Newspaper of Evening Star, February 16, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 16, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR " liumi CdiiiiMi. A French <>i>( i?er a*? luseuted an app&rataa tor u-e ib r?4road colli*.oas, an?l designed to avo??t if nut ih? shock, at I?m( its evil oeuTk* iDTtniorkiTUA' tl?t a fhock. , however powerful, ta eqmval-at to a fore* which can be eati mated m w*i<htaid mitb*maiically determined, and th u if there he placed at the poaition ollia>ili<ytj shock an apparatus reprea*ntisg a weight equal to'he ferce o! the aback, the effect of tbe latter ought ta be neutralized He propoaea to nse a weight resting npon a torn pi oa of sufficient leug-b, and in li iimate connection with it. in anch a I manner that the retreat ot the tompioa will coincide with an eqaal dispiacem* ut of the weight. The tompion ia to b?* made of very hard metal, and thick enough to resist a po?erfnl shotk. and moving ia a caae attached 'o the locomotive or rear car The caae ia large, and tba tompioa can move on it freely without communicating Ha motion to the surrounding walla The weight of metaJ la to r*present a value equal to of the greate-t shock possible to be foreseen It ia of circular form, and ao arranged aa to transform the hor- 1 ixontdl into a vertical impulse. At the moment of tba colliaion between a train In motion and one in r pose, the anterior apparatus of tbe first train meets the poatenor apparatus ot the second; the two tompions join, being | tip ot i a similar a?is; they are pushed bi.'k in'o i their sbeatbs, act on tbe weieh's. and displace tbem from a height equal to the f>rce ?f the sb?< k AH rbls takes place wifhoa'effect on either of the train*; the rapidity of the on? ia j somewhat slackened, the repoee of the ot i*r ! still remains: and it i? only at tbeendof:be ' shock, after ita absorption, that th? first train begins to push the secoud gently alone. Toe sam? reasoning ia applied to colli-iou of traina ir motion Theoretically, this inrenfi >n ia beautiful. but there are eviaen'ly many difficulties In tbe way of Ira application. A Medical Cap*?The JS'ew York Marine Court is at present In.ubra'ing over the important question whether liog'a l.ird ta a cure tor rheumatism. A doctor sued for service* ' rendered, and according to ibe evidence it ; appeared that, like many quacks, be had ngreed to treat his patient tor the cur of rheumatism. and not to expect any payment if a j cure was not effected The remedy applied j vm a mixture of bog's lard rubbed into tne , akin of tbe patient, wb* discontinued it after , at me operations, en the (round that the treatment was too severe, and be could uot stand it. The pa'ient says the doctor has no profess onal diploma." bwt he states that by bis treatment be would hart* cured tbe patient if th>* latter bad not taken to tbe use ot mother n >9trtitn Tbe pa 11 nt'a case waa that the treatment he received only Increased bis mainly, :ind that, therefore, he was nof iiablg to tne demand made npon biin: aud so thev continued pleadiug ui d rebutting ut'il the ju<1ze toi k the papers and said be would reserve bis decision The world waits tor th* opinion of ibe New York Murine Court aa to the effect ol bog's lard on rheumatism. A I.ottxry or I>kath.?In New York, Mrs. Marv Oroetecb, a Oermae woman, tit'y f >nr years of aire, committed suicide by swallowing a quantity of arsenic l>ec??a?ed bad long b?'?*n addicted to spending every cent of money she e?>uld raise in ?be purchase of lotery tickets Mie even went ao far as to take the funds appropriated bv her husband for tne support of tbe laroily, and invent tbe same m purchasing lottery policies. She was expostulated wi'b by Mr f?roet?cb, but all to no piupose. On Christmas day >b? took all h?r hasnand's b at clothes and pawned them to raise money to gratify ber uncontrollable pa-sion, after which Mr (iroetsch announced that he conld live w;'h ber no longer, and tbev must sepirire. This caused her to be despondent and 10**spirned but instead of efTcftuilly separating they occupied different rooms. On Thursday la?t Mrs. irroetsch. in a fit of de?p?*ra't<in, swallowed a quantity of arsenic, which h id teen purchased aome m mths previously to kill rata with. Tm Hem ami liri'K in F?.o Pk<>i>i*<*r?.? A paper has been received by the Paris Aca te. r y ot Sciences from M Comnille on the co nj ..rative \alue of the ben and du<k aa esg pro? nrers. H is observations were limited to tnree r 1.- .ind three ducks, all tiueauimais. hatched ;? the *ame time in the month of Kehrnarv. lmring the following atitnmn tbe ducks laid trtS *rrm they recommeneed laying in February, and continued to do so until tbe middle of August. The bens iaid no eggs during tbe ai.iumn. i<ct r.ejt.ia in January and leit off in the middle of August. Tbe t >tal? of each at tbe end ot that time were?tbe bens, 2*7 ezg?; the ducks, b'7. M. Comaille next examined tbe nutritive value ot each kind of egg, and found tbem nearly equal in that respect. Hence tbe duck is more profitable than tbe hen by tar. * What litiitpikv win. do ?luder this head tbe V>'aco (Texas') Kegi?ter h:ia the following: "La.-t year a youug inau living near this place, Aliiert Neura, ren:e?i a piece ot good land, hired one good old freedman, and with hie own bands weut to work to cultivate the feotl. He w. r*ed maniully and well. And now for tbe fruita of bis industryHe has guihered twenty-four bale* of cottou, two tbousand bushels of corn, ami made four hundred OUuns ol inula,?*es from sorghum He ato b.fa -oire pork to spare. He baa so 111 sixteen hundred bushels of corn for S!,2fU gold, obtained for his moiasaee. and bis col on is good for dl^Mi more?making in all <>3 :** . He waa at some trifling extra expense during cotton picking time ' A Tskeiblb Story ?An Austrian physician. br Meyer, wbo wa* with the army in tbe campaign of last year, baa committed murder an J suicide in the debtor*' prison at Bremen. He intended to go to America, and a> be without means, a relative, who waa also going, undertook to pay hia passage and that of bla wife; hnt on their arrival at Bremen be found that tbe former bad already sailed. He tell into debt, and waa in consequence arrested. His wife having visited him, be cut ber throat with a penkuife, and then openlog an artery be bled to death. He waa only tbirty-ene years of age, and his wife twentyAve. Old akdNkw ?The clergy of "Old England" appear not to have been over temperate, If we may judge from a passage in a treatise entitled "LiuUes of a Parish Prie-t," which i? shortly to be published for tbe Ihirly tugiifh Text Society. Tbe writer. Mirk. ->?ts out to instruct a priest how 'o baptise a cb Id, but a sudden thought striking him, be exclaims, "Hnt II yon Are too drunk to say the words of baptism >n their proper order, what should you do? I?on't aay tbem by any meaas. Wait till another time." The advice, whien la good, might be extended t j some Amori^aa legislators on tbe last night --ot the session. ' Km* L?A>ocA<;k.?A Sou'heru corre?pondent in one of bi* letters informs us ot a n vel and economical mod* ot courtship in Florida. "As you have never see* tbe iauguage o pine 1 will give it here. A gentlemau wishing to court a lady, and not wishing -to tace 'he music, in person, sends bis lady love a piece et pme, signifying, ?1 pine tcr thee;' and ah? wishing to give a lavorahle answer sends in return a pine knot, meaning, 'pine not;' or if she wiabee to say no, sb? aend? a burnt pine knot, thereby eiguifyiug, *1 in ike light et your pine.''4 PrscTCATloJr ? A teacher in a pnbPc school gave a sentence to be written aud properly punctuated. Ibe i?iy gave tba following. aa the rea*lt of bis effort: Tbe quality of mercy says, "Sbake?p**re is not strained." VAn exchange suggests that wbila we take care of tbe ludiaus. they take hair of tba whit* people. VTerrible distress exist* among tba poor in Liverpool. England, and no lea* than twenty tkonsaud of tb* inhabitant* ar* receiving parish relief. The political catch-worda, "universal suffrage, and universal armshearing" have bec<>ma as tamoua in dermaay as eablrtntl suffrage, uciversal amnesty" in America. Salt lakes and ponds ar* said to exist ia Imkota Territory in great numbers, and when worked writ prove a source of much wealth. Sail can be made at bur ?mall expense, and 1 tb* land necessary for tbe evaporating vats can be bad for a mere tTifle. UTk. wife in Hollv Springs was deserted hv ber husband, and in tbe spirit of "revenge" ah* engaged in ksMneu for herself aad ia new a millionaire in Cuba. mowing to the scarcity of money in BuekIngham County, Va., pork sella for eight cent* cash and aisteea on time. Corn and other prod ace bring don bis prue on credit. ITWe aee that a New York sbjpkaeper advertises for lad lea what he calls au "tuviaibi* trail," which is no donbt something very nice for the sterner ?sx to tread npon and tear. WA redaction of taxation, aad consequen 1 reduction o: prices, become almost an imperative necessity, when it is known that it costs nine-tenths ofthe laboring men of tae country the best part of twe weeks' wages to boy a barrel of Hoar. t^Tt must be an ama?emeat to go marketing 19 Texas with prices like th**e: Fin* beeve* are selling frwm fourteen to fifteen dollars each, for specie. Sheep are selling at one del Mir and a half per bead, and pork at two and half aad five cents per po?ad. V Prussia enters the ?lorth Herman ceafederal 100 with a popu lation ofover twentvthree mlilteas. The non-Prussian States of the aew bend will not number roor* than fl ve I miUieo Their temtori** are detached and ' stack In different part* of Prussia, ilka pi tuna wapaddlBf ; t 1 . / - * 1 AUCTION SALES. pt OOOFBB * LATIMBB, litiMMn, s: (Ml, ll flriii if i4?em ?( tW liipwii QomI if tbe DfatrfctcdOainaabla. mads and mhW on tho ' 6th day of Frtraary.A.B 1867, in mm* Bo. 788, Stalliaga va. Salt M el. the nnderelgned Will nil, it yiblkinclln. to ?! ki/hul Mddir. the Kk4u of Marsh A. D. IMT, at * o'clock p.m., 1 on tbe pr*mieei, narta of Let* Hoc. 3 m4 9. in ilivi No W5. deacrlbed aa follows r?BsBinaiinff it K atrest. 69 fut eaat from 10th Mml, Mi running tUsncs rat 22 fset; theses north M foot < Inches; thsscswset afoot: and imim aoath 90 , feet C lacbee to the beginning, with the two story ' VriM Duelling Hoin thereon. Terms of aale. (lie hut cuk.the residue fa alx month* from the iif of aile. with lntorast. or it the option of the purchaser the whole may be paid Incwk. If theterme in not eemplled with la fivedars freM the <1 ay of Mlo. the property will he reavld it the ri?k end coet of He d?(ialtli| , purcheeer, npon Ave din notice Ooaveyaacing fe lfeoJw COOPBI B LATIMKB. Aucta. IIT 1A0LB A CO.. Auctioneer!. , MJ Sal ear 00m Bo. t9i Peon. ITMM, | Between 9th and 10th sto. FAOLB A 90 will |Iti their psrsonsl nttantlon to the ule of Boil Bante ind floueshold Furnltare. Aleo, to the eslee of itocke of Qrooeriee, , Wvnee. Lianora, and Merchaadiae of ovary dol ie tictiuo. Meriee, Otrrltgei. Her nee*. Ac. Liberal cnh advaaoee undo on oon*lgumentO. Kegulee gtiw n oar ealeeroom avery TCBSDA1. TBUKSDAT; ind SATURDAY, It 19 O clock MAULS AGO., jlll tf Auctioneer*. HEN BY CO I.MAN A OO.. AOCTIOH AMD COMMISSION MB BOH ANTS. Bo* and *29H Peuna 9th end PHh ati. B*lu it inction itwi Tueednr, Tbareday, nod Saturday morning nod evening. B C BBOOKBB. Baieaaaa. A fnfl a**?rtroent ef Dry Good a, B00U, Bbeoa, Furnlahlnt: Gooda. Crockery. Tin Were, 8t ?ve*. AC . al*ijf? OB hnnd It private dill. Odlb id vauced on ron-ignmenta. ALSO. Wboleaala and Betail Dealers in KiMwtn aud Tin Wire Rtevee. Ac , NnO. %'il end 431, 7 tli ?tr*st, between M and M A larte onantltv of Government ?tOf!i. cou*1*tIds of Blank ta Sh'-eta. PIHowe. Shirt* Clothmr. fart*. UarBKi. W*gona. Wagon Whoela, Wheel harruaa Truck* Platform Scale*. Counter S--aleo, . (.1 >. ktry . La n,*. Lantern*. Tar. Paint, an t 6' .Oiju iotTt* Stove Pip* Aleo, large quanMtr of second- 1 n*nd St'?Te? with minr other a'Mcleti toe no I tner<>n? tn e?'i?i?-r*te. The?oad* are nearly new, and will be M>ld it almoet any prlo* to enlt. al . In. H. COLMAN A CO. "GOVERNMENT SALE& j^TIAMIK TOB SALB! Sealed bid* for the purclaa* of the coppered ai l cojp? r fHHtPi td ateamer VIX1N of about 25" tnue burthen, aa ?he now lies ot* the Navy Yarn. V\ a-hit'tc* n D 0.. will be received at th? Oo-Mt Survey nffice until I p. m . Kehrnaiy ft. Tbo hi p keener will hhvw the veaael to my one wi-h il K to Ineptnrt her. I be ri|(ht la reeerred of cefaalnc ur or all bid* not conaidered to the intereat of thp Oorernaaent Bldarhonldbe iddreaaed to J B.QILAARD, Kalatint in charge, Goaat Survey OIBci, Wash inw on. D.O., ind endoraed "Por Tlxen." te H it BL1LD1MA8 AT CON VALK8CIN1 CAMP AT AUCTIOH. Chit/Ovar'ermastir's Q?ct, Dtrot of Wa*hi*tton,t W*skxnfton, 1) C , Plbrmry 9. UM7. { Ft order of the Quattermaeter General, tbe bnlldinga it Oonraleacent Oamn, betaeen the Long Bridge ind Alexandria, will he a >i j it pub lie inctlon on TL'B^OAY, March 6, nnder the anpet Tl>ion of Brevet Lieut, Col Jamee M Moore, A. W M. ??ie te commence at 10o'clock. Tne*e building* coinprlae it Barri?'ka, * Me*a Houaee 2 Uoapltil W n da. I Store Houiea 1 Laundry . 