Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. Tkt Utftu Cittnlitioi ii Mi lirtricl W. B. W ALL A fH, Mitar Pripriftor. WASHINGTON CITY FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22, 1817. tW RK A L>I !*ti MATTKR Off BTBRT PAUB. SKX 0LTS1DK fOR INTERESTING TELEGRAPHIC AND UTHIR MATTKK TO A OVRRTISBRS. Tb? following m iko olleitl rtowncof the eKculatioc of the daily p?p?n of this city oompetmg for the Government advertising d?r tbr recent ut of Uobpm* (tmouag torn to M mad* la tbe two telly newspaper* at Waehiagtoa havlag tba large* Irculatioa Lvxsikg stjlM 7,71A oopies par day. CkrnnicU SJB ' ? ......1.554 M Tbe returns of advertising by tha oity papers or tie quarter ending lHr?rahfr Tl. r*Kl. aa ??*en from ?ne bonk* of the Iatarnal Ravenna Office, are as follow*: Lykbism Sraa 913, U?7 iMelligen cf U.IM Ckrtmxrle M*jm*lican "... 5 W WHO ARK TilK THtTR FRIENDS OP THE >Ol TH ? Those newspapers in the South which are ostensibly stlvo.-ating Southern iijeu aud interest-, hu- r^al'j oppoaing all true progress in that tection, bj giving advice calculated to k*-ap alive hostility to the Government, and proven! th?* adoption of such measures aa will show an earn>**t d?*sire on the part of the people there to become good and true citizens Of the l imed State*. may b?" diviJed in-o two classes Kit^U we have these whir* fitly rep resent the old fire eatere, who vreA not subdued by fun r j ears of bloody aud di?aatro?4 **r, bfuure he> took precious good care to keep out of lartn'i way by skulking in the rear while ibe light was going on. When active hostilities reaped tliey suddenly grew bold again, and now seem not at all averse to the idea ofrmewitjg ib* conflict?on paper. Their fierce tirades Hgam?t Congress, and abuse of the iq. fernal \ snkees, are diversified with feeble at. temple at wii; school inarms" and niggers" beivf the subjects at which m.>at or thi*ir rail, lery is direvtrd These indirect manifestations of hostility to the Federal authority for th-* animus which prow pt? tbem u the same which fomented the rebellion?would be insignificant were it no' lor the incalculable mischief m?*y do the >ou'h, already prostrated and impor eri-led, by weakening the hands of all true lrienae ot that section, and encouraging those who con lend that a strong military government is ne-ded in the excluded States because of the rebel.ioua spirit still rampant there. The o'ber class ot journals to which we refer. seemingly friends of peace and good gjv eminent, are scarcely less mischievou- in their efiorts than the incendiary aheet* wd ei do uot disguise their hostility to ine Federal authority Tbey eounsel their readers to tag-* no part in politics, but devote their time and attention exclusively to industrial pursaits. This sounds very well, and such opinioas are often quoted by conservative journals at the Nor'h as show ing the growth of a healthy public sentiment at the South. Such ssumed in. difference to the great political questions Of the day is but a thin disguise to conceal disloyalty. We say aisomed iadlflTereuc-, because it is impossible that a people educated in self-government for nearly a cen'ury, should not be deeply conserned at being deprived through their own a:ts ot a voice in the National Council. It is all veTy well to talk of clearing farms, opening mines and establishing factories. But something more is wanted. All the industry and enterprise which can be brought to bear on the immense resources of the Sooth will not sullies to make it the rival of the Worth and West in material prosperity, ontil its political equality is established, and it assimilates in liberality of sentiment to those other communities where emigration now naturally and Inevitably *ends, because labor to honorable and honored, nd workingmen are guarantied full political and legal equality with their wealthier neighbors. Those men at the South?unfortunately they are but few?who see and recognize the ad van re in public opinion throughout the counl try, aud boueMly and fearlessly tell the peo" pie they mnst give np some of their cbertoh*d Ideas and sacrifice some of their prejudices, in i order to regain their political rights, forfeited ; by the rebellion; these men are the only trm rlends of their section, and the day will yet come when tbey will be beaored for their boaest and patriotic efforts. That time is not ,ow- The blindness which prompted the suicidal policy of secession, does not seem to have been removed by foar years of war, but actually increased In some eases The* lottesvllle. Ya., Chronicle, in some caustic re" marks oa the coarse of the Virginia Legislature, aptly illustrates the spirit which animates some of the old fogies in that State, a* follows: ' The present Legislature have had the beuna,,e wn old *o?se knocked to pieces over their heads?and there struck the ediuce drove no idea into their S? ny ,n ta chambers of tbflr InteUigenca. Run over and smashed bv beV^" :rn#0r ?*'? revolution*. !k/,P.k ?f l?* tyisg together ropeharn***> r*P'*ting their ?i! ir Hh br,dl"*D<? cora-fchuck collars on their old spavined horses, and trying general I y to regal van ixe the pld lastrameat of locomo"g P?rt,Daciously to ride oa the railroad or have anything to do with the modern improvements.' Tbey remind us of the Turks, who, with the wnves of European lien1dissolving iron tiers, continue obstinately to reject all innovations, until the accumulated tide shall break in upon them and carve its own way 1^**1 questions tbey suggest nothing, I they do nothing?wmtmg lor destiny to admia- ' ister their effects." 