Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1867 Page 2
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TT1E EVENING STA R. Tke Until Cirtulaiioa ia Ibt ftulrict ^ D. WAM.ACH, EdiUr and Prt^rirter, WASHINOTDM CITY : TV I SDAV FERRI'AKY Jtl, IWT. WMAU11IU M ATTKIt OB RTKRT PMIR. B*K OUTBIDS FOR INTKRRiTlNG TKLK IiKAI'MC A Nl> OTUkK MATTKR. TO ADVKRTIKEKi. The Irliowiug i? lb# dttfJU 'buwui ot the etrcolation of the itsilj pap*n of this city ?ompetmg for the Government adv?rtieing M4?I tb* recent act of l)on(r?iM iUr??tiof such Mt?rtniH)| to tie made ia tbe two 4ally sewspapers of Washington DMISf the larfN etrcolauon ; EviM?fl STAB 7,715 co(MM per day. Ckrtmxelt S-t)# ? u fntilUgtnctr.... .?....X5W " m The reiurnt of advertising by the city papers or tt?? quarter ending !Member rj|, rwflfl, a* tab^D from the book? of the Internal Kerenoe Oflice. ar?* v follow*: Star fi.3.107 /?i^i^wfr 9. I<M L'Srom i* 9. 1^4 K'luinc T\ 53* THE RL< EPTIUXS. The Wbilr Htair, The ladies of the Executive Mansion, Mrs Stover and Mrs Patterson, are at liome every Monday. The t a hi net. Tbe ladies of the family of Hon. O H Brewnirg. Secretary of the Interior, will receivetbeir tnends on Wednesdays. at the resi dence of the Secretary, on the east Bids of Montgomery street, Georgetown Height*. Secietary and Mrs McCulloch have issued cards for two receptions, the first to be held on the evening of the 2Jd inst., and the second ou the 2d ot March. Mrs Poktmarter General Randal! will re. ceire at b?r residence. No. 107 titw York s?veuue, on Wednesday alter noon. TDK ELttTIUN I Si OKORti KT11WN. Very general interest was feit in the election In Georgetown yesterday, it being the occaaion ot the first exercise of the right of franchise by the colored people of the District. Coupled with this feeling of Interest was one of apprehension on the pai t ot many that the d.iv would not uass without some regretable breaches, of the peace. These fears happily pro\ed u mounded: the colored voters exercised their aew privilege with becoming modesty. and quietly withdrew to their homes after voting, and the while voters most warmly oppostd to negro suffrage, evinced a purpose to maintain order and insure a fair trial u. the experiment. The result is shown in the election of the candidate of the negro suffrage party for Mayor, Charles If. Welch, and seven out of eleven of the cotmcilinen supported by the tame party. It must be conceded by their ?ppocmUi that the colored voterj, whether acting Irom their own prompting or under judicious advice, voted for and elected good mva, men of integrry and capacity. Their action and bearing on yesterday will certainly go far towards dispelling the prejudice against negro sullrage, and if they act always as discreetly and temperate!?, will doubtless in time do awny with it altogether. Mr. Welsh, the Mayor elect, has n?ver been ideniifled with the extreme radical party, though known as aw uncompromising I'mon n an throughout the war; and it will be rein em be red be declined to be catechised by the negro suffrage party prior to tbe election. That party, however, supported him as thsir most available candidate, and he running thus unpledged received the support of many of those disaffected to Mr. Addison from various causes. He has served most satisfactorily for even or eight years as tax collector of Georgetown, and the fact of his being displaced by a paity vote of the City Councils in January last, doubtless treated considerable sympathy in his favor. Mr Addisor, the defeated candidate, baa served as Mayor of Georgetown for many years, aad baa been noted for energy and capacity. S>.?me of onr morning contemporaries mistake in supposing that the city government of Georgetown changes hands altogether by the election ot yesterday. The Board of Aldermen elected la-t year on the Addison ticket serve for two years, and therefore hold ever until February, irte. The Board consists of five members, elected by the people, presided over by the Recorder, who ie cbesen by the two Boards m joint meeting. Four Conncllmen were elccted on the Addison ticket yesterday, which, with the Board of Aldermen, givee a majority in joint meeting against Mayor Welch. FARM? IX TALIFORHIA. The Commissioner of the General Laud Office has just adjusted the titles of one handred pre-emption settlers in the San Francisco Land District. California. The value of the improve, ments in these cases range from f9U0 to PlS-WtO, anusiiung m the aggregate to abom Sitm.ono, exclusive of personal property, which in some ca^es consists of from 3u to 60 boTses and id. wards of sou head of cattle. These Improve, ments were made on the land ia about three years, 81 of the claimants took W) acres ea?b, tbs remaining 19 have taken S0420 ncres and upwards. The whole number of acre* being 14 <*>. of which I2.0fln are fenced in and 9.0 under cul tivation. averaging ia?' fenced and ?