Newspaper of Evening Star, February 26, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 26, 1867 Page 3
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aMammsMMM???????? THE EVENING START LUCAI< NKWrfT AMrSKMENTS, tr , TO NIOffT. W*M n tjraitA Hot;** ? Tb* talented Vtbt Sixers fh's i-tPBliif (a tkr?* pieces >lr?i. t deltfhtiul home drama, "Ntwnai. -H The F -'?-r Blltm," then -The Y?a'k who v t-wT 'jw a woman." concluding with me protein farce W*? 1be Young Artre** ." W ati'is\l Th* at eh ? Last night bat three of ho win Forrest, who will appear la *>Dnmoa aud Pythias." Mies Lillie a* '-Oa. Ian the.'' foiBm Hall, Georgetown. D. C ?The l.afayette Dramatic Association, assisted br a lady amateur. will present* roe Denouncer," and UuBt-jr, the Buxou," this evening. Odd Km lows' Hall. Navv Yard.?Fair of Jm! Washington rJ K Church. ?? ? Hoard ( Trade, ruf chksavrasi aj>d t?uio cabal?thb roTOM AC KAIL?OAl>-WA?lll?BlM TO BALTIMonk ruu DI.MTV cxaTS. Ao adjourned meeting ot the Hoard of Trade ^p?* beio last e v en1ng at their rsoms, Mo. 4 Market Space, the vice president. John T. JMircb>ll, Esq , Id the chair, aud M. Sardosecirury. flli. Wall, chairman of the committee t* rep. To^eiit the luteiests of the Board before Congress. ?'<! a let ?er had b^en sent to the Secretary ot War by Senator Chandler, calling ou him tor iuloimatlcn iu regard to the new channel of the Potomac. Gen. Humphreys had made a report on the came. and it was now before tne >eua*e Committee on Commerce. Mr W.saUl Senator Morrill told bun an appropriation ol SioO.MMi wonld be made for the improvement of the river, and he thought the bill would pas? the House Mr. K M. liall offered the foils wing pre-tm bit ant] resolutions: Whereas by the terms of the Constitution of the I*il Sf-tes, ibe District of Columbia was ?acteuly e~l apart to be known and forever held bv the Goveruinent as the seat of the National Capital au<l to be governed by tbe national will through their Representatives and i'enators in Cunfrms assembled; and whereas the city ot Washington in said District, was, by a" wonderful foresight. laid out upon a scale of inaguitlcence unequalled by any other city of tbe world, and in remarkable keeping with the gigan'lc gro wth of the natiou and the wants of that nation in its capital; and whereas the nation and tne city of \N astiiugtuii have now reached a point in their growth giviug us buta glimpse of what the ;b*uJs shall t?e, and believing, as we do, that t*e sU ;><jrauoiis ol this District [ Washington, #?%?* 'own, aud the Levy Court,) are un?5thJTto the great work of making this capital w bat our national grandnur requires, but teud te impede onr progress, derange local affurs, and cramp lo?al energies, and are powerless to improve onr grand avenues and broad feme's, to give us sewerage, perfect police regulation!-. pleasant parks, or any general ornamentation and further be|i?vmg that this 1 iiion of States should have an abiding interest in the growth, the beauty, and glory of Washington as the capital of oar American Kepublic: Tbereiore, be it hesolved. That m the opinion ol the Hoard of 1 raile lor this District these conflicting and feeble governments should be forthwith abolished, and to this end respectfully pray that -Congress will speedily enact some g-*n-ral lorm of governmentfor the entire District, declare Washington and Georgetown one city, and enact such other legislation as will make the Capital or the American Republic a model City of tbe nation. Mr. Tboru said be wis in favor of the r^so iutions. but be prel^rred that they should say in plain terms tuke away the city charter " Mr Hall said it was his desire not to put anything in the resolutions ot a political character. It was well Known that changes had ln*n mst!f here relative to tbe elective franchise, and Congress m.ght say --yes, peuilemen; you come in at a very late day. no w we have allowed the colored man to vole, you say takeaway the charter '* Mr Klvans moved the resolutions be adopted. Mr. Bacon said the Board of Tratl? should be careful armut meddling