1 ? KIM ' BKCO.N&TRCCTINO." Hon. Mr. Larlisg, of Mew York. In tbe debate in tbe Honse on tbe ta* bill, made a startling exvote of the frauds upon the revenue made by liquor dealers ana dieullern, and in the course of bis remnrka snld, ? ! do not be. heve there Is an honest distiller In tbe country; .or tbey cannot be honest when products such as ibey manufacture can be bought In open market ro*4ay for fifty onate lees per gallon than the Government tax on them " W*?*x.y ST a B ia now on our counter #or sale, and in wrappers, ready for the mails, eontainiog, aasng much ether reading matter a capital story eatltled '-Bradbury's Visitor a lege.dof St. YaUatlne'seve?* the Beconstruc* tion Flans ard tbe debates in Congress thereon Arrival of John H Surrntt? Interesting particulars; tbe Public Park and the ne w P^el idential Mansion; Receptions during the week; Froeeedmgs at tbe Republican Meetings daring tbe week: Useful Items of domestic economy; Congressional proceeding*. Humoron* Sketches, with llomeatic. Military, Naval liepartmental Bad Locar News; Agyicul'nrai and Housekeeping Miscellany: and tbe latest Telegraphic iMspatcbee from all quarters. Faun MBXtto -La s da<es from the iaterior of Mexico r port tbat Corona has issued a decree ordering all persons who have taken part with tbe Empire to leave Selisce In five days ? uadnlsjara paper* ofitte?Mof Jaaaarr say the Imperialists still bold Oaaaajaatoand that vicinity. Aorelia is la possession of the Liberals Bernsoba has completed the organixsriosoftbe ISatioaal Guard at Maramoros. consisting of one thousand mea, commas 1?d by competent officers and well Armed aad equlp^n-d Escobedo laform* B^rriso^a that be will tmmeniB'eiy place at bis disp.ieal two thoasaad men. to a?? employed In pt^servlng < reer in th? Su # ofTim^n ipu. Cnrtlaa is at Uaerrero wi'h a small foroe. Hiximihaa bas issued another proclnmnfcoa conVmnuf IB tbe stroBges: languar*-Ae occupation of Matamoros by Sedgwi. k/liotb the Free-b and Mexican flag, wave ever the Cu?tom . bouse ar \ era t riiz. The Liberals ar- c imped twelve miles from VeraCrux. Official newe from Vera Crui of t, 1 e?ant, received yes'erday at the M-xienu L- ' Ikh>. cer. firn> fh? defeat of Miram >n by > j^nern| Fkobe^o Benr the city of Za? a" , as, with all (he details that were romtMrti<cat? 1 fjoa. Matatnoro* Th* reported capture of pr~,t. dent Juarez by Mirainjn Wit ouly a wilft ! rumor. j TKLMiKATiil" NKWa. ^ ^ FROM ti-Kopl. T*>D\V. Liv?np?oL, Feb ti? Noon ? lhe*h p Soath-. an )> ou, rt-pur ed a?b.<r<* on the Irish (Joa?t | * i of '"amazed. She *11 toweg |qt> Ptlftux w lib 4 feet water In bold I he (\>t'on maiket .e d?|| will aalO9or?,4B0 I nlo* *' dwltii* of Jf; Middling' Vp'andS 13?. L< *io?,tVh ft? N.m.b _Console.9 *; Eriee, 37*; Illinois Central, ?7J{; Hoods, 7Sfc. The Day in Philadelphia. PiiU.Aiki.iniA. Feb :>* ?Tbe day i* ob- r<?d a* .1 hi-lidav by hanks and votirts. Public i<nd private building* display flaxs. A t ?'< n*?? prei-euiauon of Uuceck'* cnair aad 'atle, n??d in the sgnmc of the Declaration of II c-i,d? m-?. was pteaenu-d to L*wi? w. >p* nker oi tba State Senate, in IndeI'Ud'Uie Hall. The Day ia Baltlmsre, PiLimom, Feh W?The day it observed ss a holiday, business generally suspended iu Hank* and Uonrts. No public deraooarraupn; Dart from pnblicaud private bniidincs. 'Weather dt-lif btiul Specie from Cnliferaia. New \om, Feb. 2U?The steamer Rising S'ar has arrived from Asptnwall. bringing r$*> ,u*>. Hon Jos. W. Ny* arrived on her. Tbe J&Ta from Liverpool now comes up me *'J Freshet la Indiana. Ylxcaaitxa, Ind.. Feb ?.?The Wabash is i bifb.r than ever was mown butore, aad it ia r- |'or<ed tba* the steamNat* ar* running overthe prairie on the Illinois side. The tops of tl.e bouses are barely viable, and the feno-s are all cone. T^LBOTDBB-Mrs M M MO V8 wll7de|i7er rM. ? L,f,urr *'* '** ,n succession, at , Inlojp Llanos Ball 4 ?1 -oh str*et between lid D r.r.l on SATUHU *Y KVM8IIMO, peb L*". ? P ?The Widow aad h-r Trials i.a Bt BD* Y BVBNINO, r.k a;"h*.t 7 pm Bnl.jeJ-The W|fc-h of Bnrtor er 'or '"? Telflag fex posed Uo MoNU\T IVI ' ' 7* ' a Sabjee.t- Life hhakers and other vary Interesting sk etc nee of her li_fe It* Yj|r-8U*DAT IVIHIHQ LBCTOBBS " "l OL'NG CAT HOL108' FRIEND BOOIBTT at wall b opera rouse, Oi 1 BUB DAT EVENING, FEB. 24, AT 8 B'CLOCK BY REV. J A MSB KBOGH.D. D . ot Philadelphia hCBJBOr ? " THB HPlBirUAb AND THE TBMPOBAL." * d r1?h,? maintains i by the Oatboiic Ofearcb are in r??liiy % imitioa br all whoarou*.*,^^ I. ratlflTa.waV* | Mff'e admis-ion? M cents I J.'f?d"?,,?'n ? pooVnMhat rg* " ?* ?'*?.? ITFA1U VauEcif 8II,,,<>T0N M * 'T ODD FELLOWii' MA Lb NAVY TARn fe 1 nBHOABT ai TO MaB0H? [Cl="IpOLlo?,,?J?rT /? v ""OPOimN rWUol. OAct tf Ruptrmitndm:, Vo 4 J.LUistan 1 uT*m*t. W't k mt:un. Ftb %nk W67 u *,b,,#fc'"d lor 1 he Informs ion af lb ee whom ua?*> <anc>ra . Tbe Uo?r4 of Police at ite ma?tinc held en the ItibiBsrant directed tba Maj ?r aud Beperinten? ^?^e* '* re>ine?t of the aroarleters of ? *? ?aor?etown where iatoxloetfnc li.juors ie retaiUd to eloea theli bar reomsdnrlnz tbe M rursnff^jtsssfj PoMcemafc on datj in Oearraiown on that dar ?lll report ail piacre that do net comply with this reinwits Lieutenant Be ex Tblrd Precinct in - Her that the Board of P .llw may tak2 eich i?nr^*Cl'0n *ith rrtfut* thereto as maj?bs - A. O. BIOHARDi. ' "J* 'I iufertat?n<lent Jj-r?W?lB01iIir? MOTIUI. ?*a' "ur ol<i fatrens aaa tbe pablicln feaeraJ tb*i we bwe noeeu.* '"1 0<jr j>nHaee?. and are srossr?d to offer inhoerawers that have never beea ofamtaam^*"**' * *? P*m? wishing largs .iftlr**a'i?f* ro*mJ' wlth *?