Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1867 Page 2
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THE FANNING STAR. j The Urgnl tiicilatioi ti ttt District W. 0. WALLAt H, UltaftMl rffiliUf. WASHl?f?T??Pl 1)1T* TllLHtDAV FEBRUARY 21, Hi). w'utlimq mattes om btrry paoi. ! Ot T3IPK FOR INTERESTING TBLKGHATHIC AND OTII1R MATTKR. TO AOVIRTIIEU. TR? tollowiac iiuh> oflcMi ibowi*! or me trcolatioo o? daily papers of this city cotopetiDK tor <Jov?rnm*nt adT?rtwin* andrr tb? r*c?nt ut of Ooictm*<\tr*cuac ?nct> M>TniiMa( to M wul* is tN two daily bow*P?P*t? of W??bl*|ioB ktTit| tb* itriN Circulation : CvniNB S>TAB 7,714 ?opM p?r day Ckmtclt 5. WW - ? InltUtgfnorr VM* ? Th? r?t?rn? ef advertising hy th? oitr nan?n or tfie qntnw ending December 31, a* t*k?r. fr.-ni 'hf bonks of the Inu?rn?! Revenue Office, are u follow*: tVMRIII* STA*. |1),IUT Intrihynctr... UW Ckrnntel' 9.H K~p*bl\ritn tW RICFPTIOHS. j Secrefnrj Browning has * reception to-night. To morrow uipht is the last of the President's receptions tor the season ; and Senator Harris bat* rt-cecion in honor ot Oot Fonton of New York, who is here; and on Saturday eight Set rotary McCulloch ba.< a reception. Til K BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC RAILROAD a u <ur .-rimir ei m nr; IHD(1 VMIfrailjr, .nr. llrnWie. froin tbe committee on internal impro-v? turn s. to v bicb bad been relerred the memorial ot tbe president and director* of tbe Baltimore aud Ohio li ail road Company for a modituauoD iu tbe charter of tbe Baltimor* and Po'on;?i Railroad Company, the countermemorial of tbe latter company, and numerous otb*r infn.orinls on tbe subject. mbrnitt?d a !er^'b> leport. Tbe subject Is treated lully iu ail it* htanuge: tbe object and iutention ot tbr Legislature granting tbe ebarter: tbe ri*h?t intended to be conferred; tbe ques. lion oi a lateral branch >o ibis city, and the cc iitract for building tbe road. The report re" garde tbe iaith of the >taU* absolutely pledged 10 a strict compliance with tbe terms and proTificna of Tbe cbaiU-r granted the Baltimore and Potomac Company, and Is so far adverse to tbe memorial of tbe Baltimore and Obio railroad, vrbub was against permitting the Baltimore aud l*i>tomac Company to construct a brancb road to Washington. The report was accompanied by a bill, binding the Baltimore and Potomac Company to the completion of .beirnwviu line Irom Haitimnr* m ?h?. ?*? ^ Ti-r o?i the peiialiy of forlelticg tbeir branch roart to Washington Mr. Bowie, on me part of the cum|itu), accepted ibe bill, and at'e, aone debate ibe report or the committee w** adopted by a rote ol ayes 15, nay* 6 Mr. Stirling changed bia vote ta the alfirmauve, for tbe purpoae ol moving a reconsideration, and ga%e notice that be would do ea to -day. BRIDGE ACROSS T11K l'OTOMAC. Tb? lork Pitt, a paper (bat ?rehtv? obacrvMl take* a tbongbtlal and inteliu-*ut view of moat queatioa* affrcting the future of me r*niRnai metropolis, and *ajr? of tne reconstrat tion ot the Louf Bridge Too civil war at an early p-riod, disclosed tbe e.*t rsoramur j lack of forecast ia our states* tueu.u iiicb bud left ib? uauonal e-ipltal to bn w-olated irom both section* ot the Union, exct-pt m it buuic by two sl^ndsr strings, a crazy oldbitdpv it-adinc to tbe Sootk, and n <iiul? track railroad kadiuc to the North. What Is till more remarkable ia, that 'be war ba* ended viibuut ibe creation of any additional tictliiies. A railroad tr >m Wtibirrton to Annapolic, and another from Wa-hmgton to ibe Point ol hutki, would biv* secured tne safety ?i uh> city besidrs eff-cting an ia.-alculat?le *avib( of expense in laruishmfsupplies from tbe ftortband West. proper bridge across the Potomac woold bsve changed the aspects ot tbe w:tr many times, hath ot ibim woold Imt? saved expmres e^ual to >ts co*l ten times orer If tbe eat of Government ts to remain trfeere it is, the establishment of tbese communications is as much a national otcstuty as ibe m?ki?? of srooir <oori lor tb* Oepitoi. And, if CoatrpM is VI*#, no mora time will be loei without making kidi adequate provision tor these f?Terai object Tbc thing now moat urged is tbe Potomac bridge, tbe old cobbled-up structure Ut1d{ l ees at last effectually demolished by tbe late IresbeL A recent letter from Oeneral Meigs I commends a report on tbe subject made in 1657 by Lieuteaant Hires. He proposes tedivert tbe waters of tbe river into on* deep channel, along the Washington ?bore, enttiag away tbe a and and mud wbicb have accumulated on tbis side during tbe last thirty or forty ye irs. Tbe pack ot ire by the late tresbet bas made a fair beginning 'owsrd* 'be new chaanel, which i win doubties* facilitate the execution of Hives' 1 plan, so tar as concerns tbe Improvement of tbe harbor, wbicb is a matter ol gr?at consequence to tbe future deeuoy of Washington I As to the best plan lor the bridge itself, Oenerai seifs says: ft it ten years since this report vi< mad* in tbat tim? some experience in the construction of bridges has be?n gained, Considering j alt tbe questions of durability, safety and economy, 1 incline Uj tbe opinion that tbe best bridge practicable will be a superstructure of wroaght iron, with spans of abont two bundrrd to two hundred and flity feet, resting poa piers made by sinking boiler Iron cais oni of ibe farm of 'be piers, through the ' water and mud, to a Arm foundation, aud nil. img id the iron witb concrete, or brick, or o;ber masonry. A wooden superstructure upon sucti | piers wonld be cheaper in first cost, but dam- 1 ages by lire and by rot wonld in time amount to so much thai it wonld be better to expand on tbe original construction tbe difference betardea Ik* ? " ?uu ouu w UUU. This is a question for (be engineers; only let 1 os ib?