Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR, i Ikt largest Ciienliliti in the liilritl W . 0. W ALLACH. RdlUr ta4 Pr?prUl?r. W ASHiNGTi US IJiTV WiMF?l?AT FEBRUARY 2o. 1*?7. t^KVAhi.Nu matter on every pa?b. BEE Ol'TMDE FOR INTERESTING TILE ! takAl'UIC AND OTHER MATTER. THE PUBLIC PARK AND Til K NEW PRE3I- | DENT1 All MAMtfDN. In the Sfia -, vrfMiiav. Mr. Rrowu callel | up tfce bill for tbe estaohsbm"nt of a public park in the District of Columbia. It appjtatt a commissioner to negotiate for the pur; hasof suitable tracts of land, who shall report to tbe ?fit Coofrru. It wss defeated and passed ever till to-day. In tbis connection It may be ot interest to Tefer to tbe report of Kngineer Major N. Mtchler to tbe Senate Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds relative to a suitable site for a public p*rk and Presidential Mausion. Major Mi -bier was detailed by the War Department (by request of the committee for such service) to make the necessary pr^l.mtcary furi^jn and maps of certain tracts of Irnd ad or near this city, for the purposes of a public park, and also a suitable site for a Presidential Mansion, and which, in the language of the Senate resolution, "shall cum. tme convenience of access and healthfniness, good water and capability of adornment;" and n sdditiou to ibis to ascertain, if pracucab e, tbe price of said lands. He reports in regard to the park that the val. ley of the Koclt creek aud its tributaries, the T'rcad and l'iney branches and the severa' minor rivulets, with the adjoining hills overlooking these benutiinl streams, present the capital of the nation advantages not to be lifhMy di?r?fard-d in providing a park wottby a great propia. All the elements which cousinUle a public resort of tbe kind can be *cnnd in tbis wild anei romantic tract of country, Wi'b its charming drives and walks its hiils aud dale-, iu pleasant valleys aud deep, its primeval forests and cultivated fields, us running waters, its rocks clothed with rich ferns and mo-ses, its repose and tranquility, its light and shade, its ever-varying shrubbery, its beautilui aud extensive views, tbe locality is already possessed witb all the features necessary for the object in view There we And rature dirersifled in almost e\ery hue and torm, needing but the taste of t be arti?i ami (be skill of the engineer to enLac.ce its beauty ana unefalness; gentle prun ng ana re moving what may be distasteful, improving the roads and paths and the cou. suuctiou ot new ones, and increasing the already large growth of trees and shrubs,d-cldnous and evergreen, by adding to them those of other climes and countries. Tbe valley of Kj*;k creek occupies a central posi ti<.' n to both Washiugtsn and Georgetownas it lays between the Tennallytown road on , the west, oneof the most prominent thoroughfares leading out of the one city, and the Utb '> street road aud 7tb street turnpike on the east two of tbe finest communications running in a northerly direction from the otber. Prom tbe*e main highways many branches cross the -vallers or follow aloag tbe banks of the stream: these transverse roads already form beautiful drives Kock creek winds along for more than four miles through the centre of the proposed grounds, receiving at convenient points the waur- of the Broad and Piuey branches, and j several smaller tributaries. For a short distance it courses through a narrow butbeauufal vallej, tUen wildly dashes for a mile over a succession of falls and rapids, with a descent j of some eight feet, the banks on both sides | being bold, rocky, and picturesque; then j passes again through narrow valleys or be- ' tween high. bluff banks. At many points tbe ; creek is capable of being dammed, thus forming a series of lakes and ponds for useful and ornamental purposes. Tbe many deep ravine* setting in towards it can tarnish romantic walks and qniet retreats for tbe pedestrian Tbe larger part of tbe ground Is tbieEly wooded, and capable of great adornment. Here we find the several varieties of oak, the beech, tbe locust, tbe mulberry, the hickory, tbe sassafras, tlp? persimmon, tbe dogwood, tbe pine, with a great many shrubs, vines, and creepers, growing, climbing, and trailing throughout tbe woods. Beautiful vistas, artistically arranged, can be cnt through them, exhibiting distant point* of iandsoape . while charming promenades can invite the 1 wanderer to seek cooling shadee. Nature has been so rich in her vegetable creation that the plan of transplanting trees of large growth, which ban been adopted in most of the modern parks, will be unnecessary. There are some lew country seats, such as Blagden's, Pearce's , and Walbndge s, which have been highly caltivaied. Sno u Id it be foand desirable to erec the presidential mansion within the enclosure ! of tbe park, the flrst-mentioned site possesses many advantages, both ornamental aad valuable. Here and there some prominent point commanding views of tbe sarronnding country, wbere observatories can be located, conservatories built tor exotic plants, and ge. o metrical flower-gardens planted. Back from tbe stream some level plateaus extend, which can be ap propriately employed for zoological and botanical gardens, grounds for play and p*rade, and many otber useful purposes The lav *f the tand is such that it admits of thor?egh drainage, and the nature of tbe soil offers ; all tbe facilities lor building good roads; tbe granite and limestone rocks which are found out-cropping at different points will furnish the materials for thwir superstructure. The questions arise as to what should be tbe extent of tbe proposed work, and tbe prsbable price of the land As It should be one worthy the capital of tbe nation, and as the ground can be secured at a reasonable price before being occupied by costly suburban villas, it is recommended to purchase at once a sufficient j r.umber of asres bordering on Rock Creek, to anticipate the future growth of the city and its increased population. With the view of retaining as much of the picturesque scenery along the stream, and of also embracing the sites of some lew of the forts en the north coa> etructed for defense of the city, which have become historical, and from the parapets of which extensive views can be had, sue i lines