Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1867 Page 1
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< . j^r jA ^^L/ u/ /^L/ .jr .^^ P^i. ^ ^P I ... * 111 .1 r . ! ^ , . " 1 ... i ? ?? ?? V2t. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 21. 1867. N?. 4,355. the evening star PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY BXCBPTBD) AT THE BTAM BU1L.D1MO, JtoUtosu t mtmt rtnn*. *cmm mmd litt rfresl, BY w. 1). WALLACH. The STAR 1* served by *ae enrriara to tkalr sabecritars la the City aad Dtainct at t?* Cirri rit wiM. Oopiea at Ike caaatar,with er without wrapper*. Two Onrra aaek. I'ricb fob matliwo ?Three months, On* DeUmr md ftfly Ctnii; six months, Tkrtt B<*tort, eae year. F\v* UvUmrt. Mo paper* an rat froan the otTee loader thaa paid for. Tbe W EKKLY bT AK?pabliaked oa Friday morning? 0*t DMmr and a jlmlf * T**r. DENTISTRY^ DA. lewies DEHTAL ASSWIATIOH, Ho. 200 rENM'A AVB . flfMi ISth ?ad 13th atreeta. Teeth extracted wltkowt ?ainby adgdasterlag BUtou Oiyde er Laughing Oas. LEWIE baa recently psrcbaeed tbe b*st$yM>fiJ Chemical Apparatus ia tbe country forN'r asktsi pare |a* every day; also, aa Improved Valval er Inhelei The Association la aow prepared to make Tr?n on 6oW. Stiver and Rubber at Hew lork Ptuladelpkla aad Boston pneee. All parados wWhieg dental work done can have Itaacheap ee 13 tbe above earned cities All work done in tbe D*?iMt asd be?t wanner, aad warraated to k*t? nattefaciioa. Persona will do well to call *L.i ersmtne oar work. delttf T1 1 T r'LOOMIB.HB., "Vke la Tester and Patentee of tae Ulllili PLATS TB1CTH, atteude penoullf atr?fc kit ofb<?tn this city. Many persons eaaMm wear U?m teeth who mi t wear othere, aad r o person eaa wear otken who eaaaet wear lk#ss. Peraone calling at My office eaa be aoeoaamoda ted with any atyTe and price of Teeth they aay de t to t t?se who are particular,aad wieb the p-irest, clearest, stro*g??t and most perfect den ir'? tbat art caa procure, the MIMBBAL TBBTH will be aore fall* warraated. Booms tn this oity? Ho 31* Psnu'e aveaas. be tweea 9th aid 10th ate. Also, 907 Arch etreet, PERSONAL. \ 0C OAS N E V E K MAKE TttE TBlPonBnabu er Samaritan humbugs See Dr D\RBY, 4WslVts street. He i? the blgnest authority en such eases Mia private rooms are opposite oed Feiloas Hall jaW-lm* f>llBVk>ri6N BkTTEU 1H AW OUtt*;I K reiuh preventives against ula-*ae aad pregnancy ?wbea sucn ie unce-irablej arut to anv addrra?. at 9*, 9b. ifiana 3 7 i er do/en, according to quality,b> Dr. WO?Jl> Box nil, or call at 4*1 .th street, .np ateira, athmgtoa, P. C. jna-lm MBS 4- tBHS 1BVINO, Oatrroyimt, aA't Tut .Vxc/mm, will give lite readiugs, Including Peat, Preaont and I nture at ber office, ItfO, n-*rth aide of Pa. av.. b?teeen tS and itb atreete. Office ho art from 9 to 2 a. m and ? to ? a. m. ja?t 1m* Am. malbicb, bbal soi e.n ririo as tkuluubb of am?bit)a, From the p->?iiion ania?pect of tPe Stitra at the time it une's birth, wtil rerral aatoaiabing a?crct? tbat no living aiortelever knew b?*lore, how to be ouccesittui in all reasonable ondertakinga. lie tellt oariia and very day you marry, descrii.en tbe intended coma*111011, ?i>d t?-li# all ovent9 of life: good luck and long life to viatwra. Laliet 60 cebta to Si gentlemen in fall fl. Otil at 47 0 12ib at . near F. all boura until it In the eveeing. de31 am' Confidential ? Tonng men wbo have injured themaelvee ny certain aerret habite, wblch unfit tbrm for bnaine?a. pleaeare, or tbe datieaof married life. al?o. middle aged aad old men. who. from tbe folliea of youth, or other Causea feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing thctutelvea under the treatment of any one.ahould firat read "The Secret Friend " Married ladiea wiU learn om^thing of importance by p?ruaing "The Secret Friend.'* Sent to a?y addreaa, id a aealed envelope, en receipt of 2S centa. Addreaa Dr. CHA8. A STUABT A 00.. Bo<toa. Ian ao 9 ly CLOTfllNO.Aa FJ. HBiBBkOBk, Saccaeeor we H F. Loadon 4 0o., ?a CJT1ZEN S AXD MILITARY ? MPMCHAST TAILOR, MetropollUn Hotel late Browna, 4V 36H Peaaaylvaata aTaaua,^^ ay 1-tf Washington. D. 0. J^ K BBOWHH. B J. SMiTUBBS. BBOWHH A SMITHBBS. W AM11NQTOH. D. 0 . A TTORNE YS A .V l> Co t'A SE LLl) RS AT LA W, AM) ^OLlC ITO US FOB THE BIBBAL' BIF' OKBS. KK EE DM EM. AMD ?. ABABDOMED LANDS. Orere No. 47 6 Seventh street,opposite the Poat Offcte^ fe J iy_ Otto ^ilbbbs pianos and oabuast A HBEi.'HAM'S Pa BLOB OB0AHS. All will find It greatly to their Intereet-? tc examine the?e-ep?rb InatramenU be-jBKt fore pnxehasing any other. *11 *1? Only agency at OEUROB L. WILD A BBO '8 Btw Piant Forte aad Organ Wareroo u. Ho. 49T lltb street betweea Paan'a aveaue and B -treot. A aelect aasorfnient of new aL? second hand Inatmirentsi. Including a CHCBCH obgah. for 'owe?t factory prices, and oa eeay lerrea Tl Mb U and BBPAIB1HQ faithfully exeoate-i ao l3 4m" ^ 10 BIT D I 8 B A 8 1 8 . ~~ lAilARlT/iN'l fllFT! 8AMARITAJT& 01 FT I the MOST OSBTAIB bembdy bybb csbd "Yee, A Poe?TTv? 0rra?," fer OOSORMUOtA, VLMMT, 8TKICTURKS, + Contains no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Mercnry. Only Ttn PiUi to As 7>U?? to EJtct a Curt. They are eaUrely vegetable, havluc no am?ll not Uj gnpieaaaut taate. ami will pot la any way la mre the atomach er bowaia of the meet delicate. Onrae la from twe to four aay a, and recent caaa 1? "tweaty lonr boura. Prepared by a graduate of the C mveriily of Panaeylvaala, aae of the moat an.inent Doctor* aad Chemlata of the areeeat day; mo JV?iat?. ae -rcn?6.?, no cAonti vrkaUrtr. Let tboae who have (^s paired of getdnaonrad, or who have bean got or ?ar enrr try tbe SAMABITAN 8 GIFT. enry ?ry ua g^t by mall in a plain envelope Filoe Mala packager, #1. Faatle, ||, BLOOD I BLOOD! I BLOOD tn 60B0FCLA. dlcbbs. SOBES, SPOTS. TETTBB8. SCALBS. BOILS. SYPHILIS ob YBHBBBA^j DISEASES, Ac. BA Md RIT AIT 8 BOOT ASfD HERB JUICM la offered tke pabllp aa a aoaltlve care. BYPH1L18 ob yenbbaal DISEaSBB, tke bamabitamb boot abd hebp. JUlCl lifa moet peteat. certain and