Newspaper of Evening Star, February 20, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 20, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, j The Clear Sprlag Tragedy ? CaafessUa af ( tkr Mirdfrtri?He Implicate* Several Other*?A Wain a a among thein. [From the New Albany (lad.) Ledger, Feb. 8 ] Oar readers will remember the account we published some tftr-e or foar weeks ago of the bi rribl*. raviehing marder and robbery of a widow lady named Maria Cutter, near Clear . Spring, Jackson connty. and the arrest, oa autpicion af implication in the rrtre, of on* John Brooks, of Washington count/. This maa Brook* waa confined In jail at Brownstown. The ex&miaation came ofT: Brooks made a confession of the crime, and named bis accomplice*, two la number. One of tbem. Jackson , > aston. who is a J usticeof the Peace, has been arrested, and on Monday last bad a preliminary examination. Brooks was taken from the Brownstown jail to Clear Spring to testify agsinat Easton. Brooks, the Seymour Times says, nnder the Impression that a confession on his part wonld result In his acquittal, owned op, and rave Easton and on* John Tally. * brother-in-law of Easton. as his acccmplicee in the murder and robbery. Easton and himself are now in the Brownstown jail. The story of Brooks is that the robbery was concocted at the bouse of Easton, near that of the murdered woman. That Easton showed tbem the way, but didn't go with them; and that on parting with them, charged them not to bnrt the woman, and only to get the money. Tally faid tbey wouldn't answer for that, when Easton repeated bis caution for tbem not to bur*, her. He says that on coming to tne > bouse, one of them pushed, and the other ! kicked >be door till it fell, wtien tbey entered I and found the woman had risen from the bed, and was sitting on the side of it. He immedi ately threw a blanket or cover!et over her j head. But what immediately followed he ! wot't tell, but it is evident they subjected her I to'be groe?#tt outrages upon her person. They were there baif an hour. He held *.he blanket I torcibiy over her mouth a.nd nose till he found I her breath had about ceased, when be letjro his j hold. In the meantime. Tally had taken th? ? nit neyfrom her waist, and swore tbeyirujt kill her Brocks f-ays he then left U>e bou se. j while Tally tetzed the victim by the throat. 1 After awhiie he came out, but though he had his suspicions. Brocks wasn't sure that Tally bad finally killed the woman. Tbey then weiit to the bouse of Esquire Eiston. when Tally . banded o\er 'he proceeds of the robbery, wbich was oiv.ded equally amongst ttiem. Easton receiving $.**). Tallv is s'ill at large. It may be rem irk' 1 that although Tally and Brooks undoubtedly O'fnmit'fd the murder, there is a strong probab lity that Easton 1s innocent His lorraer cfKiracter is said to be good. He nas propertv, and it is incredible that he could enlist in a r> bbery of a near neighbor for paltry a su-n, when detection was so probable a result \V* learn that he says Tally brought Brooks to bis bou?e and introduced him as John Combs, and that be supplied Brooks to he an b >nest man ?that be knew nothing of their designs, but is censurable for suffering so bad a character as Tally about him; but adds that Tally, being his brother-in-law, he couldn't find it in his bear* to order him away. Later information. however, is to the effect that the testimony of Brooks will be confirmed, proving the emit not only of Easton, but also of his wife, who i* very 111. A Qim Val*>tin* ?'The Taunton (Inzetiesnys that on Eriday night an luf.uit a-is , found in the rear of a dwelling-house in that i cny. A paper was found pinned to It, saving i that it was a valentine for a man residing in : the honse The cbild, which was a girl about j two w?eks old, was taken into th* house and cared for. y A down-east contemporary advocates the establishment of seminaries for young ladies where spinology. knitology, wenveology, co 'kolgy, Ac., can be taught?the graduate* to receive the degree of E. F W? or Fit for Wives' S^"One who ha* suffered, says; '-Even as nature benevolently guards th* rose with thorus, so does'sbe en low women with pins.'. fcfTh* passion now among women is for exceedi-iglv low foreheads, lor hair over the temples, and lovelocks that shad* the lustre of deep eye*. WElopement* are so common at Spring- j IMdtbat there is *alk oi establishing -*A Home ] for iJeserted Husbands " B^"Tbe Koman Catholics are to bndd an edifice in New York ruy which shall combine a savings bank, library, lecture rooms, Jtc., for the use of the denomination. By Form no matrimonial ties in traveling, less you miss your railroad connections. WThe population of Alabama has increased but during tae past six v-ars. and is now whites V.IC.tC'i. colored i:j?,*U. Tne colored population is lees than in by ?67 souls. ^Mrs Hiram Sherman, ay be Instigation of I her husband, attempted to kill Asaph Ma her in Herkimer county, the other day. 1 u- tin?- ; bard accused Mather of a criminal intimacy j witb his wife. yThere seems to have been a close race be- ! tween the citizen* and the incendiaries of A-- 1 Innta to determine whether the citizens could build as fast a* tbe incendiaries could burn (j! ? o"<r * i ? ? 7 HA LL A PLANT. PLANT'S BCILDINQ, Corner New York *v*aae and lMn street, i Bntraace n New York avenne. > D**l*rs Inline FAMILY OBOCBB1BS, TEAS, H1NBS, 1MP0BTBD LUXUB1B8, Ac., Be., wonld respectfally notify their friends Kid th* j public that tbey bav* jnat opened their New ?rosary Store, where ran b* obtained any artlcl* asa : ally kept in a first claee Grocery. Without at- ' tempting to eaam*r*te oar large, fresh and wallselected stock, w* cordially Invite the public to eaaalae oar dsn sad stock. b*lleviag we ehall not fail to give entir* satisfaction to all who may faver na with their patroaage. We call espe?Ul attention to our aaaortment of TEAS and G0FFBBS, which bav* be*a aelected wHk great care for parity. Dealers will lad a floe assortment to select from, aad oar price* to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part o? the city, jan 9 3m lbBFABTMBBT OP THB INTBBXOB, mJ ., , Passion Orrica, July istn, ISM. . TO ALL WfcOM IT M.AV UOBUB4N BppMcaooa having been made under the act of ?.? ?l li* rei?eaeof tne foil?wing described Land warrants, which are alleged to have been loet or;*(i.?Notice is hareby given that at the dat* following the deacriatlun of each f Bew. certlfloat* or warrant of like tenor wtiUe released. If a* valid objection should then JOS. H. BABBBTT, Commissioner. No 1C4.TP4, for l#o acre*. Issued nnder the act of Merru A. l&?, in Ihe nam* of Bobert W Pierce, aad w** graoieo May 12, ia?s. Mmrc h ?. 