are marked as may be satisfactorily taken as t approximate bonnds of tbe par a. in cass the I recommendations sbonld be considered too extravagant, a second series of lines are drawn ! for grounds of more moderate dimensions. The first traci. would contain about 2,Slo acres* more or less, aad tbe second l.ewu, more or lese. As there is so much difference of opinion as to the price of tbe land, the quality aad improvements \ arying so mneh, it is .? difficult matter to offer anything more than an approx icsate appraisement. As the right of eminen domain empowers tbe Government to 'rkt property, aad as snch powsr U the necessary incident to sovereignty, the question would finally have to be settled by a commission appointed by some competent court. The price ranges from to *1,000 per sere; a mean ot UMi should amply eover tbe entire cust. Accerdiug to the abase figaree tbe larger tract wovld amount to f&S.oOO, and.the turaller one to f3As tbe work o/con. atructiog a park will consume many veats, no onger delay thaa is absolutely Decenary should be coaenmed in tbe p rail mi nary nr. rangemeats for tbe passage of tbs necessary laws and the purchase of the lands. The dimeasioas ot the moat celebrated i:sroi>eau parks are as follows : London. All parks in aad near London, ineluding gardens, squares, and parade groua-fs I tt> acres Hyde Park 3*, acres: Regent s ! J'ark, 37*J ac-e* Windsor Little Park, 3tA>aores, Kensington. *27 acres; Windsor Great i'ark' i 3,5<0 acres; Richmond Park. acres j ?Pb?rnia Park, about ?. ?> aeres Harden at Versailles, l.isio acres; Bois de ' Hoalogne, 2,15* acres. Munich, Eogllscber i Claries. about 500 acres: Vienna Pra?-r, 1.500 ' acres; Birkenhead Park, near Liverpool,']*) at res. Tbe Oen'-rai Park of New Yerfc, the most im portent work o' tbe kind a 1 <en%ken ?b Ana r*> ci?. Ku*ir : wo and ? bail mi Kng ti by I ur bilf mil# tu hrrutb. and orir rifhi hnucr'd ai d foriv acre*. In regard N> the Million ut 4 H|><- fjr t I'resid?u?ial Mnn-lon. Major >licfoie*-ays: lit the IU- ? U >(Qil fed t)?h* t*r> ot War h> leiter of July V?, l-<66, you re quest* d that the truuu.l kiiuwn li^ridnn Hnl, and be estate ol Ihi* ltii> W**nmgtiu Mi-'iy." h uld be p?r'i< i,iar|? exvnined is tbe> are thought to contaiu all tbe requisite lor such a ?it*, "*i?j stu b ob-r localities Hb Iii*J>'. IU 'be j Utlgmeiit of urn en *i- I n? ?*r|" prose nt e I ^ i Wf positions f >r spah ap<ir- i po-e in con-.pliaoc? wi byou- wish I made specwsi rNumiMtauiiM anil surrrn of tn? i more named places, as well at some others. ' winch offer prMi indurciiivnU, and will now discues *m b iepara'ely I. Jn'or.dis* 11,U?(Colonel M'Mmom'i ecj tale.) This site is located due north from tne present White Honce, on the krst rang* of bills bounding the liini'a of (be city of Waah in(io>. It is of May arc***, se serai avoDfn and sTeets leading in tDat direction. On the ; emai II ndyntna tbe lands of Columbia College, and on tbe weal those of Mr. Little. The numJ bor of ttrw contained m iti? tract la one bun| nred and twenty, vtucb added to tbat of Mr. i Lit'le'e thirty-eight acres rives a total of one hundred and fifty eight. The latter off-red to to'he Government at about six centa a square foot, or 92 *>:3 per acre On both ibeeeesiates are elirblf buddin? sites; tbe view towards tbe south overlooking tbe ritv and the alley ot tbe Potomac, being particularly An*. At one time some large forest trees add-d beauty to the scene, but morn of them were de. atroyed durinc the war. There are no improv> lUMUt, the old mansion-bouse having been destroTed by fire, and the wail* are alone standing North of tbe site the land is nearly ! lev.|, only slightly uudulating. Although possessed of considerable ad vantage*, there aie sevetal objections to 'Ins selection, in coni nectH>n wuh tbe object in view. Lying just i above ibe platan ot the city, and not screened by any belt of timber, it is exposed to the miasmatic influences rt?intr from tbe marshes of i ibe pot? mac. Again, it is loo near the city to ?fford any retirement and repo?e for the Chief Madeira?. Already the street railroads approach. and nuni*roa<i houses are being built : on all sides of this site. II. MetrmptJit Vuw?i Homestead of the la'e Washington Berry )?This estate lies northeast cf the Capitol, bet ween the old Blidenshurg road and Lincoln avenue, the littler a contin nation ot North Capitol street It is distant from the Capnol about two and a half mile-, and from the Wbiie Hou-e about three in le<. ; It contains fome three hundred and fltty acre*, valued by ihe trustees at *50() an acre, with the improvement*. including a very line spring the whole is offered at $4*>,li i) T<> the east ?r it lies Brentwood. tbe fine estate of Mrs Pear, i sen, ard to the west Glen wood Cemetery, and Ilatewood, the beautitul grounds of Mr. C >rcuran. in front spreads out Eckington, ? ?? many years the homestead of tne la^e Mr. Gales, wbi< h contains 13" acres; the price ot this, land is placed at ?1,000 per acre, with ??5.hh< additional for improvement*. Metropolis View is beautifully situated, having a : high and commanding position: It is ptr'.i illy i covered with groves of fine old frees, decid uons and evergreens, an it possessed of au ubnndjinc^ ot timber. A tinf gprln^ ns^s in the place, and two small streams, tributary* of tbe Tiber, course through ir. In nearly eyery direction tne eye meets with charming lanes, ape scenes, and It overlooks the capital and tbe broad valley of the Potomac This localr v possesses many at raations, and is susceptible ol great impro\ement. It Is easy of : access bv some of the finest avenues and stre-ts lending out of tbe city, and is at a very con venient distance from the most prominent public buildings. Kcklngfon is a deiighifol place, bnt It is n >t snfll. ienMy higb to aifbrd any e*t -nsiyp yle x*. It should, however, be purcVased in aiditiijn tjthe 1 terry estate, shonlrt Metropolis View he selected as tbe sue. The two tracts of land united would furnish ample grounds to surround tbe mansion, and al-o open a fine park to connect iritb the city on the direct line with tbe Capitol. Thesnm total of the valuations of both estates amounts to *355,0)0. in re<a d to the bealtbfulness of this locality, the opinions of those with whom 