> under cultivation i?y eaoh settler of the preenrptors. There are SS married men and families, 3 widows with families, and9 single men ?S are native citizens aad but three ont of the wbole number uneducated. There are 2j ^etneyards and 5.1 orchards on these farms. The met that these improvements were made in the darkest days of the war ia illustrative of the spinr of onr people. PansovAL ?Colonel William G. Moore was on Saturday confirmed by the Senate as paymaster in the army. This gentleman has been acting as oneof the Preeident'a private secretaries, and is deservedly held In high esteem, both for bis personnl worth nnd fine business qualifications. Colonel Moors is ason of Captain W. f. Moore, president ef the Common Council Hon Jamas W. Nye,of Nevada, appeared in the Senate yesterday, after an absence of several months. He was heartily welcomed by hie brother Senators. Mr. F. B Carpenter's celebrated paiatiag, "Mr. Lincoln .Deliberating on the Proclamation ef Emancipation," will be hung over the eastern door of the rotnndn this morning. Tan Wibb Si mi an*.?The mnnngement of Wnll's Opera House hnve mnde n great bit by engaging tboee sprightly and versntile actresses, Ada and Emmn Webb. The house was crowdsd to lis ntsiest capacity last eventng, aad the excellent mnnner in which Brougham's capital borlesqne of "PocahoA^as performed, elicited lond nnd freqnsnt applnnse. The sistsrs were called before the curtaia. They appear to-night in three piece*. Emigration from Germany to the United States, according to letters written from Berlin and Munich, will becems n -complete torrent" as the spring ndvances. The tronblea nnd disnppoiaUhenta In Germany following the war of last year add greatly to the tide that la setting townrd America VrriBn on lure am.?There baa rseently been compiled by Mr. Hsyl, of the Treasury Department, for the nse of the Department, a saleable work, belag n digest of the statutes of the t.nited Stales prescribing the rates of aties on imports. It la n neat pamphlet of 53 pages, and contains the acta of Oengreaa preeenbing said dnttes. Tolls.-The Cnmberlnnd Union mentioned a report that the Chesapeake and Obi* canal tolls on coal hnve been reduced rom 9f to ?j 9t too rents per ton, hnd that ths Board of Public Works nave confirmed the astien of the cnnnl Board 1 An important test case will shortlycoma . Infers ths Supreme Court to dsufaune whether certificates of indebtedness are to be deemed taxable aa United states securities. ?F*Krom J. 0. Parker, Post Office News Bland, we have the "Riverside Magazine for "Xoung Folks" for March a capital numb r. ii? ii i s ??P?LX.mi??n gw?? r*LKt7KATHi^ NKW5. '1 | FROM KMlOPfc TO-DAY. Thf Hibrm I or\>u% in ?lre l?*|?The Anieriraii (ionnuifat (V*?ur?^ ? Krinrm Wrrmwii Kmpirr?ClMariil. I.onihjh. Kfh 26?Noon ? The pr.vileee o( \ ?be writ of hanea* ootids h?a b**u au-p-udej | in InlHiid thtfc months loner. K?rI KkMrllrfni'arfMibc American Givern; m?-M? Iwi plrmliuiE lor tbi* Fetiitua i Tli* r?*l?>nn UMHurnm of Karl lk>rhv form (riirtal topic ot <'onr>-r?ilioti. I<?ad <uf n-'wppjer* have editorial articl's approving tft? ! iii-?i-ure , | Hkklin, F?b *Ci ? King Willi tm of Prussia, I n m ??n Kropcror of Irnminy I.nwiviw Feb 2? ? 1'onaoia 9); Ene 37K; 1Wnrn',?^; Brmrt?7^Vl.iMiii'oou Feh 2t?? Noon ?Market f?r ci?ton * -*s dull Mini depr^?iu*d. (Quotation bar-ly niain'nin-d. Saiea t?< day trifling. Openieg I prices f.?r M iddlint Uplands lH?g. Breadstuff, generally quiet and steady. Later from Mfiirt. Sas Kkabcisco, Feb 2t> ?The (Consul of the Mexican Republic tu thi* city ha* received tne following official news: Juarez wns at San I,ui* Ptitoei, where Gens. Gotr/alles, Ortega and Patoui had arrived as prlurm re. 1 he city of Guaaajiianella waa captured by the Liberal* on the 27th January, witti many prisoners All the artillery and baggage of (Jetural Marque* w t* also captared. 1 he city ot Juiiora. the moat important place in the State o Michocan, ha? I toe a utk6a by the Liberal General Piuttai. Mtranion was completely defeated near Kneut.(.*i?, and three of his brothera aud all hia h gh oflliers were made prisoners. The Lil>eraU captured one half million dollars which Mtram.iu had coll ?cted. It U reported that Calimohad been captured by the l(>publicau aimv, under General (Jorono. T1 e Imperial garrison capitulated on the -21 February t'orono allowed no violeut proceedings on the part ot bi.s army. Protonud peace reigns there uow. The capture of Tehuautepuc i? officially report* d. ^hocl>ia? Murder. I'HM.Ai'Kf.I'Hia, Feb 26?The following dit>pati li bus t>een received bere from N-w Market, Middlesex county. New Jersey : Mrv l>r I*e*ter Wallace Oorieil waa murdered j about 12 o'clock last night. The murder wan committed by two men. one of whom had dark whiskers. The bouse am robt.ed It ta presumed that the two murderers broke inu> the bouse, and Mrs Co?rell awakening they murdered her, but in their flight they were seen by a neighbor. Vfta by (iovera*r< rap?. 1IETROIT. h eb 20 ?Got. Crapo vetoed the Port Huron l,ati*ing railroad bill on the giound of unconstitutionality and inexpediency. T he bill allow# ten per cent, on asI aeaaed valuation to be given to the road by all : townships of any country traversed by it. The Governor tays the syetom will Y;r?