Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1867 Page 1
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0 J I I I H I I H I H jtf II H _ _____^ V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 1867. N?. 4,356. the evening star FIBLISHBD DAILY.(SUNDAY BXCBPTBD) at the STAR BU1L.IUNO, censer Pen***. Mi 11A tlreeJ, t W. I>. W ALL AC H. The STAR to served by tae earner* to their mtwcTite *? ** and D'striet it Tn Cb9ts rss win. Copies at the counter, with or withoni wrappers. Two Unt* each. Faica fob Miium -Three months. Omt Poiltr md nfty Cents; eta months, Tkrtt Dollars, oae Tear, Firt Dollars. No papers are a?at from the loader than paid lor. Tb- W EKKL.Y >T AR?published on Friday voraiiit-Oiw Deliar and a Half m Ttmr. t?????? ????wm dentistry. D~*. LI? ItH DBHTAL ASSOUI AT ION, Me. B?? rKHM'A AVI , Between ltib sad 13th streets. JlMth sitrKlri wltbou* pal a by admins taring troaa (' :jde er Laughing Oae. Dr.>^a^ LkVilku recently purcbv>ed the beatff?J52p t al App.rstn- ic the eoiatrr tor**"11 LJJ making rnregaa every day; also, an improved Yal alar in baler Th? Association is bow prepared to make Teeth on tioU. Silver and Rubber at Mew lork Philadelphia and Boston prices. All per oaa althing dental work done can have It as cheap a* in the ab-ve named rlu-e All work done tn It*miiMt and beat manner, aad warranted to (t*. -atufecnon. Persons wlH do well to cell ?ad examine enr work. deMtf T * * T i. LOOMW. M D.. ~T**, LB end Paten tea of the MIBBBAL *LA1B TBBTH, attei.da perteaally ?t/?m his office in this city. Many peri una canMH * 8ax these teeth who cannot wear others, 1'" and no person can wsar others who eenaet wear tbeae. Per acne calling at ay office ean be aeooasmoda ted with any style and price of Teeth they may detire, bnt to these who era particular,aad wish the f nreat, cleanest, itroaicit and moat perfect denore tbet art ean procure.tb? MIHBBALTBBTH will be more folly warranted. Booma tn this etty?Ho 3*n Fern's nvenae. between tth end 10th eta Alao. SOT Arch street, "personal. \~M>U~OA?rWBr*R~M A K. B Ttt? TBIPon Bn ehu or bainaritan bnml>ug?. See Dr L)\BP>Y, 49a 7th Ktieet He I. the nigtieat authority i u anch cases Hie private roomi are opp >a'.te Odd Fellows Hail ja;?-ln?* IHtkVijTfivH bilttbb thaw i'ikkT? F rench pn-veatlvea agaiuat and pr<-e nancy (wbea *nch is nude liable) S-nt to any address. at 9*' % j- iand *7 to/ eo accordiug to Qna t'y, l>> Dr WOOD Bo* *>3, orcaliet 4" -t!i etreet, (np stair* I Washington, D C. jafft Im* MBS CLHTI8 1BV1 HO, <'uiiri oy.ia', a*/ iV>; Medium, will give lite readings, lncin iiii< Paat, Preseutand Future at her office, JiJO, nirtb side of Pa at . between <S and ith streete. Otlce hen re from to 2 a m and 4 to 9 e. m. jeltlin* Ab si ai ki b j he al sim svtfr 1U ASTKOLuUKB Of AMKUIOA, from the position ana aspect of the Stars at the time ot one's birth, will reveal astoaiahing secret* that no living mortal ever knew before; how to be successful in all re*->ou*i>le undertakiugs. lie tella name aud very day you marrr. the intended companion, and t'-lls all events of life ?ood lurk and long life to vialtors. Ladies M) cents to gl w:itie<nea iu full .$1. Oall at * 7 O lith at . ne.r F. all houre until * in tue evening, de 31 2m" C^UNFIDBHTIAL.?Young men who hfcve In/ jured thsnieel vee oy certain eecret habits, which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life, alao. middle aged and old men, who. from the follies of youth, or other feel a debility lo advance of the'r yeers. before piecing themaelvea under the treatment of aay one. ebon Id first read "The Secret Friend." Married ladie* win learn aomething ef importance by perusing "The Secret Friend.'! b-ntt.auy addreae, in a seeled envelope, en recdlpt of 2S cents. Addreee Dr. CHAS. A 8TCABT ft GO Boston, Sm no ?-ly clothing, Ae. FJ. II BFBEBGBaT Sapceeeee to H W. L??don ft Oo., viTlZElf g AyD MILITARY *^| MEKCHAyT TAILOR, metropolitan Hotel lata Frown's, WW . w 36tl Pennsylvania Mesne,** my Wnahlagton, D. 0. K BBOWM*. B. J. BMiTHlEfl BBOWHB ft 8MITUBBS, ? WASH1HOTOB.D.O, ATTORyFYSAH l> CiJUMsELLOKSATLAW AND ^ULlCITOU^^ FOB THB ' BCBBAU BBF' OBB8. FRKBOVKN. AID w abasdohbd lands. No. 47b ?eventh street,opposite the Post t)ft!c#- leJlv OTTO U1LBBHS' PIAHOS AND VAUiixBT ft bbbduaM'S Pa blob obqaha. AH will And It greatly to their Interest? to examine these >?perb InetramenU be-MRS fore aorshaelng any other. Ill Iff Only agency et OBOKOI L. WILD ft BBO '8 Mew Piano Forte end Organ Warerooj, Uo. 4?T llth street between Pean 'n avenue anil B street a select enenrtnient of new a?e second hand Instruments, Including n CBLBCH OB<> AH for sale at loweet fecterv prices, and on enav terms TIN 1/ ? end BBFA1B1BQ fatthfnlly execui-1 IP 1J (DQ j^lCHI ]PT8IA81 8. bamarit?iv*i sim 8 A MA MITAJTM Q1VT1 THB MOBT CSBTA1H BBXBDY BYBB L'SBD "Yee, ft PuetTivg Oca.*," fer QOtfOKMHiMA, QLMMT, MTMJ0TURMO, tf. Contains no Mineral, no Baleam, no Mercury. Only Ttn Pills to ba 7H*?? to Efta a Care. They are entirely vegvtnole, having no sm?U not any snpieaennt taete, aad will not in any way la. jer? the stomach er bowels of the must delicate. Cujee In from two to four days, aud recent -naoi In "twenty fonr hours " Prepared by a graduate ef the Cnivereity of Feaneylvanin. one of the moat eminent Doctors and Chemiate of the ereeent day no aj-r?