Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1867 Page 1
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J _ I j| _k ** *' m^Bmm a ^ ^ ~?~ ?^^?? ? - - ' . ~??? i i ! ??? _ .. VSt. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1867. N?. 4.353. ? [tub evening star PL BLI8IHD DAILY, I SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT T)1E STAR BUILDING}, JMtaBt* corner Ftnn*. venm* mmd lift $trut, BT W. D.WALLACH. Tt?# STAR la Hrwl by U? earners to tRolr jnbecTibers in the City sad District itTn Cbbts pbs will. Copies at the coma tar, wtUi er wlthoet wrapper*. Two Cnrri sach. Pmci fob Mailiw?Tbree numthi, On* CM ' aad fifty Cents; Stx m oaths, Three Deltori; one tor, Ati DeUars. No papm MO Mat from toe oCt? loafer than paid for. The WEEKLY STAR?patliehedoaFriday VorvlBg? One DoUur aad a Half a Psor. ?????^ DENTISTRY. De. liwikh destal association. Ho. tie CEBH'A tn, Between Uth nod 19th streets. Teeth utntM wlthcxH ytia by odplaatartaa , Oayde ar Langhing Gee. LIW1C kM recently purchased the beetfte^^3 tbendcal Apparntu* 10 the country for**'''** mMm pee* cm erer> day; alse.oo Improved Valvular Inhaler The Asuocintion ia now prepared ta Mk? Teeth oa GoM. Sliver and Rubber at Maw loth Philadelphia and Bo. to a prieea. All per ?m wlshlog deatal work doasoaa hove It aa cheap eaiatba ab?>vs named cities. All work dene la tbe catest aad best manner, and warraated to ftv* ?atisfaction Persons will do well to cell wed esamine oar work. dep^tf t 1 * * M- 'tOOMIB, M. p., , The Inventor and Peteatea ef tae HVltAli FLAT* TEETH, attends peneully bit tfflceln thie sity. Many persoas wear these teeth who eaanot waar other*, 111 and no peraon can waar othera who eaaaet wear Ap|, Persoas calling at my offlce out be eoeoasmod* ted with aoy styls end price or Teeth ther may de.1 re, but to theae wbe are particular,and erlah the paraat, clean eat, at rosiest oad moat perfect denture that ert can procure, tbe 1UIIALTI1TH will be More foil; warraated. Booms In thla city ?Ho 3S9 Pesn'e areaee. hetwees ttb and nth its Also, 907 Arch street, Pbiledelphle^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^o^M? PERSONAL, YOU CAN NEViFmAKE THE TRIP on Bnchu or Samaritan humbugs. Bee Dr. D\RBT. j ;th ftieet He 1. tbe higaest entbority on nek Mil private rooms are opposite Odd Fellows'llall jiSt-lra' IJUIVK^TTOM BBTTBE THiM UTTar, K rem h pr*rsntlees against nlaease and p <gaeary < when .neb is ande-treble) Sent to uv a-1UiiM. at ? t, 9' 5 6 and 97 mr dozan, according to ?nti|ty,b) Dr WUOl> Bo* KB, or cell at 4* >'tb atreet, up stairs ^WaahiDgton. D C jeff Im* \1 UB CURTIS IRVING, Clairvoyant, ant T,<? ?"I Mrdium, ?ill *lre life readings, Including Fast. Pre.euteud future at her office, fJO, Berth side of Pa * ., beteeen 4)% eod ?tb street!. 0 tice hour* from 9 to 2 e u. and to 9 a. m. ja It ten* AB MAlkli E. MBAL DIJIBSTIfIU~AS* trologbr or AMKRIOA, From tbe poeition ana aspect of toe Stars at tba time <>! one', birth, will reveal astonishing secrets that no tiring mortal arer knew before: bow to be success ul in all reasonable undertaking*. He tell* Lame and rery day you marry, deacriiies tbe intended companion, and tells all event* of Ills.good la k and loug life to visitors. Ladies W cent* to 91 gentlemen iu fall #1. Call at 4 7 0 tfi b *t .aearf.ell boura until y lot Ue evening. deSl iur CONFIDENTIAL ? Toung men who hare Inj jured tbemeelve* ey certain secret habits, which unfit them for tnalnex*. elea?nrs, or tbe dctiseof married life; also, middle aged and eid CiCn. who. from the follies of youth, or other ivel a debility in adrance of taeir years, efsre placing themselres under the treatment of eay oee.Bboali flrat read "The Secret Friend." Kerned ladies will learn something ef importance by perusing "Tbe Secret Friend." Kent toeny address, Ib a sealed envelop* on recslpt of tb cents. Addresa Dr. CHAM. A STUART J: OO.. Bestoa. Maes aoP-ly CLOTHING, Ac. Fj. HEfBEEOEa, Baccesaor te H. P. UfOdoB EOo.,^ja UT12MN S AHD MILITARY _ MEMCHAXT TAILOR, ffm M'tropolltsr Hotel lete Brown's, WW . _ 363 Pennsylvania areoue, "" ay 1-Ef Waahlngton, I). O. ^ R BROWER. M. J. EM1THRR8. BROWNE A SMITHERS, _ ? WAfHlNOTUB, ?.0 , ATTORNEYS AM) C' > L'ME L LO (iS AT LAW, AND hOLIGITOKS FOR THH BUREAU EEFl Gill VKKBDMKM. AND M ABANDONED LANDS. Odes lie. << Berentb street,opposite th? Post te a ly 0TTrAJli'K*,!l8' PldHOB AND OAKIUBt a RREuHAMt) parlor groans. All will And It rreetly te their Interest? o saeadne th^?eceperb lnstraawata tw-jCTB R-r* aurshasing eay other. HT If V Only sgenry at OEOKOl L. WILD A BRO '8 New Piano Forts aad Orgea Wareroow, No. 497 litb street between Psod'b areans an 1 street A select ae.' rtment of new and second hand Instrument*, including a CHURCH ORGAN, for *l? at lowest factory price*, md on eur term? TIN 1M Q nod REP A1R1NO fhlthfaU^x^lTud no 13 Stn ^ E (TR R T P 1 8 E A B~E~B~I IAHARITSN'I fflFfl SAUAMiTAtra oirrt THE MOST CERTAIN REMEDY BYBR (JBHD "Tae, A Four:rs Oram," fer eosoa&HotA, OLMMT\ ar&iotubes, Contains no Mlnerel, bo Beleea, no Mercury. Only Ten fillt te 6* JhMm le Afeet e Omt. They are eettrsly rsgetnnis, baring no smell not an/ anplsseant taste, aad will not ia any way ia )cre the stomach er bowels of the mest deli cats. Cares in from twe to fonrdaya, and r scent saeas la "twenty ior.r boura ' Prepared by a groduots of tbe Cnirarsity of Pennsylranla, ens of the meet eminent Doctors aad Chemists of the sreeeat day, no po>nri, as ifewE?s, we thanet wAaiersr. Let thoee who haradeeimlrad of gettiag eared.ot ptiii hatsbeen gorged with Balsam Oopartaor MartryUe SAMARITAN'S OIFT. Sent by mail In a plain envelope. Price-Male peckagaa, >1. raflMM, ft. BLOODt MLOOOU BLOOD/// SCROFULA, ULCERS, SORES, SPOTS, gAMAB/TA!Ta BOOT A&D HBVa 'jVlOB tie offered the vebllpaaa Beet tire cere. SYPHILIS OR VEhhKAAL DISEASES. Ih? SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERBJUICR iTe moat patent, certain aad effsctaal remedy erer *rC scribed, it rseehaa and eradlsetee srery porOele ol the rsnereol poison, so that the enraia thoronch end peoaaaent. Take. theu.of thla parifring rem edy end be. hasled. and do not traaaaalt It te roar posterity that fer whleh y3a may repeat la aftar T"* ' DO HOT DESPAIR I Although job mar oe aroaoeacee laearohia. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERBTuTOHB will re mere every rsstlge ef fmpnritiee from ths la many effectioaa with whlen nnmeera of p. mnles .tfe the ROOT AND HEBE JUlCRs J?t taptil. adaptea, ia Ulcerated Uterus la L.n^! rha-a, in bmrtaa down Falling J7tha Woib^ hillty, and for all complaints incident to the aa* teal by aayeeea. PAse ?i j| per bottle ' _ _ ^WEAMTAlfB WASH S&ESftSf&Si:: *? ??<?o with the full dlrecUeos. PriceMseatB. he efficacy of theee remedies Is alike aokaewtsftf. * Th"-? what THR wKygsftttgt*"' ,amai sslI,,?rlJ,wr*uStA*..f0K Ralttaaors, fsar Veneral Musasas la its saoet cutsosn form.'mn,A"-tL"iiZASSii&?'m <??iSgnt. ?eau. and Committees of Congress "" ""SOT" Lai?T V uah. R. ALLIOT, 9BBMCH HAIR DRSSSBR, Ml H atreet. botweea Uth aad ltth sta. Mr. Alllot, from Psris, Hair-Dresser at the wsfcaisd Rachel, with *Oem be arrlred in thit ^^..^AnVra5M.f;LS ? S35??e? ererpthing that belaags to the dressing ofialr at reif seaeeae*. le prises. iiay fa' 480 CRHTRALLOiSl'OFFICE, 480 Ho. 49* Un hetreet. oae door helow Va. are.. Dla E of erosp deecrlptlea. ja* B?rBaeUeee atricUy eoBfldeaUal.^SB yy M. RNAER B OO.* PLAHOH, ruses s oy^jn ?s HV|V| for sale aad rent oa eaar Earns, a; Ho. 499 11th ' w'TJ'uio.u..a. AM SS SOILS. Uml* to Nm?iSinmd U%d sr >'*fsiiwi. Old Pnraltare Repaired, Resp^swA riSlS'ialis Si fir1 eUSji jgp ? f > I I CARRIAGES ^IDIIV J. JOTCI * 00., GABBLAGB M ABU P ACT 0 EBBS, OB. 4TT AND 479 rOBBTBBBTB BTBBBT. We in m* lrMvtd to ?c?It? ?r4orsfor0ABBI \0*B tm *11 tba new ir 4 (Mkiraiblt atflw, to be ?ob?I?M Jsc=33C tu early day. V? hare on ku4 ilim aaaortmeat of ltlOBT FAMILY OABBIAOB8, FINB TOP A?D MO T?P BU0BIB9, DBABBOBBB WAQONS, ROOK A WAYS, Ac. Pesirows of BklaWilai tho hick atudtrd which oar v ork hs* hold for many years. we eontine onr tofU i ? ixclMittlT to UAkKI&OIS of our o?i < niiial*ctir?, and of the tirst ela?s only, and ?(l tIn nr patron* and the public that wo offer n? Inforior ul? work, BBPA1B1BO made a a?ecinli4y. fe l.veolm AWDBBW J. JOTOB A 00 BANKERS. JAT cmi * CO., lilKBII, FlfUiwA street, amsttt TVs<v*?nr, iftyand eel 'current mark*! rate*, an* k?? onsiaatly oa hand, a foil supply of aU GOVBBNMBNT BOHDB, BBYBH-THIBTIBB, AHD OOMPOUBD i INTBBBBT HOT*3 0r<?ere far STOCKB. BONDS, Ac , executed, ana Gellectlcus mada oa all aeoaeaible point*. m 1-tf HARROW kCO., BABKBB8, Oorner Louisiana awiw and Seventh root, DULIM IN VOVERXMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AHD BILYBB jy AHD LAHD WABBABTB First NatiMiftl Btik of Washington. H.D. OOOKB. (of JayOooke AOo.,) Preeident. W *. B. BUHT1NQTOH. Oaaklar. GOVEBBMEHT DBPOSITOBY AMD PIBAHOIAL AGENT OP T1IB UHITBD BTATBB, 1BU street, orrofilt Ui Treasury Dtnarimmt. Government Beoorltiea with Treasurer United 8Ut*iWONE MILLION DOLLARS W boy aad aoH all claaaaa of QQYERNMENl b&CURITIESat current markat ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collection* on ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. Wa parcbaee Government Touchers oa the MOST WA y OR ABLE TERMS, and girs careful I nn? prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of B USINESS MEN and FIRMS. and to any othar boatnoaa en trusted to oa. FULL 1NPOBM ATIOH in retard to GOVBdB UBHT LOABB at all time* cheerfully furnished WM B. HUNTINGTOH, Cashier. Washington, March 30.1MI. m J1 tf HOTELS^ RESTA URAJNITSTAo. IB*WOOD H0U8B, Corner Penna. armme an t Ttetlfth ttreot. Washington, i). C. AfiiHU Bftaated la tba moat central loeatlea tho city, mMwey between the CAPITOL AHD PBEBIDBBTPAL MAHBION, Only a short distanoe from all the Departments, Patoat and Poat Office*, Bmlthaonlan Institute, tc. H. H. DODLBY AOO., no SI - tf Proprietor*. ETKUn?S%S&.M> 6th atreat. P. BMBIOB wlahea to infsrm hla friend* aad tba 1. JSk Call aad gt>* him a trial. oc MM WOOD AND COAL. QOAIil OOALI1 AT OBEATLT BCDUOBD PBIOBB. Orooa toaa of lbs., delivered la any part of the city. Chestnut White Aah. #7. Store, l?u4 Faruaoe White Aah, fS.W. Be4 Aah HM. Lehigh. Bf. Oak aad Pino Wood constantly oa band. Order* rocwired at oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Berewtb atreet _ B. P. BBOWB A BOB, jaMtf 464 Kb atreot, between B aad F. QOAJbi COAL II GOAL III T. T. POWLEB A 00. White Aah, store and eg* alt**, ft a per ton. Bed Ash, do do #8.75 per ton. >.240 pounds gnarnateed. Orders reoelwea at the central office of the Washington sad Georgetowa Ice Compear, (late L J. Mfddleton A Co..,* corner 13tA and t street*, and at wharf, foot of lUth ateeet. ja 14 1m B.fl. LAMKTN, Agent. TO TO U V, B. MOBIB' rasuiobaplb oabpbt. pcknitube abd BIDDING STOB1S, BOS. 831 A ?19, INTELLIGENCES BUILD1HG, OOBBBB 7TH AND D., ABD BO #?*? 7TH BTBBBT, THOBIfB BU1LDIHG, ADJOINING ODD PBLL6WB' HALL, ABD KXAMIBB THB FINEST ASBuBTBD bTOCK THIS BIDB OP PHILADELPHIA. He tea ail the latest designs made in Philadelphia, Bew York, aad Boetoa. The stock is always seiecte4 by Mr. Moses, and boaifht tU toe lowest ratee lor caeh, which eaah>ee him to oompete with I Bartera Blsfteeet Fnraiture i* made to f'J*r Pbliadelphia, and of M>e beet aaterial I that can be foaad. Purchaser* should study their own Interest by calliag at bis Btores and examining the well as| sorted stook of OABPBTB, PUBHITOBB, Ao? ?"d oWala his trice-list before going elsewhere, which he will furnish with pleaanre . Bis assortment of Mattreases. Blanket*, Oo?forta, Oeaaterpaiaea, Pillewa. Bolsters, Pantherbeda, aad all kiada of Cottage and Kit eke a Far aitare iscoatalete. whieh he offers at the lew eat Bew Torfcanj Philadelphia price*. Bemeniber Boo Itl and 419 Intelligencer Bnlldiag. corner Tth and D. aad Bo 50- 7 th treot Thora* Batldlag, Adjoining Odd Fellows' Ball, betwaea D aad B atreet*. ; 14-tf W. B. MOBBB. B O A L . THB BATIOWAL CHIOH IBSUBAHOB OOMPABT OP WABBIBOTOB Hmwa roeored to their Bew Office, Bo. T1 L0VIB1ABA A YEN OB, Pint door eeat of 7th at, G B.Gideon. Daalel Podd, Wa. Dizoa. de?tF* ?