Newspaper of Evening Star, 19 Şubat 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 19 Şubat 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, j Ike Until Cittolatioi it the (iilriil W. B. WAI.LATH, E4it*r Bad Preprtetor. WASHINGTON CITY : Tri U)4 V PKBRUAAV 10, 1857. VABAIUSQ MATTER OS ETBRV PAGE. i 8KB OL'TftlDK POR INTBRRPTIRO TELE GRAPHIC k*l> OTHIJt MATTER TO AD\ CRTIIEM. TW Wtnwiii m the ollctw showing ot ttl elrcalauon of ?he daiiy tapers of this mij WBptung lor che Government kdwhilni aad*T tbe rece?t**t of OoHrNidlmUHiaok advertietug ?o be mad* la tb* two daily ae wepapers ot Washington having the largo* circaJauos Avbbimo artA* 7.71* oopw* par day rkntfil S.MR * ? Intatiifmor 1S? >? The rstnrn* of advertising by the tmy paper* or tt?? quarter md'nr I Scomber 31. MM, aa taken from the book* of the Iatsrnal Reveaue Office. ar?* iu follow*: fe.VB?l*?* Stab tia,l07 Jn'Utfienctr 9lfH CkrtmicU ?.1?2 Mtfubimmm am Tint CENTAL ST.?TEM. Considering the great convenience of the decimal or cental system of wcigbu aad measures iu simplifying cal.-ulationa aad expediting hortiifM transaction*, aad tbe advantage* of baring a fixed and uniform basis on which to place values, iut-tea.ii of arourary and vary. | ing standards, ii ia a great wonder that our practical people have not lone since adepted a uniform decimal system of weights and meatores. Chicago b is lakeuaatep in the right direction, and ail her immense grain receipts mill be sold and bought by the hundred peuads after this month. Albany and St. Louis have adopted the new system; and the Cincinnati Board ot Trade proposes to follow, but rec >rainMi<!s the let of September instead of Marcti as a more suitable season to commence, wtfn tbe new ?irop of cereals hegms to move. It also recommend* that stber trad* Commoiities thai. gram be included ia the reform movement. Tde Cincinnati Hoard of Officer* also had under discussiou tb? expediency of changing the standard weight ot a barrel of llour to two hundred pounds The boards of Trade and business men in all ol the above citi-s, aad in others, have aim bad under consideration, and generally agreed U?, the propriety ot taking *tep* to secure such W*latiOB at the bands of the Congress of the United Sta-es as may be necessary to make I*, (ally uniform tor the whole country ttmpro posed reloria. and to adopt auch other measore* a* may introduce i*nto general practical sea decimal sy?:em of computation* for the | measure ot all quantities and values. THE SENATES RECONSTRUCTION BILL. Th* action ot the Ji*?nocratK party ot the House this forenoon, iu uniting with the extreme members of the Republican party to defeat the adoption ol the Senate's substitute for the Mil oi Mr. Steveas. to establish military rule, and that onlyover the entire South, is in capital keeping with the history of tha> party ' 1*1Nation upon the interests of the pe>ple of the South ever since tb* current Congress cam# into b*m?. If the **e-nate insist on their amendment, we believe it will b?com? law ia lb* course of to-night. Otherwise, thiough this act ot the I>?moerauc party, the peopl* of the Sou th will have to thank those devoted friends of 'heirs for the doe enactment of something much more like the original hill of Mr. Stevens, by a clear two-third* majority of both House* by to-morrow ntrht: or, if not by that time, sorely within ten or twenty day* of tbe opening ot the new Congress on the 4th proximo, by a vote far beyond possibility of defeat by lbs application of a Presidential Wo. Tag Hoxn Joe rial.?The laat number of tbi* popular family paper aanounce* that it will hereafter bo conducted by the Arm of Morria Phillip* A Co. Mr. Pbiliipe ha* been for a loag tin* the "basin*** editor ' of the Horn* Jimmai, aad hi* associate*, Mr George Ferry and Mr. J. H. Elliott, hare been for years brilliant contributor* to it* column*. The r*aiai*canoH of Mr. Wtllis, bow appearing in tbe columns of the /iWme Journal, are exceedingly Interesting. 9T The Amtricam Journal Horticulture is tbe nam* of a haadsom* aad aapsrbly Ulaatrated moaihlr d*voted to th* object indicated In th* utio, just ttarted by Tilton A Co., Boston. SbilHngton, Odeoa Boildlag, send* n* 41 Tbe Plague of Maraelllea, ' a aonsatioa story ol tbe atanningeet description, we jndg* by tbo wood-cut*. Tub Ga* Tax?The Honae baa voted that *be gas lax shall be paid by the cotnpanie* after the Mth of the coming April. Th* Senate ^b* yet to act upon the Bill. MrFrotn J. Shllllngton, Odeon Building, we bare received aa early copy ol Uarper't Maaann* lor March. C- Parker, Post Office New* Staad. and D. J. Btahop. **ad aa Hirper>t Magazin, SorMarcb. Pnaosii.? Tharlow A. T. Stewart and ; Judge Hilton, of New York, are at Willard's. CoMbbT ?i?ai at Wall * Opera Houae. Baltimobx asd (ihio Railroad ?A bill i a Bow ponding before 'he Legislator* or West > irgtnia providing lor tbe release of the Balti. i more aad Obio Railroad Oompaay from an ar- j rearage*?t taxation for tbo sum of ku.uoo, and all tutor* State, county and losal taxes for th* aom ot on* ailll per mils. ^OaMoaday tb* a loop Sopbts am rod at i Norfslk from the James n*s- flaberiea with a lar** carro of rock, perch, and otaor l*b. Th* cargo wm bousht for tbo Nortbora mar- I bets; ihey were packed ia Ice. aad shipped off ia tbe aitoraoon. Some of tbe rock wars as large as ever seen la the market. Fr*d*rt*lt A. Colby, a yonag man Ifteen y*rs of ago, eoa of W, W. Ooiby. committed aolcidooo Tbsraday, in tbo Free Will Baptist cbatcb. ai Lawrence, Maasacbueett*. by abootiag himself through tbo heart with a piatol baU. I><sappotatmsnt la lovo is said to bt tbscaaao. LA*r XxTLOfiIOJUI.?A ClsvsUfad gontlemaa has kept a partial record of accidents from tbe nas of kerosens lamps daring the year*. H* says that asarly two bundT*d peraoaa hav* been baraed to death, aad ftii Villi ion dolUrs of property d?strojr*4. Salb ot A VrafirBTA Pabv ?C*1. Alex. OTaliafarro ha* sold fire bandrsd and ssveatrll*o acres ot bis land, noar Rapid Aaa Stamm. U, without tmprovamsnr. for 959 pgr pnrcbaaer mmm AA#*IM,d'r?0"'snBsyiTanla, J-* **.