Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1867 Page 3
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THE EVENING STAR LOCAL NBWs! AWrfEM**T3. ?< . TO KIOHT. wall'* kw Orui Hocbb.?This ?twl*i be d*w -oii.r.iv played with such succmb ib new 1 ork *id i,* ndon, '-The Fivorittol >*prr rod need with a fine cut; a/Wr which. "a kiev iii the Dark." National thbatba?Edwia Ftrmt u ' Kuteiieu" tl? >MM?a by Vih LiUie -Julia de Mortimore." oi?d kiliowr Hall-Grand annaal bill of 'b?* Northern liberties Association to-night. om? f^lluwi' Hall, Maw Yabd?The lair of ibv East Washington m. e. Chared now in progress. if one of the most agreeable places ia ibis <*uy to spend an evening. St. Doximc's chuch, 1st abd^?Tbe flrs fraud vocal and instrumental concert of St Dominic's cornet hand will be given tbia erenine, ana several talented vocalists hare been engaged tor tbe occasion. sbvbwth ward kadical rbi?pblica* association ? list eveuiug. tbe regnlar meeting of tbe Kaduai Republican Association of the Jv-veo b Ward ?u held at Turner Hall. Mr >. a Boeweil in Lne chair and Dr. wm Bovd secreia ry. Tbe name of Wm. Davia, white, and the names ot about 18 colored men were presented and elected 'o membership. Dr. bov d offered a series of reeolntions deciuiif t uat t ongress sbouId not adjourn wit i. out pa-sing upon artictea of Impeachment acaii.nt Andrew Johnson; that If all altered against him is true, be is infinitely worse tbaa '"j* leaders in the late rebellion; that such a man is tearfully dangerous as ?he Executive, and ongbt to be impeached, and if * ??m,d ** hun*- thal rebe|g are not to be trusted, and are awaiting some uaguarded moment to again launch their bark of treason, nad that "his Accidency" is tbe leader of tbe second rebellion; that Congress should p' ss * resolution enabling all loyal men. without distinction of color, to organize as militia, in companies., regiments, ac , with secret signs. raw'5,*r ' countersign*, signals, fcc. w.j Walker (colored) asked what advantage would it be u> pass toe resolutions; would It effect any tbing f Dr Boyd answered that he did not think it would have much effect, but it was introduced simply as 8m expression of opinion, and as ti ns ' ha* ,tie rikht to pass the resoluMr. o s. Hepburn moved to lay tbe subject on tbe table; lost. Mr. hepburn said he moved to lay on the table bevau^c the subject was too big an elephant to take by the horns, and tbe association was too small. Mr. Keubcn Bacon remarked that be could not see any good to be accomplished by ibe passage of the resolutions, although he liked the spirit. ?? Harrold (colored) urged that tbe colored mrnbm a right to express their opiniou w j alker ^lored) remarked that wi?h His friend be thought the elephant was rather large for the association to grapple He bad no objection to tbe sentiments expired but as tbe colored people now stand he double* the expediency of adopting them. They had tomaxean impression cn the people, ind It would be best to pass o\er the subject uutu bey we?-e better prepared. Boyd t-ain it taigbt be true that the elephant was large, but be was not afraid of i1. k i bandied elephants, and elephant* had hai.dled him. and ne would own it was dangerous, but be bad generally cone ou> head foremost. Andrew Johnson had been on the back track ever since tne noble Lincoln death, and he believed that he wm no* con Ibe organization of rebel militia in the States, ai.d it some steps were not taken lor theorgauuauou of loyal militia, some d ?v t Would r,e recre 'ed. The rebels are daily tbrea's of rising, and said they .qu?ud tc commence by banging Tbad Stevens. Sua ner, Ben. v* ade. and Ke.sendea He nadseen a loyal citizen ot Richmond wholnform-d him uaa r "menced organizing their militia ten months ago, and they were organtilingcavairy a< well as iufantry. iiim'u m fmr" jodd9on. colored, in the Chair,) said be was opposed to the passage of tbe resolutions on tbe ground of pulley He did not beileve that we would have another rebeiiion. and secret militia was plaved out a* lor military organization in Mary land he be! lt 7 e"uldorl?ll|wm they pleased, and that the colored men with the loyal whites could wLip tb-m out The association ha.l nothing to do with tbe queetion ot impeach ment, it had been organized for the purpose ol redeeming (he city from the stigma which has b?^n resting upoi. it for years, and if tbev Con'dger control of tbe city it would be the best kind of impeai hment. Tney had not got ,c"n'r?, j eti.f "d i1 t*tore they obtained it. Tbey had a right to petition as citizens for impeachment, but to adopt such resolutions wae preposterous. Tbey bad much to do yet. and they could do much towards gam rwip?*-t of the people. He could no'. stw. - . d'c*"ltr of impeachment when we nave a loyal Cougresa tnat can ccntrol the txeiuuve. Mr. Joseph Williams (of Virginia) was in avor of resolutions on this subject, but thought those ofiered too loug He offe'-ed as a substilute a resolu iuu thanking Congress tor Uking the init.ary steps towards impeachmeit >ergeant <*eo Hatton . colored; was in favor f resolution which would have the effect of benefitting their race, but doubted i!i9s*p*d'*dey or paasmg tkeee resolutions he believed thai tbey expressed tbe eentiments of every ore present. Let him stay his time oat be is bat a man. and what cat he do when they bad the lord on their aide; and tbe impeachment of the Republican party will last m#- h" wm opposed to every j, created?if He dfcd create them l.? *hterj?but now tbey bad the civil rights .vi twv^tlt* ^"cblse.and they feared no evil. He did not tblnk that the Fortieth Congress would wait very long before tbev paid attention to the impeachment, and be thought ben Butler would ?go one eye on 'ib