Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1867 Page 1
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w ?inting Star. \^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28. 1867. N2. 4.857. i TI1E EVENING STAR PLBL1SH tl> DAILY, idCBBAT BXCBPTBD) AT THE STAB Rl'iL.i>lNt?, tom:kw$t cvr+tr fiw'*.?F(Mu mmd HA afrae4, WW W. D. WALL AC H. T6' KT AK ii ear vvd by Me earner* to their 9nb?<-T't>eT* Is the City ud Didrtet it Tn t'ni*r??iK. Copies at the coanter.wKh er wirhvat wri\|.pere. Tvi cb*tb each. Piica rum Mailib*:?Three month*, Oms Delimr mmd *VP al* month*. Tkre* Bmt. trnrt, OB* 1 ear, Eirt Doilmrt No paper* an tfL-m the oCce longer than paid for. Thr WKEKLY NT AH?published oa Friday aortiHif?Cm DMlmr mm4 a Half a K*ar. DENTISTRY. lift. LEW I I'SDlSTAL ASSOCIATION, U Do. r).M'A &VK , b?i**ea uib ?wi Uta ?tr?et*. ?f??th eitrttM without pain by adaaloateilag tiout er iM?hlii| Um Or l?*ll hu r*c?ullj rnrctvH the beat$?Jb23 4 hvaihai Asperate* ie the conn try for^***? fulii *nre gee ever) day; eno, as improved V ?1 uim ukaMr Ik* Amthiiui l? prepared U. i.iti Teeth on Gold Silver end kubber u Mew burn Piwladelptile end B nuo price* All per in* eUhlB* dentel ? rk d.n? oan seve it a*. heap ? iii ike ?b' it can.ed cities AH work done in tee m nMt and bent manner e*d warranted to 0>wr -atiefacuoe. P?rwa* will do well *o call et <i ritMiM oor work. detotf Tilt ? I . M Lookh 1 IM liuuUf ud Pkkitoeuf ike miab1la.l iLAil TllTH, attend* pertwneli) tlvM% sta oftce in thi* ?lty. Maui prreoo* caajMBfjV ear tbn? 'eetb who oaanot ?**er others, 111" ead no pereoa ren wwr others who eaaeet wear Ml. Perauu* cailiuA at > ufBoe oau oe ecooiaiaede :ed with any ityie end price of Teeth the; taay de il'e.biit t" tlwi# ?hu ar* particular. aad wi*ti the fiirnl, cleeue*t, itronkMt end tao?t perf*^ den ere that ert can proenre the *? BBALTllTH wtli he more fe.'lj warranted. boom* In thia otty ???? Pean'a avease be twees ?tt) end l?th *t* Also. 907 Arch street, PhlUdelphle. ocaOlv * I? E11S (> NAL. V ul CAN sifu M AKB TUB T BIP oa Ba c*<u or ?mu?rit?u huiul>a(? See Dr. D MtbV, 4 92 71 h r treat Ur ihe blvueet authority ih -i ck rvn piivate room* ere opp?*iie in d Be tow? ileil lie* iiftkbiiSTioi mktrSi iu\m tJT]hi; ? 1 *r?u-h|r v?nt1*?? B4*lu?t ? l*e**e hb<i pregl?"i > t hi eti m uiii e l>eblei S lit to ?av ?>1 dire- %??eu<1 %7 .*r to en nccoriliDt'o qnaii-y .b) Dr WOOP Mux Hit, or cell et *0 th i teet, op ?la!r* l VS a?bitigii>D. D O. ja-S-ltii* \ 1 hP *UII> I R.v I NO, Ctuircuya?I. anl TrM I'l Mt'Uwm. will ai*? l>i? r??ll>iKti Inclailiu^ 1 e?t, Precriit eua f utar? at tier i>itic<<, 4 20, n*rto iiilv ot t-e ?* , l'?-tts eu<1 -5th M^iet* O 'ic* hour* from y to e. m end i tu ? a. ai. je 21 I in* Att mai ui< b kaal ^oia^ririo as uoli'dih or ahkuiua, hum tfi*- p. ?i riou mi i a? pwt oi t' * (Jcira et tb* tie-e ol one - birth, will rev<'** est >Bishing ae ctete that no l;vl u< moi Ul ever knew b^'ore; hnw to b? ?uc?f!i?iil hi ell re?-<i>ri?M? nncerttking*. h- ti-Ua i en f ?nd very 4ey yon merrv. deacriliei tl.? ietn iied companion. * d t- lit all event* oi I1*f pood Int k atid lo'iji lit*- to vMitor*. I>?lie? HI ^ r+\X9 to j r tl? rues, iu fall )i, Oell at t 7 0 )2<1> *t re .r if. all hoar* until t ia the eeealog. de 31 2nj' (*t?N F ll)*i?t IA L ? 1' oudb tnen who bare Injiired tbviuaeirc* p> certe*n le rft hebita, e^iib nnfit tb m for bo*1ne?s pleasara, or the i*1 t?e* ( I merrled life; nl?o. middle tged end old meii. wbo tro*?? the folli** of yoath. or other Mirt*. irrl e debility ib advance of vbelr year*, oeter* plecinf th?-m>eiTe? und?r the trextaeot of *ny i.'B?. * i-nld flret read "The ^ecret Vrieud " h?trn"l Ia4i?* <riil learn ?onretking ef iiap-irteace bt i'i ' 'Tbe Secret t rlend.'' sent to any ed4re??, in e aeeleil envelope on receipt of 25 cent*. ?'io:-*a Hr CTIAti a 5tuabt a co . Bo-toa ao ? ly CLOTHING, Ao. L' J. fiBlHBROBb. 8?ct*eeor te H t. L'tdoa AOo.i^je CITIZEN'S 4ND MILITARY M MKKCHAVT TAILOR, WK 'tropoltten ftotel lete Brown'*, IW 3?U P?imtI'*I<I imw "ty 1 tf Waahingtoa D. 0. J^ K BBoWfiB. JC J. SUltliSBS. cbownb a SMITH b&i, apillNOTufl. DO, A TTOR A } YS AMj C<j Lilsk LL'JtiS AT LAW am>milm:ituiu ?o* t?? bl BI.u bkr liKIl, rktlDHRK, amd w A bab POM BD LANDS >o. 4 7 h srvemb street,eppo*iie tbe Po*t c ?_,r ie 2 ly Otto wiukiki' pianos and uikuiaf A MlrkaAH 1'ABLUB 0BQAN3 AM etli fled It ireetly to their liiter?*t__^?^ kriiaUtihrt* iperb Inritrament* be-jBHSi '"tf rtittheaiiig an) other. VI V ITT oin? ag^n-> et oeuhob L W1LB a bbo * B?-? r-auo yciteend Or^eu Wereroo?, JJ,?. 497 iltt -trt-el rcfiu %u<3 | A fife! ???. rtBii-nt of new ?< e ceeotid h?'id In atrnn ert^, lnclndin? e rurtW H UBOAIf. for ?<i? e' low*-*" 'ac*?rT erfre* end on easy terti* t ^i>l ead BEPVlBlHO falthfeUy..kITm no n *m < ^ K I T U I - ' A a 1~8^ umaritaPI'i nirri SAMARiTAsra aim TUB MOST CBKTA1N KICMCbV BV Kit USBL) "Tea, A Poeifiv* Oca*,"fer ttoXOHHtHMA. ULAMT, STItWTUUMa, 4, Contale* no Mleerel, ao Bal?am, no Mercury. Only Ten Ptllj ie 6? T'ma to Efeu a Curt. TUry eie eettreti Trgeieoie. tl?rlug ao ateell not ear Bupieeaeiit ta*te, aaii will not in ea> wey Is jore tbe ato^iecb ??r boaelt of the oioat dellcete. Cute* lk fruat two to fonr day*, and recent ceeet lb "tet-oty torn hoar* ' Prepared by aareduet* if tiie tuireraity of renaarlTenle. euaof the Boat mioect Doctor* ead (. betnlate of the *reee*t m. $j~p?nrr?, ee irombi*, no changt wkcUvm. Let tboee who he*edeapeired of CjptUB? cared, or wbo hee*be?B corged witb Beleeai Coaeriaor Iter eery. try the SAMAB1TAW8 OIBT. Beat by aeil in a plain earelaaa Price?Male peck age*, ft. PMaaOe, f|. BLOOD I BLOOD! I BLOOD II t bukorcla, plc bbs. so bbs. spots ""Sfos&BKt JSPAmW"1" Samaritan a boot and her-b juicm Ib offered the aeblif aaa eoettire eere tt PHIL t? UB /KfikkaAL DISAASB* th. SAMABiTABB BOOT ABi> usb* JUIOB l?? a?.?t yvtetit. certein apd effect eel reetedy erer ere eer tod. It reechee enderadi*aie* every particle i tbe renereel poiaon *o that the cure la thoron^ and perwieneet. Take, then,of thie parlfrln* rem ady aad be heeled, end do not treaaalt it to ^oai poeterity that for whieh iZn ?r repeat iu Ir^. year*. _ _ do hot DKSPAIBi ?ff?mv,SS,W!Vo? will remeee every eeattge ef latpnritiee from th. ?JfflESSr ~"ttAZmr bepfdli edepted, la t'looreted Dtern* rhure, in bearina down, f ailing of th* Woah^U WUty. aad tor all coapleint* taoldeat to U?ei? Seetby aipre** Priae $l? per botMe 1 _ BA*AB1TANB WASH lBOOnB~W?