Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1867 Page 1
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(Eknmg Star. V?1-. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20. 1867. N0-. 4,354. the evening star piklishkd dailt,(sunday bxckpted > L AT THE STAR BUlLDIftO, 3e% hv*tt corner rtnm*. eeaaa and lit* BT W. T>. WALLA C H. The STAR is served by ma fftrrier* to their .ubecTit-ors In the City and District at T*w COT) FIK WIU Copies at the counter, with or without wrapper*. Two CsMTa each. Pairs rom mailiwo 1Three months O-* fyMar and Fifty find; six months, Tkt't ZWlar?, one Tear, Fitt Dollars. Ho papers ato eat from ihe office longer than paid tor. The W KKKL.Y &T AK?published on Friday romin|- One Dollar mnd a Half a T*ar. dentistry. Drlewie'S DENTAL ASSOCIATION, Ho. efco fKMM'A AVI , Between lJth aad Uth street*. Seeth extracted wlth^rt paia .by admln*t*rlng roua Oijdt er Laughing (>as. LlWilbti recently purchased tbe Chemical Apparatus in the country for^ ' raafctog pure gae ever> day; also, en Improved V i tqist Inhaler lb* Aseociatma Is now prepared ta utake Teeth on Gold. Silver and Bnfober at New \orh Philadelphia aad Boston pneee. All persons wishing drntal work done oan havetteaib?ep as la tbe above osmel elites All work d. ue in tbe ne?test and best manner, and warranted to give satisfaction. Persona will do well to rail ami examine oar work. de >4 tf TP T gj LOOM 18. D.. Tbe Iavsntar and Patentee of tne MINB&Ab I LA IB TEETH, atteuds pertonally at/^^ I hieoiticeln th>s city. Many persona ouWM I wear Uteee teeth who caanot wear others, * * and no person can wear others who saua.t fear Persons oalllng at say office eac be aoooTBiriod v t?d with any style and prlre of Teet h they tnay delire,but to these who are particular,aad w h tbe aerest. cleanest stron?f<t and most perfe-.t dentor* tbat art can procare the MIXBBAL TBBTH wlU be more full) warranted. Booms In this city?No Penn'a arena*, oetweenPthard tPtb sts Also, tOT Arch street, Philadelphia. oc ? lr personal. V'00 V~\TNET Eli mTkE TUB TBIPon Bn 1 ehu or Samaritan bumbags See Dr DaRBT, 4 9*/th ^t.eet He Is the hlgb?st .vith-rHy on such bis private rooms are oppciica Odd V *iioa9 Hall ja'S-lm* PUI\ fcNT ION UBTTBB THAN ? UHK French preventives against <t4sess* an>l pregnancy t wbfti snch i# unde-lrable i Bent to anv art<tres?. at *?. ?5. an i 87 ?er to/en. according t? quality. b> Dr. WOOD Bos +?>i, or call at <th street, ,up stairs j Washington, P. C. ]s3 Im* M&s voitm 1bv 1n g, Clairvoyant, ant T-m Medium, a ill give |il?- readmit*, inciaJiug l ast, Present au>l Future ?t her office, 4 :40, nstth side of Pa av., between ?S and ith streets. O.flce tours from 9 to 2 a m and 6 to 'i s m. ja AB. Maibtc B 7 K*aL S<J 1BNTli'lU Ab TBOLuGEB OP AM ti BIO A, from the position ana aspect of tne Stars at the time ot one's birth. will rev<al astonishing se crets that no living mortal ever knew before, how to be successful in all reasonable undertakings. He tells same and very day yon marry , describes tbe intended companion, and t.-lIs sll events of life, good Imk ?nd loug l:f>- to tisltors. Laues 60 ceiits to 41 geiitlemeu lu fall .$1. Uall at 4 7 0 lit h st . near V. all hoars antil 9 In the evening, de SI 2m" | / ' (>> F 11' K NT I A L ? Toung men who have lnV-1 jfired theniseivee oy certain secret habits, wfcich ocflt them for basiuess. pleasure, or the dntiaeof married life, also, middle aged and old men. who. from the follies of youth, or otlier ear.-es feel a debility In a?ivsnce of their years, before placing themselves under tbe treatment of any one. should first rend "The Secret rriend." Married ladies wlH learn something of Importance t>> perusing "Tbe Secret Krlet"!." Sent to any a>idress, In a sealed envelope, on receipt of 23 cents. Addree* Dr. CHA8 A STCAUT M OO . Boston, Mass no ?-ly oliotfllnorii FJ. HBfBKBUB*. Succeesor te H W. L?ndon tOo,, s^ CITUZSS AlVD MIL IT A R >' >B M mfmchaxt tailor, im Metropolitan Hotel lata Brown'*, WW 36a Peao*ylvanla avenue BT Waahlagton, D. 0. K BBOWMM. j? J. SMITH ERH B BOWS B A SMITH BBS, vs amilnotuh. D. 0 , A TTO RXF.YS A* D C't UM St Ll.OKS AT LA W, AND S?OLIClT0B3 FOB THK PT'BEAU BKPt GEBS. PBKKDM KN. AND ABANDONED LANDS Omce No. 41b Seventh street,opposite the Post Dftce. )e > ly Otto w ilk ins' pianos and oabuabt A NBEL HAM b pablo* o*gans. All will 3ad it greatly to their Interest? to eiamitio the-e upert Instruments im-ioki fore pursbasing any other. Iff in Only agen- > at GEOUGB L. WILD M BBO 8 Ne? Piabo Porte and Organ Wareroo , No. 49T 11th street between Pean a avenue and ft street. A select as? rtment of new and second hand Instruments, Including a CHUKi H OBGAN. for sale at loweat facSerj prices, and on easy terms Tl NINO and BB PAI BIN Q faithfully executed no 13 *m * B C BET DI8 S I S" BB. AMARIttw'J fllffl samaritastb aim TBB MOST CEKTAIS BEMBDT EVEB USED Yea, A Po?i*ivb Goal," fer gONORRiHXA, GLKXT, STKiCTURKS, ?? Gontain* no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury, Only T'n Pilis to b? Thktn to K/eei a Cute, They are eaUraly vegetable, having no smell not an> unpieaeaut taste, aad will not iu any way iajure the stomach or bowels of the most delicata. Cures in from two to four days, and recetx caaaa In "twenty lotirhoara " Prepared by a graduate of the Fniversity of Penasylvaala, eneof the moat eminent Doctora aad Chemlsta of the areeeatday; tspo<w^<, no irOMblt, wo chantt wkatef et. Let those who have deepal red of getUng oared , or wLo have been gorged wi^Qi BsUam^Oopa^vmor Mercury try tha SAMAB1TAN S GIFT. Bent by mall In a plain envelop*. Price?Male peckagea, |1. Female, ?