Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1867 Page 3
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1 i THE EVENING STAB1 LOCAL NEWS! AlirSKMXXTS, Ac., TO VftRTT. Wall's Mv urtti Uorib~B?>iWit?( ti? Doorkeepers and l'ib?n, on whicn ootMimi Buiwer's fin# comedy of "Moasiy" will t>given. alter whlcb Mrs. Oaellia Yon ngKnMcbmar will sing Parepa's ballads oi Ttte If ghtingnle's Tnll** and "riTao'clock in tbs Horairg." 'b? performance to conclude wifi the ; Xarce of ?*The Lottery Tl?k#t/T National Tbbatbr ? Pint night of Edwin Forrest, who will appear as "*loheUen:" Miss LilNe as "Jalie tfe Mortimer." M ktvxhott Hall Last sight of Mr. Kennedy, ibe Sco'ch Vocalist, wbo will slag Moe t of Uie finest conga in bis rtpfftolrt. ? * ? FrBgRAt or Aldbrmaw Edxottsto* ?The funeral ot the late Elijah Edmenston, Alderman from the Fourth Ward,, took place yesterday aiternoon at three o'clock, from his residence. on U, between 34 and 4th streets, and was attended by a very large neater of per. son*. The following organisations sf which Mr. KSmoseton was s member were present ia full regalia, bnt without music, and proceeded to the cemetery in carnage* ?St. John's Lodg?, No it, Free and Accepted Masons; Graud Lodge I O. O. F.: Central Lodge, No. 1; Metropolis1 l.x>dge, No 16; Mount Nebo Encampment; tbe Grand Encampment; and the Oldest Inhabitants, of wbu-b organisation deceased w*? one of the tlr?t members. The Board of a Mermen and Board of Common Council, bead?d by Mayor Wallaeb, Presidents Lloyd and Moore, w ith nearly all tbe members, were present to pay the last sad tribute to their telluw-meraber. The b?>dy was inclosed In a handsome walout coffin, wuh silver mountings and lined wi'b white merino. On the lid was a silver plate, bearing the inscription, -Elijah Edmonston: born Oct. 25, 1-fp; died Feb. 14, 1n>7." a wreath of japontcas and lilies, together with the regalia of tbe Odd Fellow* and Masonic orders, were placed on the coffin After tbe funeral services by Rev. Mr Brown, of Foundry Church, and Rev. Mr. Arn*s, of We?l?-y Chapel, tbe coffin was placed in the fcearse by the following-named gentlemen, who acted as pal 1-bearers:?Alderman Tait, Councilman Joyce; a .t Donaldson, on the >trt of tbe Grand and Subordinate Encamp, ments Win Scott, on tbe part ot the Grand and Cen'ral Lodge; Messrs k. h. Hooe and Robert Waters, on the pari of St. John's Lodge. The r**u ains were conveyed to Glenwood Cemetery , where they were placed in the vault, af*er service* by the chaplains of the Masons am Odd bellows. tbsmiarpf atchr;l Robbert.-Last week, we mention' 1 the arrest and commitment of Charles h Smith. * colored backmnn, for th? larceny of a satchel containing clothing, jewelry and valuaole documents, tbe property of Mr. Thomas Mears, ot St*>uben ville, Onio. The ca?e was a signed to detectives Kelly and Biglt-y, who at last succeeded in recovering a port on of the clothing and ascertaining what h*s been done with 'he documents. It appeared in evidence tba* Smith took the satchel to the residence of his concubine, in Murder Hay. but before doing so opened it, and probably secured the diamond studs for himself. His con. l cubtne, Mary Cecilia Brooks, opened the ssrch'l and read th-documents, and ascertaining that -.he could get no meney upon them, ?tie proposed t > burn them Smith agreed, and she set Are to them. Finding that the parchments world not burn freely, she poured coil oil upon tbem. and burned tbem to ashes. They were of very great value. Yesterday, Mary Cecilia Brooks was committed by Justice Tuck?r as accessory to the robbery, and Mary Washington and Mary Bntler, at whose bouse ihe satchel was temporarily left by Mary o. Brooks, were dt*mi?sed The detectives are in search ot other parts of the prop, erty. Orphans' Court, J'urcell?Saturday the w ill of the late Ed. c Dyer was admitted to probate and record, aud letters testatn-nt?-y were granted to Thos j. Fisher and Sylvester b Piarman, the executors e ?cb giving bond ?nU.MO. Mr. Botrman was appoint, ted guardian to the children, giving bond in SO.OUJ. Henry Reynolds renounced his right to ad* minister on the estat? of his d*ceaied brother, Joseph Heynolds, late of Mississippi, and letters ol administration weregrat ted to Edward Simms. who gave bond in f'i.cou. letters testamentary on tae estate of the la'e John McKim were issued to Alexander h. Rise and John w McKim. who gave bond in Marion b Jndab was appointed guardian to tbe orphans of h m Judith, late of the u.s. amy. Bond *3,000. Tbe flrst accounts of the guardians to the orphans of Comfort s. Whittlesey, the fourta of tbe guardian to the orphans of Owen Murray, and flirh of guardian to the orphans of Silas h. Hill, were approved aad passed. k m Thi District i? Congeiss.?In the Honse of representatives oa Saturday, Mr. lnger&oll, from tb? Committee tor the District ot Columbia. reported back bill to amend the act incorporating tbe Newsboys' Home, and for the re. lief ot abandoned children Is the District or Columbia; pa?