Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL News., AMU8BMK3JT8.V . TQ HI0TTT Waal's Naw iifkka Hi>usb.?"Ti* Child of tbe Regiment'' and Somebody E*Se '* NATIONAL TMBATBB.- Edwin I'OfTMt U HamieL" Mi?s as - Ophelia " I'itcxac Hall. Inland?Grand sairee o' the P3 thl m Bam- Ball Ulnb. Hall?Hon. Wo. B. Kinney will deliver tbe Seveulb Lecture of ibeCourne under the miipi ?? of tbe Yosug Meus Christian Association tbia evening Mirri* . OK tub Kltri'JSLH'Al A8?o i. atiomA regular of the Aepnulu can Association was hf Id lvsi ev^niag ?r tb* T-'&lOb Booms, which, on acrvant of tlx wtatfcfr. wai not nnmerously au*oaf>i1. In the tiUrtx r ( I the officers, Col. Curtis look tbe cbair, rutd Mr. N. 11. Miller acted as secretary Tbe same* of C. F. Barnea (white) and G?o. Haw kin* and >ergeant Halloa (colored) were propoeed, ard they were elected member." Mr Jos Williams (ui Kredericksburg, Va?) called atten'iou totbe fact that on tbe preceding e\ enifc<r he ha I noticed a doorkeeper of one of the ben ate gaiierie* very tenacious in bis man erol ?ea'iii? the colored people apart frem the white# f ,lt. speaker spoke to tbis man in relation to tbe matter, aud tbe man answered that be did approve of wbileand black setting togrtht r It wa? ra ber a late d iy tor a man to auempt to exercise bis power In preventing tbe colored man enjoying bis rights dirre ly tinner the eye of tbe Senate. Mr N H Miller remarked that as tbe gentleman had ust-d no name be could not see that there was anything before the meeting. Mr Williams asked how it was tnat siame of tbe memi'ers can bring any qaes'ion before the meeting and others are Interdicted. Tbe ('hair it-marked that all subjects connected with the enjoyment of freedom were proper subjects for tbe meeting. Mr W ilti ?ms remarked that be did not desire tbat any action should betaken, and he was of the opinion that tbe mere mention of tbe suhjec' would cause its remedy. Dr Boyd moved the appointment of a committee of one to ascertain the name ol the party ailnded to: earned. Mr \S illiams was appointed the committee, but positively refuseu to act. saving that he woulo report tW> matter to Ben. Wadeor On*?. Ssumner. but not to the association. l>r. Bovd was appointed. 1>t Boyd remarked that during the war he bad tbe pleasureot goiug tj the neighborhood of Bort 11 baeco, ana brnit<ng the wives and chudren ot two si loiera from thb farm of Jud;** Jenkins On Tii>-?d;iy he bad conversed -a lrom mat neighborhood, and he was informed tbut it be ever went to tha' section he bad better bring hi? coffin. It bail he-n re. marked tbete tuat they were sorry he (Br Bojd) bau not been served as Lieut. Wuite bad been on IVI :*otnorony tarm. He wished it understood tha' he was mio oe intimidated from going w ben he ptear?W and he intended togonexi 4 b of July. J)r. Boyd spoke also of some of (lie Navy Y ard copperheads ?tt? mptiug lo shove him away from the ga'e of tbe yard. The Chair expressed the hope that the Doctor would he a ie to go and return from M iryland w ithout ti,e use ot a coffin. ? Sergeant Haiiou (colored) called the at'eu'ion ot the me. t ut io he :? t that a meeting of he colored people wf the Fourth Ward woula bheld in tLe ihur> h on 3d street, above L, next Monda>. and invited -he member* to attend. He remark* d that a few evenings smce he h?ard a color-.i man lecturing at tbe church referred to. and he was endeavoring to impress it on tbe p.o|>|e m.nt it wi? their duty to vote for the candidate* of ihe Democrats, ij they were good met, Ue had no use tor any g*|- [ vanr/ed copperheads, and there was no use tba' Demrctats tonld be pot to but "to plow the sul| br.ri flames of a never-ending bell " The man he spi.k" of was urging tnat uo oue ] should vote unU-ss tbey could read. They did not a?k cbe colored inan. when he was about entering the service it he could read, and tn-y eboul i not make it a qualification forsnflrage. Mr W>lli me called attention to 'be tact that the dea h of Alderman Edmonsion, of tbe Fourth Ward, made it necessary for the M iy ?r to trd?-r an e.ection, and some action should be taken *y the association to secure tbe appointment of proper registers or judges of election Tbe .Vventii U aro bad already selected a man for register wmch they would snbmit to the court. Mr. C. F Barnes spoke of tbe meeting in Fredernk.