Newspaper of Evening Star, February 19, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 19, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I tn? Baptist* iw tii Ukitkd Statbs ? There are id th* united State* and in tbe Ter- 1 ritorl** ia,?75 liaptist churcQe., with 1,041 941 ??mbm aad ordained ministers tbmt figure* are from return* in 1s65, with the exception of 14 of th* Southern States, In which j tbe statistic* are for 1*60. Of the States making returns in i??s, New York atanda highest, the number* being churches, with *-ft, 10? mem- , h?>rs and 745 ordained minister*. The six New , england State* h? ve an aggregate of w7# churches. with jt.itl members and 799 rainlater*. There are 29 college* in the United States ander Baptist influence. The oldest of these i* Brown i'aiTfraity, loanded in i7m, and the youngest t* at chk-aro, fonnded in 1^59. Tbere are 13 Baptist theological mstitubeai. a Siroclik DijTR ?Since the old bridge three miles sontb of i^ewisburg. Weat Virginia. waa bnrned bv tbe rebel General Hetb, the Gr?enhriar riw bus been crossed at that point by means of a ferry. On tbe 3d of tbis month tbe ice in tbe river seemed about to break up. Mr. linater. the owner of the terry, became afraid that tbe ferry rope won Id be broken by tbe pre*?ure. To prevent this be climbed .be tree to which one end of the rope : ?? fastened, and cm one of the coils with his kntre. It is supposed tha' tb* heavy cable, in ! unwinding, struck him u|vn the head with 1 ok Krce as to product- instant death. v On Wednesday evening three or four ruffian* went to toe bouse of a r?spectibl? farmer. named Berrington, near West Hoo*1. k in 1 ransselaer comity. New York, for th#* purpose el robbing him of a hrge amonnt of money be was known to have. On entering ' tbe bona# the villains tied and gagged >Ir. i Herrington and h.s wife, and brutally used them Tbey th. \ searched the premises, but j enly succeeded in finding fire dollars, with whirli tbey dr amped, and have not since been beard of Mrs. Herrington suffered 1 severely from he treatment she received. a "StRior* DrrncBLTT," According to mi* sissirn idb\s. -under the heading "Serious difficulty." a Jackson, mississippi, paf'*-r, of th^ jth lust., tells in tbe course ot a few ines, bow. Daniel (rrentham. being lined for riotous conduct by the m tyor of the ltd joining tov? n of Varden. drew a pistol and attempted to sbeot that person. Bnt hi* hand was thrown np and tbe ball passed into the eye of a constable standing behind the Mayor, ki'ling him instantly. Orentham succeeded, however, in \ hitting and probably killing tbe mayor at 'be ' next sfcot. We should call it a -?erions difficulty," indeed. The Starvation i* Loswb_a meeting of the i .on dun di ck laborer* held recen-iv to protest acainst what they called their condition ef hungei misery and oppression." it wasstA'ed that tne london docli laborer# wer?* paid *js <;d a day, while those m j^i v^rpool to tbe number ot 'tehteen thousand wre paid at the rate of bd. a dav. If it be true as was also innmatrd at the meeting, that thaverage earning* of tb*e* laborer-* are only ?ix shillings per we?-k. i' is very easy to account for tbeir condition of discontent. a proposal to raise a statue to Voltaire, in Paris, baa procured a violeut outcry from the clergy, who denounce it as an m>ult to trie Catholic Church and an outrage to Christianity. tsttbf Harrisonburg Commonwealth publishes the marriage of mr. Kboties and ann Miller, by the Rev. mr lrvin at bis front gate wbile sitting a buggy. Tbe twain were evidently in a hurry. w While a young man in Wisconsin was enjoying a tete-a-tete wi'h a youne lady, the green-eyed monster in the ;btpc of a run! roebtd in and stabbed him in the back and Beck. /"Seven ty-t we deaths oc -nrred in iw>i Dublin workhouses between the iv'h and 21et of January, among those admitted within a few days before, alter extreme suffering from cold and want of food. 1 we apprentice*, who went out for a sail in the small ooat ot a vessel lying at a Philadelphia pier, wer-picked up three days afterward one hundred miles out at sea. " > * SPECIAL NOTICES. wnebv0u8 heada'hbs areiasfantl cured b> oi>a dose "fort?.lr. p?' )of mitgalte s okkat kmtlmattc umukuv ??i,i by *i Dri.fsi.ia fe 1# eo.w 8 c. fobd, a treat remedial institute job special oases. be 14 Bond atreet, Hew York. ^"full inf?rniation, with t^te lulimo iflij, Alio, ft Book OB >9*rial U' iaset, in i <at</i'f?, a*Btfree, /" St *urt in t j?n I for Ik'm, wj ?o* trill not rttrtt it, for, a* advertising phy- j vlolad* are generally impo for*, w<ta?at r- f-ren a' j a* atrangar abaald be trusted. Encloae a ataaip , for eostagaaad direct to db. lawbenoe. No. 14 Bead atreet. ?*w York no 12 dawly *abbia0? AUDt elibact, and th1 h appiceaa of True maabod - aa Essa* f ?r young Men n the Crime of Solitude, and the rDyiloloficil ftrrorta aba^iftbd diflp<aei whiob create impedimenta to Marriage, with sure mean* of Belief Bent in aealed letter env. i .pea. free of chart*. Addreta dr .1 >k 1llin houghton. i Howard Asa clation Philadelphia. Pa. jall-3m : eec bet i'i3ea8e8.~ _jla?a?ita!'! ?: ,t ' th* certain, aafe and ' effectcal remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy *??r diaoovared Core* la two to tonr day*, and recent eases la twenty four boura. Mo mineral, ao ?rjflr7 ?n'? tea pilla to be takea. It la the soldier a hop*, and a friend te those who do fal* fdj ?x?oa*d. Male packac**, !,(*8 a* a bit a ?'? boot a*s hub Jricaa?a positive nadpeniaaaeat cure f*r Spybiria. Sorofala. Ulcere, gorae. b^ota Tetters, Ae. Pr'ee 01 u per battle! 14 by 8. 0, Ford. See adtertlaaoaaot. ay i colgate 4 co. s wintmb b 0 a p . Becoameaded for chipfid haim aad for general toilbt daring cota wiathii. It may be attained of all dr agtfsta and fancy good* dealers. **b?-aoly DANCING. pBOFB. j. w a h. p bbe1b' dancihq aoademt, ^ Pennaylracla aveane, bet. ?tb and Tth ata . a Oppoalt* Metropolitan Hotel. fiflb Claa*e? forming every evening. Tbo** da~r2Ks?a^ sin" <" Ctreular* can be had at j. f. Ellla' and w a * Co. "a Musle Store* w v *k* Hdll can be ranted lor Soiree*. ac. Days and Hour, 0f Tuition . u .l. n'?d Maatera, Tueaday and Saturday aftoraovne, from s to 5 o'clock ?nd Friday eveaiDga, fr .oi a to lu o clock. ?e ?2f.tnrmx*r ,?i<>r"?tion, apply daring the ho*ri ?i - 'or <l<>**>eea note to tb* Academy. co?meaciug with the flrst leaaon. ja 8 Mabih1 'i fashionable dancing "aeiwl 8 assembly booms, . ?. between *th and lvtb streets, m The last'fiartar of this i-eason. prepara mhi tory ra the May Hill will rotnirence on SaturMarch 2. Classes fer tbeGermai are novr 00. m b -Private i natroctlon giren te aott to* convenlence of the pk ptl. ,e m Mabvllebalf and fancy dbbss balls and pakties. The naderslgned woulJ most respectfully ini .f41** .d ? '?