*ed. Also, the bill appropn. ating for paving with the Nicholson pavement a portion of Pennsylvania avenue and Fifteenth street west. Referred to Commlttee on tbe Whole on the private calendar. Mr Ingersoll, on leave, introd iced a bill providing for certain surveys ia tie District of Colombia, a bill establishing a hospital In the District of Columbia for sick aad disabled colored people. Referred to the District Committee. Mr. Maynard from tbe sam* commutes, re. ported bill refunding ?319 to Wm B Todd, of W ashington. Passed. Mr Ingersoll reported bac* bill to incorporate tbe (Treat Falls Ice Company,of Washington. D C. During the reading of the bill tbe morning bour expired, and the bill went over till next Friday. A SRRiors Aspatlt.?This morning three discharged colored soldiers who had just been Smd otT started at an early hour in a wagon for ryanlown. and aboot 5 o'clock were attacked by a gang of colored men near tbe foot of Oood Hcpe hill, across the Eastern Branch, with sticks, stone?, ac. Two of tbe Beu were i robbed of #21)0 each, and very badly beau-n, one ?f tbem so severely that it is probable he will die, and tbe other bad bis face and aead cnt in several places. Tbe third man Is yet miss ng. and it is thought be made his escape ap tbe hill. One of tbe men Immediately returned ic tbe city, and tbe other, more seriously injured, was conveyed to tbe Eighth Precinct Station by officer Dnvall. It is thought that some colored men having heard of tbe intention of tbe party to leave for their bomes planted this attack to rob tbem The police are actively engaged in getting a clue a* to who competed the attacking party. CHARGcnr Hiurway Kobbsrv.?Yesterday Lieutenant Johnson, of the second precinct, arrested Wm Broadis. colored, for assaulting and robbing Joseph Msck, colored, oi a watch and chain upon tbe highway. Broadis declared tbat be won tbs watch from Mack by playing tbe ttrnp gam*, bnt Maclr says tbat Broadis offered to trade with htm for the wit h, and finding that be could not strike a bargain be presented a revolver and tbreateaed to aboot him if he did not give it up. Jastics Tucker committed Broadis to jail for eonrt. KaiGHTS of Pythta*?At tbs last session of tbe (Jr&ud Lodge of tbs Knights of Pytbiss of tbe District of Columbia. ?he following officers were delegated to proceed to Philadelphia on tbetid iss ant, to orgaaiae two lodges of tbe order?tbe first movement, we believe, to extend tbe order throughout the country:? Past Orand Chancellor J. H Katbbone, past <Jrand Chancellor C M Barton, Grand Chan, eel lor Edward Dunn, Past Chancellors D. Carrigan and John W Cross. ? Thi Diamonds?At an early honr this morning Detectives Reliy and Bigley arrested James 11. Holmes as an accomplice of Smi'h, tbe hackman who was the principal in t% lar-eeny of Mr. M'ars' satchel, end from bifb obtained tbe pawn ticket for twe of tbe diamond , studs which w?re pawaed with a broker named Bayer. Tbe studs were secured, aad tbe detectives nre sow seeking for the third stud, completing tbe set. - ATTBJfVT at bcbulart AtMUt 3 o'clock on tbs morning ot tbe l?tb lastant, an attempt vss made by burglars ta enter tbe residence of Cbart-? Jarvis. on E, between ?Lb aad lotn streets, by forcing open a window in the reaof tbe building. A servant girl h-ard tbs noise and gave tte alarm, aad the patrolman on the beat immediately answered ber call, but the burglars bad escaped. 'iBAin Lauckmr.?Abraham Trayes, alias George William-, was atrested by offi t Evens, ot S?*venrti Ward, upon the complaint of Mary E Fleber, charging him grand l*rc iiv He was sent to jsil for court *y Justice Handy. (1ra5p Laiu kbv ? Yesterday. oflloerGny arrrsud l*?iu? ci.trk, stored, upon tbe complamt or umirtii Co*tine, charging her with rrend lerr-t * >4ie was taken beiore Justice Drury, w bo betd her to d*H fbr court. SlLllsn Ijvjimih es SCBDaT?Joseph f l?ck?-i'.t?-in w*s srrested on Saturday for sell?ng on Sunday, by o?cer Sha-flT-r,' of Uie Fourth Ward Justice Walter Hue I htm f-*t> 0 Pclicb Hitokt* ?The police yesterday made seveuty.three srrsata ia tt e pj^fric*, rn.oetiy for light offen-es Tbe fiatv? imposed BKOUtlled to f59 3ti. I I I I? 1 li Au*a*i>ria ahd VnHRiTY ?Froo|?M Al UtdnaWiM* of yteemmtar weexVAT Te loltowu* : ___~T iYotWIthstaadingthe hemTTtalnd^f y*?'-r 8 ?T 6rebended, we Miir?, ? ta? Long hriigImkoii*, the Oolyar, Marlber *ja<l 'WiBtfineimmet, are on the Ferry r'??rte. and are njI beaYily loaded on each downward triB With lu<-al and through freight. There WSaa called meeUag oft be Otj Otuu cil last night. 1 Im Board ot A14sneea re ec?nded a revolution adopted By tkM M f?)*tb met. m relation to the an-pension Of We collection of faxes On pfoperiy used by the U s Government daring the war. The fishermen are making art' v? prepar\uon tor the coming ifmod, and Ml* thought tb*t a much lnrger yield will be realised thou at any former season tor several yesra. The pelice officers ware on thelcogeiit Ibis n oxiiiii?r fur a m?u named David Smllu, who was charged with stealing fifty.five dollars trow a conrfryro&n named Moor*. Now tbat tbe river is free of if*, a large nnmbeT of oyster schooners are finding their way tip A? a consequence these bivalves are becoming alsse expensive inxary. ? ? Tm CONORVeS IO!*AI. T?M PKRAVCE SoCTRT Y. Tbs first montttly meeting of this association? formed of Senators and Bepreseniatlees in (\ingress?was held in tbe ball of the Hoase list evening which was densely crowded senator Wilson presided, and eloquent addresses were mad* by Hon* Schuyler Oolfax, of Indiana; Price, of Iowa: Yates, of Illinois; Woedbridge, or Vermont; Me He*, of Kentucky; Orinneil, of iowa. and Hlair. of New Jersey. Thepro eedmgs oi tbeevening were enlivened by several songs bj ten little nrls connected with the "Home tor Little Wanderers," in Mew York, whose sweet voices gave evidence of elaborate culture. - ? Poi.ica Retorta.?The reports of the Lieu enauts of Police t,?r Sa'urrtay SbnwIVi arrests recorded iu tbe entire District, fhese an-ests are made by tbe patrols, independent of the detect. ve force The fines imposed under the laws of the Corporation amounted to S140.12 * CITY ITEMS. W 50for a flns White Shirt at Meaning's One Trice Clothing Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Marylaud avenne. Prices all marked in plain figures. Mr 1. Alkxam>kr has determined to remain in Washington, and has a splendid lot of the finest gold and silver watches, diamonds, and jewelry at 240 Pennsylvania avenne. He >?