<wva, no tvewkia, no rkants wkmt*r?r. Let thoee who havedeepaired of getting oared.ot "wBLOODI BLOOD! I BLOOD I// SCBOFULA, DLCB&0. BOBBS. SPOT* BAUABITAlTa MOOT aVd HRM Jm0? Is offered tha nnbMpas a nooMva nam syphilis ob yf hfckealmsbasbh tn. ba*a*iTA.*b boot and RRILB JVloV ui moat peteot. certain nnd effectual remedy ever ma! scribed It reaches anderadleatee every partlclV of Uae vaoereal poieon.eo that the enne le thorenik And permanent Take, then,of thia pnrifrimt ral edy and be healed, and do not transmit luf JUf. posterity that for whieh y5? maysepeM^talfii " ' DO MOT DUUIII ^swuasn sisnsriiiarjaibs. will remove every vestige of Impurity *w. La many affecUoaa with wklcn nnmnan L m rheaa, la bearing down. Falling ofS. wQiff?}" blUtjy. and for all complaints incident to ?ent by expreee. Frloe |u par bottfo FnUdtrecttone. Price M cents. what TUB shvsafta " Pon *oerital, foaT MaBshaU., Baltimore. ^ui^vr^i^Thal2SLfS}Ufe!lUB >a a--8-wj5iai!s."^ak. InS^oml? XUk "* ** < ep^UaWJlla***t lit ha1*. _ *. ailiot, tMMMCH HAIH- DHBSSER, 594 street, between Utb and i?h M Mr. Aillot. from Paris. Hair.n.. ... sslebrated Bethel, with whom he U Ah,! cenntxy. baa now been established for tne uit eight year, la Waebington and NewlorU !!} oj Ing the patronage ef tne corn hftomatig?,' Oi the highest si^ti. Be ha? the V>n?u> aS! nounce that be has tbla season Imported the latest fashions of heir dressing, aad alao pomadea, everything that belongs to the drsmlag of hit, ? vary reeeona^le prlcee. nf 4^0 CBBTRAT luaii'orFioB, 480 Be. 4!?0 lut hatreat, ooe door below tn. ava.. BIA *?# to lean aa Gold and Silver VATOBBS DIAMOBD*. CLOTHINQ, anft MBBOHAHDUB of every deeerijtlen. " *^"Bnalnees atrictly eonlldentlnl ^nf W " MR ABB ft CO.* PIABOB, ~ "'"''j '"???? "" "" t: 0. bbiohbbbach, J'l mnniLa y-fi ffirif finf sspisfes BANKERS. JAY CM1I * c?? m Ml m K 1 111 Artesmft mid, appssals IVMMni, I'trudiil KeirrntauMniM, Ml km w?*?ttl w ktal,? fall nifti ef *U SOVIIBH1ST BOBDS, BBYBN-THIRTIBS, AMD OOMPOUBB ibtbrbbt nm. Orders far STOCKS. BONDS, As , hmM. aad Celiac tlona Mdi OB *11IHWIbis ?otDte. SOl-tf ARROW kCO., BAIKIM, Comer Loll flu ft tmw ml Bsvonth rsst, DEALER* IB VOTEMNMBNT SECURITIES, GOLD AHD SlLVBB jy I tl AMD LAMP WABBABTB Firii Ntlioaal Ink of Washington. H D. COOBB, (of Jay Cooks A Co..) President, W M. 8. HUNTINGTOB, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY BBS FINANCIAL AGENT Of TUB UBITBD 8TATBS, 1SU strut, oprotut th* Trtatury Dtrarimtni GotcidimiI Securities wtth Trtwartr DolM States 9TONE MILLION DOLLARS. V t Lt? and sell ftll thuwa of GOVERNMEyi , J SkCURJTIESmt current market rate*. tVRNlSH EXCHANGE and make Collector <M ALL THE PM IS CI PAL CITIES OF THE tinII ED STATES. ? We purchase Government Voucher* on the | y.OST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful ana prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, and to ftc; other baalneee entrusted to ue. FULL INFORMATION In regard to GOVEBB MBBT LOANS ?t sll timet cheerfully fnrnlrhed WM S. HUNTINGTOB, Cashier. Washington, March ?. \m. mil If TBB OLD BftTABLISHED FIRM OF . , 8, GOLDSTEIN A CO . o. l'A*NHBOKER3, 34 FODB AND A BALK STaEK r WB9T, __ _ pear Penaa>lvanlft ftvenne, Ofrsr tbs bigneat caah sdvances oa all kind* of Merchandise, to any amount and for any /Ov time desired, at reasonable rates. JL -A ! Interest on large snms greatly reduced M BuMbom strictly confidential. Goods bought for cash ftnd sold at private galo. fe ?lly HOTELS, RESTAURANT8,<ka J^IRKWOOD HOUSB, Corner Ptnna. ?? tnw mnd Tw.lftk Workington, I). C. Bitaated in the moat centrftl locfttloa the city, midway between the CAPITOL ABD PBEBIDBITTtAL MISSION, Only a short distance from el] the Departmeats, Patsat and Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H. H. DUDLEY A CO., L0 **'tf Proprietyra. gMBicirs bbstadbaht. no. 3** Fenna avenue, near 6th (treat. I .***? * *? Infom hie fries da *ud the S?bllc generally that he bow keeps oon A oj/vr/^.3^ jiay > $&* j WOOD AND COAL! QOAll COAL!! AT GREATLY BBDDOBD PBICBS. tlScUy10*1*0' -delivered in aa? part of Chestnnt White Ash. ?7. 2*?tV Furnace White Aah, f8Ju. " Q Alft CO M, Lehigh. #9. Oak and Una Wood constantly on hand. Orders received at oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street ? M S. P BROWN A SON, jaMtf 46fl fth a:rest, bat ween B and F. w. H. CLAQBTT. H. B. SWBBBT, rbal estate bbokbrs * ARB ADCTI0BBBB8. PErtles contemplatlBg batldlag la the apriag or *?f."OElmsroved property for laveetaaent w u Ld ?t to their advantage to look over our Uat before parchsMtag, as wehave added recently to oar foriuar Hat ftlar?e ?aoaat of that deaciiption of property. We can offer aeaay Indaeeaieftta *e regarda altnatlon. low prtcea and eaay terina We have aleo far aale several amall tracts ef land '? *>? mediate vicinity of tbla city, very eU fiblr located for an bur ban realdeneea, ae well aa highly Improved farase la Maryland, vhlefe are rtally bargains. Property