Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING 8TAR. Tie Uritu Cirrnlstio* it til Mitritl ^WALLACH* KdlWr aad Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY : MONDAY FEBRUARY IS W'.Y, TM.IUISO MATTER OS ETERT PAGB. ?EE Ol'TsIIiB FOll INTEKKSTIHO TELE i> K A I'll IC AND OTHER MATTER TO AfiVKRTUUI. , The following the oAciu ibowlii of the eHcta la??on of the datly papers of tin* city oomp?uo| for the Oovfrnm^nt advertising ud?rttt rectniMtof (Joapm dmeum mcI Kl??ti?u)| to bf mad# ia ik? two daUjr wva i ptfwi of Washington having the targee trrufaflon : irimo Ota* 7.71* upm p?r day. CkrrmtUt .. " ? fW'Ii ........?? -ItStt * Tbe ratirm of advertising by the etty papers or tfce quarter ending IMeember ?!. r9flH. a* takec from the books of the lateraal Revenue Office, axe aa follow*; tvKm*? STAR tl},1D7 M'UifiKitr 9.1th CkrrmxeU. 9.WS Bepublicmn 5 W8 THE SENATE RECONSTRUCTION BILL. Tfce result of tbo deliberations of the caucus of the Republican Sen&iors. noticed by as on Saturday, is shown in the bill reported on Saturday night by Mr. Shorman, from the caucus coutmiuee, and whicb passed tbe Sen. ate Sunday m-jrniug, after a protracted session ot eighteen hour*. It will be seen by ref. erence to the bill, which we give elsewhere in onr pap?r to-day, That lik" tbe Stevens bill, it provide* military government to protect th Union people ot ibe South, the only important change being thn giving the assignment of the military commanders to tbe President, instead of to Gen Graut: while tbe fifth section la an extension of Mr. Blaine* amendment gnu-no. teoiugeqoal rights to all classes, and racking the ratification of the new amendment by tbe <4reb*-l S n'j's" a condition precedent to admis. 'on. Tbe till passed, yeas W. nays 10, (more than two-tbirde,> thirteen Senators being absent or not voting. The title of the bill was amended to rend. ?Au act for tbe more efficient government of tbe Rebel States" It will no doubt be brought up In the House to. day, and as it must reach the Pre?ident by Wednesday, to give him time for action upon it, an effort will be made to have tbe House adopt it withoat delay. YET ANOTHER PLAN OP RECONSTRUCTION Hon.Jobn M. Bolts proposes a plan of reconstruction lor the Southern States in thshape of a bill, whicb, it is reported, will banbmitied to the House for its action this ses lon. The preamble sets forth that ??no expediency cau justify tbe recognition by Congress ?f aay Siaie governments which bave been created since tbe late rebellion on abasia violative of tbe great fan'amenta! principles of public law, and which reat upon a foundation of disloyalty and disaffection to the Government of the United States.*' The bill seta asid? 'the eo-called State governments," and provides for appointment of provisional governor* by the President, each governor io be asstsfed by two members ef rhe executive coencil and one secretary of tbe commonwealth Tbe provisional governor of each State aball call a convention, and it shall be tbe doty of the ?aid convention tj form a constitution for their respective States* to be submitted to tbe qualified voters ef the {state: and if adopted by tbem, then to be submitted to Congress for Its approval or disapproval. and if approved, each State shall thereupon respectively be entitled to resume its tuil functions and powers in tbe Govern, meutoftbe L" ni?ed States, and not otherwise. Before aay Stats shall be permitted to reanme 1*8 functions and datiea in the Government of the United States, it aball provide: 1st. That no part of the debt created ia behalf of the rebellion shall ever be paid; *d. That no attemp* ball ever be made to revive tbe institution of slavery; 3d. That impartial suffrage and the right to testify before tbe courts shall be aijowed to ail, without respect to raee or color. Astringent teat eath Is provided, but a clause ffires two-third* of Congress the power to re. move disability and restore rebels to citizen hip. Tbe military la only to be employed when called upon to aid tbe civil authorities, and when a State ia admitted its eitizeusare all relieved from the penalties ef treason. PENSIONS. On tbe first of Janoary last, tbe Commissioner of Pensions Issued Instructions to appli. cants for an Increase of pension*, under the act* of July 6th aad July 25th, leM, directing them aad their agent* to withhold the original certificate is applications flled after that date. Tbi* precautionary measure has been very generally observed, but owing to tbe vast number of applications flled ainoe Jan. nary let, the Commissioner baa deemed it proper to issue a circular directing the retura of the original certificate ia all case* that cannot be adjudicated be to re tbe 4th of March proximo. that tbe pensioners may be able to draw the semi-annual stipend then dne. THE NEW INTERNAL REVENUE BILL. The Commissioner of Intsraal Revenue is daily at tha Hoase endeavoring to secure the pasaage of tbe new internal Revenue la#. It is tbeugbt the bill will be taken op thl* week' and moat ot the recommendation* of tbe com. mittec agreed to. The bill is a Isagthy one, covering nearly fifty pages, and contains many amendments of tbe existing law, among other*, one increasing the amount of income to be exempt from tax to one thonaaad. instead o# aix hundred dollars. A STRAW. Tbe Hons* to-day, by a vote of nlaety-flve to fifty-six. laid upon the table a reaolutioA introduced by Mr. fcldridge laatrucuag the Committee on Baaklag to Inquire lato tbe a. pediencj of wltbdrnwing tbe {rational