*ate . enoimoua floods of bonds winch capitalists cannot take and tamers cannot buy. The cr?ditof Michigan will be forced to go bagging and atand low oa the market. thb Washington tcypek*n<'B 1 Jj? SOOlKTY "? * '"*r> TUE9DAT* IV|! MNG.nt 7 o o4ork. Interesting meeting* miy be expected liy order fociety. It* PT-r' LIOTCBiToiTRSOONSniUCTION [iof Mri M 0 B H ' W N , of 4 10 Area vtra^t. fhiladelpbia and 31 Bond arraet, N~w Turk, : kteixylM steal Physician, will deliver a Lectnre. | inTl k>DAT BYKN'ING. Kebrnarr 2., at Untna Lea. ua Hall, tih street. Her Lactara will b? up >n ii a: tal wild j hjika' ier<in?tractl<>n by iawa barato oia nnkBo* n. Law? which pravant the decay and extraction of the taetb; the f?lliag eat and Mcachiug ?f the kalr, tbe aluklng of the e>? the , deafening of the ?ar. Come to the Lecture A 1niUtlcu. AO centa. Tirketn t? be had at tu- oU ot tjlareBdan Hotel, aal at the door. Lartnre cemn.ancae at 8 o'clock It* rrS^SPlCIAirMUBIOAL IfOTIC*. ^Bating perfected my arrangataanta for tha erecflcn of a new and be*ntifal PIANO AND MUSIC WABIHOUdK in the apring.upon site n >w occnplad . b" i Biea i eoeaaitijr tor uie to tuo-e wiy nurr. Stork : and bene* my deal re ta reduce it aa much aa po?I nxle Therefore we ah%H tbia day cooimeoce aud * continue aatil farther notice to ditpo^e of oar immiuie ateek of Huaic and Moslcal Instrument* | Ac , Ac , at LARGE D18COUNT8 from regular pricea. ... ?J0H* ' I'L". ; 306 P?nyif lfmais . bet rth Bud_10th sir*et?. 133"'*" "F tot?v*?'a'*a nri i Ta'nfSKif j\*4fAvav"g^PAWHBaOKBE^ MOTlci: i 8 GOLDSTEIN * 00.. I Ko *4 i*i (treat west, near Pena'a are., i ? c5" th* attention of ear old patrena , and the pablic ln gtueral that we have aoweni l.erg^d onr bualawaa. and are prepared to offer indaeflBeata to borrowers that have never heea offe^w^^Lefore?expreiely to partiaa wiahlng large Large atore room*, with good eafee for valo ?*{ A Private oUtee coanected for all eonfldential bnelbeea. Money advanced on Onld and Silver Watcboe, Plamoaga. Silverware, Jewelry, a ad on all kteda of mercbandtoe A?ao, oa Boada, Stocks, Berlpe, GoTernmaat Socnrltiee. Loana ipade by day or week on merekandlao anb ject te -ale M B ? Arransemeote have been made by which yeraoaadeeoatting property with na caa receive the same at any prlaclpal city of the Union 44 FOI B AMD A HALP 1TEBST fe?l tf A^TLOAT AUD P0B SALB?0argo~of~~i>IVS aad OBOUAl) SALT, per Amerioaa Bagle. Partlee hauling from veneel will aave the Deaal ive centa per aaok. _ I.THOMAS DATIS A UO., It* 83 and S3 Water H , Qeorgotowa. i?. 0 jyj u s i c a l aonoi. Aalakall move my entire <tock la a few dart, la , order to have built on the preeeat alto a aew Pi, aae and Muaic Warakonae. I bag of all peraons indebted to me to pleaae aottle their aceaante, by caob er notaa, between this and the 4tb or March. J0HB V.BLLI6, "a S* 306 Pfna?y 1 vanla avenno pBOPOSALS FOB CABTA**. Proaneals will be received antfl 4 p. m on the r>th of March,iae7, at the OMee of the Waablngton Gaa bight Company, Ho. 47? Tenth atreot, for Ca.tage. from April 1, 1M7. to April 1,1S? i The right to reject any aad all bids that may be offered ta reeervel. A'ch-dale of what le required mar be aeea ea a p pi i oat ion te CHAS. B. BA1LBT, | fo M dtasarf Wocretary. { j^JOBBTI MOBBT:: MOHBTI! I H. PBINCB'8 HBWLY BHTABLIBHID LOAH ?P?ICB, i 87 7 Pa. avo . next to PotoatlaraConfeotloaory. Money loaned oa every description of salable i Merrfcandlao, eepoelally Watchee, Dia- /Ov eada and fine Jewelry. I eaa aaanreXwJL thoeewbomay favor me with the-patroo-U U ago that they will not regret ha vlng done ao. N. B ? Private door end offlee. Peraosa not wlahiog to eat*r the pablic office will ring the Office boll. to M lm pOBMOBNTTIBBOH. Potomac Perry ('?wl*any, ) Seventh Strt$t Wkarf. S waxkiNgiaa, Febraary M, Steamer will leava the Compaay s Wharf, ef fth treat, at 10 o'oleck.oa TBUBSDAT MOBBIHO. Feb. - r iTb t andSATUBBAT MORNIHa.Marcb"?"??fc Jd for MOUNT VBHNOir Betarnlap. tha boat will arrive at 3 p m. ,'? ll-30, including admiasion to the Mansion. fo? 4t WILLIAM P OOLT. Ptealdent. 08,u> r" D",>, 0| OOUBTOI BIBB'S, ALBX ANDBB'S, FULL BUPPLT OH HAHD. All slxoe. from to 10)4. r Lad loo, #3; Gentlemen's, ? ?. LOBO, OB TWO BUTT0B GLOVES. In white or evening eolora. Prlso St.M. JOS. J. HAT A 00., kS-itlt Pennsylvania avpoo. ^jJBBAT BAR9A1N9JB DBT 900BS, | Wa hate a tar ft aaaeriment of Goods on band which wo will sell for tbe lowest oaah prices, | namely : ? OALICOBS. from li* to I* oeata; BLBAOHBB OOTTON8. from 1IH to U oeata; "W^^IBO, from lax cents a yard np; All Wool CASSIMBBBS, |1 a yard. Oar entire etock of Winter Qoeds at and below coet. Wo bare oa haad a largo assortment of NOTIONS and PANUT I ABTICLB8 which we will cell below market i prices. HID OLOVBS ' heap. BBBBAOB B LUTTBKLL, fa Corner ?tk street aad Pean. avenno j WA... ?o I fee roar of the Natloaal Botal. To a casta mar in I want the whole wMl be aald a baraala. feS llt" p HOI OB NBT8. BASINS. PIQS^OUBBABTS. I ' >]?TI??OTT ' DNrOBATHn CHIBA PIBBBB. THA AHD TOILBT SBTT8 M greatty rMeoed prieaa, at J. W. BOTBLBB A BBO., Hoaae Purniahara. 880 Metserott Ball. V ?"*" \ CON Gil ESS i ON A L Ttuuir, Fcbmi rj W PBjiaTk?Ou mo'ion of Mr Aii'hhit. th? s*?"to tb? election ?f O.oir^.sieeai Pnai-r, aud the ruin requiring iu? el-sl*J? U> b- n.ade by billot was disposed wltu. Mr AnUioit) tb^n nomii.Mfril John 1? lie. Prutu? l0d"UJ'1- WT^?<'lMt?oC CjajrrMo.uuiU Mr It-lTffp was then elected r*>* t*h* Mr. printed me memorial of the C?llrte j*h ety of Main^kuie Oiiur^s to 1-u it-nut* toe > 01 Ueu'i Peter F^roe, of Wa.biMrtou H-terred to Joint CowoiP.tee oa tl??? Ul'turj. Mr Kauisey, irona the Committee on Naval AITalre, a*kfd, Mid obtained leave. to be disiliaffMi (rum the further consideration of >he |h lit,on of the builder of ?he irou clad Iveoauk asfcu.g additional compen?at on. bir. Wye, from the Committee on Ha^ai A.IfHir?. reported tlie House joint resolution aufborixing ttoe Nnry to grant tbe use of two n. neb DabUren Runs for trial of Kirtgway-s bet'ery; wbich was passed Mr Fowler oil led up the bill for tbe relief ot J?mc< > nltou, paymaster at tte Wathiuzton i.Mvv-yKrd * Mr. cragm explained that the paymaster's clerk. who bad be. u In oflice under bis ore deoessor aud continued by Mr. Pulton on srrcnjreet recommendation* of bis honesty and capacity, proved to lie corrupt, ami ha I It-lomousl^ appropriated about fi,, ot int> !n0.!',InJ,,Knt.K,>ror'r'y Tb" c|pr,t ha<1 *?? -?