left with na for aale doea net aabject the owaar to expense aateas eeld while on oar boofts. fo 11 lm 0LA6BTT A SWBBBT. GO T W . B . M 0 S B ' FASBIOBABLB CABPBT, FCBNITUBB ABD BBDD1BO STOBBS, BOS. S21 A ftlS, 1MTBLL1OBB0BB BUILDIBG, COBBBB 7Tfl ANDD., ABD . BO SS?? TTH STBBXT. THORN'S BDILDIBO, ADJOINING ODD FALLOWS HALL, ABD BXAMBB THB FIBBST ASSuBTBD STOCK TR1S S1DB OF PRIlsADBLFHIA. ?e kaa all the latest deeigns made In Phlladel \?rkL*?d Tka Stock Is always ciacted by Mr. Mceas, aad bought ?t the lowaU retaa lor cash, whichenahiee aim to eompete with IjlM*. Hlafluaet Furniture ia auada to order la Philadelphia, aad of the beet material that can be fonad w f iu?haaera sitouldstady their own Interest by C?W? at bia Stores aad esamtnlag the woll-aa,ori#1.,,.oct.of C*BPBTS, FOBfiTITDBB, A?., before gelag elsewhere, whlck be will foroiib with ilMitri Bis aesovtmeat of Hftttr*S?oe. Blaaketa, Cora- < forta, Ceaaterpalaea, Pillowa BolaUra. Featherbeda. and all kinds af <V.?a?e ftnd Kltchea Far- < altars la complete, whleh he offers at the lowest New York and PhUftdnlphla prices. i Remember Noa 6H1 aad ?I9 IataJllgeacer i Bnlldine corner Tth sad D. and Na A?h 7th !^^t^twTho^D', Balldlag, ftdjoii.lng Odd Fellowa' < Ball, betweea Daud B atresia. < J* W. B. MOSBS. ( I^UXDBIBS FOB THB HOLIPATB. MAILT ABB'S OANDIBS AND OHOCOLATBS ' cabambl 8 Ob Bam ohocolatb i DOL'BLB VANILLA UHOCOLkTB. BOSK AND VABTLLA BU4NV ALMONDS MIXED MTGEB PLVMH.aad W ASSOBTBD CaBOIxi. Just received at KIBG PLA?B. ] X M. P. KING * SOB. 1 WBST INDIA OB A NOBS AND j SWCBf MALAGA GKAPB8, Frssh. at BIBB PLaCB. J \1ibcb mbat idomestic.) j J uat mads, of select materials, J At ^KINO pLaOB. A^OLDEB SCUPPEBNONG W1BB. Vf OUR FINBaT NATIVE WIBB 1 Bold aalsr. fall, yst dslieate flavsr and fra- I ?rancs,nnd Ises thanoue half the coat of tin ported 1 flae. KING PLACB. 1 VHITB OPORTO POBT, ("Tears oi the Luoro,'') i virect Importatlea. dsM-t Z. M. F. KlVg^SO^. j A T TUBBAY* OMBAF 8TAMPIBG BOOMS < ?.iV pth street, ospeoie Pateat OBos, ladles \ ga S?t at our radaoad prices, on the Vary beat < Wamaantu? M 1 Night gowa Yoksa.Wady stemped M ds. < ?^ lee Yokes. ~ cts. < . Bands " ? JO eta. < ,*rI^r*4d orsmbreldsry. ear patto< as ars i *ats?i4eslaas. ss footed with ears la j 3,000 MM. Vl?l>pb*4*0Si.jaM .rSSl-."4 i'V.'Kw'tfteV' f5 4* iee s.. i L<le?T OF LBTTSR<9 BHAIII.1U II TUB WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, Friday, Fekrnary 'id, 1*6T. (OFFICIALLY PCBLI8HBB IN THB PAPER having tub largest circulation ) ?VTo obtain My of UvM Utter* tk? applicant a.nst cell i?r "Advertised Lett era," give the data ?! the I tot, and pay una cant far adv*rl*ia? By II aot (ailed for wtthia one msili they will k- i a tit to tbe Dead Lattar Office. . ? LADIES' LIST. Alumi AlreMtaBallFany WMr*U Filna Ml**ee liiila Hit) Mrt O Niel Bailie Ar?n 1 iiry Mrs ItyceC liMiii Oaborn M*r? /t^leDh Mri Hill Mae OllenbacberTlly a i mkti ubfhti h batch TL P Mra Mr* A t ?< tio|.i:";i Mr?H all >n?an Fal?a 8u?*B a i (Mii o Marg'tUartwwHFraactePrtcellea'hMr* I Mr* Mra Fool K U Mri Anberg Oal (B Dtiei tHhoraAuB'ePlatt M J M e R\l<( Jo* W Mil Mra Page M M Bn B"b Ibik Ba?klt.*Bve Parker Rati**R Bujne Ctc a Mr>Ho?ard Oath'a Palnier Rate C Bowl* AUinria Mra Phillips Mra H' ?d Lucy, t'gn Iieu.anaFa') Mrspattera n Annie brook* i. J Mia H.-mblln J KMra B Mra halaaMary L' Liou'ePuaiptirejLoyd Boyie Ocia tiurtun LaatoJa W Mr* Prow n Mary Mra Plunnlil Elite Burrh Mar aMraHenntoad Anna Mra boK>B Annie Mr* Peter?onSarMr* Pneklef J. lie Haweyenlter J PepperRuaieMr* Brutui ben Mr* Mi* Tarfcer KebMr* l>ugt*?i J Mra II ardelGrare Mrs Poller Pbebyie ? La reu Catb Mrsiiei.bury MaggieRay R Annie ba'bat.e JernieJ B sa? y Mary fb<acl> ThsJ Mr* Bullitt K*teMr?Htdiick esalll?- 8Ko*n M ttiida i Cktui It nana il iiir>ca?<l Mi* Bul>e Marat 2 BecUey Arena Herri* battle Bead?rA lice Mra Bu<kiieElUnMrallrim Sarah Hitter A G Mra lionkila'U aMraH'Vlett Mary Rfcictialt Ueu'la Ui')cBih?l>|irt Mr* Mr* Heiin*r Ma>y F Ma-ria Snsan (c Richardson Jene i'omweil Mote lvlna Lj?'iut?a Ui4u?y Anuie PnlimanM eMr?lr*liig Alice R>allM?iy b o'elis M a L Irving L Mr* S.nithbauraV 2 b(?toi Maria l*ey Helen Smith Luciula bowser Mi* JatuBrc B b Mr* 8nail Rata B I'aldin Victory J"?*" Ida Biooe Barah L bo?l<> Etna b Jack Clara Shieul* Mat y 1>? r> Mil* l? M 1 *Jone* I rancia J Smith R at a pre- ket Emn>*R Mr* Srulih Hose P< ?nitn Lion M Janie* M T Short (!*r'oMri Claik B (5 Jonea Alice Mr* thtnn Mary a t ime K M*.l*maJ?'! '? L Sicken* Mary B (horrl Mertha.llohn*oii MetiblaShepard Lanr* Carter) h?l?t?-anJol.ii?on Pafeey t?umi>y J ?ne M * CrlsntntBTy Mi* Mr* Sv phey N a-cMr* Cnvniau AiKe OJtw*'l Jennie V smart Mojlie Mi* 2 Jobo*toa Cath'e statelr Marls'*) Crorop Virginia Mi* . btewart Marl R ? abflvld Rs'aMrsJt binon Georg a Mr* ColklesKer AluA Mi* Stewart Emma m* 2 JrrliAIH'l Sweeney Sai Bli Cbarmati B V Johnston Ral*'*Sti<lttison Mr* Cai r< r < ha* Mr*Joimson Jeauie Kbepard M iry I Carter b?lell> J?.rdon Agi>e? Bpen*erWU idr* Coi ai't CI'xJ>1 tf Johnton Jubey Bterry 8*r VVir* Werner 11 ty Mi*Kralt Fra'* MrsgtrUon Sarah W ( arten Mary Rtbji P H Mra Klocutu Mary Crosor< P PrMnR ing lib n A Sargent B Mr* Carter M'? MrK?j Mtllln Miubean Molli* Colunit u* >1 M r-K? nnedy Belle stei bln* M B M r? t'oritable WaoM Mr* Seym ur I la Mrs Reatinc J R Mr*?ejO"l>i Lizxle ri i(Bi>B Ur* Rerlib Maggie R UMr* Callahan Mra RrawerMary2 Spnner 0 irCMra I Calvart H> Ina Reebaa Tere*a 0r>el<l >n Liiixle < ollii>* Mr? K a) ?er B.lzab h M Mr* Carrel' Mary J Rerklaml Mary 8tewait KK Mr* Cart?r Mi*t> L?