|. BLOODf BLOOD// BLOOD/// BOBOFULA. ULCBBS. BOBBS, SPOTS. BAMARITAX 3 MOOT AND HBR-B JU/CM 1* offered the public as a aaaiti ve car*. SYPHILID OB VtNkKIAL DISEASES, the SAMAB1T AN "B BOOT AND HBBB JU10B Isa most potent, certain and effectual remedy ever praecribed. It reaohee and eradicates every particle o' tbe venereal poteon, so that the cure is thorouali and permauent. Take, then,of this purifytn* rem edy and be Uealed. and do not transmit it te roar posterity that for wklah iSo may sepeat In after ***"" do ??T DESPAIB I Although yon mav oe proeooncee incurable. BAMaRITAN S BOOT AND HBBB JClOBa will remove every vestige ef Impurities from the "-iikis:lu*"1""* "" "wiigfe-.rlft iDAOf aflecUoni wlth whloo QQiudtn of v*. tbe BOOT AND HIgfi happily adapted, la Ulcerated Uterus, in Leuoor. mora. In beartag dowa. Falling of the Womb, dl bilitr, and for all oompiainta Hioldent to the mx eat by expreea. Price par botti*. SAMARITAN'S WASH m.trbsb'jsis- *> ?"Full dtrecttooa. Price 18 ceata. The eMcacy of tbeee remedies I* alike aeknewlsttv. tb#' WHAT THE "C.O.O.S SA^t O^TH. 8 AMAB "pojv Brr^ivfoat marshall, Baltimore, Md . Feb. Ai, ?"I have great satisfaction ta ataung that i have aaed -TheE^nerltaa Baaedlea* fur VeMrsI viiMfii In its no?t oofloiuury fonoM: that 1 hive need them with judgment, discretion and properly, and, have found them reepood to mi aaUclpationa promytly aod effectually Knowing their eompoaltten, I have the fulleet oonfldeace to their eSoacy.aad as far aamy aaaof them exWada 1 s* **"**4^EBB 0 BOWBB8, "Aaalstant Surgeon. Kh ft. taSau m?bf . O. #OB D, earner 11th street aad PenaayIvaala aveaae. Waahingtoa; HBNBT OOOK, bissosi) i (s4.1wsaaa^is:^ aaimiai s. blatk. waidh.lamoh. c. p.blaceLAW OFF1GK. BLACK, LAMOH * OO., Gouaaellors and Atteraeys at-Law la the Suprvote Oowrt of the Ualied Staiee, the Court of Claims, theCourteof the Dietrict, the Executive Depart* ments. and Committees of Coagreea. . 14tb ?treet, (dlreeMy apposite Wlllards Hotel 1 da 18-tf Latest pabis fashions ?of haibDBK-fINO. B. AlLIOT, fHE.frH HAIR DRESSER, 334 B street, between ISth aad Uth ata. Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Hair-Dresear, of the selebrated Bethel, with whom he arrived la this country, baa now been eetahiiehed fer tae last eight years la Washington and Newport, cacti ag the patronage ef tbe corfi riiptoma/igne, aad | of tbe highest society. He ban tbe honor to antoo tee that be has this season imported tbe lateet fashions at hal r dressing, aad also pomadea. and everything tbat belongs to the dr easing of nalr at vary reaaona*. le prices. iaT fcn* 4ho cbhtkal lo^!n8offiob, 480 Na. lot hstraet, one door below Pa. ara.. 1a oao to lean en O^ITaad Stiver W ATOHES, DIAMONDS. CLOTHING, aad MBBCHANDIcE of every deserlptien. te 9 VBnsineee strictly coafldeatlal.^f \y M EN ABB A COB* PIANOS, PB1NCS A OO "B OBOAN8 AjD HEHHRfe LODBoiVB, _ WT*n lor sale aad rent oa easy terms as Mo, 498 11th street, above PeaasyIvanle areaae ee l-eeatm* V. O. BBIOHBIBACH. JAMBS GUILD. Dmlor in Nnt and Sttand hand fwsirsri. Old Furniture Be pal red. Be upholstered and Taralahad. ltth and Bata..(aaar tbs canal.) iBhoal frtoa paMfo* Baasni hand fatal twa. WlH* bankers. JAT COOKE k CO., lillllli ttrtet, w>*U Tbuuvn, Hn yand Ml i icurreat Market r*U?, ui heap (MMillr on hand, i fall nMl7 of Ml GOVERNMENT BONDS, BETBN-THIBT1B8, AND COMPOUBB INTBBB8T NOTBS Orfwi tn BTOCEB. BONDS, Mc , eaeeatod, ond Collections mod* oa oil oeoesslble points. Ml tf J?iRROW fc CO., BABKtiU. Corner l?a1?i*no avenue ond Seyonth reet, VBALIBft I*? WOVEKNMKNT SECURITIES, B'?! D AND SlLVFB ,y j tf AND LARD WABBANTB First National Bank of Washington. E.L> CCOBB, (of JayOooke 4 0o.,) Preeident. W *. 8. HUNTINGTON, Cutler. GOVEBNMENT DBP081T0BT aw n I 21A NCI A L AGENT OF THE UNITED 8TATB8, 1 Hk firttt, orvofut th* TYsfl?vry Dtrartm*W. Go\erqnnt BecuriMee with .treasurer United W ONE MILLlnA pnLLARS vS t bay ond oil (losses of ?j OfERNMENl &Lt UKI1 IE.S?t torrent market rotee. JfLRMlHH BlCHANdE and make CMlfritont ALL TOE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE LNITEl) STATES. We purcboee Government Vouchers on the hOST FAVORABLE TERMS, ond fire corefc! bus prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS, And to any other business entreated to ns. FULL INF0BMAT10N In rsgard to GOVEBBMEhT LOANS ot oil times cheerfully furnished WM. 8. MCNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, Merck ?. ISM. m il tf HOTBLsTr ESTAU KANTsT"So. I^IBKWOOD HOUSE, Corner Ptnna. armue mn1 Tirelf'K W??, Tf^I^W Wa>* tntion, D C. Bltooted In tbe most control location the city, mtdwoy between tbe CAPITOL AND PBESIDENTFAL MANSION, Oniy-a ebort distance from oil the Deportment*, Potent ond Poet Offlcee, Smithsonian Institute, H. H. DUDLEY A CO., DOll-tf Proprietors. EMB1CHS BBSTALBABT, No. 3H Ftnno avenue, neor 6th itreet. F BMBICH wishes to Inform hie frlenls ondtbo public generally that be now keepe eon- A mm a stantly on head OY8TEB3. freeh every fffSA# d*JJ; ??P***d ,n **rT etrle. II. ?T His WINES and Ll6l*UBS cannot bosu^aJseT. Call aad gtve him a trial. oc a tf woodTand coal. ^OALI CO ALII AT GBEATLY BEDUCBD PBICE8. Qroe? tob* of x.itN ibu , delivered In ony part of the city Cbeatnnt White *?h. S7. Stove, kgganit Furnace White Aah, 93,30. K,d Ash.*8 M. Lehigh. #9. Oak and Pine Wood constantly on hand. Ordt-ra received *tonr03ice, or ot tbe Wborf, foctof Seventh street B. F BBOWN * BON. jels-tf 463 9th atreot, between B and F. w H. CLAQBTT, U. B. SWEENY, BBAL ESTATE BB0KEB8 " A.NB AUCTIONEERS. Partlea contemplating bailding In the spring or purchasing unimproved property for Investment will fiiid it to their odvantnge to look or?r our liat before purohaetng. as we bore a-lded receutly to oar former list a large amount of thetdeecriptloo of property. We con offer many Inducements os regorde situation, low prlcea ond easy terms. We hove also fer sale several small tract* or land in the immediate vicinity of thla city, very ell gtbly located for saburban residences, ao well aa highly improved farms in Maryland, which are really borgoina. Property left with qs for sole does n?t snbject the owner to ozk?o oaless sold while on onr books. fe 11 lm OLAOBTT A 8WBBNT. O T O V W . B . M 0 S E 8 ' FASHIONABLE CABPET, FCBNITCBB ABD BEDDING 8TOBBS, BOS. 321 * ?19, INTELLIGENCES BUILD1BO, COBBBB 7TH AND D., ABD BO- ?09 TTH 8TBBET, THHBN 'S BUILDIBO, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8' HALL, ABD EXAMIBB THB FINEST ASBOBTID STOCK THIS BIDS OF PHILADELPHIA. He baa all the lateet deeigns made tn Pkllodelphlo, New York, ond Boaton. The atock la always selected by Mr. Mosee, and bought at t*e lowest rates for cash, which eoahiee him to compete with Bastern prices. Hisfiuest F araiture is made to order In I'kilodalphio, and of the beat material thot can be fonad. Pnrchaaera ahonld atady their owi interest by colling at bis Stores and examining the well aasorted stock of CABPETB, FUNNITDBE, Ac., ond obtain his price-list b> fore going elsewhere, which he will furnish with pleosare Bis oa^ortmeat of Mattretsea Blankets, Ootaforts, C?anterpaioes. Pillows. Bolsters, Featherbeds, and all kinds of Cottage ond Kitchen For nitnre Is complete, which he offers at tbe lowest New York ana Philadelphia pricea. Bemember Noe Atfl and ftltt Intelligencer Building corner 7th and D. and No 409 7th atreet. Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D and E streets. js 14-tf W. B. MOSBB. B M O T A L , THB BATTONAL TNION 1N8UBANOB COMPANY OF WASHINGTON Have iamoved to th?lr New Office. Bo. 71 LOeiBlANA AVINUB, First door eaat of 7 tb at, DIB bTTT OBB: Chos. Knap, Preat, Geo. W. Blgge. Tloe Preet, Tboe. Berry, Marohall Browa, Aich'd Wallacta, G It.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Henry D. Cooke, de 3 tf NOBLE D. LABNBB, Secretary, AT TUB BBW CHBAF STAMPING BOOMB 44W yth at-reet, opposite Patent Office, ladies can gat ot our reduced prices, on the Yery beet Woniaautto? Night gown Yokeo, ready sumped ^Octs. Ct mlae Tokee, ** cto. ' Bonds " " so cte. Bitherfor oroldor embroidery, oar patterns are of tbe very iatsw deaigas, selected with core ia Bew Tork. ond beHig fu receipt et them weekly, we are oble doily to laeue new patterns, oe well aa make and stamp any pattern breaght us. I. 0.0. Worklag Cotton at reduced priees. de 1? tf 486 i j 486 7.h A ?Lr.op?T.b BEAUTIFUL AMD USEFUL COMBINED. PAINTINGS AN y ENGBATINGS. A limited bat ehelce eeleetiona of Oil Paintings, Bngrovlngs. Ckromoo, Wreathe, Baskets of Flow 5ViWfAcrisri?A?M. A rich and varied assortment from tbe beet manafacturera In the country embraclag Walaut. Imitation Bosewood, all Gilt. Noetic and Carved Framee. Paeeeparteate, Cord Frames, Ac. F1CTCBB COBD AND TASSBL8, WALBUT BBA< KITS. Ac. Picture Cord oad Toeeele oil staes and colors, Blue Halls, Walnut Brackets, EastUa Ac. FAPBBHANG1NG8 ABD WINDOW SHADBB. A beautiful variety of these goods, smbrasfng the licheet deeiane of Gilt Kmhroldered Parlor Patterns to the Bletrlst, with o well oeeorted stock of the ebeopor grades, wltb a large voDety of Wladow Bhariee, different si^.s a ad eelore. Ordere fer Wiadow Saodee oad PaMrhaagingi aunetually fllle<l, la city or eouatry. A lorge portion of the above Goods ware made Mcialiy taoT ler. believing the beat the cheapest, and aiming te keep that class of Goods, wo respectfully invito tbe Public to la?pect and sompars oar Goods with any In the market. T$rm* J^MAm/B^TBB, No ?M Tth street. 4? M-fcn* Sight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. 4 SPECIAL NOTICES. ,? ??? y DISTRESSING COUGH c?n*M tbe friends o( th? sulTerer almoM as much paiu as the sutTerer himself, and iboalH rti-flve ImiucdUt* attentiou. I'H. V* ISl'AK 8 BALSAM t'F WILD UHtH BY tpetdtly i nr?? caghc, cold*, intluenwa. sore throat Be It will always relieve consumption. ?ni In many well attested cases It bat effected a perfect cure. It KT'Those who have been subject to Nervous Headerhs? for years are restored to perfect be*'tb by one dose i' forty drops 't of METCALFE'S GRFaT RHEUMATIC REMEDY. It never fails, fe 18 eo2w 8.0 FoRD.Ageut. 1TB EFFECT 18 MIBACULOU8. HALL 8 VEGBTAILS SICILIAN HAIR REN EWER. It is a perfect and wonderful article Cures !#al 1ne?s Miik e? hair grow A ba'ter dresiiag th in a- y fill" or ' pomatuin " 8oft-ns ?<rash, dry , and wiry hair Into Keautifnl Silfces Tiessee. But, ab?-\e al, the great winder is the rapi ity with which It restoros gkat hair to itf obioinal rcLog. 'I be whitest and worst looking hair resnoi*? its yorthful bt au'y by Its use. It dees not dye tbe hair, hut strikes at the root and Alls It with new life ai d coloring mutter. The first application will do joifl ; yon will *?e the natural coi ob retutninc ?f? y day, anl bt>'OBE Y<?U KNOW IT. the r]d gray, disco.ored appearance of the hair willle ?Min* place to lastrotis, shining, and t eautltul J?i k-Ask tor Hall's *irCian Hair Ben"w?r ; bo other article is at all like it in effort See that each buttle has our pri vat Government Mamp ever the top of the bottle. All utkers ate trn itation*, B P H ALL .% CO . Nashua, N II , Proprietors. For sale by al druggists. f" 18 d&weo2m,r NKHVOl'S II FAD At H E> are instantl t uted by ot<e dose 'forty dri ps")ot itf ETC ALF E S QhEAT RBtUMATlo BBMEDV bold by a.I Drvjrgists fe 19 eoiw S. O. F> >BD, Agent REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB 8PE0IAL OASBb, Me. 14 Bond street. Hew York. ^"Full information with the tt<ltrnohkiif; aUo, a Book (>n Special Dictate*, tn i .?enU.d envelope, sent free. t/"/>? furt nn I \''nd lor them, ind you trill not rrgret it; for, as adveittning phy stclan* are generally tmpo.itor*, without* no stranger should be trusted. Kn!>>?<<' a ?ta*ip lor postage a?d direct to DR. LAWRENt'E. So 14 Busd street. New York no 12 Dtffly %r MA RBI AGE AND CELIBACY, AND THE Happibrss of True Haahnod.? An Es*av fur Young Men tin the Crime of Solitnde, aud the Ph> Biological Errors, Abuses and Diseases which create Impediments to Marriage. >. 1th are means of Relief Sent in ?ealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address l?r .1 SKILLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Associat on. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-3m SECRET DISEASES. Samaritan'.* Gift is tbe meet curtain, safs and effectual remed>?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered Cares in two to loar days, and recent cases in twenty fonr hoars No mineral, no balsam, no mercary Only ten pills to be taaea. It Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do net want te be exposed. Male packagec, #1, female, 93. 