* beet kind of a bridge, solid and I durable, inaccessible to fret bets and free to all. Noobjetrt for vbicb money Is required can be more truly n&tionl, as to the future harmony of tbe f'Bion. tbnn tbe creation of & free pas#agf acroes tbe Potomac at Washington. PUJiLIC UMM IN OREGON. Tbe Cummuaioaer of Um General Land Of- I Uoe baa prepared and submitted to tbe Secretary of tbe Interior for approval, two lUts of 1 selections of land aade by tbe State of Oregon, { nsder tbe 50U,uw> acre grant of September 4<b, 1*41. Tbe aacrecattt of these seleffLiaaa in (hi Oregon Citjr Land District ?a i acr*?; lathe Roin-burf District 7#,?14.toacres: making a total of ls<?,u*?3scree. Tbe approved lists Will eonrey tbe title to the Stat#. Vibqi>la .state Dbht _Tas Virgin'a Senate on Monday perfected and pasted the bill in relation to tfce obligations of tbe State. The bill sa passed acsumes tbattbe Unaoawtal h is responsible for tvo tftinu of tks entir* "Virginia State debt," wbtcb is estimated at op to 1st January, 1867, Wbicb would stats tbe debt of tbe presant Virginia at 93D,6tM,U?. On tbis nam tbe bill anacta tbat tbere sball be paid tear per cent, for on* yearn semi -annuel instalments %f K caa* *fainot tb* teacher of a public lacbool. which hu teen pending in ttM Cincinnati Folic* Court for son* ttra*. tu d*e(4ed oa Wards; by a dtctitoa that any corporeal pauuhm* at of a pupil by a taaeber is on. lawtnl. Tb? d?ci*ion rxonerated tb* taaeber frota any chart* of cruel, 111-tempered or *xcruiTt paawbrnffti, and from any special 1mpropriety of itoa acooaat of peculiar elrcuaa. atance* PaaaoMai..?Col. Dan Etc* waa oa tb* (loor of tb* Hon-* yMttrday, aad waa Bad* much t by tb* Repr**e?iatlT*? c*aoraliy. The neighbors of Mr Rlr* propos* to a*nd bin to CcaprrM, and as Mr Harnam ta ltk*Iy to eo?* frcm Connecticut, Ui* twain will probably ba able to il?w op tbiaga effectively ia Uai bodr. A Pbus CUB r^a W IBUIXGTO.V?A miotic of lb* member* of tue press to Uw city tpiH bo held at WiiUrd Hotel at 7 o'rtoofc tlii eveoiar to tr.ake preliminary arranfoments for be orgamzation of a pre?a club. - t . a E>unmrcu Oomit?TKf? ?Tho Prewirten* linn directed tb*' tUe aen'ence of Bobert IJrotr, wb > ?u coovtcted of murder ua tbo biga ar . tbe f>ee?too of th- Rhode Di?frict rVuir , in N ember Ivd. nod s?ntenc-'l to b<? bail*, n com it. u tod to :tnpri*or?ir*,nt at hard t*t.or for liTein thesute prison at Providence, iibod* lali>4 % ? J Rno^rlv?.riw P * Pr?p*?r?l I at the I'BitH Slated T'!?* following a ct?r?*i^ Copy of ID# net >k |iru?iJr i.?r ih# m ire ffoyarnnaan1 < of tbr mmm," a* u paterd ih Siui'i | |*1 rvfliitl: j V b>rHi no IfKAl government* or air- 1 .? r I'l-'ircnuii ior iik or pr>p-rt? now ?* -t ib i*k> I Hutn ?V VirdaM. NtrihOif* ' oliBB, So ilii C roL.a* Q or^ia M.1.*tna.pii Ammhi*, UiuKiint, Kliridt, |Vxt?, and Aik?B-.i?; ni<(1 win-rru u t? ni?*.f?<.ir? tb.v . (Mu-t Mid |vu4 iri?r fBon'U tut rniorcU 11. i ?*ui r*<?i>-n until u T il ana rpBUHCnn St*'# ion ii, m?iii* an be legally rs aiiuQpd: ru"reI 1 Ft it marled bu the Senate and ll'imte nf ft'fegen <f mhr rn.V'd Slatet of America i/i C m f <i* f. tant lid r?tW St ?t-? oa ili t>* ciiv??'?*d iii'o m11itury di?rricu? an1 mi4? nnhj*r< n the military authority of to* L'mi<4 I i S'uVf. n? heiPinaf'iM- prv?cr1h?i1, and for i purt*** \lrnnmt-ban eou?ti (rath* flr*t di*. tr.ft; Norib t>*roli?\anrt Sooth Carolina tan t *eeuoit ; (floret*, Afabiuv and Klor irm 'oe tuiro winct; Jli?sis*ippl nnd &rktn >a? the h o rib (fc?tricf;'aurt Louisiana and rem the Hitb district. Src. ? And bf it further enacted. That it shal I hf th* rtn j ol ih? PfftirtfUt to Uil(i) tj ill" command of each of nitd district* &a offker or the army, nof below ihc rnnk of brigadier <enml, Hi?d to detail a pnfflci?*Dt military force to pnuMf ?nch officer (o pTI*ra bis duties and enforce tits authority within tba district to which he ie a**ifrnerl >ec 3 And be it further enacted, That It shall . b?* tbe doty of va ii officer assigned as atoresnid to protect all persons in th>*ir right* of pert^n and properly, ?o nuppress insurrection, disorder nnd vtoienrr, nnd to punwb. or oaus* I to *e iuinished.mll disturber* of th* public I penct* or criminal*, and to tbis end ta? m iy alI |<>w local civil rrihuniU to take jurisdiction of ! nnd to try offender*, or, when iit hit ju-lg-n-Mit ! 1" tray be necesnary for tb? trial of ofTr-nri* . 1 b* hall have powr to onriniz* sn.lli rv commission* or tribunals for that purpose; aiid ail liitertrrvnc#" under color of Stat*- luthority with tbe e*.rcise of military authority uuder thi* ac shall be nntl and void. S?-c. 4 And he itf-irther micftd, That all persons put uxd- r military airest by virtue of I this act shall b* tried wrh<>ut unnecessary ?! i 1 ?y, and no cru"l or unusnat piinlsb-aeut shall ' tf infl'ctt-d; and no s?-n'>-uce of any military 1 c<imrtil??Mrr rr tribunal herebv authorized. afI f?-ct?r>f the 1'fn or liberty of any person, shall be rx?-iMite?! nntil It Is approved by the otB -er in command of Hi* district, an?t the la*s and r- r"i:iti<<n? tor the government of tb- army shall no' he affected bv (bis act, except in *o tar as ?hey conflict with la nrovisiou*: I'm. That no sentence of deah under the provisions of tbi* act shall b? cirriei lutoerlfct sn'bont th?* approval of the President. r*-r a. atia ne i? _/urr/??r That Wh*n I : th?* }?e> pie <>f any on* oi anid rvfH-1 < a .ea *h ill I ' hif iorm?d ? conautution of *)ve. um-nt in i conformity wi'h the Oon?'i'utiou o( tin* United ??'* e? m .ill r?-apert', ?r*ined by a convention 1 of deiegatea elected by the main citizens o: a*id I S'Kte twenty-one yenra old and upward. of j whatever race, color, or previous conilirlon, ' who have been resident In said Sta'e fur one l y^irprevions to 'be day of ?ucti election, except each lie may t?e disfranchised for p irticipVion i in thr rebellion or forMony a' common law. ; and when euch cor.?tiintton anall provi te that the H?