in politics aud the city government. Mr Kidweii thought the resolutions very indictous. Th* prosperity of the people of this District would commence when Georgetown and Washington were united under one govfciumeBt. Mr. Thorn offered the following as a substitute for the resolution of Mr. Hall : Rtf.irtd, That the committee on District of Columbia be reqnested to report a bill repealing the charters of Wasuington and Georgetown. and that the two cine, be governed as one, under commissioners appointed as Congress may determine. Mr. Mitchell ssud a larg? portion ot tbe business men and property-holders of both cities were in favor of repealing the charter aud consolidating the two cities, li^wa* only opposed by a few talking meu and flUce-holders under the two corporations. The substitute of Mr. Thorn was adopted, with tbe preamble uB-r'd By Mr. Hall. Messrs Mitchell, Hall, and Orme were appointed ?s ibe committee Mr. Wilson E. Brown offered the following: Whereas all that portion of the Cbesapeawe and Ohio Canal lying within the limits of ^Washington, commencing at Hock Creek and terminating at loot of 17th street, has for the last eight or ten years been utterly useless ab an ?venue of trade, for which it was intended, by allowing it to fill np to such an extent as to preclude the possibility of the passage of lightest draught boats, to tbe great detriment of tbe ciUisrBs of Washington,by shuttingoff all trade and traffic by this route between this city aud tbe fertile regions of West Virginia, Maryland, and the Cumberland coal mines, thereby causing all coal to be either landed at Georgetown or towed down the Potomac river some miles and thence to Washington, at the cost to consumers of one dollar advance per ton, to say nothing of the great quantity of produce that would pass through this channel to the metropolis of tbe nation, and by severing this great artery ol trade, the Government, which consumes in this city alone Mfty thousand tons pt?r annum, is loser to tbe amoont ot f5o,uu0' Therefore, be it Rfsolvtd. That a committee of three be appointed to wait npoo tbe Board of Directors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company and request that tbe canal be cleared aud put in good order between Kock Creek aud Washington city, so ve to make it navigable tor canal bouts m accordance with the provisions ot their charter, and that the committee b? instructed to press tbe necessity of this great improvement, and it necessary to employ counsel to furnish a brief of the company's charier that the committee may act ad vieediy in the matter, and there is hereby appropriated out of any money that may be in t?ie treasnry to pay said counsel, not exceedin* the com of *.*>0. Mr. Gninand thought it best to make them ?pea tbe lock at Kock Creek and bring the boats out in tbe river where tber could he towed to the various wharves ot Washington Our corporate authorities should raise tbe K street bridge so boats could return unloaded. He thought the company could B?t clear out lb* c??al, because they were bankrupt. Dr. Kidwell also advocated the pissareof the resolution y * Mr Bacon offered the following as a sub<ti tnte for Mr Brown's resolution, and it was adopted: Kei'tlred. That a committee of tbree be appointed to call upon tbe directors of the Chesapeake and Obie Canal aad press upon their attention the necessity of repairing the canal Jrom Rock Creek to 17th surevt, aud also to repair the outlet lock in tbe Potemac. Messrs Brows, T. J. Gait, and Dr. Kidwell were appoimej as such committee. Mr. Metzerottsaid he bad been iaformed ibat It was proposed to establish a Board of Trade an Georgetown, by the Merchants of tha'.pla -e m opposition to this Board. Dr. Kidwell said it was only a Cora Exchange that was to be established Mr Hall stated there was a gentlemen in the Tocrn who bad been a very active worker on the Potomac Railroad bill, (Mr. Gideon L.. W alker.) He hoped the gentleman would addrees the Board. Calls being made for Mr. ne said he bad organized a company and procured a charter for a tide water