Newspaper of Evening Star, February 23, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 23, 1867 Page 4
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THB EVENING STAR. 1 Tk< Tragedy ! a CiwURmm, Tb?fl?ii?Uri|(ia Ac* |I?M tue following fiilii bltrt u( lb* bowunc of (Kurff Kli*r ky '1 bvmat Leis in the Criminal Court r>M.n in that i ity on WfdaMdM lut, ud oT whtcb we published a brief telegraphic account A boat live mimb1! after ten o'clock jw^rdsy n oriiiif one ol tbe m >*t luring murder* in ibe tnnaii of cnm? wu i-om Tinted ia u.e Court of lla*rtrr Sessions. Tb?> regular bus mm of tbe day wu ikum 'o o* taken up wb-n every one In tbe court-rowin ?u star led b* the sharp report ot n pistol, followed by l-uid cries of a man. Owing to tbi- po^liiou o( ibe prisoners' dock, iho?e in* a* tbe court-room were not able to comprehend for wm? time ail tkat wr? fomc ?n. The d?>ck aewn pied la directly opposite tbe judges' bench, aa 1 U ibo it tbree feet from tbe door used only lor taking prisoners to and from tbe city van. Tb? back pari of tbe dock is about seven teet h<gh. and it forms a passage-way for prisoners In charge of officers. George Eller was la this passage in charge of a tipsaff on hia way to'he dock. Thomas Lels occupied a s?at at the end of a settee ou a lm* with tb* pasage.way. Aa Eller ratne along the pa***ge, and was abour turning t* go into the, 1 eis drew a re vol ver from th* inside pock#' ol bit coat and fired upm Eller. Tbe hill took effect In the breast directly above tbe left nipple. Eller cried. 4-Ob ! Ou ! OU! ' aud fell into the aims of officer Krotzer and d.ed almo?t instantly. His face, winch but a f?w Bonmit before had been tlnetted with beil b and vigor, turned sodd-nly ?? wilte as m irble. There wi? no external bleating. rhii Mood was forced to the he*rf. I'be body of the murdered mni was tik-? totneotBc>? of tbe clerk of th-? (^.nari *r Se??'oiir<. I'he exoitem? nt for soro e i tn * *?? in'en?e. L-is mole no attempt to es a;?e. lie *n?? ?en~.i by oin i (>?-orj:e W T??l?r of u>? pnnrt. Otll -er HII- i ver bi rne too* from h?m the revolver with i w bi.h th? fatal ac. had been com nut-il It | wm a six barr-led r> volver Ktv- I 'H it still i i* iP?>ii? d in it. I."!"- taken itrlurc Jii'lae I Ludlow. who wa-^ o?i 'be b-ncb a' tiie time. ) lie acted i.s com untune migis'rare. desired u? m>ne * ai-m-nt, bat the judge related to il-dt-u to hiit. s-v?rj| viitu'?<i'4 'o he lomrnt sion of the d?ed # if exarmi-tt. a nong turn >h??mI police < fhi-ers. Joint (t.rt'irh, Esq , iden'.ide.j tbe hudy of ibe wr.oimrd m ?n After be>-rtng thr Judge Li-flow coirnnt'?d l.e st 'i-? d to w-r th-c*i'?rje of murder Ilc.iv removed ??? the >to> im'n-tng ( Tim*, l.e <- mad* it \oliini>trv ?'ai?iM?-ut tb it li?- I ml irn mit e.t ih- :t t -o avenge ui.? ji-rungs ol ln^ ilai:;litrr. -:n'i it. ?? he ?r,i> r?a tv f >r t^ie COne?qt>i cee i'.II t:..?> tun", :?* tn ie ?>e i.u?iit ed, e\er\ o; e iu il?e co'iri ro-jiu li?-lil ti ir t. rea ll!? Wilh e.\. i leno 111. Seve ml ie|0lle< ? U arte Kibn"'!** mi -ome i?f tbe c t*e<t ro !> tried t.ill.ted J'iie |irinon>T* in IH>* d * W?et? foi :?>>! n for an ii'S'aiit, liii none of tb^m fc.'j ? d. Mti i> al (^lAiiTiwur I't:Mi'kin ?At are. t?|il rtiK U-' t'U in lt?e N* w Y'iric Kariner-' Club, a itnrrjx i lt>ut Vi ri'e< ol 'hi* virttlfs i'l the ptiiripk>i>: will give yon h .- "inple, y et veij valuable cure, for iiiH imrr:ir.?ry rtien. ii a''?-m A w?. ii?n arm w hs ~ wel'^d to'tti eM<iB.iu siw. aud paialully lutlHined. A pen If ice wn? n>a?ieoi .-lewed |> u iti , k i u. whioii reif*Kl every lil e?-n mm utes. and iu a Mrorf ime prod inert afirth t cure Tbe tever drew ii on' t>> the pnul'ite* maie tbem extrtmely offen-ive a- 11 ev vt?-re tnk-u nff l k> ew a T??n cme.t of ^ev?re intltmmMtion of tb* howelv by ibe same kind of -ppl oa'ion. I ttlui ini b ?o^? ?-t? 'bis propt r lor discussion m a farn er?' cinb " Two Bakm vs i? i?ik f itr.D.?The Democrat* ?if He ti nr'b e nere^-jonal disfrict of C iin?ciicu> b?*f p. mum*, d Wm H Baruum, of >alieb?rj, ?s *b?ir cai.diiiaie lor t'oncre-s. So th?re aje ?n<w 'wo Harmim* :u fbe ti^ld? fi.irii n m or >ali*bur\ .and Barn n .n, of Br id ;e. por?: l<f?reum the iron m-m au.1 Btruum 'b^ ^lii>w rr?n The |? mo ratic Itaruutn is a to in of larreweiph so J -olid reputiim, ida.iti. ti?d ?i'h t.e tic> ii Tere*r* *>f the dittric', aiid j o!-!-e>.-'ri|E ibe respect m d cot.fldeuoe of !!' commanity 1' te -aid 'lint he is very d?. Mtou* of tfetea'li g his nnm*' sake, nt.d will j ro*ernte the cauva->? wrh vi^or?Sew York Btral4. SAI.K (>V >1 All% LiSli AM> VlKlilMA f'ARlH. A lnt?r in m Actomac cuiin'j'. Va, eayn: Sp?-?.ulau is aie bu?> heie bu> ing lauds. *n?v. ftiil fgifa liuve t*i-u nuuiw'u I'euu-v 1 vanian# el li?iid* in Caroline rnunty. Md. Tbev purcl>a*ed 1 hi.n>s? Bell's tarm ot 5H? a?-r? ? lor .m i Pev J. Ilbll'i. rtioacren, tor 0" A. Green's, l?*> t eres, for Ii C. and Barkiilin aiio Voorbie's, I'm. a. re?. ! r ^y.i mi. A L?mcaster coum> gentleman bought a tnrm, having a n. il, t? r #-tii.w4i. April and May will be ?< ive ii, tale*. A gtea:. many tat mi will be offered. WsAvrke' mkiki.?^A me img of the j mo.-r)i.i to net w a\ r? of New Yor< wis ti^ii oh Moi day fi r tl e purpose ol t'lkiug in'<? cin- ' sun ration tue pr??nt low pritei paid f>r [ weaving, liurinc tbe winter in>inb- tb-*y i have teen paid at the rare of three cents per ( yard, a rate of rvmun- ratios in-ndicieut to provide for tbe commonest n-ce?-iries of lue i ihemrel?e? aao lni.ili*- Learning tbut tbeir w.ip?-s grre to be still tnrrber reiineed, i tbev adof'teil a re<-oiu'<oa thai at* the weavers el be crv ?h< i>M f>s?? work until they te- I ceived au addit ori of two cents per yard. A mau i.auied w?s attacked by a gang ol ex-Kenels. under the leader-hip of a i Jsberiff tailed Divis. at Wnvi.eeville, N ?t'h ! I arul u.i. a short time sine*. He was fir-d I nptn forty limes without K-:nir irjnred, aid in Te'urning the fire iniu-ed one of the pursuers, named Cader wood. He i hen succeeded t in making his escape, but the Sheriff says he will gall ont the county to **rti*t iu taking J him. Mas-sey w as engaged during the w vr m passing recrniu through the lice* to th' l uion army, aad stands ludicted for tb*'. offence. This was the cause of (he attack. A New Lassos.?The Loui*tana Btp'ist gives some good advice to its readers Ir says. "The southern people have never lea--Q-d ecoaomr. Tbe time hn* now come, however, when this virtue must but onlv be learned, but practised, or they can never ri?e from h^r eresvnt condition of pecuniiry proe r-?tua Tte present geiieratu n will uot, perhaps, so practice economy as to be materially benefitted yet we may learn and practice mn -h ourselves, and should by all menus instil lessons of economy into our children." Without Ho-ikls? The authorities or.ue town of St. Albans. Vermont, recently m i Je a raid upon all the liqnors to he found a village, and arrestrd 'he venders, lucludl ig the hotel-keepers. As an oflset, the i.tnilor s have pulled down their signs. That ?nv*lv and important 'own is, therefore, at prese it without any public accommodation fer mm or beast C^There was a Topsy'* m the police conrt in Detroit, last * ridsy, in the shape ot a colored girl who w:t? called totakelbe witness rtand She surveyed ttewiine?? nox a f?w rr. mei. 