-burg, m tbe Seventh Ward, last Monday night, a- a very successful one. ihe crowd running from four to five hundred. Mr. J. Sayles Brown moved the appointment ot a committee to suggest the names of proper persons io the District Supreme Court lor appointment a* registers of voters which was carried, and Messrs. J. U. Kl vans and X H. Miller (white) and E. K. Lewis (colored) were appointed. r>er?eaBt Watson urged that at the ward meetings the speakers would impi :<> ou the celored vorers not to move from on"" precinct to another until after tbe election, as tbey may lose their votes by It. Adjourned. Tm Pi blic Baka ? Tbe bill ?ror tbe establishment and maintenance of a public park in tbe District of Columbia." wblcb was p issed by the yni^ yesterday, is as follows B* it ma< trd, <tc , That a tract of itnd, in the District of Columbia, along aad adjacent to Rock Creek, embraced witbin tbe limits and designations of the survey made by Brevet Brigadier treneral N. M cbler, under tbe order of the Secretary of War. in pursuance of Senate re-olntlon of July 1?, 1&>6, and conforming in its boundaries as soar as may be deemed expedient by tbe commission hereinafter estabii?h?d to the projected boundary lines of tb- park designated in said survev, (^htrh inrviT and plat, approved by the Cemmitreeon Public Buildings of the Senate and House ol Repre-tentati yea, and k>endorsed, Is hereby directed to be deposited in the custody of the secretary of tbe Interior,) shall lie purchased by the United Suites for tbe purpose* of a pnhlic park, free to all person* under such regulations as to police and government as may by proper authority he established. Sec. '4. That lor tbe purpoee of effecting auch purchase ol the greand endowed within tne designated ?urve v. a commission is hereby constituted. consisting of Brevet Major General M O. Meigs, Brevet Brigadier Q?n'l fi. Michler, and Brevet Major Qenera! H. <*. Wrignt, ^ duty it phall to n^outU with tie owners aud receive written proposals for the eale to tbe I nited S'ates of their respective tracts of land, or of so many ot sacb tracts or euch parte of tbe same as said commissioners find can be had upou reasonable terms, and av they may deem recessary or desirable for the purnoeee of a pubile park. Sec a That 9aid commissioners, any two of whom shall be competent to act, shall make report to tbe next Congress, as soon as practicable after its commencement, of their actiou in carrying out the provisions ef this act, setting lortb in detail all tbe agreements tor purchase entered into by them, tbe boundaries abd e?t,. mated value of all tract* that may be necessary to condemn in consequence of the failure to come to any agreements, and what portions, if any, may be omrted from such survey for a park without detracting materially from its advantages. Sec. ? Tbat all agree menu and negotiations herein provided for or authorized ou the part of *aid commissioners. ia tbe name aad bebalf ot the I'niied States, shall be made subject to the approval ot Ooagrese, and shut m no wise bind tbe United Slates aaieea s? a;>proved. ? Dbouks or KaBiKAH.-La?t evening, the degjte ot Ke^kah was conferred iq Cnion Lodge of Odd Fellows, at the hall on nth street. East Wisbington. on elevea lad es. Tnere were a large tin?ber of ladles present (repreeentisg the d?r ree aseociations) as well as male member* of the order. The degree was-conferred bj (irand Krpreseutafive McLean, assisted by Gimnd Representative Haveaner, P. G Wm. p. Brows, and P. G. Win. K Newman. alt?r which refreshments were served to the c. mpany, aud aoine time spent In social conversation. Ac. ? A I'enrrL Calxkdab.?Messrs Phifp A Solomon have sent n* a coyv of their New Adjusting t aletitar for the I9tb Ontury," which is very ingentons. aad supercedes the neoeseity for a new calendar anaually. By only moving a slide once a year, it ts good until the year 1 !* o ?. ThbGbabd TasTtHoMiafc Bbbbvit to Mr Abuer S, Brady, of Braey's Gymnasium, will come of at tt:e National Theatre on Saturday evening B-gf.snd the enterainment will be jf the most diverubed and eatertaininc character, as wilt he seen by reference io tbe ad ver* use meat ' &IU i'VSfaM ? M>e>re.Uouper A Latimer sold at amf u. v .>isrday ntteruoou, the following: -v >.i :ou?! Metropolitan ai l- l. ? ?? ? "? huniR now W-tMilti^ton < orporj . ^ ueiit. quarterly s*ock At 9 | to ?m.?-rr .e ,, # - ? A " a . > *T ii" a.<iO' a r I/wf^Lao ?f-t , tie.iuerrmi. *l.i cave bis aatn~ *? Bavi*. report-d at poll** k> nP ? rr-e * it* ? nf ?) hv lie * . t* ...u- Hie xu-u> y on a -i or t>-r he 7 *M-e* "Iffler A fVxira' > in ?: d ai .fle b C'lhO i>?t?arte?eu'. ,wt 1 *?.<% 'h"- in onn' of the order Mi It *. s?? T-a? * ??. . i ,n , " ?rr?r. ?'r?xn i*>tsc?KXTABU' 1 4 ' ~ bj s* Dominic's C. rpet Itaad. a' S'. ic's I'l rnli. I-iAnd. to-morrow even t 1 .v will be s ri?re Bcnctl treit, assoin-* II iii. il.-u line bc!*j ::gaged .?<! AOJTJiA E lw I T^xae I m t I 17*1.H 41 - A f jXT'. At 1 ?* *' I ' ItMimii k*D TTd**T*T?-WVclip U following items (Tom UM Gtesstt* M *e?erda. ?I r I i>- 'K * i-?ie mr9 }afor***4 *T im ItfflM wfco hat visited the teen* of ib? kortm operaJ??na ,m P ***1** ?*** Inn* ufOal .Toba T2"4 wnwir mUs. io Fairfax cmiwtjr, tbat oil tin* urtqu*Qtiou&bl> b#*n ob* aod tbat m* discover? of valutblewerute dairy l^fc.d for. TltVw > > f t.* WtUco tarns the angers is kept at work aa3 aid yiibl, ?ud tbe dfptb reached ip to this time i* on*1 bwdrad and flfty Mi A nwtfn* od tbevot>reof rtie Third Wvd. IVlf'1* Wd at rb* Court House to-ulg%u to beaxaate candidates for the Hoard of AM?r. n *? and Coin in on Comcil. to bo cbe?