1 have consulted difter very materially. Some think that the miasma carried up the valley of the Tiber frontbe Kastern Htabch is very deleterious to health, while others, who have long inhabited these old homesfnds, pronounce then tube perfectly salubrious. III. llareuvvjd ? (Mr. Corcoran's estate) Among the many delight.'ul drivea around tbe city of Washington none can compare with those to be found wi'bln the enclosures of this dHigbtfnl retreat. The grounds are most artisticallv arranged, and no expense ha- b-en spared in aderinng them by all the appliances at tbe command of taste and wealth The grounds are naturally beautiful and undulating. and all that skill can accompliah has been applied to render tbem most charming and picturesque. in addition to tbe natural growth of vegetation, many trees and plants of other nations and climes have been introduced to impart their luxuriance to the scene. Tbe estate covets seme two hundred acres, but as vou follow tbe gentle windings of the drives and walks, tte imagination is led to believe it to be of much greater extent. Owd ro ids lead tn it from the city, making It perfectly accessible. A fine spring furnishes a plentiful supply ol water, and tn point of health it Is all that can be desired This spot, originally selected by the proprietor upon which to erect a princeIv mansion, is one of the most delightful situations among tbe many fine ones in the en virons of Washington; it would be a most eligible site fuT a presidential mansion. IV The kvm'itrad of Mr. Jf?acure Robimoa ? T bis estate is now occupied by a brother of tbe proprietor, the latter residing in the city of Philadelphia. It lies adjoining tbe lands belonging to tbe IT. S. Military Asyium ; the load which leads oct of the city on tbe prolongation of North Capitol street and pastes near the home for the eld soldiers, utmost divides tbe place into equal part#. There are abont seventy acres in all, which the owner proposes to sell at per acre, without the improvements-thesebe values at JOO.O'^O. The mansion occupies oue of the most elevated positions in the neighborhood of Washington. An extensive panorama of the surroundtug coun ry lies betore the beholder; from every point of the compass the eye can dwell upon magnificent landscapes extending far into Maryland and Virginia and cemblning nil tbar is beautiful and picturesque. In one direeticn the gaze rents lor mile9 on the waters of the majeatis Potomac, and in another there are mountains and bills mantled with forests, and plains and valleys highly cultivated. The place contains a large portion of heayy timber, and is so situated as to offer numerous advantages f >r improvement. From its great height It will be far above all malarious influences. There are fine springs in the neighborhood, which furnish an abundance of water for nsefnl and ornamental purposes. The locality is convenient to both cities. Through Washington several ^venues and streets le.vd towards tbe road above referred to as connecting with North Capitol street; by this drive a straight-line communication can be had with the Capitol, the distance between the two being less than four miles. By the avenues and treets connecting with the Fourteenth street road ar d Seventh street tnrnpike, thence by Kock Creek Onnrcb road a very direct drive of SJLlU*.?w ,oor mU#* ca" bad with the W bne Houae and the public bnildings adjoining it. From Georgetown almost an air-line can be bad from Boundary street, Taylor's lane, and Uock Creek Church read, distance of about four milea. Directly la front, or south of Mr. Robinson' beantifnl locality, He the very pretty ground# ?.' Mrs. R. S. Wood, conaieting of 4o acres. Tbe two must be considered Inseparable, ahonld tbe Kobineon site be selected for a prudential mansion. They are valaed at about f i.ono per acre, not including tbe improvements. The two piaeen can probably be pnrobased for ?150.000. Mrs. Wood s tract joins Harewood on the south, and on the west that of the Mill, tary Asylum. Tbe lands of the latter do not belong to tbe Government, but are in frast for Ihe old soldiers, and contain seme 2W acres A refereaee to the map will show the honorable committee tbe peunliarly attractive feature!*. both of position and general convenience of aceese, offered by tbe locality described above, containing in nil about 114 acres, sufflcieet for U?e necessary purposes of embellish neat and utility; and lylnr contignoa*. to tbe already omani-atcd groups of Harewood and the Military Asylnflj. rnjoying all the charms and ad van tares of those delightful places. It would bo dimenlt Indeed to find a spot mora dBP,*d a retired, pleasant home for tbe President of tbe tTnited States." In conceding bis report, Major Miobier suggests tbe necessity of commencing tbe con. structlon ol ibe national parkas soon as practicable. It Is a grand and beantifnl nndertaking, and sbonld be prosecnted with the great. ?t energy. A sufficient appropriation f<jr enclosing the grounds purchased, for improving and keeping *n repair tbe drtveeand walks already constructed, and for tbe laying oat ef uithers. should oe made. For tbis purpose aiiM),ux would be sufficient for preeeatexpta. dituree. ^"Governor Swann, recently elected U 3 Senator, baying given notice of bis purpose to resign the Governorship, the Mary laud Senat yesterday appointed a committer to maks ar! rangements for tbe inauguration of Lieutenant Governor Cox on Tneeday next. ?"From French A Kichaxdsou, M Pennsylvania avenue, and from J. Shillingtoa, Odeon Building, we have the Atlantic Monthly for March. Also, from J. Shillington, we have Our Young h'oilt tor ihe same cioatL 1 * ~ N EWS. * FRO<l EVKori. TO DAY. 11 ln*-aa of PriKfM AI(iaa<lra-AnifrlcUI \ riirli tor Piusaia? %larlne Disaster? Nc Ffaiaai laptarrd ? Karlk Urraal I'arlituirnt > I'iaaarial and t ens inerctal. V Loftuus, F>b. 2<i?Nooa^--Her Hoval High*' mm rruiccat. Alexandra la quite ill to-day trim rbeumatiam 1U Klin, Frb. 811.?The Prn*el*nGovernment bur conti acted wi'h par i*e iur ttu> pure baa* of ?-v? in| veaeeW ol Anuiionn pattj-m tor service wlicrr ?u ;li terv lee in r-quired l?ltt un, Feb. ?>.? l>i*i?-ucUe* have b*?a r?? C> 1 * frt bere w Inch state that the steamer K >tilpor, Itpt t'mtef, from WalcoMA Sth, for Boaton. aban?i<*?il at sets. No particulars. 