P'(P,,-) frora "ommittee ^ .PP. ' '?*p? r*P?rteu a bill making an. piopriMtion lor sundry civil expenses of the RelTrreIT?n^,0r ^ ^ ',Hl,nK Jnne Referred ?o Committee of Wboleand madetiie ?p? ctal order tor Tuesday next Mr. Stevens, frora same Committee also re ported back tbe bill making appropria'iou for ^P,V""lof Inv?"1 ?"><! other pensions^ w"ereUcPo0nnci;"red?n?n ^"^^ndme^S w*-'?tworth. (Ill,) rlslnf to a qaestioa of privilege, said be d<*?ir?>d to introduce a r^ olution for investigation into a subject in vol v. ltt<*Shonor and purity of members of this Mouse. He would ask to have and r^?,ntlon read, and thea nr lhe SP'ak"r 'o decide whether * wss. or was not, a question of privilere. foMo*rsambl' aDd reBO,ution Wl" tben read aa th# I>rM,dent of the United States ?fVEhD ' ,M* * member of this House and m,8dem*anors, and the Committee on Judiciary has been Instructed "ncb Sigh crimes and m.^emeanora, with power to send for persons anti .TF"*,' 10 rwPort to th? Hou?e the result of *uch investigation; and whereas while the ?aid Committee on Jndiciarv ar? WUh r*,*tJon 19 *nch high crimes and misdemeanors of which tbe President il charged, with a view of making a report for the act.on of this House, it ha, for some tiSe been rumored, and it has been lately asserted hlrm .*vr?i?-'i? **w,PaP?". that certain mem, Ho"** ???o will be required to act Impartially upon iqcI report are boldinc I private meetings with a view to corruptly bar I Tk>,*ttoB of their oaths, and are pledging themselves in ad vance to aet adverse. I '> ,*P?n fBt,S report if u sheuld be nafavor. I able to the President, and also a:t adversely to I certain other measures now before this Howe I provided the President agrees to certain thia^il I l?"ZLcb ^e has hereiofor? beSSJpStduSd to retrain from doing certain things which he I V , 7?Z?f do,n*; ItoTtton, Jfftolred, That the Comihittee oa Judiciary I be instructed to Inqaire whether any such I meetings have been held for any such eorromt I mien?r?r*' Wh at na#mb*r? bave attended such I persons besides members of (xngress have been present; what persons I ,b*7? C?[T Z* commiinlcaUoiis from ?octi meet. I , prMide5ti from the President to ?? ? r#tin?? an wt>at have been tbe nature I of such communications, tod to report at an ?rly day tbe result or that Inquiry,Pand ?o re ?nJ?,?hI!0,n,,an for ,b* ^"oh of the House I and what measures are necessary for the DresJ I House"1 ?f tBe hOBOr and ,nd?P?nd?nce or the I ("LWr'MX'1 "" Mr. Wen twortb declined. Mr. Kldridge said he desired to include those ?Mvfe?'h;? 'Adn W?.? hxa corruptly ri hi n^.V ?rd8r! .on th* Republican side ] I it Jr,?u"qn?t'on waa then seconded I o/theYahle( ?n j "k ,0 ,aT ^e resolution motion and anbseqneatly withdrew the m,.^LSn.Mt^n WM tb,m takr? on the motion ,2**31!. S Prea?ble and resolution, and fbe yeas and nays being demanded. It was I greed to-yea* 8(), nays fl. utaaaeu- 11 wa> Mr. Wentwortb moved to reooasider the vote I whereby the resolution was passed, and moved I 10 that motion oa the table. I i?** 45t.trr motion was not agreed to. Mr. Wilson (Iowa) moved to reftr tbe resoiioni? a committee of three rerrin^ .'f re'l ) rao"*?d to amend by re. ferring to a ?elect committee of ene rf.LAJ!?- and M)"' *mid much amusement demanded upon the Utter motion, and uWa. reiected-yeas f4, hays 69. ' IKIi* moti#n to r#fer to a select committee of ?m?d7d wJT^dto*"1 ^ rMoluUo* " rTn^ ^W9* an*ounoed, Mr. Wilton I ielecTcommltUie. ,,n#d t0 MrT( uP?n th* On motion of Mr. Went worth tk> Uu., I ?Dd pij^rsW" aultIoriMd ?o aand'tor persens r.Mrudy;.