Bank currency, and aupplying it* place by U. 8 Treasury bmn. SECRETARY McCULLOCH. Secretary MeC'alioeh was belters tbe J*, dietary Committee of the House of Represen. tattves for emetine to-day, haviag been eummoned to tesufy a* to affairs in tbe Trsas. ury Department. It is rumored that inter, rogatories were put to him on the impeach, meat question. PUBLIC LANDS FOR MICHIGAN. The Commtssiorer of the General Land Of. flee bn just received from tbe A tat* Land Of. flee at Lan*mg, Michigan a liat of selection* of land embracing ' ,640 acre* mad* by that State tinder tbe act approved July 2d lafli, donating public land* to the several State* aad Tarntone* wbicb may provid* colleges for the ben. CBi of Agricultural and Mechanic arte. Mt>*a isniass.?A delegation of the Sioux Indian* from the Upper Mlsaourt arrived la the City yesterday Par tbe purpose of making arrangement to remove from the laad now oecupied by them into Indian Country. Th* -delegation number* about forty ebiefc and brave*, and are quartered at the Union Hoteli corner 13j* and i street*. *7"Tbe bill to author me the transfer of th* property, sbarter and franc hi*** ot th* Ma* vases* Gap Railroad Ociflpany and the stock at ares in tbe same, to the Orang* aad Alexaa. dria Railroad Company, ha* pa?d both houses of tbe Virginia Geaeral Assembly, aad 1* now a law., ( P J- WbMlington, Odeoc Building, vends n* w hatch of fresh and interesting magaaine matter ?Cmlty, T\t Children's Li our, and Madaw\r /JrmorrtCt MtmtXly for March, and JmrUurn ttgku for r<thraary. W Krom J C. Parker, Po^t Office Hfw. "Star d, we bave received Mad Demoraet', Mtrror oj ftukt**U| aad <Jo*Uy'? Xradg *^?o*Aoth for March. i ii j . KTProfe*ssr Bach*, of tbe Coact Survey, died yesterday at Newport, Rhode lalaatf, of oftertng of the brain. Li ******* j*?1 -%s ""IBB imr '*n ^??aa TUB SENATK BILL FOR UUYKKN>1X* r OP TuJt SOUTH. Tbe i* Mr. ^hermsn a sabeutatp , 'of I"' rrMDiiratiion hin,' Miih pasM^ th< | Senate yesterday morning , "Aa n:T lor (br more efficient coeernmanl of ,h* K>-be| Stales. w~" here** no legal I eiji.*:*. pio'ecnon lor lllr nr l>rt|i>Ttr iloV , **'? >> ??. r.b^i M,t*. Of i?iOiiua. s,ouili CaroinB Oeoflria, Al *am? Louimbbs, f lorida, !?**. aud Aritansas, and wb? rea? u ! necessary that peace a?,j /(H>d I"'.! *' ?u'rt *+ ' Honed m said s-a-es u?u| lo> M and republican State coyeramenta can ! t^ l*gail) e?tabli?bed. Tberelore. ! ''' *c-? That said r^bci States aball ! tIB,,'T,,ry districts, ;iml iwdi- ( ? AojHjt to tli* Ynifitary an-bon-v of therr7 mied i &?'??** hufeuiaUei . proeortbed. Bud tor thai I perp?~e V irrtnia aball constitute the first dts. ' tnct, North ttatMlaaauB Nbtfth Carolina the -coud oi^Tiot. Georgia, Ai*twmn,nu,i r* .ri- . I ^ ^ diawie*, Miaeiaeippi aad Arkitnsa* diainct, aud Louisiana and Texas the tiiih oi*ir??'. S*c.*. lbat it shall be the du tr of the Pros* ideatlo aseijca to the command of each of said districts an ?A?er of the army not b-iowr rbe rank ol brigadier feneral, and to detail a sufficient military force ro enable such offl er to perioral his du nee and enforce m?anib?rttr within the district to which he is assigned Sea 3. Tbtu it aim I) be the darjr of eaoti offl. cer assigned aa aforesaid to protect ail pareuns iu tb -ir rights ol per-on and property, to suopress Insurrection, disorder aad violence, aud to paaisb or caase to be puaisbed ail die/urhera ol the public peace and criiBieala. and to this end be may allow local citII tribunals io take jurisdiction of aad try offenders, or, wben ta bis judgment it may be nece?sary for th#? trial of ottendera, be shall bare power toorcani/.e military commissions or tribunals for that pnrpose; and all interference under color or S'U'e authority witbtkeexerci^of mllitarv autboriI t> under this act shall be null aud void ^ec 4 That all persons put under mtliurv , ariest by virtue of this act shall be tried without unnecessary delav.aud nocru-1 or anasii il , punishment shall be inflicted; and no sentence otany military commission or tribunal hereby auih. rued, affecting the life or liberty of any person, shall beezecoted until it isnpproved by the t.fflcer in command or the dis'nct- and i the laws and regulations for the government i ol ibe army aball not be affected by this a,t I except. IU so far ae they may conflict With iti | previsions. i ,k^v 1 That when tbe people of any one of i (be said rebel States sball bave formed aeonI cUtu ion of government la contorint y with the ; I onsii'urion of the United States Ih all rei spnU, framed by a coun nUou of delegate* elected by the male citizens of said State t>entyone years old and op ward, of what ever race, colot, or condition, wbo bare been resident iu ?aid state lor one year previous to ibe day of snch election, except such as mav be i oisfrancbised lor participation iu tbs rebellion I ! or ?or telony at commou law; and whea such eoastltution sball provide that tbe elective | lrancbise shall beeuyoyed by all such persous as have tbe qualiffeatioas bereia stated for I election of delegate : and wb-n sucn constitu Hon shall be ratified by a majority of the per- I I sons voting un tbe question of ratiflcattou who I | are qai.lifled us electors for delegates, and ! when such constitution sbail bave bean submitted -o Ikmgress for examination and ai>. I i prova:. aad <)ongress bave approved tbe same and when said State, by a vote of it* Lefisla-' J , lure elected under said constitution, shall h its I adopted the amendment to the Constitution i of the l uited States proposed