Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR The Ltrtfftl Circulation ii the DiUrict W. D. WALLACH, Kltar k>l Prtprlrtor. WASHINGTON CITY MOilDAT FEBRUARY 3i, 1*67. kkai'i3u matter 09 eyeet page. hr. k oltmdg for intkhkiting tele gkaphlc and othir matter TO ADVftllTlBERt. Tbe foltowmg i* tbe official showing of the emulation of Mi* daily papers of this eity covpttmi for tb? (}9T#rnm?Dt advertising under the recentaetof Congrese directing ansa dtmiMBi to be made tn tbe two daily wwipapers of Waebingtos having the targe* slrcm latioa Evs?i*a j-ta* 7,71? oopiee par day CkrtmxtU *- ?? " " lnt,u,gtnrer 3.56* " Tbe return* of advertising by tbe oity paper* or tbe quarter ending Itoeember $\, WGrt, a* taken from tbe bonks of tbe Internal Revenue Office, are as follows: tviMi# St a a 9I3,1<>7 IntnUiffrncer 9.i1h Chronicle 9.181 Mejmbl ican 5 3 THE RECEPTIONS. Tbe White Heiae. Tbe ladies of tbe Executive Mansion, M_s Stover and Mrs Patterson, are at home every Monday. The tabiaet. Tbe ladies of tbe tamily of Hon. O H. Browning, Secretary of tbe Interior, will receive their friends on Wednesdays, at tbe rest dence of tbe Secretary, on tbe side of Montgomery street, Georgetown Heights. Secietary and Mrs McCulloch bare issued cards lor two receptions, the first to be held on tbe evening of the 2-ld lust., and tbe second ou tbe 2d ot Marc b. Mrs Postmaster General Randal! will receive a: h?r residence. No. 407 New York avenue, on Wednesday afternoon. RECEPTION OK SECRETARY McCCLLOCH. Tlie first e\en>ng reception this season ot Secretarj itud M'b. McCulloch took place on Saturday evening. Cards having been issued, ot course ibe guests were those composing the ehi< ot society. It was indeed a gathering of the beau iy. lash ton, and elegance from all parts of the country, tbe spacious drawingrooms of the Secretary being crowded fro:n 3 o'clock utitil midnight. A finer display of beauty and wealth has not been witnesa> d at any of the receptions this season. There were present Senators and Representatives, Army and Navy officers, Heads of Bureaus in the Tarieus Departments of the Government, prominent business men, and other distinguished persons, with hundred* of bandsome and richly dressed ladies. Tbe Secretary and hia accomplished lady received tbeir guests in tbe most cordial manner, extruding to each one a bearty welcome. The parlors were Uecora ed and permmed by boquets of rare and fragrant flowers, and the scene was truly one of splendor. Among tbe distinguished persons present wen* Postmaster General Randall, Senator* Ramsey, Harris, Williams and Fogg . Speaker Gol!ax, Representatives Btnks, Bontwet), Dodge of N. Y, Windom, Ross, Garfleirt, Went worth. Myer* of Pa , Cole, Hart. Leftwicb. and others; Admiral i>avis and Commodore Montgomery, ot the Navy: Generals Can. by Eaton, I pton. Surgeon Geueral Harnes, Colonel Ifurnbam. and many officers of lower rank Chiet Justice Chase. Mayor Wallacn, John Hiut, E?.j., Lewis .1. Davis." E?q , Hon D. W. Vorb*?8. Commissioner liory. of trie ln.ii in Bureau. Assistant Secretary Chandler. Edgar T. Welles. Esq , Marshal Gooding. Ex-Post, master General King. Franklin Philp, Commissioner Newton. Hon William P Dole, J. C. Wetmore, Clarke Mills, and hundreds of otaers. Among tbe ladies present were Mr?. Senator Ramsey. Mrs Senator Spragne. Mrs. General Banks, Mrs. Senator Doollttle, Mia* Frelingbuysen. Miaa Motgan.Mrs Admiral Montgomery, Mrs. Mayor Wallacb, Mrs. Charles M. McCuiioch, Misa Brown. Miss Tudor and Miss fcimes. of Boston, with a large number of ladies of distinguished persons. Mrs. McCaliocb wore a dark green moire antique, wub crystal trimmings and pearl buttons, wbite lace collar, and cnffs: hair dressed plain. Mra. Cbarlea M. McCullocb waa dres.-ed ta pink ailk with low neck and peplum sleeves. sash of same material aa dresa and trimmed with white lace ; tbe body and aleevea of the dress being trimmed with plait, ing of the silk and lacs, cold comb aet with pearl in tbe hair Mia. Senator Spragne was attired in pink silk with an seerdreaa ot White gauze, the skirt trimmed with plaitinga of narrow whits aatla pnt on bias in strips of ball yard in length, tbs same trimming being on the sleeve* aad bodies; hsir waved and dressed with red rose and lily of tbe Nile. Mra. Senator Ramsey wore a black vslve* robe with low bodice and short alesvss: asck and aleevea trimmed with lace racha and narrow black velvet, coiffure of scarlet geraniums, pearl jewelry. Mr*. Gen. Bank* wors black lace over a black ailk dress trimmed with crimson sauu ; hair dressed with band*of gold. Mr* Senator DsoliUle was attired in ashes sf roes *ilk trimmed with vslvst of tbs aame bad* and black lacs. Mis* Frelioghuysen, daughter of Senator Freliaghaysen, was dressed in black silk, low bodice, and short , sleeves, trimmed with black chenille fringe, coiffure of black velvet, aad cold Mrs. Mayor ' Wallach wore a whits tarlataa skirt ovsr blue ! silk cluny lacs spencer, black lace sbawl. an d 1 coiffure of bine velvet and coral. Mra. Voorbees was attired in a claret-color nnwalered i moire antique, trimmed with velvet of the aame shade hair noconflned. Miss Brow*, with Mrs. Gen. Banks, wore an ashes of rose silk, white lace cape, coiftar* of pink velvet and whi e flower*. Mi** Merriit wore an ele- ' leant ailk of blae and brown stripes, trimmed with blae satin, lacs snsncer, and bead* dree* of silver cord Mrs. Lewu J. Davla was dressed in bin* silk, trimmed with honlton lace, head-dress of blae ribbon, swan's dowa and diamonds. Mra. Col. Chapman wore a white alpaca trimmed with bloe sain, hair waied and powdered with crystal. Mrs. > Franklm Philp was