8a? aritan's Boot asn H krb Jptcb??A positive aiiS permanent sure fer Spy kills. Scrofula. Ulcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Price $1 15 per bettle. Bold by B. O. Ford. See ad vertisement. ay I COLGATE A CO.'8 WINTER BOAP. Recommended for chappkd han?% and for general toilet ase daring cold wraths*. It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers, feb 9-eoly DANCING. |>ROFB. J. W. A H. P. RUE Id' DANCIHG ACADEMY, gk Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th ets.. J(% Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. New Classes forming every evening. Those de"ring to enter oar elassea should avail themselves of th Is opportunity. Preparations will be made in this quarter for onrannual May Ball. Circulars can be had at J. P. Ellis'and W o Meteerott A Oo.'s Music Storee. The Hall can ba rented lor Solreee. Ac. Day* and Hortrt of TWiHum: For Ladles, Mlss?s aiMl UatUri, Tiwdt/ and Haturdny aftornoons. from S to 5 o'oloek Gentlemen s Classes, Tuesday and Friday evenings. from 8 to lu o'clock. For further information, apply during the hoara f tuition, or address a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with tbe first leseon. ja 8 MABINI'I FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT MAB1MI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M K, between 9th and 19th streets, The last utiarter of ;liin -eason, prei ara tory to the Ma\ Hall will romtrence on Baturtiav, Marcli 2. Cl?--' s ter tbeGermax are now open. N B ?Private i nstrnctlon given ta salt Uie convenience of the pcpll se 1J Masquerade and fancy drebs ballb AND PARTIES. The nadersigntd would most respectfully inform tbe ladles and gentlemen of Washlngtoa city, and the District generally, that he ic at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masquerade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. He hac taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of Christian Bappert, Esi., 6'J'J 7th street, between D and B. where he will be bappy te aweitorder*. CHARLES BERQ, late Uoctumer at Ford's and Grover'c fell-lm* Theaters, Washington, D. O BOOTS, SHOES, A. A* BOOTS AND SHOES. fB HEW Tt Oil. The undeteigned begs leave to Inform his friends and the pnbltc generally that he has opened the NEW CHEAP STOBE, No. AOS 7th etreet.aader Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a general assortment of Ladiee' end Gentlemen's, Boy's. Mleoes and Children's ? BOOTS AND BHOBB. Remember the number, ^04 7th street, ander Odd Fellows' Hall The New Uheap Store, for torly K W. Page's atore. de 18 WEOBGE B. WIL8QM. /' OVEKS MENT HARNESS. /?- jiT (' ipk 2 "CO setts TEAM HABNE88, * 1(0 setts AMBULANCE HARNESS, 3.UU0 COLLABS and TEAM BBIDLHS, OABT HABNBS8, McCLELLAN SABDLES, BIDING BRIDLES, halterb, hameb. Ac , Ac. These Harness are la tboroagh repair ani will be cold low. J AS 8 TOPHAM a OO , 49 and 31 Louisiana avenue, fe 14-6t between 6tk and 7th street*. CMGABS AND TOBACCO -BROORK N. BDj MONSTdB will be bappy toaerve his frieads and the public with Cigars and Tobacco, at Mo. 64 \ Louisiana avenue, near Bank of Washington. fe 91m ^CALEBI BCALE8 ' SCALER !:l " HUCKSTERS' SCALES, of all kinds, BUTTEB SCALES, BUTCHKB8 SCALES, PLATfOBM ALD COL'NTKR BOA LBS. MARKET SCALES. With large SCOOP, for weighing Potatoes, Turnips, Ac., Ac. J. P. BABTHOLBW, Seventh ctreet, fe 15-eogt below Pennsylvania avenue. rr BT. TIMOTHY'S HALL. 1 HE datlec of thic inctitntlon will be recamed en Bapt. IS, 1M For terms, Ac., see catalogue and circular at the prtaoipal boakstores of tais city, er address the principal. aajn 1. PABBOBB. OatoavlUe.Md. 3,000 bvibctoajftBa'pUTATOID. j?.t arSr'A.*"4 "" " ? ?pWBROWN,i,aoi,0' Commission Merchants, de 14-tf Ho. 463 ?th ct.. between 1 aadF. ^OLDEN EQUPPBBBOBG WIMB, (HaUva.) Rich, fruity flavor, with deUoats boqaet. Prodece 01 tb6 BUUPPBBHONO GBAPB, of North CaroHna. *. M. P. K1H? * BOH, de^t-tf King Plaea. sm?Amwa<ra M140" ' "sM??ivi!asw. Corner 14th and F street*, de l* pnder Bbbltt Houea. F~ OR SALB?I.OHg OBEY BLANKETS, at BOBEBT FCLTOH'B. Pawnbroker, 4?'i Mb street jaUiw* lUABlia FOB imiT.?A large aceortsseat of TELEGRAMS. *e. The messenger on the Santa Fe sta^e line, who l*??hfd Junction City. Kansas, Wednesday night Inst, states that as he came through Fort Dodge the commanding officer forbad* him going on as there was great danger from the Indians. He says they were so badly scared at Fort Dodge that they were digging ditches, and throwing up earthworks, Ac. The canvass for the approaching election of Mate officers in New Hampshire is being car. ried on with great spirit. The discussion between the opposing candidates for Governor? General Harriman. I'aion, and John G. Sinclair, Democrat?have been held daring th?

week at Lancaster, Littleton. Plymouth, and Laceni. The bill substantially abolishing the usury laws, after a debate of several day* in the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, was ordered to be engrossed yestertfay after noon. The same bill passed the Senate a week xgo, and will become a law the 1st of July. The Panama steamer from San Francisco recently carried a bar of gold valued at two hundred thousand dollars to Valparaiso, on account of the Chilian Government, a? a portion of the loan recently made in England for two and a quarter millions. At a rxeeting of the Union Leagues of Winchester, Virginia, held on the I6tb instant, a joint committee of rive members were appointed to draft suitable resolutions requesting t'erpiess to reorganize the Suite government of Virginia. Bear Admiral Thatcher, U. S. N., and (.Japtain Turnly, ot the Royal navy, have been decorated with the Cross by order ot Ramehaha 1, lor courtesies extended to i^ueen kuim.t while aboard their respective ships. 