by the Thirty- I ninth Congress. ?ad known as article 14, aud when ?aid article shall bave become a part of I the Constitution ol tbe United States, said State shall be declared entitled to represent*. tion m Congress, and Senators and liepresen. fattves shall he admitted therefrom on their iakin?tbecaui prescribed by law, and then aud thereafter tLe preceding sections of tbis I act shall be inoporaxive in said Stale. I C'n motion ol Mr. DoolltUa. an additional sec. I lion to the above was adopted, tbat noseutenca 1 ot death under this act shall be carried into execution without tbe approval of the Presw I ident I ^^ ??? I nfS^THB TiOU?? NIK'S OBHiSTlaN AS f U3 SOClaTlVN will no Id tb?ir regular BBoBthl) uicetine I U In t Monday IVKHlNS st j IH o'clock at tbe room, over MelseroU MilV AjiidwnK to the court!tatlon, iu order to t'S I eclsd oa ibis yeer. mast be preseuted this year, it [rrr*t?**AT FAbu# iu| voarajiy ? a of l,i? Bleckholder? >f this Oon* 1 ff&L J?i'l hehsis at No 7 2 Loaisi?oa JuTen TCIgUi, the 1'jtb last , at half p?st< e'eloek I P. ni Punctual atten'iaacs * re>iae*tsd aa 1 hi 1 pertant basinees will be true?aei<i1 1 lel> * J r. naLLaM, tecrstarr. frtP-A ttBCTINO or Tfl? HUBPOBATOR* IJsjS. *f The WaBHllVOToB OOu?r* HOMBM ftalLBOADCOMPANV ulll be be>d at th* offl,s 1 *t\T Bri ?n, 464 tlb, un WIDIIIDAT ? ? clo#k % mi f#r tb# of 1 opealaa Us aabacription books to fbe oaelui stocks? said company All ?artiss Uterssted In the censtruetloa and sacees. of the road are aar* I tlcalarly requested te ba preseat. Mr | HiMlIti p. BIOWI. rtARon A-rriaoi.T I fiittSfcttESV ftJMI fVV PDILIO HilTIMQ I of the citizens of the Hecosd Ward in S,. I Prssoyuria. cT.r'k, M^BDAr J*!*?"* 1*. 18*/, ea4ar ihe aasaioes werd Oeaactr ef 0 lTT for w?2 I 'b^teOTni^^ i?W??o5?r s-ftV' ? ?VV&RS'b' 1 ^malMss of Arrsage meats I rrS-HAMb?M. OMOlft OONOBBT! AT TR B 1 format of ?th aad P streets is t f^POB*FuTUM?ATBV?|il?o7!.I ISffiVaSSfH* M ?TicketsV cvBto; |? obtained from any meint>ar of the Gluir ? I I if^'Taa: H ifflisiaagfeft " s?i?j^tr:iV^SsS/jS?r*u I rrs=>Jo?ftpa a siArrisu). ^ iwir*.. 008 IT BOTiOBBBT, Jaa P OBBAM ? DJUiMO BALOOB, ?r A. P??a. Aro., bet ittb aad I3tb its ' er tssper Parties saeelled at I Lonru H. sgArriBLP 1 ggy^?Ag^[5rt??5r.ri&v By order of Ue President (lat) feleetAal V?fsHBiaWtLe224?? D^Wtb/^ie" to evTUu bi? bsillt !aIb# 1 ti<,k*w' ? fflte ***k sa4 at tbe Star jy??tAlUnlt 1MI*" *e'BWM0N M riBODbOH K* ' .O/'tJrinn, 919 Peans*l Solm' via; ^ov.v. BUaBHKB forsaU. feifa *A S5* " ?V.?! lpV.;tb."c* " D"|safc tor aaieoa rsaaaaabls tavan. II! 1^ j ? PrortBaM. ' TOLfc 8DPPLT inn IICBTIB couBvoinva, i 1 ' ALKX^SPBRg. Price?Ladies, #2. Oeatleien's, ?B as L ?-OOC*VOIBl??'a km< or tmo imion OLBTBB. In Whits aa? oelsed ' J ' JOB. /.'HIT I OB., . 1 .? Ml v U U ,0? ^ jJJ fe IS Sfcf between ?tk and 19th streets. aary W. . Iuf C44HI. In I o?tore the 8-date n. co<(?n.i.e??hift (' ? tb? Secretary of W*r,#r?!o inffa??1>W' r ?" Ho*rd of EnriMMrs r-lallvelO'th* ncioacatieuta on the htrM -Mi, New ImK Keletied to the Cominit tee >a rtfUD<-rc*. Motion ot Jfi OresWeii, the sen*ie#oB?p rurixl In be imrmlmrnu ot tne Hou?*fb till bill to ihmif certbsa^oliectioa tii?tri0t? in Maryland end Virginia. V' On motion of Mr. Chandler, ibe Senate concurred m the amfnitmrutol the Hou-? to ib? kill to mnriiit the act further '<* prereut mn|kI>b*. Ac* f r , T?' C|?br aebouuc?rt e* the Semite i?tnm ' -of roarrrnc* on the ili-ajtr ^in/ vn'-n of ib* ?w?? HooMton tbe tnakrvpi bill, Mn<ri Poland, Moiean. ?nrt Mu)?ougall. Mr Suron?"t pfeeen?*rt ?m? memorial of the PvnneJ iTnoiN Peace fco*?etr. vkmr Of'igresa t<> t ik? irmrurti lo ore ale Ui? >iti>Mwhm?>atof an n emotional tribunal, to which all tbe difler? ucee letwtvn Ui ? different nations shall bo referred. Keferred to the Committee on Far. ei?u Relations. Mr. Wlisou, from the Committee on >tili'%ry affaire, reported the joint resolution to taoili ate a settl?nwn' of tue acroaou of disbursing officers ; which waa passed. Mr An bony moved U) take up the bill to provide '?r the flection ol a Cougresaioni,! printer; wbich waa agreed to. Amendments were adopted providing that tbr Sena'e t-hall elect tbe printer instead of tbe lioure, and bis salary shall be ?4,3oO p*r nnnum Mr Ar.thony explained that if tb? House e ec'ed tte printer hi* term of office would ouly be for two veare. whereas, if elected by the Semite, be would hold hi-office at the pleasure ot ibat body ; and iu view of tbe intimate re. Iati<iu? exietirfc between Congress and this was thought ibat be should be dt? recuy respousibl* to tbem. Tbe I'reaident itunkt tbe r?-i>i? had aeen (It to displace tlie cuperiutendent nnd appoint another man. 'I bn hilt waa iben paseed by a vote of 28 to >i. Mr. pettendeu moved lo take up tbn West Point appropriation bill. Mr. Sinnver said'be Louisiana bill abonld be first taken up. Tbe otber bill waa aure to pan#, and would meet with approval in another quarter. It had been understood thit when 'be military bill via pat-sed tbe Louisiana bill should be taken up Mr. Williams said tbere bad been no aacb understanding on hie part. Mr. Snmnereaid the bill was on tbe table, ai>d should be ticted npon. It wits said the necessity for it had passed since tbe amend* menta which bad been made to tbe military bill, but he did not tbink m. The necessity for It was greater now tban before. The people of L/onisiana bad no government, and it eaaibednty ol Congress to give tbose loyal people there that proieotion wblcb was now denied itoem. There was not