* **?*" of Wa*om<t>a city, and tb* Ulatil*t generally, that he 1* at all time* prepared to famish parties with Maaoa^rt *? ; Coetome. either on loan or ma.le to pf >? take* reonia at the well known ? JtoJbMsbmeai of ( lirlatlan Ba*p?rt, r?. , aii 7th street, between d aad b, where b? will be toawaitor-tars. charle* hekg, . ,, , '*to Ooetae er at For-i's and Grover'a i8. Theater*. Washington, d o BOOT sT SHOEsT& mftf bootb amp shoes. flj * ? w j_t oil, _ The ?*<ler*fgued beg* leave to inform bla frUnti Mbw %fr! 'i? K.*V?I>^i'yJh*5 J5* has epeaad the i**l 9"*ap stobe. Ho. ton 7u street, aa ler i Odd Fellow* Hall, where he has on hand a gen- j **' m*ortnT*ntof Ladia*' aadOeatlamAd*,Boy's, . bImsi and co j i d ran's boots and shoes. Bfjember the itnber, ioit 7ta street, aader Odd fellows' Hall The New Ohaap Stor*, fora*rliBF.Pac*>s store. 0*18 geoeqb b. wilson. ^ovebmmbmt HABBASd. 9,090 *etts team abbess, i HOaetta ambulance harness, IjM collabd and team bbidlm8, oabt habbb88, mi clsllan 8abdlb8, biding bbiblbs, _ haltebs, names. Ac , ac Thee* Hara?**ar*ia thorough r*pair and will he sold low. jam. 8 topham a oo . , ** 41 Louisiana arenue, Is 14 tt between mb aad 7th atreet*. wy:?ST'"law Ouua, ^^ViSa^Rysrta^'gi' AUCTION SALES. RT ?BBBB * WILLIAMS, AiMtHtn. D Be. Ago, KUMf 7th ml D Hwm. YALUABLB UBFIBI8HBD PBBBB - BBICK B atre?*t north. between MM ud lOtta (tiMU *Mt, at Public Anctioi. On TH UBS BAY, tbe tl>t instant, it 6 o'cleek f. 0.n u? ?remlees, ?* Above prop srty. The Boom la 3u feet? Inches frost tor M leet LS^vr*,,n',,* HZfaat to a fin* H'*d Silt*'. ? .**. U aoaybM It will make a firai> class Private Re>Id*ace. We call Ue atteattoa of bur era to this sale. *? : Onebatf casta; balaaeela aix, twelve, eighteea.ead tweatyfoar moatbe, fir note* bear la* Internet, and lecmred by a deed of trust on tae premieee. All conveyancing and rsvenue steaipsat the coat of the parehaeer. 9400 down a the day of aala. fclft d OKMBB A WILLIAMS, Anota. RT OOOPBK * LATIMBB, Anrttone-re. I* < Late clerks with Jaa. 0. i A0o.,> Boatbweat eorner Peaa'aavoaaetaMllttaat .Star Office Balldlag. valuablb vibbH hational baob OOUBSI ABD IRBANB ABYLUM. . hl T,"n# ?* * of traat. dated the M of Hay, a.ii ??* a2,d_dn,y recorded, Um undersigned will W KDBBSDAY, tha JOih day of Feb1867. at 11 o'lock a in., at tbaauction rooms of Cooper A Latimer, corner of Pennsylvania aveane and 11th street, iter Office Baildiag, that *tela Tit eyard. containing T\ acree, being part of &o?ciuszko Piece,1' described as follows:? Beginning at tune Bo. 1, ea a farm road laid ? ! ?? ' Koacia?rka Place" by Moses Kotley and Cbarles J. Dblmaa, tbenca soutn 19 deg. ws? 4 cbaiae and ? iw of acbaiB.aouth ti ? deg. west 367 lo? chains, a nth deg west 3 7- 109 chaise, aontb 9]'4 deg. eaet 13 31-1 0 chains to the aaid farm road. thence by anid road to tbe beginning Tbe plac- comprise a valuable viaeyard ia fall bearing, and la within abont a mile of Washiug ton city,.and ia well deserving the attention of eg riculturlata T*rma: One third casta, of wblob flMmnat bs paid Immediately sfter tLa aale; baiaaoe in aix aa<l twelve months, witta intereat. Deed given and 'teed of trnst taken. PEED W. JONK3 Traatee. fe 6 cots CeOPBK A LATIMBB, Aucts. BY NAG LB A CO., Auctioneers. Salesroom ho. vi?4 Penn. avaaas, Between Srth and lUth sta. VAOLB A CO- will *i*e their personal attention to the aale of Bi-nl t? '?* ini florieehold Furniture. Also, to the *a, ^ of atocka of GroceriO", Wvaee, Li inors, a?;ii Merchandise of every deseriptioD, Horaes, Carriage*. Harseea, Ac liberal cash advancea made on consignments. Regnlar Sales at ear salesroom every TUBS DaY", THURSDAY; an,l SATURDAY, at 10 NAGLS A OO , J*" '* _ Auctioneers. HKNBY COLMAN * CO., AUCTION AND COMMISMO-N MESOUANTS ?loe. 891 and 5193 Pmn? av .b^t. 9th nnd ir>th ats Bales at auction everj Tu<?odir, Thursday. and cAturdiy nu rvLUig und t*Yeninc B C. HKOuKKg, 8?1 ssman. A full asaortmejit ?f Drr Ge>i?, Boot*. Shee^ Fiirnisblnfr 6ft>da> Crockery. TmWtr?, Ht veAc .always on hand at priyate aale. Cash ?d vencsd on con?ignn enfa , _ ALSO, and Dtalers In Hardware and Tin Ware, Ptovea. Ac , N<s. -iil and '2.U, 7 th atrrat, betweeu M and H. A Isrjss qnantity of Government atock. ceaaiat lag of Blankets, Bhoata. PIHowa. Blilrta Cl,jiiiiui< tarts. Harneaa. Wagons. Wagrm Wheels. Wnml Imirows Trucka. Platform 8calea Co in?^r SchIps "i#*. o'" LaTjps. Lanterna. Ter. Palat. an I 5' ,uim i* ?f0ve Also, large quantity of e^cund hand Htovea. with many other articles toe nn maron* to ennmer tte. Tbe goeda are netrly n-w and will be sold at almoat an? price to anlt ' i P- OOLMAB A CO. GOVERNMENT SALES. " ^TIAUKfi fun -ALU ~ Sealed bida for the purcbaaeof the coppered and copper fnateLed steamer VIXBN of aboat tona burthen, ssahe now Ilea off tbe Bevy yarii Wa*hlLgt?n.D C , wl.l l>e received at ttae Cutst Bcrvey office until i p m , Febrnery 31 The abi p keeper will rhowths vessel to any one wioh log to Innpert her. The light is reserved of refusing any or all bids not ccnaidered to the intereat of tbe Governllit DtBidsthonldbe addressed to J K.HILQARP aeaiatanr In charge. Cotat Survey OiUce With* itie on. DC, and endorsed "For Vixen " ' fe l2-9t gl 1LDIB0S AT COWVALE8CBNT CAMP AT Ox<f C^tarUTmaMtr's Q*ct,DtP? nf W*,k%n*tonyl 1) C , February 9, 1*7. { ? *.T? ord" 'l*** Quartermeater G.-neral, tbe i Co^vaJesoebt Cama, between the i?r.* "fllBe aDd Jfteia.'.dria. wlll beaold at pub lie tu< tloa on TCB'-UA^ . Ma'cb 5. nnder theavpervi.-umof Br. vel Lieut. Cot .Unea 3d Moore A U. M. Sale te coiumence i*t !0 o'clock Tneae building, coaiprlse \n Barra< ka, r, Me*a Houses 2 Uoapital W %ida.68tore l|f .,iw 1 LannuT'w~Mh Ho"** - 0?< ea. v itaM a l rthel, ao 1 feet" which 111 fr?!? feet lo3&zl7? Bnlldlnga will be e*ld aingly. Terms: C*?h. in (aoveraiueKt fuuda. Fifteen dsya froij 4 ?ta of ?i!ii will l>s granted purchaser* to remove their bnildingi CHAM, li TO!*PKlB8, # r Brejat Brig Oen T'ept. Q. M Genaril, fe& ?lt Act n CLief Q M . Dt Dot W??hlnt;*on. ^OVBBBMBNl BALB AT CHARLBSTOB, The following Ordnance Property will be aoM Statea Araeonl, < baiieetoa, d C , on MOflDAY, Mar.ta 4. Iii7. cemmtnring at l* o'clock a m: A boet :ou net tone (Cannon ?'