*n at the pi rwichim nntiictp&i ?l*ri>oa Very active preparation* are rolnr on fir tbi" flihisr wnwin Tho landings wfll, -?nemity, he prepared for work, on or aboat ton It ti of xtion'b Many hands are employed on estates on the lower Potomac, in cutting wood for tbe kom* and Northern markets ? CITY ITEMS. Thb Latb Paorutui Dacrb.?At a m?etingot the Standing Committee ot the If. S. Surf tar y Commission. specially called. February 19, 18?7, to coeeider tbe bereavement w bicb bas befallen tbe Commission in ihe death of its Vice President, Al*x*nd?r 1> tilts Bache, 'hefoiiowing resolutions wereadop e<i. Rfolved, Tbat tbe Executive Committee of the V s. Sanitary Commission hears with fraternHl rrunbllity ot the death of their honored associate and trieud Alexander Dallai Bacbe, one ol the original members of the Commasion, for three years, and unul bea.tb wholly failed, among its most active and valuable workers, its only vice president, and al wavs its loyal, warm-hearted and intluential sup. patter. NesUved, Tbat in Prof. Btcbe's mili 'Ty, cientlfic and administrative training ana experience, as well &t in bis uanve full, nets of mind aud balance of character, the tSnuitary Commission found an mexbit usable fund of conns* I and wiedum. while in his es. tabliFhed reputation and hirh position they famed honor and confidence in their work, and r?Tew to themselves the sympathies, science and tbe good will of a large constituency now iii other fields of difficult enterprise ana eui oeavor. ftesiilrtd. That tbaexquisi tecourteay, gonial m.iBijort, and warm-heartedness or our late associate, bad endeared him to every member of the Commission, and made the memory ot our uftici*! intercourse fragrant with tender regrets; and that among the- most precious recollections of our history will for-*v?r conii.ue the ima^e of bis wise, gentle, gra;ious, humane and faithful character. Resolved, That the Cjmin^sion will testify heir repeat tor their late Vice-President-!* ii" mery, by deputing a Special committee to i 'ei,d bis funeral a*, the Capital, aud that the 'resident .and Secretary. I?r. C. K. Agm-w -ti.ii hr. J. S Nevvoerrv, be that Committee R' olred, 1 hat these resolutions be engrossed II 'he minutes. and he published In the p ipers f ft vt)ingt??, Newport, Philadelphia, Bosion aud New York. Dbi.iciocr Ovpters.?Harvev A Co . tH'J ! ni syI\au- a avenue, between Oth and loth streets, aie receiving tlieirsupplies tre>h every >. of the most superior qniliti.b We ad-e ?>ur readers to ro there for u fresh aud superior oyster, served in every style. O A Fii-Low PkBLikii makes one go to H.-nmiig's One Price Store, on the corner of St-ven>h strt et and Mar) land avsnue, and buy his clothing. OPTtriAH -fiolJ, Silver and Steel Spectacles ti d K>e Glasses made of Brazilian peb'ile, at reduced price. I. Alexander,-4<i Peuueyl vania ?venue, between 12th and 13th streets. ? AXDKOPrOcntN Blkacukd Mi ?M\, Jii cenu eryard. at Kogati A Wjlie's, :Wa 7tb ttreet. bet wetq K ana L. streets. A A i'A M -on, I?ea!er in House-Furnishing doods, " C6 Ninlli stiver, uear Pa. av. WaahinKton. Ai ways on hand : Heady-made Sheets, Pillow C'tses, Feather and Hair Pillows. Bolsters, Mattresses, and Bed Spread-, Blanket*. Window Shifes aud Fixtures. Carpets, t)il Cloth. Cr.t?b. Toweliti<, Hiid Table Liueu. Mattresse* made to oruer or Kenovated o l>u. Whit*. Chiropodist, W4 P?nn ar . beiweer bud <j?b streets, <ontiaues the successful treatment of corns, burnous, bad nails, enlarged joints, wart*, moles, vaacular excredences, Ac. (office hours from o a. m. to i p. m., and ? to f p. m Established ItstJl. ? Fo* Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price fl per bottle. For saJe at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between and 6th streets. o ASumPiu Ccrb-I?r. Gilbert's Pile m strumert positively cures the worst cases of piles Sent by mail on receiptor *4. Circnlare free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Komaine. Manager, No. 475 Broadway, New York. 3: Fmm can be bad in any quantities at in# Mtar office counter Dim. _cA1B0LL. SnddeilT, last evening,LB30KAB 0 , in ant ?sn?hter et Andrew J .Bd Susan A. Unsll.ifsd s months and l?4a)t. Again hav* these fond forests bees cal'sd to FM1!! b*b? ?Th* 'he J-ord bath lakon away; blessed be tbe name of the Lord 1 he fnneral services will take place stlts grsn<t fati efi, rorn?r of G and llth street* east, on to ?nrtn? afternoon at 3 p. as. The relative* and rieiidsof the family are ro<inested to be prssent * BFRQDy BF. Departed Uls life on the mk 'nstan. after a long am painful illness, wnich f Pa i of Augis?ta Biirgd?rf. and th0 daagbtsr of J antes and Muaan Sspey. In the lid ) sac other age "d friends of the family are re spectfnlly invited to attend ber funeral en fri streeteorth tTQm * r*a,d*nce, 444 D _r*AMO*8. On tbe tttb. JAMBS WILLI A >1 FBANdBB. In tbs ?tb ?ear of bis age, son of George W. and Harr Frances. Tbe frleadsoftbe ranuly will attesd the fnnsral n rndar. Md. rrom bis father's rssidesee ti jh ii street, between Horth Capitol and 1st nts.' * \1 IT BO POL IT AM FATERT i" dTRAM BAKIBf 347 0 street, between 4* aud ?tb streeu. 