*< sarea for vain1 ttalbosloeZi ? tor eonftden?n e.?w *n< Watchee, ? mercBa JhM ^? ? ? ?! kinds curitTi?* B**d"' toek*' Berlpo, Qovernmeat Bej^clTte^aFe4* b7 d*T ^ ,Mk ?? msrchandisesnbBTB?Arrangements have bean made by which persoasdepositing property with as caa receive tf S?4*aS^Wfl \klt9 wl" fc'W- on FBI. f J. yi? 1*,? /' b,"*r7 W la the basement et B4 DomlBM s Cbarsb. rnraer 41 a and Fit* Island. Ct-l?hrat?il Vvcalista have heen tsonrsJ for tb. occaalee. Tickete M e*oV r^rfJ^i?ce to commence at 8 o clock. fa " at 1 nry^JOBlPH . BHAFVIBLn. fbbmoh oomr cotiohbby. ' *?ADlli' 101 CBCAM A DIMiKO fl A LOO II t p9Um iT,> ^ ltth "< 13th Sta. | weddlnua. Dinner or flapper Parties sasplied at | h?rl Aatioo with novelties In Pyramids ftn^ I takes, aad OoefecneaeMee. JolllZT WelStaJ i sat,%sw; ' t-filtyl*^ l*<> *UI *? attend to all de< 1 xm&szrzsr ? f*m? JQBBPB B. BHArriBLP | [J^?0T,0, TOoJ,X ?# . oVwia: f * <"*' the porpueaof making corrections frem tbe Uth instant to April 1st iartoalve.(Sao-* '*_5??ened,i at dchool Commissioner s Buem rrs- H#11-* I n*fr otu9aaTTe By wder of the President (lot] fel eotAfl | ITAILI811B "1 ?~B ... "cPBBBBO* A PBBOUHOtr. TI Piim. avENtft, coaaaa 1st svbbbt, Dealer, la , ?*rXTOL H,LI" | PhysMaas Prejcrlptlons accurately eompoand^e lTtf Komptly answered ? - ; for MUSICAL IflBTBOMENT* A* COST it f.ilmb, ' ? 3Q<? Psaneylvaala avtaas. ; |?mbboidbbt oy all ktbds wqbkkd rj cp reasoosl ls terms Bvery kladof raue* K DTt HBaok *lt V? l0T kr Madam ikLJ.7. OI,,t r between Stb and **a ' fe ti im ^ssrI?S',psis? L^VV U4lil4* aS.nVli,? BVo*rk Mlllp, cheap; Brown M?slia, li. ijC. 1*; ?ard * * la aad 9 rsnts. Alto, a general assortfe Bin.* BBBJAM1M M1LLBB. P I A 0 B . obbat baboaihs . . OOOD *BCOBD-riAW? piAtni rf?te .avy ffjigjuKgL*" '*;? f. *... ?06 >... wftgU |)BDHS AT OOjK JBrasp aad ?oraan P^^llSTBffMlMTS at .r-2iSLria ,,e,t 0,d TI?MW aad QUIT ABB at fen^Trtie* 3n? Si1" r n n F* aee . aoer Wth et. M reoelted at the road ' uiixTawa sSff*? BOeoreetowa BUI adbbbVAV' XI ?,I - MaNCAI from'tk* BlsMeaef u? a<ia?au Ja' .frMTKS^iJJSR?* * J. (JABDBB BBBDB, YB01T TBBBB, Ac. 1 FLO^ BB PRBD8t*-abraclaa all the navaitiea Fhgland and the . outinent, aim m&n* Fl tf,r,,rt r,w" bU *** eollrteUea uf rSrtst rBl'fV TBIEB of finestuaslity.comitatla* of fiSVl?"- P A9Titoti '' API VIBBj^Delaware, Concord Mmm*. I- jimrm H > hr irt?, loae, Adin.adae, *c ' tT astor-iee Blackhnrriee, tio?eebertiee One. ralJre PvergreeQe, Shade Trees. !U>sas, Qt2U Uone- Plant* #0. ?r"?n B<fo<it*ta, Wreaths. Out Plowara.An. I0UR 8AlTLt 8<-sd Btors, R?ai><v<?d te 4 46 yth street i? H eoli.1 opposite U. b. Patent Offije. j; C0S?R^SIONAL. FBttoAT. February ?. $ * T4T'""^h* t-bair laid briar* the SeaVe Rhod* ^hl?L"--.-'i Betuotlenal Amendment, j which were placed on the flu. w,?Li ^ ,*t^* prT^!*N* P^"ion of ? ?wo of a.king for the of a territori-l government >n South Carolina. and proiec'ioa for the civil ?bd political nebtg orfr?edirea. Keferr<it to I Uou<mit'e* on Reconstruction. j Mr. Kntufwy. from ib* (Join mi tut* on Pa*t i unices, reported the joint resolution relative to tbei'oei Office and Sub Treasury in Huston, wbu-b ?at p;<x?ed ' I Mrfonifrotr.tMn iftf Co?mltti>? on Public Lands, reported adversely ou a number of DlllS. Mr. Howe presented resolution* ? f tba L<egeslatur* of WieeonniB, ratifying tb? Constitutional Amcndmttui, which were placed on I III#. I BHIodwU, of OlIftrnK. prpwnuii the credentials of bn encceesor in the Senate, IU?' Cole which were placed on Mr. Snmner presented a memorial sinned ky the officers ot the hem ale Aati.Slavery Society, aclnif for u?,iven-Hl sotrmge. ***u<,rlclis introduced a bill forth* relief Pen?"'!* Kamsey. Referred to Cdmmlttee ou Mr Pomeroy called up the joint isolation t UeJl"m !he ,"/"UUo" l" Mrtcilt-ral ' ft ate of Tennessee: which, after aim adni?-nr, was parked. 1 be unfinished business, being the bill to I r>>vide tor an annual inspection of Indian W"* tbr? ,ake" UP-question bring on concurring In the amendment of tbe Hou*e. transferring the Indian Bureau from tae InUJ.' rlor to the T\ ar Department. Doolltile took the floor and argued in fu-roror the bill, and against the Uou?e amend, meut. Afcitb tbe exceptiou of the question of 1 reconstruction. he reja ded this bill tbe most important measure to be acted on bv CongTess UJ \ HiU'sk.?Mr Steven* (Pa ) called up the l^iHaii ve, r^ecutive, and judicial appronriaA1||U?.lll'-*ll,h amendments thereto. All 01 the Senate amendment* striking out the Congwaional Globe, and all subjects relating 1 hereto Were di-agreed to. The Semite, it , Jin'.rt'.IDH,,lH r"' proposed to have me pro. eedintrs and debates ot Congress pabhshed oibeiwiae than in tbe (iiob^ Tiio amendment directing tbe Secretary of Treasury to cl*s?;iy .hi ? .rkS ,n b'* D^PWrt^nt With regard to the nature ot work performed, watt disagreed to. Senate amendment authorising the an. poimn.eutof additional clerk* by the .Secte inry otth? Interior, was dlstureed to: a* wa* alao the amendment increasing the na? ,,r certain officers of the Senate. The o'ber amendments were concurred tn.andacjmmutee or conference w.ia ordered on the disagreeing votes 1 */ 'S1,,mld,n5 fOhio,) rising to a question of orcier, instated upon an foforc^meat of the 1 Ur?iuinng the exclusion from the floorof the House of ail but privileged persons. He i /Vutu,n UP?U subject, and would offer it if necessary. Mr May nard (Ien n ) asked the reason for inei.tii g upon the enforcement of tbe rule Mr 81 aioinif replied that business was Impeded