-*J*ije8 Stickrey Harrlet C ol ell Oeorireana Shaffer Marg't | B Mr* Loop h hi ma Mr?t4bertuan Kalia | Co. ran Mr* L>ath im F A M ?Toll Annie Colt cm H A Mr*Lotigarr? Loatta iriett fcathMr* Terr Pan a M ra Little Beth A Tawna KmeUne I>ippa Mcilla LoK*nHattleMr*Tuck*r MariMr* I)?<M A in a ?M r La*tcar A J Mr?TramMeMK Mra I>ade Mary L?men Mr* Taylor Khoda P w nint-B 51 a L.? obb?rv Mr* TracrM'ry LMra D?Tid?on 111* hbinler M Mr* Tanner M N Mr* Mr* bnuhady Mr* Thornton Susan Puncan Klir'th LoivxMis* Mr I I'ai iel* Leiia K Mead Mi?* Tlmaipvoii Ann* Mra More>a TayP r Jen'aMr* Darby A W Mead Itettle Tirikhand llatP l'<>T?ey A>'.elaidrMos* M L ThtrerAaie Mrp rrollt?tfL"yMr?M)*r* Amelia Taylor J P Mr* |i?iiy Rata MaaotiMr* Thompson Juat l*?l'*ol J boMr? Mabiti HettvMr* Mra c) P-aring Kli7 tH Magrnd<-r Mra T* bu't Georgia Mr* Mayn?rdb AMraXhoaiaa Kati L Decity Miry Mardlu AnleC2 Tboiaaa Mann* I nLran M A Mofls?tJ?Mra CreBghharah Don aldaon Mary Morn*.I B Mr* J ana Mra Mr* M il'erti H Mra Vater K P Mr* Pavlr 8 h IMra Mi?rhellL"ry A M hi'* Ada R I?>*on Mary Mlnitree Rate WHmi Rarbol l>avi* Roi bia Multsb Rninia W?l?b Saloma 11^ Act a Miner Leber White Rot t Mrs RaVl Carolina Marhall -??llaA WrU'lit Nai/r B Kaetweod MariaMallory PGMra w>o<j? Magcie RlliottMl bMis M?dernottAB<* WrK'Qt Biu ly ltlkiK* B-^lena V?rkward Rlii WIM-* Kat? tlnh^^ 11 i aM rs Mra w right I'aroM. t arr-4-j All B M rsMagradanenry White Ch* Mrt lo rhait M W Mr* Wi)li:?m* Nancy Elliott C L Mr* Marfi.layMager Wasuer Mt?ry K^ple?tcnMargtM*rlinPhilpMr*Wf!lUTn* Mrs Mr* Mahorn* MgtA \t I IllamsSarMr* F>'iri A nnie Mr-M *<il?on R<>t* Wilson KiiyM'* Faherty Apua Morry Hally WallaeaGarM >2 Ve?t*rsoT>Pla'a M'norWoiCol WlillsaaOaih FuherM tKMr* Mr* ? Mra PfleyTbn -Mra Minor B A Mr* Wilson Harriet FosNr Miner** Miner Mia* M Mrs rrank*?nt ?MrtM< EwiBAMra t Westhoff Ra?e Eorgeraoi Ein'a MrRen^alMary Womaley Bat* fiari Psrray M'Olnne" Bgt i*r Mra Gurr Mary MrPaaial Roar Waahlngt -nbi/.l Cnatly Fan eMrsMcPartlln Abb WorthingtaB Gr<-sitf|eblLoa'aM< NiilFaaaMr* Henry G Mra Mi* MrBenryM ary K Worthlngton Grayann Brolly McK nightJ liaT John G Mrs Gatewoort PanBleMarhiagoBer Wander A A Mra Grabaa* Rate Carrie Mrs WeyBiooth Ln Grahaoi JaoMraBeal H'n ta ( c? eta B Gibe*< nM y Mr*N aketMaryMraWaansr Ksta Getty Mra Norton Aaaie William* Rlvlra Gilbert Lydi* N*?bell Jam i? F Mr* Garrott Martha Mcboleon J T WatklaaOatMra Mr* Mr* Wii?y Fana>? PallMaeB Vutgfey Mary Wallace lilaTle PallBainakMr* Nelaon WmMra Weethorp Mary Hall Fanny O'Neil Kitty Zell Bernard Mra ? OENTLEMEN'S LIST. Allen A O Aabky RevJnoL A hen John Andartac Benj Anderaoa Janee Andreae Ja? 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Ool am PetimB L IS a baa G Morrla Mark Vewnun ChM f l?'f nenFraorie J*a Orme B M ir f'Flaherty J*e Ost.oro G**e B A Frttrhard Br*t Parker H M Perry Hon If Of?n ?l B D 2 P?reen* H O Pelrce Bobt Pierce Billy Palmer J J Leroy Pratt Dean Peareon leaae Powell B 8 tenleid B W P.laer JaaT Putnam W L Parker Fraud* Pht-lpeJ Parker W Parran Frank lerkUeCol .1 O PettU Worth a P?je Geo B Pb.-ip* J'-e B Pace Wm IMImle> O W Phir?- Bath) Bile* Oen A W Riatin g**u W Bom* | CoJaoS BeyuolrfaCol ABbeftcl. Henry H od J Began A H I Umi Henry Kilcy Martin HttdAn.oel Ray Bnbt-rt Bu-aellMr BaaaelittonAlexRoy a Jaa B Rice Mr kaint Dr B B BeyuoldeJn* Read Tboo D k?< k t baa RoMn-on J.ia H K >11 Thee Howgoni Blwd Roberta .Ino W Randall WW Robert* B B BuggleeQen.l M Be-ken Wm ke>??ll B BlrereJaoA Ko*e Wm F * O 1 Benehaw JAlbt Blder Wm L BanG L Meiaerd Alex Pipe H EmlthAMathewa frteihaey Alrx'rsiy* Henry J blocnm Hon M fmali Arthur B?ift Gen J B Btr*mme Prof hh.arer A N hw?ea?y Jdo Bloan Bobt S'al ( hae Stewart Ik el ah Bloaae Hon B B UnilhU B bbomaJoba Bton* 8am I ^ke?Uar>i OKA Sirattoa Jao T Swettmea Bam'l rtepl.eeon C 8 PaabornJooD MC i-aliiTaa Daniel Saratoga Juo Bchaffer Baal 8 Si. 1th Draper Btidham Jane* Hammona Hod hwinart OepDWs*teven* Joe B Mmeen b'retaaBtf Hamaon J no 8 BohermerhornSS Hclimidt Frpd k Mniln Jal C'eaar^targt-a Thai 8 B'-nter lln Ue? RBnarks Jao BO S8mith OenTUBII htfflvBMlhHenaibhoafT Bb Jao Pbimpaon Wm G 5b Da* Hunrr M?-?art Mr hUwart Wu* -?wai.e#aa HJarj8ihandler M Searl W 8 Btc Iskamp Bra ? acker O J Thompeoo J B VTompkln* M W TucherOhasB Tnrner Jamee Tyler Babia leoleT' haaM Thompeoa J A T> uaiaon W H T ay lor A Co Trlar Jeremiah Tuecot Hon W A Tolofon Benry Thcmae Jao Traak Ool Wm B Wn^yek HwaVefenQeo Va?Khan Mr O B Vae ! A HaerinfVBB Horn Wlllla ^ ella A Alkman Wtlklnecn B Wnlih Patk Wlnon Mai O F W..rd?u J?c?bO Wkite Philip /!