1 Fnrslsbed %itb McSenzle^ Splendid Keel Oven and iliemost approved tD?cbfnery, nslngn >ne bat tbe be>t material, carefully se a ted Tne Crack eis nianqfsctsre<l at tills establishment a-e save ri r to any heretofore offered tu this market Wt IriTite attention JJo?IT ^ A very choire arti? Is, from select family flour. BOSTON OB AUK B KB. Brem Welch's famllv floor, equal to any In the a |".X" t"-.^J2S43fSSSa^,rWATEB OBACKBBH ""u*ra BUUAB OBaCKBBS BCTTBK CBA0KBB8, OBAUBBB Dl'St. i PILOT BRB^D, OIBQBB an APS, ' e snpphlng Grocera tM Vaai\ii*a with Bavenners we? knows FAMILY H KB a D l31? Tao. h/vbMWBB. 34 7 0 500,000 8MLVJ" WTtlWW FOB FROM KEiiDALL HKEEN VIXEYARD COBOOKB, Ike toast valuable 9rape la the 1BOIMIA, UATAWIg, BBBBOGA, MAMA, HABTFoBO FBOfclFIO. wi?b many other choice kinds, at ft 19 per lilt "less saftsjauw""?* FlABBOMD Fruit Store, 4?l 8tb street ' 11 I YVM H WetATLITl PtimON STB AM Xiistrs&rssstii. HDd in tMd ifciitg 3 D?etrg aed 8eeariug ofall kttolsd.nelo the beat D:auu?r _ /basltai for feet fare** the s?Mcrlber ol'H to tbe eeminwnd t as torn o? the cemmntoty Boeds received and returned*? express with tbe promptness and despsteb F?*? OW- e M'idrese. Look Be* Mo *B (i?we elrsssdaHy at eoaaet evoept Saturday, I" * ** at t.^y f, to fo HMm L" O B B A L " We have ju-< rrrelve.' twewty bwaAofBaoicn If*.* voung HOBSBS, among them are t.veral e-tpe. V 1 hc?e in want of each will please rail at PBIOB A BIO S' > !> 3t Stabler ?th st..near a AlfKBrCAM OOLD STOCKS and BOMDS. lenfhtes eemuussion at the New York and ether etork Boards. Qnotatiou. regularly revived. L,w" FM/pHAL MOP.V -Tbe onlyAeMaid and ?afe remedy to, sirI teriue (W.?RuctUn?, Monthly WfiticaiMsw. nd ail otto-r Diseases te wblfh t% fe . )a#e; ulwb Jiabler-' It Is SS aeeftitB oTthis I ?e?o?et> ie ?be?r acn. u tbat ihey rh-iffIB it .be ; tnk? 11 bj Fregpart female*. <dur| .g the first three EOLtksja wi'carria.e is certain to be brouxbt l 01.. bet at t'.er p?ri<vl? their use is p?rfe> tlv ! safe. No if aoutb U street, bote een 9th and I ltth, Island fo IS 3t* ^SH?TO/ t AttttSKMKfrMTS. J WALL'S HEW OflM HUlkk. SVIA.^W? ?~JfcUFIUlTuM-; B. PB1LUPS.... STAGB MANAGES. . - ' 1 The )(Mtfini*t<t r<?pwtf?lly mi*im t iii?l tag to the lM*???DrT of tbe Vt-iiktf latt e?e ?MtfcItw^j Mtltn* laniMmf i.irom trt m fttttMiK the Heeatital Dr m of TflX CBIUD or TBE REGIMENT, They bare vtelrtea t? asmtreu* fjra repetitioa of the name w hich will be unil pce-?nte>l TBIS (Thursday) EYENIKG Feb n, IHT. To conclude with the charming G.?uitaieua enHUM SOMEBODY SLHB. TO l*ORKOW-Ti? Great Rm> York and t? n d<*> * <!?. iuB vivuiirt or ro?Tn*? *ATt HOAl-Howetit of Mr. Q. MITK I FF, Tbo M naif a I l)i aina et ROM MOY NATIUML I HLA1 RE* pennsylTaaia itkdm. tnr W11 lards' Hotei. Fonrth Night ?f the Engagement for TEH MUHTh ?NL? POfll riVELY OP ADWIN FOBBEST, * bo will appear THIS < Yfcar?d*y > BY KM ISO. Feb. 21, W57, _ HAMLBT. MIPS LILl IB A? OPHELIA. Fcale at Pi iee? tor M r FORRESTd Nights Admis ma Orcheatra Oaatre. Parquette, aad lr?me Clisie f 1 IW S+cuied S> M cents extra AOBiimloti to Otilnri .Ml' vnts I?vor? ?pi b at 7 o'rlwk; t'artam rteea at 7.4J. METZEKOTT HALL. THBODOBB HABLEMANNE FAREWELL MATINEE, SATURDAY, FEBRU ABI S3, at 3* P. M. By request of many families. wh<?m ths nnf i?or able ?f?ibi-i pr"f?iit d from atc~i,<ttt)( ) la late < uacerta, Mr IIA LKLMAMti will give a FaHBWELL MATINEE, A? "Wf nt-ontitired with a miscellaneous progtan me. and SCBKBS PEOM OPERA IB COSTUME. Particulars hereafter. Reserved a#ata, $1: fo tale at Metzerott'a. It NATIONAL THEATER . ANNOUNCEMENT KXTRAOBDIN A R Y GRAND TESTI MONIAL BENEFIT TO PHOF. ABNF.R 8 BRADY, of Brady'a Gymnasium, SATURDAY EVENING. F"b. ?, 1S6T. Ttie Oointultteo beg to annoan.-a thn flrat and onl> ?inm?uce itt tais Theater, and ponuv.-iy the lant in VI tt?|iiuiriun ot tu-> tala>it? f favorite. M ? BM1LY JimDtM wh > bat * 11b other* in the klhdt-ot m.,liiM r *"lmit?ered. an I .will *pp?ar a Mr . HBHnHI DEuAtalNkja Barrett's three kci Coinedy of 1HB SERIOUS FAMILY, Supported i y al the iaverites of ths National Dr..m-tilc Combination Pi?t U Enkt.E T SHELDON will appear in a PAt< Bkl.L Mr H b. MUBDOCH will raclte the beautiful r<>? 111 b) T BUC1I*U4U Up id, emitted "btlEUI?A N b BIDE " Prof. A UNER 9 BBLDT.a d TIFTYor th? nii.f-i rrotibie'it Athlvtea of Brai> 'a and the Balit Hitire G> Kiii^fimn' in uailorm, in f-ati of htit-DK'li Agtliti. Dariug aud Q.aceful Gyuinaa tic? aiwl Ptrtuira?|n?-'Uiji, i/uirivalliug the gr. at JlASLON BUulUEbB and aorpaaaiug i?u> tta it'K ot I lit kind ever pt eaaated to au Anieri cab Hodlcbce. I he euiite apparatnn of Brady'a Grai'iatiuiii will be Disced upuu the atage traualoruiiu^ it a QREIK OCHRICDLl'M. For farther iiar*i' a^ar< pro^ranimea. Ti;k el? may be Elit* ?. ?letz rott'a. tlia ('OfiJiulttve 01 ut tb? TbeAter, where b"X pheet* nrr b> ? uiitti, and ?e?la may be aeoarod wl'ii .at ?