attired la a black velvet dr?ss, low bodice and short sleeves, trimmed with cluny lacs, coiffure of flowers and cnrls. Mrs Riahardson was dree*ed la green moire antique, with black lace shawl, tuur dressed with curia and crimaon velvet. Refreshments, consisting of ics cream, cake, lemonade, k c4 were tarnished and it was after midnight before the gasste had all retired. It is dksxbt not Improbable that the Pres. ideal will penult the ? tea are of office'' bill to become a law without his signature. It I* aaid that the bill would r*reive his ready approval but for the clause which provides that Cabinet officers shall not be removed without the concent of tbe Senate. Ms wonld willingly be rid of tbe annoyaace to which he Is subjected in tbs disposition of the Executive patronage, but regards the members ot the Cabinet an standing in such stone intimate relation* with the Executive tbat entire unanimity of seati. ment, political and o'herwiae, and unbounded confidence and respect, should exiit between these 'confidential advisers'' and th* President, and tbs Executive bavs the power to remove them without question. Abbad or Tina ?On Saturday for ths flrst time in the history of tbe world ths closing commercial intelligence of London and Liverpool was received in the principal Atlaauc cries of tbe United States on the ume day. The dispatch coold sot hare lslt London before lour o'clock p. as., aad yet was received here at soon of tbs same day. Death of a navaa Chaplain.? Rev. C, A. Davis, chaplain of the United States Naval Hospital. PortemoatB, Va., died suddenly oa Wednesday aight sf disease of ths ht art. Deceased was at oae time a member of tbe Virginia Methodist Conference aad officiated ia this city where he was wall known. By A meeting 1* to be held this eTeniag in the Ligbt street Meibediat Episcopal cbursh in ( Baltimore of all citixen* opposed to ths pas- , sage oi bills now before ths Legislature for . the runniLK of the car*, the opening of shops. csrryiiig on trade, Ac., on Sundays. Patbats 10 ita Imi ib ?Two hundred and ler patents will be issued from the Patent Office for the week ending on Tuesday, March 5th. During tbe pest week ?J applications and ltd caveats have been filed. ?/-The Maryland Legislature was not in session on Saturday. The House meets to-day. Tbe inauguration of Governor Cox takes place to-morrow. TEL KU KAl'fllCN KWS. FROM EUROPE TO-DAY. Aastrinw Uiet ?Board of Pabtic Vftrki far < *l<?-Shipwreck? Flnnnctnl i?l (> rrriil \j HfcRLiM. Feb V5 ? l?ee patches hart beenretfi\m h?rc wtucbtiato ibat all the Austrian !>) t arr united. M Ai?K ii?. Feb. 85 ?TheUorernmentof Spain will immediately form a Hoard of Puolic W or us tor Cuba. Hi i*>HTo? s.'.Kpb 25?The steamer Afri?t l.utu Koeion, February 13ib, via Halifax, Arrived here <> Saturdny. , VLiv?aPt>oL. Feo 25 N'Ua?Th? Arctdian Irom l,iTfrpooi tor Savannah wu lost' on Tn-. li Rock olTtbe CuastofIreland yesterday. 1 h- re -ire no particulars Cotton opens needy bat quiet with nnrtoitiged prices. Sales 7,1100 bales; Middling ii |>iniirle 1d. I on in* Feb 25?Noon ?Honsols, 91; Krie, 37\; Illinois, 77\\ Roods, 74 . Boiler Explosion. Alrahy. N Y . Feb 25 ? an engine on tbe New Yo'k Central Kvlroad exploded while fending near the Broadway crossing. Tie engineer seriously hart, others slightly. The tngine was destroyed. Bank Statement. mw York, Feb. 25?Increase In loans 4,8*2.(66; increase in deposits, 82 14fl.iMV. circulation. tH9,83?; decrease in specie, 8I.279.I70, legal tender*. *1,489,l4>. -r-y" i ?' <> f.-gkahd bncampmbnt A fascial Mk l?g will bo held THIS B V EN INfl at 7r? o'rlo k, to make arrangementstor the funeral i f pop john p Psi'PHk Funeral tjmorrow iTt'eday ? aftere->on hi 2 o'clock. It ^HAB ? II. CO L LB 1>Q B Qr Scrlhs y~zr~ i ? 0 f? olumhabi RMCAMP J__3 MINT No 1 - P?'rlarch? : Attend a S,<e rial Met tin a TH1HBVKBISW at 7'f o'clock, to make arrangements for th? fnneral of P O. P. Jon* P Pfi'FR, which will take place Tnesd iy a' p in Members of cister Encampments are fraternally invited to unite with us la paying the la-t ;a>l tribute. It WM_ B_ McLBAN. Scribe <1% l.O O F-WOLUMHIA LODUM, No lO. J. S OtticeiS and Mimtwri are requested t<* at tend a Special >l.?tia? THIS BVKNING at 7'\ o'click to arrestee for the funeral of Brother John P P?r kk, to take place to morrow after tioou at i o'clock it JOHN A. MOULPEN. B?c 8*Y^OLPB-T INHABITANTS !-Me?t aWtTa L3 CI'J ii all on TUBsDaT AFTERNOON, tl'e i'tb tnMant, at 2 o'clock for tho pari>s?of sa> Inn tbe last tribute of reape t tonsrhts fel low member, C?1 John P*ttkrsoji Pkppis It (intelligencer) Y"5=-THB GRAND VOOAL AND IB STB U iJJ? MENTAL CONCERT. given by lit T'OMINIO'S CORNBT BAND, on Frldayev.. nine, proved a gratifying aecceta. Some of the best musical talrat of tbe city were present, ami mi others the nnrtvalled Violinlet Mr. Wm. bjer also tho lav >rlto Pianist. Mr. B. Reise. By reqaeat tbe Concert will be tepealed oa MONDAY 1VKNIN4, the 2Mb iait. Tbe tin abrra i>f the Baud return theirslncera tbsnkst<> many friend* for their kiul patronize ti n ?nd bupe they will favor n* again on this ocrasion The pries of admission baa b?en reduced to 25 cents to give all an opportunity of being present. I Performance to coinmen -e at d o'clock It rv^=?8ri0lAL MUSICAL N0TIC1." Havlna perfected my arrangements for the erection ot s new and be>atifnl PIANO AND MtHlO WABBHOUSI in tne spring, np>n site n^w occupied by me, it bm ^ ir0,?f0s?i 7 tor me to m<r*K my entire S; k. ! ai'd lein e my deal re to reduce It as much as p ? ,riklo Therefore wo shall this day comtaeace and c ntinne natil farther notice to dUpo?? ot our immeijRe ateck ot Muaic aud Mnaical Instruaeots. Ac , Ac ,at laboe D1800DNT8 from regular prices. JOHM r ILLI8, 306 Penusylvaaia MreuiiH. *e 15 Jt bet vtb^aod 10th streets. Yl5=- BOAKD ?r TBADB.?There will bo an .kj? Adjonrned Mirtina of the Hoird ot Tra'le of the Iilatrict of Oolnmbla. at tbeir rooms, on I M"NL>a) EV en IN viitiie ^4tb last., at7H o clock. ! ej<'| j member is expected to be present. fe 73 ift N 8ARIM) Becretary. Y^-EAIB OF BA>T WA8U1MOTON M b. i JsJf ontBiu, AT ODD FBLLOUd HALC NAVY YABD. fe Si FEBBL' ABT 21 TO MABCH b. Q^^PAWNBBOKBBD NOTIOB^ MB.