's, and after mounting the highest |>orTtoa if it that st.eronlrt ffnd. directed tb# court to *-/o aluad w id de sale, 1 evidently suppjnIr.g ha: she was to be sold. Loi'imana ?TneCoucordia ( Louisiana) In telligeni er i t 'he ;nb -av- '-From the m irne-r in ? hi< h our planters are working, they ? -?n to aav e bo i^ar or a bad se ison The iiegr ?.* in the *wamps. we barn ar? pn ti g tbem?e|ven io ilie.r is-ks cheer"ni'v. aad tta r en.pli >ers have dm (<iu>? ol coir plaii.t.' ''Mr. .N'sejib Arniblister, a eitisen of W > 'bi- tuUkli . Va . being apparently in he enjoy ineiit of his usual good ut- iUh, on Sa! uruay nuirniog last, alter eating his breakfast, j sal tiov n by the lire, hlled bis pipe and comme need smoking Presently he t^n very sud- ! denly frcm b's chair, ^nd wi- picked op dead. Kf An exchange says "decayed cabbage produces a rich perinme" which is sold forei 0-i a bottle. VMtss Mary Larview, living Ib New "York. to?k to overdose of chloroform ou Tuesday, aaa dl-d tr.nn its et!e is. 5be w M in ill heal * b. aud wa* also uiei.inobol v and low spirited in consequent* o| the recent dea>b ot her mother and bro'ber. Belle Boyd Harding is about to play In Boeton Belli is Uo lou^el Tiy/d?noW she is manned. I^A heavy money transaction took place in Jfocbester the other dav Oue man paid anctAer one hundred aud ten thousand pennies. TM a recent lire In Cincinnati a Jewess, named Mrs Mikel, was smothered in attempting to save ber goods .V A. Hawkes, whoshot bis wife in St Pan), Mmresota, last summer, and as was thought at tbe uir?e accidentally, has been arrested on tbe charge ot murdering her. Me is . ka< wn to have previously insured her lite, , and other eircBinstances have given rise to j the suspicion of foul play. /"A Van Buren (Ark.) paper says bust. ; ??s o tcdull that ibe young men in ibe vi- t ciui J lor want of proper employment, have g< ne to getting married CMaple sugar making has already comnieuced m Vermont, aud will become general throughout New England in aconpleof weeks. 99" A msunfac'urer In New York city Is flu j in* *D orarr for two tbonsaud thimbles a' eighteen cents per d^zen. for toe manager of a ' popalar gift enterprise. Nobl inks! Every ) ucfeet entitles ibe holder to a preseai!'' j Tbe long ta'ked of bridge over Broadway ib New York, lias at |a?t a"?nmed tangible shsp* On Kridsy -be first column of to?> bridge was erec^rt at the northeast corner of Broadway aad Fulton street. VTker bay*tbe Indians very badly on the Kan:# Ke line. | a- ? ? AUCTION SALES. Ml ?MM * wm>IAH,AM<l?iiili tb081 ik's balb of eial|tt4tl. if firtti 01 n dead ?f lr*? minbiiu a* tm ftfth d-y *f jmmi<ry, ilto,?i*faiwk| l?u oolhu to aider ik* tawftt of j?ki flaael, tad mt?rm in liber n. 0 t . #.!? wl? lm,w. or# of ike laud recarde for w aabiugton oounty, in tha dlatn?t of columbia, i wnl offer for ?u on thn Krmiaeo h vbidat lb* l*lh day of janoary, il ?t t o'clock |. m. iw north part of lot no. 13. la square mo. s?7. is tho city ot wu^iafwd, 1> V , froatlki it fr?i utd 1 Imim n M(t r' ik at toot, utwwn a an* b itraau north, uad . ?nmil at tkal ?mth t? tba renr, tii|htnr with tho ikfioitbtdu. ooaatattng of a null dwelling hoaee and etuef bnlldtnga. tat ail : ono halfca-h. tha halaim ii i aoatki, the purchneor wtlti a dead and (in bin no la, acurad by a deed of iriit. all convey and nc ul Si??rw *t an pa at tka coat of tka ?afk?aar. a ?fu ii t.f |:0 required at tba tlaae of aalo. and lt?trwl*r rooeraee the right to raaall at tka coal o* tbe porch near if tha termc of aaia ara not waplied with within ita day a. i john b. h0bbi8, truatoo. i ^ grben * williams. ae jt snwada anctionoera. TBB a bote balb TB pogtpobbo until momi>a i, the i ita day of february next, at tha oen?e bear and place my ardar of tha tmate*. >al? law ada gbbbb a williams, aucta. b7-tbb above balb i8btill fcbthbb nootponed nn?i] monday tha iftth inataut, aaiua koar a ad place Bt oider of the truatee. fa 13 law ada gkebn a williams. a^ta. Bt CoOPBB a lat'mbb, auctioneers. (i ale cieik- villi j*ni?a <1. lovalra a oo ,) bvutbweet coratr veun?> lrania arrnaa and 11th aireet,* star uttiaa uaiklluf." catalogcb 8ale 01tlaw abo mi8cblL^hOCf BOOKS. AT AUCTION ? n mom ftv trk"! *t and wbdnbsdat e> ablbgh n xt. february lb *>. and O, by craar ?f tha orphan*'0-?nrt, we will the ftnrtl' n k oina oi ooopar a latimer, the valuai le law lib at* ? the lat-oka*. h uteriuehio. ?d.?b* aliii-h will b< found many rare books, aoine ol ?bicl ate uo* ontof print. tarsal caau bvgfnb carc8t, naomi ctbbmbule { "?,ncowper A latimer, A u acta to wh*ch will |>e added? ah- tit Ijm o volume* of a miacollapooua collects a of no*e|* b> eminent authors, theological, fcuti.iii ul, ao'i i.tier work*. fc.?ie t? c?>iiib>?-iic4 at 7 o'clock each evening. catabguee now ready, and can be bad at oar a??it?n r??'tt a. 1 rtn** carb. | feji. t? COOPBB A LATIMER. Aucta. By n aol it a oo . auctioneer*. 8ale*ro?m ho. * wpenn avenue. between vtb and 10th ata. n aoi.e a co will glei their personal attention | to ihe ?,?!* ?,f kctl la a:* and household fil'uitnre. aleo to tha ?*! of ?toi-k* of grooerlea. witw li inora. a*. i m'tcb lo'lue of every de a* rii-iion ll.iui, cai rl-*gen h arn*e*. ac. liletal ia*b advance* inade on onafgnmenta. kecoltr ShIi-i at onr ?ale?ri>om aver* Ti-ES l>av. THIBSDAY; ?nd SaTHHD\Y, at !