1 Wtaii Honao. 1 OfScM. 2 Ktat l a. 1 She-i. and 4 Sinka, which riry in aiiefrom 7xj0 foot to 31x173 feet. Bulldtfipa will be aeld viigly Ttrmr <'**h. In boreremeut funda. Fifteen daya frotn 4at? of aile will bo gristed purcbaior* to remove thoir baildioga. CH AS. U TOM PRIMS, Brevot Brig Gen. Dept. Q. H. General, fe9 211 Act'gCltefQ M . Depot WMh?nv;;on. (;0\*KNMIMl SALE AT CBABLBSTOB, 1 b C. The following Oriniu- e Property wlllbeaold it pnhiic notion at tn? t'nil*d Stitee Areotial, t barleetoi. B. C., 00 MOMDAY, March 4,1^7, comniebring it lOo'cloik a. aa : a bout net tona (Cinnon )<>aat Iron. About7.'0net tone Snot. Shell, Ac., (ibont onehalf have valuable auft Belli attached ) About 100 tf ne L ,ide<i fibell Ah ut l'? tona Scrip Wronjht Iron Abent 4H tona ^ernp nrae*. Copper, Be. 137 W ooden Artilipry CBBriigea, ironed. Ito Vo*den <)ha?*ia, lro#4 About 7.0 Cavalry KadSva, 750 Crfdloa, Cartr dge Boxea, and 1 <jnantity of other Luther Woik. 1 large Bind Fire Engine, (built by Agnew, Philadelphia, j About 1,?> barrtla Unaervic?able Powder. Al*o. 1 larva ?inantity of other Property. con iatlug principally of Mnaket Appmdi^ea. Bar*. Bope. mpl.ment* Miacellaneoa* Tool* Ac , Ac. Terme : Cieh oi th- diy of eale, in United Statee cnrraacy. Ample time allowed for the reoaovil of Property . it th? ox pit ati on et which that not removed will revert to tha Government By authority tf Chief of Ordnince. F. H PAKKBB. Cipt Ordnince ind Hvt Major. U 9. A , fe9 aAmtd Commanding Chirleatoi Areenal. I^ABOB SALE OF ABMT CLOTHING. D'POt Ouarterrnastcr'f OMc#, 1 BaUirnort, MJ.. February 6. 1847 S WIM bo aold at Public Auction In the city of Baltimore, it Covarament Storehouse. Mo l'^V Soath Bntaw atreet. on WBDHBBDAT, 1> M, Fehrnnry ST, lto7.1 lot of _ ABMT ObOTBIMO, conalatlng of _ __ . 3,47?* MBW TOBX STATB JACK ITS. Of irttgalar patters, and otherwlao unauited for iaana to troop*. By reieoc of ita long retention In atoro, the material u in aomo inatincea more or leea damaged. The ule will take place In lota to antt pnrehaaera. Terma Oaah, In Bovernaaont fnnda, on day of ale Three daya allowed to remove pnrchagea. By ordir of tha Qnartnrmaatar Ooaoral. A. B. KIMBALL. OintilB, nod Aaaiatant Quirtermiater, C.S. A , _ Depot Uuartermaater. ADBEOB. THOMAS A CO.. Ho. 19 South Charlaa *troot. fa 8-11 AncMoneora. JMPOBTAMT BALI O r^GOVEBBMBMT VBSDepot OumnermmX&r't QMes, I art., m. ia Md * Jmuiry N. uh. { Will be aold at pnoilc auction, at the pert of Bil25?7ik,Jv5d'!,I'wB ,_.wll*rf' *? ' BaltiBorejen THUBSBAT IS M . Fahrniry n. 18*7, the B0PAKB BlDB-WBBBL^jTMAMBB OOSMO Of H9 tona; length, 220 feet, breadth of boam. II loot, deptk of hold, U faot; cylinder, M incbaa, ind II feet etrohe. A raro ???ortnnlty la afforded In the ante of thia Btearner to poraona deairlag to porchnao a really Aral cilaa veaael She I* of llaht drift, the englno ind bollora ira in meat excellent condition, and tha hall perfectly eoand ami atrong. It la believed tLat for alio ind bnlld tbo Ootmonolitin anrpaeaea any veeool hithorto offered by Government tor aale it thia port Tern.a caeh, In Goveritment fundi, on day of ante. Further particular* may be Inrned npon ippllration to the nndesaigued or to the Anctlon-era, Meeara. AbKkuN, THOMAS A Co., Mo. Is*. Booth Cbarlea street. By order of the Quarterniaator General. A 8. KIMBALL, Ciptiin and A Q. M., 0. B. A.. fe l-84t Depot Qnartermaater. ^OVBBMMBNT BALBTha property known aa the "OOVBBNMENT TABNBBV AND STBAM SAW MILL, ' wltn peventy five acree of lind. Dear Sna Antonio. Texaa bee led Propoaala, la duplicate, will be received ap I" the let diy ot March, U-7. for tbopareha*e of eevanty-lvo actueol l-uo, more or leoa, together with the bulKing* erected theraon, and the apVl . , BBTBM BTokB POOLS, and capable of burning ftftoen thonanid hldoe per aanum. OMB STBAM SAW MJLL, oapable of anwlng throe thouaaad feet a' lam her daily. ONB SMALL. SI OMB liOILDIHO. The above property fta *ltna?od aWoat two mtlea ab >vo Bin Antonio, on ?ho tin Antonio rtvor. and tbo water la o?adocced to tbo eatebliahmaait by 1 race of hewn atone, laid In mmeat. 1 ho land waa -parohaaa.l and Improvement* made by the late ia-tillel Confederate Somameat, and arp aaU mated to have ooet fuo 000 in gold Tbe proporty hae-boon nnder laaeo for the yaar 18Ct>. at n month!} raat ej fMg. payable In ad vaaco A aeenrtd title in fan at a pie will bo given by the Caited Statee Government. Proposals will bo marked "Propeeala 'or Government Tannery and SawMlll.'aaS add rem id to J.B.BflDDOO. Bvt. Mmer don., Aaat Com. Bnrean B , F. and A. L.,Qalvaaton. Texas. jatl-Sft ^OVBKMMBST HABMBS8. 2,M0 aetto TBAM HABMBBB, ltO aetta AMBCLAMCB HABVBSS, Ijao OOLLAB8 and TBAM BBIDLBB, OABT HABBBSf, McOLBLLAB 8ABDLBS, JBID IMG BBIBLBB, BALTBBS, HAMBS. Ac , Be. These nmoaanre in tboroash repair and will bo aold low. JAB. B TOPBAM A CO . fa!4-dt **K? M A 1 L MC&IAIB DB FAMTAIBIM, IT BOIBOia. j I AILl AID' I CHOOOLAT PAI IXBBLLIMOB, 1 T^hju ! . ?< e ? ??? narnas VMB^aa^l^atrosOa, j) * * ^ t ? t'nlv 4 M? i. if ' >- e .1 I i PROPOSALS. ' p BO FOB ALB BOB CWB1T Ammtv Dtpmrtmtnt, > Mm of &*P*rrtsing Architect. Feb. 6. IM7 j Sealed ir*HMli will be iwcdrti M this effloe aatll lSoVloakm., February J3,18S7, tort oral ib lag (detlvered at 'Washington or (WriotowkD, v.,I l.ew bMreh or Hydraulic C.faent : Mlktr rets to bo 4?Hrertd oa or before April 1. 18*7, ui the bo la do# oa or before May I, IM7; tbo whole to bo of tbo wry boat quality, u< sabiect to tba taat. idshcIIod. and epproTal of the itOf otor Of Ikbrltla. Treaeary Bxteaelua. AU blda Boat ba accompanied by the gaaraatoe of some responsible pereoa that tbo blM*r will ceoM sad perform tbo aottrMI If awarded to Tba Department rooorraa tho right to njaettnj or all tbe bMo If considered for tho internet Of tk? t Ooranunaat to do ?o, nnd ao bid will bo ceasld- | ered that dooa not eooform to the re^airemeate of i tbli idTtrttMBoat. Bid* to bo encloeed I n a hiM enrol ope aafl on- i do rood "Proposals for Oeme*t. ** A. B. MULLBTT, fct fChron ] Supervising Arcbltoct. pBOPOSALS FOB COBB MBAL. QMJtwt Cbaauifli V Shtoirteacs, I FuAiafiM, DTc., February It, 1M7.1 Pealed Proposals, la duplleate. ara Invited until TUBMDAT, Fobraary 19.1SS7, a* It as.for far niahlag tba Subeieteaee D?p?rtarat with all tba > Ooraaaoal tbat map bo required from tbo Mthof Febraary, 1M7, aatll tho 30th of Jaao. 