Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1867 Page 1
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f I I (fbcning Star, V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., MONDAY. FEBRUARY 18. 1867. N2. 4.852. THE EVENING STAR | PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT TH? STAR BU1LDINO, 9e*'\vtt comer /'ena'*. *??aae mmd lift ilwi), BT W. L>. WALL A OH. Tbp STAR ia aerred by ue carrier* to tfctir snb*criters 1b tit* Cltj and District at T? Cdti rax wibl Copies at Ue coaeter.wUh or without wrappera. Two Caara each. Faica to a Mailim:?Three moatR*, Om4 DtAimr aad Fifty Cents; tlx moatbs, Tkrtt Deliari, one y*ar, fwv* DUUrt. No papera art at from tb? oBe? longer taan paid for. The WEEKLY STAR?published oa Friday mornmg-Ont Doliar and a Haifa Tear. ????? DENTISTRY. IhB. LEWIE'S DEBTAL ASBtfCIATIOB, U Do. 3b0 PtNN'A AVE , Imwmo 11th and 13tA streets. Teeth extracted wlthrx* pain by admlneterlng Bttroua Oxjde er Laugblag Gac. , LtWlIku recently purchased the MMM Chemical Apparatus ia the couatry fur^4 aatloi paregaa even day, aleo, en Improved Val vutar Inhaler The Association la now prepared to make Teeth on Cold. Stiver end Bobber at Hew York Philadelphia and Boa to a priccc. All peraoas wishing dental work done can have It aa cheap aa ia the above named clti?* All work doac in tbs neatest and beet Manner, aad warraaUd to give satiafaciioa. Persona will do wall to call and examine onr work. ile >4 tf ^Cbe Inventor"aA?Pat?at^???'Ae MIBSRAL PLATE TBBTB, attend* personally ai^fc aia otlcein thic city. Maay peraoaa canWaflBBM wear Ui?ee teeth who cannot ?aar other?,>l ,lw and no per eon oaa wear others who cannot wear ' iv Persona calllnf at a; office can be accommodated with any style and price or Teeth they may deal re, but to thcee who are particular,and wleh the pnreat. cleanect, atroagest and moat perfect denture that art can preen re. the MIHBBAL TBBTB will be more fully warranted. Booms in this city?Ho 339 Pcnn*a nvenne. betwee a ?th and 10th rta. Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. oc?-ly PERSONAL. Y'liU CAM NBYItk MAKE 1KB TB1PO?B,ctiu or Samaritan bambuge. See Dr DABBY. 4 * 7th etreec. Be Is th? hi* nest aothorlty on ?t>cli cases. His private rooms are opposite Odd Fellows Hall jaiX-lm* pBIVkMlON BUTT Bit 1HAN Ui Hti I * i ? nch prevent! vee egttust i.Isesae aad pre* neacy ( when such is nule iia't>l*< Bmt to any addi?s?. at $4, fj. $6and $7 ier io-en,according to *ualtty,b> Dr. WOOl> Box "U, >*r callat 4*i th street,, np stairs ) We*hingtcn. 1) <*. ja'S-ini* MRS CI" RTIS IRVING, Cin,rv?*a*t, anil Ttut .Medium. will give |iie reeling, lncln ling Fast, Present and Future at her otftce, 4*20, n ?rtn aide of Pa. av , betoeen tS ami Sth streets. Oficc boors from 9 to J a m. and itova m. ja Si 1m* AB. MaUBU BTkBAL SiMBnTiriU AS. TROLUGCR ur AMkBIOA, From the petition ana aspect of the Stars at th* time of one's birth, will reveal aetonisHng se creta that no liv i? mortal ever knew betor?; bow to be successful lu *ll re-i-?oti*t>|e undertakings, tie tells same aud very day yon marry. the intended companion, and t-lis all events ot life, good lack and loog life to visitors. Lt,-li?* bi) tents to ?1 geutleeueb in full SI. 0*11 at 40 ltth at near P. ell hoars until y ia the evening. I de31 Im* CONFIDENTIAL?Young men who have Injured tbeniscivea oy certain secret habits, wblch nnflt them for businees. plaasure, or the duticccl married life, also, middle aged and old men. woo. from the follies of youth, or other eaopes. teel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves under the treatment of any one, should first read "The Secret Trlcad " Married ladies will learn something *f importance by perusini "Th* Secret Irl*nJ.'! ttedt to any addrees, in a sealed envelop*, on receipt of 9 canta. Addreaa Dr. OHAB. A 8TCABT A OO. Beaton. Maes ao My " CLOTHING, Ac. FJ. E BIB V BOB la. Sacca^or to H V. Lj?doa ftOo.ija VITIZMS S AXD MILITARY w MERCHANT TAILOR* 1m Metropolitan HoUl late Brown's, WW . ? 36S Pennsylvania aeaane. mj 1 tf Washington. D. 0. ^ K BBOWMB. BTj78ilirHBE8. BROWNE A 9MITHBRS, W AMliNQTuh. D 0 , A TTOR JV F VS ANhCttl'NSEI.LORSATLAW, AN li f >L 10 ITOHS PUtt THE l lKJtAii EEPt. UEE8. rREEDMBH. AMD ABABDONEO LANDS. Office Ho. 47 6 Seventh street,opposite the Post i'Mc*. 1* 2 ly OITO UlLKENs P IAN US AND OAKdAAT A HBEUBAM'8 PABLOB OBQAHS. All wtll find It greatly to tb*tr Interact to examine theae?apert> lostrnmenta b*-BGH3 tore" purchasing aa> other rrrvrl Only agency at GEORQB L. WILD M BBO '8 Hew PiaiiO Forte aad Organ Wareroom, Ho. 4?F Utb street between Pena'a aveaoe aad B street. A select aae< rtment of new and se?ond hand Inatramenta, lncirliog a CHUBCB OBOlH. for ale at lowsat facServ prices, and oa *asy terms Tl'N1 > O and BEPAIB1HQ faithfully ax*cated no 13 Sm" J^UBIT B I 8 B A 811, BAMARITTN*E 49 FT I SAMAMITAJTM GIFT/ THE MOST 0BBTA1H BBMBDY EVEB (JBBD "Ya*, A PowTiva Otiaa," f*r BOyOKRHQiA, OLMMT, J3TRICTURKS, d? Contain* no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Msrcnry. Only Ten Pill* ia 6s 7h*?a to Eftci a fW?. The) are eaUreiy vegetaule. having no smell aos any unpleasant taste, aad will not in any way iamre the stomach er bowels of tbe meet delicate. Cures la fr?m two to four any a, and recent aaaaa In "twenty tonr houra." Prepared by a graduate t' the University of Pannaylvanla. eneof the mod eminent Doctora aad Cheoilsta of th* araaentdey. . to i2To.??ff% no troubL** no eAangg wk+Uv?w. Let thoee who bavedespaired of gstting cured, or who have bean torged w1? Balaam .Qopavia or Mer eery try th* 8AMABITAH 8 vlFT. Seat by aaall In a plain anretoaa. Prtoe?Mate packet?, #3. 