-l)s at lower rates than any other establishment iu this city, 2 A Adamhom, Dealer in House-Furnishing Goods, 5u6 Ninth street, near Pa. av.. Washington. Always on band: Keady-made Sheets, Pillow Otses, Feather tnd Hair Pillows. Bolsters, Mattresses, aud Hed Spreads, Hlankeis. Window Shades aud Fixtures. Cnrpetg,Oil Olotb. Crash, Towslin/, and Table Linen. Mattresses made to order or Renovated. a Mr oir> Patrons will mid itgreatly to their id\antage by calling ar the new Shoe Store, No. 5051 ?th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall G. B. WiuiuN. 1m late of the firm of Hums A Wilson. Dr. Whiyh, Chiropodist, 434 Peun ar.. he wt-er 434 and ?th street#, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, eelnrged joint*. warts, moles, vascular eicresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m , and 6 to 9 p. m. Established 1801. For Crilrlains and Frosted Feet, White's Kmbrocatien is a specific. Price fl per bottle. For sale at 4*24 Pennsylvania avenne, between 4)1 aa d tttb streets. a A SrRi Pile Ccrr ? Dr. Gilbert's pile in strument positively cures tbe worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receipt of *4 Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted verywhere. Address J. B Romaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Parrirs ean be bad in any quantities at the 9tar office counter MAAR1KI?. COPPBB8MITB ? BPBNOBB. On tbe l?th ??' ?* *& Mr W. B OUPPBR 8M1TH to Mill EMMA BPlMClB.of Wajbing tsn D C. [ Bsltlmors fun and American please copy.] BIUHMONp-SWBKNaY On tbe 14th iast . by B*v 1\ g. McU.rlky OKOROK W BIOH JJS5* ?f teOATBBBlllB M. 8 Wgg MT.of this city. FBKOBBSOB?lfiltBT. On the ittb inst . at tbe East Mr sshiugtoa farixtoacs, hj tbs Bar Mr Wth. WILLIAM X. FBBtfiBSOV to KB4MCXS V.BOIB1A BA1LBY, both of Washington BLAIMB?BICKO. Oa the morning ef lb* htb Inst., at l* o<cli*a a. m , br *?r. rather Boris. ? ?l "L* ?uoth?r, B. tf. BlilMt, Bsq_, of PtHsbara, rsan.. to Miss BCtllE BlOKB, of this dty. Afttr ths sereaioay thebaapy counts were eoa* rata laud by m M*.?. cArf'*.of 'f'*^as. sft?- which tbsr left on tbe 11.15 trsta for tbs Morth aad West Msr saccess a ad happiness attend thsm H. W.O.* DIED. uorx. On the 17th last., at 9 ss e'clock* m , ?' censamgtloa, G BO BOB JAOOB HUUX agsd ?8 fears and 21 data. Bsiatives and frtsadsof thsdsessssd are resasetfall* lavi tsd to attend his fnnaral fro. VhTO iKroglaai, Ns *X * ? e,oe* P m., Tnssdsy, Psbra ry 19. ict! CUI'LIPP. On tbs 17th instant. QIOBQB W CTDL1PP. In tbs SMh year of his age Blsfnasral willI take plaes from tbs rssMsses of ?*1'Mhsr, 4?4 8?h strset.Toesdap. l?(h, at 2 Wmfll of tbs family are respsctfally laPAIBB On Sunday, tbs 17th Instant, OBOBOB . f htTage ?,ri4 *" ,lkln*>la U# 124 f.Uv raiWlL,??V ?'*?? * tns rsiiMsncc of bis mother. Mo 851 I strs?t. on Tuesday, the i9th instant, at# o clock * m. Ths frlsnds of tUs faml ly are iavMso te attsad, NOBBBB Oa Buadar, 17th last,. Mrs. MABY B. BOCKBB. widow of ths late Ool. M flonise is the r a year of bar ags. The frtsadsof ths family ?rs Invitsd to attend ber funeral, to morrow at II a m . fram her lats rssldsaca, ISthst , bet a sen E Aid t sts. ^mm?^mms?? MXTB0P0L1TAB PATXBT 8TBAM BAKBBV, 34 7 C street, between 4X and 4th street*. Fnrnlsbsd with McKsnrisI Bplsadld Bsel Oven tbs most approved mscbtnsry nslng none bat the best matsrisl, carefully solactsd Tbs Or ark eis meant acta red at tbls establishment are snssri< r to any herstofors offered In this market. We Invite aUentisa varlstiss: A vsry choirs article, from sslsot family flour. BO?TOB 0BA0KBK8. 7 From Welch's familv flour. s<iual to aay la the S0I>A?0UBa?KBB8, ., Bxtra flns, from high grades sxtra floor. wVTii c*"c?iW',"r4 BLiOAB CBACKBBS BCTTBK CB&0KBB9, 0BA0BBB ?Hdt PILOT BBBAB, IB 0?VV^8kb -Jfv ** Grocers and Psnk|ll*s On baad a vsry Urge stask of Msw?*!?K aud 8?coad hand Oarrtagse. of e*rnJ^iC pattern and finish ahiob will bs sol i at rsasonable rates to. , ^'^ 'tory, 3T4 B street bet #?h and t*h fs 13 Jt Shop, 4TT (th street, asar D. . km' . Js^srson St Aesrgstoea.D. c Kktablisbad In iwi; pretntnm aw?r ied hr ths Metropolitan Instlfate 1M, rsboilt u4 and Is Pi k most complete estsb i\" ? * klaa la this sertioa af country Dyeiug and Soeartagof allhlndsd.aela tbe best DIOMP Tralr.thaahtel Car part favors, the snesclber soUti ts ths eentiaaad eastern af thecsmiuaulty Qoods received aad rataraad b> express with tbs nmnat promptaese aad Ssspstch Post Oflifs e^dresa, Look Hoi Me. * Offira cltaesdaiD at saaaat except Batnrdsy, ahen It Is <-loood at d>, p. m fs 14 im TBI TB1BBU OP WOMAN?TBI OHCtT FBBBOif BBilBDT ?DK. Yht^A U'S PE \ ti lODJCA L DROPS ?T^e only certslh aud safe remwiy far all Uteriae Ot-strncti..ns, Monthly l?ifflrnities and all other Blseeses to which tbs e ami* is pecnlUrly liable It Is oa account of tbii ertslaty In their sod in that th?y sbunU not be i taksaWy pr?gnast females, <4srl?g tbs first three months,) as mlscsi viaaa is oertain to hehronebr on, t>nt at oilier perltMls their use Is perfs.-cty ?ata. Bo. 179 Sostb B street, bet a sen Sth and Utb. Islaod fs R.^ohbob V^ebtbb. JBL^pb. The best of Ibslr kinds Kl IT. B W OBOBBUL. , aorner 11th atd Wtteeeta. I* ? nider Bnbftt Bouse, N'SuW.fS^.^5"*P1^* ' H EBB 1Ba (wftb Bees,> in ? All ef flr.t au*?ity nurt at low mr-e* , B W BUBORKbL, , CorisrDflj sirestd. ?; it'l PUefiylBjj^B*- ' | L'MthH BABLAKY DAT KB. Malagh iTtpss. r MrawWsry aad Hhoroiate < arTi!3s7di^j.: berrv 1'r. aiu ChT?<.l'?te, A? , *r ,JU)| receive) at bALLACl Bl?li it , Qsoisetowg feii 3t* L I., ,1,1 _ ? !f-'- II _?^>MyHi5NIKNTK ? ' JL"*' ' I ' 11' T . KVJS*' OH *uiur IVUJQ, wmMiiris, m DreaaChrt* 0r*brtW? Oaair. Parcel*#, ??d ?fl*r2d *r!7 "?t ? ?~?1 <* X?i8t>5 to uiiuvy " C#"U*V,! P*or?op?B >t7"^ii eirikii"rtm>t7.ii ??*A Haiti. WfWi4Kl^3FGW ""'"V.SifWo^ Jg-. " uoOn ?lii.500^.AND O?0IR?, OH which oOCaaion. io Addition Oomb.uC?n,nnf t&EOgSt** JK-wksl jVi.*? AKKTicHM^E. TheDerToriIl!^J'Lri1ffc** *?lnable mttich. wn.d t?*5JX UfTce??aeoce with Sir 1J ?