and conld not t>e an) business of equal importance beloru tbem. Tbe motion of Mr. Fess-enden waa the* agreed to, but previous to inking up tbe bill indicated by htm. the consideration ot the bill relative to appeals and wn'i of error In the Supreme Ooutt wan resettled, and after amendinert, tbe bill was passed. The V est Point bill was tben tak<*n op. Mr. Wilson offered an amendment prohibit. injr drills or parades on Sunday, and m-tiring It 'be duty of the ehaplatu to orcaniK* a class tor biblical instruction, and give bis whole atten ion to tbe religious weliar- of tbe cadets; which was adopted, and tbe bill the* pasfed On motion of Mr Fessenden, the diplomatic a?d consular appropriation bill was then Lane9 up. I he coromit'ee recommend to insert an ap- | prr priatlon for tbe salary of tbe U.S. Minister to Portugal. Mr. Sumter opposed tbe amendment. Mr. llnrtey was retained at Lisbon in direct viola. ticn of tbe will ef Congress. Hot sb.?Under tbe call for bills and joint resolutions tor reference, Mr Miller (Pa.) pn*. sen tea a joint resolution declaring it to be lucompat.hie witb tbe pro'ectlve system ef ths I n ted States 10 admit Foreign iron free of duly, whether manufactured tor railroad pur. po?es or otberwise. Referred to Committee oa W?ji aud M'*an . Mr. D< iatio (O.) Introduced a bill giving cont-u t e ion to tbe act ot June *1, and Man b 3, I6M, uicreasing tbe pay of the army. Ke* ferred to Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Wilson (Iowa) introduced a tall for tbe relief ol persons held for imprisonment for debt. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. Mr Cbaves (New Mexico) presented reao. hit on? of the Legislature of New Mexico, ask. 11 ir an increased per diem compensation for member* of tbe Territorial Legt<>la'ure, and increased compensattoa lor other Territorial officers: also,'resolution asking appropriations tor school purposes, and also, resolutions re. questing the Secretary of tbe Interior to ap. point a Board of Commit-ionert to uctriaia tbe loe?*s sustained by citizens of New Mexico in tbe revolution of lb47, and by rea-on of Indian depredations Alt of wblcb were referred to ibe Committee on Territories. Mr. Hooper (Utah) presen ted joint resolutions ot tbe Legislature of Utab, asking tbe repeal of tbe act to ponisb polygamy In the Turn* tories of tbe United States. Referred to Com* nitteeon Jndleiary Mr. Julian (lnd.) Introduced a rusolutlon oa the subject ot republican governments in the States of tbe Union. Referred to Committee on Judiciary. Mr Paine (Wis.) introduced a jolntreeolutloa explanatory of tbe joint resolution for toe relief of certain officers of tbe army, approved July it 18?6. Referred to Committee on Military Affaire. The House resumed tbe consideration ot tb? resolution introduced on the 4*h Inst, by Mr. Noell, (Mo.,) it; favcr of suffrage without distinction of sex. Mr. Noell addressed tbe House nt length, in an amusing strain upon the subject, and at ths expiration of bis hour the resolution was, on motion of Mr. Htdwell, (Cal.) laid upon ths tabic. Od motion of Mr. W ha ley (W. Va. J the CommiMe of Wnvs and Mean? was directed to laquire into the expediency of including the employees of the Government Printing in the joint resolution givtng Increased compensation 10 employees in tbe el vU service of the United State* at Washington. On motion of Mr. Latftara, (W. Va..) It was revolved ibat, until otherwise ordered, tbe H ouse take a recess daily from 4 00 p. m. until 7.3o p. m? Mr. Henderson, (Oregon) introduced a resolution dectanag it to be the sense of this Hotfse that a nder tbe OoneiHattoa of tbe United States tbe Executive Is authorized to extend tbe par. dooing pewer only to persons who have been ttied by a proper trtbunal, and couvlsted, and tbatall pardons issued before coavictoa hare ao foundation In law and arc void. Referred to Committee oa Judiciary. On motion of Mr. Paine, (Wis.,)th?9videncs presented by claimants for rewards for ths capture of Jeff. Davis waa ordered to be prmtod. Mr. Eldridge (Wis.) Introduced a resolution directing the Committee on Banking and Car. rency to Inquire into the expediency of with, drawiag tbe national baak currency as rapidly aa it may be done without iajustlci to tbe national banks, and to eopply tbe place of such currency with U. S Treasury notes: Mr. Broomall (Pa.) moved to lay tbe retolu* tion oa tbe table. Agreed to?yeas, M; nays, 38. Oa motion 0/ Mr. Price, (Iowa,) tbe use of ths Hall of tbe House of Repressntattves was granted tor a Congressional temperance meet, ing on 8ua4av evening nest. Mr Rice (Maine) reported a hiH to provide a territorial government for tbe Indian territory. Referred to Committer on Territories On motion of Mr. lagtrsoll, (in.) a commit, tee of ooaferenoe wae ordered on the disagreeing votes of ih? two Houses on the bill to fncorporate the Capitol Insurance Company of Washington. On motion of Mr. Roes, (111.) the Commutes on the District of Columbia was directed to report a bill at an early day prohibiting th? eale of latoxlcatiag liquors as a beverage In the Dtetrieu < I Tbe Hoaee took from tbe Sneaker's table ths Senate amen<taeat to tbe bill providing mill* tare governaeat for the SoatlL and? Mr. S?e\ens moved lo noa-concnr, and aekrd a oommluee of eonferenee. Mr. Spalding moved to concur. Mr- Hontweil took the II00c iu opposition to 1 tbe'blll. All urotl dons b* band. Qoeds enllsd for and the sbertsst aetloe. Ail blade ci IteasAdeUag does U ths ueessst style. Islgdt* p o m. ' A v m . 1, , 1 Webavejastreeslvse Mrsaty hoed of flab large foask HOKSMf, ameag ?bsa ti^HTII aevsial aalre >, 1 1 . *.f?.?njtygf fnt.o,, fe |g-3l* t t Btsblss. <th st.. assr C. QARDMB MIM, FADIT U|||, ??., JOHI S A 0 L . Hse nowln Store bit sxtoaslvs sleek ng OAMr*r.iru?, whisk are 4his asaasa of Jloost qeslit). From hit aractlotU kaevleJge of the eJ'his'^aSl! thtfv* riMi iniy ?r# wtrrinitd ttuwrn* por#i PLO\v MM IIMM, mOrsetM all the aovslUos ftoai Ksglaad and Ih# coetlnent, with esaf yjjclos saved Irem his rWh eaUeelina of Vlortet