< ocurk NAOLKAOO, jail tf anctlonaeri. ^MOOBBIBB. ball a plant, plant's building, corner new york avenue and lfrtn itreet, ( bntrnoce en new york avenue,) dealer*'n fine p%m1lt qbouctuks, teas, wlnld, 1m pobtbd luxubiks, ac., ac , wonld restavtfatly notify tbeir friend* and the public uey have jait opened their new qro eery ftore. where can l>* obtained any article uiu ally kept in n firat cla?a urocery. without at tempmnj? to enumerate ocr large, fraah aud well elected it?k, we eordialiy invi'e tiie'c to alanine <>nr ?tare aud itock believing wn ihali not fail to gtv? entire latiafhctlon to all who may favor ua with their patronage. i we call e?pe?la| attention to our aaiortin^nt of tf.att and co>'pbbs, wbick bave beea ie:a' t.-d willi gieat care for purity. dealer* nlll flnl a fine aaaortmnnt to select from, nod our prlcei to tilt. goodi delivered promptly in any part of the city. jau 9 5m 4sh { -aebbitbbr. v 4sh7tli etnet \ appr??ra\aia ao* /7th ureal all sbasons BkALUFLL A.\U LSEFUL COMBINED. paintings alio engkav1nu8 a litinuil i/iit c: oice neleetiom of oil paintlui(a. en^raxlngi. ohmn'oa, ^ reattia, baak- ta of plow era.ic , a?ptopriatel> framed. oval picttub pbames. a rich aud varied anortmetit tis-m the heat man u:a tuiers in tbe conn ry embracing walaqt. itn itali- n b>i?ew ud. all gilt bantlc and carv*i vr?ni<* i aeieiaiti-nt'. card frauiea, a<1. piotlbb cobd ano tas^hls, walil't bua< k kts ac. pictore gord and 'f a--ela nil alaea and colera, sitig aalla. % alnut bt at keta, baaela ac. pa pebiiahgingb and window bRADBI a beautiful variety of tkeae g'>oda. eniwracfng the richeet de-i(4u? o' gilt kmbrohered parlor p*t ten.* in ike hiatrnt. with a wall na*nrt?d itock ot the ebeapnr gmdei, with a inrae vartaty of window bhftrtee. different !?? and color*. order* fer window *hadea and paparbanginga nanctuaily filled, <b city or eouotry. a large portion uf tba ab?*e cooda ware m%de pecially to order, believing the baat the cheapen, and aiming to k- ep that claaa if (iooda wa rcape tfuily mvita the pubhc to inspect nnd compare oar g?<>d* with any in tbe market. Ttrmt r? a. j. mark itltbb. no 4*6 7tb atreet. da 18-300* bight deora above odd pailowe^mall. Department obthb intbblob. , ~ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, wainmsto!), jaunary h, 1k>7 on tba petition of jolim tmbb or lowell, maaaacbuaett*. praying far tha extenaion of n patent granted to him on tba lotk day of mar, li*3, for an improvement in knitting lootna for aevan year* from the espirntioc of aaid patent, wblcb taka* place on tha ivtfc dap of *?y, 1u67: it i* ordered that the aal 1 pbtttlon be heard at tiia patent office en mor?ayptbe ?d day of april neat, at 13 a'clock an... a ad all fa^aona ara notified to appaar aud aiu>wvcau*e, if any thay h**e why aaidj>elition o?gbt.aot to be grnated. paraoua eppaaing the eztenalon are required to f le in tbe patedt office their objeetlonk, apeclally a<t forth in writing, at leaat twenty da*a before tbe day of hearing; all testimony filed by either p irtp to be need at the ?>tld hearing nut be taken an', tranomitted in accordance with tha rnlea of tha effice. which will bafnrniihad onapplica tion. depoaltloaa and other pnpera railed upon aa teatioiouy mnat be file*] in the office twenty daya betore tha day of hearing; tbe argumenta. if any. within ten dave after fll<ng the taatimony oidtred. albo, that tbie notice ha pnbliahad in the bepnblical and the inteliigeaear.waehingua. dc, and in theo<arier, lowell. mae* , once a week for thre* anore^aive week a; the irat of aaid Bbllcatlcne to tie nt leaat atxty daya pra*loni to T o nauu, commlaalonar of patanta. p. 8.?bdltoraof tha above paper* will p>eaae copy, andaeud th^irbille to the paten t office with paper containing thii uotlce. >?w lawsw i hbpabtmknt op tub 1nteriob, 1/ UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, w*?k'*etoji jauuary li, 7 on tha petition of john ttiee. of lowell, maaiat.burette, pra>ing for tba extenaion of a patent grauod to liliu oa the hkh dm of m ay, ia?3, for an iuiprnv-ment in watp fahrica, for aeveb yaara irom tbe expiration of aaid aatent, which take* place on tba lutu day of ma> . i8s7: l?i- ordered that tha aaid petition oe baard at the paleot obt?e on monvay. the 32d day *1 april rext, at 13 otlock m ; and all peraona are n< titied t? up pee* and *how cauae, if atiy they hwee. why xaid petition ouiflit not to t>e granted pfmniihofp ilnii the extension ara ra>|ulrtd to file in tbe ?teni office their objactiona, apecially aet forth in writing, at leaat twenty day* before tbe da) of bearing- ail tevluiony filed bv either parly to i e need at the *ai<l hearing unit be uk> n and trannrthe* in acco rdance with the raie*> of tiie < (bee. wbii h will lie furiiltlied on appiloation. 1>ep mttioba nnd ther paper* relied upon a* teatim nv nn<l be hfed in the office twenty day* bef. re hie day of hearing; the ariamenta, if nny, witbiti leu daja after films tha teatimen*. oroered alae that tbla notice be aubllatied in tbe kepnmi, 4ti and tl e 1 n'elligen ?r waabimton, 1*. o nld in ihroouner. lowell, maa*., <uce a w?-e> foe three -nccoeeite weak*; the flrat of aaid rubifcatton^ to i,? at |m*t ainty daya pronona to th. it,, of he,r1nf. _ ooaudaaloner of pnteata. p. 8.?bdltora of the alto*a papers will pleaae opy and *erd tbelr kllii to the patent office, with paper con tain log tbla notice. jam-wsw HT ItvOujua, A Mar bF C'docolatb docblb. vabillb, / db h. malblaibd. pur cacao at sncro. kxempt do tontl aaalan^n. z. m. p. king a bob, elng place, corner vermont atonno nnd \*% atreet. West india obaborb and swbbt Malaga gbapbs, 'roeh k11s0 placb. phoicmndtb. ralsins f1 ob.00brants, v ?pi( ib. ac , arto nit thia parttcnlar aea*?? .f0;**1* by * m p- *1*? * ?on, * ?? ?' king plaoo. l^18 i8 t9 ?/v5 noticb, that theanbaerf1 ber ha* obtained from the orphana' court of waabingtou county, in the diitrict of colnmbu, letter* teatan?ent?ry on the aetata of kuauor rati en, late of waahtagton. d. c.. docaaoed all poriwiia having claim* agalnat the laid deceased. are hereby warued to exhibit tho mine, with tbe voacker* thereof to the aubacriber. on or bofore tho *h oay of february next: the* nay otherwtee by inw be axeladed from %u benefit ?f the aa''- aaute given un'er mj hand - thia 4th da* of fobrnart. 1sb7. thomas t baobw. ' te 11 luw#w* auminutrntor c t. a. f oal iron. amd oil. or tho practical amorv' ic.n mo or; ooina n guide to omrmlne* nnd ?lnor?i r?enurc*?. with nuiaeroua ma pa nnd ulna, trattoria. phce j* is fbak0k tatloe, ! PBOPOSALS. paorottw rom y*a?n easy. IvaimlcK Of tin. 19.1. 4., I ilwoT 104 Lombard atre*t,i I 114.. February M, 1*7.^ twill ir?f>4th, is duplies!*, will be receive t this vfco* antll )t m. on TBOBBDAT Fe?.