<>'Colnmbna. proposeslalmport Scotch laborers forHoatbweat Ooorgta. org*** tltt tbt r^aion tone tnnfr&tion achemas bavs aot worked well has been that tbs laborer* bav* bssa *Mataod througn uatraatwortby age at*. d*a.t* of a Mibistbb.?a uiegram r?reived from Harper'* Perry yesterday *tal*s that tbe R*r. L?r Co*t*llo, theCatboll* clergyman officiating at that ptace,died there ?a bonday ovoaiog. Tab Caors ?Krom oar ooantry *xehange* Nr* learn that tbe winter baa bssa excesdtaglT favorable for fhrming iat*ro*'a. Th*r* ha* been anow enough to protect tbe wheat, aad there Is every prospect of abandant crop*. Th* Am press Cartotta. who was tboarht at oas time to be almost bopet***>y insane, lo now eaid to ha roeoooriBg her boaltb. she . Is to remaia at Mlramar, bowsver, aatil ths fats of the Mexican ?mplrs mdoeidod f Arnbamacss ar* tmad for cdaaba* on , aaasy of tb* *tag* roaloo at tlh* Sootb. WThe manufacturing lowaa of Great Bfi- I tain ars bnsily discnsalng tbo propriety of an I eirbt-hoar law. V Wif* heator* tm Memphis are lot o# with 1 a Abo of Bis. Via 1W? Mr. Peabody waa worth llfty 1 mill >ow* l VWild gee*^ are flying to tbe aorth, prob- ' ably ob some wild cooee chase. VTbe Indian* are waitin* for the grass to grow before commeacuig to scalp white people. ? * TKL.KUK A I'ilttT & I FRO *1 ki'KOPl. Tkf Feniww Outbreak Si|>i?<'*??'d?Flan aclal Bad Umrirniftl. v (By Oanl# to AMJcu:<*a fr^sv L"*i <?, Feb 19?ffoon ? None of th? arme.t Frrmoa in Kerry county b*ve b-en can ured, and tney have all disappeared. Ttte iriih peasantry are perfwetly willing to g r* any in'ellisenee, but thev objec to assist ia the strAC of their conutr> men. ' > TVr??'ebipe o4 war *re riding at Birrh<tr fn K Dmarr n\er, to awe tbe people into uued?eu< e nnfl Bertie*, fr need ?>e fcarl l>arbv? F?rst l?r<i of Tf**"ury% ay.-, officially, ibaw ifc~ alarm nv pMMil. and i ail '4??* jea^anie-nre lopa*- i Tb? (jof^rniMiu will treat t?e prisoner* juf Uy, md if a?ed b? severely. Tl-a lriab Secretary, Lora Nn-ie, aay* tbit do haw ri-ieg of tbe Keniaae need be apprebended. There were oaly ?*? engaged in the late revolt. Wet withstanding tbeir d-niili th* Gov?*mn*? nt la till tending troop# to Ire. lnnd. Tbe J^aacers (Juards bavoreceived order* to depart immediately. I J^vmrouii Feb 1W, Noon ?Tbo cotton markrtli qaiN and on-hanged. Sale* of 8,<?>i0 i bale* Middling Upland* I4d. Bread*'Off* vieady ;coriii 3>m #d ; wdmi, 4Ja Art. for t'alifornia, provisions generally Arm; lard declined Uj.iye v Lobthmi, Feb. 1<), Noon?Oooeols, 91; trie, i rttfc; U. 8. .Vib'a. 7e; Illinois Oniral, ex\ dividend,-77 t The Manachoirtl* Marder* lawiiisri, Ma?'. Feb. IP.?Tbe inquest In th? rn-f oi ingalls Damon. an old man wb?*e remain* were found lathe ruinaot bis barn which was burned on Wednesday laat. was concluded on Saturday, and resulted In the air-!-' of Edward P. ilunmm. husband of l>anion* daughter, on suspicion oi having caused the deatb of tbe old man. Fealan Excitrment. Boston. Feb 19?Tbe Fenian excitement in this vicinity continue* unabated, notwithstanding the cable despatches announce tbe outbreak in Ireland a* having been sappressed. The Fenian leaders are attaching but little importance to the cable n^ws. Suicide of aa Army Offirer. Richmond, Feb. it ? Lieutenant J. 8 Newberg. 13th infantry. committed suicide this morning at the Kailard House by taking landarum, lie was under military arre*t at the time. WOKK1 HQM EN ? A-SKMH l,T -Th |reg It ? ular monthly meeting will be brla on wftDNBSD AY BVBNlNO. 2Atb lusteot, at 7>? o'clock li. tbe Council Cha-nber City llall. la 19 It JAMBSH BEKD.B .8 fY*=f??KEAT PALI'S I'B OUBPAKT.-A LK_3 n.ertlng of tha Stockholder* of this Company ?>lit hsheld at Mo. Tii Louisiana muui an T U Bah AT, Ibe lib in?t , at balf pest x o'clock l>. u> Punctual Hti?o<lanca ia requested, a* lm portant business will b? transacted le 18 -t J y. OALIiAM. Secretary. Y*?a MBETINO OP THB UORPOBATOK3 ?3 ef Ibe V* aSttlNOToM (HUM r? H0B1E BaIlBOAU COM PAN V will be be!d at tb? oUi e of 8. P Brown. 463 Xb atreet.on WEDBKSDAT NBXT. at 9 o'cl<?ck a m.. r?r tb? earpoae of oreaing the enKscriytion l>o< k? t> tbe capital ttecb ?7 sai l . cnipuny All parties lotereste l in tbe ronstrnettoa aad snreee> wf the rond *re particalatly re-jueate i u be pree* nt. HAMUBl. P BROWN, KUANOld M vTTl NOi*y, NObLC D. LABNBR, MAK.SHALL KBHWIf. JOBBPI1 L I'AB'ONS, fe 18-21 Incorporators. nf^HAMLINB CH01BCoNUBBT, AT THI iL ? Ch'-rch, corner of 9th and P atreeta, ia PoPTeoi*DtoTL'*8DAT KVBNItfQ.tbe l?th ln>tant commenciBf at 8 o clork Ticket* 2> c-ats; to be obtained from aay aami'tr of the Choir, or at tbe door on tbe evealng wf tbe Concert fell it fry-JOBKre a siiArriBLo. U3 PBBNOH OOSPKOTIOSBBT. Ladies' icb cbe&m a dininq saloon, 240 Pean. Ave., bet. 12th and 13tb ?U. Weddings. Dinner or Supper Parties supplied at I ?Sort aetice with novelties in Pyramid*, faeny eakea, and Ooaf?cti?nerie*, Je.lits, Welding Cakes, best nuality T*Me Ornameirts: S*]*ai, Ice Urea hi, Water Ice. Bom a a Panch, B >ne I Torbey.plaia: Eaooloped0y*urs, boned Tnrkey la jelly i Charlotte Ba?se. etc . etc Attendaate also will be seat to attead to all details ef arrangements. Boa<iaetc, Wreaths, and I cat Flowers to order I fell lm JOSEPH H. 8HAFFULD. [ nr^-TBE BBV. DB BAM90M, PBBSIDEBT CCLUMBlaa COLLBOB, will beeia a COTBSE OF LECTUBES on tbe Holy Laad for the benefit of tbe New Episcopal Charcb.ln tbe First Ward, on TUBS DAT, February 5th. In the Leetare roam or tbe Obareb of the Bplpbany. Th" repntatloa of Dr Hamson ae a lecturer la well kaowit, aad tha internet which canoot f*li to be felt la tbe aabjeet aad the ea eel lent purpose had in view, mast draw a large audience. The Lectures will be m number. and will redelivered on Taeaday and Trlday eveaings. Tickets for the eonree, Bi Single tickets,is s?nte. tw be bad at tbe B#ok Stores aad at tbe Star Office. j% w [|W BBTABLISHBP 19M. McPHEBBOM ft FBBOOSOW. 