?ast Iron. A bout < U) net tona Shot. Shell. Ac., j abont omebaif i<ave valuable soft metal attached ) About UO t?na Leadwi Bhell Ab ut is tona Scrap Wronght Iro? Ab*a* 4U tona 9erap Wraaa Copper. Me. J3T Wooden Artillery Carriages, ironed. 110 Woadeo Cb.iaaia, iron* d Abont 710 Cavalry badales, 7W Bridles, 8.SI0 Wo^k ??*e,> *&d a quantity of other Leather '^e Ingiae. (built by Agnew, Philadelphia.) About l.diu barrels Unserviceable Powder. Alao, a large luaatity of other Property, coasiatlnK principally or Masket Appendages, Jiaga, Kope. mplt-ments. Miscellaneous Toola Ac , Ac. Terms Caak oa tb>- day of sals, ia United Sta tea currency. Ample time allowed for tbe remoyal of Property, at the expiration et which ttaat aot removed will revert to the Government. By authority of Chief of Ordnance. P B PABKBB. Capt Ordnanee and Bvt Major. U 8. A , fs 9-aAmtd Commatidlag Charleston Arsenal. I^AMK SALJB OP ABMI CLOTHING. D'.pot (Juaritrmmster't QJkc?, / ?1L1 . Baltimor?, MJ., February 3. is<7 V W1H be aold at Public Auction In tbe city of Baltimore, at Government storehouse. No l*i? South Butaw street, oa^ WBDBBSDAY. 13 M , February 9. 1So7. a lot of , .. _ ABMY CLOTHINO, consisting of 3,47-a 1BW YOBK STATB JACKBT8. of Irregular pattera, and othsrwlae nnsnlted for insne to treo^ By reaaon of Its long retention in store, the material in in some instances more orlseedam- I aged. The aala will take place In lota to suit purohaeera Tsrms Gash, m dovarnment funds, on day of ale Three days allowed to remove purchases. By ordsr of tke Cjautaruiaster < ieaeral A. B. A 1MB ALL. Captala, aad Assistant Quartermaster. U.S. A., AD?Eo?D??^r8r?To'".1". . So. IS South Charles -treat. _ie ?;'W Anatloaeera. J*P0*TA?T BALK O F^GOVKBHMBfiT Y18Depot (fu*rltrmmit*r's Ogkm. > BOfclUI ?1I>* 'SosMo 8be la of light draft, the engine and boilers are in meet excellent condition* and the hall perfect ly eoand aad strong. v* It ia believed that fer alse and build the Oeamoaolitan aarpeeees aay veasel hitherto offered by Government for aale at this pert aelefUjB CMh> ta Oovernment funds, on day of Further particulars maybe learned upoa application to the uader-signed or to ttae Auotlon.ers. Mtesra ADBKoM, THOMAS A GO., Be lV , Bt-aih Charles atrset. ' i By order ef tbe Quartermaster General. A. B. KIMBALL. - , Captain and A <J. M., 0. S. A-. _ 1'*^* Ptpoi Q tttrMriiMt^r, ^OVKBBMKMT BALB. _Ttae freperty known as the "GOYBSHM rvr TAHNBB v AND STB AM dAW^l""- "I Texi KM# of llu*d' near San Antonio Proposals, ia duplicate, will be received ud to the 1st dar of March. IW. for ttaepurehaae sanvtUvtKv.Viniasyi'sriSK'ff ?....LL.t.Diu.1 SSilofJSSJ SSi'A OttQOl. Oil, STKAM SAW-MILL, eanabls af aawi? three tbouaand feet o< I amber dailr ' v. 4?* 8*ALL STOBK UUlLDIHG. ^ 1^"? property la sitnatad about two Biles t&twat^r V1* k " A a tonic river, aad wjat, aad are eatimatad to have cost $lsu.oou ia . *be property has bean aader lease for ta* >?r ISM, at a monthly rent af $u$ eatable i^? 25 J* dc* A secured title in fee elm plJ^rfllbe Jive ri taf the United ttatee Oevernmeet *l*en Proposals will be marked "Proaeeala ?or O.* srnmcat Tannery aad Saw MlH Bvt. Maier Sea., Asst. Co*. Bni*auli?l>^F^nd A. L., Gaivaaton, Texae r**? (10 TO THB 8IMP80B HOUBB. earner of imk W street and Peaa'a aveo ae, Md/etaL ^f.PHILADBLPHIA A?afc*gi PROPOSALS. pmBIH BBBF AID Tmri?m. _ . . Watt Vmitm, i Bur?* m*d Ci#king, Feb 14. 1 ?T.| b*ale?l iroiMMk, . Proposala for FrbaA bM( u4 Vegeta jlee.' will be reeeived at this Mareaa naul 2 clock ?, . oathatfih day of Frkritrr lW for (Im nnll of UJH poawiaef FBB*M BBAF end 16.<M> pounds of FBEBti VBGBTABLBS, at the WASHINGTON D C , HAJTTABI. i?? 8TATIOB. aa "" ** 5*?f ?* Vegetables nut bo or g?*l taal |}M>* VV? ^ ^ Mfk?t Ar4?. ml each article alii be offered for by ?be pouad. The Beef to > ? ?* ?' Froportloaa, loro i>4 hi ad quarters Boade with approved security, will bo required ta oae half Ibo nUo?M amount of tbo contract. ?y?n*T Mr coat to additioa wlH bo withheld ! EJni&i *-??* Hywt to bo nude, oo I collateral eeeunty for tbo due performaa-* of tbo fT?wbU)h..wl1 ' ?P acooaat bo paid uoUi It U felly ooapHtd with. Bsery offer rusde must be accompanied by a wfitteo gaaraaty. sigaed by one or more resaon Ibie perpons, that the bidder or blddert will if his or their bid bo aooepted. eater into on obligation witbia Ave daye, wttb g'*>d and anfficieat aorotiee, to furnish tb? articles proposed J9? Prof*Ml wtll bt ctmitdertil mMm icccfnpnnitd by surk rwansy, ami by nuitfattory eivltnct tktu Vfder M ? Titular dtaltr in tKr, arii -igi pr0. grit* an^ ocjW CamThe Doportaient reeerves the right to reject oay proposal not considered advantageous to tbo Government. It ia to be understood that in rone the atlpalatod quantity of either article stall )>o dsli vered, leaving a balance dae on the oyor MtlcU, tne contract Bay be coneidsred a? flj&pleled in full, at the option of the Doeartment. ja 16 lot H BUI DOB. Chief of Bureaa. pBOPOHALB FOB CBMCNT. __ ? _ Trmxvri Depart mtnt, ( a ?Tfi Suptrrtxt'MC Architect, Feb. 8. ;887 ( Bt,,. a'?P?*ola will be received at this office ?*"' U o'tlooh m , February Zi 187 f?rfurnlfh li>gidelftere?l at Washington or <? orgetown. D. G.,?1.?#0 borreH of U>draulic C< ment . 609 bar rei? to lie delivered oa or before April i, i*cr, and the balance on or before May l. Hi?; the whole to be of the rery best iHality, and ?a'b ct to tbe te?t. impaction, and approval of thi- InTreasorv hxt?-naion. All Mili mn?t be orcouipitnie'l br tbe guarantee of lome re.ponxiMe p?r?on tt at the bidu-r will accept and perform tbe contract if awarded U mm. The Department reaerreathe right tn reject any or all tl? bida if considered lor the interest of tft Ooveri-ment to do ?o, aiid no bi<l will tie cunildered that doe* not conform to th" re>iuiren)enta of tbi* a<iTerti?ement. Bid* to Uo enclosed | n a aealed envelopo and en- ' doraod "Propoaale for Cement." r . ,nk , . A ? MDLLBTT, '* ICnron J Supervieilij Archite. t ]>BOP?)8ALB FOB CIBVPLAB^tTlTT^TT. GUM MAKKINU STAMPS AND OIBCOLAB RATING STAMPS ?*<?ST OFFICE Dk art MBNT. > D_ ? C ' February li. 1W7 ( 8BA jKU I'UOi OjtL8 will be rec?iT<4 at tb>4 I epai to.eut until the 28tb 4ar of Marrli n? *t ^"r fnriii*ln us for the n?e of Post Offices In 11 e I niteu htnte-i, f?r fonr y??ri fro n the ri ?f dny ot April neit, MAKKiNU and liATNil SI A M Pb of the following d<-si rlption, namely* CLASS 1. Circular and Cancel Marking Stamps combln?d of St-al, "boot one In h iu diameter, with the ^ 1"a "a.V'.1?r??"d wlih i jrpe for mouths and date* in bl< cks of like material, with siulicieLtthuml. acrm for rbes.ime, and with haUd|..a of mahogany, walnat orotber heavy wjod, ai.d of a ni ool moat convenient t<,r use. fn pr.?po* ?ls for at Cir. alar Mai?p< the hi Her win a atetho ad< Itional charge par lettor or ll?nro for insertina in the circle, wr en le-ioin-d auc h worda oodBguraoaa-froe,"- ?jid u,""abip,'' adror" XIM (1? ot c. Alao, Octagon Markido Stamps, without the cancel, l<nt similar in all other respects to 'i.e Cirnilnr Stamp, with tjpe f?,r the )<-ara, months and oajs. of the same material. t'LAhS 2. Olroolar Marking Bt.m^s ?f iron, or anr other durable material, lor the us.' of P.