19U7. _-Bo.Jf9.wa for lcO acree. iseaed en ter tbe act of March 9 1*4. in the ansae or Bli.ah O. Ball and "n ?"??*?/?? 3. , . March ?.1**7. ? '?r ? acree. Issued under the act of *tch W l*ift. In the a ante of G"or*e Plum, aad ?* " Aug is? 15th, Ifc'A. March 30, No WkII |u| 1m> acres, leaned under the act of Marsh 3d ISii, iatbenamtof James Henry, hb1 w**?ranted Aerll22d, IBU. March 30. IW. No. M 73K. for It^at re*, ienued uu-ier the act of March 3d. 18tA. In the aame of J?hn Wood, and : *s granted February M 1857. April ?, 1*57 I w *cr*s- Ususd under the art of | " riUM | v?. in tbe nan* of Sarah Wood, wii?w ' ot BoUrt Weu*. ana w** granted February U>, I la3- * 1SST. No 41.4*., for 10 acres, i?*n*d nnder the act of February li, 1847, ia the n?m? of Semuei Hodsoa, *al aa* granted becember 4.1M. April j?, 14*. No i74*. for acree. !m?s| outer the act of September, lltM In the aame of Laagdon 0. Johneon aad was graatsd JUr-h a, iSi?. April 2?, e No 77^91, for 90 acree. laeued under the act of arrh 3. IW. la the aaiae of Langdou C. J. bn *2? ?M>**nted April 1, ISA . Aorll 20. ls.7. No .1 Ol. for 12* acre*. Iteued under tbe act of 3. lMl, Id the Dime of Murv. widow of i CrMUd Maj 9% 1&6. A pri I iVi lf9u No. Wi 134. for 191 acre* leeued an<^er tbe aet of March 3. I#-, in the name of Pally Pease, widow If ay 4*1*7 P*a*e, aad wae granted Jaiy IS, li?. Bo. PS MS. for If* acree, Ueoed undtr Ihe act of March 3d. lAAi la tb* uajue* of the minor children ?-f Jacob La?ti*r . deceased, and waa granted Jaiy U>v -May 4, loC 17.0*6. 'or Ijaj acre*, iasaed nnder the act ef Febiaary 11th, 18^. la tb* name ef Martia Rose, aad was granted May 13th, ls4? May 11. lab:. No. for lvS acres, issued aader tb* a t e Mirth ?d. IMA. if tbe aame of Alvla Bilis, and was graated April U IliT. May 11.1*17. FCXtJBXBB FOB THKH0L1DAYS " a^.L/AV.%VPci^^M0L"" OUBLM VANILLA ?HOOOL\TB, (Fer table n*e.) BOP? AND TABILLA BUBNT ALMONDS, MUAfi?rOAB PLUMD.ssd ASSOBTBD OaBOIBS. Jast received at KIM PL AMI 1 M. r KIBB B SOB. War imcia obanubb and w . IWBBTMALAGAOBAPB8. ?r*eb. at KIMQ PLACB. |\f IBOB MBAT (DoMBOTIO.) A" , J?** aad*. of select aaterials. A? ElVU PLAOk Qr? .... SeM reler. fall, ft dell ease flavor aad fragrance.aad leeethaaoae half the aoet of Imported Wlao. KING PLAOB. In/BITS BFOBTO P?BT, ** I "Year* of th* Baoro,**) Direst importec lea * ' Z. M. P. BI*'Q B BOB, do?t Blag PiZm. AUCTION SALES. RT WILLIAMS, AMtlwMn. U Bo. MS, coraer 7th u4 D TrSS??",.?V'!ftW8 'ffjsa-^i?5 5/S^5illL^!I\?c* **?*** *. W??uES, On TBUBShAY, the SOt Instant, at 5 o'clock v. Lw*iiv n '*in i*? Ut abort prop dean- Fit ?.?..VF ^ft?16,lf0*** fruit t>r W feet back 117 feet to a fli? Mted When the properly la ovnil(t?d It flrit cIam Prifit# MiMene# w? #.11 .h? attention of buyer* t*?W.Ml? e*u the! t'ThisaV *?"* balance In sin, twelve. i iJL irj ' f"ur tnoaths, fer n>'es b"ac the * <i*ed of trust oo | iirtili 1 ?o?w???elB| and nnan* I MtSTd?r^rS* h* ?**<* ? . tioo dowu h l!L* 8|1*I * WILLIAMS. AqcU. |JT ?**?l WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TlDITItl KALI OP RBAL\BATATB f?K JLr**? ?i * deed of trul bMri^M 00 the afUfcrof 1Mb, e*ocutedVy Jotoi Ool? * **?* *ot the benefit of Jehu liaael ud re Oorded in Libor N. 0. T.. Mo. o7,folio 181, Ac one of trlet*of Vdimhu ^ ^?glin #onnt'-,n ?? W? irict of Columbia, I will off?r for eale. on the *? lHI<)Ar **e M?? d.yTf January* w ?' ?i? C w * ?l" ithe nortfc ?art of Lot Mo. 1*. Jp 8*uare Mo. tltecity ot Washington. l,,Lt Ir?ntln* >? feat and 2 'HUM on ?Mt & ')? street, between A and B >tr??ta north, and .?? sing at that width to the rear, together with the ' improvements. consist!.i? of a small dwelHuI house and other buildings. ,0* J One half ca?b, tUe balance in ? tnontha, ?'1 ?** hie note, wcnird hp a deed of trut. All onuvryancing an<j 'avenue lUnpe at the ooet of tl.e pnrchaaer A of tuTrequire 1 at the time of -ale. and the trustee reoeryee the right to ree?ll at the coe| ?the tor me of salo are not compiled with within live JOHN B. WOIiBFS, Trustee. de27XawAds * W'LLtIA,?9*?w?as Auctioneer!. ?iftCfT*BT*A^R.<?V . 8^L* rS ^OSTPONBDantil MOMT a\ , the llth g<*j <?f et.ruary next, at the san e hour ?nd place. / ?"*?, ? liy order of tbe Tru-.<-?*. *lv iawAde OBLaN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. 8VTH B A BO VI 8A' W IH STILL FUBTIIBK f-tfon-d nntil MONDAY the 2 tr? I rut am ea*e lii ur and plare. Bt o?d-r of the T - <t?*e te 12 iawMl OBRCN A WILUA A3, Ancte. MAOLI A CO., Auctl .oeers. Salesroom Mo. M94 P nn. aven-ie, Between 9th and loth eU. ???? will give their personal attention .?r- ?i J llousenoid KaralW;See f'.0'. . fV ?? ?* Of Oroooriei, "iM- Liauore, Merchiadiee of every de11? <J*?rla?es. 4C. lAiueial rMb id?itDc?9 niade conofgDm^Dti. Byular Jlalee %t 1>ar 9%|e#ro<>ln ever* TUKSocXkTilLR8I>AT' %ad ?ATO?DA?. at III Siff tf MAiiLK A bo , J*11 " Anctlonoer^. Hi. NB\ COLMAN A CO., AUt'TION ? vn m COMMISSION M C BOu A NTS Wos 291 an! ??.{ Peun^. ??., bet. 9tb and 1 'th ite Bales at auction every Ta-e4..v, Thnr.1 >y, euU Saturday mjrnii.^ao.1 eveninif M. C. BBQuKMB. Salesman ^ 5r: mc .always on band at private sale flaah Tanced on con^ignmente. UMtl ^ WW . . ^ _ ALSO. h^ S^ir* ,n4u**t*il l>*alere In Hardware and Tin Ware, Moves. Ac , *J1 and *31. 7 th street, between M and M. . 4 'fKf* 1 of Government stock, eonsistJP*?f te. Sheets, PIMows. Shirts (Jlottnn^ tarte. Harness. Wa?ou?. Wa?on Wheels, W ' Tracke. Pletfurm Scales. C mnrer St-alee ^,Vh7- Ila.nt?rn, T?r. P??nt. an l i J*,; *. Ur** <|U*ntlt? of sec..ti.|Wl,h ??BT oth?r ?rtlcfee to* n. ? r T'1* "Od" *?" nearly new ?a ! # #oW ^ any to anil L H. COLMAW M CO. GOVERNMENT SALES. ^T? A MSB #0B BALI. ~~ foJ th* "fcbnseof the coppered and S J??k f?S,rc'd V*??' VIX*N of about 1M i?in . 'iw?h* BOW the Wavy y^rn ".."iii t'.' b; !?.'?" Tbir"0""1" ?? ?ilh* of refniln* any or all inent coasidered to the Interest of the Oover*Bideihrnld be addreesed to J B HILQ \ BR assistant in charge. Coaat Survey Odloe ?u ,' D. C.. and endorsed "For Vix?n ? fei:9t gLILDIflas AT wmvXLKSCKMT CAMP AT C%ieJC^tarttrmaster,K QAc,. Depot of Wcwkxnttcm I n . Wi.?4tn*ton^L) C . Pobruarr P, 1(^.7 J K-B.T,i?rt,*r "?,M Wn**terinaeter Oeneral "tie bnlidings at Convalescent Oama, between thS L< ng Bridge and Alexandria, will be s .11 at ?nh lie auction on Tl BSDAV. Mirch a nV. erVhSsuA^ m" ?R.?rrT#' Co' ? Nwrs, A U- M. Sele te commence at 10 o'clock tin building*comprise 2i Barracks ? h... H^Ha! W a: de. 6 Store Honsee., L.nn ?7i ??"" 2 2 fctal,Ias .' 