Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1867 Page 3
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*X\ AOXJiJUl THE EVENING STAR. | LOCAL NfcWS. amt^tmfnts *r'. ro'^mnr. vs ALt'e Hbw Or**A HorsB^?-Dicbtcf ructcsni? * riMtihimi ofthe"Loar Sf?Ut?. ' t?b> PrV J10-*00* WIU encode wuta "TheLotXmtwwmm. THKATWL-i^alfhtof Mri. F ,, l??der wfc*B tbe lrM?ir of "Bllnabeth. <in.?n of tnglsnd, will be repeated. UtTZKBart Hall?Mr. Kennedy will ilg( 1Ome C J tfcH .wet-lector the Scottish ballad* this evening. m Kir0 ?on?e of bis inimitable re;.raiior? |\f? or,* pbonld Ail to attend the e unique nnd pleasant entertainments. _ ?? C**T,R MaRk?t ir>ux\?Beef, best cut*. Klb.,2Sc.; next,* c.; Salt Beet, 15a*oc.; Dried U SMluc. Veai, ? <;. Mutton, chops. ?c., l*atnb, * ?.: T.artf, ??e.; Pork, fresh, fhi.^e corned Ite.: Baeon. bans, uncut, tfiamc : sliced 3?e.: breasts. i **?.: shoulders, ?9c. Butter 40a Sc.: Chickens, pair.; Turlries, each. 1 af4 f*eese.? I 5t' Ducks, pair,?5c afl Egg* do*., 4" Oreen Cora. can. 4uc. Greeri Corn! inear.doaen.l-.> cents. Apples, pk, Apples, dried. 75c Leeks, bb. Sc. Turnips, 85c. pk Peaches. dried, per quart, 15 cts. Beans, bu*. ter. aix .; white, lvnt5c.: dried cherries. qt., .** Radishes, per bnncb.,2a4c. Beeta, per pk . t?c IsST* p ^ Carrots. buncb. 5 cer,r*. > ?? ? **? ? * small.bunch, inc.; IK Sf' ***"*?, ?c each; Halibut, lb., tSe. Sheep head. ?5af 1 each: Lobster' ner pound, 15 cents, Sea Bass, per round, Kv? Mackerel, f?x*l 5o etch. aisai in^uh ll #>cafl.l0. Corn Meal, Si**1-10 Sh'pstnlT, flua*u?. Brown <tufT vio Ofttw, bb., ^a(i5c. Hay. cwt ti *wi ififtit SlraW' tlal.50. U*lery? prbnncfC 10c Honfiil*" Qoart, Bo. Cabbace. per bead. 5%10c. 10 ??nts. Let'nee, 1*10 cents, w Lprr pa,r- ? ??*: Potatoes, 3"?c. z ew,? "*ct *** ^n*, 5?'' he.18ms. inc. qt. Sweet Potatoes. Tic. w??w.1?C' ' R'rd?. per doi., fi.rM. pr *' Sma11 Duck?. 75c.a?| lAir l'lr . ' ***** ; Bed N^"- tla*i; Jn^Trr 5* /?* Mfh" rM*44,c- Chinquapins, per 3^"ach Cranb*rr,e*' ** Pumpkins, into Pork ? A small lot country slaughtered tb^8 nirn\V #1 100 lb *l tbe 9cfl1" boa*? \o d Ef" r0 " vwrr ftne tnr*'? "'re fold at the benches tor Ju to28cents per pound. ters renerally have provided tbem. *Je" ! 71 scales, in compliance with the now ? change obliceg tbem to explain __ ?'th* ?>ew standard of measures for efetables. Purchasers and dealers are conTiaced of tb? fairness of tbe system. Sawitart HKurLATioss for paisovs.?The Baltimore .Vwn, noticin* tbe prevalence of I typbns fever among tbe prisoners in tbe laii in thU which seems to have raged bevond tb?* power of tbe authorities to arrest it-?"pro*re^s, calls attention to tbe report of Dr liubameL physician to tbe jail in this city, and quDtes a portion of it in reference to bib mode I fher,Th,?m',Ut ?f ca8e* k*1-"- an J success, there having enly been three deaths in tb?* iail here, out ofji.? Ca.?s of disease treated dunni tbe year 1->H. ef IIS were feyer. and a Vr?V'tbf Min' ^Phns fever was endemic. Dr Dnhsmel says, in bis report : osn/e of'bl* dt?ea*e at the jail is a sub. * lnt,*rp?t l<> patnologisc in . *yrTJ precaution to cleanse tbe place mer (Jh-eert^Vra> Pestilence during the summer. Th* officers resolved to scrape off the whitewash, which, trom repeated coating* was in ^ome places orer balf an inch thici t>?on after the process commenced, the f*>Ver made i?? appearance and increased while it contim ed. when it was stopped, and tbf wniu .f?r?U|r y the disease abite I in conclusively to my mind hnmsiM * 'i01" frwra lhe crowding of human be,n?, tb-re. secreted away for years Ifn!ne ^revt,c^* An<1 ")lm8 of lhe waits a poibT ?heB ^r?i!rln raV,"r' whlch- helng liberated . P'nK of WHlis- w*a absorbed fever Th"?' r'*1' to th's end-mic exceUeiA ** * ?f "" pnS0n at PrWDt is frn??'"?ICT ,S the House of Bepresentativos yesterday, Mr. Ingernoll on iea\e, introduced a bill relating to the Al ?*andr.a ca.ah referred to the o5mm.ttwt> tbe District of Columbia. Senate bill to Incor porate tbe National Capital in.nrao?. Com. 'o the Committee for the DisJhf^?'nmb1* The Senate bill to au^hori^e vJl ra?r?h,?f thn FoM^ry Methodist eJuc" poi t^nurcb to ^^11 and convey *an?*.* *? r>peater s table and passed. Senate amend mente to tbe Honse bill to amend the a m* |C)?rrnPh?.rnl? ' ,h* N'al,OIlfcl Sailors and SoldiersOrphan Home; concurrcd ia. Senate amend lor'thehafiiff9! h" flX'DK *** compensation ZTJ** baiuff8 Rad cnere of the District of Columbia. The Senate amendmert strikes out the section removing the limitation to the num. roent mU'thrsi^bMC' *D^ tlD* appoint. ,U? S??preme Conrt of the District instead of in tbe Pm-ident, where the power in w to , /* n,rnd ''Bt w? non-concurred was SI,L^5ni\* committee of conference aPP?'n,ed. Seaate amendment to Hou?e bill amending the laws of tne District of Co. cu^'rt in ?!!!* f? Jndlcial Proceedings: con. enrred in. Senate amendments to House bill to regulate proceedings before Justices of the peace in tbe District of Columbia, concurred }or am'nd??'a to House bill proridlnj District Zr"^m:Dt ?f C*rUiB cnm- lu the iJittrict Cf Colombia, concarr^d in. ,}t?LOKXD ScnooLa.?The report of Rev A i-^m J1' ?P"1?'aadeat of colored !?T nioulh of Januarv. has been ? How*rd- showiRg tha: in %f*: 55 dar " > 5 night setools- with 1,737 male and l,i50 female duJl'?f *lt# W hite and 4 colored teachers 417 of tbe pupils are oyer sixteen years ( ace asi are in ta. aiphabet. TAeaan S tebUi! schools, with . 1*2 pupils. In Georgetown thsrs f cb^ols. With iao male and 161 female popHs. under 3 whit* and 1 colored J!?ii of'JS ?tn^pupile only being over lfl 1 ? ln lb-re are 15 day mal. ?nH^nC, 00V nnU*>r le *?chers, with 6.3 M fe?ale Pupils, 116 of wbem a-e bet ? sitji'rh ,w 4r* ln tbe *'phanet, s Sabbath schools, with 4U3 pupils In Annapolis. Mulkirk. Bladensbnrg, and Mont Md7?ich?Bl?