-8B8 8 OOLDSTBIN A CO., No .i4 4't street west, near Penn'a ave., Beg leave to call the attention of oar old patrons an1 the pnbltc In general that we have aowenUr??<i our badness, ami are prepared to offer inducements to borrowers that have never been of- I feied i-ofore?expressly to parties wiahlag larjre ameanta. Largo store rooms, with good aafea for vainA Private office connected for all conttden- I tlal baeiceas. Money advanced on Gold an* Silver Watches, Diamoats. Silverware, Jewelry, and aa all kinda ot merckandiee Also, on Bonda, Stocks, Scrlpa. Government Securities. Loans made by day or week on merehandieaanbject to ?alo N B ? Arrantrements have bean made by which persons depositing property with us caa rsceive the same at any principal city of the Onion ?4 FQI b-AMP A-HALP btbbbt fetl tf nrg^JOiiPH a shaffibld. LL3 fbbnor oonfbotiovbbt, LAD1B8' ICB CBBAM * DINING BALOOS, I 246 Penn. Ave., bet. 13th aad 13th sta. J Waddings, Diaaer or Suaper Parties soppliod at abort aotica with novelties in Pyramids, fancy P* Oaafeattaneplaa, Jai'los; Wad-Hag Oakoe, best unality. Table Ornamenda: Salads, I lea Oraam, Water lea. Boman Fnuch, Bonad Tar- I EeoolopedOysters, Boned Turkey In je^r, Charlotte Basae. ate., eta i A ft end sn to also will be sent to attaad to all da- 1 tails of avrangomenta. Boaqaeta. Wreaths, and ant Flowats to order fell 1m JOSBPH H. 8HAFF1BLD. J OX"07101 'Soiti c'tf,"8 w"a' The Board of Asseeaora having completed tha arannl aaeassmont for IM7, will sit as a board of appeal, aad f?r tbe pnryose of making correctloas, fr?m the isth laataat to April let Inrmalve, 'San- I days excepted.) at School Oommlsaioaar a Boom, second stoiy Clty Hall, weat wing,from 9 a. m. te 3 p. m. each d?y. I _B y_or deroft k e President. [Int] fe loot A pi J rg*? 8TABLHBID 1911, mcphbbsoNt FBBOUSON. 671 Fbnk. avaaca, conxaa 1st eraser, I _ , . 0?Hiot Hill, j Dealers la FDBB DBUOS, MBDI0IBBS and OHBMIOAL8, PBBFUMkBT, FANUY GOODS, in8tbcmbntb, Ac., Ao. | Physicians Prescriptions accurately compound- I ed. The Nl^htBeU promptly answered. oe II tf Rbob1vbd pbb ptbambb john oibsom ?A/ Boxes Frtsb OBaSORs and lbmons i 8,00" New Crop COr OA NUTS. I ? Boxes Blfer obangks NKers MALAGA gra pbs 10 Barrels havana OBaNGBS. For sale low. at J. PBABSON'B, fett-4t *91 Blghth street. BILLING off odb stock to movb. J^BLLING OFF tillB MTOCl TO mqvk. 8BLLING OFF OUB 8TOOK TO M8T|, BBLLIBti OFF OCR STOCK TO HAYB. BBLL1NG OFF O0B8TO''B TO MOVB, BBLL1NG OFF OOB STOOK TO MBYB. 1 No. 306 PetinsyIvania avenaa. No ttnfi Pennsylvania avians. JOHN F BLLIS, Piano, Maslc * Musical G^o^s. JliBIV F. KbLlS, Piano. Maalc a Musical Goods, JOHN F. BLL18, Piaae, Mnsic A Musical Goods, fats at pOB 10VNT TBBBOB. Potomac FVrrv Company. ) Sn-tmtk S.r**t 9tkarf. S Wa.<*iag(ea Febmary M, IBdT.S I Tbe Steamer THO ? AS OOLLYBB.Cnpt Wm. Poor, will leave tbe flompany's mm. Wh?-', fool <>f 7?h st'eet, TUBSDAT MOBBING. Feb.*, ! nt 1? o'clock. 'weather permitting. I for FOBT WASHINGTON AND MOUNT VBBN0I, Betarnlng, tbe boat will arrive sboit S p m. I It W ILLIAM D. OOLT, Preeldent. |y|BBCHAHT8 TAKE BOTICB. TBB BBW STEAMSHIP LIBB. | The BUamshlp b.o KNIGHT will leara Bew York for Alexandria. Washiantoa. and Oeorgetown, oa BATDBDAY. March t.?m j 1ST pa actual 11 at 4 o clack p.m., feom ; P,-? street. Bast River ! . The JOHB GIB80B now anloadtng at Rirth*- I lowU Wharf will leave for Mew York. THURSDAY. February M ISf. Mereheete will fleaae notify ahlppers to sand their aoode^y thieilae. OBre of tha Company, corner of 17 th atr set and B?w York are?ne. fe_3 St J W. THOMPSON, President. 1'BIB IB TO OlYB NOTICB, That tha anbaarlI bera hnve abtafnod from tha Orphans' Oonrt af Waahlagton ooanty, la tho District of Columbia, letters t?e'amenlarj oa the aersonal estate of J^ha McKfm. law of Waahlagtoa, D. 0., deeeaeod All noreone having twmi agafeet the said dseeaeed. are hereby warned to exhibit the eaaeo, with the von chore thereof, to the an beeritmra, or to ??r.8. A. H MeKim. Washington D. O , oa or before the day of February next: thei may otherwise, by law, U exaluded from aU benefit of tho said aetata ?lven ander onr hands th1al?th day of February. Jt?7. ALBX H RlOB, / ' feW lawSw* JOBN W. HcKlg.l w*'1#". M 0 8 * I Large lot at HALF PBICB nt'flcK Ck,r"' r.a?. : rhAIBTY DIBHBS, Receipts Oolleetod by Lady I IF Harriett St Clair. The GUriitUa Hymnal; eedlled by Rev Frank Be waif Pickwick Pap we; I Diamond Edition Headland on the Action of Medicine; New Bditlon Murray's Bmotir.aal Dis<irders of tho Nervee The rtt^ry of a Stamaok | Braithwalte's Review (or Febraery. De Bow'a Be view for February. fet FBAN0B TAYLOR, \ * ^ * 'v CONuffifessToNAL. MOIDtV. February i5 Sknatb ? Mr. Anthony, irom Coimnil'e* on Printing, marfe & verivil repo-i on mem >nal Of ibe Soldiers' and Sailors' lluiou. charging discrimination against Soidi-r* an 1 in the mnnngeiTienl ot tbe Uuvi-ruiu>-ni Printing Office. Tbe UuifemUtfo state ilia; they U*ve no doubt 'h?? charges w>-re mi-l> In go.?d fii'b, but afier a thorough examination an.1 bearing the testimony of a large numVi of wi'netses. they have come totb* cjiiHum