8he l . aoi feet ' ,n ,,t<,fron?7*iflf??ttoJg*i;s Buildings will be e?ld singly. ,n Government funde. riftten days from date or sale will be granted purchaeer* to remove their bnildiags nied R mmmt B < CHAB. H TuMPKINS, Brevet Br1c On. [> ?{. o M Qe?*rll _f<? nt Acfg CLief Q M Depot Wash?lg*o?. ^ONBBMMBNl BALB AT CHABLB8TOM, yassssj ?fca,W' rsi: ? nei i00* < Cannon> Oast Iron. ? ?.l "i* tJ.n* St oi. Shell. Ac., (about oaeTalu?blo eufi metal attached ) About 110 t-ns Londeo Bbell a^?u* A1??" 8crmP Wrought Iron m7'uJ i?* Copper. Be. ifi wvll^-n ^ r'- c"f<ages.lro*ied. ls?? Wooden Ob;te?is, iron- d rA??.'i 7'2 Onvalrp Badolee, 7?? Bridles. Htm W01 k and a quantity of other Leather PhiISEimfimt ,ire ,MiM (bn,,t A??0W. About l,**) barrels Unserviceable Powder -i .? 0l ' r?*;i1u????tF of other Property, consisting principally i>f Mueket Appendages, Bass, Bope. mpl? metits. Miscellaneous T00M Ac , Ac currsacy ?* 4*7 of ' United States Ample tlae el lowed for the removal of Proper,he Jt*lr*tiOB ' wliich that not removed nill revert to the Oeremment. re?evea By authority of Chief of Ordnance. ? . ? ^ F H PABKBB. , ? Capt Ordnance and Bvt Major. 0 8. A , fe 9-sAmtd Commending Chariest..n Areenal. j^ABQB SALB OF ABMT CLOTHIMO. D'Pot uoyterntuftcrN OjUct, t wiu 1. Baltimort, Ml., February f. 1M7 ( BaftLmi^ t a* Tnbllc Auction in the city of '* 2 * 0oTertoII'*nt btorehouse. Mo 1J? 3,47P MBW TOBK STATB JAf'KBTS *Ud oth'rwiee unsnited for -,B7 ^*?n ?' ,tB lo"? f**?Btion in store, the materinl U in some instances more or loss data The pale will take place in lota to enlt pareheeera tale*'*1" In ?oTernm?nt funds, on di^ o? Three days nllowed to remove purchases By or a or of the Quartermaster General * ?1 i.....!Ut%S15SSife?Ttf\ a D ?ipj. "TIK ^ 8r,."7o"u'rfe ?o. IS. houth Charles street. 9 in Auctioneers. JMPOBTABT BALB OJ^OOVEBBMBNT VB8THJDB8DAY ISM . rTr?ukVy M .Slore,,ou She I0 of llchl draft, tho esclM And KaIUm & ~ VH3.7?V,"''' ?" " fte' G.-vsrnment lor sale at tide port ??rod by salerUi* CMh' lM Oo**'nm*nt funds, on day of Pnrtber particulars maybe learned n>?. cailontutbe underslgne/ or to the AmmoJ !i." Mersrs APBteN, THOMAB A OO iff'u' S> uth Ch:?rlee street. Mo- *?. By order of the Quartermaster General. fe 1 Jit Captain and\*Q*M IHpoiQnnrWnnasfer ^OVBBBMBMT BALB tK H ^BTTn *i ?venty five acre, of 1-d. *Z u!?st'StK?1;* jftSSW- ^ of seventy Ave ecresTf lsnd mo're nr fit'Vsh"* or with the bntUlngs Yoote^ "hcr^S M^talntM. that Is to Uj: tU M SiST*"" u?"i??SK.'MthSiiJlJ2SS; tb^ho^dWJiSK^^ta of sawlag _. OMB BMALL STOBB itDfLniin *ke water te oonducted to the e*tast?'h r,W?r,k1' * 5* !??V atone, laid la ca?r?t by * Tm land vfti pnrohAitd . msde by the late ?o ctiled (,ftr?ri.^ .roT?ni*?^vent, and are eetimated to k??? . J ttoverngold M l# taT* ?oat fi60 ouu in The property has been under 1 ?. I8?i. nt n ssoathly rent of fNn*^tTVJTi?V T*^r Asecur.d title in fheVi^SV,^!*" ty the United Prates Ouveran*ut Ai*an Propeeats will be marked ""?trials fr>v a rrnmtat Tannery and Iw-l^WJfejSi Bvt. Mnier Geo . A est Co?. Itnr.^'l'0^0, A. L.?Oalvaeton, T?*ag. lair?4 PROPOSALS. piUH BBBF AMD VBQBTABLM3. iati DirtianiTi i Burt*m Proviitotu and Ctatking, Feb. 14,1967.( o.aied propueale, ?ud .r?-j ij Proposals for frub bml tad will be kmItM it thia Bureau uaiil 2 o clock p. , on the _7ih day of rtkratri.lm. (or tb> supply of uju9 poa?4i of FkkbU bbbf sad is.w pounds of fBUB ybubtablbs, at the WAbBIMQTON. D. 0., i iav1 tabu amd bTAT10M,ee repaired. Tk? Beef and V?|tt?blN Boat b* of good naality, aad Ike beat the aarkat alkria, tad ea~h artlrl* mart he offered tor by the poaari. Tke Beef to | be to 0<i0?i yroiurtloaa, tore and bind turtavt. Bouda with approved seourity. will bo required k 11? boll the estimated amount of the oontract. aod twenty tor ceot In addition will be withheld from the aawuat of oocb payment to be mode, as , collateral security for the doe performance of the soatract. which will on no aceoaat he paid until it la foil? complied with. Bvery offer made must bo accompanied br written gaaraaty. siyaed by one or more reepon- I si Me persons, that the bidder or bidders will, if his or tbelr bid be accepted, enter into an obligation witbin Ore days, with good and sufficient sursties, to fornleb th' articles proposed. A'o proposal will be eoniiderfd vnMu acmmpanitd by sueh guaronly. and by .<*it*fattorf evtdenre tk-it I ke bidder it a regular dealer in ine articles proposed for, emd has tke l\ren*e rsmired by aei of Comgr<j*. The Deportment reeervea the rifrht to reject any proposal not coaaldered adrantageona to the Government. It la to bo understood that in case the stipulated quantity <>f either article shall!* delivered, leaving a balance doe on the o^ier article, tlte contract uay be considered as eCfopleted ia full, at the option of the Department. ja 16 Ik H. BB1DQB. Oblef of Burean. J>BOPOSALS f UK UIHKNT. Treasury Department, I *'Xfi"0f Svperrisine AreHtietl. Feb. 8.1M7 ( Sealed proposals will be recslvsd at thia office nntil 12 oVlock m . February il. 1S'7 f.r furnish Ing(delivered at Waahlnrton or Georgetown, D. C.,' 1 oeo barren of Hydraulic Omeut . 600 bar l-li-to be delivered on or before April l, 18S7, and the t>alaucs on or before May 1, 1367 ; the vliele to be of the very b?st quality, and subject t<> tbx test inspection and approval of the Insp<ctorot M..t rials. Treasure Bxtenalon. All bills must he eccomp?me>l bv the guarantee Of aotne responsible person ttat the bidder will accept and perform the contract If awarded t? fcim. The Department reserves the rleht to rsject any or all tb>' bids if considered tor ths intcreat of tn<> Goverrmect to do so, aiid no bid will be considers! that does not ceuforui to the requirements of tbla advertisement Bids to be enclosed 1 n a sealed envelope anl endorsed "Proposals for Oemi at." A B MULLBTT, f" 9 (Ohron 1 Suparviaitig Architect. |JBOPO?ALS FOB NKW JAIL. Bxrartmkit or th? Txtkriou, t Washington Jana iry U, 1*7 > H'aUd Proposals will We receive! at tula Der,-lnj *'until 12 o'clock in , ob MONDAT.thft 4'bcf Mil I) _I8 'T, for the erection ol the Jail : n and for the District of Columbia authorized an I I roviried :srby tbeactof Congreaj,approved July 26 I8d>>. The designs, detail drawings. andapecifl aliens c*b be ?een at the architect s office, in the eastern irr< imds of th? Gspltol. Washington city. every day except Mondays, between th? hours ?t 9 a. m. and 3 p m . on and after the 28th Instant. Ser?ri?t"> bids will I e received for tha masonry work,brick work, iron wotk ai.d carpentry work. The contractor whose bid may be accepted will be re,aired to enter into a suthcient boud,tot>e approved by tbe Srcr-tary of the Inteilor, for the faltbfnl crmpletlon of his