Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1867 Page 1
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w (Ebtning Ste V2t. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26. 1867. N*. 4.359. 3t-ae THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY.(SUNDAY BXCKPT1D) AT THE STAR BU1I.D1HO, corner rtnm*etnue and 11 Ik ?tree I, bt W. D. WALLA OH. The 8TAK la pervert by taa earner? to tk?tr anbacribars to the Oiif Had Dtatrict itTn I'mi rn wrn. Ooptaa at the coaatar.wtth or without wrapper*. Two Cbvto each. 1* bub fob MailiBO ?Three month*, OM Dollar and Fifty Centi; its month a, Ttrrt Dollars, on# jtnr, Fim Dollars No p&pefa are Mut from the office longer than paid (or. The WtEKLY bTAH? published on Friday n> " One DaUmr mad Half a Tear. DENTISTRY^ D~B. LlWlT'BDISTAL AsS?CIATIOH, Mo. itbO flMN'A AVE , B.tween l?b and 1JU atreeta. Teeth eitractei without pain by adBlnatering BKrena Otyde ar Laagblag Gee. LkllBbH recently pnrcbaaed tt>e beatSJBfeiS Cben>iral Apparatus in the ooaatry for^*?' f ? Bkitiii voce gae ever> d?y. alto, an In* pr jved Val vnlar Inhaler lba Ae*aciati?>n ia now prepared to make Tettb on Gold. Silver nod Bubber at Mew lork Philadelphia and Boston pricee All persons Uhlan dental work dona can bave It aacheap aa In lba ab?ve oim?l clti-e AII werk done in the n?ateat and baat mtniifr. and warranted to give vatiifaction Prraona will do wall to call Mid examineonr work. deM-tf riT | > B . ~ 1 M LOOMM.M D.. Jha lnventer ar,d Patentee of the MIHBBAL PLAT a TEETH, perionally at^j^ bia officeln th>e city. Many person* can% waair teeth who onnnot wear othera, ,ri m and no per eon ran wear othera who eaaaat wear Persons calling at my office can be acooamodated with any atyle and price of Teeth thay may detire, but to tboae who are particular, and wieh tha pareet. cleat ert. strongest and moit pv^* den ture tbat art can procnre.tbe MIHBBAt tBBTB will be more fnlly warranted. loom In tbla city-No S3* Penn'a aTanaa. be twaen Mb and 19th ate Alto, 907 Arch afreet, PERSONAL. \'0U OAK mVih Ma'kh TUB TBIP on B? elm or Samaritan buuihngs See Dr. DAUBY, 4 7th street He la the nigneat authority id ?ncb caaea Hla private room a are oppoeita Odd Fv oas Hall ja?*-lB* 1>BEV EhTlON BETTBB 1 H AN ~UU*K French preventives against clseaa" and preg nancy when such is nn<?e i able ( a ut to anv addrea at f % * . .?? and s7 r*r do/ en according to qna lty, b> l>r WOOD He* MU, or call at 4*9 . th atreet, ( np aiaira I W a?hir.gton , D O. lri? !\| Kb CI RTl^ 1 RV 1NQ, Clairvoyant, an i Tm i*l . ? i! i i l v.. lite readings, lnclading Paat, Preaent ni.'i K utnre at her office, 440, nerth aide of Pa. a*.. Urt ?een i , and ith streeta. Office honra from 9 to i a. m. and 6 to v a. b. ja It In' Ah Mai hi B. KKaL SOIBNTIFIU A: THOLUOKK OF AMKKIOA, From the p>>aition ano aspect of the Stara at the time "f one's birth, will revt-al aatoniahing se erela no IitIbk mortal eTer knew before, bow to be sncc?*s,?tnl In all re%40n?hle nndertakings He tell? can't and very day yon marry, describee the iiiteu'led companion, and tHta all erenta of life, good lo k and long life to Tialtora. Lahes 60 eeiitaio$l gentleseu lu foil fl. 0*11 at 4 7 0 12ih at - Le*r r, all hours until 9 In the evening, de 31 2naj (" OKFIDP'-TIAIi.?Young men who hare In/ jnred thon.aelTea Dy certain secret habits, I which nnflt th>m for bntinees. pleasure, or the dntlee < f married life, alao. middle aged and o|d men. who. from the folliea of yonth. or other ean^ea tvel a debility iu advance of tnetr yeara. before placing tbemae.Tea nnder the treatBent of any one.abould firat read "The fecret Friend " Married iadiea ?lll learn something ?f isportance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Sent to aay address, lu a sealed envelop* on receipt of 2S ceuta. Addreea Dr. OH All A StUABT k CO Bo>-toa, Mae* ao > ly CLOTHING, Ac. ~ Fi* j. hbibbbobk7 ? _ Sacceaaor te H V. L-ndon tOo.laja CITIZENS A.yD MILITARY w MFKCHAST TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel latePrown a, WlT 36'j Peaoeyl**nla avanna my 1 tf Washington. D. 0. ^ A BKOWKB. B jTbMlTUBBS. BBOWNB A S.MITBBB5. ^ AMllNOTuB, D. U , ATTORNEYS A \ l> (* > L\\ SF. L I.O RS A T I i W AN U POLI0I1UH3 FUB THK BC KKAL' BK Fi OIKH. FBKEDMBCf. AND _ AHAMDONtD LANDS Om. e No. 4 7 b Seventh afreet,opposite the p >st Office. i* 2 ljr_ OTTO W1LKBN8 PIANOS AND OABHABT A MBBl/UAM'8 I'A BLOB UB'JA>S. All will Bad It greatly te their Interest-j^a^ to eiaBine tbeee-aperb loxtrnmenta be fore anrahaaing any other. ?ll 1T? Only agency at GBUKGB L WILD 6 BBO U He* Piano Forte and Organ Wareroo^u Sj. 497 11th atreet between Penn a ao-aae ana B street A select aee rtment of new a> J second hand In trnn ent?. Including a CHUBCH OBGAN for aale at loweat fac?eijr prlrea. and on easy terras Tl N I>tt and BBPA1B1BO falthfnllpaxecnted no U Sm* ^ BC BIT D I 8 1 A I I l,~ lAMARITaiVI WlfTl SAMARiTAjra Qirrr TPB MOST C'BBTA IN BEMBDY BVBB I BED "Yea, A Poaitivi Gca?,"fer eoyoKBhuiA, olkmt. aruiCTURKa, 4* Oontalca no Mineral, ao Balaam, no Marcoi?. On.v Ten Pillt to It Thkm to tfeci a Cure, They are entirely vegetaule, narln^ ao tni^ii not I any iD|!ey?t;t tut?, IM will Dot In %uy ?*y la jvt* tbt? toaiAcb *t boweli of th? mott dehoat?. Caree la from two to four daya, and recetrt caaat la "twenty four hoora " Prepared by a graduate cl the tniveraity of Pennsylvania eneof :ne Boat eminent Doc tore and Cheoilsta of the preaeat day, no trywut*. no tromt/lt, wo wAa'srcr. Let thoee w ho have despaired of getting curad. or wbo have teaa gorged with Balaam OoanvBor Mer etiry. try tka 8AMAB1TAN 8 GIFT. Beat by Ball in a plain enreJopa Prloa? Mala packagea, #2. Faaaale, ?