- ?lth the Bnil direction* Price 16 cents The eflli acy of tbeee reteediea I* alike ecknawi "" "'KSHSittfi """ nettug tael i heie eaed Tbe Bemeri tee itemed lee f?.r > ai.arei di-eaeee In tt* moat oaatoaiery forma that 1 have ased tBeie with iodgmaatTdiecr.b^ and properly, eud, here foand tuem reepond to mi ebtictpetiona preuetly aod^effhoteelirTKiJiS2 I bave the fiu**t oonndeaoeTs th*lr e?cery, ead ee far ** ay g*e ef th*M eitauta 1 hmbani the* *troa? ly. mm *"B?b. ..a? . "ALrBBD O. 0OWBBB, Aaaistaat Snrgeoa, ath V. I. Tela. *?i?JSbTi 'lantuaniun wiid h. i.amon. c.p.blacb. LAW 0**10A. " BLAOB, LAMOB A OO . uosaeaiiore end Attersey* et- Lew la the Baarema Oewra of the retird Pta'ea rhe Cosrt of ofiT. the Court* .jf the Dlatrict, th* Kzeeatlve Deeart* eeto.eud Oemltteee of Ooagr". * D*?mxU la^HaM^ l(Ux*ct" MPoeUeW^l. LATEST rABID8Kr^?H^OH3 u# HAIBB. AuLIOT, fH EMC H HAIR DRESSER 3lid h .treet between ^uth B' Aliiot. from Pari*, beir- brt*Mr Af *w^ elebratea Bet hel, with wkom he eSlTIi ?? e^aatry bes now eetebllahed ? bl 1^1 etpAt year* ia WeehiiiKtoa aud Mewjolt? ? o> Iu? rbe petrwnage ef tnerom dip?m.u,aut en.t o. tLe hieheet e.^i*tr He he. the koxtio nnLo?ir:i e t a at he ha* thi* **e?ao imported the latwat ilaebioiie of heir dreaeisg, ead ei?> powadee. aad 'eiythleg that beiwesa to thedreaaieg o> kair et rery reaaoeai Ie prlees. ia7 fcn* 480 cbbtbat l<asi8orrio*. 480 Be. 4^0 lot hatreet, one door beiow Fa. ava., II o o??o to lean ?i Gold aad Silver W ATOH BS. PJESJOBDB. CLOTHING, ea? MUOBilHrE ef every deecriptl-a. ? * B^*>s?laeee atrlctly roafid*atlal.^t Yi' ebabh A oo.'B PIABOB, rBlllCB a OO v oboabf ajD mi |m| <?* Lk . L?DBOM8, HVin ^ ' o* *aey kar*. ai Be. 4B0 nth ,,r^t, ehove Pesaey Iveata avenaa F. 0. BMOHBHBAOH. Ji'Be UCILD. DqmUr ie .Viea*4 Sttmmd kmmd r,. re?.?fwr*. Old Fainiiare Be pel red. BeapaeU'erad aad w*re<ahed. lna ead Bgtk.faaar Big heat H?i paid la* Baaoa^-kaad I CARRIAGES. j. j01gi * 0 0., oabbiaoi m and faotb ebbs, 08. 477 amd 479 pobbtbentb 8tbbet. *' ?r* bow lmirri to rooolvo or- - ?fl, 4*riforOAlBI(flU is all tkt new C t'4 lHk<onih)?at)lH lo be completed St 'wit in tatly day. We hove on bai.1 a larca aa*ortmcat of LIGHT FAMILY 04BBI4GB8, fibb TOP AMD NO T0P BUOBIES, DEABBOBNE W AG0N9, &OUKAWATB. AC. Deelmneof maintaining the high atandard which onr woik hue hold for many yearn. wa coniineonr bialkiii tirloaiffly to UARRIA0E8 of oo> own niai>nt?ctare. and of 'be nr?t eia?? only, and ad vi?e oar patrona and the p uhllc that wo offer no ltifart<>r eale work, BBPA1B1BGmado a ytcliilty. felieolm ANDREW J. JOYCE A OO BANKERS. JAY COOKE A CO., BAIIBII, Fifteenth strict, oprostU TVtnJwm, Cnyand aol o 'current market ratee, and h*? onatantly on hand, a foil rawly of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, SEYEM-TH1BT1B8, AMD COMPOUND INTMBBHT MOTES Orders far STOCKS. BONDS, Ac, executed, and Oollectiona made oa all aoooaaiblo points. aeltf J-J ARROW A CO., BANKERS, Go roar Lcnltiane nveane and Sotonth root. DtlLIM tit GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, SOLD AMD SlLVBB jy i-tf AMD LAND WAEEAMTS First Rational Bank of Washington B.D. COOEE, (of JayCooka A Co.,) Preoident Wl 8. HCM1NQTOE, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY AHD FINANCIAL AOBMT Of THE UB1TBD STATES, lfttt tirtet, epposttt tkt TVaajary Department. J Government Seourltlee with Troaaarer United fit >tcn MTONE MILLION DOLLARS Wo bay aad aoH all ctesooo of GOfERNMENl SECURITIES at current tuarkat ratea. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make Collection, a ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE , tNITED STATES. Wo pn rebate Ooferuaat Vouchers oa the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and fiveoarefal no prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of B USJNESS MEN and FIRMS. *nd to any other business aatrnated to ne. FULL IM FOBS AT 10M In record to GOVEBB NEAT LOAMS at all tlmea cheorfnlly furnished WM S HUNT1M0T0N, Oaehler. Washington, March ap. IMA m Jltf The old established kiem or 0, GOLDSTEIN A CO . L1CENMCD I'&wNiikUKCBi, 34 FOLK AND A BALK STaBKf WEST, , near I't-nns) Ivania avei>ae, Ofer the big e?>t <t??h sdvances on all kinds of M. r? li?n iUe, to any airount and for any /flK time rie*ir>-d, at reaton-thl*- rateo JL A interest on larre ?a?ni greatly reduced. Q 0 Bu?ln??ae ?tricMy confidential. Qood? bought for roah aad told at private tale. fe il ly HOTELS, RESTA URANTS, &i j^lBEWOOD BOOSE. Corner Ptnna. avenue and Twelfth street, Washington, D. C. AfiiflUL Bftaated la the moot control location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AED PBESIDBMTFAL MAMSIOE, Only a short dlatanoe from all the Departmeata, Pool OBooa, Smlthaonlan Inotltato, B. B. DUDLEY A OO., aotl-tf Proprletoro. E*".?? MWAOEAET, , MA Mo. *4* Ptnna avoaao, near Cth atreot. P-EMEICH wlahee to 1 alarm hi t Motla aad tko public (aaonUly that ho aow keepo oon A . . m tantly oa haad ot8tbbs. freakevery fl&At WOOD AND COAL. ? O A Li COAIill ~ AT OBEATLT REDUCED PRICES the ?My t?B* ?' port of Cheetoat White 4th. 97. Store. >?