IW??'mS2? 'V'eLk^*1 MuPI?!? ?Wl#i| ApriwU, Ohorrles. |e ' OMAFM VIMMg?Delauaee, OoScotd, Blaaa. BemoTsd U 446 Tth strset. fo 18 eolta oiigoslte U. 8. Pateal Qfloe. . mm ..i?,,j* | , , . r.UVBRjyitHlt ?K< MRITIFS. AABIHUTON, Fehrtla.y |S ' IH$7. 1 .1 ay ("ooke & Co turnisb the following quotations of Go\frum> nt Mcuruivt ' *Coupja- iStfl "Ti1? I 1 i ' - t"* 1 *#* U?J?. I j,i? t?T* 5*,4lf?, . );TjJ jwrJ , I U S. ?M\e Twer't?v t* .jMJ* I j 4-^ Five Tweauee.jau*j'y.<*.!?*? ,M I I * Tfi.?urtie> ,M, ^ ,0,~ I ' ^ ?***?'? ?5\ ?< !.* ? ^T*D 55in ' Ju,m* ic** t"6 : U S Seven Thirties. jBty |(l6 *KW YORK HUHT Rt A RI> H A LX8 "3J|]?0Jgl, 1 1W* 10 *?'? v !^' !!^** awk?**--.-*** 1 ? * * ^ * - \*JS * *?' , Jo lie lus<< ( j.w ?i 1w5 lift l (.ji- v, jo it _ iiiey >*:.j-.fciT/n.i?; <I,ii...T^:;;:iS^ ARRIVAL OF SURRAfT The United State* iuhIh>? awartara, which Ml Li?hon OD the 8th of January last, was near Fortress Monroe yesterday morning, wb?re. nf:er biking a pilot on board, ih? proceeded on towards thla city, and wa* this moraine expected at the navy.yard, where considerable numbers of persona were waiting her arrival. *be had not np to** o'clock this afernoon bove in sight, and the impression among the offW era a- the Yard w?< that she received or- | d? is yesterday to remain below tb* city until she received further orders; and at that hour the tug Primrose w*?s at the wbnrf with ateam up, wait-ng to take down despatched from the Department The officers at the jard are certain that she ' ie In ibe I'o oraac, and tbink ttiat tbe prisoner Surratt will b<# landed sometime to-night and be immediately delivered ie t|? Marshal. The officers of tbe jail have recently cleaned out one of tbe irou-ca?ed cells for his reception, and It is probable that by to-morrow morning be will be safely lodged there. A FIELD DAT IN TIIR BOUSE Mr. Stevens moved to-day to non-concur 1 with tbe amendment* (?ub?ti'ute) of the Sentte to the House military government bill, and to ask for a committee of conference. He gave way for Mr Bunt well,nt Massachusetts,acd Mr. Stokes, oi Tennessee, who addressed tbe Hou*e pouring hot shot into the Senate bill as enfranchising every rebel in tba Southern StatesMr liontwell also urged with much vebem?nee ?bat tbe President already was clothed with power b7 the civil right* bill sufficient to maintain order in th? South, and that it was useless to certfer additional powers upon bun while that be already hut is unexecuted. Mr Stevens followed in denunciation of the bill, and it would appear almost certain that it mnst go to a committee of conference. It is probable that the Republican side may hold an Informal caucus between sessions this evening for dlscureton. A NIGHT SESSION. It is not unlikely that the House will bold an all night ters'on upon tbe Reconstruction bill shouii there be aay filibustering on the democratic side against nou-concurrence with the Senate amendments. Pkrsonai..?John Minor Hotts and ex-Poetmuster General Dennlson were on the House floor to-day. iktuxil Ritihu.?The receipts from this source to-day were *575,576.69. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. LATER FROM EUROPE. Ireland Tranquil ? Feniuns Trying te Kscape_ Their Escape Cut Off? Treeps Leaking far Stephens - Fiaaacial aad Itmmerclal. (By Caole to Assoeiatao Press. * Livbbiool, Feb. IS?Noon?Tba steamer Hecla, which arrived last evening, reports eelng tbe ship Union, from Liverpool, Jan. >"7 for W?w Orleans, with her radder gone and otherwise damaged. Intelligence has been received here of tbe linking at sea of tbe bark Sumpter. Mo fur. they particulars. Low now, Feb. 18? Neon ?Consols, 91; Erie, 37#; Illinois Central, ex-dividend, 77*. Lohdoh, Feb. 18?Noon.?Ireland la per. fecrty tranquil. Small nnmbers of rebels, concealed In tba woods, are endeavoring to make o tbe coast, but tbe national troops have been so disposed as to render escape Impossible. Troops have been sent to Malabide in hopes of overba n ling Stephens, Is reported aad Is believed to be la that neighborhood. Pahis, Feb. 18.?Pedro F"eudero Echama', Minister of Justice aad Pnblic Instructions, Ac., Ac., of Maximilian's Government in Max. tea has arrived here, aoCompanied by other high officials of tbe Mexican Empire. Livbapool, Feb. 18, Noon.?Tbe cotcoa market opens qniet and steady to-day. Sales of 7,(40 bales middling uplands at lid. Marine News. Fobtbbss Mohbob, Feh. 1?.?The frigate Susquehanna. Admiral Palmer, has arrlv<d frem New York. She will shoK'y sail for the west ladies, probably direct for H-vana A>Tbe ste .msbip Victor, from New Orleanson th?