^Mf ?'uV*oo?mu2: ?i" 'or r'^?f ?f contractors for iron I u.? cSSa? i2S.0,?f,?k'.,db)'fl ?????'; kn opportunity IS Win or OAK ,W0,0? .1 WItL FIXJ> 1 A GOOD ABVICL1 I 'at ' J fa li-St J. T. WUKH1 LDMB11 TiJIP. j^imoldtio* or oojpaatsaaikip. I kin i OB 44. L. LOOK WOOD A on r>ooiiiii.nn iiu. TA9LS LCX0BU8, ' COr??*l, J Onraer mf luh aa/fc^A- 1 ^ABPIWaS, UTII BA1IMM [ l&t&SH&NB: t Oe?aeref>tthLi jy^tI i. QDilll IXI1YI ' vm.j. iwuitm * oo. 1 QOAM* . t. JOHVHOI A SDTTOR'R f*? Old Stand, 4307th"t ? * * - - ^ - W" ?M - ? . ?- W ? ..... WttBHT y ~ \ \\ r government securities. Wa?hhoto?, February IS, 18?T. Jay Cook* A Co furnish tbe followiag qaot at ions of Government securities

c.b.cs coupon, wi? *1ft} C. S. Fl*? Twuuh, 10W 10#fc ilj? ? f!** ** 1-7 HT7X U S. FIT# TwmtlM. ttJRA lorw 103 U.S.Kit* TweoUes,j4oAJ,y.?S.l05>k litf* u. s. Ten Forties..,. toi % 101* 11 S 2iirtte*' i** U. S.Bevea Thirties, Jon*......los* U. Bfeeven Thirties. J niy ....... ios \ V4 \ ' *?W TOM FIRST HOARD IALM. '112? W4irt 101 * ? ?;?. W? 109* 7WS. August.... 1<* .V.fe, lf*W TIT# ' We, June......|u$\ .YttTe, 1865 1?7* July 10$ J ?.*' , ja.hjy.'tt.106* Gold 13$V. th* wgntwortb RESOLUTION. Mr. Wenltirorth's resolution to-day alleges that certain members of tin Rouse have bargained with friend* of the Preaident not to favor Impeachment If the President should agree to do certain things, and not to do cer'ain tbings. We have made inquiry amongst those supposed to be poeted in the matter, and have satisfied ouraelres that nut on?* word regarding impeachment baa b*en uttered at tbe conferences lately held between conservative Republican members and friends ol tbe President to ascer( tain it it was practicable to arrive at some I unity of action between tbe legislati ve and ex. ecutive branches in regard to reconstruction. Unless it la deaired to keep np tbe present dead-lock, we cannot tee what harm can possibly result from ancb conference in regard to the dissensions between tbe two branches; possibly much good may result, and the expert, meat really aeema worth trying. senate caucus. Tbe Republicaa members of tbe Senate beld a caucus at tea o'clock tbia morning to conaider the course to be pursued in regard to tbe reconstruction bills now before them, and after some discussion appointed a committee ot even to ascertain if the provisions of the military government bill and the Louisiana provisional government hill can be embodied in a bill applicable to all the Southern States. It Is understood that if the committee are able to report such bill an effort will be made to pass it to-night. Sbonld the committee not report a bill of the nature deocribed. the Republican side propose to force action to-nigh1 upon the Stevens' bill now before them, and in all probability the secaion of to-day will be continued through the night. suit again?t the secretary of the treasury. The State of Texas, ha', through Messrs. Brent and Merrick, commenced a auit against Hon. Hugh McCulloch to recover certain Texas Indemnity bonds (nearly loo in number) withheld by (he defendant, laying damages at $100,000. ' national bank cdrrenct. During tbe past week there has been issued from t*ie Treasury Department 8170,13j in .National Hank currencv, making the total amount issued up to date ?3t>t.4<VMi.6 From ibia la to be deducted the currency returned inclnding worn out note3 amounting to ? _?.lioKtffcf. leaving in actual circulation, at tnis dale, e?r,SWibL farms in florida. Return* received by the Commissioner of tbe General Land Office from