1887. Tbo Moal to bo delivered at tba Sabststenee Bto;ehouses; ia tbo Monument Lot. aad Sixth traat Wharf: or at tba Baltiaioro and Ohio Ballroad Depot, at aacb times aad la aoeh jaantltiee aa tha Qovsrnment aay dlroct, aftor five days Dotteo. Tbo Cornmoal to bo deMvered la good.sound floor bnrrels.eaeh ooatainlng ?no haadrod aad ninety alx UN; pounda; to bo froah ground.and of food, merchantable quality, aad will bo iatpected bafora It la received. Payments will be made In snch funds aa the Gov* srnnent may furnish far dlaburssmente Blda moat ba addroased to tha undereljnied. at Ho. 223 "Q:? street, eadoraed ? Proposal a for j Oorameal." O. BBLL. _fol3-4t Major aad O. 8.. P. B. A. DBOrOBALB FOB PBBF0BM1M0 8iHiTAI BV WORK OF QUALTERMASTBB'S DBPABTMBNT. Headquarter ? Depart mem if WasAimgton, ) (free of Vknf (jHart'.rmeuur,) Wafkintto*. B C , Jtnaary tl, 1*57. \ Seeled Propoaala ara invited at tbia olfloe aatll 11 o'clock noon, Fobraary 1ft. 1*;7, for tho removal ..f all alnk uepcaits, aeue* uud deal public aaiuials from tba various barracks. buildings, Ac .owned and oocopled by tl e vsriOua branches of tho War Department ia and about thin city, itebedealgnated by (bo Chief Quartermaster. Department of WatAiagtoa,) tor the period of oao year from March 1, 18?7. Bidders tofural?h all necessary matariala and labor lor performing the work, aad to _lve bonda to be executed at ouoe opo. the award of tba coat-art iu the aamof fin rhouaaad doilara for tha faithful perfoimance of the no? Raj merit* to be made monthly. Bhoald tba amount *f work repaired daring the period of tbo contract bo eltfcer Increased or ie creased, thea * proportionate 'increnee or deduction to be made In tbe monthly paymeuta. Lints of tho pla< ea to be visited and a statement of the areeent amount of work required cau be ha 1 on application at thia office The andersfgned reserves the right to reject any an'* all propoaala ahoald they bo deemed too high, aad alee the rlgh t to annul and diseontinne the contract at aay time whan tbe cuatractor altall fail to p?rfera the work required In a prompt aad eatlaf-ctory manner. _ _ ( Bids aboubi bo eadoraed " Proposals for Per- ' fom log tauitary Work of Quartermaeter a Dotai isaanf." and addree*ed to the undersianed. Ml LUD1NOTOH, Brt. Brig. Oen and Chief Quartermaster, ja 31 lit Department of Washington. pBttPOBALB FOBLVMBBB. Tbfasirv Dkpaktmwitt, ) OrriCK or Bupsrvisipg Abcuitk<"t.> , , ? . January 30, 1?^ \ Peal ad Propoaala will b? receive.! at tbia Office until 12o clock M , February lith. 1W7, far far1 nikhing loan bar repaired for tha North Wing or tl a M dtacrlbad in the folau.utolmeal feet of I. Oarollaa (heart) Flooring, l'? iach thick, not over t Inches wide, ana clear or knota. Sft.000 feet, board measure, W. Pine 0om Galls., l Inch thick. fi.COU r?et, board meaaare, W. Pine Oom. Culls., i lacbea thick 1,00? feet, board measure. By race Scantling, 3 by 4 iacbee, i0 feet length*. 10,000 teet boaid measare, BprnceBcaatling.Sbyt inches. 14 feet lengths 38,(HO feet uoard measure, Spruce Balls, 3 by 3 inches, ?j feet itngtha. 15,tOO leet, l ard measure, W. Pine Selects, 2 laches thick. 3.000 feel, board measare, W. Pine Selects, dressed, >?ia< h thick. 3 OUl leet,hoard lueaejnttW. PtneSelects,dressed. 3, Iach thick. -T 4.MO teet board meaanta, W. Pine Selects,dressed, J. inch thick. 2.WO teet toard measure, W Pine Selaats,dreaied. L'? ln? bea thick. 3 000 feet , board measare. W. Pine Selects,dressed, 1 '?* In- h*s thick. 1.01 feet, board meaaara, Poplar,drawed, %itKb thick l,U0i> feet, board meaaara. Poplar, dressed, l?' inch thick. All the atK>re deacrlptb aa of Lumber most be of < tbe beat quality ot their aeveral kiads and must ba delfvered at tha Treasury Building from tin.e u time ?a oi itred, snd be aubject to the Inrc.;"** of the laapectar and Becelverof Mate | Bida to state price per M. feet, and mast be ac- i coaapanird by a written guarantee from ?otue responsible person, that the bidder will atecate aad perform the contract if awarded te him. Tbe Department reserves the right to reject any ar all tbe l ids, If eanaidered for the interest of the Coverament to da aa, or to accept any portiena of them. I Bida to be ancloaaa in a sealed envelope aud en- t dorsea ' Propoaalafor Lumber." I A. B. MDLLBTT, jaSl JOhron ] Supei vising Architect < PBOPOSALS FOB ABMT TBAHSPOBTATION. I tyrAKTKHMASTICR OSNBEAL'S UFriCI, I I Washington. D. O.. Jaamtry 16. 1857.1 * Sealed Prop >eala will be received atthlavhce ' unill 12o'clock m.. on tbe tsth of February, 13H7, for tbe transportation of Military Supplies during tba year commencf Qg April l, 1M7, and a ad lug 1 March 31, 1888. oa tbe following roataa: Bo DTI Ho. 1. From Fart McPheraoa Nebraska Territory, or snch parts aa mar be determined upon durlag the > year oa the Omaha branch of the Vnloa Pacific railroad, waatof Fort MePhersoa. or from Kwrt Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such posts or depots as are now or may be aetabllahed ia the Ter- ? rlty o? Hebraska. weet of loagltude im deg . In ? tbe Tenltorr of Moatana. south of latitude M { dag., la the Territory ef Dakota, west of longitude , 104 dog., la tho Territory of Idaho, soath of latitude 44 deg.. and east of longitude 114 dag , and in . tbe Territories of Dtah and Colorado aorth or lati- j tads so dec.. Including if neoeasary, Denver BODTB Mo. a \ From Fort Biley. State of Kaaaas, or snoh f points m may be determined upon daring the raer ?i oa the Ualoa Pacific railroad. B. D.. U any posta . or depcte that are new or may be eatabliahe i in 1 the Bfateof Kansas or in tha Territory of Colora- e do. south of latitude ?0degrees north, and to Fort . I'aion. Mew Mexico. <>r other depot that may be a dealgaated la that Territory, aad to aay other ! polat ar polats oa the roots. " _ BOOTS Ho. S. * From Fort Ualoa or such other depot as may ba established In the Territory of Hew Mexico, to tl any posts or stations that are, or may be eetab t. Halted in that Ten ttory. and tosneh poata orata- . tioss as ma; be designated la the Territory of Arisoaa, and In the State of Texas vest of longitude tl 104 deg. ? BODTB Bo. 4. 5 From St Paul. Miaaee^ta, to snch posts a are ?i aaw or may be estabiiahetl in the btate of Ml one- V eota. aad la that portion ar Dakota Territory ly lna e at of tbe Miaeoarl river. The weight to ba transported during the year will not exceed oaBouie *o. 1. 30,000 o?i pounds , a on Boate Ho. t. 20,ts>0 0?o poanda . on Monte Ho a 3,?.t'U?uwi pounds, aad on Boate Bo. 4, 3AJUJUU) pounds. n ratel"*"""*1 ^ ' * **ch roate sepa- ] *B^lers will atate the rate per 101) pounds per u lOo miles, at which they will transport thoatorea I y m }hri ye%r' beginning April 1, I4. 1807, aad ending March 81,1M8. S Bidden abonld give thair names ia fall. as well ~ aa their] places of reaideaca, and #ach propoaal ? should be acaompanted by a boad In the sum er ? tea thousand ?to,00n) doilara. signed by two or .. responsible persona, gaaranteolag that in

