Newspaper of Evening Star, February 21, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 21, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. I srtality 1mi| Childrea. i The annual report on me sanitary condition of Lcndcn contains many points of interest, and |Ofi far to ihnw the InnrDw redaction that may he effecud in sickness and mortality by the thorough enforcement of sanitary measures. In no city in tbe world bare mora perns and money been expended In tbe endeavor to ameliorate tbe condition of tbe poor, and promote tbe general welfare of tbe entire community. Oae sinking feamraof the report la tbe gradaal diminution of tbe deatb rate among infanta. Dormg tbe last year 438 oat of every thousand deaths were among infanta under Aye years of age: and ont of every thousand children born in tbe city ot London 1*5 died within their flrst year. The proportion of deaths among infante is mncb greater in this city, where it Is geaerally estimated that nearly three-fourths of all children die under the n?e of five years. Tbe principal reason of this great mortality is no donbt the "bad sa.nitary ? adiiion." ae reported bv Dr. Dalton. of some fifteen thousand tenement hoaaes, where children are born and brought up. anaid all the unwholesome, health-destroy inr surroundings inseparable from Bouses so baaly constructed and so constantly crowded with buirrtn beings. It is absolutely impossible that children can ! grow up healthy, when shot ont from fresh ! air and sunlight, confined to scanty or innntritions diet, and strangers to cleanliness. Thus dwarfed and impoverished, tbe wonder is, not that so many die, bat rather that so many attain maturity with a tolerable share of health. An improvement in the construction and appointment* of our tenement bouses would cer'ainly do productive of a corresponding improvement in tbe general health of the inmate*. ?nd a decrease in the mortality ameug toib children and adults.?.V. 1*. Sun. Tm Cattl* plaora.?The w^ki? reports ef tne English cattle plague still continue very small, tbe return tor the week ending .faauar> l!* having been but 11 .-ises. unci lor the * * k - nding tbe '.'4>>b but one case. Siastt animale have been attacked since iae disease first appeared in F.ngland, and out of every 1,0W :te number that have perished has been 8-^. one-nmeteenth ot tbe cattle of Great Britain have bad tfce disease. The cattle pinzue, which was some months ago eradicated from l.csdon and Kb neighborhood, is announced having reappeared on tbe same premises, a dairy at Islington, where it was first discor. ered at the outbreak of the disease in June. IJ-fcj Tbe plague still rages in Huliana. and both in Rhenish Prussia and Ravaria it is aunot cud a.? having broken out. Wikkinc To Whiskky Drinkers ?A wel> authenticated case of spontaneous combu*u<#n occurred in t'olMinhtis, forty milts south of Indianapolis, on Friday morning. Andre w Nolte, a Qerman, very intemperate in his habits, was found dead In bis shop, his Lps eutmly burned away, leaving a gba tly hole, bis tongue charred to a crisp. His nose was also burned, as if by fire coming out of his n-strils, and bis clothes were still burning when found. No other part of the body save the air passages was burned. Physicians who examined the body pronounce it a clear case ef *ponraneous combustion. It is suppos-d that tbe fire was couimuuicaied by attempting to light a cigar. eiibbatios from vib'usia ?Several of the most respectable families ol Canopbeli county, \ irginta, have emigrated to Missouri within the past few days, and others are preparing to tollow. Amherst county also, is about to lose some of its best citizens, who in a Jew days will take their departure for the same State. A large number of the colored population of Tirginia have like wise lett lor Arkansas and Texas. ^"Tbe French papers say that a Hanoverian counsellor has committed what may be called byariullc suicide, and tbev add that the device, tnougb unknown in France, is common beyond tbe Rhine. It appears that this gentleman killed himself as hniaming birds are killed He placed a stout wad in the pistol, atd loaded the barrel with water, whereby, says the French translator, when the implosion UR-k place the victim perished, and had his head blown off. General George H. Thomas was re. renily requested by the Mavoror Rome, Georgia, to release ee\eral young men who bat been imprisoned bvfveneral Tillson for displaying the Confederato flag in a private theatrical exhibition in that city. General Tbi mas reads the Mayor and all the individuals eiigsf-ed a severe and wholesome lesson, and orders their release. /"The Muimon girls are said to prefer a whole Gentile to one. tenth of a Mormon. It is si mew Ha. paradoxical tb?? when they marrv a (ien'tle they get more roan than if they married a Mormon. WAt a Fourth of July celebration m Marion county, Illinois, a young lady offered the following toast: -The young men of America: t\'ir arms onr support; eurarms their reward. Fall in?men. lail in." d^*Statistics show that the Northwest contains one-sixth of the improved land of the country, and produce* one.half of the entire bulk 01 the products of tbe United States. A young man in Pittsburgh has made a will, leaving to.<*xi to his betrothed. His sister, with w bum be resides, relates to grant the lovers an Interview b* cause she will get but tl.WO 9TA young man ia Savannah, Georgia playfully pointed a revolver at his sweetneart tbe other day, and pulled tbe trigger. To bis horror the pistol was charged, and tbe discharge re?ulu*d in a bad fright and a shattered ear-ring. B^"One of'be fathers in the famllv of West Pittsfleld Shakers came to the conclusion, last week, that it Is not good for man to be alone, and acting upon tbe new revelation, be deserted the brotherhood in company with a blooming Sbaaerees, young enough to be his granddaughter?SprinffieU HepulUcma. BT'A Virginia exchange paper says: "More than ever it is now necessary thatevery Southern boy should learn a trade?should take off his coat, roll up bis sleeves, and go at something.?by which he can make a living, and support himself." q ?TTiTTTT HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BCILDIHO, Corner New York avenue and lttn street, iSntraace sn Hew Tork avenns,) Dealers In Pse family obocbbibs, teas, w11ss, impostso lgxobibs, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their friends and the public that User have just opened their New Qro scry Store, whers caa be obtained any article usu ally kept la a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enamcrate oar large,fresh and well clccted stock, we cordially lavile the publie to examine our ate re and stock, believing wa shall not fail to give sntlre satisfaction to all who may faver us with their patronage. we call especial attention to our assortment of trab and cop vbbs, which have beea selsoted with grsat cars (or parity. Dealers will And a fins assortment to select from, and oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly 1a any part of the city, jan 9 3m lhbpabtmbnt op thb intbbiob, " TO itx. faa'sriBVsunur hsvlBg bees mmil* uder the act of fe0 71 l2r of toe ful)?vlig rteecrltM Land Wirruti, vblok iit *11***1 to tier* <* ??