*etive franchise shall be endued by all I rtii h persons a? have ?h>* qualifications h-r^in stated lor election or dHecaLej. and when <m 'h I con?titnnon shall be ratified by a majon'v of ! -be pereons TOtmjt on'he que-tion of rintlca i i on. vtdo are qualified a? elector* t ?r delegvei. m il w'i iimi ti cousii'ntion frball have h-?n enbm tted to Congress f ir e xsmmatl ?n and ap. provai and Congress have apvir.iv*<l t'ie sure and when ?id State, by a vot* of iU Le. p>*Iature elected ui.der sa d cous'J ut on. eh ill have adepted the amendment t>> 'be Cowtlru 1 n o'theTuited Stares proposedhy tbeTbir'yMntb Congress, and known as article fourteen, and when j-aid article shall have become a part of fbe Constitution of the United Sf.tes. said S'ate shall be declared en'itled to r"pr>-<eiitation in Congress, and Senators and Representatives shall be adml'ted therefrom on their 'akin* the oitb prescribed by law, and then and thereafter the preceding sections ot ibis bill t-hill be Inoperative in said State : /"rorivfrtf, That no person excluded from tb? - pri>iteje or Holding office by said proposed 1 1 Amended to rhe Constitution of tbe (In ted 8tme? el all be eligible to election vs i mi-mtw' of the convention to Irame * constitution for i any ol raid rebel States, nor shall auy -ach 1 perwon vote tor members of Mid con vention i Soc 8 And b' it further enact'd, That un'il tbe people of said rebel Sines mall b-? by law i admitted to represen'ation in the Congress of ? tbe 1'ntted States any civil government-- which may exist therein f>hall be deemed provisional onfy. and in ail respect subject to tbe para- > mount antbortty of the United States at any < time to abolish, modify, control, or supersede tbe same-, and in all elect-ons to uy office un r?er rocb provisional governments all uer^ona 1 nail rw? entitled 10 vot?*. and none other, who are entitled hi vo'e uncVr tbe prevletona of tbe 1 tlt'h section of tbio a"i; and no pereon eball be < elljcibleto any office rj.der any aiicb protrl t tonal roTfrnmrnta who would be dl*?iualided 1 fr, m boldinr office under ttie provision* of ' tbe tbird article of ?aid constitutional amendment I lr*=" HBV'D rATBKB BOYl* Will preach a ! IL ? C?sit'j Sermon at I mm?rnlate Coueafitoa ? i.urrh, 8LMD\T, f?k 24. tur tbe boo*Hi of the poor of that ports h. fe^l 3t* fife f AlB~Of KAsT W48UIW9T0M M I. LL5 CMC ECH, ODD fKLLOWr UaLL. 5AVT YARD. fell ftBlPAlT 81 TO m?Ofl?. nr^-D^HABTMIMT Of METROI'OLIT AN lij FOLK i, OMc? pf Suptrt/tltndtm', V? t) Lcm'jtarn ot:tnut, TVa-Amfton. F*i tM\, 1M1 1 ne toile?ttg U published lor the taforaa ton J fjb'se whom it au cbneern 2i',-,*i,?<110 Clow UH, bar room. &? ??! f *.^*y Dd of llUHDAT N i YT In ..imioM ifjftil "?"J >' la iflrarss^jivaK senqeKU v, *drs&K?5 tt ** * ' * tb?r??o m may be ^T?.t'ro'*r- . AP-. bicbIed?. - , Major ?a4 gu parlnun lent g^?PAWZIBBOK.E^# MOTlUtf. j.?.iuvu C7'sztmsz ai ryasasirtocV. i I^V2hV.2OIV: wUh ioo4 ufM ? SSU&ar* C0B^t?Kl for all could*!!- 1 n&7e?2<52S2l22.ej?14 ,"7*r '**** J*walry. ud all ktod. ' cnrtm#0* itoeto, S*rip#. Govaramaal S?pitftMaU*" b7 ?r W#ek 0n ^'fchAKdlM cab ^^~?ps3n?ttsr is ssnsis i Cbrtothn AModallaa, o* TH0K8DtT%viV! 1 i uu, rtbrui; Slat. VHP, It MtturtM B*U. " ! TicktrU iOMlU. 1 > r^s-'XEM V1B8T QBAHD TOJA1* A?D INIL3 MT HUMKhTAL COHOCBf of 87 l?0*l Mt*t OOMMBT BAUD will ktllni M 181UAl ITIkliia J?biunM.r>tk*kuHi?t , nf 8t DohIbIc1* Ckarch. corner 4th on<l Vita . Iilwl, Ctlebroted Tv?oli?U ho to been eoourod fn'tn*-o-caitOQ. Tick?ti 4??u Porfomouce to ot 8 o etwofc. fa to 3t (y-y-JOBBPH 8 BHAFMBLD, IU fBBNOH 008 V BOTIOBBEY, LAMBS' IC? CBCAM * DIMiMO AALOOB, ?? Pom. A*o. . M. ittb mm* 1Mb id. Woddluco (Htm ? Mat Mr PirflKurtlMM fhort MUC4 Wlllk BuMilHM l> hlMi4?. fooCf K'tkM, on-l OoufecUooeriaa, Jorti?o, Wod-lio* CilM, bfitjstlllf T?Mi UrnonMotr Ice ItMB, W|1? let-|w??o Plsth.BuMi TorBM9l*?M0itfMr* S000& Tarkej U I, Oborlotto tl?N, ??., 0?o titikduu Um will be MM 19 ftttNl to *11 do loiU ol orris gomeoM. B?qwii, W root bo, oM cat Floom W a*+*r frju im jOaiFH . IBArrULD iTf blimp tun. McPBBK^UH M r**aOM>?. 5' l Tub* avbnci. c?m? rrtsst, Him-. "OferagBUST" ?eWiM fnwrlH>mi mnhMi un?oaod d. Tke Hi(k( Ml irMWMy Nii?*r?i t\?a ( i>UV MIMTUlUim, '""'"firwttw, uji 3t* 3 ?m. i IV IB AT 0PIT. nt?u Br.u wrniRl mITfT lISTBVIIITfl it 1'Bl OLD BSTAflLIiUBD riBH 0* 1 J ?, OOLMTI1M M OQ , t KBh^KD ?'4.VrBH*0*BB*, 41 FOU* A?l> A Bitr STKIKT WIST, ! nr., tr&ris^&rsriiL Mrrci.ftt 11?#, To *11? air.nti^' for nVf 1 uu.e dtsir.d, ?t r*nsonhkl? rttH XWA 1 l,<t?ri ?t uii Urr* ?a*i4 fr??t1jr r?duc?4 |# V i atrictiT c i O oo4sL??cht for &dd#>ol4 ftt ?riT*t? tefl-ir COWORFSPION A L. TwMI>aT, KfOr i irv .1. Wilton |)iM r-g*trl?*p wldltll' |||d S?ilor> Umoa l#*f iru* *' Wsebingive, ib fUBviuuo to b? >Niqa v bdi pnMed bf Kt-f^rn-d to (Jon miH*-* L>n Miliary Atnim. o? au?; |r><vii m n pfll'l ID II me 'Utir <e ioa >f tti*< h n, dar *? of tfe#an? f i 1.1 Stitir-. R?'l?*rr?-a to O saimiitr* ou K-ejut i luiu-n. Mr Wilson, from the nnmmiticun .Xitit.irjr Af|>rr. r?|H-rMii bn H >m- >n??. r*i i ?i m rMt/(T( *t >4 <lpT*nip.*a; piop?rty a' 0 *n ? un u ihn st-tte ot otii >, io b- Htfil ?i t.i ?->'an lor Ik* iditrtK T Con>mi\t?-* report-d an aav?n<lraen*. Mrumi hat f ?r tn- idio'ic .ma tu*rtmi bouir lor di-atilea loldirrt, wh o l Vii miopird. The bili wat itn*n pi?a**>l. Mr. Howard, trom ib?? Uiimoaitu^ p:i th? fnclflc Kmfroal. a?ii*d ami obUiuod le.iv??lG b- riift htifi d fr; ti X'jtt tiirtlw t-oa'id-r* ion i>fn nnrnb^r of bills au'.hor.xm* railro uU trom ! different poiot# to th? Facitic (yu at Ulr. Wt leon introdnc-d a joint mtolutioa to ktivhnr ?> * irial nfih- r-nrr,? r-- irnaiwiLC . ut iron-clad sbipa an.1 ?tme fortifications to tbe fire of bt-HTV arltlery. Tb?* jornt r?t<6liition In relation to National a>?oeiairotm was p >a-?d. On notion ol Mr. Ch .ndler, .Monday next Kki net apart fur iiir cou*td>-i& ion ot ouaiue-s rom tbe Conim t e? on 'otnwerca. Mr. Anthony reported * i*ni 10 Amend the >? e retain.* to the Po?' Offle** Departinent Mr Moirm, tr< m the C inmrtee on tue Un?i ict ol Cotuinbin, if ported. wiLout amendment. tb- bill to rxluce he number of m>-m' r? of tb* l.evy Court of the County of W.t-hdf iod. Mr. Anthony introduced a resolution, which v*as adopted, iiietructrnK the Secretary ot tn-? Setiate t? furnish 10 the pitMisii-rs of the of Hem I debates ot Comre-* at ihe close ot each beer-ton tbe name and p.