m thai the allegations are not susaineil.faul Uia'. no blame c><n be attached to the Sup-rifcUrn difi'. Mr WenrteU. wbAse coArtu ^ne o3in mittee are satisfied has beeu as liberal u> warJa the Soldiers and Sailors, as was possible consistent with An duty. Mr. Karo?ey preheated & remons'rance from ci'izens of Mmneso'a. a:ainst an j contraction of ibe national Currency. Referred to Committee on Finance. Tbe Chair presented Ibe eredentiaN of Hon Justin S. Morrill, Senator elect trom Vermont, which wew filed. Mr Grime* introduced a hill to authorize the I creation of a bonrd of survey foi toe Navy. Laid on the table. | Mr. Stewart, of Nevada, presented the eredentlal* ef M* colleague. Hon. J.tmes W Nve, re-elected tor the term commencing on March 4, IWI7; wbtcb were placed on file. Mr. Sherman introduced a bill to consolidate the national debt and provide fo- its payment. t Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed. Mr Patterson asked for the reading of the joint resolution* ol tne Legislature of Teni nt-ssee hi-tructing bttn to resign. He stated tbat be should not obey the instructions ana would take an early opportunity to vindicate himself Mr. Hade called tip the bill to amend the organic act of the Territory of M m tana Tbe Committee on Territories reported a substitute. which. after discussion, was adopted, and the bill then passed. On motion of Mr Chandler, the bill to fix the competi&a-ion of officers ot the revenue service was taken up On motion of Mr. Chandler, tbe joint resolution extending the time tor the use of cert tin vessels for quarantine purposes at the port of New York was taken up and passed. On motion of Mr. liendrirks, a com mi'tee of conference was ordered on the bill for the relief of certain iron-clad contractors. The Civil appropriation bill was receive.1 from the llons? and lefcrred to the Finance Committee. The Indemnity bill was also received and reteried to tie Judiciary Committee Mr Morrill, from the Committee on the Districi ot Crlumbia, report d the bill to amend the act iu relation to the Fire Department ot Washington- Passed, Or. motion of Mr. Chandler the Fortification appropriation bill was taken up. The Committee on Commerce recommend the striking out of &1,OOO.M4J for tbe improve, ment of tbe Mississippi al I>e<s Moines or Lower Rapids. llotTSK.? Under tbe calls of States for bills and joint resolutions for reierence only? Mr. Chanter (N. Y.) introduced a bill lor the establishment of a National Academy of Science, deferred to Committee ot Ways and Means Mr. Noeil (Mo ) introduced a bill to extend the previsions of tbe civil righ's bill t? whiu* citizens oi Missouri. .Referred to Commitn-n on Judiciary. Mr. Paine < Wis ) presented resolutions of the Legislature ot Wisconsin, ratifving amendment to the Constitution of the f'nited S:ate3. Kelerred to Committee on Judiciary. Mr. Lvucb (Me.) prevented resolutions of the Legislature ol hi Sate relative to the shipping inu-restsof Maine. Referred to Committee ot Ways and Means. Tbe above call having been completed, the Speii ker proceeded to cal I tbe States for resol u Hons for present consideration. Mr. Hrt.m well (III.) introduced a resolution instructing the Committee of Ways and M-ans to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill providing bv law tor the issue of b mds of the United States in amount not exceeding 950U,MHJ,MJUt with five per cent, per annum, payable semi-annually and redeemable twenty years after date of issue at such points in Europe and America as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate, said bonds to be disposed of tor six per cent. United States bonds held in Lurepe. The vote 011 agreeing to the resolution was taken by a division, and it was not agreed to. Mr. Cullom (111 ) introduced a resolution directinf the Committee on Judiciary to report a bill declaring eight hours a legal day's work for all Government employees in all ibe Gov. eminent work-shopaof tbe United States. ^ Mr. Wilson (Iowa) said tbe resolution w is unnecessary as the Judiciary had, under 'h-* instruction of tbe House, already prepared a bill for tbat purpose, and they would report it as soon as there was a possibility of having it considered. Mr. Cullom withdrew his resolution. Mr. Hill (lnd.) introduced a resolution which, after reciting the resolution of Mr Wemworth relative to an alleged bargain between the President and certain members of Congress, declares tbat tbe integrity ot members of tbe House of Bepreseniativea la tbe Jiscbarge of tbeir official duties is important to the public interest, and charges should not be preferred against tbem except upon tbe clearest reasons, and directing the Select Committee, appointed under Mr. Wentwortb's resolution, to report such evidence as may be in tbeir possession immediately after tbe reading of tbe Jonmal to-morrow, and requiring Hon. Jebn Wentworth to furnish this House witb ibe newspaper assertions and rumors upon which bis ebarges were based. Mr. Stevens (Pa.) said tnis was a most extraordinary resolution, and he moved to lay it on tbe table Not agreed to. Tbe resolution was then adopted. . 