Newspaper of Evening Star, February 25, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 25, 1867 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR, j Virginia Newt. v Tha British steamship IVI*ware, which arnud at Norfolk l unda), sails uu ldundty tfii (or Liverpool direct, with a cargo of &t? I tbeosand bales of cotron and a qaantitT ef I naval store* The Delaware will be succeeded by the steamship Bosphorns 1 be negro "strike" In Petersburg is ended. New bands have been employed in Mr Ragland's factery in place of those who "struck, ' whom he will not permit >o work at any pri *e. Mingle men are not entitled to the right of franchise at tbe corporation elections in Winchester! Mattirs in Miarms-The river reporter of the Memphis Avalanche having lately been shot at by three men on Main street, whom the lively use of a revolver was found necessary to keep at bay, that journal is Inspired to describe the situation at Memphis as follows ?Night alter night the clink of a trigger, the bang of a pistol are sounds that echo through our thoroughfares, ranch to tbe discouragement of p*ace-loving citizens. Men shot and women beaten nearly to death and shot at; stragglers, by way of diversion, firing their artillery from eligible positions, with the entire eity as an objective point. Burglars and pilferers,rut-throats and stool-pigeons. making day hideous by their presence, and ingbt by their ribaldry and orgies. We do decidedly object, and enar our protest against Main and other streets being used a* pistol galleries, and honest, quiet citizens being u*ed as balls' eyes or lor the purpos? of enabling sports of that character to make centre shots Ail night, while wending our way homeward, we too often hear tbe remark. "You run against me. damn you,and I'll -hootyou ! * We ic voluntarily duck, anticipating a slur or a bnllet. Sometimes the style is varied. "Look ere. Jim, if 1 catch you drwn ts ngv.n, j I'll knife yon." Again we dodge, expec'ing to | fee the gliam of a bowle or stiletto as It !fa?hes , from Its scabbard, alive with energy o p-netrate 'he persons of its master's f.?e" Hut this ' time we rally aa we discover Mim" Has abr tee of Derringer's in bis bauds, tha- with the dexterity of an expert be has drawn from tbe conciviry of his garments. and 'vith exultition in his eye and uouchaliace m his voice, he responds to "Jeeius" to put up ms tootupicte or i hr || shoo' a hole through him big enough for a rat to i reep through new Mod? or tusisu l ai ;r?u- From iroe to time we r> ad ct mi;. h-1 tuded i ni pro vena i ts in the pr?..e.?seo lor leather Th* latest if one *aid to he in successful operation in tbe \V?st. By ibis ihe t inning is claimed to be accomplished in twelve hour.-, by ex haunting the air fr?-ia the vat. It ;s said that a sh>ep?kin .-an fx* tnnned in lilleeu minute-, au<l ibat the weight ot le.Uher is leu per cent. gi? a'?-r than bv the old processes. It Is to b<? hoped that tbi'is really an improvement on the present mode of tanning, but There is n much reason to expect Koch a result, tor alleged improvements have been going on. inwudii'g to displace the old modes, by which vi really got good leather, until it i? difficult u?get leather with *uy wear in it at all. Hr.i ation <?? Beards asi> Lyes ?Th?ro ij an intimate connection between the nerv-i ai.d a>n-i lee ol he (ace ami eyes, and allowing the teard to grow strengthens tbe eye. it is said that surgeons :u the t rench army have proved by experiment 111 Africa that soldier* wearing the.r beards are much l--ss liable to disease ot tbe eye. and it is generally conceded that it the custom i? to wear the bear 1 the ey e retains its lustre and brilli.tncy much longer. l/*An actress, connected wrh one of the theatres, a great I ivonte, was complimented upon the blackness of her hair. "Why, it's dyed," she rejiied. with an amiable frankness of the true artist. "lived. * tepijel the other speakei, 'Why, favorite as on are, you are not live anil twectv." "No."sa d the lidy, "but you know whom the gods love, dye young." ?/"Tbe Panama steamer which arrived a' New York ou '.he 19th. brought a single b ir of gt Id valued at over Stimuli. It is said to look like a bar ol yellow -soap " yOne .tern to induce foreijrrers to visit pari* dnriug the Kxpo*iMon, i? ihe purchase ot iauti the Krencb tioveramem to bury a i lew thotir^nd people who areexpecud to die there. Mrs. 1'oodles his some imitators in preparing lor what may tnm up. / Some Pr.giish gentlemen with ten millions o( dollars cash capital recently arrived in New York en ron e to tbe cotton plantations, wh?re they proposed to invest. But finding politics so uu-eitied tnev concluded to return fc? e anu carry ba. < th< " money. A si.arp old gentleman rnveiing out V e*t got . sei.t i?efiJe h ? mil' ia a crowded car. by reqnestir g the younj ,nni * no sa* by h?rto ?'plea?? vatch hat ?imnn while he vi eut in anotba; ar. a? she had tits " ttylbe fraakiii't pohc have forbid 1a the sale ol the tat ric k o?u as grtt-n tarla an, as it is dved by colors ompose 1 in great part of arsensical preparations, and consequently very injurious to health. %jr\ ?w Orleans, who was deserted by her husband ten years ago. married a*.am, b< cam-* a rich widow, anu gave $),UoO e her first husband. / l&e W inter is very severe in New Oreatis. and'be unreconstructed rebels declare b it <irneral Butler and tbe Yankees ruined the climate while they had p'jfs^sslon. JOlrs Jeanie Nash, of H<i. ;ado, a widow o( twen'y-nine, (.egged au oldgeutiemau by the name ot Babcock one day iast week, and 'be i.? xt day married a meek little lellow n?m*d Batcbelor, only ttueteeu. IAmbcs the complaints aroused by tbe -tripping and flogging of youu? ladies m toe Massachusetts schools, a new m-thod of puuishmeuthas been adopted, which consist- of opening tbe child's mouth and filling it wiiu <'avenue pepper. About nine hundred employes of the W am^-utta ( Uass ; Mill-struck work on Svurdny. because tbe members ol s Commutes of Workmen rppoiated by the operators to re- \ moristrate azainst a return from t-n toelev-u hours' worg a day, were sutnmanlv discharged Philadelphia wants a great free public library. HALL k PLANT. PLANTS Bl'lLDINQ, Corner New Yoik avsuue and iMn street, I KnUanre en Sew York avenoe,) Dealers ln?ne FAMILY OBOOCHIC4, TK\<. WlNKd, 1UPOBTKD LCXCBIkS, Ac, Ac., would respectfully notify their friends and the public that tfcey have j?stop?aed their New Grocery Store, where can I e obtained any article asu ally kept in a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, fresh and wellsslccted stock, we sordially invite the public to exanlneour stere and stock believing we shall not fail to give entire satlsfhcthn to all who a ay faver us with their patronage. We call espesial attention to our assortment of TFAB an.l COFFEES, which havs been se e?rted with grent care for