*?d Ly tton Bnlwer * *teg*tt Oomedy of After wblch *OB*I, 01 took 'fiffift?MoVSiW L" ftang .fr- " (VI*. KENNEDY'S L^T WIGHT. MBTJ5BK0TT H 4 LL, Pl*nnf r? *0-BIGHT, AT 9. t^^ass^miiss-is^ * '" ' ' NETZEROTT HALL THBODOBB HiBLIMANN 8 ftBAND OPERATIC COSTUME CONCBBTB, TUESDAY, TEBBCABY 19. WEDNESDAY, FKBBl ABY SO ?ni5t ?li-p*rM.of t?ch tertatnrnen Mlerellaueona ?e)e< tiont and th< 6p?raa P'odute lu coslame ?c?n.s rr.>m tu STBADKLLA and LA D\MK BLANCO K Including BOdIN MMIB " ?*Vi 1,5 W"L h* "' tod *?r M III , A1 frlmo ??pr?n? f(-?m ttt? Klag*. Thee ?#rr STE1B BUK E, 8*rltone. 1*1 of tile Or.n l l.traian Opert; Mr B i'"K Ba-*i U?.n ??*tenr?; and Mr Boas OOCHTH the eminent Pi4i>|~t 03 Amongar ufner noveltiea, Mr. HtMrmtni wtl lug tba beautiful a- iK. * TUB 1MAGK Ofr TAB BOSS ' B^<ytd.m,,,l?" *l; n0 "tr* <* ? fo Mu?lc 8to'? tnrdft) miming Kt-hrnary 16. fe 14 d ^ ^ BAN D CONCEIT " On WIPNESDAY. JoTH INST., AT IA8T WASHINGTON M R OflGlQH for the benefit of ' Washington naval lodob ... *" 4 r nd A * W?.hJnBton tu l Columbia Oonmanderle <v K nlkhte*r. have been invited te be pre D<>or? open *t7 o'clock; comnnirlnf at* &7V??!-- "' BALLS, PAKTIRS, icc. AbBOOND OUANU BALL M 4 GOOI> WILL ASSOCIATION Will be given At rOBBEST HALL, GBOBGETOWB, OS THURSDAY. TEBBUABY 31. TfskeU AO cenU, admitting gantlem.n and 1? al*t: l? 14 4t' ^EVBBTH GBAND BALL ?r THE J? FIBST WABD SOCIAL CLUB ?Si will be given at ODD PKLLO W8> BALL, 7th at between 1> and B, on WEDBSfiDAY, 7BBBDABT 30,1867. Ticket., admitting aQ'Ot and Ladle. Bl If tirfc.t admitted o.,I... prayald >e u?> LOUT A Ml ifUUND. I a u8lVMM*Lhe *lh ?air ?f ?old BTV . ls Oud.r viM ba liberally re "" ? to 300 M atrial, be l?* it. It lit atni iSih ata. |? w t ^rin^^011 1?h ? WATCH aari pratlpa trwfarty, and pajingfor tbi. adrartiaa ; a,ell, (titat; I ""oralnf, between (be Baak A_t Ing Bouie of Jay Oooka A Oe and tfaor*# tuwn.onet'. B. 7 3o Buffi), 59.2J9. dated Ju1? hi??Br?< doll?r?; a^ao, BAHB Buo^ itoni tha Beam.n't Having Bank of Baw T?rk aac ecme paper*, a Ilbaral"reward win be p5dl? kAN^H^??*. '5?' A?P'y i> *r. MO Abb. Bridgeetreet, Georgetown, D.O. fe 18-3t' | tfi "WAJLD-POUKET DIaBT loetlagoTai V r,*i,V1 * n,orBU* '1 o'cl^ok, oi n f . ,lth? ?",n* rtu?n D at to tfce ulti Hall, down ave to M at .thence to M itfmni5??,U'uithraa ^i? nliia, oo< y1 *.ot* ,r??tia f 1 wotea aad aaall cbanaa. Bj otar UAo#th? iuo?e rewtrl will P* pf, .?' -T.** MrM for hl? ntather, who la vat| low at ?Tai.aut fe I Q*??11 o'clock in of ffadaeaday, lJti , between the Bask of V? iwbiagton aiK P0?r*BT BvoV.c. talnliig f?e? in tbiriy- Bve Traa.ury. Natl >na c* notf* ?f "U*"1' *o"?ra eact. ttrart promU.ory note., and ether paper*. A liberal re <; eokgetown" AD? KR'Tits pHBAP COTTONS. ~ \/ AT Mil I P J? ' ? 101 BB1DGB BTBBBT GBOBGE?OWH, D. C Jm?t racelved a latge at ek of COTTWH GOODd wbicfe we ara aelllng at lower jprlcea than thei Ml rr.M ,lnc* "> war -B1 acbed Maalln u J'j** i?oa?ta. tuM yard wlUaBblrtlng ditto. 1 tf- / Bu?^* An-iroacoggln Biaacbnd Mnalm 30 centa, 4-4 WMMBttA 4>., 39 centa; 34.84 ft 4 f,4'* |l * fchraUttaa. vary low; C.flcoea at V2X 18. IS cent*, Merrituaoka, G^pracuea, aad other Lea *! F*rd ditto M(i?4v^n!f!?flo? o ^I ?pd axamfna oar atock MOBBT OaB BB 8AVEI> by a-> dolus *? BENJAMIB MILLBB. |t*OB ?ALB?A aplendld family carnage r\ r HOBBM, farfoetly broken, and wlTh TJrjl ?i .*ni8}1. *'*0* handaome light OAE-^Qj !. k'aid BABBEBB, uear^ new. Will b oAl? y ? rLBMMlBO 'd Stable, r.a of .National Hotal. fe ij'dtAMfclilOAll GOLD STOCK! and BONDS bon?bI on ammiaaloa at tha Baw York am atber ?u*k Baard. Qaotattona regularly ra C6i??Q MM\WATin. 'iii&iU. BHBLISB DAIBY CHEESE. iSh'iVtyn >rrL. ia 14 oon?*r Fourtenntb and * a treat J* " nndar Bbbltt Honae. P"0"" }*?"WZg?>.7;?*' Corner Vermont avaana and"* >4 atraat. W E8T 1BBIA OB ABBE8 A?D Vraeh Bw??t 8IALAOA GBAPB8l Frmt - B.JLBG PLAck. C?pirf-H^T8' a*1"*". *IOB.6DBBABT8 v:itttsnzs;? r?r Oiltha National Hotsl. Tea caatomeTr iut vbU will b? nI<) 1 btrgiin, feailt (JOLDBB BOOPPBBNOBO Wliir(ii^v.T iftitlS*7 fl*T0T' Wlth d,MoaU bo?o?t. Pro of North ^?^S,f.7L V^ B*c*BB, ~ "ABO TON EB AND BBOOLATM ? BtTtlLllHlD TEV MM. BJ| Monara, Ac , SU8 p?. ar.t bet.Vh ^ ftfS rf. W. C. Blilt'HBNBAOH'h Wabo ItooSiB 49811thrre^, neTp^'aven... ^|?fiSPK=S have tum U^bea 00tipatent toner. no^Tlia J^OALEB! SCALES M BCAUBB1U BOC"T1VuWti%4ir^PLATFORM A Lb CO L??T I ? Si^LR,* L"8' witiiiaie?inMip r- ?abbbt teuALie F"1 5 i p B*BTBOMWt fa ]? ' eventh .treat,' j M? Wt below Peuna/lvania avenue. mi!' Miri'j n FOB SALE AND. VEST. sssmmpam P>* ** -* ??o ?t*ry bba?b Buosi. ro*?etnli?g ? .re fve roome tmr, Er (a mtiWl'f""" ,T* ?* ?- JV^* I,-1??l?B ID IWiMJ VWt ??*t-p*?yo? ?.iy<t^wro^!gn}a: watt xsxzzga LH'K BEBT A FILM I?IiI, .. ,Mt M S* wo*. betwaeo B, M M >( -? Dtnh, Me. SMj hutifM mm; li?o4*r<?r Poaeaaeion gt tea ob Um let of March, bp apptylag to . A. HOB LA SD. J?** 3l?,on It itmt. C*>B BBJTT-two good BtroC. HOUSBB tn? r etoriea, nail Bntebe<f;etreet par-d and IHrtat edwfthgac. R. W. WltbBTT, F etreM eoTth. ? ni. fticr tfOB IBHf-4 three elory HklUK HHftl. E W'th geaaad wate- ; a two-elory r R&MK HOtsB. Apply to BBBNARO c?rtrr 4tb er.d H ?ti. fe u M' L"ARM, BBUOK TABD ANI> LOTS FJR r BBNT The L*t* tuitable fw Btannfectnrlng rnreoeo Theatre iiT0f"rtr f* eligibly eiite'ei >n tile Washington ud Alesncdria r?ed ?b at f >ur mile* from Washington *n-t two from Ai-?endrie. end ?flbr?l? erery feeiltty <>f transj' rt?t on b) titer and canal. re> lrua<l and ro?d Arpty on thvrtmieee, eppoeite the Toliga'e, t? V K 0W \ H*V