*,reyed,?Botice is Hereby given that *t the date following the d<*< rleti n of eicb LV.'y* ? mmm. oertlteate or warrant of Mke teo.>r appear valid objeotioa should thsn JOB. A. BABBBTT, Commissioner. lor. under the act of March 3d. l?l. In tb? ism of Bobert W Pierce, ??jl ** ?**! May 12, i*,4. Mar b ?, 1M7. for uu) acres, issaed ntiler ttiu act of March i ism. in the name of Bii ah d Ball end was granted June ?. 1*1. March # l*tf o for w acr?e, Issaed nnder the at t *..f Match il jim. la ta? saiue of George Plana, and ,w*- March an, i*$ No gt ill for l?tf arres leaned under t&e act of March 3d. Ma*. In the name of james Heary, <*ui cedar the act of Jiarch 3d, Ism. laths name of Juhn Wood, and wee granted Pcl.ruaryM.ls57 April ?, 1*7 N^.MiadJjrl? scree, issued under the act of Marthdd 1W. la the aawe or Uaraa W<M>d widow ^ "M ,rBBU<1 ' bmory 16. No. 4l^m, io 1m acres, issued nader the act of February 11, im7, la the nasss of hau<<iel Hodaon, and was granted fecetaber ?. ls?s. April ai,ta>7. Mo. ?7jm. form acres, issusd ualer the act of bepternbsr, 1m0 In the name of Laacdon c. John* sou sad was granted Marsh 6, ia?. April 20, Ne 71 Ml, for ? arrec. issued un^sr tbe act of March 3. ism. ia the name of Langdoa c. J- hnsea aad wasgrasted April l,l-? . April JO 1W. No 7f zsi.for IMacrse. issued under the act of arch 3. IMS. la tbe name ef Mary, widow of livrm, ? ?r-u"1 a*"- '? * *.144 fer in acres. Icsued nn^er the net of ; rth 3. um, in tbe haae of Pcily Pease, widow j May ?*uh7 jaiy is6?- i mb,0 w9i^ jrr.1"t.*cr*' under the act of March Id. 1m? lathe name* of the mlaor cblldrea ^ WM rMU4 JU" ?o '?r 'do acres, issued noder the act ef Ftbrtery 11th, )S?7. \m the Dine of M*rtiB Bote, and was greetedI May 12th. lew. May 11. idi7. o. m.loe. for led acres, issued aa<lsr *hs act e March 3d. in the same of alvlu Ilia, and was granted ApiU u.w67. May ll,l*f. * * AUCTION SALflB. I |IT 01111 B WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, D Mo. BSS, oeraer of 7th u< 0 streets. VALUABLB IMPBOVBD PEOPBBTT,FBONT ' bnLHI mwsTtim** ? On BATUBDAY. the rid Instant. at ft o'clock ?. we ebail mTI, ! freat of tbe premieea part of L* Mo 1. in Iqoirt Mo, 71, with th? improvebmh. conaietiag of two two-itory Fiaaae B?un, with biNBHti, containing four rooms, each lot having *i>od f recite Ikis property Is just opposite the W eater a Markat, which off era a great inducement to purchasers Tern : One half eaah; balance In alx and twelve month* fer aotae bearish latereet and aecnred hf a ?.eed of traat oa the preaaleaa. All coBTeyanomg at 1 revenue stamps attbecestof the parchaaera. |J* dowa ea sack koaee when eold. fe 18 d 0BEBB A WILLIAMS. Aacts. Bf COOPBB A LATIMIB. Auctioneers, (Lateclerk* with Jamee d. McGuire A Oo .) Southwest corner Pennsylvania av<'nve and 11th etreet,"8tar Offiea Juilding." CATALOGUE 8ALE OF~LAW AMD MISCBL? OV8 BOOKB, AT AUCTION MOI?L?AT, TCM8UAT. and WBDMBSDAY BvEBlMGS next, February is. Jb. and ?, by order of the Orphans'Court, we will the Auction Boo ma of Cooper A Latimer, the valuable Law Library of the late Okas. H. Uteruiehle. among which will be faand many rare boeka, soma of which are now out af print. Terms cash. -? _ BUGENB CABUBI," MAOMI UTBBMMHLB < Adoaln. COVPEBA LATIMEB, Auacts. To which will be added? About 1,?t volnmee of a mlacellaneona oollectloa of Novels by emiaent aathora. Theological, Historical, and other Warka. Bale to commence at 7 o'clock each evealag. Catalogues now ready, and can be had at enr auction rooms. Ttrma caah. fe 10 tf COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aorta. , UI CtH'PEB * LAMMKB Auctioneer*, D ( Lata cleik* with Jaa. O. McUai re A Uo.,) Bontbweat corner of Pennaylvania are. and Utb atreet, Star Office Building. trustee's $ALBiOF~unimpbovbd PBOPKKIY UM TUB I8LAMD At AUOPlOM. I By virtue of a died ol trust dat"d the Mh day ef J uiie A. D. ! ?. and recorded in Liber J. A 8. No. : 199, folios Do, 7, j, and 'J, one of the Inn I records I lor Y ashin, ton county, t?. C . 1 will aell at pub. lie au> tii-B, ou the premises, at five o'clock p. in, on to < >M l>A Y, >1 an b 11, h ,7, naxt, Lot uuaa) ered (Hieight, aiid part ef Lot Wo <7>seven,in Am H Philips' si.b of part cf original Lot Mo. (1) two in a^uare ?umbere<i Ave hundred and eighty oue iMl.) The above property ie situated on the ea-t aide of :id street west, near Virginia avenue, and in a thriving location. Terms . One ball cash. balancelu alx and twelve moatas with iDt?r?*t from Jay of sale, secured by deed "f trust on the property A deposit ol fuj will b?? rewired Iroia the purchaaer at tlm*- ,,t sale All conv- j anting and revenue atampa at c >?t of t urchaaer. *M B, DBINKABO, Traatoe fe ll'-todAda COOPBB A LA i I XIB, An t? | |JY A LAT1MBH, An tionaera. ! CUANTBKT SALE OFUOUSB AND LOT'OS tcLTli K STHLET, batwetu 10th anu iltn ate i eaat. By virtue of a decree af the Supreme Oonrt of tbe Diatifct of Coiumtla made and paaseU ou ihe 8th day of f tbruary. A. D h7,Uraine No ?<< ?. Mailings \t. Suit et ai. the oodersigue-t will s?*l|. at public auction, to the nighiat t i l ler, on tae Srthday ol March A. D. I*i7, at Oo'clock p in . on tbe pr<misr>a, parts of Lota N<>a 3 and in ?.,u*re Mo described aa folioaa ? Bottiiining OB K street b9 feet east from lUlb atr< et a id run Bine thence eaat 22 feet; thence north ff?t <> inrh"e theiiee we<t 22 f-et. and ttience aonth A) teet S incbea to the beginning, with tne two at >rv Frame l??elling House thereon. Ttrma of aale Une-hau caah. the realdue la >lx montka from the day of rale, with interact, or ut tbe option of the purchaser tbe whole may b p?id Inca h. If tht* terms are not complied with in kveda>a troaaihe<<ay of sale the property w|U be reauld at the rt?k and cost of tee defaulting purchaser, upon Ave dare antl<-o Oonv^yauciiiK atid atan.p> at tke expense of the parchaeer. IBM1 \V. JON ? 