Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1867 Page 4
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I THE EVENING STAR. A Practical Hm ( DUclpliaa. la the lu?i" part of Philadelphia. uie other ' daJ? * prominent physician was driving tiis I w!hey. A boy about twelve years old,emerging from an allev-way, pelted the vehicle i with lamp* of i?je. He did thlt repeatedly, once hitting the horse upon tha head. The doctor stopped hia wagon at a patient'a door. J and the boy retreated Presently be again smiled oat with a chunk of ice, whan the doaior, who waa in ambuscade clo?e by, ' caught him by the jacket. The boy shrieked, I and hia mother at once came to hie relief. "Are you thia boy"s mother, my good woman asked the doctor, atill holding ffcat tne struggling arch a. "I am. Sir, and a bad boy he la; what haahe been a dotn\ Sir?" "Why, be'a been pelting my horse with ' ptecea of ice. lie oaght to be thrashed for it, aad, ifyou'll let me punish bim a* be deserves, I'll give yen five dollars for the privilege." -Is it Ave dollars, Sir, for the privilege? Bed ad. Sir, av' I bad Ave dollars meself, I'd gava It to ye for doin' it. Bate him aa he deaarvea, Sir, an' thank ye kindly."* The doctor placed a fl ve-dollar greenback in the woman's bands, and dragging the straggling yoangater to hia vehicle, he took the whip from iU eocket and the next minute the urchin was dancing a minuet that would have ' done co oucredit to Yrea Mattluaa. Having , lashed the boy'a lega uutil he thoagbt tbe ; lesson complete, :he doctor jumped in bis ve. | hide, wnue the bowling past his motner and up ttt? alip^jf-y. Whether he will stone any mus- <v wagons remains to be see a. It is (teabtn&L however. whether ; be will agair tniie a'OTrtie upon the grey roan of hia chastiser. "* Virginia New*. Mr. (Jeorge Mullen, jr., of the Monewall : Pase Ball Club, at Fredericksburg, broke his ' aim on Tuesday evening, whilst engaged in playing a came. Mr. Mullen hart just grasped j and thrown the ball, when he exclaimed that ! be baa broken his arm?which proved to be correct, the fracture occurring just above the elbow. Several of the most respectable families of Campbell county have emigrated to Missouri j within the last few oa.vs, and others are preraring to follow. Amberst. also, is about to j li se some of its best citizens, who in a few ! days will take their departure for the same State. Col. Alex O. Taliaferro has sold live bun dred and seven'y-tive acres of h.s lanrf, near j Kap.d Ann Station, without Improvement, for 1 filty-fi ve dollars per acre. Mr James Alex- I aart?-r, ol Pennsylvania.pnrcb.aser. Cluiie a lar?? number of colored people have recently lrft Virginia for Arkansas, Texas, N< rtb ? arulina, and other Stales iu the Sou'h. Tii- Norfolk I?av Book states that tae old I S ship Itrandy wu.e, snnk in 1^)1, la being raided, aud will be used as a s oreship. Revolting Senas at an Exat mo* ?The St > incent Witness reports the re.ent execution of a woman named Mary James for mar. dvr. When the chaplain who auended 'b- i wretched woman to the scaffold hart bidde-. her farewell he drew back. She also quickly dr?*w back, bat the movement conld scarcely ha\e been perceived, for the order was giv n. the drop fell, and tbe culprit was seen stand- I mg unharmed on the platform Her eyes, from the beginning, were very imperfectly bandaged. Looking down, she drew oack farther trcm the trap, and, her arms beiug free. he removed the piece of mnslin with which her eyes were covered. Prom this titrte s??? appeared to dread tbe trap, having seen the danger, and she could not be induced to gj forward. The provost marshal then sumironed the turnkeys, who, with the hangman, were constrained to use torce to set her on the trap.door. The ins'iact of *eir-preserva>ion setired to nerve her with strength, and a scufTle ensued on tbe platform of tbe gallows for ten minntes, when she was ultimately tripped up, and fell heavily on one of the large side beams of tbe gallows, and rolled on th* scaffold, where she lay motionless. She was tten pusted over on the trap door, which ws pulled, and she fell through heart foremo ". SLe never made a straggle or movement after she was thrown down, and man v person* sup. posed that life was exuact oeiore she fel? throagb the trap. otbtbu Culture iw Spain ?a portion of the submarine telegraph cable, be'ween Spam ai d the Balearic islands (Majorca, Minorca, Ac.,) being recently taken up, a qnantity ol eysters was found atuu hed to i . This Jevls to tbe inlerence 'hat the o> ster r be propagated omlofji nish coast. if j?r. per beds wre established. Increased artent'oa is directed in England "u the cuiiiva'ion of oysters a? a profl'able a. It is er -y s:.y? the London i Post, to perceive v hat mines of wealth ate wibm the reach of intelligent and mdnstri mis persons resident aloi g our coast, ami especial- I ly ot those living nesr river Jt is a matter ot the first importance *o detain the?pat I la the vicinity in which it is rfisch. reed by ' placing lascines, tiles, old oyster aud ober 1 shell-, stones and the like, at the bottom of tbe 1 sea, on wbicb these tiny creatures tasten them- i selves. This done, half the work is accom- j plicbed. It has been proved by actual experi- ! ment, both in England and Prance, and else, i where, that au acre of foreshore, judiciously i selected ard properly attended to, will, if stocked wiib oysters, return much largerprofUs than an acre of the best land in England. What vast areas of foreshore all along the British coast are now altogether a watm or only paruaily cultivated ! An act of Parliament was pa?sed at tbe last sessioa for Ireland?dmilar to that bow in operation in England-granting facilities for the formation of ovster beds on the Irish foreshore.?/'Ai/odefjiAia Ledger. Thi Baukki l EvFBcTsor Nico-riva PaaVJk?TXi> ? M Meisens baa found tbat tobace<>( from various countries contain nicotine ia very different proportions. ln tobacco from ?cme parts of France (e.g. tne department of I>ot) there is nearly eight or 7 9H per cent, of niv ount, whilst Havana tobacco contains only two per cent. He-proposes to smokers a war of preserving them from the effects of the alkaloid, and advises them to potintothe tuba of the pipe or cigar-holder a little ball of #ot. ton. impregnated with citric and tannia acids as the smoke passes tnrougb the co<ton it wi.l deposit be nicotine therein in the sbane of tannate and citrate M. Meisens has made very inpenlons experiments which go a great way to show that he is correct. A CoasiDKRATK Lmi-ieoh?in a itnwil oi good feeling or policy, on tbe occasion of the rerent ball at the Tuileries, in I'aris, th? Emperor ordered bivouac flres to be made in tbe court-yard for the coachmen. "The august solicitude, ' wr;'es one of the journals, *?did no. stop with ibis act of thonrailalness, but extended to tbe disiribation of -.r-ne and other good cheer, to those Who wernobt ged to wait in he cold that their masters niigit dauce in tbe palace. Some ol cur republicans might profitably take a lesson from the Emperor in such matters as this. Salt m chuorva.?The Bo?