daily b> outsiders and lobby me < The Speaker directed tbe Doorkeeper to enforce ihe ru le strictly Mr. Allison. (Iowa.) from the committee of c.inference on mr <tis tgreeing votes of the two Mouses on the bill to sut-pend temporarily the collection of direct raxe? ,n West Virginia made a ri^port; which was agreed to ' b,lJ m*k,u* "PPfoprlation for the sup. port of Ihe Military Academy at West Point - ^Var"ndm* Jun" 3*wa" ot>, and a commute 01 conference waa ordered 011 tbe disagreeing votes ol tbe :wo Houses n?utipn ol Mr. Stevens, tbe bill maklne appropria ion ler the consular and diplomatic *" Government was t*ken 0p, .? Stevens moved a concurrence in all ot the .vnnie amendments except the one pro. vidiiif for the |?jmeDt of the Minister to Por. HI If HI. Hlond (Ohio) moved to reeonsider tBt? vote whereby ihe amendment relative to I ortugal was nou-concurred m, and Mr. tarnsworth moved to lay that mDtion ?e ' an(1 lh" ,auer motion WAS ajrr- ea to. ?,^,UJDOfiun?of, Mr ConPfr' fTenn ) tbe Com. miuee on Priming was directed to inquire in o of Prlal'nK copies in pamphlet inrt ?ih . at th* )6th' ^7lb- 3Sta?8 0 Cun*re". ^r distribution to the late InurgfBt States. v.im1!.* Hodm> resuBied tbe conslderAtioB of tbe r' nl"I7UJT r*Wl"'d from lb* Oommrtt-e of n?/' I"'i*f,or c^'al,? contractors for vessels of war and steam machinery. il* f )*rgued in favor o: the bill *'<>* ? majority of the commit ee, which was offered as an amendment to tbe Senate bill upoa tbe same subject. Mr. Delano (O.) said there were tlirei propositions now before tbe House, one * as tbe Senate bill which purposed to gi ve to each contractor iv per cent npon the contract price, and this would open tbe door fbr tbe X?Zm9mt? ci*ila* *11 contractors under the (government, and tbe attempt to meet all these demanda would bantrnpt tbf Government. The report ot the majority of the Con. rnittee purposed to refer the whole snbiact to Department for investigation, and which was tbeaoly egquitabl* way la wfci-h an adjustment could Be made, and then there Z?'ih, r^OTi 01 th* ? Inonty of the Committee which directs the Secretary of the Trea?u. ry to pay the coatractors the actual coet in. contract price, butnoallew. c? ? '0 be Bade by reason of increase of prices of labor aod material. hAfKnri,h,'Jn&lD <lu',tion ordered on T TK?L?-d.ruDi,,S* ?mendmenta, Mr. John h? - - WM refused, leave to have the Base of Mewmaa Hunt, of Balti. L ' *j8ert?'tf *moB* tbe claimants. .J?r- (Pa.)moved to !fiy -he bill and pending amendment* npon the table Kejeclr^-yea. 47, naye 100. V Ke .Jl?e,qn.?#Mon WM ,h#n ,a*"n upoB tbe report of the minority of tbe committee, aud it was not agreed to. 42naysbi11 PaMed b7 ? of 105 yeas to p 1 a a o a ! ? * * I A O ! ! 10 Thicker lag B Bob's PIAMOB. -m, Jjf ? smobIi rlANOI HB js;s^iuwrsu ftisa. n_ iJa* w. Vose PlAMOB, " **W mnd ' eeommomUtVtU '?Br JOmV^TLLIbT rt f. mm .. 306 Pennsylvania arsnu*, 1 Bear Tenth street A?*.? B,?s%^rter"inWDAL1X. B. BH1PHBBD t BBOS., SICCBMOK* TO J, W. THOMPSON A CO.. 0. 869 P*BB avenne, Washington, ?.0., ^ DIALBBS IB ^ ?, ^PLVilRl\!SCnLLAyE0VS HARDWARE, PLIMBJNG, GAS and STEAM FITTING Sffi?^?ja,issstvesa ot-K V,i; Also rWRafltS d,,r*bi* cock now 1b as* Ctk? tk?f.lVrr,Ty<Vy of riXTDHBM Philadelphia, aad soU * *rlBt'ou lntreiueed r*ason Ma frlols al I)\*D'D2T SCHOOL ?0"IB0f2(Siirtil,a BCJ addreaa, fljatt.^ll^ GlKTYimfW &2tmg&&lw#aaS?5ff5 tshsihi ww wr* IJTbo rooi>. ^=~ Wt r Mocking W^WPn.!??0...^ , ....... now in active service Th re* of >2^ ^4.' r*M w** f a^*" ** Kim 4 O'CLOCK p. S|. ' ' " ? - ' I THE EXPECTED YKTOE* TbPre wtrrnu h* no Honhr th\l thu President will return toe military Gor(>mm-at btl, wi?bout bis slr?>?tur-, hot from tbe pressure of busine?s on bli bnads it m*, l>e:ore be is able to dispose of the matter It is prfrtmwl alio ikat b? Will veto therein'ion j in office bill. Had it not Inc'uded Ctbinrt officers it la believed it woald bars received I bis ass? nt THE GREKN BACK BILL. From wbat we bear the Senate Finance Committee wiH hardly report favorably upon tbe House bill providing for tbe issue of one hundred millions ot greenbacks to redeem compound interest note, ;beltevingtbat it-will be virtually an inflation of the currency to that extent. TIIK hANKRUPT BILL. It is expected that Mr Jeackes will on to. day or io.morrow report from tbe Special Com. miftee (of last cession) on the Bankrupt Law against concurring with the Senate amendments to the House bankrupt bill, and ask a committee of conference. CONFItM ATIONS AND REJECTIONS J Tbe Senate yesterday acied on a large number of nominations. Among those confirmed wereConsul, Sa.nue| T. Williams, Ham. burr: John Seys. Minister to Liberia; Edwd L. Plumb. N YSecretary of Legation at Mexico: Assistant T . S Treasurer, .losbua I) (Jed dings, tbarle-tou. S. c.; Attorney United States, Stephen C. FJkius. New Mexico- U S SolKHor lor the Court of Claim*. Eli p Nor' ? n; Superintendent o, Indian Affairs. Ge^e" W.Dent, lor the Territory or Arutona; Surveyor of Customs S. Ferguson Heach, Alexandria, \a : Capt Jeff C Davis, 1st U S ar. tillery, to be colonel of the itfd U. S. infautrv July 28. 1h<>6; Major (Jen. fc>aniel K. Sicales I'' S volunteers, to be colonel of the 42(1 U S 'in fantry, July If, lHJ.,; Major Gen. Jo*eph J* r'unt-fV ^ ?"* colonel of theafith tr s infantry July 28, l%?; Major Gen. Benj. H. Oriereon, U.S volunteers, to be colonel ol tbe toth U S cavalry, July ,m,\