| BLOODI BLOOD/I BLOOD/// BOBOfCLA. CLCEB8. BOBE8, SPOTS, TETT BBS. SCALES BOILS, SYPHliiJB DISEASES, 4c. BAMABITAfT8 BOOT AlfD HKH-B JUICB la offered the public as a aoeltl ve care. SYPHILIS OB VENAKBAL DISEAbES, the BAMABlTAh ? BOOT AND U E BP JUICE 1? a Dioat potest, certain and offectaal remedy ever pre acrited. It reacAee and erailiaatea every particle ol the ?anereal polaon, ao that the care la thoronah and pennament. Take, then,of tbla parifyiag rem edy and be healed, and do not traasBlt It to roar poeterlty that for wbleb yCn Bay aapaat la tiul rears DO HOT DESPAIB I Although you mar oe aroaonncea incurable bA M A BIT AN 3 B0l)T AND HEBHJuVon will remove every vestige af lmporitlee from tha " "'L.r"1 " M4 happily adaptad, la t'loerated Oterua in Lei^Z rhoca. In bearing down. Falling of the Womb da blllty, and for all ooBplamta Hiddent to tha aa? Baat by aipreaa. Price fl.a per botUa. SAMABITAN-S WASH ?u. IU Fnll dlrectiona. Prloe W cents. The efficacy of these remedies la alike acknawl Tt" WHAT THB BCBOBOHSSAT OF THHBAHAE ? ITAH S REMEDIES aa-r(?Iw ?r^l-..?UfT MAa-naLL, HaltlBora, HI., I cb JU, 1^4 ? 1 fejbYM crett ln .*he "a^riUa Bemedlee' for Veotrtl in Its izkott CQitomtry form* thmt I Dif? u?l tfapa with ,adfiM#Qi dltrreti^* J,TOrrl7- mud' to"'* ti?* ^.^nd ^m, aatKipationaipromntly aod eflaotaally. K a owing their eoBpoaluon, I have the falleet confluence li their effiowy and aa far aa ay oee of tAaaa ex leads 1 raooaaand thea strongly. .. "ALFBBD 0. HOWBBS, A sale tent forgeoa, *th H. *. Vola. ? 'uiguaa tun. wa*d .lamo*. ?.?. giaci. LAW UfflUl, BLACK, LAMOH A CO., Orunaellora and Atteraeys at-Law In the Buarema tk^-1 ?Lf># States, the Court of cfatnuT the CaarB of the Dtatrict, the Eieeutlve L -a?ri.' Bent, and Con.mltteae of Cengr^a. 1>e?*rtUr^CH,u1) Uth ,tr-tl I"**"' L^TBST PABII>8?^8HtIOHB OF HA1B* ALL19T, m HAIR DRESSER. Mr A^i^J # b*Dlw##" ,#?h 14th ata. Br Aillot. from Parle. Uur-hr>.M*r _? .kcelebrated Barhel. with wkom UaipH?L ?_ A? noun.a that he baa tbla seaaus imaSrtod i faabfona of hair dressing, and aU.. palate evarythla? tbat belBaa to thedreaalaf 0?(>?<? al very reaaoaacle prTSe. * 7 fc,* 480 C.HTBArAL^HH9OFFICEL 480 Ma. 4*?0 lot batraet. one Boor below Va. ava B 1A ono to lean en Gold aad Silver W ATORKh DIAMOBDS. CLOTHING, aad MbYcHAIIDlt B of every deeeriptien. a ayBn?laese atrlctly coafldential ^g yy a. be abb b oo>b pi abob, ' PBIBCB A OO "B OVJAIB AaO MB RIHI L9DBOH8, for aala aad rant oa easy tarsia. %; Ba. BB9 11th treat, above PennaylTaala avenaa ae 1 en*re* f. 0. BBIOHHMBAOH. JAMBS GUILD. Ma fa Ntttand Suond Aaad h'nrnunrt. Old rarnltare Ere paired. Beap bo later ad aad Tar alahad ltth aad ata., (near the ranal ) B>ghaa? ?>lo4 paid lag Imai kaal raraliwra. BBlty* f p CARRIAGES. ^IDBIW j . JOICl ft CO., CABBIAGE MANUFACTURERS, HOB. 47T AMD 479 rOBBTBBHTH STBBBT. We ore row erepar#d to receive or- r frmg. dersforCABRl *G?B in all the n*w tff-zK ft'd fash onablestjles io be completed w ? t an sarly day. We have on heal a larse assortment of LIGHT FAMILY OABBIAGES, FINE TOP AMD MO T0P BUGOIES, DBA RBOBN E WAGONS. BOUBAWAYS, Ac. P?iirni of maintaining ttao high standard which oor ?o<k has hold for bout J??r?. we confine onr bosintdi exclusively to4)A RBI AGES of oo' own manufacture. and of the nrst sift"" enly, and ml vise oar patrons ond the public that wo offer no inferior tale work. BKPA1R1MQ made o speciality. fe 1? eolm ANDBBW J JOYCE A OO BANKERS. JAY COORK ft CO., Billlll, ftfitentA stnet, orpostU TVe???nr. Btiyend aol ftienrrent markst rates, ?nd ke*? onstantly on haad, ft full supply of ft]I GOVERNMENT BOHDB, BEVEN THIRTIES, ANO COMPOUND INTEREST M0TB3 Orders far BTOOB8. BONDS, Ao.. executed, and Collections mod# on ftll aoceer Ible point". Ml tf _ f^ARROW ft CO., BANK BBS. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh reel, I>K Al. K RS IX GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. GOLD AND SILVER jy j-tf AND LAND WARRANTS First National Bank of Washington. U D. COOBB. (of Jay Cooke AOo.,) President W M. B. HUM TING TOM, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DBPOBITOBY A?D FINANCIAL AGBMT OF TUB UNITED BTATBB. 14U ttrut, orvosttt tkt Tr?a'%ry Vepartmtm Government Becarltiee with Treasurer United States mroNE million vol* ars We boy and sell all classes of GC-VERNMEN! bLCURlTlES*l current n.arket rates. BURNISH EXCHANdE and make Coif, a ion? cm ALL THE FKINCIFAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We purchase Government Yonchers on the MOST FAVORABLE TF.KMS, ftiid glvecarefal .tifl prompt attention to MXOl.sTS nf BUSINESS MEN mmd FIRMS. and to ftD) other busineM entrusted to us. FI'LL IN FORM ATIOS In rer?rd to GOVEUB 4i ANT LOAMB ftt all tiroes cheerfully fnrnlstu-d WM to. HUNTINGTON, Cashier _W-vsbin*i??, March au, imc. in II tf The old established fibm of a, GOLDS TBI N A CO . LHEN.-KD i AMNKHOKKKj. 34 FOUR ANO A HALF ^TKBKT WIST, Dear IVnnsyI?ani? arebae, Offsr the hlgne?t cash advances on all klndsof Merchandise. to any amount and for any /Ov time desired, at taastaaMs rates JL ft Interest on larre son? greatly reduced (0 0 Business strictly e- nfidentlal Good^ bong lit for rash ftnd sold at prlvftte aftle fe 21 ly HOTELS; REriTAU BANTbV*?. I^IBKWOOD BOt'BB, Corner Ftnna. artnue and Tie'lftk ttrett,Yi^^T It. C. Bltnftted In the moat centrftl location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only ft abort distance from ft!| the Departments, I ft^oftt ftnd Poet Offices, Smithsonian Institute, H. H. DUDLEY 4 00., no Jl-tf Proprietor!. PMBICB B BB9TAUBABT. A-a No. 344 Ftnnft arenne, near ?tti street. ' BMBICH wishes to Isfsrm his friends and ths ?obllc generally thftt be now keeps con ft- - A atftntly on kftad OUSTERS, freeb every day. prepared In erery atyle lt:HT C.II " "j'sy W()(ll? AND COAL ^ O All! COAL!! AT GREATLY BEDUOBI) PBirBS Grose tons of lb# , dellrsisd In buy part of the city Cbestnnt White Ash 97. Move, lgg and Faruftce White Ash, K^d Aib ?8W Lehlgb. 