f> ? >?*t' orFDW 8WiNB.No in La at (^BoBOBTOWN EBAI. i??T?kTF ANU HOUSE 1 AGENCY, in?t BRIDGE BTKBBT* for ?-ent at J2l to $1 ? per ! i nti.' L>--? i Hon*** and Lota for eale. f<-l4-im? OHM K A rooPKB B^OB BALE-A tw . ator> HR:''K HOi'SE.wlth t ioar larj* rotiMtinl ?eatre hat<.?2W?> : ?*t ot Kroiii d encio*ed M>tr the norti?e*st >>->ui>~ar t of the city Pi Ice 8 JO it Appli at .44? J<1 street *??l- lelJtf 'B^O BBNT?One o-mora nafnrnisVe-t Rooms, B suitable far aon*?k>-epln "-nnfut'nt t T'eamry. B mIo* Apt>'y at .'<?3 I'eun aveuna, oppeehe H tmmack's, betwnea the h?ir? of 4 ??d ? fa IS Iw* H0(>I FUK BBNT AMI* KURN1TUBB BOB SAiE H' B?e contains II end 1? bear the Department* Knrnltnr* fl.HM B-nt only * .0 per mouth App'yto i>. L WELL*A CO , uorlhwct corner lOtk tel f fa II-it* pOB 8TLXOB TO LBr HOrifS in'li* Thtladelphl* R <w. Iltn ?t aiat. Tfcfi* ht u-?? are wall ultutM for a annaiBrr r??> danra hariai; hot and cold ^ater.caa an! bath; half banr "a rid* of th* avauaa cat a from tha Treasury, aad lour a-iuxrea to vralk. The? will be leutod by the mouth or tear, or will aall four of tbelli low lor caab bOU.M to rent at :*<> > f ?t luttuire ot the agent, XuA V atre -t. f? 14 61* L'OB BBNT ?AilOUSB >?Btain|.,g lire r?<ui, B aituatad od litin at , y and B ?U In^utie at the corii< r of ?l>th aud U atrv-u. fe L'OR KBNT ? At i)U, and }*<, Ivo l*n Hory B iJOl'&BS, c -atal -ng >> and 7 room* each , . _ DI&KB A 00, Jf H-?* yth ?t ,t+t U an J B_. A V1VB BOOM UOl'm TO BB > T. oua jTX tguaie from the Capitol. Bent $ i-> ?-r nifBth lnqnirsat 41S hew Jersey a?e . nM*r ISaitlmora Depot, le L"0B ?ALB 1 fee bTOOK.GOoU M> lLLTt.EA>lE I an-1 part of FiXTt fcESo tt?a wall e tab(taa*d Oroter> Btort* ho 7ib N?v) Y?r?i, now dcifcg a g> od baiiaeaa iloaaon tor aelllag. bad h<-?hb For farther iafoinatiou m<iOirv oa Ilia pretniaea. fa II 2w L^OB BALB?A first claaa nea- Fraa- Uul'rtK, t 2 atorlea and attic, ou Orean ?t , bet 8to?i dard aiid Weft eta.,No |1 'JS eontalnlog li rooirn including bath ro< m and pantry, with water and saa, wlrte alley on either side. Apple to KAKBK ACROPLBY, HI Water at.,bet. Oongreaa a til High ?U., Georgetown. fe 12 7t* LTKNIt-BRD ROOMS BOB BBBT?raraUBa<l PABLOBd and hi and 3d door BOOMs for rent. Board ran be obtained appoaite. Apply at K stteet, bear Utb street, oppoaita Frauklin Bow. teS lOt* L"OB BALB - Only *iX) C'tsh re iUlred?BereB ral new2 et>ry diiTureat parta of the city. This la a rare chance for peraona i>f BJiiall m. ana to prixara bcisea. STARK A CO. 7th at., bat. D B. .a 1MbF'OR BBNT?A rhrea story and naaerueat Brick DWELLING BorSB, br .WB front, water pod gaa, tea rooms; bow aadergclng repairs, ait urted on 19th atreet weat. between L> st. a.'tti and Blaaa. aTaaae, Nn. Mi9. 1b -1 re at No 4BX lith t. t-atweee 8 and |o a. m. and 4 and S p <a. ja 1 tf FOB BBNT?The FABM, for the laat three ye an the reaidaBceof Major Tbo?.pbl1u? Qalnoa. constat inc of 1MI acraa. lyiag naar Fort M ttiao. I tie from Bettalaf a Bridge. ImproTeaienu, dwell ag bonae of ll rooma, atone stable, aervant'a bunaea, barn, Ac Addresa 'B B.," 4i7 B streat, Wmi iiigtoa, D. G.,or aall la peraon. between S and 7 a. oc IS tf LpOB BEST ?Two large aad one small ronjwanl- I B eating ROOMS, aafaruisheti. eacoud door No. 134 Pean. bt . bet lpihaod JDth ate. no M tf KABB GBANOE?For immediate aala. one of tba beat located email eorner store GBOOB BIBB 1b the rlty. Stock aad Flxturee new Apply Immediately, by totter, to A. B. 0., titr Post voice. nox if t*0B BEBT?Two Boratahed ROOMS, at Mo". P a67 i3tb atraat between E aad W ata da 14 tf ^ OMBTBINO BBW I O EBOOUBABB BOMB MABUFA0TDBB1 B. GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CAR PUT WkATRK. Ooraar 4% aad 0 streets. ( (slaad. I Makea Carpets to order with di-patch. oa aoda rata brae, aad eatlafaetloa gaaraatled. Carpeta conetBBtly en hand, and far aala. jail lm lhBPABTMBBT OP THB INTBB10B, "to m mS'SfiSi'SS^rAppllc?Uoa baring baao made aader the act at Jape 23. law, tor the reisaae of the following deaaribed Land war recta, which are allegad to nare ft?"? Vfi ?I **;,r*7ad,?Notice la hereby glrea that at the date followlaf tba deecrietteo of each SViP' j *WJ, aartlieata ar warraat of like Uuor aa?r ' '" *? MB4 objection aboold then ****** JOB. H. BABBBTT, Oomlaaloaer. Ho. M4.7M. far 140 acrea. leaned aader the act of March 3d, 18>?, in the name of ftobert W Ptorce. i ??d waa graaiad May 12, lH<i4. March?, 1??7. Bo. ?.? !, for 110 acrea, leaned ander the act of March S 1*6. la tba a a me of Elijah D. Bel^aa* ( , March P. 1*1. Mo BJM, far 84 acrea, leaned oador the act f March 3d IHii, la theaamieof George Plum, aod w?f !"? ?*rch 30. lidf ?j??.s.*aslL?or^laO acrae. isaaed undar the act of March M, Hu, lathe name of Jaiaea Hoary, and 4ran'?4 AprlI?d, IS61 March 30. H?. Bo.jM 7J6. tor 160 acre-, iaaned wader the act of MaeaB 3d, ISM. lathe aame of John Wood, and ^ 4raata? Fabraary 34. W67. April 4.1867 No.M iflt) for 140 acrea. Iaaned under the act of March 3d. IW, la the naate of Baran Wood, widow "* """ ,,br~"M' : _Ho. 41,4M, for 164 acrea, iaaned under tba act of i Fel roary 11,184T.1B the natneef Samael Bodsoa. i and waagraated December 4,1445, April ju. 1^:7. | Bfo. blJhA, form acrea. ieaaed oaler the art of September, 1800 1b the aame of Laagdoa O. John- i eon aad waa granted Marsh 6, iSu. April 20, , 19b7. No^WJM, for SO acrea. iaaned aader the act of March 3, ISM. lathe aataa of Laugdon C. John- i eea aad waa granted April l.l^nTBaril ? lv.7 No. 72 231. tor 124aeraa. iaaued aader the adt rf March 3. 144P. la the name of Mary, widow of ThMnaa Bowling, aad waa granted May 9. 1*4. April M,l 8(7. Bo.94.134. far IB# acrea. Iaaned ander the aet of Maroh 3.14?s, In tha naoae of Pelly Peaee, widow tf ?