contract. Payments w ill be made a" the work progreasee. on eatimat-s certified to by tbe architect, bat twenty per centum of the eetlmatea will be retained until the centract ia compb-ted. Tie contta* i will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, bat the Department reserves the rigbt to reject any or all ?f the bids should it be iletmed for the interests of the Qovernment to do so The bids will bs opened at nooa on the 4th of March next, tn presence of sack of tha bidders aa may choose to att?nd. Proposals should he endorsed on the snvelope, " Proposals for Mew Jail." and be directed to the " Secretary of khe Interior. Washington. D O O. H. BKOWN1MO. ja 56 w6w Secretary of the Interior. PROPObALB fOB AKMT TBAN8POMTAtion. QraRTBtMASTKH OKMIAL'i OPPICK, ( Wasii!HOT?!?. D. O.. January II, 18>7 f Sealed Proposals will be received at this ?ttice nutll 12o'clock m.. on the 2Hth of February, 186^, lor tbe transportation of Military 811 )-pliee during the year oommeuclng April l, i-*?7, and ending March 31, 1868,on the following routes: BOOTS Me. 1. From Fort McPheri-oa Mekraaka Territory, op such parte aa may be determined upon duriax the ) iiar on the Omaha branch of the Union Pacific railroad, west of Fort McPbersoo. or from Kort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to auch po-<ts or depots aa are now or may be established in tiie Territy o> Nebraska, waat of lontitnde l<n deg , In the Teriitory of Montana, south of latitude *4 deg.. In the Territory ,! Daketa. 'veet of longitude 104 deg , la the Territory of Idaho, s orti of latitude 4t deg and east of longitude lit deg , and in tbe Territories of IItab and Colored > north of latitude 40 deg , including If neoeseary, Denver City. _ BOUTB Mo. 3 From Fort Blley, state of Kansas, or such points aa may be determined ap< aduring the veer on the Union Pacific railroad. B D..t?anv po?ts or depots that are now or may be ?atabiiahed lo the State oi K ansas or 1 n the Territory ?f Colorado. south of latitude wdegrees nortn, aad to Fort I'slon.kew Mexico, or other depot that nviy be d?a1 seated In that Territory, aad to any other point or poiats on the route. BOUTK Ho. 3. From Fort Caiun or au( n other depot aa may be eaiabiiahed In the Territory of Mew Mexico, to enypostg or stations tbat are, or may be eetablltned in tbst Teriitory, and t<> auch poata or stations aa mar be designated In the Territory of Arizona, and la the State or Texas west ofloagltude lot deg. BOUTB Mo, 4. From St. Paul. Minnesota, to saeh posts a< are now or may be established in tbe btate of Minnsaota. aad la that portion of Dakota Territory lying e 'at of the Missoori river. The weight to be transported daring tbe year will not exceed on Bouie Mo 1, 90,0Uo ?oo pounds : ou Boute Mo. 2. 2U.IS-V Ots> pounds ; on Koute Mo. B, * wxi oon pounds, aad on Boute Mo. 4, SAM 000 pounds. Proposals will be 01*4* for sack root* separately. Bidders will state tbe rate per 100 pounJs per loi* miles, at which they will transport the stores in sack month of the year, beginning April 1, 18?7, sad ending March 31.18*8 Bidders should give their names Ib full, aa well as theirl places of residaace, and eac h proposal should be acoouipanied by a bond in the saai ef ten thousand &10,00o) dollars. aigne<l by tvo or more reeponaible persons, guaranteeing tbat la ca?e a contract is awarded for tbe route meatiened In tbe proposal to the aarty proposing the contract will be accepted and entered into, and good and authcieut security furnished br said party in aocerdeace with the terms or this adver tiiem-nt. The contractor will be repaired to give bonds in the following amounts: On Boats Mo. 1, f 2S0 000 On Boate Mo. 3, 2nu,ono. Ob Boute No 3, 100.f?kJ. _ Ob Boute Mo. 4, to too Battsfactorv evidence of ths loyalty and solvency of each bidder aad person offered aa ssenrity will be required. Prop?eala must be endorsed " Propoeals for Army Transpertatioa on Bout* lo |,t,3,or4," aa the case mar be. and none will be eote-rtelned nnleas tbey fully oomply with ths retiolrsments of this advertisement. Tlie party to whom an award ia made must be prspnred to extents thecoatract at onoe, aad to give the required bonds tor ths faithful performance of tbe contract. The right to reject any or all bids that maybe offered Is reserved. The contractors on each route must be la readlneee for service by tbe 1st day of April, 1807, aad will be required to have a place of busiaess or agency at which he may be communicated with Promptly and readily for Boute Ho. 1, at Omaha. M. T.; for Beate No 1, at Fort BUey, Kansas; for KoateNo 3. at Fort Union.New Mexioo;for Beute Ne. 4. at Saint Peal, Minneeeta. or at such other Solat for each of the sevsral Boute* aa may be inicated as ths starting pet at of ths route. Blank forma showing the conditions of ths con trset to bs entered into for each route can be bad ou application at this office, or at the office of tbe Quartermaster at Mew York. Saint Lonls, Fort Leavenworth, Omaha. Santa Fo, aad Fort Snellincr. aad must eocompeny and be a part of the proposal. By order of the Quartermaster Oeserai. ALBXAMBKB BLIriS, . Brevet t'eloaoi aad Assistant ia 18 m Quartermaster. P. 8. A. kKPABTMBHT OF THB 1NTBBIOB, MJ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, ? ... Wasbibotos. January 21.18<7. r#?S ?' WILLIAM H. JOHNMessachnsetts, Braying & 2?i*Vw0n ?J a??a?eni granted to him on the 7th day or March. I8&4, and patented ia Bnclaad tbe tlst day of Aprli ,1863, rar an improvea.ent In years from the expiration of AsrifTiMJ ** ?laoo on tho Slat day of tb? petitloa be hoard at the Patent Office ob Monday, tbe 16th day ot srs' inSi'ii'ii' o rIoc* * and all persons K?- D? 0ed * appear and show cause, if any Brantedf**' ' petition ought not to be ??ei?V?!<^fJ50,'f.DRih', ???n"lon are repaired to file Isiths1 Patent Office their objections, specially ser forth In writiag, at least ttrmty days bofore the fcfWinony ?l?d by either party to be use? at the sadd hearing must betaken and | transmitted in accordance wltk tke rules of tks ofBce. which will be furnished on apsllcatioa. Depositions and other papers relied apoa as tesJ1mo?J*u,t be Sled la the t fflce rieenty days be TkJ h*arlng; tbe arguments, if nay, witbin ten days after Sling the tee Imony. ! '"so. that this aotica be pnbllshed la the1 Bopubllcan and ihs TntelUgeacer, Wsxhington, P ,B th* B*Poblleau/Springfield, Masserhaytts, cace a week for three a soonest vo weeks: - piiblleetlona t- be at toast slaty days previews to the day of hearing. ? T. C THKAKBB, 9 -M .V 0# ?'Mloner of Patents. F. " ?Battors of the above SHoers wi I aloase copy, aad send their bills to tke Patent Office wltk a paper containing this notice. fet-lawSw pOBlABLB