8. Trmtff. fen-eoSw COOPER A LATIMKB. Ancta. Ill MAQLE A CO , Anctioneeia. ~ A> Salesroom Mo. Penn. avenue, Between :*h aud loth ata. BASLE A 0O will gjve their peraonal attention to the aale of Beal EetaUBnd ifodaehold Furnlture. Alao, to the enrPa of atocka of Orooeries, wvnea, Liuuera, and Morchandiae of every de fI,,?,10n' Horaea. Carriages. Haruees, Ac. Liberal caak advancaa made on uousignmenta. Begolar Balea at oar salearoom ever* TOES DA". TMUKSDAY; and SATCBDAY, at 10 oclT?\, NAOLEACO, GOVERNilENT SALES. BllLlUMOB AT < Ok VALICSC BNT CAMP_AT AUCTION. 41 Ck\>J(J*aT-rrm<x!tery OQc>. Depot of W*sktn*ton,l Wa.'hiHwton, D C , February ?, to,7. < r.?^,ho lJa*rt*rln,'Ml*r General, t-ie build trigs at Convaleaoent Camp, between the Lo. g Bridge and Alexandria, wllf be a"i X pub lie auction on TIB^UAY, March 6. naderthesu pervi.ion of Brevet Lieut, Col .lames M Moore. A^y M. bale te coiuiornre at 10 o'clock i These buildings comprise ll liarre ks, <> Mesa i Honaee 2 Hoapiral Wr aids ?8tor?-Honsea 1 Lsun?7,1vW".h H,?"~ 2 0<h.' 2 ' 1 Sho!i Xl feet Which vary in aixeirom IxJi f??t to Mn;> Bnlldinga will be aeld singly Terma: Cash, in Voveramant funda. Fifteen days Trom ?late of sple will be (ranted purchaser^ to remove their bnildinga w ... ?MA&- TOMPMIBS, . _ Brevat Brig Oen. Dept. Q, M. General. f(9 flt Act'g Cnlef Q M.. Depot Washing'on. ^OVEBNMBNl SALB AT CHABLBSTUN, Tbe following Ordoaaca Property will be aold at public a?ctioB at ths tatted States Araen ?i. j t barleetoa. S C., on MONDAY, March 4, |.W I coaamencing at 10 o'clock a. A boat ioo net t?na < Cannon) Caat Iron. About 7U) net tona Sbot, Shell. Ac,, (abont oaehalf bave valunble aoft aaetal attached I Abont 1C0 t*na Leaded Shell About I;, tona Scrap Wrought Iroa Abeat ii, tona Sarap Brass. Copper. Be. w7 *o?4en Artillery Oarrlagea, ironed. IN) Wooden Gbaesia, iron<d Abont 7:9 Cavalry Sadalea, 750 Btidlea, 8 sno Cartridge Boxea, and a quantity of other Leather w of k. S*nd Flre (built by Aguew, Pbiladelahla.l About lrtoo barrsla Unserviceable Powder. Abo, a large viuantlty of other Property, coaaiating principally of Muaket Appandagea. Baga, Mope, mph menta. Miacellaneoua Tools Ac , Ac. Terma: Caeh oa the day of aale, ia United Statee curveacy. Ample tioaa allowed for the remoTal of Properly, at the expiration ?t which tbat not removed ?ltl revert to the Government. By authority of Ckief of Ordnance. ? F. H. PABBBB. Capt Ordnance aud Bvt Major. U 8. A , fe 9-aAmtd Commanding Charleatoa Araenal. jA&QK SALE OF ABMT CLOTHING.D>PO! (jwirtermaiicr't OMce, / _.u . Baltimore, Md.% February (, laC < old %t Pobl,c Auction in the city of Baltimore, at Goverauient storehouse. No Jin WBDBBBOAY, ia M , F? binary 17,1M7 a lot of . ABMY CLOTHING, coaalettDf of , 3,47" mew tobk statb jacbbts of Irregular patterB, and otherwise nusuited for iteana to traopa By reaaon of Its long retention in atore, tbe material is in ;ome inatancea mora or lees damThe sale will take placein iota to autt purchasers Terma Caah. in tiovnrnment funda, ou day of Three days allowed to rtmnve purchases. By otaer of tbe t^usitarmaeter ?>eaeral A. 8 KIMBALL.Captain, and Asaiatant Uuartermaater. u . 8. A _ __ _ _ Depot Quartermaster ADBEON, THOMAS A Co , # . ... No. 1*? bouth Charlaa rtreet. 8 16t Auctioneers. jaroiTAST b&lk or uovessmsnt vsanJ!?Xri"S11SS?'J Sfitk! Will be aold at puoiic auction, attliaaert of BalTHrha'nAV ?? ,-w1h,krf' B.ftTmoee ion TBCH8DA1 11 M . February 28. )M7. the SUAbM SlDB WH^EL^nTBAMBB JOSMO Of 779 tons; length, 215 feet; breadth of beam si u f~l ..Vir rpp<'rh,Dlt^,, la tbe sale nf this Srat claee<Teaeel0nS * 10 ?u'cliBaa a really She u of light draft, tke engine and boilers are ly sound and itrong. ^ j It to believed tbat fer site aad build tkaDesmo. Kiitan surpaaeee any veesel hltkerte olTsnd br ernmeat for sale at thla port D" ^Terma caah, in Government funds, oa day of Further particulars Baar be learned upoa appll. catloatotbe uadersigued or to the Auction.?rs M-'ra ABEfcOl THOMAS A CO?, No. 1 "l South Cbarlea street. * ' By order of tke Quartermaster General * ? . ? >v8xKfc*8ALL. Captain and A. Q. U 8 a felJIt Depot Quartermsstar. ^UVKBMMBMT SALB " The areaer *y known aa the "GOTBBNMCIfT TABMBBY and BTBAM SAW-MILL.'with seventy nve acres of land, near Ban intonio Texas. ben led Prop-aals, In duplicate, will be recelwoii ua to the 1st SiT oV March, ]8?7. forVka p?ahwi of ?*venty five acrea of land, more or lees, to.eth* er with tke batUiinga erectej tMeraon, aad tki a2partenancM ^Ul^uuia " "" VSSf ff#SVoga?A<SV4 -J -sWSKKilsSj J2S51 ON? SMALL STOMB BUlLDIMO. Tke above property ia situated abont^wo mllea abjve San Antonio, oa the Saa Aatoaiw river ui jj.., .oj J,5E5'f; The property baa been aader lease for th? rssr IMt'. at a montbly rest of $M9, parable in 3 7 "no* A aecar.d Utto in fee Jiptf^UI*n ty tbe Called Ptatea Ooverumsat ba given til Mher Geo . Aast Com. BafBaa^^'and AL.GaTveetoB.Teaas " jall^t PROPOSALS. jr*KBH Biir abdjym?itablbj Bwftmm Preosfsoiu amd &*?*?,*&Jt> H.iw j a*eieu ?romtlt, eudnreni , Proposals for fw; b-t Md VniU Will be KeTiJed* this ?umi uau} x ctocfc p. m . oa toe J+ day >t MSSSPnttZh?* <* MPMnpou-es of fmsom HBaF mm 2&mu ponods of rtUfl vsfettabub*. ot tbe WAnHlMBTON dto , ?*" ?ta*iob. os reuaind. tmbwf ud Vegetoba* mn?t bo of gojo qaal jtli aad *be k*?l the market afford*, soil ?a ti ar Mela m?t b? offered for by the pound. The be*f to n il euaal prop ,rtloas loro am b<n>1 quarters bond* with approved security will bo required la OUe half thO eeUiettod MMItof tbo Contract, aad twenty per GMt Io adduioa will ho withheld the Mouatof sach eaymaat to bo n?i?, o collator*! cam? for tba doe perfomaaace of tba ?' tv**1.*!11 .?p " aeooaat be p?ld until It to folly com pit ad ?ti|. Bvery offer mad* amt bo accompanied by a written guaranty. iIkbM by one or moire responses person*. that tbo bidder or bidders win If m* or their bid b? accepted, eater into an obilga tlon witkia Bra day*, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the article* prnp.*ood. , N? rropetai will be eon**4trtU unUtt auompinitd by jurM guaranty, and by a f.\/a?i#rv grvitnrt /in the bidder if a titular dealer t* the anirUi Pro rejtd J or, a?d Ml IAs lldwi required by tut if ion tress The Dopartaient reserves the right to reject aay proposal not eoasldsred advantageous to tbo Government. It is to be understood that In race the stipulated quantity of oltbor article shall ho delivered, ieav lug a baiance dne on the oiber article. the eontract may be con-Id. red a* djftidieted in foil, at tbe option of tbo Department. ja 16 lot h. b hi dob. Chief of Bureau. pBOPObALS vuk cbmbnt. _ Vretfury Department, t Ofrt of Stfp+rrttint Architett Feb d 13B7 \ Pealed propoeala will b* received at this office until113 o'clock m , februarys 147 f.r fuml-h ingidelltfred at washington or o-org-t iwu. i). t>.,)l.eno barri h of tltdraulic Cement . 