* waM Braatad July ll, iwo. May 4.18fi7. Ho. S3 444. for 140 aeroe, laeaed ander the aft of March 3d. IBM. la tha aaatee of the mloor chtiVren of Jacob Lasher, deceaaed, aad waa granted duly 23, KM* ?May 4,1*47. la. 47.Mft. for 144 acrea. iaaaad ander the act of February 11th, 18?7, in the name of Martia Boee, aad waa graated Mar I2tb, 1444 May 11.1447. YY H. CLAGBTT, H. B. SWEBBY. BBAL ESTATE BBOEBftB ABB AUOTIOHEIBI, Parti aa oaatamplaMaf bnlldiag In the apriag or pnrchaeina noimaroTad property for laveetment will Bad It to their adTentafa to look over our Hat befcre parcbaalag. aa walave added recently to oar former ||at a large aaonat of that deecriptloa of property. We caa offer aaay IndaeeateaU aa regarda eituatlon. low priced aad eaay terms We hare aleo fer aala aevera1 mall tracta at laad ia tha immediate vicinity of this city, very eli ?U)ly located for paburbaa reaideaaea, aa well aa nfghiy lm pro red faraaa In Maryland, which are realty barga<oa. Pro pertyleft with na far aaledoaa a*t anbject the owaar to ax peace anleac call while on onr hftn in OLABBTT E WBBBT. pOBt ABLE TBAM BHOTHBB, Combining the manimtua of cMeieaey.darahflHy. aad miinaT with the mialtnum of weight aod price They are wtdetp aad favorably kaewa, mora than BOO being ia a sc. All war r aa tad aattctactory, or aa eale. Daeariptirc oircniarc aaat oa niMiitlfli Ad4rtM J. o. HOADLBY E OO., fa B ac? l^wrenoe, Mcaa. ? A L wO I L. BALTIMORE BE FINED PBTBOEXUM, A Leo, LT7BBIOETIH0 OILS, at the loweat prloee to the trade. Ac Baltimore aoataias aocac af tha beet OhaaaUteTa tba (Tntted Blatac thaicoaa be aa doabt of Ita diperiority. JOS BADChlFFB. r.? ^4. 3,000 Mkk mlsfoTtross. jut > M. Mteu u i ;<x n* de 14 tf So. dfB Bthat.,betwaea E aad r. - - Liill I" "I. '11 HI J 1 AMI JC&NUL'W< ?. .? J JWALV?-4 *** ** * WOHAB, to A* *-*"tw? , * * >"*?. *1* Who bukil Mil ?5^1* * ?r?*" ho*?I r . ynf- k *Mat? 1a\AM "*? * ?. * hNra,* ,,.il'.'.li:i Kgsi.?-" *"'&? AJin_V.rfc,'*lt *>*< *?' ? ir*" fc* rmson* mH > '-. *MU I aMTPATfON tr.?i the let of Msrob Ap! >,yar ? ?* ? ? ??a*?b??r ^ w *"H' fmf d. fut aeed applybat |uo4 hatvda. ( liit* U ANT*B-l,8b?? KO#d A|#B pB1jfKfc;*S to - ***1* ?ho M?p?on H?m?, ecrn.r of 10 h * iTfiw wr .'Ay. e?4 t -t a >wrt* gleee of *lit'?n,|pM? ? le fht Wve?<e?l*?* W ? 'mb'Ij vl tkrt* l0|' C J?b'a?s4ebe<l BOoME, for b?<MkM|lii|,?r J' bouse trnuii |ira?mi <??r * ' ' , Addreee <; 4AV1LLB ' Olty Poet <7-?ne. siatlag Utu ud location. fej| St* *wo r*?poetabte f-nng girls. . ??'^U *TI? N8. on* to do chamber work, eed fi. *M|1 "d iron in a private I*in ??? Call kt No. ?0? sd street. hetvm ? ? ?El kwnhumu ?t?om. fets st? i V\ AN~TBD_$i,ooo or A2,00o for ni? r'tr I ..In01-1"0,1 MClHtr-fllJ (tlftt*. A'tdr?4 A. and H M rndict f? ,. ?* \\ ANT.D-SI, l#? |nca wort H < > S - K ^ , Appl. a| tlm corner of aud M a?. la ud ?r ilrop M Hi ho* ll.Star Oili e Utiag w|?r> ?t>< h bore. g can be seen. felo-u* _ A.J. ABCHEB. \\ ANTID Tto unfurnished B<)<?*fS with / * fcojrd. or board ?? ^ conveeieat Addreea BE b NaT, City Post UfTioe. fa IS St* AC09D LOnKI>O YO^Sd MaM (white) wantt a 8ITUATION n ceachm.n or n*r a^tur, ip a private family Cnder-taut- Iim buai tieaa * ell Apply to Intelligence 0!fl;e Mo '24U P< on. Avenue, bet. IZtb aal Utb sts fi u St* AGENT"* WANTED riilt THE H l"?T-*KV .VtJ?H,LWAI1 "'TWEEN THE ;tT A T E 4, . ? WEIOIN. 0AH8ES AH II U.K *?l IIP." l!y Hon Alex. M Htointna, ?.<! f.,r the LIKE LltTTICR-i, *ND < I* ? St; H IE? .?r >> HON. A LKX A NDEK H. hTIPM ENd. by Henry Clox-lanrf Send lor Circa In r< and aee our ta-nM A^drwaa NAUONAL Pi B4.I8MINO ? O . f fell-lm* ft"? Minora re t, Ptnl^ieiphla, Pa. B \\' ARTED-A P \BT or aTM?"uJ? -n-a^tied * or iiQfurui^hed for ^ov^k^p^n^, ! la a reap?-ctabie ueigbl>orboo4 TUe b< at o( refereu<ea kit?o and retired. AiJreaa l P.. Ho* j 4 7 3 l*o?t Office. Waablngion feij ?t* U! ANTED? All (o. aona ab<>at t>re*kiu? up bnneekteplng will pi a?e call at our oiflc?, ?a*e ?irb to haj their laroitura, Imiius con r ataut calia for the same Aiao U._?fne? for rout D. L WELLS t CO.. ' corner 10th and P street*. t\ ANTED.-We wantacveral firat cla?a PARsTa .7.T.f?nB,r> for our raatomern. AUo, HOI bEB and LOI> in the ity, both lar^e and .mull Apply immediately tc D L WEui.8 A CO..corner i>ih ?n<l V i-ta ja %i im A NTED?Hew and Caat off CLOTH INu, old liObb aD'l SILVEIi.or ?i other articie nf Tatne, at the eld ottabllehed Meichait Pa?*ot.iokar a Store ot H. T1" LToN A CO.. iOJ Sib at., 3 d'xira n rth of PennH Avenue. Bole A cent for SINOEB'S BEWINO HA0H1NK de Xt Jy \\J AVTED-IM LADIES i mtoUtxl >, ?a v? t>rolder Tokea. Ratida, Wrapper Toke*. FUn net Bfeirta Blippwra. and lnlti?la To <o<>d b?nn i ?bo brina laiupla ot work, (two-1 wag-<i and c?n eniplojmeiit girao. ChII xt the new Utomp lng B.>-,ni, 4.19 ?ih atreot, oap >alto Patent OrBre bTA M PING rrdoced to Fl V E centc per w dth de 16 tf. W LADIES to kTjw that ut *?*?t? i.ingBo mi.i.lM 9th ftreet.op, ponlte Paleut Offire thoy cai. find the but aolerted ' rtnit-nt of Pattarna erer offered here for Cloaka, Capoa. Aprona. .loaeya. Waiata, Toko*. Banda Wropaera. Blippera Pincuabiona. and Inl Alao.ueaicua for Pillow Oawe Otto.nan^. Chair Covers. Pianos, and. In short, eTery*tarletv of Patterns a* they are daily t?nae4. We have a FrfrBtb Me.biiie and a Piactiaal Stataoar. and bare t e4nred the prfce to ? FIVE CENTS rEB WIDTH. Wo make and at?rnp any pattern broaght ns Braids, Silk and Working Cotton very low. de l?-tf WANT!D^BECOND HAND Pl aNl TDBC Also MIKKOHS.CABPET8. BEDS, B E [) P^OaodHOLSErnHNlsH 1 NO OOODa of erery de?cr>?tion. B BC'HUT 4fc? 7tb street. l?-eS-tf l etweou (> and H. eaat aide ' PERSONAL. I H*"8* OlVEIIOTIOl THAT ALL ?AO. * ?AU1 wbirb is left with me mn?t b? taken 'Vy,*'Hn<l?l? and charges paid,elae 1 will soil them ! STEPHEN TOST. I ^T.toAtADY.WB0 PICKED a? the 8Al*.LI A COLL A B *t the Capitol Sunday nigbt, Feb. ! L'i^' PI diplomatle gallery, will return it to .? lVh hoi wee n G aad H.sbe will be _ suitably rewarded. fe la A' \IBS. JBjLlA SCHNELL, whose name appears I l?th?8Ur of the 14tn intt. if hivlog b6fi nnea by Jostles Walter for selling lienor witheut floed %ln for selling couiasoa eider, for which she has alicsase. ... JOHN BIOHBT, ??_18 >** ?T5 ytto street. LADIES WHO W18H T? LBABI THE NEW and beaatifal art of EHBaLMlNtf FLOW ' f, ? tk?r natural form, eo that they keep I E^lr?arfiia,e,cao eo so br sailing on Mrs L o ' D1BTB1CH, Ho, ?t'i G stree , betweea lrth and WoBK ia all SO branches, WAX FLOWBES end FBtf IT alee taught. fe l?