effectual remedy ever preacribed, it reacbee and eradioatea every particle ot the venereal polecn.oo that tke care la tkoronafc and permanent. Take, tben.of thlapaHfytag remedy and be healed, and de not traaamlt It te yooi posterity that tor which ySa may nptal lg after ***** DO H?T DBBPAIBI will remove every vestige ef tmparrtiaa from ths " "fftigftrrla many aflectioaai with wklon namaera of Fa. maiea?aBar tha BOOT AND HBBB JUlGSSmost happily adapted, la Lloerated Oterua, la Leaw' rh?a. In beartn* down. Falling of the Womb, deMlity, and for all complaints reel dent to the aa* Beat by exprecc. Price BlJipar bottle bamabitan-s wash B, la mm cf Sy phi lie, need in ooaaeattoa with the Boot and Herb Jalaee. a* Fall dlrecti?na. Price IS oents. Tbe efficacy of theea remediee la alike aeknewl atating that 1 have aeed' Tke Bamarltaa Bemedlec1 for Veneral dlsaaaca In lta moet caatomary forma' that 1 have aeed them with,adgtaecur^rat^' aad properly, aad, have fonud them reepond to m> aj^ctpetteaa promatly and effectsaI^?Kio^fig p; '."szt'^kzvsz ^13^"8 A rww,Tft. S c. f3bd, earner Uth atraetaad p.M. " "LAWW.lii"0"' * ' ,L"' MI.A0E, LAM OH A 00., oaa*eH?r* and Atteraeys at- Law In the Snaram* cart of the Cnited States, tbe Court of olniina Sriioav4ib ,tr^' 'iMtswH. ^atibt 'ABIS^^rASEneHS of ha ib b. a1.li9t, HaIr DHESSWR, M between ISth aad uth sta Mr. Alllot, from Paris, Halr-Dr-raer of tha aaletrated Bechel, with whom he arri ved In thta saaatry. has now bee a eatablUhed f?r tai lils eight years la Waehiogton and NewLor? (IS of tbe hIfftteat society He has tke boaor to aa nouace that ha has tbla seaaoa imphrted^thi iat!2i faekioae of hair Breselng. aad ab^iS,. BVd eaarytblag that bHewga to the dreesiag of kilr at eery reaacaai. te prUee. 2e7 fcii* 48^) rhhtbar^avoffiob. 480 Ho. 4^0 Mt ha tree t. one door below Wa. are., BIO AAA to loan en Oold aad Sliver WAT0H*H DfAMOHDS. CLOT HI NO, and MBBOHAMDleE of every dee? riptiea J* 9 By*Bn?laeae atrlctly eoaftdentlal.^i ^ M. EH ABE A OO.V PIAMOB, " PBIBCE A 00 "B oVoAHB AJD MB HA L0DEON8, '"in for a ale aad rent oa easy terms, a: Ma. 499 11U atreet, abovs Penaaylvaola avenue eel cram* F. O. BBI0HBHBA0H,_ iambs euILD. Dsaiar is .V?waad Sacaad kmni ? ftiraimr*. Old Fnraltare Repaired. Beenkoletered aad Taralahad. ntk and B sts.. faeai * ' Highs* prtas palJ for fcaomi-haad Vualtara. aally* CARRIAGES. Jk BP 11 V J. JUTC1 1 00., CABB1AGB MANUFACTUBBBS, 100. 477 AND 479 FOBBTBBHYB STBBBT. " I Wear* bow irtuniU rtctln or- .flib. dtriforOAKBI\OU ia ill tk? new ard fash'onableatjlea Mb? complete* jsc=^bcz. at an early day. We have on ha ad a large aasor tmeat of L1GBT VAULT OABB1AOE8, FINB TOP AND NO TOP BUGGIES, DEABBOBNE WAGONS, B0CKAWAY8, Ac. Deeirona of maiataiaing the high atandard which our work hit* held for many years, we contiu* our bnsitits* exclnaivtly to OABBlAGKS of our own manufacture. end of the br?t aJa?s enly,ao4ad vi?e oar patrons and the public that we offer no inferior eale work, BBFA1BING mad* a speciality. fe lfteolm ANDBBW J. JOTOB A CO bankers! JAT COOKE A CO., BAIK1BI, Wtttntk st'ict, on**?t? 1Ve*9nr?, Buyand eel a 'current market ratea, and heap onataatly on hand, a fnll supply of all OOVEBNMBNT BONDS, 8EVBN-TH 1BT118, AND OOMPODNB 1NTB BBt-T NOTBS. Order* *~r STOCKS BONDS, Ac., executed, and Oellectioua made on all aeceaeible point*. Ml tf _ ^ARROW A CO., BANKBBS. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reet. cxaLBRa is VOVFKNMENT SECURITIES, GOLD AND SlLTBB j7 j-tf AND LAND WABBANTS First fiatioial Bank oI Washington. H D.COOK*, (of Jay Cooke AOo.,i Preddent. WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Caahler. OOV1MNMBNT DBPOSITOBT aim FINANCIAL AGBNT OP THB UN1TBD BTATBB, 1*(? ftrtet, or?oivi Us Trtasury Department. Government Secnrltiee with Treasurer United ?ti||| WTONE MILLION DOLLARS .em ^*e boy aad eell all clmaes of OOVERNMENl tsiCL'RITlESot current market ratea. tURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collections m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE I UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchera oa the MOST FAfORABLE TERMS, and give careful ant prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of B U SIN ESS MEN and FIRMS, and to any other bnaineea entrnated to na. PULL INFOBMATION In regard to GOVIB1 UBkT LOANB at all time* cheerfully fnrnlatoed WM 8 HUNTINGTON, Gaabler. Waahington, March ?, 18W. mtl-tf HOTELS, KEriTAUBANTS, Ao. I^IMKWOOX) BUC8S, Corner Ptnna. mvonve and Tvrlftk ifre?f,TI^A? Wa^hmtto* D C. Sltaated la the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL ABD PBK8IDBNT>AL MANSION, Only a abort dlataaoe from all the DepartmeaU, Patent and Poet Oloea, Smithsonian Institute, *- H. H. DUDLBT A 00., noll-tf Proprietor!. EMB1CH 8 BB9TAUBANT, Ho. 8*8 Penna avenue, near 6th street. P BMBIOH wishes to Inform hi a ftieada and the public generally that he now keepa oon-A a stantly on hand GY8TIB8. fresh every day. prepared In every atyle. IJ??T H<s W INES and LIQFOBS cannot bp auTpSSeT. Cal^aadjgfy*h i mat r I al. oc M tf wood and coal. O A LI OOALII " AT GBBATLT 1BDUOBD PBICB8. Groes toua of 2,U1) lb*., delivered la any part of toi city. Chestnut Whit* \eh.?7. Store, 1(0 and Furnace White Aah, ?&JU. B?d Aah 88.M. Lehigb. 89. Oak and Pine Wood eowtaatly oa haad. Order* received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8. P. BBOWN A BON, ja J5 tf 463 9th arreot, between B aad F. yy H. CLAGBTT. U. 1. SWSBHT. BBAL ESTATE BB0KEB8 "* ana AU0TI0HB1BB. Partlea contemplating building In the apring or purt baaing unimproved property for Investment will flsd it to their advantage to look over our list before purchasing, a* we have added recently to oar former list a large aaount of that dee-rip tloa of property. W* can offer many Inducem-ats as regard* aitnatlon. low prlcea and eaay terms We have aleo for aale several email tract* or land in the Immediate vicinity of thla city, very eliCtbly located for aaburbaa realdeneee, aa well aa igbly improved farma In Marylaad, which are really bargaine. _ . , , Property left with na far aale doea net anbject the owner to expeaie aalee* aold while on onr booaa. fe II la OLAGBTT A EWBBHT. goto w#b<m0bbg, FA8HI01ABLB OABPBT, FUBNITUBB AID BBDD1BG 8T0BBS, HOB. 831 A 818, INTBLLIOBHOIB BUILD. 