*on Transcript recommends that in buildmg cbimn-ys brictclayere should put ? quantity of salt into tiie Tncrtar with which the intercourses of brick are to be laid. The effect will that mere will never be any atcamulanoa of *oot in ae chimney, ior the reason tbat >he s^ilt in 'he portion of mertar which is exposed absorbs moisture every damp day. Tn- soot, tnus becoming damp, talis down into the dre-piace WArrangemeuts nave been concluded to run the su-am?nlp lireat Eastern b-fw<?u lor* and Brest during tbe Paris F.X'?osi'icn. She will be tinder the . ommand' of ' >ir James Anderson, whose long aud sua e**. Jul experience as an ocean navigator is calca;ated to impart t? pae?engers a sense of sa>tv and comfort. The number of births ha* b?n redaced from AMm to 2.W*.. m additim, to ihere ure *i?o solas and abundant space > in the state rooms. spate #^lt is urged agaiust the nsury laws that a statute no oae he^dsshould besiruck from huis?ciugoryt8n 1 "" ma;ce 1,111 uui,?-r S^"Compiaints are made agains* 'he ra^na^ement of the Maine lns,n- A"ylu n i"r practiced upo, the unlorruoati in?^The mere parting from a Unloved sister wae the only cause for a highly respect* bi? woman ia .New Orleans sho' ner,elf through the mouth with a revolver. CTJacob Lerbart secured a verdict for?i 100 I damages against two men who thrashed ni.n at a show in Somerset county, fa., for a copperhead." " ghtv colored persons now doing n?>th. ing ia Bichiaond, have costraeU-d to go to >orth Carolina and work on the WuraiUCU>0 and Charlotte railr.*d A nnmber ot o?h-r? hare already left for Tennessee and Kentucky. VJos. Devlin, a little ten rear old 1<jv while chasing a goat in Philadelphia on W.*d'. net-day. tell upon a bottle and nearljr severed one of bis arms at the wrist. Haw ley, the medical examiner at the Auburn (N. Y ) State Prison, has. after a care. examination of Eindsley, the child whip, per, pronounced him of unsound mind, in consequence of a spinal disease of many years' standing. ' ' WTbe Memphis L*dg?r says the reason so many marriages occur Immediately after a great war, is that bachelors become so a&cus. iomed to strite that they learn to like It ami after the return of peace they enlist in matrimony as the .it-xi ibtog to wnr. WThel'nineeehave sumeroas diseases of the eyes: every fifth man having some occu lar defect, and every fifteenth losing bis sight altogether. They attribute it to the excessive use t>f and constant, shaving. AUCTION 8ALBB. Bi#uu,i:asa&fflrrsw i TALUABLB UBFIB1BHBD FBKM BBIOK {BOBT, FBCB STOBiBS BIOH, WITH ISBMBBT AMDBUB SA8BMKM T. Froailag , I street north, between Mk ttl 10th itiMU ?fit,st Public Auction. 1 On TBC BSD AT, the fist Instant, at 5 o'clock p. m.. woshall sell, on the prom Wee, the above property . The Hooeeto90feet6 lacbeefroat by M teet , deep; Lot mooing back 117fo?t to o Am paved J ellej. Whoa tho property to completed It will , make o fint cloao PrivateBesldeaee. Wo cell the atteatloa of buyers to this sale. Terms: Oaehalfcaoh. Miaeolaiii, tw*l?o. 1 eighteen, aad tweatyfour moat he. for a-jtoe hear , lac iateroet, and secared by a deed of trait oa tho promt tee. All conveyancing aad revenue stamps at theoostof the parchoser. f iOO down ?i tb# dar of raIa fe 15 d GBBBB * WILLIAMS, Aaete. I j D1 OOOFBB A LATIMBB, Auetlone-rs, D (Let*clerks with Jae O Me#e,lro A Oo ,) Southwest corner Poaa'o avenae andllth at .Star i Office Bnlldlag. TBUSTBBV 8ALB OF VALUABLB TIBB- \ YABD, MBAB THK NATIONAL BAOB OOCB8B ABD IHBANB AbYLUM. , ,w j By virtue ot a deed of trust, datod thetd of May. , A f>. )MA, aad duly recorded, too ndersigned . will soil, oa WBDBBsDAT.the fOthdar of Fobruary, 11 o'lock a. tho auction rooms of Cooper A Latimer, eoraer of Pennsylmala ov- , enue aad 11th street Star Office Building, that , certain Tlteyard, containing 71 aereo. belug part of " Ko?cias/ko Flare,'' described aa follows:? ( Be (inning at Btone No. 1, oa a farm road laid oat j oa *' Koscla?zke Place" by Moses Ketley aad j Charles J. Ulilruan, thence south 78 deg. we it 4 | cbalas aad *1 1M of a chaia, soath ft'? deg. west 3 *7 1U0 chains, s uth Si1* deg went 3 7 HW chains, south 11'4 deg. oast 13 31-1 0 ohalne to the eald farm road, then<*o by said road to tho beginning The place comprises a valuable vineyard la fall bearing, and Is within abont a mile of Washington city. and is well deserving the attention of ag rlcalturtsts 1 Trrni. One thir l cash, of which 910* must bo 1 paid immediately after tbe sale; balaace In six I aad tw?|re, with Interest. Deed given 1 and deed of trust tabeu. 1 PBED W JON IS Trustee. 1 feS oof Chopbr t LATIMBB, Aucts. 1 BT NAOL*A CO., Anctloaeers. 1 Salesroom ho A Penn. avenue, < Between atb and 10th ats. 1 HAOLI A 00 will rive their poraonal attention 1 to the sale of Be a I Be'ate and Household Pu-al- , tnro. Also, to tho sales of stocks of Groeeries, ( Wine*. Liquors, and Merchandise of every do- 4 seripiion, llurses. Carriages. Harness, Ac. , Liberal cash advances made oa consignments. Begalar Sales at oar salesroom ovary TCBS- C DAT. THCB8DAY. and BATITBDAT, at 10 o'clock MAGLICAOO, jail tf Auctioneers. , HKhBV t'OLMAN A CO., AUOTION~ ~AND ? OH MISSION M KUCHA NTS, Bo?.'i91 ai. l-JO.H Penn*. av.. bet. yth and l?th sts 1 Bales at au< 'ion every Tuesdiy, Thursday, and 1 eatu-Uay mnrnlug and evening 1 li C. BUOvJKBB, Salesman. < \ fall a<er>rtm?nt af Dry Goods, Boots, Bh<*e-. 1 Furtiisnitig ii<>?ds, ' rockory. Tin Ware, Stov*>. f Sc .always oa baud at private sale. Cash ad ? vanced ou consignment r A 1 ,jo. : Wbolesals and Bstail > al trs in Hardware and r Tin Ware, Stoves, uc , N ?s. S'27 and 231, ithstrt-et. hftwtfii M and n. f A larco unantity ? Government stock consist- t In* of Blankets. Sheets. PiMows. Bhtrts Clotbipg, c Carts. Haruo-s, Watc<>na. Wagon Wheels, Wueel r barrows Tr icks. Platform B.-ales. C <nnter Scalep, Cro< kery, Larupe, Lmq^-ru*. Tar, Paint, and A ( loflts Stoie Pipe AIsj, Urgn <iuanMtv of secrn] nsnd Stoves, with mar r other articles to? nil 1 ineron* t > eonn er-?te. 1 he goods are nearly new, ( end will be sold at almost any price to ?iit ja l<t !tti ft. COLMAN A CO. ^ GOVERNMENT SALES^ I^TBAHBB FOB SALE. Sealed bids for the purchase of tl*e coppered and l cooper fastened steamer VIXBN of about 2MI t tons bnrtben, as ?he now lies off the Navy Yard. 1 Wa blrgtcn. D C.. wl.l be received at the 0j-at ? Burvey Office antil ism. Febrnaiy Sk Tm ship keener will ?bow th? vessel to aay one wiabIdj to Inspect her. t The right la reaerved of retiring any or a'l bids cot considered to the interest of the Go vern- !