purity. Dealers will Cnd a fine aesortment to select from, ami onr prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly in suy part of the city, jau 9 3m C BOCOLATB DOl'KLK. VAM ILLS, ul u maillaihu Pur Oaceo et Sucre. Eseui?t de t?ut; melanse. Z. M P. K l.N'i m S'?N. King Plsce. Corner Vernsnnt avaaue and i&fc street. Wljit 1bd1a ouandkb and bwait Malaga ubapkb. Fresh K1M0 PLACl ( "HUltB NLTo, KA101MS, FIGS UL'BKANT^, ^ BP!' AS Ac , Ac , to *ult this particular *?a on For ,?le by Z. M P. KIBQ A 8UN. Ct 31 tf Kiug Place ||bpabtmcnt OF TB EINTEBIOK, 19 VNlTKIt STATES fA Tfe'.VT OFriCF, WAaK!n<*roji Jaauary ?. lt?7 On the petition of Jua.1 TUEE. of Lv*e|l, Mpn^iDf for tbe rxtfiisfoD of % patent granted to him oa the loth day of May. >iS9t for an Improvement in Waip Bet Fabrics, f..r seven years from the axp'ratl..n ot said satont. ,nhlct? takes plac* on tbe 10u. da> <4 May. 1^7 Itis ordered that the said petition he beard at the Patent OSre on BOMBAY, the tia day ef .ApiMl next, at 12 o clock M ; and all persons are netted to appeae and show cause, if any they have, why safd petition ought not to be granted Pers<ins opposing the extension are required to file in the ratent Offl e their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of bearing, all testluiouy filed by either per^y te be need St the said hearing must be t-.ken aid traasflvitted in accordance with tbe rules of tbe offic. wkkh will be furnished on application. l'epweitlubs and < ther papers relied upon as t??tlm uy nrust be fll>d in uie office twenty d.?ys t-e ( re the day of hearing; tbe arguments, if any, witblc K-i days after filing the teetimenr. Oiueied. else, that this notice be published In tbe ft e public an. and ti e Intelligencer Washington, D. G.. aU is tbe Courier. Lowell, last., mic<* s Week 'or three uccesoive weeks; the first of said i Inbiicatloas to be at least sixty days previous to ths day ef hsarlaff. _ ^ ^ T. 0 THIAKEB. > . Commissioner of Patents. I P. B.^ldltori of tbe Above BAperfl will ptenee ony and send their bills to the Patent Oflce. with paper containing this netlce. jaW-wIw . /'OLOklD TOI B'lOKB, from Lendonfrreach Juvenile R oks, direct from Parts; Leboalityna' ,?SW"" <e?4 PBABCK TAYLOB pflTSICUB'B BABB BOOK OP PBAOTIOB i4?l' BBABCB TATXtOB. AUCTION SALES. Bl D. L WILLS * CO ,Aa:??aaen. j Ooraer of lOih aod F straeta. ! household vtjmmtu&BAT poblio ado. ; _ TIOWT Ob VIDNK8DAT, Fet-mary T7, it )| clock i I n.,w? iktll Mil, at Houae I?. 3?# OitrHt, rear of national Hotel,betweaaMudItkHtMh, ?l?r|tm?rtn?itof Household Foroitare. nc A> j nrds af eatra BruNIl UwhI. alao Three ply and lagraia Ob* vary nice Chamber Sot. of Oar Tad BlBok, tea piecsa, coot fiso A loo, Ckankor Sota. la Oak and Walont I Hair Cloih Bofao. Stuffed ObBira Marble top Bureaus, Waahataads, and Tabloo 0"* Mahgauv Bedstead with f piral Spring* Alao, one Howe's Patent Hair and Shuck MatOn* Walnut Extension Tablo, 14 font One large Cotkiaf Stove. with uUull* Alao, a larg* variety of Parlor Bad OkaMbor Stovee Dialog Room Farnitura. Oroakery, Ac. Hole peremptory. fa 13 D. L. W Eli LB A Oo.. Aacta. BT D. L. WELLS A OO.. Aactiaanora, Northwest corner of 19th and V atreota, VALCABLE BCSINEMBTANB AND DWELLINO. UN TUB BOOTH K AST COENEE or 1 TH STBEET WEhT AND OSTBBBT NOBT1I, AT POBLIO AOOTION On THOBSBAY, the 13th day af February infant, at 4 o'clock p. m , on the premises, wo ahall aeil all tbat two Bterr Frame Store, House, and Dwelling, lately rebuilt, contain) ag a a tore and at* coBveniant rooms, with the lot SuxSJ, being part of Lot No IS in Square ?7. Trrma Bt.ftOOcaah; tmUace In two, atght, and twelve vtontka. Poaaeealon imniedlato. $100 down at aale. Also, Immediately after the sal* of tbe atore aroaerty, we shall aell, oo tbe premlaes. four email Frame Tear mrDia,of two room* each, wttb the Lot. being rear part of Lot No 13 iu Square tId situate on Neilor'e al'ey. beiweeu 4th aud Sth atraets west and K and L streets north. Term* One hai ' ''ash; balance In aix months. 9iv down at aale Hiampe and conveyaaolng ?f hotti pn pertiee at ??rchtf?ri' cost title per ect. fe 23 t t* L. WALLS A OO., Aucts. JKHITII1!) BALB. In pursuance of a power of aala veeted In me hy a deed of trii!>t, executed to tae by Oam W. Viltbtl and Cornelia D Mitchel, bia wife, of Wash'ngtou city . District of Columbia. dated on tte ?'8!h dav of Angu^t. 1S39 and recorded in Li bar R B. P , No 3, folio J.'l. Ac. one of tneland re ords of Montgomery c unty. 1 will offer at prblic "aie and tell to tbe highest bidder, at M ker'e H< tel. In tbe village e* Ciarkaiurg. la Monti-ornery county. Md . suWCDN i?SD A V. tbo 2i tb oey of March, In the y> ar eigh.eeu hnn tred anof-lxty DtTtn at 11 o clock a. m. all th? follow li<* described real esr.ite. situ-ited in Montgomery county Btat?- of Maryland These lande He near Clarkahure. Montgomery county, an! adioin to* properly of BufiiaKlus;, Perry Browning B?ail H'all ird others One of the tracts it partof a tract <?f land called''Truunle Eno-i-h In lead." containing aix hundred aud sixty tM r?s ?f lua 1, itb<in?the same land heretofore conveyed bv Char lea Hendry and e lean r tleudry . his ?ife. to said George W . Mittb>l ' y deed da'ed oB thelStti day of Aland, 1* T e other beiugpart of a tra< t of lai d called tie*urv?y on Maple Br^a h. ' heretofore cenveyfdio "aid O>orge W.! by Arm b per, and containing thirty tive acre* of land Tbi- land ta under a rood ->t<tte >?f cnlti vat.on, ?lmated In a healthy ,-et^hh >r'u.i.d well watered and under \ery g??od fen ing Tb" nn pro v? men arontiitol t?o eotntoitale loirdwel HD0, (t?<-d aiahle. cot ij houa*-*. aud ather uer> s sary out- hmltiin**. also, f?ar no J tobacco h< n?ei Tbe abuve desci Ited tract is -u--(f-pt'bi? of hem* divided into two or three convenient I arm a I'er'on* wishing to l?K?k at the property can di so)t>y railing on M - Kin*, residing ontheltadwbo will take fleaai;re in it. 1 eraie of fBle One third of the porrhase mniey to be paid oi the day of sale, tbe residue oi the purchase tp.>tiey to be p?id in one and two* iri.m thf iUi of salw, th>- purchaser or parch.* sera givini; hia her nr their not*a. with approved seentily, tearing internet trom tbeda> o! sale On payment of the wholt purchuao uionry ? will We execot' d t>y tba trustee, tbo pirchx-r pa} ina expenses of prepar*?g thad eed aud at?iops JOUST WILLIAMS. Trustee fe 23 dta LEVI V A.N F"SBBB, Aact. BT NAULEA OO., Anctloneere. kaleeroom ho Penn. avenue, Between ith and 10th ata. NAOLS M CO will rIt* their paraonai attantlon to the aal>-of Be si gat ate and llotiaehold Ku nitore Alao. to tbe antes of atorka of Oroc?-rie<, Winee. Li mora. * 1 Merch-?ndiae of every de rri| tioa. llorses. CJarrlages. H >rriea?. Ac. Liberal cash advancaa made on tousigutuenLa. Begnfar Sales at oar salesroom every TOSS DAT. TBUB3DAY; and &ATPKDAY, at 1<> o'clock NAGLK&OO, a.. tf AeeWeeeerg. L EG All V OTICEs! IN TUB SIPUEMK OOLtti'UF TUB OldXKloT UP UOtiCMiilA, Tbta id day of Jauaary, liff, Patrick W bite and /ui. e* J . Joyce, conn lainaata, T8. t Jo??