ca-e a contract la awarded lor tbe routo men ,? UaiM>d la the aropeaal to tha aarty propasiag the " contract *111 be accepted and aatered lutoaod _ good and sufficient security Tarnished bp said garty^i^naaoerdaaee with the teraaaofthlaadrer- f ya Route Ho. 1, 92M.800. On Boute Ho. S, JOB,000. Oa Boute Ho S, MJM. _ M - . Oa Boute Mo. 4, M.tOO. Satisfhctorv e vide ace of the loyalty and sol- * JXTSu^hS r i flr ^ nerai as aecnr- ** ity will ba required. ol Proposals most be eadoraed " Propoeala for ll Arpiy Transported oa oa Baata Mo. l,3.8,er 4," M as tha ease may ba. and tione will ba entertained M *?!? the re;alrsmeau l> of thla ?dvertisement. Tbe party to whom aa award m made must De fE prepared te exaeata tbe coatraot at once, aad to " to"w,a ?? ?- " AWhW "01 " "* UM ~r The contractors ea aaah roate mast ba la readiaees fer service by the Ut day of Anvil, 18C7. aad n be joined to have a place of haalneee or ? agah^ atWhlch he may'be aammnalcated with ? piomptly and readlly for Boute Ho 1. at Omaha. 0 M. T.; for Boate Ho. 2, at Fort Biley. Kaaaaa; for Roate Ho 3 at Fort Onion.Hew Mexico: for ltoate Me g. as Saint Paal, Minneeeia. ar at aoeh other polat for each of the Several BrOOiae ae may be IndJoamd ao the storting polat oTihTrouto; Blaak forma sbowlag the cendillens of tha contract to be aatered Into for each rente can be hdt oa application at thTyeffioe ar at tbeallceof tbo Quarter meat or *t Mew Tort. Saint Luis, Fort K Leavenworth. Omaha.Baata Fa, aad Fort Saal> *S pino*?ossl^ * W0*SWBF?^ port of the By order of tho Quartermaeter Geaoral. _ Brevet* ?leBe? aad AssSKat 5 la 18 881 Qoartaras<5tar^y787A. ^ nfsriKt b Calthwalto's Betaaapaat for ianaary. J ? ? *SA*0K tAIbOS. .TfUli fITI'Aff I J*' ai?afiivtjv'l ac t J lv> j .1st 'a.. . proposals. paoNMU roi mum jail. Iim nut o? ni limioi. I WA*ni7ioTt?!i Janu try U, i?7. > tealed Propoaata will k? received It tale D?MrtawRtwttl I? o'clock m , oa MOBDAT.tba 4ih of for Ik* -recti on of the Job ia end for Iktulitrkt of 0olMkU.MrtkoriM4 end PtojWm lor by tho oct of C? agrees, approved J ill he dodo*, detail InwlBH, iM apeoitcatiene oaa be mm at the architect ' offlce, la I bo eoePera Cuidi of Uaa Oopltol. Wubti|to? cltr.iforr i. excopt S^adeya, between tbo boar* ot t a. m. oad S p m.oaond after the Mth Inatoni Benorete Mi will bo received for ft* niaooury wori.brfck work. Iron*ork.u4c?ry?itrT work. Tbo ooairoctor whose bid nij bo accepted will bo required to eater Into a aaAcient band, to bo approved by the Secretory of tbo latorlor, for tbo fotthfnl completion of hia contract Paymonta will be madea* the work progreeaee, oa eetimatoe eorttflod to by tbo orehitoct. bat tweaty per eon turn of tbo MtlnotM will bo reteJaed until tbe ooatroct la completed. Tbo contract will bo awarded to tbo loweet reeponeible bid* er. bat do Department reoervea the rlfcbt to reject any or nil of tbo blda aboald It be deemed for tbo iatoreota of tbo Qovernaioat to doeo. The bide will bo opeaed at nooa oa the 4th of March aezt, la preeanee of nek of tbo blddera oa may cbooeo to attend. Propoaole aboald bo end o reed oa tbo obwIam, " Propc? la for Mew Joil." and be directed to tho " Secretary of the Interior , Waeniogton. D. 0." o. h. bkowbibo, ja? w6w Secretary of the Infterior. legal, notices. IS TUB sopbbmb COUBT OJT tttb Bid1 TKIOT or COLOMBIA, ThtaSd day of Janaary, |ggy. Patrick White and Andrew J. 1 Joyce, complalnaate, I a. I Joeeph Johneon, Mary Jebn-} Equity Bo. 89T.' eon. John M Haneon, John I Fly n and John Malone, do-1 fendanta. r The object of the bill tied inttble caaae to to procure a decree for the eale of certaia pteeee or parcela of groand lylag and being la Waehlngton city. Dlatrut of Ooiumbla, being Lot (and part ot Let 4, in Kqiare 1 ,M0, to eatlafy a debt due by defendant, Joeeph Johnaen, to the coeaplainanta. The bill eeta forth in aabataaco that the aald Joeeph Johneon waa indebted to aaid complainant* in the aura of #447 40 for gooda aold and delivered by complainant* to tbe eaid Joeeph J< hn nn. That nt the timeof contract! nganid debt the aid Joeeph Johnson was seized and poaseeeed of the paid plecee or poroeta of groand, which, while he wa* eo indebted, be iraua ilently conveyed to eaul def.ndt.nt. John M. Ban eon, 1a trust for the aole uaennd benefit of Mary Johnion. wife of aald .lo*oph Johneon. Thatcompletnotite obtained judgment of eomlemnation of tbo aald piece* or parc>'le of gri nml in at d by virtneof uu attachment iseaed out of tbe common law sido of tbia court ia favor | ot complninenta against eaid Joeeph J. hi an and rraya that tbo aoid deed of traat from said J?e-ph Jobnsoy to aaid John M. llaaaou aa aforeeaid be I rodncod before the I'onrt. and the tame be ?tincelled. That tbe aaid complainant*. alter tlie leaning of *akd attiw htueut and the levin? ot tUe enme on tbe aald piece* or paroela of ground, aa certaiaed tbed the aald defendant, John flm, claimed to Lave a Ilea on tbe a aid plee* or parcelaof ground: that on searching the land records of Weabingtoa coanty. Diatriot Uoti or deed ot truat wan recorded in aoid land recta dp, but that afur finding of tbo jury and indgmt t>t of eondemation o? tho aaid attoebmente, the aai'i record* were natain aearcbed and a deo?l of .treat from aold Joeeph Johnson to John Malone, to secure John Klyn for the aam of #1 ?', wa? found recorded. That tbe aaid deed of truat waa recorded neaily eleven o-outlia after tbo date thereof, and over two montha after tboiaening and leviegof told attachment. "J hat tbe aald attachment ia a prior lien oa the asid piecea and parcel* of ground, bofora tbo aald deoii of traat. Pray* a diacover>tof tho amount atlllduenno unpaid on aid deed of truat. and praye a aale of the aald piece* or parrela of groued to aetiafy the domanda of tbo complainant* nod other oroditor*. and for an injunction agnlnatsald de'endante. Joaeph Jehneoa. Mary Jobnaon, J<-hn M. Hansen. J >hn Fhnand John Malone, and their cenfe leratee, when discovered, to restrain and pmhlbtt them and tbeir agenta and servants from selling or il? poalng of, or in any manner fnrtber Incumbering, the aald piecea or pnrcele of prennd : Itlathereupon, thia 3d day of January, 19*7, adjudged ana ordered that notioeof tblaault l>o aiven to the sold nou resident d?feotianM? Joaeph John boo, Mary Jobueon.and Jobn Flyu,by pabllshtng acopyof tbia order In the BTe*<inK Star, a newa paper pnbMebed In the city of Wnahington, In the Uiatrlct of Colombia, three timea a week for elx conaecutlTe ?edka. wnrninK aald m o resident de fendanta to bo and appear. In ?? raon or by solicitor, at rutea to be held In tho office of tbe Clerk of this Conrt. on tbe tirat Tueeday of June, k. D. imJ. to nnawer tbe aald bill of o^mplaint. otherwise tbe aame will be taken pro con/a-.?o ocaluat them: Provided the !lret publication of tbia order ahall appear at leaat foar montha before aaid first Toefdoy of Juno. I&7, an* atatiug tbe object and anbetanco of eaid bill of comptaiot. a. B. OLIM, As?ooiate Justice, do. A true copy B .1. 