the local offices at Tallahassee. Florida, show that during the month of January last, two hundred and eljrnty farms, comprising in the aggregate i>l,4?0 acrea. were addt d to tbe productive force of that Ktate, under tbe homestead act of .) aiy mat, istte. which limit* the entries to eighty acrea each. fractional currinct. Daring the week ending to-day there has been received at the Treasury Department from the printers *555.000 in fractional cur# rency. During tbe sameper>od there bas been forwarded to the Assistant Treasurer at New" York. *100,000, to National Lanka and others, fll6,tsa>.<5; making a tout! of S*^16,4W.15. securities held. The eecnrltiea held by the Treasurer of tbe United States, in trust for national banks, reported to-day, are as follows:?For cireu. latinp notes, MIO 349,450; for deposits of publi moneys, ?3b,*11,450; total, ?379,110,900. currency destroyed. During the paai week there bas been re. deemed and destroyed at the Treasury Depart, ment f4P1,?oO in Fractional currency. Internal Rkvxnux.?'The receipts from this source to-day were *tt3,:265.El, making the total amount for tbe week ending to-day 9*2,676 3eS.45. LOCAL NBW3. The Death of Alderman Kdmenstoa. hxxtino of tki city cocnc1l8. Board of AldkrmX> a special meeting of the Board was beld this morning at 12 o'clock, the President, T. E Lloyd, E*q , In the chair. The Chair laid before the Board the following communication from the Mayor: Mayor's Ornca, Oitt Hall, Wabhi jrriTow, D C., Feb. 16, 1867.? To the Uutrd of AUlrrmm aid Hoard of Common Council:?(1 en tie men : It is my painful duty to announce to you tbe death of one of yonr members. Elijah Bdmon* ston, an Alderman of the Fourth Ward, who expired at his residence at 11 o'clock on Thursday last. 1 bave called you together that yon mar give expression of yonr respect for the deceased, and tbe regret so sad an ev*nt occasions to this community. Very respectfully, Richard Wallach. Mayor. Mr. A. L!oyd offered the following resolution*: Whereaa tbe Board ot Aldermen has heard with profound sorrow of the death of Elijah Edmonston, Esq , a member ot this Board frona the Fourth Ward; therefore, belt Jterolved, That we alueerely sympathise with the widow and family of the deceased In tbia their bonrof affliction.' Jietolvtd, That we will attend the funeral of deeeased In a body, and wear the nsnal badge tof mourning tor thirty days. Httolvtd, That the Mayor be requested to traasmtt n copy of thew resolutions to the widow of the deceased. Mr. Lloyd said It bad only been a few weeks since the members were called upon to mourn Ke lost of an ex-member of the Board front e same ward as Mr. Edmonston. Be had been Intimately acquainted with Mr. E. for th? past tea years, and associated with him fov several years ta the City Councils. Daring tbe whole period not one cross wora or angry look bad passed between them. He was noted for his amiability, gentle and good aaturs, and by bis quiet demeanor won the love ot all who knew him. It might bo truly said he,had not n enemy. He was honeftt and sincere in ail* his traneaettoae, aad a poke as Be felt in a plain, straightforward mfuiMr. All hia actlona as a merchant. Alderman, and man, were cosidticted on the strict principle of integrity ahd justice. Mr Lloyd epokn tor some time, ahd waaiistened to with great attention. Mr. Given said be was proud to hay* enjoyed the acquaintance of the deceased for many years, and It was With pleaaurs he bow testimony to his good aad aaoateataiious character. AJd?rman ixlmoaston in his last honrs. adrroanded by the rtffbcttonate, but now deedy alMetssI members of his household, gave evidence of hia reconsiliaiioa with his Heavenly master, and let as hope that he bae pasm<L through tbe dark valley Of defcth and goneTto Inherit that erowa promised to oe all. Mr. T. E. Lloyd said tt had beea truly skid wort wax Ms bond, had 'who, to the opfaioa of the people of tbe city of Washington su-' truly ua honest man. j The resolutions were Adopted; and, on nation, Messrs. Glvsn, a. Lloyd aad Turtoe wee ' ??