99. Oak and Pine Wood eoMtantly on hand. Orders roroived at oar Office; <>r ftt the Whftrf, foot of {Seventh strest B. P BROWN ft BON, jfttS tf 46A 9th street, between K anU F. w. H. CLAGETT, 11 B. HWBINY. REAL ESTATE BliOh EUS AM* AUCTIONEERS. Parties contemplatlna ballding In the aprlng or purr basinti antmproved property for tBTeatment will flbd It to their adTantftSe to look over o .r list before pnrchft?4i>g. as we Lave ?Med recently to o?r former lint a large asioant of thatdeerrlp tion of property. offer many inlacem>j?ts ft* regftrda situation, low prices and e**y teru<s We have also for sale aeveral amall trftcts of land in tl.e immediate yicimty of this city, very eli sU ly located for suburban residences, ae well iwi I.igbly lmpr< vsd farms In Maryland, whloh are really bargains. Property left with as for sftledoea ri?t sabject the owner to expeaso nftless sold while on oar bocgs. fell 1m CLAGETT A 8WBBNY, HOBTICULTl'RAL TOOLS HOB1 1CLLTUBAL TOOLS ! PBI'NING SAWS, PBUNIBG KNIYB3, PBUM1NG SCISSORS^ KRUN1MG SAW AND TBEE TB1MMBUS. ADVABAMCATOBS. Ac.. Ae. A fall ftnd complete aasertment of these tools. 1 Also, the HORTICLLTUbAL TOOLCHBSf, containing fall set Hwrtlcaltaial Tool* , j. P. BABTHOLOW. fo W-eo2w 4?^ 7th ?troet, below P?. aTe. I^CXUBIBS FOB THB HOLIDAYS. MAILI.ARD'B 0AMD1ES AMD CHOCOLATES CAItAMBL'B OBBAM CHOCOLATB. DOIBLB VAB1LLA VHOOOLATB, _ ( For tftbte nse, I BOHE AMD YABILLA BUBBT ALMONDS. M1XBD BUOAB PLl'MX.ftad ABBOBTBD C&BUIEto Just received ftt KING PLAWI 7. M. P: BIMG ft BOH. WEST INDIA OBANGE8 AND sweet Malaga grapbs. Fresh, ftt KING PLACE. MINOB meat (bOMBO-riO.) J ut mftdo. ol select materials, At KING PLACB. f^OLDBN BLUPPEBMONG WINE. U OUR FINEftT NAT1YB WIBB. Gold coler, f?U. yst dslieato flavor and frafranco, and loss thanons hall ths cost of Imported W iue. RING PLACB. WHITE OPORTO PORT, _ ("Tears of the Bnoro,") Direct importatloB. _ . Z. M. F. KING ft BOB, 4o? t King Plaoe. V BW 1ORR Bt'CB WHEAT, i> HONEY B1 Rii H, POTOMAC 11 EBB I NO. ( with Boes,) wklph beot family flour, ... mabtlabd cubed hams. All of Srit quality ?nd ftt low prirte. M W. BOBCHBbb. Ooraor I4?h ud F streets, foM Mar Btotoiu Inn. i SPECIAL NOTICES. HEBVOU8 HEADACHBS are instant cared by oaedoeei" forty drupe'_) of 1IBTOALFBT* fKIAT BMEUMATlt) BBM1DI BvW By ail DruggMs fe 19 eoiw B. Q. FOBP. i|?t BBMEDIAL 1BSTITUTB FOB SPECIAL OABU. I*. 14 Bond atrnt, R?? Tork. rFnll information. wiib u* At??s.<f mtxmo nxalt, alto, a Book on iat Dn?a*t?,??? ? staltd envelope, seat free. IkT Be .<nrs and *emlfor tktrn, mnd y<m trttf not regret it; for. m ad vet Using phy siclens are generally ??n?><><?' ? <, without referewtf e stranger sbenld be trusted. Bncloee a for postage aed direct to DB. LAf No 14 Bond street. Bow V erk no It DAW If WMABB1AG1 ANDCELIBACY, ASD TBB Happiness of True Maaboud - An Bssa? fur Yourg Men ob the Crime of solitude. aud the PhyslologM el Errors, Abu?esaud Diseases whi -h ?? rote Impediments to Marriage. with ?nre means of Relief Sent in sealed letter envelopes. free of charge. Address Dr. J HKiLLIN HOUGHTON, Boward Association Philadelphia, Pa. ;all-3m SECRET DISEASES. SahABita.i G.?t ti tho ui-Mt certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, ttie.nljr vegetable remedy ever discovered Cures In two to toar days. ana recent cases tn twenty foor hours Mo mineral, uo kalMO, do uercnry Only tea pills to be taaen. It Is the soldier's hope and a friend te those tw do aet want to bo ejpoeed. Hale package*, 01,female, S3. 8a? ti tauVBiiot ar?r> Hub J cicb*- A positive ana permanent ?ure for i*pyhi Its Scrofala. Ulcers, Sores, Hpots. Tetters Ac Pr'?e fl is per bottle. Bold by B. 0. Ford. SW advertisement my 9 COLGATE A CO.'8 W1NTBB SOAP. Recommended for c h a vrr.o man and for general toilet use during cold wkatiibr. ft may be obtained of all druggists <tnd fancy goods dealer* febSeoly DANCING. I |?uwr'B J7W A H. P. KKEIB' DANCING ACADEMY, >* Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th *t* ./jfin Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. GJS* ' New Classes forming every evening Those desiring to enter oar classes at ould av<?ll them selven of this opportunity. Preparations Mill be made in this juarter for our annua! Ma; Ball < freulars can be had at J V. Bills' and W Q Metre'ott A Co.'s Music Stores The Hall can be rente*! for Soirees. Ac. Day and Huur* of TVifion For Ladles, Missus au<l Masters, Tuesday aud Saturday afternoons, from 3 to & o'clock Gentiemen s Olasees. Tuesday and Friday evenlngs from rt to lu o'clock. for further information,apply during the hoars of tuition. or add ress a note to the A aaeaty. Quarter c?mmi-nd tig ait h the first lessun. ja 8 MABIMl'H FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADtUY, AT tX MABIK'l 8 As>BM HLiY BOOMS, Iff K. bet meet ?th and 'i etr> < '? *4^ Tbsimsssftsrof .iii- . prsysrA tory to trie May Itill will CMiiiteence on 8atur day, March 2. Cla--es fcr ttie Gernia i aie no-* j open. i? P. ?Private i nstrnctlon given to snlt tn? <nnvenlente of the papli. s.' V\1 ASyl EBA1>E BHD FANCY DKfSS BALI,.-' i'l AND PaUTIBS The oBdert-lgLed wonl-i most respectfully in foriu tbe ladies and gentleu en of WaaoinK. ? city, and the District yenertHy. that he Is at ail I timer prepared to furnish parties with Masguer- I *<.!? and I'm c> OoatBBS*, either od Iobd r made to I order. H- has taken rooms at the well known fancy establishment of Chilstiau Rwpp-rt, Kts - I 7th stre<-t. between D an>4 B. where he will bo happy to or-leTi. <'H A K!, K " HEB'I, la'e Oostun er at Ford's and Grover's I fell lni* Theaters. tVaihlnefon, D " I BOO^S, SHOES, <k. fffll BOOT8 AND SliOBS. f|M N B W TV O B B . Tbe nndereigned bej?s leave to inform his fries hi Bed the publtc gene: ally that he ha^ opened the I NEW ( HEAP hTOBK.'No. AH* 7tb street,aw leT Od4 Fellows'HbII. where he lias ou hauil a general assortn.ent ot Ladies and Gentlemen's, Boy s. Misses aud Cb"'tren'i BOOTS AND PHOB8. Remeaiber the namber, }(I2 7tb street, anler Odd Fellows' Haii The Ciew Oheap btore, form-riy K V Page', store. deia tsKORGB B. WILSON. ^*TEBLING BILL8 for sale io sosms to suit pnr- I cba?trs. Hi?bent market price paid for AMERICAN GOLD. LEWIS JOHNSON A CO , Rank-re. fe 7 tf Penna avenue. 