1 oim>n. F? b. vsl)? Noon ? Consols. ttl; fc'ivatvcutirr advancing opened at 74^'; Eri??, 3' 111 i . oil*. ?b LiTKBront. F>b *2'?Noon?Cotton st-ady; ee'iiiniu-u day's eales, K'K-O; middling upLuida, 14". J.oi?r>oN, Keb *?? Noon.?None of tbe Fenians mho participated 111 tbe rccnt revilt have been cap'ured. Nib" prisoners who had her 11 captured m Dublin a- suspected F'eniaua, liBi ?* been Xoucri g?nlt v, aen'eured. ItKKLi*. Feb. 'Jt?Nooa.?Keturm fr*u? r<?cent eiec'ioua tor members ol ilie NorUt German Parliament are nearly all in Alt he members Iroin Saxouy are auti-Prusaiau. Prisoner 4 barged with Rape Stiet Dead. PiiiLAi klvhu, F>b 8t?.? Fiile mammg. aa George Fill mer w*? being taiien lr-rn tno ptiMiu bur into the criminal court for trial, on ill* cliaiitf 01 neenuit and battery and an attempt a' rape, he viae shot dead hv the bmiherofibe girl on Wbom Hie outrage w.ia attempted ju-t as 'be I >rin>*r croaeed tbe threahi Id rl the court room. The fcro'li-r was UMnid Tbomas Lus He cave himself up. [SK< UNI> 1 Ifl ATCH ] The name ?>f 'h- munterfd man was George F.lli'ia. lie w~b cb<i'Kp>l with commuting an outrare on Loul-a Lei?. eleven years old, in April Inst EHors was arres'ed at ibe time ai d held to ball, but he absconded. and was f-nt*eqneiitiy rearrested at llarrisburg and bronyht here tor trial Tbe evidence against KlKOrs was slight, and It is doubted whether he could have beeu convicted I.ele ip 'he fn'berofibe child said to hive be?n ?u'rared The murdered man waa a German, and leaves a wife. The Kterrn. Kkw \okk, Feb. SO?A violent Northeast storm comnienc* d early this morming and continues wi'b iirabated fury. Tbe wiud 1* blowing a jtab and ibe snow Is badl* drifted. Tr.tvel will be much impeded. No disasters yet reported. Philadelphia, Feb CO?A dm in? northeast t-now lofin commenced bere at midnight* and fetill continues. Western Items. Cincinnati, Feb. *0.?General Sheridan arrived bere last ingbt tieo. A. LlUwunli, Morgan's telegrapher, charged wnb cbootmg au>1 kiiline Janes Sir>a here, at tsbai p-bnrtf. Httb conn'v, Ky , >anir?iay night, ?as arrested yesleiday near L?exington. Seutrarrd to Prison far Life. , IIohuk. Feb 2ii.?A colored man nam'd Kobmeon, before Superior Crim na Court yet-u-rdav, wae convicied of rape on the permit ol Kebecca G. Mann, aited 12 years, and eemeuced \9 ibe Siare prison for life. rr~=*lION WILLI a M II KlbNBT Will Da LL3 liver tha M.TIMU LXOTlKB of tba ti/irin cad^r tbe au-ric<? of th?> toiioi M m tLilntinu AiauvUiiuii. TUUKSD&Y IV'IN* 1>'>. Fet.rH?ry 2i?t. 1807. at MeUarott Hall Tickets in oei ta. fe JO 2t nnar* TH*P er.'aAPD EIP.H OFTHSUBaND Jot LubUB KT Of P S ara barebf uotinad ll.'?t tuare will be a special aneetibg of the Grand Lodge, onHKilUD^y. Vlit Feora try, at 7 30 a m , at 50 J B street, between 6th and 7tb sta li t. It* BUW&BU LUM1I,U. C. ys^THB>IB8T OKANI) VO ;AL AMD IM1L3 M UCHI.NTAL COM0E.Br of dT DOHI HFl COBNBT BAND wilt be given on miLAV ITINIKO Tebnaty 22d in thr tweamnt vt bt Dcstnic'a Ckvrch. corner 6th au 1 f aU , Island 0?lebrate<l Tocall?te liave been ocara l for tbe occaatoo Tick eta 'JO ceats Performance to rooiBeBce at 8 o clock. fai0 3t (Yt=>WOBKINOMBN-8 AS8BMRLT -Tb^rag <1^? tilar aaoathiy meailni; will be held on wBDKBSB&Y BVIMNU, yith instant, at 7^ o'clock, lb tk? Cool' il Oht<nb?r Otty flail Je 19 2t JAMBS H BBEU.B 8. (V*="JOBBPH H SHAF?IBLT>. I] J FBBMOR 00NKCOTIOHBBT. LADIES' 1CB CHBAM * DINING dALOOV, U4? Pmo. Ave. bet. 12th and 11th sta. Waddlnga. Dlnaar or ttuaper Partlea supplied at abort aetice with novelties la Pyraaiide. fancy f-akea, and Ooafectieaerlea, Jeiliag; Wed-Hug Cakes, beat unallt) T?|,le OrnaneoW: naiads, fee Cream, Water Ice, Bom an runcb. Boaed Tarkav, plain : Baooluped Oysters. Honed Turkey In jelly, Charlotte Batae, etc., eta Attendeate ale* will be aent to attaad to all details af arrangement*. Bong a eta, Wreaths, and cat Vlowera to oc4ar fall laa JOBBPH H. 8HAPVIBLD nr5=?IIOTMJB TO TtX PATBB8 or WASH 1JJ? IBGTON CITT. The Board af Assessors having completed tba ai anal assessment tor 1867. will ait as a board of appeal, and fer tba pnrpueeof uiakiaacorrections, from tbe Ifith Instant to April lat loctueive.iSnadays excepted, at School Comnjlsaloner'a Boom, aacoad atery City Ball, weat win?,from 9a. m. ta I a m. each day. By order of tbe Preeident. (Int) fa )-?otAvl rf*IITAIbrillD' 191). McPBBBbON A PBBOCbON. 6TI Finn, avbnoc, coain Ibt btkkbt, j j OariTOL BILL. Pbyaiclaps Praacrf ptleoa aaewrately aomponndad. The Illgbt Ball promptly imaarad. oe it-tf p-i-s-a-a si p , A ? o ,,, With plaaanra I state tbe arrival ot BBVEN MOBB new and beautifnl PIAHW8 tbis^-gp^ day, to which I Invite tbe atteaJon ofXSMI purchaaara ???*?* %*~1* Pinna Boxaa for aale. JOHN V. BLLI8. 306 Pann. ave., bet. ytb and 1 th aia.? Pole Drpot for Ckickarlng A boo a Plaoot, fe mt and Smith's Organ*. DB. MONTGOMBBY JOHNS' BOABBIBG AND DAY SCHOOL FOB B0Y8 will commence Its Third Beaslon Feb 6th, 1)4 mliaa weet of Bladenabnrg and *i of a mile wa?t of B and W. Ballroad adjoining tne premises of tbe Africa! turel College MOMTGOMBBT JOHB8. rh D. Priam pal. J. L. BBBKBLBY. A. B. Vice Principal For farther lu'ormation apply to tba Principal MOMTGOMBBT JOHNS. M D. Poat of flee address, S>attaville, Prince George s aenaty, Md. fatf-6t* ^BBAT BBDU0T10B. J oat received, at EMORY BAXTBB'S, 114 Pa. avenna. between 19th aad 2?tb streets from Baw Tork and PkiladelaVia Auctions, a lot of While, Bed. aad Tallow FLABNBL, which 1 am sellinc from U to 66 centa per yard Also TABLE LINENS. NAPKINS, TOWIL8, OAS81MEBB, ALPACAS, very l.w: BALMOBAL 8KIBT8, 9i 63, worth $1 24, WHIT! GBaSII, IS esuts a yard Call and aaa. fa If-St* BMOBT BAXTBB. I I D F O O P . _ PBEPABBD FOOD For Mocking Blrda Thrashes, Nightingales, Bobblaa, Blaak Birds.Starilara Sky l.arks, Ac. B. W BTTBOHBLL, . . under Mbbltt H- nse. f?19 corner lub nod F atreeta. OLD FOBT DBFIABOB ?My Oyater fleet la now in active service. Three of^Kx. X?\ tba largaet b ats arrive to dey withvett f the laraeat and flnaat OTBTBB8 rroa\ll|f Toik Biver, measuring from nine to twelve laches in length?<juite a curl- ? oelty. I have nut ten ahnckara to work to-day. Prlvntn families may depend that tbey will get their Oyateve freeb from tba abell.and the fin eat tbe market aan afford, aa my long aa aerfeaae ennblanmetoaelecttke beat Oy> tare that comea f> tbe marketjnltbont a'd^obt. Call at thaOBIGlB AL OlSTBB DBPOT, 981 0 atraet, corner of Uth atraet. fa 19 6t BAV1MOBBTI ggg BT BUTIIO TBTBB8. FALtfiM, TBAYBLIBG BAGS, LA PIES and MBN'f BATCHBL8, I1ABBB88 AID 8ADDLBBY, *c., Ac.? or TM OSLT FBA0TI0AL AND MOST BXTBBBIT1 MAN UPACTUEBES in tha city, and at FB10B8 DEFYING 00MPBTITI0B. JAMBS 8. TOPHAM A OO , y300"VB 8BVBNTH 8TBBBT, First door above Odd Fellowa* Hnll. TBI NKS. Ac-, tboronghly And promptly rePaired feint oT"S 0 f f 1 0 m~. MOBEY loaned on Sold and BHverjf^\ Watehes Idamonda. Jewelrv,Clothing, Ac.O D DOBOVAJT, Pawabr ier. B? A* Brt., | fe ? In' between 10th and 11th sta Oil ? NATIONAL LAUNDRY. ST? ?* Penn'a av , bet. Uth andl&thsts. I All work done by band. Ooodi called for and