-ph Job neon. Mury Jf*hn ^ K^nlty No. WIT. eon, .loi'n M Hanson. John j Flyn and John Malone, de> I feaaaitta. lhe .bjeet of the bill filed in this caane ia to pro< ure a decree (or Ibe sale of certain p.eces or farce's of ground l> lug ?u<l being la Wa?ui' gt..n city. District ol O- niuitna, t>eing Lot A and p?rt .1 L?t 4. in ><jnare 1 ."40, to a:itisf> a aeht da?- oy de fendaat. Joseph J 'hnson. to the c -tnpiainanta. The t>tll sets fortx in aubstaa'-e that tbe 'aid Joseph Johnson waa indebted te said c uupltln ants In the autn of .fti7 atifor fooda Bold and deMvered by compUl'.unte to the said .loaeph -I hi eon. That at the tin<eof contracting lata debt t ie aald Joeei h Joha*<>n was seized aud p scoso-d of the aaid pieces or pa'C*|? of gr and, wbu b. while he a is a i lufiebteo, be irauo<.leiilly cuut*)e I to aaid Uefctd?nt. John >f. Hanson, ia trnat for ttio acle nae and f.*n> fl: of Mury Johnson wife of said JoeepbJohnaon. Tbatcon.platnaataobt?liiadjudgn ent ofeowlernnati -n of th* aaid pieces or pare la ot gronioi In and by virtu*of aB attactimaoi lasaed out f the c- mmon law side of thia c< urt ia (?v..r r l oor pl.-iirtentaaaaliist aald Joaapti Johi?*"ii aud , i rays ihat tb* *ald daed of trust Irom aaid Jsa .ph | Johnson ta aaid John . IlaBaon aa aforeaaiJ b* prodaced before the Court, and the tamo be cancelled Tbat the aaid complainant*, atter the laeamg af aaid attatbaient and the levingot tb* aame oa tka aaid piecea or parerla of grouud, aacertalued That the aaid detandant, John Klyn? claimed to haT* a liea on tbe aaid pleo*a or parceiaof around; that on aearckieg tua iaaa recorda af WashiBgtcB couBty. District of lien or dead ot truat was r*c*rded in aaid laaJ record!, but that after finding of tbe jurr and judgment of ccndamatloB o? tba aaid attachment*, the taid reroiia were again aearcbcd and a deed of trnat from *aid Jeaeph Johr.aon ta Joha Maione, toaecara John H>n for the aam of 91 dun. was fonnd recorded. Tbat the aaid deed of teuxt ?aa recorded nearlv aieven irontba after th* date tbeieof. ana over two month* after thelaanlng and leviait of aaid attachment, ' hat tba aaid attachment ia a prior lien oa the aisld piece* and pareeJ* of ground, before tba said dead of treat. Pray a a diacvverylof tba amount atllldneand unpaid on aaid d*ed of trnat. and praya a sal* of the aaid pie< es or parcel* of groned to eatiefy tba demaa ia of the complainant* and other creditors, aud for an injunrtlr n agalsataald defeadaate Joseph Jehnsoa. Mary Jobnaon. J'<hn U. Haoa^n, John Flyn and John Maione, and their confederate*. abea dtacovered, to restrain and prohibit them and tbeir agents and aarvaata from sailing or lis poaiug of. or in any manner farther Incamberl&g, the said piecea or parcele of gratind : Iti* thereupon tbiaJddayof January, ISC, adjudged ana ordered that notlo?of thlaault be aiyen to tbe aaid atm realdent defeaJanta, Joseph JohnBon. Mary Jahnaon. and John Flyn,by publishing a copy of this order In tba Evening Star, a new* Rper pnbllab. d In the city of Washington, In the atrlat of Oolnmbla, three timee a week for alx conaecatlva weeka waralng aaid non-resident de ferdants to be and appear, in person or by aoll. Ib r. at rnlea to be held In tba <<ftice of tbe Clerk of thia Court, on tba tint Tneaday af Jua*, A. D. Ittbf to answ. r tbe aallhtilof eomplaint; o'lier aUethe same will be taken pro coa/><.<e agstnat them Provided tbe Hrat publication of this order shall appear at lea>t four niontha before aaid first Tue-day of Jnna. 1*7, aua atstlng th* object aud snbatance of aaid bill of complaint. A. B. OLIN, As-o< iata Jnatlca, Ac. Atraecop* E J MKlOS. Clerk WM. J. MILLF.B, Solicitor for complalaaata. >B4 itaatw IN TUB OKI-HANS'OOI BT I'OBTHIOOON tY OF WAsHlNUTOB, IN TUB DldTBlOT OF CoLC M id A. Julia 11 Ad liai>n, gnardlaa to her minor aon, Charles Morris AJdison, having reported to trie court that in anrananoo of ita decree, ratified au 1 araroved by th< t?npreme Court of the Dietrict of r#lunibia. tbnt ?he aold the intere-t of her salt ward la the following property, ipingan t being in tbe cit/ of WaabiaKton. lo wit: That ! >? ?f J round altnate oa K street n-rth, known as Lot o 3.In Darldaon a aaldivislon of t*<iuare hi, in aaid tliy. to Cieneral Klrhard I?. t'utcs. an! that I nstead of comply ing with the terms of sal* b- has paid the wb>>le porch*** mon-y in cash, wlth jti threat fornix sad twelve months. In ail amount lug to *1.34* 30 it Is thia 6th day of February, 1*7. orderad by th* Court tbat said eal? be ratifitxl and contrmed an tha 26th day of February, A. D 1M7. auleas causa to tbe contrary be almsn oa or before said day Provided a copr of thlaord' r be pnbliahed in the National lntelli<ea ^r and Evening Star once a vwak for three ^acoea siva weeks prior to aaid day WM. P. P P EC ELL. lodge of the Orphans' Oonrt D 0 A true copy?Teat. JAB- B O'BEIBN E. fe 7 w3w Register of Wills. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That tba subscriber ha* obtained from the Orpliana' Court of Washing* n County. In the Diatrict of Columbia letters of administration <?n the personal estate of Cornelia* DoBovaa,lata or the United Stataaarmy, deceased. AU persona baring claims against the aaid da< ?aae<l. are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the voachere theraaf. to the aubecriber. on or before tbe Td day of Fehmary next: they mar otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit af the aaid estate. Given ander ? hand tbi* ?d day of Pabrngry. 18?7 ?IB8 MABTHA K JORIHiR, fa 4 lawSw* Administratrix. pOBl ABLE STB AM BNOIBn, Oomblalng the maxlmam of efflclency, duabllHy, and ecoaouiy, with tbe mlaimum of weight nd prlee. They ara widely and favorably koowa< mora than 600 being la use. All warraatad aatlalactory, or a* aale. Daaarlptlva clrculara aent oa appllcatloa. AddreaB , . _ J. 0. hbadlet A OO.. fa ? eo3m ^ Lawrence, Maaa. (P0.AL. IRON. AND OIL. or the Practical AmirV ,c?? Miner; beia? a guide to aarinlaos and mineral reeouraea. with aumeroua map* and illustratlons. Price f7.M. J* ? F BAB OK TATLOB. PROPOSALS. pBOPOBAL. FOB FBBBB B.?r. BowiiTUci oyrrr?, V. B. A., ) (Bsaref 109 Lonibtrd Klr?(t,i > Baltimore, Md . Feoraary 18, lAtf.i proposals, ia daplicste, will k* r*c?lr?l st ibis ffio* until 12 at. OB THUB8DAT Feb tt, 18f7. for ths PBBBU Bill r*iilr*d (ortuiaiply of ths troops. hospital and officers at Wlacbsster. Waat Virginia, for six month* fro u April 1.1'h7 er ink lees tiaa aa tka Oommisaery G?n aral of lik*lu?iM May dirict. 