2?Ml*. tl. BLOOD! BLOOD!I BLOOD/tt BOBOFULA. CLCBBd. BOBB8, 8POTS. TBTTBBS. SCALES. BOILS, BYPHli.ia OB VBHEBBaI DISEASES, Ac. 1 BAMARITAira BOOT AND HMRB JUIOB Ia offered the aabllc** a aoeltlve cure. BYPB1LIS OB VENEBBAL D1SEASJM, the BAMA BIT AH It BOOT AHD BEBB JUICE I, , meet peteot. **rtaia and *ffactual remedy ever arescribed. It reechee aad eradicate* *v*ry particle al the venereal poison, so that th* onrel* thorouch aad permanent. Take, then, of thia pari Mug nm *dy aad b* healed, aud do not traaaait ft to roui posterity that for which y6u may upaal la aflat ***"' 00 mvt DBBPAUI svjynrj r??ffrs-sisfssm. -wl.l leaave every vestige ef hn par it tea from th? ?~f kna't?.*"u* '** a a# Pill adapted, ia Ulcerated Uterus |a Leu^oT raam, (n bearing down. Falling of the Womb blUty. aad for all oomplainU lacldeat to theaas leat by expraca. Prlae f 1M per hotUe. BAMA RITA NS WASH fcofSTawiK^,"' -* u ??? -a u? Fall direction* Price IB oenta. Tbe eScwy of thaa* remedtee la alike aokaewts;? " RSPBttWi, stating that I have aaed The Bamarltaa Remedies' tor Vsneral dt?ae*?* ta tta aaoat caatomary Mag that 1 have aaed them with jwdgaaeat, dtacretiaa aad property, aad, bave foand tbem raapond to my ent?c1?atteae aromaUy aad aMaotaally. Kaowid that r com position. 1 bave the fallast Mafldsnoete S'ShLS? 'Bimu a. aiacK. wtit a. LA MOB. c7w. black. LAW UFF1UH. ? ? BLACK, LAMOH B OO., Oo nasal lor a aad AUoraepa at- U* la ths Inn Oeavt of the Called Staiea, the Ooart of Olalina the Ooarta of the Dtatrict, the Bxecattva Cn! Bents, aad Oomasitteee of Congreea LA",T IB. ALL10T. tBBMCH HAIR DRESSER, 384 B street, bet woe a i)th aad 14th at* Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Halr-Dreaaer, of the c*tebrat*d Bar ha J, with whom h* arrive} ta thia eoanwy. haw new beea est ab tta had far tee teat eight yeare la WaeMugtoa and Hawport, aao>iag th* patrenagaef tbe cava* aad ot tb* hi<b?*4 society. B* haa tbe honor to aaaouace that he ha* this asaaoa > m ported the la teat fasbiona of hair drisaiag, aad ate? pomadea, aad every thing that betoaea ia tb* dreaaing ar hair at vsry reaao**' ie price*. a 1 4m' 480 CBHTBA?^liftSl'oFFIOB, 480 Ne. 4N let hatreet, oae door below ra. eve.. 81A nno to lean ea Goldaad Bilver WATOHBS, D1AMOHD8, CLOTH I HO, aad MBBUHABDlaE ef every deacripttea. _ja ? Baslae** etrlctly *eafld?tlal.^8 yy M. EH ABB B OO.f NABOB, for a ate aad rent aa aaaftN?. t< Be. IN iltfe tTKA" um. IAMB8 QDILB, Demit* 4a Hewewd 5?rsad haa4 m Fensstwrs. Otd Farailare Be paired. Beap? .rajsaia. is5 I CARRIAGES. ^IDBIV J. JOTOl * 0 0., CABEIAOB aAHUFACTUBBBS, 08. 47 Y AMD 479 rOBBTBBNTH BTIUT, I .i i We are tow wnirtd to receive or- - flrmff, ( drnforOAllndu im all tbe daw ard fashionable styles lobe completed **? 3 at an early day. Wa bark on haa4 ft larc* aaior tiaeat of 1 L10HT FAMILY OABBIAOBS, 1 FIBB TOP AMD KO TOP BUOOIBS, , DEABBOBHB WAGONS. B00KAWAY8, AC. Desiroes of maintaining the high standard which ! i oar work has held for many year*, we confine onr t baslnta* exclusively to OABBIAOBS of oar own ] maaniacture, and of the tir?t cla?s enly, end ad vise oar patroas and the public that we offer no Inferior aala work, BBPAIR1BO mad* a speciality. fe lieolm ABPBBW J. JOTOB A CO ( BANKERS. JAT COOKE fc CO., BAIIBI1, Fifteenth una, oppestt* Trumery, Bnynnd eel 'current Market ratea, and beep onataatly on hand, a fall rawly of aU OOVBBHMBHT BOItDB, BBVBH-THIBT1B8, AND COMPOUHD IBTBBB8T N0TB8 Orders far STOCK!. BONDS, Ao , exacnted, and Cellectloiis made oa all aeeeaslble points sel-tf ! HARROW A CO., BABKBB8. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh raet, P1A.I.SRS III OOYEMNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND BILYBB ? 1-tf AND LABD WABBAHTB_ , First Hatiml Bftik of Washington. B.D. COOKB, (of Jay Cooke AOo.,1 President Wa. 8. HUHT1NQTOH. Cashier. OOVBBHMBHT DBP081T0BT AND FIBAHOIAL AOBNT Of TBB UHITBD 8TATB8, 1 4U ttritt, orPonit U? Trtasttry Derarttntni. Governs eat Bararltfaa with Treasurer United 9F"ONE MILLION DOLLARS^* Wabar andeaHallclaaaea of QOTERNME.\7 SECURITIES* currant market rata*. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collectiontm ALL THE PMINCIFAL CITIES OP THE UNITED STATES. , Wa purchase Government Vouobars aa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and fire efttetal ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, and to any othar bnalnaaa entrusted to aa. FULL INFOBMATION In regard to OOYBBH MBMT LOANS at all tlmea oheesfally tarnished WM. B HUNTlHOTOB, Oftahler. Washington. Mareh 9), 1MI mtl-tf HOTELS, REST A UK ANTS, Ao. I/1UVUOD IlULbl, Cermet I*una. mrtmue mn>i Tterlftk ttreu.1 Wa^kinfnn, D. C. Bltaated la tbe moat central locatloa tha city, tldway betweea tha CAPITOL AND PBBSIDBHTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from all tba Depertneats, j Patent aad Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H. B. DUDLBY A CO., j no >l-tf Proprietors < PMBICHB BB9TAUBAHT. Xa No. 344 Penna aveaae, aaar 6th street. I P BMBICH wfshaa to lafetm Ma trie ad a aad the **iwa / emtb? . JU C?lj_aBdgtveJiiai a trial. oc a tf WOOD AND COAL" I ? O A LI C0ALI1 " j AT OBBATLT BBDCOBD PBICB4 Oroee tens of 2,2a0 lbs . delivered la any part of < the city. ] Cheetaat White Aah. #7. Steve, If* sad Farnace White Aah, #8.?. Bed Ash. AS M. ( Lehigh. #5. _ i Oak and rina Wood aoaatentiy ea hand. Orders received at ear Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street B P BBOOH A SON, { JaM-tf 464 fth street, betweea B and F. ^JOAL 1 COAL I I GOAL 111 V. T. FOWLEB A 00. White Aah, atoee aad aga sites, M a per tea. Bed Ash. 4? ao $6.1? per toa. 2 jafl io?ndn fiifintififl Orders reeaiaea at tha central offlce of the Wash* I eaten and Georgetown Ice Company, (late L.J. Middleton A Co.,t comer lJth and F streets, and at ?barf, foot at 10th ateeet. jaUlm B. B. LAMBIB. Agent. ' /^O TO u W.B.aOBBS' I FA8BI0HABLB CABPBT. FUBHITUBB ABD BBDD1N9 BTUBBS, BOB. 421 A 419, IHTBLL10BH0BB BUILD. 