0 T O W. B, BODES' FASBlOBAliLE CABI'ET FCRNITCBE ABD BEDDING STORKS, BOB. 521 4 519, INTELLIGENCER BUILD1BG, CORNER 7TU iNDD., ABD BO ?0?s7TH BTBBET.TUOBN 8 BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FELLOWS HALL, AND EXAM1NB TUB FINEST ASSORTED UTOCK. TB IS BIDS OF PHILA DELPHI A. Be has all the lat<*t <iMigM made in PMladel I phiB. New >ork, and Boston The stock is always I seltx ted by Mr Moses, and bought at tke lowaat rates tor cash, which en?* es him to competo with | Bastorn price* His finest F uruitura is uiade to ordtr lu I'biladaiphia, and of tbe best material tbat can be loOBd . Purchasers should study tUHr owa Interest by call I uv at bis Stores and examining the well aa- I sorted stock of CARI'BTS, FURNITURE, Ao? Bed obtBlo his price list before going elsewhere, which be Mill furnish with pleasure His assortment of Mattresses Blankets, OotBforta, Oounterpaines. i'lllows. Bolst?rs. Feather- I b*-ds. sod all kinds ol Cottage and Kitchen Far Bltnre is ? omelets, w hlch be offers at the lewest New York ana Philadelphia prices. Remember No* >'21 and Altt IntelllgnBcer BuiidibK corner 7th and D and No .Vt? 7 ih street. Thorn's PoiIding. adjoining Oiid Fellows' I Hall, between D Bud K streets. js 14 tf W. B. MOSES. 500,000~<r" JAVE1" '?? FROM KENDALL HKEF.y VINEYARD. CONCORD, tbe mest valuable Grape In the country * NORTON 'B VIRGINIA, OATAWHa. REBECCA, DIANA, llARTFORD PROLIFIC, at'h many other choice kinds, at $1 per loO | cuttings, or ';10 per 1 uuu, warrant-d ail good word and true to name. Caretnlly packed aad shipped t j aus address on reoiitiauco. Eally orders are solicited. J. PEAkbON'S Krait Store, fe O-lm 4U1 8tl? street 1ST f T~i86" "" """ BEAUTIFUL AfiD USEFUL COMPILED. PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS A limited but choice .elections of Oil Paintings, I Engravings, Chromoa, Wreaths, Baskets of Flow- I era, Ac., appropriately framed. \ OVAL PiCTL'RB FRAMES. A rich and >aried assortment trvm the best man- I ofacturers in the coontrr embracing Walsqt, lniitation Bost-wood. all Gilt Rustic and Carved I Fiauies. 1'ansepartonW, Card Frames. Ac. I PICTUBE COBD AND TASSELS, WALBl'T BRAi RETS. A*. j Picture Cord and Tassels all sixes and eolera, I Bins Nails, Walnnt Brackets-Easels Ac. ! PAPEBHANGINGS AND WINDOW SHADES. A beautiful variety of taese goods. emUraciug the I richest designs of Bilt Embroidered Parlor Pat- I terbs 1b the Bistrlst, with a well arserUd stock of tbe cbeaBBr grades, witb a largo variety of WIb* I Aow Bhades, different siase and colorsOrders fer Window Shades and Paperhaagings | Baoctually filled, In city or eonntry. A large portion ol the above Goods ware made I peciaHy to order. belloyiBg the beat the oheapest, I and aloung to keep that class of Goods, ws respectful ly invite the PnbMc to inspoct and oompBrt our j Goods a lth any In the market. Termt bITBR, No. 7tb street. d?18-2m* Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Ball. | \riCTOB BBCBEB, FiABO TUNEB AND BEGtJLATQB bstablishad in isu. feara oimm mw RicuriD it DBMP8EY A oTOOLE'S. Engravers and Statloners, Ac., 346 Pa. a*., bet. ?tb aad loth eta. F. C. BklcUENBAOH> Piano Booms. 498 11th street, noar Fa. a venae. I Spuial X*tim from Wm. KnaU t Oo., Baltimore. I Mr. Becker nas tuned Pianos for ns at oar Wareroom, and we take pl<*asare la elating that we be- I lleve bin to bs a competeat tuner. tio i\ 3m pOBl ABLB STEAM ENGIBE8, Combining the maximum of efflclenoy.dnraklWtTi and economy, with tbe minimum of weight ?nd prlee. The* are widely and favorably known, more thaa 4?0 being la nse. All warranted satisfactory, or ne sale Doserlptlre etrcolars sent ob I applleatton. Addrees J. 0. BOADLBT A 00., ! fa B eaka Lawrenoe, Maflf. | TELEORA**. fee. la accordance with the programme an counted by tbt British Govframent on tbe 1Kb met. the resolution* on reform were in troduced in tbe Hoih ot Commons yesrerday evening. Mi?raell, Chancellor of tbe Exchequer. opened tbe debate on tbe part of tbe Government, and proposed foor new fran cbises and tbe chance of some boroncb >?atii Mr. Bright followed, and made a strong speech in opposition to tbe Derby adminuira tion. The Democratic State Oonvenion of Kenlucky have made tbe following nominations For Governor, .lohn I.. H?lm: tor Lieuteuan' Goyerncr, John W. Stevenson, (ex ia*inrvrot Congress,) lor Attorney General, John Hod man, (ex-rebel colonel;) tor Auditor D. Howard Smith, (ex rebel colonel,) tor Treasurer, l?me? W. Tate, for Register ot the Laud Of

tlce, James A. Diwson; for Sapennt ndent ot Public instruction, Z. T. Smith. The following is th? joint resolution on tbe suffrage qnegtion, which parsed the Kansas Lee siature Kttolved, That the proposition to e?rik? on* the word "male" from section one ot articte fl ve of the constitution ot the rstat? is hereby submitted to the electors of the State for ratification or rejection, id compliance witb section ue of article 'ourteeu ot tbe constitation. Tlie Governor of Illinois has approved the hill providing for the erection of a new Capitol The bill locating an agricultural college at Champaign passed the Senate. Hie Hon. Isaac E. Holmes, formerly a mem berof Congress from Charleston, S. C., died there yesterday. A di-patch irom Tien-Tsin China, reports bat tbe Tycoon of Japan had been shot. Kx-t.overnor Brown, of (irar?ia. oa Reconstruction. Ex-Governor Brown, of Georgia, In a tbree1 column Jet'er, re v ie w* tI'e political situation of the country, advi'irig the people of Georgia to accept ike term* imposed by the bill recently passed by both bouses of Congress. He says : 1 consider it the duty ?f the Governor ot Georgia to cull the legislature together without delay, aud to recommend the pas-age of an act ailing a cou vention of the people ot this >tate to so change our S'ate constitution as to provide tor universal suffrage, in conformity to tlie measure which has passed Congress, known as the Sherman amendment, and to provide for tbe early election of a legislature which will adopt the constitutional amendment in accordance with said requirement. We now have the assurance of Congress, in the passage of this bill, that tbis bill saall settin me question of our admission. We shall rexer get better terms. Let us comply with them, and