1 be Beef to te d*ll**r*4 at Winchester, Waat Virginia, oa the order of tbaOomaiaaarr or Act lag Commissary of liiiiiltataM bat place. Tba B*af to ba of gaod and marketable quality, la Nnal Proportion of fore aad hind gnnrter matt, (Berks. sbai/ks aad kidney allow to *e excluded ) Tba secka of tka cattle slaughtered aader tbia agreemeat shell be cat off at tka fonrtk wartebrel joist, aad tha breast trimmed down. Tka (banks of the fore quartereakall ba cut at fraia tbrae to fonr inche? above the kaea tatnt, aad ?f kind quarters from hi to sigkt inches above tba gambrsl or keck joint. Bidders are requested to be present Co rcspoad to their bids, and ba prepared to give bonds for the fulfillment of their ooutract Proposals most be endorsed distinctly " Proposala for Break Beef," and addressed to tba under sigaed, who reserves tka rigkt to reject any or all bids aot to the interest of the Baited States. Conditions, reooirsmeata. payments, Ac., as heretofore TBOM&8 WliiMH, Bvt. Liant. Col. and 0. 8 V 8. A., fe?it Bvt Brig Qea Yels. MAN UBS.? Proposals will ba received at tha tffticeof tba Washington A Georgetown n?ilr^d toiiipaBy, ?a? New Jsrsey aveaue. until .^tba rjth lastaot, for all tha MANtBBfrom the Stables of the Oo&pnny son* n? ct?d with tfce Central us pot. Bida will state the price per month. ./ !!* ','aformatloB ep?dy to JOHN B. BAYB8. Bupsrlntsndsnt. fe 21-td pBBBH BBBF AMD VQKTABLB6. _ BaVT DtPiRMIHT) ? Bureau Pr?v*ticns and C'otkinc, Feb 14.1S?7.{ healed proposals, endorsed Proposals for Frt*b Boat aad Vegetables," will lie eoeivsd at this Burean asiil 2o clo< k p. m on the _7'h day ?f February. 187 for tbe supply of 2d Out p.<nti**of FBhbU HBk F and tf.M" pounds of FBKBU VBUKTABLB8. at the WASHINGTON D. V.. FAV1 TaBI- ANDhTATION.asrejuirfd. The B?-ef and Vegttah en mu?t bo of to >1 jial It >, and th? b*>t tth- market afford*. an i ea h ar tirle mofl be offered 'or by tiie ponnl. Th? Be-<fto be ir e>iual prop rtions tors au i h'n I uuarters bonds with approved reoariry, will te required In ( Be half the eetiiaited amount of tbo onntr<i<t aod twenty per cant in addition will be witntiatd from ibf amount of each payment to be mat", ?s collateral security for thedne perform iBce of 'he coatra :t, wbicu will on no account be p %id until it Is folly complied wi'h Bvery oltrr made must bo arcompunied by a written guaranty. signed by one or m< re re*p>n siMe person*, that the bidder or binders will if his or their bid be accept"!. ent.-r into au >bligt ti?n witbin five days, witu &<>J and ?ulficieut sureties, t-i fnrnisb tho arti"l<-M pmp.rst-d. A 0 prurtsal tctll bf r^a" 7< rM tin V', a em nrinlnl Lk >m h tuaramy, a?ii Oy *t i*J i* tury ti-tk it the hidtitr ?.? a ftmar ihaUrr in th * c fro poyr.djOT, and kits t/U liCtnst rtquir<*t hy ail ul (on grrss. The I*epartment re*??rve"i the ri^iit to roiect %n> prfp"?al not considered advantageons to tbe Gov eminent. It is to be nndersioad that In cas<- the atl pulated qnttntity <d either article ib iil >.e deli i-ered, leav it g a balance dne on the oiber article, tne con tract maybe ron?id*r?-d a^ rfflr. dieted iu full, at tte option of the Oopai tn>eut. ja is lot H BKIDGK. Ui lef of n ireta. PBOPU6AL3 FOB ABMY TBAN8PUBTATION. Ouartkbmastkh Okn sral*s Or res, / ^asiii>;T<>> Li. O.. January 16. I8>? ( sealed Prop< sals will be iecelved *tinl*? :iee until 12o'clock m. on the W?h of Kebrnary, i*;?, for tbc transportation >f Military Supplies doriu^ tbe year comtnencint; April 1 I'v;?, and undiug March ij, lty.a, on the following route*: BOUTS Me. 1. From Fort Mrpti'i ~oo he*raika Territory, or snch t arts as way re ot-termii.rd upoa Curiae the >ear on the Omaha branch of the Tnion Paclhc railroad, *e?i of Fort M< PUeraon cr from i-ort Laramie, Dakota Territory, to such po^t? or de pots as *re now or may be e?t? tot lifted m the Territy o N*bi a-ka. wesi ..t longitude I 2 d?-g , in the Ter.iti>ry of Montana, ?outti of' Ittltudn h deg.. Ib the Territory i iiakeia went of i ingitnde loi deg , la the Territory of Ivlaho, s ni-ti oi latitude 41 deg . and east <?i longitude lit de/ , and m the Territories of L'tah ar-d Oo'ora<i<> m :th of !atifnde 40 deg , inclndlng If necessary, Denver City. KOLTK ^o. 2 From Fort E:!ry. Ms'e t-f or soch piiinta a* may bed teri-ltiedci n u u ri lgthe >e%r on the L'wlon Pacifi' r?ilroad. 15 1 , t - bo> p?,t? ?>r dep< ts ihat art-nov or runj be > ?tabl:shft'l in th* hta'a of h nnsxs "r I 'i the Ter-ltnrv nf <Viiorado s ?uth of laU'ude 4<I 1 <?' ?* * : rt i. >.ni t > For I nion. hew Mexico, '-r depot tuny be deaigaated in thai Territory, aad tc any other point er p^lats on tbe r> u'?> BOU TK Mo. 3. Frogs Fort I'ni. a or su< b other dei>ot as asy be e^'abiirh'd in ihe Territory oi Blew Mexico, to any poits i>r ?t?tiof? that are. or aiay he et'B'iI itiied in that Ten i tor y an-i In f net; potts or stations ag mai be designared in the Territory of A r|y.< na, and in the ginte of Texas west of Ijnfitud* ll?<teg. BOOTB tic, 4. From St Paul. Mmnes' ta, to such pasts a are now or ma> I nn,; i-?..o u, ihe btata ?.f Minuesota and la th t? portion *f Dakota Territory lying e at of ihe Misionri river. Tbe wfi|jht t' be trau?p?rted daring the year w 111 ii'.l urt-td < u Bo i re So i, Su,m?l utSi pouti it : on B< nte No. 'I Ju m.0 K?xi ponnds ou ft' un Bl i 3. ) ' lu U<o pouiui., ai.d on U^ute Mo. 4, S.eoo ooO pounds. Proposals will be made for each roots separately. Bidders will itate the rate per 100 ponnJs per loo miles, at which they will transport tbast >r s tL'.-?*ck,j DJ?i,th ? ? * '? b?giuniBg April 1, 186., aad eitdiag March SI, ld?s Bidders should gite their nsm?i ia fall, as well as their] places of residence, t?nd cach pr"p .-?l Should be aceouipanlad b> a bond in tba sum ->f tea thousand dollars, signed by two or j k. re responsible persons, guaranteeing thtt In ra e a contract i? se ar led for the route men , tioned in ti.e propcs'il to the party proposing tii? contract will be accepted and entered Into, and g->od and sntficient STurlty furnished by said party in aocerdaace with the terms of this advertisement Tbe cv?tractor will be required to give bonds in the following amounts : On Bonte Bo. 1, 000. .On Bonte No 3, ?-Oa Bo?te No 3, 100.000. ? _ Ob Boots Mo 4. to <00 Batlsfactorv evidence of the loyalty end solvency of each bidder aad person offered as security will be retired. Proposals must be endorsed " Proposals f 'r Army Transportation on Bonte Bo 1.2,3, or 4." i as tl.-s case Bay be., and noce will be entertained unless tbsy fully comply with ths re^uirsnients of this advertisement. The party to whom aa award is mads most t>e prepared toexesute the contract at once, and to give tbe re^nired bonds for tbe faithful of tbe contact The right to reject any or all bids that may be offered Is reserved The ooatractors on each ronte roust be in readiness for service by tbe 1st day of Aaril, ltk>7, and will be repaired to have a place or business or ageucy at which he may be communicated with Piamptly and readily for Boute Ho 1, at Omaha, B. T . for Benre No. I, at Fort Riley. Bansas; for BouteNo 3 at Fort Union.New Mexico.for Ronte N? 4. at Saint Peal, Minnesota, or at sach other point for each of the several Bootes as may be indicated aa the starting pelat of tbe ronte. Bleak fornsehowiBg the cenditlsus of ths con tract to be eatered into for each ronte can be bad on application at this office, or at ths office ef ths Quartermaster at New Yiwk. Baiat L<<nia, Pert Leavenworth. Omaha^Bsnta Fe, aad Fort Baellisg. aad must aocompaoy and be a part of tbe proposal. By osdsr of ths Quartermaster General. A IjE X AN BKB BM38, Brevet Colonel and Assistant jt IS SCt Onnrterssaster. 