*?MOBLB P. LABBBB. Beeretary. A T TBB BBW OBBAP STAMPING BOuMB A 4M Kb atoet, oppo?ite Patent Office, ladle* can get at onr redaceo prioee, on the very beat VMtfiQ tt^? Bight gown Yoke*, ready stamped.??40 eta. Chemise Yoke*. ** Si eta. " Band* " * .Met*. Bit her for trald or smhrwldery, oar patterns are of the very Intert deeig ns, ee lee ted with care la Bew York, aad being In receipt at them weekly, we are nble dai'y tolsane new pattern* a* vail a* make and stamp >iy pattara broacht na. da M tf Wwrkl*d ** red need priae*. M " "" - lD*?%n." un " "".'aut.syat., FOB RALB?I oa# OBEY BLANKETS, at BOBBBT PCLTOBB, Pawabroker I ; f TELEGRAM!, fee. In tbe Kentucky Legislature the H<?ih has posted, by a vote of 59 against tt, a joiat resolution that the peo pit of Kentucky am anal torably opposed to tlw motAH?it la OonfNfi to place ttre people of tbe Son thorn 8uum under military ruin, the tendency whereof is to military despotism, contrary to the spirit of anion and subversive of the principles whereon the the Government was founded. and they enter ibeir solemn protest against all sach congressional action. The barn of an old man named In gal Is Damon, in North Reading, Mass., was burned lest Wednesday morn inc. and his dead body *? found among the rums, hnin-d and bidly disfigured, and there were marks npon bis heari and r eck wbich bare given rise to tbe suspicion that he was foully dealt with. Th?? Ohio river is over the track of the Mobile and Ohio railreart. and trains have stepped running. Tbeiniaoi* Central railroad is also inundated above Alton, and trains run throneb water of sufllcient depth to extinguish the fires in the locomotives. Two spans of the wagon bridge across Kaw river, at Wvsndotte, Kansas, wete swep away bv a flood on Saturdny. Th?? bridge was erected la?t fall, at a cost of tie,(. ?;), and it is feared it will be a total loss. General Phil. Sheridan arrived AtColnmbns, Ohio, yesterday, accompanied by a joint committee of 'he Ohio General Assembly, by whote Invitation he eame. The negro suffrage bill has passed the Tennessee Senate?ayes 14. noes 7. It is now tbe the law of the State. congressional. Sewat*.?Yesterday afternoon? 1 he diplomatic ana consular appropriation bill ttt-iut: under consideration, and ttie quests n b?ing on the amendment of the committee to insert nn appropriation for the salary of theT'.S Minister to Portugal, Mr. Harvey, the amendment was adopted? \-as 19, uays II 1 he bill was then passed. The Senate, at 4.15, went into executive session, aud at 4.3d took a recess until 7 p. m. At the evening session. Mr. Grimes moved to reconsider the vote passing the diplomatic appropriation bill, tor the purpose or am?n 1in< it by reducing the appropriation for the contingent fund of the Stale Department from *tUI,UUI to 1 be motion was agreed to?yeas 1?, nays 15; and the bill was then passed. Mr. Williams, from the conference committee on the bill to regulate the tenure of ofttce, made a report. Tbe conference committee agree to rera.n the amendment of tbe Hone*, which was to strike out tbeexcentions or Cabinet officers lrom those who cannot be removed without the consent of the Senate, and they agree to insert the following proviso: Provided, that the Secretaries of State, or the Treasury, of War, of the Navy, and of the Interior, and the Postmaster General and Attorney General, shall hold their offices respectively for and during the term of the President by whom they may have been appointed, and tor one month thereafter, subject to removal by and with the advice and consent of tlie Senate. After debate, in which a number of Senators participated, the report of the conference committee was agreed to?yeas 22, nays 19 The report of the conference committee now goes lo tj&? Huose. Mr. Sumner moved to take up tbe Louisiana bill. Mr. Wilson favored the motion. He was for considering the Louisiana bill before the bill that parsed on Sunday was taken up. The Senate at 10 p. m. adjourned. Koobe.?Yesterday afternoon ? The Senate bill providing military government for the Sonth was diecn?sed by Meisrs. Boutwell, Stevens. Stokes, Wilson "ot Iowa, Biugberu. Bonne, t arasworth, Scnenck, Garfle;d, Baker, Thayer, aud others, when Mr. Blaiue demanded the previous question or the motion to concur. The previous question was seconded ?7<? to j4-and tne main question ordered?103 to 00. Mr. Randall (Pa.) moved that tbe wholesuh. ject be l&id on tn? table. Negatived?yeas 40, nays 118; a strictly party vote. The Hocne then took a recess. The iiou-? resumed its session at half-past seyeu, the attendance of members being a? large as during the morning session, aud tbe galleries being crowded with spectators. Mr Hooper, from the Committee of Wayj and Means, reported back the Senate amendments to the tariff hill, with amendments, whiea were ordered to be printed and made the special order in Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union for Thursday next, after iti? morning hour. The House resumed the consideration of the Senate amendment to the military bill, and Mr. Donnelly proceeded to couclude bis remarks in opposition to the Senate amendments. Several Ave and ten minutes speeches were then made, and the Houm at a quarter before 12 o'clock adjourned. From Mexico. Advices from Vera Cruz to tbe 12th instant have been received at New Orleans. It was reported tnat tbe imperial governtaeat bad received a despatch from Uueretaro, which states that Miramon had gained a victory over the Liberals at Zacatecas on the 27th of Jaau. ary. Juarez aud bis ministers had been forced to My, hut their capture is doubted. The French transport Youne arrived at Vera Cruz on the 12th instant. She will take home a large detachment jof troops. The Sociedad states positively that tbe t rench expediency corps won Id leave Mexico city before the 15th , instant. Orders for the movement of the i troops had been received, and the