* llM.firthi IKMH III! rtgtiridtortMHi ply of tb? troops. hospital nd offlcsr* at Wh ckNiti. ? mi flr|lit?. (or ill Mtki fro in ami 1.l-?7 or >icb l*ee Urn* u tW OoattlHU/ Uu rr*l ffikiltt?ci bit llriet. 1 k* Beef tu be ilill>rr*4 M Vliehotir, W? Virginia, oa tbe order of tbeOoaal*aary or Acl 111 0*B?l?in of 8ai<*i?t*a*e at kat place. The Beef to bo of food mod nirkiMMo qaaliti 1 fa equal propovt ioa of for* ud bind quarter me*< (bk ii. ikuki iad ktda*y allow to *e excluded TkoiKkiof the cattle slaughtered Barter thl agree meat sha> I be cot off at taa fourth rartebri ? tat, aad tho breast trlamed down Tho (hank of i be fore qnarteraaball bo cut off from tnroe t fonr iache" above the kaeo joint, aad of hi ad Qnai tera from six to eight incbeo above tho gamoral a b?"\ joint. Bidden are roquaatsd to bo aiooont to resaoa totboir bids, aad bo proHW to give bond* fo the fnllllmeatof thoir contract Proposals ana be endorsed distinctly " Propc sa's for Fresh Be*f," and addressed to tho nndot signed, who rea*rv*s the right to reject any or aJ bide not to the Interact of th* United State*. Conditions, roqairomenta. peymeats. Ac., a heretofore THOMAS WluSOH, Brt. Lleat. Col. aad 0. 8 V 8. A-, fe?l ?t 8vt Brig Ooa. Vets^ MAN IB0.? Pr*po*ala will bo received at th office of tbe Wa>h*uton A Georgetown Kail road t'oma^ni, ftWtt New Jsraey avenue, uot W1DNE8DAY, tbo 27th laetaat. for all tb MaNI'BE from the Stables of the Company eon nect- d with the Central uopot. Bide will atato the 91 ice par month. For farther information apply to JOHN 1 6ATB8, Superintendent. fe 21 -td f^BBIH BBBP AND VBGBTABLH3. Havy DiPitviitTi I Fuitau Prortftoni and CiOthmt, PeD 14,1887.' Beaiod propoaala, nodoraod - Propo?aie fo Frtsn beet and VejilaiN," will be received a thia tJnrean until 2 o clo. h p, m . on toe -,7'b day ? ft briery in>7 for tbe supply of Ouo pouurfa c FRht"H KEbP and xi.W" p>aodii of FBISI YfcUHTABLBS. at th? WASHINGTON. U. 0 BAVT YABi' AND STATION, aa reonirvd. Tba Reel and Vegttab ** man be of go-*! iaal lt>, end the be?t tb - market afford*, an I ea h article tnusl be offered for by the poun I. The Uo-jf t bo it. e.uai prop rtione tore an i h'nd quarters. Honda ?ltb approved reoarlty, will bo require in ( Be half tbo eetlmitod amount of tbe oootr*< t and <weiitv por rent iu addition will be wltntieV from the amouat of oacb payment to be mate, collateral seenrity for the due performance of tb contract, wbic'i will on no account be p*id untt it la fntly complied wi'b Kvtry ofter ruade must be accompanied by 1 written guaranty. finned by one or more rospon p? r*' tu*. that the bidder or bidder* will I bis or ti-eir bid be accepted. eater iuto aa obiiga lit-n witMn five days, witn fod and sufticien urotifn, to tarnish tbe articles proposed. So vri'Pffdt will be cm -ulrTt I irrnmpmiti hy h *unran;y, ami by i tyfaaory tk>i he tnlJeT t? n Titular in fa' ririirle.s pro posed Jot, and Aat tkf ltren-e Ti quired by art of l<m grfMf 1 he Pepartment r*?erve^ the rierht to reject an: proposal not coaaidered aovantage.>ua tf>tho Gov er?m>-iit. It ia to bo understood that In case the stipulate! quantity of either article aball l>e delivered, lenv ii b a balatii o du? on the ojiier article, tu* con tract nm> be ron-nUred aa colipleted ia full, a tt e option of the Hoj-ar'n.eDt. ja 15 lOt II BRIDGE. Chief of BareaB. pftOPOSALS fOB NEW JAIL. Bkpahtmbnt or thk I*tkrior, \ as 1 KiTut January J4, 1W7. ) Sealed Propoaala whl k* receive! at itila De partment ontil 12 o'clock in., on MONDAY, tin 4 b of Man!} .IS:7. for the erection of the .1*11 ii and tor the District of Colombia, authori/.ad an t r< Tioed tor by tb*actof Congress,approved Jul) I0*>. Tbe designs, detail drawings, and specif)-atiou can be >>een at the arrhttert'a "ffi.-e. la the eaateri Sr. unda of the Capitol. Washingtoa citr.ever] ay excopt Snndays. bete. en the hours of 9 a. m and 3 p m . on and after the tSth Instant. depart.!* kids will i e received for the 'na'dnr] so'i. brltk work, iron woik and carpentry work Tbe contractor wi.oae t>id m?y be aacepted wil bora uired to enter into a "nib. lent bond, to bi approved by the 8eor?tary of th* Interior, for tbi f?:ililul c< mpUtion of his contract. Payment aitl be iH.'de a tlieaork pro^resaeo. on ostiuiati? reitifl?-d toby tho architect, t nt twenty per con toni of tbo eatlmatoa will bo rotaiu*il until th< contract ia crmpl ted. Tt e contract will be awarded to tbe lowest r* scotisible biddT, bat th* p?>partm?Mit r?aorva the right to r?ject at>y or all *f th* bids *Uould i be detrued for tb* interests of tbe Government t< do ?0 Th* bMs will b* opened at nr>oa on th? 4th o Match nrxt, In of aachof the biJders a ma% choose to attend. Proposals ahonld be ondoraod on the envelop* ' Propoaels for New Jail." and be directed to tti< " Bocrotary of tho Interior. Wasniugtin. I>. 0." O. H.BHOWN1NG, ja2S w6w Secretary of tbe 1 erior. PBOP08AL8 FOB ARMY TBANSPOBTA TlON. QrARTKHMa*TiR 0. nkkal's Orrieg, ( W ashinotom. D. 0.. Jat.nary 16, IS'J7.? Healed Proposals will be received at this wt;. until I2o?clocfc m.. on tbe . th of K.-bruary, 18 >7 for tbe tran*p<>rt*tion *1 Military SinpHe* durin the year commencing April I, 1H7, and endln, March SJ, 1-^t. on tho following ronton: KoUTB N?. 1. Prom Port McFhereoa Nebraska Territotrv, o soch parts as mar be drtermliied upon durine th year on the Omaha branch of tbo Union Pacifi railroad, *e?t of Port McPheraon or from K>?r Laraiiue, Dakota Territory, to aitch p?->t? or de pots u? ate now or may h* establiabed in tho Tor rlt/ o NeJbiaaka. west of loncltudo lot drg , I the Territory of Montana, south of latitude 4 dog. In tbe Territor) -t Dakota, west of longltod ' is de^ , la th* Territory of l4nho, soqHi uT Uti tnde 4! <leg . and ca?t -f lonaitttde 114 dog , and Ii the Ter 1 itoriea of C tab and Color ad < north of Uti tude 40 deg , Including if necessary, Denvo 01 ty. BOUTB Ho. a. Tr m Fort Elley. Mat* of Kansas, or and points as may be dctrrmined npc'Oduring tb* yoa on the Di.ion Pacific railroad. B P.. t* anv po.t or dep< ts that are now or may b* established 11 tb* bta>* ol Kansas or in tb* Tenitory ?f Colora do. sontb of latitude 4Ud*greea n<>rtn, and to Fori I'nion. New Mexico, or other depot that may b< diaigaated in that Territory, aad to any othsi point or points on the route. BOUTK No. 3. Proa Port Union or such other depot aa nay hi established in the Territory of Hew Mexico,t< any pout* or station* that ar*. or may i.e **tab lift ed m that Tenitory, and te inch post* orata tioii* a* mar be deaignatod In th* Territory of Ar iz< na, and fa the Stat* of