- 11th, touched here aad dise ibarked the tbth regiment colored troops, wao proceed to ICT?:binond for muster out. The Victor sailed for New York. Bank Statement. Naw York, Feb. le.?Bank statement _in. crense of loans, ,P6d,n:iO: decrease of specie ffl.'tM.OOO; increase of circulation, S179,0iiu- de^ crease of deposits, ?2,l(i?,?i?t; decrease of legal tenders, ?4,9f-?,l?tJO. Gold opened at ?6*. Shipwreck. Pobtlabd, M*., Feb. 18.?A cable dispatch reports the loss of tbe ship Addison, of Kennehei kport, with all bands except tke captain, mate, and four seamen. The captain's wife and child were lost. LOCAL NEWS. | CrimibaL Cotkt, Judge Fisker.?On Satnrday, Jerry Johnson, Edward Smith aad Mat. t^ey Connelly, convicted of larceay, were sentenced to one year each la the Albany pen* Ifentiar#. W. W. Walker was convicted of lareenv* and sentenced to tbe Albany penitentiary for one year. Arthur Gugsley was convicted on a similar charge, and received a like sentence. Scottish *nn??r.-There was a largo anriience present at Metzerott Hall on Saturday evening, to bear the Scottish Vocalist, Kenue. dp. Two feeling mnnner in whteh he alags the sample and loader Scotch ballads is ealcalatxd to awaken whatever there is of pathos in hio auditors, while no one can resist bis dry hu. or wbvn ho toncbeo on tbe comle aide of Scotch anecdote and song. His laat entertain. men l this evening. -? Wall's Opbba Holhb ?We trust the pa. Q-oua of the drama tn this city, will remember ?t this evealBg^e proceeds at Wail's Opera lee are tot the benefit of rhe accommodating r-koepers and ushers. The programme is qat txpefyent ons^?musical aad dimmaUc. " 'new" ? A M1PT&BS0 VlBWBD IB THB LIGHT OB A Wikb nv THB Lsoai, Bvb.?Ooorg* WebeMr, charged with the muTder of n man named Bancs, in November last, wa? tried ?n tbo New York Court of Oyer and Terminer on Tuesday, and being M gfllty of man. slaughter In thai third degree, was Lontenoed ?*?ESUU^fle^aES being that of Catherine fiormsrly the mx ?s: l>ai ties'nveatogfittt^r >p mas and wife, whether they were dcTQglly jnafrled or not, neither Wii^ilfMvKiho lor or against the other/* ? j >i i <,1^-. it . j; < ?. A Ovbl with a Nib RaacLT.?A dual was foughtat West Poiht, Georgia, last Saturday* l^tween MslorBjker.of Lowndes county, an?i Mr. AMOiL of- Mobile, in which tba former ZZ ""Znil.W1 ""^'F ^obuded in tbl weapons pinols.?Montgomery Mill. Tftk Conn aD >X%ra Eicr ahoc.?la re. ?; u??e ?o a j-nbhahM aai!. a numb-r of ?n' pi*dipaTBni httr" aM mil er< AM-mhl-d at ttieoBice ot J B.i>aTi4wuJtCa, Wt>r ?t ' , * u toldyjBi' tbapbrpo?e of coo*i>l*riaj tbMrupritit ol t>rnuii'iif an a?*ociauou to f>dll|'ait tba puTf La*a and ?*ie of cram, Aj. Tt? uicrfiintlle b ouvaa coeraiiv were repraf?? mo'.oajaf Mr I> I. Sh.vna^r, Ka?4-f *a> called 10 the chair, and Will aiu Marbury, E?q.. wm elected M^ra. tarj- Mr B. Imrby orf?T?l a raeolntion af< cinnnr 'he intention of the mee inC to orcan. ?ne a Hour aad corn #irb?i?r?, the oSw?et of which ahall be to fhcllitate the panhw and 1 ? >< ul Kiniu, A.c ; wttu-h wu unanim*u?ly adopted Mr .sho?ma*^r moved > hat that: a air i I appoint a niminiUf# fit eix c-ntlem.n to drait I by- la?> ami jvjculauooa tor the uvemmeul of th* hmocIrMob: whirh wm atre^d to Tha 1 Cbair appowtofrMaaar*./. $ Welch, B !>%ibv, E I> Hartley, ft Cropiey, A. li Piokreil aud ' i) L Mboeinnker Mr. liar: ey moved that 'b>-ravnTiPt* *opc?rfto a m*?tnrr to b* bald n-xt Monday at the ?am* hour and pfrnt-* which wa? agreed w?. Ilw-to., Co other ; bi'M? <r??. the meeting adjourned The Coal Traps ?There are indication* of i ? ?*riy raaampuuo of ttte coal trade. Tba ' Channel baa been eounded, and It ia oartain that heavy veaeela aetrara yet been encaced in the I i-hiptneiit of coal can be bronchi through w"b. I My difficulty. So far from the cat bem* ' fiJi?d ujs we are murt-d that the aoundiacs I torn* points two drcpur 'hia o?* fore V? aiM informed b> op* of tbaprinmpal I at.ippera 'haf the Board of Public Worka of Maryland baa reduced tba'o)?* a|>oa roa) fV-om Climber land to <iror??own J4 c?ph per ton In>'KOvaMB>TK ?The l'ir? Comnuesionera I art-fcaat-ninc'he wort or flfrtac the VicilanI I ene?fe howae for the reception ol the steam-r I now heme ron??ruct*d for onr fir* depart. re*nt. The alteration* will graativ itnurova the appearance of the buildm*. The Com. mieelcnt-ra are not deftuttely informed a* to the time the ateamer will be atiipped. but the* xpect to raonive |? shortly. Ki.ock Ail) (ikais Market?The market opened thi? ir.oruinc with a tair demand for d* maud for the l, cal trade. Th? price* .15 quoted In 'be Sfar of Saturday ratnaln onchanced, and tran?action* are limbed to email lota to supply the immediate want* of the cit* trade. * Port of fl EOBRrrow*.-Entered?Tba E C Knifht. Itedeli ma*ter. from New York wt'h merchandise. Kivkk ?'The river ia acam open to aaviration. and we may e*ert tbo bay and river craft 10 resume their inpx, a* wen a? he r*cuiar j>a. keth, duriiiRtbia week. S*V?RAL JiJCBLLIftT blOOMD HIND k MbL0l?B0N8 for nl? 00 terms JOIIM W. ILLM. fel6 2t 306 Pann a?*nn?, near l?th at."*'^ H0BTICnLTrRAlTT0bLiT;~ PHRTlrrCTOKAL T001,8 ? __J*Ht'NIK? 8**8. PHUNIN') KNIVES PBCMlhO 8CISSOR8. I'KOMINO SAW AND rKI8SL. TB1I TBIMMIK8. A D V ABANCAT0B9. . , ? . Aa. A roll and (^m?'etta*ti*rtB1ent of the?? to jl* ^ Al?o th* HOKTirTLTt'liAL TOOL CH B3T, cantalnlDK full aat SorttcaPnral T mlfa l? eojw :th'?tre-itfl!a?o^r 186/ 8PBIMS STOCK 18^)7 J. J. HAT A OO , 308 Pann. avenue, betwaan 9th and lfth ata , Are now reoalvtag vary cboioe at>laa of NBW 8PBIM0 DBE<?8 GOODS. to which thar Invite the atteatlon of tba pub1 fa 18 2tlf IW GOODS ! CHEAP GOODS ! BOO AN * W Y LIE, 399 SBTIHTB HTBBET. BLBACHBD OOTTON8 S 4 aaA Matlt'i 15 aiid I He ; yard wide at 2?, >j, ki,.i i&r D?r ??.Ji IKBLftaCHBD 0OT TO V, y ardwida fs i? *n ?? ?