1HG, COBBBB 7TH AND D., ABD BO. 409 7TH BTBBBT, THOJtN '8 BUILDIflO ADJOINING ODD FALLOWS' HALL, ABD BXAMINB THB FINB8T A8BOBTBD STOCK THIS 8IDB OF PHILADBLPH1A. 1 Be baa all tbe lataat designs nsade In Philadelphia.Mew * erk.aad Bo-tor The stock la alsnura , aeiacted by Mr. Meeea, aed bought at tae loweat rates lor caeh. which eaabiea hiss to compete wito I ?!?<*? . flU floest Fnralture is made te , order la Philadelphia, and of the best material that can be foaad. , Purchasers should atudy their owi Interest by call!eg at his Stores and exsmtnlng the well aa- 1 sorte/suak of CABPBTS, FUB^ITCBB, Ao? | obtaiaais prlce-llat before golug alaewhere, which he will furnish with pleasare Bis aesortmeat of Mattreesea. Blaakets, Oomforte, 0*aateraalaee. Pillewa. Bolsters. Featherbeda. aad all Unda of Cottage aad Kitahea Far- ^ aitnre ! oeesaieie. whleb he offers at the leweat | Bew York ani Philadelphia prices. _B?mea?her Noe 491 aad 419 Iatelllgeaoer 1 Baildiejr corner 7th aad D. aad Be iOt 7th n IiT*! ta'1"* ?dd '*Uows' ? u tf **" Mdl' r**u' W. B. aoSBB. R B a O A L . , THB lATIONAL UBIOM 1BSUB4B0B COB- I PAMY OF WASHIBGTOB , Have removed to tbetr Bew Office, o. 71 L0B1B1ABA AYBBUB, Tlrat door eaatof 7th at, d??tP" ?*?B^BLB P. LABNBB. SeereUry. AT TBB BBW OBBAP SrABPINO BOOMS 449 Mh attMi, eppeiiie Patent Office, ladies caa g-t at oar radacad prices, oa the very beat Wan. Malta? " Bight gowa Yokag, ready etaipad, , , Mate. Ch. mlae Yokee. " Ssil4s 11 ||| fig Blther for i>raid or embroidery. oar*aattai aa are f the very law?? deglgas. aaleetedamb care la 1 Bew York, aad hsjag fa receipt et them weekly, ve are able eaily tolsaae aew patterna aa well 1 fflaos mmat |y^1LL a. H I F|1 SPECIAL NOTICES. IT^BFFBCT I8MIBACUI.00S. hall s vmTbtarlb _ ICILUI H A I K Kill* !*., It is a pfrfttt ami wanaerfui attic's GareebaMm. Makes hsir grow Ahoter Irmiil than i y *'rtP or poiaatn? " Sott u!'ruk,iir;i?M airy hair is to HiHttfal Mill* T t. tbove i I, the (mt wade tith*TMl ity till vhiih It ISStOrSe 6ttV HAIR TO IT* rt lor . 1 he whitest ?n4 won' looking hair r?w??i ? ro< thfnl bui'r by tu m. It dcae aot <lw mlr, bn? *tnke? at the root and ttiU it with nsw it" a< d color! nf mat tor. The first application will d<> r??4 ; will Ike natural cm as retai slog a** ' b * fOU Y?U K>OW IT. lb* rid |r?r, (tiiro'orrd tpmr?M* #f lh? Mir ill 1b giving |1*m to laitioai. shining ii>i) liRntlliUci A?k tor ?.nU'? "irlHen Balr *?n#w?r ; a* other irtld* ii tt alt Ilk* il in tir*^t _ . 8ss that H^ch l>ottl* ha*i ur i?rivat? Government t*mf *t*r Ihe top of the bottle. 411 o'.kerf a>t imilAiiM'. _ . . K P HALLfO Rubat N H , Proprietors. Per sale b y all draggls'S. fe 18 dktrteim.r 7" Those who bit* been eabjact to I*rr<>?? B? iJa< he* for > ? ir? 1 d to ?*rf?ct te* ill i yoneios* C forty drop- '? of MITOAUfl'l I SHVAT KHEUMAT10 BBMIIDT. itnaver fails. f? 18 eoJw 8.0 FOBU. Agent. BEMEDIAL INSTITOTE FOB SPECIAL OA8B8, Ke. 14 Bond strwet, Bew York. *^"Full infwAitttioa, with tbe kinhtst ttsttmoamis; tUo, a Book oft Spztial Dis*tuu, W a **aled tnvelovr, sent free. 9JT tit iurt and ttntllor tk*m, uriil yen trill not rfgi*i it, for, a* adveittsiug phy iriana ere Kenerally trnwi'tri, without rtfrrtnet* do stranger abonld be trusted. Enclose a "tamp for postage at<l direct to BB. LiWIIN'Il. No 14 Buml street. New York o? 13 DAWly tUr MA BUI AO A> D C KLIB AUY, AND TBI Happiness of True Haabuxl ? An B*sa? for Young Hm n the Crlni" of eoMtude, aad the Phy?inlogl< at krrors, A bines and Dliesses which ci ? ate i mptdtmeuls to Marriage, with sure mean* of Belief Bent iu sealed letter eavelopes, free of charge. Addr?'H I'r .1 SKlLLIN HOUGHTON, Boward Association Philadelphia, Pa. jail-3m bECBET U1SBA8ES. BaMAiiVAifs Gift i? tho most certain. safe aad stlectuai remedy?indeed, tbeonly vegetable remedy ever discovered Care* in two to tear days, and recert case* In twenty fonr lionrs No mineral, ao balsam, no mercury Only tea pills to be taaea. it is the soldier's hope, and a friend to those who da net want tabs exposed. Mais packages, #1; famalt-, 03, 8 a * autan'* Boot awn Bmb Jtncns?A poaltlvs and permanent -ore far Spykllls, Bcrofsla. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ao. Fr'oa #1 29 par battla. Bold by 8. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my I COLGATE A CO.'8 W1NTBB SOAP. Becommended for chapped h as a* and for general toii-Kt use dariag cold wbathik. It may be obtained of all druggists and fansy goods dealers. feb?-eoly DANCING. j |?Ber8. J. w. A B. P. ABB 18' DANCING ACADEMY, aft Pennsylvania avenne, bet. 6th and 7th sU.. A Opposite Metropolitan Hotel New ''!ss8s? firming every evening. Thosa datum# to snter oar classes sbonla avail them Ives of tbis opportunity. Preparations mill be mad a In this qnarter for oni annual May Ball < trsulars can be had at J. F. Bills' aad W. G. Uetserott A Co."! Moslo Stores. The Ball can be rented tor Bolreaa, Ao. Days and Hours of TV ti ten : For Ladles, Miee?a and Masters, Taesday aad Saturday afternoons, from S to b o'oloeK. Gentlemen sOlasses, Tuesday and Friday evening" from 8 to lu o clock. Kor further information, apply dnrlag the hoars sf tuition, or address a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the flrat lesson: ja8 MA BIB I '8 FASHION ABLB DAB01NG ACADEMY. AT A MA1IRI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M E, between Mb and ltfth streets, The last <iuarier of ilii* season, pre par a HflBb tory to the Ma> IU1I will rouiweoce on Batorlay, March 2. Cla?