J..eej b B Ktddo, late colonel 2*d IJ S colore! 1 'roops, to be lieutenant colonel ol the 4<d IT < Infaatry, July 2s, i>-o?. * Among others reje.-ted were :_TT. s commis si. a.r to Pans Exposition, Chas. If. Norton i and Consuls, Hnury St John, of Mich., loTrm dad Island; Charles Dougherty. Pa., to Loudonderry. THE PAY TO A KMT OFPICERS FOR HER V ANTS. n Paymaster General Bricehas fcsned a cirnlar elating that the action of tbeCoart of t^ime in al'owtne five dollars per month to Ulcers of the army for servant fiire, *twe.? lh ! March3.1>'">5. is not final Should it be dec id* d that the Department i. to ~ "H' * class of clalmR. the public will he officially notified, till then no claims will he entertained. It is said that the mcSJuJ! officer, whose decision on this aub.ect wa? overrul. d by the Court of Claims, bL taken au appeal to the Supreme Court. DISPOSAL (IF PUBLIC LANDS Tbe Commissioner of the General Land Of. flee has received returns showin* that li,j24 | acres ol public lands were disposed of at the Boonville, Missouri, Offlce, during the month o' January last, 10,2*9 acres were taken for ac tnai settlement and cultivation under the homestead law and tbe remainder located wl h Agricultural College Scrip and Military war X*2Lll t8. PUBLIC LAND IN MICHIGAN AND MINNESO1 A. The Commissioner of the General Land Office has just transmitted for delivery to tb? patentees 3w? patents for lands located with Agriculture College scrip and covering acres. The lands are in the I nia and Mar quett* Districts. Michigan, and St. Cloud and | Green leaf Districts, Minnesota The Wxtih Sistkks?Thoje beautiful and talented actreaaes, Ada and Emma Webb, now playing -Fancbon, tbe Cricket," and other popular piecea to crowded homes at the Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore, will appear at Wall*a Opera House next week. They are sprightly and yeraatile. and are particularly i good in such burlesques as PocabonUs," in I which they make their debut here. Ada la I charming a= Fanchon," in which character we truat the will appear during her engagement. - " Pxrsowal ?Gen. Grant was on thefloorof I tbe Senate tor some time to-day. -Gen B F. Bntler, wife and daughter, are at the Kirk- I wood House. Gen. B. baa engaged a residence on I street, near 15th, and will aborUy take possession of It. ' *r I Obhiied.?Lieut. Commander Edward G McCauley haa been ordered to duty as Flset I Captain and Chief of Staff ol of the North At lantic Squadron. I LOCAL NEWS. I ? Wabhihotob's Bikth-dat.?Thia day, the I anniversary of the birth of George Washingtern, baa alwaya been observed in this tbe city I which be founded, and which waa named in I his honor, but the suspension of business is I not ao general as oa other bolidaya. To-day I the national colors are displayed from all I prominent points, the school cmldren have a holiday, and the banks and many other places I ol butineaa are closed. I Msj. General Cauby la command of tbe lie. 1 ]>artiueut of Washington yesterday issued an order directing that to-day being the birthday ot Washington all duty In tbe Department excepting the necessary guard and police be suspended from "reveille" until .'retreat " The offices at Department Headquarters wsre closed at Jl o'clock tbia morning. I Secretary McCullocb leaned au order this I morning directing that tbe Treasury Depart- I meat and various Bureaus thereof be closed attwelvs o'cIock to-day. | Tbe Secretary of War and Secretary of the [ I nterior also issued similar orders wbich took i effect at noon. I I Tbe Clerka In tbe Navy Department wsre 1 i allowed to go after the moraing mail bad beea I opened and answered. ?? j SCKRATT AT THB J AIL.-Interview with kit bitter.?Yesterday afternoon, Jobn H. Marratt was visited at tbe tail by bia sister Anna, 1 who was accompanied by Mr J. H. Bradley, } Jr , one of bis counsel. The guards thinking I It best toprepare tbe priaoner for tbe rlslt, one I of them informed him tbat bia alater would be I ni0?*n|? when be exclaimed, "Great I 'tod, and burst into tears. In a few momenu | , ibe slater was abown to tbe cell, when they met for tbe first time since tbe assassination, . and embraced each other, both giviag way to I tew?. They finally became more oompoeed, j ,n ??Bvernation, during wbich bs | ihi f.T M prepared for the worat. ? cbeeringly tb him to keep a astout heart. Tbe interview (during which I tbey a poke mostly of domestic affairs) lasted about half an hour, and after again embracing each other, the sister withdraw, both being much affected. Tbe slater paid bim another visit this morning, and ?pent a little time la ?n company with Mr. Bradley, Sr. I l Tbe prisoner walks tbe corridor during most of tbe day, and appears quite eontsnted. He is non.communicative as to anything In relation to tbe cbargee agalnat bim; but epea?a sometimes of bia voyage In the Swatara. He I aaya that be waa treated by tbe offioera of tbe Swataraas well as be coald have expected: that be was conflned in a room adjoiniag tbe Captaia'a eabin, wbicb was very ana all, and sometimes was allowed to walk on deok to get exercise; bat wns not allowed to bold any eon - I versation with tbe officers or erew, otler than as to bis personal waats. He atatea tbat at times wben the ship waa in a storm tbey took tbeiroaaoffaf bim to prevent bim from gat. ting lajnred, and aaya that at oae time there was danger ol the ablp going down. Wben he I arrived at the jail bis iron a were taken off?it not batng naoai to keep prisoners ironed unless they are of a refractory character. Tnere is no Information at the jail tbat the Judiciary Committae intend to take bis evu denceasto tbe coap liotty ot Jefferaoa Day Is iu the assassination plot, and It la not believed 1 that be will give any evidence whatever In re. | la Hon thereto, even if fbey should vlalt the jail for that purpose. W'asbuigtoh National Moncxbht So. ciktv ?Thei annual meeting of the Washing, ton National MouumentSociety was beld tais I morning. General Forse, 3d Vice President, fa tube Chair, and J. Carroll Brent Secretary The oIBeera we*e rs elscted, and are as fol." |(rwe:?President Jabnaon, eg-officio President- I General Grant, lid ^ ice President: General Peisr Force, 3d Mce President: J. o. B/ent. Secretary; J. B. H. Smith, Treasurer. I _ _ ? ? Poliob RnNVkTa/-^Pft(f t police reverted I Wn?V*,0nr in *^e District yest?rda7 Tbe fines amounted ts f60.5U. 7 I A H* : < V>x rit kvoi Oamb?l.