6du bar rel* to be drllvcred on or before april i, id>'.7, and the balance on or before m*y l 1817 ; the wiiele to be of tbe very b?st unality, and suh eet to the test inspection, and approval of the Inspector of Mat-rial* Treason ICxtensi .n. All bids mn?t he accompanied b th<* guar tnt*e of some re*p>n?ii le per.on tt at the blda> r will fccept and perform ibe contract if awarded t-? him. The Pepo'trnont reserve the right to reject any or ell tl,< bids if con idered for the interest of toGovsri n ent to do so, ai.d no hid will be eonsM ered that dt es not ceuform to tk'i re>taireuieuts of this advertisement Bids to be enclosed i n a sealed envelope an i ondorsod " Proposals for c?-nent." a b mcllstt, fe 9 ICbron ] Buporvlsin^ Architect pboposal8 kob~hbw~jail?7 Bipastmim of thi Intikior. \ _ , wa*iiin<:t?>n January il, 1>w7 ) Pealed Proposals will We receivel at t'tl* de Partmeni antil 12 o'.-lo k m , monday. The ? h i't march .ts'7, for the -recti .r oi th? Jail in and lor the District of 4 olnml 14 auih rize<1 ant jt>' rifc** *r *pprovod July The design*, detsil drawings, an-lspecifl ation* csa be ftetj at tlie arclMtect's ? (tice, In ih* eastern rruods of the Uapitoi. Washin^toj citv. every day except Miadays. bet wten 'be hours ot y a ru and 3 p in . on and alter the nth lr,stint. serhr?t? bids will i ? r-ceivel for th? ii)a*9nry work , brltk work, iron woi k ard carp-nt ry woru. 1 be cont ractor w!;o?e m ?y be acceptfs will be re nir-d toen??-r1nto a nftk'ient bond, to ?>$ approved by the srcr-tarj of the Intetlor, for th? fattiiinl c ntletion of his contract. Payment* will be im ii^e a< the work progresses, ou estimates c*r lifted to by the architect, r>nt twenty per cen turn of the estimate* will be retained until the contract is completed. ti e corn i*i t will be awarded to the lowe?t responsible bidd-r, bnt the Deptrtra*nt re*nrves [ tb- right to r?.tert any or all ?f the bids should it So detnied tor tbo interests of the Ooverumeut to 0 ?o. The bids will be opened at rv>oa on th? 4tb of March nrxt. In pre?ei.ce of sacb of the bidders as ma> choose to atfad. Proposal* shonld be endorsed on tbe envelope, '* Propoeels for Mew Jail." and be directed to the " Secretary of Hie Interior, Washington. i> o." o. h BltOWNIHQ, ja2r w?w Secretary of the Interior. Pkupofcalb ioh a km y tkamspoktation. QrABtiRMA-'TKR Srmial's Ofpick, i "Va?h ar.t'ln. l?. o January 16. 19?t7. \ realed Prop' sals will be received at this wffice pi hi l2o?< lock m on the ihtii of February. i8?>7, for he transportation of Military Supplies during tb? year commenciiik April l, 1?;7, and end lac March 31, i&c9. on tbe following routes : _ BOOTBWo. 1. rrom Fort McPherK>i> nebraska Territory, or snch i arts as may be <! npon during tbe yoar ou the o^ .ba branch of the Unloa Pacitic railroad, west of Fort McPherson or from toit Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such posts cr depots as tie now or may be establiib-d in tho Terrltyo Nebtaska. wmi of loositude im de* , |n the Teriitory of Montaua. south of l?titude dee. in the Territory ..t Dakota uest oi i >n<itude itu des , In the Territory of Idaho, s-n'-b ol Uti lyoe deg and east of lonaitude ill de^ . and in the Teriitortee of Utah and Color ad n .rtb of Ih|itjide 40 deg , Including If neoesMiry, Detver bolts No. a. From ?rrt BDey. mate of Kansas, or such points as may be determined up. nd.iring tbe yoar un the rtrloq p:ic*fl< railroad * d.. t- any po,ts or dep'h ihat pre now or may be stabiishe i In the Pta?e of k ansas or in tbe Territory of Colorado south of latitude tUdegrees north, and to gort 1 nion. New Mexico, or other depot that m iy be designated in that Territory, and to any other point or points on the r< ate BoUTK No. s. front Fort Ualou or such other depot as may bo established in the Territory ol New any po?ts or stations that are, or may i-e established in that Teriitory. and t<? snch posts oratatiofs as mav be designated in tbe Territory of Armu(1 ? tbe State of Texas west of longitu4e Ifjo neg, ? ? BOUTB Ho. 4. From 8t Panl. Minnesota, to such posts a - are now or may te establish! j In the state of Minnesota. and la that portion ef Dakota Territory lying e st of tbe Missouri river. lite weinhi to be transported during the yoar will not excetd < a Borne fto i. "wt.ouu otsi pounls : on Boute no 2.,u ?jon pounds ; on Koute No 3, s.t 00 out pounds, and ou Boute No. 4, s.tno uuo founds. rstel'y*0**1" m,k^e '?r *c'1 'onto sepa, Bublers wtll state the rate per h? pouuJs per 10u miles, at which they wtll transport thestorep boilh m lht beginning April i, 186(. and ending March 31,19<8, ?ld?2r"i,,iottw5*** t^f namep la full, as well as their] places of residence, and each proposal should be accompanied by a bond In tbe sum wf ten thousand 10,00") dollars, signed by two or more responsible persona, guaranteeing that In ca?e a contract Is awanied for the route men tinned In tne proposal to tbe party proposing tbe contract will be accepted aad entered into, and good and suflicleat security furnished by said fiiement mc*r<lmc* vlu> tb* terms of this adyer^Theoeatractor will be required to give bonds in tbe following amounts: On Bonta Mo. 1, $260,000. On Boute no 3, sw.sijo. On Boute No 3, 100 (wo. q . oa Bouts mo ?. tuiOO Batisfactorv evidence of the loyalty and po|' ,9f^.t*eh b'tlder aad person offered as eecuri lty will be required. , Proposals must he eadorsed " Proposals for Ariny Transportation on Boute Mo. 1,2,3, or s," as the case may bo. and none will be entertained unless tbey fully oompty with the requirements oi this advertisement. | The party to whom an award w made mnst r>o prepared toexeente the contract at oure, and to give the required boads /or the faithful performance of tbe contract. The right to reject any or all bids that may be oflered Is reserved The contractors on each route mnst be in readiOess for service by tbe 1st day of a aril. 18o7. aud a ill he required to have a place or business or agency at which be may be communicated with Piompily end readily lor Boute Mo 1, at Omaha. m. t.; for Bwnte No. 2, at Fort BMey. Kaosas, for BouteNo 3 at Fort TnionNsw Mexico; for Bonte no 4. at Saint Paul, Minnesota, or at snch ether Joint for each of the peverai Bonte* as may be Inicated as the starting pelat of the route. Blank forma showing tbe conditions of the contract ta be entered into for eoch route eau be had on application at this office, or at tbe office of the Quartermaster at Mew York. Saint Louis, pert Leavenworth, Omaha. Santa Fe, an>l Fort Hnalling, and must accompany and be a part of the proposal. By order of the Quartermaster General. _ albxanbkbblu?, - ,? Brsvet Ooloael aad Assistant Quartermaster. p. 8. a. DBPABTMBHT OF TMB IMTEBIOB, UX1TED STATES PATENT dFFlCE, n? ,k. WosHiwoTon. January a. 1w. kftis Sf ^i^uam rf. johnbon. of Bprtagfteld, Moaaachoeetts. praying thlnhdf^m00 r,it,ted to him on fsa, sHxi ainfr^; ?v"?'*rd*r#d.jh*tth? said petition be heard at Aprlf"next a?ti ovijl of ^ 7,1 .* * ? clock H? 1 a nil all BArsobi tkly wb,*!!f;r^ ihww granted petition ought not to be fliTla th! ivz'nttad thef?"ibj*ections?spectalfy ae. forth In writing, ntleaat ?,"^y da? ii?^e thl