be ready to be presented in the next Congress as soon as poss'ble. I respectfully siu'gi st that the people of tne several counties of this State who tavwr tbe proposed action hold public meetings with as little dH?y as possible, and org* upon the Governor to cou vens tbe I.egisla'ure and recommend them to take prompt action. The Governoraiiri legislature were elected before the < i-stitn'i'-iial amenrtnu-n*. w:n proposed, and i expecttully submit that it is their imperaI ' \e duty in the present condition of the country to t ike the necessary steps to refer this qui?tion to the people a*, tbe ballot box. Tbe ini'St appropriate mode of doing this is to order an i lection oj ueiegate* to a convention to act i | on the proposition now submitted by Contress. T tus tbey cannot wi'h propriety refuse it the people demand it Let the people If we reject tbe terms proposed in tbe Sherman bill 1 confess 1 see no hope for tbe future Should w? accept them 1 trust the example | of < i eorgia mav be folio w?d by the other States, and that this vexed question may soon be permanently settled upon the liest terms which we may ever be able to get. I am aware of the rapidity of the changes which Wi*are required to make, and of the natural prejudices which our people entertain against negro suffrage, but we should not forget in yielding to an inevitable necessity that these people were raised among us and naturally sympathise with as. Their conduct during the war proved tbis. If tiien we treat them kindly, pay them their wages promptly, and in all respects deal fairly by them, we thai I rarely have cause to complain of their re'u*-al to respect our wisnes or consult our interests at tlje ballot box. As tbe questions wlnvh I have discussed are of vital importance to the whole country, and a* 1 do not wif-h to be misunderstood or misrepresented. 1 respectfully request of tb- editor of each newspaper who comments upon my letter to giv e it entire to his readers. This ie due aiike to me and to the public." Canada. THE HKW COSKKDSK ATIOR BILL. Ah advance copy of tue Confederation bill to be introduced into tbe Imperial Parliament bae been received. Tbe name of the United Provinces is to be the Kingdom ot Canada. I be Federal Legislature will be styled toe 1* irliament ot Canada. The upper House is to be styled tbe Senate, and tbe lower House the House of Cotfcmons. The local legislatures t?? be knowr as the Provincial Legislatures of Ontario. Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, respectively Ontario, formerly Upper Cai.ada. to bave but one chamber, to be known asthe Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The other Provinces have each a Legislative Council and House ot Assembly. The Speaker ot tbe Senste u to be appointed by tbe Crown, aud is to have power to create six additional Senators beyond tbe stipulated seyenty-two, In the event of necessity. The House of Commons is to consist of oue hundred and eightytnp members; eighty-two from Ontario, sixtyfive from Quebec, nineteen from Nova Scotia, and fifteen from New Brunswick. The Queen's representative presiding over the new kingdom is to retain the title of Governor General, with a salary of ?50.000. Eacb Province is to have a Lieutenant Governor, to be appointed by the Governor General in Council. The seat of Government is to be at Ottawa, subject to tbe royal prerogative; Toronto, Qn>*bec, Halifax and Fredericktown to be the seats of the local legislatures. A railroad from tbe St. Lawrence to Hnlifax is to b* commenced six months alter the union, and completed within three years. Provision is made for tbe admission hereafter of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island. Rupert's Land, North west Territory, si:d British Columbia, on such terms as tho Parliament of Canada shall deem equitable. Tug Legi?latckk ok Maryland Tbe Senate was not in session yesterday, baving previously adjourned over until to-day. The Hi use passed several senate bills, anoag them cue repealing existiug laws prescribing a different punishment for colored persons from tkat of whites, and another relating to inspected and uninspected tobacco. An order was offered t? appoint a committee of three ?>to investigate a report circslated against the Legislature of Maryland to the effect that a certain minister of Baltimore city had publicly announced from the pulpit that the present Legislature could be bribed and bought for any purpose, and that said committee have power to send for persons and papers " This order gave rise to some deb%te, and during the discussion one ot the members alleged that the Rev. Mr. Parties was the clergyman who made the alleged declaration complained of. whereupon his name was ordered to be inserted in the order. Several members objected to the adoption of the order, on the ground that the declaration was too general in Its character, and shculd therefore be treated with contempt until the author made some specific charge. Tbe order was then rejected by a vote 24 to 20. ySixty Catholic priests have arrived at New Orleans, to Open schools for the freednen. */"Tbe Missouri Legislature is considering tbe propriety of admitting women to the State University. fl^Tbe average money valne of every Earopeaa emigrant reaching this country Is ?lo30. WSbad are considered dear in Wilmington, N. C-. at a dollar a pair. In the forty years from 1820 to 1860, we took from Europe 4,512.171 emigrant*. ^"Tbe name of Surratt is one of the oldest in Maryland. The Surratte were French Catholics id Lord Baltimore's time. taTCold feet injure the general health; a ceol head Is a valuable pos?e*siou; a cold shoulder ik something that has to be occasionally employed. VAn English cltlxen who wishes to eefablisb a new-paper la the realm must deposit a ium of moot*j A8 & gutnoiwfor tlie advertisement duty. Frederick Douglass was on Friday admitted within the bar of the House of the Michigan Legislature, introduced hy the Speaker and received with applause. Wit is expected that wbe? Barnam gets into Congress be will ?olT* tfef qaeeuoa. What 1* HI" f CONGRESSIONAL. Siiati.?YwifMjy iflfrDooD, the River * 1 Harbor ippropritUun bill b*iu( unclrr consideration,? The amount for th? improTrmfitof the Mississippi at Iiri Nomf? or l?ow*r Kipid-. ?u reduced from 61,> U.owi to 500,r*lu1 and other an rDdmrai* nerr d>?poi?ed ?