delivered,at the shortest notice. All klnda of French Sating done in (he MatcetityU, fe u 6t* .'V* **F*V* 4? -- - -X* M?# CONG UK*- ION AL. Wmnmlat, Febraary io. ha****.--Mr- Wiion prssemed a p?tl?is*i fri ui t|uy>u?oi Harper', h errj , ssKtng for the cttil u of th* ground at Camp tllll oa whic i h. schael.. ouse has been built L*id oa th? ble Mr. Wa~l?, trom the O mmi t'??? on the D a?l Colombia, reported favorably on tlx Hour bill iu amend th?* act incorporating the I News ay's Home. Mr. Morrill, irom the unit committee, reri lontd l*\orably on the b.ll to incorporatetb? C.>lu?vd Mutual Building Socie;y; sad Ml! tn , t nn -?he ottit e ot Surrogate for the District of , Co'tlClbia. M . Morrill, from the committee of confer i.. *. . .ue rti?*trt? eing vr.its of the two ULensos 011 'he fixing the compensation of bailiffs mid criers of the court; of the District of O)lutnbis, made a report; which was concurred in (1 be report adopts the Senate amendment 1 to the bt'l.] Mr An'tJony, from the Committee on Print. I 'I n, &ik' d to tw discharged Irom the further coutidf r .tiou ot the resolution aseitrnlag seats til ibe tt< O" of the Sen ?te to 'he reporters of i Anuc ttMi Frets and the Untt?d S-.atus and Furopean News Associ-flon: which was grante . Mr Krelinghuysen, from the Committee on thI>i?trict of Columbis, asked for ihe indettBite postponement 01 the House bill for the I uiion ol juries |R the District of Columbia. I v i ' h ??? granted Mr. Hum- ruy pr?s*nted joint resolutions of the 1?? iri-I-<ture of Kansas, in favor of the ; nn*"t?slon et Colorado. Laid ou the table. Mr Morrll introduced a bill to r>duce the numtei of members ot the I,evy Court of the Couuty ot VY Milling 'on Referred toCommittee ou l>i?triot ot Ckiintn'ua Mr Morrill iH'roduced a bill to pay the Lavy t'onrt ot theCnunty ot Washington for cero. , n^r f fees ou soldiers, sailors, and employees i of 'he Government a' Washington. Referred to Committee on (Uaims Mr. Brown called up the bill for th* estah- ' isl.nient and maintenance of a public p-trk in th- Dis'nc' of Columbia, wh eh was pissed A' 2 o'clock 'be <*ler< ot the House appeared ! wuh the mili ary bill, an touueing 'be concur j teiice of tbe Jl<iu>e iu the Senate amendments, w ih amendment* thereto. Mr. William* moved to concur in the House an ei rfmi nte. Mr Sherman also advocated concurrence. Hot ?K ? Mr. Myers (Fa ) asked, bat faile l to ob an, lea\e to introduce a resolution declaring it at after the lax bill shall have been acted upon all regular orders shall be postponed ii older that the Tariff bill may be cwnsid. eied. Mr Blsine(Me ) demanded the regular order, and the House resumed t econsideration of the bill lor the more efficient government of the Southern States Mr Blaiue moved to concur in the Senate amendment*, with the amendment offered last night by Mr Wil?on, ot Iowa, declaring certain persons ineligible to seats in State Constitutional Con ventions, and also depriving them ft 'be tight to vo'e lor members ot such Coi- j veiition. and demanded the previous ques- 1 tion [This amendment will be fonni in full in cur repnrt of yesterday's proceeding*.] Mr Shellatarger (O ) inquired the effect of I seconding ihe demand for the previous que*- I tion, and wb> ther there wouli then be au oppiMtunity for amendment. 1 he >penker said it the previous question w s seconded. ana the main qu"?uon or' eir?\ all opportunity for debate would be shut off. Mr. Sheljabarger desired to offer an amendment. Mr. Blaine declined to yield for that purpose. Mr Ranks (Mass ) was proceeding to say something about extending a further ?>'i*>]unii float ion bat was called to order by Mr. Blaiue, w,ho objected to debate, and insisted upou his demand for the previous question. The question wf seconding the demand was taken by division, and resulted?yeas ti?, nays 60. Tellers were oemanded, and Mr. Lynch (Me.) and Wilson (Iowa) were appointed toilers. and reported ? .? votes in the atQrm&Uve and 7t> in the negative. So the previous question was not seconded Mr. Mieiiaharger (Ohio) then offered an amendment, declaring that until the p-opleof said rebellious States shall, in due form of law, b- admitted to representation in the Congress of the United States, any civil government which may exist there shall be deemed to be provisional only, and in all respects subject to lbs powers and authority of the United t Mates, at any time to be abolished, modified, or superceded, and all elections for officers of such provisional government shall be con- ' ducted only by persons named in the 5th taction of this act, and no person shall be eligible i to office under such provisional government who would be disqualified from holding office under the provisions of the4d section of the ' Constitutional amendment of last session 1 '1 tie previous quesuon was ordered on tbe < amendment aa amended oy a vote ofSO Yeas to 41 nays. Mr.Boyer (Pa ) moved to lay the wholesabject on the table. Not agreed to. I Tbe yeas and nays were demanded upon agreeing to the amendment, and it was agreed to?yeas <JK nays 7U. I t he question then recurred upon agreeing to the Senate amendments as amended, and they were at reed to by a vote ol 125 yeas to 46 nays, 1 as follows: I'tat?Menem. Alley, Allison, Amee, Ander- I on, Arnell, Ashley of Nev., Ashley of Ohio, Jiaker, Baldwin, Dan<ts, Barker, Baxter. Beamt'U, Benjamin, Bidwell, Bingham, Blaine, Blow. Boutwell. Brandegee. Bromwell, Brooraall. Bnckiand, Bundy, Clarke of Ohio, Clark* 1 ot Kanea.