Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1867 Page 1
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? ^1 ^1 " I. ^L ,J| ' . ? ?? V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25. 1867. N2. 4,358. ^?i??^. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY,(SUNDAY EXCEPTED) AT THC STAR BUlLDllfO, 3o%A\oett earmtr and 1IA ttrui, my i W. P. WALL A OH. The STAR to served by taa earriera to tfcelr subscribers la the City and District at Tmm Cbbts rn ww OoptM at the coaater.wlih or wtthoat wrappers. Two Cbkt* each. paica roa Mailt**)?Three months On<s Dollar and Fr/ty Ctnts; itl month*, TKre* Dollar/, oaa year, Am DMmrt. No papers an wni from the otBee loader than paid for. Tbe WIEKLY hTAR?published oa Kriday craiBf-Ow DeUar ond a Half a Tear. w?a DENTISTRY. |\B. LEW IBS DENTAL ASSOCIATION, LP Ho. Stf? rKNN'A ATI , Between 19th sad 13th streets, _Te?th sxtracted without tain by admlasterlaa ?LKS?i S ll4m ' k*aah>M <* LiVlIhii recently purchased the besl**J5ai3 Chemical Apparatus ia the coon try for ? T* Bstiif ror* |m e?er> d*y, also, an laprovwd V*l volar Inhaler The Association ts now prepared to make Teeth on Oeid Silver nod Bobber at Mew \ork Philadelphia and Boston prices Alt parsons ?i?bme dental work done ean bare it as cheap as in tbs ab?re named dtiea. All worh done in tbe nesteet and bast manner, and warranted to gtvs sstisfaciioa. Persons will do well to call at ,1exsm.oe onr work. dwY4 tf T1 B * M LOOM IB *. D.. J be I a Tea tar and Patentee of tan KIllBAli PLAl E TEETH, attends personally aty^ bis office la Ui>e city. Mao> permos ranMBm wear these (eetb who Can no ( wear others, 11TW and no p< rsoa caa wear others wire sanaet wear '.brtO Persons railing at mr office oan be acrommode tod witn any style and prloe ef Teeth they may defire, tut to these who are particular, and ?irt the pn. est, cieaneet. stroa?e?t and most perfect den tnre that art ran procure, the MINISAL tIBTB will be more fall* warranted. Booms la this olty?No 3X? Peau'a aveane. be t-ween 9th and 10th (ts Also, 907 Arch street, PEKSUNAX* ~ V or OAN RITBl MAEI TBI TEIP o? R, 1 ehu or beuianian humbug*. dee Dr DiliBY, 4 4*4 7th sti ?et. lie la the blgnest authority on inch cases His private rooms are opp<jaiie Odd Fellows Hail jaJM-lm* t/himfiOf BBTTBB THAN C'UBK ? t ren.h preventives against uls>>*se aad preg oabcy i when *".cb nuoe I; able i Bent to ao> addies*. at #i. 95. .? > ami 97 ?tr .ioien, according to guailty,by l>r WOOD Box <MI3, or call at 4W tli street, inp stairs ) Washington, D C; jaS-lrr* ill Hfl CI BTD* IRVING, CUtirvoW., ami T<st -?1 Medium, will give life readiug'*, including fast, Preseutaud future at her otUc, l-U, berth side of Pa av., betereen and Stb streets. OiTice hours from 9 to 1 a m and* to 9 am. jalilm* As m a ikTr a. uk a. lsu i c nti riO as TKOLUUBB or AMHBIOA, > rom the pofiriou ana aspect of t^e Stars at the time ot one\ bir.h will reveal astonishing secrets tbat no li v ig mortal ever knew before, how to be succesitnl is all reasootble undertakings. He tells Btoie and ver> day yon marry, descries the intended companion. *:>d t. U? sll events of Hfe good lack auo long life to TUliors. La?iie? W> cents lo 91: eentlemeu lu foil 91. Gall at 4 * O 12i h st near f, all hoars until ? In the eveaibg. de SI !m" COM1DBNT1AL ? Young men who have Injured tbemseivee ey certa'n secret habits, which unfit tbem for bneine^s, pleasure, or the ditieeof married life; also, middle aged aad old men. wbo. iron the follies of yoeth. or other M-tmes. teel a debility in advance of their years, bf-fers piecing thetn?elves under tbe treatment of sny obe. sbonld first read "The Secret friend." Marr ed ladies will learn something of importance t > perusing "Tbe Secret friend/' Seattoaay addrres, is a sealed envsloae. on receipt of 7b cents. Address Dr. UBAi. A STUABT * CO.. Bestoa. Mass ao 9-ly CLOTHING, fto. 4. HIlBIBOlb, _ Baoceeeor te H W. ueadoa M Uo.t^ja CITIZENS AND MILITARY MEKCHAyT TAILOR, Metropoliten Hotel late Brown*, W _ 36il Peansylvanla enuel~ Washington, P. 0. ^ K BBOWNir n. J. BatiTHAKS. bbownk A SMITH IBS. ^ ? WahHINOTua, D. 0 , ATTORN F.YS A .> It Co L'MSKLLORS AT T A IT AM> M?LICITOK8 FuB TUB El BEAU BIF< UBB4. f RKBDHBN. AND AHABDONBD LANDS 0..\ie No. 4 ; b ttev-nth street.oppoaite the Poat r04* le My 0**P ^JLLBBNU' PIANOS AND CAUHABT A 8IIUMAM 8 PA BLUB OBQANS. Ah wtll find It greatly te their Interest? to examine theee .nperb lnstrnaeoU be IsBa lore snrsuasing an> ether. Ill IT V Only agency at OBUBOB L WILD A BBO "8 Ne? Piano Forte end Organ Warerooti, Jf<>. 4*17 Xltb street between Heau 'a avenue and B ttreet A select ass. rtn.ent of new and se?oud hand Instruments, including a CUl'BCH OB<;\N. for SaJe at lowest facterv prices- aad on easy terras TI NI > 0 and BBPA1BLBQ falthlullyexecuted no 13 t>m" ^ tc BIT Die i^Ts s7^' ?A M A R I TTN'B OIVTI AAMAMITABTS Qim 1MB MOST CSBTA1N BBMBBY BVBB USED "Yes, A Powtivu Ona," fer trONOHHLitiiA, ULaM 7, STM1CTURB3, Oonta*t.s no Mineral, ao Balsam, no Mercury Oaiy Tea Pills 10 b$ Ihktn to Kfto a Curt. They are eaUreiy v, getaole, baring no smell noi ary anpieasani taste, aad *111 not in any way in jure tbestotuBLli or bowel* of the most dsiicata. Cures lu front :wo to four days, and receat caees In "tweaty fonr hours Prepared by a graduate of the University of reansylvania, one of the moft eminent l'octurs and Chemists of the preneat day; ao urpofurt, ae iromth, ao chant? whaler tr. Let those who have despaired of getting oared, or S'S S" tTS 8 CS? ' ^ ?5"t by nail In a plain envelope. Pi lee Male ysdaga, |1. Female, ft. BLOOD f BLOOD f I BLOOD/// BOBOfOLA, DLCBB8, BOBIB, BPOTB, ?"