day of baarlug: all tesMmony am by either aartv to be used at the said hearing amst be jikln a, 5 ^nsm 1^ i aacwd aace wfth the rules of the ofSee. which will be fnrnlshed on application Depositions and other papers relied nson aa testimow* mnst be filed in the 'fflee twenty Jays before tne dap of hearing; tho oraumentn if anv tbat this notice he published In the Bopubllcan and thelntelUgenceT, Vavhlngton, D O., aud tn the Beaublican. Sprlnfflo'd Masseen2?^ w*vi, l tbrm acoessi vo weeks; tbiflnt nf mM publtoAtfontI# be at least sixty days prsvlous to the day of hearing. _ * o^thbamb, ? a win.- -m o^mlssloner of Patents. a paper containing this nottoe. fe 4Jaw3w pOBlABLM " stb am bnoiivbs, Combining the maximum of sfflclency.dnraMlltyi and scoaomy, with tha minimum of walght and pries. Thar are widely and favorably known, mora than sob betaglu use. All warraated sotts* factory, or ae sale. Deaariptlv* oirculnrs gnat as PPltcatioa. Addreea ^ ' 0- a.dl1t * 00.. r* JUawraaaa, Moso. phtwolab's babb book Off fbaotiob fiamitatmb. . legal, notice. IB TBI iUPEBME COUBT or TBI DU< t ni*11 t or Patrick thii. 2d#Andrewj"T* ' Joice, complainants, I Joseph Johnson, Mary John \ B?alty Bo. ?T. Ok. Joba M Baaeoa. John I ? Vita m4 John M.ione, de- I (tfiati 1 il?'tjf#t of the Mil fli"4 |a:thli cmm la to I preture adecrtw for the aaie ofrartaln pieaea or I pareeia u( groaad I) lag aad being ta Waataimtoa city. Dliliu t off OviuaMk, betag Lot a unit port ot I Lot ?. la Muare ?,?ao, to satisfy * oebt due B> do feadaat, Joseph Johnson, to lho complaisant*. ThoHII eota forth <a eabataace that ibo nail I Joseph John?oB *M Indebted to said conplaln I a to In tko sum of #447 ? for goods sold and delivered by eomplalnaate to tbe said Joseph Johnson. Ti nt at lb tin.eof contracting said debt tho a*Id Jva*i>b Ji'kan>H woo aotr.ed im poaaeeaod of tho raid iikm or pareeia of graiid. vbtek. while he w ar a< indebted , h? ir?iMuleutif couve>e , to said dof<-rd?at John M. B?h<jb, la trutt t..r the aois n?M'd liont-flt ?l Marv Jobaaoa. wife of ?*ld Joseph Johnson. That co??pleiiia.'teobteiiiee judgn.out of soo>'OOtnotit.n off tko mm) pieces # a ire a ot ground In ai d by virtt eof na ?tioc4nuoat issued out ?>f Ike c>n m-B law side o* th's court ia favar ??* complsinente strains! said Joeaph Jnliii?>ii and prays that tho said deed of trast tr?m aaid Jaa ah Join eon to aaio J oh a M. Hiiimb aa aforeaaid ba l>rodocod fx-fore :bo I'ourt and tko ?am*- b? ?.tact lied TW tb* wid c?tnplalaants. aftrr toe Issuing af aald atta. hsieut aad the Isving of the mine on tko said piece* or paresis ofgrounl,ascertained that the said defendant. John rlyn, claimed to hare a lie* - i, ttie raki pises or parce acf siound that on *earchiii? tho lead r-cordf l *aalilD?t.d cunt) District ofOo'umbit no I lie* or deed of trust *? recorded In said laa I rec' otda, tot that after flivdia* of tbe jarv and intg j m> tit of < <>B<i?iB?riun tha raid atu- tamriHi tho I raid rworm vseie seaiched aid a de?d of ' trust from aaid J*a*ph Jobreonte John Maljn*. | i tomcere Jobu His for ibe on of 41 tv?., fonnd recorded That ihe said Oeed of t-u-t waa i recited nearly eleven n.ont'ie after >ha date th? ie?.f an" or?r two c.ontha *!>r iiioUamav anl leriajt (>t raid attarhni'at. '< l"a; tUfc audart*cn n?ont ta a frlor Hen o* tli? r^?d p)-*r<>a kr.1 nimr|? ofvrot.ud before tho d'O'lif trnnt P'ayea diacoverv of tbe Hmnntit sti'l dne aim nupaf.i oti aid d?>d of truat ami pr*;* n rale ?.f the ?:?td pte< a? or parrele of gron rd tr. ?Hti.fx the deaiiiO la of th? cmuatainauta ?i d other creditor- an I for an itijiin< tl>'0 M?ai>*t?ald rtefr-ndanta Joasph jnlibrob Maty .lohiixi'D.-io|)ti m bana<n. i >ho Kl? n and Jol>i Malone. and t!ieir <-nnfo<leraroa. ?).< h 0 ecovf r> d t-> ivxiram ilid pr the-u a 1 ? tl eir mrhii and ?*rrant> fr ^ni w>||d( or It* porinjt ol or in a?v itiviM.?r torther ii.cdiuharlbt;. 1 ibr^Hld piece* or i nr, .-Is'if cmind It ia tlixraupoa thia Jd >iay of January, IHnT. at- j jodtfed anu crd?red thnt n ti?<- jf thixnlt 1.e g ven tl' tl e.?iJ fcO-i I("i(1ru' di-f' D intita- OMcpb I 'hli otj M mi > .1 olinn.iii and lr>t >t Vlyn, Oy puMiohiiicr aci pyi.f thin older tn tlio Kve. In/ St*r, a nooa P??er ruMlalod In thecit\ ..f Wa-Miniftoti, im t'10 Inrtrist 1 f Oidntnid?. tlir?*o ti -le- :? ?i ek tor ?i* rorrerntlva woeka m arblu^ aaM ik>t re?|.i?nt d? ti. be and apnenr in c r<un r by *n!i< ft' r, at ruli-a to be btl I in "ftice of tbi (Jlfi k of thla Court, on the fir*t 'I need ay of Inn., \ I). I*i7 to answer 'lie natd id.I of ooinpl?iut oilier Miratbe aHtneolli be Ink 11 pro rn/?ft*m njiin't tbem rroTbted the flmt pii!i'lr<tion of thla ord?r "liali a| iieer at la?>t I mr i:ion h? I>rf<rita?i1 rtr?t Tue-dav of Jnne !*i7. who the<>0j?*ct and aubatauca of aaid bill of coi:'t>iikOt. A.B.OMM, '- o i.ite Joatica. Ac A true copy: It J MKIUS (M?rk WM. J MILLER. Solicitor tor comp|?iB?ata. jat .Stawtw IN Th It OKi'HANH'OOtBT KnRTIIIO'lUS > V OF WA>UiMUTON. IN TUB UiaTttiUT OK Ci Li M i:i A J alia H Addiaon. guardian to h^r minor aon, I liailf- Motrin A 1..ii..n, l.a?tu_- rep^rtfi 10 the coi rt tha' tti pnr*nat.ce of ifa ilvcn e. ratified aa 1 a proved by ih >upr< me Court of the Uianlo' of 'Vluaibin tu?t di# ?ol 1 'he I^t'-r# t ot her Mail wanl I a tho folloo iap piooeity Ijfi ag aal boiuit Ir tbe c<ty rf W aaiiingj, n to wit. 1 t of erouiid aitoMte <in K ?treet a Tth, known ?? Lot No 3 lu l>a*idaou'a i-oi.dif i-ion nf pi|iui* Hi. in aid city, to Cieneral HI. bar 1 I?. t'ntM. aa I th*t I re-tend < f conij |v hie wlt?i the terras of ? h'- Iim* rnld the wh' le pni? h*re mou- j 111 <-anb wlihia icat for rt* nnd tw lvt? m .utha. id >.11 anion it If* to ?l 3??< 30 It la tU- 6th day of February. IW, o:dera<l by ttia Conrt ttiat a?id ?al'beiatified and c mflrme 1 on tha ?'.th day of f<?^ru*ry, A. D lS?i7. autea* cauia to ttia c-itraif be aliown ob or i e'ore ?ald f<ay Provided a coa' <?f tbiaor d-r l-a pnMUt.ed in tho National In'elli^aa>-er ar d B\eiiing 8t<r once a week for tl.ree aaccaa ana aeeka prior to aaid day WM. T. PnBCBLL. Indge of tbe Orpliann' Court D 0. A trne ropy?Teat: JAB R O'BKIBNG, fe 7 w3w Bagiater of Willi. 