^t Otficea and Bou-'O Ageut? on railroad su l stoasnboat lines with tbe same of the effle and Stat.-, ?r .i.? name of tbe railroad or mer line, with tvse for menths and date,, blockaof dnrable r, wttb suitable thumb arrew. an l bandies of wal nut, rlorry, or oth-r a.iit .hle wo 4, of a best adapted for nse. the stamp to be of tliosamt. diameter as la described foj No 1 "a"" CLASS 3. . Vlrf?Urn!JBH *Brhing Stamps, of a auitable and dural |e material Of thoaaine a' e as cta-s ISo 1, ?uh the name of the ofllca and Siate. n l f pe for m nths and dates In the Oir 521*#.1fcnd for years months and da'es in the Octagon Stamp of prtrtera' type metal, fa Uocke of att gl? letters and hgnrea. with th>itni> acrew and hai.dlea aa dt-scribed In class No " M kl _ CLASS 4. Marking Btampa for foreign malla, ai nilar to 'fc.'V?r! ''' iV.1. ,,n w,h" Soet ?:ric?,i ' Boston, . . Torh, I blladelphia Ac.,or of any oiber aultal le style for fttrxign maila. HATING STAMPS Oircniar and Uatinc Stamp" to < nrresp ind with the Circular Mamps of clast-. I 2 an 1 a in materlal, bnnahs. ot:?l workrnan*hip as tnl)Hwi ? * Vree. Miss, at " Forwarded,7'" P U. Husi r>"ss tren." Advertia'-d " Steonai.oat' ,"?hl? 'Canrol ?? P B ,0d.' "Hald for Pos'aje." ' mi'sNwt f# irri?1 *fc|Juclaim*<i." '* K^fesed ' Begtatered, ' Mlssoataad f,rvtrlM." R? tnrned to * riter, "Betnrual for better directi n ' Due ?, '--Due <j " Di:? 12 " i Ar and ot fgure.only sucha-S 24 Ac. ?c..and any ''tht-r Batiiitf Stamps n'>i hert-in iioru?-d to he turnlshed at a prue not excet-dlnir th >t lor K?leti'ra direction," when the same ia of DProposala will he received for all of tv^? abo\e described Htarapa or for ea< h sepirat- < lasa Sianps will te ord'red for the .tirterent clashes of efheoa acc?>rdini{ to tha present or faturo rul^a of the Deportoi>-nt laU ^'" ?f bUluM mn,t company the proyoBacb bidder am?tfnrnish with his proposals evidence of bia ability to comply with hu bid Two sulhcient snretiaa a ill be reoatred to a contract. The stamps moat be delivered to the Poet Office D- partmetit st the exponae of the contractor. Proposals whonld oe etuloraed <>n th? utsid* of I the eiiTelopo thus ' Proao-als for Post tufic-i Marking Bt mpa.' and a^dreas?*d to the First asaistant Postmaster General. Washington, D C ALEX. W BANDALL. fe 13 w6t Postmaat-r General Proposals fob abby tbanbpobta- i TION. Qcartxbmastbr Qhkkkal'b OrncK, > a . .V'H'usToa.B. O, January U. Sealed Proposals will be received at this ?mca ' nntll ]2o'cloch m . on tbo Wth of rebmary. 1SCT. or tbo transportation of Military Snppliea daring tha year oommenoing April I, ltJUT, and ending March Si, 1868,oa tbo following ronton: _ _ _ BOCTB Mo. 1. From Fort McPbersoa Nebraska Territory, or auch parta as ma* be determlued upon duriag the aar on the Ontaha branch of tbe Union Pacific railroad, wast of Fort McPheraon. or from r.vrt Laramie, Dakota Territory, to surh posts or deif.t* u aro aow or may be established in the Torrlty o? Nebraska, ws.t of longltndo !< ! Oeg . ia the Tariitory of Montana, south of latitude 4<5 deg ia the Territory ?l Dakota, west ot longitude 104 dog., la tbo Territory of Idaho, a^nKi oi uutnde 44 deg .and east of longitude 114 dog , and In the Tarritoriea of Otah and Colorado north of latitude to deg , including If neooMary, Denver _ ' _ BOUTB No. From Fort Blley. State of Kansaa, or each * '??*?? detsrmlned tponduriug the year on the Talon Pacific railroad. B D.. t. anr posts or depots that are now or may bo setabliahed ia tbe State of !Kansas or in the Territorv wf Colorado, south of latitude 40degreea nortn, and to Fort I nion.Bew Mexico, or other depot that may be deaignatod in that Territory, and to any other point or poiata on the route. BuUTE No. ?. ..ta'i>f?.h0Tt.U"?OB^r ,urh ot?>fr depot aa muy be established lb tbe Territory of Hew Mexico, to anj posta (<r atattona that are. or may bo sstai. Mitied m that Ten itor>. and to snch posta omu tioea as aa\ be d??sicnat(?J in the Territory of Ar106 deg" the ot To*m we#t of longitude ' ' ? BOCTB Wo, 4. From St. Paul. Minncs' ta, to such posta a< are Bow or u>ay be sstab.iehetl In the state of Minnesota. and in that portion of Dakota Territory lyiDg e at of the Missoari river Tp<*ht i'J be transported during the year **fe?d < n Bo .te No i, 1o,uou uOu pounds : "^io. J0""9 ?'? P?nnds . ou Route No pounds 00 BouU, flo' *' ratoly*0**1' WiU ^ mtde for e,kch rout6 lUddera will ntate the rate nor 100 nonnJa rwr in each*Th1'0*' ff1*' W"1 lra""P?rt tbestor. s l^ Vad Sng MaVch l^^g>Dmag A?H1 ' as "abLen.ld??l,e lhWr im fn"' ? !! hmMll V. "fT'nI?. P .",1168' nd elkc,? proposal anonld be acpompanied by s bond ia the sum xf mVe re/aoosi 1^1?'6^by two or 2^1 i guaranteeing that in L'" ***rdad for the route men 1 tioned In the aropepal to the party pronosina the c???*d aal entared^nto?wd goc>d and antticient aecnrlty furnished h* aai.1 8U2 " 'I- tbuld"r ttVfcK,i'u'f "??" In On Boute *0. l, frfl.flno OnBonteNo J, OnB,atslJo J, 100.(K)0, wane* A^a?!7 K.V.f*uce ?r tbe loyalty and solit?%TbStStaiSi^ parsoa ? ?c?r" A dorsad " Proposals for 5 til' *r*n*P*'tation on Beata Bo. l ,1.3, or 4," n^ilau Cth??"faTi^- Md. n0D* will be entertained oMbls ?dvert?eement,,,> Wa,, th# ^?-.menta ^S^ax^So'i;^ at"onew*iMBd "o for the faithful performoffe^VeMrVS0* "T?' b,d' thBt b# The contractors on each route mttat be In readlwW K>r "arT.'c* by the 1st day of Aartl, 18^7, and HI be required to have a place of baeiuaea or agency at which he may l.e communicated with Fiomptly and readily lor Bonte Bo l at Omlha S* V: 'orBeate Mo.?, at Fort BUoy, BaaMWar Bonto No S at Fort Dnibn Hew Mexli? fo? aAu^a Ho 7. at Saint Paul. Mlnneaota. sr at ,'ucK XthiJ 1 point for each of the aeveral Boateo as mar 1 the atarting paint of th. r" tT f ,D" Blank forma ahowiag th* condltleoa of the tract te be entered into for each route ran he h^i on sppllcatio. at thia office, or at thi ofl&Vf ft! Unartermeater at Hew Terk. taint Lonis ??T Leayenworth. Omaha. Banta Fe, and iV. F^poealf BU,t S?rtof tti By order of tbe Quartermaster General ALBXAHBBBBMM, . Brevet Colonel and A as let aw t ja 18 mt Qwsrtanartsr. USA