- *arr|au1. there are ? daV and i aifbt school, wttb 3 white aad.lcoi 161' raaJ* and ltc pnpus 5i of whom are oyer lg years of a^L alphabet, making tha whole nnniber o^hools under Mr. Kimball 1.15. w?th uf, white and 10 colored teachers 3.or- n .1- . ZkI.o Ozl p IL'1*' ,r* not included in the w^Tbt !TPi>r 1 re ar# 3 industrial schools With 2.)4 pupili, jo which mcfe worlraneMw' ing, knitting, and straw braiding is carried on Dnnng the moeth ?71 booki *?r. n,. from tbe tree library. ' drawn ?BOM A Tniar.?Thursday ni*ht iK ?oart*t^eaS.arr*8,''d bT ft" Third Ward po? larceny ot a silver watch from James Evans, both colored. The watch was recovered, and Lvan. being aTo?".7d?V was committed as a witness to proeecar* Rats' ~fl? Wr>VteVm ?U?Vi?r COO,rt *>r Justice Mori \l' car.B'r In Baltimore, and thm Umi articles described the yery watch tiye wt"?k * ** "d y??day detec u Jl, . tb" nrui ?r Smith. Piereon A 1,' 'h? dr *?d identified him. and om bin to Baltimore for inn + s 1^h!,r?iL?nC,!,T ~LMt ni,ht Charles H. -^iaitb, col., was arrested by Detect!via keiin* -''d",4tl:Liir tht- '"?nr ollSSlrt^iSl*1: ing about *4<#> worta of clothing and jewelry Vm.Pt7hPrrt,.rKf Thoma? of SUuben. Zlr Tbe?atcb#l bad |md dtnoa/Ud hv lor aTfS^*t^'"ard * bot*,? where ^e applied ^^.on '0,n* on room assigned finding his satchel he made laqnl. *7 and ascertained that it had been taken a wav "T " "" _ ** r* wouid not receive tbe satchel m al toim'th^D^oL*1 n! Umo'w**ja the satcb. aaS hi*!^ Pr,*oaer was id entitled ?!;* <ooil u* *a?cbe| from the ' ^ > AaacaTRO oa stsricion ?Last ?i?bt tecUves Kelly and Big ley ar xas ti dWm and Wm Rag?foa, alias Joshua Bagst?nR^<? Jf?? Pfciob or certaia barglaSes ia th? city They Were tajr-n be/ore J ustice Tucked at tbe police headquarters, and were held for further hearing. Th? Gband Sacrbd Co>cb*t at Wall's <^era Buase 10 marrow (Saodhy) evening should be attended by all lovers of music, as the orat?rto to he given oa the occasion. Tbo Passion, the ?*ve? fast words of our Savionr -on the Crete," is said to be Hadyn's finest work. tW ' 1?/J ?P?ra?lc costume women ai MeioerottHall, on Tees jay aid Wednesday eve a ing are creating Jiti tLab!T rx?'t#??n? in musical cif Trie sale of ilfktti commenced this iiaaiA a\- Taag t* o x 1 al? which. will censist of a musical entertainmeaf. Ac tendered to Jobny Mctllade, will positively take place this evening, wben all h s friends are expected to bepreseut. * pi] I I lO 1 i 1 Q ! V# 4 * i X t- fx ALuaw*Mii? VIOUUTE?ifrdBM the aim?r? of jeotorday wa extract the loll owing items; Prop<wais for reattag Fl?h Wharf, ^nr- * lag ib? cobIk|muoi, commencing on tbs 1st; ot March and ad icn tft* lit day- -of June, . were opened at 18 'clock to-day, in the A?dlidfn Office. by the Oofarfitttee on Public PTope.-tv, of tbe Cuy Council, 4a tbe preosnce ot a I r;r aumberof fishermen, some of whom w'M bidden. Tbe offerings wnn? as foliowaOeo. W. Harriaor. ?B,S56. M. BoesM-t, 2,9??; Grey and Lylea, f2,(it5, and Col. win M Stewart. 1 Mr Harrison's bid being tke iArfest, tbe property ?u awarded to him. Tbe Fen'y BoU Windislmmet', we understang. while on her last down trip from Washington, last evening about 7 o'clock, ran afoul of a quantity of floating ice, damaging one of her paddles to a considerable extent. Tbe damage wa? repaired, fcowsver. ia a few hours, ; aud sbe Is on the rout* again to-day. as ts also ; rbf Tboots* Oollyer, keeping op tbe commuuication be twee* tbe two cities. Tbe stall ot Mr. Oeo. Bossart, in market, tbis morning, bad around It quite a crowd, to see one ot tbe largest bogs ever brought to tbis jnarkeL Tbe bog wi? raised by Mr. Joseph Plaekett, of Fairfax county, anil was killed and prepared fur sale in artistic style, by Messrs. John and Jacob Haslipp. Its nett weight wav<50 pounds!?wbat was its gross weight, wben alive, no one can tell. Oor City Councils were summoned to their chambers last pigbt to consider the matter ot refusal ot tbe Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company to pay their Corporation uixea tor the current year, that Company claiming exemption therefrom under tbe act recently passed by tbe city fathers with reference thereto. No quorum being present. an adjournment to this evening was agreed upon At tbe approaching municipal electiou to entitle any person to vote it ib requisite that tbe person shall have resided two years In tae State, one year in the town, and one month in the ward where be offers to vote, and shall bare paid all State tax*e assessed against h m lor the preceding year." \V?j understand from Mr. Garwood. the late Sheriff, that a large number of veters have not paid their taxes lor tbe year lbt*i. The Washington trains have suspended operations now ibattbe beats are makin* regular trips, and tbe public are once more pArmi'ted to go and ccme without let or hindrance. The damages to tbe bridge aud road will be repaired with tbe least possible delay, aud tbe local and through trains will then be re-, snmed. The Ice embargo on the Potomac has been raised, and navigation resumed. Steamboats and sailing vesiels are new running It is quite refreshing to see once more the white sails of tbe river craft, and bear the ''thundering of the wheels" of the steamers. There is a considerable current in the river to-day. which is bringing down some drift wood, as well as carry tug off the broken pieces ot ice. Our king fisherman, Mr. Joseph Cawood, pa-sed up the river yesterday on the steamer Keyport, with l.iou bunches of tine fresh ttsti lor the Washington market, caught at two hauls, at his landing, a short distance trom the White House. The opening of the river has brought baok the