1 tie Alabama Legislature adjourned tin* die last night. No action was taken on the Federal election. Tn? LmiiPLATur.E ok Marvi.anp.? In the Senate yesterdaj. an order was offered that that the bill providing tor the election of a mayor and city council in Baltimore be returned to the committee on judicial proceedings, from which it was lately taken. After some debate the order was rejected ?yea? 5, nays 14 Subsequently Mr. Vickers, chairman of the committee on judic al proceeding-, repotted tbe bill, which was ordered to b" printed. The day of election is left blank. Ttie bill to incorporate the Maryland State Agricultural Society was recommitted. An order was adopted to appoint a committee to make arrangements tor the installation of Lieutenant Governor Cox. on Tuesdav next, as Governor of the state, in plate of the Hon. Thomas Swann, who will re-ign on that day Petitions were presented in the Mouse of Delegates from one thousand citizens of Baltimore in lav'or of the eight hour system. The but to amend the general school law, so as to exempt Baltimore city from its operations, was ordered to a third reading. Among the bills passed was one to incorporate Ellicott City, and another to pay the ollicers ol regis, tram n. The bill to establish a new military system for Maryland was then taken up and discussed. The Kh est Siicide <>f a Lau in Lawrence?The Lawrence Sentinel has the following particulars concerning the suicide on Wednesday last of Fred. A Colby, in the pastor s room of the Freewill Baptist Church, in that city :?It appears that the boy met abotit noon a yom.g school girl with whom he had been much associated of late; he seemed sad and down spirited, and told her she would no' see much more of him: she asked him what was the matter, and after pressing him for some time for an explanation, he told her to cail at the church alter dinner and he would tell her. About one o'clock his triend called at the church in company with another girl, and found him lying on ibe lloor in the pa-tor's room, apparently lifeless, with a pistol at his side. She was, of course, mueh alarmed, and calling in a lr end. it was ascertained he w as i^uite dead. The ball, about the size of a pea. had passed in near the left nipple, and through the lungs. Coroner Lamb was summoned, but did not consider it necessary to hoid an inquest. \outig Colby was about fifteen years of age. He bad of late taken a strong interest in the religious movement at tte church where the sad affair happened, and at bia/rqnMt the held a series of young men's prayer meetings, one of which was to be held that evening. His father, Mr. \V m. W. Colby, is a deacon of the church, and a much respected citizen. Co-opkratiyr Societies in Switzerland. A letter from Berne gives information as to the Swiss co-operative societies. That of Lausanne confines itself to procuring for its members articles of food of primary necessity at a low rate. The financial statement for 1S64 shows a sale of butchers'meat to the amount of 143,."WO francs; bread, 23.610 francs, and sundries, francs, with a total profit of 8,572 fianca. In IMS the amounts declined?for meat, to 140,Ms francs, and for bread, to 21.457 fiancs; with a profit of 8,718 francs. One which supplies every one, and acta as a kind of savings bank tor its members, producing results much more considerable, is tnat of Zurich, the amount of its transactions being 1.U7S.644 francs, with a net profit of 2*-44 francs. Alter that come those of Yevey, Neuchatel, Ac. A considerable number are now in existence in Switzerland, and fresh ones are daily established. Explosion of Fkozin NitroGlyobrin*.? The Schlesische Zeiiung records a curious accident occasioned by the explosion of frozen n tiro-glycerine. This substance freezes at abont forty degrees Fahrenheit, and when in the solid state explodes merely by being rubbed, on which account it is impossible to reduce it to smaller pieces by crushing or striking it. An nnfortunateman, one "Scnachtmeister" Krause, wh? tried this experiment on a frozen mass, weighing some six or eight pounds, was hurled by the explosion to a great height into the air, and then thrown ?nto a shaft from filty to sixty feet in depth. Lions ExricTKD.?The New York correa pondentof the Episcopalian says: A correspondence has recently passed bejjreen some Baptist clergymen, ot this city, and the Rev. Mr. Spnrgeoa, with a view to bringing the latter "here during Anniversary week. Mr. Spurgeon will be handsomely paid for his trouble, and his visit here, it is scarcely necessary to add, would make a sensation in the religious world. Next, there is reason to l>elieve, that a similar negotiation is pending between some of onr High Church friends and ro less a notability than Rev. Dr. Pnsey. An Heiress Found.? A paragraph has lately been in circulation by the pre?s to the effect that the unknown heirs of Dr; B. F Patterson, of Mobile, wer* wanted, in order to take possession of an estate valued at S>5 >,uoo. It is said that the heir?or lather the heiress?has been found, and that she Is a resident of Chicago, where she has been living in redused circumstances, supporting herself mainly by the nee of her needle. Good Cows.?John K. Gordon, of IJwchlan' Cbeater county, says the Delaware county Republican, Is the possessor of two cows which produced, from the flratof last January for the first of the present year, 440 pounds of butter, which, at wholesale, netted him ?233. allowing him two ponuda per week for his own nse, and putting up twelve pounds tor wiuter, and the milk and cream necessary for the family. The calve a were aold for $3G 40. Another Atlantic Cahi.r.?Wm.'E. Erer tt, the chief engineer of the International Ocean Telegraph Company, sailed for Liverpool on Saturday last. He goea to England to superintend the constrnction of the cable t# be laid to connect the United States, Cuba and the West India islands. It la expected that the work will be finished by June 1st. Scicm*.?A few days ago Edward P. Rousseau, a wetl-known citizen of Louisville, Ky., oc mmitted suicide. He was a junior brother of Major General Lovell fat. Rousseau, Representative in Congress, and of the Hen. Richard H. Rouleau, United States Minister to Honduras. yIt is not probable that