pHTSHnAi>a ?A*?.??oir?niicSwi 4,1 riiioiunoi. LEQAn NOTICBB. , i* ? ?aar"&??wy""?, w? S/MJinT'-"'Joyce, complaiaaata, JMf|h Jcknoon. Mary J*ta ) E?aliy Be. W, hb, Joka InM, Jtka Plyn ?i4 Joka Maloae, <* (Mull. Tkr bjMt of lk? bill ON (a thta tin* ta M pr?nri? 4kfm far tbt Ml* of ?*tuli *Imm or i Mrctii of groand Irian tad kiiif la Wukliitoa city. Dtstrutof Oo iambi a, baiag Lot ft ud urt of Lot 4. fa Natr* IJM, to Mtlifi a Ml dae ay 4aftndaBt. JaeOpkJokaeea, ta tbacomeieiaaata. The bill teta forth ia aabetaace thai tka aaid Joneph Jobaaoa wni indebted to aald complain i ante in tbe an aa of |m7 40 for goods aald u4 delivered by twililnitaM to tha said Joeeph JuhaKm. That at tac ttaaof contractiag salt debt the aid Joseph Jokason was aeiaed and poeeeeeed af tba tald piecee or paraeia of groaad. which. wkila be waa au indebted, he iraaduleutly conveyed to I aaid aef.adaat. John M. Haaeo*. la traat s?r the , aola uaa and benefit af Mary Johaaaa. wifn af said , Joaeph Jokaaoa. Thatcoomlalnanta obtainedjademoot of jondoBknatlon oftEeaatd plecea or ptrtrk of ground id and by ilrtnaofu attach meat laaaad out <>f tka ?oaam law riita of tkta an art la fare* ; ot cemplainaateaaalnatgald Joaeph Johneon and ! 5ray* taat tha ula de?4 of trait from said Jaa ah i elmson ta aald Jaha I. UaBeon aa afereeaid be prodaced before Aa Oenrt. aod tha >aa? ba oan celled That the aaid complainant*. attar the loaning of aaid attar hmaat a ad tka lev tax a/ tha ' aame oa tha aaid piacaa or pareela af grenad. aacertalued that the aald defendaat. John Plyn, cUimed to hare a Uaa oa tka aatd piecea or parcel of around. tkat on aaarohing tha laad racurda at Waaningtta couaty. Diatrict of Iia< or dead ot trust ?m recorded ia aald land rwci of da, Lot that after finding of tba jarr and jttdgi in- at af aondamation oa tba aaid attacbmente tha ,-aa'd records weia again searched am! a daad of I traat from aaid Jaaaph Jolneoa ta Joha Malooe, ! to ??cure Joha Fl?n fa* tha aata of fl Ota*, warn found recorded. That t?e aalddwd of tratt ?u recorded aaarly eleven n oofJU altar tha data I thereof and over two montha after tbe laeuiag and i levipg of sold attachtaeat. 'that tha aald attecti' reer.tTa a prior lien oathe aJld plecea aad pareela I of ground before tha ?ald deo-1 of trnat. Preys a diecoteryiof tba amount still due end unpaid on aald da>d of trnat aDd praya a sale <>f the stld pier ea or parrela of ground toaati<?fy tha daman la of th<? complainant* and other oredltors. and for an iDjLnctliiD agalnatsald defundante Joaeph JnhBM'B Mnry Jobn?on, John M Uana>>n. John Fl>nand John Haloua. and their confederate*, wIi^h diacover'd. to raatrain and prohibit then ai * tbeir ngt-i.'a and aarvants from selling or imposing of. or iu any inaaner farther Incumbering, tba r-ntd piacea or parcela of grannd : It ia thereupon thia .*) day of January, 1?57, adjiidf? d ana ordared that notloeof thlaauit be at van to the aaid soil reaident dff?Bdanta? >oaeph Johoaon, Mary Jalinaan. and Jobn Flra, oy publiahiug ar<.pv<<f thiamiler in tha K*e> irm 3t%r. a newa pap"r rahi|ah<-d In tha city of Wa-ainicton, In the Ui?trirt of Columbia, threa timaa a week for ai* ' ot aecntiv# neeka warnioic aald n >n reaident da f< t.djiutx to 1 e and aepf-ir. in t<>raon -r by aoll-1tor at raifa to be heid In the ofbce of tha Ciei k of tfiia Court on tbe tirat Tn-atla> of Jnne, 4. l>. \*-1 to ancw?r the aaldhltlof o^mplaint, other vt^e :be aame will be tak<-n pro c <riftfx> agalnat tlif n. TroTided the first publication of thia order al all appear at laa>t four montha before aaid drat Ttirrda* of Jnue 11.7, >*nd at ttlng the object aud substance of said t ill of conr.plaint. A. B. OliIN, A?o tate Jnatica, to. A true copy: K J MKIOS. Clark WM. J. MILLKB. Solicitor for coiuplaiaaBU. j a4 3iaw6w IN THK ORPHAN ?' COI HT FOE TUB OOUN i Y OK W A r- H I N'iTON , IN TUB DISTRICT ok coll miua. J alia H A ldisoii. gnardlan to her minor son, ( liatlca Morris A .Idiaon, hatintr reports 1 tc tne court that ,n pnrauanee of its d?cr> e, rati&ad and approved hy th' Supreme Court of the Oiatrlot of <'-lambiH that alia sold the intrtro t of her aai l ward 1b the following propartr. If ag aai beiuc in the cit; of WushiBffton to wit: That l.jt of ground situate on K atreet north, known aa Lot No 3. In Daridavn 'a an!>dirialon of 8mnare 181, in aaid i it.v. to Ue'ieral Kb bard l>. Cutta, an I th it lo*t<-ad of cornr Irltttf with th?- term" of a?le h? haa ?>aid the wh le pnrcbare mum y In caah. with ia < reat for alx and tw lve months, in all amon<it ini.' to it ia t::i? 6t h ?iay of Pebrnary, 186* ordered hy the t'oiirt that aaid 'al-* be rati de l ami c,>t)8rm** i on the 2rttk day of Pehraary, i A. D 14A7. Bnleaa came to the contrary be anown oa ir i etore >ai<l day Provided a copy of thlaor d'r be publiat.ed ir> the National Intellieea.-?r a- d K' enitie Star once a week for three sac< ea a. re weeks prior to said day WM. W. PHRf'tLL, Tndee of the Orphann' t'onrt O 0 A trnt- copy?Teat: JAB. It O bKlRNB, fc 7 wSw Register ?>f Willa. ORPHANS' COURT Peb. l.V 1*7 ? PiatBiCT or Columbia, waau.:;?t<i!i Oourtt, To mu. In the raae of J> im I ?n iilinimatrntor of 1'atrlck McNeil, deceaat-u. tha .?Imin^ttai >r aforesaid has. with tha approbation of the Orphans ' Conrt of Waabin^ton O.-uatv atorea?.d, ar pointed t*atur<lay. the dtti la* of March, 1#I7. .or the Gna'i aettleniant and dl-itnLutlon of the personal estate < f ?mtd deceaaed. aud of the aaaeta In naud. aa far aa the natna have been collected and tura?4 into matx-y, when and where all the creditors and herra of said deceased are notified ta attend with tb?1r clalma properly vourhea. or they may otherwise by law be earlnde.l from all ben?flt In decea?.