1 Mr. Niblack (lnd.) introduced a resolution instructing tbe Committee on tbe District of Columbia to report a bill con erring tbe elective franchise upon all foreign-norn male citizens over tfl years ot age who are entitled to naturalization undur existing laws, and who have resided In tbe District or Columbia one jear, and have declared tbeir intention or becoming citizens of tbe United States. Mr. Stevens (Pa.; moved to lay tbe resolution on tbe table. Not agreed to? yeas 47, nays 84. Mr. Nibiack demanded tbe previous question, but it was not seconded. Mr. Cockling (N. Y.) moved to amend the resolution by making It one of Inquiry Into expediency. Mr. Farnworth (111 ) rose todebate tbe rejolution, and It went over under tbe rule. Mr. Taylor (Tenn.) introduced a resolution declaring it to be tbs duty of the United States to pav ibe claims of its citizens for losses sustained during tbe war, and directing tbe Committee en Claims to report a bill providing for a commission to Investigate, adjudicate, and settle the clalns ot loyal citizens of Tennessee growing out ot tbe late war. Laid over under tbe rale. Mr. Cooper (Tenn.) Introduced a resolution, which was agreed to, declaring that the survivtng soldiers and sailors of tbe war of ini? ougbt to be placed on tbe pension rolls of tbe United States by tnis Congress. Mr. Kollins (N. H.) asked, but failed to obtaiu leave, to introduce a reeelution tbat tbe House concurred in tbe view of tbe Secretary ot tbe Treasury in relation to the contraction of tbe currency, and as early a resumption of specie payments as tbe business interests of tbe country will allow, and tbat tbis House will co-operate with him in bis efforts in this direction. Tbe resolution met with load objections on all sides. Mr Darling (N. Y.) from tbe Special Committee on Frauds on the Internal Revenue, submitted a report, which was ordered to be printed. Mr Trimble, (Ky ,) from same committee, asked leave to submit a minority report at some future time. !lo,,r ** ? aplred, Mr. Mor. fill (Vt) asked leave to make a statement with regard to ibe business bslore tbe House. Tbere were several Important appropriation bills ye to be acted on, and other measures, and be proposed now that tbe tariff bill sbenld be cam- 1 mitted at once to a committee of conference, and If the report of the committee was not satisfactory, the House conld reject it, but he thought business would be greatly facilitated bypursulngtne course suggested by himseir, and he would therefore submit a motion tosubmit the bill referred to to a committee of conference at once. Mr. Frank Thomas rM<|.) said that before yielding to that proposition he desired to make a statement This House had determined tbe duty on coal several times and the Senate had changed it, and be did not think theee Important interests could be placed in the hands of a committee without definite instructions, and be would therefore suggest as a modification of the resolution that the committee oa part of tbe House be instrncted not to consent to chaage any iropoet duty on coal authorized by tbe bill of tbe House and agreed to by the amendment of the Senate. Mr. Thomas suggested that the Government would net suffer If tbe consideration of tbn bill was postponed until next

Congress. Mr. Scofleld (Pa) proposed to Instruct tbe Committee of Conference wUh a proviso tbat tbe duty on coal sball not be less than 91.50 per ton. Mr. Dawes was opposed to trammelling the Conference Committee with instructions on any special interests. After some further discussion Mr Morrill's resolution was disagreed to?yeas *4, nays B7. Tbe House then resolved itseif into Commit. of tbe Whole os th? Tax bill. ^.TZ.iOTT ALL," * D.f'O.AT.D CHI.T DI.H.R, TKA AMD TOILET b.TTS at grsat'y rsdneed srls?s. *i J. W. A 8.0., flonss Vnrnlsbars. 9*0 MsUtrott flail. 0 win mm' 4 OTLOCK P. M. < . * GOVERNMENT SEdRITIES. A ASH IR0TOK, F*brU*.y ?, 14(7. Jay Cooke A Oo furnish tue following qnotatioas of Goverament securities: I , k , . . . Selling. i;. x 6 Uoap*. inii.. ,.n<? ii v U "S. FItw TvfrautiM. 1005..* uofc !lrtV U. S. Five Twenties. 18*4 i..;^ U 8. Flt? TwfnttM. 18*3 1'Bv hjkv U. 8. Five Twentles,JaaAJ'y,'?.Hl4is lob \ I' J* Tea Forties* lot * r N Seve? TOiTTt??, August,... i-~5fc .flfi<J U. S. Sevea Thirties, June......106* its\ P. 8. Seven Tblrttes. Jaly.......?fi6jf l?s\ K*W YOJLK P1K8T BOARD IUH. Coupons tinjf 10?(i'6 1?iw 5.20's, 18M Ill J.W?, August ...lii>V 5 ??' , 1HH ??? % 7 ?'?, June ltlfck S.SO's, 1865 ?.3<''e, July 105\ 5?U s, Ju.JcJy,'!5.W8* fJold IJ7\ RECBPTION AT THK PRR9I SJKNfS. The weekly receptions of the ladies of tbs Executive Mnnsion was held ibis afternoon "Wrtn tbe hours of one and four o'clock' and was attended by many perrons, altbougb <te w? was very inclement Among ht se | resent were Mrs. Secretary Welles. Miss Morgan. Mrs. H. D. Ceoke, Mr. and Mrs. A K. Brown and daughter, of Liverpool. Mr?. S. L Dsws< n, of Pennsylvania. Mrs Judge Mlllei, arid a nnmber of ladies of Menu hers and Senators. Mrs. Patterson and Miss Stover received the gnests. Mrs. Stover being ind?*pe?td TUK PA A MIC NT OP rov POUND INTEREST NOTES Mr Sherman. from tue Senate Finance Committee. on Saturday Bight reported adversely on tbe Heu?e resolution authorizing the secretary of the Treasury to issue one hundred millions of legal tender notes to redeem com. pound Interest notes. He reported, by way of smfiidmeut, the Senate bill authorizing tbe Issuing of temporary three per cent interest certificates for the redemption of compound interest notes. *** TIIK TARIFF ?T? Tbe Home to-day refnsed to accede to the motion of Mr. Morrill, chairman of the House Committee on Ways anW Mean*, to take the tariff bill from the Committee of the Whol* and refer to a conference committee. The .ic* tion of the lioute is considered to demonstrate conclusively that no definite action will be had on the tariff* bill this session. APPOINTMENTS BY THE PRESIDENT. Tbe President on Saturday sent lo tbe Sen* ate the nominations of J. L. Eaglebert, assessor seventh district Pennsylvania, vice Mar tin, rejected; Curtis O Gardner, as^es^or 2rth district of Mew York, vice Judsou. rejected; Hicliard N. Scliooley, collector of custemt, (iennessee, N. Y , vice Davy. BILL TO CONSOLIDATE THE NATIONAL DEBT. Mr. Sherman introduced in tbe Senate to. day a bill to consolidate the national debt and provide for its payment. By the bill the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to issue bonds under tbe act of March 3, ife<u5. ? to extended as to authorize the Secre-.ary to issue bonds of tbe character and denomination described In the act, payable, principal and inu-iest, in coin, and bearing intere it at tne rate of six per cent, per auuuro, payable semiannually, to be known as the coasolidat ed d?