wild ducks. Some mallards, not in prune order, were killed yesterday , as well as ducks ot an infnrior description. Tbe mallards were offered atgl j>er pair. Birth ts the Station House ?1.,-ist nish'. about 1 o'clock Wm. Williams, a nackman. tound a colored woman, named Sarah L.ove, hint; in tbe street, upon tbeeveof giving birth to an infant. He carried her to the Central Guardhouse as soon as possible and Sergeant Franklin, of tbe Tbird Ward, despatched two officers alter a female to attend her. In the meantime phe was safely delivered, one of the older patrolmen attending her until a midwite came. She says that she was employed in a amily in the 7tb Ward, and was turned out at 12 o'elocx last night to go to a hospital, and was taken suddenly ill on the street. A New Btik >f the C"URT.?The Supreme Court in General Term this murium;, adopted j the following additional rule: Provided, however, if tbe day to plead accordance to the dee- I laration shall fall witbin atrial term, final judgment may be bad in the first instance at such trial term, on motion to the court: but such judgment may in tbe discretion of tbe Court be opposed at any time during that term and tjie defendant admitted to plead and defend upon affidavit accounting for his non-appearance and swearing to a detense upon the merits and on payment of costs. There will rk a missionary meeting at Oorsvcb (M E ) Chapel, Island, to-morrow evening at" o'clock. Tbe exerciser will be of aa interesting character. ? ? ??? . CITY ITEMS. JiwXLr.Y.?Bog Wood Setts. Jet and Pearl SetU. Coral Drops, Blue Shell Setts, Jet Bracelets, Silver Plated Spoons. Forks, Cups, Goblets. Call Hells, Butter Knives, received tbis morning, at Prig's One Hollar Je welry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street. Potomac River open once more, and we notice that Harvey A Co., '2-9 Pennsylvania ; avenue, between 9th and lutfa street, has re. 1 eel ved a load of the largest and fattest kind of oysters, fresh out of tne water, which they ] will serve la every style. m They iay cottons are going up, but those who purchase from Benjamin Miller, No. 101 Bridge street. Georgetown, do not find this to te th* ills cottons are now being sold lower tban at any since tbe war aud other dry geeds in proportion. C dl and see for yourselves, and save money by doing so. For Spaiaa wear, light overcoats, at HeaRing's Clothing Store, on tbe corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenae. One Price asked, no less taken. A. Adamroih, Dealer in House-Furnishing Goods, 506 Ninth street, near Pa. av., Washington. Always on band. Ready-made Sheets, Pillow Oases, Feather and Hair Pillows. Bolsters, Mattresses, and Bed Spreads, Blankets. Window Shades and Fixtures. Carpets, Oil Clotb. Crash, Toweling, and Table Linen. Mattresses made to order or Renovated. My old Patrons will find itgreatly to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. Mt 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Wilkow, lm late of the firm or Burns A Wilson. Dr. Whjtb, Chiropodist, M4 Penn. av., between and 6tb streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joint*, warts, moles, vascular exceeences, Ac. Office hoars from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and f to bp. m. Established 1861. For Chilblaivs and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price SI per bottle. For sale at 4*24 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4jf aad 0th streels. A Surr Pilr Ccrr?Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument' positively cures the worst cases ?f piles. (Sent by mall on receipt of B4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agenta wanted everywhere. Address J. B Komaine, Manager, Mo. 575 Broadway, Now York. % Pnirn can be had ir any quantities at the Btar office counter MAlKIgO BLOOMBB?BaKBB On the evening of the 7th ot February. Mr. FBBOBBIOK BLOOM IB to Mtss BI.I'/ABTii B. B BaKBB, by the Bev. Vt. Olds PBADT?MOOL1BB. On the Uth last., at 8t. Psirlsk's Church, by Bev. Father Kane, JAMBS I Baltimore Bun please sopy.) * BIIB. . bs? - seectfotly lavusd so attend ha* funeral, frsw her lote tssidsneo. 1 str?efc? between 4ih and ?th streets.on Bssday eveaiag.atgo'clock. [BelliMore Baa please copy.] jsaayttMBrpr'Tnfi bnl I tbe best materlsi, eefstnU# soiof^od. ?ae Crackers maaufactared at are sansvtor So any her?tef?ra;?t|M la .this maAst. Wo tavlta attentloa Mlt inr.'MWl *? mjJ* tfec We are alss satplylng Orecers and ramlll?s With Baveaaer<s well k?o?n f AMILY BBBAD. fe U la TBO. HAVBBBKB, 34^ 0 strset. Jtjx i i ) ' 4 * " j i ' AMU8KMKf<TS. ' | *rU4.H0CM. I littlDAT ITINloq. r?k ]I, lip 1 ?t. ffiffiggnjp??rm I r?BSma^ZSi'''iSltVrSmj tlTi ^w^w^sssf^gt. sai.a WAD?7w?A.7 MiOlLAWOBB OBEY ?"n p*^?< rsL ,f 1 j Drees JSS^%o?2i^.ssasi Abrcr. | ??m^.-V?II'U THKlTilK. I P*"M?*Mla ?r wilUnU' Hotel. J THIS (Setarday) EVENING, Eeb It, 1847, last I appearance poet tl vely ?f ' ? 'J ' I Mil T . W . L A N D B E and lV!JL',BA?l 11 UAVBNPOBT. W teat Bate of tfce treat Dram it is THumph of "* *g* T?I,liStf*?.T.rg!M*rf<" ??f*w?at?on, I ELIZABETH. Ql KEN OM ENGLAND, I h? ?oiaersat <lesJra ! Miixr'' w",o"a"-" I METZEROTjT UALL~ 1 SONGS or SCOTLAND. ' ? TONIGHT, AT 8. M B K ENNEDY will ting : | J* ???ka tad Bran <>' Bonn!* Doon." j * Of ?. 'he Atrte tbe Wtn-lcan Bl?w." ! 2 ?? "? Gray HighUad Mary " .. ?J.5,?,lr? " ??>tte wda Hao.'' i Anld Bobla O.ay Amite's Tr?e?e." .. ??"? *"*** *> Plaidle;" Tnilocbgornm." I MarT loJ^> ? tb* L*fcl ?" " Th* L,ut of " Anli Long Syna." Mr. Kmic4y will recite Tam O' Shanter " I p'l.w \i ?lis* Bannedy. I Tickets at Metztr itt's Music Store. I Tj!tf LABT BNTBBTA1NMBNT ON MONDAY. METZEROTI HALL. THBODOBB HABLEMANN'S ' band opebatic costume congests, TClSDAf, EEBBCARY 19. WEDNESDAY. FBBBUABY SO, The first part of each evening'* entertainment will *Tiit?r%<'6 Mi sc6l I ad #0110 b?M#rtioni, and the I Operas prodnce in costume scenes from the STBADELLA and LA DAMI BLANCilE I Including EObIN ADA IB " I .