-?tia ikartx, pntts oj ndnnMitun re ,?wwird/cr 'it< oren< 10m only. P Ivate H >%* ?, . jit, nrrii-?tra $1; Psr'jnetand I>r? a? t li 1 |e 7.v- ; Coloreo Uiiilerr, Maud 25 cts 'nil tl>> t*c 1'i-rf rtnnBca will omtneoca at a quarter to S. te 31 3t f/ANCY LUEBbBH ANl) OOSTUME8 r For Tabieaoa mid Private Partiea. A rpl 7 to MR3 FBANK RRA fatlliij* 447 10th atreet. ~~BALL?, PARTIES, 4c. POSTPONEMENT -Th- BALL of the GOOD W ILL ABBODlATlUN ia poata?nad n account of the wentner uutil further B?tlc? By order of ihe Pieaideat. lit*] G^W. PAOO. | Mi K FlBfT GRAND FAMILY BOIBBB OF 1 TUB ISLAND MO01ALS will come ott at jflL Prtf. Kreia' Dancing Academr, on MON /'W DAY BVBN1BG, Feb r,.H>67. fe 21-3t? Vyf^ A8HINGT0H S BIRTHDAY. TUB GBABD ANNUAL BALL OF TBI MX NOBTHBBN LIBERTIES ASSOCIATION Qk Will take placa at ODD FELLOW'S HALL, Ob FRIDAY, 33d February, 1W7. Ticketa, admitting a OentleaiaD and Ladlpa. 91 Ertcutirt Cemmiatt ?J. C. Olary, B. 0. Bar ford, B. B. Wbitatjr, W.H. Gorbott, J. Rlmpion. fe yi 3t* ' A GRAND PRBMIDM BALL FOR ~THB benefit of the *oor of tbe Liattiot, will m be ciTen at tfV ODD PILLOW'S HALL. MON BAY . February 3*. 1JW. Tickets Two Doliara. itdmltting a Gentleman ana ladlM. N. B.?Gentlemen who raceivad Tick?ta fcy mail are repeated toi return tbe tab* with the money to t-itber af the Manag^ra or ta Mp. Shelley ?t the Metropolitan Uou-1 by Friday, the 32d iaatant, fa lk-6t* gk SBOOND ORAED BALL a5~ A g^, GOOD WILL ASSOCIATIOE, Will be (Iran At F0BBX8T HALL,GEORGETOWN, ox THURSDAY, FEBRDABY 31. Tickets One Dollar,admittinggautleman and ladlen. le ia 4t * LUST'AMD FOUND. fc^OUBD? In tba Drug Store of 0. M Baara, cora ner nth aud F at recta, a baa geld SLEEVE BLTlOM aad OUKP, aap^oaed to bare been dropped by oueofthetwolauiea who atopr d tbera, waiting for tbe F atreet cara, on Monday. Tbe owner can have li oo applicatluB. It* ft 1 C BBWaBD ? Baa away from the sab?criwU ber, on Band ay, the 17 lb I oat., one dark bay bOkttB, ? yaars old, aboat UH hands high, white aput en right torafoot The abeve reward will bo taM tar bis retara to tlHBBEut?er> Stable,7th atreet, betweea U aad 1 atreeta te^S :u* WMMcM ANN. Cj f: EBWABD?Strayed or stolen, od Bandar V<)laat a red bn'Taio OO W, both ears tern. The at.o\e rewaid will be given if returned to Mrs. AGAB, <th straat, batween T and Boundary sts. fa It St* SAP saoo, PARMESAU, ENGLISH DAIBY CHEESE. BBW YOEK CREAM, NORTON'S PISE APPLE, lOUHO AME* OA. E. W BOBOHBLL, aorner Fourteeutb aad F street* QBder Bbbttt Hoaae /CHOCOLATE DODBLB, VANILLE, ^ ? DB a. MAIkLAIRD. Par Cacao et Sucre. Exempt do teutl melange. 8. M. P. KING SON, ? ? Elng Piace, Ooraar vermoBt araaua and 16H street. WEST 1EOIA OEAEBBS A?D sweet Malaga EMpes, ,rrt EiWPfLACh. C ^ P { r ! aH SP' J1 AI.8 l"^i rJ OB. OD BRA N TS, v> bPICEB. A?.rEo., to salt this particular saa ?S.; %f?#r ^ k M p- * ?onT W ^ Elag Plaoe. UOMBTBIBE BEW I ? BEOOUBAEE HOME MAEBEACTDBBI F^cZiii^LS^Ri'MT aa k- 0pf? ?< C atreots. (Inland ) Bakes Oar pate to oHor wit a dl?p?tch, on aodarata Berssa, aad satisfaction r>*raati^l. Carmts constantly aa haad, aad far >al^. jatl-lm V iotor BBOEBB, * PlABOTLkEB AND BEGULAT?R_?^ ErrABLtsHBD laisu. ftdBfl ysiftssnfaus. 4 TO lithjatraat, neaTpr'ay^a. ^t^^Aejaas from Wm. Kn+u f a?., Balttmott. Mr. Beaker nas tunod Plaaos for as at our wareflStigSsfsSS&sr* S5? N,:oi%".?sou?;u?iT' HEBBlBO.twith Eoea.) All of first quality and at low orirot. ? N W.VITBCRE?U , ,, Corner lith and Fslreois, _'*'i Pnfier Bbbltt Hoaae. (^OLD PENS?A fineaaaortmant of Gald Peca, * PeBdl Cnsea, As., for sale at manaf a^tarer*s i prices. (de 16) FBABCK TAYLOB. , Mpr * w % Wl _ . ji..( i an ' 1 lilMUtlli a> .i , WANT& " ?*ra-rt?_0 o.,oity i'mioim- ri ? V\ hOOattflsA W'*KAf ?OT far w^:,.,usr2uMiw;<8 'w."vi.v? tSi?K5Sirr **"?/? >w?VttT?.r4 WA^T,VI^7?****.t?'*?^*r rA,i * ? br ker. ^I8TllN * P.w.sir* at, MAT FtlU %v? bu m W*"IDrA BOOM, with BOABU. (three

of Mr?-, i* vl * * ? ' illMti ttftffn?rN .." J!'1*.11 y,fc *? l?auire at g I* 7tn etr.ei, ?!!tiJ,*"***?aaestea?ea..ia foil ? z" "street, Byer TiX- r? 2u rt? W OTthr** ? ** MILLl N B Ri. between S h %?d \\ \uT*?7!rwTC^Avoirs br tw# re?pestTb7e cook tJ* r? f?reBcea-oa- ? XSJs'1: ?J*.' ? Chamber lUAii. Add,*., lor I wo -'**T* H >' b*t. sthaad ith. f?*0-it* W AJI.Tf 9rA *wo4 *??? HCMI. BecoaAtiSk ** to eaayaetrr *c . r?|?ir* l trlit corner ef N.w Jersey itim< ?a 11 rw'. f # ?i <t \\ ANTED?On March I by a permanent ten tat riJ'J f. ',**'., nTt'l*?'',*- <*?"?t? Ailrxi iMMUtniy WILLI AH, ?tar OBci. fe 2.1 it * WVk.L.,.n~A wmitb' woman, toeoo* km mum.n]! ? nif *r,T*tr familr. Huat he trail re !h"I Z?** *pp,y 0?l; *t lut reel, between 3d and sH fa lu st* \\ ^JLTF^T"^ SITUATION bt t competent ell ^m*r"obo,"^work ? p,ea-? ?'i r?'S a n .te io f> 2ii?t ' tlie advertiser will call. \\ * NT>*V 1 M BKNT?A larue MT 'KB7 (~?n fier ?f~ea leeatad. W ud preierose nearer ner of , th street at d Peun a avenue Comma ul cation* tr ated c-ontfeitmltj If re mirerf a! JJfese starle? location, t rma, reut. Ac N >. ??$ 7tb *trs*t? hi fo 2? 3t* YY ANTkJl?a smart, active yuang or mildle?