STBAM BNOIVV8, U omblalng the maximum of efficiency, dliability, nd economy, with ths minimum of weight aad prlee. They are widely aad favorably knowa, more than boo bslag la aaa. All warraatod satisInctory. or ae sals Descriptive clrcalers seat ob appllcatloa. Address f. s ansm *' ^ * oo., fs l ee? Lew reuse ^Maas. tAMD-BOO* OF PBAOTIOB tBtMOK tAILOS. i LEO Alt NOTICES. i" ,bb HnmsnuL*"" ? JofCO, COBplllautl, Jweph Jotmjpn. Mary Jeba Bqatty Bo. V. sob, Joba M Heoooa, John Plyn and John Maloao, do* tMute. TbeobjeOt of th? b<ll IM t'tkh cum ta to procure decree for the eale ofoortoln pieces or farcele of groand lying and being la Washington city. District of Columbia, bemgV t ? and part of Lot 4. In Murt l ,0W, to aatlafy a debt dao by dofrndant,Jeseph Johnson, to tba complainants. Tha till Mti forth ia subetaaee that tbo said Jowph Johnson * a indebted ta said complain ants in tba tan of #447 4* for goods told and do* Mvered by complainants to tha eatd Joseph Johnton. That at the time of contracting said debtthe said Joseph Johnson was eeited and pooMsaed of 1 the said pieces or pareela of gr<>vnd. which, whllo he w as ?o indebted, he irauoulently convened to aid deferdaat. John V. Banana, la truat for tha aole aaaaad benefit of Mary Johaaoa. wifaof aUd JompIi Jobaeoa. That com ptamaats obtained jndg- ! maot of oondemnation of tho said piacoaor ytrcrli of ground In and by virtue of an attachment iaaaed out of the codbob law aide of thla ooart la favor I of oemplalnents agalnat aald Joseph Johnson and amy a I hat tho aald doad of trust from Mid Ja? -ah Johnaon ta Mid Joba M. Hanson aa afaraaald be produced before tbo Court. aad tho aame bo annealed. That tbe Mid cem pi ai Bants. after tha ieaaing of aald atta< haient and tha leviag Of the aame oa tha aald niaooo ar paroels of grouad, mcertaiued that the aald defendant. John Plya, claimed to have a llaa oa the said plena* or paroe.sof aronnd; that on searching tha laad records at WMhiagtoa ronaty. Diatrict of Her or deed of trnat ?ai recorded in aaid laad records, but that aftar And lag of tba jury and indgmtnt of condamatioa on tba aald attachments, tbo aaid records wero agaia Marched and a dead of trnat froa aald JeMph Johnson ta John Maloaa, toaecare John Fl> a for the a am of #1 Quo. waa fonnd recorded. That the aaid deed or trust waa recorded nearly eleven noothw after tha date thereof. and over two moatha after tha iaeniag and levlsg of paid attachmeat '> hat tha aaid attachment la a prior lien oa the atfld piecM and parcels ofground before the aald dee-1 of trnat. Prays a diacover> of tba amount still due and unpaid on said de<d of trnat and praya a sale of the aaid piecea or parcela of groued toaatiafy the demands of tho complainanta and other oredltora. aud for an injunction agalnat aald defendant* Joseph Johnnm Mary Johnson, John M. Hanson. J >bn Fl\nand John Malona. and their confederates, w hen discovered, to restrain and prohibit them 1 ard their agents and servant* from selling or 11a- , poalng of or in any manner further Incumbering, tba ?aid piecea or parcela of gronnd : . Itiathereupon this 3d day of January, 18S7. adjudged ana ordered that notiscof this suit he given to the ?a14 ao-1 reaident defendants, >oaeph Juhuson. Mary Johnson, and Jehu Plyn,hy publishing a copy of thia order ta tho Eve'-lng Star, a newa paper pibllshed In the city of Waai-.ington.iu Hie I'iatrietof Columbia, three timea a week for aix consecutive ueeks warning said non resident dafendauts to l e and appear, in ?eraon <>r by sollrlt. r at rules to be held In tho office of the Clerk of thla Court, on the first Tuesday of Juce, A. D. I*> 7 I" #Diwcr the said bill of cniolalnt: oth>>r *l-<etb? same will be tak*n pro ro/lftMO against them Provided the first puMlcation of this order a! all ?pp? ar at lea?t four month* l>ef oresaicl first Ti;e?day of June. 18-7, alio statlug the object aud substance of said bill of complaint. A. fi. OI.IN, * "(>> iate Juatlco, Ac. A true copy B J M KIUS. Clerk WM, J. MI LliK B, Solicitor for com plain an to, ja4 3taw5w IN THB ORPH Ads' OOI'BT FOB TUB OOCN iV Uf, WapHIBUTOII, IN TUB DldTBlUT O r vOIiliM 1)1 At Jnlla H. A'Mtson, guardian to her mln^r son, Charlen M rris A ilinon. having reported to tbe court tha* in pursuance of its deer e, ratified and a- proved by rh Mupreme Court of the Distrio'of C* lunibia. tbut she solj the intero-t of her sail ward la the folloaleg property. If og an 1 bem* in the elf; o* Washington io wit : Tbat lv>t of Sround Situate on K street n >rth, known aa Lot o 3. In Davidaou'g subdivision of 8<|iiare Hi, in said city, to beneral Kl> hard U. Outta. an i tbat lii'tead of comph iiig with the term* of *?le h>- has raid the wh' le purchase raon- y In cash, with in re?t for six and twelve months. In all amouut Ingto it la thia Sth ia> of Pebruary, IH?>7, ordere<i ky tho Court tbat said sal- be ratified and confirmed en the 2<5lh day of febru*ry, A. D 1iW7. nnless cause to the contrary be sbown on or belore said day . Provided a copy of thlsord'r be puMiahed in the Motional Intelli^-ea. ?.r and Bvening Star once a waek tor three sue es ivo weeks prior to said day WM. r. POBCCLL, Tudge of the Orphans' Court. |) 0. A trn< copy-Teat: JAB. B O BKIBNR. fe < wjw Begister of Wills. /kEPHANS' COUBT Peb. 12, IMr.-UiaTBiCT y of Columbia., W*j?Hi..8Tos Oocntt, Tv wit P I. , c**f, ?! ,.^0,IU Ka^an, Hdusinistrator of Patrick McNeil, deceased, the administrat >r woroMid has. with tho approbation of the Orphaaa' Court of Washington County aforesaid, asfoiated Saturday. the 9th dav of March, 1?77. for he final settlement and distribution of tbe personal state of said deceased, and of the bsmU In hand, as far m tbo same have been collected and turned iuto ' money, when and wbero all the creditor* and heirs of said deceased are notified to .tteod. i wi?h their claims properly vouched, or the> may otherwise by law be exclude<l from all benefit In ' aid deceased's estate Provided a copy of this or der be published once a woek for three weeks in th? Bveniag Btar, prorl?