*r: ~ " w"' b? assisted by M ile I SEELIG. Primn gnprane. from the King's Thea- I tre, Hanover: Merr STEINBCK B, Baritone, late of tha Grand Uermao Opera; Mr. BaCU. Ba?so by tony gentlemen amateurs; and Mr BuSBWCBTH the eminent Pianist Amongst other novelties, Mr. Hablemana will sing tbe beautiful song, "THE IMAGE OE THE B03E." Prices of Admission. 91; no extra chasge for Be?erv*d Boats. I Diagram openel at Metserott'a Manic Btora, "atnrday rt-braary 11. f?-U d I BALLS, PARTIES, &c. | ^JE^ENTU GRAND BALL , or thi S| ' KIBST VA'ABI) SOCIAL CLUB will be jlven at ODD EELLOWS' HALL,7th at., between D and E, ou WEDNESDAY, EBBUCABY ao.lStiT. .iJkic.ket,,'.?.d^,t,i.BJf ?0tnttnd L*die?. $1. No m_k?tj^Ui^Utbd oiiltai prepaid. f(. ^ gt? L08T AND FOUND. | ^ -j Xl7l aTy Io,i Ingoing ii??? . nM>rn,*B ibo#t n o CIjck, od I Feu. ave. t? 11th, gotiig d?wn D at to tha Uty I Hail, down LonisiHDa m\?. to M at . thence to id I containing In all, three $lo bilia, one XlfK! J1 m?iV ?"* change By I fjjjjf 8iftr < >ffl< ? lh?ibfrt rcvarJ will I i ?PiV e4 for bit malher, who it >#?fr | preeeiiV f# | LV*T~'ih?nt 11 o'clock a m of Wadn.-sday, 13th lf^ V f bi?*b Baak of ?*a*hiBgtun and I t'G? ,a 1'OCEBT lloOK.cau H-, k ?lu Jblriy ??e Treasury, Nailonil liaijk, Ac. notea of twenty dollara each, sereral I ?r'?:A liberal ratbVBatt oiV.Vi^?;,;bne tayj Cj\^* MY PBEM1SEB, near Bladenaburg, I ,,nh' l D, N H0B8B Tha owner * mDd Proya property, pay ?aiu- 1 M*?, aud take him away, fe'? ?* James . bbidwell C^AMBTO MY PKBMIBEB, January Mih, one V>laataaan4y SOW.with black spota. The oiriuar la re<4Qeat?4 tecome forward, prove property,nay I cbargea. aod taiie her away. E. J HOLbtS. ^ i4 it Bckingtoa Earn, Boandary Boad ?CL BBWA?D-For"thT" recovery of a BaT I i*?I -? ? v#I* fro?n the snb?criber on the 12th cf Eebrnary, l<<67. Tbe above reward will be ftrwlt *matbT ?B* Wh? mfcy r?tnrn h,B1 w 2<i B. A. WATTEBSTON | CA.M* T<J MY PBEMI8EB. #eb. lat.ea Navy ! ir(3' l ?m iivp , [?( i:tf] iBd 13th itrMti I nrJIwhiJ .* tl?re? white feet an</ I one white spot on each hip. The owner will pleaae co?itx?mf' 'nr* pro,ert)' "wy'ciBBEL GEORGETOWN ADVEH'MTJ ANNUAL MISSIONABY MEETJw_ J*??(JE Dl'NBAKTON ST. MBTHOPISCO PALGHCBCH, Georgetown, will I I ?A*J?.n5?t SABBATH, the 17th uV SeimoB at 111 clock a m by Bev Dr. DlHASS Bub- I I ^th ".'ri01, f ???? " '* ?t S o'clock 9 m 8. r fe?is 2t^ ? 9 b,IU** Dr* HAMILTON. P'BBAP COTTON#^ *?? \y A T \I 7 J 7 E* W > O j 1<?1 BBIDGII stbbbt. gbubgetown, d. o Jas4 rec.lved, a large ato?k of OOTT?N G?o i)^ which we are eelll?g at lower prlcea than they I ,,nc# tb" war :?B1 ached Moalln. MH. M. ISaenta; *oo<l yard wWa Bblrtlng ditto, a] and U aents; 4 4 Andruaeoggln Bleached Muslin Mcenta; 4-4 Waasatta d?., 36 cents; 94,14 s? I t-4,14 4,11 -4 Bheetlnae. very low; Calicoes at 12>4' I M, IHoentx; Merrlmacks, Bpraguea, and other best I ?i* k^?U?sC#Bi^: #h4?*lB? Pn?*?? ? centa; Ui. bleached Muslins, uk, u cents; yard wide ditto. 1? 20 oente. _Call mod examine oar stock MONBY CAN BE SAVED by ao doing. ' I j*** ! >* BENJAMIN M1LLBB FOB BALE?A aplsndid family carriage rv I HOBSE. ?erfe?tly broken, aud with l)rn ml1 4il,# handsome ihght OAB-^-Q^. ?f6J?*Ld HABNESS, naariv wew. Will be aoJd cheap App 7at EL**M1N0'S Stable, of National Hotel. fo U-?tAmebic an gold, stocks aid r-Tnds bought on aammissloa at the New Y'. rlt and' ether Stock Boards. Quotatloaa regula lv re- i eelved. I , . . LBWIS JOHNSON A CO.. Baakers. f* ' tf Penna. aveaae I^BOMAGB DB BB1E. r NBUECHATEL, ""wa., BAP SAOO. I PABMBSAH, j ENGLISH PAIBT CHEESE. BBW TOBE CBBAM, NOBTON'S PINB APPLE, . ?. w bOTVlm'*|0A j- .. Mrnar Fourteenth and E strests j ' anderBbbitt Honrs I (jaOCeLAT^D^CBLB.VA.IL,^ ParOa^MI^re. teut, meUnge. Comer Vermont aveiue a^d?iSH street. C mn9.SST0 A11#11'8!rIOB.OUSRANTS, -- -S?: Elaj Plaoe. I FVaWbU11 Aa \^t?J? I ZAQO* AMD ^r^ut.theoTa.r^.^,^^^ CV_ ^MrllttlS ^erc.r;2M want tksvkiUkHTkT^^!' .? > eastomer la want tbe wkete wllJJw setd a bargain, fei nt* tuM. m1 MMkcBSgl**""9 "***? Sst*pl?sh*B in H14. ksBft t Uthjureet, near pa. aveane. nraiisi*,s Z4UIS5^9"?. LonlalMh aveana. ??pr,?^^?fcXl w? x, k \1BTB0P0LITAN i7* BOWLING ALLBY V atreat, between nth and Itth. near Star Office 010. W BAUBBS. ja*lM* I A <?u.. w; - mvmmi iimijLLJl M J.LL>WANTS. 1 38g&***BN5S* W AEJED _?,* l.w-pri~4 wack UiSSj t '* Appli at ttM r*r?ff of ?S m4 J. r dra?* not* ir k?iU.MarOSo*. tfatlH'kin "r. i*ir?r,c"k"~* > it.~? ; 'ssss^B^gss^ W*^TH>.-AOOOI, WUI? ? ? ?o?t> ik the aauatry la ? >. 3lt? > it. north ' *> It?t? ACOteP LQofclJiG YOUNG MM! (whlte> wants a SITUATION M c?Ktaw?l?r desar, Ja a prl vate fiwi My ttadertfcads his bnein(U fill Apply to Intelliceace Oflce B?,9>9 rtU. triui, bet Ink Ml lJth itl. fe 14 St* WABTBlTa colored family. aJMfcll BOUSE, in ? oonveuient part of fir# aftv. Hon* kftt ft ex>-ed 90 yer mouth Addreea t. B.,6tar Office. Ie?4 Si WASTED-A 81TDATIOB la aa A??rtt?o family, to do Ok labor work aad ntu?u<t to cfelldrea. er as koiMktepir. Call alii* *w avs.kst atk tkdmw. fa 1*j*' IlBPUBjrftBED BOO*8-Wko?rl three or 1J fonr. lettable for hou.ekeepl ug. Kn*t be situated between Sd and IVj* streets and reiBn a a** and O it. Addres* X.T. 7..,at tbli ofBce. fslt 3t* | IIHOTOGBAPH ALBUM of Uth Oe>cr?ee. a X con wanted. AI*u,Mh titiw ol MIHOOL CRAFTS' IN DIANS, and la geaeral wo wnut book*, and winSt here ibem, at HUNTER'S N-w Old Book Star*. 80* Penne. av. fo tt St*