0BPHAN8- COllBT Bob. 11. U47.-U^taiCT Of C'OLL'MBIa, Wi.HBi..9TOIt CuCNTT. Tow,! I11 tbe CM0 of J ob 11 K?tx*o. .id rtftuistrftfetr of pH?rirk McNeil, the aInitoistrat jr aforeaaid haa with tha approbation of the OrphntiH' Court of W anhitigUiu l!oon'i at >rnaMid, ap aoitit^d Hatnrilay the 9ih da? of March, l?i7. tor the final aettinuiant aud diatribntion <f tbe porionai eatate of aaid deceaaod, aad of tbe anaete in luuid. at far aa the same have been collected and tnrued late aia -iey; when and wtiere all tbe creditor* and berra of aaid drceuM are notlded ta attend with their claims property roucheii. or they may otbernire by law be excluded trom all houefit 1b mid deceaaed'aeatatA Provided a copy of thia or ler be published once a week for throe weoka In tha Evening Star, prevl "n? to the aaid day. Taet?JA8 K o'HhiBNK. fe 12 lawSw* Begiatero<V?llla. Obphan8'coubt,kkhui arv 6.19P?dts 1rtict or colombia. wuuiaat'moiiikit, te-Tit ? In tbeciiaa of M.>rria Adler, W, A , ot Mary Ana Claik, decoa-ed. Hie aduiuilatrator . A afore laid haa. with tbe approbation of the Orpbain' Coii't of Wwbiii(t<n H.omty aforeaaid. appointed Saturday, tbe id day of MarcU, 1*?7. lor tl a Baal aettieini nt and dUtribotlao of tbe p?raonal estate of aaid deooaaed. and of tbe aaa ita in baud, aa far aa the aamo have been collected md ttimed into money; when and where all the creditor* and hoi re of aaid docoaaed ara uotifled to attend, with their claimk properly Touched, or they may otberwiae by law b? eicliideil from all benefit In aaid deceased's eatate provided a oapy of tbla order be published own a week for three weeks In the Evening atM. previous to tkaaaH day. . . TaatJA8. B O'BPIBNB, fe 8 w?w* Begister of WlflB. 'i^HI8 IS TO U1VK NOTICE. That thaaubacrf. 1 ber haa obtained from tbe Orphans' Conrt of Washington County. in tbe District of Oolnmbla. letterr of administration on the peraonal eat ate of Cornelius Don-.van,late of the United 8tat*a army, deceaaed. All peraona having claims against tha aaid deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voucher* thereof, to the ant<acriber. on or before the *d day of Fahruary next; they aiav otherwise by law ba excludad from ail benefit Of the said estate. Given under mv hand thfa 2d day of Fabmarr. 1M7. MBS MABTUA E JOCOON, fa l UwJw* Adainiatratrtx. ' 'HIS IB TO OIVB NOTICE, That tha ubacrlA ber haa obtained from the Orphans'Court of Washington the District of Columbia, letters of admintatration on the personal aatate of Will'am Barkhausea. late of the U. S. Army, deceaaed. All peraona having claims against ma aaid deceMad, are hereby warnt^l to exhibit tha same, with tbe vouchera thereof, to the s?becriher, on ar before the TCth day of Jannnrr next; tiiay may otherwise by law ba azoladad from all benefit af aald aetata. Given under my hand thla 29th dar of January. 1967. L0U18 KI'BTZ. ja 30 law'.w* Admiaiatratar. 'I'HIS IB TO GIVE NOTICE,hat thesnbecrf1 ber haa obtained from the Ornhan*' Court of Wa-bingtou County, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Eleanor Kaoeu, late of Waabkigton. 1?. C . daceaaed. All persons having claima against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voacbers thereof, to tha subacriber. on or before tha 9th day of February next: they may otherwise by law ba excluded from all baooflt of tM aa"7 eatate Given undar my hand, this 9th day of February, U67. THOMAS B. BADEN. 1 fe 11 lawSw* Administrator 0 T A. 'I'HIS 18 TO GIVB~NOTIGE~ That tha snbs?rl- i 1 bar has obutned from tha Orphans' Court cf 1 Washington county, ib the District of Colombia, lettera toe atxeniary on tha aaraonal aetata of I John T. Braxton, late of Waabingtoa, D. c . i deceaaed. All peraons having alums against the aaid deceased, ara hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to tha subscriber. on or before the 3ist day of July next: the) may otherwise, by law, be excluded from all benefit af tbe said estate Given under my hand this Slat day of July. 1W?. MABI J. BBAXTOh. " ja J3-law3w* Bxeoatrix. ^JOLDMBIA HOSPITAL BOB VOHU LTING IM A8TLDM, Fourteenth street,(elrele,)corner af M street, Washington, D. 0. Thla Inatltntlan has beea established for the reception of patients who may ba suffering from dlseaaee aecuHar to their sex. and for the admlasTon of irnch females as Bay raqnlre the 00mfarts at the The building Is aitaated la themoet healthy a*rHon of the Diatrlct, surrounded by Ha own grounds. Oars paee the door every five minutes Terms of admission: From $6 to 111 per week. leal aad AnrffeM attendance. *iUBGB01fLIB CHIEF.'' . J H THOMPSON. M D., w P JOHBHTON. M. B , Waahingtoa. I nOWABD, H. D., F street* Orders for admission to th* free bed* In this hoealtal, (of which there are 3fi,i earn ba obtaiaed of the bargees in chief at this afflae. 194 1 street, or of Bay of the Medical ataff, aad of the Be vs. Ora. Ball. Gorley. Gillette, aad Coombs. wives aad wldoweof soldiers deeirlag ad missies will apply to the Bur gee a Maasral, Daited lltatee army. Patients living at a distaace whe desire to oeeaa to this iBBtitntloa tor treatment can secare private rooms by apply lag by latter to the matroa of tee "tr'iho.,, ||EUBPTI0N LDXUBIBS. Jast received, a large Tttrlety of artlalee selected partlcnlarly for the e*mlM reeentian sea on. S. M. P IlFot BOM, mm. mm . King PlBOO, **B Oar. Tl. ave. aad MX at. OPBEGHER AMD ADPBBBBB8 OF H. WIB^ TBB DAVIS Colorado, a Bummer THp; by Bayatd Taylor The CUvsriyr a Bovel; by Trolloba. TbeTlllaire ob the Cliff; bf Miea Thackeray. Two Merrtagea; by the aathor of John Halifax. piekwick Papers, Diamond Bdltloa. f U F BAB OB TAYIiOB. , RAILROADS. 1 *? TH* lomVM^nilTI, A.ID SOCTH_ eCBBDOLBj toweeasfWtowv??*a?bor IS. Dud, traiaa Will Waekjagton f Warn I Baltimore j 18 . m. jjSVtKfil J ?y iairoT*awti, aad earing from tear to twslre boon In time otm t f *(ktr tNli, Two hundred mM saved to ?tom Me tairal Hew Tork. Two fealty Tralw to the Wort. ?* *o |^orth I?JE2S*K,6?*L BaltUtore to BOGHBSTHHaad riniBVioi wttkoot ciiuo. Pin*i|mbr this route from Baltimore ho to M f J'tt'SJ" ' ,?" _ Tickets b> thto roate coo ko irocirod ot the of. re coraerttb street u4 Peeneylvenle eveaae, *'? the Ritfonkl Hoi-1, where reliable in (or matloa will befiivea ot oil times. "aeeeBgere procuring tickets ot this office caa ecnre ae< oaaiwodatlnae Id Stoepiaf Core for B1 Ire or Plttsbarc B. J WILB1N9, Ticket Agent. __ _ _ _ Washiagton. D. 0. BDb 8.UT0r,lS%0wi- A?oot. Btlttooro, id. del It 'I'HBOLUH LINK HITW11N WASttlKGTON ! * ^^HILAPBLPHIA AMD NBW YOB*; | Waohisotom, Job. , 1?T. ?nV^A Weshiaetoa end Bow Tork ore boo ien as follow* vi?. I FOB HIW YOBK. witkoet cheats of cars. ? ?