671 rsnn. avail ea, coa.ta* 1st nun, Deal* 1 0?pi*ol Hill, irfBTBUMBHTS, *c , fto Pbyaldaas Preacriptioae aoearately eompounded. Tbe Blgbt Bell promptly a sewered ae lt-tf g 1 *D FQ OP. PBEPABBD FOOD For Mocking Birds Tbiuebee, Nightingales, MolMili Ulaik Bird* Startfar* lit Larks, Ac. U. W inBOHELL. ? ? aadar Bbbltt Housa. f?W_ corner Uth and F streets | | I?T Ot PROPOSALS OF A mAeELLTkLi neoa* character received at the Office of tne Ouarteraaaater Oeaeral for tae week eading Febraary 18. 1*7: T Dave/. Alexandria. Ya..offers to parchase 10 cords of bard wood at 9^ per cord, and 10 cerds of p ne wood at #2 per eerd Meses Baskfa. Alexandria. Va? oflers to parCbaae iOoords of plaewood a> #J per oerd It i t J.ABDBM BBBDfl, U*a ..... ?iIDI|?lD8. ' cabbagb rjrurtp. - ? ^ uWtOOI. ftc . Ac. - 1? receipt of ny Imported GABDBB BEBUB from Temnrla Andrteax ft Co., Paris. Franca,aad Buret ft Boa, London. England, and have made arrangements wMb the largest and laoet reliable seed grower* la tbe Unitod Stat- a for my American Bead*, aad have now ia store a large rapyly, which are warranted fresh aad can* nine. J. P RABTHOLOW. fe 19-eepw 7th street, below Fe*n. atenue fkLD FOBT DBFlAaOE.-JCr Opeier Beet U V/ now In active aervlce. Three ofA. tbe laigeet b at' arrive to d?r wltkEA f?J tb* lae*e*t and finest OT 8TBBS from^ubflr Tork Blver, meaanting from nine to twelve Incbei ta length? raits a curtoalty. 1 have pnt tea e buck era to work today. Private famlltee may donend that they will get their Oysters freah from tbe shell, and tha finest tbe market can my long experience eoablee me to select tb* best Oy ters thatcomeeto tbe mavboe wltbowt a 4"oM Call at th? OBtUINAL OTSTBB DBFOT, BS1 C street, eornerof lltbasroef. fel9?t fijA BATS 10IITI 1 BT BCT1HO- TBI'S KB. TAL1BB8. TBATELIBO BAOB, LAB1EB aad IBH'B BATOHBLB, HA EN ESS ABD SADBLBBT, Ac, Ac.. v tbi OHLT FBACTIOAL abb MOST BXTBBBITB MAB DFAOTUBBES la the city, aad at PB1CBS OBFTlBfl C0HPBTIT10B. JAMBS B. TOPHAH ft 00 . . Byv>0?-?B ' BBTBVTB BTBBBT, Ft rat door above Odd Fellowe'Hnil. TBI'HKB. ftc . tboroagMy And promptly re< paired. felltt f|T t ALUAIDBB, ?aa. 940 Fe^rl" yanlaavaaae?Bold. Bllfar. and Steal BR(J dOLEB. made of BrasUlan Pebbles,and OPBBA PL a SBBg for sale. fa 19 4.* S",UL Mb Agent for CBIekarlBd ft Bon's Plano?t ^ felitt SOB Pean. ave., bot. ftb and pJth. 06 pab1b KID olote dbfot. ob; poll supply jrrt bbcbitbd. courtoibbb1, alexamdbrb. 0T Pxiae tedlan. fa. Oentlemen'a, $9.9*. COOBVOlBlBB*s lone or two button olbtbb, la vku* aad Stoning colors, jaat re elved. JOB. I. MAY ft oo., $08 pa ave., fa" **11 bd?weaa.,?|k an^ totb street., oil rational laubdbt, on ^41 Peas e av , bet uth aad l?th ate, ?+1 All work done by band. Ooods called for Bad tbe sherteet notice, ftil kinds or Fraaob Bntlag done in tbe aeateet style, fe 11 At* -L CONORKSSIONAL. ^TlT^ipAV, February 19. . 8sna\^?presented resolmtnna of U>? i BiDB-I^iir, oi Wincbrster, Va . askteg ikat iM tyrili of Ijoiirituii r>iU b?fitended to Virgtnia Laid on the tanl- . Mr. Himtfy pi^M(?d a m-monal ?f the I.egi?lature of Minursota asking the reil???\a? of ibe Indian* iu tbat State. Ueierred w Gjiqmmee oa Indian Affair* Mr Sumner pr?wnt?l a petition Irom co'ored aiuronaKt lb* Lhtlntiof Uulnnbrn, boKHi lb lb? tpw war, asking 'ihat colored regiments . In tbe regular army be offlcr*(| br colored eoloiere. Miterrml ? Oonmltw on Military Aflairs. . . -\i? ? M r. Sum Of r jiresnoted msbi'n tions of Sou'Jiern Republican Association. in ibis city, askUg the application of tht? Lou-tana bill to alt tbe in>njrection;iry Stales, and expressing tueir disapproval of toe Military bill. Laid on the I labia. | Oa motion of Mr. Morrill, the Senate agreed I to tbe rrqufot the Honse for a Corn rautee of Ownfrrem e oa the disagreeing voies or the t wo Houses on the bill to Incorporate tbe National Opital Insurance Company. Ou motion ot Mr <3onnes*. tbe bill to rrant laud titfes Id the own of Santa Clara, California, was taken up aod passed. Mr, Sumner introduced a resolution of inquiry, wbieb was adopted, caliingon ibe Pre>ioent as to whether Mr. Harvey. U. S. id inister to Portugal, has received any salary since the passage of ibe Diplomatic Appropriation bill oX ia?i J uly, and it so, out of what laad has tbe same brer paid. Mr. Anthony introdoced a joint resolution in relation to National Banking Associations, which wee referred to the Committee oa Finance. At 1:2:40 p. n>. tbe Clerk of tbe House appeared and announced that tbe House refused 10 ct ncur in the amendment of the Senate to ibe Militaiy bill, and asking a Committee of C??i er?nce. Mr W illiams moved that tbe Senate insist oa its amendments, and agree to ihe request tor a Cemmi'teeof Conference. Mr. C< unees opposed tbe motion. A bill of su.h transcendent impcitance as this should 1-e considered 111 open (Senate. He Would sooner lay ibis bill on the table, and take up the Louisiana bill ai:d amend it so ae to make it adaptable to boih Houses. He wanted this wlifll" subcut