*' office address of i a ill Senator, wi> b a diagram of their seats, to be )>ol>li*h> d. Mr i'r,lin,l>i?.,n f.?m ik. fi ?... . . - j ' < ? wiaa i lit- V '111 III IIIPW Cll ib?* Ji.dici?ij', 1 ' cf wib &u am^ud-n^m ibf hill to ifFtor*' to loyal cltixcui iu th?* Soutu Ihnriv contlFcartd 1?> tb* r*b- I au'boriti*?. Tbf bill to MD'hon/.r 'be coiistrucion of a bridge o\er Ibe M >??-i?tlppi fit Clinton. lo AM. win taken up and discu ?<>d at great length. HorPE?On motion of Mr. Su-veus, (I'a ) ij vtns resolved ibn' b-reaiter tbe liousa wil m* ft rtailj at 11 o'clock h. in On motion of Mr. Ail- y. (Ma*? ) tbe Senit* Dill ?U^ g Hie COU* I IICMOU Of A rill i merged ito< iut>ul?r bri<lKe itcro?s the .Hn-tstippi Tiv?-r at 8>t. Lint*. was taken up and |)w?rd. Mr. Hooper, (Mas* ) from CJommittiM of Wayi? and Mtflii* t> ported, iu or>edU?Dce to a rrrolution ot tm Hou?t> ot a tew days a*o, a bill to provide warn and means tot ?h? payment of compound interest note* and to pre ir? >? miuiri cuumciivii in iii* corrency. ['1 Lie flr*t section an tliorr/f-s and directs the frecrrtary to receive on deponit compound mlereM note*. witb accrued iuteiv?t, a? a temporary lonu wiiti i?i?-re-t at 'U* rat* of im per cudl p?T annum, tbe principal and lutere?t to be paj able on said dem ind, raid nolm to conetit ute part of the reteive tuna oftbf National Hanks. provided tor by tueact to provide a J\a.ituual Currency; not |e*s than 2-5 of tbe entire ivei-rve nf ?ucb banks si-all cfnel t ot U S. legal teudrr currently, hnd tbe amount of such temporary c?rtittcaiee ( hall not be bei onil *iiiM liiiudr-d million* of dollar? The t-?"cot d section prohibit* tb?s Secretary of ?be Treasury from retiring or cancelling I'. S. corr^ncy nnVj, known as greenba k?, during tbe current year ] ftir. Hooper proceeded ?o explain the bill. prraent \?*ar, th? Sfcivinrjr of ton Trea*?rv new has ii?e power and way to provide m<>ani to iMke up these Boies by tbe i??ae ot 5-20 bonda or <-;U> bond*, or be ia?ty increase tbe ibvut* of I'renmry ho ps kno*n as greenback* but even then meaus mun etiil b? provided ?o trkf np 'hepp notes. The amount uu'^tiu I ug and tailing due ibe present year i?over ? < hundred and forty million*. This bill *i nply allow* tbe Secretary of Treasury to receive a temporary loan, for which certificates *hill be in-ijed at an interest of 3 ?5-l0o per anuirn. Tbe law allows the bank* to hold the cer'iMcatea as a reserve, and a? they are payable on dt-miind, tbe banke may at any time com* mnrd lawful money for tliem. Mr. Steven* (Fa ) moved to amend by strikinc out all of tbe fjret M-ctiou and inn^rrln? in Ii?a thereof tbe folio wing : Hr. it mucftd. <tc, That the Secretary of tbe rre?iiry I* hereby authorized and directel to rvrie^m the compound interest notes, with tbe ?ccru?>d Interest thereon, and t>? issue therelor United States leral Kinder notes Mr. Hooper said ne con Id not accept the intendment, hut he bnd no objection to have in expression of tbe House upon It Afier some further discussion, tbe previous question was seconded, and tbe main queetlun wa* ordeied. Mr. Hooper rose to close debate, and said be would no? prolong tbe discussion further tbtn to say that the amendment of Mr Stevens w ts calculated to produce an inflation or the c <rrenoy, tad bis (Nr. H<x>r*r'") prupo?r.iun irouiii not btTV thai effect. Mr. Stevens modified his amendment so as lot to make an excess of tlW>,<XK),000 to be is aed; nod the question was first taken on his intendment, aad it was agreed to?jreas HJ, lays 59. ^ V*1 ? WJSK^S.S: ALBX. B. BHBPHBBD * BIOS . sl'ccbssobs to j. w. tiomnox 41 co.. o. U69 P?bb. btbbbo. vhu>|(on, ?. 0., dkahes 15 HETAF.S, MTSCSLLANMOUS HARDWARE, PLUMBJJfO, (JAS and STEAM FITTING. PLUBBIBO WOIB la illltikriBehHlucntKl ?y r* periled workman, at ib? leweat prlcti.Md ?i fact iiliilHtUg (iTM, IV* ?r? tk? odit igrtu Bthleaio far tba PATENT LB A If ESCASSl) KLOCK TIN PIP ? tad FVLLMtCS PATENT loMPREZ-SlOS COt'Kb, which are acJtnowl<1g td to be the Bioit durable cock bow is um. AlMi VUKNAOI8 ?nd B&NGKdeut ap In tbe w*t BBOkrr, bi r*M<ntbl( rttti. we eepecitliy B?He BBhlto altratiOB ?od fMpMtlOB t* (he KMCKLHhOCK EH HA.WE. for * III oh we ?r? l?e mt&t" in this city; eli hnudred of which huve wn put IB by bi tndjiTt* o?u* **ti*t4rtion. Oar uiortBiBt or OAt OttAN DKLISIM. }R A*'K B ' B, *nu every variety or rilTUHBd lli* IMtildi of Philadelphia, Bad sold tt n?Bofactar*r piiete OAS VITT1IO of every deeerlptloo Introduced Bto prlvot* dwelllagi In the boat manner, aa I at aaeonable prloea foliet - u Tintan m ! !? ton arrival OI BIT til HOBS new and Umniifal PI&Htt8 tbl?-- . lay, to ?tiicb 1 tuviu tbe bMobUob ofXSM ^urchuMtre. MllTl ?jT24 Plane Boxee for t\m. JOBW W. BLL1S, 306 F?*. ere., het. 9th eh<l 1 th eta., Pole Dttotfer OhickerlM * Son ' Pt?"o?. fe W U aod Baltfc% Orfnei. VB. HOMTOOHKBY JOHNS' BOABBIBO I' AMD t)41 SCHOOL ru? BOT8 will com- I eve* Ita Tbh-d B?*i1cb Fob 0th, TH m!ie? wwt >f BlKl?B?bnrg *Bd \ of a telle wo?t ef B ?mlW B?llro*4 edjoiatng tk? trtnlm of the Agricultural College MomTQOMBAY JOHMl.Th. D. Principal . J. L. BBRK BLIC Y, A. B., Vice grin ga wra rrr ?? ?? H/Binfiii*, rriocv ueurge ? B**nnif. BKDC0T10H. Jn?t rpctfvM, ?t KMOET BAXTER'S, 114 Fi. teojM 19th tMl 20th aireeU. from Jl?w Tntfc?nd Pbttedcj*Mr AncUost. a lot of * * *25 J*'i?wTl?AB*lit?, ?Weh 1 am to?*?'"* * ? Ji* A?w?. TABbl aAFStlf1' TfW???, OAWIIMBKR, AlfkOAt, T?ri low; HALMoBAb 8K1BT8. ??n A1 WhlTl 0BA8H. 11 ?m* 1 ytr<L Si 1 ?* ^iOBT BAXT1*. gll0 IOOH. ? * 11^. 1?*BI?AB?D ?00D r?r JtyMfg ,1rf. Th?w*?