11G, 00B1BB 7TH AND D., ABD HO 809 7TH BTBBBT, TH0HB'8 BUILDIBG, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8' HALL, AHD BXAMIHB THB FIBB8T ASBOBTBD STOCK THIS 8IDB OF PHILADELPHIA. He hae all the latent deeigna made la Philadelphia, New fork, aad Boatoa. The atock la alwaya selected by Mr. Moeoa, aad bought at tAo loweet rate* for caah. which eaahlaa him to compote with Hoatarn prlcea. Hiaflnaat Furniture ia made to order la Philadelphia, and of the beat material that caa bo foaad. Purchaaera ehonld atndy their owa inter eat by calling at hla Storee aad examining theiwall-aasorted atock of CABPBT8, FCBNlTUBB. Aa,, and obtala hla price-llat b< fore going el**where, which he will furniahwlth plenanre Hla as-ortmeat of Mattreaaea. Blankets, Oomforte, Oenaterpalaea. Pi tie we. Boletjgru, Featherheda, aad all kinda of Cottage aad Kltehea Furnltnre la complate. which he offora at the la west Hew Tork and Philadelphia prioee. Bemember Hoe 3 81 aad 819 Intelligencer Balldtog. corner 7th aad D, uad H* 889 7th etreet. Thorn *8 Building, adjolnlag Odd Fell owa I Hall, between D aad B atreota. M___u ja 14 tf W. B. M08B8. D 1 M 0 T A L. TBS 00.Bar* iensiaved to their New 0?ce, Bo. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNUB, Firm door ea?tof7that, DIBBCT0B8: Chae. Knap, Pre*'t, Geo. W E'V*'hT,' Tboe. Berry, Marshall Browa, A;eh dWallaoh, ? S.GIdeoo. Daaiel Doid, Wm. DIkob. Benry D. Cooke. - de J tf BOBLB D. LABHBB Beaaotary. : . j I SPECIAL NOTICES. ? ACB U in Isstantl a*t?rt> Jr f')o! MBTC \ LP B^ Dnlpglatf 0 BBBLBDV bold by *1 fe 19 auw B O. FOED, A neat KIMXNAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES. l4 B ?d street. How York. F?? Inferaiatiou. With the kiiktst J 'f' ?? wn/ D' <?a.w, 1f% n r jltd Seat free. til <wr? Itit-I >fnil for llu ?, and you trWZ not rum it; |?r, M edveiU?inv t?uy K^rnl'? impaWnrs. witliout rtl-.itm~t? Mitrionr ibvald be trusted Enclose t -tame for postage a*d direct to PR. LAWRENCE No 14 Boad street. New York a.> IJ DAVTly H**"MABRIAGB At. D CELIBACY. AMD TH * Happiness of True UtyHu d - An B->s*v lor Toon* M-n on the Crime of So'itude, and 'he Physiological Brrers. A(ia?fin,d Diseases whi.o t.1'"'t'duneute t<> Marriage, with sure mean, or Keller Pent m se tled leti<-r envrl <p>-s free ~*f chargs. Address Dr .1 -Kll.LIN HOUaJtT'N, Howard Association Philadelphia, l'e. jall-3iu BECttBT ulpBAoHa Bamabitan *s 8in i* tb? 111 wit certain, Mt? and raKlUkl reiucil) -lutlewl, the only f*g?uLv re!:it" **er discovered Cure* tn two to :our days ?jj recent c?m? In twenty fonr hoars Mo mineral, uo msrcury Oul> ten pills to t*? taken it Is the soldier e hope aud rri. no te tho-e who do Site Ys' "P0?*** Male packages, fe 8a? 11 tin's Boot iidHkibJ uica*?A positive and permanent prefer Spy hi llu Scrofula Hirers. V. ??1? Jitter. Ac Pr'ee f 1 as per bot< ,e. sold by 8. 0. Ford. Sne advertisement. my 3 COLGATE A CO. 8 W I N T B SOAP. Recommended for chap*kd iianbs and for g- <,* -*1 rou kt use during cold wkathbr. It tuny be obtained of all druggists and fttney goods dealer* fob 8 eoly DANCING. |)RUif8. J. W. A HTF KRKIS7 DANCING ACADEMY, ? Pennsylvania aTeuue. bet. 6th and 7tU iU.. jft Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. iMnT F'1"? forming ?v?ry ev-nlng Those de Si',', """ ' ,h" l Ireulars can be had at J F. Bills' and W a A Co.'e Music Stores W' ? The Hall can be rented for Soirees. Ao. Day* and Hour* af Tumun : H *?'*J*dlee 1 Miss.d and Masters. Tuesday aud Satnrelay afu<ruo<us. from S to 6 o'clock bentlenien sOlaeses. Tneeday and Friday evenings Iron. 8 to lu o clock. ? ?f .Sr.i rth,,r 'nlormation,apply dnrleg the hours r tnltlon, or addresa a note to the Academy, gatrter comoK-ncitig with the first lesson, ja 8 MA B I H l ? FAUUIONAULB DAMUIMO 8 ASSEMBLY ROOMS. Sk _ . > hetwee" 1th and lVth streets. Theln|(|uiri#rof ;LIH ^a^oo. prepare toil 'o the May Bill will couitnenra on BttnrM,rc'1 2. Cla-sis fur tht tier ma 1 are now ??^,?.^,^IPf<.\*tei",,t.rncUon ^'T^n ?o't toe convenience of the pupil. eels \| ASwlKttAi/B AMD~FANOY DRESS BALM AT* amd partibs The nideisljintdPwoiiM most respertfnlly inI?triD?A iv-1^ 'i ,1 I?,Jtl',?ieu of Waa'jiuxt"* city, and the District ueneralty that he is at all timec prepared to fnrnlfh p?rtie? with Masquerarte and Fa^cy Costnaie, either on loan ?.r in.ide to rr<iTI' ?w.?V taken rooms at the wellkaowo ^ B"nt Rippert, E*j , &JJ 7th street. l><-tween D aoH B. where he will U happy te await orders. C11A RbK^ KKRQ, , . I*t? Ooatnirer at F.ird's and tirover'e ^^22^1^2 Theaten, Wftfltifngton, P. O boots, SHO KS7 &. gijl BOOTS AMD SHOES. M B W ~T O B B . fW ? *b/". 0B<I''r,,,?ned be?e leave to Infona his friend* generally that he has opened the 9?.^ CHEAP ?TORB. Mo. 30t 7th street, nudtr Od^ Fellciwa Hall, where he has on hand a general aesortnientof Ladies' a ad Gentlemen'a, Boy Misses and Chi Mren ' . ??oT8 AMD 8HOB8. Oddivri1^ "U!< 7ui ander merly K V. Page s store. _d?l? WBOEOB B. WILSOM. / ' O V E KM M EN THABNESS. ~ A I.OCO setta TEAM HARNESS, t?0 setts AMBULANCE HARNESS, S.iJOOCOLLARS and TEAM BRIDLBS, OABT HARMBS8, McOLELLAM SAP DLES, BIDING BRIDLES, HALTERB, HAMB8. Ac , Ac. Theae Harness are in tnoroagh repair and will h? told low. JAB. 8 TOPHAM A OO , _ .. 