**8 fer tbe Osrmai are now span. N B ?Private i u*tmotion givsn ta salttae convenience of the papil sekt |\1 ASVlLEBALB AND FANCY DBESS BALLS iYft AND PABTIBS. The naderslgned wouU most raspectfally Inform tbe ladles and gentlemen of Washington city, end the District generally, that be Is at all times prepared to furnish parties with Maaqasrade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to Mder. Be has taken room* at the veil knowa Taney establishment of Ghristiaa Bappert, Bs-i , 32*i Ttb atreet. between D aad B, wbara ha willbs tmppy to aweit order*. CH ABbBS BBBQ, lata Oostumer at Ford's and Groverls fsll-lm* Theaters, Washington, P. O. BOOTS, SHOES, A. A BOOTS ABP 8H0BS. fW IIV _b_T O B . fH The undersign ad begs leava to inform his frlanS tad the pnblic geoeratly that he has apaaad the HtW CHEAP pTOBB.Bo. 408 7U street.aader 4 Fellows' Hall, where he has on hand a assortment of Ladtsa' aad Oaatlassaa*, Boy's. Bisses and Children's ??? BOOTS ABD 8HOB8. Bemembar the .amber, 408 7th strsat, nadsr Ddd Fellows' Hail Bsw Ohsap Store, faraerl^B. f. Page'sstors^oBQB g wn<<K)|r ^OVERNBBNT HABNE88. I.OCO sstls TEAM BABNE88. 1.0 setts AMBDLANCB BABBBS8, S,0uu COLLABS aad TBAM BB1DLB8, OABT HABBB88, McOLBLLAN 8ANDLB8, BIDING BB1BLB8, HALT BUS, H AMES, Ac, Ac. These Baraeae are la tboroagh repair and will ka sold low. J AS. B TOPHAM A OO , 49 an* 41 Louisiana aveana, fe 14-81 between oth aad 7th straata. Q~B 0 0 B B 1 B 8 . BALL A PLABT. PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner Now York avsaae and lita street, I Bntraoee en New York avaaaa,) Dealers in fine FAMILY GB00BBIB8, TBAS, WINES, IMPOBTBD LCXUBIBS, Ac., Ac., aoald raspectfally notify their frisnds and ths pnblic that they have jast opeaed their Bsw Orotsry Store, where can ba obtained any arMcla asm illy kett in a first clasa Grocery. Wlthoatattempting to enumerate our large, rrssh andwslllelected stock, we sordlally invite thapoHis to ixamlae onr ate re aad stock, bslieving wa ahall oot fail to give enUre satlsfhction to all who may ravar us with their patronage. Wa call NpHisl attention to aar aaaortmaat of tBAB aad OOFFBBB, which havshaaa salasUd alth great care far parity. Dealers will Sad a Ins assort ma at to select from, aad oar prions to rait. Goods dall verad promptly la aay part of the city. jaaS-Iss w * "nawiiar ikow Gasa Maaaiaatarer, Sohaol Faraitare uA utd B onsafnr alsblng Wars rooms. Bew aad Ml >ld all desertatlons, beught 1*1 and sold. Bapairtag, Dp hoi storing, and Varnishag donsatthasbonsak aatioa. Soatheaet ooraer xf 8thand B sueats aocth. Mo. IB. dal8-?a* yiy ALNUT BBACBBT8. Bo. 4Nfth street, Sdaorsabova fa t-M Odd Faltawa' Ball. ^gscagar'JbSl BikiBi..'Baaady|TrifB1> BtAfM 55 TBBABDBY BOTBt, TKLieiAHl, fcc. Special dispatches to ths St. Loute Democrat, dated Topeka, Kantna, 15th lost.. state that the Senate committee, to whom was referred the letter * Judge Uihn oa the power of a State to regulate tbe fare on nil road and tax tbvir property, will aubmit a report, in which they entim that the Pacific railroad baa no leg*! existence, ns the charter wasjtraated by the aogas Legislature of IF8*>: and Jven if that body I'ad the rightful authority, which they deny, Jet ihe company did aot comply with the rms of even that body. They disclaim any dfMre oa their part to take advantage of this state of things, or in any manner to fetter the company by adverse legislation; but whin its attorney attempts to dictate to the Sw, 'b?n it is tne duty of the Legislature to inake public the true ? t,.? us of the company. The late ca'He news from Ireland has caused considerable excitement among the Tenians in Boston, and the different circles are working quietly and e>* neatly In bebair of the cause A State convent. <n was held in that city a T* \ weeks since, between one and two nun t- 1 circles being represented. The proceeding* ,?t the convention were very harmonious, patrit-k Dooley, Esq., was elected State centre The Herald says that on Kriday evomnr last a number of men, apparently Fenian offic-r*. left the depot of the Boston and Worcester railroad In that cUy, bat their final destination is unknos u. The Union party he.d a meeting at Louisville, Ky., Saturday night, and pissed ^solutions aosertiBg their belief in the right of the lojal people through Congress to settle the terras lor the restoration of the Southern Sta'a-. to the Union; opposing the policy ot the project ot the lebel Democracy of Kentucky in ttie fflort to render treason respectable; approving the call lor a I'mon suite Convention at Kran<lort on the Wtb instaat, and approving ttie ?our#* of the State Senator and Representatives who voted to ratify the fourteenth amendment lo the national Constitution. Ihe pilot bor.t William Starkey reported yesterday morning thatshe spoke the Swatara at Cape Henry, with Sarratt on board, troin Alexandria, via Lisbon, bound to Washington

A bark-rigged gunboai, supposed to be the S w aura, was seen at da^ ligh t yesterday morning anchored near Willougbby's Spit lightship. The pilot boat Maryland put a pilot on board,and at eight o'clock she got under weigh and J roceeded up the Chesapeake bay. Shortly altar one o'clock Friday morning Major H. C. Kansom, while laboring under a temporary lit of Insanity, threw himself from a window of his residence in Hartford, Connecticut, falling a distance of fifteen or twenty fee', crushing bis skull and causing instant d*atb. For several days be had been in great trouble and perplexity in consequence ofsome disarrangement in his business affairs, and it whs observed that his mind was affected. At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce ol Honolulu resolutions were adopted recommen ting the Government of the Sandwich Islands to open negotiationa with the Government at Washington lo secure a treaty of reciprocity, trade, and commerce, and plednnr themselves to assist her Majesty. Government with ail the means in their power. The steamship Citjr of Bath, of the Boston and Savannah line, which left Boston on the 5th instnnt lor Savannah, was burned at sea off Cape Hatteras. Foar of the crew arrived in Charleston Friday. Mr. Ap.horp and Mr, Souble, passengers, are among the