*. Vi(hUnral*a. p satin jstoMasaXkQ Tyik Ki*?r, mtMuriBf fr<-m Mm t* Nal^r ^L!,T* &?? * . !? * curlSffi&JNESZf.?11* '** h?rk?r* to work todar. PHy^jy mUlE-a rrar deeerf that tbey wtll get their Oyatera free* fre? tha hell, and *b? On eat ^jr?rr.K'^ru?s."JKssru ft | if oatweaa 10th lad nigfrt>, 911 o MATIONAI* LAVHDAV, aii L-kl p?n>n?b?i mhMiuihiu.Z?l II work don* by hud. Ooodt oallad for aid iali vered, at tke ihartaat not loo. &u ki?4i or Vr?Mh flowing 4<w in pwt?rt ?tyle. h n it' Sfsast; doelre. to Inform bf< friends nni tb* public kobrsrrtiftlit*. ** * . * r?nlil tb?u with ill good* usually found Id a Hnt ela.i>a grocery. faHM Comer 11th tton on the let of March to tir tb* charge* there?n JuHN J. PBABoVr, ... - Qun and Lockaalth. Mo. 4 14 l> atreet. GOVERNMENT SE< URITIRS. w ASHinoToir, Ft^rnk'j *1. 1M7... . Jay Ooofcf A Do fumnb tb# following qa?. i t&'ionf of UoverumfBt aecartUeo: i .('? w Bm9*0 ; , T .i h's C^.ju i l??II \ L. 5*. *'H? 1 4?*H << S Fit# Twpune#. 1684 l ? WS' i' & nv? iw ?'?x ir?* U.S. Five TwHfiti^..l4i)i..ry,,?5 U6tf H?* r S T>u FprBf*. lul M l#l* * VS..S*tmi Tbirtw, &a|??ll.>v41i j 17. 5. thirth*, j ui>e.^.w10s<i l<?5\ C. S. >***? THirti*#. .Iniy <C6* H?5\ , HIV TOUK PI RUT R< > A R ft ItlH Coupons.. ll"Jt lu4i'% 101 ^ i 5.?i'b. 1-^s wlf 7 ?>'*, a mutt. ..iu>\ 5 1^ life* ''W?. Jo in t"S\ 5.wD'?, l&AS

5 20?, Ju JtJ?/?5.1u6H 13T* fc !? i<>a J'.ii 1 SJk t (l.fiU. The ptiMHfp by th? S?iiai? ia?t weainrof the llon?e am^ndim-h's to tb<* Senate's tnnml. nietit to Mr iUnvriM' Mili tar jr Government I Mil for itin S?atb*-rn S<n?*#, rirttillf 'In form of gov?*mm?*nt under which th? work of ib**ir r?xi>o?!ruo'ion eball b# duly initiated 1' went to ihe PMid^nt tn tim* for U >ngr?*<?8 to pa*s H over a rem, if be elects so to act upon It. Mr. R?-ver?iy Johnson very ?en*lhlf iiu?i p t l .ticaijy vf it bis support in preference lo lea\in* the suhjert rn itivr unsettled by this CumrfFI. which v nnM h?v# K??? ih? I calamity that could btv? beiallea tbe excladi-d (ii^iu! the people of the Soa'.h, who li:it? '?r more t? bop?- from any settlement ot the recotu-trnotion question at this time than from leavinjr tbe mntter longer open. Lnder gorerninenta established under this bill, it cannot fall to be a mere question of brief ' time when every man at the South not 1 obnoxious as an original conspirator to t destroy tbe TJui >n, or as a lealiag engineer of the rebellion, will be r?*u>red to all ripht* of citizenship, if mmifestiuK a dnjio?i'ion *o sustain hereafter ihe authority ot the Ueu^ral (Joveruuieut and to acc?pt in ftojil imtu iur iuailf(l'8 111 IQtt U I II 8 I U S111U t IUI15 that have inevitably resulted from tbe abortive rebellion. If tbe plan dually adopted be ft irder on that class of persou* ;tt tbe South than that embraced in thw Senate's proposition?as it cletirly M.?the Democratic p*rty ot the H >u?e 1 are to be thnnked by tftat class for its adop'ion It vsiw in tbeir power to bar* secured tbe adoption of tbe latter pUn, wbijft (it appears u> be generally understood) the President would have accepted. The Democrats, how- ( ever. ineisted on olnvinr lonirar wnti ? coiifiructton question as a party too' bill, utterly repardle > of the conditions and interests of the Sob'hern people. ileu?e tbe result. THE AWARDS FOR TRK PIUNTINO PAPER CONTRACT. The large contracts for supplying tbe Gov eminent Printing Office with paper bare just been awarded by tbe Joint Committee on Printing. Som? of the lowest bidders proved to be irrespontibleer onible tafurnish the piper for wbicb they bid, and tbe contracts were consequently awarded thus: Class 1?reams, to Wheel wright, Mudge ft Co . Baltimore, at 18 ' -In cents per pound; I9.1N? r ams, to Timothy Keeney, Norih Mancbe?ter, Conn., at lUfc ?du. Class 2?4,'?0 reams to O H Baer & Co., Muioon, in,?i z-j ana <-iu cents, aad4,<>00 1 to S. I>. Warren, Boston, at'Jt c?iu. Cln^s'J?Charles Magorgee k. Co., Philadel. phia. 1.U.0 teams at cants. CIifi 4?Timothy Keenly, North M&ncbes. ter, Coon., i,U/> r?um? at *2!) cents. Oiass 6?John H. Hall, New York, 24.00") renins at 30 cet's. Cla?* 6 ?A. D. Jesup, Philadelphia, 5,000 re?ms at 41 cents and 7-loths. WILL VETO IT Itceem* to be the belief tbat the President will veto the military government bill in the shape >i finally pasted the two Houses As It wn not 1 pasted nntil after yesterday noon, it coald ba? 1 killed effectively (for tn? uj waat is cnlled the pocket veto," but it ts understood iu*k iu? tresident will not avail himself of the privilege of tbns dispounc of iu bat will meet the issue squarely by a Twto. CONVERSION O* SEVEN THIRTY BONDS Secretary McCullocb will abort]J issue a circular noUlyiac tbe public that tbe Department ia now ready to receive and convert into live-twenty bonds tbe seven.thirty boada istaed under tbe act of August, 1NW, and due next August, and also pay the interest due thereon. This It done In Older that tbe bonds may be received and converted daily, aad no1 all be presented at the same time when due. TH* TARIFF. Tbe Tariff bill cannot be taken up in the House until tbe Tax bill is disposed (. and it is extremely doubtful If deOnxis action can be bad on it this session. **- ? ? ? u>imiu?iwu, uuvod nniiamfc. sends us tbe Galaxy tor March 3. containing tbe conclusion of Anthony Trollope's brilliant story, "The Cla wring's," and more chapters of "Waltiug < for tbe Verdict.*' ( S^Krom French A Richardson, 114 Pen 11eylvauja avenue, agents fur Scott A. Uo.'s re- ' prints of foreign ma^acine*, we have tbe valnable January number of the Weilmintter Re. , view l 1 Internal Hkvbncb.?The receipts from this sonrce to-day were 84m,U> j , , l TELEUKAJPaJA^ NEWS. ' FROM EUROPE. , Shipwreck ? Habeas Carpaa ia Ireland &tiU?nepead?d? *iaaa?ial a ad C?aaer> clal t [By Cat?le to iiaeoelatfd Prew. i j Lav*J?F?ol*Feb.21?Noon.?TheabipSontb. , amp tew, Capt.Sonthw.rla, which left thia port a few day8 since for New York, went oa the \ rocka ou the Irish coast, near Belfttat, last evening. Fab.91?Noon.?The suspension of tt\e writ of haUat cvrjtut in Ireland has been prolonged L.o?i>o?, Feb. 21?Noon.?Uonnota. 