* ?ad Varaace Whlto Aab, #8.10. B?d A ah ?9 W. L?hi|b. M. Oak and Pine Wood eoaetaatly oa kand. Orders itetifert at oar Office, or at the Wharf, foot of Sevoath atreot ^ S. P. BROWN * SON, jaS5-tf 404 9th atreot betweon B and F. \V\ H. < LAGBTT, 11. B. SWEBM V, BBAL ESTATE BROKERS ah* AUCTION BBBB. Partiee contemplating building la tho aprlag or pari hteinn ualmeruved property for lareaim^nt will fltd It to their advantage to look oror our Hat before pcrcha*tng, as we hare added rooently to onr former H-t a laro* inmnnt nf that deer rip ttua ol property. Wa t an offer many Indnnemeati a? retard* aitoatloa. low prtcaa and aaay teriua We hare alto fer tala teveral ajiall tracta of laat in the ImmeOiato viciaity of thla city, vary eli filHj located for anburban r> tideneea, aa wtll at ligbly iirpr?v?d forma In Maryland, which are really bargaina. Property left with at for ealedooo net rnbjoct the *wnor to ozp^aao aalaoo tald whilo on oar boopa. fe 111b olaobtt a sweeny. I^UXUBIBS foe the B0LIPA18. MAILLABB'S OANBIB8 AMD OHOOOLATES CARAMEL'S OBBAM CHOCOLATE. DOUBLE YAM1LLA OHOOOLATA, ROSE AND VAMILLA BURMY ALMONDS, MIXED firGAB PLC MS, and ASSORTED CaMDIE*. Jnat rocoliod at eino PLAHE. z m. p. kino a bob. WnT INDIA OBAMOBS AMD vL,.. Mibob MEAT tDoMEBTIO.) J not mado, of aalact meter!ala, At EIXO plack. G?"" ""SltYiUrVlth. w,? ?old color, fnil. yet deliaate flavor aad fra^ '^'ayvaKir %/"'T""0*T??KSvu? Direct importation. V1CTOB BBCEEB, f FlAMOTt hIR AMD RBOULATOB^^^ ^ WW M Bt. ttoaort. Ac , I'M Pa. av,, hot. ?th aad 10th ato. F. 0. EElcRBMBAOH ? Piano Booao. 4?9 ilth ttroat. near Pa. avoaao. Special Not4m from Wm Knabt P Ch.? Baltimore r Booker aaa tnaod Ptaaoo for aa a* oar Ware3,000 mVim^Tpotatoh.>wt .rrived, and for aaleat onr Whart at tha toot of Tth uoal. nbowm A SON, 4?u-fi b*. 44* Pth at.,hotw^nKri V. rricuL. Department of Stat*. > waihiiuto*. February ib, 1867. } Information baa been received at this o*par t men t from Mr. A. Jourdan. tho Acting Consul of tb? I'd tied S'atee at San Jaaa. Porto Kico, of the death, on tne 1st day of February instant, at Arcctbo. p. R., of l>r. Henry Bryant, who. at h s death, was connected with the Smlthson an Institution. Department or Statb, | W a8bimh ton. February ? , 1807. { Information h*? been received at this L?e6,?rimeut from Mr. Frank'in Cbase. Consul ? neral of the Unite States at Tampico. M?x1co. of the death, oa the tlihot December. at Tampico. ol Thomas Newton, late ma's on board of the Inited States steamer "Paul Jones." - SPECIAL NOTICES. %jr WIPTAB 8 BALSAM OF \\ ILL) OH EBBY 1* " a combination slid atorm intj??r for fe> itiing and rBrli|dif*?Ms ot lk? ttiroa., lines asd chest. It cares a censh i>| loiiak 'id clsiaiiof the lnufs aa<t allay a* irritation; tb.n rtmvrint tht ravs* lest* ad of ilrytnx n p the rough ud Ittfiut the disease behind. It ?~HEBVOlL HKA1>A< HBS are Instant I cured l>jr one dote t "fort? drop'")of HBT04 LFE8 OhkAT HMilMATlt! iiE>.BDY Hold by ail Druggists fe 19 eo^w JV 0. FOBD, Agent. BEMKD1AL IMS MT L I'i? FOB BPEOIAL ca3b.s. _____ He. 1* BoDd street. Hew York. iv Full iuf?rui?tiu[i, w.ili tho hi$ittsi tt.iiimomnls also, a Book on ml Dma<ts , ?n n jsahd tnrf.lore, ??utfr?e. Oy i>t ture and xtnd for them, <tnrf you will not rtgra it; tor. as advertising pbjr siciaus are generally impostor*, wtthwut rtfertn^,i ne stranger should be trusted. Enclose a itasnp for postage as 1 direct to DB LAWBINd. No 14 Bond street. New York nollDBWly . Wr MABBIAGB andoblibaoy, AND THE llapplii'ss of True ftiaaho<>d. ? Aa E*?av for Young Men uu the Critue of Bolitude, aud the Physiological Errors, Abnsesaud Diseases whtcu create impediments to Marriage, with sure means of Belief Bent in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address Dr .1 SKILL1N HOUGHTON, Boward Association. Philadelphia. Pa. jall-Sm BECBET D18BABB8. bamaeitaV* Gift is tho meet certain, safe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tbeoaly vegetable remedy ever discovered Cm ee la two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Only ton pill* to be taaea. It Is the soldier s hope, aud a fri?nd te thoee who do net want to bo exposed. Male packages, f 2, fe9*' 8* a a utah's Boot and Heeb J oices?A positive end permanent eure fer Hpyhills. Sorofsla, Ulcers, 2?r?V 8??l? Tetters, Be. Pr?ce f 1 M per bottle. Sold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. my I COLGATB B CO. 9 W I N T B B BOAP. Beoowjmended for chapped hares and for general toilet nee daring cold wkathee, It may be obtained of all druggists and fancy goods dealers <eb t-ooly DANCING. pBOFP J. W. B a. p. ahhib1 " DANCING ACADEMY, ^ Pewisylvaula avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts.. Mm Opposite Metropolitan Betel. P1"** forming every evening. Thosa do",T? ""?l5 ??.' '.Tf'ST, III, b* 1""<" for Clrsui ?rs can be had at J. F. Ellis' and W O ' * Oo.'s Music Stores W> U The H. M can be rented for Boi.eee, Bo. l>a]/y and Hvurt of 7Witu>? ; For Ladles, hisses and Masters, Tuesday and fcarnrrtsp afternoons, from S to 8 o'cioeE. 'Aentlenien sOinasee. Tueeday and FrMay ereniogs. from g to iv ? clock. *?f further Information,spply during the hoars or tuition, or addreeeaaote to tke Academy. ?o?mencing with the first leeson. jal MABISl'B fabbIunablm dahoinq m.?,M,AOADEMY, AT ^ MABIM1 8 ABBBMBLY BOOMS, M E, between 9tb and IWtU streets, 4A The last quanar of il.i- season, preiiara ory m tht May B>11 will (ouio>ence . l SaturMarch J Classes fer the Osrmai a^ e now opon. _ B -Private I nstrnotlon given to salt toe convenience of the pupil !|| A8QLEBALK ANDTANCY DBEBB BALLS pkbtibs. The undersigned wouU inost respectfully inform the ladles aad gentlemen of Washington city, and the Dtstiict generally, that be le at all times prepared to furnish parties with Masuueraoe and Fancy Costume, either oa loau or made to osder. He has Uken rooms at the well known establishment of Cbristlan Bappert, Bs-i rth street, between D and B. where he WllfU happy te await orders. CHABLB3 BEBO, , .. . ?otoOostuiper at Ford's and drover's Theaters. Washlagton. D. O. BOOTSrsnOES, A. flttn BOOTS AND BHOSil b55 fU *?w ?tou. M Tb^nderslgued begs leave to inform his frloMs genera'ly that be has ope aad the 5'*, c6EAP8T0BB, Mo. 40H 7th strest.nader Odd Fellows' Hall, where he has on haaaagen"1 ">o. BOOTS AHD 8HOB8. Bomember the Bamber, io* Tta street, under Odd Fellows' Halt Tho Mow Oboap Store, fer rlv K. W. Pago's store. " !? WEORQB B. WILSON, HOBT1COLTLKAL TOOLS ! HOBT1CULT0MAL TOOLS II PBliMNU HAWS, PBUB1BU KHIVB8 PBCN1NG BClBBOBS^PBOIimG SAW AND TBBI TB1MMBB8. ADVABAHOATOBS. A full and complete aaeeitiaent of theee tools. 