held tbat Andrew Johnson deserved punishment, and be believvu a man named Johnson from Pennsylvania bad recently gone which is tie i?me i-' rf"ap- You will asg, ha? he been buug i and 1 will answer, ?no." but lttvow,"r n*iomm. where Andrew will d pnn,8ttnent; there is no hangS wm b,n *fra,d ?r Aar "u-mpt SMr. w. j Walker ;colored) suggested that e reeolntions be lbdeflnltely postponed. Dr. Boyd moved that the consideration be postponed uutii tbe 4ih of Jnly. Mr. o s. Hepburn remarked that tbe Docior would not be present, because be bad promleed to take bis coffin and go to Maryland ii?r ' i vva,l,,'r (colored) offered a resolulion providing for the election of a committee ot investigation, to confer with tbe ward as. iwcia'mns of the city in regard to the further, ance of tbe interests of the colored meu at the ensuing election for municipal officers whic* was adopted. ' Mr. w. j. Walker announced that tbe church on -th sireet, between 1? and e, could be bad for a mass meeting on Wednesday t ight, and tbe one on ?th street, between <1 and h. for a rseenng on Monday night; and a resolution of thanks to the pa?iors wasadoptad. Adjourned. .A*n**Tan.?Last Tuesday night, as has men j'*1"1 ?" '&e three colored - (>*?rge Turner. Charlea Jones, "k Campbell, wh? were going into Mary land carry mg with them several hundred Ooiiars and some fine clothing, which they had purchased, were attacked on Good Hope hiP, u 1 Anacostia, and Turner was baa'en Jones waa very il?! i. tl. *n<l <'amp**h escaped aniurt hy aking 10 hie beeis aad going to Bryastown 1 he rnbhers w-re .dentiled u colors m^n and Lieut mus ead, of the eighth^ pic j^ag notified, directed an Immediau search Jor mem, and found tbe valisea. with the ircney and clothes, at the bouse of Wm Jones , t*"'"- with Jones, into custody of the police. Last n ght, officer Crown arretted pre^mi r abtl k?ng, in th* Second Precinc , as parties to the affair, and tbev now at the (igbtb Preeinet station, awattinir ? bearing before justice Handy. Turner re t*^r 7v-rai of insensibility* CJbarles jones u much better, and Oamobeii Hearing of the recovery of th^ roodsh^? turned to the ciiy The accused^a^ries wmi have a speedy hearing. ^ wlu - ?- i Sit** a BaiixiB Acaoas rn* Pot?wap 1. H? of^B?r?S3? Mr. Stavens, on leave, iatrodac?>d a mint reeo 4otfon directing the Secretary of tbe Interior to order a survey by competent engineers. 0f the ground and rlvar near tbe Auuednct twtdge, in tne Dis rurt of Colambia. and i-t*>ri on tbe pra> ticahili y of constructing there a bridge a r<?-? ttie Po*omac, with the coar thereof. # i- . e 'tnia'iag tbe cne? foraeomm ?n bridge, itad to - ridge both for railways .a-ul cctnrara . v., nuo. to examine an 1 report tnncftirv !:*? hr ir*? at * near the Long Bridge m Lirce notes and pae?ed. imb a ' *ii? villus jf the t'ougresaional 1 eri|-ert m * > .? y -a ill be held at ihe m til ' i 'lie 1: ri?. ?f k?p'-?*lllA"lv*, ?>n Sllild tv \eij.S^ 4..e ; .il .s . -.t ? o'clock A?dres?- S " i ' > l?* s. imuin l*fnr^roy of ftiu? ?e,, ^ illey ot w. v.i., ani k. pre#<>nvttires JfMit e|| .\las- . nandail of Pa.'. HTunt of 0^1 >. k??e- of fl Perhaan' Miaa . aad stetrin^ of 1 ' ib* lfc?a uki-" i^xitkicm. t?e vob lg 1 vomar afternp??d saktng'^u!- 1 Pimric nria. ni dfr ci 9j ?*?*?< < wtiirhh-ii- [ -ie.i ?be -ympvthj o't \v??in?rhw, as r '! i-d ii! vrdsy'i v, ;s etill allv? I the Mtpicin of kk* RptttbUeM Association WW?at*TN?>i^Mmy Oiircb, career UAh and & itrwtt, for tkt pat pope of i organizing Second Ward Republican Amci?'ion. A large ivahir af colored men wore ia attendance, every im< la IMrwn being occupied. Capt. James I. Ferrne (White) wm called to the chair, and W. B. Btyers (eolorad) cnesed secretary The Cbair aUted the object of he meat Inc. aad oaauoaad the oo I or act men laat the tooa they boa tod of tbeir privileges now the stronger they would be fa the exerctoe of tfcat priTii*xe. Ha did not any to them forgive yoor metntea, for they bad been doing that Tor the paat 950 years, thereby demonstrating that the heavenly gift of forglviag waa on the heart of the colored man. Mr. J. Say lea Browa, the chairman of the execuuvs committee ot the Republ ican Assocla'ioti, stated that it wm the object of that association to form auxilMary associations in each ward of the city, the object being that the white aad colored voters shouId anna themselves on common (Mnnd. He therefore in Ited all who were reeidenta of the 3d ward to giTe their names that such an aaaoclation should be formed. boot seventycolored mea and Messrs. J. Saylea Browa, Wm. H Ohasa, aad John Kimble, (white,) gave their nameato the secretary Mr. Brown then offered a resolution. whicn waa adopted, providing that those who had given their names do now torm a political society, to be called the Republican Clnbof the *2d ward ; that the organization be nnxtltiary to the Republican Association of the District of Columbia, and that the constitution of said parent society be adopted. Mr Brown moved that a committee be appointed for the purpose of nominating permanent officers, which committee should report at the next meeting, and the election of officers be held. Several colored men argned that it would be best to immediately elect permanent officer*. Mr. Brown said it was tbe intention of the parent society to have tbe officers of tbe ward organizations composed of both white and colored men, and it would be beUer to appont the committee, who conld select the most prominent and influential Republicans of the ward, both white and colored, to act aa officers ot the association. Tbe motion ol Mr. Brown was agreed to, and the following named persons appointed as such committee ?J. Sayles Brown (white), Alfr-d Fpshure (colored), William H Chase (white), Thomas