> mcut Bidstbonld te addresse-l to J B. TIlLG VRT*, 1 aeaistant in charge. Coast Survey Office. Washing an. D C., and endorsed "For Vixen." 1 fe 12 9t BLILDIKOS AT COSiVALiF.SCANT CAMP AT S AUCTION. 1 C%\eJ Q*Mnrrmatirr') (Met, Perot 0/ 1Fd.?4tarioa / 3 Wafktngton, D C , February 9. M,7. \ By order of the Unattermaater General, t ie 3 baildings at CoataTgeceht 0hmp, uet*?en the Lrng Bridge aad JBdkaiidria, will hsaill at pnt> 4 lie a>i<-tioa on TVB>L> A V . March b, ander ttte super virion of Brevet Lieut. Col IH M j <re, 2 A W B. Sale te comiiitrBce at 10 o'olock TLese bulldibgs comprise 21 Barracks, K He?s 2 Hontes * Hospital * nids.6Btore Houses. 1 Laindr> . | W?h House. 2 ??ffi es. 2 Stabile. I She 1. an 1 1 4 Sinks. whii:i vary in site from 7x>0 feet to 2&xi:s fe*t. 1 1'iilldings will be eeld singly Tern.s: ( a?h. In bovrrame-it funds. Viftt eu dti*fr*mS?t? of s*U- will I e gran ted t nurcbsaers to reiaose their bandings t CHAd. H T0MPKIN8. Brerat Brig Cen. Ospt. Vj. H. Genir>tl, ? feV 21t A' t'x Chief Q it Depot Washfniron. 1 / "OMCBNMENl ?A LB AT t'HABLESTOX, I c I B The foil wing Ordnance Property will be so'd | at public aaction at tn* 1'nlud State* arseanl, CherleetoB. a C., on MOBD\y, Mar h 4, li^r, ? commeiicing at jo o'clock am: 1 about net tons 1 Cannon) ','ast Iron. I j a bout 7M net tons ?*iot . Sht-ll. Ac., i about onehalf bare valuable et>fi metal attached ) I 4 About 19 t?na Leaded ebell Ah- ut li tons Scrap Wroaght Iroa Abeet 4H tons Serap urasa. Ooppsr. Be. 637 Woodea Artillery Carriages. Ironed. !(< Wo?den Ch.'iscia, iroacd J Aboat 7.0 0?valty Badalea. 750 Bridle*. 8 800 | Cartridge Boxes, aad a qaaatity of other Leather 1 Wot h. I large Band Fire Baglae, (ballt by Agaew, t Philadelphia.! tl _ , If Ab<-nt l,?s* barrsla Unserviceable Powder. , Al-o, a large uuaatlt* of other Property, eon- j istlng principal!) of Maaket Appendages, Beits, Bope. mpl'-mente. Miecellaaeous T00I1 Ac , Ac. Terms: Cash oa th-- day ol sale, la United States , C*Atnpi<e'time allowed for the removal of Proper- ' ty. at the expiration et which that not removed , will revert to the Government. ' By aathority of Chief of Otdaence. j W. H r A nlklK> I . ('apt Ordnance and Bvt Major. U 8. A , ; fe9 sAmtd Comtaandiag Charleatoa Arsenal. ? j ABGB OALB OF ABMI CLOTHING. { D'POt Ouarurma*t?r'x OJkct, I I J Baltimore. MJ.. February d. IMtT ( ' WIH be told at Pablie Aactloa In the city of Baltimore, at Government Btoreboase. Ma Soath Bataw street, oa WBDBBBOAT, 11 M , 1 Fehmary XI. 1B>7. a let of I ( ABMT OLOTHINQ, < consisting of _ ? 8,d7?> MBW TOBK 8TATB JACBBT8. ? of Irregalar pattora, aad otherwiae naealtod for 1 ibAtie to tr ion. I i By reaaoa of its long reteatlon la store, the I material la ia some Instances mora orleeedam*?be sals will take place in lots to salt purchasers. < Terma: Gaah, la Government funda, oa day of 1 ale . I Three daye allowed to remove purchaees. I By order of the Qaattarniaater Ceaeral. 1 1 A. B. M.1MBALL, Captala, ] aad Assistant Qaartermaater. V. 8. A , Depot uaartermaster. ADBBOB, THOMAS A CO., 1 Bo. lh Bouth Charlee "treat. I 1 fe 8 Ut Auctioneer* j JMPOBTA1T BALB 0PJ20VKBBMBBT TBS- 1 Depot ({U4tTltr-mtutor's Ojir*, I j Bai;tm<n>, Md.. Jaanary 3d, 1*7 \ 1 Will be acid at public auction, at the pert of Bal tiax>te. < Henderson a wharf. Bast Baltimore jea 1 TUCBfiDAY If M . F-brnary tt. 1M7, the BUFaKB 81DB-WHKBL BTBAMBB 0O9M0 1 PuLlTAH, I Of779 toas; leagth, ttS feet; breadth or beam, 31 1 leet. depth ol hold. If feet, eyliader, * iaohee, and II teetatroke. 1 A rare upportanity is afforded in the eale of thia 1 Steamer to pere^aa desiring to purchase a really 1 Srat close vessel. 1 Bhe is of ltabt draft, the engine and boilers are I 1 In mnet excellent condition, and the hall perfect- I 1 ly soaad and strong. < It Is believed that far site aad bnlld the Ce*nio- 1 p< i:tan aarpassee aay vaaeel hitherto offered by 1 Gov* rnmeat lor sale at thia port 1 Terma cash, in Government funds, on day of sale 1 | further particular* mar be learned upon appllcation U> the nadetsiguefl or te the Auctioneers, I Messrs. Al'kkON, THOMAS A CO.. Mo. lo, B^mh Charlee street. By order of the Quartermaster General. AS. KIMBALL, I 1 Captain and A <4. M., U. 8. A . ! I fe 1 Ut Depot Quartermaster. j Gotbbb?>. - j The property known as ths "GOTBBMMSfT < TABHBBY AND BTBAM CAW MILL. " with seveat) ave acres of land, near San Antonio. 1 Texas. 1 j Be tied Proposals, in daplloate, will be received 1 aetoike 1st day of March, 18.7. for the purchase t or seventy five acres of Isnd, more or leea. togeth- I < er with the bnllalngs erected thereon, aad the ep I partenancee * * 'b ' T a'V h Vb l' ' ] ' CoBtaintnj TWgxv*T^Tt?NBlLiMB TATS, ? F1FTT TWO WOOHBW TdT8, 1 . . ? . SBTBM BTOMB POOLS, f 1 aad ca?ablo of tanning Sfteen theneaad hidoa per 1 annum ] OBB 8TBAM BAW-MILL, eaaable of sawing l three thensand feet ar Inmber dally. < OS B SMALL 8TOBB BUILDIBG. The above property Is situated about two miles I b >>e Baa Antonio, on the Baa Aatonio river, aad < the water la oaadaeted to tkemmtahll sbaeat by a < race of hewa atone, laid la cament 1 The land was purchased and Improvomeats I made by the late ?e etlle.1 Confederate Govern 1 n tat, and are eetlmated te have eoet finj tw In Ths property hasbeaa aader lease for the year 18?? at a moathlyreat of faw, payable in ad vacce A secur?d Htl-In feeslmpU will be tflven by the Doited States Government * I Prop?eala will be marhed Propeeala for Bev J eraaitat Tannery and 8aw-Mtll.'Tnne addeaaaed A M ? J. B KIOOOO. I B?l. Msuer Gea . Aat.Osm. Baroan B.. F aad A- L 1 Gaivsstow. Texas. Jn ft-f7| ('0 TO THB SIMPSON flOUSS, eoraer sC Igfh 1 street snd Fses's aveoae, and cat a larce 1 ^laeeof^PBILADBLFHIA ALB for Five OeaU. i PROPOSALS. put! Bill lIDTMlTilLM. _ Matt lnumTi I Bmtm ?, and OeiAwig, Feo 14.1M7. f nn?t ITtfONii, end it?*a i - Proposals for Fn?h DM SiT^P^Twiil "??".4 at I lBjs MTMi uii} 2 cUck P. m . on toe J?k day of " tttmpfli of 2>?jo pooi?4* of rklbti HlhP owl tb,m> pounds of HUH VBOBTABLBd. at Ur WASuihQTOW uTc . BATT 1ABl? AMD STATIOB. a* repaired, tba Beef ud VocttiH es must bo or good m\l *?.? ?