Texas west of loagltudi 106 d*g. ^ BOUTB Ho, 4. From Bt Paul. M ianesota, to snch posts a-an now or may I e sstab'ieb* J in the btat* of Minn* sola, aad la that portion of Dakota Territory ly ing O'St of tbe Missouri river. Tbe weight t>> be transportod during th* y*ai will aot exceed < n Bom* No I, JO,own um pounds on Boat* Ho. t. Jow? MHt pounds ; on Bouto No a,? iW 000 pounds, and on Bout* Bo. 4, 3M# ?J0t pounds. Propoaala will bo maA* for aach ronto aopa rat*ly. Buidara will state th* rat* par 100 poonJa pei 10o mile*, at which tbey will transport tbsstorei in *ach month ot the year, beginning April 1 1S47, and er ding March 91.18^8 Bidders siioald five tb*lr namea ia full, as well aa theirl places of r*aidenco, and each should bo acooiupantod by a bond in tbo sua ?l ten thousand flu,oo>) dollars, slgaod by two 01 mora responsible persona, guaranteeing that ii <.a-o a contract Is awarded for tho ronto nrna tioned 1b tne proposal to tbo aarty proposing tbt contract will bo accoptod aad entered Into, and good and sothcieut aeenrity furainhod by aaid party in scc*rdaaco with tbo termaof thlaadvor tiss Bient. Tho contractor will be raqnirod to give bonds in tbo following amonata: On Route Ho. 1, 02MAOO. On Boute No. >, 8W.U00. On Boat* No S, N?.VOO. _ _ . Ob Route Mo. 4. tO.HW Satia'actorv evidenc* of the loyalty and aolrenpy of aach bidder and person offered as aecnr< Ity will be r*<|i>ir*d. Prop-*s*l* must be endorsed " Proposals foi Am y Transportation on Kont* Ho. 1,4.8, or 4,' a? the case mat he. and nope will be entertained unless th?y fully comply with tb* r*^ulr*m*Bti ol this advertisement. The party to whom aa award is mad* anst b< prepared t<>ex*?nt* tho contract at once, and to give th* required bonds for the faithful perform anre of tbe contract The right to reject any or nil bids that may l>< ottered is reasrved Tb* contractor* on each route must be in readiness for service by th* 1st day of Afril, 1867, ami alii be required to bav* apiece of business o? agency at which he may be communicated wltt Pi omptly and readily for Boute Ho 1, at Omaha H. T.; for Boute No. >, at Fort BMey, Kansas; foi KontoKo 3 at PortUnlon New Mexico; for Hon t< No 4. at Saint Paul, Mlnnesata. or at such othel

p< int for each of tb* a*v*ral Bootes as may be indicated as tho starting point of tbs ronto. Blank forna showing tbo eonditlous of tbs oon trsot to be entered into for each ron te can be ba4 on application at thia office, or at the office of th< Quartermaster at Mew York. Saint Louis, Fori Leavenworth. Oaaba. Baata Fe,aad Fort Suet ling, and moat aooompaay aad bo a part of th< peepoaal. By ordar of ths Quartermaster General. I ALEXANDER BUBS, Brevet Colonel aad Assistant j*18Mt Uaartennaster.U.S. AUwabixkmastkb GKXtaAL'a Ofkicb, ( WasMtmo?<iI|, U. 0., Fabruary aa. 1(457.< P0BTFONBMBNT Of OPRHING OF B1DI FOR ABMT TBANSPOBTATION The time for tba opening of tbe propoxate foi Ataiy TraBS*ortat|. a. invited by edvertlsemenl frem this oSice of .laaBary 1ft, 1947 iBharehgaxtens ad to IS m , of THUBBDAY, tbo 7th day ol March 1M7. By order of tbo Quartermaster Goaoral. , . . . ALEX VNDBR BLI00. Br*vet Gelonal aad Aasistant Qnnrtarmaotor. U, 8 Army. fe 23 td pOBTABLM STEAM HHGIHMB, Coablnlng tbe aaxlaua of afflclsnoy.dnrabtltyi aad eooBomy, with tbe ainlana of weight ?ad price. Tbey are widely aad fbeorably kaowa, aero tbaa 600 belag la nse. All warranted aatiatactery, or ae sale. DsaariptiTO eircolan aeat on Bayard Taylor. Tbe Oiaverlag. a Novel; b? Trol* lope. Tho Village an tbo Cliff; by Mtes tback. ray. Two Marriagoa; by th* author efToba Mai* ifax Plckwlak Payars, Diamond Bdltioa. ? ? FBAH0H TATLOB. GOVERNMENT SALES. "!T"" 'asra.g jsssa,.? * i' *iUb',C MfllVt. Mtir'jlrlMlN ; w Jn kVVifsfr V^** 0A Q. If., oa i- ^BPSE8?DAi- FflW^' * * o'clock *o -a , the foil, iu deecribed bulUiags, si tasted at Pot ? C. rwen, Virginia. vis : '*?*? * ??* IHMM Crnme.) 17x11 fMt, wltt iM !* I officers' Quarters. <frame,) rtxSO feet. l* l Barrack, (fiaae.lttxft f?H. I MihImii. (frame ?liiU feet. 1 Lo? Buildla<, I; mil tot. ? Alio, * -At 1 ?3??E .? ft ' ?" *h* MM day, at Fori A ?*"?* ?.??* eoatnlned la one k' Be tab proof Bonding, 110x40 feet. ! , *?r?: Ca*b. ta Uinraa?nt funds, and ten * days allowed for removal of property. * M. I. LUPUiOTuV. Bnntlli i| Gea , . ,, ??d Ohief Quartermaster, ,j fa 11-6t Peps tmeatef Waahiagtoa. r QOVKBBMBBT BUIUDIBG MA |* ?lror QuAiniMAiTH', Urrci, > i i, L * w'itvin. ""Rrsvs,,^ EVw'A h*I' *outh aide of the beeip.on TUBSDAY. 11 m.. February *i istf, th* t.llowinc described sscend bans Building keterlals, to-wit * ?.M faat (aora or lee.) On fragsW wl? a.uO feet (ta ora or Uta i Bcaatllnc. ii F'rWi?0'* ?*' *> 8 1 lot Laths. * 1 lot Baal. Weight* 1 boxee Hiegaa and Screws. 1 lot Water fipe. ; 1 lot Wiadow and Door Pramee. 1 lot 1 owrsaad shntltra. Terms: Cash, la Govsrsmest funds, on day of aia 1 wo days allow ad to ramora pnrche*e* . Sal* to ba conducted by Airaon. Tboaaaa A Oo I Auctioietrs, No. 1$ South Charlea *tr?et. A. 8. KIMBALL. * . Captain and A. 0 M , U S. a., >t fe21-4t Depot Qqartemaster. If DU1LD1NG8 AT COaVALKSCBNT CAMP AT i D AUCTION. C%uj Quartrrmjuttr't Q0c?. Dtpo of Waktntttml W,i.i*%nilon,l> r , February P, |?>7. ( ry order of the Quartermaater General. toe 0 ruliriinit* ?t Convnleeomt Came, between :>.? } ?? Bridge and Alexandria, *111 be sold at pub 1 I am tlou on Trial*AV , March 6. under tba *upervuirn or Brevet Lieut, (Jol* K Moore 1 A Q M. fsie te commence at 10 o'clock * s Ti,e?e buildings coaiprlse 21 Barrack*. 8 Me** e Houses 'i Hospital W aid*. 6btore Honiaa. 1 LannI dr>.l Wasti House 2 Offl. e?. 2 fctaM s.l Bhe-J.ani t Suiks, which vary in alte front 7x^1 faat to Uxi7& I: lilding* will be aa'd ilneTy. f Te? Hi* 7'asb, In borrrktifit fond*. k ifuen da;* frem Jute of ?ale will ba granted t pur<.h?aars to reoio** tbair biiiidioc* CHts f? TUMPKIR9, / Brevat Rrl? Oan. I>??t. Q. M. General, '( f*0 21t Act'g Chief Q M.. Dapot WanhiD^'on. f V EB? MEN!-SALE-AT-CHABLeSTOS, " B. (', The following Ordnance Property wlllhe*oM r at public aaction at th< I nlud Statea Anen tl. Chailmtoa. B.C., oo MONDAY, Maroh 4. imn . comtnenclng at ic o'clock a a: a bout'. n?