utinos [ caution would be used in transporting tb<?m Orizaba dates to the 13th say that the final evacuation of the capital occurred on the Oth, and that the whole expediency force is now on the road to Vera Oru*. General Mauguez, at the bead of U),C0u troops, ie entrusted with the defence of the capital. The Imperialists claim an army o' 3ii,?io men well armed and equipped. The Imperial Government levied a tax of one p?r cent. on all capital. Maximillian puts on Mexican uniform and reviews the troops in the streets. Heis received with enthusiasm by the inhabitants. The Liberals are reported everywhere victorious. Escohedo and Trevine fought two battles with Mirnmoii, utterly routing him. Mtramoa was i-hot through both lungs. Zacatecas was then re-occupied by the Liberals. The only force opposing Juarez is entrenched in tLe Oitv of Mexico-two thousand men, under CaUello Maximilian is at Hacivada, outside of the city, pay tug no attention to politics. The French transports Yana, Leons, and Var. are at Vera Orne Before the close of the month all the French troops will bare left Mexico. tug Mauyiahd Lkiijmi.atcbk In the Senate yesterday the raoliou to recousider the vote making the majority and minority re^ ports, on the bill to call a constitutional convention. the order of the day for the 2-th inst was withdrawn. The bill to amend the "black cede," led to some debate, after wbieh it was passed. The Hoaseadopted an order recommending the Governor to pardon the convicts in the Maryland penitentiary lately brought to his notice as deserving of Executive clemency. This order was adopted at tbe suggestion of tbe select committee of the Legislature appointed to visit the Institution. The mil to submit to the vote of the people of Baltimore city the propriety of running street railway cars on i^undny was taken np, ana led to considerable debate. A motion to strike out tbe enacting clause was lost?yeas 9, nays 44? after which an amendment was adopted that tbe vote to ascertain the sense of tbe people shall ho taken at the first election to be held after tbe passage of tbe bill, it was then or dered to be engrossed for a third reading. Resolutions were submitted cordially endorsing President Johnson's reconstruction policy. W Dublin pays lie teachers as little m per annum. Daring the cold weather In Paris the Emperor opened half a dozen economical restan iants ror tbe poor people. KTThe Fenian Col. Lynch is fireman in the foundry of the Kingston Penitentiary, and u?v. Mr. McMabon is puddler. tOT It is understood that ladies in Indiaaa who wear number 7, 8 and 9 boots, and wao are largely in ibe majority, are opposed to the eliort drees style. 9r"Meltbomania is the new name for constitutional and chronic drankenneas. KT Flour sold for 90 a barrel in San Francisco on New Year's day. VT&e Norfolk Day Rook estimates the oyster trade of Norfolk to unon at to 97,0'J0 worth of oysters shipped daily. It employs abont OA# ihttfl+md ImukLB. # # *1 ] LOCAL NEWS. m Ctryvratlta Affairs* Board or Aldikmu, Fn. 18, I8G7.?The Board met ptmtBi to law. Present, Nwti Harr, Oith, U. 8. Mo;ri,UrN*. Own, Lewis, Tat. McUtiru, Turtoa, A. Lloyd. Go lick. T. E. Lioy d, Prnktoit, and & V. Wojree, Secretary. Ibe Cbair laid before the Hoard a communication from the Major, stating (bat be bad approved "ao act providing for a deficiency lor tbe improvement of M street north." Also, communication from the Mayor nominating Mr. Jane* O. Crone aa Corporation Police oncer for tba Sixth Ward, injplace of Win H. Lusby, lesigned; also. K J. wood, aa Market Maater lor tba Eistern Market, ia place of J aa. C- Cross, resigned; referred. Also, tbe opinion of tbe Corporation Attorney In tbe case of W m Bootb, wbo petitioned tba Corporation for damngea sustained by bun in conaequene* of bis borse being so seriously injured by getting bis forefeet in a defective I gutter at intersection of New Jersey avenue mid K street, a* to cause an order to be issued I tor killing tl>a animal. Mr. Bradley says: "H | toe question in tbla case snbmi ted to ma is, ' whether tbe Corporation is liabla, I answer, yes, unless tbe lose arose in part from tbe negligence of tbe owner;" referred to the committee on claims. Also, a communication from tba Mayor transmitting tbe proposals for tbe eonstrnction of a wvoden or iron bridge acrots Hock Creek, at the terminus of K street north, as follows: P. lluigley and A. B. Burton, wooden bridge, J- W. Angus, woodea bri tge, I S*.?,33V: John U. Evans ar.d .T. H. Teemyer, I wrought iron bridge, *5,901); referred to committee on improvements. Mr. llarr introduced a bill for grading 15 h street, from M street north to Boundary atreet; referred to committee on improvement's. Mr (liven presented tbe petition of William

Guinand, asking 'be removal of sertain obstructions; referred to committee ou wharves. Also, introduced a resolution requeating the committee on markets to urge on Congress the re-enactment of the act of Congress approved May 4. Imai, in relation to tbe erection ot a new market-bouse on the site of tbeold Centre >larrfet-bouse: passed. I Mr A. Lloyd presented the petition of Pat. rick Brennan, risking compensation lor dam ajres sustained by htm in running his back luto a bole on 9tb street west; referred to tbe committee on claims. Also, presented tbe petition ot H. L.Greenwood, accompanied by a bill remitting tbe fine imposed on him xor violation of tbe law against selling goods by sample witbout license; referred to tba committee on claims. Also, introduced an act amendatory of tbe act in relation to flab wbarves. Mr. Moves introduced a resolution in relation to certain amendmenta necessary to the present Ash laws, which embraced tbe amendments offered by Mr. Lloyd; and tbe whole matter was, on motion of Mr. Noyes, referred I to the committee on police. Mr. Cross presented the petition of 8. S. Ryder, praying tbe remission of a tine, and Introl dined a bill granting tbe prayer of the petitioner: referred to committee on claims. Mr. Lewis introduced a bill appropriating iS-T.M-l' ir?