-3t* \\J ILL THELADT WHO TOOK FBOM TUE counter o. hto e 4Penna. a* . oa Wed neiday. a SABLE MUFF, leaviog her'e wlrba I haodkerclliet, be kl ad enough to re tarn theeameto Store 468 Penna. av.,ao4seve tbs disgrace of yroeecatloo. as she is known and will , be proeacuU8. fe Iijt^_ r IVfADAMB AHOLIAB, on Impruted Med mm I i*l mnti OitM-oya.K, No 3'J3 tth et , corner of K i "I; ?* ,lb#,PreeanE. aad Fatara; is ab'e to advise Id all bosiasas matters, lost or stoleo > property, recovery of tie Berne, love, marriage, Ac., from 8 a. a. ta I p. m. te IS-at1 I f^NET FOB LADIES TO BBAD -B/egWiy lL1tebroi<?r,i ??aHT GOWN aad CHlfMlsi t TOKBS, more elaborate than any ever offered here, of the newest and meet beaatifal deal gas, received d?lly, frem onr rorps of ISO superior - hands, and for sale at BBDUOBD PBI0E8 Being the largest manufacturer here of this kind of ladies'wear, we can plea*e mil. both in quality and price, ami are 8etarainad, at whatever cost, to produce the beet work, leane the most elegant patterns, and STAMP CBBAPBB, than anyooacera in this or aay other city. , Our repatatiea as the oaly PreeticAl Stamper f here insured ladies that no injurious compositions , are used, and ehlelds them from trusting their 0 work in tbs bands of those who bny a few bl >ckg , and p reel Aim themselves itampers. Stamping, s i. cents per width. and give you a Collar and Cuffs la. WM. PB1NCB, 4 39 9th street, t f? S tf eppo'lte Petsnt Offloa. >, p L. BHDECKIHG, M. D , HTGIBNIO AND JT. HOMiKOPATHIC PHYSICIAN. Ornei?U4y pa. Ava.,kot. ink aad 13th at*. ja 30 lm* TAKE NOTICE?I hereby give notice that I 1 nave not lastructed any one la my buslnees of 1 Preserving Fl wers, and ae one doing baelaees la Washington is autboriaed to nse my name. e jal31i* MBS FB1BS, 4*9 11thstrset ' EMPOBTANT FOB LADIES-At CHABLES 1 BAL'U'B H"Oj? Skirt Maaufactorv you can bay I. French Woven Corsets, whalebones, fl..M), roods I fl 16. Bo. 4V Louisiana avsnue, between Mh aad 7th streets ja ? lm* BEIDAL AMD FCBBBAL WBBATH8. BO yUBTS,CBOS8B8, AB0H9BS, STAKE. Ac. areeerved in nataral form; Imported FLO WEBS, HAIB ?LOWBB8.and BBaIDINO. Al^o.Im Ported MOSS, Ha IB DBESSES for Balk, by ra. FBIBS. Has removed to Bo. 499 11th st., between Q and H. ocJim* TAKE NOTICE ?Brl4al aad Faaeral Wreaths, 1 B ?aeU, Grosaaa, Aaohors, eto , a-eearved In natural form: Wax Flowers, Hair Flowera, oa laee or Pearl, at Mo. 348 O etroot, near 11th ja tt-lm* JOHN P. OLA BE. ATT0BEBT AND OOBBSELLOB AT LAW ABB BGTAB? PUBLIC, Bo. aas isth street waet. de U ly BOARDING. ROABD?A few gentlemen can be aceaaodatad I> with fn rats bed BOOMS and BOABD al *19 K nth etrsote; two front P A BLOBS wltk BBDBOOMS adjoining. Terms moderate. ?-3t* I^DENIBHBD BOOMS. WITH BOABD. at the A soetliwest coresr of ilet ana H su. fa 14 81* r F?,B ***T-Twt> weM famished PABLOBS. on i 1,uc? with or without BOABD. ApPlT 893 1 +1 btt. 9th and UXk. fa IS , rPABLB BOABD at Mo. 484 18th street,a raw ' Jo.??" ? Tjs2tr 5 T?b. and c^'iVrTt tkefpri fc'fSf bookstorsa^ef''?5S5 ?'n If. 1^1^18. OhlonvlUa. IM. 500,060 ^CfLV" W*TU?rOB FROM KENDALL HUE EX TIME YAMD. OONOOBB. the Mat valuable Orape la tbe eouatry BOBTOH T1BG1NIA, CATAWBA, I BBBBOBA. B1ANA, HABTFOBD PBOLIFIC, whh many other cboioe kinds, at Bl U nor MM ehipsmi to any adireeeo* reaaittaaoo. mitiun. fe ? > _ 4SA 8tb Street. h r^IOABS ABD TOBACCO ?BBOOEE N. ED h v> MOB ST ON wfll be happy toeoreo Ms friends and in* pnbife with Oigare and ToWeeco, at Mo. ton Lcn,,lut nvenaa. near Bank of Wa^h! agijJ*PjLIBO BILLS tor sale In sums to vuk yur* ^O^b^Pvavket plica paid for AMBMIOAM .. K7 ?*"wwJ?"VsfeJSgh. I MBJ*OPOLb5VLIBO ALLBT. ' D street, between llthand istb. near 8tar Oflea j * ?B 0 W. B AC BBS. ja?im* * i* > ?? aa ?'<l . T T " - ] ' * r . ? L ' I I t ? 4 APOTION KALRH. (Or niww Ufa TMJS ArTMMMOOM AND rO-MOM * - " ||T QUKI A WILLIAMA. 1q*Uummi ScOTM-SiALl.t VnLBABLB IM f BO TBI) _ _ PBOI'BAYY YrafrmBB* By etna* o< a <U?4 M irm?, htviki ?m* mi the ?; ~j"2 laao record* for WaahlBgtoa euajt* l(l <W D.< trtct i f t Oiuntilt, ao.l t>j airectiua of ?ha ??tit aamrad th. rel-y. 1 wllleeM at pa? It* nactl^a, ia fiuntef the ?r??ii<n, on MOhl'il n,. mi dev ? Febraary. A 0. lAo.'.aia eVIocA p ta . Lul aami?roa t*M(T loar (Ml tw W titnarr?r h re ? r.lad aut-di ti,ib ?t e-taare tuinh*t?tf mh tua dred aad forty t?o?4?J . <a in* aaty of Wa**i<.? t the I'Wtiri of < olnnibta. together wih all tlje 'U.ptO?euet ta there'll p< ope try ta welt l prrrred, IM ionH la a dinrakit tt4 ImproTlaa pari * tba <itr T?rn?e ,4 aaU t>M? thirl W a4iot fa* "'" i b? |*1? Ik* a ale, ikf i*M?IUa(ia? | Jria to 6? f>a)<1 in hi ud lat a moatOe. with ta>reai iroBj day of Mda and o be Mir*4 br iaai of tru-t to A? eaUafactloii of tbe aale to K <itfc ffltkll S?a da)i.vtk< r?|>? HittrMtM fw*rw? th? nrM<? reaeli M the riak ao. coat of feral (drcbMrr. tttar Be ?* a pa bite Hull Or All cuaaey ancing at*mpe U tbeo<>et*f th* pnrchaa. r. W* tf * AMD. Truatee. ja2? eoAda GBEEN A WILLI Alia. Aacta. BbTTHB ABOTI SALS (ft POST TON IP UMMl MOMUM the iMA Im , aame boar tod flat*. By order ?f tba Tti?u? la U-wA4? . KKBN A WILLIAMS, Auata. ^rCTIOK BALM? A t atory IIOC8I, <7 loot *oua'*. on I-ta atreat oar M wl.l boa .red >n 1C BSD AY f,M?' at!?< oV.ock a. m. If GBEBS A WILLIAMS. An.ta. BT BaOLE A UV-< Aacti*iw*r? r?uii<| I'iQia treoa^. On TUEfDAT. Feb. 1?Ll' package* Bat'er.& i>eeeee Tuba Brw>ra, Floor Hictrti Maikat Be keta. Lufei b ba-k<-t? Together with a ofQr eerie* _ A ?aMlt??rT v>??<!???,? Orate Shawl I'i j Gooti* ana I'turf U odi Oi< Fowling Flora. .e.iwwt'igar* Soidklui u<i Oii?w.B< T Ww.A- , Ac It MAPLE A ? > . Ail(ta B\ V> lb V ALL I J.. Aaefloatara. Blurta 314 and il J . t> atkoiner Peuuayirania n**nn* an* atb at GttuCLii! E.v LIvl 'A". 810a Us. A . AT AiorioH ' OnTU*CU*Y MOKMlN'i.rfb It Vfwlt! all at our ?.a lion noma, a lot .4Gnceriee. Ac .coai' ptiHtlItarraU W bi ta and Va'lo* lu|tn hoxaa Caodlxa. Murrk. aad B .