-d' ! eatata Provided a copy of thia or ,b?r be puUlahed once a we^-k for three weeka Id tba XveniBK Star, pravlana to the said day. _ _ Teat?J AS K O'HKIRNB. i fa 12 IhwSw* Reeiater of Willa. ORPHANS COURT,Ki Aiii S.iaeT-Diaraic* (( p Cut.ombia, Wa?h tnoto!! ooc^tt, I j the can* ol M rria A ller, *.lmini-trator W. A., ot Mary Ana <!lart. deceanod, the administrator V. . A aforesaid hat. with the approbation af tbe Crpbana' Conrt of Washington (loanty aforesaid, aiv luted >a'nrday. the *jd d^y of March, 1"*;7, for fl e final settlement and dUtributi?n of the paraxial ea tate of aatd derteaaed. and of tbeaM?tain hand, aa tar . aa the saute bava been col I acted and tnrned Into money; when and where all tho creditora and heirs of aaid deceased are notified to attend, with their clalma properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law bo **rlti?led from all benefit In said decaaaed a estate: provided a copy of tbla order ba published cace a week for three weaka in tba Ironing 0tar previous to tka aaid day. V Teat:?JA9. R O'BEIRNB. fe 5-wSw* Register of Willi. rfMJlS 13 TO U1VE NOTICE. That the sahsctiI ber tuts obtained from the Orphana' Court of 'A aahingtvn Comity. in the i>iatrict of Columbia letttrsof adiuiniatration on the p>eraoaal estate of Cornelius Douovau.late of the Dnitad Btataa army, de< enaed All persons having claims against the aatd deceaaed, are herebv warned to exhibit the name, with the vouchers thereaf. to the subscriber, oo or before the id day of February next: they ai&y otherwise by law bo excluded front all benefit of the said estate. (iiven nuder nr hand thia 2d day of Pobruarr, 18C. MBS MARTHA E. JOftO<?N, fa i lawSw* Administratrix. ?1^HIS IP "TO GIVE NOTICE. That tha aaboort1 ber haa obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington Coanty.ln tbe Diatrict of Columbia, letters of adminiatratlon on the personal estate of William fiarkbausen. late of the U. S. Armv, aeceaaed All persona baring claima against tha aaid dec?ee<?d, are herobr warned to exhibit tho aame, with the roucbera thereof, to the anbecriber, on or before tho X'Jth day of January next; they may otherwise by law bo oxolndod from all benefit #f taid ?tsbtf Given under my hand this ?9th day af January, 19*7. LOUIS KCIR, ja SO law*w* Admlaiatrator. rt^BIS ISTOOIVK NOTK'K. ThAt theaubscri1 ber haa obtained from Uio Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters testament?ry on the prrst/nal estate of Eleanor lladeu, late of Waahtagton. D. C.. de ceaaed All persons having cUtnis againat tba aaid dec?aaed. are hereby warned ta exhibit tho same, with the vouchers thereof, to the -ubacriber. on or before the 9th aay of F'bruai) next: they may otb< rwtae by law be excluded from all benefit of the aa"* estate Given under my band - this 9th day of Eebrnar), 1867. TUOMAS E BAIIEN. le 11 lawSw* Administrator C T. A. 'I 'H IS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tho anbscrlI ber haa obtained from tho Orphana' Court tt Washington county, la the District of Columbia letters tea ament ary on the personal estate of Juhn T. Braxteti. late of Washington, D. 0 , deceaaed. All neraons having alatma agatnai tbe said deceaaed, are hereby warned to exhibit tho same, with the vouchers thareof. to tha snbscriber, ou or before the .ilat day of July next: they may otherwise, by law, ba exclndod from all benefit of the said estate Given ondor my haad this si?t day of Jnly, 18^1. MART J- BRAXTON, ja?J-lawSw** Executrix. /Columbia hospital foe wokii LT1NG-IM ABTLUM, Voarteaatk it root (alrcle,) cor nor af M atraot, Waahlngton, O. 0. Tbla Inatltutlon haa bean eotabliahed for tka race pti on ot aatianta who may be aufferlng from dlaeaaes becnHar to their aox. and for tha admlaaioa of inch females aa may require tha oomfarta of tka lying la chamber The building ia situated In tho moot kealtky portion of the District, >artaaadad by ita ova ground!. Cars paaa tba door every five mlnntoo. Torino of adviaalon: from |< to |1| par week, fn acoordaace with tbe room required. payable In advanoe. This Inclndea Board, Medlatnoo, Modteal and Surgical attendance. MIOIOAL STAFF. SURGEON IN CHIEF. J H THOMPSON. M D., 194 1 street, between Mtb and flat atraata CON8CLT1KG PHVSlOlAMb AND SURGEONS JOS K. BARNES, M. D., kargoon Oaaorai, Daltad Stataa Arm*. JOS. RILEY. M D.,GeorgetpWB. _ THOS. MILLER. M. D , ? atraot. WaAfagtoa. A. ?. P. OaRNETT, M. D . New lorkaranaa. W.F JOHNSTON. M. B., Waablngtoa. Grafton TTLEB, M. D., Georgetown. F. HOWARD, M. P., F street. Orders for admiaaloa to tho tree kadi la tkla kooaltal,(of which there are 90.1 oan ba obtalaed ot the bnrgeaa in cklaf at thia affloa, I St I atraot. or of aay of tbe Medical atafl, aad of tba Bon. Dra. Hall. Gurler. Gillette, and Coombo. J . Wlvee and widow* af eoMlera desiring admlaaioa will apply to tb? Surgeon Gaaaral, United Ma tea army. Parti enta living at a dtatanea who deal re ta aaam to tbia iBatttntlon for treatment can aacaro private rooms by applying by letter to_ the matron of tbo hospital. A-B. GILLETTE, D D , aa ?-aoU.r wtddtat I^ECEPTION LUXURIES. Jost received, a large variety af artleloi aaUs"4 v. a." "fufoTVoif: _A Elag Place, IsB Oar. Tt. avo. aad 1?H at. SPEECHES AND ADPRBSSBS OF H. WINTBS DAVIS Colorado, a Summer Trip: by Bayard Taylor. Tha ClarerlBg. a oval; Br Trollopa. Tba Village aa the OltflT; by Miaa Thackeray. lwn Marriages; bytha author of Joka Halifax. Pickwick Pepera, Diamond Edition. to U FBA10& TAILOE. RAILROADS. 1866 PMIIIL^ilU BO DTI 1867 TO TBI BOBTH WEST, SOUTH, ABO SOUTH_ WiyPBB SCHBBULBj .Oi ?H * I?TMk? If. n*. W" wtu Icav# ftf MVewi* Wnklaitoa?T Hi.b I Baltimore......* 18 ? a. wn g???i uwu^aa^fetfrv5 with lllliNT BOBBEBY. Palace But* rooa te; aa4 ?(kt Oui. with m4*h luntuwM, aad aavlng from iMr to twelve howra Is tima over ui oU*r rwi*. Two kaKln4 mIm eaved to VMton Mo Oatnl l?* York. _ Two bally TniM to tlM W?l. 5* V* .* *. Worth. Ttemi from BtltiMr* to kOUHnTIIia4 PinillDBOl vltkoal ikHM. PiiMBgtri by Ikli route froa Baltimore have tk? i4nnta|? of Mkiu tli Am|N In UB10B DEPOTS. and bo TIBBIES , . Tkkrii by this root* mi k? procured at the of See. eoraar 8th a treat and Peanaylvante avenue, Mrr the Rttl*D?l Houl. where reliable infor Mti?i will kt #iven at all Man PatwiiMi yrMirln kick eta at this effle* can aeenre aacommodatlona In Bleeping Cars for El "" " *""b{.'v W.tE.aj, Tlok.t Waehiagton DO BO. 8. TODBO. Own. raw. &<Hl, Baltimore. Md. de I ty THEOLOH LINE RITwilR WAMUKOTOM AMD BBW YoKK. * - . WanHm?*o?, Jan B, 1817. Tmlna between Wuhioitoi and Haw York ara aow ran aa follow*, vie FOB NEW XUBK. wlthoat chance wCcare Leava daily (except Sunday) at 7 46 a m ?**J n^BW YOBS, changing cure at Phlladelphin. Leave telly (except Bnnday I at 11:1* a. m aud 4:90 p. B. FOB PHILADELPHIA. Leave dally (except Bnnday ) at 7.48 and 1" a. m . and 4:90 and 6.90 p m OH BONPAY Leave for Hew Fork and Philadelphia at ( SO p. m only. , _ Bleeping cara for Bow fork on 8 SO ?.m. train tolly. Through tlcketa to Philadelphia. Hew York or Boaton. cati be had at the Station Offcv at all i> tin In the day. aa well aa at the new oflce h the Banker* and Rfkera Telegraph Line, 34* Pt<io. avenue, >->tween 8th and 7th atrteta. See BaHtniore and Ohio Ballroad advertlaetnei t for achednla between Waahingtau. Baltimore, Anna po Ita, an< the Weet J , L. WILSON. Siaater of Tranapcrtatlon. L M COLE den>>ral Ticket Agent GEO. 8. BOOHTZ. Agent. Waahiugton. 