canal from the Chesapeake Bay to the Anacostia River. **even different roU'es aad been surveyed, but the grooad was high and it was found necea. aary to bave tbe charter changed from tide -water to lock canal, which was done last week and work on the raaal would soon he eomzienced Mr Walker then spoke of tbe Potomac Railroad and the difficulty in getting tbe charter on ncconntof the opposition by Mr OaiTBtt. of the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad At une time that road brought such influence on 'he Senate Committee that they agreed to report against the bill. Tbe road would now be completed in eight months, and persons car ned be. wen Washington and Btltiinor? faniaety c-nts, and thiee years beucethe WashiLgtoa nrancb of tbe Baltimore & Ohio road will be worth nothing. Mr Walker aeit spoke of the Washington canal, aud said be was willing to purchase the same at any price, clean tt oat and make it an artery ol commerce. Washington could be ir.-ide one of the finest cities ia the world, but tb-M> ore horse Corporations here should ?>e abolished, aad the CbiuhI States take charge of 'b# District, then rh#re wonld be millions of ocllars appropriated by Congress lor the improvement of tbe citv Ob moiioaof Mr. Wall, a vote of thanks were t?r.der?d to Mr Walker. Mes*r? Dempsev O'Tooto were elected asjjnbers of the Board r *r Wall presented a blTl which bad been P'spared, sad won Id be presented to Congress, I'hormijg tbe Corporation to baild anew " rke; house It provide* that the new baildshall be erected oa tbe eile bow occupied, Wt'h only one MtrM?? Mr hot pisrSBJ. I r>n tbe north front, udoomMrtHiu to b9 carried on other on Pa sour, ftk, or Wh etreeta. or Ix>ui? ana avenue. To raiH> fuads to baud tbe same, tbe Corjfcrarioa 0f Wuhiuroii n aufbortwd to issne *sno.roo worth of stock, to If liqi iilaiMky ihi r*niil of ife? itall* ti ttc mar art. The consderatma of Um fell was postponed until peXt Monday evening. , ' Mr. Wall caned attention to the fact Pia" the prtreading* of th? Board wtnaoturoperlT published 1a tbe n tramc papers, tbe Star being the only paper which bad a taithfal report. He wu id favor of having the proceedings published in nil ibe papers even If they hnn to be paid for. Adjonrnod until next Monday. w Albxavpbia asd Vicibit v.?From the A lexandria Jnnnil ot yea erday afternoon we clip tbe following: Theodote C. Mobler, who baa far soma day* been oo twined la oar county jail, on the charge ofstealing rrpna his father. Mr. John Mohl-r, of Fairfax county, two mnlas (both of which hare been recovered) was brougbt before Moore again oa Saturday aveninr last. aad fully identified as tbe thief. The off^nc- hiring been committed in Fairfax tountT, the prisoner was placed in charge Qf Mt-tsrs. Itnrrette A Edeltn for condnct before a Fairfax Jnatlce. Accordingly the case was carried before Thoa. P. Brown who wrote a commitment tu ihe Fairfax county jail, directed to he sheriff or auy constable of the county. T&e sheriff refused to accept the charge, "and a constable was called upon to whom the commitment and prisoner was delivered. While tbe officer, however, wai enraged In conversation with the surrendering officials, tl?? prisoner gave 'hem the dodge, and bia preien' whereabouts is not kuown. Judge Tbomas to-day rendered a v?rv leng'hy decision In the ca<e of Hunter tn Martin, and others of a similar natnre, declaring the titles to the property purchased at the II. s. tax srles invalid, principally upon the gronnd that the Commissioners w?re not empowered to sell more than sutflcienr to p*v tbe taxes, penalties and costs. We learn that, these cases will b? carried to the Supreme Court of 'be United States. Four real herrings, with a large number of "wnter ebad," were brought up from Oecoquan, yesterday, by Mr. Charles Gny, and exposed lor sale this morning in the (T|iy M irket. The herrings went off rapidly at i cents apiece, and the shad at 10 cents per bunch Tlinton B. Helper, anthor of the "Impending Crisis," |? on a short visit to onr city, having jn?t returned from Bnenos