?S; ..te bamaritas a boot aud mbr-b juice la oFsvsd the public as a positive care BY PMiLIB OB VBNBBBAL LVISBASMB, the BAMAB1TAB 8 BOOT AMD HBBB JD1CB l^a Boet potent, eertaia aad effectual remedy ever are" scribed . It rsaehee and eradicates every particle ol Us venereal poleon. so tbat the curs Is thoroaall J?4 T***V 'heD.of thU purifying rsaT DO *?T DBBPAIB I will remove every vestlgs ef he par it lee from the li mqj bOkUom Witu fktiii ntimn 0# m. mtfe-r Uw HOO'i AN L> bappil) adapted, la Ulcerated Uteras. In rbosa, In bearlnn down. Falling of me WoBb ^da" MUty. aad lor all eomplelate hieldeat to tlM m? eat by expreee. Price f i j? pW bottla. bamabitan* wash foil directions Pries Boenta. Tbe eBlcacy of theee remedlee Is alike scknewl "" T" SJSWlffi ' ?^er^Hr,r^L*ttajS2srs Mat lag that 1 have aeed 'The Bamarltaa BemadW tor Veneral di.eaeee In Its moitcu .lom^Trml ih?l 1 hiTt u?d ttea vithjQd|B?Dt, diMrtti?QV andproprtPiy, and, have foeud them reepond to my their ?BoacT , an4 as far m my ass o* Uea exUad^ lW90U9MlAMI|tf0ll|lV, ?w ???ZSisrirwt. rtd by ?. o. FOBD, eeraer Uta street aad pMB. ' BBMlABS.aLACI. WAID H. LA MOB, ?.F. BLACK. LAW OFF10M. 1 BLACB, LAMON A 00., Oonaeellors aad Atterasys at- Law la tbe Bnarwrva Btatee. the Oonrt of OuiJms. the Ooarte of the District, the Executive Depart fSjIt.ead Oommlttees of Congress. u^?h ? * l?b street, (directly eppoelte WllMoteij ?s LA??, ru?u^? u? ?ix? ?... ALL1?T, In' thU 10 ^IreSngTkir, at very sesenaai. Is prfeee. > 7 An* 480 CBETBAL LOAM8OFFIOE. 480 Na. 4^0 let hstreet, oae door below fca. ave. la 000 to lean en Q?ld aad Silver WATOHES DfAMOMDB, CLOTH I NO, aad MBBCHAMDlt B of every deserlptiea. ? K^Bnslaeee strictly eoafldeat*al._f ^M. IIABI I OO t PI AH OB, ' PhiHca a 00 <a oBGAva a<id mb-|||||| LODBONB, _ ITCH for sale aad rant ea easy is 1 ass. %i Ma. 498 11th aueet, abovs Pennsylvaoia evenue ttfS* F. 0. BB10HMMBAOH. IAMBS OrilsD, DmUrim N*w sad Sutmrnd hand <* > irrwtrars. OM Farnitare Be paired. Benpts* sf bankers. TAT MOII * CO., IAIK11I. AflNMk HTM, ?M(t flMMfi Bvjial Ml I i?grrnt Mrkit tiMi, aat tan iitiittj ob hand, full null of *U OTBU1IIT IOVM, SBVBB-THIBT1BS, AMD OOMPOUEB IBTBBBST BOTES. Man Or STOCKS. IOHD8, A? , (iMM, and 0* liectlone Mil 01 all MMMlbl* points. Be 1 tf ARROW fc CO., BilUM, Comer Lovlilm mint u4 B*t?rt vsot, DULIM 111 90TKMNMBNT 8XCVRITIBB, GOLD A SID SlLVBB i7 j-tf AMD LANDJWABBANTB_ First Nalional Bank of WaikiigUo. B D.OOOKI, (of Jay Cooko A Co.,) President. WM, B. HUNTINGTOH. Cashier. GOVBBNMBNT DBPOSITOBY A*D WiEAMOlAL AGENT OP TH1 UNITED 8TATB8, 1?U frr?et, cppojut th* TV?aj*ry Dtparim*tu, Government SstnritlM with Trsaaurer United State# _ _ _ tar ONE MILLION DOLLARS W?bnj and soli all c!mki of OOTERNMEyl tECORlTIESnX current market rater fVRNISH EXCHANGE and make a*leciton? <m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE ON IT ED SPATES. Wo pnrcbaae Government Toucher* on the MOST FA VOKABLE TEH MS, and five careful urn prompt attention to ACCOUNTS af BUSINESS MEN anl FIRMS, and to any other boalneee entrusted to oa. rULli INfOHMATlON in recard to GOVBBE MKNT LOANS at all tlmea cheerfully furnished WM. 8. HUNTINGTON, Oaahler. Waahlntton, March M. I9M m2l tf Tub old bhtablibhbd firm up ft, OOLDSTB1N A CO . L1CBN?BD l'AttNUItOKEBj. 34 FOCB AND A BALK STnBKT WEST, ^ near Pmnsjlvanla avenue, Offer the big cash advances on ell alnrtn of Merchandise, to *ny nmoiint and for any /Ov time ileal red, at reasonable ratee 1*1 Interest on large boms greatly reduced |# V Butlneaa strictly confidential. Good-bought for rub and sold at private aale. fe ;i ly hotblsTrbbtaueantsTao. j^lU&WOOD MUU81. Corner Ptnna. avenue mud Ttrelfik ttreet. Was\in*:on, D. C. AUmlL Bltnated In the moat central location the city, midway between the OAPITOL AMD PBB8IDBWTML MANSION, Only a abort distance from all the Departments, Patent and Poat Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H.H. DUDLEY A CO., no 11- tf Proprietors. EMBICH 8 BBdTAUBABT. No. 344 Peuna aTeane, near 6th street. P EM BICH wishes to Inform his frlen<la and the fnbllc generally that be now keeps con-A.. A stantly on head OY8TBES. fresh every day, prepared In every atrle. Il??? f n li QrpBS cannot be anrpaS^T Gall and gtre him a trial. v'n tf WOOD AND COaET OO&LII AT OBXATLT BBDUOBD PBI0X8. Groeatonaof 2,Uu Ibe , delivered la eay part of tu# city < bestaut White Aah. ?7. Stove, > f? and Parnate Wkito Aah, $SOJ. K?d Aslr$8M. Lehigh.*?. Oak and Pine Wood eonstantly on band. 0rd<-re received atonrOtliee; or at the Wharf, foot of Be Tenth street S. P. BBOWN A bow, ja ?5-tf 464 9th street. between K and P. w. H. CLAQBTI, H. B. BWBENY, BBAXi ESTATE BB0EEB8 A? AUCTIOMBBBS. Partlea contemplating building la the spring or pnrchMine naimeroved property for InveeAment will find it to their advantage to look over our Hat before purchasing, aa we hare added recently to onr former Hat a large amount of thatdsscrlptlon of property. We can offer many Indnoemeata as regard# altnation. low prlcea and aaay terms. We have alao for aale several small tracts at land in the Immediate vicinity of tbla city, very eU gtbly located for anburban reaidensea, aa well aa highly Improved farma In Maryland, wklah are really bargains. Property leit with na for aale doea net anbiect tb< owner to sxtenae nnleM aold while on oar booca. fell In CLAGBTT A SWEENY. HOBTICULTUBAL TOOLS! HOBT ICULTUKAL TOOLSM _ PB0M1MG SAWS. PBOMIBU KNIVBS, PBUN1NG 8Cl880BS^PBDIiIM6 SAW AND TBEI TB1MMBBS. AD VABANCAT0B3. Be.. Aa. A full and complete aaeertment of these tenia. Y Also, the BOBTICI LTUKAL TOOL CH EST, containing foil aet Horticultural Tools , . ... t. P. BABTHOLOW. fe 18-eofw 4S*7th_htreet, below Pa. are. ^ B M O T A L . THB EATTONAL FHToW IE8DE&H0E 00MPAWT OP WASHINGTON Hnro r??"o?od to their New Office, Eo. 71 LOUISIANA AVENUE, Plrat door east of 7th at. _ _ DIE iTTT O B 8 : Chao. Knap, Prea't, Geo. W Blgga. Tloe Preet, Thoa. Berry, Marshall Brown, ffich'd Wallach, G B.Gideon, Daniel I>oddt Wm. Dixon. Henr> D. Oooke, de3 tf NOBLE P. LAEEEE. Boeretary. I^DXCElES rOB TUB HOLIDAYS. MAILLABD'S OANDlBB AND OHOOOLATK8. OAKAMBL'B CiBBAH CHOCOLATE. DOUBLE VANILLA tiflOOOLATi, B08P and vaeilla sdbnt almoSTds. MIXED PPGAB PLVMB, and ' ABBOBTBD CAEDIEB. JMt received at RING PLAGE. Z M. r KING A SOB. WEST IBDIA OBA'NG'ES AND SWBBI MALAGA GBAPE8. Freeh, at KIEQ PLACE. !