considered in opun Senate. Mr. Williams ttoougbi tne Committeeof Conference could perfect a measnre ibat would be acceptable to both Houses, but it tbe S-nate insi>u-d on Its amendmenu the bill would most prot-abiy be defeated. Mr. Sumner could not take tbe fearful responsibility of opposing tbe Conference Commitue Our suffering fellow-citizens in the South needed some substantial measure which would bring ibt-m relief, li the conference was not ordered farewell for ibis session to protection and reconstruction. Mi. Fomeroy ibouKhi it w?uid be impossible to pave tbe bill under any circumstances. Mr Feeseuden ex pressed hm disapproval of the bill as ii bad parsed, and said the Committee on Reconstruction bad not reported in favor ot It did not sufficiently p otect the loyal people. He tboecbi the request for a ccraniittee of conference should be acceded to. Mr. Sherman apposed a committee of conleieuce. Mr. Howard did not think it become tbe Senate to send each a grave ma ter to a commutes of conference. Mr. Hendricks did not think, if tbe bill was seut to ibe President in utne, tbat ha wonld w* bhi'ld it. Mr. Lane could see no hope for a compromise. Every Kepuhlican in the Senate had vi ed lor the bill as it now atood, and be was tin Willing to recede. The bill as it now stood was acceptable to tbe great Union party of the t onntry. aud be would discuss it until ibe last day ot tbe session on this floor, without any retrard as to wbai the President would or wonld not do. Mr. Wade alsn opposed the committee of con. ferem-e. They had plenty of time. Th? next Coi grebs commenced the moment this ended, and. bis word tor it, before ihe* adjourned they would perfect a measure which would satisfy not only themselves bui tbe people. HvrSK ?Mr. Hanks (Mass ) introduced a loinr resolution anthiirizing and directing the Secretary of the Navy to assign one vessel of warof the Ualteci States lor the purpos- of carrying focd and clothing to Charleston, Savannah. and Mobile, for the use of the people who are suffering by reason of the failure of crops, Ac. Mr Spalding (Ohio) ebjected, as he leared the revolution would give rise to debate. Mr Ward <N. Y ) was, at his own request, excused from service upon the select committee to inquire into alleged bargain and compromise between the President and members of Congress. Ihe regular order having been demanded, the House resumed the consideration of ihe Senate amendments to the bill to establish military governments in the Sonth; tbe questioa recurring upon Mr. Spaldlng'a motion to concur in tbe Senate amendments. Just beiore the question was put, Mr. Stores (Tenn.J desired to have read a dispatch from tiovernor Brown low, Indicating the impression existing In Tennessee as to the evfl effects that would follow concurrence in the Sena'e amendments; but he was loodly called to order b? tbe Democrats, and the reading of the dispatch was refused. Tbe question waar then taken by yeas and nays, and resulted?yeas. 73; naya, 9t?as follows : Yeat Messrs. Alley, Ames, Anderson, Ashley ef Nevada, Baker, Baldwin, Barker, Benjamin, Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow, Bucklaud, Buudy, Clarke of Ohio, Co?k, Cullom, Darling, I>tvis, Dawes, Hetrees, Delano, Demlng, Dodge, Eggleaton, Farnsworth, Perry, Oriawold, Hart. Hill, Hooper,Hubbard of West Virginia, Hubbeil ot Ohio, Hnlhurd, Kaason, Ketsham, Laflln, Lawrence of Pa., Lawrence of Ohio, Longyear, Marvin, Maynard, Mclndoe, M< . Kee, McKner, Miller. Moprhead, Morris, Orth, Patterson, Plants, Pomeroy, Price, Baymond, Rice of Mass , Kice of Me . Rollins, Ronssean, Scbenck, Spalding, Stillwell, Tavlor of Tenn .Thayer, FrancisThomaa, J. L.Tboma*, TTp*on, Van Horn of N. Y . Washburne of Muss, Welker, Whaley, "Wilson of Iowa, WT<?od bridge?73. Kayt?Messrs. Ancona, Arnell, Ashley of Ohio, Banks, BaxteT, Beaman, Bergan, Boutwell, Hoyer, Brandegee, Bromwell, Hroomill, Campbell. Chanter. Clarke of Kansas, Cobb, Cooper, Dawson, Denison, Donnelly, Dnggs, Dumcnt, Eldridge, JSliot, Farauhar, Finck, (Joodyear, Grinned, Harding of Kj-. Harding of 111 , Harris, Hawkins, Hares, Henderson, Higby, Hise, Hogan, Holmes, Hotchkiss, Hubbard of N. Y., Hnbbard of Conn., Huboellof N.Y., Humphrey, Hnnter, Inrersoll, Julian, Kelley Kelso, Kerr, Koontz, Kuykendall, Ijitbam, LeBlond, l^eftwicb, Loan, Lynch, Mar. shall, McCullocb, Mercur, Moulion, Myers, Newell, Niblack, Nicholson, O'Neill, Paine, Peiham, Phelps, Pike, Kadford, Randall of Pa , Rittar, Rogers, Roes, Sawyer, Scofleld, Sbanklto, Shellabarger, Sitgreaves, Sloan, Starr, Stevens, Stokes. Taber, Taylor of N. X , Thornton,Trimble, Trowbridge, Va* Aernam, Van Horn of Mo., Ward of Ky., Ward of N. Y , Warner, Wentworth, Williams, Wilson of Pa , Windom, and Wright?OP. Pending tbe roll-call, while excuses were Offered for abeentees, Mr. Baxter <Vt) announced that if bis colleague, Mr. Morrill, were present he wonld rote nay, and Mr. Wood bridge made a counter statement, all eging that be wonld vote aye. The House having refused to concur, a confere nee committee was ordered on the disagreeing votes. 