R. Foote (colored). William J Tolson rcolored), Cbarle* Peters (colored), William H. Shorter (colored). Lewis Sanders (white), and M V Myers (colored). Mr Brown then offered a series of resolutiona declaring that the members of the Association would unite their fortune* with the great Republican party of the country. That all their hopes weie placed npon the w*ll fried and earnest friends, the public men of the radical scnool of politics, and pledging that no man of doubtful record wonld be supported at the coming elections. The resolutions were postponed until after the election of otfi era. J M L.angeton. of Oberlin, Ohio, having entered tbe room wa? call-d upon and addressed ?he meeting for a s-hort time, after which they arijouri.eri until nezt Thursday evening, when a permanent organization will tak? place. a Ai kxamkia Itkms ?From the Alexandria pa I ets- wi yesterday afternoon we clip the follow inc. A petition, numerenslv signed by ct'i/ens of his city, praying the legislature to amend t ie present municipal charter, by smiting out f tbe second section of that instrument ttie | orris,' shall possess 'he qualifications and T' q u reir.ents of a voter f>r a m-mbe, of the f?ener?l AssemMv." was for jvarded toiiichn ond laat night. Among the requirement of a voter for mem he-* of the (general Assembly i- that tt?e voter fhall have paid his State and co?my mx?s for tbe preceding year. Toe engine bonse erected by the government on tie lot, corner ot Wa'er and Princes* stv, aurt purchased by the Ci'y Coancil, hn? jus', o-en *old by the latter'O Mr Saml .1 Keed of i i? ci'v tor MMi If is the indention of Mr. Reed, we und-rs and, to convert|it into a fish | p eking depot. We are requeued to state that Mr. Geo C. | Wedderbnrn has resigned a Directorship ot tbe Washington and Alexandria Turnpike I'orapany. of which Jos. F. Brown, E-q., of Wa-hmgtop, i? President Tbe repairs on the A. W. it G. R R were e*pected to be completed by the last of this week, but tbe Inclemency of the weather, it is now thought, will delay matters a few days, Criiiivai. CoriiT? Judge f\*htr ? Yesterday, in the ca^e of John H. Brooks, charged with t>asrardy. ^appeal from the decision of Justice Walter,) the appeal was dismissed. Henry Osbnry. convicted ot presenting false claims, was sentenced to eighteen montha in I the penitentiary: Taylor Collins, for larceny, ' one year; John Ko.-s, assault and battery with intent to kill, two years: J.e ? is Gordon, larceny. one year; and Isaac Washington, talse pretences, one year This morning, in the rase of Wm. Walters, Indicted tor manslaughter of Jas. Streeks, the jury returned a verdict of not gnilty. Tbe counsel for Sanford Conover, convicted of perjury, argued the motion for a new trial, wffich was overruled, and they entered a motion in arreet of judgment a MrPicaf.?Tbe two concerts of Mr. Hahelmaun. at Metzerott Hall, this week, were attended by critical audiences, who were we I' pleased, especially as regards M ile Seelig and Mr. Habehnann. To meet a very general demand from those whom the wretched condition of the weather prevented from attending heretofore, Mr. H. has been Induced to give a matinee to- marrow, at 9 <4 p.m., when tbe very best points of the repertoire of the company will be produced, Including concerted pieces and scenes in costame from ?II Barbiere" and "L?a Dame Blanche." combining at once the respective advantages of the concert roDm and etage. Brady's Bbkxpit ?The capital entertainment at tbe National Theatre to-morrow evening, the occasion being a grand testimonial to Abner S. Brady, should All the house. The programme is so tali of good things, that we cannot attempt to qnote it, but must content ourselves with referring oar readers to the advertisement. a BbbWtbt).?Colonel James J. Byrne, 18th N, Y. cavalry, has been breveted Brigadier Generalfor gallantry at the battles of Oampti,Pleas. ant Hill, and Cane River, on tbe recommendation of bit commander, Major General Gooding. Shot.?On Wednesday night, Earnest Thomas. a boy, residing near too Arsenal, was shot byayouthtnl companion, the ball taking effect In his abdomen. The circumstances of tbe affair have not been ascertained. * I 1 ii CITY ITEMS. Thbt aaaa a voice in every wind oalling to Hennlng's One Price Clothing Storo, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland aveane. o Oiticiaw -Gold, Silver and Steel Spectacles and Eye (Classes made of Brazilian pebble, at reduced price. I. Alexander, *40 Pennsylvania avenue, between 13th aad 13th streets. 2 ? A. Adamsoh, Dealer In Hoase-Furnisbtng Goods, 506 Ninth street, near Pa. av., Washington. Always on hand: Ready-made Sheets, Pillow Cases, Feather and Hair Pillowa. Bolsters, Mattresses, and Bed Spreads, Blankets, Window Shades and Fixtures. Carpets, Oil Cloth. Crash. Toweling, and Table Dineu. Mattresses made to ornar or Renovated. a Da. Wam, Chiropodist, 4M Peaa. av.. be sv*ea?){ and Aih streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, buutoas, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, mokes, vascular excresences, Ac. Office boars from 8 m. to S p m , and * to p m Established Nil. Foa t'HiLBLAjse and Fronted Feet, White's fcmbrocatien is a specific Price 91 pwr bottle. For sale at 4*i4 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4M aad <ttb streets. A Scan Pi La Ccaa?Dr Gilbert's pile Instrument positively cores tbe worst cases of piles. Sent by mail ea receipt of ?4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B Romans. Manager, No. 574 Broadway, N<w York, 3: Pamuaa ean be bad ia any faaatttma at the ftar ofltae eonnts* 347 0 street, between m aad Mb etrests. Fnrnfshed with MeEentleb Ifleadid Keel Ovea ana in* u.ost approved aiaobinery. nslnaaoae bst the best material, carefully saJeuMT TbS #racktiivite atteatiea >*pedally to foilowtag fMelbs: MILK bIat'CIT, ? A very choirs artlrls, from seteet faaliy flobr. BtHlTOK CKAUKJIHa, ^ Prom Welch's family floor, eqaal to aay in tbe soda^ba/kkk*. Kxua fine, from high Mr?fee eatra floor. We are slss "tippljln* Ot a*si* s4j JPeillles W'tW ??b-r's vell^^fcwewb t AM Ipf WWMM O i f^'lTTm T1 ft, wtninlg. /XOLP FK*B? A #ne aseorttnent of OakT Pfcus, , \f Pt,acll Cs'es, be . for slis *t manaiC THrer's prices ids 1M FRANCE TAYLOB. - -u'c AJlTOglCTTS:; . , \ _ ^ v MATtntiiL MMlliaii IMIM??WIIIu4|< Hotel. Flftk Il|kt?