11 KIOS, Clork. VM. J. MILLER, Solicitor for comrlainanU. j 04 >taw?w _ JBSblK McUBKMOTT. GUACDIAB OK GBO. B. McDoinmtt. Charles V McDerniott, i'lank H. McDermott, and Joaile H. McDermntt, harini; reported to tie court that, In pursaaace of Its decree ratified an 1 upprovo l l y the Hnpreito O-ort of the Distiict of Columbia, she eol I t!i>? Interest nf her aoid ward* Id the ml lowinr property, lying and b?iii(f In tbo city of Washington All the atrip of ground li ing oaat Of end adjacent to the dwelling hoaao built on Lot Mo. 3D. In ?nnar<5 tUi, in ?aii city. which waa owned by the late Wm. McDeraiott, aave and except the foar foot adjacent to and east of aaid duelling, with a d-'-tli a i i?l to tiie detth of said Lot Bo 20. bounded as foil iwa : a*ginning for tbe aame at the northweet on<ln of LotNo 11,in e mare No. lo.'v.and ranning tbence weat 1.1 foot; thence .ooth U!<14 feet, to on alley a) Teet wide, thence east aloug aald alloy IS loot to thewoet line of Lot SI: thence north along aaid line U?H feet to the bo# Inning, containing l,9f>'? Muarefeot, at public auctl?n, for the anm ot oue iollar per atjuaro foot, to Jobn Q Ulark. aod that tbe purchaaor baa comellod with tbo terniM>raaiIt ia. thla 2nth day of January, A. D IM7. ordered Sy lie conrt that aald sale bo ratified aud onJrmed on tbe )9th day ol February, A. D 1967, bi< leae eause to the contrary be shown on er before aid day Provided a copy of tlila order b?? pale Mied in the Batl?aal Infelligeocer ana Evening tar ?nc? a Week for three ancceesira weeks prior o aald day. WM. P. POBORLL. Judge of the Orpbane'Ottrt. Atruecopy. Teat: ja8 B.O'BClBNB, ;n2e wSw Bogiater of Will?. kepabtmcbt or thb ibtbbiob, \J US I TED ST A TES LATEST O FFICE, Wabhisgtob, January 21.18*7. On the petition of william H. jobn'OB. of Hprlngfield, Maeeachaeetta. Praying or tbe extension of a patent granted to Tiim on he 7th day of March MM, and patented in Kngl end be flat day of April ,18?S, for aa improvement in , lor seven yearefroa the expiration of aid patent, which takee place oa tbe Slst day of kyril, 1967: It io ordered that the eaid aetltlen be beard at he Patent Office oa Monday, the 16th day of kprll next, at 13 o'clock M.; and all persona re notified to appear and ehew cauee, if any key have, why aaid petition ought not to bo ranted. pereona opposing the extension are required to lelntbe PateatOMee their ebjectione, apecially m forth in writiug, at leaet I truly days before the ay of bearing: all toettmouy tlod by either party > be uaeO at tbo aald bearing must ho taken and ronamitted in accordance with tbe rulee of tbe of ce. which will bofurniabed on apalicatioa. Deposltione and other papers relied upon ae toainvonymuatbe filed In tbo ?fllce day a be >re tbe day ot bearing; the argumoate, if aay, 'ithin ten daye after filing the tee Imony. Ordered, alao. that thle notice be published In be Republican and the Intelligencer, Washington, 0., and in the Benubllcan. Springfield. Masaakuaerts, ejtce a week for three a access! ve weeks; lefirat of aaid pnblioatlona to be at leaet elxty aya previoua to the day of bearing. - . t. 0. th1akbb. Commissioner of PeUota. P. 8.?Editors of the above papore will please >py. and send tbeir bille to the Patent Office with paper containing thia notice. fe4-lnw3w I'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That theeahacrlbt r haa obtained from the Orphaoa'Court of I'aahlngtou Conuty, iutbe District of Columbia, tters testamentary on the personal estate of leanor Baden, Into of Washington. P. C.. de aaed. All persons having claims ag*inst the aoid it tea ail. are hereby warned to exhibit the aaiao, itb the voucher* thereof, to the subscriber, on or sfore the pth any of Febraary next: they may iherwiso by low be excluded from all benefit of tno untiTt Given aader ar hand - tbia 9th day of Pebruayv, 67, THOMAS B. H\l)KN. le II lawlw* Auminlatrator C T A. Colombia hospital ros womii j lt1b9-1m abtlom, fonrteoath treet,(aircle,)corner of M itroet, Wnahington, D. 0. Tbia Inatltotlen baa boon eetaMtahed for the ro?ption of aatlaata who aay bo rafferiag f?oai dietaee peculiar to tbeir eex. and for the admiesioa ' kuoh femalee aa may rogalra the oomforta of tbe T^e bufld'ngTa altanked la tbe Moot healthy perob of the Dlatrlct, parroanded by iU own rounde. Cora pose tbo door eveir Bye mlantoe. Terms of admieelon: From #6 to fll por week, al oad Surgical attoadoaco. * o^r** I. BOWABD, M. P., F tret. tsric < w'l inlawTtl tSww^IarfM 111 af^to tbe Bargooa Oaaeral, Uaitad itatea ?vtieBlaUving at a dietaaoo who dbatre tooeae ^OAb, 1B0H. 1ID OIL. or the Practical Asaer* 1 / leap Mlaor; bolaa a guide to oar mlnoa oad , Saral raeouroea. with aumeroua mape aad Ulna- i ioaa. FrlaofTM. ?? ?.? kit FBAJNXK tATUK, " f ITM I Jh .* ** . . . U . / - a* *a 4 ! RAILROADS. ? 