%A7 ANIRD~A WBTTt~^IRL to do W.erel housework In a private family. Oood ><?? *111tie given to a gooa girl N > ethers need ?s ply. Apply at the Jewelry Stiie coraer atNJtfc end F streets, opposite Patent Office. from 19*111 ISa.m fd l4-3t* Aoint-j wanted for. -thi hist >kt OK THE WAK BETWEEN TBE STATE*. TEAC1NG ITS ORIGIN. CAUSES AND kg HI 1-Te." lly Bow A1*x. H Stephens, a id f >r THI LIFE LkTTKR"*, *fP ffltOfll' ??F BOB. ALEXANDER H. fcTkPUKNs, by Henry Cle*'-'and Bend for Circal*r? and see our ti'mi Address NATIONAL PuBt.lBHlNG < 0. fe 14-lm* ft"7 Minora re**t, Philadelphia, Pa. WAKTID-A PiiT or A kt>U3k .IN ntshed or nufiirninLtad snltewle for ?>on?ok?H>?i-H, la a respectable neighborhood Tlia beat of referetwee nivtn and required. Addreee T P.. l>ox 4 7 3 Po?t Office. Washington. fe IS St* WANTED?All persons about breaking wp honsekfeplng will pl'use call at oar office, a* we wi-h to buy their furniture, Imvieg ooa taut call* for the same. Aleo, H<>aeo< for reat. D. L. WBLLB t CO . fe 4 1 m corner leth and F "treet;* WAN TED-We want eeveral tint t la<a F ABBS in the country for our Ouitomer*. Al*0, HOLbKb and LOTb inth? city, both lari?e anl mail. Apply i?nif?tiat?ly to b. JU. WEuLS A CO , corner itfih aa'l F ?ta. ja ?' ini Wanted: wanted ;-At the Becraiom Offi e. Bo. 4?1 0 street. Bear IJalrtmore Depot, KBCBOITS for the Vnited Statei Army, ja 15 lm W ANTED?New and Caat ofT OLOl ttlNU, oi l GOLU an<) SILVBK.or aayotber article pf value, at the old established Merchant Pawn Iti ok or' Store ot H. FLLT?'N A CO., ^02 9th at., 5 door* north of Penna avenue. Bole Agent for BIBOEB'S HEWING MACHINE de 22-ly WABTKD-lOOLll'IKS lmmedlat?ly. t? l?roider Yoke*, Baud*, Wrapper Yoke*, Flan nel Bkirte. Blipper*,*Ad Iuiti*li To Kood haudi ^ho brlOK caiupla of work, g*o<t wag?? and con ?t?nt emplo) m?rnt given. Call at tbe new Stamp lug Boeui, 439 9t!i ftr >et. ope ?lte Parent Office bTAMPlfciQ reaaced to FIVE centa per widtk. { deli tf. I W'ANTED?to 0<?4? LADIES to knjwthat ut the New Btamptng Bo< m<, 439 9tkftre?t,opposite Pateut Offire. tbey can tind the brat selerted assortment of Patterns over offered here for Cloaks, Capee. Aprons. Joseya. Walite, Token, Bands, W rappers, Bllppere. Plncnabioas, kod lai tlals Also, (feeigns for Pfllow Caa>-s. Otto-naai. Chair Covers, Piaaoe. aud. In short, every">arlety of Patterns as they are dally Ixsned. we have a r reach Mai blue and a Practical S?am#er, aad have lednred the price to _ FIVE CENTS FEB WIDTH. We make and stamp any pattern brought n?. Braids. Silk aud Working Cotton very low. de lMf _____________________ WANTED-8E<'()Nb H ABO FI'BNITDBE Also MIBBOR9. CABPET8. BIDS, BEDDlbOaod Hul SKFUKBI?HINO GOODS of every de?cr<ption. B. BL'OHLT. 40-* fth street. PERSONAL. ILL THE LADY WUolrOOE FBOMTUB vv coanter of Store 4Sd Penna av , on Wed needay.a SABLE MUFF, leavin* her'e with a marked liandkHrckief, be kind euoa rh to retaru theeaueto Store 4ftk Feaua. av., aud save the tlograce of prosecution, as the it known aad will be prosecated. fa B ft* MADAME AHOLIAB, an ImpruifI Mrd** and Olairroynni, No 323 6th at , corner of K. st , can read tbe Paet, Present, aad Fatare; is able t<> aaviea In all busiaeee matters, lost or stolen property, recovery of tbe same, love, marriage, Ac., from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. fe IS ot* WO FT FELT HATBT and all kiada of Bate, Cleaned. Colored aad Trimme<l new,at SI CUNNIHOH AM S Cbeap Bat Store. No. 34b a SeveLth street, between I aad K. fe IS aolm* HPBBSOBAL. I'NTEB'S QEEAT ANTlyUABlAB BOOK BTOEE has removed to the Old Store, i!04 Pennsylvaniaavenue, above WiHard's. Autographs, the greateet sale of. that has ever taken place fa this country, at aaction soon. Catalogue eales of Booke are constantly takinf place at Boston, New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore. Washington and Bi< htaond. Orders will ke received and Oatalogaee ebown. Books, Llbrarlee in aay uuaatity, Autographs, Curiosities, ke., baagkt. Bee MUBTBB. fe 9-lw /kNLf FOR LADlEd TO EEAD.?Blecaatly II Embroidered NIGHT GOWN aui CHEMISE YOKES, more .laborate than aay ever offered here, of the n<rw*at aud meet beautiful deelgne, reaeived dally, Aram ear corn of 1M superior hands, and for Bale at BEDUCED PRICES Beiua the largest manafagtarer here of tkla kind or lad lee'wear, we aaa pfaaee mil. both la quality and price, aad are determined, at whatever o-ist, to predace the beet ???. lesas tke most elegant aatterne. and RTAMP C HE APBB, tkaa aay concern In this ok aay other elty. Our repatatlen as tha oalf Practical Stamper here insured ladiee that no iajarious compoeltlons are used, aad shields them from trusting their work la tke bands of those who buy a few bloeka and proclaim themselves stampers. Starnpiag, & cents per width. and alv? you a Collar and Cuffs |b. WM. PEIBOB, 4 39 9tk street, fe 2 tf appoeite Patent Offlcs. P L. BHUECBIBG. M D.. HTOIBNIO AND . HOiliEOPATllIC PBTSIOIAM. Offh-k-514 ? Pa. Ave.,bet 12th and 15th sts. ja SB lm* TAKE NOTiOE-1 nereby a?ve noUee that I have not lastraeted aay one la my baslnees ot PrestrvinK Flowers, andko one doing huslaeesla Waahingtoa la authorised to ase my name. ja ZS-lm* MH8 YBIBS ,4'W 11th street 1MT0BTANT FOB LADIEB ?At OBABLEB BAUM'S Boop Skirt Manufactory you can boy French Woven Corsets, whalebones, tl.40, reeds #1 is No. 49 Louisiana avsnna, betweea 4th and 7th streets ja>l lm* UB1DAL AMD FUBEBAL WBBATH8, BO D* UBTS.CBOSSBB, ABCH?BS.BTAB^. Ac , areaerved In natural form; Imported FLO WEES, fiAIB FLOWERS, and BRAIU1 NO. Also, Im ported MOSS, BaIB DRESSES for Balls, by Mrs. FBIBS. Ha?removed to Mo. 439 llth st , betweea Q aad B. oo S dm* HTAKB NOTICE?Bridal aad Faneral Wratths, 1 B <?aaU, Uroeeea, Anckora. eto., p-wserved In aataral form; Wax Flowers, Hair Flowers, oa leas or Ba. 34d G street, aear llth. ja l<-lm* John d. olabe, attorbbt