>n? to the said day. , fwt-JAS. B. O liEIKNE. fo n-lawSw* Betiater il!?. kBPHANS'COCBTVPKBRi arv ft.l^-DlsrKict V OF CoLCMBIA, W 4/H: KOTOIf Got" NTT, It/- ICit, In the com of Morris Adler, administrator W. A., of Mary Ana f'lark, deceased, the administrator " - A aforesaid has. with tbe approbation of the firpbanB1 Court of Washington Poanty aforesaid, appointed Saturday. the 2d day of March, 1?57, for ti e final settlement and diltrihutian of the personal estate of aaid deoeaaod. and of tho aaa >ta in band, m far M the same have been coll acted snd turned into money; when and where au Hi? creditor! aud heirs of naid deceased ar! notified to attend, with their claimo properly vouched, or they may etberwiae by law be eicltided from all benefit In aaid deceased s estate: provided a cepy of thiaordor be published once a week for three WMki In tho Ivening Star, pre vioua to tho said day. Teat:?J AS. B. O'BEIBNB. fe l-Ww* Register of Wino. rpHIS 18 TO OIVB NOTICE. That the aubMrtA ber baa obtained from the Orphaua' Court of Waahington County, in the district of Columbia, letters of ad ministration on the personal estate of Cornell us Donovan,late of the United Btatas army, deceased. All persons having claims againat tho Mid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tha aame, with tbe vouchera thereof, to the aul>acriber, on or before the fd day of Pohruary next: they mar otherwtM by law ba excluded from ail benefit Of the Mid eatate. Given under w hand thia 2d day of February. 18T MBS. MABTUA B. J??SD<?N. fe 4-lawSw* Administratrix. I'BIS IS TO OIVB NOTICE, That tbo subecrt1 ber haa obtained from the Orphana' Court of Washingtoa County, In the District of Columbia, letters of adminlatratlon on tbe personal eatato of William Barkhonaea. late of the U7 S. Armv, deceased. All persona having claltna against tha said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tho same, with the vouchera thereof, to the aabacrlber, on er before the 18th day of January next: they may otherwtM by law ba excluded from all benefit of aaid estate. Given andor myhaad thla 29th day af January. 1W7. LOUIS El BTZ. ' ja *>-law3w* Adniiointrater. T'HIS IS TO OIVB NOTICE, That the aubocrt1 ber has obtained from tbe Orphans'Court of Washington Couuty, in the District of Columbia, letters tMfamentary on the personal eatate of Eltanor lladen, late of WMhlngton. D. C.. do eeased. All persona having claims agalnat the Mid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 9th aay of February next: they may otherwtM by law ho excluded from all benefit of tbe ?b"" estate. Given un4er ay band, thia 9th day of February. 1887. TBOMAS B. BAUER. le 11 lawSw* Administrator C T. A. rpnis IB TO GIVE BOTUJB, That tbo aabwrl 1 ber hu obtained from the Orphaua' Court t! Waaiiington county, in the District of Columbia, letters tea ameniarr on tbo personal estate of J?ha T. Braxton, late of WMhington, D. O, deceased. AU persons having eiauaa against tbe aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit tbe aame. with tbo vouchers thereof, to the aubocriber. oa or before tbe Sist day of July next: thej may othorwiM, by law, ba sxoladod from all benefit af tho aaid Mtate. Given aader my haad this 3lst dav of July. IMS MABT J. BBAXTOB, ia 23-lawSw* Executrix. ^JOLUMBLA HOSPITAL FOB WOMBjf LTIHO IB ASTLUM, Vonrtoenth street ,(oirclo,)ooraor of M atrMt. WMhington, P.O. This Institution has b*?n aatablisbed for tho racaptlon of aatlonts who may bo aufforiag from diaeaaea aecuftar to their aax. and for the admission of ?nch females as may reqairo tho oomfarts of tha lying in chamt>er The bnilding Is situated In tho most healthy partloa of tho District, sarroundsd by Its oara (rounds. Oars paw the door every Ave ml antes Terms of admission: from $4 to |M par week. leal aad Surgical attoodaace. "^SoV^SIAI*_ J- H TH0MP80N, M D., ?Joh jSStf)N?. DnlUdStatMA^8' *' D * JOS. B1LET,M D.,Georjotpwa. THOS MILLBB. M. D., /street. Washlagton. Orders for adadsslaB to tho ii<M bods in this hospital, (of which there are ju,? oaa bo obtained of the bnrgeen la ohiof at tlds offlco, 19d I street, ar of ony of the Medical staff, aad of tho Beva. Drs. Ball. Gurley, Mllette. aad Oooakba. W'vea and widows of soldiers desiring ad ml set e a will awly to tha 8?rgoaa Beaeral, Dai tod Etetes army. Prtieats living at a distance who desire to ooma to this taatitatioafor treatmeat oaa saoaro private room* by applylu by letter to the matron of thB hospital. " ?A. QiiiLBTTB, D D , aaJS-aolT* ProsldoBt. I^ECEPTIOB LPXPBIBS. , Jast received, a largo variety of artlolog mlected particularly for tbo ceming reeoatlau sea on. S. H. P B1BG A SOB, . _ ? _A King Plaoe, 9 Oor, Vt. ave. aad UH st. CPBEOBEB ABD ADPBBSSES OP H.WIBH TBB DAVIS Oolorado. a Bummer Trie: by ssrwvafc. eray. Two MarrlagM; by the aathar e4 Joba Halifax. Pi ok wick Pepers, Diamond Bdltloa. fo U P BAB OB TATLOB. RAiLROAPF. [ *0 TBS *0?TBWMT. WKJTB. UTOSUSTSam mm* .b'!*** MlDl'Uj s S-.J- j ?J; 1 I ? Oars. viMi modern iatrortatui J " * ? fr#"1 to" ? trnehee hour* TilMm? over I S?L?*y Tw* ????dred miles sevedto * eaters aas Central Mow Work m ? Two Dolly Trad no te*bo Wirt 8,?V^tD*!r* th,i r^i'e ftom Baltimore have I feffiT.Ti-.'jas! H?3opol Hot* I. *<wrt reliable infor [ Bltlot Will (> given at %ll times. aJ;,?!!"!!?*p" ?rTf"ru? *<< * ?* *t this once ceo ^awTl ?/"0*" u ?'"? 0? for El B. J. W ILK IK 9, Ticket Afoot, "'r.',.,Ti0r'?.0~- f- SSK1"" "* ^ Baltimore, Md. do 1 I* Train* y^T?'?*>?? Jon. ft, 1*7. ?ee*e ?UjT? V '.wltk<M,t can. ?; SO V m foxce?t Bundey> ai7 43 . a. and I pb^* BBW TOBI,otoi(4ir??n it PlliMcl4 j?*r Twid*>lr (MC*?t Snndny) at U:U?.a.ui Leava* PHILADELPHIA. 'at 7a ,n<1 nw . _ , ? ON BL'NDA* j, Mew York And Philadelphia at ( 91 p. ( P'M car* for Blow York on ?JO p. m. train Through ticket* to Philadelphia. New York or Boat on. cau be ha.1 at the station Office at all u um V" V ,4t th# n"w "?Crt 'J *?> Bankers and Broker* Teleereph Line, Jl? Petsn. * u 5' f^**een 6tli and 7t h streets. Woitllroi.1 a4vertt*em*nt -bln^a. Bel U nor*, I' *?? ^k85*U M,ute.r5! Transportation. COLE Oeneral Ticket Agent ^ jp-tf ItOONTZ, Agent. Waiifoitau, ^ UALTIMOBE AM) OHIO RAILROAD, Wsshijiotoh, Jss. t, ld*7 fiflQRK^ngg.r9qSB ore now run as follows, vir * FOB BALTIMORE li yJ eic#pt 8a?,1*V< ?t 7:0(1.7 43 ami II lta m audjo*. and ? ?. and ? no p m. I . '?B ALL Wat stations lftSL% w,;,?C*tt 8,,Bd*y> ond fob .; AI watioiswuth of a ii n a pol fa i ^ Leave at 6:16 and 7 w a. m., and at t:#? and 4 ? 4 _ r?R ANNAPOLIS. *? AunapJ.||? on'bnn^ar ' " S? tr?,n- I <-?N SINUAI .. . fob Baltimore. * 7'4i a. in., an 11 mi ant) H M p tn L^?*e at r ?Uil WA? STATIONS. fr^L ? ??>?* On and iwi. m. Ie?rIrf?iALL PA,iTS or TI1E WEST. ic p I "leapt Bandar, at rita.a., and StaUoa ulth ?r?.^? *, M og^. connecting at Belay PiTrkeroburgAr frOM BalUnj0r? l<> Wheellag. olHA?isL.G&. rlfK1T8 to "e Waetcan b? uad at t^ .hinl * "S1*1'011 Ticket OfflroM all hoara er? Inrt 'Ar'^V' ^ V the rtl^ of tb. Ban r and Brokers Talegrapk Line p,... renne, between (5th an" 7th etreeta' B' : m/.VJ!?W to.rk. ILh'??"1ol?hla. and Boston, pm 1 iCTtrtlirDictit of "Throngfj i.ine." I J- L WILSON. Master of TrantporUUoi ^ ^ . ( OLI General T?rk?