* *) WiikeaaouMjJBWaUon Bob-L Jfclllpon ( hae Walatrom Juo WbiteB^btH 5,?.Ut*r-B"1 WerdleyJ W Wh*-lerABialer Willi,uieJui W atta s 8 wLVi!V.lMwd 8 Wa??r 8aml White.Albert Wi'erHonJ William* T B w ..odbery Bon M< Cal?r? 3 Whitman T J ? Wll.onJnoO WiUonTkoe Wl.ierFB Walker ino K WlHiama T H K"?Pk jB? w WHllaaaOolWD VlHiama Fredk W?et 1 O Wiliiama W H J* o- dard Fred Wood Jamf? A W hitloa Waah WtlgBD^tt Geo WarriagtonLool Walton W B Wood Henry C WaHtm Mr W?ifc#rWmJH White AM Whlreemb B W Wright Wa ^onDge Elphca Yoaag MajJno Fork LtLerlBS " >T"' ' *' -? ?7.E5'' atreeta; Maynard BlfleCo | _A! P J BQWBN. p. M. | dancing. pBGFS. 4. W. A B. P. BBbIb1 DAB01BG AOADBMT, ae Pennaylvaala aveana. bet. ?tfe and 7th rto . JB Oppoaita Metropolian Betal. irln? ?/***?? foralngevery evening. Thoee da"Ssssfar, siVi " ~4*" ? ? ? t?> ft* en I are can be had * J. P. Illlg' and W a I O*.*" Mnala Btorea! Xka Ball can ba rented foe Bolreea, Ac. _ _ ?B?r? ?a4 Htmn of Tuition : a/?L,L*dV?' Maatera, Tneeday nod afternoon*, from I to e'c!o?A QtuUtmen i OIabin, Tn?dij and frldftv ova. nlngs. from 8 to lt? o eiock 7 #?2fHS-MLerl?IormikUoa'*??,?dnrt*f the hoara ef tnitlpn. or addreaa a note to the Acaleay. Qaarter aoaaenclng with the Bret leeaan. jaS booms, M j . . * between Mk and 10th atreeta. The laat quarter of thia aaason, prepara- QHt I tory to the May Hall will cornmaace on Batar*W. March t. Olaaaee fer the Oaraai nr* now op?n. ... i.'U"SfwrM'"" ' "" jJimiimwoDmijitiu. ??.u r^T!l#.k f*"l??^wou|d m?at ree pec tf ally inform the ladtee aad geatl^eien of Waahington C^ty, aad tha pi atrial gene rally, that he la at nil I tUaee prepared to fnrnlafa partiee with Marjaerb?' ??*?ua#' 1'k*r ?n loan or made to otdor. He hae takea reoai at tha wall known ^ bllahaaBt of Okriatlaa Bappert. Be<T *22 7th etreet. between D and B. where he wt4lja happy to awaitordon. CHABLBSBBBe. .. n-.:y I BOOTS, SHOES, 4. | |A| BOOTB AMP BBOij^ 5S fB W BJ O B . MR ^ Tk^nieralgBei beeelanvetolBibrBklefrimS I faiL f " rally that he haa opened tha OBBAP BTOBB, Bo. #0B 7tk etreet.nader I Odd fellowa' Hall, where ba kna on baodagenBOOTB ABD BHOB8. j Bwember thM* .amber, 30? Ua etreet. nnier ob~? ?? " MBOBQB B. WIL80B. Hobticoltubal toolb! " I 1 H0BT1CULTUBAL TOOLS!! I I PBl'BIBG BAW8, PBOBIHG KBIVBB I PB0B1MG ?0lB8O^ PBOBtBC SAW i'BD Till TB1MMBBB. ADVABABCAT0B8. & ? -- Ae.. Be. I i A rail and complete aeaortaent of ihau tnni. -a | Aleo. the HOBTIODLTUBAL T00?0^B8:^ 1 containing fall aet Hvrti colt oral Toole VJU"8T' i fe M-eotw ... ,i' P- BABTBOLOW. I fa lB-eotw hh 7th t^|oir Pm ^ , S"* e?f? B1LLS '?' '? to Bnit pur- | qSL'ST1 m*rk#l ?r,c# ^ te AMBBIOAH j h,.?uwi? JOHNBON ACO , Bank era, I ? -5 W8 Penna. arena. J 1 Tn. "*OTBT* MALL. \ et ??t?V?-of tMa inacitatioo will bereaaaed W1' 1><18M For torme, Ac., aee tatakwa* 1 aad cfrenlar at IBo prtaoipal bookaiorea of^Sla I ' M*mr artaalBai. 1 M.TABBOBB, Oatonvtllo.MB. , R 1 M 0 T A_L . 1 TBI JWa? Jj/ggfO. OOM- j Bave raaoTed to their Bew Ofleo, I o. TI LODiaiABA AYBMCB. 'int Boor east oc 7tB at. ?? m6bLI D. LABBIB Bee rotary. | t VTi?JOi BBCBBF J ? V PIAIOTGBBB ABDBBOOLATBB_^^ I ] leTABneaap ia IBM. BB < DlMPB,T?Aml?ttittVWRZn ? BU. ! r. S >SuiwEK^'ou'i'i^a99m>owl!nt w' I: tniMjMHfh.Mm I aS^USfr?n4TrSSi,A5i.^SVKt s ?|! - 4 . ' TEL. EG RAM*, kc. Tbtrt Is a prospect ot a split b?twwn tbe rebels and the Conservuiive rntonnn in Keatacky, and their maniac separate ticket*. the former with William C. Preston, formerly Minister tu Spam, and recently rebel general, for Governor. If no division 'akes place <xGovernor Helm, a stay-at-home rebel du'tng tbe war, and a fighting one since tbe ww closed, will prohnbiy he tbe jomt nomine*. Tbe KfpnMI< ana bold their Suite con ten uou on the 86ih tnat. Tbe Aaetrian Admiral Tegethoff arrived at Norfolk yeaterday morning from Richmond He fpent tbe day in visiting the Gosport nary yard.and became tbe gaeat of Admiral Knwan. A salute of fifteen runs were fired in hi* honor. He evinced great curiosity in tbe inspection ot different potnta of naval and historical intereat. Tbe Senate of Maine, Wednesday morning' by a vote of 21 to 5, paased a revelation for change in tbe constitution by ati iking oat th?airendmeut of lt<*7, which pr ?bibiter* erection of any State department ex ? lor war purposes. Tbe House will probata onenr in tbe resolution Tbe Nebratka Legislature h-i? r?' vl tbe conditions imposed ny <Jongre?" fur it* admission of that Territory n? a Stn> : h- vote in tbe Honae stood 20 yea* to ? u ty . aud id the Senate it was nnanim ?us. Fire white men have h?-en arrested for at| tempting to set lire to he buiidiug u-ed is tb< ball ot tba Garnett Leaguen Urir?