missing. .fcTh$ of Pennsylvania has instructed the Judiciary Committee to inquire whether the Commonwealth has power to regulate the 1 assenger lares and freight toll# on the railroadsf and canals of the State to secure the interests of the general public. A banquet was given at Charleston. S C Saturday night by Charleston Masons to vialu ing Masons from Washington aud Baltimore. Mttiaey a*d Naval Affaiks Abbsad ? It is reported that ihe n*w French Miniateref Marine is determined not to be outdone bv the British Admiralty. He has just ordered the sonctraction of fifteen armor-plated ahtpa. mil' i? f "P* the line on the model of 'beTiger, a veasel bailt with a double spur or beak-one at the bow and the other at the stern?so as to be capable of use for ramming either way in action. The others will be frigates, with a double spur at the bow onl v With a view to strengthening tbe French arm v a general inquiry is now being made iat? the state of the fortified places in France In Prussia the gun manufacturers are so active that by the beginning of May it is anticipated the whole of the North German tronoa will tut armed with needle guns. With equal seal the new cast-steel four.pounders, which are entirely to supersede the six-pounders are being manufactured. At Krupp's, at E?en no less than 2.370 cast-steel cannon have been 1 ordered by the Prussian and other Govern, ments. Russia is thoroughly reorganizing !i?r fr?Jr and in lands in future to ase only rifled cannon, to cast which in bronze, at the rate of 300 a vear, arrangements have already been made. Buaaia has been examining into ^,nllJ*ct of rlfl?d **" for infantry, and I evidently prefers American guns, for of them the government organ at St. Petersburg thus ! speaka: ? " From the multitude of samples tested, some American models were found to be 1? facUltaU) 0?flniuvo choice, two artillery officers were dispatched to America to aacertain the results of the extanstve expert, ments made theie, and also to acquaint them. I selves with the particulars of the manufacture as carried on in the States." Busaia is la too great a bnn-y. however, to await the result of thU examination, and ia already engaged in I converting her old muskata Into rifles. All the bations ef Europe seem to be arming. and the threaten lag nature of ths Eastern question ahowa why so Bach military work ia going on. fesrorn-ATion or the South.?Acoording to the official census of Alabama, takes last year, the population of that State about is uoo less than it was in 1?0O. From the time Alabama was admitted into the Union, In W19, up to I860, the population had been steadily in creasing, at the rate of about 5 per cent Der aanum. at which rate there would have hewn now l,i-tt),0U) inhabitaats, inateadof wbichthe census shows only 945,000. The total losa to Alabama, according to the above figures, is about a quarter of a million?the preeentpod ulation being so much less than it would have been ha4 not the war interrapted its rrowth Supposing all the Southern States to have been anbjected to the aame depopulating iaflnences, ihe aggregate loes of population would amount to over two millione; and thia esti mate ia probably rather under the mark tbaa over It. The canaea of thia falling off are varioua. Many men were killed in battle many emigrated to Canada aad Earope and* not a few who had gone Soatb from theNorth i returned here on the approach of war. There, bM been almoat aaapended for the paat aUt years; aad evan now the oncertaia condiUon of political affair* in the South prevents many emigrants from choosing that country lor their home. Thia caaae alone must keep away from the South all who seek in America a refuge from the political wroan and privations of foreign goveramsnts Thit democratic freedom, fo?w^ch U nation wL distinguished in times paat, certaialy will not attract aeUlera to the Southern StatLwhSe the present system ot government is mere desU*? ?*D toBnd ln ,he eome ? V of our lmaUgrants ?,T" Aoaihbt SraaArr ?Henry St. Marie, the wit neat by whoas evidence the R^th' AtL^Hr*th.t.e1a,,ef*d accompliae of Booth, Atsrrott, aad Paine were determined, nt New York on Friday, on steamer y Ennretm, aad weat direct to Washington train. St. Marie l* a French Canadian ot appoaraaoo, qaiek. keen Mack ye. and general look of iatailigonce. Whoa Satrattwaa taken oa board the Swatara ia iroaa he reoogaiaed Marie, who was ataadiag among the apeciaiera. He was taken at oace < ? ?*b?n prepared expreselr for him, aad atLy *** ? allowed such food aad pereoaal aeoeasitiea as he demands, and may maka him oomfortabie. The f *? 10 ^aabUgtoo, aad again St Marie and Surratt will meet. Mabtuid LmituTtrit-ik the Ssaaie, oa 8atnrday, the majority of the oom mittee oa jadlctal proceedings reported aa favorably oa theHonse bill toprovldefor tak lag the sense o/ Ihe people or the 8taie apon the propriety of eailia* a eoaventtea to form a sew constitution. A minority report ia fcvor ot ike Mil was also made. Tfe reports ware 5*^* order of the day for the wth laatant The Hoase was not la iswloa on Saturday. Oaxai. To&u?Tke Camberlaad Uaioa meatioaa a report that the Ohssapeaks aad Ohio eaaal toil a aa mfl kayo ksea redeoed from * to S3 ft-Mi seats per toa, aad that the hoard or pahlis warks hays ooMnaed ths as. u?asf thsoaaal hoard. t * .? ^ t ? I COKOaEMISNlL. sin ats.?satinuy afttnoMMr. Dooiittle. itTMwiic the Lotltuuu MIL Mud lis UU? ibonld to tandtd nmIo i?4 But to reetor* civil (ormaMt, bat to orgeats* toll In tto Stat* of LhMui. [ Applause id tto gallertee, nliflrd with biwM l Mr. Saolsbury 'too occupied tk* u?f danag the rrmtindtr ot tto afternoon wmiod. ud ib tto eveaiag up to I 4i o'clock. In oppoeitioa to tBo bUl. Bad wan followed by Mr. i>bvib. w Tto qaestioB was then taken on tto amendment ot Mr. Henderson, wblcb was tto Louisiana