-m the funds of the Second Ward for building a bridge over tbe stream of water crossing Tin street west, at ite intersection with K : treet north; referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, to winch viu referred tbe bill amending tbe act for celling vegetables. Ac , by weight, so as to include corn meal, reported ?ame back witb an amend nent; which was agreed to, and tbe 1 bill passed. The amendment Axes tba weight i ot worn meal at 48 pounds to the bushel. Also, reported favorably on tbe Council bill for relief I of certa<n citizens of Washington who b-tve paid the Corporation for licenses tor selling liqnor and were unable to sell m consequence of the rejection ot their license by tha Board of Metropolitan Police; passed. Mr. A. Lloyd, from the committee on clalma, reported bac* bill for relief of U- H. Kldenonr, and recommended a nun concurrence In the amendment of the Board of Common Council; and tbe amendment was non-concurred iu. Mr. Turtou introduced a bill to set the enrb stones and pave tbe footways on east side of *i<Sth street west, from K to L streets north; referred to committee on improvements. Mr Given introduced & bill to license dealers and traders In horses; referred to committee on police. Mr. Given Introduced a bill directing tbe Mayor to designate a depository for all old materials taken up by contractors ftonCorporation work in the execution or street improvements, Ac.; referred to committee on police. Mr. Cross Introduced a bill to a?t tha curb stones and pave the footways on the sooth side of K street sonth, between 12th and 14th street* east: also, oa tbe west side of 13th streat east, between G and 1 streets south; referred to committee on Improvements. Several bills from tbe lower Board were referred. Bill for relief of Bernard Brockerr; passed. Bill to compensate the laborera wbo cleaned the I4;h street sewer, appropriating 9300 for that purpose, with ao amendment making tbe amount payable oat of the Second Ward fnnd, was referred to the Second Ward delegation. Bill to open and pave 11th street west, from N street north to Boundary; pasaad. Mr. Noyea introduced a jointfresolution of respect to the memory of Alexander Dallas Bache, late Chief of the Coaat Survey: passed. Mr. Gullcklntrodnced a resolution instructing tbe committee before Congress to examine the act now before tfongress ia relation to narrowing tbe aveanea of the city, and inquire as to tbe propriety of so amending it as to provide for ornament of nnpaved reservations along tbe center of said aveanea and streets Instead of tbeir sides; passed. Mr Barr, from tha committee on police, reported favorably on Council bill amending tbe acf requiring grain and potatoes to be sold by weight, so as to tlx the weight of a bushel of potatoes at 56 pounds; passed. Mr. Gulick, from the committee on flnance, reported a substitute for the bill increasing tbe salary of the Water Registrar, fixing the salary at S2.0U0 per annum from January 1st, 1&67 Mr. Tnrton moved to amend, by striking out ?2.(K;0 and inserting ?2,2C0: adopted. Tbe bill passed, yeas 8, nays 4. Mr. Lloyd, from the Seventh Ward delegation. asked to be discharged from further consideration of the bill for opening 6th atreet w*'t, as a similar bill bad passed; agreed to. Tba bill for furnishing the police magistrates witb cepies of the laws was returned from the Board of Aleermen with certain amendments; referred to committee on flnance. The bill to regnlate, tax, and license insurance companies. was returned from the Board of Common Council with aa amendment. Axing the rate for Ucenaea tor marine life and accident insurance companies at 8100 per annum. Instead of S150 par annum, as in the Aldermen's bill: agreed to. Another amendment Axes the license for Are insurance companies inside or outside the city at 83u0 per annum; agreed to. The bill waa then passed. Adjourned. Coxnon OouirciL ?All the members present except Mr. Marche. Tbe President laid before the Board a message from the Mayor, announcing his approval of a joint reeolution tendering to Mr. George Peabody the hospitalities of the city. Tbe Mayor in another communication says: "There is great probability that Oougreea will adjourn without making a provision for the speedy reparation of the Long Bridge. Tbe importance of that ihorougntare to thle city ia such as to render it necessary that aomo steps In relation thereto should be token by you." Referred. Tbe President preeented the petition of James Adams, in behalf of the trustees of the Bank of Wnshlngton,in relation to an amount of money alleged to have been overdrawn on depoeita to the acbool fund in 1866. Referred to the Committee on Ways and Mean a. Also, a letter from the Oldest Inhabitants' Association, asking tbe use of the Council Chamber for the purpoae of eotebrating the Kd of February, and inviting the Board to bo present. Tbe nee of the Chamber was granted and the invitation accepted. Mr. Carroll introducedd resolution requesting tbe Mayor to inform tbe Board by what authority tbe vegetable stalls ia the weetead of the Western Market have beoa converted into butcbere' stalls. Bill for the relief of Bernard Brooker; passed. Bill to compensate the laborera for cleanaing the Fourteenth street sewer during the ee verity of the Into winter months, appropriating 616 for that purpose out of the teneral fund: wbiob. after debate, was paasod. um In relation to printing tbe Journala of tbeVoard of Aldermen and Board of Common Council; passed. Also, bill (B. A.) to pare portions of tbe carriageway oa Twelfth and Fourteenth at reels west, and a Mil to open Eleventh atreets west, from V etraot north to the Boundary. Alao, hill for UM relief of Edward M. Bf addon J1 I , . ? vf I " 1' * * * 1 ?t A ' i I * s *4I r Oal * AT A *H t' T *. I * 1 Mr. Hon*!!, Horn Committee en Polio*, to vtM vm rUmwl tli? iibnttttr of Ui? B*>ard or AKrram to th* Mil loimnd an net entitled ?An act to I teen ee. tux, and r*(nlit? inintuntooiptiMiud theirngeuts," approved April ST, IMtii, reported It with amendment*; wkld were concurred In, aad the aabatltata i mended vu adopted hills for tbe relief of William Lym^n, and argnret Gorman, and bill muktng appropriat'on for contingent expeaara of Um Centre Market, ware pasted. Bill amendatory and eupptomeutary to the act preeertbmg tbe dnuei aad eompen?ntk>n of tba Collector of Tuxe* was ratarned from the Beard of Aldermen witk an amendment, whlcb was concurred in. Kill (B. A.) to condemn aa alley in eqnare No. 37B, and joint resolution (H. A ) in relation to th* improvement of tbe river channel and the reconstruction of the Long Bridge; were parsed. 