*e i MAN,*, second eartner iH tt-al Kst 4t-. A ncDoi.eer i ife and General Coium s.i n Hij.ine?, iu M. olO -ad xjjll eaiahlished ttrrn Mnrt "V I'li tofti". *li^} Xo <f^0' Addr?t. ? >* ? >?, roBtUftice. with name anl reference fe <t VV VWfete Isn" "WJBT MakTcKiTat R. . %t?> 8 4*J1 H tr?*?t, b^vweeo llth *"e l?i,,.,r**U' M on* ot,,e' n#*<l *y*lf W ANTEP?By a found min " h?hit*. M,.^b0< #? rwl"'?Hn, h 8I1B \TIilSi aa ?*r?er or waiter. Be-t of refetencea given. A<i^iL. 8 , Star Otlice [a ,9.31* WANTED-Tw# Colored WOMKN -Ohlld'a . * fare# and 1 hamh-rmaid?ahie to ?*?e the b?at cit> ret r?nc*a. at Mra. I.KO 8 PAHKKK1. Zlal street. I?t?e>-ii o aud H. fe it it* \\' A8,-J^U*'cxp?rlenc*d, rrliahla, r 7.?IlJ^ '? *?ed women Apply ' Here, comer llth atieet an 1 41?-aa bH?ett? ""r,n? to 19 3t* ^ WAMTX9- GINTLEMCN rt.^ ona~V enffawiiiK (n ? payinc kuiiaeaa to call at CM IhBWT AUKIuV Mo. W)9 P%. are a rare chalice oOered to maki* m >?ey, te 19-iw* AfiEHI'EOTABLK TOL'BQ MAX WISHKS nr. un.urni.hed BOOM and HO vBD In a ar| ^aie jamili, Ikland Ad>iraia, atatio^ term- and locality. W. B., Btar^Jihce. f?, fr it \M7 AN TIP?We want three good H<>D- f>Tm ? 7 to >0 roonta each. In g?od lo. ati na. ra anDp'y oiirruatotaera V D 8 t'0;5K HKIDOC * Co He?l Hr tale Brokers, northeast cern-r ith and K ?tro*j?J fe 19 it" T? 'f EM BB8-UM \ TED-Within thepia,?? V f sma'l FAhSI.of from to ." i acre. Tnt "S'u f buildin** thereon, -ithvr to rent nT fU t. m mo*1 ^ ln * healthy aitaatlon STo^; ,vi:Letmvn?n!u Ap?" tc ? >i SL.OA N E ' n peraon or b? letter, -tating teriua fi'ilfeoti* a treat, betweea M and N. XV A N,T *.B ,4"" AkB PKlNKK ItsTJ) 7 ?c Ls. ,h* Mnipsou Houae. eorner of itirh atreet and Pen 1 avenue. ?er "lar, an I get a lar^e glaaa ot Philadelphia ?le f.>r ftTe centa te ih t* Agents wanted ron th* bi?t ??tr OK THE WAR BETWEEN TBE RTATEJ T.B.AriNO ITS ORIGIN CAUSES All 1J H(.' THI f 1 ri 1 twelfi f 'UMiriens, 4,,^ f.,r ni.5 L',rJ, ?>?TTEB->. A WD SPEBoaE^ <>r Cl^'tard a- i5T*PUB?3,hy Henry Seed for Clrcn|?r? and eee or.r terms Addr?ae . RATIONAL KBL.I8H1NO CO.. fe 14-1 m _ ?Q7 Minora re.-t, Philadelphia. Pa. \V ANTBD-AU peraona aboni breeitiTg ,7p Lonaekteplug will ?|-aM call at onr olKce, aawe wiah to buy their farnlture. haneg con tent calls for the same Also, Honaea for rent . i D L. \VBLL8 tOO, '* 4 _lri! earner HHh and F streets. VV ANT*D We wautsereral tlrat data rXlRMS not i*H ?or.wUr Cuatome". AI?o, atniii LOTfe tn tho city, both large and ?5V " A9vXj Jotroediately to D. L. WB^US A CO . corner ith and F >U. ^Tv im W G?ILf?WST/fi?mTH iNO, old t?ULl> an 1 0ILVIB,or a?y other article f TAlue, it (he eld #?tabhflhed Merchant P??q bieker a Store ot B. EtLTijN AGO., i?>J9th at , & doors north af Penna. a venae *??ntf?r SlBQBB'h 8EWINO MAOBIHE \V*WT^D?100 LAUIKa ltame<Jlat. |?. to ? in^ 'grower Tokos, Bands, Wrapper Tokea, ri.n *' Skirts. Slippera, and Initials To go<>d hauda who brtnt aamplaof work. q*o l wages and conVfL'S. J J"Di *l tbe new Stampda lfl tf r^aced to *1VB oenU per vidth. WABTED-IOOOO LADIES to kn"^That at the Bew Stamping Bovma, 4 3y 9th street oapoaite Patent Ofcce. they caa tind the he? selected aaaortaeat of Pattarae ever offered hare for Cloaks, Capes, Aprons. Joseys. Waists. Tokes ftTU'.Vfr*?f*'a, Slippers. PiBcnshioas and InlI *1' Also, designs for Pillow Oases. Otto,nans Chair Covers, Pianos, and. In sbert, averya>arietr ??" ??** ' */ laaneA. Wa have a Freach Mftckkte and a Piactie*! 8tam?er hate reduced the price to aad w. ? *? ? ? WIDTH. Q >nd H. eaat aide boarding. 15 te<1 '.i " ** Aomforuble famished ??ii.^?n7??i * k or w,*Ao?t Boaid in a cen tral locality of the city,( private family preferred.' by astnpie gentlemaa. Terms not to exoeeii $3j KhT0 -..; immediately, statin* terina and locality, 10 B. \V. S., at the offlce of thia pd ?*! it' ttfibst cla^s Table board, ai-l ** ?t7aftn,w> ' * *ADB'S Hotel,corner Mth Bli I JB III vPIH . fe A) -(jj* %Y>^JUBB1BHBD FRONT BOOMS, with Knlni 1i . a? alao, one nnfurnlihed . -r^1" at corner of Indiana avenue and id atreet weat. fei9at* pDENISHED BOOMS. WITH BOABD. at the ' eouthiseat coraer of 2lat aau U sts. fe n-?t* P?* ? ? faralsh.d PABLOBS. on the Sret floor. wPh or withont BOABD Abpir 393 Est., bat. 9th and KHh. fe fj yABLE BOABD at Ho. 464 lata street,a few * doors north of the aveaae Taraa #H m daUfa GEORGETOWN ADVEtt'MTS. rW"?DlT?? STi* -Tu. will pl.u. uao.u Jo , the withdrawal of toy name as s candiJata tor ths Board of Common Canacil on Monday It, Q|(l Wlttiu 1 Georgetown, D. G., Fab. It, liu7 WATXJlft C*HEAP OOTTONB. ? V/ AT MILLER'S 101 BB1DBB BTBBBT GIOBGET^WM, D. 0 hl^a r? ?^'.li Hr8- 'V*?k 00TT?B GOO Da, which wa ara selling at lower ericas than they ha^ 'l**1* aeld since the warBl ached Mo si In f??? yard wiils BliirUn* d-tro. ? lr*?n2:?Bieached usl 1 n, ??*!>?' '*!* * * . * aents: a | | 4.8 4 Slums!-V&5&5L yTI,oW; Oa/leaea at itH. ! J*14 k" benjamin millbb wmW -r^ mnsTu"00 TBBB^of^Lo^all, 1 Batet^granted May* KCTSJftffiff&as.rsssJii; ajeftp isiirjflayTssrsiirssi: ^^^ vrfficri^.s'r.sis a".;i5as.', . _ T. 0. THEABEB, . a -,14. Oowalealowof Patents. eop'y. And sead'their bl?U to tAef>atep"t 0<ftoe^with a papjr contamln^ this aotlea. ja w lawsw tttMltls owwfkaviM botlaltr than. ITB T^besaen ^Punaphreyi stables, O St., <-aJ\ ** ' whole wHI be seld a bargela?"l?