0. 8. A. 0Ua KTKhMAHTRR GkNI SALS UtK CK, I y O., February 22. ltio7. < POSTP?<NAM thT O* OPRNINO OF BIDS _w BOB IBM* TBAN8POMTATION. a OKDtftfr of the proposals for Army Tranaportati' d in?ited bf a iv^rtts^rn'-nt fr?ni this o0i? e of Jsnnarv is, lsj; is hereby ext. i.aed to 12 m , of TBDB8DAT, tbe 7th day or March. |(J67. By order of tbe Quartermaster General. ? . ALKXaNDBR bliss, J ? ?Del an<1 Apsistaat Quartermaster, D. **rmr. fe 22-td hX PA RIM It NT Or TH I INT BUIOB, 17 UN1T&VSTA TKS PA TEAT OFFICE, n. ^.M?< """'Mtoiii Jaunary 23,1IW7. ai? B of JOIIM TBBB ol Lowell, fLW.C - extension of a patent g 1 anted to klm on the 10th day of Mav, lM3rfor an Improvement In Knitting Looms for Vr" from the expir.ttot of said patent, which takes plnrs on the loth day of May, 1AM: ?. d ort*r,Hl that tbs said pksttlon be hsard at the Patent Offlcs en MO(|?AYVthe ?d day of April 12 o'clock Skk.aul.iKl Betsons are notified to appear and ahoW*xj|iisev I? anv tliev have,why arfpetltioe ovghtjaot to be granted I ersons opposing the extension -a-e required to se ' ^rt^i n^irt^^Cat^elit?l|to^^d'ar?,befors tho day of Carina; all t^it1ru<?oy ^fled Sy etthov and t Jan.nilttir'lih8MU ,h#ariB* ?Ust be taken atiu transmitted la act-ordance with the rule* oMhe efice, which will be rnrnlsh^ on.piuc. LeposKlons aad other nap?,rs relied ne?n testimony must he filed In ths office ttesw?^ll?

t-elore the day of hearing; the arirome^ W? k for tbroS ilCc^^lTi ttou^i : tha ft rat nf laiH Thsila/of h'esrlng."* U-t 'Ut' -"?rerious to P. B.-BOltors of tbe^a^^' '?"W o^?ts. copy, ar.d send theirbills to?theIauMOrtfce^'witk a paper containing this Botloe^ ;a 3^*w7w ^^2r\Es?xaa UPBEOHKS AND ADTKK88BS OF IlVlH? **'^LA\18 Colorado, a Summer Trip- br Bayard Taylor The Claverlng. a Novel; by iVoN lope. Ti e Village on tha Cliff; by Miss Thack. /*? J W'? Marriages: bythe author of J oha Halifax. Pickwick Papern, Diamond Bdltlon 1 * 15 FBABOE TATLOB. D'mil"J.% uS!Lr~u ?s*voa ISfJos. ; GOVERNMENT SALB3. I cm ?r wiipBHT aoibiinm. m , HiUpfnn Djgmrtwi?i ?/ VvtiaiMH. ) w(1.. * ?E? ;i5"~ ""ir*"V*'? ?i *55 AIl*Lb/"Arr 17 * 1? o'clock no a atta?h?. <'" ? ,> ?*fl fe.t, with shad 1 Officers'ysorters, i fT*?*e,> rtx* feet 1 Barrack ('I ? I Wxli M. 1 * * Mowae. (frame fcixLs feet. 1 Leg Buildieg, lattfeet. Alw, At a oV'eck ?. jr. Ml the IIM day, at Fort Mcrtoa, Vt ralata** a?t?ruli ceaUlaed In o*e 1 H"?b proof Buiidl??g. i?n?n feat. *3aafc, U*T*riia?iit fuads. and tea days >1 loved for r*ao??l of property, M. I. LDllIMOTOM. Brerrt tf ig (}? ., ,. , ? < CJhlef Qaarti>rmM'*r, , l?p> tawt tf w??iimt.'i. QOVERKMEBT BUILD IBG MA ?*rt?^tof W?fci??u,n ?heSiSJSS-Sl sell at tbe city -if Balt?*?re ,t f?/5y;? * k.n .oota Md? ar the b?.i0. ?,7T(*is PAT:j?wail W l*<.the Minwln* do cr??>jd sacand hwnd Building keterUls. to wit K.fM> feet (Mora or leeaj 0?i"?rf< ' w,t 6.U1O f m I a ora or leee ) *.?nt ilug. 1 tut Latlii. 1 lot 8mL Wtlyhti S I'oaea Hinges ?ud Screws. 1 lot W ater rt pe 1 lot W mdow hnd Door Pru?, 1 let l oore aid tHmtters. Terms ; Cash, la i^wtibuivni funds, oa day of sale * Two days allnw-ed ta remove pttrch**** bale to be conducted by Adreon. Tl.eoi.ia A ?'o Autlionetra, ha. It South Charles ~ti??t. A. S. HI M BALL. Captain aa* A. Q M . V . S. A., fa 21 -4t Depot <4a?rterin?*u-r. Build is os at conv a lescbbtcam p at A L Cv 1 Off. t*i</ (jmarttrmasttr't Qfic*. Depot nf i Wcunt**<<>*, iV C. Keoranr. !?. H.7. f ?.fiT.?0roer of 'he Ou^term i-ter U?*ne: ?i, tne t millings at Convitleso** t Chimp. i??t*-<Mi i,,o L DC Bridge ami Alexa dna. will be * ,| | He an' Don cu TI E^D A \ , Marco ^ dh ler ' ?< ?i<I/' vti-ioti of Brctai Lient. c ol .1 nie- A St > .-? A W M. t?<?ie ta roiiiiii-a<x' at 10 o'clock Ti.ei-e bufldlii*" roaipr1?e Kar a. k4, f, Mao* llottaea 2 H.jfc^ia1 Wa d? -nor. 1 L^undry. 11 Uouta t Uffi<?a. 2 f>Ut.| i Shf-I <[>| fett1* w,l4ch *mr' 1,1 altel rota 7*^0 fevt to 25*1,3 HnlldiiiK* will he anld aingly Teitua: ''ahIi, In (<on rin.?< t fm ilt. Fill, en da> e from d ?r? >?f aal? will 1>? granted purcuaaori- to reuio**- their bniidliiM> CH as. H TuM KKIS3, Bre*at Rrl* O^t, l??rr y M ?i?n?'Hi f?0 21i Act'gUhlefQ M L'i5i>. w | M?\ KBhaiNl t*A^LE at CHARLEsriiS, Tbf following Ordnan. a Property will ?,? <01-I at public aacliow ?t tlM Cali-il Sta*?"- Arnon tl ? ba.laat. B a C ou MOADAV, M >r h "w cvniiiieiiring at in o'i U?ok a m : a bout ^0t? uet ton* < CanD in ) "a?t Iron. a i ant nrt ton* S' o*. Sfi< II. A<*., < about oaeha r aye valtinble a.->fi uirtal tttac.ha.1 At.not |ni tt-ii* L-artoo Mt?ll Ah ut ):. tob* !?cra(? Wrought Iroa Abeut i'a tona >*r.ip itrai>?. Copper. Ac. t.;7 j* nortfD Arti'iory Carriacoa. iron?4. l.*(i \Vv?d?-n Ci?a>>?ia. lrou< d Ahcut T.l? OnTnlry s?d?lt'a. 7M) Bridle*, 8 ?10 ' r*J'|d<e Hoxea, and aijnatitity ut otli?-r Leather W O! K 1 large Hand Fire Eogiae, (built by Acnew, Fhitartaipbta.; About 1,.?U barrels C'nsertlce<ible Towder Al-o. ? Ur^r <|ii?utit) of oth?*r Property, c<?a imliig piincir*1^ or Mnaket Appendage, R?^ A<-p- tupli uicnta. Nia?? T o|? Ac Ar. 1 erms l'?-hoD th>' day oi bhU, in United St it?< cnrr?iacy. Amp e titno allowed for the rem<>Tal of Property ai i he el piratioa ml win. b that not removed will revert to the l>?y<-i liment By authority cf Chief of Ordnanra r H ?'\KKB3 Capt Ordoanre and hyt Maiur. U S A , fe'.i nAuitd Comma'KllHK Cliarlt-atoa Arsenal. I ^arqb sals or abmy clothing. D-pot (fiiirttr*nm>trrfs 1 . Raltimnri. Mil. February C. Ift? S be Boil! at rubllc A tion ta the ity of I'anmrre. at Oo?erhinert .*r. -nhm<e, No 12'< South hatjw mieet. on WID.NIHOAY, 12 H . > t i oar> 27, 18 7 a lot of . ABM* CLOTUINO. ccn*l(tlnK of 3,47- MKW YOBK HTATB M? KITS of pHitera, aud oth^rwiao uLauiiad for b?U?to tr^opx Py reason of Ita long retention in utora, the material la in *ome iuataicra more or I eat dim Hp* d Tbe *a!" will take |>lace in lot* to ?uit purchaa* ra latins C**h, in tioycrunifut funda, ou day of a'e T bree day a allowed to remove pnrch tae*. By otaer of the ivu*i tarrn ?ater (leucml A B. tlMtMUL. Capt4in. at?d Aaiiitaut Quartern,?ater U.S.A. Dopot <7u?rteruia,ter ADBEON, THOMAS A CO . Mo. 1"? t>outh Charlea street. fe8-l#t a . 11 .ii-* J MPOBTAST SALK OrjlOVEBNMBNT VBd I)*pnt ^*?rfrmn?f?r'i QlJt", I nnlittnort, i11 . Jtnuary ? , 1^7 f Will be ?f Id at puullc imtl n. at the pert of U*t T?rLwn/v<l K ?? ?"l'i,, THUB!