-bt of the Tinted Slates tbe proceeds of tbe bonds to be applied solely to tbe purchase or t?ajment of existing indebtedness of the t t mted States. Tbe bonds tbu* issued shall be subject to an annual tax by the United States not exceeding one percent, in lieu of all other mxation upon said bonds or the income there. < from; the tax to hi pie dged to the reduction of i the public debt. The Chief Justice of tae i United States, the Secretary of Treanury, and the Treasurer of the United States are constituted commissioners of tbe Sinking Fund. The Secretary of Treasury is authorized to i*su? bonds of the United States to an amount eiiual to SStH .ooo.uM), bearing interest at the rate not exceeding five per cent, per annum, payable < semi-annually, and redeemable twenty years trom date, the principal and interest payable < in the coin of the country where payable. Said bunds to be disposed of only in exchange for ' si* per eeat interest bearing bonds of tbe United States held in Europe FRAUDS ON THK REVENUE. Mr. Darling, ot New York, Lorn tie special i committee ot investigation on fraads in tbe < payment and collection of tbe internal revenue J ob distilled spirits, tobacco, and ctgars. reported to-day that tbe most etnpendons frauds are practiced in tbe collection of tbe revenue on the art'cles named, especially spirits. It is believed that seven -eighths of the eatire amon ut ot spirits manufactured, under tbe present law. bave escaped taxation, and that few, If any. of tbe large distilleries in tbe United States \ now in operation are doing a legitimate busi- i Bess The *ax oa distilled spirits Is *S per gallon, wbile it is sold oueuly in the marfcet at 1 prices ranging from SI.So to SI.SO per gallon. 1 The evidence taken by the Committee also shows much evasion of the tax on cigars. It appears that the authorized practice of stamp. ' lug cigars without the actual paymentof the tax \ is a means of fraud. Various recommendations < are made by tbe Committee for the remedy of the < vils set forth in tbe report aad accompanying < evidence. I '1 he Committee recommend a reorganization | of the revenue force in New York. Pbiladel- 1 phia and Hrooklyn, and conclude by saying;? , "It is manifest that frauds cannot be practiced so generally and so openly without either cen- < nivance or gross mefflcienoy on tae part of a ( large number of the revenue officers." i DISPOSAL OF PUBLIC LAND8 , The Commissioner of tbe tfeneral Land Offlee has received returns sbowing an aggregate disposal of 13,?s3 acres of tbe public lands du- . j riLg tbe month of December last at tba following local office;;?Oregon City, Oregon* j 5,*71 acres; Koseburg, Oregon,5,#17 acres; Van- < couver, Washington Territory. 1,055 acres, and Olympia, Warbiugton Territory, 7H\ acres Tbe Commissioner ha-also received from the t local office at Ko eburg. Oregon, a list of se- 1 lections by the State of Oregon, under the act ' of Congress granting lands to the State of ' Oregon to aid in tbe construction of a military i road from Engene City to tbe eastern bouu- i dary of said State." amounting in tbe aggregate to 19,4M acres. ? . I M r*TXRKi> Oct.?Brevet Brigadier General C. H. Frederick, Assistajut Commissioner of 1 tbe Freedmen's Bureau for the State of Keatucky, has bees mustered out and honorably < discharged, bis service being bo longer re- ! quired. . i STFrom Sbilliagtoa, Odeon Bulidiag, we j bare tbe March number ot "The Riverside < Magazine;" tbe March numWr of the Ifew < Magazine for children, and tbe Ifarch number | of ??Tba Northern Lights," an illtutrated 1 Magazine. j Obdxrbd to South Carolika?The 4?th j U. S. Colored Infantry, under command ot Qolonel Miles, will shortly leave this city for * South Carolina, baviag been ordered to daty * in that department. ' i Pxbbobal.?Hob. James Brooks, of New ?i 1 ork, was at the Capitol to-day. t lNTXBXAL UxvaitrB.?The receipts from this ] soarce to-day were S501,782.15. ^TS^WATTTUMOS" ' 1 gSSf For ths last tea yaarii 8tstaway*a Piasoa hsrs, 1 ?? aHjgaetsaSt recaigf j^e ftrst ?rsmiuia ovsp S all asw York, Boston.Phtladelyhla.aaA BslUmere } makers, whenever aud wherever tkey have sotns &e.SKaS?S..^7alferSJ.liJsK? < "FiT'Z : fe U it Mo. 118 Fsaa aveaae. Sole Agp?M. J A ?* ffn S CABOIBT OBOA1I8, ?*!VTI J ??on easy meat* / V*?afl?e?U, at tbe ' ware rooms of ... W. O. MBTZBBOTT k OO . bl * SIB Penn. ave. ( JJ OT1L GOODS. I CROCK my, CLASSWABB. kJA OCTLBBT, Ml ! A fall Stack r '^AtBD WABB. ?^(l * l Ooods caastaatlr on band of tb* l^sst n WEBB A RBVKBinOB. r,? >. Odd Fellows' IJ?II, T1 Bsvoatb atreet. i 4 N -, \ji|fcjAL NEWS. 1'kath or Jon* p ParrBii -\>?t?rd\T morning, Mr. Joun p. Pepper, wbi? ha* been long aid kvoraM; kiovn woor cImmm, di-4 iu tbf 7M year of Mi* ?