^'l^t* CHapI.?maN5T8^'?A?w'i rl?8^."odBBABTB, V> SPICES. Ac., Ac., toenlt this particular seaeoa Foraalaby Z M. P. K.19G A SON. d* " King Placo, ? * W' 140iTQLIA -J | Ht?I^ i ^ . w - , -. _i ~ FOR SALE AJfI> RKNT. po* BMT-* ROOM, ftf. raw Mh>. i,*f^5iv *i?wmtHMi mmi appir. * 7' *? cwbw M? aad B IT^R BEMT-A pteasaiit BO ' uili:? I.a.-d , J*'* * ** ObeerT-,t..r> 1U t i??dBKfc " 71 ' ?*raet, between tttk ij>4 |/6A IMLIC-Bt,ht4?tHlMYIU giod leru er | *J_ "* J a a atr>a . r tikfraU*. w.u o. Bold oa "-t? St- *' u#r#**?"r ?" tf'kaad iHnHi. F<ft /.fj# - kM of DmtOIIIlD < LELOAS. to pay ad?aee?* at .14 4 ? *tre*t, 8. "OLDBTBIH A 0 ?.. *' 4? Lb a need P-awabrokers i KV,a.K*iLIrHorSB!',k* *?w, '5.f' ??BBtaa,rRN Trm to* The.f B?tM ItTI aj' *oa>tll >icrl, , f'j *1'1,1 fated *t tk? u ??tt er r??r a v*r? Iwalre of the Agent I "rT01 ___ ffuft ; A v5rf toVTf <>0*BBOLI? ro R rTOiVff WIM,i *AK ?nd 'I'*' REB of the Hotel L?u. at the corner <f 1( th Btr?*? I and 0 *'rnt D<>r|h For ttui, *Tj IkMSlMM ?? Of ?ha owoir. If **?>> * * ?' ? will be told at paMio amotion. _I? *1 *'* LOUIS ROTB8 IB ILD. I< 'iJ1 RBNT-A rrame HOCf| 4 roo aa. cor? >r *?d F 'treats. lit ward B?at $12 par noatti. Iroolre at V5? nd fe A) 3f L'OR KKNT-A t amatory HKICK IIUCSI with 4 it' rt'mn Oa ISth street, l?la?Hl I) <>M P. Inquire But door or at lltb at. fa J.. f rl''^if%Sl?LTr"Ti>r'" THifaret'aed communicating " .ROOMS tnitatW f ir water in S?* . *??*y at New j at a# 7 auiiK, Ha->g I "? ( m $t* FI BHIRHBD HOUSE FOB BENT TTT^m, A family of tour w >qM i?o?rd with r*1 Ctvea aad repaired Apply at tbe ftar Office f, gt ? l/OR RALB OR BBVT-r*^<1 or onfnr T ni bad? the BBSI DRNCE ..f the Austrian ?L r' ?"rtar llth and K Apply bet*een ,% fe? Ira* L-PHTIBFT-A ?e? PBAMB HOOBIC lujj; room*, with water arid tgAn Heat m >l A|pl> od tie pr?n.i?*? ou 2\tb-t b^t l, od M It* f# ? M. I-" 0? BBNT ? A HdCSB ran'ttHni fi?o ro>m? aiitiait-d on 1 Jih at , he? 0 and B ~ti In puro at tlie corntT of *?i tb and Q ?tr??'ta fe 19 it * L'Ol iBHT-A three atory BBIOK if1 K** id *lU? . h?#o h tuo*?forr r K \ M K HOUSJB Ai.ply to BKBMaBO UAVIi c?ri,.r 4th au>l H tta^ fe |tt I? A,NOB-K?r tale, cTOOK a>>d Kl\ TO BBS of a oil ftr.jr ? ?%^?q trahy loc^t.d PrpM.?ton tniTiMfi%f^ly. fo'l9*M* WMhiaAiOBCrtr r^et Office L^tiR \lINT-Tao ple<?aut Rf?n Y1 S~ nn^iTrn t-he?t. at'd ??t ttirnitnre ?n them, ran be t>?"? lit at h aaciitico li a .t d> air*-d rhero'ita fill He routed. Rent to begin tho tat of * ?roh .^.'L0 ** Ko str,"*t- betweoo 9th ani '*h fe if tt* I/UB SAtB-Thr^e aaiall OAKI'KN K\KRS near the cry. < b? oi A-aerao J ji|>r0*ad h> arw t*"?'or> brirk b< *iar ao*i r'tico-aary out bniM n s ftrape*. strawbeirlaa peatbx* arplaa Aa , J ! h(' teen acres beat >| garden a .11; 3d. tbirt. t . ?"x?r acio?, deairablk lo. a'?wlf~r Butrtioror Milk farm V. D. 8rt*<'KHBiDtie A Oo . , , ? R?*1 K-**te Mrokvra. N B. coiBor 7th aod W ?t?. L OB KFKT? 8TOBK Bo. <6?i Pannaytvaoia Fixtti' * for Pogae^aloo *.?en Mirrh l^t A pp!> at the ?tor? f?-I* B^KT-lhI ^L'K* MtKilt ?. x t iba I btarcfliie sndar Me r ialUk Hail tn, >. toC. It BAK BR. Star oft/a f. ,/tf9 IT?? ?*?T A MOKft well I eate'i ?,ir r>?a|. . "r^? In qui re of J. B W CLLs. ua the o-ei, ItOB, il? Hlfh ?t.. Of Freetown. fe is nt* K1 B5 'ei' 5^ ,>UA'M 1 ?OR RBSlT-fAK LOR and twi BID ROuMS. *?'ne rtoai, cumuo ratine, for rei<t wfth or with at board T ? b? lei trgwtl eror aeparately. Apply at *14 U one aqtrare fr n. the cart. f? li ta>rl* I/OB KENT? A KRAMB H'>0-?K, aoTlth atreet borween L and M a raet? n?r?h. Bo. <??, haa eight r?K)B.?, m f>o<1 order P iWMim gi >?b on the lat of March, bj applying to r ... A- XUBLAND. fe M SI Mi-, on L atreet /'BOBQCTOW.t BIALl^TtTK AND BODSB AOIBI'I , mil HKIIHiC 8TBBIT House- for rant at ?*. to 91M per nwotti. Ue*iratil? House* and Lota for sale felA In* OKStl * fOOPKB. f^OB fALl-A two atxry BRICK HOUdB, with foor lATite room* and ceatre hali^i. i>?i f^-t of croai d enclo.ed near tiie northea*t b )un4ar? of the city PrloeSJ.aO Appl at d47 jd t-treat w#,t- tela tf I^OB 8ALB Tba 8TOGK, GOOD A ILL. LCA>I flralwt'SMhf/' il? *f 1 th* ?r?r*n Store Mo A3- ,th itreet, Bary Yard, n >w w .?wm *?->od ' Beaaon K.r a? lllag bad health for further ibfoimatioo lOiUi'e on the f# 42 2w ^W.UtT.r^' KBd Brlck * ILLING UO( t)E. br -wa front, watar DOW aadargclae repair*, .it uatad on lJ'.h atreet weat batweea L -t a >rth ai.d Maaa. arauae, No. Jb9. la .ire at Bo. VO4 I .th t. betaeen 8 and U? a. m. aod 4 aad * p m. ja i tf FV? **RT-Tk? ?ABM. far tba laattbraa year* ft the rvaldaaee of Major Tbe?.abllus Qalnoa. c<?aalatittf of lMlacre*. lying uear Fort Mtbao I lie froin Benaing * Bridge, improvement*,dwell am ha^"*IU i^Ut0W#a*^''i"-;^Th"OMT barn. Ac Addraa* B 8 4.|7 B alreet, Waah tugtoL, D. C.,or tall la peraoa. between 3 aad 7 p ocHtf F^OB Bltfx?Two large aad oaa email aonawnalcatlag ROOMS. anlurnUhed aacoad floor No 1 .