( tW lM?MtMi| Mr iir^r ?* WTB!S\mz> kxtiitKL ,* ?. IMV, ? IIP blW 'KcitO. Ml*S LILLIB A3 JULIE ffu MOBTIMBB. Aomi - *ton? ?: i ?1 oo CUIM f?at? |l| MBM?|irt Gallery 1A. a.m. . ' wants 1 oon. ..p. n -t 7 ..VI?^5KSK*Mk Monday. ?:? King L-ae." Tu??rt?*. M-' ???''" ?? l?>thiae " 9-" Jack <M<M Tbsr-Say. 7g_ ? Friday. M-arch t ? LAbTMIOHt POtHTtVKLT. ' WALL'S NSW OfMA HUUftK. PKOPKlBTOB8 H. B PBILLlPa ...BTAGB manages ANNIVBEBABY OF "MBINCTOB'B BIBTH ? ../P'M Fe* ?1 1967. On wkic%o*s?len will br preeen'ad. forMie Rret tim? wftftvB?w i&d *l#e*nt tc?oer?. the 0<ico*<*ful <** 47, * |^M ?*#?ti!? ofanu o1fbt? In London and H?w York, entitle.) THB FAVOBITK OF FOBTHNB ?e*Hy mwjt member -* the Powerful Stock Company will iiB.triu the okt. * conclude wltk tfe- imJai r?m of Mno*t,ii in triWrk. TO MORHOW?BeneAt of Mr ? MBTKTFF. First time io oral years or the Famous Hootch Drama. BOB BOY METXKROTT HALL. THB0P0BB HABLBMANN'S GBABD OPEBATIO 0?8T0ME MATIBBE, 8ATCBDAT, FEBBU ABY U3, at 2* o'clock. MB. HABLBMANN! LLI SEELIG, MB. STBINBOKB. MB. M1LLEB, _... . aad Other*. Will appear, and the prosraTitae in Modes a ohtdoe wlfct'oo oi nilsct llaaeons ma?ic and Scene* (ia costume > ft om THE BABBBB ?F BBVILLB , , j LA DAMB BLANCHB, Incladiag "B0B1R ADAIB." Tickets. with reserved teats, $1; for sale at Met/erott's. f?2ttt NATIONAL THtAIEB. " ANNOFNCEMENT RXTBAOBDINARY. GRAND TEST1BONIAL BENEFIT TO PBor ABNBB 8 BBADY, or Brady's Gymnasium, 8ATUBDAY BVBN1NG, Feb. M. 18?7. The Committee beg to annornirl the tirst and only appearance at tois Theater, and positively iIib laat In W nahioctua <>! ib? taleute f lavorite Mrs EMILY Ji'bDtN whu has with other*, in ; ihe kladeet mann< r volunteered. and win appear ns M r . OBMShx DEL Barrett's three act Corned) of TUB SERIOUS FAMILY, Srpported l.y ail the laverttes of the National l'romiltc Combination T 8HBLD0Ii wUl ?PP?*?" In a Mr H. B. ML'BDOCH will recite the heaatirul r<>*m by T Bucnanaa B?ad, entitled "3HER1 A W b BIDE ' Prof. ABNBB S BBABY, a id FIFTY of the m. *t proficient Athletes of Brad) 's and the Baltl more G> Hinu>lum< iu UDliorm. In feats of Ptreng'ti Agillt, . Oaring and Qiaceful Gyuinas tic* anrt Picturesque Groupings. onirivallina the great BANLON bkullifcUS and sarpassinx anythmv oi the kind over piesented to aa American andlrnce. 'the eutite apparatus of Brady's Gyauatinm will be plated upon the ataire transforming it tbto a GKERK 00RBIC0LIM. For further partirmar* see pro^r.tinnAs. Tl:ketH ma) be Riiis s. Hets-rott's. the Committee or at the Theater, where bnx ?heet* are it wopen, and <eats may besecurod with iut extra sharve, Hmu'ar of ndtntaton re svm?ft for tii?.? ccnMon o/ilii. Pi I vste Boxes, tlrchestra 91; Psrqnetand Dr? s* Clrrle 7.V ; Colored Uallery. 4(J and 25 cu ; Fatully Circle, J.'c 1' rfv rnmnce will eotnmence at a quarter to a. le 21 St L ANCY HBEBBB8 AMI> 0OSTCME8 I For Tableanx and Private Parties. Apply to MBti. FBANK RE A fe -'lliii' 44 7 10th Btreet. iBALLS, PARTIES, ?ko. ftood i/-ill to Ont and a 11 we e rlmd. Oar mono t.< pleasure to our frtenJi. WIwOAD OBAhD BALL M C OF TIIK Sfll OOB WILL A88OC(AT10B, /!? Which was to coma otl Thursday, Feb. Sl.UHiA I post poii ed until TH0B8DAY. FEBBtlABY 9*1. TheComnnttee pledge themselves in making this the Krandest affair of the a?aion. Th?Uall will be givea next Ynnrsday, Feb M.ralu. hall, bloworanow. Cone on*, coma all. The ticket* are good lor mext Thursday. fe 21 <t* I'llE F1B8T GBANH FAMILY 80IBEB OF 1 THE 1BLAND 8001AL8 will come off at ja Prtf. Kreis' Dancing A tad e m , on MOB/TM I>AY EVBSIBQ, Feb V>, laCTT fe 2| ?f UH yy ASHINGTOB '8 BIBTBDAY. THB GBABD ANNUAL BALL M OF TH K JS NOBTBBBN L1BEBT1E8 ASSOCIATION Will take place at ODB FELLOW'S HALL, On FBIDAY, 22d February, 1807. Tickets, admitting p Gentleman and Ladles. $1. Ereruttve Commutee ?J. 0. Olary, B. G. Har ford.B. B. Whitney, W.H. Gorbutt, J. Simpson. fa ? 3t* A GBABD 1BEMICM BALL FOB THB benefit of the "nor of the Llstf lot, will ODDjTB^LOw's HALL, J&. . Gn MONDAI, February 2* i?>7 Tlf ket? Two Dollars, admitting a Gentleman and Lft'lifl N. B.?Gentlemen who received Tickets ky mall are requested tc return the tab* with the money to either of the Managers or te Mr. Shelley at the Metropolitan Hotel by Friday, the J2d instant, ft lV*6t* LOST AND iTOUNS. ft \ BE W ABD ?Strayed on Sunday laat a black., harned OOW, with a long, slender bag The kovs reward will be pal I for her doll very at No. 150 Green st., Georgetown Heigh *. fe22 4i* | 08T?On the 2ut Instant" a BBVELOPE. coatalnlng a pension certificate, and other i P*P*rt-- A liberal reward will be paid for their return 1?PBTBJ. &BLLY, 7tfi stra?t. above feint* I OST?At the National Theater, er bet we-n . -yU)?r<l'?.laet evenlag, a BBAOB f'**-?^ked "M a. F to B. B , Birthday Gift, 1?W The Oader will bo liberally rewarded by leaving the tagse at Wlilard's Betel. te Tl tt I 0?T-0nW?2lBtInstant,betwaenone and two Li o clock, an F street, between 11th and 7th, or 7'h street, between F aad the market, a sat of FAPEB8 belonging to the aehooaer Mechanic. A Uh?r?' r?ww,tf will be paid for them if lert at OluHGI COBKBLLY'S Bestanraat, at fth st. wharr re 22->t? 