> indirleo hy the grand jury in the |>i?fri,.t of ? olumbia, nud this bill wan to exonerate Mr r ulton from any responsibility for the nron *r ? '?*"?>. 1 be I?I1 W.e then passed P P On mot.on of Mr. Howard, the joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to ad jnst <I.<1 settle the claim of H. Randolph M tr1)1 ,h- Wa?t??nglon. Aleiaa in* and (ifonretown Kailrodd Company, was taken up and passed. * Irumb.u" callpd "P ,h? "ouse bill to c^"'f'w:.b^sK:?"?' ?*'? ?? ill provides for the appointment of a ComrnisMoiier of Education at SJ.ihmi. with o*e 1? , ii w i^1' 08,1 at and one at g 1.6 *i It shall be the duty of ib? Department to collect such educational statistic* of all the States ?cd Territories as will show the condition and progress of education, and of difTus n* !Ul*^?,atlr0n t,n?r school systvm* and methods of teaching aa shall aid the neopl? ot the I uited States in the establishment of o?7i? ?vstem? and promote the cause of education in the country J I Air. i;onnest> moved to Mrike out department and insert buieau. Th?-term department mubt lead to complications, as tbe bemls 0f deuartmenis were generally considered Cabinet offlMr. Trumbull bad u<-rer heard that th* d i. tingnifebed h^ad or tbe Agricultural I^nirt. ment (Mr. iSewton) baa ever ?at in the OiblD^t. Mr. CooneM was informed that Mr. Newton f? ,. 1 no dtubt of bis right to a s?-at in riif 1 U bUt bacl Uot c*r*'<1 to c'a,"i bis Mr Wilson ?lie thin!r6 he will get it. Mr. Counts, did not eee any necessity for Jewing, as this was too important a matter ^""ner was anxious lor the subsunce or .tbe bill, and did not care whether it was call, d a depar n;ent or a bureau. This was a most momentous sublet. I'n.x-i-ai sultrazwas to b^ estabiisbed. and universtl education must follow. TUe benefit of free schools should b^. xieLdedtotb^r^belS' He w-isanx.ou. Wallthis generation shenld b?? dignified as much a? possible, and would gladly see the k % .?f d^l'TUn'-nt in theUabiuet We Dad tbe example of France to adopt su?h a I provision There the Minister of Education I *of tbw most "?""?ntial memuers ot the ; 1)1 |l?*f . I .h?3r' llow^ said sfriiggle foremancipating this country bad ended; tbe struggle for en- I franchising it was nearly ended, but thestrug- I f nuVn ?tel.' ba<* j,,Bl begun, aud he w i* ( UBwilling to do anything to hinder it. aud u^Vbi" u V?^ ^aiust any a,u*ndmeu'6 1 /.^i-hV-TJ? further discussion, Mr. ConneM k aud naJrs oa tH8 motion to mTi *,ureHU >ns?U?ad of (lfpariinHnt. I Jtefore taking a vote, tbe morning hou'- ex- I piled, wh^n Mr. l-'esg..uden moved to take uo I tbe army appropriation bill. I Mr. Chandler called for the unfinished basl- I f-f/rrVi'bl11 to ^corporate tbe Niagara Ship Canai Company. 1 I Mr. Chandler said this bill was quite as im- I portant as any from the Committee on Finance trr,COm "rc'ot th" ,}lk<,e amounted to a thou- I f , millions annually, and it was necessary to have tbis outlet. 1 I After considerable discussion, tb? qaestion was taken on ibe motion ot Mr. Kesseuden I when it was agreed to. Mr. Fogg presented tbe credentials of bis I successor in tbe Senate, Hon. James W Fat- I terson.oi New Hampshire, wbicb was placed I on tbe file. ' I On motion of Mr. Williams, tbe Senate con- I enrred In tbe amendments of thp House to tho I clerks' increased compensation bill, and it no w ! goes to the President. Tbe army appropriation bill was then taken I up, aud read at length. Among tbe approuri- I anon* for impairs, Jtc. ot armories and arsenals is, for Washington Arsenal, D. C., *Xj,oju I Hocaa ? After tbe reading of tbe Jonrnal,? Mr. WPDtworrh (III.) in compliance witb a r^l'^K0,U^dopt?? yeeterday, made a report ] rom tb* Selevt Committee to investigateal. I egpdbargainmgs and oompromise between I be President and certaiu members of Con- I greee. 1 be report saya tbat tbe committee was I m session wben tbe resolution of yesterday I wa? adopted, and therefore no memtor of the I committee was present to explain to tbe Honse ^ inT??ti*auoa has be^n parsoed. Tbe committee met witb some de. I lay by reason of tbe declination of one of the I members first appointed, but tbe committee have been as diligent as yoselble, and bave examined witnesses aa rapidly as a short-hand I ? cou,<* t^edown the testimony; and with slip* cnt from newspapers before tbem, I tbe committee bad called in newspaper cor- 1 respondent * and examined tbem relative te tbeir sonrce of inlormaUon; and altbongh their testimony was as divers* as reporte from W asbington usually are, but all derived their .1?-r1?ati?n 'J0? <amt' or,K,n- About tbe time tbe Southern Governors were here it was noticed tbat two persons met members ot Con- I ?ress, aad not entitled to tb e privileges of tbe ouse were frequently witbiu tbe bar, and I earnestly engaged in conversaboa witb va- I persons were seen to call members into tbe cloak room for consultation, and conjectures were at once sent lortb of a probable compromise with tbe President and Tb? lw,? Person* alluded to were ''*5 Committee, and one ot them said be bad bad interviews witb tbe President I as often as three or four times a week, and I generally in tbe evening. They had come upon tbe floor ot tbe House and bad made arrange..! m?iis for a meeting at tbe Metropolitan club ^&J "uppoeed tbat 50 or Co cou. eervative members would control tbe action I w.. hQ.