<4 Pean a* , bet ln.b *?d ?th aU lt? m Vf Ra b* CBA N OB? r o ri m m ed I a te *ale. one of the beat located *mal! corner *tore GBOCB In tba city Block and Fixture* new 4*. ply Immediately, by Utter, to A. B O..Utr P.Jt ht?1? mk tf K0A^?,?J_7TT BOOMS, at Mo I__467_l3th^treel bet?aan B aad 9 at* de U tf PERSONAL. Si^T *** * HATS, aud all kiad* of Hat*. OTkiiliflJiif *?d Trimaai new, at M Cl MMIMOHaM 0 Cbcag Hat Store. Mo 94b'. tteTetth atreat, between I aad B. fe 11 aj1 ru * i kMLY FOB LA DIBS TO BBAO ?Btegantly vo?\It re<! ?ICHT?OWM an I OB B M (SB elaborate than aa* erar ..flared 5*on wr** *nd ?*1 baantlfal dealfu^ received daily, from oar reran of 1*1 aoperi!? baad*. aad for sale at BBPUUED PBIOKs B??i ! 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MOTIOB?I hereby give notice that 1 '* m' bualnee* of L ^ 'Wen, and ao ou? doing baiiBiii is ^ k'^gtoa is au tho rued to aae my name jas-la* MR* FRIES. 4 J nth *treet 'I'" ."-ADIKS -At UHABLEB * BAuMJH Booa Skirt Mannfact rr ?ou can buy IW?J?Sor*?u, whalabonxa, ft SO, reed* 31L? . 4* I^??l?l?na avetiae. betweea nth aad 7th atraata >a ? 1m* UBIDAL AMD Fl'MEBAL WBB\TH8, 80 D g0*T8,0BO88BB. ABCHWBS STAR* Ac treaerved in natural form, imp <rie l FLu WEBS AIR 'I OWERa. aud BKAil?l KO. AlZ,7lin t<ZUi*fmmB uBMlH 'or BalU. by Mra. FBI18 Has removed to Mo. A'29 nth st , betweea O and H. oc 5 gin* J OHM D. GLARE. ATTORNEY ABlToonBBfLLO* AT LAW AMD MOTABY PCBLIO. so. m Uth *treet weat. da 14 ly PIANOS. MM Bacoa A Bavaa Ptaao. for |IB. 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Fabi u?rj So isaT, tbe t.liowinc de crlt ed taoaud band Bnildma MaWiala, to-wit v.a faat (Bora or laaaj Oail Axa t u feet (a ore or lea* ' hcaattfng. us pieaea i?ore or laaa) Saab 1 lot Latha. 1 lot 8 aab Walebta S bosea Htagea aud Screwa. 1 lot Water flpe I lot Wladoar aad Door Prame*. 1 lot Looraaad t?batt?ra. Ttrai Caah. la Oorerbment faada,oa day of aaia Two daya allowad to ramava aarabacea Sale to f<e conducted t>y Adreon Tboaaaa A Co., Aactionaera, Ba. IP Soatb Cbarlai *tr*ot. A. 6. KIMBALL. Gaptaln aad A Q M.C 9. A , f* 21-it Depot MaartoriaaaUT. BY COOPBM A LATIMMB. Aaattooaara. ilata cU'kaauaJat 0 McOair* A 0?..t Boatharaat ?.irner ol Pran'a arenaa and llthst.. Star Ofll<a Batidiag ADMINI8TBATOB> -ALB OP A SMALL LOT OF rLBSlTCBB. On SATTBPA T MBtilBO aext. Feb lAo clock la froat of oar a net; .a b?oa l>y or aer of tbe OrphaM Oaart at wlil aoil the adacU of tbe M? Mra Ana K B> all, coaatatiag of? F< ath?r BeAa Bolatrra aad PllloVa Conaterpaaaa. Qallu. aad Shrata Bnreaa, Cb .In, Cara?-ta Lot Itad ticktac and Cotton Cooking Bto?e. Cro.B-ry, Ac , Ac M.T MOK9SLL. Administrator. fa SO St OOOPMM A LATIMMM Aaau BJ W. L ? ALL A OO . Attcti *aa*ra. Original Uorae and Carrta#a Baaaar, ?* Loaiataaa areooe. balm op bmbsms, c ansi ages, hash msb, Sc.. Ac. Oa SATE SUA T MOMM1MO. Feb S. at ISft'cl'k, w the Bazaar, a aataoar ot aaddl*, Carrlag* aod Wark Uenaa, fafaU daaarlpdon ai aaJa.i coaptialnc abont FOMTT HOB9B8. Maay food Wart. Saddle aad Ham aaa Boraad. A Lao, A larga aallactlaa of Ma* aat Baeond baad Bag ^aa. B^chawaya.OarTtacaa, Wagona, aad other Taa aaar Janny LI ad Wa?aM, bnllt la thla city. A Lao. Baa aad Saeaad baad Maraaaa, Bad?laa,?arriacaa. Ac . at pnrata aala. Bagular aalaa daya, T a aad ay, Tharadaya. aad Saturday a Oarrlagas Aad Baraaaa alwaya aa ariaata aala fa 30 itl. wall S OO . Aaaaa. BT COOPEB S LATIMMM, AacUeaeera. I lata cierka ?ltb Jaa O. Mctiuire A 0? .1 BoaUivaat coraar af P*M'a arena* aad lItb at., tar OSkee BaUAiag. TWO ST6BT FBAMK MOUSE OM FIFTH STKBBT WBrT BETWABB M AMD O BTB. B0B1M, AT ADCTiOM. Oa fki da i aBTBBMOOM Mat Fobrtary ss CI o'cia> k p.m. aa tba araaiiaaa, m* anil eall, Ot B?. ?, taSuuar*Bo sTSaaSB?iJf*t*a taa wr*t aid* of ; th ?tr**t weal, about M Sa*t Ita taa oeraar af B atraa* aortA, with a depth wf 9SS Impiaaed by a taa nory Frame Sw*dllag H*aa*. coatalatag 4 rcaa. . ... . . . 1 eraia c ah. $tmof arbkah anil ba ea^alrwd fma tbe ?*rcbaaer at da* wf a^a^Ail aaawyaadac and rev aaa* atamp* at oaaiaf lb* arcba-ar i* 1? dAd? coopkb a laTimbb Aaam. APT BBS MM B WILA1AJBB, ASSImam. jhamb IIODSS, cabpemteb-s SHOP, ABB BLILDIBO LOT froaajag mm Baaaaratarh a*aaa*. betw*M *tb aad f?b atrwam, at Aaudfca Ob FBiDAY. the tsA mataat. ma aaadl?all,*r? o clock p ai oa ta* iralaai. aa-t sr. faa of Lot Ba. a aa jaar* Bo *?a, artth lb* ImpraewtMaia, wai * mtf a two atarr Fimiae m ?s* aad 0?rv*ater^a Sbop Tb<? propartr froau oa Vaa a> aaa.b-twaaa aaa aad Tth a?r*e?* obrth, aad ran* back IIS feet to a l? toot aaa ad allay T*raa Or kail caah; balaaa* la S aad II m< i tba for notaa bearing lataradl from day <<f aala A A*ad rlvaa aad a .:*aJ of traat i^kei. All pt-arey aar' at ta* aaat af pankaaai Tltl*h ' aautabaa. fnvmtli b?-raaairad w?*a tb* pr*p-rtr I-k**?kMaff. QBSSN A WILLI tML la IS d (liit I Aa. tlonap. IF YOU WAMT BAEidAlbS _ IN t aBIMET BP kB ITL Up Oall at tbe Extant** Wafi'i?<'in <#f U> ZIMMBBVAN A <511 . No. A$0 Sheath ifi??> ja ll-dlu betwr-n La. *? ur. l> n *4l.