^rtj;Moeere. Hahsr, Bryan, Oarroll, Drary, Peake DTbe < hair laid betore the beard the oaB fcr the me-tiug, and laMttoxawlvUQBa adasthd by the Aldermen. ? ~ f f I JMenee ot hleoon^ittwata generally,Vnd had, i.wBbtheexcepe|6n oionsortwowrma?esrvld- , conttnnousiy In the Common Oousniaime 1J-56, until last vear, whea he waa transferred to the upper Board. He bad kaowa the deceaseo tor over a third of a century, aad had i. ^fauV. I"1 uaiTi foandfcim to be & nu of strict usand or great beaevoleace fr. K*ogi lail?v?d Mr. Moor*, pirmr a tMi>| tribute to ih? term ry of the d?rr ?"d Sr. Nsileysaid tbat be bad kaown the de. cMptd forp loan tine, and b<* wu an honest, uBflgbt man, whoj* loss w.ll be fait by rainr. ffVw??l',"on,WT? oiiaim?iiMT adopted, and Kllbt. Simmi and Mulloy were appointed to act with tb? Aldermen's Committee in making arrangements for attendiag t a la serai. Tba Board tban adjourned. Crivihal Cocbt. Judge VUUr.?'Taaiarday. George A. Miller, indicted .or an assault and battery, *11 found gailty, and eeatenced to pav "a fine of ?25. * ' * Oeo Coster, alias Conway, Albert Johnson, and Conway Johnton. alia* Parent, indicted for larceny, were,"convicted Hugh T Fnel, Indicted for an aa-anlt and battery, was found guilty. In w crte^f MrebaH Cleary, ladle lad far I larceny, a nolle prot waa entered Tbie morning, Jeriy Jelfcnsen waa convicted of farctny. Edward Smith waa convicted of a like aTmh ' Matbaw Connellv waiconvicted of larcoay. In tbe case ol Win Scott. con victed of re. ceiving .stolen property, reasons for a naw tr?ai waa ff\rd. A aoUe prot. waa entered in tbe case of Daniel Wagner convicted of lart?eqy. Carolina Snyder, indicted for keeping a bawdy bonae, waa convicted. pTocnso A Pocket.^!.** nlgbt, Ricbard Rountree waa arrested by officer Dana, of tbe FiUh Ward, upon tbe complaint of Mr. Win. " McKee. who charges him with picking bis pocket of about ?21. The money waa m.t recovered, and 11 ia supposed ibat tbe prisoner threw tbe money away as soon as he was arrested. This ia tne second time true young man has been arrested within a month. He la a skillful painter, currying on the business on Capnol Hill, where he was highfv esteemed until ibete charges were made against him His rnae is held for a hearing by Justice Handy. ?: Ikstallatiob ?lin evening, the officers of the uew division of Sonaof Temperauce mown aa George Washington. Mo. 14, were Installed in the ball, on 9tb street, near I>. by G. W p. O'Neal and bis deputies, in tae presence of quits a large number of tbe members of the order. The principal officer* are:?W p Flood, W P; Z. B Brooke, W A : Wm M Bryant, Chaplain: H O. Kieiher, Treasurer; J.N. Oliver, Recording Scribe; and J. C. Cirliele, Financial Scribe. Tbs new division ?pens with cheering prospects, no less than :W applications fbr membersaipbeing received on tbe opening night. ? Attempt* at Brsr.urt ? Last right an attemp' wa* made to enter the grocery store o~ Jfibn Pflupgeron K s reer, between 19th and ai tb west, by burglars, who were heard boring through the