\f IN OB MEAT (DO MEAT 10.) ?2OLDEN SCCPPBBNoko W1NB. W GVB PINB?T NATIVE WIEB Gold color, foil, yet delicate flavor and fra* fan ce, and tecs than one ball t?e coet of Imported Ine. KING PLACE. WHITE OPOETO POET, j ("Tears of the Bnoro,") Direct lmportaUea. 2. M. 9. RING A SOE, _ de M-t King Plnoe. V BEGCLATGE, ? flsranLisann tn 18M. BB Hum itoar itrnrtD at DBMPSET A OTOOLB S. Engraven and Stationers, Ac , 3tS Pa. nv.Lbet. Kb sad 1Mb sta. W. C. EB1CHBMBAOH-B Pmbo Booms, 496 llth stmt, near Pn. avenno. 8r?tial N?tim from Wm. Knabe t Oo.r Baltimore. Mr. B#?ker naa tissd Pfauea far as at onr Warsrooms. and we tats pleaanre in atnttng that We be tieve blm tn w a competent tnner. no ?l-lm ,\I* lOBK BFOKWliBAT, *1> HONAY BYBliP, ' POTOMAC II KBBIEO. (with Eo*fl,| WKL^H BBt>T PAM1LY PLOUB, mabyland ccbbiThams. "".""'"H" "VJTVSlSflkm. _uu T?- . ST. TIMOTHY'S BALL. 1 BE dnUoa of tbla instltntloa will be resnmed en Sept. tt.IBi tnr terms, Ao.. see eatalogne ^cfn-njvr st^Ufce ^aaiMl hoofatorM of this SPECIAL NOTICES. who have tiNi HbiNt to Nervous for ymmir* tmtoM to aer'ott h??'th $? ? 4??e ('forty drop, 'i of MBTCALFEM GRFaT RHEU HATIC IBMIIiT. lineret fail* fe 18 *l? ?. Q FOBP, A got. ITS BFFBCT 18 MIBACUL0U8. HALL'S VEGBTABLH IICIIUI H A I B BBNIWK. It it a perfect and wsnatrfnl article CnrM'??Hne*?. Makes hsiT grow A be'ter dres-iisg th.ia a y 'oil ' or ' pomatum ' Soft- as >-r**h, ur>, -?itd wiry tsir Into Beautiful Mlseu T es?ee. riot, O'l, the frNl wnder is the repi ity wiih w hit h It restores ghat hah to it* oaiam.L CtLOK 1 be whitest nd worst looking hair resumes it* toothful beeu'y by iu use. It die* not dye ti e sir, but ?trikS4 st the root ssd fills it wiih > ? life sc.d coloring aiu'ter. The Or?t application will do jrood ; yoa will s*e the kaivkal cm oi refuiniug ere y day, til BkFOBE Y?U KNOW IT. th* old graji dinro orfd ippftrauc^ of thl h*ir * i I be f< n- k i v i :a? place to lustrous. shining si>rt tesutltn' ! +< k Atk tor Hal*'* Sicilian H<kir Benewer . bo other srt<t ie i* st *11 like it in effect flee that each bottle h?? ' nr nrivete Oo?mn?nt Pt?n r ever the top of tho bottle. All otktrs at* im ilation', B P BALL ft CO Nashua. N H . Proprietors. Fcrssluby si drsjui*r*. f<> 18 dJtweoim.r BBMED1AL IBST1TUTB TUB SPECIAL 0A8BS, Ne 14 Bond street. Few York. K/~Full in1?rinatiou, with toe ?tnnc.U ultimo ato/>, alho, s Book on Sprrial Di.\ta?es, ?n a >?>. </ fnre'ope, .nut free. W Hi nurt and >en>i for tirm an I ynv u-tit not rttret it; for. a* advertising phy sirietis are kcdtkIIv impostors, without reftrm' e> n* etran?er ihnnld be frosted. En<*loee s stamp tor soMtsee a*d direct to DR. LAVSIIK.I No 14 Bood etreet. New York no u DAWly I^MlRBiAOl ANDOKLIBAUY, AND TH K llftppitiet* of True nashood - An llwti for Youn*: Hen on the ('rime of bolitude, snd ihe Phytloloci< si Error*, Abuses and Di*?a*?* ? bi -U Cf i nte intpfdinieiit* to Marriage, with sure inoint of Belief. Pent in senled letter envelope* froe of c beige. Andrews Dr .1 .-KlLLIN HOUGH l'"N, Boward Association Philadelphia, Ps. jallJin SKCRET DISEASES. Bamak;tas sGinis the oiw?t certain, sole snd effectual remedy?indeed, tbemlj vegetable remedy ever discovered Cures In two to tour day* sad receut csm-d In twenty four hoar* No mineral, no balsam, uo raerenry Onl> ten pills to t>e tsse? It I* the soldier's hope snd s friend te those who do net want te bo exposed. Mole psoksges, f'i.fenisie, 93. 6a S AS lTAlt'* Boot AND HtKB Joicks?A ?OSltlT? snd permsneiitcnre fer Spy kill*. Brrofsls. Ulcers, Bore*, Spots. Tetter*. Ac. Pr'ce 91 VS per bettle. Bold by S. 0. Ford. See advertlssmeot. My I UOLGATB ft CO.*8 WINTBB 80AP. fiecommended for CHAPf r.u han s? snd for genersl ToiLKT n*e during cold wkathbk. it may be obtained of all druggists snd fsney goods dealers. feb9 ooly DANCING. IjlMl B. J . W. A JdV. ' DANCING ACADKMT, ^ Pennsylvania avenoe, bet. 6th and 7th sto..^& Opposite Metropolitan Hetel. New Claiae* forming every evening. Those deeirln* to euttr oar d?*ttes abonla avail tbeinaeivseofthiaot'portanlty. Preparation* will he Bade in this quarter for onronmsl Msy Bslt or Ciranlaracan be had at J. F. Bills' and W a etEerott ft (To.'e Music Storee The Ball can be rented tor Soirees, fto. Days and Honrs of Tuition: Tor Ladiea, Mibmi end Msstera, Tuesday and batnrday aftvrnoeas, from S to ft o'clock Gentlemen s Olasaes, Tneeday and Friday evonifji*. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information,epply during tho hoars " tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter conmenciitg with the ttrat lessea. ja8 MABINI'S fashion ablb dabcinq ? AOAUKHY. AT m MABINI 8 ASHBMULV BOOMS. J# K, between 9th snd IMtb streets, JB Tne last quarter of ;hi? xeston, prepsr A- MB tory to the May Bill will commence on Satur<is?. March *. Clar??-j fer the Qermai are sow open. B. 8 ? Privsteinstruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil. eels \lA.-,[ KKALK ANI> FANCY DBBS9 BALUS AMD PABT1BS. The uaderalgned woul>< most respectfully inform tbe ladies snd gentl'eien of Washini(t;>a city, and the Distiict generally, that he is at all times prepared to furnith partiea with Maaqiierade snd Fsncy Coatume, either <>n losn or maiU to order. Be baa taken room* at the well known fancy e*tabll*htneiit of Christian Bappert, B*i., *'28 7th street, between D anH B, where he will bo boppy te aw sit order*. m A RUBS BBBO, late (JostameT st For<i'a sod Qrover's fe 11 1m* Theaters. Washington. D C. BOOTS, SHOES, A. jfel BOOTS AND SHOBS. 