* ttw ko?t the market kfori?, and earn or tide mmti bo offorod lor br the poo ad. The Bo of to fro la o<4?ol oroporUooo toro m i h'tid quartan. Bond* with approved rooarlty. will bo required ? bolf tbo eetl tasted (oonil of tbo contract. sad twenty per coot In addition will bo withhold from tbo onouot of aaeh payment to bo made, oo i collateral security for tbo ooo porformico of tbo contract, whlcn will on no account be paid until it 1* felly coan plied with. Boory offer modo must b? accompanied by o written gaorooty. sUned by ono or more reasonilbie persons, that tbo bidder or biddora wifi. if hie or their bM bo acoeptea. ontor into oo obligation witbla Bto daya. with good and eufBoieat nrottes. to fnnlih tbe article* proposed. No rronttal will bt cnnndervl ttnHtt accompnnitd iv .??< * imramy, itnrl by aiisfartery evtdenct thai iac bidder i> a regular dealer in the anicits pro Htftd f?r, and ha? the luen>* rtquiftd by act of Comr reu Tbo Departmeat reserves tbo right to reject oay proposal aot considered advantageous to tbo Qotnaoai It io to bo naderatood that In caae tbo atlpulated luantity of otthor ortlcle shall bo delivered, tear I t>g a balance dao on tho oJior article, too contract maybe considered a* rolnpleted in full, at ;he option of tbo Department. ja 1* lot H. BB1DOB. Chlof of Burean. pBOPOBALB BOB CBMINT , _ Treasury Depart mint, t OMrttf fhrptm*intt Architect. Feb. 8.1987 C B**'*d propoesle will b? received at this office until ijoViock m , February 23 1SS7 furfurnlsh ing (delivered at Waahmaton or <i-orgot>*r n. D. t/.,' 1.090 barreh< of Hydraulic Cement . 509 bar reis to bo delivered <in or before April I, 1067, tnd the balance on or before May |, ; tbo aliolo to be of the very bxat quality, and *ub ect ' lo tbe test inspection and appioval of tho IniP'ctnrof Materials Treasury Bxt.nai>a. All bids mn>t be accomp?uied b? the guarantee ' >f aotne ro?ponvii>le p?r?on t? at the hidd?r will trcopt and perform the contract If awarded to kim. Ibe Department reeertea the right to reject any >r nil tli< bid* if considered lor tbo interest of tliq 'overemeat to d<i ?o, and ao t>ld will be conelaff?d that di es not coat'oim to tbe requirement* of :hl* a<)vertiffDfient Bid<) to t-e eucloaed in a se%lod envelope and onloraed Proposals for Oemeat." A B MULLBTT, fe 9 [Chron ] _ 8up?rvi?in< Architect. pBOPOSALS FOB COBNHKAL. QffirgUtpo: Ormmty-ary of Subsistence, 1 ? . . Wiifhtntwn, b. P., Kebruarr 13. I8?7.t In dnpllc ite. are invited until n BpDAY, Kel.rnary ii. I8<7. % lj m .for fnr1^1 ins the 8iib?Utei,ce Ue^artmi nt with *11 the on meal that may be required from tho 24th of oarj . la?)7, until the 3(ith of lime IM. The Meal to be delivered at tlie SibtiftoTice Mo;eboii?e?; Id the Monument Lot aod Sfatti treet H barf; crat th? Holtimore and <>hio K.iiioa?l Dt pot ?t-ui h times and in such inantiti-* m the ttovernment may direct, after fire day? lotlce The Cornmeal fo be deHrered in coed, found lotir fiarre's, earh containing on* hundred an I ilnety Mx 11<*> roundi; to be fresh pr< und and if good, merchantable quality, and "vill be mpected befero it la receiT?(|. Pajmenta will I e made In anch funds aa the 0ot? irnu>ent may farnuh tor disbnrsenienta. Bids nnat hoaddreaa-d to the nnderalgned. at Jo. 833 "O" street, endorsed ' Proposals for Joinmeal. ' q. BKLL. ? 1S ? Major and 0. 8., O. B. A. pBUPOBALS FOB LBMBXB^ TR EA)l Kt DKPARTVINT, ) ! ' Urrics or 8li'ikvi?i?g abchitbct.S , . _ , Jauutry ld >7. \ wi" b* received ai this Otfire ilitij li O cluck M , February l?th. 1457, f..rfurli.hltig lumber required for tbe North Wing of 1 at deacribod in the folooiag scheUuU: 0,0U? lineal feet of If. Carolina (heart) Flooring, l.A iLcp thick, cot o?er k ioctifi wide, ?n<l cl#?r uf knots. B W6 leet, board measure, W. Pine Bum tf all*., 1 iLCII I file K. ^ ^n<hts?t*r|c ?*Mure' W- Pi"? Com- Cull".. I ,MW feet, board measure. Spruce Sc antling, 3 by 4 ia<hea,2U teet length* u.WO let't board uo-a-wre. Sprace Scantling, 3by 4 incheo It feot n-urtas t S^ku feet uoard n.ea>uro. Spruce Kails, 2 by 3 inches, 10 feet i< nhtfis. 5,<j0? teet, board measure, W. Tfae heloctt, 2 Inches thick. 000 feet,board measure. VV. Pine Selucts. dreis-d I A?in<htbick. ' M)0feet.b?.oid manure, W. PineB?locta,dreaa?l. 'i inch thick. .0t0feet bo<rd measure, W. Piae Selt-iti,draised. lath thick. ,0< 0feft l-oatd me .sure, W Pine S?lteU,dre?4al. 1 '< in. i ts tin. k. (M feot. board measure. W. Pine Selects,dreasei, 1 *? inches thick. 0 0leet. b..ard Hieaiure, Poplar, dressed, % f nch thick. ,00 feet board meaaure, Popiar, dressed, Inch thick All tbe above descriptions of Lumber murt l?e of lie be,1 quality of 11.eir Beveral kiudi, and tn>i?t >? ca.ivertd at tbe Treasury Hull lin? tr . n J a ? tt tlaie s? oi d<red stid be subject to tbe iu'f*' tli u of the Inspector and Beteivurol Slateials. B:ds to state price per M. feet, and must be a<> :rKpanl. d tiy a wr'tleu gaar^uteo fiom ?oiu? ro . po sibie person, tbat tho bidder will oiecatn aud erJoini thecotitrHCl if awarded tu him Tbo Uepaitoa-bt roserTes tbo light to reject any ir all the bida, if considered for tbe interest of the overaiueut to do so, or to accept any porti*u* of hen i. l>id) to be enclosed in a sealed envelope and eulurseu "Proposals for Lumuer ' A B MDLLBTT. ja31 ICbron 1 Snrervislug Architect. j PKOPObALH FOB ABUT TBAM8P0BTATlON. Ot ARTKBMasTKR OHMRRAL'S OFFICE, ( L>. O.. Jauuary 18.1377.C Boated Piop. aale will be received at this office lull I 12 o'clock di.. on the 2eth of February, 1867, < or tbe transportation of Mllhary Bupplloe during < be year coamteucing April 1, idt>7, and eadiiiC i Barcb 31, 1Hd8.oh the following roatoa: . . ? BOOTB Bo. 1. From Fort McPhereon Behraska Territory, or i luch part* as may bo determlbed npon durlae the i ear en tbe Omaha branch of th? Utiloa I'ocltic I ail road, west of Fort McPherson or from Kort -aramle, Dakota Territory, to such post* or da- I Kf? " are bow or may be eetahllahed in the Ter- I 1 ty?' Bfbraaka. west oi loncitnde |:iz deg , in i he Tertltory of Montana, foutb of Utitode i>, y leg., la the Territory *t Lakota ^est or longitude WI deg., la tbo Territory of Idabo, .arti cT latl- I nde 44 deg. .and east oi loagltode 114 dog , and in , ? Territories of Utak aadOolorad" north of latl- i t J*2? ludodlng If neosssary, Douver I Jity. f ?_ . BOtTT* Mo. 9 t From Fcrt Blley. Mate of Kaaras, or aueb >olnts aa may be detcrmlnod BBoodnriog the yoar I >B the Uiloa Pacific railroad. mTD.. t. any po.ta t >r depot* ihat are now or may be eatabliehed in > :he Btatool Kansas or in tho Territory ofColoralo. south of latitude to degrees nurth, and to Fort 1 - n4?n. few Mexico, or other depot that may be C laolgaated In tbat Territory, aad to aay other c point or poiat* oa the rout*. ? BOUTE Bo. S. I ' r5>* Port UbK b or sn< h other depot aa may bs tstabiisbed In tbe Territory of Mew Mexico, to ny posts or statlonO that are, or may be estab Htied m tbat Ten ltory, and to such post* orata [ion* aa mav be dovignatod ta tbe Territory of Ar- 1 J!'?*, *Ild in tbe Stale of Texas west of loaglttide i Ms a eg. I O. ? BOCTB Ho. 4. 1 Vrotn 8t Paul. Mionea; ta, to sacb B?st* a- are bow or may be tatabashitl In the Mate of ttlano- t iota, aad la that portion r>f Dakota Territory ly- . ica e-at of tbe Missouri river. 1 I Ti>e weight to bo transported during tbo year r sill nut cxi-eeo < n Boms bo 1,.w.ixw uou ponals , i ?" *2?* *?- 2-.X"*1* *>? pounds ; on Koute No I pound* 0n ??*t* Ho- 4? M?0W ra?eiy*?**l> ^ ml^* t*r ,<lcfa ronto aopa ' Bid ler* will state the rate aer 100 soanJa ner ! iwi miles, at which they wtll transport tbe at ire* D?onth of iHb yttPi bttfioDloff Aeril J f " VaI- e,;d,V, *rc* ?i iw? p ' .. .L^snr.-00 5Ue rh<,,r name* la full, as well ' ja the r) place a of residtnc# and tach Broposai ^* ...t !ie0l,VP2",rJ by a bond In the sum ef ten thousand #10,001) dollar*, signed by too or t a'lV^VtViVt r'r"ona guaranteeing that ?n 1