doors in tbe rear of tbe nuilding They were frightened off by the inmates. About 3 no o'ctoek a. m: an attempt was made to enter tbe grocery store of Wm Hazgerty, corner af ?d and" I atresia we?t. The burglars bored several bole* in the atore door, but the proprietor be&rrl tbe noise aqd frigb'ened tbe burglars away. Rbal Est at* Santv?Green * Williams auctioneers, have sold the property ou K. ne-?j ?tb street, known aa Temperance Hall, to Wm. H Phillips, for H-.I4A); lot No. 11. in square H9, on 5tn ?treetsa*L, to Enoch Totten, lor it centa per foot. Sblljxg Liqcon by the small Thotbas BfprtBs was arrested by officer Crump, ot tbe 1st Wa'd, for -elling liquor by tbe small witboat licence, and was fined gjo by J ustice Drnry. SxRim 8 CBARiit-James Mathews, a white soldier, was arreted yesterday, by officer Ro?siter, of the 1st Wa^d, lor attempt at rape npon Mary O. Sanders, colored. Justice* Drury sent bin to jail for oourt. Parryihg WiAross.?George Hensoa wis arrested yes'erday by Officer Clements, of flie 4tb ward, for c?rrving concealed weapons. He was fined ?#i by Justice Walter. Police Retort* ?The police reported IS arrests m the l*istriet yesterday. a number for serious oftence?. Tbe fines in Corporation caa^s amount to ?95 i2. Altaira la Georgetown. Tub M abkbtb.?The provision Markets ws;y very well supplied this morning with ail tbe season will afford, aad.the attendance was quite as large aa coald be expected upon a morning ao inclement. Tbe roads are not in very good condition for tbe transportation of hsavy loads and tbe country dealers were not aa numerous as usual. Tba iicaasod dealeis presented an ample stock of vegetabiea and poultry ot excellent quality, which waadu*t>oeed of at price, varying little from those c f lbs Washington markets, as quotsd in the Star. FLOfB a*d Grain Market?There has been no considerable variation in tbs m rket during tbe past wee*. An improvement in tbe demand for tbe local trade was noticeable early in tbe Week, but transactions bave been limited to supply tbe Immediate wants of tbs city trade, holders not caring to sell in laics lots at present rates. At tbe closing to-day supers were quoted ?llJ0a?!2; cat a*tra?, ?12 50a?13; extras, ?13 5ua?ll. Some very choice brands were held a shade higher Wheat?Bed is quoted at ?H.KOe?i9n; no wbite In tbe market, corn. aSaSU esnts, and a lively demand for goad dry samples. A|Tumblb Dow>-.?Yesterday afternoon, about fifteen fbet of, tba stone wall in front < f tbe property of *r. J. f. Essex, on High street Bear water streeuslid from its foundation and fell upon tbe sidewalk. A a umber of persons bad passed a few aeconds before tbe structure gave way, but no one waa b?rt. Bobbino hia Conbapb.?Last night, Robert L. Merrill, a soldier, waa arrest?d*>y officer Findley, upon suspicion of stealing a ?oat an 1 a worsted shawl, the property of Cobra 1 Watz. Subsequently comrade of the prisoner complained that he bad lost k blanket. Lieut. Essex, of tbe police, took tbe prisoner ia baci and obtained information which led to the recovery of tba stolen property. Merrill was sent to jail for court by J us tics Buckley. in.nil a Bfox stb bet ME Cblrch.?Tbs annual tnlsfflonary meeting will be held at this < church to-morrow (Snnaay.) See advertise- ' ment. Alxxampeia. LoriK>vb abo hakruhiri Railroad ?The Alexandria Journal says that at a meeting of Use stockholders ot this road ia Alexandria yesterday it was orderel that the salary of tbe President be ?1,000 per aaaum until otherwise ordered. Tbe meeting then proceeded to tbe