56 flj ? W JiJT O B . The undersigned begs loavo to inform his friend* ^4 the public gsnerally that he has apensd tbo ?W CHEAP STORE. Ho. 40# 7U? street.usder Odd Fellows'Hall, where be has on hana a genoral assortment of Lsdies' and Gentlemen's, Boy's. Misses sad Obi 'dren's BOOTS AND BHOB8. Bemesaber the nuaiber, .to# 7tt street, under Odd Fellows' Hall New Oheap Store, for nerly K F. Page's store. de 18 WEOBQE B. WILSON. STERLING BILLS for sale in susas to suit purO cbacers. ^Hifchent market price paid for AMERICAN ' LHWIS JOHNSON ft CO , Bankers, fe 7 tf Penna avenge. PO TO il W.B.M08B8' FASH10HABLB CABPET. FDBNITUBI AHD BEDDING STOBBS, NOS. Sill ft *19, 1NTELL1GBN0BB BUILDING, OOBBBB 7TH AND D., AHD HO TTH BTBBKT, THORN '8 BUILDIHG ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS' HALL, ftND EXAMINE THB FlNBST ASSORTED bTOOH THIS 8IDB OF PHILADELPHIA. Be has all the latest deaigns made in Pkiladel phia.New York, and Boiton The stock is always elected by Mr. Mosos, and boutfbt at tae lowest rate* tor cash, which enaaiea him to compote with Ba?teru prices. Histiueet Furaitura is mads to order in 1'hiladslplUa, aud of tho best material that can be found. Purchasers sho?iId study their owa interest by calliuk at his Storee and examining the well-sa orted stock of CABI'BTS. FURNITURE. Ac,, and obtain his pries-list befors going slsewhsre, which be will furnieh with pleasure Bla assortment of Mattresses Blankets, Ooaforts, Counterpoises. 1'illows. Bolsters, Featherbeds. and all kinds of Cottage and Kitchea Fur* Bltare Is romslsie, whleh he offsrs at tbo lewsat Hew York ana Philadelphia prices. Bemember Nos 591 and 419 Intelllgeacor Building corner 7th and D. and No 40* 7 th street. Thorn's Baildiog, sdjoining Odd Fsllows' Ball, between D and X streets. ?14 tf w. B. M0SH8. 500,000 e^lB^IHHOUTTIHaSFOB FHOM KEXDALL GHEEX VISEYAMD. CONCORD, tbe most valuable Grape fa the country' BOSTON'S VIRGINIA, CATAWBA. REBECCA, DIANA, HaBTFORD PROLIFIC, with many other choloe kinds, at 9l J5 per luO cuttings, or 81* por 1 WW: warranted all good wood and troo to aamo. Oarefally packed a ad shipped to any add res* on remittance. Early orders are solicited. J. PBABSON'S Fruit Stero, fe 6 1m 4V1 Sth street. 486 J \ 486 Ttb SA^^|,*0^5.I\T5o?M8 ^Tth A limttedbut choice solsctfoos of Oil Paintings, Bngravlogs. Chromoe, Wreaths, Baskets of FlowA rich and varied assortment from the Mot manufacturers la the country embracing Walnut, IraItatlcn Bosewood. ali Gilt, Bustle and Oarved Picture Oord and Tassels all si see and colon. Bins Nail*. Walunt Brackets, Bssels ftc. PaPABHANG1NG8 AHD WINDOW SHADES Abt-autiful variety of tbege goods, ambracfog ths richest designs of Gilt Bahroldeired Parlor Patterns in the i*1strt*t, with avail asserted stock of tbe cheoaor grades, with a large variety of Window Shades, different sis>s and color*. Orders fer Window ftttadee and Paperhanginga aanctnally Oiled, In city or conatry. A large portion of tbe above Goods ware made peelally to order, believing tbe best tbe cheapest, and aiming te keep that ctaaaaf Guoda. we assasctfuily invite tbs PubUc to ln*poct and oompnro onr Ge?ds with any in the niarkOC. """* rssMfffk*.?.... Tib do ll-fei* Eight doors above Odd Fail owe' Hall. > |g J*??k A ' f telkhrams. *e. Tl? Workirgmen'i Convention of Connecticut, in cvMion at New Haven, adjonm-d on 'be t2d, after an px-i'ed and tor n* session. Mr. C. M. Gibson, ot Norwich, prettied. T?e n ot b<>mii<a'ing a State ticket w?< tt or- uehly dni DS-ol. and ili*cul?l ?^?UTfly. Of U>? iriiilnnci* pa*sed one > in favor ot eight boar? as day's work. Another re f Urtb that there is no conflict with capital, and recommends the same energy and pr??<? nanc* m tke gt? of honorable meant to aocon piiah their object* was shown by ?o mniij ot their nnabn dirinf tbe war whi li a^edtbe nation. The ihird resolution says that it ta tl e cuty of aii interested iu ih? cau-? to do ail in their ( owrr loeieci Squalors and R p' ntntives wbo will support the cause 'lb* f or h n solution i? against nom natmg a n att ticket, but advises all to toi>* tor otu-liv Lo favor tUe caste, and cl-jae* by safii K all at;ei?pts of employe , by 'hrem* or co? rri? u, to c.>: trot the votes of employe***. i?re outrages or the franchise, and demand, at the hat,d?of'be Legislature, a law puuist). ing su.b ?tleuces by imprisonment in the penitentiary.

On Friday evening two hoys, narne<t Ellsworth anrl Wilson, lefttlieir homes 111 lljch-'ater, N. Y . artpfd with an old musket and a sin pie-barrelled pistol, with the expressed detrrnMUNtion to murder the X :>t mau they should n.eet in the highway outside of the city. N> ar 'he bridge in tbe tuwu of lrondoqnoit they jumped into a*le )Kh in wbirh -.v.t.?a Gerii an ~i:Kir.<d Kraas. Tbev sbot bun in the V'i.e k ot the head.inflicting a dangerous wonn t The your? desperadoes returned borne yesterday jnunutif, and about noon were arrester! bv the pn ice They confessed all, and fay ibat before meeting Wat's thev jumped into severe I slrigba but bad ne tavoiabie oppjrtun>ty to i-lioot. Two prisouers, named Charles Waters, alia* Kingeley. and Thomas Quirk, escaped from the ISoribem Penitentiary, Pittsburg. P?, yesterday niortiitiK. I'bey were joint occupants of a ceil in tbe eastern w ng, and pu-el up tbe flue to a loft, thence to the roof, a id descended to the ground by a rope A private cable telegram 'ecei ved at announces ttiat tiie eo-'lecieration bill bid passed to a 'hlrd readme in the Hou?