1 Mr Sebeack, ( .,) from the committee of conference oa the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the bill to regnlatetbe tenure of tertam civil offices, iubmitlea tbe conference report, making the tenure of Oabmat officers during the tennre of ths Preside at appointing them, but making their removal anbjvct to the approval of the Senate. The report of the committee of conference **ra*d to?yeas 113, nays 40. Mr. Kaaeon, <lowa,) from tbe Committee on Appropriations, reported oack the Indian appropriation bill so modified by order of tie House as to strike out all appropriations for gratuities to Indians, except each aTare rtqnired by existing treaties. Mr. Kaeeon said he bad reported tka bill as directed, but suggested tbat soma portion of whatwas ordered to be stricken out shoald be Scofleld, (Pa.) Maynard, (Tenn.) a?4 others, opposed the system of iretiititt. as being productive ot no good aad wok Mr. Kasaon in urging tne necseaity of retaining these appropriatioaa. They were necessary as preeervatives or the peace and to k?ep faith with the Indiana. The appropriations for the territories and Indian service therein were retained. The bill waa still under discussion when our report closed at 2 o'clock. | Those ia want of each will aleees call at >8 tt' iUblee c 0 A M o r V 1 01. M0W*Y leaned on Sold and Silver I * ? ' ?* between let* and ntbsts. P"0AI? I BOM, AMD OIL, or the Practleal Amer\ 1?mi Miner; beiee a guide to ear mlnesMd itRS! rsAaoK TilLom. m -* 0 I * mil { 4 OM LOCK P. M. FINANCIAL. L?WU Jofauon A Oo., qnots Stock* u4

Beads is homo and foreign market* as follows Nnw You. Feb 19.? 1st Board?HJ. S. n?isiered. K*?f, 1W*; oo.. coupons. I0?*; 5-*?< s, registered^MA, do. coupons, in. do., lduS, ItFJK; lO-tO*. registered,?? do. coupons, ; 7-3i s. 106. Ohio aud Mississippi ?>r tides tea, i?4*; Ca*?ton. 46^; Cum bar laud, 31. umvksil *r, 3'X, Mariposa, ?*: N#? York Ottral, 101*; tff, 56 V do. pw?r'(l,?} Hud>on. IS**; ( Reading, 1C3 \, Michigan Central, io8; Michigan Southern, 78; Illinois Central, lis* Cleveland and Pittsburg. 8,.*. Cleveland and Toledo. 118#: Rock island. >artb ?m. ! tern, .16*; do. preferred, Port Wayne, t B&. Ohicago and Alton. ; Alton and Ter- : re Haute, 32; Toledo and Wabash, 4ofc-. W. U. : Telegraph, 43 Boston Water Power, t>?; Pacific Mail. 155; Atlantic Mail, mi. Gold, i j? p. m? iJififc. London, Feb. 19 ? Noon?[Per Cable]? Bonds. 73, Consols, 91 Erie, 37V, Illinois Central, 77\ . john h sl'rratt. The despatches of Commander W. W. Jeffries, of the iteamer Swatara, were received by Secretary Well s tbis morning. Commander J. announces that be lett Villa Prauca Prance, on the 8th of January, and arrived at Madeira on the Ziri, which place be left the same day, aller coaling Very rjugh weather was experienced during the passage, but no damage was sustained by the vessel. The prisoner will be delivered to Marsha) Gooding to-day or to morrow, and be sately lodged in jail. Prior to the arrival of the Swatara, the Navy l>?'par?ment issued inctructlons to Commodore Kadford, at the Navy Yard, directing him, on the arrival of the Swatara, to have ber anchored in the stream, and allow so communication with h?r Admintl Gold&borougb did not come on the Swatara, but remained on the flag-ship at Lis. bon. A bench warrant was this morning issued from the Criminal Court by Judge Fisher, and is as tollows; im?t*iot or CoLDMniA, To wit :?The I'm. trd Stat n of America, to the Xtor trial of the fiitmet of Culumb a. Greeting - We command you tliat >ou take John 11. Surra'U late of Washington county, ii be shall be found within ?h?? county of Washington, in your said District, and him salelv keep, so that you have bis booy before the Criminal of the District of C > lumbia, at the city ol Washington, immediately, io answer unio the United Slates of and concerning a cer'ain teloniy. by bim commuted. as it is presented, and so forth. Hereof tail not, at your peril, and have you then and there this writ. W itness, Hon. George P. Pisher, judge of our said court, at the city of Washington, the 1Mb day of February, anno domini one to?usand eight hundred and sixty-seven Issued tbe lath day of February, 1817. K. J Mkios. Clerk On tbe back ol which is the following ind. rvement ??No 4,731,United StAtes vs Jotrn H. Surratt. Bench Warrant. Murder." Marshal Hooding is ready to take charge of the prisoner as soon as he is notified by the l>epartment of their readiness to deliver him to the civil authorities. He will then proceed to the Navy Yard with the above warrant, and take the prisoner in his custody, escorting him to the jail, where he will be placed in the custody ol Warden Brown for safe keeping. Mr. Brow n has lately had fitted np in the jul three iron-clad cells, one on each floor, which are used for the conllnement ol murderers and desperate characters. Snrratt will be placed in one of ibese ells, from which there is no possible chance for escape, and there is no donbt about his safe keeping. No one will be allowed to see him except his counsel and the officer? of the prison. TheSwartara lies in the stream abont fifty yards from the wharves of the navy-yard, and up to noon to-day no communication whatever had been had with her or lrom her except that Commander Jeffries last evening reported to Admira! Kadford a short tine after her arrival, and left bis dispatches for the Department. The mail this morning was taken on board by a rope from the boat The prisoner, Surratt, is confined below decks, strongly guarded, and is in excellent health' He speaks but little, and positively denies that be is John Surratt. He is now clothed In garments furnished from the ship's store bis Zouave uniform being much worn. it is rumored that the subject was discussed in the Cabinet to-day. and it was decided to deliver the prisoner to the custody of Marshal Gooding to-morrow. TBE MILITARY GOVERNMENT BILL. As apprehended by us yesterday, the Hou-e to-day refused to ooncur with the Senate amendments to the House military govern* ment bill, and ask tor a committee of conference. Messrs. Stevens, Shellabarger, and Blaine were appointed the committee on the part of the House. The Senate is evidently determined to stand stoutly by its amendments, Messrs. Sherman, Connees, Hendricks, Stewart, Pomeroy, Lane and Wade having expressed themselves warmly to that effect. In the debate to-day, Messrs. Sumner and Fessenden were alone in favor of conference. During the discussion, some rather tart colloquies sprang op between Messrs. Fessenden and Howard and Fesseiiden and Wade as to who had favored tbe Blaine amendment and who had not; the personal discussion occupying considerable time. the naval school. A delegation is here from Newport, R. 1 , urging that if the NaTal School is removed from Annapolis, it shall be located at Newport. New Londoners claim it as part ef tbe arrange, ment with tbe friends of L?