1 be joint resolution (B. A.) of respect to tb? memory of Alexander Dallas Bacbe was ren... three times and passed. On mot . i >t Mr. Mead, the bill tn pnr'i ? s boat and cine for the use of th* Wn*ti> .on Asylum was taken up and passed A1* i. Meeting ef the C'olered I'eople of the Seresd W->rd. Last evening a mretinr ' ?? colored psople of tbe *2(1 ward was bel i -v ihe i.itti street (colored) Presbj terian ctui.h xbicb wis qsii? largely n*tend)-d. Am present wtre a number of white pe> > ,'t* '< included ) This meeting wn? heln ut< .e ?be auspices of U. S. A. Council No H-. fticli ML. Piper is president. W. H. Star cb.tirm&n ot tli* cemmlttee ot arranjren. -*i 'ook the chair, and John W. Cnrrywii ted as ror.ry. After a v?luntary on tiie or? to. prayer was offered by Rev. I> W. \n?>rs<>n, in wbirh be at-ked t?od to ? have compassion on Andrew Johnson,'but not to exhaast Heaven's store on such a wretch. ' The chairman stated that tbe object of tho meeting vras to return thanks to Congress for tbe great boon conferred on them, and to discuss tbe new relations in which they stood Messrs. N.B Myns, C. O. Kish*r, Thomas Foot, Samuel Peters, and Thomas William*, were appointed a committee to draft resolutlons, and while they were absent tbe secre. tary read letters from Messrs. A.G. Hall, John K Elvans, and S J. Bowea. Mr. Jil vans, in his letter, says If I snpposed for a moment that colored men so far lacked judgment, intelligence and lndependence as a clatt as to be neetttarilf eymptlltd to ote with and for the political party to which I belonged, 1 would oppoje vritk all my j-owtr the granting of the eleetir* fran;kif to them." ? ? * " I will not insult you and your colleagues (who, as leading men among tbe colored citixens of this city, have already shown so conclusively your knowledge ef the "situation") by attempting to give yon gratuitous advice, but allow me, through von, to urge upon those of your brethren on wh?tn tbe great boon of equal rights has fallen with such startling change of position?upon those who will soon be men indeed, while yet sore inder the lash of the slave driver?npon those who, coming to us from plantation life, have been allowed no chance to learn nor time to become self-reliant?that such colored citizens plant themselves upon a true plane; that they be l?d to appreciate tbe importance of education, morality and industry as conditions neceesary in every American freeman, thai they be convinced that individual and official integrity in voter and pnblic officer should go haml in hand with party preference; that the candidate for office who would tamper with or purchase a freeman's vote is unworthy of confidence or support." Mr. Bo wen says in bis letter:?"I can art with far n,ore efficiency than I can */*aJc." j * * " 1 trust it requires no pnblic decla- i ration from me to convince the colored people ! of this District of my disinterested friendship tor them. Tbe best evidence of that lies iu my record during a residence of t a snty- three year* in their midst, when, through good and evil report, from first to last, I have battled for tbeir interests, and nsed whatever of influence and talent 1 possessed to bring about the great and important changes that have culminated in the extension of suffrage to all classes, without regard to race, color or condition." Mr. Hall says:???It is unnecessary for me to express my viewa or define my present position on tbe all-absorbing questions of the day, which is simply justice to all. I am now where I have always been?for the perfect equality of all men before tbe law." The committee on returning reported the following resolutions which were read aad laid on the table until 10o'clock : Whereas a majority of the white male citixens of this District did strenuously oppose the right of the colored man to vote, aad deny them the rights and immunities conceded to all other citizens^ and whereas they did petition the Congress of the United States not to gran', impartial or aniversal suffrage, declaring that it wonld be detrimental to the public i ate rest and inimical to the great majority ef iu people; I and whereas we have been relieved of the iron beel of oppression by Divine inspiration 1 herefore, Kuolved, That the colored citizens of the District return thanke and offer their gratitnde to God, aad tender their heartfelt thanks aad undying gratitude to the loyal Congress, for grant, ing to them the great boon which liberty calls for and all freemen love to enjoy?the right to vote: and further Rttolvd, That they pledge to prove themselves wonky of exercising the ballot to tbe best interest of the people, aad especially our friends wbo erased from the nation's history the blackest page that ever veilea a nation's glory, nnd further pledge that they will not support any person or persons as candidates for election to offloe wbofe principles are not known to be in sympathy witn equality and justice before the laws. John Thomas Johnson, eolored, was introduced, and proceeded to speak of the changes wrought in this District. They could recollect when here in the Capitol was a slave mart and laws which oppressed them, among others, tbe ten o'clock law, were on the statute book. Us spoke ot the colored people for years paving taxes for the education of the whites, and expressed his gratification that they as a people were now .entitled by law