'PABEB DP BSTBAY.oa tha night of ttemh 1 1 net ant, one red dry COW. with piece off of the right ear and a piece off of the lert ear. The owner will pleaae come forward, prova property, pay charges and taka her away, r r . SAMDBL LOVB. re a^st* h afreet, between 4H and 8tk. ft 1 ^ BIWABD -Ban away from the sab*cri!P *^A^ion Sunday, the 17th Inst., one dark bay;B0B8B, 8 rears old, about 1?H bands high, white spot on right torafoot. The abeve reward Eta r,Jnr* SHBBEVBS'Llv/ Stable,7U? street, between H and 1 streets. WM McMABB. WM B WHEATLEY 8 PBBM10M STTAM DYE1BG AND CLBAM8ING _ ESTABLISH MBNT, ? Jefferaonet Georgetewa.D. 0. E stahl I "bed fniui; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Institute 1067; rebuilt l*tt. aad Is far.fV hrI"t and mast ootnplate establl*hu>ent of the kind la this section of country Dyeing and Scouring of all kladedwneln the beat niiiBir Truly thnnkful for ?h?t favow, the subscriber soli tits tbe con t lined custom of the commanity Good* received aad returned by ax areas with the utmost promptness and despatch Post office arfdresa, Look Box Bo SO Office rloeag dally at * unset except Saturday, when It tg closed atf^p m fa lfl *>m F O B B A L B. " We h?Tejantrece<\ntf twenty head of Bnerv_ large youug HOBSBS, aaaoag them are 1X9 several pairs rw V Those In want of each will pleeee call at , ,.M _ FBICB A BBO.S' ' " Stables, ?h et.. near C. V*MEB1CAB 00i?, BtOOfl and Bt)NDS. ** bought on oatnmitslon at the Bew Terk and ^ .^ wnk Bharda. Qaotatlout regularly reMABDFAOTOBBI PRACTICAL CARPET FER, u . Oiliner ?H aad O streets. (telsmd > Mskea Car pew to order With dtupatch, on mode rate terms, aad MtiaMctton guaraatied. Carpets coi?tanily wThaid.UBd for sale. jail 1m A?? TOBAOOO ?BBOO&B N. BDyf*WBTON will be happy tp serve hi* rrlends and the publVa wtth Oi<ara and'TohaeoA. at So. Louieuwa^nae. near Bank or TVILW??D ?/ WDMAN-THB OB K AT YKLPA VS PERIODICAL DHOl'S ?The only certaiahad ?afe remedy for all Dteclae Ol-etraotlona, Monthli Dlf* ficultiee. and all other Dfaeaee* to wMrh thf fe vL^y It Is on recount oAule iertalafj in their s?!ti..B that they should ttot he i dtokHMn^t/iaslM,(d?*tthree ; month*,) aa mfnea-tiara la certain to be brought I loth, Island. re lti St* II' I'll *'1 WANTS, ftO &fVft WANTBV on feal*olbte Ufrr-ur lsr?!!?'>R.n?mn mgn:

V ft It tt UL' ABTED?Aa APUTHiaABtf fortNo C. 8. ." , 'Ifttw Swetace. MsdTtnniM* '>?*> ?b?ard immediately, it tbe Bevy lard, wltR r w?4>tion to W W* Wavtid-a topnttm* mai ?>? ? ? t vast Doe ?b? oidtrftiBM Els buMaees. ??-J? 2f* ?*1' H*r?Jo?? Hon*, center tbnd V itrMi. fu rt-tt* VV ANTBD? A competent M*N oe dluiag \oereant; also, a Wo* AM that uuderetaods JoohioK, to ssei*t 1b tbs klicb<?. toolorod preferred ; Aleeesmall BUT. Apply At ?** l?? street, near F. __ ff 21 9t* JVOTICB-BOYWANTBD-No oo- unless a Iv r*#?lly enibltloas tMrittln boy, well ecuaeiuted with type setting,) r at least can bring rNo?infMitloM fro* en employing printer, owing eoDie gocd degree of efficiency m< proB'l ( tbe art. need tpylr. To one Mi??rlnc At>o ?e requisites a good oppsrtunltv ) orfer-d f<>r constant employ meat and remniivriMro wag*? For further information Apply At or addr??? th? office of the Tinie* and Commercial Adveitisar Mo. Pa. He.. tfr ashingiou. D O WAITID-Hr a respectable youuif m >u. */el twenty year*. a SITU ATION la adry goole or other i|i>re, Cao furnish good recommend* tlona Ao dross H Q P., City Post Office, fll at* WANTED?March l?t. h? a young mtn and wife a small neat HOIJHE Rent not to ax ce<d 9S.'A p?r year. Addreae P. 15 JONES Tuird Auditor's Office. fe 21 3t* WANTED?A'ltawaiit of MONIT call at 8. <iOLDRTElN ft ?!<> 4, Alcemet Piwr broken, 34 tH streot, near Pease len'e ?*nue. feil-im WANTED A ILOOM, with BOARD, (three meal*. > for a ueAtisnian witni'i two s iasrm of corner I snd 7th sts Inquire at 3 4* 7tH street, neat Massachusetts ateune felt It* WAN T E D-^Two or three goodMILL I NEBS ?t No. 40, Majket Space, between 8?h and i?th streets f? ai-tt. WANTBD-A guod white NUBSE^ M^eommendatlons a< to character. ftc , require I Apply at the corner ef New Jersey avenue ?n 1 1 street. ft, M n \\r AN TED?On March 1 by a pet maneut ten?nt *' au uufui n'shed HOUSE of h ve room-i. pleasanil) l<>C?ted Terms must l>e modeiate Address imneduuly WILLI a M, star ogke. fe jo 4t* \Y ANTED?A W n 1TB WOMAN, to coot and " wash In a private family. Mast he well rec on>Bi?nde<1. None other seAd apply OallattOl C st ren, between S<1 and 4>? fe to St* W' ANTED?A SITUATION by a competent girl to do general houeework ?be cau come ell recomnienie-i Plea-e ad re?s a note to B-x No 1 Star office A ad tbe Advertiser will tall f? 2ti :it ir>TKU to MK NT?A lartre ST^RS" cen trally loeatAd. Wi.a'd preterooe rearcor ner of 7tb street ai d Penn'a avenue Oomannl catl"n? treated c?Dtldeutially if re inired A<1 ?ress statlae location, t-rms, rent. Ac Nt. A9i 7th straet vest. ff 20 3t* \%r ANTED?a smnrt. active yotiog or mMdle" a?e I M AN, a> necond partner ia B al Kst?t?, A nctioneerliiK and Oeueral Comtn s?i 'n ltn?lBes?, i iu an old ?ad well ?8tat>li4b?d tirm Miint h?ve a capital of 91,(40 to 9^.kl00 Add rest Box .lib, Pofct Office, with uaue itn'lreference fe ?J (t WANTED GENTLEMKN ~<lesl.oas o* ea 8s^in< In a p?yin? baslaess to call at EM PI 0\ DENT A??KN< Y No. -2.19 Pa. Ave A rare chance offered tc make ino?ey,_ ^ T? 19 in' TO FARMER*? iriiVTTD-Wlttain the Die trirt, A sbaU FARM , of fros M to i?scre? with suitable baiMlngH thereon. --Ither to rent or l>uy. BaidfAim mast be iu ah althy sit nation, an<l have water convenient. Apply to WM HLOaNB (ib person or by letter, tating terms, Ac..) No 344 13th street, 1 et?eea M and N. fe 19* W"'ANTED-I,???? koo.1 ALB DUlNKK BS to call at the teimpson Iloase, eorner of loth street and Pena'a