00 90-tf BALTIMOBE AMD OHIO BATLBOAD. Wiih Jan. ?, 1*7. SimswG-zwmz&ii Traina betw< an W ABU INO TON AND BALTIMOBE and WASHINGTON AND TUB WBtT are now run aa follewa. vir FOB BALTIMOBB Leave dally, except Bnnday. at 7 #o, 7 48, and II 16 a m., and m*, and 4 90. and S 90 p. tn. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS Leave dally, except Bnnday. at 7-80 n. m , and 1 ? <) and 8 ou p m. FOB .? AY BTATIOHS SOl'TH OF ANNAPOLIS J UMCTlOH Leave at 8 18 and 7 JU a. a., and at and 4 98 *' FOB ANNAPOLIS Leave at 7 45 a m , and 4 to p tn. Ho traina to or from Annapolla on Snaday tsLNDkY. FOB BALTIMOBE. Leava at 7 48 a m . and Ji*t ana n 00 p. aa. FOB WAX STATION8. Lanva at 7:?8 * m.. and ] * ai*d x w a. ?. FOB ALL PABTS OF TUB WEST Leava daily, except Banday, nt 7H8 a. a., and 8 IV p m ??n Sunday at 9 uu p. tn only,connect!n* at Belay Station with traina from Baltimore to wheeling. Parkercbnrg Ac. TH BOLOH TIOKBTB to the Waatcan be had at the * aahtngton Station Tickct Office at all hoara in the a ay. aa well aa at the new efflca of tbe Bankera and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34B Fann. avenue, between 6th and 7tn atroeta. For New York. Pbilndelphla, and Bo*ton, aoa aCvertlacment of "Through Line '* J.L WILSON, Ifaater of TraoaportaUon. L BB ('OLE. Geueral Ticket Agent. oc 90 tf OBU. g KOONTZ. Acert Waidiln? ton_ HCDSON BIVEB AND HABLBH BAIL BOA US-On and alter MONOAl. N >v i9, 1 tr*lna for Albany and Troy. coanaciinx alto Kertliern and Waataru traina, will laata Naw Y?rk ?a followa : Sam Expreaa tratn via Hndaon Blver Ballroad . > th at and 10th av , thr-ugti to HafT?lo an 1 hnapenal>n Bridse withont change of can and connectii e at Tioy with traina tor Saratoga, Batlaud, Burlington and Montreal. IU a m Expreaa and Mall train via Hudaon B<v<-r Hailroad. connecting at Alt<any with Western train*, and at Troy with traina t r N >rtS. 11 a in Expreaa traia via Harlem Bttlr^ad, l-'th -t and ath av., conaacting at I hathain with Waat'ru Bailroad for LebanonSprinc*, PitUfie d, Ac., at Albany with Weatern traina. and at Troy with traina lor Saratoga Batlaad, Barlingten aad Montreal. _ 3*45 p m Expreas train via HnJ-on Blver Ball rt Hd conaectlnx at Albany with Waat-rn tracia, and it Troy with trains for Monti<Ea8? with alaap- 1 ing car attached. 4.18 p a. Expreaa train via Har'am Ballrond, | conHeciingat Ct.atbani with Waatarn Bailroad Tor > Lebanon Spitnga. I'itt*fleld. Ac.; at Alnany witn Weate* n traina. and at Troy with traina for Bat land. Burlington and Montraal. Bleeping cara attached at Albany t> Mi p m expraaa tr?ln via Hudaon Biver B*M- . rood, with sleeping cara attached, and thronch to i Buflalo aud 8napen<4on Bride** wlthoat obam*- f cara. AI?o, aleaning car every day excepilog Batnrda) a attached from Mew York through to (igdenanurg without ehnaga, vln Botne. W. and O Connection fe>r Troy will Eaat Albany ThH trnln will rnn on Bundaya 11 p m Train via Hudaon Biver Bailroad, with sleeping car attaahM. connecting at Albany with early traina fer Buffalo and Bnapenaloa Bri lge, and at Trey with traina for Saratoga and pointa Kerth. . A Sunday trnla will ba rnn Tin Hndaoa Bivar Bailroad rran New York to Poughkeeprie and intermediate atationa. leaving New York at i a m. Betarntng. leava PonghkaeMse at 8.48 p m , arriving In No^'York at 6 18 p tn Alao, a t>nn<fwy train vinHarl-m Bailroad. leav lag 4ld atreat at V a. a., and arriving at Millerton at 3 80 p a. Betnrnlng. leave MllUrton at 8 p. I. M.? ?5f*|< T^aVattBILT. j?19 Vice Prealdent. ^lOHMOHD^FMD^pBB^I ABD FO TO TBAVELLBHS OOIMO BOOTH. TWICE DAILY, (Bnnday p. a. accepted.) The qnlckeat aad moat dtract route to Blaknoad, Ya , and the Booth. via tfcp Potansa ^ ataarmira from Sixth Street n hart. BcsKff fssSS^S. now entirely oomDieted froaa Ajiaia Oraek to Blckaond ,Va. connecting therewith traina on the Bl<*. mond an?i Patarabnrg and BlcCaond and Danvi lla Ballroada, for PeUraburg, Weldon, Wilmington. Raleigh, Oreenahoro', Sallabary, Char I otto aad ^ 8 U lunar a Eeyport and O YanderMIt tea va Sixth Street Wharf dally (Sunday evening enceptodt at ?.os a. m. and7s. a. and arrive In Blehaond at 1.48 p. m and 9 90 a a. TH BOL OH TO BICHMOBD IB 8By*2s fifty Mllea Bbortor and Houra Qnlckag Um any (Hher Kouto. Ba aara get Through Tickets via Aanla Oroek and Fredarlckaborg, to Blohmond, at the Company'a Offlce, corner af Paana. aveaueand dth or on U>4rd Of Utbotto. baggage checked ^oSXlbnaae and aTb^gag^ rendlneaa to convey paaaengein anc.oaggaga d*^PMMWr*. by tiSTStf P? dayllgkt Mount YrfSonTJnd mly have an opnurtunlty of vlaipng aeveraJ battle fleWa near Fr^arickahnrg bf Mopping at that point. , nteamera BOE<?^ATT?I^OLYj8n?t.1Waahlngton, B O. 0. B. MATTINQLY, TicketoA.^ant^ J^aWngton. |_ly Oeneral Paaa?uger Agent. Potomac tbahsfobtatiob i?ibb. HOT 10 B TO SHIPPBBJB. The Staniner EXPEBis^Oapt. B. A. BYTHBB, Uavee Waa^ngtcnate a m. and | "EBAY for1 Jlymont,y.dd\V.^.*M"? Btoraa% Jr**4*" S^Ja^Oha not Pofnt- Ftowd^s^ , Whlrf' Laudator-a wtarf. Stone >a Wharf, Ourriemen Ba5Tl'?*well,B wWf. Hnxell'a Wharf, pT^TFSU: *<** * **aoro 81 A jtSttBtW. A^tf. My-tf Bo. S4S Penan, avenue. PaoraoTaD IfXrUi'^B'iaj fittslf iies^sf ^risw?asjii*^li^k2ji ajj .*a. sassyisus aoded tka nanaeoaa nae of Oopavla, Onhaha. Aa. Trlaaeanr Mo ? la the infallible raamtr "lor all SSSISIX* SSSSS^li'&'iSSi'uuM^ ^T.T. TZa ot ntaoapkora. In tlncaaea, at #?ench,or lonr #9 ansaa In ooa for f9, and In ftf A Vh^eaale nnd r^nll by Or. BABBOW, Bo. ll( "OM. Bn. Bfni4(attMt u tn a< w '*' jlffAOKEBBL AID OODFIBH. SsssistJe* font of Bevana* >*, - Ooaaniaaioa Merchanta, dalS-tf Bo. 168 HlntA at., het. B and F. r.s?^; ?*mU\7kZ 2* WMAMCK TATIaOB. RAILROADS. (J..,, .MADIhO BAILBOAD * I KILL, ffrfc rfjfcvV \ tl.2? y um H ity ? < 04L Scare: Wr^u. FMIsBal^ia. at tt.efeiiowiuc Atr i?"'*0 ACV;oMM?D4TIO?II I S?a*lol! B?4 aU IIUrMiu, /atun Ua. Pi oa 6rm. ftaa>aport liBin. lUcu/Tr%,V,l?? r*2 " laU>. Alteirto wb. Wllkeab^e ?t^i ? Tbie traia ronnecia at KBAllau wlik.iL.i_-. f6ali.jntLi4jUut.fc, Uaib. for Allantoic ' ?? With the UbUoD Valley f**V' *C . bar*. 4r ; at POBT OLIMToB J,J,ri-.tL*rr,*~ fBi'road trilii for * Ulla???rt fLEM?*1"* huidra. Ac . at BABBIBKlbu wliT Mr,?!"