>DA\ II M . K?Sruary 28. 18S7. the bUl'^AU allii AUtJiL a'i'AAMfcii UOSMO F'JLITAM, Of 7/!? ton*, length, 2i-i f?et, fcr- adth of be^m 11 leet depth ol hold, It teat, cylinder, to lucbee and IX leet ?troke. A rare opportunity I* afforded to th?- aalo of ttiis Bteanier to per* ua deaitiug to purchase a reallv hfBt Cla*? Tefaf I. ' Sbei?of lliiht draft th>-engine and boiler* are In nio?t ea< e|lent condition, and the bull perla t ly ?onnd hihI Btronf. It Ih beliey?<> that f?r *iie atd btilld tbe Co>nop' l.laii aurpaeaeB any ve??el l.ltbeitj otTerad b? Govkrnmebt lor ^ale at thia port Terma cath, in Government fundat ou day of aale. k urtber particular? may be learned upon appll. r-atii n totbe under sigt eo or tu the Auction-era Mfere ADBkuM , TllOMAU A CO., Bo. IS. B> nth Charlea -treat. By order of tha a ar term aster Oeneral. ? , , A 8. KIMBALL, ? , Captain and A (J. M., 0. 8. A.. fal-24t Depot Quartertaater. ^OVKBBMBST BALB Tb* property known aa the "GOVERNMENT TABNEBV AND BTEAM SAW MILL? ' ?itn B'vent> fiYB acre* of iaad, near .San Antouio Texaa. t bailed Propoeala, In dapllcate, will be received up to the 1st day ol March, IS .7. for the pa rename 01 seventy Are acr-a ot land, more or leaa. tutfetli; et with tbe boliuinga erected th?reon. and the aapurtenancea j?jat U to say Containing TW ELVE sTHNE LIMB TATB, FIFTY TWO WOODEN V\TS, ' v. r ? ? SEVEN STONE POOLS, and capable of tanning irteen thousaad hidaa per annum. ONE STEAM SAW-MILL, capable of sawltut three thonaand feet oi lumber daily. OWE SMALL STONE UUfLltTWG. Tbe above property la attuated about two nillea ah v? Sau Antonio, on tha Ban Antonio river, aod the water la coaducled to the eatablishment by a race of hewn stone, laid io eme?t lb? land was purohasel uai improvetnents made hy the Ute to-called Confederate G?Teru meat, and are estimated to have coat SiaO Ouu in (aid. Theproperty has been nader leaae for the year 1M4. at a monthly rent of 9^10, payable in ad ance A aecurtd title in fee aimple will be tlven ly tbe United StateaOovernBeut Proposals will be marked "Proposals tor Ooy. ernment Tannery and 8av Mill.^and addressed to ? J. B KIDDOO. Bvt. Maj?r Gen . As?t Com. Borean B . F and A. L., Galreaton, Texas. jail S7t ?0LUMBIA hospital fob wombjT" LY1NU IH AB7LUM, Fourteenth street,(sircle,)corner af M street, Washington, D. 0. This Institution has been established for tha reception of aatlents who may be anffaring from dlseaaea pecnnar to their sex and for the admtB?ioa of ?noh females as may require tha ooafarts ol tha tylbC in chamber. The building is sltnated In the moet healthy pardon of the District, surrounded by its ova grounds. Oars pasa the door every five ml no tee Ternn of admieaion : From #6 to ?10 per week leal aad Surgical attendance. ID.OAT STAFF. bubgeon im OHIEF. .... J H THOMPSON, M D., CO N S U LT1 EG1 V HY^fc I Ai?S*AN D*S U EG EONS. uiPtSd fciffif8- " D Jos KILEY.M D., Georgetown. THOS. MILLER. M. D , Fstreet. WMhlagt*>A Y. P. GAkNBTT. M. D , New York avenae. ^ P J0HMSTO1I. k. D , Waehingtoa. SS D ' ?^>r*etown. F. HOWARD, M. D., F street. Orders for admlsetoa to th? free beds In this Eospltal,(of which there are 90.) can be obtained of tbe Bargeea ia chief at this office, 194 I street, or of any of tbe Medical stair, aad of tbe Rev*. On. Hall. Onrley, Gillette, and Ooombs. Wivee aad wldoweaf soldiers desiring adtalsslea will apply to tbe Surceon Oeaeral, United Statee army. PMleat" living at a dtetaace vhe desire to eeme to tbislastltntloo for treatment can secare private room- by applying by latter to .the matron of the boapijal. 7 " A. 9. OIiIbTTE, D D , jm W-aoly^r Presldant. (TBOMAOB DB BB1R, r MBUF0BATEL, SAP BAOO, PABMBSAB, XHOLIaa I>A1BV CHEESE. *?AM, HEW YORK CBB4II, KORTOB'S PIBB APPLB, _ _ .I.01'*0 AMBBiOA. *. W. ED BO HELL, . corner Fourteenth and F streets J* M under Bbbttt Honee. I^BOEPTIOE LCXURIBSi ' ^ 4net received, a large variety of artlolee eel*cted yarttetlarly far tbe eessiag reaeatien sea*> . b. m. * *irot *7o*. AaM n? Kin* Plaoe, ** * ?. aad US st. f , bailroa'mj. 1 um, bbbbijywla muti 1^7; to ti?rs55!^iknrre aidsobth_ . wurres shidulij a*di a?tar immter is. to*. tekm will ttmmlotciahla?u>a.....j mi. ml Batt>aaore iui a | " j * i _ u 1? i. m thb BitfUftLa tb\ok'mocrrli vittllMANTIOlHir. Falasa state room I MI ? < V(hi Otn *MiM4ini laironattti, I in nrlii frM fnr to l*?k* kum li Um o??f i tr y otltor ink. Tm haa-lred aailee ?ki to , WMtoTl Ur Oeatral k?? fuiJi Two pally Tralaa to tk? Wirt. _ * - ? Worth. | Through from r*HlBor? to hoc hut ib Bad PmiHFIOBwtthMtchaM* pmwt|t?ri by 1mb rum* (run BMdaort have i um? advsatageof miim t)l oto?f is ci ion dbpotb. a?<l aeTkBElES i Tickets b? thle m o can k* yrcaand at the of Bre comrMh rtrwi and fwmjlttnlttthi*, j under the maoenal Hot-1. where retiable iafor ! matioB will he at All times. puwatfti r?rurtft( tl?t*u at this office oaa wtnr* Mrwiiodiilon la Bleep tat Cara for el Ira or Plthkarf. b. y wile ips, Tlohst Agant. weahiagton. d. 0. id. b. tuuis, oea Pan. iiaal, Baltimore, d. 4*1 If ( htheoioh Lim Birviu washington ' 1 ^mulabblphia anbnbw yobe. _ . _ . wam* 1 , Jaa.j. 1m7. Tralaa batvaaa wa*h>agt?b aad Haw York ora aow raa aa fallow*, tk fob *1w t orb . aitboat cbaage of ears. 9 ? (*xc*'< Snnday? at 7 ?? a m aed | fob new yore.chaagla? cava at PhllaAal- 1 phi a. Leave daily (?xoept tiandai i at 11:1ft a. a. aad iNr.a. por philadelphia. Leave dally t except 4nn<iay (at 7:ManlU'.l> a. m . and 4 30 ami s..w p m on scnoai Leave far Naw Turk ?n<* Philadelphia at :? p. a only. | Sleeping cars tor New lark ua 110 p. m train i (bally. Vhioash tukeia u l'ui?aelplil? baa York or bc-^on, cau be had a: tbe ;t atiec Ofllee at all houra , In the "!ay a* well t* at the new ufflce |-? the bankers ? i?j Rr k-ra te!e?-?ph l?o?*, j'* Penn. | avi dqf, * !*? # '.tti aid /i a a?reeta. t>e Baltinii re and Ohio Railroad a4vert!*?'n??nt for schedule betaeei. wuhla?t??, Baltimore, ABuaaolU, aii< Hie West j , i,. \* ILS<?n , mas'er of Traneportatioa. l si i Oil 4-'ier*l tul 't a?ent geo 8 koovt/., Agent Washington. oc *>- tf 1jaltim0be and ouio bailboad, 0 w a^hijiwtom. Jan e,l*7. z~mi -pes Trma- w^shi n<; ros and balt1m? be **i?t washington a?