*gne Island that it should be located at that point, If New London gave up to League Island the Iron-clad station state dinner at the executive man sion The sixth state dinner of the President this season will take place at tbe Executive Man. 'ion this afternoon at six o'clock. Cards of Invitation have been Issued to annmberof members of Congreee and their ladies. the white house. To-day being Cabinet day, no visitors were admitted at the Executive Mansion. All tne members of the Cabinet were present and the session continued until after two o'clock. iKTXBVAL Rxvnncn?The receipt* from this source to-day were SSOf,092.93. LOCAL NEWS. Cm if iwxl Coukt?Judge Fither Yesterday* in the case of Delaware HudnulL alias Banks, and Dennis Nolan, indicted for keeping a bawdy bouse, a moUepr??. was entered; as also in the case of laemas H. Matthews, indicted for larceny. William Brown was found guilty af larceny, and nnder sixteen years of age. Robert Bundy, found guilty of larceny, was aentenctd to imprisonment in the Albany pea. itantinry for one year. James Gordon, Indicted for larceny, was found not guilty. Aaron Mann, indicted fer larceny, submitted his case and was sentenced to fifteen days' imprisonment in the oounty jail. In anather case against the same a nolle pros, was entered Clinton Smith, found goilty of larceny, was sentenced to imprisonment in the Albany penitentiary for two years. Robert Sail and J%me? Clark, indicted far larceny, were found not gnilty. This morning. Isaac Johnson was convicted of larceny, as also Robert Jones and George | Williams. George Ward, indicted for an ansault and battery, submitted his case, and was fined 94. In a second case a nolle pro* was entered. In tbe cases of Robert Jones and George w illtams, indicted for larceny, a nolle prot w as entered. Isaac Washington was arrested for obtaining money under falsa pretonces. Ophelia Armstead plead gnilty to a charge of larceny. , * ? Th? Rivxs 18 Ovkw.?Onr enterprising neighbor, T. M. Harvey sends us some deliai. one bivalve*, so large, fat, fresh, and delicately flavored, that we are convinced the way is open direct to the oyster beds. Tub littlx qikl named Reeves, who was outraged iu Jackson Hall alley, died yesterday from ber injuries. "V. I ,11' ' j1" Cterna??' Oocrt, iwiy rnrceH.?To-day tbe WHi of the 1st* Mirgarft Maekel was (ally pWr'?. The teeiatri* leaves?1,000 f >r'be ?o * n*of Lies!* Wttntr and diwi that of it? balance of tier property on* half ?ball d ided Mtwn Margaret I'll*, Edward Ulle, Michael Maekel Mid Lixsie, and the otr?T half b~Iwn her two brothers Wo Grape ?? d*d ad at fi'tutor, and l?'i?r* tHUtn^uUfjr V re iHUfrt to biir.; brad %i,UUO Letters trslan.emar v were i?saad to Adeline 1.+*, on the estate of Richard H?nry L*e: bjad t - u ?. .lane Mrliermott was appointed r?ud an u the orphan* of Ihoe Ha|Wi, bond ?4<?i, aad .1obanra K'effer, to tbe orphans of Philip K'?f??r: bond Tbe first ami llqal acoanatof the a Iministrator ot M St. UUir Clark* was approved aad aad passed. <> < A .. PmaoaKRa r<>R Ai.paky?The following named prisoner-. con victed at tb?* praaeat term o: vh* Or minal Court here. were y ester i?i sent to tbe AI ban* penitentiary o -?*rv- out tjeir terns of eentenca. Tbeinas bbepherd, J jba Bell, james >raaklln. Henry Campbell. Nel run Lindfler, Jaremiab Johnson. Klatrt Smith, Matthew Connelly. Arthur <}rtg?by, ana Robert Buady, coavicte.1 of larceny. ani sentenced to one year ear ft: Charles OWIins and Aagoetee Simmm 18 months each: Canton Smith. Heary Bovf?, a-nd George Wubmg'on. two year*each: Kraaris Harr?*ow, convicted of mauslaughter, aad sentenced to nve j tars. Fc>i?xi?Thia arwaoon, the funeral of Mr George H. Paine, the topographer of the \N atpr Hoard, is fitting pltif, and in rvtpff! to bis memory the Corporation olllces are ch>?ed, and tee officers generally auecdiag hie fane, ral. A RRimn or Hrmch Wabrart l-a?t evening, officer O'Callagan arreted I,avmia Trapman and Annie Simmi on a hencb warrant, tbey bflif under indictment for re.-ei vm[ aolt-u (t<>ods and not being preseai when their ca*es were called Thr iibasd coiCkrt at Ka?t Washington M.E Church to-morrow evening b- a fine entertainment, as food masical talent t?a< been enraged, and the two (TomrnanderM?~ of Knights Templar a*e expected to be present. i?- ???. DBftTBycTiu* ov Tu* I< a Haiix.a ov?a theSrnqrimarra.?The mtid w-*ath*r during the past week, accompanied by copmn* sh j*. ers ol rain. bad the effect of ramm*; the rn er to eucb au extent that tha ice yielded to Uie pres. sure, and a general break np to >k place on Thursday. Tha weather was very to^gT.^ind persons could not eee but a lew yards fr<rn shore, otherwise the spectacle would have been grand. Tbe oaly damage done wa? to the Susquehanna Iron Company's wnart, which was torn np considerably, and in a moment huge cakes ol Ice wcr^ pil?