bill ia tbe nature of a substitute It was disagreed to. A vote was tbea taken oa tto Blaise amend eat aa ameaded, and it was disagreed to without a call of tto yeas and nays. Mr. Sberman then offered a substitate for tbe entire proposition. Mr. Cowan took tto floor in opposition to tbe bill and tto sntotitnte of Mr Sbermaa. characterizing tbe latter as a rehash of tto military bill and tto Blame amendmeBt. Several amendments were offered and rejected, when Mr. Saaisbury rose to wbat be might call a question ot privilege. He submitted that tbia was dt?f non It was nearly 8 o'clock on Sabbatb morning, nnd be moved to adjourn. Tbe motion was disagreed to. Seve-al other amendments were offered and rejec ted Alter debate tbe question was taken on adopting Mr Sherman's proposition as a substitute lor tbe bill it was adopted?yens. W; nays, 3? Mest-rs Huckalew, Davis, and Naulsbury in tbe negative. At Ave a m? Mr. McDougall moved to amend by providing tbat the a?t sball not enfranchise persons made citiaens by tbe civil rights bill until they sball have been Ave years citizens. Disagreed to. Mr. Norton moved to strike out the preamble. Disagreed to. Mr. Doolittle moved an additional section, tbat n? sentence of death nader this act shall be carried into execution without tbe approval of ibe President. Adopted?yeas, 41; nays, 16. Mr. Mcliougall, at 5 15, took tbe floor and made a speech in opposition to tbe bill, and at 6 15 a. m tbe bill as introduced by Mr. Sherman, and, amended by adding wbat is contained in Mr. Iioolittle's amendment just quoted, was passed?yens, 49; nays, 10. On motion of Mr. Sberman, the title of tto bill was so amended as to read. "An act for tbe more efficient government of tbe r*be| States,*' instead of >-An act for the more efficient government of the late insurrectionary States." [Tbe bill will be found elsewhere in our paper to-day.] The Senate then (a* 6 39 oa Sunday morning) adjourned. Hocex.?Saturday afternoonMr. Eggleeton, from tto Committee on Commerce, reported the river and harbor appropriation bill. Tbe aggregate amount appropriated In the bill ia over Several members appealed to Mr. Kggleston to let tbem offer amendments, but to decliued, and tbe bill was passed under the previous question, and without division. Mr. Boutwell called up motion to reconsider the vote by whlcb House hill to amend tbe act declaring tbe officer who sball act as President of the United States, in caseof vacancies in tbe office both of Psendent, and VicePresident, approved March l, 1792, was, on January 22, recommitted to the J udiclary Committee. The motion waa agreed to, aad the bill came before tbe Houae for action. Several propoaitiona to amend tto bill in come merely verbal points were made and acted on. Mr. Bidwell asked Mr. Boutwell whether the Preaident who might beelected to fill a vacancy under the bill ahoald hold his office tor lour years or only for tbe unexpired term. Mr. Boutwell replied that ibe bill did not provide for the election of a President, bat left it to Congress to decide whether there should be aa election. If not. the person holding tbe office would continue through tto term. The bill was passed without a division It provides that in case of removal, death, resignation, or inability, both of tto President and Vice President or the United States, tbe Preaident of tto Senate pro tempore, and in case there atoll be no President of the Senate, tben the Speaker of the Hoase or Representative* I lor the time being, and la case there shall be no Speaker of the House of Representatives, then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ot tto United States, and in case there sball be no Chief Jastice, then tbe justice of the Su- I Ere me Court of the United States who shall I ave been longest commissioned shall act as I president of tbe United States until tto disa- I btlity be removed or a President shall be I elected and qualified. Sections 8 and 2 provids the manner and fix the times of election in cases or vacancies, tor I catling Congress together, &c., Ae Tbe Speaker an bob need as the select com- I mitteeon tto resolution offered by Mr. Weut- I worth Saturday moraine. Mesara. Wentworih, ] Ward of N. Y., Bad Gloeebrenaer. Tbe evening session was devoted to debate I en the President's an anal meeeage. I Tax Atlantic Cablb?At a recent meet- I lag of the Atlaatic Cable Company in L<ondoa a report was preeented, giving some interest- I lag information with reference to this great I enterprise. Tto company was organised ia I March, 14M, with *M)UO,OUO capital, and has I two cabiee ia operation. The report states I tbat tbe capacity of the two cabiee for ths I transmission of news exceeds the ao?t sab- I gnine anticipations. It had been eettmated that from tweaty-flve to forty words a minute I could be transmitted whereas practically one hundred words have been forwarded through I each cable la one minute. This reealt had I been attained without resorting to any of the I appliances that had beea provided to Tacrease I tbe workiag power ot the cabiee. As tor the | capacity of the cabiee, it le only limited by the I power of the human eye aad brala to traoe the | transmitted signs. Tto period of time required 1 lor tbe traasmissioa of a sign across the At- I lantic is not appreciable. The defects in the I land lines connecting Heart's Content with the I United States are alluded to, and arrangement* ] are said to to making to avoid them, tof arate wires for the exclusive use of the company are I also to be coastracied from Valentin to London. The profits ot the company from the time I of tbe opening of the line, J uly isth, have beea | at tbe rate of mere than *5 per cent, a year on I tto capital, far the five months eading Dw- I cember 31st, tbe nett earnings were ?40f.400; I aad the worktag and ail other