Ayre?, South America, to which Government he was sent as ?ur Representative by Mr. Lincoln. Qnlie a nnmberof ouster boats arrived up on sa'urday last, and the b;valves are selling freely at lrem &oc to ft_> p er bushel. W. A A G. R. R. Co vt .Iambs S. Frek-h. In Alexaudi la yesterday Judge Underwood, rendered bis decision in the case of the application of the W. A. A G. R K. Co., ag:tin>t tames S. F rench and others for a special and temporary Injunction. The decision concludes as follows: "The injunction prayed for bv tbe Complainant's bill, on giving security'in a bond of must be temporarily granted Knpiso Ope* aptir Hofrs.?James B. Ferguson v. a arres ntl yesterday by offi :i?r lavlur. of the Second Ward, lor keeping a restaurant open after hours. Ju*tic? Bites fin: d him ?10 of*. ? . T'm trnssEtt Bam.?Thomas Tlntchin-on was arrestea bv officer Peaster, of the Kourtn Ward, for riving a ball without the license reMuir*d by the city law Jus ice Walter fined h i m *5 Tnxr.oATTo Mot tit Virko* ha? resnmed her trip* it will be seen by reference to ad vertis?n eut;ard 'o-day toolr down quite a large number of visitors to the Totnbof A asbiugtoii. Sblmbg Lkcor Uri.Ii bssbd ?.Too Iiurke wss arrested yesterday by officer Mcllenry, of tbefourih Ward, for selling li?]uor without license, and was fined by Just ce Walter. ??? * *T ? 1* ~ CITY i'l'lfllS. The Miltoviak Taw-bapx ?Mr. F C. Gardner, tbe?dvance ageut of this celebrated exhibition, is now In tbe city making arrangements for its second appearance at Odd Fellows' Hall, alter an absence of one year. The citizens of Washington have not forgotten the enthusiasm these Tableaux created at that time in the minds of every one to witness it, and well do they recollect how worthy it wa? of their exceedingly liberal patronage. We hive never bad so popular an exhibition in our midst. Milton's glorious and vivid description of Satan, from his proud /all from the empyrean heights of Heaven nntll he is cast from its crystal borders and finds a resting place in the great gulf outside, is brought before the audience in grand and thrilling style. Those who hare read Mdton'sgreat epic will find tbe Tableaux a perfeot picturing of the gorgeons and majestic scenes thus described. Knll of beauty, touching, tender, pathetic, solemn and sublime.theeffecttbeseTableaux leave upon the mind lingers long after, like the memory of summer long afuir, like tue memory of tummer day dream-, or comes back to us in thrilling longing* as of something we Have once sesn, and yet wonld see again. Stier A Bro . at their new Store, 4:U> Penn. sylvania avenue, hkvesoineJei Black luk, which tbey offer for sale cheap We advise business men and claim agents to call and examine their cheap envelopes for circulars, at ?1 and 81.75per thousaud. ? Thkbb came a burst of thnndering sound ? Tbe boy? oh! where was he? Buying a suit of clothes at Henning's One Price Stare on the comer of Seventh street and Maryland avenae. Collars, -a cents a box!!!?Gray's, Goldsmitn, Imitation l.inen and Marseille^ Collar J3 cents a box, at Franc's Popalar Gents' Furntshing Store, 4i*l 7th street, between D and E streets. ^ Fisx Gloss Kid Baiton Boots at ii. B WilWo. 50'J 7th street, nuder Odd Fellows' Hall, at prices ranging from *.1.50 to frt.50. 0 , Those Ladibs who want an elegant Kmbruidered Yoke for IS ight Gown or Chemise, can get one cktap by calliug at Prince's, .VI K street, beiore be moves bis stock to his new s.ore, 439 Minth street. " 6 ? Dr. Whits, Chiropodist, 424 Penn. a v., between 4and lib streets, continues the successfnltreatment ot corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from ^ a. m. to i p. m., and 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1861. Fob Chilblains and Frosttal Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>| aa d ?th streets. A Scrb Pi lb CrBB-Dr. Gilbert's Pile Instrument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sont by mail on receipt of *4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Romains. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3; .. Fnnu can be had in any quantities at the Star office conn tar OIKb. Suddenly, on the morning f.tb?. Mth instant, Mrs A MX LI A WALJUlMttB idHB. io the Mh year of her age. Her raaorBl will take Jlaee fro* the residence 00.D,,V,i At Bridge, oa Menday eventec. Jebrasry M, after a sburt lllaess. Mr I. tbs 74th year af h Is igT. r,?ht*<?as ohoa hs dies, ? * ?toks a weary soal to rsst; Bow mildly besai the closing eyes, Hew gently heaves the explnagbrssat. . F*,vr*1 Wsdeesday. Psbrnary at ll o'clock a.m. YrieadBof tbe family are iavlted to attend. * TM*8!uHi9r l#tk 'ebraary. in Mew JAMBS MrQILu. forvarir of tkif oitT. beloved hnsbaad of Aanls M. McOill. aged ? VXi. re latsrrad la Bufrale, Mew inisXVf H8Bm- the 24th instant. JO0BPB, infant sob af Aatoa aad Isabella Bsrnkanser, sgsd 7 meaths aad 15 days w"P1 M1TBOPOLITA* PATkHT ~~ 8TKAM BAKIBY 347 0 street, between 4* and Mh strWu ' Furnished with McKeasie's Bpleadld Keel Oven rs maaafacinred at this establish meat are casen?t to any heretofore offered la this market Wt Invite atteatlea ^aHeSies ; A very choir* article, fr,? seleet family Soar. BOeToM OBAORBKd. From Welch's faallv floar, eqaal to aay la the Bxtra fiaeffrnm bSglfgraf??sxtra floar. Wj!?ishcSScSSW"4"4 ; Bt'UAK CkAtKlBS. BCTTBK < KA0KIR8, m,,# ,"?M'Tiac Qrocers aad Families ?,*",nSro,V.w,il kJOWM FAMILY BIIAD THO. HATliail. 347 Q street. ?W.-AU persons having W it? articles In wj shot for re??trstnrsvions to tte Id ef Jaa??ary, are requested t<? 0*11 aad get . them. o'li?r? 1m they will be sold at pablTc aactioa oa the 1st of March to nay the charges thereen. JOdB J. PB\BOt*T. . Qun aad Locksmith, jan 14 3m Mo. 414 O street. I ?AMUSEMENTS. RATIONAL THK4TKK. PiMtylwto kiwM, mm WlUarde' HoM. tM* >i|M but throe, Ml positively. of the it Win ?f rdwir porrrbt. M ho will i|trir tdubaF rvrbibg. r.b. m. tm. as Damon. MI8B LILI'li AH GALABTUB. la J bo BmnlDi'i Pln.ti Mm Atts ntitlrd DA MOM AMD PiTIU\B. rot MK FOBBBBT'B NIGHTS: Admission ft 00 Bee u red Beats _.yi cents extre OtlWrf M eeato Doors oya at 7 oVIock; Oirun n?w?? 7 46. WILL'S HEW ore*A HOCSfc. 0BKKT A WALi ? I'KOPBIBTORS. B. B. PHILLIP*.? - BTAOB HAKAttKB SECOND NIGHT Of TH* ENGAGEMB3T of The YOUNG. BBAUTIKUL aad IALKnTBD WABa BlSTKftJ. WI.o will aapear this tuwsdav rvknimJ, r?H ? vstr. IN THRBB ATTRACTIVE PIB0B8. ADA, la six ?'h?ract??e fcini twl Didoii. 1 he Beaatifal Drtmt o' MOBUI; Ob, THB FOatBB BI8TBB8. NOIM'.w Oi?k?n. Mi?a BMMA WIBB AN N ETTB. ?he F?it?r >i?ter Mm ADA W KB* To I e ( ll'wt'l by the ?nn>l|i| fare* of THB YOUTH WHONBVBB HAW A WOMAN COLIN Ml-a BMMA WBBtf Coicluiiibi Willi t ho Pro em Farce of lb* young actress ADA in feur Character?. Bongs, and Daacos_ METZEROTT HALL. SATURDAY BVBNIBQ, March S, lifT. JOSEPH HERMANNS' OBAND CONOBHT. Tickal# - ? ~fl 00 1 8?-ctirrrt heats. MIC'BH extra.) T)? I* of seats commences oa Weln-sday morn1 tig at fa2?.M METZBBOTT S Mnj? StoreL lOKIItM H ALL, ?r?rgrUwn, D ??? THB LA I'AV KTTB DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION YMll gtve aa eutert Jnment at tha above named Hall <>a TUE8DAY AND WBi'NKSDAY EVENINGS. FEBRUARY -J* and :i7. #TWO PLAYS. HE DENOUNCER, A HAHNAY.THB BABON Assisted by k I?'Iy ama'eur Admission I', cent* , reserved malt, 60 centi le rfl 3t* I/ANOY I'KBSb ICS AN l> OOSTU M KB. Voi Tableaux *nd Private Parties. A iply to MRS FBANK RRA fe 21 lui* t I 7 joth street. BALLS, ]PARTI EST ia a VuE a M URBANITY ASSOCIATION /flj^ WILL OIVB A GBAND BALL ON MONDAT. MABOU 4, 1*67. at MA HI MS ACADEMY, K street-. between 9t)i and 10th streets. Tickets, admitting Cent and Ladies, $1. By order COMMITTER fe 25 7t Hood iritl in out an>l nil trf e-rtfn<!, Our mofo ts pleasure to our frttnds. SEiOAD OBaND BALL 0% or t 11 k 2* eooi> will association, Which t> come ort Thursd-ty. Feb. 21,UwHk i postponed until THURSDAY. FEBRUARY '2*. The Committ* pledge tDeiusalves in making this t Se grau le<t a fl ?i r of tun season. TWe Mall will be glvua next T..nrad.iy, Feb 23, ruin,. hail, | tloworsn'>w. Come one. roma all The tickets are good lor Bext Thur. 