-d tip many leet high, some of tb? ice w is from 12 to J? ind>es thick. At the breast ol tha dam mere i* an immense mountain of ice. which, by a tual measurement, is 3i> teet high At Sate Harbor the water ran to a point nearly as high as in the memorable flood of lii7. liavis s store and other building* were completely surrounded by water, and should a shove take place great damage would be clone ?Columbia Sjy. As Imthtkiaj. I'a.mjkr?Strong symptoms ot another outbreak between capital and lal-or btgm to be diaceruable. In Host on iii? lourn- y men pla'Uerers lately resolved to trikts lor the eight hour* syatem. and v- n >w ot>t>er\e that the inaa'er mechanics of that city Lave been banding themselves together f >t the purpose of opp. Mnr the movement. Master met banies in ?ll seem determined to light the eight hour movement wherever it may take practical shape. They riglitlv rea-ori that H the operatives in one trade succeed m establishing the system the battle will virtually have been won lor all. It may be**, pected, therefore, that any movement in this Ci'Y or elsewhere, to enforce the proposed Sy?. t?-m by a strike. In any branch, will befoilowed by combined opposition on the par1 of master mechanics. 1 here iseverv probability of such aresult. ana tb's consideration shou d have due weightin the minds ot tbo*e whoare urging the eight hour reform.?y. r. A roth ib Showik or MKTaoRft Xrxt StvMEK ? In a letter addressed by Jt. Le-vierr^r u? Mr Jonn llerschel, aad published by thParis Monitrur be French a?,*ronomer states hia yo*ws concerning tbeawarmaof falling stars thst will u? oa or aboet tbe Htbof August, which. he savs, aovea in an orbit perpendicular to thatofonr planet, while tho-e of the month of November move in a direction contrary to that of tbe earib: and asks Sir John Hertvhei on wbatgronnda be tbmks th a latter fact to be contrary to the theory of tbe nebnla. Real Estate ?Otn. Win. U. Payne has finally disposed of the Ayres estate on Qoose Creek, containing 5on acres, at p?r acre. There are no improvementa and little fencing on the place: but *ke land la of gaod quality and tbe amouat paid for u ia considered a fair price. Tbos. 3laseock ia the purchaser We understand that Mr. E. J. Smith has sold about Soo acres of land of tbe same ch iracter, in tbe same neighborhood, and at the same figures. ? Harrtmw, Jndem. Labor tk Erulard ? Farm laborers In England get eleven shillings per day an<t two quarts of cider per day, and commence work at o a. m. and atop at p. m. Tbis Is tbe extreme price for best bands on an average Ordinary bands get nx eh tilings per week aad one quart of cider per day, and are paid weekly No board ia included, aa In Awterica.for labor, era. An English shilling U equal to twenty, three cents In cold. A* Alarxixq Fact.?The Frankfort (Ky > Coumoawealth make* tbe following alarmiag statement. "If any candid Democrat, of an average quantum of brains, will examine page 2:?of tbe Auditor's report for 1&67. be will have the appalling abolition (act driven in npon his understandingtbat Kentucky ie ST2.B3^.T91 richer without tbe negro tban with him."' Hkrrt Ward Beecher oa Sirfra-e Henry Ward Beecker delivered an address on Wednesday night at tbe Brooklyn Academy of Music. It waa generally expected that he would *pea? oa the question ofreeonstruction, and define bis poeition: but bia remarks were devoted to tbe enb)ect of universal suffrage, and'particelaxly the right ot women to tote, which be warmly advocated. Fatal Accidk.nt.? On Wednesday of last week, w hilst Mr. Green Richardson was attending bis circular sawmill at Aberdeen, a board was caught by tbe saw In full motion, and thrown with such violent force against bis etomack that he died from iu effects the following day. Mr R was a married mm, and leaves a wife and aix children ?Hartford (AId ) Vni<m. A Eiv* (For ill a ?Admiral Flenrian has succeeded in bringing aaer to FYaacea youag live gorilla Tbe little brute has the fre? range of tbe bonae, and ia engaged in obt-erviag as mucb aa it ia tbe object ot observation. ^"Potatoes areaelltag in Maine from 60 to 70 cents a bushel. >7*A Cinciana 1 telegraph operator says he bas alwaya noticed tbatnine outof tec changes in tbe weather begin la the West. ^Ttae Legislature of Kansas baa amended the conatitution of tbat State so as te extend tbe rigbt of auffrage to womaa aa well as to men. ' ^"ln London, during tbe waek ending January H, forty-two peraaaa, twenty.two of tbcm women, committed aaictde. A girl in Jersey auunped to death her illegitimate cbUd. A Scotch lady, Miaa MaeFarlaad, baa beea preaching to large audieaeee in the hall ot the Polytecbale in London. VMra. Peter Brewer, aa /old lady of aeven ty-one years, fell down ataira oa Katurdav laat la Utioa, and broke her neck. She was trying to de cand in the dark to relieve the watcbera oyer her dead busband. WTThare appears to be a general collapse" of the Gift Lotteries, aad kindred schemes It was fail time. Vltia atated tbat W. H. Steyena haa die. covered a depoalt of gold at bis place in Chesterfield, eigbt mi lea from KicUmood, Va. It haa beea teaied by a talaeralaglat. ^ABVBH MKP1, FhUrt TB?Z J O Hf SAUL Haa aow tn Store his extsaslv* stock of ABMir BB>DB, vbleb are this seaaoa of tneet qaallty. From his aracttoal kaovledpe ?f tbe trade.and the Seed* having beea grown apeciailr for bit sales, tbey are warianted traeh, pars, geualne FLOWBB SSBDS, embracing all tbe noveltie* from Bagland aad the oantfaeat, with many articles s?ved from his rich eolleetloa of Plertst Flower*. FBCIT TBBK0 of finest quality, censlatlng of Peara^Aspies, Peasbes, Apricots, Hectarinee, G*BAr? V IB B8? pel aw are, Conoord, Biana, I Bogers Bybrlds, leaa. Adlrondac, he Btrawbdfries. Blackberriee, ooseherrlea.OurSnts. Evergreens, Shade Treea, Boaaa, Green r use Plants *c, B^an^, Wr^tb^Out^lowerj^o^ % Beaoved U 441 7th street. fe 18 eolrn opaoslte Q.?. Patent Ogee. M A 1 L OHOOOLAT8 DB FANTAISIB, IT BOlfBONS. M A 1 L c/OOOEAT PAB BX^BLLBBCB, Tbls Triple Vanilla CBOOOLaWTla superier In quality aad flavor te any ether maie la thl? country,and ta prepared especially for table nee. H. w. BflBOBBLL. oeraer wth aad F atreete, 'rt * under Bhbltt GToaae, i Affair* la i. r ^ ik i TB1CaT1'* MnrtKw -l,vt .hi the Uti-Miro auffia<e meii Ij?id * ??..???