1 Also, the BUBT1CULT IsAL TOOL CH BBT ceutalnlag full set H?trUcultural Tools . .. . . . i. P. BABTSOLOW. fe 18-eotw SI* 7th street, below Pa. its, SOLING BILLS lor saio In saoss to salt purGOLD***1 Ina,k,t >rlc* p,dd tor A.MBMICAH . . ' LBW18 JOHNSON B CO , Bankers. h7 tr Peana avenue. T?? . ST. TIMOTHY'S HALL. HB datles of this Institution will bo rosamod a Sent. 18,18M For terms, Be., see catalogue and efrcoKr st the principal bookstores of this sltp. or address tho principal. ? M B. PABBOMB. OatoavUlo, Md. SB M O T B NATIONAL ?*10* 1H8UBBH0B OOBPAHY OP WA8HIBGTOH Have removed to their New Office, Bo. T1 LOUISIANA AVBNCB First door east of 7th st. ^ ? ? 1 * "?* 0 B : f nap, Pres't, Goo. W. Biggs, Yloe Prest, Jfnos.Berry, Marshall Brows, JUchd WallaoB, G B.Gideon, Daalel ?odd, Vm. Dixon. Henry D. Cooke, Be ? tf NOBLB D. LABBBB. Boeretary. O TO 7" I W , B , KOSBI* FASHIONABLE CABPBT, PCBN1TUBB ABD BBDD1BG 8TOBB8, HOB. 881 B 419, 1NTBLL1GEN0BB BUILDIBG, OOBBBB TTH ABD D., ABD BO. ?09 7TH BTBBBT, THOBN 'B BUILDIBG, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS' HALL, AHD EXAMIBB THB FINEST ASBOBTBD BTOOK TB1B SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. Phla, How York, aad Boetoa Tho stock to always selected by Mx. Moeee, aad bought at the lowest {fto* tor cash, which snabtea him to eompote with Bastorn prices. His fioeet Fn rait ore is mads to fbJru: b'tiiSd''"*' ^^ jss!"sg'^?.tr,tsssis. iVal^h.Vl.4?t.of C1A*fBT8. POBtflTOBB, Bo? ?M8l* price-list before golag elsewhere, which he will famish with pleaaare Bis assortment of Mattreasee Blankets, Oossferts, 0?uatsriwleefl. PIllews. Bolsters, Featherbeds, aad all kinds of OoMags aad Kltohoa Far??? w. s. mwh, *waiv . . i*>u?Dctiiaus*H. ' IlH TELEGRAMS, fee. Th? Republican Sttti Utaratkn ait at NtshTlllc.TraiifiHf, ynttrday, Mr. Wisner in the cbalr. OoTtrsor Hrovnluw wuoomi* j rated for re-election by acclamation, and responded in a characteristic ipffcti. Resold' tiofta were adopted Kttinf forth the principle* ( of the party, approving the administration of Governor Brownlow.and snstalning the Kede. ral Congress. Reso'ntions were offered and unsnimously adopted that .he people of Tennessee looking upon General G. H Thomas aa tfcelr eon and savior ef their S'ate capital from the band* of traitors, and as a man who nev?-r made mlrtakea or loat a battle?therefore, K?~ , $oivtd, That oe la the choice of Teaaeaaee for next Presidency A committee on behalf of the St Louis Poa'd ( of Trade, consisting of Joseph E. Yeairaaoi l Geo. Partridge and A. Q. Brown, have leaned 1 a memorial to Cougress on the subject of reliet 1 to the >outh. The commit'?( urges Congress te make an appropriatioii of from fifty to one hundred million dollars, for the purpose o , supplying with provieious all who are engaged ' In planting cotton, and whoare unable to pro- 1 cure provisions o? anv oiber way. The cost of provisions so furnished to be alien upon ] toe crop, and to be paid lor out of tbe proceeds ' of the first tale of cotton. The National Union State Convention of { Khode Island, yesterday, vnanimonsly nomi- i nated (general Burnslde for Governor, Wm. 1 (>n*fae for Lieutenant (Governor. Colonel William Sayles lor Attorney General, John K ' Dartlett for Secretary of State,and George W. I^w for General Treasurer. The last t wo an* the present Incumbents The National Union Congressional Convention nominated Thjtnis ^ A. Jenckes in the 1st, and Nathan F. Dixon in the yd district. f A meeting of the merchants of (Quebec, Can- i ada, was held to consider the expediency of >

establishing a line of steamers between (iuebec and the lower Provinces. The meetiu/ decided in favor of undertaking the enterprise, 1 and fixed tbe amount of stock at on* hundred ' thousand dollars, half of which amount w i* subscribed on the spot. A board of provisional 1 director* was appointed. The morning session of the WorktmngecTs ' Convention, in Connecticut, yesterday, was i spent in a rambling debate. No business *a< < done, not even organization. Great contu?ion exiats, and there is a great dlv-rsity of sentiment as to the object and ac'ion of tbeCouv?*n- f <lc>n. Three hundred delegates were present, and sixty nnions represented. ( Suite against dentists, for infringement of Goodyear A Cummiug's bard rubber or vulcanite pateit*.terminated In Pittsburg, Tbura- c day by a ilnal decree of the United States District Court sustaining the patent and granting a perpetual Injunction againat defendants 11 The Kenlans in San Franciaco held a large ? end enthusiastic meeting this we'-k, and resolved toco-operate with their eastern breih- . ren to achieve the Independence of Ireland. President Johnson has commuted to imprls- a otim?nt for life the sentence of Kobt. Crow, who I was to have been nanged in Khode Island. a rext Friday, for the crime of murder on the l high seas * George Thayer, Senator elect from Nebraska, * baa left for Washington witn the official actor ' the Legislature accepting the conditions of ^ Congress. a The ram Dunderburg mad* a trial trip yes- J terday, down the harbor of New York, to test u her ateering gear. 0 Admiral Tegethoff visited Fortress Moare ( and the flag-ship Suaquebauna yesterday. Thk Boktoh Hotxl Kkktkrs ?The proprietors of the beat hotels in Boston have ad- i dreased a petition to the Massachusetts legia- * lature, asking permission to keep wines