to a proportion of I thatfnnd. As for the colored men not being prepared to vote, he contended that many whites sold their votes, and thoee of the ( colored race who were not well qualified, could do as the whites, and proceeding, he argued that the colored men had earned the ' rights given them. In conclusion be urged 1 that they should net allow the d?ath of John 1 Brown to be m vain, but should do their duty, and make his spirit rejoice. j Wm. Wells Bruwn, of Boston, followed, and after alluding to the fault being lound with Congress for its seoming slowness, said that they bavepverything to thank Congress for. . A lew years since it had been stated a alave 1 pen was here, and instead of the odious laws which were oppressive tothe race, they have ! been repealed: and they now stood forth as ' citizens, having the privilege over those grant- 1 ed in that contemptible city of Philadelphia, in riding in the street cars. Be advised the ' audience to follow tbe white man In his good ] acU: go wherever h? goes, except to the State's ! prUon. [Laughter.J This meeting would bold 1 up tbe bands of their friends In Congre**, and * they would go on and give something better. * Be was tejoiced when he last week read of J the appointment of a colored man to a first ' class clerkship, and to bear that others occupied positions almost similar. They should not depend too muoh on Congress, but on them- i selves, and show that having been thrown on j tbeir own reeonreee, they were qualified for 1 the suffrage. Here in the District their inttn- < ence should be felt. He hoped that the day i was cot far distant whan the* wonld have a | newspaper representing their interests, which i he believed wonld be supported and be of much valve to the race. Professor Wilson, of this city, followed, aad i expressed his gratification at beiag able to be t ?eseni and with hie fellow-men returning anks to Congrees. They were now about to . take their first lesson in American politics, aad they should avoid the errors of thoee now exercising the right of suffrage. He referred to the fact that the colored people last week de- 1 posited over fbnr thousand dollars in the Vreedmen's .Savings Bank la this city, as an < evidence of their thrift. After telling a few < anecdotes, he urged that they should maks the old political hacks dance. , Rev. 8. 8. Sumner (white) advised them to | rote right, aad remarked that every maa who ] tailed to vote right injured tbe men of hie race throughout the United States, and they should , ullow no one to indnoe them to vote for any . persons bnt thoee who are right. There were weak-kneed men in Congrees?men who had voted for the suffrage bill?who have since j told ont for office or peaition. ' Tea o'clock having arrived, the resolutions 1 reported by the committee wore taken up. 1 Mr. 8. J. Brown moved an amendment tendering the titank* of the meeting to Col. John W. Forney for bis efforts m behalf of the raoe, 1 whisk was accepted. , Jtr. John W. Canty offered an additional i i -T, i . i i x- id t W:a "eolutioa for preeenting copies of tbe nroce?diags to the Senate ud Hu?h of Kepre. miiuitn-to the Senate through ' >> . E M. Morrill, ud to tkf Hcdm tbroub Hon. W D which wu ado plod. Rev. D W Anderson offered a resoiatioa rrtaraiag tbe thanks of tbe meeting ? Ongreaa for p*Mt| the mil nary bill , Voicee? Thar# right"- ?l? n not paaeed!" -'Taint throagb ret!") * Mr J Say lee Brown said that beehouM bo cry tf vara aa Intelligent meeting adopted each a reeolutttn Mo believed that ibe Nil ?7"!?.. to WM B frmB<1 om tbe colorod mat. The bill gave power to Andrew Jebneoa. aad aitbcagh b? bad bad power and aaiboutr lor Ave yeare paet to protect >ba loyal bm of tbo Sou'h, bo bad not done to Congree* fhoucbt of r**aia? a law which they know Jobaeo* will writ*, and tbev will than paaa it over taa veto. allowiaf bin to boat tbrn la tbo oad ia 'bo execatioa of it. Tbia b?U wu aot baa. ?final to (be colored man, and waa of sach a character tbat the Southern loyalieu wora op. po?ed to It. K'? Mr. Andoraoa raid tbat a4altui? wbat bad been ?aid waa trae, It waa na reaeou why tba meeting abonld not tbank Coagress for wbat it bad done. Aa for firing tbo power to Andrew Jobaaoa, be d?d not believe tbat aa would be in tbe place of powar Ion*, an J bo waa coufldent tbat Coagreea would make him get ont of ttat placo. A motion to lay Mr Aadereon't reoolation ??'be table waa adopted bv an emt>ban? to la. Tbe reaojuiiona aa reported from tbo com. mlttoe were adoptod. and tbe mooting adjvuiaed. ? Amxastru and Vk ibitt.?From tb Alexau drin paper* of yesterday afternoon w cup tbe following it*fit> A ynuti* man bv the nam- of Theodore U Mohler, a eon of Mr Jobn Mob lor. olUentervill.' an a.count of wboao k>se and recover? of a mule waa given a frw days a.noo, wa* ar rested by officer Davie on Saturday aot and committed to jail by Justice Mooro lor further examination on Wednesday. oa Fuapicion of being the author of the mischief a!ore?ald It ia alleged that Theodore at?la tno mnle from nia taibar, -old a for *10, and t*b*a tutpected deposited tbo m:>ney witb r/t'n" ?! lli? Cl1'* for beapilig rntli called for. In the presence of a youuc r .an named David Smith A *h*rt time thereafter. smith drew tba money. a? be alieged. bv authority, and pat ont to paru unknown So ta'i both bia money and bia repu. An application praying that Jamee S. * ranch may beenioined nud reetrained frotn u*niifriii( or caatiuc ooubts upon the nue of . *'t'nr,on' Alexandria, and Oeurgeiowa hailroad < otipmy, was to have be-n boforo Judge t'nderwood. at tho fai ed States |i,strictt onrt H<* m. this mormnj, bar arrnment J1.