abd oobbsellob at law abb NOTARY PUBLIC, No. aad l?k street west. da 14 ly BOARDING. TUBIiX BOiK?N*b,lalM IHMTMIth, at Ba 9d*J G street, aear Uih st., aaxt tu the Glaee Haass, If BOARD?A few gentlemea can be acee^ndated with famished ROOMS and BOARD at *14 K street, between lTtli aad IStk straais; ^?a front PARLORS with BEDROOMS adjoining Terms moderate. fe lft-3t* FURNItBBB BOOHS, WITH BO ABD, ktthe soathweat corssr of SUt aad H sts fe lldt* CTOBBBBT?two well faraisked PARLOUS, on a the tret floor. wDkorwithoat BOARD Ap?ly 393 E st., kat. 94k ami mh. fe IS T' ABLE BOA ED at Bo. 464 Utb etreat.a few 1 door* aortk of tka atsui. Tsnm per oath. , B Bb The d.t,27^?SgtTa^^ Ba Mitksa 500,000 osAjf.jissevitiM.Fo. FROM XMNDALL GRE?M flXMYAMP.. * OOBCORB. tke saaat valaakle ?ra#a la tke eooBtry BOB*OB* VIRGINIA, OATAWBA, BBREOCA, BUBA. HAETFORB PROLIFIC, f,Z? -ca.c?w? tiCU.B?7-s5?u3ir?CAL? J!l BOCBBTB^i^faUklnds. for w*igkiag PoUtwm Vur-' nlpe, Ac., Ic. J p baBTBOLBW, Seventh street, ft 11-salt Mow Psaksjrlvaftia avwu. J&hlA i M01T0UA 11 i " 11 u . JIJ . j 'j ^ A^P DINT, TOfi> JM?*-A $MMW BUCK Hwoil, ?*20* tM?M ?r*ft?. ;*J*o.atws?*torr rlill ? f ?*?A?D IAIU, ooraer dtkaalMasa. hlXt' ?f Ptui ?T?D??, bttvMa Mb M(! ^th BWJI1 JOB BB?T on K BTBBBT.oaU?lte H Tatk Mrtat, enntetalag ? r*???.?l Booses for sa?t at ?fta to #1 per luotua. ???iWe Booms And Lota for i?lt, '< ? ?* obmb a ooopeb. I^OK KIVV-Vb or bsfors M'.rch tat inttiibl* I for boaebleepiac. to a small family wltboat children, four CBFlBJUBHBQ nctwo too parlor*. mtrMa mantels, kitchen sad iur? teow. Tnanlre on the p rtajin, westllCh at., be . Q and H. f U at * FOB PALB?A two-acory RBI Ok HOU8B, with oar I area rniaa and centre h?ii.<ts <M> r*?t of rroai <j encio**d naar tb< northeast h iun larr of fbaclty. Prlc*$i?C Apply at 947 M atraat W**t. leis-tr TO BfNT ?One o' mora eafnrnished BOOMS, Pi table for h. u??k fjii,, nlenient to T'oeenry. K^t low Asply at WJ I'tan. t?e"Ve. opy**uo Haraiaackh, Htween tb? h?are <>f * ??* * . fe IS ?w* UOJMB9UH BBBT A HP FUBN ITI'KK FuE " #41* B"t?e ronttliM II ronm*. aad la Beartha Pepartmeat* Furuttur? fti.ion B-ot only $10 ner month Apply to D L. Wgl.LsA 00 . north" est corner lOth a?! F. feii<>t* P O I 8 a l ? Hi:ecreg0fgood LAMP, with a good Orrbird and Pudding*. ?aitabl* for a s?rdeti or but b?r, about two mi lea abo\e GeorsMowo lylnc t>a tw een the conJuit and canal r??4 in ontla' to either road ?1 GILLI \M fe )S \A BATo 3t* P?B BALK OB TO LBT. Horsxs in the I'h:ladelpbi% Bow. lltn ?t oast. The.e hca-aa art well situated for a iomn?r rear leuc*. having hot and cold water was aad bath, half haur a ride of the avenne cars from tba Treasury sad four squares to walk. They will be rented by the month or year, or will sell four of them low lor rash. BOOM to reut at 30.' Fat 1 umiire of lha agent, So? F street. fe M 6t* L'OB BBNT?A HOUSE centamlug tira ro??ii. I ?ituated on 19tti at , l>et and K -ti. lo<jnire at the corner of *!uth and y straits. fe ll?;t* L'OK BBNT- At .flS, and 4 A>. two ta-o story 1 HOCSBS, CuBtaimng u and 7 rooms *ach ? " STABB ft 00, fel2 ?t? 7th st , t.?t. p aud B. A FIVE BOOM iToUSB TO BBNT. oae Kjuare from the Capitol. Brut 916 p?r month. Inquire at 41* New Jaraay ave . a -ar Baltimore Depot. fa 13-tft* L"*UB 8ALB-\baBTOOK, GOJl) WILL,LEASE r and part of FlXTL'BESol tha well e tablia*>d Grocery Stor* No ?? * 7th str-et, N ary Yard, how doing a good iinalaeaa Beaaon tor a><llln?. had health. For farther infoiaatiua ia<juire op the pren.iaes. fe Ufa L'OB 8ALB- A Brat claaa new I ram < a 2 atorifS and attic, on Grseo at , bet Stod dard ai d West eta.,Mo |15fft containing 1J ro >iua , including hath Tt>rm and pantry, with water and fe"il.;,wl5r]l1i*^ou.r.!lh*r Apply to PAKKB iOBoPLBT,6l Water at ,b*t. U^ngreasau>l UiKh sts , Ororgetown. fe 12 7t* ALABGB, N K ATLI FIBMSa Kl) 14 kiL,OK aud BBl'bOUM on first iloor?private ta'de in r .oais? one s<inare trorn the Capitol and aitv car*. 314 Delaware are., between north n aoi C sirecta. fe II rtt* L'OB 8A LB?< only *i6o ra?4> iequlr?a. the hal aarecan b- paid in monthly Instalments ) new 2 story B WI'pI,containing o ro >ma, parage, aide and back all-) . situated Mo. 640 north G klrtet, aear Mew Jersey arenne. fell <R* L'OB BALK OB IXi'UANUI?For h farm in t Maryland or Tlr.InU, a threa atory BKICK BOI SK in L'niont?wn. D C . with two L??TS *tt?cb?d,on ti e rofcd l ading to the U. S. H >apt'al fbr the lnse<ae The lower story hat be-n ai-ed as a store, where a g^od bnatness can be d ne. Tarais }2Wi'ca?h, or >*o, on* half ra?h, ths other it on? and two yeara. with Interest. A deal given Hnd aderdof traat t^ken. Wor forth"r par ticulars In jaire of JO^BUt 8TALOCP, on the premises, at th* first new three story brisk ever the Navy Yaid Bridge. fe u ?t* LUBNIfcHltP BOOMS FOB BE NT-F ami a he I I PABLUBB aad Id aud 3d tloor BOOH? for rent. Board can be obtained apposite. Apply at Sd' K street, bear 13th street, opposite Frank11Q Bow^ fa%-lot* k^OB BALB?iOnly QUO oash reiinired ? 