91* Ertea, 37k; U. S. 6-90'a, 74; Illinois Central, 7?i<. LlTXRroeL. Fab. ai?Noon.?Cottoa T?ry dull, aad prices declined \1X. Sties to-day 7,ooo bales. Middling Uplands, 13*; Middling Orleans, 14\, , [By Steamer.] ; Ntw Yobk, Fab, SI?Tke atauur All am a U fvnm " ?a^vn*vmmmaymjM UU lUB UlU QBS arrived. in an moonater bttwew u>? unWra and troop* in Belgian. three workmn w?r? killed, J and fifteen Belgium soldiers wouadH. The 1 rioters are advancing upon Hon* and Ju. 1 met*, and the troop* are massing in &*t dtrec- 1 tiun. - ' TFi . i ^ ,# ? mm m r Foo?-?Tbe report of the medical 1 officer of tbe city of London, just issued, 1 shows that mora than one hundred and fifty- ' two tone of meat were fast year condemned as unfit lor hnmanfood, nearly twice as mueh as the average proportion of the last fire 1 in addition to the meat, one thousand 11 ose hundred and,twenty.six bead offense aad 1 pwt w mmm immmj ox ara win con- 1 dftqaed. ' J W An important opinion wne rendered en I Monday, by tb?Sopr?rae Oonrtof New Tt>rk, tBTrf^rfdec to Uufaurof UMjBd(N of tl? State Court# to Interfere la Mielaitioi on- i liet#d mm trom tb? *rmy on writ* of tabmu i (or put, under A pie* of minority, declaring that j while it ie or ibe opinion that tbeee eonru \ I aalrbt bnveantbortaed encb dtfcbar??e oripr j ' ?o ?be paM*n* of the acta of Oonp+ee or 193 ] and 18M, tbat power no longer reaxMiw. < VHaactUSplrltni, Cuba, le ax I ta ted br tbe recat tmcid* of two foolieauorere. A rooac . mac, rendered deeperat* at being itrfaaed tbe hie* of iue adored one en eoooant of bis i>o*?-rtv. propowd to ber tbe fatal alternative \ from -whim Hmnlnt shrank back appalled. ( fthii fAfllont^ mnA UeWw *7"- ,j ;t-' , uu? on ?? , *boc?W?r Of b*r low, nwiid fron Aim tt?t d<*tb which was wvloome in bia omdmt-i * i?er???i shot from III rmlmt ud tb? t>air 1 **re ?BitM In distil. . ? P i !*? * LlKBI* BB OAIUO A FlOllAlf ?Mr m de la Poor, lately elected a member of Ptrha- * ment id Ireland, bus brought an action for I libel and defamation of character a*ain*t i Major Ml ombwell for having called him during ? tbe election couteit a d?u Keuian. c I N?jfeJ#lAX KKW& Hon AT Tfp>>BAK*i Hoc he ?Tb* (lr?t Hop -CMW, at U> is popular bnu?.<? took p?" * W?b>i, it? v*i a moat atr?*?M* * ?4 affnir. Bt ten o'clock lb* pa lo?? wer* crcfwenl with bcaatiNI and ncfcljrdr??a*d ladira m\ay of tbem r*?id?ata of oar pity, and a larr* namhrr of ( otlr ?iea, ?no a Wfcul WVT* HM* ? MT HMM ... Btriwu. stioriiy afi?-r f*a o'clock d?oan( I ? > commenced, and ib# lo v#r*of tbat ' DkMit enjoyed tfefmirlvci Afloat j ivfelveo'clock Mt SffnmM tiinouur?il ?upp?r, aud tbe (urate were usbereg iaio uie d.u.Di- i room. mneretaWM brtrinr #*?-ry dallexci of I the r-fKron vrtr?prffii Ibf comptuf ha vine tw?'i) UbbTbiMtto it Eii?t. of M t*> t. (>ba?aua, took ?be h^d or ifc? ?aM?. nn-i >apl?r was ?p*iOr?<?d. At'm pu mkmeot 't>+ many "food tbinc*-" the i<inu a.-am wiri-d to the i>arlora, ?b?-re daxji'iu* was rene#-d em* n*ttr? " A none tbe ladm prfwiit mrr* Mra. Jud*>* M->rrai, dmtfAaM ?Mm of roar Mi* tr?u<Mam? r trimmed with lace; Mr* Towcu-nl.oi Ne<r York, wort- a cr??a aiik inmmed *ufe tioni' id lace and heavily embroidered on the akirt; Mt?i Rr*ww#r. a al?t#r?f Hn s*m?n?a. w?r? a raaur*.colored ?Wc *n<l hlark lac? tbawl ? hatr irtmmwl wtrtr r?rrv>tr crimson v?*lv-?i; Mita Van Klawick, dancbtftr dl Johb Van K ?. *ick. ww s?Mr*v" in Mrbttnwn ttnmti?i witb t rid v>l\rt; Mr*. Suilre \r>. a fend--f r >n W* > link tliy, w?> ttn-MKl m l?J?e ?ilk irimii?<l w?Tb wbite cr-rfl : Mr? w.?r* * wdit? nlpwcft HitnnvHl wttn rw *el*?M?diamond jfWflry; Mr*. Humphrey*. tht> ltdy o! K-nr*. wnta?i*? Humphrey*. wor? a Mack *ilk, trurnit-rf ?i b black iac* nnd jat?Uair dr^?a#<1 -wfl?>w?r*: M?a* K*(M(>?oihi*, daafbtef <* K M Ooomba, E?<j., wor* an a?b?** ol rose *nk with lar* w*t?t?toalr drf??M with blue nr?. ben; Mm. Dr. Ken wick war* a win* col ?r moire nntiqtie trimmed wilb bomltift lacw? Dair crimped and dieted with (lnwnri. Tin1 w or'hy best. Mr. Semmn, *m nntirin* in r..? fK'-'f ?? j.r \ for tt?? p>?mf.irt and t*njovm#nt of tf?e company, and w*i! h?* succ ed?-d. .t mi** forth* Ma*r?i th? I inal Court.? Tbla afternoon. ?be Cleric vt tbe Court, >n tbe pr*e*nee?f tbe K*ei?f?*r of the City and tbr Clerk of th* l^vy Courr. rlr-w tbe name* ot tbe following to *?rie a* jurara to the next term of the Criminal Oourt, commencing March 8 J *iranU Jury.?Kicbard HJUTi?on. :M ward; .let.#e li. U'lUun, Itb waul. B-ujtmiii Swain, 5tt? ward, S. M tlolden, coun'y, J im'> t!ol-m.m, 5tb ward; Jobn H. Howi??tt, 4-b ward. Robert Clarkaon, :)d ward; J. C. Barry, Ttfc ward; Jobr NV. Morgan, county, Can A. Vpperman, L. T Cartwrigh*. <}eorge own; .las. Dobbyn. 6'b ward. Alex. Uutoeitor.I, 21 ward; George H. Ttilley, 5th ward; l?. M. Ball. Q* orgetown; W I' B unberger, 7'h \v*rd, Aroon Woodward, jr., Mb ward: s?mn?i tiregg, ?U? ward; J. (I Frvm, lal ward L A Stone, count) ; < ieorge Courtney. <Jeorge K Kennedy, 4th ward; Wra. B. l>owuiug, 3d ward. I'etfit Jvrort ?Andrew Jackson. 2d ward, lieorge Seitz, 2d ward; Henry Son?h?rn, 2d ward: fcmannel Gordon, 6'h w:ird;Geo. Hirr, 6tb ward; Alfred Wright, Tib ward. John P. Hilton. 2d ward; Hillary Smith, couuty. W. Ht-s'or. l<-t ward; l?aac H?ri*,?erg. 4"h ward: James T. Kerry. -Id ward: Patrick ymrk. 4Mi ward, J. A"gler.2d ward; O liager. l?t ward. 1 hop. Gaddis, 7it? ward. E M Oiiapm, 4'h ward. Jo*. K*lleher. 4th ward; 1' K Vernon, lot ward; Geo k'. Kidwell. it?t ward; ll?ary Hogg. 2d ward. Henry H. Haliday, 7th wird: Jacob Newratb, r.'h ward: P T *?wart. roun'y: Owen O'Hnre. 1st ward, Matbew Pa bat-, 5th ward; Job a Webster, 7th ward. Or.KAT*n Opvmittkt> to Jatl ? An aoon a? the death of Mary A. Reaves waa positively >uvwu 07 jnajur mciiiros i" a W*rrani tor the ?rrwt of Wna LUiMvrr, who wk arrested by Itecti ve.- Miller and Cooiil?">, and locked up at tb* headqunrte-s of the police. Yesterday mornior tb? ?xtmin?