49 and A1 Louisiana avenne, "ti-O between 8th and 7th streets C^itiABS AMD TOBACCO -BROOK. E M~BD *,,, b* toaarre his frieoda d the public with Olgara and Tohacco, at Bo. Louisiana avenue, near Bank or Waehlacton. fs)-ia 486 i j 48e-" BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL COMBINKn . ? PAIBTIBOS AND EMOBAY1MQB A limited but choice selections of Oil Paintings. Bograrings. Ohremoa, Wreaths, Baskets of Flowers, Ao., appropriately framed. . . t OVAL PICTURE FBAMB8. A rich and varied assortment treat the hail aaanfacturers In the country embracing Walnut, Imitation Rosewood, all Ollt. Bnstic and Carved Frames PassanartenU, Card Frames, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. W ALB ITT A __ d?ACHT8, 4c. Picture Cord and Tassels all sites and colan, Bine Nails, Walnut Brackets, Easels Ac. PAPEBHANOIMOS AMD WINDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of theae goods, embracing the richest designs of Gilt Embroidered ParlorTat terns in the Blstrist, with a well asserted stock of the ebeaaar gradee, with a large variety of Window Bbad*s, different siaes and celors. Orders fer Window Shades aad Papsrhaaginga panctnally filled, la city or country. A large portion at the above Goods w^e made specially to order, believing the best the cheapeet and aiming te keep that elaas of Goods, wa respectfully invite tha Public to InsMct and eosspare our Geods with any in the market. Term* invariably tA*h. J. MABKRITEB, No. 4*? Tth street, da 18-Jm* Eight doors abovs Odd Fellows' Hall. ^CALKB ' SCALES !! 8CALB8 !!l~ " HUCKSTERS' SCALEsTof all kinds. BUTTEB SCALES, ? _ BUTCHEB8' SCALES. PLATFORM ALD OOl'NTKR SCALES. MARKET SCALES. With larg-- SCOOP, for weighing Potatoea, TurJ. , Bi.TBOL*W. - '* . , Seventh street, fa lt-eott below Pennsylvania avenue. 1~TZT~ ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL, " HE duties of this institution will be resamad en Sent. 13,1844 For terma, Ac., see oatalogua and circular at the principal bookstores of this ad Areas the prindaai. ? M B. rABBOMB. OatonvtlU, Md. 3,000 bUjbele MAAINBEpbTATOB8 Just arrived, and fox sale at our Wharf at ths toot of 7th treat. . P. BBOWM A BON, . .. a. _ Commission Merchants, de 14 tf Bo. 464 tth at., between B and F. I^UXUBIBB FOB THB HOLIDAYS? MA ILL ABB'S CANDIES AND OHQCOLATE8. CARAMEL'S CBBAM CHOCOLATE. DOUBLE VANILLA CHOOOLATB, BOBE AND VANILLA BUABV ALMOVIM, MIXED ?UGAB PLWM8,a?d ^ ASSORTED CABDIBV. Just recolvsd at KIBG PLAtlB. Z M. P. KIBG * BOB. w"1 "".Vswaats? Freeh, at KIMS PLACE. 1 lYfJNUB MEAT (DOMESTIC.) A? QOLBSS wm , Bold color, hll, yet dellaate flavor aad fre>gratKS.aad loss than one half the cost of Imported Wlno. KING PLACE. WBIT1 UPU?TO.,5OK deB-t King Plaoe. AT THE MBW CHEAP STAMPING BOOMS 4 SB Mh street, oepe?1 te Patent Office, ladles caa get at oar reduced prteae, on the vary bast W illlMVtUH9 Bight fown Tokas, ready stamped -49 ets. Chemise ^hjs. .. .J Either for araldor smbreldery, oar patte- as ers of tha vary ha" dealaas. selected with ear* la Bsw York, aad htlaa In rtcelptel thea weekly. we are aMe daPy to Issue new patterns as ?aU as make and stamp say saltern breach! as. I 0.0 Workiag Uottou a4 radaced prioes. TELKflRAMI, ft*. Hon- Aidnw Hunter,of Arkansas, who was sleeted to Us U. S Seuate last November. has just sent to th* TiTHlrlitors coramontcatlM. I in which he state# that, after mature deliberation, be find* be cannot accept the bonor without injury to the church ot which he Is a member, snd that th- re is no sacrifice be would not lie willing to make for the food of the State which did not interfere with bis higher callil'g In all the cases of Commonwealth agamst C V Culver, s N Culver and John Walker, in the court of Dauphin connty, penn , for the | ?>ir>h?-7?ien eut ot ihe hmido ot the Yenaugii and P? trclenm barks. fbere heing no evidence to sustain the charge*. tbe jury yesterday morn. inc a< quitted tbe defendants without le.iving the box 1 be hill to incorporate the Flagtown and Trenton 'ailro-id wa? defeated in the House o New Jersey, yesterday, hy a vote of 21 to .14 on ilie ground 'bat it wa? intended to connect v-itb tee C- n'rnl railroid and become a connect ing road ?>etwe**n New York and Phila delpbin. 'it viola'ion ol the contrict between the State and the jots, t companies The L?>uieville Journal's special correspondent says that it mob composed of the remains of Q,uanireH's guerrillas broke open Mr I Carey's house. a? Parkers*ille, and sensed and riHiipe* Mr. Car?y. He toad be??n tried for t>t?-ai!j:e a horse to escape frein the rebels at I the ha;t|e ml Pe ryville. I News ha* been received at Athen?, Greece,

I Hi: t the Turkish Governmen* is about to send I n man of-war in pur<"iit ?.! the Greek ship I Pai,hel|ern< on. off th? Island of Ctndia. An I armed brie will b? despatched fiom Greece to I her sffifttrc, in case of emergency. 1 The Tt-nne?sfe House has passed the militia I bill Tbe >"enate will conrur in tue am^nd I rrent. bv which the Stat* Guard are not to be I .irmed nuless hi acual service The S-'ii%te J rejected the bill to compensate loyal owners I for losses by ihe war. j 1 he reports of Dr Hunt and Mr M<chie| o' I 'be Geological Survey on tbe Marloc Gold I Region, Canada, says that gold has been found I hi three different associations; in black carboI i-aceous matter; in reddish acheryoxides of 1 iron, ana in crystalline bitter spar. A dispatch trom farswn City, Nevada, to I the >an Francisco Alio, sta'es that as soon as I 'be re*uif of the haHot by which Senator Nye I was re-elected was declared, the excitement I became intense Letters received from Tepic, dated Jannary I ??, donot mention the shelling of the city of I Martian by tb? Americans. It is believed in I Mexico that tbe whole affair is a heax. The Democrat, in Nashville, aGerman paper? I ha? siH|?ei.ded. The Tennessee Stoat* Zeihxng I is tbe only Germm daily now published in the I States lately in rebellion. The Democrats in Connecticut vesterday 1 nominated Kead H Hubbard for Congress in I the ?st district. Tbe vote was unanimous. I Mr. Hubb-ird accepts the nomination. I The war estimates for Great Hritain, as pre. I seated In ihe ministerial budget, are largely I increased over those of tbe preceding year. The Princess Alexandra has been confined | and safely dell vered ot a girl. Dry Goods. I Tbe market is moderately active, sales being I in tmall parcels of assorted goods; but prepiI rations are making for a larger trade, whi h I t>?