* Cornl^rland Valla*. and Mir.? ixiuVli liiltMftMM IrilM for < rtlu Ur|? a m ^ llaniepert, Tort Ol*mh?nb'ir| Plaaarare Ac . ? AFTBBBOOM BXfBBS? Learae I liliadetpbla it 3.30 p m for BMrfia. PotUrille, Harrl.lwr*, *r . r,Li?rti,j wu* ' BBAD1BQ ACCOMMODATION fcaadlLA at 6 3tl a .. tOBpim B? all wa? itatieua, arrive* In Phi ladeipLla ati^S a m Betarulaf, Nfft, PMIadelpb ia M 4 m arrireela he.dla* BUfti m " 4 ? p. m.. ^f#r Pklli4?imiIhv? Uftrrlfkf rf Mi 10 V5! PolUrtll* II lo I HI *rr. Ft?* i, ** 1 * >. Att'TLoOD tlllQl iratB I IUr,,#iruf? ??":* ?>U4 Poti^iiu BtI Bi . arriving Bt l'kr*4t 'pta at a 46 a m i 7 "Vri'buL? *?* '"?r,<l?non Imih Beading at * ? BjI. and b?r r?t b rg ?t ) 1v p m Conue< I IM M K*a..l Ag Blu, AfiV?o..B yjP rrl?,n? ? HhllBd^lpblB Bt iM.V.VMuS'.'iUuSi*TZ,r?^~~!i II .V r, -"J " ' - - " "" 1 I I lilUdelpti.a at j ij., Ua?e ''hila<leit *i? f r BeadiM t 8 b bi I f.roia* from Beaami bI? at J ' ' ' I'KfTBB .ALLKT BAICBOBD ':r * r','i.r *>**?* ***"? ?ud iBtermediBf* Ptil . ... ibr , h H 6 Is ? n, I r?-* urn tug froaTuJl" H ILuL bttvli. MB ? Y Jl.a BXPBKSS H'B IMTTT-BCBiirt | , AND TUB W EST J i ; IB/K . .T.tYw.n -J;V'.S2!\U fa v..; nsr^r,SaVri v1 H?iurnin* lirrNi Train l*BT.-a Ha-ria' nr. ?v:/c'; . v,'k'v:,r^S 4 49'2 a> m and i| *) p m ?^nuf,l,U' *l N" V rk 10 a, . b.1 2 , acfiimrmHM fh^e tr%ii? through tut . j*'# " ii? "i r,,,:,,orih- cha^reu J'r, Mill traia ft?r M?? ?.<rk l^arr. Harriikarf ? ,rwB for i? w T.SX tvtw, r n B' ilW V LKILL A?D SrgyCBHANNA BAILTr?1nf N ht?- Alburn at 7 ?0 % m f.^r p<^ and Harntharif. and H( | r m f r p,?t*Tor# and 1 rwoit; ^tQr.l.;,7.5, I'rJSUf""tfTS | p Bi., ?Bd from Tiaoiunt at ; it ?. m ^ ? . FBIIOHT. Uoada ofall dBocripUona forward** ta all th? al ovr p. lets fr. ? tl- paa> s ? rrJ,i,? l?*r*t, Broad and W Hiow .tr#*ui ?ralgli? FBB1 OHT TB.MKs BrLdTp# ^,H ?<a.noo', Pvttavilla. Part CUnt.^^4 all ^?at?aaraaf* Cloaoattkn PbiUda.pi U Paat Olflca for all l6e r"*u n'1 ;U braocli". ml i J ? "mi iS'tr itatioBi oaljr at 3 15 p. ?, ' PENNSYLVANIA CBSTkAL BAILKoaiT * ?INTCR ABHAN^AMC."? *0AD> .-.''111 tr*l*,','tb* Pi?ub-? iiiiii. Central Kail. raaa \rye tb?-l^pat, .t ...t .d1 Mar?VtBtra2t! I alilib la i?-h htd direct!, h) tiiocr, T. til m !' ^?"a?Paa.. .,arB.M?a? Tt,? ",, twwl ; :x*T*n:l,,att'ir"1 r?" -ubi.h;^ B.''w,BL 5t^A1.?-Thfc *?rkft Straat Care Iraia Fr^ut fci.d Mftrkit trieta^ uiliiGtM b^for** t> A departur-Bf ??ch iraiu * D*,or* MANN'S li AGO a U E EXPHKS8 willr.n , .DJoehTfth.,,,,,.! tt,J "m?. OrdwLiLn i S^fuonT ? * *mtmUtmU*9t,mlU Mall Train ^ L,BW r,2: ?a^.V?,VV^af.,U:,',,r^ "fa* H*rifabo'-e AccoBin.otlatloa .J bi > ? c m' LanrMt?r Aooonii lodatnin ,, Jp? ' I ttui ork nod Brta Mail 5 Phliairiphu Bxprt-aa ai n L ? '* * *'r? '?va diilIf Taxoa#^Bat* ' da,ly' AU otb^ Pa*a?-rrfri b> Mai, Train sa to William..,*.-* ? itbant ctiaiife of car., aud arrl ? 4 lSmI irti al S If p. n BI '*? U?Paaa?B4mbf Mall Traio *o to CarilslaanJ CbaiMl eraUitg wuhi.ut a chao?^ ?f car. JT,rketa can be bad u apDlicatl n j 4t the Ticket Offica. t?3l CU?atL4t etr?.t. ? . ilfrne at Dtp it. 1'iz . CinclBnati Bxprtea ' ? ? Philadelphia Eipr<ae ... JJ '! * * "* Pa^ ll A??a? , lo. 1 4 1 8 20 a iu A - n ! " Park.bor* Train '!. * If ' Lauc a?ter Train . .5 .. * ? > act Line . li Mill' m* Dar Bxpre^ ni". :: l\ i^r MoBdaV* daily, ?cepi \fcin?r^,t*1,**T,"iL*ck Ha?#a at 7 a at a d r,Vii*Wt *"? ? r<.arh Philadela, ,, Z Uoai WlUl?port br 1 he Pean.TlTanla Bailroad Conaany will n ,t Ar^rCt?^tB,k*!**'' f"r Waar1o4 sssr^- nStoT.* 'ars'^sjisj JOHN Ff' 'A 'i?n PP'yto n?t *?Lt ALLL!I> Tlcket 631 Cheat. De?o?i;*L H" Wallac?? Ticket A(eat at tha 8Bioda*,lI0BA,,T **A,M r*** ?ieept For io l rtlcaUra aa to fare aad arcomaoda tioB? apply to t BABCI8 P"N" K, 137 D | It CBN THA L BAILK9AD OP NBW JBBSKV P ICUT aud EreUht Uepot In H.wTnrl foot of Liberty *tre#t. OosdmIi at Har ot u ttr0.I1R,i1|,h^f 2TUVr* Lm kawa"tT.\Q3 V eaterb Bailroad, aud at Baaton with the L?hikb Tan.fiRa?,ro^aM iu coDnecti. n?. fwriuiua a 3?Si.",i??.*"""?"" " w- -"K? Al.LBSTOWS LIMB TO THE WBtfT Two Expreea Train, dally for the Weat, eic?Dt Sundara, when one Train in the evaain* Biilea aad tbraa hoare eared by thta line s^asR^sr-'-8t __ WIKTBB ABBABOBM BNTS, f?iIowakCln' J**ufcrT 7- l8*r~ 1-aare Mew Uferk a. PhLM A ?^,i7r?r Bethlehea *a-cH CU* 4c Wiikeabarre, kaba op . * W A M Mail That*?For Flemtnaton. BaaI tfn',. ^raatoa. WHke?t?arre. Qre^t ' Bend. Pittabura, BinshBintON, Be. . * B. M ?UaaUrn *x?r?a- for Ba-ton. AWentowa, Uarrlabar4. Pittabarjt, a id tb- Went. ?ita | bat one cbauro "f cara t? CibclBi aii ar CMca* . aad but two Hianjr -a to St. L.aii Oi.anecU *t I ?i?rria jrfcJTUi *'^h-rB ceotr.l and PhiUJ^.pkia aad Brie Boada, for Brie aad the Oil Be glODS. rw ~'r?r Baatoi. Alient?wn, MaacB Sbaiik. ^ likeabarre, Beadin*. PotUrllle. B ?rrlaDDTM MC. ChaakM ~FOr B*"t ' aad Maacb ft P M.?For Bomarrllle and Fleana4t"?B p * "for BBatoB.Baa4l??4. Harrlabarg W!|liuu|urt. Irriaetmi. Oorry, Bne. Be. Meepiug c?* from New Tork to * illiamapart. 6.16 P. M ? Fi r Swmer*' lie ' ? Ki M^?For 8i'n?er?ilia. ,?P..f "TWK,iT"*, *Ki'*??a Tin* ?For Bx I lad'the Wwt *' *?r??b?rf, Pitt?bar4, ! v Bleapla*oara throngh froa Jeraay City to Pitubarf ererp arBBiax. * BuJuiStk"*?11 *'* 40 Ber**n Tlcketo^fbr tha Weet can k. obUlaed at the offlco of the Central Ballr >ad of Hew Jereay. ?<,?i of Libert) atreat. Horth Mo 1 B.tor Hon.e Mo*. M4, ATI, *? Broadway, aad at |0 1# Oreanwich atraet 1 jalft J081 AH O BTBl BH8. g0?aLiataadaat NBW YOBB. AN; IIV HAVBB KAILBOAD. I Paaaanaer Btatloa la Mow York, coraerS7ta ' Ueet and roarth araane TBAIHs LBAVB NBW YOBB Tor Haw Haras aod Brldgeport-l, 8 Bx >, 11 ? A. rn., 12.16 (Bz.),l(Bx ), SM, 6.30. and 6(Bi ). For Mllford. Btratfard. Fairfield. B*athpart, WartporWT.UAUa ,S 60 aud 6 Bit m For Narwalk?T, ?.k>. U .3U a. m ; u li B*.t, (Kx.i.l 61'. iSTt jn, aad s i Bx. i p m For Dailea aad Greenwich?T, 9 39, 11.30 a ?.; 3 3f. 4.38, s 30. and 3?_a m. For BUnford-7, 8 i Bx9 90 11 ) a ia : It 16 (Bx.l, 3(Bx ) 3.60, 4 39,6.99.6 30 aod 8 ( Bx.) p. ai For Port Cheater asd Isteriao iate sutloaa? 7, 9.30. 11 JO a. S?.. 3 80. 4AO, 6 38. 6.9W. aad 7 p. m. COMMBOVIMO TRAINS. Fer Boston via Bpria4&eld-8 a. si., < ? ;' f? (Bx.j8p.oi. Fur Bostoa via Shore Liaa?U 16, '^Tor'&artfort aad Bprla4Beld?8, (Bx.,) U 3P a. * ;3,(Bx ,>8 99,8? For Oc-nertieut Biter Bailroad?8 a. (Bx ,) UJO a ai. to Moatreal 8 p. m. n> Northampton Far Hartferd, Prorldesce aad Fiabkill B. B.? 8JBx^) 11.99 a. m. _ 4 _ Far Maw Har en, Naw Loadaa aad SUalMtoa Bailaoad 3 a. m.; 1818.8 and 8 p for Oaaal Bailr*ad-12.U p. . to BortbampFor Hoasatoalc asd Baaratuck Bailroad?8 a. BFor\>2Lbary and Mar walk B B-7,9 39 a. ml 4'CoABodlo?a Bleepta* Oar. attached to! p. si iad' JAMBI S. HOXT, Boperlataadaal. |