-ion took place before Justice Walter. Messrs. Norrift and Kendall appearing for 1 b<- defence. Mr. A. Lloyd prosecuting with Major Richard*. Ibr toMinoDT presented ?y the pr >v union was all ol that befor* the inquest. Much of which, especially the statements ol the deceased. were ruled cot The rerdict of the jury of inqaest was accepted by the Justice and coufcidered. Tbe hearing wu concluded last night, it having been postponed from three to seven w'clock p m , and th^ .) u?uce reserved bis decision until 11 o'clock this morning. At that hour Justice Walter decided briefly that the evidence In the case is very slight. Bat tbe prisoner being a medic.U man knew that bis physical powers were too preat for agirl of tbe size of tbe deceased, and should have desisted, and there is no doubt tbat tbe act of tbe prisoner caused tbs death of tbe deceased. I'nder these circum?tauc*"> be could not conscientiously do otMrwiM than tend tbe case to a higher eonrt Th? prisoner ? <> muifuairij aiDiniKtrd to jail tor court. Johh H. SrKBATT ?Tbe prisoner. John H. Surratt, is cuntlued during the night in one of three cells opening on a corridor, abont twenty, ft Vet long, la which, daring a good portion of the d?y<, he {MM bark and forth. He seems to be in eacellent health, sleeps well, and eats heartr, but speaks but little.aud tb-n only la regard to bis peraoaal wants The door at the end of the corridor M pianked up, and consequently he caaaot are ar bava any Intercourse with any of the other prisoner*, lie is very cloealy watched by th? guards, and while In tha corridor there ia a guard with fctia. Tbe Messrs. Bradley and Mr. R. T Merrick bare been retained as h.ia counsel, and yesterday Mr. Bradlay, jr., bad an lawrrtsw of some lenrtb with htm. Tbe alater. Mi as Anna Surra* t. -was last fell lur yuirmresju lub iuuilj oi (^p( B (rwynn, in the lower part of Prince fieorge'? county, bur for several weeks past sbe has been In this city, stopping wltb Mm* of her relative*, and it is expected that tins afternoon she will visit tier brother. 0*1*11* Jit Cocnr?Judgt Fixker Yesterday Joseph Bryant, convicted of manslaughter, was sentenced to two years Imprisonment in lb# Albaay penitentiary. To-day tbe case of Slergeant Wm. Walters, charged with manslaughter, is being concluded. The evldenoe in ibis ca** is to tbe rflect tbat on tbe 2tth of January tbe accused was la command ot a detatt of marines on tbe way to tbe river to gel ice, and on tbe road tome of tbe squad left It and weat on :be pave, ment. Tbe sergeant ordered tbem back, and tbe deceased gava him some words and conlinned to be mutinous. Tbe accused pat bim la cbarte of Sergeant Swim. mh.i mm * ?> to tbe barracks, lis wsat a Tew yards and broke away and grabbed an ice book in tht hiinds ot the accused over which they tousled. Waiter called far belp, bat received none, and finallr be got tbe hook from the deceased, whs staggered back, and tbe book caroe m ooatact with tkf? bea4 of tbe deceased. Tbe case was conducted by I *1 strict Attorney (Urrtngton for the Uurrmnixs'. and Mr. MerricK and Mr. LoTrjoy lor tbe defence. Attsmtt at SnciDB.?Yesterday morning JfllCfT tieatty. Of Ibe (second W&ra, arrested s woman named I^ena Mrnno cpon cbarces of trand and pattj larceny, and carried her to !h? llantnl ? ? k-?uc i u iru u*r CU0 Eur trial More Jostle# W&lw, and wns takr n before him. A warraat ft* a March of her rwdmee, Mo. SS O street. was hiHl. and sheaccompaniedtheoffcorrtofeehouse. While the officer Whs making the search she rot hold ?' a bottle of poison, -and swallowed auutuihty. As boob as it wa* discovered Dr. O M Bl?nK?eter wumu?d ta at tan a. and ad Shewaa yery lose this nornm*. The officers remaiaed wua ksr all rant* Blfht. , Lancmnr Una an?Wtwain Ride was arreeiad th*s morning. by Vacecttve Kettey and ?rMM t?lon*in* to tbe StJUaa." They vera taken from Armory Square. Be was ta*ea ta the deSecUre's office tnd was committed to jail far a hearing. Tbe sscm officers arrested Alone? Ferrv for be lareear of a Yalaable orereoot, the' property of Ifcr. (Horse Noyea. He vu cotnmlu ?d to jail far covrt. ' UOKTBAOT Awajldbb?Tbe contract for ForalihiBc *becorn bmI r^nrH OomkrtM?ry of ftabelatence, Depot of Wnabiarton, from tbe 24th of Faftroary to ma 3utb of Jan? irit, tba bids tor wblcb war* opened at tbe Mftar <ot Major Ball * few day* ainor, baa Seaa iwarded to Mare. Tboaaaoo aad Barry, of 3*offetowa, at M.48 per barrel. - . Electjoh or Orrjcaaa.?At a rcfnlaraaa. Hoa of Gaiambta Piawtet T?at, M>, a, lade, pendent Order of Aeefcabitaa, held on to* l-tb aat, tbe foUawiag oflcera were akactad for ;be eaaniac year, tI* D. U. R , Va Q Brock; D. 1>. E, Wa. Jeffaraoa: O. K S , Jam?t E. Boteler; D. F. S.. U. T. Hlcka; D. T , JW. St. Ilalr 0 I Pouca R*roa*a.~ Yaalerday, the police nade twenty-nine arrest* in tfea District. Pew >f ito oun win of nfleicit importance to A o .. ^i. w it .? J PA*mr+y ?b? bw?A juoxcr. it comiox b&ck to bit city, as* wnl favor tu wKti mni> cboiee , aorcean* rtf ijfcfftd 4P**|p, wblch is said to a* tcr specialltr. BrifaeU will probably cow fcfc*."1 >'1 u, ' -t. * ? ? ?f TTM OoRroBATio* Kirk WHA?" OHp?r t L<attm*r, auctioneer*, ihia moraine sold the )rlvil?*(re of the corporation fl?t? wtoarf lor th? sson to MtMri. J. W. D*nty JfcOo., for t^-45 :aab. / i A i 'v , \J f * I * ? k ?1 i 8?tITTW? LlQCr** VWLICWMWI* ? W\?T O ar ^ war tim'.i ti tniri ?t -rO a? ). ?t tb tr Ward, etiarr?<! with ?' ?*I ia r ? i on* nd WM flu?d $Ai ?n i t?:i ?f J tit* 1? ury. M *Ttnun _Th?-o 1 tf n%??n ?Mon? ?? a rran" fwrpwHI ntarrrt ???** ? ?^rjii Hail on SoMTda? tiWio >aa(tj| o'otock Affairs is t.*?rgaiawa. I T^imfV?ai >?ir*f.>T? ~ Tin- r**>i imv tfc* h pn>-at mt m*', i?4 i>(. rrtl THWM hmr* arrived i r.?tn S ft h-ro %i?i Jbaeu-ra poru lor c*r?o?? Tb? <??* lef' mi the vtbhtvr* a' th?> of narif&'.toa !%? win'W **' pfo*>*My offr IS.O>?? tone, wh< u caa be aiiMfltty tt trwH< arri re r*j>. idly. Tbe ,i in,a di*?eiu? <x tbe renal Inteade ? dnwolT tbe writer i???atard*y, wH prorrwl ?itl ih rvptiri fix. ewry ? w nio? Mtf >1 will pr?k*M? b> it?? middle of MarcA a* l?i ? April before tb? ??,>. ply of con) for the *n?nin* wu-on will t>-cia <o arrive tram C??Wrt?H Flock Maaicrr ?Tfca wea n?r to dnT le very ranch *{aia?t op?f*ti?n (? t>rf?flVtofr?; tbat tad ttte decline la o h-r market! afTtocte HI market here iuM?f n There are no receipt* irf flour rfr??. to) n. irat'Mcuoni are not inBctMt te )?n>(^ k rbirf?oi Ut* prloe ltat. aad pel pee are a . at. aUy * la?t quoted la the Star K>BI*TIH1 III* th? in rim. .. , . ?