*ms to promise in the immediate future. I Hold? r safe very firm in prices, and have euI tire faith in an active spring trade. Brown I shirtings and sheetiugs soow more activity, I and prices are strengthening for all heavy I goods In bleached t?hiningsMndsheetings the I firm grades are active and firm. Ivjw gr.tdes I are in over supply. Drills are wanted for I home use principally. Stripes and ticks are I in limited request, and prices are not very I firm. Heavy deuims also are in request. I Printing-cloths show more activity, and I prints are brisk of sale in small parcels of I varied assortment. Prices are steady. GingI bams are well to do; desirable styles are I very firm. Desirable styles of mouselines I delame are m good demand, and prices I well supported. There Is a good and well I assorted cup ply of attractive designs ia I the market. Desirable styles of spriag sbawis I prices steady. Italian cloths are in good re. I nn?i The clothing trade is buying broad. I cloths to some extent, but jobbers are bnymg I sparingly. Prices are steady. Only very deI suable styles or fancy cassi meres are wanted, I and these sell at some slight advance. O'ber I styles are weak and irregalar. Holders are I dtsiroiisto sell. Satinets very dull. Flannels I aie quiet. .Blanket* also are in small request. I Foreign goods are much more active. Ttoe I stock presented of spring goods is large aad | attractive, and prices firm. Dress-goods are I much more active. Sliics of fine grade sell I well. Delaines and alpacas are also active. I Woolen goods move yet very slowly. Some I large tales of dress-goods, mostly British, have I been made at very satisfactory prices to tbe I sellers. The gcods were very desirable.?A'. I Y. Independent, 21 tt. The Maryland I^moiblatunu.?In theSenI ate yesterday tbe committee to wbom ttoe subI ject was referred, made a report on tbe BaltiI more and Petomac Railroad Company, referI red to elsewhere ia enr paper to-day. Mr. I Trail, from tbe select committee, submitted a I minority report aga nst the bill for a new elecI tion of Mayer and City Council of Baltimore I on the ground tbat tbe subjeet toad already 1 been acted onos at tbe present session, aad I that it was against parliamentary law to reI port a new bill. Mr. Stephenson then called I up the bill making valla tbe introduction of a I bill on tbe subject, and it was under discussion I when our report closed. In tbe House, tbe seleet committee on tbe I subject submitted a report aad gave notice of I a bill to provide for reforms la tbe manageI ment of the State tobacco warehouses. Tbe I bill making an appropriation of one hundred I and fifty thousand dollars for an ice boat to I keep open tbe harbor of Baltimore, to be subI scribed equally by tae city and State, was I passed to a third reading. The bill relating to I the running oj the city passenger cars on SunI day was passed?yeas 46, nays 19. Mr. Stevens presented the memorial of the Society of Friends, asking for tne establishment ef separate ncbools for the education of the colored people as a part of the school system o! tbe State. Tbe Militia bill was ander discussion when ttoe Hoase adjourned. Paris Fashiomb.?A Paris correspondent states tbat tbe ladies' dresses are almost straight in front, with very long trains. Tbe skirts are but biassed. Tbe waist on tbe shoulders Is cut high, and trimmings are placed not on the upper part of tbe sleeve, but just above on tbe shoulder, giving the expression of an epaulette. Tbe nndersleeve is tight, and a large oater sleeve is comng in vogue, open from and lined with some pretty colored silk, similar to tbe color ot tbe trimmings. Foreveniug dresses, velvets and satins are much worn. For a finish to the waist upeplum is often worn, a bit of tbe same material separate fron tbe waist, which separation a highly ornamented belt conceals. The pepltit* is of ten attached to tbe belt, and is a series of squares or lobes more or loss deep, ea?sh trimmed with heavy bead trimmings. A difficulty of lone standing between two men named Shermnn and Mather, residing at Scuyler Corners, near Utica, culminated last Friday in the shooting of Mather by Mrs. Sherman. Ttoe former was standing on the sidewalk, when tbe women npproactoed him from behind and deliberately drawing a pistol, shot blm in tbe back, and before she could be prevented fired anotner shot, without effect, however. Her husband was watching her proceedings from ttoe door of a store, aad when sbe was seised she exclaimed several times, ?Ho told me to do It " It Is believed Mather's wound will not prove fatal. It appears ttoe busband was too cowardly to commit the murder himself, and so be got tola wife to do It for him. Habpxr'b Fnnmr.?During the period of General Washington's Incumbency of tbe Presidency ynrions tracts ot land at Harper's Ferry were ceded to blm aad his successors, in trust for tbe Uni-ed Slates for tbe ssacufbcturs of arms. etc. Ttoe Government armory and workshops remained at that point up the time of tbe breaking out of tbe war In lHH. The War Dpartment bnving determined against relocating the Government armory there, application baa been made for a sale or convey, ance of the land to parties wbo are desirous of patting up manufnetnring establishments. 