1866 fiiiAHfi boom f^67 . TO THB BOBTBWBgTjSOUTH, AJTP BOPTB_ . WIWTBEBOHBDULBJ 1 ,8T^*- w1 Waahlagtoa?T Nl.p.1 Battlaoro?IUi a * .....7S9 ** 1 ' _ ii 10 a. a. ..smsftf fel teT 111 XxklOtfi. wtihMtea iamr?MM, , Ud mtIk frta feu to t*?lTC kMfi la Nm??n I Mj etW r?M?. hnadred wIm savwd to O^trmlJUw Tort Two Duly Train to tM w?. " ? Worth. I Tkronah from Balttaere to ROOHBBTBB aad ; PITTSBURGH without ckut* pMMi|tra br tbls rwu rroa Baltimore have oi"'tV SS _ Tickets by thli root* ? be proenred it the a< See. eorwr ?th ilrwt wd UDder too RitlOMl Hotel. where roAtMo taforaetloa will bo ilfOB u *11 PuMifiri imnriti ttckea at IUi oIm caa ocnra aecommodetioaa la Blooplag Cars for El * A'V WILEIWB, Ticket ifrat, Wwhiaitoa. V.O. 9. a. tocng. Goo. peas. Agent, Baltimore, Md. dol lr_ THROUGH LINK BBTWBBW WA Ml IK? TO* - . . _ WuH!WTOM,J.a.l, twr. .7 batwoaa Waahingtoa ud low York nra aow ran aa folio**, rtv: fOI IBW VOBK.wtthoat chaagaof earn. gk?r0 (?? ?? Sunday )a?Ttt a aad Tot IBW TOBB, ohaajriag ears at PhilaAelLeave dally (except Sunday) at llUS a. a. aad 4Jt p. to. . . BOB PiniDBLPBU. Laavo dally (except Sunday) at r? aad 11:16 a. a., aad CM and IJI a. ra OB SUBDAT. ^ _ Looto for Bow Tork aad Pbila* Jphle at IB p. a obif. 81 repine car? for Bow fork on 6 BO B- trala ( daily. Through ticket* to Philadelphia, Mow Tork or Boston, can be ba<1 at the Station Office at al I boar* In tbo day. aa well aa at the new ofllc? h the Bankers and Brokers Telegraph Lino, It) Peon. a venae, between 6th aod 71 b street*. Bee Baltimore aad Ohio Ballroad advertisement for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, anapoll*, an*1 the West J, L. WILSON, Master of TransportationL M. C'OJjB General Ticket Agent OBO. B. BOOST 7., W asking ton. ocJO-tf J DALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, 0 WaaiiiNOTus, Jan *,l^tT. Smmmasssztm Train* between WASHINGTON AND BAI. "I OBB.and WASHINGTON ABD 131 WB?T are now rna as follows, vi?. : I . bob baltimorb Leave dally, except Bandar, (*t 7-On. 7.45, *ad 11:14 a. m , end 2 *w, end 4 Si aad i top a. I . FOB ALL WAT STATIONS. . Bandar, at r ot a. m , and 3 Mi end 8 M p a. FOR a AV BTATIOBB SOUTH OF ABNAPOLM JUNOTloB Leave at <:1? and 7.UU a. a., and at I.Ou an 1 , u ,m FOB ANWAPOLIS. Leave at 7:4r> a. a., and 4 40 p m. Wo tra'ns to or from Annapolis on Bnaday UN AUMi.iV. FOB BALT1MOBB. Lear* at T:4i a. m.. an?l 1. kj ana a il* p. a. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leave at 7:46 a. ib ., an4 2.flu and 9 (MB. ft. FOB ALL PARTS OF TUB WEST . knave daily, except Bandar, at 7*5 a. a., aad 1:00 p m Ob Banday at 8 00 p. a. only .connectingat Belay Station with trains from Baltimore to Wheel lag, Park.erebnrc. Ac. THROUGH flUKBTS to the Wosteon be had at the *aeblngtoa Station Ticket Office at all boars in the aey. as well as at the aew office of the Bunker* and Brukrrs' Telegraph Line, 349 Pena, avenue, between tth and 7tn street*. For New Tork. Philadelphia, and Bo*tea, aaa advertisement of "Through Lino." J. L. WILSON, Master of TranaportaUoa. L. M <'< ! E, General Ticket Agent. oc SO tf GEO. S. K'K>NTZ. Agent W%*hin#ton. Hudson bivbr and hablbm bailBOADS-On and alter MONDAY. W>v ??, 1 led*, trains for Albany aad Troy. mauectine with Noitliern and Western trains, will leave New Y#r* as follows: 8a. m Bxpresa trala via Had*tn Bfver Railroad , 30th st and 19th av., through to Buffalo and bn*peusl>n Bridtre without cVaage of cars and connecting at Troy ?ith trains tor Saratoga, Rutland, Burlington and Montreal. , Bxpress and Mall trala via Hadaoa River Railroad, connecting at Ali<aay with Western traiux, and at Tr*y wltb trains fur Nnrtb. II a m Express ttala via Har em Btllrood, I tb -t and <th av., conaectlnc at Chatham with Woe Urn Railroad for Lebanon Bpri'iga, Pltt-'ield, Ac., at Albany with Western trains, aud at Troy with trains lor Saratoga Rutland, Bnrliagton and Montreal 3:45 p in Bxpress trala Tie Hnd.on Rlr-r Ball- | r< ad (oaaectlns at Albany with Waatern trains, i and at Troy with trains for MonUtow, with sleeping car attached. I 4 16 9 tn. Bxarwes train via Harlem Railroad, connecting at Ohatbani with Western Bail road for i L bacon Scdngs l'itt?field, Ac . at Albany wita ' Western trains, and at Troy with trains for Betland. Burlington and Moatraal Sleeping cars at- < tacbed at Albaay < S*i p b ex press taala via Ilndsob River BUI- , r? ad, with *l?>eping cars attached, and tbroa^to Buffalo and Suspension Bndg- wlthoat eha?(? <>f | rhrs. Also, sleeping car every day excepting ' Batnrda> s attached from Hew York through to : Ogdensi urg without change, via Borne W. aad O. Batlroxd. Connection tor Troy will bo made at Bast Albany. Thle train will ran on Bandepe II p a Train via Hudaon Blver Ballrowd, with sleeping car attaebed. c< aaectiag at Albany with J early trains fer Bnffalo and Basponsloa Bridge. 1 and at Trey with tralas for Saratoga aad poiats Bortb. 1 A Suaday train will bo rna via Hadaoa Birer Ballroad fram New York to Pongbkeepeie and (a- 1 termediate stations, leaving Mew York at sua Di. Returning, leave Pouglikoepsie at 1.45 p. , arriving In New York at 6 u p a. ; Also, a fund ay train via Harlem Railrnad, leav- 1 lag 4M street at 9a. a . and arriving nt Millertoa at Stop a. Returning, leave MilUrton at 5 p. < m? arriving la How York at i?i a. a. i WM. H. VAWMRBILT. 1 _jal> Vice President. I RI0M0?%V?JJj?Kii?| ?? ~ | TO TBAVtLLBRS GOIBQ SOUTH ] TWIOB DAILY, (Baaday p. a. sxeepted.J f The qalckeat aad aost direct ronte to Biokaoad, e.. JT?a 4 tteamsrs from Btxth Street Wharf. Washingtoa. to A?ala Oreek ( Richaoad, F redorlckabnrg and Potomac EaHroad, ' new eatlrely ooraaleted from Agaia Orwek to Rich f aaond.Va.connecting there with trainsoa tbe Bleb- J mond and Petersburg and Richmond and DanriUe 1 Railroads, for Petersburg, Weldon, WTlmlagtoa. 1 Baletgh, Greeasboro', SaiWhary, Oharlotto aad d OkNttr.S. O. c Steamers Reyport aad O TanderbHt loavo Blxtk Street Wharf Bally (Bapday evealng eaceptod) at ?.? a. a. aad 7 a a. aad arriva la Richmond to | l.?5 p. m. aad S So a. a. THROUGH TO BIOHMOBD IB BBYBB HODBB. t Fifty Hllaa BRortor and Ih Hours matokar toaa ? aar Othar Route. Ba rare aad got Through Tlckaa via Asata C Oreek and Fredericksburg, to Btohmoad, at the f Oompaay 's Office, corner ai Paaaa. avoaae aad^>tk street,or oaK>ardof theboaU. Baggageoheoked ^ throngh. | Baggage W ago as will bo tn readloeea to convey pass* nge (1 and .baggage bo- < twee a depots la Richmond . H kl S.fH&lS'd" j i O. B. MATTIMGLY, Tlcket^Aynt^Washingtoa. a a?B-ly -aral Paaae?ar Ag^t. f POTOMAC TBABBFOBTATIOB ItiBB. c ^ BOTIOB TO BH1PPBBB. Th* Stoaster EXPRESS, Oapt. B. A. BTTHBB, 11 Pi W PoffiL rolnt Lookout, aad arrives at BalM* b Pbotbotbd bbb pat- I eat of Bnglaad, aad apcarad by the seal* of the aUng the aaa of amiry aad all other deletortoai p ?a^jStOTadVyTa^BTBslHa?aBda!** ^StoUaMtigM Lb*Dr.BABB0V.BB.l?4 f VCToBD, B? B| AOKBBBli ABB. OOOPMH. (. ~ i: daM-tf Bo. Wi Witotoat.. bet. B aad^!^ ' t P-^BBBB^BJ^3hSSitoSj^ 1 ;hm3?' FB4agEXA1J(1 iJt 0 XI . 'J. 1? *. . ." 1 railroads. ISlppip ! -ft' Jffag^ggawwff:. ,.?, la Fhi l2d2fca u at"mJmT? ** ,JI* ? "?*?* fMtol'iUSiFt rr1*?rg, *bl* trala rMMU at ^iKni^wl^tiA-g f*UM|iTMU Ballraad train a f?r AllaatoaTI J"4 *<th the Ukaaoi \ alley irw, |? ..*?