# of Lords. The provincial Parliament is further prorogued until April H. The I^ouisville Hem<>crat publishes Governo*" I Brnmiette'a proLlrtma ii>n referring to outrage* I committed by tbe Regulators. It aski an I amendment ot tbe laws to pre vent a recurrence I of difficulty. I A jrrand ball was given hy General Averill. I United States Coni-ul, at Montreal, on tbe 2Jd? I and it wiu a great success. Sixty of lUe elite I of the city were present. Tbe veil-known publishing bouse of WilI B. Smitn A CV>, Raleigh, IS. O., tailed I Saturday. Liabilities heavy. i Thk Pkahody L?o*ation to thk South ? I Tbe Charleston Conner announces the return I of kx-Governor William Aiken to that city. J and says: ! Tbe Governor has already received numerI out applications trom young men ;n this State I for menus, under tbe Pe.ibody tnnd, to coinI plete tbeir educatiou. No systematic plan tor I distribution bas as yet been adopted. This I measure bas been postponed un'li tbe trustees I meet Mr. Feabody again, as agreed upon, at J tbe Fiftn Avenue Hotel. New York, on 'tie I 201b of March. In tbe meantime the various I members ot tbe txiard of trustees are to obtain I as thorough information as possible ot ttie J wants of the different sections of the country. With thlB view Mr. George Feabody Ku?9ell, I a nephew of the liberal donor, and Mr. Kaon I are to make a tour through the Soutb, ana will I also vint Charleston. At the meeting in March all the reports and I proposed pians will iben be considered, and I some definite action t&keu. Tbe money will I aiso be paid over at that time into tbe handa of I tbe trustees, and it ia hoped that the whole I scheme will be in full and successful operation I by tbe lat ?i May. Public notice will be given through tbe preas of tbe country, and by pt inted I circulars, of the mode and manner ia which I the schools are to be set in operation. The highest order of talent ia to be employed. Mr. I Feabody proposes to teturn to England In the I spring. Should hia lite be spared, in about I two > ears be will again vialt, wben I be designs making a tour through tbe Sou'ti, I with Governor Aiken and other memberaof the I truete*a. to witneas tbe workiuga of the achoola ] intended to be eatablisbed. I Kmioaation rxi'M Gkkat Hkitattt.?The I London Times reports ibat during Idtifj ibe I number of emigrants who embarked from I \aiioua pnrta ol Great Rritain and Ireland I waa yCH>82. Of these, 5f,8jC were tnglish; I 1*2,307 Scotch; 9b.n90 Irish, and ao.iifll foreignI ers. In 1606. the total number of emigrants I whs 0.-01, including Irish. In 13(>6, | 161 000 emigrants sailed to the United States, I ot whom Hi.594 were Irish; 13.v5'> to tbe Hnti^h I Nor'h American Colonies; 2i,t?i7 to the AnsI iralian Colonies, and 6,.S3o to all other places. I Out of tbe numbers boand for tbe United I States, 33,471 embarked at Cork. In each of I the three years. 1*^0, 1601, l?0-i, tbe numbers I emigrating to tbe United States, chiefly Irish, I were K7.5UO, 46,764, and 58,700; while in each of I tbe four years, 186-3, 1664. ItrfiS, and 1NM, tbe | numbers were 146,813, 147 2, 147,953. and I More tban oae-bal: n? emigrant* in I 1*66 were compriaed unde- tbe following I beada: General and agricultural laborera, I 51.976; children under 12 yeara of age, 34.8-6 I married women, 82^01; female domestic arrI vants, farm servants and nurses. .-.841; farmers, I 6,517: miners and qnarrymen, 6.42i?; professional men and merchants, 5.74V; carpenters. I 2,053; tailors, 1,297; smiths, 1,174; sptnners and I weavers, 627; and seamen, .'!63 Ont ot the I total number ot emigrants, 48.578 were married, vlx: 19,777 males, and W.8nl females; I n?,? 9 were single adulU, of Whom were males, and 37,161-females. ! A babt m a kaffl*.?The Mobile Times I s .yr: A lady left in destitute eircunistauces I by* ber buaband. yesterday morning disposed I of the last of ber earthly possessions by a I raffle?a baby, large eneugb to be two or three y ears old. Tbe amount realized waa some I iwejty-flve dollars. Tbe "sur-weet little I tiling was won by a gentleman connected I witb tbe typographical department of this office. As be is on tbe list of old bachelors, it I may be asked in tbe language of the novelist, I "W hat will be done with it!" Tbe baby is a native ot JM uremburg, Germany. FncCLAK'Tine o? a Wmtim Citt .?Tbe 1 St. Louis Ltmocrut gays. We Hope our Kast| em triends will not begin to dread a visit o I St Louis tor tear of meeting bears in the streets. It is true, one was killed yesterday in tbeTerth waro, and several others were Killed quite recently wlthm tbe county. But busiI ness bas not been at all interrupteo, and no I serious apprehension is felt of meeting snch | unwelcomed guests near the Post Office, or I Conrt Honse, or tbe principal hotels. i sorTitna* Obpham A??o*iiatio*?The I United States authorities bava declined to reI turn the ?'JefT. l>avis" mansion to tbe city of I Bicnmond, and as tbe "Southern Orphan AsI sociation" U thereby prevented from cotnplyI ing witb the contract made with tbe holders of I certificates in their proposed gift enterprise, I tbe agent at thie place, Mr. P. li. Tront, has I been notified to discontinue the sale of certittI cates till further ordered, and to refund the I money lor those already sold by him.?StaunI ton Vindicator. I Cheat Fbbights.?Some idea of the cheap. I ness of steamboat and railway transit may he I formed from the fact that Dutch butter is now I sent from Rotterdam to Harwich by steamer. I and from the latter place to the south of tngI land by rail, and tbe cost of carriage all the | way ia less tban one farthing per pound: and I Normandy batter Is sent from St. Malo to I Southampton br steamboat, and thence to London by rail, and the cost of carnage amount* I to only one half-farthing per pound. I VA young man in Norfolk was fined fire I dollars for throwing a brick at a lady's watermil, WW People la Santa Fe, New Mexico, die on. I ly of old age and poor whisky. Every French soldier will hereafter re. I cetve instruction in fencing. ! B^Tbe whipping post is still in use in Portemouth, Va., ae three ne?ro thlevee found out I to their coet en Wednesday, I In conseqnence of the dronth in Mobile dirty shirts ere taabionable in that city. I isr'-st. Patrick's day ia the morning. year, fails on Bnndav, March 17th. 9TK womsn in Milwaukee attempted to poison ber two children and then oommit eaiI clae. [ ^"Government officials In Brooklyn, hav1 lac Is?4 Hi a I sailing lisaort deeaaut atop J fraads, hay* taken to aaiaiag dletiilfrs. - * ** y T - i * ; . j MN?RIUIO!llL. Sbxatb.? aiarrtay afu-rn ooa and ereniBg? The ] uoian appropriation bill *u di*cu?Md. antnded, and pasted Hi iiB.