19*Mr. George Peabody Useventy-two years of age. According to tbe superintendent of public Instruction, there nre now one round million of scbolnra ntunding the free schools of Maw Yor*. | CORflRIMIORAL. SMiTi-^M>reiy afternoon. the Re n ftraction bill being under cossiderat.on ? Mr. Mifrman, replying lo Mr. Somiw, ud I to an *'Mrin;u that bo bad coma to Mr. SumI *" platform, said be had done loiack thing I GodJorbid. Ha would never agree to exclude [ tbe Southern people from participation in fbe I government of their own Slates, lie was wiU I line to exclude tba leading rebels, bat not the I mass of the people. Mr. Wilson Mid be regarded this as a great measure, and Jet he should not vote lor it withI oet regret. He thought it ought to turn every rebel ont of office. He objected to tbe disfranI cbislng clause in tbe House amendment. He I regretted that it bad been inserted, but would I vote for it notwithstanding. He would say also I tbat just as soon an the Southern State? were I reconstructed properly be weuld vote to re I p* al the disqualifications ia the third section of I tLe constitutional amendments. Mr. Johnson. Mr. President, I have felt a I solicitnde for the condition of the country con: ?equ?ntupon the exclusion ot the Southern States from their right ol representation in this I body that 1 want words to express. The new I that I have entertained is tbat in their present I condition they are entitled to be represented But the Congress of the United States, from tbe i termination of tbe rebellion to tbe present I Mme. bare taken a different view, and 1 have I lost all bopes ol seeing them at au early dar. if I at any day, with tbe cousent of Congress, reinI stated in their original condition. Nothing J can be worse than the state in which thev are now placed, desolation around them; ail I rights deiiied them of a political character: I and on the floor ol the Senate, to say nothing of I ancth- r branch of the Government, theircbar1 acter as men has b, en aspersed in terms wnich I bave caused me nothing but the deepest reJ gret. If I bad my own way, I would atones receive them in thi9 Chamber, with a heart I full of con viction tbat tbey would be true to their duty to the country, and tbattbey would I promote its permauent interest. But I have I not my way. I am obliged, therefore, to acquiesce in the decision ot that majority of I Corgregs. however erroneous or unjust I may I believe that decision to be, provided I beli-ve I tuat it will end in a comparatively sbort time , m restoring the Southern States to tbe brotherj hood ol States I am unwilling tbatttiisC?uI gress shall adjourn w ithout the adoption of I some measure that hQlds out a hope, however I dis'ant. that this may be tbe result of our deliberations; and believing that this will be done I by tbe adoption of the measure as it now I stands before you, 1 shall give it nay vote, sot 1 because 1 approve of it in the abstract or in I the particular, but because 1 think 1 see iu I it a mode of rescuing the country from the | perilous predicament ia which ft is now I placed. Mr. Stewart congratulated Mr. Johnson that I he bad progressed so lar toward universal sufI lrage and universal amnesty as to vote tor this I bill. After further debate, in which Messrs. Hendricks, Bnckalew, Cowan, and Howe parI Mctpated. the Senate took a recess until T JO I p. m. At the evening session. Mr. Trumbnil called up the joint resolution of the Huux> authorizing the employment of a United States vessel I for the transportation of contributions of food I and clo'hing for the destitute people of tbe I a?otitb. It was passed. I 1 be reconstruction bill was taken up. Mr. Doolittle offered an atnendmeui to the J House amendment, as follows: Add to the la*t section the following eroI viso: I Provided, That nothing in this act contained I shall be construed to disfranchise any persons I in either of the said States from voting or hold* I ing office who have received pardon and amI nesty in accordance with tbe Constitution and laws. Mr. Doolittle took the floor in support of his I amendment, prefacing with ?ome remarks on I the condition of affairs in the South, and a denial of the statements made by certain K*dI ical Senators as to crime and lawlessness exw>tI ing there. Mr. Sherman said that If the House amendI ments were too harsh the Southern people had I the Democratic party in the House to thank fer it. It was a lact verv well knowu that a I majority of the Union party were in favor of the Senate amendment. A minority of the Union par'y, assisted by every Democrat, uuiI ted ?o defeat tbe acceptance of this proposition I in the House, and left it open to further amend. meiit, with the result now berare the Senate I Mr. Hendricks defeuded the action of the I Democrats in tbe House. I Mr. Doolittle's amendment was thsn re- I jected?yeas 8, naya 32. I The amendments of the Hones were then I I concurred In by the following vote?yeas A3, daya 7. I | Adjourned at lo..r>o p. m. Hocbe.?Yesterday afternoon ? I House bill directing the Secretary of the I I Navy to distribute as prize money tl9u,(K?0, the I value of the piratical steamer Alabama, to I I Commodore Winslew and the officers and I I crew of the Kearsarge, which destroyed the I Alabama on the 19th of June, 1964, was passed. Mr. Bingham moved to amend the army ap. I I propnatioa bill by atriking oat all after tbe I I first aentence. Rejected?yeas 82 naya *3. I Ths vote was then taken on striking out the I I whole of the ascoad aection. Rejected?yeas I I 41, nays ed. I I Ths bill was then passed?yeas 08, naya 34? I I including the second section, which is in these I words: I Sec. 2. And be it furtker enacted, That tbe I I headquarters of the general of ths army of the I United States shall be at the city of Washing| ton, and all orders and instructions relating to I I military operations Issued by ths President or 1 I Secretairy of War shall be issued through the I I general of tbe army, and, in cass of bis inabilI ity, by the aext ia rank. The general of tbe I army shall not be removed, suspended, or reI lieved from command, or assigned to duty I I elsewhere than at said headquarters, withoat I tbe previons approval ot the Senate: and any I orders or instructions relating to military op. I I erations issued oontrary to the requirements I ot thia section shall be null and void; and any I I officer who shall isane orders or Instructions I contrary to the provisions of thia aection ahall I be deemed gnilty ot a misdemeanor ia officeand any officer of the army who ahall trans- I mit, convey, or obey any orders or instructions I I so lsaued contrary to the proviaiona of this sec- I I tion, knowing tbat such orders were so issued, I I shall