*? ? bar*. Ac ; at Four OLIBToB witb u.uYTjL Wlf0!! !*!* far V llllamaaort. Lotfc t * "* EMalra. Ac.; at BABBlBBlVo wit? Va5?I!!t? 0?atral, Onaiberlaad V alley. ttd *eh..?" n?*12 loiUMku'w irate* far IxrtkiD'MM iK1 llanaport. fork. Chaaberaburg. Piaagiwn? _ ArTiiiw* Bxruu Leave* PUladilpki* at Sat ? a. r?r -??? PtlUrlllt, Itrrtikuii, Ac , cuBitct)hi fi?CicK *** UalBa (or Ooiu?" , ' BBADIMO ACOOMMCDATIOV *? * A*Mti*c at 3 30 a ., Hofttni at all ?>. aiaUooe. arrlveeln PaiiadeipLla fT? A a i'**' ktaralii, leave* fbll?4tlMla at 4 3k m arrlvee la Beading at 7 96 a m 9 Traiua far Philadelphia Imii Harrlebvn at * 11 } ?m *D<1 FolUflllt At 8 46 A tm trri?i ? in ? - ATI rnooo SESuJLl! ^rsvi**'? LltTbS *??=??? SWWSM gu .^rsi'i feasants Train, with ? MUf Q#f r m? a?ta?k. ? leavr* Philadelphia at IS 4' aeon tor koedt^a.i all way alatien*, |e.,,. fading IIJnV^T tnl OoaaiBKtt'wa 13 * 9 m. for l|*li Tl'l *fl *(> ateilona. Mq All the above train* rnn dally, Bender* excea ad bnnoay Trait* l??eve Potuvi I. ,r a J. '.TV Philadelphia at J 15 p ? ., I rare PhilndeipkU f r Beadtag at 9 a. .. NUlHai from Beading ,J 4 ^ CMEBTBB VALLEY RAI LK<>AD. r*?**t > r? for Dowiiia?to?n and take lb* 7 30 ai.4 b It a iu at d /' J?* ,ro" Philadelphia, retnrnlug fronTlKfw u? iBgto?? at7 a m. aid it V aeon. n BBW YOBE. BXPBK38 FUB PITTT.SBCBUH AND TUB W C8T 4'BOH Leave*iRr* York at 7 Wa tn an ? S p m aa.. 1 ng Kraut g at 1 aft, 11 M a fn and i ?' a . i "?<? ? '"iMJiKVW;r.r.ij: BatiirtHna. Ex pre** Train >ar * Harrl.i.r. > aL?' P*nB"> Ivarla KsprfB* from I'ltubu^ ^ at t aad ? w a tn , <t is p. m luiill, Jlj?ar ' ? ?? audji-.ft* a. m abd II v) p m ?rT,Vf ^ %t N>? lor* 10 a a. , a,i uVm ,l acTMOipaiiyltur li?-? traiat tl.r*ii?'b t?rt ? h1? J ' * ^UyBm.lJnulur^. wntiouicuai,,. " J"r' Mull train f'T Maw York l*a?N Barriabqrff at 2 ,"P m Mail traia for Marrl.tu,/ulv^ \trk at 12 aoan at* IC^l'TLEILL TALLEF BAILUOAn Ttaiua iaave Potbvitla at T. ]| ?. m .La 7 is p m , ritaruiB* from lataa ,na at 7ji a ml? 1 if aaJ 4 14 p bi. a aa.t aa4 BcBUYLB1LL ABD^(>8r8QDEHABNA BAILT/a>nale?Ta Aabnra at 7 ?0a ni f.?r pi at <1 HarrUt>nrg. aad ?t l iu p m ff.r i? ?**r0T* *Di1Barriaborif at'ji ? P " "? T..?oa? at 1M mtm 'J* ^ EBBlttBT. Ooo4? of all daacrlptiona forward*! to all th> al ov?- p. fcta fr<>a the w<>u.aant?a a>w rVJi 1>?1>at. Broad and Willow atraate ''alfbl a^VI* Pklladelpbia daily at A Jda m , 1J ? BOO_ p o?r I~t,?>iOB. uV r"i ??. Pottavlila, PortCIid^ioi. aad all pofuta MrouS' *' Vh* Pkiladalphla Po.t Offloa for all P?K?,tlvi1;,1ac.?k^?L|1? The trama of th? Ppob?? , o?.itr *i Rail raao l*ave the brpot. at ..t ?u ' \iIvl HallwUUb I. -ra. had TmI T^i ^rm ^ kMbtraai Paa?< aCar Batiu.) v - ,V ,.;*4r" M*,,W!lT rQn UB MUMbA YB- The Market ?tr^t Oar. !*... Vrout ai 4 Barkat atrr-au uilii maa i,nnr_ ?, draartur* af cxh train b^ore tt.? ?3l ?U6#1, wul : ? T,?. " ,?. Paoll Aucoai'a Moa. I 4 I, |? ?( m in J! Llaa ?^d Brie El,^ ? ? tt'ifV."* Park?t>urs Train. .t i JT. Harrlata r* Accomrnodauoa L ^ * ' Laucartcr Accomni..dati<?B ' ?t 1 i?. ? Pittaliurct. and Ella Hall a, i,o? f j a i ipbia Bxarvaa at 1 i uO a ^Pauturic A B.r. Mall to.?ai dai^f.H^tVi: **1'PaKa^agars l>y Mall Traia go to CariUlaanl iTn" *!?? * a cbaaga of cara. A^flrCOar Ticketa can ba bad <? aaaii. tLe Tickat OSka. b3 I Chaa tuat atract ^ PhiladHpkia/x?r?* . .. Vt ; !J! S* Paoll A?aatu..>oa 111 m. i, ? i !. * Parkaborg w' : .:1 ;t*aU; " Lama-Ur Train ? ? *'m* KaatLiaa . ?2? ?t2* " tsJZxr*.- z=z::m ISi Z: a^""* iA."L'c';t ClKiaiati Expreaa arrlraa dallv All nth.o trataa dally aacagt Baaday A ?<h*r aTn,,eB?*r* ' *,1Bi{ Lock Baraa ura a ,d Bllliannport at 8 at a. aa rrat-b Phiiia i' i al.hou , rbaaca .f?. Da> Exprtaa, at ? ?' *?aor*, t>y 1 h?-Praaa^lTanta Batlroad Coajaanr will aat "capTf"? Waaring a!fi[^iiSS! K* *^,r raaaonalbitttf ta un* HnD4ff>4 Dollars 11 Yilut, 411 BAgf tgt ho?e.i ng that amoaat la Tain a. wUI bak^tbarZkti Jj? owaar aalaaa tak?-n by aaactal oaatract Ef?J,ftjrtbar lnf6r?atloa. apply to .at??r^tC ALL"' Tlck" * *<> ? Ckaat. ^iof0Kh " WALLAO?- ?ckat Agaat at U>. TEA IB raaa dally, exempt Tr r fall partlcalara to fare aad acca?Mda |ona apply to EBABCIB r!7BK, UTtUcTrt plHTBAL BAILB9AD OF MBV JEBBBY ? 1/ Paaaencer aad Fralgbt Dapct la Baa Tork oot of Liberty ?tre.t U?ni?ta at Baru^o. laartton with the IMawar" LackVw* ^^5 Btilrwtdi tod at Butoi wtth th?* Irtbirrh ' alUy Ballroad aad It. c^^uTaa.f.ri^i'S h^i. of'can ntUbmr' ^ "? Waat witAoat A I.LEBTOWB LIBB TO TBB WBgT Two Espeea Train* dally for tba W^t, axcant laitdaye, wbaa one Train la tbaavanfr.g 9 ?*Sr ailaa aad thraa boar* aa*ad by tMa line #t bat . WIBTEB ABBAB#BMEBT8, *K^a'C,D? Ja,B*rir 7' Laare Maw York aa 6.3U A M ?Far Baaton, B?*tb|Hiaa, Batch IiWa'c W,lli,UM?ort? Wilkaabarr^, kaha .oy K10 A M Mail Tbaih?For namlnrton Eaa?n^^ 'oa, Wllkoabarra, Or?U lend. PlUeburff, Bhighajiitou, Ac. ?A. M ?U aatern Expraaa for Ea-toa. Allen?wn. Bairtabarg. Pittabare. and tb? <*?at. with nt one change of car* to Oinclanatl ar Cblcar'a d bat two rhangr* to St. Laala <J,.an-cta at larrubnrawjtb BtrtBwa Oeatral aril Philalel kia aad Brie Bond*, for Mria aad tba Oil Befioftf. .A2 ? Alleatawn, Maacb nr Ac^ b*rre? Fottotrtlle, HarrliM.?For Baato n. Bethlehem, and Maach ' Q OK a ? P. * ??o' BomarTille aad Fleaalact ?a. P- M ?E<* MBeeee.Meedles.Harrletoerg. irillaMfcrt IrTinaUn, Carry,^rto,A?. bleeping r from Raw York to Wllliamapart. la F. H ? For Baaaerrflla 7 ? P. M.?ForBoaeerrille. F E -Wirrti* Mkpbb?* Taafit ? Far Maaiid'thl w^r*' P"?*eknrg, Bleaplag car* threogh froa Jeraay City to Fittanrg rvery araalag. UiZStric?* wm U Bargw Pl.t, TKkeWfor tba Weat oaa ba oMalaad at tba office ?Srr.jal? JOBIAB O. BTB BBB,Bq?aftn-nl,) JartSTl?rr!kJftXi:ir#W ** . ? LMAVM bbw tobe For Maw Baveaaod Bcld#apart?L g , Bi i n m U J (faa)|l(lt.S m,Mi 1(11.), ^J?ti^V^"thFort. na Waatport?7,1136 a aa , S ae and 1.30 c m For Barwalk?7, ?.?, II .30 a ? . uV(? ?. 3 E i.i.S S" 4 at t 3", and at Bx.> a For Dnrtaa aad Oraaaanok?7. IA, 11 JO a m ; jfcr4 S^orT^,lT? "mB.11 ? a. aa.: 11 U 31. U.aift. a : B BB. 4.30. B.BB. 4.30, and 7 ?. m. COBNECTIBO TRAINS. Far Boatoa via BgrlagfieM?B a aa.. ( *.:) E. For foaton rla Efcora Llna? U 1A, ^Eor t^artSrd^ayd BprtngiaM-B, (Ms.,) U.Bo a. #ar Oonnectlent Blear Ball road?8 n. ..(Bi.;) K^nrei:afBx .lll.90a. aa. Tar Bew Haven, law Load a a aad SBoatagtoa Uilroad-Aa. M lB.BandB ?. - _ For Oanal p. aa. la BattbaayTor Boaaalonlc aa4 BangafcE lailraaMa. Vor^tnafenry aad Bar walk B. B?7, B.BB A. aa.; Ooaaa?41a?B Bleaplag Oar* tWaiBaB ?aB *. aa Jfll" JUS Ba MOIT, ? !rtlB?t 1MB.