aveune. per <tay. sol grt a 'arge glass of Philadelphia Ale for Ave rent* te 18 nt* A"(;ardenehT who can furuish a ftood ie>otn- j rxsKdation from bis pta*?bt empl i>er. wants a SlTC ATION from the lit of March n?xt Apply at corner B and 3th sts fe 1^ eo3t* AOENTrt WANTED run THE HiaT>mK OF TBE WAR BBTWBBN TUB STATES, TRACING ITS ORIGIN CAUSES AB D RESULTS." By Bon. Alex. H Stephens, and for THE LIFE LETTERS, ABD SPBBOUES OF BON. ALEXANDER M. 6TBPBBNS, by Heary Cleveland. Send for Circulars and see our terms. Address NATIONAL PUBLISH I NG CO., fa 14-lB* 407 Minor ? c*"t, Pluladelphla, Pa. WANTBD? All persons nbont breaking ap housekeeping will pl-ase call at our office, as we wish to bay their furniture, Itavtag oon slant calls for the same. A iao. Houses for rent. D L. WELLS A CO , fe 4 1m earner 10th and F streets. WANTBD -We want several first class BARMS in the country for oar Onstomers. Also, HOl BES and LOT? in the oity, both large and small. Apply immedlAtely to D. L WBLLS A CO , corner 10th and F sts. ja B> im W ANTBD-New and Cast-off CLOTHINO. old GOLD and BILVBR.or as? other article of aloe, at the eld Astablished Merchant Pawnbroker's Store of R. FULTON AGO., 30*9th St., 3 doors uortb of Penna a venae. Bole Agent for BINGBB'6 SEWING MAOHIHE de 22-ly WANTED?100 LADIRSjmmedlatel*, to embroider Tokes, Bauds, W'rapper Yokes, Flannel Skirts. Slippers, and Initials. To good bands who bring sample of work, geod wages and constant employment given. Call at the new Stamping Room, 430 Mh street, oppoelto Patent Office. STAMPING redaoed to FIVE cant* per width. deUtf. WANTBD?10,000 LADIBS to knoWtbat at tbe New Stamping Rooms, 439 >tb street,opposite Potent Office, tboy cab find the beat selected Assortment of Pntterns aver offered hore for Gloaki, Capes, Aprons. Joegn. Waists, Tokes, Bands. Wrappers, Slippers. Pincushions, and Ialtials Also, deotgna for Pillow Capes, Ottoman*, Chair Covers, PiAnoo, and. In short, overr^aiiety of Patterns as tboy aro dally Issued. We bavo a Breach Machine and a PiacUsaI Stamper, And h.T. WIDTH. Wo mAkeand stamp any pattern broBght up. Braids, SilE and Working Cotton very low. de l?-tf WANTBD-SECOND HAND FI HNirURB Also. MIRRORS. CARPETS. BBDS, BEDDING and HoCSB FURNISH I NO GOODS of every desertptioa. B. BUOHLT. 40a 7th street Jeeg-tf i>otweon G and B. oaot stdo BOARDING. Room with firbt olasbtablb board, at 26 a month, at MADB'SHotoI,corner lo.h and Betreets._^ foau-jit* WELL FURNISH ED FRONT BOOMS, srltk Board, cao be had ; alio, one anfurul^bed Room, upon moderate terms, ateornsr of Indiana avenne and .'Id street west^ fa 19 at* i/OR RBNT?Two well fBrnlsbed PARLORS, on r the Brst floor, with or without BOARD Apply 393 E St.. bst. .'th an j DOh. fe II TABLE BOAED at Bo. 4?4 loth e?reot,a law doors aortk or tbo avsauo Tersas fM not month Ao?& GEOKGETOWN ADVER'MTS. /^heap cottonsj t AT MILLER'S. 101 BB1DGB BTRBET GEORGETOWN, D. 0. Jast rootlped.a large stoOk of COTTVN GOODS, whiih wa are selling at lower prices than they bnve bosa sold since tbe war 8l ached Maallo, 1SV IS. 18 ooats. good yard wido Bhlrtlng d'tto. au and** sen U, 4 4 ABdroacoggin BioacBed Muslia, 90ooata, 4-4 Warnsutta d?., 96 cants; 6 4 < 4.8 4. P-4, IP 4.11 4 Sheetings, very low; Calicoes at 12X, 16. IS ooats; Merrlmacks, Spragnea, aad otber Ijest mekea. 10 oaata; Shirting Priats, 20 cents; Co bleoobod MBellas, itH, ll cants; yard wide ditto, u aad N ooata. Oall and examine oar atoek, MOB NT OAK BB SAVED by po doing js?Jb* bbnjamib Iullbb. pBOPOSALS FOB FBBBB BBBF. Bcpsistisc* oyrisi, B. B. A? ) (Boar of IBS Lombard scraatj) } Baltimore, Md.. Fporaarr 18, Iw.l Sealed aropnaAls. la dn plicate .Will bo rwoatved at this oftoe nntlf hm. on THUBSDAT Feb.?. 1S67, for tbs FRBSH BBBF required for Iao supply of tbe troops, hospital, and onicars at W-iachoater, wpgt Virginia.for sir moBtbaft-oa April 1.1K7 or saoh Ises tlms aa tbo Oommisaary tf a rjlof Subsistence may dlrict. . __ Tbe Beof to bo delivered at Winchester, West Vtrplnla, ea tbo order of the Commissary or Acting O-mmlssary of Babsisteaco atibat pfaoo. The Btsf to be of good aad marketaMe qaallty, fa equal proportion of fore aad bind qnartor m?u, tnecks, saaiiu aad kldaoy allow to he excluded j The necks of the cattle PlangbW-red UBder Uis agretmeat shell be cut off at tne fourth vertebral j?^nt, aad the breast trtmmsd down Tbe shaaks of tbe fore Quartern BbaU bo cut off frojn throe to four 1 nchei above tbe kBeo jol nt, aad of hi ad Quarter^from sis to elgbt Inches above tbo gambral or . BldSwVaro reouosted to bo nteaent to raswond to tbolr bldp, aad t>a prepared to alt* boads for tbe fulfill meat or tbolr oontract Proposals most bepndorso4 distinctly '' Proposals for Freeh Beof." and addraased to the under, signed, who reserves tltf rtgbt to rwectaay or all bide aot to the in te root of tbe United States. fe 21 it Bvt Brig Oaa. Tels. R GORDON A OO.'S OATitPS. VISITS. He. ?-TtaWrtM,kW m'aOHBLL, oorner Uth and F stropta, ft y ander Ebbltt Bo use. W" *> OOLiaWtf?ST " A"0 Show tlaaa Haaufnoturer. Bohool FnraJtoraUV m m aad sold. Rapairiaf. Upholstering, and Varutobfair doae at tbe shortest aetice. Soathenptooruor of Sthaad K. ptrppte aorth. No. IS. del-. 3m* j L. I il '- * _ 111 , FOB SALE AND RENT. TpO ?M t-90 >m * 6aw*r? K ?, SW.r*V Yi^YTr-att "V.",; :r??r:ar. ? >??? F oe sale?btooe and rixTOMi of * ? m4 Mm! Coal V?M. Tbe o?Mr?ilr d??lree ta ** II ?? Momi of |i| beait h for ttrmi apply to JOHN Milton, P?u;lmi? H?HM M. 17th and ir h ate. fe tl-M* |/t>B AKKT-OMfTntlUrrvoni I (tvtilitfoatbrtM |*>Mi ?!! >, luuaatreof EH>e- 'i?iiiikrf,t?l*MU I?t an* ? ilrHU *Mt, fe a St let Awd D atre-ta. L'OB 8 *LB-Etght(0>8Ba!4TlBft,g>ed lam er tor feaeltg ?r ttMrvli*: will ?