Mr. Guthrie, o Kentucky, will ever resume his Beat in the United States Senate. His limbs are partially paralyzed, bnt his faculties are unimpaired. IT" A venerable Mississippi planter, ruined by the late war, hung himself on account of having failed to retrieve his fortune. KTTwo colored men were hanged by a mob ear Danaville, Ky.. laat week, because they were suspected of stealing herses VThe Swedish Government has just asked the Chamber for three millions of rlx dollars 1 for the purchase ot needle guns. TMre. Julia Jones, a married woman, and the mother of three children, blew out her braina in New Orleana recently tecaaee her later had goat to lire la the North. i CONGRESSIONAL. . Sin AT?.?Yesterday * It#* moon. th? amendment ot the Senate to the Military Mil. dobconcurred in by the Houw, vu debated at considerable len*tb, whn the Senate insisted upon its amendment*, and At ten minutes past five o'clock took a recess nnul bait-past HTrn. At the evening session.Mr. Wilson called np a bill toaboiisb and forever prohibit th- ?ysuui of peonag* in Ne * Mexico. It make* tb* holding of any person in a state of peonage in New Mexico. or in any otber Territory, a penal offence, punishable by fine of Si <* ?. and imprisonment from one to five years Fassed. Mr. Wilson calle<! np a bill in relation to officers of the re*nlar army appointed from tn? volunteer service. It provides tbat regular officers shall have ay brevet tbe highest rank they held as volu .leers, and tbat in computing their time of ^ervice the time tbey served a* \olunteers shall *>e counted. Passed. Mr. Wii>?n called up a bill for tbe relief of certain orafted men. It provides tbat tbe Sec retaiy ol War shall pay to men vbo, hi vine put substitutes m o tbe service, were again drafted and entered the service. As panned by tbe House it save $&(> Instead of SIM). Passed. Mr Wilson called np tbe bill tor a temporary increase of the pay of anny officers and for otber purposes. Mr. Hai ns moved to so amend tbe first section that ibe im re-t-e ?h:ill count for two years from Julv, instead ol Jnly, 18?>7. Agretd to On motion ol Mr. Hendricks, the section directing f reedmen"* liureau officers to preveut whipping, wa? stricken out. C?u motn n of Jlr Hendricks, the last section ol ihe bill was stricken out. It provide? for 'be disbandtnent ot all militia in tbe rebel j States. 1 he bill, as amended, was then pas-ed. Air. Krow n called up tbe bill tor tbe establishment of a public park in the District of Columbia. It appoints a commission to regulate tbe purchase of suitable tracts of land, and report to Tbe next Congress. It was debated and passed over until to-day. Mr. Poland called up the bill supplementary to tbe several net* abolishing imprisonment for debt; which w:t* passed. The Senate, at 1<?.;W', adjourns l. Horex ? lesterday, after two boars' discushion? Ibe Indian appropriation bill was passed. Mr. Muyiiard. from ibe committee on conference on the House bill tixiug the compeus:ition of baihtfs and criers in tbe District of Columbia, made a report; which was agreed to. Tbe point in dispute was on a section in reference to notaries public?the Senate wishnig to retain tbe provision of the present law, which limits the number to twenty-five. Tli? committee of conterence concurred in that view ot the Senate. Tbe House then proceeded te the censideration in ihe morning hour (commencing at 'hree o'clock) ot the bill to provide for organizing, arming, and eqn'pinx tbe militia. Mr liHrding, of Illinois, member of the Committee on the Miliua, explained and ad\ ated tbe bill. Tbe bill consists of thirty-six sections. Tbe morning hour having expired it went over until to-day. On motion of Mr. L.aftin, tbe House proceeded to tbe consideration of business on tbe Speaker's table, and took up the Senate amendments to the House bill, providing tor tbe election ot a Congressional printer. Mr. I.aflin explained tbe reason for tbe Senate amendments making tbe printer elects e by tbat body. The Seuate being tbe more stable body it "was tboutrht proper tbat it sbould have the election. The salary is fixed in the Senate amendments at S4,0<IU a year. He moved concurrence in the ainendmeuis. Tbe amendments were concurred in?yeas <5. nays 36. Tbe House then went into Committee of th? Wbole on the s'ate ot the Union, and tbe tax bill being laid aside temporarily, proceeded to the consideration of the army appropriation bill. IJefore any conclusion was arrived at tbe House took a recess. At the evening session, Mr. Wilson (Iowa) inquired ol Mr. Hooper when the House might expect the Committer of Ways and Means to tbey tbe order ot t^e House in reporting a Dill retttneting tbe Secretary of the Treasury in tb* withdrawal of legal-tender currency under tbe resolution ot bis colleague [Mr. Gnnaell] adopted me weeks ago. Mr. Hooper was proceeding to state in reply tbat the committee had been engaged on tbe tariff* bill, but would consider the other matter to-morrow, when objection was made and eustamed that the discussion was oat of order. A motion to reconsider the reference of the bill was laid on the table?So to 40. Mr. lianks.en leave, introduced a joint resolution directing the Secretary of the Navy, or application of contributors, to assign' a public vessel tor the transportation to Charleston, Savannah and Mobile, of any supplies of food and clothing that may be contributed by the people of the United States for the nse of any portion ot the people of tbe Soutberu States who may be suffering from the failure of crops or other causes. Read three times and passed. Tbe House then went into Committee of the Wbole on the State ot the Union, and resumed the consideration of the army appropriation bill, but the committee rose be lore final action was had thereon. The message from the Senate, announcing tbat it insisted on Its amendment to the bill to provide a more efficient government for the rebel States was then (half past nine) taken from the Speaker's table and read. Mr. Blaine moved that the House recede from its disagreement