( Ad ripdtitr session win held. and at IIt? o'clock the Senate took a recess till 7:30 At tbe evening session, Mr Sherman, from Conference Commit >e on the Military Acad. ?my appropriation bill.mnde a report, which was agreed to, and the bill goes to the Fresident. Mr. Sumner, from the Conference CommitVe on tke Diplomatic appropriation bill, made a re|?ort. The chief point iu dispute w is the Portugal mission. The House ttruck oat the word Fer'nral from the ll-t of m issions. Tb* Senate put It In. In 'he |! >nferen .-e Committee tbe Senate amendtrer will agreed to with a proviso that no money ih ill be paid to th>> present Mnis'er to Portugal ont of any fuud wha'ever, and this provision shall continue iu force until repealed by law. The second point In dispute was the amount of money to be uppreprinted for the contingei.t fund of th>* s afe Department. The (louse fixed it at 9^,(MO The Senate reduecdu to S.Mi,iwO The Conference Committee agreed upon the House figures. Tbe repwrt was agr?ed to-yeas, 21; nays, to. The Kiver and Harbor b II was then amended and passed, end goes to the House for concurrence in amendments, aud at 11 o'cljck tae Senate adjourned. Hccsa?Yesterday afternoon, the tai hill being tinder coueuleratiou by the House lu Committee of the Whole ou the state of the I niou? Mr. Conkling mov d an amendment repealing all acts and parts of ac's inconsistent with this act, abd also repealing sections ?<? and ill of ihe act ol Juneju, l-#| The effect of the repeal ol section IU is to put advertisements on the free list. The other is one of the adnnni. trati ve sections about distilleries aud o 1 refineries The amendment was adopted Mr. Stevens offered an amendment as a new section providing that in cui-n of seizures tor alleged fraud, bond may be given for double the amount ol alleged frauds, and the business permitted to go on Adopted Mr. Miller offeied an amendment requiring inspector? of distilleries to give bond lu uot le*e than ?1,000 Mr. Darling moved to amend the amendment bj malting the minimum S5,u(m. Adopted The amendment as amended ?u adopted. Mr. Siiellabarger moved au amendment enactli.g that no claim or prosecu ion for the re. covery of any claim arising from a violation of ijie revenue laws shall be compromised er discontinued without the assent of the United Suites District Attorney or of the Attorney General, or without the approval of tbe court Adopted Mr. Darling moved an amendment, permitting au informer to prosecute suit >n the name of tbe United States, notwithstanding the refusal or neglect of the collector to do so Adopted At a quarter before three the committee rose and repotted the bill to the House. The House proceeded to voie on the various amendments, on which separate votes were demanded. All the rest were agreed to a- a whole. Tbe first vote taken by yeas and nays was en the amendment reducing the tax on distillers Iruro *oW) to *KiO. The vote waa 67 to >. So ilie tax is to be S5O0 The next vote taken by yeas and nays was on letting gas companies pay their own 'axe*, instead of charging them to their customers, alter 30th April next. It resulted?yeas iiu, nays 52. So that the gas companies are supposed to pay tlieir own taxes after tu&t date The amendment agreed to in committee, on motiou of Mr. Myers taxing cigarette*, cheroots. ai.d cigars of all description 55 per thousand, was agreed to witbont division The next vote was on Mr. Hlaiue's amendment abolishing the cotton tax after the 1st of September. 1*67. The amendment was rejected?yeas 65. nays 95. Mr. Stevens, from the conference committee on the consular and diplomatic appropriation bill, made a report, which was agreed to The proviso in regard to tbe Portuguese mission W that no money shall be paid to the pre--u Minister out of any fund whatever, and tba the provision shall continue in fore* until repealed by Congress. Mr. Spalding, from the Conference Committee cn the Military Academy bill, made a report, which was- agreed to. The section In reference to cadets from rebel States is that no money shall be paid for the pay or subsistence of such after the 1st of January, 1^97, until the State shall be restored to its original relations to 'he Union. '1 be House at 4 3n took a recess till 7 3d. At the evening session, the Tax bill was taken up The amendment striking ont the line taxing brandy made of grapes tlfty cent# per gallon was agreed to?% to 37?the effect ol which is to leave tbe tax ou grape brandy the same as on other brandy. A Tbe vote taken Is the afternoon by which the license tax of distillers was fixed at S5O0instead of #100 was, on motion of Mr. McKee, reconsidered. Finally, after three votes by yeas and nays, the friends of the lower rate of license prevailed, and tbe tax remains as at present, 1 SMO. The amendment striking ont of the line which placed "steam locomotives aud marine engines, including boilers," on the free list, the words, 'locomotives and marine." so as to make the line read "steam engines, including boilers." was rejected, and the line remains a* at first reported in ths bill. Ibe amendment adopted to-day on Mr. Stevens' motion permitting persons accused of revenue frands to give bonds and to continue their business was rejected. The bill was then passed without a division. \ iboihia?A RtconsTrvction Movement ?Gov. PetrpcinUof Virginia, has moved In earnest on the subject of reconstruction under the new act of Coi press, and there is every probability that he will have a decided majority of the General Assembly with h;m. It is now generally relieved that a bill will be passed calling a convention of tbe people, and accepting negro suffrage upon tbe terms of the bill. Leading secessionists, both in and out of that body, are bitterly opposing theQovernor. A large number of members ol both houses assembled in the Senate Chamber Saturday evening an l sent an earnest request to the Governor to attend and advise with them He repaired to the place and made a sbert but effective address, iu which be advised the representatives of the people to counsel them to conform to the terms of the new reconstt uction bill or it would be enforced upon them in imtaner less acceptable. There seemed to be a general concurrence In bis views, and tbe members present evinced a desire to effect barmouy as far as possible under the circumstances. ?