*? m < *<" ?t Sunday) ot 7:46 m.m. end F<>B NEW TORK,changlag con ot Phlladelpd'ft. Leave daily (except Sunday) ot 11:1* o. a*. and 30 p.m. . 'OB PHILADELPHIA. TT ' *xr*?t nnrtor ?ot T tt end 11:1# o. ni.. end 4 to ood 30 p m | , OB SUMDAT Lt-o?e for New Tork end PLile/i Jphla et I 30 p. on only. ^Wj ing cars for Hew fork on 6.S0 p. m. train dully. "1 hi outb tickets to Philadelphia New Tork or Boston. con b? had et the St ?ttoti Office ot ell k mrt In the doy. as veil ee ot the new office 1"t the flankers end brkers Telegraph Line, 349 Penn. avenue, ' tween ?to end 7\ h streets. gee Baltimore ood Okio Railroad advertisement for schedule bet?eeu W*ehlngt?a, BelUaiere, Anne poll*, en' the W?et J , L. WILSON. Mester ot Trenspurtmttea. L M COLE (>*i erel Tick.-t Aeent OfcU 8 BOOSTS, Agent. Westing too. UALTIMOBK AND OHIO BAILBOAD. " WxaHmtifos, Jen. 8,1?7. ? ?SP?; Tr?ji? Iftwj-M W*8RINOTON AND BALTIMoRi.otid Washington and thb wbbt ore now mo ee follows, vlr.: FOB BALTIMORB except Boudey. ot 7.An, 7 48, end II If e m , and 2<0>>, end 4 30 end * 00 p m. POB ALL. WAT STATIONS 1 ?*Pt 8nn<U'' ** 190 * m ?* FOB i A I STATIONS SOl^TH OF ANNAPOLIS Leoroot 6:18 end 7.U0 0. m., ond ot 1:0n end 4 88 _ FOB ANNAPOLIS. Leave ot 7 45 o m., end 4 ? p m No trolno to or from Annopolls on Snodor oN elMul FOR BALTIMOBB. Looto et 7:48 o. bi? ond 1.4U ond ? 00 p. m. . FOB WA* STATIONS. Loots Ot 7:48 m m.,on<t 2:00 eud ^ tM p. B?. FOB ALL PARTS OF TUB WK8T. ?.? *T *l,y' **cept Sander, ot 7-44 e. m.. Bod S.w P Rl Ob Sunday at8 00 p m only,connecting ot Beley stotl?n with triune from Belli more to Wheeling, Perkerabnig Ac. THliPl GH riOKBTBtothe Weetcaa be had at the v e?hlngt< n Stetioa Ticket Offire ot all honra lu tut- aey. as well ea et the b?w office of the Benkor? ond Broker*' Telegraph Lino, 341? Pons, avenue, between Ath end 7th atreeta. For New tork. Ptitlodelphle. and Boatoa, see odTortls?-aieut of "Through Line '' J. L WILSON , Wester of Transportation. L 1 COl.l General Ticket Agent. oc?tf QBO.8 BOONTZ. Agent Woahlnytoa. HIDSON BIVBB AND B&BLBM BAILROAUS-Ou aid alter MONUAV. No* i9, 1^5, tr sins for Albeny and Trcr. coanectln?( eitta Ne. tl.ei n ax,d Western tialua. will leave Nov TerK a* lollowa: 8? tn Kxpreaa trala via Hanson Blver Ballrood. A tli at aad 10th av , thr-n?h to Bnff-loend bB-roii*i>B Bridge withoat change of cars andcoa* neclliig et Tro* w ith trali.a lor Beratoga, Butlaud, Horllngton and Montreal. 10 a m Bxprera and Hell trala rlo Hudaoa B'ver Railroad, connecting et AH>any with Wostorn train.", end et Tr?y with tr?itm for Norm. 11 a m Exprets tiala via Harlem Bttlroad, 4?.ih ?t and ?th a*., coneortiug et OkathKm with Wot tern Bail road for LebouonBortng?, Pittarieid, Ac at Albaoj wl;h Western tr^ina eud at Troy with trains tor Saratoga Butiand, Bnrliagton and Montreal. 3:46 p m Bxpress trala via Bod-on Riecr Bailr< ad conaectiog at Albany with Woat-rn trains, ond at Troy with traiaa for MoatiHto* with sleeping cor attached. 4.16 p m. Bxpress train !? Harlsm Railroad, concerting at Ohatbam with Western Bailroadf>r Lebanon Spiings. Pitufletd, Ac ; at Albany wita Western traiaa. and at Troy with trains for Bet laod. Burliceton and Moatreal. Sleeping cars attached at Albeay. 6 30 p m express tnola T<a HndsoB River Btilroad, w ith ?leeping cars attached, and throneti to Buflalo and Baapeneioa Bridge without ebon je of cars. Also, sieeplag car every day excepting Sa'orde) s attached from Bew Tork through to Ogdeosbnrg wlthoat change, via Botpe W. and O hailioatf. Oonoecttoe for Troy will be neV. et Bast Aibaay. This train will ran >n Sand ays 11 p m Trala via Hudaoa Blver Ball road, with sleeping car attasbed. coonectiag at Albany with early trains fer Bnfl?lo and 8aspens1oa Btidee and at Trey with trala* for Saratoga and point* Nertk. A Suaday trala will be rua via Hadaoa Blear Railroad from New York to Poachkeepeie and la* termed!ate stations leaeing Bew TorkatgOs m. Beturning, leaee Peaghkeepsie atj.iip arriving la New Tork at 6 li p at. Also, o Sunday train via Barl-m Ballroad. learIng 43d street at 9a. m., and ariivlag at Hillertoa at 3 80 a to. Returning, leave MlHertoa at t a m., arrmac la Bew Tork at i3.3na. m. WM. H. VANBBBBILT, JbM viae Preeldent. ^WHMOB^FMDJ^BJM ABD PB TO TBAYBLLBB8 BOIBQ SOUTH. TWIOB BAIliT, (Benday p, m. exoeptod J The qolokaet aad Boat dlreot rottto to Blohmoad, Ta .and tk? South, rla Mm PotoaM tt earners from Sixth Street Wharf. WasblBgtoa, to Aeaia Creek and^^^^^^MI Blchtooad, Fredertoksbarg aad Potootae Ballroad, aow eatlrety ooespleted from Agate Oreek to BickBK>nd,Ta. cob seen ag there with traiaa oa the BlehKnd aad Peterebarg aad BlcBmond end Den rl lie IIreads, for Petersburg, Wsldon. Wilailaiton, Raleigh. Greeaeboro', SaUebary, Charlotte aad Chester. S. O. Steemers Eerport aad O anderbllt lea re Sixth Street Wharf dally (Bnaday evealng excepted) at 8 2f a. m. aad 7 p m. aad arrive la Btehaoad at 1.48 p. m. aad 3 90a a. THROUGH TO BIOHMOHD IB SBTBB HODB8, Fifty Miles Shorter aad a* Hoar* Quicker 8haa aar Other Boata. Ba vara aad set Through Tiokato via A ante Greek and Fredericksburg, to BMuaoad, at the Com pea y s Office, corner et Peena.aveaue aad ?th street, or on board of the boats. Baiiage checked ^(^nibWHsa aad Baacace Wagons will ba la readiness to eoavey peeeeagora and .becgage between depots i a Biduaaad. Passengers by this Una paas by dayilgkt Moaat VerBoa, aad w of jisidog several bottle-fields near Fredericksburg by stopping at that point. ^ B?0 jSuTTui'STjSnJt., WeshlMtoa,"B. O. O. B. MATTINGLT, Tlcket^^eatj jJsWa*toa. apAly ?*?*rel Pasaoager Agent. POTOMAC TBABSPOBTATIOB IsiBB. BOTIOB TO BH1PFBBS. The SI I fa? BXPBBSd, Oapt. B. A. BTTHBB, SSI'S, flsww Pbotbotbd IMStal^bttbbs patant oC Baalead, aad secured by the seals of the SffiWiaaa: "1^*, T"*1 Trioeemar Bo. 1, to the effectual remedy tor Bataxation, Sperasatborrheesk, and Bxhoaetlon of the System. Trlsssmsr Be. 1 has eatlrely ea per- , Vh&eale Bad retoll by Dr. BABBOW, Be. |?? 'ftttttaoA ? AoBD. Bo. Peaa^ 1 MAOKEBSL AMD OODFI1H. rsiat;'rR?iya2,DT,,B Jast received aad for ewle at oar wharf. at the foot of Sevenths*. 