an4 f liquors for the use of their guests, under , proper restrictions. They say that "the observation and experience of yeara have taught them that It la not possible, in any part of tb* World, to maintain hotels, recognised by any . class of people, of whatever profession, p^rsuasion, or calling, as of the first-class, or ,, even as sati factory, nnless in respect to both ' meats and drinks the guest* of the house nr.allowed the opportunity of consulting iheir ., own tastes and judgments." They also urge ! "that an entire prohibition of wines and spir- ' ituons liquors to their guests would destroy t the reputation of their honsee, bring the city of Boston Into discredit among travellers, both _ those for pleasure and for nusinea*, and so cause injury to the community, no less than to v themselves." ^ Pnorosan Us ion ok Tita Prksr vtrfii an Cu ritH ?8 ?The anion of the two great bodies ' *' into which the Presbyterian Cbuich in this tl country has been divided for some years past ** has long been the subject of general desire, not only among the clergy and in deliberative ti assemblies, but with the mass of the laity of * the two communions. As their difference is d not on points of doctrine so much as on modes *1 of discipline, it is natural that this tendency r< to coalesce should exist. Last May a com- dl mlttee was appointed by the General Awem- B biles of each church?the old and new schools ?to consider and confer upon the leaaibility ?1 of effecting a union. These committees are composed of seme of the first clerical and lay members of their respective denominations, " and are now deliberating in New York. The oi result of their labors ia to be reported to the General Aasembliea next May. t ? p: Co-OPSKATtva House nriLWNa.?A new w | Yerker. who says be has "paid a large house rent for a small inconvenient house quite long w enough," advertises for about twen'y-flve per- ol sons who are willing to unite Into a company rt and put up enough bouses for all at some dis- n< tauce in the country, and tbus. by owning ei tbeir own residences, be able to avoid an tb enormous rent. Co-operative bouse-bnilding n< may be a very good thing, but In view of the of trials and disagreements sure to occur when bl twenty-five persons unite in such enterprises m and considering that one house can be put up oi by one owner quite as cheaply in proportion as twenty-five can be erected by twenty-live qi owners, it seems to us far better for eash indU o' vidual to do tbis for himself He can baild then to snlt bis wants and means, and avoid all risk of the quarrels which the system above rc indicated would be sure to eause. ai Th*F*niamb abd Mr. Kobbrt*.?'The rumors that "President" Roberta believea in or ai encourages the rising In Ireland are untrue. u He believed it would end la the extermination er or bntcberr of tbe people, and thinks that a those who in America encourage the men in rj Ireland to raise at present, when they have no earthly means to help them, are guilty of a ,e great crime. But while thus believing, he says .? that should they rise he is willing to give them p all tbe aid in his power, though he may not be TJ convinced that <t will reach them. President b, Roberts bas called a convention of tbe Fenian k. Brotherhood of New York State, for the ;Wth w instant, to meet ia Utica. Also one of the n. Brotherhood of Illinois, to meet on the 18fh of w, March, in Chicago. Tbe Fenians of Peunsyl- ^ vania will bold a convention early in April, 1ft and State conventions of tbe Brotherhood will soon follow in all the other States Stw Tork h., World. gf Attbkpt of a Mothxk to Dkow.v Hkk- 1)1 bii-f aid Two OaiLDtut.?The Johnstown * (Pa.) Democrat bas an account of a singular affair where a woman named Mary Bath, residing in that vicinity, attempted to drown *r herself and two childrea. On Saturday last, dii alter preparing breakfast, and while her bus- al band was eating, Mrs. Math went to the sleep- wi ing apartment, and taking two of her youngest *h childrea, aged two years, and six months, re- " specttvely, oat of bed and wrapping ber dress be aroand them, aha went to the well and either iumped or crawled in. She w?e soon missed '* and assistance called, and after considerable da labor they were all rescued, but ia a drowning ?i condition. The mother and the eldest child n< were restored to animation, but the babe is in a in critical condition. No cause 1a assigned to Bi justify this radh act Important a*d iHTXEMTiga CAe*?Tbs m, case of theWashinctoa,Alexandiiaan(lGeorge- ( | town Railroad Company vs. Jamee S. French, M. before Judge Underwood, in chambers, was jg, crmmeneed ia this city yesterday, and argued mi by R. J. Brent and Gen. Brenu of Baltimore, Cfa on tbe part ef tbe plaintiffs, and ia being ar- \\ rued te-day by Col. George W. Brent for the A] defendants. Tbe object of the proceedings, aa we understand, ia to enjoin the defendant from | slsndering tbe plaintiff's title to the property |BI of the Wasbiagton, Alexandria and George- 40 town railroad, aad to restrain tbe said plaiatlff , from prosecuting his olaim to said property in the circuit court of Alexandria.?Altxandria __ GmttUt. ( TThey havs Ristort cravats la Now Or. la< leana. vi VTke Potomac River wm blockaded by 1 lee this winter lor fifty days. | SET Crosby iavtsted 110,0001a advsrtmiag. la ItyaUL 1 1 f CONGRESSIONAL. Si*An.