'ay. fe 21 6t* LUSTAiNOFUIJ ND. I OST-On Thurr "ay tvenicg. a DIAMOND I i Bl NQ . a solit ire set in jet enamel. A liberal r ??id sili U p&M If lett at Airs GEO. PAB h ER*S, corcer of I1 and C sis fa2a-M' IOST?On Sunday, the 24th, a little White -J PoOl)LB I)Oil Hi. eyea and tip of B~>ee are black. Auaw re to t^a lama of Ltado. ' A liberal reward will be Rivea to any one retmnlna btiu to lith *t., corner of V , as he U a pet. fa24 It' L'OSND-Picked tip. near tbe Waihlnjton De r pot, tha latter part of last Decambar, a HUck SATCHEL. coBtafuing clothing, Ac , which the I oaaer can get by calling at No. 190 I street, de ctlkiag the aanie, and paying for this alvertiss| nent. fe2? :u' BBWABD?Loat, okrtikicatb or STOCK Mo. 47, National Metropolitan Bank. forSl.Oou and a copy of Laaae of Property. Appli ?>ai 7th street. fe25 8t* V OST? At Qon/.aga Hall, on the evenine of Lj Thuraday. 21st February, a LADIES' MUF T. The fiB4ar will confar a favor by Uariag It at the Collage. fe ?} ?' Cr REWABU ?Strayed on Bnnday last a black, V?' lierned OOW. with a lonu. slender bag Ttie above reward will be paid for her delivery at No. 130 Green si., Georgetown Heights. fe22 4i* LOST?At the Hational Theater, or between there and Wlllard's. laet evening, a BBACB LET marked "M, A. F to I. B , Birthday Gift, lr?ii " The finder will ba lil>arally rewarded by leaving the name at Wlllard's Hotel. fe 22 tf ^boahdinq. C^UBBIBHED, front, second story, BOOM for S. '*iiL with 01 witbont BOARD. A few TABLB BOARDBkS also Hwr the straet care. Apply ou^fltU street, between 1 and K, Me. 31 7>t. POB BINT- Two FURBIBHED ROOMB.with 1 or without Board, at 4*(i I atraet, between 4th aud 6tb fa is 3t* BOABb-FRONT PARLOR to let. with Board (or two. atf'g per month, BaOK PARLOB for two, at per month, at 3^0 R street, near *"th. fa v> lw" THKE E OR FOUR GBNTLBMEM can be aceommodated with pleanaat KOOM3 and good HOABi* by calling at no,.?? Pana ave., betweea 21st and 22a sts. Terms vary reasonable, fe ts St" Room with kikst clahs tablb board, at 922 a month, at MADB'b Hotel,corner 10th andBatre^ts. fa2U6t* WBLL-rURH ISHRD FRONT ROOMS, with Jloard.ean be had ; alao, one anfurnlxhed Hecns. upon moderate terms, at corner of Indiana avenae and 3d street weat. fa l( at* K*OR RBNT-T w0~we11 faraished P A BL0 RS. on t the irat floor, with or witbont BOARD Apply 393 K St., bet. !/th aai 1'ith. fell TABLB BOABD at Bo. ABA Mtb atre^.B faw doors aorth of tha avaaaa. Tarnu f 2S par toath. da Htf GKORGETOWN ADVER^MTS. CHEAP SPRING GOODS AT MILLBRS, 101 Bridge street. Georgetewa, D O. Oailcoes, 12 3 to 18i Merrlmac and opraguaa. >0 eta , Bprins Dalaiaea. choice atylwa, vary cheap: Hleached Haalios. 11. 12>?, 14,16; yard widedi., 20: Jamea' Bteam Mills, 4-4, M eta ; Bate*8 B . B., 4 4, 26; Androscoggia. Wamsntta, New York Mllla. cheap; Browa Maslia, 10, 12>.. If; yard wire do . It aaa 2? cents. Alao, a general assortment of Dry Goods. Call and examine our atook. Yon will buy cbaap. ft C lni* BENJAMIN MILLER. OTd FORT DBFIa OB.-MyOyster tleet la now in active service. Three of tha latgeet b ats arrive to day wlth?JB J the largest and flaaat OY8TBB8 froa mjJaF York River, measuring from aina to twelve iachas ia length?qaita a curl- ? oaity. I have ant tea ah a ck era to work to-day. Privglfc fa? I lies may depend that they will get their Oysters freah froaa tba shall, and the flnoat the market can afford, as my loag experience ?nablaa me to aelect tha bast Oy tars that cam as to tha market wlthoat a doubt. Gall at tha ORIOI* NAL OT8TBB DBPOT, 281 0 straet. cora?r of 11th atraat. la 19-04 U/M B WHEATLBY S PRBMIUM BIBAM W B,,iSS^li?SiiMiV,"a Office,Mo. 49 Jefferson St.. Oaorgetwwa.D. 0. Established la 1831; premiam awarded by the MetroMlitaa laatitat*. 18f7; rabnllt (M, aad Is bow b> far tha largest and ataet oomplata establls bmeat of the kind la this sectiBB of country Dyeing aad Scaarlng of all hi ads daM In the best man aar. Truly thaakful for fast favors, tha subscriber solid to tha aontiaaad custom of tha coaiuanity Goods received au0<Mturned by oxpraos with tha at as oat aroasptaeaa aBldaapatoa. Poet Offico addreas, Lock Box Mo. SB. wiffVi'.