be 1 able to imprisonment for not less I than two nor more than tweuty veara. upon I | conviction thereof in any coart of competent I jurisdiction. The bill was then discussed and amended. I I and at 4 30 the House took a recess till 7 3o, I the bill being dlaposed of to near the end ot I I page 10. I At tbe evening session, aeveial bills granting | invalid pensions were passed. I The House then went Inte Committee ot tbe I Whole on tbe state of the Union, (Mr. Bout. I I well in the cbair,) and resumed the considers. I I tion of the tax bill. Mr. Williams moved to strike out the paragraph to amend section 103 of the act of June | 30, ifcW, by striking out the words ? until tbe I 3Uth of April, led7. * The effect of the paragrsph is to remove tbe limitation or time on I the right of railroad and steamboat companies, Ac- to add the tax to the r rates of fare. The I effect of the amendment offered by Mr. Wil- I I liams la to terminate that right on the 3oth of I April next. Mr. Williams explained that his amendment I woald carry ont tbe principle established by I I the committee in reference to gas companies I Messrs. Wood bridge and Davis opposed the I I amendment. I Tbe vote was taken by tellers, and presented I rather an amusing scene in the acu ve effort* of I I the members who were friendly to the railroad I I in teresu to indnee others to vote against Mr. I Williams'amendment. There was so much I I exeltement and confusion, and there were so I many ehangss of votes, that there had to b? a aecond count, which resulted in the defeat of I I the amendment?48 to SI. ! Mr. Hooper offered an amendment, the effect I of whlcn ia to relieve ferry-boats of the tax of three per cent., and to sabjsct them to the same I I tax as stsambeats?two and a half per cent. I Agreed to. I I A discussion aroeeon the paragraph to amend I I schedule B ia relation testamp duties. Severe I propositions were made to modify the para I I graph, and explanations mads or thsm. Fl I nally, on motion of Mr Dawes, the eattre par agrepb was strnok oat, lsaying schedule B as in the present law. Ob motion of Mr. Spalding, receipts for the payment of money were exempted from shmp duty. r j Stamp duties were also removed from alt I legal documents, affidavits, probates of wills I Ac , where tba value ef the real and persona eatate doee not exceed f l.oou, applications tor I I soldiers' bounties, pensions, k.c. ! Tbe committee roee at ten mlantes past tea I o'clock, having cot through about hair a page I of ths hill, and tbe House adjoareed. I VFrench savants predict that the coming 1 anmmer will he eoM and wee I A TRAGIC AFFAIR . A laiktBl iad Wllf WuUalr Nar4rr?4. brutal and luproTokfd Barter ?u com itutf lut ti|kt ta the Twentieth ward, wbn aa aged baebead was iaetaatly killed, and bi* Wife aad kb dasg*rou*ly. if not mortally wounded. It appear* taat h* buibu! ot Gtrau ??Bti itiMd Mnr|ar*ua l^ufkn. mt, wfeorNtdn oa ta* Drat floor of a smalt fram* *banty, No. ?5 W**t Thirty eigtan atreet, near Teath anau*. vu aeieed trim illn**? iom* three or toer weeka afo. and *u taken to Bellevne Hospital for treatment. burlug tots abeence Margaretca formed ta* acquaintance ot another Orraaa earned William Snobel, 4'2 year* of age age, a shoemaker. who worked at Yonker* >nob*i wu ta the habit ol visiting lb* wife two or three tin?a w?*k, but b'S tUiti were not noticed by lb* otb*>r tamate*, aa Xargareua waa always ready witb an exenee. Yeeterday Xr Laaghetser loft tbe hospital and returned home, but wu aarprised to find bi* lawful plaee occnpied bv tb* Yenker* shoemaker. when be attempted to dislodge t he iutrudi r. Snobel, however. refaaed to vacate bit lodging, and deliberately turned the busband trenn bla own door, wbo waa anil too weak to maintaia bia right* In tbia emergency Langbelser sought radreaa of bia landlord. Jacob Wenry, a German. ?J year* of age. w bo occupied tbe upper atory of ibeabanty. Jacob became mnch incensed oa bearian tbe fact* related above. and went down fairs :tbout utne o'cieck to ?ettle tb* difficulty. beiMg accompanied by bi* wife Elizabeth, 45 year* ot age. and a aon. Nicholas, aged 3*? years. Mr Heary founi Soobel in Marcaret. la'arocm. atid ordered bim oat of tbe premi*r*, saying br wa* determined to put a atop to auct disgraceful proceeding* Snob'l declined to obey the command. and threatened violence to any one who dared tno lee! bita Some bigb word* then passed be tween aim and tbe landlord, when Snobel be cam* m enraged that be leiwd a long *hoemaker's knife, and attacked Mr. Henry, bi* wile and ton, striking the husband a powerful blow on tbe Irft breast, tbe long twelve-inch blad* entering ovei the region of the heart, piercing tbat organ and penetrating the right Ion*;, cau* ii?t almost instant death Tbe infuriatel murder-er next assaulted the wife, and 1atlicted a severe wound in tbe left tunc, jnst f>e|o w he heart, which will, it la feared ause death The son Nicholas also received a similar *nii(l. bnttbe weapon striking a rib waved his lite. He also received a severe wound in the leg The alarm was speedily given, and Snobel was titrated by officer McCuliough, ot the twentieth precinct police, and locked up in tne 4jib s teet station-bouse to await the action of the coroner. The woman Margaret ta bas been detaiaed ax an important witness, and Capt Heddmg gave the necessary order* to secure th* preaen? e of all tbe witnesses at tbe inquest to-day.?.V. r. Ti'hcs i/ Tuesday. SfH*iti#n and wheeling [Oolda &ter (Mich * Correspondence of ths Detroit Tribune J Tbe rial ef McLean Kerree, for the seduction of Miss Bennett, was concluded on the 12th in?t. Tbe evidence elicited dariug the trial s*t forth tbe following facta Some time in the autumn of lf-65, Kerree, who was a young man of good charaoer and reputation, made tbe acquaintance of Miss Bennett, a young girl of !?