8eveI ral newi story HcM' different parts offheeity. This fs a rar^ chance fur persona of small Ditans to procare homes. STAHIt ft UO , 7th at , bet. D M. ja 19-las* F'OB BBNT?A Mire* story and basemeat Brick DWELLING BOU8I. brown freut, vaier aad gas. tan rooma. bow nndargclne repairs, sit nated on 19*.k street west, between L at. B->r?a and Haas, araisa, Be. Sbif. la fair* at Mo. nth t. between 8 and 10 a. na aad ? and 6 p a. ja 1 tf FJB BENT?The FABM, for th* lasttkr** yeara the reaidaace of Major Tb**phl1na Oalnee constatin* of lit) acraa, lyiag n*ar Fert M-ahan .1 It* from Besaing a Bridge. ImptoT ilniU, d well ng boos* *f 11 rootas, ston* stab I*, servant's bonsaa barn. Ac Ad?twaa 'B. 4J7 E street, Waaaington, D. C.,or call la p*r*oa, b*twe*n 3 and 7 p. ssMtf ITOB BJCHT?Two large aad on* small cosaanaal1 ?ting BOOMS, anfnrntshed Mcond floor No. 134 Penn. ay., bat 19th and ?th sta. no 28 tf |) A^BB OBANOB?Far immedlat* sal*, one of Ah th* b**t iocatcd mall corner store GBOOB BIBB in the city. Stock and Fixture* new a?. ply Itaa>*dlately, by l*ttar, to A. B. 0.,Oitr Poet ' soB tf |TO? BEBT'-Two Farntshed BOOMS, at Ho". f 41>1 13th atreet between E and ? at* de 14 tf SOMBTHING BEW I ~~ l:MOOljBA?BoBOMB MABCFAOTCKE | tRACTldAL CARPET WSAVER. " Ouraer 4>a and 0 streaks. (lalaad.) Msk*s Carpat* to ord*r witb dispatch, on mode raU erase, aad satisfaction gaaraatiad. Carpsta ooMtantly an haad, and f*r sat*. ja tl 1m thEPABTMBHT OF THB IMTBBIOB, v to SR.wjrtai.t?r4f scribed Land Warrants, which are alleged to bare cwtlflcat* ar warrant of like Uoor wtUb*r*4wa*d, if so valid objection akoald U>*n JOS. H.BABBBTT, Oomssias loner, ss?iwltl'7?tll0! Hft**1*** onder the act of Much 3d, l#ft, in the name of Bobert W Pierce, n/JfSi^Jf*? ,2'18,a **?*>??. MW. aar**, iassied under th* act of March J MM, in tha aaai of BH.ah D. Ball, and a as granted June 8,1M1. March* laC Bo far 00 acr**. tasned aad*r the act of | March Ml I8f?. la the name of O*onre Plom. and WtiJ,rJUat.tI.An<l,t 16th' " reh 3?.l^ .* forlwf- l**a*d and*r the act of March 3d. MM, la the name of Jamee H*ary,and wSf*^n.t2<,>?,i,nd'18t:l March M. 1S<7. Ma.ldm.for 1Marias. Issued aa4*r the act of March 3d, 18&S. in the name of John Wood, and W?0'El,??<lfr*,~ nr * '?7_,h?rll I, 1847 w? wti*J?r,HO^-cra*. Is*a*d under ta* act of MarchM. IBM, In th* nana of tfaran Wood, widow traatad February lo. "W' April #, 1W7. Ho. 41 (4M, for IS* acrea, issued under the act of February 1), IB', la tha aaaM of Bamuel Hod son, "tf Wf,,?M.t,d..Nc,Bb'r 4> 'J48 Aprtl*. i?7. No. 67.3M. for 80 acre*. Isso*d nnler ths act of September 1840 In the same of Laa?d*a O. Johnson and was granted Marsh 6, i?m. April Pi, ss?ii5J,l?l^fora0.S*r** t*a*et of Ma*LhS. 18M. in tha name of Langdon O. JohnM*o. 7l ?. r*r m acr**. i**u*4 aadarth* act of Ma*?h ?a tb* aam* af Mary. wtd*w of T^^aRS S?7Mll?? w" fra?t*d May t, i??. Aini jUs 1867. Ho 94JM. for ISO acr**, Isaaad aarfer th* aet of March 8, l?*, la tb* aam* af P*lly P.aeiTwIdow M 4*1*7 ****' ?? Ho 8B PM. for ldO a*res, Issued nnder tb* act of "arch 3d. IBM. In tha aam** af th* miner ohlftrea iLukw -Vu?V ' aad WM >rMM 3V? W44MsrS?swt, laaa*d and*r tha act ef Febiaary llth, 1847. in tha aaaM af Marti a Bo**, aad waa granud May mh.lMB. May II. Idu*. W H. CLABBTT, U. B. BWBBNT. RIAL BSTATE BBOK.IB8 - an ' AVOTIOIllll. Parti** cootamplatlBy building la tha spring or ItRhsttsfasiaprnsi pr*p*rtrfor lnr**tm*nt will Snd ft to their ad ran Sag* to look onr our ? OUT VBTlU^f lift S W wM rl A* i?dap?eata w* bar* also f*raafa'a?er*ral aanall trattaV laad Kjtj aw l> rriul, wkis >F. Peally bargains. Preperty laft with a*far galadMg a*( gnboeet thp owner to exvaapo aalees sold while on oar f&la OLAQBTT A SWBENT L 1' w I' ^ f F 1*0 WAST BABgAJHI , , Oallatthe B*?oajfvo Warwroeme ef^11181 ' MTV. BiaUBEfeMBB A 00.. . M ? . . i?A"W?<kf?et. Nn*4"1 * bataaau La. at^adAsassl. IpieinwwmBe: :?? J?* NMM, . I?f. tubb a MMn Mz? % rrffftTWe ? _ Blag Place. *??S .Oar, T|,tw. aad uk at. C~a a l o i i, 1 ' : BALtlMOSB llillll llMIBUM; , ,3' ' a* *-*< ?* "s i v . . MBBiaAT1*^ OILS. -attheta>ahe<'?ltiaa to thstrad*. As <<lllasgia coatama eoase of the beet Ohemlato la tke Uaftod States thate eaa b* ao doabt of its eua*ri?rlty. JuS BaDOhlFFB. Broker, SI La aveaae, apetalrs. r.i -^kshoaralr?B9 UU4I a. ?/ fe lift .51/ T3 o?i>?iry;i hut 1' 'f*sre?ksr Hiwiw Hhilw^yw r*f? ] B1 " fc.a^Tfc.tssnsw ' o. TB ffif. w.wiu >?H, M Mr ilm, i lirik |7t of llr?Hor (lotklat Oat Brrt??4* JESS*. A La*. A geaeral M*ortm??t of all k*?4? of Stsbls it4 Fnwr >*NUk4M. ntu* *o> e?ty t?< wnirr dsaters. II l.ftLfH too. fa 14 ecSt Aa- tlen-<*-? 1 UT OOOPBB A LAT1III iactl?i**r?, BP lUtoclnkitlttJti O NrOo4r*|ti? loaikMil M**r af Peaasy *ai>la are. a <4 1Mb Irnt, Xw Offlo* tiui diag LOOSIHOLD FCBMlTcBB, BILLIARD TA ThS? HUt'OlI. Ac.. AT AUO U??*TT?OtT NOUIM.VMtmrTlt.rMi meaclag at in o oiock ta ?i> at of the a < ???, B?caia w? ah ait Mil ac eeaor tsssnt ot F araiters. c*.gaa*i*iB|? Welsut Beda'sads and Bureaus Mart I * tot tthehateada frame iitM* Iniltlooi Tabloi ?t,i palatal Werdroboe. tfhal ra, Tibln ant and Wood eeet Chairs Hwl Md N> trf?N ta Uaan Tick? Feather Bolsters said Pillows Hrwa.ela Three ply Ingrala Carpets 0I?? it.d Cr?kirj Wars Cooklny and other Steves Aun. A bbl* EimIiIm Mills Cat Faoiil) flair, la gaud order, aud toll 1 C'? octave riM?. UahofMr 0a>a 1 5s11 l w krt BUIIar J T*bie 1 *arj *n?a Top Buggy and Barnaas A i<?? it 1/fonom lalrtaaM 4'ai ohaa. 2*> i a?e? Oart* Hlaarhr? ba iracar lataa ta?h f. li d C00PEB A LATIMKB Ai d ?ATHI ABOVI HLF IS PO^TPOBBO Id fOti**nni<Bf? .1 th' rain a o?i TUESDAY M<JB> Ib6 ant F?> lit1), atma binrnai *)?'?, ( ?? (XWril a L* TIM ||, aorta |1 T L L H ELI.V A OO A ttaaeara BP B . W i oruar loth ana F streets. NBABLY NEW HOWMBOLD Ft KNITUBB liBl < Akl'tTf ar iT AU< TION ' UoWMbtUlAl MOMM.Vi> liit, K<-fc 2u. at 10 clock a m., at br rtiidrao' of a c*-ail?M*n Oecli-sBg lioux keepii g. No. 1*4 K street north between I7tn and )8tk street* aunt we >bali sell ellt he furnltnr? contained tn a?fo bouse at au< tic n. Tta? Urus-ai. Ingrain. aad Yealtian Carpets. Oil Olotba. ?B'1 Bass Gilt-frame Mlrrots, far lor. Dims*. Bid-. an 1 Kit cum Tatles Lcorg",? ?m? St. oia. Be.. kers, <anea:.d Wlal?"r theirs Oak at* ?alo?t Cottage Beta. Wardrobe.WeahatMita BFeatber Beds, Pillows, aad Bolsters, B sir and ( okUu tor MaituMM BlanketsuulIt., sad Spreads. Child s Crib and V attrana , CooUiBir, P.i'lor. ant Chamber Stovo. auarr Bird aad Caat Vary beadeome Window 8ha<ioa. Toilat Bets Cr- cker j-, China auo Qiass Vk are Tft?aili?r with a larf* lot of Kltcbra ra<iuliliaa. The FuraUure liaa f eer lb -* but? mouths, felt D L W BLLB A <*? . Aurta (IT OUKKK A WILLIAM*. Ao?ti*a?.... *-? Km iUb, cvruar *lb and I) atraata BTCCK OF OBOCBBITH. Ar.. AT TBI COB NIB OK 4TU >T * l?T AND II br Ball ti AT I'UKI.It; *0 TIOB. ' On Mdft DAT. tba lMh inat.. w? shall aall. an tha Br?a.Uea the fulloariuff atoak ot tarac?ri?a, .onfUtt-g of? T?a?, ^otara. CofTna, Spira?,Tohikcco, Oaadlaa Mar. h luillfo Ulnr Lampa, Triat. Na karat Pow<1ar. Blacklnir. Potatc?a Mriad App'aa Buckata. Brooiaa. T?