*'*; 3 4 ud 7 8. ioT ' ' " **' MaHa^atc10c" faat 15. M. an4 ISc.; Ho?IVBT ?f rS'j.1? : "f004 *Mnr***?Tit. atHtbe LOwV^';yinod^t'd CHIBP GOODS. CALICOES AT 12>i CENTS PEB YABB. Wa ahall open to-day I caaa 3MD rarda WAM8DTTA PB1MTS, Tar y choice aprlag at7lea and fact calara. at 12* cent* par yard. BLBACHBD AMD BBOWN 00TT01S, from 12^ canta to 37 casta par yard. JOS. J. MAY A CO., SOS PanuylvaalaavwM, JkM-JMf betweea 9th aad loth au A,u" V&oJBf&SWSKT" ..^^ iassir,us?t?.s!f?rj;7.,sr;^ P"*M" MPly It to naw baildiaaa, ar tba repairta? leak7 oaea1 ef every daacrt ptlon. Thl* BoSflng uJl3!I5^. wharavar It baa bee a I*1/*?0.0**- 11 * oowpoaed of a fonndatlon of ^f*TT ?A?Taa aatbratad aad aoatad with aa 9 cnttapercha a?-^al, an J ? BIBB abb watbb pboop, Vermlat a hard amoothaurfaca of atoae. Al?e, JOHB B 1MPBOVBD PBBABBVATIYB PAINT W ' eor#tl>? tfn T<>0t*- i**? mlwi'alw ara praprletora af tba Ssatttfyiif aa aapaHaaae In rooflnc for rba laat stxtaaa yaart ID 1 tils city. All blada of leaky roofa repaired at abort mlira aad warranted to five aatl*W?ioa a. to"u rabiI* **? ? . G A HA 61 A CO , .... New Jaraay ava. bat D and Bala.. fa IS a?3t aaar Baftiaiore Deaat IJB ALBBfl ? IJ WABT 09 OAK WOOF WILl ?I*D A GOOD ABTICLB AT fe 18-St J. T WALKBBV LUHRBB TABD. DOOB IIAT8?A large aaaortweat ja*t racalved, aad far tale at lof prleea, at BDTBLBB A BBO.'B Bouaefara'ablac to a, fa Ifl-Stlf 3SO, Mataaratt Ball. TU8T ABBIVBD ABB POB 8ALB-Ptfiaea X anv!r*u'? ??* !? HOBBBS, atflv Beward ? PtaHee, batwaaa ?th aad 7tk*US streets, ob 0 atraet. /w\ J?1?L? J. C BOWABD. G**AT BEPPCTiOM IB DBY GOODS. *** *0 ***** roam for their aprfM atock. T bay are also aa Iliac? Bew York aflNa 4? Bleached HaalUt at |0 eta. waaasatta?-4 _ do do .5* eta. *0 ?Ow M au. ,g^r5a^^m^^ It, 1*87 -411 |?rioii mil ItAyV***1" w ahop lar repairs, aeovina* ta ?r-u" - "*^<a rj /'oMuli liiflt Bodf. JBhbsl. V*Avaana, batwaaa IRa aad ixth fal4-St* araiiy that ha ta aow prepared to faralahAaa Qliti mtJl/SlSi 50 SSfSSJ^S^U""" "" Pramlam jaw lark City 50AP, fr ?r' *' Om ateaat saw 7 octave l?r?a vaudfTTfTI u. Atmu - &vrawSZhll^*" * OaMaai Orgaaa fa iVtf flOWQH Mil IWBBHu I iT,5Wr,,fr?" ^ ~\?2r?2_MmM HAOKBBBL, market, a qoant M ^ boBOHBM.. . . ? Ooraar UthaMf atraau, aadar BhMtt Hom*. ' -1 Like bvtwio mutui* *. ? / ' i*"i?U -A rf?oiiiig? b*e iiitr?du -ed i in the Legislature relative to the motiunu ib# boundary 1ha?s between Mar* 1 n4 aiid A irgmie, nndoi. this snhj?ct we woald make suggestion to tbe member who )n r v. ducedftT Orconrif the m-nilt-r* are >,ir^ tftat the late Colonel Aigus MtUunud was s**t to EDilmid, before tbe wir. to sear.-a r?op( tbe archives. Iibranee. Ae . for su<b to *>bB. nu use rtpts aad maps as might tar* ? lull on ?h?i are tbe true koandwm ?f U>? g ate of Virginia He returned afier a comaiderahle ab ?nce, during wbicb be made a moat iu'ereattnr and valaabl* cottofftoa of ape. charts. Nor It? aad manascrtpe. rrem wbicb, aad otber source. ot information, be cuBfilrd a report, w bicb. we believe ??, never laid before the Legislature. Indeed, it was tbengbt impoll tc to rtoao or To'nIre any artlon on the subject. because of the 'hr*>atei< in* aspect ot politK*I affair* Thi? report prove#, a- we thlrk, in<x>o'eefabiy that toe true boundary l?ne between Virginia and Maryland i* the northern bank of ?he Px,)mac. and that tbe Whole of tha: r atnill ent river belongs to tbe lormer.? Kichmimi Wktg A Diamokd Mizcu - A sensation wai caaeed dowa town by a irpart that a letter from Europe "on'A'ninr several bonsaad dollar*' worth of diamoada bad baer fooad. and waa detained. Tbe answer to laqairt-a at tbe peat *ffl>e to the effect taat each letter* always roaie by private aaad only, my si. tie a tbe matter: but u>? investigations ot aa I^nenred ??b*(l#w" w**re in *h? end eaocee??ful The letter came. tt waa a?certalnr<l, and fell into tba haada of tba Surveyor of tbe Port. II# sen I to tbe man to wBoia it M waa directed, and proposed tba: lUat person V should open tbe letter ia the ur^^nce J Tba persoa, wbo had a iewuk name ibat ia 1 Te* not puhticlv Imowa, oh^cied to Redhibition of bie private nod pxreoaat tiwana, b<?: lie wa* cot-strained to break tbe aeal, wb*n a I aikacf tbat looked line carttt dc sissies ap peared. One ot Uie officers look t^e respoaeibtiityof cauiag this parkas mlo pie,-*-e. |t proved to be fork, lb# oetside being covered with paper; and <a tb?? center tbe diamoads were hidden. Tbe Israelite will lo?e th* property, which Is wor h three thousand dollars ?A. t'on. Strikes ?1 be N'-'wt.ur) pert (Mum ) tierald ha* ih*-following : * Working people in van mi* parts ot the covutry arc Uireatemag to ?TikWe rtiould iiot wonder if. ia home < &* ?. tb^y did. ter we bar* aoUc*-d tbat laivir etria?*? mo" ot'en take (dare wfe?n there ia lit He or rothlnffto do. aad wbeu large corporation* are glad to ha*# atnkee. % it gi vea tbem au ei? uw for eti#p? ndlng work The tnn?* f?*r lahoring people to Mnkf ta wh?