>. a daughter of one ot our most reapec able ci'izens. She was at tbe ume attending tbe L'nien setae jt. in tbi* city. Kerree Irequeatly met her at tbe scbool-bons* and eleewfcere. and, as tbe acquaintance became more i inmate, paid her special and mark?d attentions, visited hrr frequently at her father s House, where be came to be considered and treated a* one of tbe family, made ber presents, took ber to dancing school and tooted the bills?In short, paid her all tboae attentions wbicb gentlemen are wont to pay the ladies they ui.etd tc marry. These continued uninterrupted until the apring of l*?6ft, when bia viaits became lets frequent?aa it afterwards appeared?In consequence of bia paying his addresses to another young lady, a Miss Graham His visits to Miss Bennett were continued, until tbe *J4d of July, 1-66. a; wbicb time, during tbe absence of ber parents from home, he succeeded in effe:tmg the girl's ruin, under a promise of speedy marriage. After this bis visits to her were tontinued until s^me time In November, when be was married to Miss Graham The day after hie marriage he was arrested on a charge ef bastardy, and at a subsequent time a cbarg* of seduction was preferred against bim, on which charge be was held for trial. On Friday laat Misa Bennett met Kerree en tba street, and, smarting under wrongs, presented a pistol at bis heat, and attempted to ahoot him. Fortunately her ahawl caught in the baicmrr ot .lie pistol a- <1 prevented tbe explosion, Wirt she was immediately secured, she at the time d daring her mtentiou to avenge ber wrongs and then put an end to ber trouble* and ej,.steace together. Kerree * tnaJ began on Saturday and was concluded Tuesday uigbt. The defend set up ws an altti. Ttna was not deemed to be satisf^ctor Iv proved, and tbe jury brought in a verdict of guilty, at tbe *ame time recommending the prisoner to the mercy ot tbe court, ^ntence was suspended till Saturday Explosien el a Mississippi Steamer? Kaaseagers Blewn Oae Hundred Feet ia the Air. Msmphis. Feb. 80?The AralancXe of thi moruing says the ateamer David White, which left New Orleans on Thursday meat tor Louisville with 100passengers and 500 tons of freight for Nashville and Louisville, exDleded her larboard boiler on Sundar at noon near Columbia, aC miles soath of this piace. The forward part of tbe boat wat literallv torn to atoms, and many passengers and officers wete blown up 100 feet ia the air with fragments of the boat. Tbe acene la described aa heartrending. Tbe clothea were blown off some of the officers. Captain Kinney was blown up oae hundred Jeet. and tell into tbe river much bruised and acalded. Captain Shaw, the clerk, reports the loat passenger* at 65. many of their names are unknown, as tbe books are lest. The boat is a complete wreck. Part of tbe boiler exploded upward and part downward, tearing ber wide open. Tbe engineer and firemen on watch were blown down with tbe hull. Tbe steamer Piles Bolea picked up tbe survivors. The Emerald and Paniine Carroll brougnt them here. Dean Kenney ia very badly scalded, and there are bat slight hopes of bia recovery. Of all tbe cabin passengers only eleven were injured. Virginia Newa. Tbe Fredericksburg Herald speaking of tbe scau-city of money saya "Our present resources aLre, tbe corn crop of last fall?moat of wbicb haa yet unshipped?tbe ground snmac which (is yet to go forward, tbe weekly product oiour large wool leu factory, tbe return* from whiskey aent abroad, and articles here ofore known as 'smaUl trade," sent off by tbe Express for distant mau-keta. This latter bas grown in dimensions, auid pnt a vast deal of monev in circulation." A man is andar arrest in Richmond charged with having made an assault upon a voung lady wbo waa walking ia tbe Hollywood ce Dietary, a few days ago. Tbe cultivators ef tbe market gardena around Norfolk, are beginning to pat in the ground their peaa, for an early market. Eight prisoners escaped from tbe jail at Portsmouth, Va., on Saturday last. They were all colored m<-n. From akll parts of New England, and indeed from all over tbe country, we brat accounts of a wide-spread and deep rengious interest. This does net, as a general thing, accompany or follow what la called revival preaching It comes in conaeation witb earnest and continued prayera In tbe cbnrcbea, and ia not marked with the excitement* tbat have ao often caused good Ohriatiaas to expreea a donbt of tbe expediency of apeciaj revival efforts. Oold i* Lou Don CofirTY, Va.?The Leeaburg Mirror aay* We have been abowu a quartz rock recently discovered oa tbe farm of Mr Frank Fred, of this connty, which bears strong Indications ot gold. Mr. F, we learn, intends having it analyzed. PaoDic.iors.?It haa transpired that Mr. Lee* tbe fortunate winner of tbe Croaby Opera Honae. whose portrait and biography adorna all tbe picture papers, is a cousin or wife a cousin ot Mr Crosby. S7?Tbe N.Y. Tribune calls Congress "ehe"? aa insult to tbe fair sex. HTThe Abingdon 'Virginian" recommends tbat tbe Legialatnre enact a law makiag pro* duce a legaU-tender. VSchleewig-Holatein was finally incorporated m Prussia on Tbursday, tbe tilth ult., by proclamation from tbe caatle of Kelt. WTAn Ohio exchange closes aui obituary of aa eldcitiaen thus- "He was honest and Industrious until enfeebled by disease aad age." STOor. Patton, of Alabama, is a candidate for re-election, and is supported by nearly all of tbe press of tbat Staue. gy Three shocks of an earth qaake were felt at Saa Diego, California, oa tbe let iastant. C7*Coleneo baa written a letter to prove tbat primitive Christians offered ne prayera to Christ. Some ladies in London are said to be forming a boat-cinb. A row is expected oa tba Thames shortly ta consequence. VA boy in Cincinnati lost three lingers by a planing machine, and goes into court demanding *5,M?i damages. WT Wltbia elevea years **Xt,mM)00 worth of gold haa been taken from the mines u California. WMrt Matk Brooke, wife of a member of tbe Glenn Coiabinauion Tronpa, attempted to commit salcide at Zaneevilie, tbe other day. Shs bad grown low-vpirnod because tba troupe had not been pecanianly sncceaafnL