%?t Wedn?s d'J Morntof one of oir la<-k# rMitaraai propt letor* ass aiVMi d from hit rlnmtwri by a f C 1II from fcu ccrk, inrtUoc I'm to a r<>a<ulM(1 u with a gentleman wbo propo-ed to bay i m Wit The i>rof>nri?r responded promptly, ' Init ?u ?non ii company *lib t reo'leuitin *" l**f bidnsMe a* Wii;rm"T' upptmt1 aehrewd bsisines* Man, wbo was vnxioua to parcha*e a respectable estahlishm-nt, dmar a hunn#t?, wbkh might ba improve i by j'id c oiii investment and management. The a-goiiation occupied the day, uan| after bank h or*, vbrn ?be bargain was con to* | paper- drawn tip and a draft on Baltimore f,?r *">.< 0<i in th? pork*' of tbe late proprietor and i tbe control transferred to the new on#. l b* | eret.t was a matter of considerable rejoicing al around Tne friends of tbe boa** pledged , tne continuance ot tfceir patronare, ana smile ! f 'Unwed smile, even the female friends of tbe house were invited lo participate in the coni via I \ incident to tbe occasion Tbe new prr?prietnr mnt? a favorable ?mpreeeton among ! ti e employees by retaining all and premising an immediate >Bc(?a*e of pay. They rxrjr ; prompt in obeying bit order*, rem ?vmg 6a*gate from ibeYar roome to the chamber* ineiantiy and placing everything tn excellent condliiaa. Hi* order* upon the money drawer w?-re honored without testation Tbe'latepro. prietor, anxions toeeenrehi* money promptly, went tc Baltimore, from whence tb:? purchaser bailed representing himself as largeiv engaged in the fruit and provision hn?tne*? m Camden ! street The bolder of tbe draft roeeua* an old friend. presented bis check and asked where >o find the business place of tbe drawer The friend instantly answered, "He * a beat." Tbe ^ esbington roan was nstouuded at tbis di?- ! closnre. and tbe next tra>n brought him back to \Va?bing'on only in time to discover that the purchaser was gone, and that the rat-li account exhibited a deflrit of sixty.five dollars. The new proprietor bad arrtng-d ' for extensive improvemenl* of the bouse; en. gaeed painters to thoroughly paiot tbe bui!dj nig, and joiner* lo construct a costly fancy front; bad purchased a model ?bip a? a sign for the establishment, win. h was to be called the ? Yacht Houee": bad heea beating ihe b>ye and girls all around, and taking charge ^nerally. The proprietor thought be had sold bis boose, but found be was *<>14 himself The matter was placed in the hand* of detectives, who were soon after tbe confidence man. but he was now est. Tbe proprietor baa resum-d control of his honse, and is by no mean* gra'ifled by any allnsious to the circumstance. MlCBTIBO or TH B Ol.DBMT iKBi BIT ANT* ? The ;mi4iiaj meeting of the Olde?t Inhabitants was held in the Council chamber. City Hall, at noon to day, and was. very largely attended by spectators as well BJ members Ool. Peter (1. Washington presided, assisted by Col. J. S. William*, and Mr. .1. K. Callan acted as secretary During the meeting, W W. Corcoran. Keq , was invited lo the platform. Jos. H. Bradley. Liq., alter the meeting wis called in order, read a poem wrirteu t>v acii z?n of Washington, and published here u 1SV5. Prof Donald MacLeod read selections from V ashington1* farewell address prefacing tbe [ re rime w ith some appropriate remarks. Mr. I. Carroll Hreut read an address on tb* life and services of Washington, written lor tbe oceasion by Col J C. Picke't Tbe following new members were propo?ed and elected:?Lewis. Nathaniel, and Samuel Carn*i, W. Ii. Standtord. W M Kills, Alex. Borelard. .fames Anderson, Sepi. Tus in, li. B. Walker, Solomon Hubbard The deaths of Jos. N K*ar*on, John Me?m. and Flush Erimonsion were announced. A vo:e ol thank* wa* adopted to Professor .MacLeod and Col Pickett. A printed slip, Bontaining an acconnt of the meeting ol the first Court of the District, Jnne 5ttd, IHCH , with list* of attornie* and officer*, all of whom are dead, wa* presented to the association, as also it list of the members of the I'mow Fire Company, previous to 16:3, but two of whom (Cbanncy Bestor and Seth Hyati > survive. Pitiw Club.?The new-piper sorrespondents stationed in this city beld an iniorm:.' meeting last. e\ening. at rooms of New York Tribune. on 14:b street, for the purpose of organizing a pre** club An bonr or two was spent in di*cu*sioB. when a committee, consisting of Ben Perley Poore. of Boston Journal. T. M.Uoolr. New Orleans W B Shaw, B?iston 7rauscript; H. O. N. Hoynton, Oiacink can Uautte; and James K. Young, New York Tribune, was appointed to report a permanent organization, and confer with local press club to effect a consolidation. Pbncil Drawibo?Mr. Henry W. Bertbrong has just executed for tbe Paris Exposition a flee copy of Decatur's Conflict with the Algenne," at the moment when Reuben James, a wounded seaman, in'erposes bis bead and receives a severe eat with a scimitar, by wbicb be saves tbe life of bit commander. Tbe merit of tbe drawing is ia tbe fact that but a single pencil was nsed, and tbe scale is aboat four times larger than tbe eagraving from which it was copied. It may ba seea at French &. Richardson's. 334 Pennsylvania ay. enne for a few days. Labcbvy Ca* bp ?Yesterday. Qeerge jfc. Cauley was arrested by officer Tucker, of the Third Ward, apoa a charge of petty larceny, and was seat to Jail for court by Justice Thompson Henry Jobason wai arrested by officer Leacb, of tbe Second Ward, upon a simitar charge, and was committed for ceurt by tbe same justice. I iiriirmiT OF THUITTUIOB, F*frfcat*. whlefc are alleged tebavs Jflf J?JJ -?