* Prifi h i.oaoijk. Arms ?On last Thursday tbe New York military board appointed to examine breech-loading arms continued its sessions They tried thePoultney gun, which fired 99 balls in seven minn'es and twelve seconds, and penetrated thirteen one-inch planks, placed side by side. The .Toslyn swinging breech gun fired WV balls in eight minntesand eleven seconds, and penetrated eleven planks. The Josyln cap gun fired 99 balls in seven minutes and forty-five seconds, and penetrated eleven planks. A Protkst Aoainst Lmi ratio* to Brazil.?Thomas K. Beecber sends a hearty . i remonstrance from Rio de Janeiro against any i further emigration of mechanics and laborers 1 from the United States to Brazil. Ms says those that are already there are in a condition of great distress, as It Is impossible for them to compete with tbe slave* and cheaper werking- , men in doing tne ordinary labor of tbe country A well-managed colony, be thinks, might succeed, but for solitary poor men it is a 1 poor place. An opinion was delivered on Monday, bv tbe Supreme Court of New Y'ork, m reference to tbe power of tbe judges of tbe State courts te Interfere in discharging enlisted men lrom tbe army on writs of habeas corpus, under a plea of minority, declaring that while it ia the opinion that these conrts might have authorized such discbarges prior to the pas. sage of the acta of Cougrese of 1P6J and 1*M, that power no longer remains. WThe Belfast Age reports jt remarkable case. Key. Joseph Higglns. of Tborndike, aged 91 year*, and his wife, Mrs. Betsey Higgine, aged frt years, both died ou the 5th of February, and within ten hoars ofeach other, < by no speefal sickness except ths gradual breaking down of old age. # 9" Abraham Saaats. aged 76. committed suicide ia Hantord, Cons., Thursday, be. cause bis name had beea connected by rumor with sb affair ef scandal LOCAL NKWg. * < erperatien Affaire. Boabd of Aldirmih, Fee ?*, IM7 ?Tbe Board abet at t|? tnal hoar. Preeeat. Meeer* Karr, Ctom. Oivea, L??u, A. Llejd. C. S Noyee, Turtoa. Tail. McCatbran. Oeltcb L'T?V T E- Lloyd, and Secretary' h % Noyee. The Cbair latd before tb? Board i eommuai. ration trom the Mayor, stating that be bad in. prov* d ?Act to paw portion* of the earnajreway in liib nod lUh ttmu want; act to eond?tnn an alley in iqu?r? No. 3??, an act to pur. ha-e a boat and win# for the Waebingtoe Aeylum, act for the relief ef Mr Lvaaa, jo.nt ra.ulut.on of respect to the nxaury of feiiiab Kdmoraton. joint resolution to ibc memory of Alexander i'aiia* Ba. be and joint rMoiation in relation to tbf laprorfarnt of the rt?fr channel and tbe receuetruction of tbe Uut Bridgf Aiao, a communication from tbe Mayor, retiirninc without m> approval tba bill wbi<b originated in 'bit Board entitl-d "Ana. i for tba relief ot Margaret t tor man," (appropriating ?.**? to pay her for damage to her prop, any by tba fresbet in TiberCreek ) Tbe M?y. or eaye:?? ! do ao, beoauee tbe damage ta tbia care i a. so tar aa I can merer tain, la ao way attributable to any act of tbia corporation, and for which It la not responsible. No great tana fall tlmt do not, to some extant, inure 'be property of the partv mended to b*> relieved by ibia bill, aa well aa tbat of tn.<uiy others bordering on Tiber Creek in that etcin. l*y To tetablisb each a precedent aa would "T hill might involve tbe corporation in an amount hejoud Ita meaua readilv to meat. pesides, J ifr no reason why relief should be aff.rded Mre. Oormaa and ao: to otb?T? wh0 were dimacfd to an aqaal extant by tbe Mme cause " 1be question being on the adoption of tba bill o^er the Mayor's veto aa. rerf?*d Mr. lai: presented the pe:m,.n of Iter,ami* Harris asking tbe dorpoisthia to refund t?> h in certain money erroneously paid by bint referred to comro11on cIiibi Mr A I.lo>d i rmiiVJ the petition of Kdward Metx*ar, asking o be compensated for in tury to bi? wagon from a defective street also, the p> ti<i?n of Samuel [ia?m, asking for compeneauon tor hie Mrtim as boa Her of tha "aid ire lieiartm-ut. also. petition of J. T !.' V.11 * C?v. a king to bava refunded to tfiem paid insurance company licenaa all of which were appropna'ely referred Mr Tnrtou introduced a bill to aet the cerh. stones ;?t.d pave the f?>otwave on tba we?t side of IT b street v. eat, between k and L etreete north; referred to committee ou imprufemen te. r Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, re?orted fa> wrah.y on iba nomination of Jamee t Cioss aa police officer in tbe ?mxU> W ard and It vif confirmed unanimously Alao reported favorably on tha bill requesting the M ayor ?o designate a depository fur tba property of this4!orporation, (street materials, Ao I and defining iba duties of tba Ward C*ommis. Moneys. and it was pasted Also, reported hack the bill to licence traders and dealers in b. rse*. with an amendment prohibiting per sons from selling hor?e? within Mki vardt of any horse ba/aar, Ac. Tb- amendment waa amended by striking oat '&*>" and inserting and the bill passed. C Mr. Turton in trod u> ad a bill to repair tba brick c ulvert across irth street weat, between I, and M streets north, passed Mr. Bart. froui the Second Ward delegation reported ft?