> toll aa tins * Ml; M Ut corner of 17th ? ( streets. to ll r ITO* SALB-AH ktad oC UBBBDBBdfcD r PLEDGES. to MY edraaoea ?i U tVUrnl, 8. OOLiDSTEIH 4 fe 21 - lm Licensed Pawnbrokers. l/OB BBBT?BOl'SBs* in thePhtl^detpHIa *>w, I iHliiirwt "(it tMMr nUot<?'ri<l? froa tb? TreeMrv. Th**e Bvom mm all ooa ?ea*?<nrai, n-< bo rta ted hf no moetb or ye\r at ?*rt low flprw. lncnlre cf iko ifint AO* F street. Mi ?* ATPBirATB 4ALE-The BOUREHOLD FCKWITI'BE, LI\cB ??.Ol> WILL, HA it en 4 kiXTlKKS of ths Motel Lota at the cor >er of |i tbttrf<t ?o?\ w4 U north f or te'sss, Ac., iaqnlrw on the p remt?a? of the owner If not * Id b> th? lot dor of March, It will bp aoM ot public anctioa. toil 4f LOIJIS ROT H8JH 1LP. L OH K1NT-A from* Hl'OSB irnon tori r r 214 end F ktroota. Ut word. Krit 9if p-r month Inquire ot w*l fM at. f*J Jt' B/OB BlBt-A two story BRICK. HOUSlTwTth r fl>? ro<<uia. o* lt<b street, Niwom 0 ?nd P. Inqalre Mat door or ot j utti it. f? it ot* I'O BBPT?Three Di'ariiltiM enmmnnlcatlag 1 IVUV8. imi?bl? fir bo iwkM|'H(; w*u-rio yard Apply ot id? Bew jersey oteaifi b-tw-ea F ood f) sts. fa i>* St* |/OK HALE-OH BEST-Fnrni-h*<1 or unfar r ni.bad-lhe RESIDENCE of the Austrian Minister. comer 12th and K Apply between If and 2 p. at i* to ; n * t,'OB BEVT-ia-w FRAME HOUSE ??Wibr Ins s ro?>ro? with water a ad g?a B*ntm>J erata Aprl) n tbe oa S4tb -t bet L ond M eta^ fa ? It* L'OB ilNT-A new BBIOK BOl'SB ?f eight a iota*, wltb gas and ?tier. oa L-uabarton, near VV'a- liiuiitou "treat, in Georgetown Pnsneea-on on the l?t of March. Apply 'oO B .'EWKLL, AnO oi d 40tf G atreet, t>?twe?D Ub and ?th Wa-h tbKtok.U 0. fe f a.?S *ji 1* > l> FOB I* A LB OK T HADE ?I Will -Hi or t 11 od*' far cit* pr 'POrty, Irotn '0 to >M) acrea of 1 AhP Tbe Point < f Kcck* KoM'oad co-t through tl?-Und. it la etxbt mile* from V* ->?hln<t'>n by tbe 7Ui atrrft r<>oo An) pereon wiablut; to tr?>ie willpl???- do-ctl)>e the property by Utter, if it auite I will c?ll and tire it Addrnaa Ttl'lMAS J BROWB. Montgomery conaty, Bd . Sli* > Pott OSire. fe 2 > oo3t* L-OR BEBT-a" IlilCSE rantalnlug fire ro*mt a rituoted on 19th at , bet <JondR?ta It nulre at tbe corner of "!itb ond Q atresia fe 19 <t* R~ABB CHaBOE?For awlo KTOOK ood FIX TO UE? of o well eetablUbed Feed Btor?.cen trolly located P(?n>-ai01. fftT' n immediately. A<"dre?? %t. D.," WMhington City P at Office fo 19-M* F*UB HA LB?Throe amoll OAKUCS FaKMS. near the cit> . < n? ol A1 oeroo iwproTed b? new twi>oior> brlrk b>>u?r ann nace-aary out balldin<a, grapes. ntraabenUa pe<i< hea. apple*. Ac , 21 til teen acres beat of garceti ? !!; il. tbirtk 11 eixty Act**, i!tnrabl> lex a fee f?r Eutrber or Milk Farn. V. D. BIM'BBBiDOB A 0?i . Beal E?tata lirokera, fel9-lB* N K comer 7(h and F ate. L'OR KINT-STOBt Uo. 4Oh PoooayivWo V iTfiinr. Flxtnro* for aale Poe?e?eloo given March let Apply ot theatoro fellot* L'OB BIkT-1 he hT'iBI UUOl un the I r Star office nndor Me r >polltoo Hail Apply toC. B. BaKEB. Star office. fe 18 tf F'OK RENT?A bTOBR well located tor boaliieaa Ii jnlrcpf J B WBLLs. on the prom | laea, 116 High at . Beorgotown. frlMt* t^rBBi?n*D kooMi fuK KBMT-PAKLUK ond two BED BOuMS. mine Moor, commau coting, lor rent with or wlthoat board To be lot together or aeporately. Apply At Ui* U atr>at, one Aitiare fr<>? tbe cara. fe li tmrt* / t BuBOITOWM BBAI/ EtT ATK AND BUUriB *? AOIHCV, 1??? HB1D?;B 8TBBBT Bon*e> for roat at 92A tu fl 0 per monta. De?lrabl? Honaoa ond Lota for aolo. fetiln* OBMBAOOOPEB. Fob PALB-A tw . at ry BBICK HOU8B, with foar largo rooma and ceatre hall,<2^.iWJ t<M-t of I groatid ancloaod near the nortbeaat boundary of thecity. Price 93,?0 Apply at J47 3d atreot woot. fe IS tf ffUK 8ALB The BTOCK GO JL *IlL. 1> K AAE and partcf FIXTUKB^ot tbo well e rabUaaed [ Grocory Store Bo 4A*? 7th ?treet, MaTy Yard, bow I doing a g<>?d haalaooa Raoaon for aelllag. bad [ health For farther Information inquire on tbe premiaea. fo i> 2w LTOR BENT?A tkroo atory and oooeineat Briok r DWELLING BOl'BE. brown front, water ond goo, tea rooma, now nadorgclng rcpaira. aitnated on ISth atreot weat. between L at. aurtb and Maaa. oaonae. Bo. Jb9. la -Ira At No. *i0 3 lith t. between 8 aad 10 a. ? and 4 aad > p a. ja 2 tf FOB BENT?Tbe FABM.fortho loot throe yeara the reeldoaceof Major Tbeephilua Galnea, conalatlof of 1M) acrea. lying near Pert Mahan. 1 .lie from Benaing'a Bridge. ImjproTeuienu,dwell og honae of 11 rooma, atone stable, eervoat a h >uaea. born, Ac Addreoa 'B B ." 437 B atreot, Woaa lug ton, D. C.,or oall la person, between 3 and 7 n m. oo it-XT L^OB BENT?T^o Urge ood one small oooawnnlr coting KOOMB. aniarniahed. eecond Moor No 134 Penn aT . bet 19i b ood auth att no fe tf BARB BBANOE? For immediate sole oaonf the beat located email oorner atore OKOOE K'ES in the city Htook ond Fixtuma new Apimniodlately. by letter, to A. B. O.. Uit^Poat I70B EBB T?Two Voratahod BOO MB, oTBo r 46T nth atroet f.etwaon E and r ats do 14 tf PERSONAL. "^JBBTY DOLL ABM BEWABD. BiCBtMTi??o Beifr>aa vor?, U 8 Aixt, ) 461 II Btbekt, WANK l Jul#* D 0, , February 20. 18.7.S TBIBTT DOLLARS REWARD will be paid for the epprebentUo and de.Ivory to me, ot this Rendezvous, of each of the following named meu, dee*rte?a fruB the Dalted tttatoo Army JOSHUA ANDEBSOB. Private. Oo '*0 ' 30th lntaatrj , age 3t? yeare. height 6 loot inches, complexion light, eyas hazel, hair brown. /A< 11AB1AB TBulAB,Private Oo "0 ,"?tb lafoatry, ago31 years, height Afeot4fc inchoa.coB* plexlen IlgTit e>?* ha?el, hair light M10BABL KA1NBT. Private, Ho. "E/'SOth lufaatry. ago *6 years, height 3 feet 6i? Inchoe, complexion ruddy, eyesblo*, hair brown. Tbe abova named men art anppeacd to be la WoablngUin, D O _ CABLE A. WOODBCFF, let Lieatenant. 