.V" **jardod for the route men t to the Barty proposing tho f M)ntract will bo accepted aad entered Into, and i L!r*. ?! salboleat secarlty furnished br said Kemeot wUh tu* Urau?f this a<l?er t ^T. "?' ?? < > j Mfesntefc'affl: ! mT ?? *' W.0U0. BftitoMo 4. M iB ? ?r th* leyalty and aol- < ^ufbir.qni^ir "d - car- ? F*opo**l* most be endorsed ?' Proaosal* for i 2" RooU 9a 1.1^5.or4." H?-- ? <? ?ooo will bo entertained "thTs H^vVr't^meTHy ,h# ^,,l,rtme>U , ',1 i >ff^?diyrmitip> IW 0r I1 Wdi m%1 b# 3 The contractor* on each route must bo la read! i jeeo for service by tbe let day of Aarll, latff. Bad } Rill be reqaired to hare a place of huslneea or t kgency at whlcb be may bo coajmunioated witn i tl*SP?V,> Vd ' t'lTfor BontoJBo 1, at Omaha. I* Ho. 1, tt W 'ft EUtf, KAridAH for f ttonte No 3 at Fort OjJon^New M..xico,for Rs'tule , ? ?. at ialnt Paul, Mlanoa?tB. or at euch other I M>lnt for earh of the several Bootes as may be Inngwodaa the starting polatoftbe roato^ i Blank forma showing the condition* of the con- J tract to be entered Into for each route can be bad >n application at thla office, or at the office of tho t /uortermaster at New Tosfc. Saint Loot*. Fort < ..aver,worth. Omaha. B?nU Be, and Fort' 8nel i l>'?i ) * ? IVt of tho By ardor of tho Quartermaster General ! ALBXAHBBB BLISS, | iaiRwt BreTet Colynel aad Assistaat ja 18 3at Ouartormastar. P. fi. A. j ^BCBPTIOB LUXOBIBB. " Jast received, a largo T?eiety of artlolea aas?""" '"" t itTfisfcTnar*"- ; * * Oar. T|. grp. ss/ftLV ( pMTMglAM'B HABB-BOOB. OF PBAOTIOB j itUOlMTMI. 1 1 LSOAli VOTIGB3. , I" ?3SBTS,assist"" ?? ^.wBibi-Era' Jsyas, coaplaiaaats, Flyn iU Joha Meloaa, ?*. I'hs^Jst of ths bill IN ipthta cm if to procaraadocree tor tho aals ofcortola |Imm or porcoto af groaad lylag m4 ktlull Vuklaitoo city. Dlatri.t of Ooiaable, Mi|l(itlu<Mrt of Lot 4. la {?aara I JM, to aatlsf> a debt da* by da ft B*aat. Jaeeph JohBsea. to tho caataisaata. Tbe Mil Mti forth la nlataact tut & said Jasenb Johnson waa iBdebted to Mid compllln eats 1b tbo aaa of f *47 ? for goods aaM and <toHvered by coaplaioeata to tbe iaM Joseph J>hi I on. That ?t tk? Mocof coatnciiac iaM 4?bttlw aid Josej b Johason waa aattad IM posaoeeed sf J bo raid piecesor p areola of gr >and, which. while he waa < indebted, he ;renat;Ieutly conveys^ to said defei d?nt. J oh a M. Raaeoa. la traat for too sole ma aad benefit of Mary Johaasa wlfa of aaM Joaoali Joboooa. That eowtplatoaaa obtained jodtmatt of ?n>lomnation of tbo said plocoa or |troli of ground Id ai.d by virtue of aa attachment Issaed ??' "f " ? ?? ! ? rtdo or tbte ?.art la farer ?f o?H>B)aiB?BU?aaiMtaaid Jtsepb J?bn?>n aad ?ys that tha Mid deed of traat rroa aaid J-e ab riaon ta sato Joha . Haaaon aa aforesaid bo prodacedto-fore tbo Court bbo tba bom bo ean celled That tbo said coaplaiaaats. after tSe tsaa<ng of said atta. kant aad toa leviagof the same oa the said pieces or parcels of groaad. aa cfr/iii!T? VhM fiefeadaal. Joh'i riy n, elalaed to bare a Ilea oa tbo aald pleees or par , oe a? f ground. tbat oa searching tbo lead recorda j.1 * asMagtia c< unty District hot or deed of trust waa recorded ta aaM Iaa1 races da, but *bat after fladiag of tba lory aad iudgm> bt of r ndvaintloa oa tbo aaM ettachaeata the raid records we>a a*%ia searched aad a deed of truat Iroa aald Joseph Johnsoa to Joba Maloo?, i to a> tare John Fl?u for the aaoa of #1 ton, waa ' foand rerorded. That tba aaid daod of t?-o*t ws? recarded aaaily eleven Booths after tha du-.? I th> teof aac over two BMBtha after the iasaias it leTiag of ?aid attachment that tha s?td atta- ?went ia a prior lien oa the s?id pieces aad par. of around be'ors the ?aid dee I of traat. Pray* ? discover) .of tbe amoBtit atllldnoana unpaid o aid oe- d of traat and prxya a *ale of the said i pie- S? or pat rel< of g< ourd to aati?fy the demands of tbe complainants and other oredltor* and ; for an iDjtiDtti?a Mgalrataald eef-n<1*n'a J >seph ' Jebnaoa Mary Johnson. John II Baoa<>a. John Fl> a and John JlaloDa, and their ceafixleratM, v%f.*a d>acover<d. to raatrain %ud pr"hihit them at * tl eir ag.-n'a an'l versanti fr<>nj aa'ling or lis poem* of or ia aa> manner farther Incamherltie, ihe?aid pieeea or aarrrla of aroaod : Itlatheroupoa thiaMdapof Jaaoary, 1^7,adludtied ana ordered tbat Botioeof tblaaalt ??e ?!?ea to ttefall ?oii realdent dafeadaafer ooeephJuha ' n Mary Jehnaoa.aod Jahn publiahtug kcopyof thia oider io tha Kre< Ing Star, a ne?a >?P' r rnbMah'd 1u the city of Washington, in the ui*trict<f Qnltmala, threo timea a *eek for aft otiaectitive neeka warning naid non reeld^nt de rt ndaiita to to and appear, ib ieraon<>r by aoli It r, at rnl?-? to It. h? id lu tha office of the Ci^rk of >hla Court. ?n tbe rirat Taeaday of Jane, A. I). IW.7 to ?n?wcr the aald hiil of oociplaint otlur *i*e Ifce aame ?ill be tak?n pro coj\ft. \o aj??in?t li?-ir. ProTiiled the hrat publication of thia order >l'ali appear at laaat fonr mon'ha be fare aaid flr<t I Tut" day of June. iA>7, <tnn atstiug the ihjoct and lubatauce of aaid Mil of mnia<a<nt. A. B. OI IN, Aa<or lato Jaatico, Ac. ? A MElttS. Clerk WM.J MILL KB, Solicitor for complainants. jm StawSw ' IChSlB McDBBMOTT. OUABPIAH OF 019. J UMi Dermott Ctiarlaa v MeDermjtt. Krank I'. M< Deiaiott, and jeaaia U. McDarmott, hanag 'epoited to tbaaourt tbat. In poranaace of ttader?e latlKtd aad approtod l-y the Onpreuie 0 >art >? tba Ihati iat of OoluBtkla. aba ?>M the interest ! if aaid waids in the tol lowing pruB^i ty, l> ing ?Ld b< inu in the city of Waabingt<>n All the atrip >\ groand lying aaat of aad adjucaut to tba dwell- I ngr hoaae built on Lot Mo. 2<i. in ?<iuars W?, in iai city.* blch was owni'd by the late Wm. Ho [>t rcnait aave ond e*< ept tbe foar faet adjacent to and ea<t of aaid dwelling, with a d"*,th e?ii%l to il>? de/<th of said Lot Bo 20. bonndad aa follows : Pegini In? for th?