-Yf?iw(Ujr afternoon? Mr. Fetsenden called up tue legislative, jniicit), and executive appropriation bill, wbu-b bad ceme (rum the H?om wuh a raquMt for a conference wmmi'lM. Ob mouoa of Mr. t>wndra, tlx Senate intitled on iU amendments and agreed to lb# conference committee A similar coune wa* taken in r*card to the bill msk n* appropriaiions (or lb* Military I Academy; also. la regard t? lbs diplomatic \ appropriation bill. Tbe Indian bill was r??m?d. Mr. Stewart toak tbe floor ia ad rotary of lb# propoamon to place tbe Indian Bureau under tbe charge of tbe War Department Alter further debate tbe question w*i taken dd concurring ia tbe amenameutof tbe House to transfer tbe Indian Hureau to the War Department; and it waa disagreed to?yea' IX oats 24. Tbe bill (toes to tbe committee of conference. Tbe following conference committees on the part ot tbe Senate were appoin'^-d : On 'be legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, Meiia. Fessenden, Willi trns, and 'owler. On tbe Military Academy appropri ttiun bill, Messrs Nberm \n, Hams, and D ?>little. On tbe diplomatic appropriation mil, Messrs Snmner. Fopg, and Jobtison. Mr. Snmner moved to take up the joint r??Jlntion supplementary to the Joint resolution lor the representation of the United States at :he Paris Exposition Tbe question was then taken on the re?oiu.10n. and it was passed?yea? ji, uays 10. The Senate, at 4 Jo, adjourned. H or ex.?Yesterday? Tbe House, at 8 .'JO, went into Committee ot be Whole on the state of he Uuion on tn? Tax bill, (Mr. Boutwell in the ch-vir.) re>umint i's consideration at the point ou the rse list where busmes? win ?n?pen^.ed last. light. Mr. Blaine moved as an amendment that, 'rom and after the 1st ol September. 1-67. no ax shall be levied or collected on cation rrown witbin 'he I nited S'ates. lie sud tut: be tax on raw cotton was the mostextraordi* lary ever made by an Intelligent Government, ind that, if members wanted a speedy r?tom 0 specie pay luwiit, and to retain the ra>uope<> if tbe cotton market of tbe world, they would lave to encourage the prow b and export ol :otton by removing tbis tax. The amendment was agreed to?61 to 51. Mr. Williams meved to add bar, piate and beet iron to the list. Lost?14 to 52 Mr. Kelley moved to add fabrics?the proInct of baud-'ooms. Agreed to Wooden knobs w?re added to ibe free list. Tbe income tax remains fixed at five per I *nt on tbe excess of incomes over 91,000. Tbe House, at balf-past lour took a recess. At tbe even ng session, tbe House took up as [ 1 special order tbe bill reported from tbe Judi- I lary Committee to declare valid and coaclu- I ive certain proclamations of tbe President, 1 md acta done in pursuance thereof, In sup- I jression of the rebellion. The bill approves. iegalizet, and makes valid ill acrs, proclamations and orders of the Pres. I dent of ibe United States, and acta done by his LUthority er approval after the 4tb of March. t*6l. and before the 1st of December. 1?<6.>. re- I pectlng man al law, military trials by courts- I nartialorm ' v.rj commissions.andallarre*'*, mprltoumen.s and proceeding* in connection pith the violation ot the iiws or usages of, nd it prohibits nil civil courta from taking I urisdiction of ?r In any manner reversing any | 1 ?ucb proceeding- or act*, and repeal* ail acta I t paits o acts inconsistent therewith. Mr. W'lson, (Iowa,) chairman of Judiciary 'ommittee, explained, justified and advocated be bill. Mr Stevens suggested that the bill hardly pent far enough. He preferred to follow toe English precedent of givinp 1 direct, full, and xpiicit indemnity?a precedent that bad b?en Ilowed by Congress durin. tbe existence ot I be war. Mr. Wilson said he wonld test tbe sense of Be House on that abject by moving the prelous question. If it were not for the ditHculy of petting up the bill again this session, in tew of pressure for action on the tax and tar- I BT bills, be w*uld have no objection to allow easonable debate. He suggested that by 1 nanimons consent tbe bill come up to-day as I under tbe operation of tbe previous que* on, when he would yield most of the hour I rbicb he would .hen be entitled to to close de- I ate. There being no objection, that understanding raa agreed to. The Honse then went into Committee of >be ITbole on tbe state of tbe Union, (Mr liout- 1 rell in tbe cbair,) and resumed tbe considera- I on of tbe tax bill, taking it up at t ie claus- to ] mend section one hundred and seventeen of I ie present law?directing bow incomes are to t estimated. In addition to tbe thousand dolus exempted, are alao to be exempted all na- I onal, State, county, and municipal taxes pa d. ttihintbe year, ail losses actually suataiued uring tbe year from Area, shipwreck or tr?de, II bad debts, tbe amount actually paid tor the *nt of bouse or premises occupied as a rest- I snce.and tbe amount paid tor uaual or ordiary repaira. No material amendment was made to any r tbe voluminous clanaea referring to income I IX Tbe committee then came to the thirteenth I >ction, imposing a tax cf twodollara a gallon a distilled spirits. Mr. Farqubar moved an amendment, pro- I iding that tbe mat abould net be construed as I robibiting tbe sontinuous re-distillation of bisky by distillers. Rejected Tbe last hoar of tbe session of the committee as occupied In a rapid reading by tbe clerk I \ tbe several sections establishing rules in 1 ference to distilled spirits, Ac. There weie ot more than thirty or forty members pr<?s- I it, but by a skillful system of compromises, I ie qneation of tbe presence ot a quorum was ot ralced. Tbe object was to get the bill ont I the committee to-night. Tbe reading of the I 11 was concluded at quarter past eleven, but I e bill waa left in committee so aa to allow I jportunities to offer amendments 'o-morro w. I Tbe committee tben rose, and tbe House, at I 1 uarter past eleven, adjourned till eleven cloek to-day. SorTH America ?Advices frem KioJanei- I 1 state tbat the referee in tbe case of Koberts' I id Snioer's breech-loaders had reported in I , vot of tbe American Invention. | , r adoption in the Brazilian army. A disturb- J 1 ice bad occurred between the emigrants in I , razll from the United States, a party ot North- I , ners having attacked and attempted to burn ! eaw mill belonging to the Southerners. A , sing of three thousand Indiana was reported \ Amazonia Many people were killed aud I veral of tbe nearest wiilements were de- I royed. Tbe bombardment ot Cnrupalty, I Uruguay, by the Brazlliau fleet. Is confirmed. I 1 be Paraguayan fortifications are armed with 1 >avy cannon, and tbe Brazilians have erected j itteries, also armed with heavy cannon, which | ere landed from tbe fleet. Two tboasand < edle guna bave been issued to a part of tbe I < raxtlian troops. The allied army bow num- I < rs 35,UO men, and would in a m?nth receive 1 ,0U* more men. The revolution ia Mendoza < ill continues, and the authorities are yet uua. 1 s to put it down. Oen'l Asboih, ths United ates Minister to Buenos Ayres. has offered * s mediation to tbe Argeatiae Confederation ben considered opportune. ^ TUB ABWCAL CHUBCU COKVBKBBCM.