3d Artillery, Brevet Lleuieaant Oolonel. DMA., It R*rraltiae Offlcer ONLY FOB LADlEa To KBa.0 -Etegautiy Embroidered BIGHT 4BGWB and OBBMIcE YOKBS, more *laborate than any ever ottered bore, of tbe neweat and Boat boantifnl dealgna, received dally, from oar roras of IW *aperl >r hands, and for aale at BBDUOED PEICEB Being tbe largoet mannfactarer here of tms hind of ladles'wear, wo oan pleaoe aU. both in quality and price, aad are deterBlned, at whatever cost, to predace the beet work, leena the moat elagaot patterns, and bTAMP tBBAi'BR. than My ooncern In this or aay other oity. Oar repatatUa as tbe oaly Practical Stamper here iaonred lad lee that no lajanoua compositions are used, aad shlelda them from traatiag their work In tbe handa of thoee who boy a few blockg and prwclalB themaelvee stampers, atampiug, % oaata per width, and give yon a CoiUr aad Cuff# la. W*. PRINCE, day trth street, fe J tf appo*It* Patent OfBce PL. BBUBCBIBO. D., BYOtBNIO ABD . BOMCEUPATB1C PBY810IAB Orrtca?B49 Pa. Ave., bet utAaad Mtb ata jaEMP 1HKB BOTlOB?I hereby give aotlce that I 1 have aot iaatractad any oae la By baaineaa of Preaerviag Fl >weta,and oo one doing bnalaeesia Weahtngtoa U aatkoriied to ase ay aame jal3-lB* ?BB. FB1BB, *-A 11th atreot UB1DAL AID FUBBBAL WEBATHB. BO D QCBT8,CB0BBB?, ABC avBB,STARS. Ac , praeerved la aataral tonaj Imported FLOWERS, HAlB FLOWERS, and BBAIBIBB. Alao.lm aorted MOBS, BaIR DRESSES for Balla. by Mra. FBIB8. Has rwmeved to Bo. 4?9 11th at , betweea G aad B. oo 3 da* Bo. iBd ?h atreot weat. da 14 ly f\ P I A B O 8. USB Bacon A Bavsa PUao, for #13B. - jb^ One Andrew Stela, for #W. .rMT Oae ahadat new I-octaTe targojrpand'TY%Tl corner boardmas BBray Piaao #TTJ. Sola AfaaB at Staaaway A Soa'a Plaaoe, aad MMaadaBEBllla'ii Qablaat Oiaaaa. fa U<f HOP ETATIE B0Nl>8 Boagkt^Mdn^WMMl aa favorabU tarma. TeWiBMfllNB * 00. Baakera, fe 7 tf Paaaa. aveaae. e -?'es.." , ' Oaraer I4lkka4 f ?u>aa, fe 14-tf aadat Bbbltt Hoaae DBIL1F TBE BBOOBP; br Charles Oavarre. 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Marl.:* top Draaatuc Rur*ai? ?Ta*M au la Bei1ataa4> and CttaUra ail lu Black Walaul ' Fine Oak Marbla t- a ?iuab ard* Cb^tra >nd Bxteoaloa Tabla Ourleo Hair Ma trraa?-? anA leather I'illowa Uaaiaak Loaouaa au 1 Cartala* '"'tiff b di't-ada Ik arur.'be* and Buraaoa Hruaaela, lncralu art o har lUrpat* aiiie let 1 ahl< C tler> and OI?a>??ra Cookttf Parlor an t Ra<.'?io; bi tea And tnanr otbar artialaa t o aumtraua to aaa aerata. Teraiaraah OBBBB A WILLI*MS " i I*tal | Ancloaaara. BY OOUPAB a L ATI M EH Aurttaaa rT ( Lata clei aa with Jas O M'%ir? A Ui .1 S<.athweat corner Paan'a a>?na? auailth at . Star Oft.ce f-'uildtnc. SALE OF HOLSEHOLCMrLKKITFBB PBIL'l???BHiaCAL.-IJ,-vTlli **fcT? W1ABS OI KU%5c' FAOBT OF THE ACCTIOM Oa^ATUBDAY MOSSING cait. Pab 10 o cl<*ck lb front of our aoctioa Bo .iu roruer of Pana a a?en?a and llth atraak, we wilt aall aa a^aortnieat ol Moaaabold. Kitchea Faruiinra a tii: '* Fed-t??d?, Bnreana, Waahataada V aiArot>*(<, Tablea ^'ood and Catie aeat < ba'ra FaatLer BkIi. Baiatara *ad Pillow a Datr aixl Haak Mattraaaea Coakluc ana other Btora*. A lot af Philoaoabi(?l Inatratnanla A lot of bherry Wiaa aad Cb^tupa^ne Cid?r T?rin? caah fa *1 d COOPBB A LAT1M EE. Aacka Bit W. L WALL A OO . Auctioaeere. I1; 141 l?! Horae an1 Carriaxa Baaaar, W Loaialaaa aeaooa. SALM or BOBSBS.^OAKBIAOES. hash ess, On SATPBDAY MOBMINO. F-h SI. at I0a'el*k. we will a?ll. at the Bataai. a aaaairar ot saddle Carriage and Work liaraaa, (a fall daaaripuoa at aala,) coaprlalnc abont FOBTY HOBOES Many food Work, BaMla aad Haraaaa Boraaa. A|JOa A lawa collection of Maw aad Saanad baad Bom fhtc'fc****"'0"11--' M*r Two aaw Jan?r LI ad Wa?oaa, haiit la Mtla city. _ . __ A Lad. New aad etaoand hand Bar mm. BaAdlaa, OarrlaM, Ac., at private aala. B ai" * *? ? . TharaAaya. art Saturday! Carrlacaa aad HarMaa alway* on arlvata aala f? 20 W L. Wall a CO.. Anata. BY COOPBB A LAT1MBB AnaUoa^ra. lata ciaiAa with Jaa 0 McUalra A On..) Scathwaat ?orner ol Penn'aayeaaa aad llth at.. Star Offla Baiidtnc ADM1MSTBAT0B> >ALB OF A SMALL MOT OF rCBHlTOBB. On SATCBDAY MBBN1MU .eat, Feb 10o clock, la froht t-f ojr aoctloa B >oai > y or aerof iha Orphan* Oaurt we wiII aa:i tbe aiacta of the late Mr* Ana E B-all, roneiatin? ofFeather He da Bolatvra aad Pillow* Connrerpanaa. wallta. Blaaketa aad Bbeeta Bnreaa, Cktln, Carpet* Lot Bat! ticking and Cotton Cockiag Stove, Crockery, Ac , Ac. B. T MOBSELL. Adaalnlatrator. f*-J0 3t COOPBB A LAT1BBB A acta! BY tOOPEB A L AT I M EE, Anctioiieera(LaU Clerk-With Jaa C McOalre A Soaihaeat cviaar ot Peia'aaee aad llta atr?et Star Office Building. BILL] A BP SALoiTjf AT AUOTTON Oa Tl ESDAY AFTERNOON next. Fab M. ai 4 a Clark p aa , we will pell the Table* and rtmtaraafcf the Billiard Sala^a aarthaaat roraar mf Peana aye. aaJ llth etrejt, ,orar Biwaokard ? Mobuu a Lack atora , appifbg? 4 Phalan Marbla bad. ? povkat aad c*raa TaWaa. . _ ,,l\h??r*?'7 frame, wlt'j Balla. Caea, Ac SWalaatSofaa 1 WS|eek *' "* Plata Mirror. f$ by M A bootoaeAoaeaOllPalatmga and Bagrartsra I Bar Ooanrer, 1 large Coal Stora Together with other appsrtaaanca* of a Millard aalooe The above aamed place 1a now dolag a tbrlvlag tianneaa. aan la aald amy aa aceoaat of tha pro prietor wlahlrg to embark la aaatbar ls'li>w< Term* One halt eaeb. baleaca lat- aad da daye. with lateraet, eecared bp a dead af unat oa tha preailhae. Coa veyanci ag aad rpeaaaa alampa at coat af pnrclaaar. ha_d COOrBB A LATIMBB. A^eta UT OBBBB A WILLIAMS. 1 anllnaeaia D lo. ASS, coraer 7th aad i> atraaka i?,tiu?lt1m ? mmvvwwau nATiitk#16tv al 10 o'clock a. Ta^a Carpeta, Oomforta, BheeU Pllluwa. Aa. ? *; Fixtaroa Btaaea. nCLs Tablaa. Ckaira Termaeaah *aar? deacciptlaa. fa 11 -d OBEKM A WIIAIAMS. Aaoaa. |jr TBOfl. DOW LIB0. Aact.. Oamgataaaa. GBO BBI?S. LlQCOBd ^riXTVMM. Ac.. 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