-Tk( appropriation Mil wu under Cl liSldetatlOB IB lOBlOlUN? Mr. klce (Maine) moved an appropriation ot f lt,(?v for repairing tbe conservatory at tbe President's M?u?un, recently Injured by Are Adrpifd. AtneBrtm*Bts were offered by Mr. Schsnck, I d adopted, giving tbe appointment of labor?rs. vatcbm'n. Ac., around tbe Capitol, to ti e Preside at wt the Senate and Speaker of tbe House, instead of to tbe Commissioner of Public Kuiidmrs Mr Sloan moved aa amendment providing tt<r tba election by tbe Senate of a Superintendent oi Public Huildtnrs, to bold bis office l< r lour >esrs, and to perform tbe duties now deTolfing ob tbe (VimtniNioner of Pui>lic fundings aad Grounds, and abolishing tbe l?tier office Adopted. Otber amendments were made, and tbe bill ri ported to tbe House. 1 be amendment appropriating #10,000 for tbe cotwrvakry at tbe Preaideat'a Mansion was agreed to. 1 be amtudment giving tne appointment of laborers about tbe Capitol to the President of tbe Ssna'e and Speaker of tbe House was rejected, Mr Stevens expressing tbe bope that ' all such nonsense" would be given up. '1 be amendment abolishing the office of OomI missicner of Public Kaildings, and providing J for the election by tbe Senate of a Superintendent. of Public Buildinrs was agreed to? I yeas, 7*; cays. 48. All the amendments on whicb so division I vi a*k'd were agreed to. I 1 h?- bill was then pushed. '1 be House then, at 8 4<s resumed tbe conI slrteratton ot the Indemnity bill. I 1 he Honse proceeded ?o vote by yeas and I nitjf en tbe passage of tb* bill, and tbe vote I resulted?\ eas 16. nays So tbe bill was passed. Tbe folk wing la its I text: Be it enacted. <tc.. That all acta, proclamaI tirns. and crders of 'be Pre ident of tbe t'n?I ted States, or acts done by bis authority or ttp| proval after tbe 4ib of M ircb, l?6l, and before I tbe 1st fifty of July, WiA, respecting mtittial I law. military trials by court-martial or miliI farv < cmmtssions, or tbe arrest, imprisonment, at d trial of persons charged with partlcipaI t'on in tbe late rebellion against the United I States, or as aiders or abettors thereof, or as guilty of any disloyal practice In aid thereof, or of any violation of the laws or usages of I ? ar, or of affording aid and comfort to rebels against ibe authority of tbe United States, and all proceedings, and acta done or bad bv I co-arts roarMal or military commiaaiona. or arrests and imprisonments made in tbe premises I by any peraon by tbe authority of tbe orders or proclamations of the President, made as aforesaid, or in aid thereof, are hereby apI proved in all respects, legalized and mvde valid, to tbe same extent and with tbe same effect as if said ord?ra and proclamations bad been issued and made, and said arrests, imprisonments, proceedings, and acta had been dope ui.der|'be previous express authority and d rection of tbe Congress of tne United States, and in pur*uanceot a law thereof previously enacted and expressly authorizing aud direcu I ii g the same to be done And no civil court I of ihe Uni?ed States, or of any state, or of the 1 iistrict of Columbia, or of any district or TerI nlory of the United State*, shall have or take I jurisdiction of. or in any manner reverse any I of the proceedings bad or acts dene as aforesaid, nor shall any person be held to anew*.in any of said courts for any act done or omit1 ted to be done in pursuance or in aid of any of I said proclamations or orders, or by authority I or with tbe approval of the President wit*iin I -be period aforesaid and respecting any of the I matters aforesaid: and all officers and otuer persons in the service of tbe United Statei, or I who act in aid thereof, acting in the premises, 1 shall be held primafaeie to have been authorI Ixedby tbe President; and all acta and parts of acta heretofore passed, inconsistent with I tbe provisions of this act, are hereby reI pealed. Mr. Hooper moved to go into committee on the tax bill, but a motion to adjourn was made, and a vote by tellers was carried by a vote ot W to 45. Mr. Conk ling called for the yeas and nays I on the moiion, sayisg be wanted to see who were in favor of letting the tariff bill go over I for the sesmon. | The vote bv yeas and nays resulted?yeas 1 ST, nays 52, and the House adjourned. A Ntw Plan Proposed?Amid all tbe conI troversy about Ik-ense laws, the Albany Argns suggests tbe plan of leaving tbe sale of I liquors free and lisensing drinkers, as it is tbe drinking. net the telling, that does tbe misI chief. The license should provide that -no man should be entitled to dr?nk unless be first I got a license, and any bar keeper who should I sell to an unlicensed party should be subject I to fine and imprisonment. Tbe license should I be annual; and tbe sum charged shonld be I from to viOfi. No young man shonld be allowed a license till he was sixteen, and then I and until twenty-one years ol' age, only a beer I license at a moderate charge. After twenty. I one be conid vote, drink and cbew tobacco I upon payment of license; and the same priviI lege shonld be extended to strong-minded women. Some men whose constitutions ut1 terly nnfit them for potations, abould be reI fused a license altogether. They are non-inI snrable.' Before taking out his license a citizen wonld have time to reflect; aad as they I would have to pay in advance for tbe glorious I privilege, tbe reflection wonld be forced upon I most people. It Is trne that witb these parchI ment privileges, we shonld have a titular nebility of drink: bnt lofty as this aristocracy might be at night, and in tbe -wee sma' hours ot tbe morning, tbe next day it wonld be abject enough! There need be no tear to our demoI cratic institutions from (class privileged to three inflations, at tbe penalty of such depressions." ThbGospul wot Pruachbd to thiMapsio. Dwubtless churches will increase according I to tbe demand for them, and the statistics of our cities indicate that at the present time the large majority do not care to bear the gospel. How to reach tbe non-worsblping