*Strey?4,?Wotiee Is berebf Blvea ^ iJ!? "liT?1"* deaerlatlon of each certffloate or warrant of like tenor appear r*taaa*d< U *? objectl oa should tbea '00. H. BABETT, OommiaaloBer. Vo. )M Jtt, for Mn acres. Isaaed aader the act of March 3d. Iftft, ? tbe name of Bobert W Pierce, " *M* acrsa. issued aaler tbe act of arebi lfl?. tn the same of BU ab D. Ball and Wffr,'??i^d 1"1 . . *arob . **f. ? .WIJ, far Macrae, Issued under the act of Maroh 3d Mlt, la the same of Oeoree Plam, and Anaust l?th, MM. MarAi K, 1*} ?aaa*? o,*er the act of area M, Mm, ia tbe name of Janes Hearv. and W? AprlI 22d, 1^1 March M. IS 7. ' 1SSyra*, issaed aa4er the act of aschtd.MM. in tbe aaaie of John Wood, and WS^,SSB.?<,rr*iZ,,*rjr " l857 , April ?. MST. Mo. M 1M for 1? acres. Issaed under the act of th? nft?ie of darmto Wood, widow W67 AprilTy*7 W" fr*BUJ ?*?>raary hi, No. 4l.4tt.7or its acres, issued nniar tbe act of Velraarr ii, mrja the Bame of Bitmuel flodsoa, aDM-wVilMlrU4JP<>c*,"^r 4" .A?r" l?o-7. _ l?e. for 80 acres. Issued naler tbe act of September,IMS. In the name of Lanedon 0. Johnson and was granted Marsh #, iSM. April ao, iBW s No 27,131, for SO acres, Issaed tinder the net of March 3. Itw, fa tbe same of Langdon C. T ha??? April I. pan. Tirrtl? lvc gist ?t*BSS'^ for IV acres. Issaed vader theaet of March S, 1?s, tnThe name of fellr Psase, widow m.m"I& ' wm <rnu,U* J*,y l9KJdO asreo, issaed under the act of March 3d. IBM (athe names of the miBor chilCrea ,,d ? Ms. 17AM. for t0? acres. Issaed ander the act ef Febraary 11th, 1S47, la the name of Martin Base, end was graated May Itth, 18H. Mayings:. _Mo. n.iM, far Idl acres. Issued aader the act o ??$&&& "4 50 KS^0StIiii.T.5f,itr,MO "" ffi-nrxmz:'' _ Ami Be 1 BBOWN BOA P. For aale cheap fer aaab Orders through the Post OSes win be promptly atteadad to 0. B.JBWBLL. Boap aad Oanrils Maaafaotarsr, Mo. *O0 and ftw'J Q st. aorth, bet ?th and Mb. ja II -4a piomi r B1DI A fall aaaartmeat or all grades choice Flour for Bakers: onaUt> Be 1; pricelow. Are the snty direct receivers for Ooldea Hill, J. H. Gam brill i not PaUpacol and Uiagaaor Family Floors la the District. As the latter hraad has baea extensively coniuletTelted aad seld la this city, ws woald laform thoee wlehlng this floar by arraagement with the ml I less we fern tab it lower tbaa It eaa he obtained from any other searcs. Quality sea*ad to none. Prloe a fractioa leas thaa other fret-class Family Flear. Buckwheat at low raaae. A"" " ssrrso^ * OOODB I GMBAP MOODB : < | _____ BOG AM * WTLIB, w I* m S S B le BLIACBtD COTTOHB Stand Mat MM. II "UttfstjiK&iMiraawK A ?. *, aod 1H :S 4aad to90e. PB1WTB, UH to Mo.; (M solars, 16, Id, aad IBc^ Merrisaaca 33c. % PBliAlBBB ealySfla facaod asaartment. BOBIBBY of all kind* and sises, aad everythlag at the l?QVl BBT PKICtB fa IB 3t* I^AJBTT DlBHBd, Beceipta OoUectad by Lady Uliarrtott It Olalr The Ohrtetl ulmT eedited by Bev Brack Bewail, PlekwHk Papers Hi amend Bdittoa. Headland ? the Aettea af Mediciae; Haw Md<M?a. Mar ray's BmoUraa! Disorders of tbeBervea TbeMtory faBtwMach. Bratthwafto's Bayiaw for hbmty *CTs> BavlewXor Febraary. * ?MAHBE TAYLOB [JJTi ffTFToi: 1 D DONoVAB, Fawabrcker. Bo. 1T? R st. CsS lM* hetweea 19th aad Uth sM ?eergete wa CtwriU P? aat? or Alkuhu -I'm H>ard mo- Im evening, ht-curdrr Ma ibewa id ui? chair rrrwiii, MNrn H?i?iui, H\de, Simm*. nni 1 burnt* A ci'innunli'ttMii ?m r?c-ir"4 ir?t? 'he Major exptaimna tbe account of li Hor rough* lor stto-t work. Mr. Hyde. from ift* siandjnr miBMfr, reported unfavorably on U* moiaiMB tmtuiif tbe floe ?? Mr busty lor vb tru*ung the sidewalk, mn It w aa rejectd. Mr Thome*morfd :u?adopj 11 on of a meaaage o the Hoard of C >mra Council, notify u.g hem of tbe rraciiiiM. it thu Ho a i d to go ipta jaihi a?Tti?< ten*-! judg? el election lo nil vacmoes agreed to. flbfjo.a' meeting wa* held. and s reported tx low.] Tbe OovbcII molui on. allowiag ?ke Clerk at the Ixtwer Ho.rd t or Midi tunal compensation wat ad< pt?d Goaaotl oraiiitBcfi am? Ui? vrdmaii^ tor porcba-e of a n??m fir* niko, an i ui|MO'/a'inc of a fire department *u paea*.i? K?(vlvika to p<? Hflam claim* t|no?i tb* (). rjorai ub, (hill* of Georgetown Camrttr, thai l*r?n, 11 Chamberlain. A Marbuiv. and Jobn Hm ? paeeed Resolution Ib ta % or of li Butrougbe. paeeed Re*>. lutioa providing fur a dj nrxnt on east tide of Market street, betweeB 5 b and ?te street* t (bivd. KnMlHiioo in favor of J. J. ktnt, Feytug bin balance of #*-av dw tor rebuilding sper Mill Mttdge: pa?Md Resolution tor relief of P. j.C'ai aoaii. remttiag flu* impoeed on hiru tor uppo?ed v toia ion of 'b?> llccui' law. ' w <a Tfterira to Mr Tboxnaa for tBvesugatioa K? M'lutifD rerouting Ane imposed oa i'?ui?i J. Weil* tor keeping bia bar up*a after It o'clock p. m , at n,e reference A message *a> received from the I,(iw--r Hoard |T if>i<in( >n adjournmeui st*i? dit. agreed ia. and tae Hoard notonraed. Commow CorNCH - Mr Clahaugb. president pr# um , called tbe board to order. A meManr. irxiikDiilung tbe coBtract and account of J J Kar.e tor huildinc paper mill t?r<d*e ?a? re c-eived and leferrert. 