-Prep- 1 ations are being made in the various Metbo- 4 ?t denominations for the approaching anna- I j conferences which will be held ia this city 1 Ithin the next month. The churches during s past year h&ve flourished, aud the attend- 1 ee at the coming conferences is expected to unusually large. Tbe Baltimore Confer, ce ot tbs M. E Charch will convene at En. 1 w Street Church, It is thought, next Wednssr, presided over by Bishop Kingsley, and ra- I 1 tin is session several days. Tbe bust Baltt. 1 ore Conference ot the same church will meet I j Fiederick on the ?th of March, the same | sbop presiding. The Washington Coaler- I ce. composed of the colored churches of the I . strict ?f tbe Dwti-ictof Ootambia, and Balti- I ore city, will meet at Hharp Street M. E I lurch dariag the same week On tbe lltb of 1 c arch the aannal session of the Maryland 1 rtbodist Protestant Confereaea, composed of I I Inisters and laymen, will be bsld at tbe nrch corner ot Green and L<ombard streets. ( lout the same time the Episcopal Methodist I mnal Conference will meet. ?Bait. Sum. I , VThe Baltimore City Council propose to I 1 tore each of the firemen for two thousand I liars against *eai#i by nocident. I l M~The Boetoa Advertiser intimates an opt a that Qen. Sherman is responsible tor the I tlpatby of tbe South to the Military Mil. d KTA hall was gotten np In EvaasrlUe by I dies who englneerad IS* whale thing aad la- t ted the yoaag manKTBev. Father Asty Paak a distiagatshed % ethodlst clergyman, died la y ' ?i week, at his resideace, aear Morgaatown, I 1 sat Ylrgiata. I 11 CCI9KAH REirT : Loji-M. ?>?,. m-It IS proposed to.r a Orwk loan oa the market her. rt?e f. ,t ,.n ?T Tn wnt proatc* to t?>m ? M?* k m?, I**1* Oomplele ?CCM?| of tb* Mf. \ I ?? b?i*ftu Great Britain and tt>#? 1'uited Mvw Bbbliw. Feb ? - Bismarck m ma oh h-rter o-day It i* bow thouiftt bf will r-c-v-r la'rii'r^r''* to** been r> clf?i from Venu ibitirrioMtpprrtra?i?D?arp??t-riiiia# I n^-e of I r.rtag vl thi> p? i*mii iu the Am* rue trpob ikf ilea u be, and a larg- nuianrr of arres'e have brn Bad* by lb* mkoriUN VltiXA, Fab. ?? Baroa Voa Meteter ofSiat*. sais (bat Auatria ia in favor of ibe *a4 ua'ioa of Servla by the Turkish force* ?W? 'ar a* l>!?? affairs in rooiyraMt tbe Karen '?J? <t ia tb? policy of ibeGoverna-nt u> avoid the question entirely fare af Delirlam Trrairaa. Tb? Pbiiadalpba Mfrr u;t We look or ram u, ?vb? months ago. oa itoe faiui 01 |w>d medical testimony. to invite attention t? in* beneficial effects of capsicum, or red pepper, fa delirtam tt*B?aa. Mar* ?aeu h>?m> ?r||. marked rases Bav? occurred in tbe practice of l>r. Ly one. o aboa we niuif referent*- at tba.. t'me. Tbia patUm ia lay* flrwf red tim* oa tbe symptoms dunui a brief bat variable period whlib precedes tbe fall* devol>>|?e?i aitack of delirium tremens These are often aannaloo*. anintellig ihie to tbe patient him all. and aot always g?irr*m?i by hi* m-dical aii?Dit*Ri. la tbia preum?tiar> > <* ar? met witb tremor. sleeplessness ao1 |ro?ral distress and anxiety, wltBont a trio-of deli. num. In other cases slight il union* prevail, witbour tremor, from wtn -h tbe p >u?*ut can by ?a effort, arons* himself. and. under strong ex?rtions of tiie will, even command bis f?i u I lies lor i uiae, and pareu- b<* business avocations, to break down, it may be hopelessly, a lew bourn aiierwirda, if b<? condition la u-nle?. i?j, m.suudersto?.d or mistreated Under these circumstances, the ir*a'fi,ent toy capstcam comes in very opportunely; *nd by lUeuiplovmeni we may eutsbortthr di-? i-e, ami so >a> Ibe patient trom the con-eqUen.e, of bis imprudence, atid possiblv r?--*,.te hon ??? a re. foraied in*. |n tbe c?># uf sn individual who had taken six grains of opiaia within a period of two ur three dn ?, wi'b in ?|?-ep tvu.g procured or hk) relief 10 tbo litu un?, trein<>r and distress under *hich he I. r?>re?t, :% twenty. gram do?e ol i-ajN'lcani ,n a pm wu !oi. lowed by a Oeep and reire>-tiinf s.eep tor twelve hours. tie paurol awtiae tr tin tbia Ot!?l'(Otl? Mi d revtore.1 | || fl|.,>luer oa*e % thirty-t:rain di>*e ii.i,i t > tx> civ? n before foil relief was procured, nmj m on# or two iu* e'ancesot IndiTidual* of i miiimni tuia mt*wi. p? rMte bal l'*, |t wa_? tonI* i ne<-. B?ary to reb?nt ibe do^e motile three or 1 nrtime*. A* at pres. Bt employed, tk? rs]i?,nim i? firen in ths lorm ot a holu* mad>- up witb honey of roses I-Ut I?r. I.yons Mir^n- tl.e f->ts<t>ili'y of ita conveyed to the s-otnieb in a itptule. Virsiaia >ewa. Tbe eutTe fMiutly of Mr Wi.llani l'a*?on. of Kotkhriune coau y, was iku.oii-mI a |^w davi s he n^cro cook 1 ue |t n*ou Wu out in the roflec Moneof those a a > ptriiMk of it di^rt. hiit all Mid to be r#?c<> vrm/ Tbt* ne^robas been artested and eo n<aiu~<i to .an In tbe Mate Senate, en U ed.,*-d .r, H !u*a bill incorporating iUep0u?inao Kaiiroxd ?^oaipaay, waa takes up, read twice ai:d referr-d lotbet oitimiitesiin H<>adaand Int?rnal Navi. ration. 