expenses for 1 the same period, ware S37,?3S. The redaction I of tbe cable rates to tl.25 per word, which I takes place ob March 1st. It is thought will in- I crease the income of the company, as heretolore, owing to the high rates charged, the oa- I bles have not beea worked to half their effec- | live capacity. THX L.ABOB ClCBHTlOS IB MAftBACaCSBTTH. I A committee ot tto Massachusetts Leg Is la- I tnre has for eome ume past been heariag the evidence ot employers aad operatives with re- I gard to tbe adoptiea of the "fight-hour sys- I tem" and other matters pertaiaing to laeor la tbat State. They are divided iu their report, two of the committee tolas opposed to tbe I eight-hour system, and one In flavor of it te I some ex'ent.' Tto majority report says that tbe matter of hoars or labor, like tbat of rates ot wages, muet to left to the regulatloa of de- I mand and sapply, aad Is not a proper subjest I of legtslatloa; aad tbat the workman's real grievance Is not tto hoar to works, but the do- I preciated currency In which he is paid. Tto miBority report argee the passage of a law I upoa tto subject, making ten hoars a legal L day's labor la factories aad oa farms, aad eight 1 benrs in meehaatcal employmeats. Tto torn- I mittee te uaaBimoas in recommending that in- I creased efficieacy to gtvea to tba law forbid- I ?tbe employment of children between tea I fourteen years old; that all facSory opera. I tlves uader eighteea years shall only work sixty hours a week, or tea hoara a day, ttotona hour a day a hall to allowed for dlaner; that a special iaspector of labor shall ha appoiated to protect tbe latereata of tto worktag classss; aad that a bureau of statisuee be established, I for tbe parpoea of collecliag aud maktac available all facte relating to the ladaairial and social interests of Massachusetts. K7*Buaka are beiag fitted ap in tto Gtnetn- I aad atatioa bouses to accommodate the heaee lees poor. 7"Accordiag to the logic of Joel f la (later I If a father flogs bla child to death a te ao- I body's buslaees. CTTveaty thoasaad Tnrks have perished I In tbeCaadtaa war, aad tbe tbetaaa are as tar from beiag coaqaered aa ever. KTTM largest eoaaty la Texas?Presidio? U equal ia areata fear sach States as Maess cbaeetta. V Alabama baa made bereelfa aew ooaatyi I aad cbrteteaed it "INxte." j CTTto aegro who soaheesi havIm beea 1 esgaged ia tba Weet Aabara mardor, says be I wse la the retol army dartag tba war. ? ' 1 u ? | J*.* 1 - J * *- r rotiien sew*. Tk? P?ilta OalWttk lipprm?4 iLotm, Plk 17 ?It h tor ooMWtrMl r*r. ** U# ?WllW< rwlltMN Of lb * I11' *?<l ** P'rtt of tonr*Mioo reeen'iy * "?* kl ?* Tnrkuh OoTtmafti woiM r* 'V ? ?!? ? iDdfpfndtDW oftkf islai J otOta^M. DrBLT*. Feb. t7.?Tbe outbreak at killar. M' fc" eoase *o aa ?>ad. The tead* *f ianrpnti havediaappearad. un* bandr<4 and forty Fenians have b#*a arrested in ufaia cuy PAtlf, F?b. 17.?A graad banquet was fir*a to the American vac htm en last aifht Mr Morton. wcrNarj of the New York Yacht Clnb. *t? present. Mr Cbapy, emidaat of the Part* Clab. feasted the Now York Yacbt Clab. Mr. HaanfU toarfi for Braat to day. A 'pleaded yold medal was preaeaud to James Gordon Bennett. Jr., Esq.. this mora. ing by the Soclele dea Negates Pan sienna* Tbe badfM presented la tbe Chambers yeaterday by tae Miaiater of Fiaaace gives a vary fsvoraole report oa tbe coadtuoa of tbe finances Ren tee la coaeeqaenoe bare recovered from tbeir recent depreeaton and are advac lac. Baai-ia, Feb. 17?Tbe Praaalaa troope will Withdraw from Breeden oa tbe lat of Jul v. bat tbe Prussian garrison* wi I sUll be maiataiaed at Leipstc. Hon: ten, and Konigstem Prince Frederick Cbarlee baa beea elected to tbe North German Parliament Flobbscb. Feb. 17?a aew miaistrv baa 'ormed witb Karoa Kioaaoli at tbe beatd, Agoetmo Bepratas. tbe former Miaiater of Marine, aa Minister of tbe rinance The radical party la mucb elated at tbe diseoluttoa of the Parluimeat MartiD, Feb. 17?Spam ia about to aar> ment her fleet in tbe Wrti Indies Feb. U-Maoa.-Thx talarripb wirea in tbe insurre. uoaery districts bare been cat in all directions, and tb* meagra received from that quarter ia suppressed tor prndfntial reason*. A large Feaian parte J," been surrounded by tbe national troope in Toomiet Woo<l?. and ibe chances for ibeir eecape look exceedingly amali. The baad of eight hundred which retreated to the woods near Killaraey is etui at larre Tbe uprising la (bus far coaflaed to Kerrv and Work coonties, aad it ia mot believed that tbe trouble win *t,r*nd farther. Tbe (ioirrararat stated to Parliament to-day that Colonel Horiford a force ww entirely too email to follow an armed band of Fenians into Toomiee' Woods but that tbe Colonel had strong hopes of surrounding ibe insurgents aad prevea'mg tae.r escape. The authorities in Ireland have assured the British Government that the present rising is totally stopped Feb. IB.?Ireland is entirely quiet, Cbief Organiser 8trpti?D? is reported there bnt the danger seems past. Toomies' Woods. were, closely pres*ed, tbe Feaianstook refuge, waa scoured by fie Rritien troops, and the insurrectionary band* di*persed, Tbe Government, however, will immediately send more hipa and troops to Ireland The Preach Flue Book shows that tbegreat powers did aot mora than tell tbe Po-te to conciliate the Oretacs and Servians. The House of Commons appland tbia course. I-onpon, peb. 16?Evening.?The county of **"7 ha? been proclaimed in a state of siege X be policeman who was shot was not klliel. A larfe sum bas been offered by tbe <fo\ern ment or the arrest of tba assail an la. It is now said that Colonel O'Connor is aoae otber than Stephens Twenty Americans are reported acting with the Fenians. K Pani*. Feb. 1? ?Tbe French Blue Book savs tbe Government of France sincerely applands tbe activity of tbe I'nlted State* m