8. P BBOWB A SOB. Commissi oa Merohaat*. daU tf Ho. dSS Nlath st , Wet. B and ST ? MJ1 FBAI0K. TATlsOH, RAILROADS. CZ__. _ IliDIkO ItlllOiD, Iff *T> I*1 * " Ll*l f HuM PHILiDlle PA?SK\ari,WIJlT*i&*AJi*40S'vSyT OF k&w&s&ii&ttoirtxva'. Iuu*a: u> FMIadalgBia.Bdth* fallowing At 7 S?VlE? t)M*?DATlO?? Blatione Aoadlag Bad all lateraediat* i.T?Bi3au1r.r,wr - "" MOlIllo IXP1IM p*tl.vfta, pia7li???' b *JTi' w'ff Carltola. ChM.b.r*b?rg7Bi#rt^i?Jr'*2' l*tk' Thl. train mnmii Pennsylvania Mailraai trala* for Aiianto* ' ^ aaa with lb* UtMoa Valley ?ri, buig.Ac ; at POBT OLIBToB JLTu'f?1*' liiTrood trtlu for W llllan.saort I a<-a If *** Klarira. Ac ; at BABBlBBtBa VltT a".*.!*** LIZ h C"*lrr,rD- BBd M-'i/UIU^W iMgMkun ?r?jM for Bninbo?t>arla "J ??T 11 an* port, \ ork. Ckamtertbi. rg Pine* r?v*' J*"* AFTBBBOON KXPBBB4 ?*!! *" Pkllfcl^MU at I SO p m f?r Boadla. i Pottaville, Harriebtfrg, Ac , coa*arti..f ???,; I ifatf&f tral . ' BBADIBQ ACOOMMoD ATlOB .Ass- -? " ??? ? : 1i?im ler Phiia3eipbnlMit Harriet* rg iiim ... ?'i Pottevlllo " I M i o trriflif in ii i f ? ^ I >. Aft rnocn tralti leave liarrlabnrg ill Pi ai and PmutIU* m j u , ? = ? Philadelphia u * a p a>40 ' I Herri >barg ore- n nidation Imtn Beading it i. *!; * ? H?rnrttr|?i4 igy m Ooune.-t!** ?tlA Afle.Bo>a A, omuK.letl a ?>? .'*' rrUtB? ,B Maikei Train, with a lUMamr etr - . leatta Phllidrlflila at 1] 4.' noon for hrxii ?r an way utlcni leave. "i Dowa.natoa. 1, > ?. for Phlfa&i,h\Vl BI 1 war ?utlvM. All ti.r ?u r* trains run dally ,B<!ndttiriert>4 t'?? ay TtjUMT leave Potter.tie at 8 a ui . ,? Philadelphia at 3 11 p ui.. leave Ph.ladetiat* f r K? a-ling at 3 a. ni . returntn* frBeauiug ?t 1 ta OHCSTl* VALLKY RAILU?ID Fafteeg > re lor ?o? m? n and luterm-d at# ^>ipu ukc ik* ' H ai,? s l:.? 111 4 4 . _ , ti*ii? from Philadelphia, leiuriilog Iron. u ?ruicgtoa a at 7 a. a. aid 12 .- noon. NEW 1UMK BXPKkSH lUk PITTT^BL inii I akdtuiwmt l,oa , lf"f">'?^ork?t;?a.Hi aa 1 3 a m aa?? iDK h^a l?.? al l W. 11 S3 a m anj 1 ?- -7m t? i gnu* tu.g at Harrltbur* ait*, IV ,?,?|?%M. * J Bartb*tD tV?tral Kattroad .. T VL. f I tV.o e*r"c Vkic??' * '"' port Kla..n?1?L1foaturbinc. Kxpreaa Train lea^ B?r lSb?r. Wi I v at ui Piuu-y 1 vaiila Lipr^N fr??'n l*t*#_k ? at 3 and 9 0.'. a m . y 15 p. " U^,rtrl> ? 49at.dJO.Ma n. and II TO 'l Sf? l<>rk It a m , audi c>a m * *' i a< "ID paii j I if tba^e traib* tlirnith i??t teu jlr* 1 ru,tt,nrih- Jw_ * '2. if Bear York iaav?? Harriahnr? a* Vork aTi:f*n rWD ^ Hwrl-'ar? ^?5.w H-.LVLKILL VALLEY BA ILKo* D Tiaini leave p.?it**i l? at 7. u ? a m ,nd 7 1* p m , r?tnruaaa lroiu at 7 A, a m ! 5 l.??- an 1 4 IS KUi- ''J BLHWYLBILfc AND 8T8yUBHABBA BAILTralna leave Avburn at 7 SO a m for at.d Mar.l.bur^ and a? , ??! ?!? tor aud Iracoat. i*?aralo? irem la .rri?hur? p . and fry in Tieaioul %t 1 U ft. m ?n.i i i/ pa Hi, aUU " ? . PBEIOUT. * Good* -fall dearrli tiout forwards to all tha al < t? 11. Into fro? tte *>'timpany'a >w rr?i,!!? l>?rat. llrcad and W>Mow ttreeUi ?r?lfb? KBB1QHT TK\lH?i Fbl'*d*'Ml*?^lrat5 sua. m ,13 45 non? and o p. m for tteaoinn, krhanoa. Hit ?i n Pottavllla, Port Clinton. aixi all point* Lft ?, V MAILS 1 if at.Vh* 'WI?4*i?lila Pott Offloa for all The train* of the Pennsylvania Central Rail r^*. .**' 3Ut ?Bil Market ?tre. tl ON bUh^ATB-The Market Btreot Oars Uava Front a:.d Market eireet. 46 uilaatw * * dt-paitiir*- of each train ?t?e MAUh'B BAOa&OC BXPBB88 will.aii r and daliver Ba,tt.a 1 - OrdCil Utt lua^Ttio?0*' 0h*lButw?i f*cei?a ?*li Train *"*** U'rt D'*~% ftz: Paoll Accoa'n Not i i'V," iiTiV'mTMtl*w > r-t Line .nd Brl^ IipVeii m * " Par k.t,ur? Tram.... _ !a 1 ?a a m HanUt nrc Accamiuodatlon . *. ? f LaiiCaaier Aeeomiiii..iatii>ii .? ^ * t.u.l,nr,baBd Art. MaM .V.7.7..... * ** Plillakleiphia BxpreM . ., L. ' ' JSST" * ?,r* P?^??a*er* l.y Mail Traia ?o to Oarllalaanl Chaiut ertk.o-gwtil.out a Cbaa?r of care i . i?* tt'ACar T,ekeU can be bad n aaalioati .? at the Ticket Offi,.a. 631 CheatLat ttreTt * IVSJF. " ' ? Plitl <delpbia ^xpri ta " fSJWS??iA-1' ?? Train ? Fatt Line 'J SaT^pr^..;r;rjirr.:.r.;.r. " J2: " prhuV:u[fh,t ^',fc'>d'Uo* at .35:? MoadaT lxprw* daily, except 4JK'iJTI".f~r."?W" *u Kafirs Ihe Peaatylvania Bailroad Coaiaany will anc s:sri' rr,n^^ x<?IK " >' iXm??r/J^*r'otortaation apply to .?t0J?".t? ALLB"* T'ok-?XVat. 631 CbattD#MC*'' H" WALLAC*? Tickot A?oat at Uao .A.da"IQRA*T TEAI" Tot 1^11 particalara aa to fare aad acMaanda Moa* apply to PBANC1H FTJNK, 137 De? .? ^BMTBAL BAILROAD OF NEW JBB6ET? .**:"???'Sui Pr''fht I)-pot In H*?lork V*? 2 berty ttreet Oonaacts at Himaton iu?f*ionu*11'1 ?> Delaware. La kawanna ^d ? l*'B Bailroad, and at Eaatoa with the Lebica Valley Railroad aad ita cooaecti <n*, fornttuc a ?h?ia"feea? Wttafc"? th? witSSBt I A LI BBTOWB LIHB TO TBB WB8T < a^Ti^ VrrJ!,Tr*,Sf dlUlytortha Weet, eicepi ' Bandaya. whoa one Train In tba ertain. ' P' . ",?> aailoa aad thrao hoar* eared by tht* bne to Chicugo, Ciaciauati, Bt. Loala, Ac^ with but oa* change of car* * B',, WIHTEB ABBABOIMBBTB, folSwl ?* 7' ".r-Uf, New Fork aa ^A or ***toa, Bethlrhea, Ma-cd gw?k.# Wimiuort, Wilkaabarre, k*ba / 8 10 A M. Mail Tram*?For Fiona.n?ton Iv*?n ^?V*ri Scraatoa, Wilkaabarre Orrat Bii.jhanitok, Ac. . ? A. M.?V\ ##|#rn m*pT*m* for Bft^toft. 4ll*ntown. UarriabuiK, Pitt*bars, and th- Weat. and but o? e chang* of can to Oincln:.atl or Culca? . :iL\yjZw<?8t^-4? bo?t)* *Si. P?*uJT.T." ulr c^I1'kM ~Tor t'1*. BotkUkam, aad Maucb P M.-For Bonarrllleaad Floaiairt^n. P- M ? For Baaton. Heading. Her.iabcrg W!|. llamtpt rt. Irriaoton, Corry. Brie, Ac. sioapiuff car from Naw York to Wllliaiaaaori J iJ P- * ? Jor g??ervillo 7 ? P. M^-For Somerrllle. tJL a iV-^-_rTJx ' "m Tea1* -For B<i and'thi W**r ' Marrlaoarg, Ptttakurg, tSrxz.Tivtz"* m imn ci" ivr sH,' Oroenwich *tfai? lv . ja 1? J08IAH O. BTB* BBB. MtiatoaBant V f\IBW YOBk ABP BBW BAVBB BAILR'>? o ? So*tp^rf^rr?^ir"#w Tork' . - **f1BS LBAVB BBW TOBB For Bew Havaa and Bridgeport-7. g Ex i ll 30 B. ?.; 13.U (Bx.11 Bx )T?JB/ijS, aad 3!Bx." For MUford, Btratford. Fairfield, B-atb^rt. aad Weetport?7, llAia a ,*.toaad s su d m *?r ?*. ll.?a. m ; 13 aiBx.t, I (!?.).??!>.aB.?|0,a?dS(Ba.)? m .'otBarlaa aad (iraenw)ck-i, I 3P, llJua m ; I St, ?.?, 5 10, and ( 3D a m. For Btaaiford?7, 8 (Bxl.t ? 11 ? a ia : 11 13 ( Bs I S.N, 4 SI, a^M, A SP and 3 ( Ex ? 9-m For Port Ohaatar aad lataraa tatr staU'?o?-7, IB, UJO a. m ; S to, I SO A.M. aad 7 ? m. - . OOBMBOTIBO TBAINB. _ JH Boatoa na Bprlagfleld?8 a. m , (Bx.,) V, B<*Boa?oa via Bbore Uao-ld ll. For Hartford aad tBriagfieid-S, < Ex..) UA a. ?Jl.iB*.,)?JB,Ib. M. For Oonaocticnt Biror Bailroad?8 a. m . (Ex.) II 81 a . to Moatroal -8 a. a. to Borthaaeton. For Hartfard, Providence aad FUbklll E E.? ^ r Bow Haven,^ Now London aad Btoaiagtoa Bailroad?d am.; 11 II, I aad 8 b _ . .For Oaaal Bailroad?12.U ym. to Bortbaiapton. For Boaaatonic aad Bang a tack Bailroad?11 a. For*!)anbury aad Barwalk B B ?7,1 30 a. a.i OomgMdlBM Bleopiag Oara attached to! B 1 jrii iUUt *. HOTT. Bn?artataadeaA.