1 his la tbe Fredarickaburr and Alexandria Kailroad. Tobacco ia arrivtnr at lianrille quite treelr nd the market la yui'e auiiua'ed. Pnceis are very satisfactory, and a fine ?r*,cle c .mmnods a bifb IIcure. Nale* were made ou Mondti as high aa (?r cat Th* Comt <?r a Stkikb ?tip-nmeota are costly, and partiouiariy so to laborers on a ink* A latter in Ky laud's Iron Trade Circular. in wbi.'h details ot tte Uie strike at Ki.flnod, ar^ brought out it w^il wortb tbe eousideraiiou ol m-chmics. Tbe number of persons in the strike were |,i(W. tout of <bese only sUu wej* L'nion men, tbe reiaainder being as*isiants. lalorers and boya And whilst tbe strike was made ny the iV. men. ks> men and fifty boya were thrown out of employment, and obliged to suffer for it. even more the originators of ibe striae, for the eight hundred find fifty had i<o udioo auli script ions to snpport them After the airik* had be?un. the aidoa m-n could not have done much *ood?for their fellow safferera. however willing, f,.r their own alioa tare dnrihg the ten we?-ka did no' averace over us t>4 per man per w.ek. By the etr ke no i-s, man 3. w persons were thrown into rbe dea>?e?t dis^ ac'ual coet of the aiiik# itself waa ?*>,5<*i in wsfea alone dating 'be ij> weeks it continued, and tbe labours were finally forced to tubmit to a reduction of wngos. acaui?t which they fonghu and ar? now In ;ncn a deperdent conditioi that tiiey mi<< be f irced to submit to even more onerous terms As a ran eral rule, atnkea are not successful . but if there erer war a place they ou-ht to 'be suecessfnl, it is in EnrKnd. where m\nu il lab^r ?f more poorly paid tban in an v other civilized country on the globe. A HAITIMOBK AMI. OHIO l<AiLnn/in I*. PKO\ KMIXT?1 be m em tiers of the cite oonu cil yeaierdxy afternoon paid a visit of inane'-. tion to the site of the contemplated improvement on the Baltimore and <?bto Ka looking UDtbeaborteniag of tbe tine between B , more and the Kelay house, and of conrs* u> ail poinu beyou J, of about a mile and a nair The company a^ks of the c?tv the privilece of ?ying track, along what will ul imauft 2a South Pacastreet, witbm the limits ol ind.rect taxation, a diaiance ol about l.luti f^et, tbe property outside tbe city limits heme alreadv cuted. It is contemplated to lay new track* from a point west of Gwynn'a F til*, to erect a snbetantml stone bridge over that a:ream,and tu.sreduca tbe distance between Ba tim<>re and Washington and tbe West at least one mile and a half aud saving some fifteen minutes in nme. The new track, are only for panaaaffar traise, aa the present circuitous roate la to be continued for tbe use of fraictn-BaiuJZ TH*SorTH ?On What it calls -The Lessons lb* Memphis Bulletin discourses upon reconstruction, ia ibe foilowiag manner All patriots wbo would guide their cjumry !h? ^PPy^ "??* ont of hf*r P1"'***:1 troubles. should study lessons of policy to be learned from tba annals ol Swl xeriand, wblch after the Sunderbund war, bart no huir of any man ahead, pilfered no man's property; an 1 from the annals of France, which, afiir La Vendee was pacified, disturbed bo man in it. either in liberty or estate, and wisely forbore to execate ibe Coascription law, tbourb tbe Empire stood In need of every man, and tbongb the master was Nat?oleon. Meditate for Ybt SuadrrbQDd hu l^ft Switzerland, and I^i Vendee, FraaoeTaiore united than evar. ' ' *"***! * St rr?iu? _t?js exercise of the Plectlve franchise was practioallv illustrated ia tbe 'lecuon of officer, for tbe Mercantile l?iI'rkrx. Philadelphia, on Tuesday. A poll was opened for the female stockholders, who to the number of 156 cast their votes. Both eexes voted together and tbe proceedings were eonducted with the utmost propriety, no confusion or disorder, as too ofteu is lb- case, wbere men vote alone. The ladies walked up and deposited their ballots witb aa much fr<*d as if they were accustomed to the prl vinT'*" .k^* ,liUfcTra,ir?* hljW the thing h* line, this Toting at the library election should d* noted. i Vi^TTI",'7~A b'" 11 ** boea introduced Into the Illinois Legislature pr.-hibnu* the importatian of Texas ca'tle into that St-ite It is alleged that great ln(nry has resaited to'the Illinois cattle on accoant of these lmpona.t<oua Lt is said tbat tiie Texas catue bring ia and 'prend what Is called tbe Spanish fever On band' 11 U ??*ed tiaf tbe b'u mUbt ia well at onca be railed a bill to increase th? prlca of beef, and that tbe pretence that Tex*a iwa'to^o ^Ih1^ W>lh lk# Span,,h T" r ku ess to do w:tb tbe proposition than tbe #?/ ? hat Illinois stock-powers are a?Ul?rnS be money-rraking fever. WIf all accoanta are true tbe Lmpre<? Fu tenie is one of tbe nnbappiast of wives She a so closelj watched tbat she can net even lope from tbe palace wben she wisbe* :o and ter attempts have often been frustrated. Mer Majesty and Charlotte of Mexico may anarlo **"r l'ar* *?d console each other over the nleeries of creataess. WAmerica has mi las of ulegrapb; Europe, ?o,omc India, l,?iO. ?"Pnoie shad are retailed la tbe Savaaaab narketatgi 9b par pair. Win China tbe physician wbo bills yoa las to sapport year family. WFlcklas are forbidd?a by a Ooanarucnt emperanee society aa sacouragiag a taste for ometbiBf stronger. PTTbe great Mlrblgia T'niversitv Is taliiag if admitting girla on tbe same fooung as boya %TK young married lady committed suicide a Norton by shooting herself witb aabot gun VMtx Maretaek plays Parepaashtsstronr *rd for tbe oooalng operaue s?a??a. large number ot New Tark eiUaaaa are eaviagtbe etty for tba suburbs. iUaeou dan laslnees and blgb renU. 1 W-Tbe Meake. waits ta the new eat daaca n nn?. jnd?a decided that K la aot .M amoral for a quack to aaveruae to care aay VHoraee Oresley has accented tbe prasl ncj ot tbe New York Press Club. KTTbe New York Fiaaacial Ob-oaicie. ta ^lag reasoaa for tbastagaatioa afbusiaess at be Nortb staiee as oaa caaee, tbat tte Boatb not able to parcbaee goods, aor avaa ta nav or supplies already obtaiaed. P T IrJr # # / _ _

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