classes is tbe great practical question of tbe day. The statistics tbat follow are believed lo be substantially correct: The popnlalion of Boston is 19t,0Ui. There are six hundred places of worship, allowing six hundred seats for each church, and 6u,000 only get into the churches, leaving 13*2.0U0 out of cbnrcb on Snnday. There are 350 chapels and chnrches in New York city, many of them very small, allowing that there are sittings for 7U0 persons in each upon an average, the churches will accommodate 250,000 people. There are, probably, iuI eluding strangers in transition. U50.MM people I in New York every Snnday, leaving <oo,uU0 that conld not get seats in chnrch. Allowing 2MI.0U) tor those physically incapacitated from attending service, and 500,000 re main habitually absent from church. Tbe churches In tbe United States number about 70,000. Allowing 100 for each, a large average for tbe country, 7,lit 0,00V only go to cbnrcb, leaving 23,000,uwv | out of church. I gy The National Cenventlon of Fire Iasnr I ance Underwriters, after a session of two | days in New Yerk, adjourned ?um die on I Thursday. A number of radical chaages in I the present system of fire insurance were resolved on. The greater part of tbe session was occupied In tbe discussion of tbe question of taking risks only to tbe amount of tbreeI foartns the value of the property Insured. OffiI cers for tbe ensuing year were elected, Mr. I Jam?s McLean, of tbe Citizens' Fire InsnrI ance Company of New York, being re-elected J to tbe Presidency. ! a Good Wat ? We beard tbe otber day or a man who once lived witbin a hundred miles of Toledo. Who was possessed of a large property, bnt like nli tbetr property large or small, he bad to die, through dying ne did what most men wont do: he left a will bequeathing halt of bis wealth (being childless) to bin wife, for her nee as long m abe remnmed single, tbe otber half to be gifen to ber wben sbe marrirt again lfraeh acts were more frequent, charming widows wonld be more charming, and widowhood much shorter lived ? Cincinnati A'a-j. -'II ?7-A bishop who was in the rebel army has issued a pastoral letter condemning railing at fairs. STA movement is on foot to lay pipe* from Titus vine. Pa., to New York, for the purpose of transporting oil In competition witb the railways. It is snggested tbat West Psinter* be detailed to sceat ent tbe enormous frauds perpetrated la the manufacture of toddy for tbe million. 7" Si nee (he enforcement ot the Snnday law in New York, some dealers P?t op the sign In their shops, on Saturday: "Load your putoit for Sunday." FROV Kl'ROPK. Bbrli*. r*? * -Tk? ? !) of the flret of tee North (}#rmu taw ?n yeeterday Tk? Pru. ?a, BfBb*n of the royal family. aad it aJtaick ?fff prWBl Tk? Rinr in M< ap?rh *** throe# nM b* wu oarirciod aa no U?rmn pnnc* had hwn for ?(* . All aeyes for the fatal* welfare of the union n ?rested ia tae accomplished fact ot a imiM Germany. Ha n>c*mafaM parliament to form a i?wconstitu'local natoa. which would t^?*ien*ivs ia lu chara*:?r. aad ?<? > auuy, liberty, aad power to 'he fatherland Ixvmx'k. Feb. N -4 divpt'ch from &ui?t? any* intelligence had reached that city that the Greek steamer I^auhaJaaian had safely arn red at the Inland of Caadia. Ft pbrkcb. Fab 94 ? A telegram from Naples report* that a magazine of gunpowder ei. ploded at Pcsitlffo, near that city, aad a number ol lives were I oat by the disaater From Me itre BaowmraLa Fob M ?Mao Ltli Pou?t da e* to the tik are received,givingaaaccount ot an engagement which took place at a detiie known aa L . Gallinera, between tbe force* of Aleiamon. nader Castillo and Rocber, of Kscobedo a ccmmand with a thousand mea The Libera la wera defeated, aad throe or lour bun. kred killed, among them Gen. Herrera Y. CarroandCol. Marias Moet of the remainder are wounded or prlsone ? live eecaped ('astillo, after the v ictory. waa seriously threat, enfd by Carabajai mdetTonai to reach Queretaro by forced marcbee. Facobed > had oidtred volunteer foreigner* found in Mira. rooti a army to be *bof, for depredauona at /acatecas. Jouquln, Miramon s brother, of M>gnel s army, is abot. Ortega and Patourt r< maiu at sattillo under arrest The Austrian and Belgian priaonera at Matamoraa are to be exchanged for Mexicana brought bv the French Irigate Pheiagon. Order* lor their departure ate i.ow waited tor from Lscobedo. Paper* in the interior lustiry the butchery et a buudred and ninety foreigner* captured from Miram n They w? re chufd wltb (lepredauon* a- Za atecaa. The doctora ear Me)ta can not be > ur- d. Hivaia, l*eb. 20?'I'he s'eam?hip Manualten atrued here from New Orieaua on Um i?th inat. A French ateamer arrived here on the lath, with datea from Vera Orur to 'he i -a and from the City of Mf*iro to the loth The report that President Jt ar< z had be.m taken pn?i ner, ifw oat of ib? unexpected attack mace f.y Miramon with a.u* men i.p? n Xacatec** Mtramon's official dispatch -ays Juarez esc: ped owing to the velori'v of hiaCarriage cobedo arn Ted ap.m tiie scene the B^xt day. at d gave bat tie to Mirjtmou at Sau Jacinto. and completely routed hi?, tak nc *0 prisoners and capturltg all hia aruii*ry and Ki.ko At the last acootmte Miram<>n hud arrived at Qtieretaro with >uly lour tfflcer*. Sicoga, the imperial icmmaaJer of Guanajuato. bad been defeated by Kmcoa Gallardo, and that city bad fallen into the hand* of the Liberate. Maximilian a m.nlser Tnleor. vw routed with a atrong brigade while coming from Toluca to reiaforce the capital, and left sot men deed and wounded on the Held. The bearer of official dispatcher from the French ateamer. t'orfieriero l>eae. is encamped between Pueblo and Mexico |t is t*poried at Vera Cru* that Juarez had left /acatecas tor S^n Luis three dat a before Miramon made hia andden attack upon that piece. Marquez waa repor ed to have lo.tiui men in Mexico, of whom only *,ouk wereariaed tight hundred eoldiera at the garrison at ?