* and influential organization of lolored men. m Harris- ! burg, Pa. Congress -ontinned its seeeion at Heading. Pa . yesterday, and adjourned to meet oniae2latot Alar. ?t St. Stephen's Churuh, Philadelphia In Connecticut tbe bemoci&t* in the 4*b Congressional district nominated Wm. H Hir- 1 niimfor Congress, and in the 31 district >lr. ! Karl Martin. Major General Sheridan and several officers ot bi? staff came trim Cincinnati to Odeon Illinois, yesterday, ? here they took the train fur Cairo, en route to New Orleaus. The Improvement o( the < hannel. Editor Evening Star Although tbe importance and feasibility of turning tbe channel of tbe Potomac from the Virginia to tbe Washington aide of tbe river has long been recognized and advocated, yet nothing of the lea?t practical importance seems to have been done towarda the accomplishtnen' of this object previous to the construction of tbe canaeway. last season, at tbe foot of 17th street, as part of the improvement of tbe Washington canal. This causeway was, as ta well known, formed with reference to having tbe shannel changed to tbe Washington aide, and was expected to contribute materially towarda this object by concentrating the action of tbe currents, au-l directing their course towarda Mason's Inland in passing across tbe flats between 17th street end the channel on the opposite aide of the river, along that laiand. Its effects, in gradually forming a channel in that direction, became plainly viaible as early as September last, wbich subsequently, near the close ot navigation, attained such depth that vessels of light draught could and did paaa through it < freely at full tide This initial operation hat been attended with exceedingly fortunate results in giving, as It has, direction to tbe current during the late freshet and breaking up of the ice. for tbe flow of tbe Ice in tbe 1 mam cbarnel on the Virginia side being arreted by tbe obetruction formed by tbe I^ong Bridge, soon filled that channel,' and very naturally caused the water to find and flour through tbe next deepest channel?that formed across the .flats by the building ?f the causeway. But for this, and the hard froaen condition of tbe more elevated surface of the flats, farther down stream, tbe water would have forced a passage across the flats nearer to the Long Bridge, where it would be less valuable tor purposes of navigation, and where it would more readily fill up again, after the obstruction of ice at the bridge had disappeared from tbe main channel. But tbe direction thus given to the new channel by tbe canaeway la very nearly in ibe line most favorable for purposes of navigation, and will remain op? n much longer than it would if It had be -n formed nearer to the Long Bridge, aad, as woald have been the case, ib a direction nearer at ngb angles to the course of tbe river. Tbe depth of water in the newly formed channel at this time is 6 feet, where It was least before, and wberea light yawl could not have passed one jear ago. tnoagh tbe depth la less farther east owing to a wider diffusion of tbe flow of water, thns showing conclusively the Importance of contracting the width of tbe chaunel for tbe purpose of attaining greater depth. This highly important result is clearly due, first, to tbe construction of the causeway at the foot of 17th street, by means of whicb a new channel waa partially lonned across the flats ; and to the late blockade of ice, by which tbe main channel was filled and its water forced through this newly-formed channel. These results, so highly satisfactory within themselves, also establish the fact that the change can be made permanent, and leave no doubt that by judiciously contracting the width of the channel the carrentcan thua be made to maintain a nearly nnitorm depth of from *A) to 85 feet along the Washington aids aa far south aa the Araenal, where its depth will be increased by the added action of the water of the Laat Branch and attain a depth of sixty feet, whicb great depth at this point will make the declivity of the bottom of tbe East Branch so great that it wilt soon ennse a material deepening of the channel of that stream as far up as tbe nnvy-yard. Tbe process of deepening the channels of both tbe west and east branches may, without doabt, be materially aided by contracting and giving proper directions to the action of the tides, by dividing the widths of each of tbe rivers into two parts, letting the tides flow inward freely through the whole width of both parts and flow out through only one, the channel part. The channel near Georgetown is supposed to be about one- fourth of a mile wide lu width j should be gradually increased to one-third of , a mile at the Long Bridge. This gradually Increasing width would prevent the ice from , choking the channel hereafter, aad It would compensate for the necessary partial obstruction of the channel at the bridge by its piers. Ac. As stated in my report of December last to the Mnyor, by a judicious expenditure lor ( tbe purposes, and ia the manner then aad now Indicated, every dollar can be made to yield a value of three dollars in property reclaimed from the-river; besides which, it would be of incalculable advantage to the city In both a < sanitary and commercial point of view. It I would add millions to the value of both city < and government property. Bat a large pro- ] portion of this work can be authorised only < by tbe General Government. And as the < Government interest in these matters is the < greatest, aad as its means are great, while i that of the city Is limited, it is bopel tbe 1 Government may be liberal in Its appro- ] priations: and promptly pass such acts i as msy enable tne city to raise its share l of meana to carry on Its system of improve- t menu, so vigorously and judiciously conduct- 1 Ml for a year past. Tbe