> uet ton* (Cai>ncti) <)a*t Iron. Atout7Miijettona 8?,0t. Shell. Ac., (about oae" half l.aTe ralaxbla a<?fi metal attached ) * Abont 10<) t?n* Leaded bhell Ab ut 15 ton* Scrap Wrought Iroa Abeat 4), tona ?erap Kra**. Copper. Ac. 637 Wooden Artillery Carriage*, Ironed. lfM Wo?den llbaii)*, iron- d About 7?0 Cavalry Sadnlea, 760 Biidlea, Sjno < artrid<e Boxes, and a uuantit) ef other Leather \S oi k * H?ud Engine, (built by Akc.ow, ? Philadelphia.) About 1, ?M barrel* Unserviceable Powder. Al^-o, a lart? ijuautity of other Property, coaf Pistlu^ principally <>t Mnaket Appeuda^ee, B*?a, Bope. mpK-matit*. Miscellaneous T"0|? Ac , Ac. 4 Term* : Car h on tin day oi sale, ia Cuited State* ? curr*acy. ' An.pie time allowed for the removal of Property, at the expiration *t which that not removed will revert tu the Geveinuvent. ' By authority ?*f Chief of Ordnance. F. H PABKBB. > Capt Ordnance and hvt Major, U B. A , p fe9-sAmtd Commanding Charleaton Araeual. I^AKQE iXliB or ABMl CLOTHING. D po' Quarter matter'* O/tcj, f 9 ?^ Baltim tr?, February 6. 1^7 \ WIM be aold at Tabllc Auction la the fit, of Baltimore, at Government etorebou?e. Bo 1MB s South Knt<w street, oa WBDBBBOAT, II M , t Feamary V. 1?.7 a lot of a ... ARMY CLOTHING, con*!?tlrg of f HEW YORK 8TATC JACKITS. s or Irtrgular pattera. end otherwise unauiied for 1-suo to troops , By reanon of ita long retention in atore, the i material ia in tome inataucea more orleead iinaa?d The sale will take place in lota to anit purcbaaera. 1 eraiv Ga?h, lu Government fund*, on day of tale lhr?se da) a allowed to remove pnrchaeea. By older of the QoHitarmaaterCeneral. A B. KIMBALL,Captain, and Assistant Quartermaater. U . b. A , _ Depot U(iarterma?ter. " ADBEON, THUMAB A CO.. ; Bo. la bouth Charlea ctre-t. 5 le 816t Aoctlonenf. * |Ml'OBTANT SALE Or^GOVEBNMBNT YES_ _ I>Tot '{U/irrermast*r'* 0?ir?, ( Bnttimore, JM., January M, 1*7 ( Will beheld at public auction, at the pert of Balt Y/'J' w;,,lr,. "Mt Baltimore,; on 1 THURSDAY U M . P?l>raary ?. 1??7. the : Btl xiJB BIDE WBKKL sTBAMBR COSMO P'>L1TAB, 'I Of 77.?ton*; length, feet; breadth of beam, SI e bvld, IS feat, cylinder, toincbea, arid II feet stroke. , A I are opportunity is afforded In the **le of thl? Steamer to per* ns desiring to putchaae a really fliat clasa yeaael. Bheiiof llifbt dra't. the engine and boiler* are in meet excellent condition, and tne hull perfect. ly ?onn<l ami strong. It It believed that far sire and build tbeCotmoaontan surpai-aen aay veeaei tiitkerte offered by * Gov?rnnient for tale at this port ' Teim* ca*L, in Government funds, on day of . sale ' P nrtber particular* may be learned upon appll. , catLntotbe underaigned or to the Auctioneers. r Meosrs ADbkuN, THOMAS A CO.. No. 1?. South Chnrles street. By order of the Quartermaater General. ( A. S. hIMBACL, ' . Captain nad A Q. M., 0. S. A.. T* I Bt Depot Quartermaater. ^OVERBMBBT SALB. The property known aa the "GOVEBBMENT TABBEBY AND STB AM SAW MILL, 'with s seventy nva acres of laad, near Aaa Antonio. Texaa. healed Proposals, in dapllcaU, will be received up te the 1st dav of Mnrch, JS?7. for tbepnrehaae of aeventy Bve acre* or Una. more or leae, together wlih the buiiotng* erected thereen, aaa the appurtenance* appertaining, that I* to aay ) ONE TANNERY, 7 Containfng TWgLVE dTONB LIMB TATS, rilff* TWO WOODBB VATS. ' v. , . . 5BTBH 8TONB pools, r aad capable of tannlag irteeu thoaaaad bldaa per I lonuiu. ONE 8TBAM BAW-MILL, capable of sawing three tbonaand feet oMnmber daily. ONB SMALL STOBE BDILBIMG. I The above property is attested about two mile* r ab <ve Ban Antonio, on the Ban Antoaio river, aad the water ie conducted to the eetabllshment by a i race of hewn stone, laid in cament Ihe land waa purehaaed and Improvements ? made by the late so called Confederate OoveraI went, and are estimated to bave cost flM.OW ia 1 gi>l'l Therroperty has been aader lease for the year 18<r>. at a monthly rent of payable in adl vance. A *ocnr?d title In fee efmple will be given bp the United State* Government. Proposals will be marked "Propoeals for Government Tannery nnd Sew-MiII.' and addreseed to J. B KIDDOO. Bvt. Major Gen., Aaet Com. Bareaa B . P and A- L., Galveston. Texas. jall-37t r d^OLUMBlA liGSPiTAL BOB WOMBM | LYIBG IB ASYLUM, i Fourteenth street,(alrcle Jcoraer ef M street, Washlagtoa, D. 0. 1 This Institution has been establishes for the reception of aatlenta who may be sufferlag from dieeases peculiar to tbelr sex. nnd for the admleaion of such females as may require the oessfarts at the lying In chamber. The building Is situated In the moet healthy per* 1 Hon of the Dletrlct, surrounded by Its ova grounds. Owe pasa the door oyer/ Bye mi note*. 1 vrnD of adntsalon: From ? ta #10 par week, ? leal aad Barglcnl attendance. United State* Army. ' fau?/LV& DH'.rK83: ?> JOWbto"if aaam I the Sargeea la chief at this offloe, 1S4 1 street, or SX'o?%.W!?.'Zl-s&Z.a' r army. Pvtioats living at a distance whe desire to aaaa to this Institution tor treatment oaa eeoare private Su..' ' 'iltJBBsgi'lr 'W^SSis,. "'"".WSBk " ' I^BOBTtlOB LUXPMB?T . inet received, a large nrlety of artfolas savarSMtartj f g. IfKnttT' ' MM Oor, Tlstn, UiwV HAiLROADa 1866 rmiiLTijii BOOTS 1867 filHIVll to *hm kobth wb8tt. mjcth abd botth - wibtbbb0hhbclb4 WiiUi|hib..J ? n.m I baltimore J u a m. I " - I ? I !. tbi *bitt docblb trace rout*,"* yltb blbcahtbobbbrt. palace gu^- ro^m day and algbt oar* with modern ibir???imiu aadaavlng froti four to tvtiw boar* |d tin* over ?f ether rotn. two buadred nlti eaved to wki? u? ceatral new tork two dally tralaa to tha weet. " 44 u North 1 pr.?ah "iteare to BOUBMTIImI pihibobob without cbu/t. fmftebgarabf tbli root* m* baltimore have theedvebtageof aeaklag ?ll chaugee fa obiob drpott. and bo frbtlbs/^^ _ ticketb b> tbla root* aaa bo irenrtd at tba of m.ooiwrmk itroot aad penaejlveale aveaue, asder tha battenal hot* i. where reliable iator matloa will bo given at all time*. rihoaion ymtrlai ticket* at thla office oaa aacnra aecommodatlona la sleeping car* for blair* or pittebarg. b. j. wilb1bs. ticket i|?at, __ _ _____ _ waehtngton, d o baltttra, md. da 1 jly tbic'lbh limi bitvun wa8hihgtob * Y? WaaaiwoTos, JOB. , l?T. washington aad bow tork ara bow raa ao follow#. rl?: fob haw 1obr. without cbaare of earn. # jjj**** **"' < *<*?