1 be prtitiona of l> .1 W elU and Mirb .el Reynold* tor tbe remission ot flnrr w?if referred" A meaeage from the Aldermen, proposing a join' meeting for tbe election of 'br?e iudg* a of elect.oa io All t?. canoe* i aue il by reusnation. ?a* recw??it and concerr*d m The j >int meeimt unan<mou^y elected tbe follow ing ? Kiret precinct, (tn place of Tyler (litewood.) A H Jon? id prec'nct, (ia place of W C Magee.i I w Hunter: ftli precinct. (In place of C A tJflutt.i Hugll <3 1 *evine 1 be joint merUii( * a? then rtiSolved, ni.d tneOanncil resumed has ue-? Mr tdff, from water committee, reported a recolutioa lor tbe erection of a hydrant iu Market, between .*?th and ?>tb atreeta. adopted Mr. Kane, Itom tbe grievance committee, r-ported revolution* tor tbe relief ot P. J Callahan and 1? J \*elie adopted Mr <}<)dflard. In m tbe ureet- cutnailMer. reported a re?ole tit n ib ta\or ol J. J Kane, adopted Mr K*ue repot ted a reeolu'ion for > be r-*liet of Miclivl Rtjnolflf; rejected Mr. l?nn|op rtiovel tba tbe clerk be directed to noUty tbe Alder.neu that tbi>- board h:?? flnisbed tbe bu?ino?e before it, and propoM>i> to adjvuin tine dte. Tbe A!d? nnen ba\ing "cmlted tbeir concurrence iu tbe proposed adjournment, Mr. llunlop offered tbe cutton ar> revolution ol tba^k* to Kaau I'ickreil. K*q , president of tkia board, tor tbe fidelity, faime** and ability wrh ?rbn b be baa dtacbarced tbe ditifi of tbe ?(T.ce, which war hi ah mouMy adopted, aod tbe board adjourned ting die. Ua4iiH*KATi4)ii or \flUKi Com pi. a i ro Tbe re?i?.try of voter* wai> coacluded yeaterday. and we are reliably inlormed tbat there are now 1.3-e.' wbi'e ami if?I colored ?oter? oo the poll liate. mnkii.ft tbe total registered Tote Ol the towb *2,^.53 PohT OK GlOKOBTtiWN ? Entered ?Steamer Not folk. Vance, trum New York, a?aoru-4 t-argo lor liiamct niercbauia. icjoouer ?ieor?e Wa>hington. M(trUe|| from Alexandria, ugbt. Cleared?Steamer Kennebec. Wilaou, ???*t-t?a cargo for Hal'lmore, acbooner T .1. 1> ton. Kwell, lor Accomac: "".imer Norfolk, Vauc?, merchandise lor New Vork CoMiatm k hiiK<ATii.?Lui aight. tbe Congreae-i-treet Metbodiet Protectant Chareb elected T. A. Newman delegate to tue M trv> land Cobterea^ i?> meet id |>*liimore in Mar< b next, and Capt. J b (jatbell, alternate. Nomi*atio*.?lAt nicbt, the Anti>Negro Snffrape tVniTen'ion nominated R L Oopley a* a (.and date for tbe Common CoudciI. in place of Mr.ttoorga Water*, who declined the nomination IAD1BB DEK?? TBI MM IN<>t, -* MaBufactar^d t>? K L BOHMIDT fall St* *04 PwDBtfivaoia a?? M A 1 L CHOOOL.ATB DB FAWT AT?I? BT BOB BUBS. alio, IA1LLABDS CaOCOLAT PAB BXOBLLBBOB. (Trial* Vanilla > Thla Trlpl* Vanilla OHOCOlikiB ta ?uperi?r ia?aali?g aad flavor to aar other made ta thla aoBBtrj,aal U ?ra?ared wjaelalir for table aaa M.V ll'KUHILL. earner lath and W mtr?tm, Jal aadar Bbbitt Hoaaa, Q41 MATlUNAL UAUMDBV. Ail 1 Paan a a* , bet litb and Utb at*. Jm\ I All work dona by haad Oooda called for aad delivered,at the abertaat notice. All klnda of fttach Bating done injhe naateet atyla. fa U at* AGBBCY FOB JOHB-8 IMPBOTBD OCTVA PERCH A ROUVINO. The nnderalcBed hava take a tba agency for this celebrated H<?li>g for tbia Dlatrict. au l are grerlured to ag)>ly It to new hniidtng*. or The repatrog leaky of ever* deerrlptloa Thla B>?tng baa angeraeled all o?a*> * wherever ft ha* be- a latradaoed. It U coa>f'>aed of a laundation f l>ea*y be a* p caavaa aataratad aad auated with ?a elastic water proof gotta pert ha ', aad i* completely VIBB ARB WATBB PBOOF. Fermisg a bard airooth *nrfaae of atoae Ala*. JOHB 8 IM PROVED PRBBEBVAT1TE PklBT For daap walls, coverlag tin roots, iron ratiing?. <?. w e aleo are pragrletor* ef tbe 1HFBOVBO WATBB-PBOOr FBLT, CBMBBT ARB BBaVBli BODF1R0, ComMnfag cheapness, durability. bb! secaritr agalaat waiar or Ire All work will he under ?be gersoaal sagervieloo of Mr. B. M PIT RAM efour firm, who ha- hal an txperienee In rouflcr for the last stxtaeo years in this <ity. All klada of leaky roofs repaired at short n Mice and warranted to give satisfaction a> bo durability. G A BAOB A OU . Rew Jsrsay are . bet D arid B su . fs 18 so3t near Baltimore Depet. 1R THB 0BPB"ARS'C01"BT FOB TH1 OOCN rY OF WAbHlMGTOB, IB THB DlBTBlOT or Colombia. JaliaH Addison, gnardtaa to bar minor son. Charles Morris Atldteon. baela* reported te taa court tbat ib parsaanc* of its decree, ratified aa 1 approved by tBe Supreme Court of tbe District of t'elumbia. that aba eolii tbe iatere-t of her aai I ward la the follow!.^ property . IfiBgaal beiu* in the city of WasMBKtoB. ?> wit: That lot ef ground *ltn*te oa K *treet B-Ttb, kaowa as Let rio Davideoa'a sai>division or 0<iasre 181. n said city, te Qaneral Rirhard P. Ontts. aa-< ta?t Instead of complyiag with the teraa of aals be baa Cld tbs wbols psrcbaee Bioaey Ib caab. with ta rest far six sad twelee ?onthi, ta all amoaat leg te Bl^t4 ? it Is tbU ?tb lay of rebraar*. 1*>T erderad by tbe Coart that said sal- be rati Aad and confirmed an tba *ik day of febraary, A. D 1M7. an lee* eaaa* to tne contrary be abowa ob or Ufort diy : PrBTldfd toot? of thiior d- r he pahliabed In the Hatloaal latalligaacer and Bvenlvg Star once a weak for three saccas "* u "" "tfa. ?. rvmcnL. Jadgs of tbs Orshajw'Ccart 0 0 A trae cap y-Teat J Ai- B .0*1 I B H E fe 7 wjw BeglsUr of Willi. O" BPHAHB' OOUBT Fab. IS, MW.-BieraiCT or OoLmu.VuiiJiToa Oocbtt. 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