election of a president When Lewis McK.eszie, Esq., was baaalmoasly chosen. Tbe following named persoas were elected as directors on tbe pan ot private stockholders: Caseins F. Lee, of Fairfax; Tbocoaa W. Edwarda, af Loadoan: Beaiamia Morgan, of CtarB; bad Msesrs James Green, of Alexandria, A. M Chichester, aad J. J. Coleman, of Loudottn, ware appointed tba examinlbg committee. TU directors ou tbs part of tbe State are John Janaev and John JL. Sit, of Loadoua, John. Powall -aad Andrew ami son, of Jt'airiax. It was resolved that the meeting stand a4)oaraed until aush day between this and tbe tblrd Tuesday In October next as they may be convened by order of One ' president and directors Immediately after tbe adjournment of tbsstockboldscs tba board ot directors met, aad appointed Reuben John. stt>n clerk aad treasurer, aad Waablagtoa Bly tbegs?tal auperlaieadeat. <?>? car tbe las>s? an?afest eoMleb estab ItshBisBt of tb* kind la this S>Ltlea of eeaBtrv Biaaglag ofallbiada deabln tbe beet 1"J!1 !*, '"f subscriber aallcl ts tas boatt nand cawtujs ef tbe cemniaaitr Oaods rscsiysd Bad rstaslisl by exetees eilb tbe atmost aremptaess aad deewttsb 1 Post Office aidress. Lock boa W. M. Office eloaas gaily at auaset sxesifl ?aiarday, wbsn It ts closed at IH v w bll ta ramsdHora|ytaH^<^?^M|M^ "VtslnnrS%hfel?a^lo3 tfcal tCsy shenld aadtkfc taken by ?raaa%atjHMefc Cdarlag the first thtee SOrner Hth and r streets, NiWo,OU??WBlAt, bJSBr Bsardmaa ji orayTlaa^?T7? ? ' ' \ For sals apea aaay Isras. at the erareeeeaas ef 1 ... _ ^ .W. O MBTZBBOTT A OO ?ele Agents of Steiaway A Sea's Flaaes, aad Maaoa A Baalla's Ostlast Orgaas. lb 14 tf ?k TKLKOlUfaiC NEWS. STIkBIKfiJIEWSf MM UELltD! m? REVOLT NEAR KILL/LR> EY, 4*-??? COAST GUARD* KILLf DM ? telegraph Lihtsovri EIGHT *?rHDMKI> FKM AKS IN AIMS I K UbK OOL. 0*0? ?> NUH!1 .. . THEY iilKKAT TU THE H1LI.S WEAK klLLAKNEY. THE BRITISH TBOOPS POSTED TO COMMAND THE HILLS'. i * GREAT EXCBTMMENT! ?? POPULATION I-EAVim? ! UN 1TEI? STATES MILITARY OFFICER ARRESTED! TROOPF SENT TO THE INSURHEOTIONABY DISTRICTS ? (Ity Oanie fa jt?ao*tat*a Prm l^mxw, Kfk. II?Kv?ij?f?The Govern- i mfDt dfiun tbe w>oe?pr*a.i etoriea of tbe I landing cf ahipioade of Fenians at Valenti* J f?d in ths Shannon. ^ TkU tbtn bu Iitm a Mhoii moKlt or near Killimey iardmitted The teb-grapb wlrw twr Vtlfntlahtn ten cut and tleatioyed for a loaf distance 1a all directions, and p lilac* la the order of Uw day Several establishments have been sacked. and coaai guard policemen killed. Lint. I.OIDOK, Feb IS-Morrtaf.-Ahmt *? Ke. nirna. unlrr command ol t'ol. O'Connor, r?. rented to tbe bills lying about Ktllarney, lu tbe Coaniy o.' Kerry. Tbe British Gove; ument have posted troop* ai Mallow Junction, in the County of Cork, commanding tbe bill district. Tbe excitemrnt in tbe neighborhood ta in tease, and many living ia thoee coo noes are preclplta ely leaving. An ex-:aptain of tbe I'mteil sitaVs volunteer army baa been arrested on suspicion of being a Fenian leader. A number of marine* trom Ply month bave received ardera to depart lor tbe maarractionary districts of Ireland at once. Intel eating Legal rase. Nsw Ton*, Feb. li> ? La toe Supreme Court Chamber* yeetrrday tbe <aeot George ?Mn?*y, captain of su amrr Wn Mug ton Irving, cam- . ap on application for hta c is? barge ou a writ I babeaa rorpna. Tbe petHioner'a coon?cl ron - I tended tLat ibe rnjui>i'io-: of Gov. Pierp >nt via* m valid, on tbr crouad ibai tt?n> wa< uo W ancb S;a*e aa Virginia m tbe U nion recocni*- d i by Ibe Federal Government or Senate a* au<b that Governor P?