* baaday' at 7:4ft a. at aa? fob bbw tobk, cbaagiag car a at philadalpD'?? laara dally (except baaday i at u:u a. a. ul ijq P (m a . ' ' .fob phil adr lph1a. leava dally (except saaday ) at 7.4ft aad 11:m a. m., and 4.30 and ( 30 p. m ob bl'npa t leave for bow tork and pkllao j phi a at ? SO p. m oaly. bleeping ran for hew tork oa ft JO p. train dally. through tlckata to philadelphia, baw tork or boatoc, ran be bad at tba station office at all hour* in tha day. aa wall aa at the nea office l i tha itaakcri and broker* telegraph liu-, 34? penn. avenue, v"tween 1th and 71 b *ireet*. baa baltimore and ohio railroad idfertl?fimnl for schedule between waehlngt*a, baltimore, annayolia, anr the we?t j, l. wilson. maater of tranapertatloa. l m colb o-oerel ticket ar?nt qbo. 6. boobtz, agent. waahlugton. oc 90-tf Balt1mobb abd ohio railroad. Wuhimtox, jao e,ik7, tram* between w* shinotoi and b \ lti- , morr.aod wa8h tnoton and tub vv7 ara nrw rna oa follawa. vie: fob baltimore ^ly, except sunday. at 7c?. 7 43. and 1116 am, and 24t, and i 30 and i 00 p. m. FOB ALL WAY STATIONS . jfet*t?fllil7,p*ca?t bandar, at 7 00 a. m , and 1 2 ro m<i 8 oo p id , FOB .iAI STATIONS SOl'TH OF ANNAPOLIS JUN0T1OB leave at ft:13 and 7 ?i0 a. a., aad at s:(t> and 4 3ft ' ' _ fob abnapolib. . leave at 7 45 a. m. and 4 * p m. bo tralag to or from Auuipolii on bonday UB MiUlI. fob baltimorb. leave at 7 46 a. m.. an 11vu an. 8 00 a m. FOB WAY STATIONS. leav* at 7 46 a. man-t 2 nu and h no n. m for all pautdor till wks7 -leapt bandar, at 7^46 a. na , aud l.w p m. _oasunday at 8 oop ra. onlr.<x..naotln< at balay btauon with traina hum baltimore to wbaolla*. i parkerkburc ac. tuboooa rickbtstothe woatcan bo had at , tba ? a?blnatoa station tlckat office ?t nil hourv ! in tba a ay. aa well aa at tba new affica of tba b?ukar? and broken' talc-graph lino, 34? peon, avenue, betwaan 6tb and 7tn atrcets for naw yotk, philadelphia, and boatoo. aaa dtortlaament of "through lino." j. l wilson. maatar of traaaport&tlon l h. colb. oauaral ti -ket aaient. oc so tf obo. 8 roontz. agent wanbln. t. ^ Hld90n bivbb and hmlb i bmlboa 1>s-On a?d alter monday n ? i ltft<i, trains for albany u<1 trcr. <vtanacrio? ? itti s beithern abo waatarn tralua, will leave near v-rli as folKiv : 8a. ni bxpreaa train via hadnon kiver kailroad, * tii at and 10th ar .thraa^h to baf7?lo ?m sn?peu?l*n bridge witbont c'iauee or cara iu l mioectlng at troy v ith 11 alt.a for saratoga, butuud, burlington and montreal. lOn. at Bxpreta and Mall train Tia Radeon river railroad. roboectlnr at albany with weetarn triiu-, au<1 at troy wltn 'rnio? for n->rth. lla m txpreae trala via harlem bttlr ai, ktb ?t ard ?th av., couhociing at chatham with woat'rn railroad for lebauon sprlok#, pi tune d, ac : at alhaoj alih weetern train*. au<l at trov with traina tor saratoga butlaud, barliagton aud montreal. 3:?6 p a. bxpreaa train tia hudson bl*<-r railroad coaaectiu^ at albany with waot-ru traiua, aud at troy witu a*a>u* for montlt^. with elaeping car attached 4 16 p ru. rjipreee train ti? harlem rallriad, . coti?actipg at ohatham with wwurn railroad for lebanon sp<lu|ia. pitt*fl?id, ac,.; at albany witn weetern train* . xnd at troy with train* for but land. burllt/eton aad montreal. bloepmg car* attached at albany 6 90 i b expreae taaia t*a hnd?on river b?1ir< ad. with <l?epitig car* attacliel, ad throu ^ii ti 1 bufialo aud snapvumon bndg? without ohan^x of i car*. also, dtea^lug car every da> excepting saturday a attacked from bew york tkrouith to ogdenai/urg without cuaaxe, via botne w. aud o rail'om4. connection tor troy will be mail', at baat albany. thlf train will tao on sunday* 11 p m train v ia hudeon blver railroal, with aleepiuc car attached, connecting at albany with i early tralo* ler buffalo aud bn?ponaton bridge, and at trey with traiua for saratoga and point* a baaday train will bo ran tia hadeon buer ' ball road from new york to poibbkeoaei* and intermediate elation* leaving naw tork at) so a m. returning, leave poaghkoepate at 3.46 p. m . arriving in new tork at 6 16 p m aleo, a snnoa) train viaharlern railroad. leaving 49d atreot at ?a.b.,and arriving at millerton at 3 60 p a. returning, leave mlii?rtoa at 6 p. m? artiviag la bow york at is jn a m wm. b. vabmrbilt. jal? ftoo praaidont. 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M, | ping at that point. . ^SW^lVGLT^sSt^wriX^m.D O. g. b7mbtt1n0ly, ticket^^nt^ ap?-ly eewalpaeawnr arawv^ notobag tbabspobtatiob ubb. * bot1ub to shippbbb. tha si i bxpbbsb, oa?t. b. A. bttbmb. leavea wtobagtoaatftam. aad alwlis?. cumbtar'! wiarf. btoael wharf. oarft^trsa: mon m ^ ^ts*lx??**0 .* **. h bo. ml renna. avenno. pbotbctbd bftktal.'i.bttbbb pataat 9t bnalaad, aad aecared by the aoam of the boole depharmaoio ae pacta, and tha imperial college of medietas, tleaaa. trleeeaiar bo. 1, ta the effactaal rimrlylfor bolaxatlon, bpermatborrhoea, aad bzhauation of feo by atom. trieeemar bo. ? haa eabrety eaperaodetl tha aaaaooaa aaa of oopavia, cabobe, ae, trtboemar no | i. the i a fallible remety for ali H5sS?Sffi=S-iS! wh^leaala aad retail by dr. babbow, so. l?g ? mfacbbbbl abd oobfibh. ia ?p ponada large sbobb oodpibh. ip barrote ho. 1 fl aokbbbl. j aat received aad for bale at oar wharf, at tha dalft-tf bio. dis hlathak.. wat. b and w. FBABCB TATLOB. i RA1LBOAD8. * . iiVuXiMSWkliKTAt J i ?V for' **>DATIOBB B*Ue? m~44M "* * (.vssauu At 8.18 A. ?"for"Li?nj.*u55S' Harrfebw PmistiV Pine Grave, baaapart. Blaira,Ju*bes>ei%,agarj VaiL IS* taio. AlleatOBB, Witteebarre. C*rtt.l?, CU?l<rik..| U^rn.,, *2' 1^* This trwla <?tiae?ts a* bbadimu witiT,iLr? _ Penney ivaB IB Railroad train* for AI laaio^, ^ aaa with tBe UkHvo Y allay trtia |,r u^f.' fcarir. : * fOit ULlBTuB Witt Railroad tralaa tar * llllaBftaBort. Uek lf .!? : Kinitr*. Ac : at B ABRISPl RG with a "i!*** C?Btrel, Camberland Valley. tad BnaqoehaaBa trains far BorttuBberla JW1 Uaaioon. Twk, CkMb.nki>r|. 4a { . AFTBBBOOB BXCBBBd ?*!? * ? IN p. m tf keadtn. Pbttaiiiia, Rarrieburg, Ac . c*>aaectiug wi& UsAc* OoluabiaRailroad iraias for Ooiaa^ * BBADIBG ACOOBBCDATIOB liftTM Heao)ng at ( ?i a ||V|II M at all atatione. arrlvaa In Patiwdai?lla?tV?? 1. V l*iir?lt|, !? <?< fblli4w|iilt it ? M p a) umwlii KMMacttTtt. m * ' t?i*i ter Philadelphia (ease BerTtsWarf Ml to ?,. ?" PotteVllia || B Irritlu IB )kitM*l|kutt l.t4 f B. Aft raMitrtlBiluf* I Harrtabarg Bt 1 I" ? ai tn 1 Poiuttllt Bt I a ft : t??n? Bt Phr,M^p?,UBt% a p b * * J Barri-borg mc niaodatloa imtm imdlu at T 1 bt.bjmI Btrrnbsri *t 4 ]v y a. O^umti ' * ** Retwlng ?itb Alt* b> b A1 un:u,Hi?Uua Mm ?. a, ? ?. Brrl?lu| IB Philadelphia it Vatket Trifi, with b car ?'??.>.- < leer.s Philadelphia at II ?.. BOOB for KeaO.vJ^j II ?a> stations. le..*. heading |, ? . ? n.