^rop^*d compromise. The meeting hlr \?n ,.n^ ^moc'al or Radical memadmittsd; taking these names ae the IT2J. ,b# m^aeure, divided party. The 1 taiI.n,l.*ir^i0Uone<l Jor 14,6 purpoee of ascer- I talning if the President would approve of the mr ?^?pof??; and * 8u**qu*nt meeting of the ?V>."Kgre!k8 Wa* be c%IUd to h?ar Ii-t** few S' h* int?'view witb tbe PresipreBtd?nt was called npon and be ?n8 willingness for a consultation, k 7.i *?reed to hold another meeting, but the precipitation of events in tbe House commtitaantm.rai of lhe investigation I meetines ^rhl*??5v th? folding of further teTTfmnnV Tbe above wis based npon tbe testimony of tlie parties who Pimm to tiave been tbe oriKinators of tbe altered I fherew^t u' aBd ** Ut>n*e baa called for b , eoppoeed that no further inthe^ ^ffii r d"manded, and i * therefore ask to Be disc barf Ad from I further consideration of tbe sobject and as I the teatlmony taken has not been revised br the witnesses: as anch of U hL" Ve" not been written out and as some names must be I suppressed if no further investigation is to be I

made, tbe committee have dwmsd u ? 1?U?I0DT M aSJ None of tbe testimony given reflected in in* I degree npon the integrity of U^PreikfaS? member o^th8 ^?**Uon tb? tntegrity of any member of tbe Honae of Kepreaeatatives [The reading of tbe clause of the renort was I greeted with loud langhter 1 The7aPrge 7ou npon the rfcoa?truction bill last ?f?e th? Honse shows that no isread has been made upon the patriotism of members of this House I [Renewed langhter.] The committee in con I fetation My they regret their Inability to make a more(elaborate report, bnt they are effectnally estopped bj the action of tbe Honse, and .f? bVi*cb?r?*< from the further consideration of the subject. I The reading of the report was received with I ?" ?? KStSSJS ..Fl ?*i<l he believed be was sntnied to one bonr, [laughter,] but owing to the I more important business before tbe Honse. he I JTi- occ?Py Um#. *>nt would yield to [ his colleague on tbe committee, (Mr (*loss. ?Ktbe ^mocratic side of the House, llr. (llossbrenner (Pa) proceeded to make a epeech in a low tone of voice, amid cries of "Louder," louder," and tbe K?publican memMr. Orinnell (Iowa) asked if the House had adjourned f [Laughter.j Mr. Eidridtre (Wis.) desired to know if tbis 1 was a hostile raid from the Republican side [Renewed laughter.] uww" Mr. (llossbrenner then proceeded with bis remarks, and said the committee had fwied to ?"li??'.Lou of 10 enstain the pre. amble to tbe resolution. The cbarge of cor. hn^,,,?^*a,D,n, ha* Bot at au bee^u,0^, bnt the investigation sbowed an honest and patriotic effort lor a purely patriotic purpose The committee bad virtually "foiled all nigh a?.d 1Uk#n am after all ?b* of t e teeolatta it wma lather nneatofactory t? find that d>tb w*e notbiBfr ia feu charge. Theiv was no evidence of any allnsioa to 'be subject o: in. puclimnit, and! although tba wuiwmm wort orely pm?d *i ail points, tb-r? waa a de> e<ded fell a re to make tba u-jubodt coofena <r S; | daughter I In conclusion, Mr. Oliaotnenner entreated that th?re was oue tud *.'dual wbo.U be cnid be preva.ied uron to ??mecutof tbe pr-vaoy lnto\vbicb he !???rrr.r'IV bT,B* P**?f * hrxnd corrupt hart*iaiB( npoa all. ?nd that wie Sauloi d Coiiover. [l^augbtH] The report wti tbea laid on tba table. and be committee was discharged from the fortfler consideration of tbe subject. Mr. Iiale (M. Y tasked, but failed toobta<a. l;H?e to Introduce a resoluttoa (Hrectia* <hm Library to make a c ",ra? with the artist, Mr Ro??iter, of New Yorkto p^int apicton. for tbe head of one of the em,? oObe Constitution. tbe said contract not to hS for a ft renin- tun than S*25,(>OU. w^.r. 1:'!"^ (?> 'r??n ?b# Commlttae of y *,ld M*a??. reported back tbe bill rrantuip acreased con. pen sat i ou to the clerk*in tt*? civil service of the Urn ted State. at Waehii? ton, with certain smrndmenta Amendments incindm* 'be employee. at tbe ? IL'V. MRns,on *nd tbe lainp|i?hter? rrrair^d0.on,,M,0n<5r0f Pttbhc ? Tbe amendment ofthe Senate, exempting all . mjiloyeea ofTle Treasury paid byTbe day or ^ ek, was (-triclc. n out. T .I!,J!:iohn I' Thomas asken if the erni>loy<"s m the bilP rd>lnd elM!?Lcre were included Mr. U nrll? Id said tbe warea of tbe,e em. }'lo'7. r-?ulated by out*id?- shops, and .""i ? received a due increase at various tin es (inmi* tbe paet year. l''h "k ,h.en r^sed as amended, and it poes bmk to the Sena'e. On motion of Mr. Sevens (Pa) the House rr- V^ln,? Commits Of ine Whole oa the Mil making appropriation for the repair m m lorl|flcat,?np. Mr. Donnelley (Minn ) in t|?e chair 11 I ^min <Mo * r?"opose<l an am^ndrnmJS 5 IK "V. aPPr<,l""iailon to enable tb*? U .'m ,of ,be Army and Navy jo bave a aaluteof one hundred guns fired in yeitVrday * v,ctorjr ,u Cieorjcetown, D C., Chair ruled the amendment out of or*JL'" 'r,ver:' ?f,*ms of "?e bill had bee,, con- ! MB. ir Maynard (Tenn ) moved to strike out tne t nactincr clanse Mr. Kaesoii (io?h) made be point that the i ni?ht re,ut,,<1 *?ree to that motion la?i I be Cha r de?,d^d the motion to be in order a."_h!s u-jis at a diff.'rent stage of the bill r*Tr ^ 7)""wn 'Obtrike out prevailed, and the H i r?Re' a"d ,pP?r"d l?"