^a Kffa Hatiar ratca Condeatr^ .'lilk .0 t'trrda Whiaky and Braadr H<| it??M Hitter* ao i Ttinil lara Hroania. Hnck-ta n hiapa Hoix-y, ca*ea U in,i. V<n?w?r barrel* Ol ugiid C -flee Willi n>ab> otl.or aiilclaa tu tbe crooorv lioa, all ol * bieli will ! ? ?o'd *lib>at r-a?r?? ? W L TALL A CO.. A?c?. |>T Cbul BE A LA TIM AB AMMmr., J (Lata dark- ?l?fe Jaa. O Icifeiirt A Oa.,1 b<-UlL?e?t ournar of Paimaylvauia ata aad 1Kb ctr?*t. Star Otboe Uuiiiiu* BOD8 CHOLD FCBNlTt BE, HILLIABD TA TlOii Hlh*e LIQI OAt. Ac . AT AUO On AaTTBUA V MORNING. Fotornary |d. coa. at 1- ocJovk. 1D trust Of tha Aactinu H<?? m? we BbAl) tell *n %??ortiu<uit of ftitiUM ctinrt'liif? Halnm Hodataad* and Bareaaa Marbla toa M aabatanda ?ir? Iron frame ^art>le tnj 8al<x>n Tel le. M?b ?any ?lU PaiutA't Mardr<A>oa. Cfeat r? latlaa Caite and Wood aeat Thaira 11 a 4k an J Hair Mattre*?<-? in Linan Ti ka Featber Bolatarn and Pttlowa Hri.aaela. Throe fly au<t Inrrala Oaraata ?laaaaodOr?.ck?ryUaro CouAIba aau other BUve*. Al*O? GO bbl*. Exrelaior Milla ''at Family Ploor.ln (0<>d order, and loll weight 1 *' octa*a Ptaa >. Mahogaa> Caaa 1 hi* Prx-ket Billiard Tabio 1 *?r? *ooo lop Bull) and Harn?*a A lot of Lluuora tnkega aad aeai ohaa. J). a*e? 0?rt* Blanche cbaatpa^Ae T*rm? cAkfe felSd COOPER A LATIMBB, AacU /THI ABOV| SALE IS POSTPONED IB cou*e<inence ,.| tbe ralu nntll TI K8DAT MviBN 1NO next, Feb. l?tH, aame hoor and al?ca, fa ! *t COOPEE A LATIMBB, Anrta IIT W. L. WALL A CO . Aacttanaera. MJ Soutti corner Fenn. areaoo anl ?tu at. We v111 aell. on tba preateoa, on FBIBAT AF TEKNuON at t o'clock, ?ait af LOT N* ? equate Mi. frontia? 24 teet vm a A foot allay, ratiniBK back 45 feet, being the ra^r | art ol lot K> <1. rort?iDin? o?,e tboa-and and eightv I ,t (m proved by two Frame Manaea, containing Ar? room* each. Tba al-ove property la altnatad between aoath B and C ?.reel- an l .id and as atiaeu w?at. Ter ma at^la known on day uf >aJe. la IS W. L WALL A OO . Aoal?. VTHB ABOTI BALI IS POSTPOIID OH account of tbe weather to TUESDAY, lytblnat aame Avur ana place. ?aH W L. WALL A OO , A Beta. BT OIBBB A WILLIAMS. Aurtlo^a ,. Bo. till, corner of 7tb aad B atraoW. VALUABLE IMPBOVID PBOPEBTT.FBOMT 1N0 OB K fcT BAIT BOA1 hT MEABBOTfli ?>T aY?S!v^X FL'ILJC ACcilON H On BATlBDAY. the tid Inatani. at ft o'clock a IV, Jl',B frtDt ?LU,# Pr*a>iaea part <*f Lot No 1 In ?iuar* Bo. 7?, w;tb the laprove tceata. coaautlagof two two atury F ame Honeaa ?tth baaamaBta, coatalnlag foar raoaa, oaah na?in? gov d Ironta. raanlag back the death af lot* Ihia property la i?at oppootu the Waahingtoa Market, which oJart agreat laducexuant to i?rcb'aera Term* Om half eaah; ba'anc* In aix aad twelve montha for not** t ear: dc iaterait and a*cwd kv a dead of trnat o* tha pranlaaa. All cuaw*yn?e>M and raaeawa atampa at tha coat of the porehaeon 9Ut down en each kjuae wb*n Bold. fa 18 d flBEIM A WILLIAMS. Attra* DT W- B LEWIS A OO , Aaction**ra NEAU B 'STBBETfAT A"V10M,4 *TH' o^DAT f#b *** tiU>'Cl k< Waahatanda. WarArotoo. . ^ ^ .?Aalra, Matt2?*aa, Ac.. Ac "Vin'wiV' "**' WooAan Wara, TaMa Cutlery. Baaketa, Bruahaa. Ac Ohiua and Ferian Vaae., Bohemian Olaa- Ware Lampa Htid Bbadea, with a large variety of Gooda ?e. eaaary for houaekaap*ra Alao. hhelTiag, Counter* Olaea Oaaea. Ac . Ac. ft 18 W. B LEWIS A OO . A acta. |JT QBE EH A WILLIAMS. Anottunaaia. > KAMI HOl'SB, ?ABSENTEE'S SHOP, ABD BL I uOlNG LOT fronuag oa Maaanchnaa'ta aebeiweon 6th aad Tib atreet*. at Anctloa. Oa FBiUaY, tha tM laatant, wa ai.all A o cltck p ta., oa tb* pr*aa*e?, *a*| -u feet of Lot Ro. ?, ina^nare Ho tSa. with tbe Improvemeata. which arantwoatory Frame Hoaer and Oiti?d ter'abbep Thia property froata oa Ma.a arenno b t?een atb and .th atraaU Lortt., and rai.a back US faet to a 14 taot Bared alloy * Terma One-half caeh, baiaaoe In I aad 1> mot tba, far not** boartag lnt*ra*t from da* of 1*1* A deed givea and n aeod of traa. taken All cenvovance at tbe aaat of purabaaar. TUI* Indiaautabie. % lag will bejrau aired when the property ' knocked oF. OBEBB A WILLIAM/^ fa 18 * Hat] Ancttonoor. ill 1>. t. WELL8 A OO., Anctlaaeora. AJ B. W. coraer ItitA aad F atroeta. BEABLT BIW BOVBBHOLD FUBHITCBE BBUSSBlb < . AT AO' TIOM ^ o^t. Fab iuTat IS o'clock a. m.. at the reatdeaoe of a gentleman o*cll -1 aghoM*k eent ng. Bo. 1st E a treat north he'wean 17to and Mth atraeta waet, wa akail a*4l allt ba far nit are contained In paid houaa at aa* tlon.Tla? ' BrDr^tbaI>Jir,Kiird V,B,Uaa 0?rpoti, Oil "liiteCi Ta'wi"' P*rl?r' ^ Loange, Camp St^oU. Bock ere, (Jan* and Wtrnlaor vbaira Oaka^Wamnt Cottage Sota, Wardrobo.Wnah bFeatbar Bode, PHlowa. aad Bolatera, Mair and Cotton-top Maitraeeee Bl*MatteiiL *** Child . OrihWl OookiBf, Parlor, aad Chamber Bkoooa Canary Bird ana Cage Very band*amaWindow Bhadoa. Toilet Beta Orecfcery. China and Mlnaa Waro Together with a large lot of Kltrben requlatiee. Tbe Furaltare baa l>eei laa*e bote moatae. _faW P L. WILLI A Q<> . Aacaa IIT OBBBB A WILLIAMS, AaaMamaatn. A> Mo. ABA, cor nor 7th Md BatroeBa IIB 1ITU STBBBTS WEST, AT PUBLIC AQOTIOM On TUESDAY, the l?tb InaUat, at I o'olock p. m .weahnll aell?onth? rrenjaee. Lot Ho, 7. ia aabdlrlal b of Sqaar* Mo Ft, baring a front oa north u *traat of 23 feet 4 Inebaa. raanlag back to a vMaalley, wttL the improaeaaonta. conatatin* of a > rente Uauaa. Tot ma . Ono- half caah, balaaae la aix month a. A deed given and a deed of traat taken. Ail coaTeyaticing aad revonao atampa at the coat of tha pnrchaaer. A SO down when aoM ta It 3t OBKBM ^ WILLIAMS. Aaota UT W A BDWILL A HAYS, A acta ; Ooor?*towa. MOUAIBOLD FL BM1TURM. FBATMBB BIDS. toan, tbe lioaaehoM Faraitnra and ffarta, cob aiatlaK of MarMa top Coatro Table Marble too S'4eTaWa,8oJa.Baraaaa,Chalra^. Mir>ar*.W*7 ? robe Badaiaada. J> aabalaaA*. varpaia. OH tMoth. Feather Bada aad Ptliowa, Parlor aud i. cok.u? h to true. Ac , Ac Alao 1 Family *ewtAff Machine. Alto mall lot of Wood and O-jal lelt af WA BDWILL A MAYS. AacU. P,OOW"T ??8M? a* ninnu o.n .. .k. w , N?.iSo Beaeatb atroot. ja liaia between La at, and D at reel. 0 t