>, Cobb, Cook, Cullum, Darling, Davis, Dswee, Delr? es, Delano, Deming, Dodge, Don- 1 nelly, Drigge, Dumont, Eggleston, Kiiot, Farnsworth, Farqunar, Ferry, Urinnell, Oriswold, Harding of III , Hart. Hays, Henderson, Htgby, 1 Hill, Holmes, Hooper, Hotcbkiss, Hubbard of West Va, Hnbhard of N. Y., Hnobard of Conn.,Hulburd, Julian, kasson, Kelley, Kelso, Ketcbam, Kooutx Lafliu, Lawrence of Pa., , Lawrence of Ohio, Loan. Longyear, Lynch, Marvin, Maynard, McClurg, Mclndoe, McKee, 1 McKuer, Mercur, Miller, Moorhead. Morrill, 1 Moulion. Myers, Neville,O'Neill, Orth, Fame, I Fatterson, Ferham, Pike, Plants, Pomeroy, Price, Raymond, Riee of Mass.. Rice of Maine, Rollins, Sawyer, Scheuck, Scofleld, Stieliabarger, Sloau, Spalding. Starr, Stevens. I Stokes, Thayer, Frank Thomas. John L. 1 Thomas, Trowbridge, Upson, Van Aernam, ' Van Horn of N. Y , Van Home of Mo., Ward 1 of Nk Y . Warner, Washburne of lnd.. Washburn of Mass , Welker, Weutworth, Whaley, Williams, Wilson ol Iowa, Wilsoii of Fa^ 1 Wliidom, and Wood bridge?125. ] A'a.v*? Messrs. Aucona, Bergen,Boyer.Carapb? II. Chan I er. Cooper, Dawson, Dennisou, Kldridge, Flnck, Glossbrenner. Goodyear, Har. ding ?f Ky , Hawkins, Hise, Hubbell of N. Y , ( Hubbail of O., Humphrey, Hunter, Kerr, Kuykendall, LeBlond, Leftwich, Marshall. ' McCullongb. Nlblack. Nicholson, Noell, 1 Phelps, Radford, Randall of Pa., Ritter, Rog- 1 ere, Ross, Rousseau. Shanklin, Sitgreaves, Thomas, Taber, Taylor ol Tenn . Taylor of N. 1 Y , Thornton, Trimble, Ward ofKy., Wiafleld and Wright? 40 < On motion of Mr. Banks, (Mass.,) It was re- 1 olved that during tbe remainder of tbe session 1 no basinees whatever shall Interfere with the morning boar each day. I Mr. Stevens, (Pa,) from Committee on Ap- 1 proprlations, reported a bill making appropna. tion for th* repair aud preservation of osrtain lortilications for the year ending June no, I8W. Ordered to be printed and made special order for Saturday next. The morning hoar commenced at U.-25, and tbe House resumed the consideration of the i hill to reorganize and equip the Militia. < Mr Paine (Wis.) said when he coasldered * the amount of business oa hand he was unable to? resist tbe touching appeal of gonlmmen on l the t*b?r side, especially when accompanied by a threat of motions for delay. He woald, i therefore, withdraw toia demand for the previous question, and after submitting an amendment would move to recommit tbe bill, andgsn* tiemen wonld then be relieved of the bngbear until tbeimh Congress. Mr. Paine than offered aa amendment, do- 1 els ring that companies of the National Ouard ' mitbt be organized within the late insurgent Siktee, to be composed of loyal men without distinction of color. These regiments shall he under control of the military commander of 1 the district, who shall oxerolse tbe same powers as are exercised by Governors of States , over tbe mllitth. Tbe amendment was agreed to, and ths bill was recommitted. >. Oorasr ntb* Jv QAIJDXM F*D1T TUM, 4c. I ' JOHI 8 A n 1< Si?n.8,?K bTraxtsnslvs Stock of SABshhsm ' ^nnlae *' W4friuM ri OWl* B**r?S,esnbrasin* all the novelties i from Ksglsnd the continent, with msnr articles saved Iro* h*s rlfb sollestloa of Florist Flowsnj. ' ^SOX i Strawborrle*. Blsekberries, OooMberHes Ofcr- ' Ir? H? BJh(jaets. Wreaths Oat flowers. Ac 'OHH SAUL, 8*?d Stars, Eemoved te 4it, rtli street, fe 18 eolm opposite C. 8. fsteat Qifiee. * |"/s 4 O'tLWC* P. M. GOVtRKMENT SE< t RITIES. ** A*III?UTt>n, Kehrurv.y <0, IW. Jay Cooke & Co famish ibe following quotations of Government wcnnu* ttmying .Selling li. fc. Uoopon, 1WI .....lit) II ^ U. S. Fit* Twenu?, IHrt lluj| m% U S flYt TwfBtlw. t?W4 1'^ MX V Kirr TvmtiM. H 8\ HW % tr.S. Five Tweirt4?'e,JanA.J,y,'66.M?S* U a? Ten Forties loi # 10'* I* S. *??veB Thirties, August....? *>\ -Mltf C. S. Seven Thirties, Jgn?ItlM,liiiS 1Rr,t, U. S. S?even Thirties, July luft* P<i'% ?rf TORK FIRST ROIID SALES Oonposi. ..I1UH Ifc to'i 1*1 \ S.'Jtl's, 1MW Ill is 7-lU's, August....1U5 \ 5 2u's. IMH I0R T. ?"s, June Iu5\ S-VO's, 1^6 10!t . July IU5\ 5 #n's, Jn A Jy. *65.106 Gold IV. v m mm - v RECON8TRICTION-THE HOL8K TO DAY. 1 bis has been au exciting day lu (be Uuumi The hall mas opened by toe motion of Mi Hiaine to concur in tbe Senate amendment to ibe House Military Government bill, with tbe amendment offered by Mr W ilson. o! luw:i last night. M' Shellabarger moved to further amend, b> d c.aru g that tbe State government* provided for in tbe bill are provisional government*, subject to tbe control of tbe l'm;ed Siates Government, andliabls to removal, Ac ? and retting lortb tbe qualifications for members of (be Mate conventions and those voting 'or etch members. Tbe amendment was adopted, and the Senate amendment a? thin Hmended was carried by a vote of 125 to !? e\ery Republtcan member hut two, Me?srs. llawkinsof Tenn.. and HubbellofObio, voting aye. Tbe measure now goes back tothe Senate. and it seems to be thought ibti it will be passed by that body this evening in '.be shape it passed tbe House. TREATIES WITH THK INDIANS Tbe Commissioner of 1 nitian Affairs yesterday had an interview with the Sisseion and Marpeton bands of Sioux Indians, irr>m the northeastern part of Dakota Territory, ami * treat}- wasen'ered into with them providing lor removing and settling tbem on reservations in be eastern portion ol the Territory On Monday, a treaty was made with the Sacs and Foxes, of Minnesota, the two baitds numbering about seventy, providing lor their remoNal from the southeastern portion of that State to the western part ol Dakota, east of tbe Minnesota line. A treaty has been made with the Stockbndge tribe, ot Wisconsin, providing for tbe sale ol the lands now occupied by them, and removmg them to reservations in another part of Jm State. REPORT ON TilK FISHERIES. E. H. l??rby, Esq , lias preseuted ro the Secretary of State his second annual report on the commercial relations between tbe Uaited S ates and the Hriti*b Provinces. He shows that our fisheries are declining, and that tbe number of vessels engaged ui tbem now is in.t one-half of tbe number engaged in 1*>2. I The Canadian Government is meanwhile seeking to loster this pursuit, by granting a new bounty of Si