-f?ct to the rf'tifneit'?11hy * *f 7-> yea? U, 70 nays, ^ rnH h f'n f m th,> Hcl,on of commn. tee'of the Wboie.Wa* recommitted to Committ??Ii 1'*"Ji,0,4d (? > moved to add an addt. section ei,acting that not over fifty per nenrtiul i aniount appropriated t-b&ll be e*. Ti^ ^ h ' k cnrr?-nt fiscal vear.and that dh/reT,dA%%:ehdal;0nut " u"^? >'l^LTP'"ZV^"X^'ud to " 1 be moriiing hour commenced at twentv-fl ve miii"tea of > o'clock, and tbe llou.eTirocVdJd to tbe consideration of tbe resolut.ons of Mr J^Hndecee and Mr. Sctienck relative to \h"""ild "" """ Irom AoUp! Af(er the re?oluMons bad been read. i ,,enc'i (C'bio) said he would allow his pVovlde^'bat Th-'*0' * w,d"r * cope, and would ?ny Xr .Vte comm"1^ ??ould examine wmrfsr?r'kl,n?^N' V ' RU?K,'8l'?d to add the d-md'idS?rr 8it? the com may Mr. Scbenck said he did not desire to make "" ,cc'l" '<" ^CIlABS Aflil VluLIN8 at oOdT. Deterifclofd to rednoe ?ur lmm?iia? ....v ?s? 8AVAW 2? movimg. w^?" ,toek PBB T1LTON a BlALTirUL BItImIi AMD VIOat coat, for a f?w dsys ?aiT ? CALL ANU III TBIM >0B Pa. ave , near 10th at. DIBHOLl'TIOV OF PABfHIUHIP -N*Um is tlT,n that tl" "l.ib?r.tofS"? ?'l*&?Blj1 5 namaaof YATK8 a 8CLU and .b. if.. if.."T" tu; ?? ?'H> .1 IMS1iS?i ,k0" ' " feM JACJKSON TATIB, " * St ^A<_W_J*LBT JAHW\rSMrKIS-h ".Vf* With him bu.lnluBd1,Cfka^l'orrw''?LR^^ ;vev.;4nno^ rU^W^' Wh,Ch tM beretofora^been SIUM? ilLBO* SMALL ~~ fOh THV. RASTER# SHORE. OAPT17 T^LBSfttr BMALL li rNfidi od? of the etae?ckeet mot comfortable and iMkBt'ttSK ^wai'ostevrsssl -ait-bar ilar oppoaKe Be .V? i uM~i Sbelaavaa iilisa? Kitaralig from TIB BIITimi^ leavee LloTdi Landln/ at lV b ,h* ? S SSfJ1Mo'.Vav4 |?mMn??^ Friday,tonenlnt at alf iaterma1 fe * tf" * Ur,# nnm^rofflne state rooaa. jy|BBCHA?T8 TAKB WQTIOB. THB BBW BTBAMBHIP LIBB. it "* HVork 'aveao?'**''00rD#r * "?h rtreet aad fe a 31 j . W th0MHO1Pm.??.i , IV1W ?00DS I CHBAP OOODB! I BOO AH ft WYLIB, 38? 1BTIITB ITIIIT. OOTTOBS.J iHi T-j?tU*< is KiXAJ&t :s7 ? iwi toaoT ' 'M,,0, MirrtSS'^ t0 a#,*: " ".??< 18e.; horivrt f) r,".1/.5*? ' f?"<1 Maortnent. Two OHIO * "j a >111 * kave taken la exchange; oae of tb?m almoat new. Fer aaia npoa eaay taraa, at tbe ware rooma of W. Q. MBTZBBOTT k OB.. fe * St* *?U M'MT *' Btoi?way ' Piaaaa. e?* kssk %?.? ^TBIBWAI* PIAVOS. pi^wuro ?L'i saia.v..?a-- ssfswnkfjh asr^l.f'awa'jshsss ^,s! ul 5p r ioyAT "llisO off 8&1 lilsl is bblLIg o(f cob stock to mbyS' l?-308 Pannaylvanio aveene. jol! F BlHT J 5"^ Oooda. 38ssf: i&. ass; ssi: t ssia aa:: JUBT BBTCBHBD FEOM^HB BOBTHBBB Where I have aelected a cheap llae of ? e??U ?er yard; oSttTSi ai^ftSoYi^va4,aS?2 SP^aNfsai have ia new and jnat received. All MraTn.i.1* lcBAt,bJc%S;itb"yCM M" M ' "? ?? Hr fe M 8t? ?o. 11* Pa ?f S5|. WthUd 5SW I IftjMIW. 4 O'CLOCK P. M. GOTKRnMKNT IR( IIRITIR?. * F?nma.y &, ihiI7. Jay C<ooke * 4Jo taruiMi tfe- following qaotntiens of OOTfremnt securities Ml <v L. ? *'s Oon|K)n, i-*j/ ...........|ii?\ I X V S. Five Timiim, l**t iiuu m U * FIT* 18*4 I' ? Jk . H k r 8. PlT* Tw??fN. T!*S 1(8 ^ U S.PTve TweaUpe,Jaa*Jy,ftVitis us?\ U S.T? foTtte l?l , |(91 Jk ?' 8 S???B Thiriiw, A*r*?t. ... . ? U. S. Seven Thirtle*. Jun? M?ftS X U. S. Seven Tb-r'iM Inly ... ins^ |?iv ?BW IOU nMT B> >ABD S ALBS. UoupOBe. >>?'* ?W? 1XW 11(1^ August ...ictfv IWH........ TDM'i. .In ? #..?.. IliU 5 ?> ?. I?M . . Mft% , July I<to\ Sfc.'s, Ja&^ Gold.... LWs ! ' PIN1!?IUL. _L71* Johi^oa a Co, q*ote su>?k* aad Bolide in home and foreign folio . . Wbw You. Feb. *>_ ? Bourd?U. S. It#I "0*: *1"" 4 IL'X- U s V* IiMK) s.Coupons, 101*; CaarmPo ,45 V Oamlorlhad ?oal C* rrrfHrr-i. 3?: yuM,?" MiniBtr Oo.. .> )$; fuw York Oei tral K R L'f *' **"**.? find-on River R R, if Km Mlchtgau <>eatral S v Jj. "V* b **" Nnuuiera Br,.- s. Indian* tL ? o*J.fL0\4Lu*raa"?d* ? llliaoia <> trs K K110; llri^Und *nd PitBhirt K k soX; Chicago aid Morta w^tern R K *k* do preferred. <w?: Oleveiand and Toie 1o K R . 11 # *; U?l<a#o and Roe* Island R R . a,v I't'sburr, Fort and t'hlfaro R g\' W7,; (Jhlo and Mississippi Certificates 7" ''do and Wnbas*. >v w. U T?ierr*pi?.' 42V: Atlantic Mall. S^; i p m.?aold. IX . Uownni*. Feb. 2fi - Nona.-: Per Cable l_ Bonds. 73*; En*. 37*; Consols. M; Illinois Central, 77% ex-div. ???? * PARAGE OP Til E CI.ERKS' COMPfiNSATI'lN btll Th?ll?ii*o ihia murmnj took action on th.? bill granting increased cumpro'itiun to 'h?> cUrks in the civil service oi the Umtrd State* at ^A ashington, adopting ?m#inlm?nr< to include the employees a< tb- KiBraiiv* Mnn?ion and the lamplirb'ers under rhe Commissioner of Puolic Buildings. The Senate amendment exempting from tbebeBefltof the increase all employees of the Treneurv paid hy the da? or week, was stricken out I n answer to a question. Mr (t&rlield (Ways and Means ?>.mnut'ee) explained that the reasou wbv the empioyeeti at the Nayy Yard and elsewhere were not Included in the bill was that their wage, were regulated by the wages in outaide <private) shops, and bad been Increased at times during the war. The Senate afterwards concurred in the House amendments. So the bill needa only the signature of the President to become a law. We congratulate the clerka on receiving this- meed of jas'lce. tardy though it is. K\'CHAN(iK OP 8KVKN TI1IRTIE> NOTK.v Secretary Mcl'ulloch has issued a circular notifying the holders of 7 3-l?i Botes dated Aatcust I5'h, 1~??4, that they can now exchange them for six per cent. 5 *) bonds Issued under the act of ISC.>. 