*t Affpnt oc ? W__0Bo. 8 KOONT/^Agent Wa-hln*to? nROSA?n? AND BAELIME BAIL"UA 1)8.?Oo Add utter V] (im i a v m n l;6f>, trains for Alitor Troy, c*>nn*cuuit with ^ follow.* *""ru U^u?- **? l-veiia^Wr* .A5 tr*,tt tU Hudson BItot Ball- i i'?Ji?.s.TasSMar' ' a.; I'-' ,Fxr-rara. a.,d Mall train Tia Hai?oB Birer I aim in. Connertiog at All.any wllh We,tan. Irmn-, at,il at Tr<?y with train* f..p N >rr?i L*?D!.^*,,lre" tr**" Ti* Harlem Eillroai, Uel. r, B ,Vh Vr' ? <*at?iarn wlfn a i ??k **! f^'f LebaonSprings, Pju*:i?* J. At _ at Albany with Weatern train*, aal at Trov Mr'htWtor B*r*t0gli BuU^nd, Barling ton ?ad t <5 p m Expre?s train via Hnd-on Bi^r Bailr< ad coaaecttng at A|t?oywltb Waatern tralna and at Trnp with train* for Monfera^ with-ieet.' 1 In* car attached. ??w,?n?iie?p4.1# p m. Biprea* train via Harlam Railroad f coneectiBt at Chatham with Wester-, Eailr.,ad for ? Labanoij Bpiiiig*. i>itb.n?ld. Ac.; at Albaur witn i ?5UAD ?n<> Troy with trait.* for Bat 1:".??"'-?'???-; 6S0 p m expreat t:?Ia via Hudaor. River Bui. 1 Z&?l*A'*>ia* f*r,Jkt.tfch<Kl' tlirou^a to BnfTalo and BnapennJon Brldv wltboat ehan% f cars. Also, sieepisg car e\ary day exc?,ati?> i Saturday .attached from Rhw York tbr..?fh J Ogdenaburc without change, via Home W. and o ? 'I'i'lf' rtfon fur troy will )>e mal', at *ffl Alb?5>' , Thla train will ran on Baaday* II ? ? Train \>a Hudaon Biver Railroad, with leapin* car atta?hed. connecting at Albany with I a'* ! ttl ^#r &utT*io and BosptDfiot Bridge >stU. W tratn* ,#r Saratoga and point* A Sunday train will bo ran Tin Hndaoa Biv?i?allroad front New Y ork to Foaghk Uruiediate station*, leaving Maw Torkatsjo^ Betnrnlng, leave Paagnkaepaia at I 45 a m arriving In New Tork at6 l? p m ** 9 " Also, a Sunday train viaHarl-m Bailroad. leavi} va- ?n<i nrrivlBrf at Millert. n * ' ?> 9 ,m-. Htarul',gi. lMTe Millar ton MS ; m.. arriving in New Tork at U.A?a.?. *?? ricb?o?b|(?mdjj[?kb&1? a.d r, | TO TBAYELLEBS BOIHQ bOUTH TWIOB BAILY, (Banday p, m exceptad.) ?Tk? qntckaat and aoat dtroct route to llckwol Yn ,and tba Booth, via Mm Potoaia* ?. teaman from Sixth Street Whart.^^l^^J| Washington, to Aania Creek and^H^IW Biobmood, Fredericksburg and Potomac Bailrond. now entirely oomaleted from Aaala Oraek to Blehmond.Va.connecang there with trains oa the Blchmond and Patorsbnrg and Richmond and Danvfllo BailronAs,for Petersbnrg, Weldon. Wi.mington Batotgh.Qrao^boro', siksbary. dh^lottT\Su Btesmers Eeyport and O YnndarMIt loavo Sixth ! Street Wharf dally (Sunday evenlnc ascaptad) at ? m. and 7 a m. and nrrloo in Bichmond at i 1 4.1 p m and S Ha m. THBOCQH TO BI0HH0HD IB BBYBB HOCBS. Fifty Mi lea Bfcortar and Z3i Hour* (jntofcar than any Other Bout a. Ba rare and gat Through Tickets via nonla Creek and Fredericksburg, to Btohmoad, at tna Company's Office, corner of Psana avenna and ?tb street, or on board of tba boats. Bagoaga obeokad through. Omnibaaosa and Bncgaga Wag*as will ba to readiness to convey passengers and .baggaga ba- 1 twaen depots la Bichmond. Passengers by tbis Una paaa by dnyllcht Mount I Vernon, and may have an opportunity of visiting 1 several battU fieUs nanr Fraaaricksbnrg by stopping at that point . ? Breakfast and sap on board of Steamer*. OBO. MATTINOLY Bunt.. Washington. B.O. 1 O. >. MATT1NQLY, Ticket 4?ent, WW,ington. ' _ U, H? HAR K 1 , 1 M?y nsral Pasaengar Agasi I pOTOHAti TBAISPOBTATIOM LIMB. NOTICE TO BHIPPaaa. The Steamer BXPBBBB, Oapt. B. A. BYTHBB, .aavasyglngtonM^A.^AJ- ? DBBAY for Olymoat. Badd's Ferry bmith's Point, Chattsrtoa Landing. Banjaiuo. Stores, Matblas Point, Chapel Point Plowdont Wharf, Lancaster's WiaH, Stone * Wharf, Our?2Sr?V?/o7.r^hii ' *" u"?uM f-tf Mo. J4I Panne, nvenna. Pbotbotbo b?1^oVal*'lbttb BB PAT- | pjtof Bn?Land, and Mcarad by the seals of the Trieeemar Bo. 1, Is the effectual remedy for Be- ' taxation, Spermatborrfcoee, and Bshnustlon of 1 HieBystem. Trior Bo. 1 has entirely sapsiseded the naasaoaa nee of Cope via. Cube be. As, Trlesepnv Bo. I Is tha infallible reasedy for ell ImpnmJee and Seooodary Bymptorus. that obvlatiog the use of nwu) and nil otter deletortong Ins rt^41eDti. ftneb prapamtlon In In tba form of a moat agree Able Losenge leantai from tba effecu of climate and changes of atmosphere In tin eaees, at |t ench, or tear f!I onees In one for |l, nod In 9W wbotsonle nad reOntl by Dr. BABBOW, Bo. 194 l^jAcaaaaL ABD OQDFIEH. S!S{Stt,!TAWa??Dro" dslt tf Bo. 4BB NinttotTtSS. B and"!** l^Hf fBBAT BBBELLIOB, by John Minor TgTwiT'n"h "V-* bykii FBABOK TAYLOB. RAILROADS ! BBADlkB BAILBOAO " p? thViMT.ifofWp fKittf*Sri A. ThBi 8( H I Y I. KILL #T^""JfvV lJiME t??i.yD ANbvrwmrVa tallIKr TH* gORTIL NOkTHW&sT A vn rw? km EX to' LOW^#ILL ItMU, rbilafelimift. at th.r.ilwviag i>,>j?v.g.a^,giap.v!a? ..issaau'rr.'srr?? ntnifiai MOiiiau ixpiin rAt 8. ] 6 I. ? b' , LtLa? : B flArrlaliBM reiifuylvatia Bailrnad Umui for AII?buj?.T Tr h with the Utaaoi v alloy ir*i, r,V H ' ^.' bar#. Ac ; at POET 0 LIB TUB wltAUauY^L Baiiroad trains for H llllantenort. Leok BJJ!?* k.nlra, Ac . At HABKIBtH EG with C?ntml, Cnmt erland Valler. ud Kcn..?in.^-T? BuegMekeaae traine for lir>rlkumberland vT liau.apcrt. York. OlAl i rit?n. Ploecreva' Ac AFTBBBOOB liriMi CLeavae Philadelphia M >.10 p. mt. far Beadln* Ltlaviife, Harri*barg, Ac , conaecting wujJ eadii.g and Oolanbla Baiiroad train# f?r Colombia, Ac. UAD1IO ACCOBMCDATIOB Leave* braditg at 8 ju a aa.. #?opp< tig at All *? nations. arrive# In Paladeiphla a* a #ua a BeiotuiBg. lr?TM Philadelphia at 4 JO b' m Arrive# la fcea?iB? at 7 & e m F ** IraiM lor Philadelphia leave Harr1st<irg at 8 la Potto Till# at 4ft a m arr l r1 a* la kiiaoelphiaet 1 tV p b>. Arbraooo trains l?avo llMtul.arg at I I.'a. aa. and Potlavllle at 2 4ft b. a ; ariivlug at Philadelphia at 4 a p m Harrl-burg ace n.n.Nation Ihtm Beading aft " ? ? in , lid Hamabarg at 4 lu a m Oovnactjag at Beading with Alterno a Aromtn. Mellon }**? m'* ? rr,T,?? ,n I'kllSrtpbtn nt Hutkui Train, with a peaeenger car aitMh*^ leaita PliiU(lr!)bla at 11 4:. noon fur hraft!aa ani It wa> etntlrn*, leave* B?i.dlt>? li >. a m an it Downmatow-n 11 ?- p. m. for PhiTedelpk.a aadail way ?tail"ti* All the above train# rtin dally, Bonder#escea<ed M?oa| lrm.e l?eve Potu?i,|e at 8 a m .J Philelelphia At J 16 p m., It*v? Philadelphia f r lt< tuiisfi at 8 a. m . returning from Heading at 4 at CHB8TBB VALLEY BAIEROAD. r*Mfn?'ri lor lto*nlB|'o?n and Intermedial* ^ int* t*k< the : Jk a a e If. a tn aud 4 ? a m tiaina fri/nj Philadelphia, returning fmm'uJwali>?W?a at 7 a. m. aid il.Ju naoti. KBW TUBK BXPUKSS KOB PITTT^BCBOH AKD TUB \*B8T ,1Tl,liQa Leave# Bew York at 7 ?