*ae Mai bad declared for the Republic and gone with Timxcona, and it wu expected that aa aoon aa the French bad left the remainder would take possession of the city and pronounce I or Juarez Generals (^ast'elneat 1m Pot tier, and othera, and alao Madame liazama arrived here on the J ranch ateamer Honricon. The tranaport ionne waa to leave Vera Cruz on the 1st*, with I.9M troepa Several member* ot Maximilian * miniatry were alao ?mong the pga^ngera on tbe Honncon Monde Marahal liazama arrived at Puebla on the ;t>tA inetanL Bouia (Jold Mtaiwo C?>apaaiaa.?They Jr* foratiag gold-mining companies ia New 11 am pa hi re and Vermont. Thia grows oat of the discovery of gold-bearing quartz roc* there. The newapapera in that vicinity are giving rather glowing sc.-ounta of the vJeld of the precious metal per ton of the no. very precion* rock. Fear companies have been started with an aggregate capital of a million dollara. Local paracrapha aiate that gold is lound in one place, together with ailver and lead and copper in another place, and ao on. Thi* will remind people in this neighborhood of the way in which tbe multitude of bogua oil companiee, with paper capital amounting to hundreds of milliona, were brought to th< attention of tbe public. Thouaaud. putacreut deal of money in Oiem, aad only a ?-w too. any money oat. The upshot of it all waa, that nineteen out of e\ eiy twenty of the col panias collapafd, and the persons vrh" expected to get rich through anchagen iea toui.d tnem*e|v?-^ a great d*al poorer than >t they bar", attended to iheir legiuniate bnaiaess. It wil. piobably be the same with this new crop of ^old-mmm,; companiee, and the people of \ermoat and New Hampahire will hud that tbey would have been much better oil if they had adhered to cattle.graxing, farming and manufacturiag ?I'hiia. Ltdgrr. A Fortckb For KasTrcKT Hbirs The Lcuiaville 1'etnocrat is Informed that iatelligence has been received fr^m Scotland of th? decease of parties by which tbe immeaae fortune of fire hundred thousand poands, or two million dollars, fall* to the only earviutng relative*, who are residents ot Kentackv The?e are the children of Mr. (Ireen, formerly of Nelson county, who has foar heirs surviving Ol theee legatees two are residents of Hnrds. town. One is the widow of D-niel w KelleV a bo, many years since, was a prominent a lit, contracior ia that secUon of tbe State Mra J? ??** aaaiablo and excellent lady, noted for her good deeds, and It is well that ahe bar thus suddenly been enriched. The other heir reeiding in Bardstowa is the wile of Michael Donoboo. Feathers and feather bands are and will be fashionable for some time to come striped silks are trimmed with plaited ribbon, ea rat,he. and roand the bottom, crape plaits are much worn round bonnets and left to bang *ntwined with flowers. 1 cannot admire rhea. .?r SPT111* *>* " will either be rery flat or all BoliTar" ehape-hlgh np in the air, like fl,t The pretneat -I.^il! k,B< of Wattean. trimmed with hanrbes of brown berne* in a garland of on with maize or rtraw colored atringa. Bonnet strlnc* will be narro*?[Pant Car. y. r. He-old, Feb 1. Jam** River Canal-a cable telegram waa w?oNved on yesterday by 0?l. fcllis. President of the James River and Kanawha Company, from M E. de Bellot, stating that the Societe Oenerale of Paris bad agreed to furniah the mazlmom capita! of S4iG,nQj,0<K) required for the Virginia c>aaal Company (>n 'he receipt of this telegram, a meeting or the Loard of Directors of tbe James River and Kanawha Company was held, and tbe Preaident was Instructed to lay the telegram before the General Assembly to-day, with snch other information as might be deemed proper Richmond IHtpatek. Crt-*lty iw a Pcblic Sohool.?We have 'earned of a case that occnrrodin one of the public schools, Wednesday, that i* of a tno?t crnel natare. It eeems that a little girl of some eight or ton years of age. who failed to take a slate pencil to school, was punished la a manner calculated to disgrace onr sy tem of educa> tion. A rnler was used by the school mistress to such an extent astocaaaethe ears of the little girl io be greatly swollea, while her shoulders and back were bruised aad marked, and the blood even drawn therefrom, all for a most trivial neglect on the part of the child Harrxtlurg TtUgrapk. W"A couple were married in Saginaw City Michigan, who had never aeen each other until tbe day they were married, having done their conrtmg by mail. ^"Tbe maple sugar composing the little cakes that are sold ia tbe etreeta, ia generally made of the settling of New Orleans molasses. A Methodist church in Albany protawta against the moustache at the sacrament table. VTbe British army In India has beea increaaed from forty.flyc thousand to aeveaty thousand mea. ' A colored woman died in Richmond who was once married, and leaves thirty-Ave cbilart a. WA muln Indiana, who lost two wivea by deata. one by elopement and one by di> vorce, baa jnst married agate. ^Wellington Wilmot, a lawyer. Is now on trial m New York npon a charge of forgery. The business of tbe Atlaatic cable will be largely lncreneed If It reports all therheom^uc attack* of the members of the Royal family. many people are oat of employment In New York that recruiting o(Beers are doing a good baaiaeaa. , VIf you make an error, and yonr ompanloa poi?u It oat to yoa, immediately net about the dif i overy of some fhat&on hie part, real or Imaginary; the promotion of social harmony VCaaee of Asiatic cholera are said to have resently appeared ia New Hartford, Ot- at. tended with fatal res a Its. ^ ' r Colored confidence mea ahoand la Rich, mond. who fleece taoir black br*three from the conn try with the vartoas liuis trieka of tbe craft. turThe negro hands employed la the tobacce flsciories of Petersburg are oa the strike for higher wagee. ot thirty persons, la Beyaltoa. If. Y., were recently made very ill by eating cheeae. It is suppoeed the cheese was made In a hraas kettle.