(p. Mr. Pepper * w boro in Philadelphia, and came to tbte ci'y is tor ab'am<-d emplo\m-m as a mar bl? *iirfcrr on th* Capful, and rubte4>i'aily for mmy j ?ars carried on huetueaa on P - a u yiyania arrnnr, at th? corner of ?b?t i* oi?w ha?wn as Mnrbtoalter. H^wirnl tii? appointment or Superintendent of the Sou h*K->t txrcuuve Building, rTreasury Depart n-dU) Which be betd tbroaghout tbe \<laiuj raioui bi Presidents Tan Barea, Harn-ma. Tyler, aud Polk. lie was rer? popular, ana many years ago waa ejected to the Board of Cm nion Ooujactl, ana since IH52 to* bat represented tbe Foartb Wand in tha Council and Board of Aldermea at iBtereala anttl Junela<L, wben be decliued a ro election H# ?m a ntu cl great bear voleute, and in a quiet unosteu- I t vious mnotiet Often relieved ihe want* or tbe pc or umtfafitUnod. Mm ha* bwa a prominent member of the order olOdd Fellows for many year*, a'ftd will be bnried to-morrow wita tha honor* of tbe order UoiamHra I^odge, Columbia Knoampment, and tbe Grand Kneampm*nt n>ee> lo-algbt to make arrangements for the funeral. . firin?TrMr. ?J. M. Downey of Londonn conaiy, la," in Lie pubitched letter to Mr Wm I). Mutt (returned rebel, formerly ot tbe Tr*a>ury Department) says thai aur attempt todispose*s? bia tenant of theDad, in diapaie, will be mined, not through bogus couru and jnilges, bai by any power and mean* that mny be at bia command." He defies courts an<i juries. and calls on bia enemies. ' u> br u; on their Hob .Turtle Th >ma*, and th.|. entire pack of rebel eheriff# and attacQes" -addinc?"Yon expect to succeed, do you*? We'll see." St'KRATT ?The prisoner, John H Surra't. at ihe jail, spends a considerable portion of hi* t me now in rehg out reading, but appears qui'e cheerful. I bis morniug, bis cuter spent si me time ib his cell. Tiik usbaiitt akh<h iatior proposes to five a fine ball a: Marini'e Academy uu Monday. March 4. | J EDLC1D PB.K EB 010. J J0HH80N to 00. Are selling Merrimack, 8pracne, aad Pacific CALICOES at ? cents, Wamsntt.a lZ.^c ; OUTTOMB at very low pricaa. Also, rsceUlag, a flue assortment of Spring PABA.SOLS; White Marseilles OOBNTEBPA1NS, *sry superior aad cheap, Onrtain DAM ASK, and man j other dssirabls aad cheap roods JOHNfcON to BUTTON '8 OLD STAND. f? 3t* _?tfl 7th street. JC8T BETIBNED PBOM THE NOBTNBBN * MAUITt, " here I have selected a cbesp line of ?B? OOOD8. c-esletlng ia part of yard wide Shaker Flannel J**,'^<,*l*lj*)a,w?rth #1, 1 an. selling f.?r ol :?uts' a I wool, t Flanael ? cents, Table Linen-, <ii and I ?*r >*rd 01 ??* ? ?oo.l toalitv Bad trV/a r*'2 Skirts. i 4S. g^oo uua.liy AI pas* ?l)e<iit?; Hues T >w fFH l''LJ|? 'A ct? a No, ft UrfB I it ot whit#an brown - 0TT0N&. wl,|. fc I , ] wf^ !? ? hir! '"lI/'V ??"B CO b.T ,??" any?hsre e|*e I bare no old stock Wb*t I All per<,n. % tbyfil&sM ' C4D WM " ,e? ?, ... . IMOBY baxter s, fe 26 3t Soil ? Pa ar.. ket Hlh and ?ti b ita. k * goods ! cheap ooo ds !! BOQAB to WTLIE, 3?# SEVENTH (TIBET. CACHED cottofrt3 4 aad 7 8 at ?>,. 15 a ?Jftrd At iU| L'J gi 4 XAC rnf vtl'ii t >BLE%< H CD 0?T ^OX r-^rldT 5 H r "fcViVis:s 4 *nd 7 8- "H to'o7 " rMi,*SK WJ0*^ co>?r*.?3.?6.?nd He.; HHBiVrTm'/i2"^ ' ? ??"d assortment. BtHtto?L0WEST PMIOES1''1 ^ 1 ^ P I A N () K I Wo CHICK SEIKO OBAN D?^^. , . pianos. ok which we have takes io t-ichftnge ; one of th? m almost new. Tor sale upoa easy terms kt tha ware-rooms of W. O metzebott to c?? fe S3 Jl* 80,0 **'*nty ?f SU,BW4* ' P'anos p A BLOB 010A?T ^IhaTB this weak reel red foar new and bean ami , . AMEBICAN PAELOB OBOANB, ?' B D to H. W. Smith's Boston make. I have also la store a complete a*?ortment of Dgiaas and Meledeons? aew aad seeond kand. Per sale ar real oa easy terms r.-- JOHN W. ELLIS, " M M 306 Pa. are . Bear l?th St. fT?BBDABT li, 1**7 ?All persoaa kaeioR M le't article* la my shop far repMrs, previoas to the la? of January, are reqnaeled to oall aad *et theaa, otherwiea they will be sold at pablle aue . Onn aad Locksaltb, He. 414 D street. P*8Sffffl??f.<Sf?SS?A"?,.00*4 OCLAB BATINO STAMPS. Paer Oyyicx Biuitkiit, i . WASHiBBTea, D. C., February 1J, l?7. ( BALED PBOPOSALS will be receive at this bepartn.ent aatll tke JSlh day of March aeit. " Of Poet Offices in tbe United btatee, fer ronr year* from tbe (Irat i?7 of_Aprtj aaxt, ^ABeIBQ and BATINO BTAMP8 of the following description, naaely : , _ class 1. combined, ?f Bleel, aboat one in'h la diameter, with tbe 0? c* ,"a 8*Jte, with type for mouto* bl*ek1rof Serial, with eatfi stent thumb Bert w for tbe same, and with handlee ?f mahogany, walnat or other heavy wood, and ?f aiaoael most oenTenieat fornse. In proeos>,|* 01V:"il*r ,Um<5* bidder will tk'TK? letter or fl?ure for Inserting in the circle, wben re lBlred such words UMd^S? ' * Wp."M*d?erAlso, Octagon Markiot sumps, without tha eaneal, bat similar id all other respects to tke Llrcular Stamp, with type for the years, mo a tha, aad days, of tka same material CLAM} 9. Circular Marktag SUaap* of Iron, o* aswotber durable material, tor it** use of P?*t ufflcee and ?V.Uw? A^nU o? railroad aad ateamboat line*, with the wm? of the oflica and State, or the name of tha railraad or ri*ar Ita#. with type for /J. iVJi .V*' iBblockiof durable material, with suitable Ibnmb screw, aad handla* of walnut, cherry, or other snluMa wo-d, of a model best adapted for use . the stamp to ba af tha same diameter as Is deecrtbad for Ho. 1. Circular aad OcUgot*Marklng Stamps, of a ml table and durable material of thaaame sl/.e a* ela-e Me 1, with the name of the oiMoe and Hi ate, and type for aaoatbs aad da tee la tbe Oircular Stamp, aad for year*, month* aad da ee in the Oct Men Btan.p af printers type meial, la blocks or.lDKl* letter* aad figares. with thombicrew aad kaadles as descrll sd taelsesNo. t. a. CLAS8 4. ..Marking Stamps for foreign mails, similar to ?ose aowla u?a latbs Post Olticea at Boaton, IjuCfctJjJS ?ViS?". . _BATIBO STAMP*. iffjg'lf M^flatlsl Nsain tecsrraspoad with theCircular b tamps of classes 1.3 aad sin material, handlee, aad workmanship, a* fell ewe _ "Pree.''"Miseeat " Forwarded," "P. O Most,""Advertised ""Steamboat""Ship." '' Caacsl," 0. B ,ed '"* Held for foetage " ' M isliractaa " "Bet f.?wad." 