to the amendment. Mr. Wilson (Iowa) moved to concur in tbe Senate amendment, with the following amendment as a proviso: rrorided, That no person excluded from the privilege of holding offic * by said proposition ot amendment to the Constitution of the Unitod States shall be eligible to election a* a member of a convention to form a constitution for any of said rebel States, nor shall any such person vote for members ot suoh conventionDilatory motions were then piled on in tbe shape of motions to adjourn, to adjourn over ti<l Thursday, to have a call ot the Hoase. &c , and tbe House proceeded to the apparently profitless business ot voting by yeas and nays on these several motions. The Mouse adjourned at 11)^ o'clock, without any definite action on the bill. Good Girl* in thb Socth.?Tbe Holly Spriugs (Miss.) Reporter knows several girls in Marshal county who were raised in the lap of luxury, w ith fine carnages to ride in and money by the thousands to spend, before the war, who can now chop wood, drive a twohorse wagoH, go to market, and do all tbe housework. They can go in the kitchen, too, and prepare a dinner equal to a French cook. And then call on them in tbe parlor, they will treat you to such music, as would make the houri listen with wonder and admiration. These girl# have cheerfully conformed to the change in their pecuniary clrcamstances. Tbe Reporter thinks they are worthy of being tbe wives of tbe greatest and best m the land, and so think we. Was Rumors.?The foreign papers are busily circulating an anecdote tbat a yonng boy, called to high destinies, stubbornly refuses to study tbe maps, for the reaaoa that "the map has often changed of late years, and papa (Napoleon 111.) says it will soon be changed again." The little fellow oucbt to know French secrets, and if another war la to curse Europe, as the probabilities seem to indicate, Napoleon will doubtless be one of the leading spirit* in it. Co>t?iTiex or Iew-ASD.?It is estimated that the population of Ireland baa been red need about twelve per cent, by emigration daring tbe past ten years, and the criminal statistics show a much better moral condition at present than ten years ago. Tbe returns of tbe number of persons tried in Ireland for various criminal offenses during l:?>?34 per cent, are less than the returns of similar trials daring 1*36. KTA French soldier in VeraCrnxswallowed a centipede in some water. His death was a dreadful one. CTTbe young ladies and gentlemen of Terre Haute, lnd., are in tbe habit of throwiag kisses at each otber In charch. 7* An exchange says Sunday in New York is devoted to devotion and dog-fights. SVTbe New York city workmen are going to establish co operative stores. I7*A meteor passed over Bordeaux the other i night, burst, and bnrnedthree hole* in a gi ngbam umbrella. i S7*ln Jackson county. Iowa, on* night last < week, thro* brothers married tfcroe sisters. < S7~Tbree Tenaeooe* Legislators were locked ' p in the Nashville station Sons* the other night, la an "oblivions" condition. ' roaiieii jews. Low do*. }>b It?John Bright (imouti-on LI ".'kS"!J? plM of r'forn? proposed y the Derby Government. act! urge* continued agitation of ib? qnnboa by tbe ftivm, ' kly telegraph and nprn? tii* e??ibiBedis bow op#b to Tientsin. ibe port of I'eII. ' Til* tim* occuyird ib ta* inm. ibMiub of <Bftri|ri from Lundua toTien'stn Hew rfdBffd to Thebnifor the OMfrdfrtUM of th* British I'ar Lamest North America has beea read twice ib I'arliamen t. I Mapiip, Fib 10.?The Spanish (>OT?>rnmfnt Is about to inaugurate b mtin of reiorm* ib the administration of the Island of ( aba One of tli? BfWBfWurM will be the substitution of an income tax of tight per cent. to replace the existing heavy utx on land and industry rlORBKCB. IK? \ i(oroui prvp&rattonf Br* briar mitd* by all part*** for tbe approaching election* for a new Parliament, and much excitement la shown m the can>art throughout tbe kitifdom. Llano*, Feb !#? By tbe arrival of th* mail earner from Kio Janeiro news baa been rereived that 'he Brazilian fleet bad appeared before tbe town of Curapaltv and bombard**! the place, with what r? tult is no: stated The wbole fleet subsequently tailed for Uaw&ila. February Fashieas. (From Le Kollett.] Many ball-dress material* are of gre*t e|*. i'ne (of tbe principal { a ftney de tripUon, i? the embroidered silk tulle. the i? . r*^ which are bouquets of a lively r.A I?? Ji" Wb'N* "at,n rrodncui* a very or tt/!rC? I partrrriUnrt, or lull toilet, either for rereironial \ ?* 11* or IZSffZZ- Su'?"d "'vets "* much .a Mrlll K . " " v'rjr '?*ori?e color for full dress, but ot cenr-e |t cannot be worn by lacon?l,|'*?o?' Kor walk lac con. ume black Is atill tbe favorite. tbongb mair h?rn?nFn<rr? or blue cloth, or of violet Jr I ^ ' velvet, are seen. Although the ebor,dre? at,|| worn for morn nC ??om-! nade, it is principally confined to qn te young girls, and la a. arcely admissible lor visttmc aI ^ . . xtty have been seeu for fall dress, bnl we may sav tbe trained skirt is almost indispensable The maheofdroe*** tend* more and more to the empire *tyl*. the b?dte? to 'the arm ll>6 'k,rt U "ar|T close up The bonnet* worn fer viaitiag dr.-ss hav* not altered in shape .ince the coauseni^asnt of the year, the artistic arr*nr?*m-nts of th? nrrmiu{? forming tbe principal charm Take for example, tome of the newest models #tA, 1V-TV' Ilpt> S1"***" fleet, round-d in Uront Hat trown and small curtain. the If,a ,^ . rrd V "B<1 triomM w ith feather fringe The maide la ornamented *i'ba nmgi.ulu in white velvet, w:tb gold centre. Over the curtain wide guide. ofgroeu satin worked with beads. Another, of bine satin, embroid. red in -mail pearl and cryatal heads, trimmed with a vrreath of tmall ro?es. Str;n*s ot moire. A wbite satin, tb^ same abape, waa i'rT.TKd 7l,b a" a,^r'"? ot leather* an I small wreath of tinted leaves and iet ornaaieuU. Mnngii of white Moires w ith o'ber* ot lace ?k with beads tailing over them. new model known as the .