per ton to fishing vessels, while our Government is withdrawing tbe fishing bounties which it has paid for many years past. Our fishermen are also now forced to pay an annual license to tbe provincial aut horUieb loi the right to fl-h in their waters. ROSTON DOARii OF TRADE AND SECRETARY McCCLLOCH A delegation from tbe Board of Trade. of Hoston, had an inverview with Secretary McUullecb this morning relative to the depre-sed state of commerce and business, and in ire particularly in reference to tbe adoption of men' ures for the relief and protection of ship builders. Thev expressed a desire that all material for ship building be admitted free, or at leu1 i deduction be made on tbe same in order to encourage the bmldinrof ships and thus Increase the commerce of the country. Tbe interview lasted for some trine and was satistac* tory to the delegation, it is said. STATE DINNER AT THK EXECUTIVE MAS S10N. The sixth State dinner of tbe President this season teok place at the Executive Mansion last evening at six o'clock. There were present besides the President and members of bis family Messrs. Latham of West Virginia; llopan of Misroun; Hunter and lady of /few York:C. D Hubbard of West Virginia: E. K Hubbell of New York; Kelso of Missouri; Kasson of Iowa; Hart ef New York. Harding and lady of Kentucky: Henderson and lady of (iregon; Goodwin and lady of Arizona: Hub. I bell of Ohio. A. C- H&rtling of Illinois; Kerr 1 und lady of Indiana; Ketcbum and ladv, oft New York; Humphrey and lady of New York; | Konntx of Pennsylvania: Kendall of Illiuuis, I and Lawrence of Pennsylvania. THE DISTRICT IN CONGRESS ! Mr. Morrill introduced in the Senate to-day ? bill to pay tbe Levy Court of this District I lor tbe coroner's lees on soldiers, sailor*, and J other employees of the United States. It ap. I propriate. ?7,140 for the purpose Referred to District Committee. He also introduced a bill to reduce the nam- | her of mem be-s of the l>s vy Court to five, and providing that in all appointments hereafter a majority of its members shall be residents of the oounty,ont?ideof Washington and Georgetown. Referred to D C. Committee. Mr. Morrill, from same committee, reported, without amendment, tbe bill abolishing tbe I Orphans' Court of the District, and creating its place tbe ofltceof surrogate. j TRANSFER OF CREW. i The time of service of a large number of the I crew of the steamer Swatara having nearly I expired, many of them having hut four or five I months to serve, they will be transferred to I iteamers in tbe Gulf and North Atlantic Squadrons, in order that they may be near I home when their time ef service expires. I There is nothing in the statement that tbe pet. 1 ty officers and crew will be ordered to Norfolk I to prevent tbem from giving circulation to any thing which transpired on board tbe Swatara I while on tbe way home with Surratt Those bavlng some time to serve will remain on tbe iteamer and return with her. | NAVAL NEWS. Despatches have been received at the Navy Department frem Commander J. W. Brad- I ford, commanding the U. 8. steamer Resaca. announcing tbe arrival of that vessel at Rio de Janeiro on the 35th December. Officers aad I crew all welL Also, from Lieut. Commander Maker, of the steamer Uaadtlla, announcing I his arrival at Bridgetown, Barbadoes, on tbe | 1st Instant. The 0. 8. steamer De Soto was tt tbe same port, having arrived there oa the list nit. All well. DETACHED I Commander Charles H. Cnshman has been detached from the command of the Mahaska, I ju the reporting of relief, aad placed oa wait- I In g orders. j tarit la supposed that the Baltimore Confer- I nice ef the Episcopal Methodist Church Son th 1 will vote so ae to secare the success of the proposition for lay delegation. The proposllitp for a than ge of name teem* to be lost. j Pkksohal<?General J. B. Kiddoo,recently 1 wgistaat commissioner ef the Freedmea's BertAh in Texas, arrived- a few days ago at the Seaton House, where he is lying ill from the reoDcning of a wound received in one of the hatbes before Richmond. j gyFrom JohnC Parker. Post office Newt Stand, we bavd the Atlmiic Monthly and Our I Yomtf mks tcr March. . Km Bi.ancbi Gut'I heaeflt at Wall's J Opera Honse to-night. * J lvTSRVAL R*v*?n*. ?The receipu from I this souroe to-day were isis? I KT A widow, the mother (of a cMId tea I years of age, was burned to death at Cincln- I natl, on PrMav, while attempting to recover I her property from her house, that had beea I naalietoualy set o< fire. She was evsreome by I the smoke and hot. | KTTbo guests at a colored ball in Jersey city I drank tbree hundred bottles of champagne. ^"Greeley started the New York Tribune I on borrowed capital of 91,000. LOCAL NEWS. 1?? V. 'W** tjrr? TH? 0??H OP TNI 1',ir ..r W A*" ? V?-?!?r.1*r, ^"V.r Woodward aurnm-??e i a jury uM proofed ,otto. dwellings fcsw.arA ^ " U? iiukfl! i1, lo ho,<1 *n inquest 10 view cf til body of ftlarr ^nn tn# ||tt#? fr- -W *r d"*'>> OB '""ft . supposed t* iT, 'ra*1 '".MMIbs inflated by Wm *?Uoed ik Id# ,V?r " cm? bardij be called a bon.e, bn rather a covered box som* t??n or ieet square. constructed of mrfe pia**s steading apnitl, with lata. or ?np. nailed ever tbe K'irii u? keen the wind oat. It i? i.>c*u,d , niHi the hillside, i>xpo.-d to tbe malarial in - finance* of the river. Jamea' iVk and tbe newly-br.ken gronnd or the brack mauuf*-. tori^* around The bod* had. br the kiudne^ ol wm? lad tea, been neatly clan |,<f bwraal and i wm laid out aa decently a*po**ihiein the ii tU but The jnry having been ?w>rn retired fr,> tbe but, leaving I>r S A M McKim U> mtw a post mortem examination, ailed by be foreman of the jury. It having beea "\>a>pleied thejnry proceeded to take tbe evidence. J.'vna* Rtrrti and AaraA Mr twit, par?ati u( tea deceased. tes.ifled aubataatially aa ba- alleady been reported la tbe Stmr, tbat tn?te daughter came home on tbe }tb instant, r ?taplaimng of heir orrh-ige The mother tbonrht it waa tbe beg mning of her monthly tic kite a, -be t.ejrg ab ut tbe proper age. Called in a roiorrd Woman toi^* 'b^chiid, tnd Ui**roio^tt woman navicert her to rand tor a dev tor Dr W alsb cam* and prescribed. They te*nfled of the progress of tbe aickaeac. tbe disclosure by be rtec^wd of wbat had be*? donete Ber Hv snd the death of the i|'id on tba t*ib infant. The testimony of other f rnMc witn*??e? waa mainly ?