- J ! election n?*nwrt about tSU >u ?ri Un r?. unteU ito?-ic lafcora 1*1* wuruin*. lad up ?.? one o'clock baa rrfiitrftd nfft#ry ihitih w?t? ?hn? ctht-?' li)fiTovOuii.<iiTo?ii ? E?i?*d-^ct?o- i,#r K. f. Maanara. tiahhard. Norfolk. > a I \|AM RK.-Prop wilt t?- r??tr*4 at i n I 1*1 r>Hica?4 tb? Ka-k<a(Mc ft ?Mr|? nvn u n|. reai loiiiMi, 6W? * ? .l?r??? af>nn?, aatit WlDMHPAi, lb# >7ik ta*t?at f*r all in* M AMI'KB fr *'b* of tfc? 0*Hi? *oi rv M itb I * vatrat l>??M hid? win Mate <ha price far a^vtb Wnr further itlniMMlfla apply to JOH1 | ?ATHft. 8a*ertatei.4eat hit K pftuKWAii roi r?ui lifter bUMUTKX' t "fHI. P 8. A . i ft?r of III! Lon t.arU htl ini'Tr. Md . 14. U Bfftlad ?rep tali, io dai?J*c?*e will *? r*ei -1 at illi I/tic- gmil I. m ou P*t> u, l>i~7 IiTIIm 9 kthti Ultr iejui'I ?r t . . pl? of ib* troop*. 1 ?pital Miid >1 t* Mar. * * Vitgiuia lor aim m b?h* Irm m ||r,| I. 1-fcT or la?? lim* * ih# <!?r?lMtr| u u f>r*l ?f Cnl>(t><riir? m*; 4<r4rt T I < ) ? ' i ? at Wtiftiwfw W>.t T rrl?1a o?th?(,rilFro( ik?<>v*'M?rf or t i l?it of ?i?tao ->t h?< pi* 1 h* Iteaf iv |i? of rood and m?rkM?H? i??itr, 1 <B ei?l?l pi?p lllon of I irr alid hiu-1 Mliaier in* >1, <B? ka !)!< k- >D'I kdoM allow to nrl?4?l | Tti?n*tkaol thr taUl* Iit?-ra.1 n?*l-r (kx ?cimh tbt>k? I l>> cm *1 ?l >** f. urtb ?*r?.- '4| j> iot aiM thr btea-t tiliunted <l"Wn Ik* itxiti of ilM-loroiiKrtrrf ikull lx<al off from tttr*.-i tour tartar a bur- tb? kn^a roint. na<1 ef hiu4 jn ?r teri Iroir nix fovigkl lnrh< ? ?hot* the gamor?i or h' .mint. Bf<i<l*ra ar?? t" ka a: "want f* ria-^.oi to thair l ld? mil p-"?.par*1 to |it* buBd<U th*lnllllmri(oHli?lr k<ilrw? Pr??<a?l? niH"t b??i<ar>H "tlattartlf " Pr pof.-?r Fra*h an4 ?<1 dr?-aa-<1 0Q ,?r alpha.!, who ra?*r**a th- rlfbt to *nr or *1! bM? ?o? to tkiaintar*at of tb? Can** fttataa. Cofxlttlona. r*quir?tn?nta. parnontf. Be., ?* heretolof TUUX AS WI.^OB. Btl. Litat. tjl. ?ndC ? U ? | . 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If aa? ?n?j bar*. m'iir aaid petition >a#ht a ?t ta ha (r*iia~i Pitmm oppaaiuf the eit~aeian arr re<ialr??d to die in the Pat act Vt>c* their oi+rtinm* appall) et forth in anting, at la<at ??uli dara inifur* th-daf af haarlam all toattaton* tlod b? eitler part) to fee aaod at the aula bearina no at k>? i*l-i aad transmitted in accociance with th? r?U" ??f the office which will be faraialie.1 on acalica- ? 1'epoaitioiM arnl otner paprra rai?? up-n a* tfm<4iy moat be bla-i In the office tweuiv dart before tbadav of bmritiB. the argumvute. If an>. IttkIS I?nii?t4 AfUr Hiinff ??-?i.? ...a Ordered a* r> that tbU Notice be oaMUawl In th? ft-rabltcan a .rt th? Motional Intellia*acer. *'%ih 1 n*itorn. 1/ C . tad la ta# Jowrnai Bo?it onr? a ?*tk tor threa aaaee?atve areeka. tr.? Cral of Mid puKicatfoaa toko ?t iMMtiitf <lax previous to the day of heart n* T 0 TBIIKIK. a. _ Comalsatoaor of Pa rata ? BSltBra af the p??*ri wVl c >py . and tfoH their MI'a to the Patent Offlct w < a papar aontaiatac tbta o <**> . feti-f* tJw ruiDis skids: PBAS, BEAMS. " ' CA.BBA6I. TVUIIP, . _ . _ . B*KT. L?f TCOt. *c . Sc. -iJSL'2? ?a racaJrt of my la ported OaKMIN SEKoB frmn Yem rla And r lea a I Ot, Pan* Franca aod Hnrat * to*. Loed^a lultwl. ?ud h?*? n?a<1e arrangement* with the laraaat and uiun ihiwh H>a ?r<i?r?rt ia It* l ?iH "Ul tor m? Im itMl gni?. tn4 bare M? IB Iter* a larg* ?crply, wtlcU M* wtmaltd fr?ah and g olua. 4. P H&KTHULOW f?19 wit iXTth itmt.WIt* P?mi. AB~ OftiidY 7o? juu? a iir>ofio Mtr& PKBCBA BOl/ribO. Tb* nnderalfaxd ton lake a the ?(uir for tb!a celrbiBtad B .vfei g for tbi? DUtrict. Mi mr- ?r?fii>T*<t to apply It ? B*? toatidlara, ar rha r?p*irtig iMkT o*m of ?r?rr 4a*crlpttom TBI* B . flue baa aoparaadxl all otb* a wk*r???r ft kM b? a iatn<4ao?d. It la co<npna*4 of a toqa<1?ttoa f hMTf b?B( MDfU fttv?t*4 m4 com Witt, u t-lMtlr mt?r proof intti ptrcba a??.*at. and i? eonpltUIr F1BB 4KB W4TBB PBOOP, Fertrfcf hard amo"tb aurfBe* of atoaa 4U?, JOBS'8 IMPBOVBD PBB8KBY4TIVK P4 1 HT For damp Walla, cover!** tin ruofk, iron tailimj?. Me. ? ?lco ara ?roprl?tor? #f th? I P lO Y IB W At * ? P HOO f PBLT, CIMINT ,, .. , ASB?EA,V*L EeuriNO, (MiklnlBc oh*?pt.*??, U jraMHt>. itJ M-nrtlr Uilut w?l*r or flr?. Ai1 w.r^ * " ^ n?a?r the l?r?oaali(Mrfi>l?'i ?'1f' K. II.PCIIII|l*fMrAroi, vko ht< bal an narleace In tools* for it* 1m< mxImii ??.ra intMa Mty. All klnda of Wky roofa ro?alr<?4 at abort n >ti ?>4 *?rrut?4 to fir* wlufwioa ? to dta(*bil> i?F- _ . G 1 9t0ltOU. Mow Joraor tn . bw D ntd I n . f# II M$t ?_ l+mr Hml 11mor* Depot. QA&DKH BE* DR. UPlt tUBI, frc* , JOB1 ?AOL hm dow In Store hfa es'fD?iT?- awk of lit. DIN tflVDR, which ar* tki* a*-a?.B of flnaat jiialitj. Wron hit Ktctiotl ( th? and tkaftowta ti?nM t>?*n growa M*cUil> for bla aalM, tbar w* rr?i>t?4 imk. ?or,. feOMB* FLOH1I eatrfteiac *11 tb? BOTfltmi from Io|Ua4 aad tfee lOiiiMut. vitb into? article* i?T?d iron tola rieta ooll< *tio* ,( ritrld riuwtr*. FKUIT TKIKI of flDMt gaalttr, coc-iatlus of ?* ?? AmIh, Poach**, AprtcoU, Ob*rrU*. Ic. CBAP1 VlHIS-D*lMrar*, Concord. D te?. B< gen llybri**, loM.Klroulte. *c Strawkarii**. Bl?ckh*m*?, eo***fc?rr1**. Carrwita. tT*rer*?u?. Sh*4? trw. Emm, CroM UfC?P Plant* Ac *?a>OT<"? l? 4?? Ttta iITM( f?18?ol? ???o?tUlf. 8. PaUDt OffiM ?kn ?At|?p by i.m o uif. 3U ILL'S |?n?w<altintwl frwiflB Nr? Tori OHtjMiP, R!fSKS?K%K. _ Ml? 1 BBOWM BOAP. Torn* ckHl for r?it Or4?n tftmil tki Fo?? OAct will M prowptl) (tt???r4 to IIWILL, ?l OaMIU MmifMHrn, Mo. am ant 01. wmMk^b* 4 Hi ?? ?tk. j* Ht? B* lALIXAIDU *W? * i *uil av?nu??-OoM Ulm Ml 9tMi *PIO TACLK8 niMleof P?kbl<w.?n4 OPCK4 ""j'" bllU' pfcoifj?rnrii ? _ Afmll tiNrtMNftli mr%am efcefe* VWu for BHl, J. 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