-aame at tho north wanjle of W'i"'1 II, In a aura Mo. 10''. and runuiug tbence vest 11 leet. them e ronth I49'4 fe-1, to an alley M ' fet a ide, thf-nce taut along sai l alley 13 Teat to be we*t line of Lot tl: thence north along s?ld ' 'i.? ii?)i f at to tbe Leainnia^. containing 1,9to'4 'joare teet, at purdlr anrtlnn, *or tho *um ot .ioe loilar per *<tu*ra foot, to Jahn O Oiark. a*.d that he pnrch?^er bt* romalled with tho torm^of a?ln 1 It is, thia 2' th da) of Jaoutry. A. D. i*. ord-rad 1 >? ibe court that said sale bo ratified and co i- 1 Irn edou tha )9ih day ol Vebraary, A D I8>7, leUs* ?au*e to the coai'B'7 b?* abowB on ?r bef ro 1 ale day Hrotldt-d a copy of tlil* order he pnbi>h?<liBfhe M?tixn?l IntHlig?nr??r aai Bvoumg t??r ob< a weak !or three mic? es?i?e we??bn prio. 0 aaid day. ??. F. PCB^KLL. Jndge of th* Or ehana'(Hnrt Afruecopy. Tut: jAd R. '>< El BN B, jB^2" ?3w Bogiater of Wilit. f kBPIIAMB' OOUBT, MC7.-DlsTBICT of CoLoaBia, WasHi.;aTON Ooujitt, T? ten. In fne ca??e of Juhu K?u?a. ad olni?tr%tr?r if I'atricfc McNeil, decoaaed. the admio atrat ir iforeeaid h%a with tbo approbation or tbe Ur)tmn? ijourt of Washington (Joauty atoreaoid, ap omtf'd Saturday, the 9tb da* of March, lAi; fot be Analaottlewout and dlatributioB -it the aoraonai tfate of aaid deceased, and of the aaaeta in 'ar a* the aame havo been c"ll?ctad and tornod into nevey when Mid where all the c red I tori and >eirt or aaid deceased are nedlfiod to attend. 1 artth fhfir claims property Touched, or they aay >th?*rwl?e by law be excluded froBi all benefit la wld d^eaeed'sestato Provided a oo?y of thia or ler be publiahad once a week for threo weeks ta the Bvoniag Star, prorioaa to the aald day. , ,o, Tsit?JA8. B O'HEIKNB. fo 12 lawSv* Bagistor of W11M. 1-HI8 18 TO OITM MOTICB, That the rabaortber Ima obtained from the Orphans'('oort of MTaehington Coauty.m the District of Columbia. tiers of adminlatrBtion on the personal eatate of Ailham CarkiiauaeB. lata of tha U. 8. Armv, le?;eaied. All perat tia harlng claims against tba i?id deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tha >ame. with the vouchera thereof, to tho sabacribor, >n r before tha ^9tb day of January next; tbey na) otherwise by law bo excluded from all beae&t f aaid eatate. Oiveti under ay band this 29th day of JaanBry, W . LOU 18 KtJBTZ. . BiPlawlw* Adrmoiatrator. DBPABTMKVTOr THB IMTBBlOh. VyiTED STATES PA TEST OFFICE, ? . WasHKIOTOM. Janaart 2?. 1M7 Oa tba BoUtloB ofBOuLlM W HITB. formerly ?t hgria?neld, Alaasachuaetts, but uu* of Lowill. MaaaaebuaetU. praying for tho oxteahob of B potest granted tw him tao >1 day of t pril, and r iaaued to hiia In threedivlaiona >ti th<-27tb day of October ldt.1, for an improve sent la B-aeattng rirearas, for s>ren years from he oxpiratioB of sold potent, which tokos place oa me So day of AprO, 1&S? It is ordered that tbo said petition bo bosvd at 1 :he Patent <J0co on Monday, tbo >7th dot of May aext. st It o'clock M.: sod all psisoao are lotified to appear sad show canao. If any tnoy ha to. shy aald petition ought sot to bo granted. Persons opposing tbo extenneu am re jaired to lie In the Patent Office their ohjoctloas, specially let forth In writing, at laast twenty daysbeforo be day of bearing; all testimony died by oitbor >arty to bo used at tbe nid hearing most bo takea tad transmitted In accordance with the pile* of be ofllco. which will be faraiohed on avplloatlea. Impositions and otnsr papers rtiiea opoa aa tooimony nsnst be filed is tho oflloo tweoty days I >efore tbe daT of baorlng: tbo argnmoBts. if aay, *itbin t?n days after fllfsg the testloiany I Ordered also, tbat this notice bo pabllahed ta ths i Republican asd tbo iBtelligeaoar, Waablngtoa. D. I sad ia tbo B^poblicaa. Springfield. Mass , i inee a week for throe sooceosire weeks; tbo 1 rat of said publications to be at laskst sixty days I h""f0 Tallica, _.. . . OoauaissloBor of Pa>enU. I P 8.?Bditoro of tbo above papers sHI sieass ( topy. and send their bills to tbo^PatoatOMco. wit* 1 i paper con taiotog ihis notlce. ja M-lawSw D*PAuJr*TBD STA'TES FATE*Yr^} FFlCt, _ WaaamsToa, January tl. i?7. Oa ths aeMtloa oi aLFBBl> J. VV ATT8. of , troekl>B, A. 1., praying for ths sxtoaaion of a . i?t^t granted to his tbo Mh day ot april, IMS, or ?n improvement ia Processes for Preparing J. 14, for seroa years frota tbo oxplratloa of said 1 latent, which takes place ob tbo 26tli day of April fiiw t It ta ordered tbat tbo told pstitloa ba hoard at lie Patent Offios ou Mob<ay tbo sth day of ir'ilBext. at IS o clock M ; and all p rsons ars loiified to Kppear and ahow oauae, if any they utve. why said petition ought not to bo granted Persons oppooing tbo oxteuaion are lequired ts ile In the Pat> nt Offlco tboir ohjoctloas, specially ?t forth in wrtting. at least tvoaty days bafote as day of hearing; all tosHaioay filed by either party to be used at tho aald hearing muat he taken md transaltted in accordaace with tbe rules ot be ofllco whtob oil' bo famished on applicatioa. Lepoaitlona and other papers relied upon aa tea imony must be filed lathe oMoo twenty days be". d*7 of tbo argumeate, If any, aithln ton days afer fifisg the tastiaaar Ordered, alae, that this notico bs published la h? Bwpublicao and the Ma'ional Iatelltgencor, * ashing too, P.O. BBd la tha Tlaioa, New York, ST. oBce a week for three saooesdvs weeks; tho Irstofsald Pnbllcatloas to bo at lsaat slaty dara TKllKia. n. ? ?.?> sopy, aod sand tboir bills to tbo PatoQt Oflloo with i paper coatalalag tbla aottoo. ja xfi-law>w D*PAfevRE)*s5Si TBS PATENT OFFICE, lk_ ? ? AaBihoTos. January 2?, 1M7 ^ ^ PaMMoa of JAMBS 8. TAYL^B. of Dsnbary, Oonoeoticot. praying for tho aztoa* 1,011 of a potent graatod to hi a ths 3d day of May. >? ta Machlaoa for Shrink og Bat Bodlea foe seven yeare frota tho exit rati on ot a?ldpatont, which takoa plaoo oa tho 1 w day ol May, 1^6?; ft Is ordered tbat tbo said psttttoa ba hoard at be PatoBt Ofllco ea Monday, tho lith day ot tori! next, atlS o'clock a ; aad all pereoaa ars bo* If *d to appear aod saw oaose. If aay thew ha to. rhy said petit lea oaght not to bo graatedV Por?oBS oppoalag the extensioo ars rsoulred to lie in the Patent Office their objectioaa, specially iet forth ta writing, at leaat iwentt) days befi>re tba lar ot hearing: all test]mony filed by olthor porty ?lie uaad at "tbo aaM hoariag aaat bo takoa aad raaaaiitted la acoordaace with tbs ralea of tho iffiro. which aillNi faralabed oa appllcatioa UeposiUuBsaad other papers relied upon aa tsaImoay a oat be filed ia tiaoMoe fwsoepdaps before be day of hear log; tbe armaeats, if oay. withia e? days aftog filiag tbo toatta^uf. ordered, also that thia Mtlce bo pobHabod la ha Bepobiieaa.and tho latolllfaaesy. Waahiagob. 