first thing required is t :he construction of a breakwater rrom Mason's 1 Island eastward, and thns make tbe change of i he channel permanent; aad this oaght to be lone at once, before the new channel now par- < Etally formed shall become filled. There 1 s no necessity for delay in this matter for I lengthy investigation. Providence has recent- 1 iy indicated tow to do it, by temporarily ob- i (trading tbe mhMcbannel with ice. thus con- t inning tbe feutHMty of making the change i ivallable and p4VMthent by means of a solid i ind durable brivBlkter, the cost of which, 1 ind ot any otbevjpprovement herein Indl- i :ated, can be nacefUlned in a short time, if de- t ured. . ' r.f l i. ? Very respestfally. B. Snvaueoir, > Engineer in chart* of Oanal improvement, i February 81.1087. i At Episcopal Edict.?We learn on good 1 lathority, that a manifesto ngaiaat "Ritual am.'' in the Epieoopei Church, is about to b* i riven to the pablic, slgr-d bra number o be Bishops. The names ot Bishop Potter, o' . bis Lioceae, Btebop Hopkins of Vermont, and Bishop Odenheimer, of Kew jersey, it is said ire not among the slgaars. It will not he ac 1 wording to precedent. If thia manifesto sbonld lot draw oat another from the opposite aide? 0 tot endorsing the ritullstic revival, It may he -hot (in the spirit of Bishop Potter's recen t Trinity Church sermon) counselling modern n Ion on both sides aad ail sidee. with the waning to the church against running to extreme t j, in anything.?N. Y Erprttt. VLondon journals complain that London * imuibnses are wretched slow aad nasty." ? Ureet railways are to he tried agaie. u Kt American veeeele la Eaclish parte get raws math eooaer than English vseals, be- ? anaa they give hotter pay and better food. '? 7" The Rich mead Tlmee thlaha the Virlaia Leg is latere may have been flailed lagath- e r .-la the wrong ume of the .eoeu." C ? ONGREMIONAL. ^tlATE-^tw^y afternoon ? J-at** I1 resented the credential* of l.vI"*'' Trumbull. Senator elect tram Ullti...* frrm March ?, i*?t, fo March ?, ir** R-a* I d ordered U, be f, led Th* h ll ib relation to the Iadiaa Hu resit *a? h n taken up. The Sena" bill la lor ao > ? inspection of Indian affa rs. To this 'J* Hoa?e send* back a *nt>?'itute to tr?i<trr the lad aa hurMu to the W,r l>-p?r(iae*i. a lid Rfivft ibif Uf Nfnata iJotntn r oa Indian Aflnrs make a unammon* r. port. Mr ShrraaR moved that the Sena'e bob. concur Id the House * trend meat aad call for a ct anmiuee ufionlrrtDr# r?rdingtbe consideration of this que*?ioa Seaaie on nml*b of Mr Sherman. ?-ui li?u> executive eeaaioa. mkJ the Senate adjonra?d at At* o'clock At the fTfr.'ijf *ee*ioa. the hill was again considered, and discaeaed until 9 .Hi p. m aUn tb? 5* bate adjourned wiikouticuoa oa ?VHierdtj afternoon ? hl" to provide Way* aud Mean* to the payment of compound interest notes and to further cob traction of toe currency reju-teu by b vote on it* passage of yeas ?5, n a x h4 ' wl*J JiTn?a" <Pa > oved to reconsider the " b,,,? *?! ? that then be in. ? """I* ??'*' ?*f tB* ?+<> * eectioa deteBt *'d ?U *?*o? repeal" the art of the l*tb of A| ril, Ih?, wan fa oire.ted the retinae and I ?;??>*>" ?y reurlm^ror isnceilation durinr the current yuar.) | Mr. hoi i i lie moved tola/ the mo'ioa to reconpidrr on tbe table .JJ** vo.'* lb*" ,ak*n hy mi and nan and reaulte4?yeas .<*, rara w J' the mb^"10410* W r*e"??l<1*r ?" laid oa ?.de^Wler*rrli*? tb,,b,U ??th-B reron<pa to ref-r the bill to i,kV on ^a:|kinc and Currene* the'nrat*^."00"#'0 "P^^k iitim'Ju'fJ ^ 'fr *"? ?* ?? * section U ?tiu?.k out. lie proceeded u, arm* <i -rponof bia rr position He prop^d m !b* romponnj in.ereat notes retired and term tender Bote* leaned to the extent of one autiJT' ? n,"l,,,n'- "<* f aftlrm-d 'bat tbia vTr lu""1 *uuld not e-.pmid (be cnr-enr? Mr. I^iyer inquired vrh?^r ib-re w%a aa*. I.-*!? ,h.*>,' * 'o ?r*vut ibe banka pauiuc OB ,he s,"u-" ?.<?' 1-Kal tender " -^s ptopoaed to be iaaoed. tb. r'PiM,u ,h?l ???? *??: that .,n !l required to Bold tbia reaer*e in b.nkJ hTV^'1, h- ^?"U.d Wto-tber tj" l! rlrh' 13 'hair orauid dot'" *" nart 'hair raaerve Mr Hoopar arcued tbat a? the nanka w?r.? thl'liTi1 tot,?ld three-fifth* of their rea-.rve in r *t*beanew nror^""' ,roU,d ^ ><>*<> d r.. n .n STJS3ET* ^ * bn?dr^ Mr. Kandaii Uenled that they would or co.ld support of the mo'ion of J1 b I *T ,b* *?'" to toe C> tnmu'e* forfDorttt'l^fk rurT'"BCJr- wl,h instruction* The motion win a*rped to l*?tai,OT Kandall roaaand reported, from the Commit tee on KiiUnr ml(i VtTuTkT.-,^ b,1,-m,tb ,b- ??? ^ Tha bill waa tLeti ord-r? l to be anrroaaed p a at If!