*'0-.1!,Wa* deferred until Wednesday next, the vVth instant. The sutler oet&blisbment ot Mr. Thorpe on Water Mreet near Battery Kodgera, wu eu%re<t by thieves on frnday M>cbt last, and a number of arucles. consisting of cheese, pencil*, enve. lopes, check*. Ac , to the value of about its stolen thereirom. Officers Aubiuoo and Ed*. lin were placed on the lookout, and on Saturday afternoon discovered the cheese at tbo residence of Mr. Robert McKewen near tha P"niP. *'bo piaad a bona ftde purchase of he article from a fast young woman by tba Ha>"riet Nail-. Harriet waa therefora placed under arrest * "W illiam H Pbillips. committed to jail last Thursday for aa aaaault oa John E Lawaon. but who, it la ;thou*ht, would uavo been released to-day, effected bu escape last Satarday night between sundown and nino o'clock tbrongh one of tbe windows, and over tho outaide wail. It ia Certain that tie received aatistance from without. Anna CJarter. the eld colored woman of whom mention was made some month* atnee. aa having attained the advanced age of |ia years, baa pasted away. Oyeter boats are now arriving at tbo ^4. th',"npply of ,h# ia plentiful. The prise per bnsbel it from tixty. two to one hundred and twenty-flve canu '! "ow Pr'1^ of ice. and tba ferryboats are making regular hoarlr tripe conveying great numbera of paaeengera. Captain Jamea <iuy, wub hit outfit, and a large namber of bauds, started to-day, in tba steam barge Lnterpnte, for hit flahtng ehor* near Aqala Creek. ELROPEAN NEWS. Tbe Feaiaa Oatbreak, Ac. th^-^'.*' 1'eb1: ?The canto of the Ionian outbreaa m sioutn Ireland, to vet buried in obecnrity, tbongb the telegraph which run through tho diaaflVcted district are and romn??n?cauon has breu reatored. Some say tbat It wat caused by tbo thT officer. Oapt Mortartv, "V that Prompt arrest prel ot ihe Irish. Tbe British Ooverament bad newt at ih? affair aarl y on the 121k inat. An upper eervant in ib* houtehold of tbe Earl of Kenmore had received two annoyraoas notes atatinc tbat a rising waa planned in Killarney. and ihat tbo veeTn'fhT,?U,dK^a Klll*Ta?r from Uabirciveen ihat night. Uonatablea were immediate. ly tent to intercept him. Th.y met a wagon on which they ?und Moriarfy, w^omXJ took into cnatody, and upon eearching his person lound lettcra con firm iag the asseruoasia the anonymous notee. A courier named Dncan was aent to Cahircivoen to warn the oolioe A re belt caught bim while on\ia way aad demanded bia despatches which be re^ fuaed to give np aad aitemptod to Hi cape. They fired upon him and ha waa badly wounded. Aa far aa m known ax ores ent be it tbe only person who ha> be*n Snrt The police ol GabVreitbe trouble by other meaaengera and from several aploa among the Eeniana. They were strength ened by a damchment of men fr?? the wbicb waa lyiag off Vaieu. hJalid*^ their ,t*tion attack One band of Eeniana, ninety in number, took a horse at Kelts for their leader, U'Conuv lnii another band .tapped thlT mail S t^T'r^J Killarney to (fehirclveen, bat they did bM fe'SSTM ?"* lm I*1 BO ?aa "fe been takea or property deatroyed. Tba t eman plaa waa to atutak b.ltarn^captu" tbe place, and tben march to Oork. bat tbe lamed lata dispatch of troops from Cork to Ktllarnev by Oen. Bates, and tba celerity of Ool Hortford a movemenu. defeated tbe wbola UrVCtk?l*<1 '" urgent band to diaP?rM Tbe borte of a Fentaa coaner waa were a?d a conP'* 01 ?worda p'c.^ "P. bBt ?o men bad been captured. O Connor aad bia staff are said to btra *e Fenian ve^I off lZiJ tar. ^ ir *n,P^ctwl persona were arreated ia Dublin yea tor day, and after aa examination fl ve of them were retained in custody. Head ?dT?UrpbI End Oo,on',> L*wlor. Henley and Johnson have been arreated at Elmorick. and Important papers found upon tbetr per! odb and in tbeir lodginga. The alarm caa^d by the eventa ia now aboat over, and the excitement ie rapidly aabaidiag J'","*001" ?tb -The American Cham . ber of Commerce of tbie city bave voted ux preaent a gold medal to Cyrua W. Meld Eo?do*, Feb. IS ?A diapateh from Toulon announcee tbe daath by apoplexy of Eiouu Cornwall, of the American iron-clad Mian onomab. Tbe famoua ex.rebel Sumter baa been lost in the Nortb Sea. Dispatches from Madrid Jtate Uiat the King Consort ana been exjled trom Spain on tbe charge of plo tiag for tbe repney of the kingdom K, Lr*' * *- '8?^Biamarck will aooa goto Mudtgard for the purpoae of forming a new rtaiCDreedaa K,Df ?f pruMU u boot ^ A Nsa- Motbmbvt i? Etra iRorRaacB? A large meeting of (fermana waa bold ia New lork laat Tueeday evening to form a eooto'y Tor the matnal benefit aad pro tec boa of iifo usurers. Tba society will aaalet iu mem ber a a sustaiaing tbe payment ot premiums, will id vise non-insured parties bow and where to ffect Insurance, will aid in the collecuoa of pollclee falllag dne, and will gaard tbe m*re#u of all who may antte with it, by careuland constant obeervaDon of tbe ope ration a >f insurance companies. Althoagb desirued especially for the rood of ita members, the inid finance of this or^LaizntioB will te o iDertAM lire insurance buineM. Papsb PABTALtTi.?Aneng the new de. rlcas of the day are paper pantalets for ladies, k company baa bean orgaaiaed at Mecbanu a rails. Me., to manufacture bordare to ladies' ^ gbU^rea'e paatalota-an ornanenial appurtenance to be battened to tba emmeat, which may be readily replaced wbea Catboliee ia Englaad but ,416 priests, l.uil cbapela, 83 male oommaniles, 'Ad coaveata, aad 11 collegee. ?*Fr?h ahad are telling In tba WorxoUc narketa at Si?( per pair. VA couple who bad never seen each other were married m Saginaw. Mieb. Foeaib.y bey were Miad. VA man of fifty.eight, In Napoleon, Ark aid he woald drink a gallon ol liquor la a l?y or die. He did both. W Tbe Fredericksburg Ledger says : ?Wt inderstand there are ao leea than tweaty-two >eautifal and edacated marriageable girls at Port Royal, aad aot oae marriageable man," VMre. Lata waa married at Circlevtlle. 3hio, lately, bar owa daughter and grandlaughter acting aa hrtdeaaaalda. * A banquet was givea to tbe members of be River OeaveaUoa. at Eoaia, oa WtatM lay algbt, at wbicb iaff. T bom peon tbe exitebel General, made a peeebuM^.iSd m iaging tbe 'Star-Spangled Banner " 9TA moaee la Cleveland, N. Y , atoie r?o n greenbacka from a mau'a veet pockel wtHo ie waa aaleep aad made a aeet of ibeiucw A uspected aervaat ia tbe maa a booee ball Bach relieved at tbe discovery. A