1*. O . ?ad la ths Pallodfua. lew Harea, }or a . ones s weak for thres aacosaalss asaka - tha irst of aald Boblloatioaa to ho at laoat sixty dara ?ro?loas to ths day ot hoariag _ fp Tiiini P 8. Bdltora of tho abovs "wrs? wmasLa nti ?? ;???iSBtfSSMB j atooral rseoaroes. with aaaeraaa asaes aadlUiSu 'Btiono. Prloa f7jfi. agsaM tuaanOOKflTMl, I BAlLBOADS. 1866 umi 1867 to iu101thw1tt mjuth, aid footb* __ . kbidclij " ? **'- " Wa*hlagu>n 7 H?.a I Baltlaora?J 16 ?. m. u 7 91 "I 44 TBI 5?iij ^^lL? Tf4<nf ioCTli with BLBOANT BOBBBBY. Falara State rooa tor aad ilfkl Otrt. vttk modern lawotwn. aad saving fraa har to twelve boar la tin* over a*y other rtito. Two huadrad ail** mn4 to WmMti aac C'Mtrtl B#w York Tv?Mf Train to tki W*t. M - '? ? Worth Ptnfinn by "tbu'Vonrp ^oa Btltlaor* hiv? tti of Mklu ?ll cku|M ia OBlOB P* POTB. a*d ao rBBBlBS _ _ TIckHi by ttoa r*at? caa ba procured at lk? of Be*. aoraar 6th *tr*ot aad Pennsylvania aveau*. aad?r Ik* Batianal Houl. whara nllabl* lafor aatioa will ba |lm at all tlaa*. famanan preen rtag tick He at this afloa caa Me or* aacoaaodaUoa* la Blaaplag Car* for BImTm*?Y WILBIBi, Ticket Agent, Washington. D. 0. BD. 8. YOUBG. Oaa. Pa**. Agant. Bait!Bora, Md. dal lr I^HEOLOH"LIMB BBTWBBN WAMUROTOB Jjg^ADBLeHIA A*B HBW Y? _ . . . W**hin?tor, Jan. I, 1867. Train* batwaea Waatmgtou nad B*wYorkara aow raa aa follows. TltFOB BkW YOBK. without ehnac*of anra. Uaa?* dally (*xc*pt tinoday i at 7:46 a. a. aad Foil" BW TOBB, chan^lan cara at Phlladalyhla. Leavedally f*xcept Sunday) at 11:16 a. a. nnd 4:30 p. a. bob philadrlphia Leave dally t except Sen v >at 7 48 and 11 IS a. m., aad fM and 6 Sf p m OB bub: A*. . titLeave far Hew York aad Philan.lphla nt e 30 9 a only. ^ . Bleeping cars for Haw York on ? JO ?. ia train daily. Through tickets to Philadelphia Maw York or Boaton, can b? bad at the Station Ofltoe at all h"ur* In tTia day. aa well aa at tt a n?w oft)'" I . t$?* Banker* and Broker* Telegraph Line, S4" P??. nveuue. **twe?n 1th and 7th streets. S?-e Baltimore and OMo Hallr >* t advertl?eroent for *cbedul* Ut?*t t Uaiktafto*, Baittaara, A&napoljv, an< tbc W eat J, L. WILSON. Master ot TransportationL M COLB General Ticket A?eut QIO. B. ROONT7-, Agent. Washington. ?cSO-tf , OALTIKOBB AJD OfllO BA1LBOAD. D W asHlNaros, Jan. 6, 1967. ttimsKzzzmzm? Train* between WASHINGTON AKD BtLTIMOBS, and W^KHINGTON AND TUB WB^T are now rna aa fnllawa. ric BOB BALTIMOBB Leave dally, except Sunday. at 7 gn, 7 46. aad II 16 a. m , a:.d 24*, aad 4 30. and ? DO p ni. YOB ALL WAY STATIONS Leavedail),except Bandar, at 7:dB a. > , aad I ft* aad 8 00 p m rot:ay btatiobb south or annapolm JLHOTIOH. Lcava at 6:11 aad 7 00 a. ar. and at S^n and 4.BB , ' rOB ABNAPOL1B. Loava at 7 45 a. a , and 4 3v p a Bo tralna to or froai Anaaaolia on Snaday uM slM)\Y. BOB BALTlMuBB. Lear* at7 4i a. a., aad S.uu ano e ? p. m. rOB WAY STATIONS. Laa*? at 7:4* a. ana t ?o aud 4 OM ?. ?*. YOB ALL PABTS OF THB WKaT. Leavadaily, aicapt Banday, at 711a. a., Md I t# 9 m Oa Bnnday at 8*00 p. a. only. connactinc at Balay Station with tralaa from Baltiaorato Whaallag. Parker*bnrc Ac. TUBorOH TIOKBTB to tha Waatcaa ba bad at tba * aabtnirtoa Station Tlckat Office at all bonra In tn* day. aa wall aa at tha aew effl^a of tha Bank?r? aad Brokara' Tolecraah Lima, 54 9 Peua. avmue. hetwaaa Stb aad 7tb atreatn. Tor Kew York. Phlladalphla, and Boatoa, aaa dvartlaawant of ,-Thro?gh Lisa " J. L WILSON. Maatar of Tranaaortatloa. L COLB General Ticket Agent oc IB tf OBO. B. EOOHTK. A tent Wa*htn, ton Hl'DSOM BIVBB ABD HAKLBM BAILBOALS ?On and alter MONDAY. B?*.i9, l^do,train* for Albany aad Troy, coaoactiog with B*itlieraabd Wa*t*rn tralna, will laave N*w Yara aa follow*: 8am Bxpraa* train via Ho1?nn Blvar Railroad, B'th at aiid 18th a*.. thr?n?b to Bnffalo and fen*?enal?B Bridge ?itb.?ot chance or car* and conBectli.g at Troy aithtralua (or Baratoca, Bntlaod, Barlirgton an* Montreal. 10 a m BxyrtH and Hall train via Bud*on B'rrr Railroad, connect!** at Albany with W*ataru trains, aad at Trwy with traiua f.r North. lla m Bxpraa* traU via H^rlen BOIroad, l^th *t and *th ay., conaactin* at Chatham with Watern Railroad fur Lebanon Spring*, PituR?'d, Ac : at Albany wfh Waathrn tr*fna ai 1 at Troy I with tralaa tor Bar a tog* Mm** ad, Barliagton aad Montraal. 3:46 p a. Bxpre*a train rla Had-on Bly-r Ballr?ad coaaectia* at Albany with Waatern train*, and at Troy with train* tor Moatftoa. with aiaep lag car attac> <?d _ . _ ? 4 16p a. Bxaraaa train t1? Harlain Railroad, roneecting at Chatham with Wat tern Railroad f>r Lebanon Bprluga. I'iruflald, Ac ; at Albany wlta W eater a tralna. and at Troy with tralaa for Rotlaad. Barllngton aad Moatraal. Slaapiag can attached at Aibaay 6 30 8 a. uprea* taala via Hudson River Billroad, with Mc-eping car* attached, and throe;(yea BuflaJo and Baapennioa Bridge withoat ebama ..f cara. Also, al*??ing car ararr day excepihi* Batnrdat * attached froa Bew York throuch to Ogdenal'Urg without chang*, via Bon*. W. aadO Railroad. Oonaecttoo for Troy will b* mada at Baat Albany Tbia train will rnn on Bnoday* 11 p a Train via Hndaon Biver Railroad, with aleepla* car atta*b*d.coaaoctlag at Albany with early tralna far Balfalo and Baap*n*toa Bridge, and at Tray witfc tralna for Bnratoca and poiau "t'Kaaday train will ba raa via Hadaoa Bivar Railroad fraa Sew York to Pooghkeepaie aad latarnnediate statiooa. leaving Maw York at ISO a a. Returning, leave Ponghk*ep*ie at 1.46 p. m , arriving ia New York at 6 16 p a. Al*n, * Snngny train viaHarl-m Railroad, leaving 4Sd atreat at 9*.a .and arriving nt Millertoa at 1mb a. Returning, leave MllUrton at i p. ... I. ?" jalt Vice Preeidaat. "d * TO TRAYBLLBB8 BQ1BQ SOUTH. TWIOB PAILT, (Banday p. a. axoepted.) Tka qatck**t and aoat direct roato to Blikaiiad, Ya , aad the South, via My iteamer* froa Sixth Straot ^h*|tBej9K? Blehaond? V r^ert cktbarjBnd Potoano Bnllroad^, *ow entirely eoaalotodfroa^to WcV nhMtBT S O SuiBtra K^Ffort Md O and#r%Ht Inn Blztb BtoSTwtorf Slly (Banday evenlng^aoaptodj at 1.26 a. a. and 7 p a. aad arriva ta Kteaaoad at 1.46 p. a. and 3 IB a a. THBOOOH TO BIOHMOHD IB BBYB1V HODB8. fifty MM* BB?rtorUatokar Iku Ba nnra aad cat Through Tlckota Via A*nla SSKS?tSW?mS.??fcbf2*nlbewe ul Biotf* Wi|?u will b% ki rc?diDe?(o eoDMf pswusttt ^ WlW b#?. SrSuHUiS.Kfsaya?*-lr liBttal PB?*aagar pOTOMAC TBRBIFOBTATIO* UB1. * BOTIOB TO^SHIPPBBB. Tka till BXPBBBB, Oaft. A- BYTHBB, T,.?'^?VK^SS!i. Paoriorao ntvurtrfsiisi r saruwrRiSi laxatioa, fa*raat linrrhn**. and Bxhaastlon of & A^o3Wvs; isss." ? at?ag thea*at? a?wy aaTn"<Swrdatotortoag *VkoS*Mtoakdratollby Dr. BABBOW, ?. 184 ^R^LffSo^V^TlbBD. Ba. HBjjwli IYIACBBBBL aiid OOPriBH. sasrtYiv'BSV*??