** ^ 'udte ik'1 ,,id tb" ua -yew nsTSay* ? by yeaa and naya, re.ulttuK the bill aa* pai-aad. It cosaiata of but one section, as follow* purv 'beHdeaaTieVli^Cr*tiU'jr of th* Tr#arerie^. -H hereby authorized and di. the nr??jr? T comPouod mteraat notea with t ?.. a and to i*aue therefore tereif' m f'** t*n*a,*r notea without inmill lenof do Mar*' ? ^ 'D am?UUt on' thf lAb?ev'Bln* "*M,on- Mr Branderaa. from the Committee on Naval artnir*. report??? a r solution dtrecunc the Secretary of the Navy to appoint a board of not lea* than three eom petantofflcer* to examine Intoall tha fact* coauected with the location of the Naval AcaWy at Annapolis, with a view to the e^naVc J C ll>' *** to a location more adrmLf*?ou* 10 ,h^ Ooyernment, and to make a and'*amtnation of the harbors of iuch a?? N*wP?r' the location o uch > a> aj Actdfvny, and to r^Dort &l] ih? facte to the Fortieth Uonirreaa he^nl!r,^0rnin*^b^ar e*P'**4 before acuon ~ * t*ken, and the resolution west over till Tuesday next in the mermnir honr. Mr. Davis asked leave to offer a rasolntion instructing the Committee of Way* .tnd Mean'"rr* * bi" anthonnnc the Secretary of tbe Traasnry to Isaac United States notesfno^^ eu'ntt*?r''tLBrd n?l '*C"rd,n? t5?l.cOH.?V thay' * S<,T'n tb,rty BOM^ a" Mr. Thayer and others objected Wh ^T w *"n w,,nt ,nfo Committee of the Whole ob the Mate of the I'nion. aud resumed consideration cf the tax bill *erM?nH<^??^^,noT'<, 10 am*'Bd toe eleventh adrfi?i?-.r^ll^ /numerates articles on the additional free list, ao a- to make it r0 into OI7b:Ue?"?- tb* "tofMar.b 1?W7 AC?aed tl, . JL? . ,r^ aassion of the committee was con. tned in acting on the additional free u?t and the variou* amendments proposed tuere'o At ???? o clock the House adorned Misaaarl-Tfee L.yalty Oath. A dec patch from Jefferson City, Missouri states that Mr Jewett, lrom thV JudZSTj Committee, to whom was referred the resolu" a'llmdToh1," tn^iniry as tocertaxa opinions aa ? have been expressed by Judre Moody, of the St. Louia CircuitCoan anS hit acta iu t-mpanelinf jurors without requiring tbem to take the oath of loyalty. r?p(,rid bb* ? auspeasion of the rules that the commit ?f opinion that the case calls f?r the ai * an addmi i'1" ' A**emply, ,n thVfor^^f an address, to remove said judge from once and recommend ajoint resoluuon that there ? nroner ??e for removal, by an aadTell of lato^d*thlsSL** th* KTonn<1 lhat he has yioi .k . ?lai* coa*"totion by his official acu an a that he is aa unsaie, un*ui*able aud m ' proper person to hold the offleaof jud*e of Se Circn.t Court in St Lou... The re^u/^ aere read three times and passed under a fur ther suspension of the rules frora the *pectal committee appoiDted to inquire into the official condact oi Judge King, of the fltth Judicial circuit re. ported that, after a careful consideration ot the VLT?* of th* option that he had been ?uilty of high misdemeanor* in office and gross corruption, and recommend the adoption of resolutions that the House impeach aaid juVe tor misdemeanors in office; among others of instructing the grand jury to and bo bills of Indictment against Confederate aoidiera, of tfe? regular or irregular branch ef the aerv toe. for any crlmea committed while engaged in that aerylce, for inatructing tbem to tnd bo bills of indictment against persons who migbt be z?J?. awsi* pfitfanrs p"^r """ A debate ensued on the postponement of the ???"? The Mabylami> L*?.i8LATtaE.?In the Senate yesteraay. Mr. Howie, from the committee s" a*ncm*"r*< reported a bill wbicb provides .hat every commission merchant, tacior. a^ent jr other consignee for the sale of agricultural products, shall, within ten days from the date lit .'.iri" 01 agricultural product#, make aad forward, through the poet office, to the jwner of snch sgricnltaral products, a true and accurate account of the sale of the same rhicb shall state the names of the owner and f>0KrCKMrr- th* daJ of ale and the pn^Tor which the products were sold. On fiilure to Bake oat snch statement aad forward tbeoaah Ae post office, as required, within tea dav? *om the day of sale, the party aball be liable o indictment, and on caavicUon, b? fined bo* less thanif5?l nor more than *5,000. The Senata adjoarned over until Tuesday next The Honae paaaed the bill to eraate a board >f commissioners to keep open the harbor of Baltimore; the bill to establish a militia system or tha State; the bill to amead the laws ^ bounties to volunteers and drafted o reh^i^K MlU a>tfcor,"ag cartaia paruea is7h? bridge over C*wynn a falls, known /L **' A blil WM reported to J * ?r r?g let ration of voters la Mary. prtambU "dreaoluuons were tubmittad by tha committee on federal rela^clanng that the loyal owner* of slave, unlisted ib the federal service daring tha lata *ar have a ju.t claim to reasonable com peaation, and calling upon tha (laueral Govern. neat to recogaiae iu liability therefvr. The eaolations were laid aver. KTEvery railway traia arrives at aad defrom London bj subterranean tuoa?ii New York fire aaderwriters hay* amsd o materially lacreaae their ratee on riaka. VTba praeeat wheat crop of Virginia la tha aoat premising since 1080. tBT Juare* baa eonflaoatad ?1SO,000,000 warth f Imperial property la Mexi^ WA gUrl la Antwerp triad to draw* heraelf .b. ? rtf , pwo. o, ^ ^ ?*?ro woman la Tlrriaia killed her athar by tbrowing a aktllat aa hie K~ni rSTKli^C? R'rl'w ??t??na as .aw, . f a prtociloe in tbia coa a try. abhs" m2u ,n wom#B photographic aa ^Klw thousand a nem ploy ad sailor* ara ow ib Raw York, aad mora peraoas lookiac work there than for five years past. i^?*Ycry dear ara ages." laaeaia a Koathrn paper? as for chlckeaa. It rsqairaa a irmsu to jaat small of them."