-Anne of I<re a^ne, is rather pointed in front, and back at the sides, rather in the "Mary Stuart * siVle It i* made of velvet or satin in iirht shades. Ihe crown ia t!at. and tbe front trimmed witb a wieath of fea-hers, ana Httthe tide .1 small bouqaet of feathers or velvet flowera. Very wide strings, to matcb the bonnet. An empire bonnet of bin* velvet tbe crown and front in plaits, lastened by a Barrow pattt>ntnter\f of white siIk and "beads The ed^e is trimmed with a fringe of white feather s and lace Blue satin utrinft a Oraclosa. with flat crown of/tmcran velvet, and narrow straight curtain embroidered witb t eads with a fringe of the aameall round. The front is trimmed witb a poutf of black tuftra? bouts spotted with jet. Striae^ of p*%c<<i+ velvet and lace. Another, of Bismarck velvet, was trimmed witb a wreath ot ivy and ornament* of jet. S'rincs of moire the same color aa the velvet, lined witb white moire A very pretty Mvy S'nart bonnet was made of white satin worsed with bends, and trimmed with a white feather, tbe end of whicb fell over the point in frout. Strings of white sat in, and bouqoet of tcarlt t lerauiLia at the side. Black velvet bonnets are almost amveraaiiy worn tor mormnc dress, with black strings, and very little trimminc. The same style is alto worn for vituinc. bat those for visits of ceremony should be of colored velvet or satin, tr<mmed with beads and reathera or flowers Th? Virmma State HaitT.?The Richmond Enquirer of Monday say* 1 be greater par* of the \ lrgtnia Senate's --ession on Saturday was consumed in discassinc the bill to provide for tbe oblications of the state. Speeches were made by Senators Keen. Lee and Mchae. at considerable length. Larly in 'he progress of the discussion a v ote was taken on the substitute proposed by Senator 1 jee and it was rejected receiving only one vote* I be substitute proposed by Senator Mead received a similar fate. A proposition by Senator On Id to make the rate of mterest six per cent, from the date of resnminc payments /on the two-thirds of the debt; Instead' of graduating it Irom four to teveu per cent during the first ten years, received oalv four votes, because of the an wiflingness of the Senate w> impose a tax as high as thirty.Hve cenUon one hundred dellars Bat before arriving at any vote on the main menu of the question Um Senate adjourned. ,kT^? *MTI" Wheat CK<>P?A wTiter in the St. Louis Democrat makes some observations on the coming wheat crop of St. Lome county, w buib, as the weather has been similar, will probably applythroughout tbe West lie says: Wheat was sown throughout the country to fhiar*'.rf*1??1 than ' anJ previous year la the moist and warm ground it germinated and sprouted within four or five days, aud continued growing until tbe frosts of tbe latier part of November, when it showed a robust not b<*n <or maay a fall Tbe thick coat of saow (also grumbled at as a matter of course) now covering the ground, Is another blessing. That snow shelters our wheat as under a universal hotbousw. one, too, keeping tbe plant alive, but not allowing itsgrowih, which is Its best possible condition. The Ih bi'Ebkeeo.?Mr. W H. Webb.the designer and constructor of the iron-clad screw ram Dunderberg, having had an opportunity to dispose of her to a foreign government at a price very far in ad vance of the original contract, sought to be relieved from his contract with the navy Department, but the government refused to grant the release, upon the grounds that tbe Dundsrberp, being the most formidable engine of war ever constructed, sbunld not be allowed to pass from the control of tbis government. Mr Webb, in consequenee, requests Congress to authorize the Secretary or tbe Navy to appoint a boiird of naval officers to fix a valuation upon her, and pay to him tbe sum so fixed, and in order to test the qualities of the ship, proposes to makt* a trial trip for two or three days, leaving New \orkon Thursday Mit-At* York JW*. Mr. David Johnson, a faithful Oovernmentemployee, who has had charge ot tbe v?-a,^ ?eet lbe Mound City (Illinois) Navy Yard for the past three years, made a mistake in the measurement of a barge of coal which be received from a con racior some weeks since, by which tbe Oovernmeat lost about four hundred bushels of coal The error so preyed upon his mind that he committed sni?Ck^??k .fK*.?thJnPt,,,,t by footing himself through the head, fearing that bis reputation had suffered materially with the officers to whom he was amenable, and that the coafiPrV'oasly reposed in him would be withheld In future. The paper containing the figures he had used was found on a table near him, and ob the other side was written a not* stating that he died bj his own haad. Fall of Table Rock.?a letter lrom Cllft0 th* Hnffaio Krpr?t$% says that on Wednesday morning, so much of Table Rock s had been lef. by the fall of seven years ago !Un!!i . aioua cr**b into tbe river. The ?c? dfBt is attributed to the sudden expantiou and contracuon caused by the recent chaag* ? aauif'*K-*nd prolonged thaws. Tber<? ? . much grief among tbe driiirni of tbat locality, as Table Rock was the source ot mach profit to them. 4 Hamilton, commission saerf. ol ^b'cage, was shot ou Friday night ot ***< tbe ball passIng through his cheek and lodging In the corda of bis neck. The woaad Is sot fatal. The boywas arrested. The act was committed ib consequence of his receiving a scolding from hi* f&tn?r. A foolish youth in Wheeling took laudanum to euro an obstinate case of love-sickness 11 proved efTectaal. tSTE. O. Delevan. the veteran leader or the temperaacs party ib New York, propose* an effort to place prohibition in the eoasbtuttoa of that State. 91 sta daughter of a man In Elgin hearing a dog bark violently, went out with it for a quarter of a mile, aud waa horn Bed te and her hither dying. " n'r WTwciyosng women fell through tbe ice on a pesid at Quebec, the other night, an 1 ISSSSKS; K-'-m >. WThere are men In church and state who ,fTW ftn snpport a measure unless it has or. ?f ***** modified by themselves, >f It as SbbSf. m lk# Wb?" or a P?rtkon -^c^rr011 of t"xm u q#^?? ***