^i&i'S rr1 exo<>t KKtZ' 486 ri*U?&fAFAT< 486 WALNOT BBACK^TS^BOOKI^BLTBS, Ac ,at _ No 4N1ihStiut. ^ ^ "^atoklll Moan tains, varr ftna landscape by Rammers. Pair Cabinet sice Lsadseaaea, ty Wlllsoa. OriglBBi BjOBr Chickens, by A V. kTalt Ft ait Pasta!. by U RUg. Moth;? s Joy Meyer. later!or Oathaaral Yiaw, vary Am, by aonx. Boatrlce Con el. Aa . Aa. 7 a?raviBge ?Taaao at tha Govt of Torrara rocDiBg aaasagea from his immortal poem " Jeruaalem Delivered ? Bfeakay^ra atthaGoart of Queea Bllxabeth reciting paaaagaa from k*BLacboth." These ara match engravlnga from End era paint >"??. Weight a*. eagraved from a painting by Olrardat. Thp Happy Bae,-ua a vary salrited pletara. from apalatlngby Carl Hubaar. Forbidden Fralt.engravadiromB palntlagby Schloealenae Also, Walnut Brackets. Beoksbolvae, Parlor Cases, Ac. _ _ J. MABRRITBB , ? No. 4?# 7th stra?t. 8 doors ab?ve f?M-dt Odd Fellaw's Uall. CO PRR ORMT. BATBD by using o. B JBWOU ILL'S para uaadnlterated

Pramlum Now York City SOAP, Premium FAMILY BOAP, . Yor aals cheap for cash. Organ through tha Post Office will bo proatptly attended to ,"<*F*ad Ouudie Manufacturer, No *Uti and i ??#!! Oat. north, bet. 4th aud ?th. ja H4o pHYBIOLAVB HARD BOOR OF PRAOTIOB 4* ? IRAB0I IATLOB. f ut'WL . . , WANTS. W^S?l*ruIA ??* COOK, with (Ml referltw?y S No ?u . corner u ft*1 H I m~~ f# 5 * W VdT?.D.7 i.*a S- ?00*. V^v?r Itfh 1 r atreeta ,s*}| *er?ean M ' Vfr-i fe**** W tf?SSr ! v4ta4*|i ?"<?? w*. w?, ..r MttV lStfc IL*. V?*5 l* ??** ?)>?# ""'l.lbit.w.u^H, fattjr wvLvr.-*.^ w?? *IV COO( ull><li ?~5. i*ii?i**?;8Kr * M'M ViNPIiaiili iftODTKIT A rOJK went* b^t..fZi J r ,lM ,0 "n'1 > r<M^ h?? I t o*?t c.fottr i*rrrere arrqcl-.d 0 1T at tue cun*r Mb ?nd u .ir?.,, uok of Patent Oft". Tt? II^iiA'tJf uvT*D-Of tl? ?r ?tt rt"n? ai'u north R?V^? .V Uttl !rTt* '? 1M Mfitf.!.,. aotte aaaead B? Ad4n ?. w<?h HhIcbIih, m. w. B . wan * Jf tfeta ?ap*r /#?-J?* W TV ** momlh* Thr?* ?-r ??.. - .* *Wl|fc *wl three tint** IU ^dEfjVWtf rS?>~r* ?* - a. for th^ dV?. * ' WMh,n*tOB *0,t l*r*? ?w-ll wull lo?lt5 ^1 ' f'i!1 modern impror?o-?(iu S??r^!- L V 0fl>r#d r#?l ben* n o *?> c ! ^"*oVWSi"(!?" it:1'""- *? 'S'.'ri4 W A1?O*-*71?A!MTf\A ?Toil ?n t UWILL c??r?it Mt?rh?4, *ith?r It Wa<hltgtm ..r areviaton hn.V" w for * C ecerf ? J if?.. .? ?i '."?l bT a ???P?na|hl* ox < v. \d toVV"atf3V?*ft?B*0^MrlicuUr,? " * r a*? Office, Al?ian.lria. Va f?i6 Jt WANflFln a artrate ?l.d.JnI:..5V" lhV are*oother iio?r T#n br fM i 11 bualue,. knit be netr the ? ?Jt hetw-en?ih auffitn <U Atdre*., | nJ# * term# aad location, C. U K , 8t?r niBee Beterencea e?cl.?n*ed. ' f.*Jt VV ""^AnlWIi a*?-d watt* W<?M\ nT.> I aA1 ?f children and *aw. In mire at ' or ?utn*aat corner Dim >artea in w ubiDKUn ?t* , Ueoigxtown. f* tf> 3i A8ITI ATION WAS rBD bv a recoectable f,0.0"*. *??man to do Waahing anl Irofcl g to a nailI family ?r ('haai vrtt oik >u<l hel; *iili the w.ihlna ?l4 iroutug pref? rr.' t B?u cit* r-r?ren. e?giT. n. Aadre?* box M Star Ottice fej.-3t* VV^NT?? 1? hand Firttnl ftuifilar Pr?->f HAFK? An* ooo d?*<1 rf iic can find a ca^b parcha*er by applying or ad lre^ait g . ^ , bTABK a OU., . ? ?ll_* _^^S_"lh at., bet. I> and C T0.^'nfhlSS^^C!8r-.2 ""i's juhK X??D. bth it . between O and H at* fe . ! ?? VV A NT KD?All APOTH klJAK V fir th? T S /T . "I'anier Nwatara. Mrdltcrrati-an !> ,u-4 un -f.w! ?b-Hrd ?? ??intely, at tbe Maey *ard. with rftoDiiueD<lationi |t WANTED?All in vant of *ON g f ail s OOLD8THN A oo m. h";..?11 rlwH: oroaera, 34 4 , strtet, uear Penua l>ana a?? ""* - fa 21-ira W ANTKD?A an art. act ire yono? or mi.idle ^ w R?'? MAN,m ff*onn<i oarfiiAr 1 n BaI Kit 41? Anctionecrlr g aud Qni-r.1 Coiumt?ai,>n Hn?ld??.' In an old a?,d well eaiahlNhed firm Moat haVTa p* .'oai 9l ^? to A'ldre^s Uox :t ">f> I Oct Office, With oaHia an>l rnferenre fe ill ?t ' WAliTKB (ilNTLKMKN dealroaa o' eu^A^llll ID ft P%ytOK ItUlliBfHM to rftll ut KM Pl.oftlBMT A?kS?;V ?o 5*3 Pa. are A chabra offered ?c make money, ? 