* a. tn aa I lr?K Keallrg at 1 as. II Ma tu anJu'. m ' nr.a_tlt,g at Barrl>b ir< altli Pt B'l Ivania N.rthar,, Central Ba.iroad Bxarel. TrV?? ii?o.eOIAc. Cktmgo> ^P"llA?ftport. Blatlra. d*l. Batornmg Ix?re?? Train leav>a Harrlahar. arrt?al of Pei.n-yiTm laKipreaatrotii I'tttabu^- ? It ] ?b4 S 0.' a in . 9 1.' p m pa#?lug Kc?<titi? ?t 4 48 an i.lO.i* a m. acd 11 ? p m arrlrl!! Ne? T rk 10 a n. ,aiid2.4.'.? n>. ?l-?i,llf arr?.trrftt'jlug tbe?? tram thran?b ktaMn j? ftev tfjr an I PltUhnr^h. without chaT*# r* *" ' tm*n f f Hew York leav* v Harriabnri? aft fcr B( ^l?LklLL TALI.IT BtlLKUAD Tiairi# le??e PoiUvria at 7. II M. m ,ud 7 I5 f: "aiu'VTftT - T^? ?t 7 16. m,J! S^UWYLklLL ABD^ SrS'^CBHABBA ?AILTralnft leave Auburn at 780a m for P)M?ot. Bt d H?rrl*bnrg. and ?tl.Mp.B., f?r arid ir#m..ot; retoi aing tronj H?rn#bar? ?i2 T nr., and fr?tn Tmniont at 7 11 a. m ?ad J jg " ' , F BBIOHT. Goodrt nf all <1e?< rli tioijft forwarded to all th? a: OV? p iLta .rem the ,pany# > Fr?l?ha i>?pat, P.ruad nnd Tt illoa street# relgoi . .M, !!MI8ai tkaiid Lenv# Phlladelpaia dally ati.Jva. n , U 4* noma Dd'ip ID. for B-aoltig. l^-t.anon, Uarrnal.a^, Pottavllla, PortCliiit n, Kud all poiuU be/onj.* MAI L8 Oloee at the Po.t Offlca for all ? ace# . a tile r. aO and itft branch-# at 6 a m *" .or,rh* -totloae only at S IS p. m * 19 I ' |)ENShYLVAMA CBNTUAL BAILBoTD I VHMIK abbaauameb?. * The train# of th# Prim*?IvaaU Central Ballraad lea*^ the Pepot, at U#t anJ M.raet atre^u whlrh t# tea. tied directly b) tkacar^ 1 m* k?*t btreei Paaa- nger Bill* ay. Th-f? .wtu" Cbe'taroa'kre .nt!IiUtP,re*1 B*liw,,jr wubln one Oh bl NhAI 8?The Mark-t Street Car# leave r rout and Market #tra*uii uilnute# before the d> uitur*1 ?f irt!u SlANN'S BaQUaGC BXPUBS8 will call for and del-verBaggageat tV be^t.^ OrSra Mt attsatkinCC' 031 Cbt,tBut,t">ot. ??U recalv* _ . Trmtn.* Lm> If rot, V,z: W^' Train a _ Fao|i Acco?f? Mos. I A U li. iil mm* n w p ml k a#r Llue <nd Brl?-Biprr##. at 12 ?w n park-cur* Tram ^ 1 ?i Han Isbari; Accomitiouatto.i. . at 1 m a m* Laec*eter Accctntn >dntii.p at a i?i ? t tel ur^li and ICrle Hall at 2 ru ? T" Phlla leipbia Bxrrea# ^ ?c" J O. jlky*01*** ^ ? M*il l#* ?Xoe?t 8atPbiladelpbla Eipre<ta leave# dailr All nthar train* dal'y. e*rr-p? ftnuia. f* ' ?th#r Pa.#. r(er*b> Mall Trais K# to Willi ^mvaort *"t?n* of cart, ani arrlv# at L-?ck Ha Cil Bl B I" p, B . ? if*^n?fTS r'r M*n Tr*'" t? to Oar Uala ant tbaiul er#i o>g without achango >t ear# He-pli.g Oar Ticket# can ba had on ABBlicaaoa Uie 1 lcket Oftj* i? biil C btfl tLVI i(r^6t, ,, , Afrtt^ at JUepot, rit Cincinnati Bx ares#. u u. _ Phlladeipkia Bxpreaa tt 7 nt 2* Ac?em., ioi.Ul . .0 A a in , A 7 ig a a" Park-bur j Train ^ ~ b'? Tr4!" - ? 21: S: i).y BIpre. ?, 1 ; A(coai?odaUi>a at ? mi p ? Monday * K*pr#?a arrive# daily, escept Ciacinnatl Kxpreaa nrrivea dallr All other train# dally except Bnti iny. u?ner Pgara laavlag Lack Haven at7n. ? , nnA V* 1lham*i>ort at a 44) a. m . r-arh PhiladelBhla without rbaage ?f enrft, f.atn WilUam#por{ b# I #j Bipreea. at 6 > p m 1 The Pennsylvania Bxilroad Ooaapany will not i*?riti*nI *' tor Wearing n*!5?lL'iv5a ,l?" their re#aon#ibtlity to a*" Bnndred Dollara in vain#. All B'aggax# atceedIng that atnonnt In vain#, will be ?t tae risk of ttor owner na e* taken by BBerlnl contract r< r fnrtber 1 uform?tioii. &&?! to nnt?(?Mt0' ALL**. Ticket Ageut, ?3l CheatH WALLACE, Ticket Agent at tba IlIOIilT TEA IB rane dally, except For toll particular* a# to fare and arenm.ida Mod* apply to FBAWC18 FS NK, 137 Deck #t. pBNTBAL EAILBOAD OF MEW JBBABT? *^.P ,;*7Vrr?!,,d P"'?? i>*P?t Ui Me* York, foot of Liberty street. Connect# at Hatuptoa Jtinrtion with the Delaware. La kawantia and Wtetera Baiiroad. and at Baaton with th- Lehigb Tal'ay Bailr ad and It# coanecti o*. Urming a direct line to PlUaenrg and tAe Waat witboat cLai ?# of cara. ALLEBTOWE LIBE TO THE WEST Two Exp tee# Train# daily for the Weet, except 8nMl?ya, when one Train in the evening . and thrae boar# eaved by thle line to Chicago, Cincinnati, St Lonlft, Ac , with bny one chaaga of ear*. ' WIHTBE AEEABOEMBNT9, Corna?e> clug Jaauary 7,13*7? Le^Te Mew fork aa i^llovB: A M.?Far Baaton. Betblebm, HancH ?i i illlaiBBport, Wilkaabarre, Mabanoy wl t) a AC $10 A M. Mail TitniJi-For Fleming ton. BaaQ*P. jBcranton. Wiikeabarre, Gnat l5enJ. Plttabnrg, Bii.gbaiutoa, Ac. 9 A. M ?Western Bxpr-ne for Be-ton, Allentown, Barnaborg. Pittabarc. and th? Weat. wltb Lot one change ot can t? Cincinnati er Chicag o and but two . bang.* to ?t. Laoia. (/<>lu**ct# *t harricburg with Bortkern Central and Philadelphia and Brio Boada, for Brie and the Oil Beglone. It xTSfcI*v~r?r^Mt**- kllentawn, Maock fbunk. W ilkeabarre. Beading. Potaavtlle. Harristurn. Ac. ? P M.-For Eaat. b. Betklekeui, and Haack Chnnk 8 P. M.?For Bomervllle and Flealngt^a ? P. M?For Baaton.Mending. Harrteborg. Wllllaaaaport Irvine ton. Corry. Brte. Aa. bleeping car Irona lewjork to Wiiliaaaapart. 8.16 P. ft ? For fteMerville T 30 P, M ?For Bonierville. IP Wbstkbs BxriKt# Tnaiw? For Baaton.^Alleatown. Bending, Marrlsnorg. Pittsborg, Bleeping enr# tbranfh froga Jernay City to Pittaburg every evening. Additional train# ara ran to Bergen Point. Elirnbatk. Ac. Ticket*for the Weet can be obtained at the office of tbe Central Enllmad of Bew Jersey, foot of Liberty ft treat, Borth Elver, at Bo. 1 Aotor Bonaa, Boa. Ill, Hlli *iW Broadway, and at Bo. l(f Greenwich street jal? JOSIAH O. BTE1 ENS, Bnperiatendent. NEW YOBk ABP BEW BAVBB EAlLli<? aF. Paseanger Btatlon tn Bew York, coruerl7ta street nnd Fanrtk a venae TBAIB8 LBAVB BBW TO EE For Bew Bavan and Bdggeport?7, 8 Bx i. n .M a. m ,11.18 (Ex.),l(Bx ), 3.80, 6.30. and 8 i Bx.>. *For Mllfbrd, Btratferd. Fairfield. Beathpart, and Weatport?7, II JO a.B.,-Vauaad 6 *) p a. For Barwnlk?7, it.*), UJOa. u . u i8'Bx.i, (Ex.).I flu. 4 Bl. I And S( Bx.l 9 m. For Dalian and Oreenwich?7, 8 30, 11.90 a 5 SO. 4.90, 8 I*. Md 8 90 ? to. 1M For Stanford?7, S ( We tn : 11 U (Bx.l, OiBg ISJO. 4 90,8J?,g.90.nad 8iBx ?P For Port Okeeter nnd Interna li ete Btatloa#?7, 0 90. II JO a. ; 9 to, 4.0U. 6 90 iM. and 7 P * COVBBCTIB0 TBAIN'B. _ Bar Boston via BprlagheM?8 a n., <Bx.;> a, (Bx..)8p.a?. For Buaton via gbore Liaa?11 10, (Vor Hlrtford nnd B?rUgfleld-S. (Ex..) U* * "I'or OonneAbwit &iver Ball road- 5 a. . (B*.;l U Oft a bs. to Hoatraal 8 p m. to Bertba??toa. For Bartfsrd, Providence and FUhklll E. E.? ^ *^e * Bew Baven, Bew London nnd 8t?>nlagtan Bail road?A a.m.; 11.10.1 aad 8 p n _ .. For Canal Ballroad?ll.u p. m. to Borthanap*?for Hoasatonic nnd Bnngatnek Bnllrond?On. "p'oVDanhnry and Barwalk B B^-7,8 90 a. ?a.; 4*Coaaaodton0 Bleeping Oara attacked tal ?. J ABM I. HOTT, Superintendent.