*o the wbst are now rr.n aa ?niUw?. vis r?'b balttbobb Leave 4a>ly. eacapt 8anday. at 7 #o, 745, and h it a ai., and h+, aad ? jo au*l ? "0 p a. rob all wa \ stations l? are ilaflr, rireat Bnnday. at 7 jo a. a . and 1 til au l 8 00 p in roi. a? k>l atlors -*ol th o* ann apolf8 junction Leave at i'll and 7 ?) a a., and at i 9< aoB 4 to ? ni pok annapolis l eave at 7 f a m a t ? p m No tratni to or from Annapvlla od snp<1ay o n m/ > lm i. rub baltimurb. Laata at / 46 a m an t t an : 1 uo p na. pom w a v sial o'ns. laa^e at 7:45 a ni.. a-i? : nu *u<1 4 *! p. e?. fob all pakts op the west Leave daily, aicapt tiaaday. at 7> aod 8;u> p Ml. Ob&nu(ja> at 2 uo p m ubly.ronnoctina at Belay St?iiou with Uaioa from Baltimore 10 m h?elli|. Purl>er>bnrg Ac. ttt b' >1 Gil riOhlTS lv tae be nad at > the . akhlimv n diation Tickat uffloa at all h >or? 1 It) rite any . a# well a? at tu? urw offica of the h?bker and brokers1 talcfliauh Lina. 31* Penn a*eune, between *'.th utl 7th atreetn Por New Yoik Pnila lalobla. and Boaton, aaa at ^?rtlr? meiit of "ThrewkL Line " j. l wilson. *a*t?r (?f Transportation l b o'-naral t'rket Aaeut. oc *' tf geo. 8 koobte. Agaat Wa-hin. toa Hi i jon kiveu anu bailboaus ? On a d a'ter momi'ay. n * i9, | tr ?iua for Albany au?l Trcr. ' imiik'tiii *ittj i hat thern ai.d Wastarn trains, will leave naw y trs i a<t tollna a : 6am Bspress tram via hai*nn Riser Railroad. 1 tli sr and lotli iv . thr-uwii to hu't-lo anl ta*r?ii'bl'*a Bri<ik-e ?jihi'ot cuanre of cars and onnet 1i1 p ?t Troy ?ii b ri ai a lor Saratoga, RutUud, Bnrllr foil an4 Montreal l? a in Bxr'e*s an<1 Mill trala via h><dsoo r??.-r failr?.ad. ronnectlfie it al'-aay with Wastern train", ai><l at true with ?r?lni f??r Nortti. ii a in Rxpr^aa tiala sia Harlem r.llr al, loth -t.anriatb ? .. con?aci|riM at chatham with * e? t* ri. Railroad for Lebai.oij spring-, pitt-'i^d, . Ac .at AH.sht *1 h Uent?*rn train*, and at Troy wi'b 1 raius lor Saratoga Rutland, Borlmftou and ' Montreal. :t:<a p in express train rla Hnd-on ritt Rail- | r nd < oBhrctias at 4|l>*nywltb vk'set-ra trains, and at troy with train* for Mont/aw. with sisey- j iun car attecl-ed 4 l.*> p m Kipreaatrain r|? Har em Railrciad, j ro: eotiiic at c:iataani ?ith Western ra lr.i*.i f .r i l'b.mon Sp-itka. i'nt-rteid. 4r.. at Ait>auy wita ' \t -te: u ram* and at Troy witli train* for ret land. Barliretou aad Moatraal bleeping cara at- 1 tacbed at Albany ',.s0p m t"aln na Uud*oa River Bail- ' road, with l-epitiucare attached, a id thron^nto BnRalo aud (oiyciisiou Bridge wtthoat chan^q <f car*. Also, steeple* car every day ?xcepiin? Sa'arda> a attached from Bew York thrnnsh to ( KdeusiMira without ctiaone, via Btxpa. w. aod o. 1 Bailro t*. Ooiii.rct'nn lor lroy will be atodr. at Bast a lbaay This train will ran <111 Saudsys 11pm Train via llaiusoa Biver Bail road, with aleepius car atia?h?>1 cwaaectiag at Aibanr with . early tralna l**r buffalo ar.d so-t^naioa Bri tge and at Trey with trains far BaraU>ca aod pointa Berth. a huaday train will ba raa via Uodaoa bir?r Ball road fiom New York to Pongiikeepsie and latermed)ate aiatlona leasing Naw York at 0 w a 1 b>. Returning, leave Paoabkeeyaie at 1.45 p aa , arrl\ing ia Nevr York at t? is p ta Also, a Hnoday trala via Harl-m Railroad, lesslag 4Sri atrsot at <<a. ai-. aud arriving at Millertoa at 3 m p a. Retnrafng. leave h1ii< rtoa atip. n?., aril viae fa Bew York at us'a a> wm. h. YAHWBRBfLT. jblt v^vca President. Rrea"w "?re to : aysllbbs qoibq booth. twiol ' AlLY,(8*nday p. m. a*ae?tad.) The quJck st aad moat direct roata to Bletaaond, Ta , and th Soath *ia *? potom** teamen from Sixth Strvet Wharf. ??& ? Waahlugtoa. to a?aia Oraek 1 Richmond, Prederlckatare and Ppt<>mac ballad, bow entirely omualatad from A<jr1? Orae* to Kickmood.Va, ooiuaecang there arltbtralaaoatbeBlch* mood and Petarsbarg and Blcfiaaond and Danville Bali road a, for Peterabarg, WeWon, Wilalngtoa Balstgh, Greeaarhoro', Saltahary, Ctarlotto aad ? Steameni Beyport aad o TaaderMIt l^asa Blzth Street Wharf dally (Sunday ? v. b1 ng e?capted) at t.m a. m. and 7 pm. and arrive In Blokaoftd ai 1 45?.?. aad s Ma m. through to eioh ?ohd i* b1ybh hoobs. flft/ Ml lee Shorter and *>? hoart Quicker Utas Ba aara gat Tbrun?h Tickets Via Aacia Oraek aad Prederiokabort, to Biabmoad, Ocmpaay'a Ottce. coruar ^ paan^ ara?ai? itr??t, or on botrd of th#botti. " gftf? cqwipc tha?'ivuaeee aad Baggage Wagoas will ba to readiness to ooavey paeeengaW sal ikatlmi batcsbslsstbsf-^i-y ^"oueff"4 verdon^add oily base aa o^tnal(y of slsiUng I9v?ril bittU A?l4i BMf Frid^rlckiluri by itop pin* at that poiat . . . bobo'matvu/oli^^wa-hi^ton. d o. o- e^battingly, Ticket^ a? ?-lp geaeral Passenger Agent. Potomac tbabspobtatiom lalBB. hotiob to bhippbbb. The Steamer bxpbbss, Oa??. ?. a. bttubr. laasaa waaktaBtoa at la Ai" - ?t*^ AXindHft At 7 ft* B* KVftiii dAT* ssS3?: " '"? ?siK'?vKl^sa. pbotbotbd rtovaiw.- patant of Bulaad, aad aacarad by the aaala of the Boole de Pharmacia de Parts, aad the Imperial College of ha*tit>ae, Vlaaaa. Trleeamar ho 1, 1a the effectaal naaedy tor BaUxatlon. Mparmattwirrhoea, aad BxhaosOon of tha Byatam. Trleeamar Ho. 1 Iwaseatirrty eaparaedad the naaseoas aee of goaaslat onkubj. aa, Trlseemar Ho i Is the infallible remedy vir all a purities aad Secondary Symptoms, thua obslkg the aaa of maraary aad all other datoterloaa infc2h KoparatloB la la tha formal a most acrosable LoMnga Secured from tha ?fff?to of cMHJByWvJS?r.AS2srfis;: *vhsliaal? aad retail by Dr. babbow, bo 194 by aobebbl ahd oodpibh. hood pouadslaigaSH6BBOODPISH. S barrels Ho. 1 i ao k reel Jaat received aad for a?u at h.^5 * fait If Baseuth at. p bbownbson. loot at ftawm? aa. w 0vaaabimi0|> Merchanto, dali-tf Ho. 46# Ninth st . Wet. b and p._ rpbb obbat bebbllion by John Minor 1 Botu, blj0 Character aad_fharaotorlstto ths'oijdl^w^v hyvirkloa^ j.ib^MiaU. Tfaaati. lauqi, i ] railroads fnw.i. HBA|>?hG K4ILKU1D I At7??BJl,.N? ACKOM?OD4T!O?8 i .tu.?* *,?r * *m ommim* i.?jai."&u'1r,ir?,r " *?? --?" Attn. "P*""1* BXPBBS8. liaasport, Blaira. ? if - " l*o. ^leatowa. 1L *#e Hiftrfuwi M* IT 9 TM? Irttl (OllbKII ai tlA |>{V(] anti ik Mai Ir Jl U.Tu. fcr a ?M W?b the UtMon V**.toALTBrViSj bnrg.Ac ; at POBT QLllTul iL iuSST*' Mall road traina for ? II/r<fVA'*|f ' Aimlre. Be ; at RABit I If. Yo C? atral, Cbb berland Valley And Sah?.iX?^I2 SM?>.kuM ?ralae tor llanisport, York. ChMnt*r*bura. Finely*!' irTlBioon ixriai.1 Lmvw Philadelphia >t p ,u f?r . PtlUriiie, Uurl*?r>. Ac , Beading and Columbia Bellioad traiaa f^rCol^M lit, to WVI1W. BBADINO ACCOMMODATION 1?*B?BS Heading at e sn a aa , stopping at all we* Station*. arrives la Philadelphia at W ?ti a a 1 BeiarniM. laava* PhiladeijAia at ?.? , * . airim in beading at r Ai a n. *" TraiM ter PMlsaelpble leare Harriefcarg at % >a fotuvin. at S AS a m a,, ,!,, ', I hnadelphiaet IV p m. A-t rnoon train* lea, J Her nalurg at I l > m at< Pnttaville et t ?i . ai, arnvii.g at Philadelphia ate aft ? Harri?burg ace. lumodeiioa iaevee Beading ,t TJOanr. and Her naburg at I Id a. m. Gotiae. i wK* Alteno-a Ac. oaam.-.ieti. a ?l* 9 n, m" rriTln? ,n I'hliedelpfala at I Mil kM Trtln. with t mv Aft*Afcs*?4 i !**%* PhlUdtlphta at II 4* o<ot. for %n { all way alatUba. leave* Keadta.* n^TaTi!