'Oeclaimed." Be rased ' Begtstered"MIsseat aad forwarded," ! Betaramd to writer," "Betarned for better dir*c-.lloA *e?.T'"DBe?." "Doe IS "toe., toe . < and of Sri?e?ealy saatoasfl ?,1?,M U toe ,toe.,and ! any other BaMag Stamps ao, boreia named to bo < far?l*bed at a price aot exoeediag th?t for Be|ara?d far better dlreotloa " wheB the sasne is of j Proposals win bo received for all af the above 1 leeerlbad Stamps, or for each ae pa rate class Stamps will ha ordered for the dlffereat classes 1 " "* ' Models of Stamps mast aocempaay the propotsls. Bach bidder mautfaralsh with his prsessats erilence of bis ability to eeaanly wit a ht* bid. Two safflclaat sureties wLU ba required to con- I j .temp, must bo doHeorod to the Poet Odee ! Departmsnt at the expense of tbe cow tractor. ' Propdedt. .boaId be endorsed ?a tbe >>nUide of :he envelope thus: Proposals far Past ufllee arkfag Stomps." Aad a< dreased to the first Asblast Postmaatsr Osaeral. Wa?h?nglta, V. 0. ALEX W BlBDALL. . fe IS wet Postssaster Qenoral J rkBPH ABS'OOUBT.Pbbbuabt 1.1817-Duraicv \ \J M Colvmbia. WaaaiBOTOH oopbtt, te-irs* a theeaas af Morris Adler, administrator w. a., 1 CjWSmi aad heirs ' of sald Aac*ssad are 1 lotifleto to atoead. with Mr claims propirly Touched, er they may ettosrwleo by law be II eludml from ell beoett la said ieaeased's e* , ate: prodded a as?y of tbts order be pabltoheO >ece a week for three weeks la tbe BT>nin?itor. e3T- ' , r.4U*"m ,,A8? ^GAKiAaB^rBBllP^ . buv. lbttc0b, *c . toe. 1 am iiM la reostpt of my imported OtoBHiN < f IKE1>8 frmi Tessorin Abdridax to Co , Paris. r rraBB^i saiM| Utyst to Sob. Englaipf. k?A iave malt afr*ci;em1hT? >ith th* Inrtfost Sn?1" C lost reliable aee<t irrowcrs in the Cuite.l Stat-? or my Am rlcan Spoils, and have now la ?tore ? arc* surp\v. which are warranted frech and g*o? tine. j.pkahtiiolow fe 1? ooSw I'*'* 7ll\ street, beloa Pen arsaue is " IB progress..^1 ?"? ' ,1 *or u>*a m tsssiiHtSsSS2?2^^ troubi* ?i ",-,, M ; 'r\L; ?.? b?i lor cuavftiifno, IDtulonr prrclbtlf inVlT-K -f ? i dlV,,i*d lut.boi a?d thr%^i?;? oJ n^i u a b%|toforw T?i* ... pr^nrt^nl ~W " h litrcfe's, corner <H Hr'jLi i?'1" *?*" l>P-?*d at *d pie.tuct, liun!?rt ?i ? rr.t rv " ,tr,M"?: precinct. High street, neTcaSIr ? '?* ; 54 cii.ct, 3d iiw, W?ww?a ll'Jb ,nd *.,wV'rrYe.terday Caul K~j r ,^i.. . ***** ot man lor dBty at tb?- poll* Botail US, laciudieg Ibc oolite of iba to"f * uf mounted lorcv it. deia.i^" d ,lfc' tilrbt at the 1st ward at* .on. aadTb^ 1 r ,Mt Ri 6 .k. o'clock lorm?d aad*-r command^T"1"* Kr.d, police inspactor, quarter* provided tor them aa Hi.h ?' ear ibe a< alien hoaae Kit'eea m-n ' * detailed for duty at each preen" uaZn" " Kelly Sklppoi. Uurley, and Johnson, h < 5 u?*r*uioo of U>. wboia m . hu bards a*d Capi Iteed are botb la t -J. witn ibe oflUer* of tbe force r?Ak'#C,WCk ,fc*P??'* Were opened ana th. ro*b of *ou?r?, wwhoat dleilnwtioti of c.?i ,r coron.bced The Tt>te. of .tVeral men were rejected because they tfoyld Bol tl. MWnt.bed. . frw (>? .r/.Bd o!,rt! y 1 h'* ^"on ot tbe .1 tide* of Election dla/ed tb? colored totTI tuarwbit rein ThJBv'0,r*k' Z*'* 10 ai"r TJlh ,n 'J* Pr,,cincu, except (he ?<1 5S2/2^I * rr<'U,r'' Pro*? <* "lentttT. *0 1 wb"M *?ti/?t?r 7 "? r,*,t '? ^ It is impoteibla ' ?e|| bow the vote at... ? *?? ?? ?n> ...., J eath pmt> are confident ot aticc*-** r^i friends of Mr Welch e*peeta majority of. ,t ' ">?u i:*?over Mr A.ldf..a fheri ? Mr?u et|?re*s?-d bv ttje fr.e,, ,, nlkef' ,n e *ncceaa of tbeir Caun ii At ? o'clock the vote, polle.l were abou ^ follow*: ?*t preciB-t-Wbiv. 2.'*. colors Jd prrcinct-wbtte. colored. 3<l 31 ?r, co'orwl, 4tb prvetDc _! " bn?. ilit.cuUrt-tf, 1.15. I ?or?nr the entire day 'here ba* b-en le-< ,,r drnnnne>K and di?ord-r!v c ?aior- ,, urtial npixi rbe alrert*. though from ?nM. ' lH>|jr the greets and e^raT., in the e|Ciai'? <he polls have been cccapied bv crouiiJ .ft ctt.^ns. witbuBt d,.?t,lcti,?B of color ? VZT*"!?** ^p,y in the re of the election. 1 he tr#uarant? and tippi?,? bou.-e? bave beeU closed all dav. an4 .b- ur..Politan polKea e coiitmnally-pn rollui Ato* n. No fears of not during the d^y arr o.> * entertaiued, and it.* very probabl/i^ V lew p.r^Hio Will be oil U?e street aft?r dark ' Tib Mtui harts' Kx h a bub ?At n ion i i dtiv tbe raerchnnta m favor or erran.rtnir t? Kxcn?ii*e n?pt in tbe rootnsof Uavidsoo At', ^ ater street, and were called to ord-r t,k M ' t 1.3on?. cl.a.rman . Mr W Martvur* ?V.,. i k '1rir*c,z\t,OB' reported a con?tiin and by-lnwa. whicb provide, thit tbe aaa.t a Hon shall be known a* the M.-rchaata' t ? ahane of aeorc*??.wn Tb> <>rti-?r? are a" i1!; V,cr " rotary. lre*??r,.r and five director-, which offl *ri coni itut/.' btiard of mana^emeut. ,B-?"r8 cous.jtut^ a 1 uk CasaL?1 1 nlcbt, tbe uaier u., drawn ofTfrons tbi* seciou ot ibecana; tor purp<*eof reaaoviac *ar,d bar., an3l nifk *a>.b repairs a? may be nece??*ry vv> be ?r U?^L,ous 10 lb'* canal by tbe fre-h^1 and the probahility is mat the work of clV,,. ' rc and repwrin* will be spaert.iy com;.,--. . aurt i:Hvi?:t ?oii r^iiumed. Fm>I K A>I? OKAIW MARKET -Th^ opened tbU wi-b a m.nlerauj demtn 1 l..r Hour lor ?be local trade The ?r*n?a , are lirht,a"d the jnce l,tu of tfatur.lav retnnm uncbanced. PfioTosaLB roh M'ttSiSHISii ARn I rAT Ty* WASUlturoH t*AEU H*vt PtT* ?Ti|, 9??ICI. . ?_ a a " HvilON, D (j., fr'trb 2'* lifir I .'""T1"'^b'- < Bd r.e l Pria^a . 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