*", JSTOSlSr U * ? ,or aadb,| All Usatxye trains run daily, Bunds.sezcea at t?i?B ay Trait a leave Potwn.le ,t ? a .0 ?i?j Philadelphia at J It p m . leave PhtlarfeiubU Ur lUidinf at 8 b. b . retnrnmv fr< qj Itaxiiiig at 4 15 CHBBTBB YALLKY h.MLU >AI> Paiterg. rs lor l>o? i.tagioa u ,i,? iBiTiuodttf. point* lnkt the 7 M1 i: d 0 16 a en acd 4 At n i%tialt* froBi Philadelphia. re-urnin? fraa Dow^ Itgtova at7 a n. BLd 12 ?iie?u. 1 ?BW YURk BXPkKSS run PATTTBBIJ Ran ANI)1UEW?ST 0 lcot*'* lew ^ otk at i v.i? ru au 1 3 a m .. 1n? kra lh C Bt I as, II M a n. ?D | 1 1? . ,,; M"\ a tii.( al HarrUbar? wltb PmB-j lr?,.ia ?" ? :i lenirtl KBil'?ad T ti'aors1 AC.'CUjc**"' Illinr^ kBt>irtif?i? Kiptwa* Train l*a* a Bartlasar* , Br>I?al ol H?.nu?}laa. iaKiPr?-?fro:? fit r at 1MI.1 .< KB B. . s?l p m paa..a< , il 4.4i>and I0.62 a. in. ai.d II j| U1 ?rriiri 4 V ?fc ?? ?n ,Ul.t 'Bl ": a< c<-n>i *h> u g th?--a tnij,. through U-i? ? ? j^* ej t It) as ; flrt.Ln .b. w.tU- bi cU^? " Matt troio f?r b?w \ ork ri?huri? ?r *!.?: f,,r ~wii.w If.'-'l 1I.K1LL V*t,LBV KULKntn T' aiaa p<?t.,i I. at 7. 11 w. m aud 7 IS V. ni ; rttortiin* troa. ia?.a iaa at J*, a m.LaJ l.w an a ? 15 p. m ?i . boj BchW^LKlLL AMD BCtigcBttA MA BAIL- B < * ? ' aif. TrBlMlaavB Anbuin at 7 fda m.f,.r Piuaaror. wdh.rii.bu.r.Li itlMp rn., tor ^ and 1 . aBioiat. ieto-ni..rf fr^ni H irriaLura ai . ., p bi., aod fraai Ti?m ut at 7 St a. m \md 1 im. f. IB. * ? ? , PltAIOHT bood* Qf all daarrntiouB lor war*. 1 to all th? at.ov< p I Ma fro? tL?- Wuji: pan 1 a Ai?B T rcl?i,i Ttpot, Prvad ari'MVillow itt^ta ' ?*?! , PBBtfcBT TKAIBS L'?"1 Pbilad. Iptii adail> at a.3ua m . 1] u BBd ?> P B. ior k'-B' 111*. Et-!iBBv>D . Ba.rnl.ur? Pottavllla, Port Clibtnn. atid all poiuia te?on ' * MAILS ' * Vlo*+ at the Philada.pi ia Po,t Officw for all >lac*B <>a tl/e r< ao aa<i ita *>rancn?-? at 6 a tn *? iyrtf "? ?? ?al BtatiuBB oal> at 3 u? m, * P1LKKSYLVANIA CBNTBAL KAlLMoAM V41S1CH AKllAhGkiCM * ' Tbe traiBB of tba PeoB>y i*akia Central raau lfa*e tb.' Depot, at Ji.t *n1 M.ra-t ?tr?at. r i lir ,'p* r^'1.1' ' > Wi . i tu? Bi ?r I'll "' 'I?' Baitwa, Tb .Br .,t aTlt! lr**? r*u "ithln one OB Bl NbAYB-Tha Market Ptr^t Car. U.Te Probl ?4;d Markat at.i^t.As luiaotaa b^lor? Uil d? |Bi tiiT^ taf emli irBiu MANh'? BAOOAGA BXPKBS8 will call 1 ?Bd ?eliv<.r|)W*trat tue l>t-p*t ??rdar.l^t BttauUou CC' 111 airaat. will r4K0i?? VI* Train . n Paoll A.cb'ti s..a 1 .t 1. i?. U a 114 a >, ?i p tr" Paat Lii.e .Bii Btlf Ezpr?^a ^ It . PaikBiuira Train . harilahur* A< i mmmm ,a?io? at mm',,,' LatiC.ier AccoBi:i..KlBti n ? : 1 ' Pltularcb asd Krta Mali J [ PliliBorifhia Biaro-oa L t nrolV"'1*1*' * d?"V. ?.( #? Bat- k K*pra?? learaa daily. All othar \ tratlib dat'y rxc p- Bnt,.tav . /i * to Willla?,?orS f T?! ? i VU"11'* *r"'a*n*a at Uek il>? f i- h1 3 l? ^ . b _P^r*Bserel.r Mail Train ?o to CarUaiaaal Ctmiiil <>' ni n<| Willi, lit *ctiaii?- r>f ^ar? .^rt!h,Car TlckirUcau bad on aapUcatt n UtUlickti OSha.biii Btr<*4>t. _ . 7Vn?a> Jmre <tt U?m Ti'. Vtfz&iKZz? fessj tr"? - ?u *:: st\ ,!?,r?l ico0qlm>dftt!oft it 9'4>d "1 4,u'- au Lock Hani at 7 a a . a d wllliaaaport at - ? a. m . rr-arb Pbiladala a withoutcbaa?a of cara, WiUiaui?p. rt tr Dm) Bxpreaa, atSNj ra ^ ri, 17 a.^nT^T,?Lwr,la?BAilr^ad 0o"??ar will n ot mull '*r*P?','r Waarluc A?par?l._BBj || a it 1 bat r r?*a.n#lbility to Ua* Bnndred Dollars la valsa. All Ba?fraira asr?ad Ing that anoaat la ralna will I* at tba ruk of w OWfM^K?*.T uk*'B aa^ial ooatract. fS!J.Il?r},h#r lafo'iB-tiod apply to mutSnJt ALLEM? Tlck" 621 Cka?t* ^StKOBL H. WALLACB, Ticket Agent at tb? AN BB1QBABT TBAIB raws daily. ~ .1 aalar. F?r fnll partlcBlara as to fare lad a -<-iniBx1a tione apply to FBANCI8 P'JMK, 1.17 D*ck st. CBBTBAL BA1LROAD OP NEW JBB0BT? Pa?s*-acer and Pteight l)ap< t la Baa fork A foot of Liberty eiraat * Oontictt atBan.pUu t Juuition ?tUi the DelaBBra. La. kawauua aod ?*B^lroad,BB4 at Baatoa witu th- Lahi<h "V alley Rallr *< nad It* cobaectiun*. r?ruiiug a direct Una to PlttstBrg and the Waat without charge ?f cars _ ALI.BMTOWH LIMB TO TBB WB8T T?? kx 1 laaa Tr?li<a daily tor tbe WV.I, e*crnt Bunoaya, when one Train la the snaing Mxt) Bilca B44J throe hoar* sated t? this line toCbtc.igo. Ciacin-iBti, tit Louis, Ac., with but oaa abange of cars. WIMTBB ABBABOBMBNT8. Oopnae/dng Jaauary 7, le>7-Le??e Bew Tork as follows: ?:# A M-for Bastob, Rcthl^hoia, Maxell J^ank. Ui|liaB.p.?rt, Wilkasbarre. Malia oy Oit>, Ac * lo A M Mail Taa B-Cor PieBtngton. Ba?ton. Water Gap, bcrafcioa, Wilke^i^rre, Gi-?t Beud. Pittsl>ur<r. Biii^baiutoa, Ac. 9 A M?We?tem K*nr.?? for Ba-ton. AllentOWB, Hairlsharg. Pitti-harr, bt>4 th? *e?t with bat oi.e rbBB?e of cars t? Ciuclnnati er Oti1cw? . aad but t?o changes t?> >t. Louis (loanecu 11 Darri-bark- with Mivithera Ceutral and Ptilialetpbia and Brio Moaus, for Brie abil tfae Oil Be(toaa. 11 -Po*" Bastea Alleatevn, Baa. b fhank. V likeabarre. Beading. PotUrllle. Harrisbare. Ac. * r M ?For BaaU>B. Bethleheru, and Maucb ChBuk. * P. M.?Por Pomarrllle and FleBfngt?n. 5 P. M ?Por Baston. Reading, fiarrlabarg. WllllaBep<rt, Ireiaeton. (lorry .Erie, Ac. 81eepiu? car froB Baw York to WIlliauspBrt. C.U P. V ? For Heaterei11? 7 SO P. M.? Forgooier-Tille. 8P M ? Wr.riKN Bxi ekhs Taata ?For Baaton, Alleatowa. Readlag, Barrtaoarg, Pittabarg. ' and the Waat. < Bleeplag cars through froB Jersey City to Piltaburg >eery evening 1 Additioaal ttalns are raa to Bercea Polat. 1 Bllr ahalh. Ac. B Ticket*'for tua Waat caa be obUlaed at the office A of the Central Ballr-ad of Bew Jeraey. fo?t of V Liberty streat, BortU River,at Bo. 1 A?tor Voane. A Boa 844, 2T1. #W Broadway, aad at Bo 10 ll Greenwich street ?? ? rm jal? JOBIAB 0. BTB* BBB, Baperlataadent NBWYOBk ABPBKVHAVB8 BAILRUVD Paaeenger BtaUoa la Baw York, owur S7ia atreet aad Fourth avenae _ _ TBA1BS LBAVB MEW TO** For Bew Ha\ea and_B<l??eport-7.8 1 Bx ). II.BJ A. m , li.U (Bx.KKBi >, SM. o.JO aad l,Bx. >, ' For MMford, BWwtford, Fairfield. Beathpert, BBd Weelport?7, II ?< a at ,8 30 aad*.? p. b. Por Morwalk?7. 9 jn, 11 98 a tu . U UiBx.l. 1 (Ix.I.I All. 4 a 8V.BB1 S(Bx.i? m. Por Datiaa aad Oreeawich?7, 9 JO, 11 JO a b ; *7or4itiiRrd^.iTy*190 a b.: II 15 9 10, 11 JO B. B ; 8 90. 4 V 88. 8.88. aad 7 p.m. CCBMBCTIMO TBA1KS. Par Baatta ?ia Bpriagbeia?0 a b , 1 Bx ;> 9, (Bx.,)8 p. B. For Boeloa via Bhore Liae-U 1*. '^/or Bartford aad Byrlngfleld-d, dx.,111 B> b. "p'or ijonww't^a* fc*ar Ballroad-8 a. .(Bx.;) u JPa b. to Moatraai-8 p a. to Mortbaastoa. For Bartfard. Prorldeaoe aad PtahkiU B. B.? ^^er1 |JswHa?en, New Loadea aad Btoalaftoa Ball road?8 a a.j 19 T8. 9aad 8 p a- _ Por Oaaal Bailrwad?It.u 9. a. to Borthaapor Boaaatoalc aad Baagatack Railroad?? a. BForrDakir? Mad Baraalk B. B ?T. 9J0 m. a.; 4^QBBaodtoa8 Bleeping Cars attar had tol p. a