> i?S ia >.w Maiaet bail fur it,. pur!Z , K?rwI^kU,TKDC",D^0" ?f Th" tMTfWhl b*/"n 10 ? *?* 4t AmaT.^n Hr,? Eia 7 5 ?'rkxk H-al >? ? . Bra?? Ktod, ib f?H Ba.form nuaM-Bce witb >k>a? flu* ibb?i. nf by electing Ho* N Ad,l,.y? ?i7?I J L a,*"Brd' * ? ?" flr.t pre. # V. Tn*' <*?b* 2*. nmtum*l <Vo? -T 1 01 *1.**; ?* * K i->?wford. of , ; thT^il^^V Jviha 11 aecreu ? Til*? Ilil WM dfD?t|T rtovri*- 1 i? k?? .. reported that Hob ^?lrt luJ^Md V*TTr" bee* wlb 1(1 add re** Tb?* m~.>r,r t'onpxle-aau d^ariHiiB'n^Bt was muBifw.,*, wben, !,?. B?c?-ta?n*dtbatnai lieroi -BemU(a)l| ' *" : wmlrt ba prraont. rl?w*i*a?iB^ Mayor Ad At* on. upoa Uktat chm,r , i L:-W^r1 !^"> <Mck ^ ?- wi ?,m :i bad cote#.*, tbere waa comfort aad ,nfotrV^ meat IB tba a, an# before him H* tBoagbt ?. : a* w aofRetbttg la tba op'wrneri f? th-, J plainly raid :b* rigger cVvi rill- Tba rV, 1 unrf(iitn*d tob-n will ootneup ta ittea Mr 1 A proceeded to argae ?b? qaeauoa wao n m, ! i*Sro?B beat Miead. and coataodod hat?t u ibe negra Liteeelf. nor tea ato>li'tom?t, nr* r*dl teal, bat ffl# eoa'bern wbiie reaa. an *? fro**. baro taraad an maaaa agamst tu-ir i Irw-ert-. Fat tba *peakar was aoofldeai .f B<'<^. Mr. A a*Hi that there are ;iai wot-ra ui re?iatered-flu* of iBem oppo-*d to B~gr* uflrag*?anu ibeee ar.11 come up In Um? i.> iBM.ra idcerM A . T^Tr*1"VTwLr7Wd'd Maaar.. K R f>, A ford. C01.T B. Floraa oe Mr Aiken. Mr J i ^ *.?.?,*. marl otbar gentlemen. w .acre' *2 atvaiy addra*??d the me?UBg upui u?e t?n 1 p^rLKix- ul hnriauBi na a< t.or ia U>?? coa' - ) Bi*iBg iha laying aaida of all Pr#|iHtt<<? of ,* l<arBoaal rbaraccr. and to vota oni'adir ?t??* nominal of me conven-ion Tfcf K?rur nnrcaa.-e* to tbe mee'inr doncp ?ba w?k a rommitia- would be a 1, . olt.cadaily to give T?i?n all u-o-BMrT u, relau?e 10 'Be approaching atari u that tb#*v mifb* 1? aiao prop>jaed to boj.1 precinct meirge to-fcurb' at rb?* fi<tli>wing piace* lat i?r*. cu.ct, a- Moran'a, ob Itridga utreet 2d. at Bar of Htcb and Feall nrreU. rwi. at L.*nt Motel j 4ib, ai M l.'e> rwld V. coru'-r of .1,1 ? < r reder ck aireeta Ttie object of tbeaa (Bee-inga wj|| ^ mvte known ai iha plire- iB<iicated. WffibLMVat,ttL?T MOOMP HaN'? . BlLOHOhS f<?r >tia " -- -. iiw-nif JOHN r ELLIS. falo 2t JOfi Pans B*ai)B?, ii*tr )#th h ?i^m ISfif ?PKIH? STOCK.. IS(?? J. 3. MAT A CO . Ara aow r?e*l*lng vary elrnice Bf> le* of VKH ePBiVe l>ttE*S OOOP8. to which thay Invlta tba atu-i tlou *f tba M-?: fill :tif |y*W QOODI' CUIAP OOOD9 ^ BOOAH A WTLIK, ' 399 iIIIIT ^ JXJTTObi S 4 aad f at IS U riUriW^n,l)I'* " /V ?n4 xnc aer >?i.| IbBLKat BSD CoTTO.N, j ar<J wida, 16, i? j fcViVii '?* "?>* 1 >.! > . * I 'JL * *? tm?t c??lora. l^.is.asrf i^r Don 21c. nFi'i4Jte5()a ori'T v>c ; co>,#1 .tHthf lov^ept od "f:r,vh;nc ^HBAP OOODB. CALICOES AT 14* CENTS PEE TABP W? iba.'l o?u to-day lca?a S 000 yarda wams-otta I bimts. Tar r cboica apriBC atylaa and faatcalar*. at I cesta par >ard. BLEACHED AND BROWN OOTTOI8. from I2>t canta to 37 oanta par yard. JOB. J. MAT A CO., 30% Panaaylvaala ataao#, U 2tlf b?-tweaa ?U. an 1 1 th ?U QKEAT BKDCCTlOjj IN DftI OOOM . tateb A BELBT, J*3 PKNN. AVI , th'1.r "t'r* at-ck of dr.nur 2llfi,Lui?0DSa-CLOTa<> CA?8IMSKCS. BLANJLBTd ana SB AH c ?. at graatlg rad. ad raiaa. to teak* ruoa r>r Utair agiiag a 10 a Thap ?i alao aaliltek? Bew Fork af!Ua 4-4 BUacbad Mnalla at 4" cU 7 WiMtlt 4-4 4o do v<i 1 ( Andraaonggla A 4 do do"Z.Wc:? | Jrfr.f?",ito ? =*? 1 bfSilCABT l?. IMT.-H KM, a,. ? * le .? lie la# la my abo* far raa-ir., prartoa. u? ? ?{ January, ara ra iuaatad a aall aad ?-t tb?m. otitarw|*e they will b? awul at public aoc tloa ob the lat af March to Bay tba cba-^ea tuare n JOBS J. PI A BOUT. Gua aad Lockaattb. I*" Bo 4 I? u atraal. /JOBUAM OBBBB COBB Vl (Swael 1 _ B. W. BCBOHELL. - .. ? CBrnar 14th and p utr-ata. ander EbLltt Buaaa QBOOBBIB BT' * ALL A PLABT, PLABT-8 BCILD1BO, Ooraer Baw Tork aaanne and 1Mb ?treat, (BnUaace as Baa- Tork avtaaij Daalar* In fine FfEILf OBOCEB1E8, TEA* VIBES, 1MPOBTBD LCXCBIE8, Ac. Ar , woald raepactfblly BoUfy thalr frtand. and tha* pabllc that tbay h?ra jaatopeaad thalr Ba? Oro c?ry Stora, a bar* oaa ha ob tat aad any articla traa ally kapt la firat cIbm Orocery. Without at tampticg to *B?Mrata aar larga.fraah aad wall aalectad atock.wa aordlally laviia tha public to xamlaa oar atara aad atock baUeviag wa Biiail not fail to giwt catlra aaUafbetloata aU who may fa?ar 11a with thalr patroaaga, Wa call aapaalal attaaUoB to oar aaaartmont of TBAB aad COFPEBB. which havabaaa aalac?*d I with graat cara for parity Daalara will Aad a I flB* aaaortmaat toaalact from, Bad oar price* to atxlt. Oooda daHrerad promptly la aay part of tba city. jap ||b I1 A K E BOTIC? - Hart kg Bttad ap and *t?cka4 with chotca PAM1LT oBv/CEUIEB ibeatora ontl.a earner of litbaa<t Patraata.tb^ uoJar..goad daairaa to inform hla frtaada aad tha pnblir , D "lVly.,.h*t U ?ow Praaared to furatabtbeia with all gooda aaaaliy fouad ia a flr-t claa* gr0 ary. f*B 6t Oaraar Hth aa?l P ctraet* ^0 w.*.EaCEMT BY*D by B.iag c B. JE # t>w BLL 9 para aaadnitaratad Pramlam Baw Tork Oity BOAP. Pramlam PA MILT BOAP/ Pramlam BLABHBL BOAP, _ Aad Ho 1 BBOWM BOAP. mLVrHS" ?S^,or *? 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