* All the eb< retrain. mii daily, Bondarsegcepel C'*' *1 Train l*aw Pottaiiile at g a m V Philadelphia at J i? p ru.; Iran Philedeii at* f'? Wading at s a m . returning ft on " ii 1114 at? ja CHEfcTBB VALLET RAILROAD. rar?erg>rs lor Do a l.iagtow L and mttrmrH j.. point* t?ke tbe T W aH 6 16 a n. a* d 4 Vc, tiai t>a froiii Philadelphia rctnrolbi froiu Di>? iuiitov at 7 a ni. at.d H W a?oo. HEW *UBK BXPKf.SS KOB PITTTSBUEuh AND TUB W AST Utl Lmtm Hra York at 7 W a 11. au1 S a m . ,a.. Ing ilea- It a at 1 M, II AJ a m a?4 I 4'a m . b*' fir ni rig Kiprf>! Train leaveg ? arrival of t r 11 ii?y' rai la Exprvaa fro*u PltuT. at J nt?d * ?5 a Bi . P 1A p ai raa?t ui ' 4 ?y aud 1VJ>2 a a? and l| SO p m arrt^nU*%t hr? Y. rt W a a,UU' p m. ??.pt?^,*i h.c. n raMH.g fhe.a traiaa Uir?Mi?rh tn-taaaa J*L* an 1 Pl'tabargb. muL?ut oaauil * T~ M?tl train fi r haw Y<.rk leave* UaTriaburt >t vlf'f ? train for Harrlat nig UavaaBcw York at i: noon " * fcC-rfLEILL TALLBT BAILEUAD Tiama lea%e P<.itavi!la at 7. U M? n. audr ^ X u. . roromiBg from la&a iaa at 7 Ji a m ? 1.4" aad 4 It p. m. ' ? Bi bW V Lb ILL ANI^ HPnycEHABIN.\ BAIL Tralna leave A abort, at 7 Ma. m for Pln^rorai d ti.rilaburg, and ?t i.Au p. ui,, lor fmatrr .v? at.d Iraniont. letn.alag Iran. H^rriabarltixa^ P iu.. aiid f,am T.en.-nt at : it a. m and j P* ?U. ' A ^ , f" reiqht v Oo^?? rfall daatriptioua forward*! to all tha * al o*. p, fnra fro?) ti,e t-? ii.paii? g ti?. rVJi-?? I'*!'*!, Ilruad *nd W'1 llow atraeta .kl pbbioht tkaibs Laara PblfodHpbiadallj atJ<; a ra , II 1* B and b p m. f?r Kaa ing. 1^1 *non. Ha ri*'nPoMaaitfo, Port Clinton, at.d all point* anon".' Cloaaattba Ph ladaipilla Peat OUca for all ylacaaoitkba r.>ad and it* tranche* at A a in *'!a iDM *n Btati?aa only at 3.1^ a m, * PENNgYLVA VIA CBNTUAL K\ ILBOA') WINTER ARMANUHENI AJ' The tra na of tha Pena*>rlr?ai? Central Ball. raau leaf, the Depot, at Jlat >b1 Markat atr?. ? wlii?. ti la iea lied direct I > *?>ta.acarn 1 tbe M?"r.' ket streei Paa*. aa?r Bail way Th ? -fttieChe- iSa^af lt Hallway rau WitAta uBi OA bl NhAY'B-The Market Street f'ara laara ri..i.t a:.d Markat atreet. J? Ibiuate* belore tLa U<, at t .r? af earh iraiu MAhnV BAMAOE BXPBBS8 will call f,r and Miirer Bagg?fe at tba Depat Order* left at tUe toce, Bo. all Cbestautstreet, will ra^eive attention. M.i. + . T"ttns L*<*rt Depot, Viz: Wan Train at ? .m * m PaoM Accota'n Soa I A 2. M.<4l a tu*Aliaia r" aat L1na 1 nd Eri<- Bapriaa. . ^ t,", P?t k-t ur* Praia .... (t , M , m liat lat,nr? AccOBi ma.latiod at Z .? 1. in L?t>Carter ACCOIUIU' datiuu at A Ml D ia' Mtt*bar*;ii and Elie Mali . a Philadelphia Bifre? Mittsi UrdwyUl'trK * * Ma,, ,H d?"lr. ?!*C?al Sat Philadelphia Bxpraae leavea dally All othar tialbK dai y. ttc?f AnDilav _ Vf! k? MaiiTraii; g. to Wililaoiasort ren at S?a?B^ r"'*,,d arrl *e sl Wok MaP ,-aenger* hr Mall Train go to Carlialaanl (.haml erabB'C wlili iit a Change lyf -ar? \ I,rk*'u ba bad ?-n applicati. a < at ttie Ticket b31 C'baatuat atreat, -*Tr,r' "t Dep?'% Ft* Cinciaaati Bipreai at It wa m KU>iAd?lp^ia Kxprrw M 7Waia' P". h Attain., >ua. 1 A 1 a 20 a in , A 7 10 a u fesfl?= ttt-i Pay Eipr- aa j I J rhriiVdarei.iA,cva4"oj*uo* %t M > '? Monday Bn>r*e? atrivea daily, e*c?pt i incianat! Biareas arrives dally, ill other train* dally except Bandar .."J"' n?ars laarlng l??ck Harea at 7 a m . ad V lll'am.port at e 40 a. m . r.-ach Pinladeiplua, without change of can. (.on WUliamaport bV De> B Apress, at i ft. p sn ' ' 'I ha Peanaytranla Bailroad Company will n t a?enn e any risk for Baggace, except for Wea. iQg wT'll l'"tt their reseonsitnlity to WD.? Buudred Dollars iu raise. An Baggaea exceeding tbat amount In value, will be at tba risk of the owner unless tak<-n by special eoatract firturtber Information, apply to , 3 ? ALLEM, Ticket A?eat, 631 CheatDin Mreef d?AMUBL a. WALLACE, Ticket Agent at the AN EMIOBAMT TBAIM rnas daily, except Boodar. For fall partlcwlar* a* to fere and ecMmas -de ticn* apply to FBANCIS TONE, 137D?ckat. CBNTBAL BAILKOAD OF NEW JEBEEYPaaaenaer and Freight Depot |B Hew T?rk. Uiot of Liberty atriMit Oonuectg at Mampu.a Junction with the Delaware. Lackawanna and ?,^U^,,..a?',rw!d Bnd *' ? ** with the l?ebiga Tnller Kailr ad aad Ito ternitng a direct llt.e to Pittaaarg aad the Wast without cbai go of cars. A LI EN TOWN LINE TO THB WBgT Two Kxpiess Trains dally for tba W~st, except i bundaya, when one Train in the eraaf a* rixt> milea aad three boar* saved by this line to Chicago. Cincinnati, bt Lonia, Ac , with bit one change of cars. WIBTfcB ABRAROBMBNTO, Conmen ilk January 7, la*."?' e*T< Mew York aa fallows : 6 3D A M ?For Bastoa, B^-thlrbeiB, Mnnch thank. WiiiUiuspjrt, Wilkeabarro, Ma^ai.vy C11 , Ac A lo A II Mail Tba *? For riemingtoo, Ea*ton. Water Gap, Sc rau ton, Wiike*barre, Ort<al Bend. Pittahnrg, biugha.utoa, Ac. V A. M ? Weataru Ki?r?a? tor Beaton. Allantown, Hatrlabnrf. Pittabn-g, and tbr t?e*t. with bnt ore diaiige of cars te Cincinnati er Ciilcaga, and but two rhana--' to St. Leuia. C. wi'-cu at Herri?knrg with Bnrtharn Central and Philala. phia and Brie Boads. tor Brie and rbe Oil Begi?ti*. 1- ? Bnstea. Alieaiewn, M.afli f huu*. >> ilEesbarre,, Fottsville, Harrisbnrg. Ac _ 4PM ?For Bastoa. Bethlehem, and Mauch Chunk. A P. M ? For Pomerrllle and Fleniingt -a. A P. M?For Ea?ton. Heading, ttarrleborg. Wlllianiepi rt, Irriaeton. Corry. Brie, Ac. biee,ind carfrcn new York to Williatuepert. 6.16 F. M ?For SemerTilie 7 SO P. M.?ForBonierville, 8 P E ?WaafKnu Bxrasaa Turn ?For Buston. AHeatowB, Beading. Marrianarg, Ftttoburg, and the Want. Sleeping cars through from Jersey City to Fituburg .aery evening. Additional ttalns are ran to Bergeo Point, Bliral>etli. Ae. Tit Bettor tha West caa ha obtatned at the offl'-e of the 0antral Bailroad of Mww Jersey, fno: >f Liberty Mreot. North Bo. 1 A?tor Hon-e. Boa. ilil, ll?l. AM Broadway, aad at Mo. Ill Greenwich s'reet. ja 19 J081 AH 0. BTB* BWB. Boper'uUadent. |\JBW VORk AND MBW HAVBB BAILBOAD. i i'aeaenger Btatloa la Bew York, corner X7ia m street ai d Fourth avenne ^ TRAINS LBAVB BBW YORE For How Harnnand Bridgeport-1, | .Ex ), ll.M a. m ; lx.1* (Bx.),J(Hx ), 3.M. aad SiEx.i, ^For Filford, Bkratferd, Fairfield, B*nthport, and Weitport?7,11 9u a na., J.Ao and S.Ai p m For Norwalk?7, 9.9u, ll SO a m ; 11 a Bx ). > (Ex.l.l V - 4 Ml S S', aad s(Ex. p m. For DArlen and Greenwich?7 , 9 90, 11.90 a a ; J ?,??>. 5 90 and ? 9UB . _ For Stanford?7, 8 (B*?, 9 ?0 11 ? a m : II 1J (Ex.>, SiBx >3JA,? ?,?.*>. 90 aad 8 ( Bx.I - ni For Port Chester aad lnterssa.ilate Btattoae-7. I B. U.B> a. . 3 ?o. 4AS. A M. < ??. aad 7 ?. m. COBBBCTIBO TRAINS. For Boa ton na ifonnghe.d?Aa m , tBx.,)l, (Ex.,)? p m For Beaton ria Shore Liae?U U. '^For Martford and Sprlnglald? . (Bx.,)U>< a. "r'or t^ai-ticn? tirer Ball road?S a.a..(Ex;) II Bl a a*, to MoBtraal 8 p at. to Northampton. For Hartford. Prorideaoe aad Fishktil B. B.? ^'^'Hi-w HaveD1,' New Lond?a and Stoalngtoa Bailroad?(a. m.: 11 T9< 9and 8 p mFor Canal Bailroad-11. IA ?. na. to HorthampTor Floasatoalc aad Banfatack HalIroad 8 a. ""riVnttbtrf And Horwalk B H?7 , 9 30 a. 4 CoBi?odlens Bleeping Oars attached t*l ).a TiS' J AMU B. MOIT, BaFariataadeat.