<>rrot>orativ* ?| iaat of tbe parent* Juuiet H. H\ /u leer fanned mat <>n Thar*, day ia*t a warrant htvmt tieen ts?ae<1 for tba arrest ol (.'leaver, upon a charge of rape, and it twin* enrre?ed that the deceased was v.?ry low. be proceeded with Officer Tb >mi>*on to the dwelling of the deceived to tec b>*T statement ot tb*- lac* under oath found b-i ufl-rid* with a chill, and cowered *nk janndiee. I'rs Amery :uid Keillv uiet there while tii? iu"ice wn? pre?ent. and had a , ;i-ultaMon. after which tbe Justice swore tbem relative ( tbe condition ot the girl l>r Am-rt vuun. 'lecided ar to tbe chance* of recovery, hoi l?r Keiiiy ibniifbt there \? a? no danger of a la -vi reMilt. Witnesa wa> not satisfied. an.I wen' back with Officer Thompson. and sitting '?v tbe bed, conversed a moment with th*- child aud finding thai ibr mtelliceat, adraim*tered tbe oath to her Nhe aiated tbat O eaver ]>er?tinded b?-r into the buu?e where the affur occurred, lucked tbe room door, threw ber ,>n the floor vi. lentlv. and viola ed her per- .a without ber content, ihat when he let her uj. and ebe wa? at>otit to fo. he gave ber a dollar betore he let ber out Wrurf, au>ut ^ examine ber more in de ail, but ebe aj.pear-d to become drowny and dull, aud ttituet. to qne<tion her any further, j 1>T -fcAirn stated tbe re?ultaof the po*t mot. 'em examination He found the part* la e. ra-ed. aud evidence ot a forcible en try, oozing of clotted blood, congestion. Ae , but lu other re?,*ctfi the part? were m healthy coodition. . w'".Sy>t**nl Wa? ia*nd,L*d Juandice ia attributable to various cauw; malaria, hemor. | rhage, a_~ in thia ca?e, or mental canae* mar proflnce inandice. The doctor war cleatlvof opinion tbat tbe diaea&e resulting in death w.t* a conaequeaice of tbe iniunea inflicted. 1 be^ iury poat|iorieo further examination until - o'clock, at the Kigbth Freetact K **.ion, when lira. Val?b. Amery, Heilly, and t'roc* eou, were examined relative to tbe ca?e, n? u w? presented to their otaervauon. and all couicuied ,h\i lii^ iiuif of dfi'D w.ns he poiaonlnr of tbe blood, and that it resulted rem the injuries received by tbe deceaa^d. and belore describe 1. The jury then agreed with but little de|av npon the followtue verdict:?-That on or ab*.>ut tbe 5th of Kebrnarv. 1-C, the deceased was violated toy one Wm. fc Cleiver. who bad carnal kuowiedreof ber bodw withoaither consent; that profuse hemorrhage from the vagina ettued, and continoed until jaunlice wa? developed, wbtch resulted in dea*h on the i?.-b day i f February, ai-J>, o'clook p tn And tbe jury find that tbe parents are very poor and destitute." SraRATT at the J ail.?Sarratu on arnvtrig at the jail, w as at once conducted to a cell, and appeared quite cool and cheerful He inlonned Warden Iirowuthat be intended njt tojrive blm any trouble He a?ked parti ulatly about Lia aaater, speaking of her in teudei terms, and eaid he thought tbat sb? wts dead. Tbe War Jen informed birn that he beli#red she w*ae in Maryland, atd he replied ^ b.l reckon she is with her grandmother " J?* Warden told him that it wai hi* doty to keep him sate, bnt would grant him all proper privileges, and a^ked if there wa* anyhiug ne waned Snrratt replied tba: be w?uid like to have tbe privilege of toaoking. and tbia was granted bitn But few persona have been ashore from the Nwarara as yet, and these appear to be noncomrauntcatfve. It is understood itfe>?t the J ar<1 'hat tbe prisoner on the voyage was kept under the immediate eve of the Commandant, beiug allowed at suited times to walk wrth tbe guard on ths deck for a short time The crew ef the Swarara was this m .ruin* transferred to the Marblehead. and will go to tbe ^ew Hampshire at Norfolk. Alboard of officers lire surveying her to-day with a view of repotting what repairs are necessary. An*iTT*n to Bail ?Leonard ,Hayek, tbe late president of tbe Merchants' National Bank, charged with the larceny of the funds of *cme of tbe depositors, has been admitted to bail;in the stim of ?35.outi: Mr J. F. Brown being on the bond. Fcbmc School Advamixivt W# leara with pleasure tbat tn? Female Grammar School of Georgetown has been fernsbed with a first-class ('bickering & Son's piano, from JouD r . tllie.?Gtorytf*wn Courier. A G*A\D \ OCAL AND 1 N'HTBr XIRTAL Cost. CEKT will be given at St. Dominic s Church. *y"inc n**1-by tbe St. Dominie s t ?rnet Hand, and will no doob: be a rich treat lor lovers of music. For MftAT V*R\ojr._We hear that the steamer Hawawt will make a trip to Mount > ernon on Friday next, starting at lo a. in. from tbe Tub street wharf. Affaire iaa (iearjetowa Tub Ke<>I!?tuv?To-day, tbe judges of election are sitting in tbe custom-bout** building for the purpose of receiving ibe names of totor# not previously registered Tbe applicanta to-aay are generally white, many of tbem new voters. V10LATI*0 Corp. ration Lath -D J. w ells wa? arrested yesterday by officer Roby, .V!!p,!2* ?P^n. uu Sunday, aud was Rued f -i' 44 by Justice Buckey. John ttaauingbain was arrested by officer Swindell*, forranmng a wagon without a license, and was fined fsj n by the same justice. Bcrc.lary ? Last night, burglars entered tbe bouse of Wm Waugb. No. 14 Bridge street, and after creating a nuisance on tbe parlor floor, and stealing some trifling article*, departed. Tbe wiudow was nncloeed. and 'be thieves sntered without difficulty. They were trackM by officer Reed in the enow until the tra>1 waa lest, where it Is supposed ther got tn a vehicle and drove off*. " Withdrawal.?George Waters, fcsq., who wa* nominated by tbe an-i-negro suffra^ convention, declines being a candidate for the Common Conncil. A New Caval Packet?The J. J. Beau, a new boat, constructed for the transportation of flour and grain, is expected to arrive tomorrow with a load of flonr consigned to Geo w aters. Flour a*d Graih Market ? Market for breadetnfls quiet Demaed for high grade* flonr moderate and improving : sales limited to tbe looal trade. No receipt* ot flour or grain reported. Tne prices remain as last quoted Port of Georgetown.?Holered? Steamer Norfolk. Vance, from New York. EW COODS1 0B14P OOODI! j" BOOAB A WTLfB, 389 BITIITB 1 tII| f. 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