**1"' Jaat racalwdaad BBOWB^SsbB f~> ?????? vSJSiSJiiSiLu. dall tf Bo. 488 Biath 1. Xt. B aad >. ; toary; A^>tory of ik* oivll War. W JWAWtS rnf *11, rBABOK. TAYLOB. | BAlLBOADa. * wmejmmm i &?? 2?&w&AT*H A MM AO iViv TO* at"A??? ** ? *?.?,, arrirlac obbibq bxpbbm **>?. tralB MtHti M"klAliNQ witfcV^tPann?yivania Ballroal trait. for Alleaaow' * With tkt UkM<>l Voiior trot a f#r u ^J* bur*. ?c ; at POBT OLIHTUB witacaS^T!* *Ail;oad tralas for M IlllajnsBort. Tcj.ft_ ? klKtra. Ac ; at B ABEIBBl BU wltha^^T?* <>?rel, Combettand Valley. and tralas far l?niiB^rQ ^ liamsport. York. ClMbmkurr PiBegrW 2l1U - AFTBBHOOH EXPBBBS Leaves Pklltd*l?kU u S.JO m for Kma.. FottiTlIu, Mirrtiburf, |r t ooBNetlm wifr* J^AU, and Columbia Ballroad SSSfcrUT BBAPIHQ ACOOMMCDATIOH ?*fi* ?t 8.30 a. B..MMUU at All wa. tatlous. arrirsa In Puirade pLia att.wa ? f fa irilij, leave* Phllt4?l|hf( it IV ' m arnvee id tMuHw urtji ? 1 4-w * 1 rum tar Philadelphia lea?. Harrf ?l.or? at a in riff^sl'sys'i? i' Barrtatarg are- mm.Nation lMTN BeadlM lt L o . Htrnttari t(4 lti? m ConnVt ^,U? w,tfc Aftaroo... A?Ui2!33kL ?j"p. , * arrlriu? In l'hiledHpBia Vt . wr"kii..TL,l>iwUh ?>Mfuftr car .tt?k^i Fhlladelpkia at is as t?ooa. for aH; leave. ,, a i i itic above tralaa nin daily, Bnidata e?c* Brort SuBoay Train leave r?|? tt 8am atwi Phi _ad< Iphia at 3 IS p in , leave Philadei, ale f?r H>adib? at ?a. ai.. returning from Eeadiug at * 88 OHtBTBB VALLKT KAILBOAD ^MI?B|rrtlor I>o?nitf[t*vn atid IH t r r m n rl, . rointa take tha 7 SB ai.4 8 So a ?a aVd a il41* f;ru-s*"" 'ijgwsw "* " l***m m*b Hrk ?t 7 u? ?. r,, an 1 3 b m -Ing Kea'ir g at I 05. II U a m and |m,J *t?? ssxss'. sst&rci' ?s "< Baturniiig. Ex pre*. Train leer-a %}& } h v.'tsvi'sffis s'r**itvttsu*. t.'aifjv-2*r'? ? at con.pat, j in* the<a train, through uTt Sail J*r* "tftUM!* r'"Lbor1h ???ho.t chanir*11 J#fJ lu'o '? * Mail trill ! / Mar'rla'b'o York at K nooo. ^""1 toovaa How HC ii ilkill valley bailkoad Tibiub loava PoiU?ilia at 7. ]| Jw . m 7 .. f. uvi'" 1**"" " ? ?" kbvilkill i*D (tivciaaana bail TrBJaoloao, Aoburn at 7 SO a m for ?' "d ?*rr,,bor?' *t I m> p. m.. lor PiStfl ** -t "2ts:! ^wl'? vmuststts 4 ?'* ,r#In ?t 7 st b. m mmI s st I ^ FBI FOB T Ooo<l? of all (lOBcrlptioti* forwarded to ail ? k. iS?'it,,t? fr#" ?" Von.panf B K^w lHpot, ifroad and Willow ?tra?u I1" FKBIOHT TSAIIH Lobto FbHod*lB*>adoilratS s?B ** Fotu^i.!:; PortCliMoS: a^dt'LVV>?u^,;onBT BAILS u Clo#. at the PbiUdo.plila Poot Offlca for alt a?5?s.aaaas3?s &; p"",ishi\asklll?{"??. The trams of tha Peun?y *aai? Central k.ii lJZ* ?7*? tko Bopot, at 1l.t anl MarVet .trwii* whUh it i ear had dtr^cilj by tBo car. i ih. 0? M'NHAYS?The Market Htr?t n? , Froiit and Markot Btraau st Bilnntoa b?!foT ?T* drpai ture af each train * *l?r?ii iZ soarMali Train Tra%n' Uar' r**: PaoliBccoai'u K u i'jk'i. a Faat Lite tad Brie Bspreaa ?t i?!a ? Pai kaburg Tram .. ! M.f* Harttabarg AccommodBtioa' l ? * ? S m Lascmiter A?oonini>dati >d I f? p hltubargh and Brie Mall ? Philadelphia Bxpre?a ?t ,* CJi f Au "k" . PatBeegen. by Mall Train ge to WillU?..rtr? 1 T? a?8 ?f C%r*' Dd arrl? ? liS ?T < Pa?aeBge*? bf Mall Tram go to OarUoloan Chau'l^i^nrg without a cbaage of ear*. Car TictrU con be had ??n bbbJi at Uie Ticket Office. 1 iSl?tmt itr^t ?? c.u.m:elsutrjl" """ ' > ? ? Philadelphia Bxareas at 11 Paolt A??em . koa 1 A j" ~M JO a" > * '- iii*' ** Fark.bnrg Train ' . iiJ*>Ur Traia **.? "2 Fast Line ?* *J 9 ?. ?k83hwto ^PaBaeBgara toarlng Lock Ham at 7 a m a-,? Isssss^itA tinrjagyg Da> Bxpreaa, at ft > p m w?.ua?eport. if ?:aSi ??s?.vs:. "ariSss :?,j? liij"* " 'obh'c^allkw **ldfc **?lj *" ant S&Jk: LL**' Tlck#t ?ai CkoalD^r>?t KL H WALLAO*? Tiskat Af?Bt at tba B.AaSafMI0EA,,T TBAIJI rmM 4*l'< ??H F?r rail particular, as to faro aad accaaModa tiona apply to FBAMC1B Fg?K. 1ST Dactat P'i'TBAJ' BAILB9AD OF VIW J BBS IT? y Pafaen?er and Freight l>epot lu MaTr ?5b foot of Liberty .treat " ttt. .t k J.[m Junction with the Drlawara Lackawanna ^e^tefB^BoHroad. and at Baatoa Ctth tha LUT^h J*'?V ? coaaacti ,n.. ( rn.iag. k groc^Una^to FlMak^, aod tu. Waat witSSnt 1 ALLBBTOWH LIMB TO THB WBST Tao IxpimTriiu dally for tho w.-.t eieeat Th'n > *ba otbb! tig ' 'xc*pt ??'**> taiioaaad throe boor a oared by tM. line " ?ra n WIKTBB ABBABOBMBHT*, Oorn?e.ctng Jaaaary 7, U^-Loa?e How York aa _ -* A.M.?For Baatoa, Bethlehea. Manch 0?*"Ac Illi*"*P?rt? Wilkaaharre, kahaLjf 8:10 A M Mail T?a<*? For Flomingtn i I<n Scrantoa Wlike.barro *Orf*t Bend. Plttabnrg, bit ehamtoH, Ac. ' i* UrD..?x?rtor Baatoa. Allentowa. Marriabarg. Pittabarg, and tb- Weat. with i!i km.c^m,?l0' cmn t* Oiaclanati or Chlcag >, tfarr^""C. Bn?cU at jvy.?!tI ^ K'>rthere Oeau-al and PhllaJel phi a aad Brio Boada, for Brio aad tLa Oil Be flODla VhL.k \[u?'2ihIror ?**!** Allentawn, Manch f??- i- llBaabarre, Beading. Fottarille. HarrlauuTC. wC CWii rtoa. Both la bam, Bad MbbcH F. M.?For Bornerrllie aad Fleaaiagt -a. ,* * -For B?aton.Hoadta?. Barrlaburg. Williamiport, IrTiBBtoa, Oorry, Brio, Ac. Sleeping car frona Bav Tork to Wiihamaport. 8.1t F. M ? For Roaaervillo T.? P, Mj-For8c>n>errille. . * F; .p.-waaTEBM Bxrita Taatw ?For Baa Marrtaoarg, Pituborg, |M tb~ wMt. Bleeping cart through froas Jeraor City to Pittabore every evening. Additional ttalna aro raa ta Bergen Fotat. BHcaboth Ac. _ TtcBot^for tba Wast oaa bo obtained at tbe offira oM the OoatriU Ball road of How Jersey, foot 0f Liberty atroat, Borth Ho. 1 A.tor Hooae. I Hos. SA4, 8T1. 526 Broadway, aad at Ho. lO 1 Greenwich atroat. I ja 1> JOSIAH O. BTB BBB. BopeglBioadoBt | NHW YOBk ABD HBW B A YBH BAILBO AU. I'asaaacor Btatloa la Haw York, ooraor S?lB street aad Fourth atnue TBA1HS LBAVB HBW TOBK For Hew Ha ran andBcldgep.rt-1. f i B> >. 11 SO a. m , 11.18 (Bx.).B(Hx.), Ul, tj$, aad SiBa.i. *FoV Mil ford. Stratford. Falrfiald. B^ntbpsr', aad Woat port?7,11.80 a. ar.S.soand 8.9D r m For Borw^k?T, 8J0. 11.18 a. m ; is is Ba.>. * (*i.).| an. ? M 8 ??. aad HiBs.ip a. For Darloa aad Oroaawich?7, 8.S0, 11.30 a ; S tf. t.SH. 8 80. aad 8 Saa aa. For Btaaaferd?7, 8 < Ex >, 8 88 .11 SO a m 1? 15 (Bx.i.9<Ex (3.88,4 38,8.?.t SO aod 8t Et P aa For Port C boa tar aad latoraaodiete Stati.'B*?7, ?.?. 11.80 a. a.; 8 So. ?.8u. 888. t.SD, aad 7 p a. OOBBEOTIHO TRAINS. For Boston via Bpriacbold?8 a. at., (Bx :* > <Bx..)8p.aa. For Boston via ftbora Liae?lt It, (Bs.,)8 For Hartford aad a?rtn?ftoM-?, (B*.,) 113" m ,8,(Bx .18.80. 8 b m. For OooBoctloot ttlvar Ball road ?0 a. Ba.. (Ex..) 11 88a a. to Moatroal 8 p. sa. to Horthaattoa. For Hartf*rd, Provideaoo aad Flabklll B. B.? ?^lBxu) 11 JSa. Hi. Tar Bew Haven, Kto Lsadea aad Bioaiagtoa ????. Yor Hoaoatoaie aad Boogatack Ballroad?8 a. "for^BBbary aad Harvalk B B ?T, 8 J8 a. 4 Comaodtoaa Bleopfag Oars attached to8 |.a IS' UXM *. BOTT, BapertatasdBMS r