-t vvcuim bigb^at. for 'hen tbev are muat m d**maa.t There is no doubt at tbe present rate of wag*** and lack of *-mployrn**nt, combiuel witn t' ? great cost ofliv>ng. tbat the p<wrer classes ar? pibched: but we may hope tbat in th?? sp irg aumii^f will revive, aua a finaucial cna - r >t come tbia year." Socth*kk convtcts ?The New Orlov Picaj uue is in grent perple*'ty because a meetlbg of mecbanica hta been b**ld a' Jackeon, Missieaippi. to prou**t iga ns: tae eon vicia la tbe penitentiary at tbat place being em plowed at mecbanical labor. Tbo Ptcayaoe says it presumes tbe result of this will be that k tLa convtcta will be released from all work If ^ tbey were to be used to raise crops, the farmers aed gardeners would complain, and if in ?M i arj rough work, tbe latx rers would hud fault; f atid ia order to get arouud ibe did cutties ocea- * sioued by so tna.ny protesu, thai paf*er mildly suggeets tbat tLe proper policy would be to make Congressmen of tbem A Tiurible 1- jotit.? At tbe conclusion of tbe pugilistic coui? lungtit at Naugatgck Junction, ft. on 1'ueKdajr, Wta. Arnold, o! l>erby,(H., aud Jame? Breeo, of Providence. bad a rough and tnmble ftgbt about ~om* atake money. They fought for about fifteen minate? and were terribly mutilated, when they left off from sheer cxhanMioB. Kreeu lo-t a piece #t his upper lip and bad hi* eye nearly goug-d out, while Arnold's lace waa badly "la -erated and soma of bie fiager* "ere nearly bitten off. They fought like v 'bi. ?d.*s uaul aatnre compelled ?bem to deaiat. < ifflcera were looking on, but no arrests were mad-. MiLtTABT Schools.?Gen l Urd, catr.naau 1. tng tbe Ib-partment of Arkansas, has established at tbe various posts tn tbat depar;m*-at cbools ot instrucUob for olbcera. Tie Caur*e of lustracnon embraeoc the articles of w tr. tbe revived army regulations, tbe method of making in proper lorm all rolls, returns, reports, 4, ; tbe acu of Conrress bearing upon tke military service, and the orders of tbe War L>epart. mem, and also the tactics of the arm ot tn? service to which tbe officers belong, and for Infantry officers, in addition tbe bavon*>t ex. erc'se. Non-commissioned officers' schools are also established for eacb oompauy. 9T A few months since, one of tbe cttiBen* f Liberia, J. L. Crusoe, sent to tbe I'uited 1 States for a ve-sei to be built and named **Ed- A tna," after the place of bis residence, at tbe j month of St. John's river. Ob Thursday, an- 1 otber vessel will be iauacbad in New Vort, / to be called tbo A. Ljncoln. built for tbe enterprising hrm of Mctlill A Bro .at Monrovia Tbe Edina coat aad tba A Lincoln *15,( do. The latter will sail for Liberia on tbe 2titb of this moatk. TM trade *>f Liberia in palm oil, camwood, sugar, coCoe.giuger, ivory, ate., is steadily increasirg. Vlf Barnum should be elected to Congress from CobBeciicnt, it would, in bii own impressive laoguage, applied to his last drama, be a ' magnificent, religious, historical, spectacular, and zo-ological" phenomenon He would doubtleas "reconstruct * on tbe priuciple be bas followed in eonstrBcUag?mermaids.?Btftrm Tmntcriyt. 9T A leading member of tbe WMconsln Leg. islatura baa introduced a bill cbanging tbe laws regnlatiag divorce. It provides that no divorce shall be grantad by any coart in Wi?eoasiB for aay otber caaaa than adultery. Several of tba most prommeat members of the Legislature will sustbib this bill. PdTs^o'FnrA, _ ^ .. Ws*K.'asT05. January 21, Oa tbe vatttloa of JOH* TKKt. of l?owell. M aaaacbusetts, praying for tbs extenstwa of a aataat granted to htm oa tbe loth day of Mar. MM, for aa <mBrov?aent fa Warp Bat Fabrica, fcr seven years from the expiratloa of said pateat. which takes place on tbs l<Kb day of May, 1M7 It is ordered tbat tba said petition be heard at tbe Patent Office oa BOHVAT, tba SM day ef April Beat, at It o?lock II ; aad all aeraoas are t actlfled ta areee- and show oauee, 1f aay tbey L have, why safd MUlioa ?a?ht pot to be grMtai: \ Persons opposing the exten?>oB are raaalred # file la the rstent Office their objections, specie J Bet forth ta writing, at least twenty dare before tbe day of hearlag all testimony filed by either party ta be used st the said hearing meet be taken and traasadtted la accordance with the rules of tbe office, which win be furnished an applloattoa Daposltioaa aad other papers relied aaoa aa teetlmour mast be Ctsd 1b the office twenty days befcra the day of bearing; the argamente, If any. wtthle tea days after filing the testimear. Ordered, alee, thst fbls notice he aihllsbed la the KepuMicaa.pnd tlelnielilgeaoer. waehiagton, D. 0. aad la tae Conrtat, Lowell, ooce a weak far three encreealve wesita; the frat of said yabticstioas to be at least sixty day* previous to tbe day ef bearing. T P. 8.?Bdltors of tba abase psaeis will please opy aad saad their Mlla to tba rataat Office, wita f?i ssatstalng tits aaffiaa. ia ?etw I^SPABTMKbT OP TBB I*IA. ,U, LI VMl tmdsta tes pa ten T OFries. ^ WasBiaaroa, Jeaaary u. ItO. . Oa tba pattUoa af JOliM Tkll af Lowell, Maaeachuaette. prarta* far ?ha aalianlea af a aataat graatod to him oa tbe loth ?u af Msr. MM, for aa laptw msat la baltttatLaoms for seeaa years from tbe sspratat of aaM aarsat. wbtab iabas plaaa aa tbe 1Mb Xp of M*r, IMT: 'ha* rrt^TViVaa^ffitt^^^^S tbs day of baarts? all tastled*MdUsr partylo be aeed aa the said baastag mast he tt\?i and tranemitted lb aecordaace with the raiea ef the effice, which wfTI be faxaiabed oa appiloa I th)|. ?S?'SS5??<tJSh2?!3!S?K^' " 1 .. A tbe Bapablicaa aad the iBteUigeacer Washtagteo. P. C., aad la the Quarter. ie>wad Mass , onoe a aeb for tbrea saocaaaivs weeks; tba flraf ef said nahlicatioas to ka at laaat Mxty days prevloae to the day of hear lag. _ T. O. rhblMTT PWM; BaeeipHOoitoeted by Lady UliaiTlan at. Olalr. the 0?rt?H?? Bresei, eadltad by be v. Praak tewall Ptekwiak Papers. Maaad Bdltioa. Uaa-iiand oa tbs Acttoa af Madlslbe; Vaw BOtdoa Marray*s kmetuaal Btsuid?s af Ibe Hervae Tba s'uiry of a btamaah. V raith watte' ben aw for fsbraary. I>e bow s Will for Tebraary. faf rakHPK TATLUa. pLOVII W BakeSa; TKuHft ri0KtU>r <9R3?h**nlv ihllllMtffn(it QoMm UIJ. fcrpKs 5y -j-pi&zn siiViX* ICfoti't* '* "iSf'iSX ea Par sate by \ M. p. M.1S0 A s *. WF da IP iiai Place. y I