1 f at the time of th? exchange the accrued interest on the notes shall exceed the interest on the bonds the difference will be paid by the Department. If tBe accrn-d interest on the bonds exceeds tbat upon the notes the difference may be paid in currency by the person proposing to make the exchange and should accompany the notes Until May 1st the express charges on notes sent for conver-eion and boads tent in return will be paid by tbs l>epartment. T11E YETOK8 It seems to be anticipated that the veto of the military Jgovernment bill will take precedence of that of the tenure of ofllce bill, and will be sent in to-morrow to give time to Congress to deal with a measure of this importance, it is iboagbt tbat the President may, in returning the bill without his signature, take occasion to express & determination to execute the law to the best of his ability, should it be pasted over his head. STATE DINNER BY THE PRE8IMINT. The seventh State Dinner or the President this season, will take placa at the Executive Munsioa this evening at six o'clock. Cards of invitation have been issued U> * number of members of Congress and their ladies. The invitations tor to-day comprising those names between the letters L and R, on the alphabetical list. MR. WBNTWOITH 3 COMMITTEE. Mr. WentworttTs report to-day from the committee of investigation upon alleged conferences going on between conservative Republicans and the President, was received with ahoats of laugnter, and the whole thing (perhaps so intended by the jovial member 1 from Illinois) was accepted as a good joE*at the expense of the committee. AS IMPORTANT CASK. In the United States Kapreme Court, a salt has been commenced by the State of Texaa against George W. White, John Child*, and others. The bill in the case sets forth that in Jan nary, Itii, the rebel government of the State of Texas made a contract with White and Childs, agreeing to deliver to them certain I nited States Texas iademnity bonds, to toe amount of several hundred thousand dollars. < which the rebel government fonnd in the treasury of Texas, in ceaslderatioa of White aud Childs famishing to the rebels munitions ,or lhe Pu'P?*e of prosecaung the rebellion agaiust the United States. White and Cbilds still hold a large number of these bonds, bat have disposed of some of them to ' other parties after maturity, aad :be holder* ! bow demand the payment of the bonds at the Treasury ef the United State* Th* bill is ftwd for eajointng the holders from receiving payment and obtaining a decree ordering the presest holders to deliver them t* the preseat government of Texas. The hill allege* that ttie bonds were ia possession of the Slate of Texas ' until IMJI, aad at that time they were seized and taken by eertain unlawful combinations of individuals la armed hostility to the Government of the United State*, which combination seined the archive*, treasury, and property of th* State of Tessa, aad assumed to use and dispose of its property tor Um purpose ot subverting th* legitimate government of the State of Texas, and for the parpoee of carryiogoa war against -he Government of the United States; aad in the execatloa of thia purpose these bonds wtniivsnbyUia unlawful combination of i men to the defeadaat's white aad child*. The ' legitimate government ot th* State now reestablished aader the OoattHntioa or me United Stat*e ia seeking to recover the proper. ty thaa forcibly aeiand by the armed oombination. Leave was graated to Ole this bill and 1 aa order was entered setting the hearing of th* motion for injunction for th* td Monday in Mmy. TJhla cas* briags apthe direct questions whether Texaa is a Stat* or not, and whether P*oi*?y *e?s?d by th* armed torce* or the re. hellion nad belonging to the States or t&e South can be recovered back by them. The bill was filed by Mr. R. T. M*rrtck, with whom is as*ectat*d Judg* Kj person, of Texaa. and Meetrs. Taylor and Hrmt, of this city. " < Th? Sbkatb to-day paid Mr. Joha D. Do. frees the compliment of aaanimoMly electing Mm SapTlatendeat of Pabltc matin*. Ordbbbd.?Brevet Maj. G*ns. ifc. A. Oilmore and J. O. Barnard hare beea ordered to daty on the hoard lor experimental firing. * IITWUIAI RBTBBca?Th* rooeipu from this source to-day were 5M,?10.?1. LOCAL NEWS. Tn MAaQunnAnn or tub Anions?j Ormmd JJmtr?La*t alght, th* firstaanual ma*qa*rade hall of the Artoa Quartette Olah (a musical association ot German young men) came off at Metropolitan HalUand was vwy largely auoad* ed. The room was fia*ly decorated with evergreens, aad the American and Gorman ooIom. With a largo number of maskers, in almuxf very conceivable character moviag about, toe scene was one of much interest, in the oea'er of the room a miller, in fall oaatum*, was en. gag*d at th* "Artoa Floor Mill," which was operated hy wlad. aad near hy was a wagoB drawn by two diminutive goats, in which w*f seated a8wfcm milk woman, (Mrs. J. Tobriner who now and th*n disposed nf the lacieaj flaid. A aaMdl?*rl, with blue dress aad t<>w *! apron, filled th* part of Nan. theGood-lor. nothing, to perflation. The immense whit# or polar bear was admirably presented. Donrig , ?he evening a lady eatered the room draw iug x rrtapv in which small her I OSblreoBl** bib*- brlrf k, j, qu . t or.... h.?-1#.o,)imm.! J*nn; "7 w-re seyeral |r,?h character,. one ' ,h ?h?mof -Uj^rr^'v rr,nr A^oS'r * 'n|rA"",,*Mon wf '* b'rrlT^oi.* JTp,rK""W 11 w.-u ft |1^rnr?M!