*orab;y on the bill topavthelal borers who cleaned the Utb atraat a?w?r A&|? for their aarvicM out of tha funds of tba Second Ward passed Mr Unlnk. frem tba committaaoa finance reported bill to pay R. Watara for printing" a digeat of the laws of tha corporation passed Mr. A. Lloyd *cro> reed the death of John J, Alderman for ta* r ourtb W ard, ftpf&klu^: in fwlmg u>roi? of th# wor.h of tha deceased, and the fidelity w bi. h characterized his private and cfficial acta, and concluded by offering resolutions of "respect uiemory of John P. Pepj??r. deceased * Mr. Ta t wsonded the resolutions in appro, pnate terms, and warmly eulogized th? de. '"eased and was follow.-d by tba President, who alluded to tta saaness of theae fre jnent occurrences of death among the former and present members of the Board of Aldermen '-his being the third m the course of a few mouths. Alter a few appropriate remarks from Mr. C?iven, the resolutions were adapted, and the Board adjourned. Ommos Uouhcil?President Moore in the chair, and all th?' members present exceut M^-esra Baker and W alker. A message was received from the Mayor, auuounctat: his approval of an act amending Hie act to tax, license, and regulate issarauce companies or thur agents, amendatory and eupplemen ary to the act prescribing the duties and compensation of the collector of taxes act amending act requiring wheat, rye, abeiied corn, oats, iud potatoes, to be sola by weight for the relief ol certain citizens of Waatjingtoa whose applications for licenses to keep res au. rants, taverns, A.c., have beeu rejected by the Board ot Police: to open lltb street west, from > Street to Boundary , for the relief of Bernhard Brocber Also, one from the Mayor calling attention "to the inordinate increase in thecbarg-a made bv the Washington city <?as i.icbt Compa-ir for lighting a^eet lamps in tbia city." The Mayor states that the act of Congress of Julr >, 1*?>6. making an appropriation for lighting 4 street across the mall, provides that n< part of the appropriation should ba paid until it waa proved to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that th? Corporation shall light their atreet lamps with seven leet burners twentyone nigbta in each month Immediately arter the passage of tbia bill orders were given to the (. cBipany u? light all tbe city lamps si nigb in each month, from dark to day light, with ee\en feet burners, increasing the coet to tbe city for each lamp per year from fts.vyt^ to fover three times, and tomeetthia lacreaee ecnn? oieans moat ba devised; referred. The following wera introduced: By Mr Stewart?petition for greding and paving I street, from 13th to 14th , referred. By M Paugh?resolution directing the committee on drainage to inquire into the expediency of providing for a sewer in square v47 ; adopted. *r Wright?bill for footway on aouthaide of M atreet south, frem 3d to iu streou ; referred. By Mr peugh?bill making aa additional appropriation to purchaae a hor ae for the water registrar soffi:*; rejected. The following were reported from committee#: By Mr. Peugh (ways and m eana)?bill to reimburse the Bank ot W aahingten for an over-di&ti. passed Alao. bill in.reaaiag the amount of bond of tha treasurer of public schools to SIo,?00 passed. By Mr Stawart iimprovemenia)?bill to grade L atreet, from >ew Jersey avenue to lat atreet weat; passed By Mr. Joyce ^police)?hill to repair tha roof and to erect water closets at tba 4th precinct station bo use, wuhac amendment, concurred in and bill passed. Council bill to compensate tha laborera angage^ in .Cleaning out tbe iith street sewer was received from the Aldermen, with an amendment, which was concurred in. Alao, bill flxmg the compensation of iha water registrar at per annum. Mr. Mead offered an amendment increasing the pay of all mechanise and laborera working tor ibis Corporation 2ti per cent.; which, with the bill, waa referred. Tbe bill tor the relief of C. H. Ridenonr was received lrom the Aldermeu, with the Coancil amendment uot concurred in and, on motion of Mr. Pengb, the board Insisted on Ita amendmem. A number of bills from the Aldermen were referred. Mr Peuph called np the bill appropriating the taxes paid into the city treasury by tbe colored people for their education, and asking the repeal ol certain onerous laws passed by Congress, and moved an amendment that uo part ot the said taxes be paid until the laws referred to are repealed. After conaidetabla debate, the bill was amended ao as to authorize the Collector of Taxes and Kegtater to keep separate accounts of all monies paid into the city treasury by the colored people, and to report the amouut io the two boards of Council, and passed, the title being amended ao as to read, A bill directing the classification of certain ta\ee," ire The joint resolution of tbe Aldermen in respect to the memory of John P Pepper, . waa adopted, and the board adjourned., ^"On Friday night rbe aewmg machine ee. lablishment ofGrover A Baker, m New York, jnstalned a damage ol #3u,uuo by fire, but was fully Insured. *f"To terminate a dog's suffering a man in St. Louia atrnck it over the b^ad with a re. volver whn h diacharged a ball into his own body, killing bim instantly. T'Howard Fletcher, who ahot Mr. Stewart at President Johneon'a reception In Ind ana. poiia, lnd., laat September, baa jnet been con. victed of murder in the eecoud degree, ana aentenced to two year*' Imprieoameat. writer says thai tbe bappieet period o a man's life la that of hka cjartsbip >nch aa announcement puts tbe happtneaa of married life on the deacendmg scale. VTbe re.union of the dtfareat Methodist bodies In Laglaad, the United Statsw aad Canada, baa been declared deet r a Me by aearly all their Conferences, bat not much has beei to accomplleb it. 9"Tbe Virginia Legislature are about to ee. tabnah aa Industrial College, which the Rieh mond press want located there. mr A cat finger la banc protected be betnc encased with a rag moietenea with flour and water; thia will harden and remain firm tin the healing la complete. T'Commerce atreet, in Montgomery, Ala , waa tbe scene of a personal conflict one day lut wwk. Two politicians ft red twelve a hots u each elbtf aad won a Ard one?lamppoet.