-h Ca ldira. Lamp BLalaa Bcalra, Bawa, Platform t?cal?a, Ac. Term* ciak. felt 4 OUEEB A WILLIAMS, AocT. Hf OOOPFB * UTIMIB, Aactloaaem. data dark* atth Jaa C. MeGuira A C '.,? B> utliweal ccra?*r of Patit' at'Daa aadilthst., bter Office Building. AUCTION SALE OK MATERIAL* AT TBI ? M,im,TK?>*CliT 1XTEH110K .i ."^Af ! raary W. 1*57. at 10 o'clock a. be rol.I ar uMlc an tiou . at tba Treaaurr B'il fling, the follaame artfrla*. rli Machiber y for t??? Mill-B?*er naad baaaral Ut? of old toiora. >aati f i amea Blii.da, ArchiiravM. Bliattara. Flra W??ad btfap l on Caat FtreOratas, Mil Cblmuei Ptecea T*? Wroaaht Ii n Axlea and Box as Iron Oataa Ac , Ac. Teima rash. AH matsrtala to bs rsmovad wltbia taa <lay? aftarsals A. B. MULLETT Sapsralslng Archltact _fa6 eo.tda COOPII A LATlMII ?n>t. GBEEbi A WILLIAM*, Aactl iiaara. TBCbTII*B SALB of V aLFABLE IM PI JVED PAUj'BbTY OB TthSTaIIT of truat. taring data oa tba D Ifw An4 dnl? racoriad In Llbar B. M H Mo IC. folios ?;?. is . of tbs laps> record a for Waahlagton coaaty. la tbe District Colualla. aad br dtractioaof tbs aar y *B?rabf, 1 will sail at aal.lic anctloa, ta frobt af tbs praoiiaes, on MOB DAT. tba lltb day of Fstntary, A D. 1M7. at a o'clock p m . Lot Burntaraa twenty fonr ?2? |B Wlitoaraar'a raooriiad sobdiTisi n ot *Maars anmbared foor buadrad and forty BroiMkla tbs atty of Washing toB.lM tba Dtatrlct of ialunibla.tagatbar with all tua ini prov?-b eota tbersob. This propsity ra wail iaiprovad, aat I ass tad la a *ry desirable and lmgrarlag p?rt of tba city. Terms of sals Ons third la vklob lag most be paid at tbB sale; tbr reinalaiog two thirds to be paid ta sis aad tavalvs mnsths with iat*i sat from day of rale ana to ba aacarad by daad af tru't to tba satisfaction of tba trastsa. Terms of aaUa to ha coapUad ?Itb wltbia flaa da> s. otb< raiee tbs traates rvarra tba right ta rssali ?t the rtsk and cost of hrBt Barcbassr, afur aaa waek*b public iiotios All cooaayaaciag and stamps at tha cost of tba purchaser. WM M. W ABB. TruBtaa. ja h aaMi CBBBB A WILLI Alie. Baca. */"THI ABOTB SALB IS POSTPONED CBtll MONDAY, tha I8tb Inst., bams boar and alaca. By order oftht Trastae fa l.'-aoAds ?BBBB A WILLIAMS. AasU I1T OBBBB A WILLIAMS. f nnii~*" BP Mo. fttMt.corasr 7th aad D atraats. GOOD FBAMB H01si~ABD LOT FB0NTIIO UB O BTIIET BOBTH. BBTWBgf |?TH AUrTlol 8TBBBTS AT PCBLl" On TUESDAY, tbs 1Mb I us taa t, at to'alocka m .we shall sell, on tba prauilaas. Lot Bo, 1. ia rnhdlTlsI n of tkiaars Mo 179, baaiag a front <>a north O atreat af 33 feat ? lacbaa. running back to a wise alley. with tbr improvements coasts tin* of a Fraais Bouse Term* One-half cash, balaace la alx moot).a A deea given and a dead of traat takaa. All cobveyancibgaad revanaa atampa at the coat of tbe pure baser. ?50 dov a wbea sold. fa 1? St OBEIB A WILLIAMS. A acts WABDWBLL A HAY8, Aacta..Usaraatowa. BOUflEBOLD Fl'BBITUBB. FBATBEB BEDS, WOOII ABD COAL AT AOOIluM Oa WBDNBSDAT MOBMIBO, Fabraary ?. at 10 o cloak, wa will aall. at tbe rasideacs of Mr. Alsxaiidsr B. Bsall. 5a 7b 2d straat, Oeorgatown, tha Hossehold Furaltore and Bffects, confisting of Marble tap tantrs Table Marble to a Bids Table. Sofa, Bureau*.? hairs. Mirior< War? rob* Bedstaads, Washataods. oarpaa. Oil ci th Featbar Beds aad Pillows, Parlor aad Cooking Moves, Ac., Ac Alao, 1 I'amlly Saw lag Machlaa. Alro. amail lot of Wood aad Ooal. tela at* WABPWBLL A MATB.Aarts. UT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. Aaottoaaara BJ Bo. 4'ih, coraar 7tA aad D atraata. T?kP?!L,L??r,I,,Be*l> BBICK FBOMT, VOLB BTuBlES HIOH. WITH BASEMkBT AMD BUB B ABEM KB I. Froatlag OB I atraet north, betwaaa 9tB and 1Mb MaaaU west, at Pabllc A actios Ob TMDIBB AY, the Slat iastaat, at 5 o cladfe a. m , as shall sall.oB ths prsaatsas, tha a bo re pr> arty. The Bouse ta Sw faat a lachos froat by M faat deep; Lot raaalng back 117 faat to a Aaa aarad alley. \b hea the proparly Is com plat ~d It will make a first class Private B*?ldaaea. Wa aall taa attaattoa of Buyers ta this aala Terms: (?ua half cash. balaace ?a all, twelra. eighiaea, aad taaaty four moaths. far B-?aas h-ar lag in tarsal, and eacarad by a daad of trust oa tba graulMB. All ooavsyaociag aad rsraaua stamps at tba oast of Us pare baser. fiOu saw a *B tha day of aaie fe is d OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aasu. Sbllibo orr to closi bcsibbm. A.w TOWBHBBD * CO , Jswalers, IB 7tb st., Betwaaa 0 aad B. Ba*ag datarmlaad ta rattea frosa haaiaass. wa ofer oar baaattfat a Mar fa* at af Jewairy aad Beasy Ooods at Srst cost. All goods sold gnaraatsad to ba what rearaasatsd. Whilst closing oat aar stack of Jaarefrp aad fatsrOsad?. wa a (far aar patroas wis wish ba parahasa Watchss tha opportualty af buy tag tbass at whalaaala ratss. PBMJB UK OT WATOMIS. ad'^S* yly' ^ rtT Us#aa^Boyaatsats, wt.eaase!eAeaHean! Vaftlatt. ehrssa* Mstar Lai.. #a7. gold,, rg.cald. M do , Ap ptataa, Tracag A Oa^sBrsasaaadsraal., ||,goU, ABTIOLBB TI Ml BAIVLIB, I Ladlss Oahlaat aad dalr. vapSsr aaMaa. lapOMXABLM CsaMaiag - r GO TO TBI SIMPBOB BOUBI, earaar of1MB strast and Peaa'a avaaae, aad gat a large glass of PH1LADBLPBIA ALk far FtreOeata. BfaMt*