^>tlt>* "n<1 *" ' "?en~. m>rfl ' , f lt*B7 ?nb( |>oii<1i Tho lNinrhi? r.,?r-hV-T*"swi" ' rr^t 1 * ? ' >r ** *' miss. friar*. ion. * rw amove ?.tb*r character. rrnnxnn r.r.M th**e?bto, Ik, Ario ?TTft rftl ta?tlc fo?un*. r^.fc 0? th? '* a fr wotid iP Abost 1?U o'clock, ,be character* f- rmM in pf-o<-e*??rn. he?ded by tbe b?r?d a.d ra.-trched around <1* r**?n,. ?.?*'*?* ?? "* ***ra tr? pnzr* (w**,*? Rio?** Wnlter?,d wm P**raoa. moifdltif y on thett work ??-??16# wmpMrtMfc,,^ fr<>Btof lk4> "** and Mr Klomea pr?p??iM tba prizes ? tellow. prw.^ com bnnV!,! e??e vatch ? to Mt?e Fnder*. who personated ?< coqnftf; M. lrrrrftDtoliM H-Kn'b wfco peraonMed the mrw wiib ft erring feat** n,m' *?a'?emaa*e prize?a pearl op r i f1""-*'" awa.ded to Mr John WmH tt., ??d man of thr woorf*,'' aad tbe aeconl?a 'T- bMi^rr r?t?r. bolder?to air K>r>rit)-ig m ticbu and c smj1*tbe bntwfw. ni^T nnillJ ^ w*>rr "??? ' th? romPsbt uDinuk^, fti.d atter supper. daacir* ** erdt-r till Boramt ?,'r*L r^' ^-Tbe faneral of re J. ?. *. ol JobnPitter?oa P.pper took pl? - "I ' wa" v*r* ?*rceiy attends iii* 'f?,s "I "?<* walU^.wtVrwni, ft ^nnr't* T trnrim's1, #n H w%* placed JnH hi "" ?' *nd eyerere-n. r^r,k' of deoea*- i * ,h* of tb* i v.t!TiiinV^ 'ln,, n"in' a-mb-rn of ?h? l^otincllf Th^-crtifw wereconHarte^ hT R-v after ? M I/'.k' 1 r#,"lT (? "onr. ll. he^r.e i?. J^niftin. were borne to <h~ P r'\ n. UonS "T A I>avi* menV' il'- 1 ?' -Vf ' EncampTort?e ? .. 0*M?ftr?. of l5o'n:nM* J.odc^. Jtctln* ft!, pan hearer*?*,i d h. \ ,n { >" l< *irt ? J* r?maina were interred i '!1L ft /i* on Kn.d. Olunbift * ' ^? Kai ?mpm?nt. No tAn ?. Kn. ampm^nt #f (Md Kvllowa folio*a r|r (b?? mnjuim r() rh* mr* f,A"frrLTzl A RAZOftTLaat met.' p.ter WhmI T #,?* h*rher ?b<>p m tl,e t.t f?r. ? ? K * n,,mher ot rommt ooK.r?d t,*r ^Te oTThem"*,*?0 b'ran "" ' J h,m- "<>0 arm m,Ut .h,ra w,,h *"?'r up >n the Wm' ? ''?*' Wound Wm Koof niJ<1 . '* w,'r' *rr^t'<l fbr the ft?aftult ftl- Tir a,"r for Inrcenv of ft wnvij fr .m' SPERm1:* Jo??n.on Po^t wae held to bail for ooort f.?r the a>??u|t and l>yJ^*'?Z7ll'd ,wr ? * ^ Jftru",'?u.ChtrCh ,n "" c,tv- faa* accep -d a Cftll to Uiecbirre of Trinity ^btweb. t?o?. a*o Illlnoie. to fill th^ Tftrftary occasioned by the* Zt^Jn.T ?f V: K"v ,>r O-r^o, ft, a( tftnt Ri.hop of K-n'uoity l)r K?^lnik- will be absent next Snntev for the purpose of offi 2"t>nr in bianew field of pastortU du??. and ss^r.^r- ? ?. 2JK; by Ma employer Samuel Hollinr*worth w,tb ^Jrc.:ry w*" ?* #< h* SIu hew ?<h Wftfd, and Ju.t.ce l,,u held him loba.ll for Oonrt. w ?r^A.^LCIOt S ?I8CI,IEr ? Jo^ph Gordon was Warrt h bV ?mo*r of ib. sr W ard. chared with poisoning n horse helorie < Juatice Drary commuted him to jail for c nrt. P< Lire K?Pi>bt* ?1 be Lieutenants of ?athe Ul4" mornla* att7 '* arrets in the l>iatrict yeaterday The tlneslander the municipal law* wer* flu* ?. >?"na" Affairs la OeargetMra. Tna El?ctk(|._Tii? election lor .Mayor and Common Uuacii i>a.?eed ofl yeeterdav wiihour "de?,0wb,ob''m0,,,!tr,lU0,,e Much 6t order, which was maintained, wai awiu to ofVof^pe^*m*nl* made hy thB Superintendent ftLa^ Uj present any putbreaJt. lioapt.. anc? with his request the proprietors of all bouses where liquor is .?id cloaia tbeir bolZ ?d remainedclo^d all ^y.comH^Jluy^ drunkeu men were seen At the l olla the t>oln wnh Thab'l,ai"Hl rroB1 ?* a>v way iTbtiba jr,?fheXC*pt ^ P"**"* order, ieaviB( HI other matters to the ke leivers af the t<m?s. After the nollt ctoftfd, ih* fri?Dd?ot ihm r?tppcuve p%rti#? *'re cheerfnl. .nd were mirob,? with nueic, but exhibited no diaorderlv dis poet lion. After the vote wa*^^b.U? io" cr?oUwd*2ntHVt"*U '^dooed by the crowd, and were as qniet as nsnal The wb ,ie "niT^i' ?'J^rr/*u n?*<le during the dar w** only 14, aud of the parte* flee only were floed } ,ux?? ra?l'?C irom ntnti aid coTteVll he other* were diemisaed. About lO.JoeYlock the result waa announced at i e Mayor's ot iC!ollIii:V?'* f?r May?r * I?^?cU waa g 5J2f..-'S It ^ T?J The loTlowl-i^ereiScted^the^mmoa ^ ?lch ticket?Thoe firowa a i L?if ?lS?^n C 5 K*ni.bBr?; fry, *' ? &>' J Shoemaker. C H Pra^in Addison ncket-Wm. ClabaueB, John *'F:iek,v"- W H. kobrer The newly-ejected Ma or and (Council will Monday011 tL* dUUM ot ^ MBBCHABTa* EtCBAIMl Yeeierrfnv r>l^ed^D iST ^r<'h*riU of Freetown comoi*aaization ot their exchanre. br ssrssiarttJBfto- ^b' ^ .?trtIL PJ^*We?" Tu* preaideat, and five directore. The lmpreerion had been made that tae T?a'd **" ^"^o^d of the Water ???^ rib!lnt8 ?ci?"?Tely; but that waa by mr "oP^on or&n ftrt ?.le riuiill Blithe merchants oi tbe town !i *? Evfta Lyon wu ind <>'? Wa,*rB ru* president, John B lH.iT"' A ?-?? " Berry Th-?S ^ WeOB. and B. Itarhy director*. JbH aad directors, with a treasurer ?mu^T2J7J?Jr 9k,ct*d by wU1 iniQt# a board of Ritnacfm^Bt, to and ?n.r -"Hl"; Meetia?? of the board will be held quarterly l*he arrangement* for the daily baaine** tranl.?! ' " >""?f wmSTSSSiV f KPSKJhrSl'i?? ^w>T- !ii ^ "treat, and are of K&tr " ril*" *F Bbobobtowb.-Entered?steamer rhos F from N.? York , E Cahill, Nerrie master, from Balti. I? do E^"' McOloftkey ma.?erchaBdiae Claared-Scbr Vi1 Hubbard master, for Norfolk, <*?*!*.Mabkbt -Tbe market rentiaaes qmet wi'beat cbaare of prices ^iB*rapImed,,ht' *** 00 r*c*'*)U ot <>r Aroriea a up ^ommTmioV bbcba*t *?* ' K aad Blfhtk streets, (Uapeatte Iertbsrb Liberty Marfcet,) WashikoTon, D. 0. BBOVLAFBALM, ""'"ifffflffiiV'111" L'b-*1*4?? Particular atteaUea paid to tbs sa's of Baal to. Bad HoassbolJ Faraltnr* at private real fs So-eela P?IC1D rBlC'Bt. o. J. JOHIbOH B OO. 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