*rp'Mii bad been appointed Governor by tbe President. and he bid no right to make sutb appole'men'; tba* th?* Governor otNevr York bad no legal anther* to expatriate a citizen on a requisition of G v P erpon', and tbat we bad no treaty wi:h Virg nia for that purpoae. He eiemfled bir- intention ot traver?iujr r?t?m to the writ, and a hearing of tbe ease v as set down lor ibia morning at ten i-'clock. . Specie Ooiag Oat Niw ToiK. Feb. 1* ?The out ward binnd steamer to-day t^.kea tbe feilowtnc am tint* ot tp**cle: Arago. ?-k?.tati; C. y ot H^lumore. fvAslU) Baiclde. Bosto>, Feb 14 ? A dmpatch from I'oncor.iN. H , say# Tboma* W . Bnchett, of Pembr*Kc. committed tuiudv ve;terday by haugiug binifclf. " Belle B*yd. Portlas d, Feb 16.?Belle Boyd, tbe confederate spy, came a passenger in the Moravian yesterday. ^j|RRAT BBDLCTiOB IB DBI BOOHS YATBI A BL8Y7343 PKB*. AVI . Are cloeini out their entire et?ck of MTioter I>BBSS OOONi CLOTH*. CAdSIMBK?-4. IUMKKTI and SHAWL-, at greatly roduced ram*, to make ro*ss for their aprlat etock. I They a*e *! ? eel Has? I lev York rfitis 4-4 Bleached Moella at ? c-te. V Vaaeatts 4-4 do do J* rto. talresesqlt 4 4 do do cu fl mm'Mm Milta - ?Hew. AMB C A'. SI AG IS CABHAttl^ CABBIABBS: rJgmM/ On hand a rery large atotk of aad Second band Carrla?ea. of s>erySC=*= M'Ura aad fiStah which will b? sold at reaaoaable rathe. BeealrHig frempUy atteo-i?4 to. BOS'T B GBAUiH. B* peal lory, 37 4 D atreet. bet ??t m4 ?th. fa IS at* Bk?. 4>Tgthatr?t,n?er P. FBBBCABT II.IW.-AII paraoaa haviag le tarMciea la ay abo? for rea?tra. arevion* to tba lat of January, are rmi a a# ted %o aaJI aad get them, otber*la* they artll beaeld at public aac u? - iL? u..r a-ijgpj Bun aad Loekaattb, jsa u s? Bo 414 P street. CBEtfl BABBABT L'ATBS. Malaga Orap-a, r Strawberry aad nhocolate Oaranela l?i?berry Cream. Obrxofate, Ac ? Ac ,**et reeaivet at or af.i.aCBT. II High at , BeorgataWa fal? 3f (jjOSBAa??.?OOM( u. w. BUBGHBLL. Oorner i?th ao<1 f ?tr-ata. fa 14-tf nadar Bbbltt Bouae. JltT BBCBIT??.?A Sbe lot of Malaga Br* pea", Havaaa Oraacaa, Malta D* f i?a. St Jago ltaaaaaa aa? fiae French Can Sea. at Jofl 11. BAPPIBliD'S Preach Confect oaery. H ? 1141> Pennsylvania avenue, tetweea Uth aad lStb ?tr**ta. f?l? At" Till OTIC?.? **<af fitted ? aad acocked ?ith choioe FaMlLT C.BOC BBIBd th* atore oa tba corner of lithaa<t F atr**ta.ibe naderaigaed d*atrea tolatora his frtenda aad th* aabllc gee- ; era ly tbat he la now areas red to faruiab tLe.a with all gooda aaualiy fouad la a tlr?^t - { fa H it Ooraer lltb and F etr*eta, r a FBB CBBT. SAYBB by aaiacG. B.JB WQU BLilt'S ?ar# aaedaifearatad maB* Few fork City bOAF, Premium FAMILY BOAF, Promt am tUABCBb BOAF, And Me 1 BBuVM BOaP. Foreale cb?*? for eaea. Orders through the root Oflics will b* premp4l> attended to OmiU Haiftctom, Mo. '?oo and iv'J 0 at. aortb. he< 4tba*daih. ja li 4? pKBSB BBBF ABD VBBBTABLBB. Mavr Baeaawairt, { Jtrveas Pr*r?#?**? end dmhmt, February 14. < Beal*d aropuoala, ealmaai t' Pr?*?ea*la for Febraary. IfcT l*r the scyyly ot BlMRSfiMS?3T Tbe Beef aad TegatabteeiesftBa of B**d >ieal h* IB *<|B*I ?r*p?rtloao. tore aad Wnl tsirtsri aed. iwsuty Mr oMt. In will b# wfUfctM sureties, to furaish the articles propaaad. Aa FtormtU tftU As atcompmy U be **cA iks'S??. ?ad ht >*>w/<WU>e( ees*etsC4 that ?sss?ss.ssiT.rr<j?r..,ssriS>.1 iMMiasiltysf BAOllllIt. ^StSB^uT.'Terr^^^O Usb E*?aaatity usually BOBUBBLL. l..v b ;r~~" B^41BTT Pj?H^J BKal?bwalta'?fcB?^*^'*for Febraary l>s Bow a for f^braarr v#c TaTu4p rtesr^i&Tzr "V^BBT l**aed oa Bold aa<^I