r?. pairing the evils of tbe civil war. There ia now no subject of discussion between France and America, bnt everything tends to the assimilation of their policlee. Bbrlik. Feb. 16.?At tbe election in Prussia tbe Liberals were triumphant Ten districts return Count Bismarck as their representative. Lohdow. Feb. 15 ?Tbe Cmr bas written a note in wbicb be objecte to tbe rising of tbe Servians against Turkey. ST. Pbtbrskcbo, Feb 16 ?The C*ar will proteet the Christians if Turkey refuses to treat them with equity. FiOKLaca Feb. 15.?Tbe Miaistry question ia partly settled. Kicasoli is to remain Home Minister. Lobdow, FebW.?Evening?A terrible earth. quake occurred la Opbalenia Fvery town in tbe island is in ruins. The loss of life and property is very great. Tbe King of Grace bas gone there. Losnoa, Feb. IS?Despatches from Athens j state that affair* in Crete are unchanged. Napeleaa an the hltaatiea 1b Enreps. j The Emperor Napoleon, in bis speech betor* the Corps Legislat ff on the assembling oi tba body, said: Serious event* hare happened In Europe, almost fulfilling tbe great Napoleon's idea to unite tbe great bomogeaeoas nations hitherto separated, and which is tbe only possible balance of power in Europe German and lial. tan events have paved the way to it Their success cannot disturb France. 1 stood aloof, and beheld the peace which Prussia and Italy made without duoembar. rig Austria. France was jum and neutral. In another part of the globe we have been obliged to employ force to redress legitimate rrlevancea, and we have endeavored to raise aa an. cient empire. Tbe happy results we first obtained were compromised by an inanspicioua concurrence of circumstances. The guidinc idea of the Mezicaa expedittoa was an elf rated one. To regenerate a people aad implant among them ideas of order and progress to open vast outlets to our commerce, and leave be recognition of services rendered to civilIzaUon to mark oar path, each was my desire and yours; but as soon as the extent of our sacrifices appealed to me to exceed tbe Interests which bad called as across the ocean 1 pontaneonaly determined upon the recall of o?r **?y corps, that the Government of the United States might comprehend that want oi conciliation bad embittered relations which of 601,1 c<??ntries should renain friendi j. The Emperor then proceeded to say that the P*?t Powers ought to act in concert to satisfy the Christians, protect the rights pf the Porte aad to prevent complications The Horn an o1 September bas been axecu ted. whereby the Government of the Pope has beea placed In a new phaae. and he is sustained by his own strength and the veneration of the treat Powers for the head of the Ohnrch. Europe will sustain his temporal power agaiaet demagogues. Onr relations with England are intimate, aad both the Powers agree on all the great questions. The perpetaation of Austria is necessary to tbe balaace of power. Tbe Emperor says that ha is certain that the peate of tbe world is aot to be distarbed Sure of the urgent, aad confident of the fatare, 1 have falfllled yonr wishes in regard to the development of oar institutions upon a liberal scale. France will use her new rights wisely She Is respected abroad, but tbe coaditloa* of war being changed, she must increase her defeases The army bill has beea so draw a aa to lighten the burden ia times of peace and to increnee tbe resources in times of war. Oar neighbors assumed far heavier bardeas. L*t ns ever ke?p our flag high, as the beat means of preserving peace. The prosperity of France advances Tbe indirect revenue has iacreased fifty millions of franca, and we shall noon be able to satisfy all interest, reduce the land tax, and make pnhlie improvements whereby tho workiag classes are to be benefitted, aad liberty to be solid, lasting, and glorious. 1 trust in my people, my right, aad my conictene*. Th? t'ntmiorspKan.wat or Levoog A New York businessman, of great experience ia road matters, writes from London nader date of J as nary **, naming same of the things he has seen which be likes > Not tbe leastis their extensive system of underground railways. It is perfectly wonderful how they jerk the people aboat. at tbe rate of about fifteen miles aa henr. from one ead of the town to another, and across and aroead?stopptar abont once every half mils, at some protnlaeat corner, at a statloa, from which yon amerre to the npper air, aad lad yourself somewhere near where you want to bs, and ?n.|+? [roal where you were a halt or three quarters of an bonrago. These trains rna each way. beiag doable tracks, abont every ten minutes ; and morning and evemnr they often consist of seven or eight oars, holding thirty or forty people each. The cars are lighted with gas?aot the tnnnels, except at statloa ?so that you can read yoar papers: and there is no smell of smoke, or eras* of suffocation How they ventilate than so well I caa hardly aes." Sct>d?* Dbath or a Littlb Gibl raoic Karnro Oolobbd Cavpt.?Yesterday a ternooB, a little girl aamed Walker, rssidlag la tb* Kaasom Mack oa Chareh street, was taken suddenly sick. A phyaiciaa was aaat far, hat before he arrived the child was dsad. Tbe symptoms atteading her sickness were tbose of poison. A Coroner was aoUfled, who took barge of the body fer the parpeae of hotdiag made, aad the fact developed that the chUd had died from the effect* of eatiag a quantity of candy colored green with a pouoaons sab. ataaee by the Baanuiacturer ? Albmty (AaMfcerBy The immortal J. N." has a card la the Staatoa V irgialaa setUag forth thmt he m tn^ K^hJ^P?rt*di hat Still lives to stead !by 13?^"?** 7mt ??ld from 137 to psis ?? j I laJTECn M1,*lcbty P? deM Clave. maywV of New Lasdrn, Ohnn baa beea fined for illegally sell tar liqnor. . y.The that Bake of Hamilton baa rna ia a tUBeas of dmrnnim JZ #We .Pitil t?' 1 t if /