19 AOBNTS WANTlir run 'THE H I STntTr OK THE WAU BETWEEN TUt HTA ritl LVtJ1!.0 lTl- OMIO,N- OAU8IC8 ABU Kit-' TH? l'l?t 1 aieiaJ' Pi, 8,?'phen?, a d f?r i?5 klFE LITTERS, AHI> 4PK K( HEh >?r ^ l^KXAMlJtB U ""HESrfiVe.r'y B?LdforClrcnUr? and aee our tenni AH<re?? f.u 1? JlnAJL( NAL BblBtllNO rO fe U lna *07 Minor a re- t. Philadelphia, Pa. \V ANTED?All pvraona. ntx>nr breafcl Tir T10 ? bonaekreplng will ,1-^ rai| our offlc" as we wibh to buy their fqrniture, liarinc , ??' aunt call, for the aame Alao. HonV, for reat ftt. u wlbbB k OO . f*i1 m cam-r Jftth and K ftreeta. VV ^T.*D" We"*^B?*eral firatcln?a KAUM8 nori?ia r?S for our Customer*. Alu. aaoill i ?m the c1,"> both lar*a and ?.?, immediately tc D Ij W*l.L.S t CO . corner ipth and K uta un VV uoln^^f oflr ULOTHINij.TTid - Ovl?L* and BILVEK.or aay other article ?if "tablisbed Merchant Paau >" 0kar a More of K f t LToN A CO , iUU 9th at 3 doors north tf Pennn %v?*Dit^ " ^A.entforB^O.B.SE.WIHO MACHINE VVliamedlatHr to uT n?i ?ku? ail ' Banda, Wrapper Yoke*, flan thn hii Initial# To eo d taau la "'lTA'si,ii? "f ??e,io~ deu*f ?nW P6r w'dth. oTta4" 'ZFr? """MnlhfoVJ: a^ai 3: SUSj. Atoo.<reji*naf?r Pillow Oaaee. Oitoii?* Chair Ootera. Planoa. and. In abort, eyery*>arUr; ?r??i aSlST.^*'*/* d"n' I oed. w/have j rrfach Marhtoe and a Practical ?" ??? bar* tedaced the aiioa to Dw*??r. and WA.?rUOn' * S^ HLT. 4^ rn, U^et '7 JSaLla t^tweeu 0 and B, eaat aid* PERSONAL. JJBADQUABTBBB D. 8. INFANTE* ti.i,*. J M wA?Hin0T0N. 1> c.. t-ek. 23.18J7 w!^ 8oll?ra reward wlli t>* paid fv?r tbe apare?V* t,,l!TW? ?r JOHN U DUKE, fol ZftA lro,n tk* ?b C . 8. Infantry cbw hl?h hllT ? ? * <* . t-seven Inhai? k coaaplajilon, black erea. b'ack hair, and by occupation when enllated a aoldiar l-., J 8TLvB.srEB. r. ? u Idaim,44tt [ 8. Infaatry, i*? 3t Becrattlng Olfloer. A .TO B0T^ 8BXBS ?Should nay lad kUa or !l^ak^ftr0k* hor complexion, reinorefreeof OiJ *?i? MT olher dia&gnratiuns 11D6 ikiD, ii>o, should ftD? ceDtleman dMir? la Krowth*!!? ?hi a*1' n>OB th* ht*?d, or increa** the P ^ whlBk?r? or BoQittchM. or chanta th? Foe to % nortdeflifftblt color, they nifty ftjdrfN ^"^ S'SivS.'SSi^iiriz.Ys fi *J m>?eta*u4ul?e ezp*ctationa. (g&XJBWMMia Jiia I JSiSSTiSS receir*d dally, fr*m our corn* of 1M aup? I PBlCEft Beiui the largeat manufacturer here of tula kind of I wwr, Wft can piea*e all, both In iiiAlitv I and price, and are dater?{ned, at whatever tit to produce the heat work, leaue the mort elM^t I pattern;. a?d hTAMP C^BAPBB. tbM aniTS earn In tbla or any other elty. I Oar repatatiea aa tba only Practical Htamp*r h*r* laaured Udiee that do ia^arioua >-^mpoeltlone I are naod, aad ahlelda tbem from treating their I rn0H -rL-i.??af? {hone who buy a few bl >cka I and nracWin tb?aiael?ea aUuiMra. BUmping, ' cent* per width, and aire yon a ColUr and ouffa\a. I .. , WM. PBIBCB, 4 SB ?th .treat, I WJ_![ eppo-lta Patent Q?c*L PL. 8HUECBIN0, M. D , HTOIBNIU AND I . BosuEoPATbic rer? 101 an D P*- A*a , bat. l.'th aad tjtb ata J? 101 I ATaT?l2i.J,.!L!!L.OMBAr18V"pl*? 4.1# Mb akrvat, opp*<lt* Patent Ofloe, ladlea WanfMntte^' rrlcea,#. the very bant Night ao?aJokea, ready atam?*d Mcta. Cb?m|a? Tohee, j,ct- I ' Band* u "* I Blthar for t rald or embroidery, oar pette a* ar* I of tb* very U?,t jUei.a., aalSfad aJth I New Tork, and b*lng In recelat e4 ?*>-? waakiv I we are able dally telaeii* aew pTtteST ^Tweft a^aes-jaaai&g &. ^ * * "Ve VrVlA. Ac I O^^and^ri B A f2V^?F LA ll* Un SKiP-JW"! RQOBDOB * CO.*E PBBBBBVB8, JBLLlig. OAT8DP8. far Tba beat of their kind# * "**>. *?. N W BUBOBBLL, ?. ? r.TXi.. wyy'WBig "" A" "1 w PJSJiWiSff'SiVASJr ffKB: ^wiifeag {$2&s,*?i&rsi SSKSw'S#ttssa^w*?T.v rgS&SlS^JZ*- " fal WBABCK tatlob. AMWBIOAH, tJOLB. BTOCKS and HOBDB, bought on atMlgefon at th* Bew Tork ani eafrad^l>C^ motettena regaUrly re. . ' L*W1B J0HB80N A OO Baak*n. ot tf juj p*atfa *?*m. ^g/fuar No 330 Berenth atre*t. Jtll-dla between La. av. and I? atreet rjOfcD PBBB?A flue aaaortment of Gold Pena. M Poncll Caaea, to., for nala at manaraoturer'i ?* . [d?\tj VBABOK TAYLOB. FOR SALE AND RENT. p? **BT-TBrae BOO M I o^thfrdtoa*. aa' ' ruakit.tllll R ilml, MfM! S?h ui *>'?? ; ton tr FO,*}|B"T?Twoaa'arnlshodaad l*?futiik?1 *?*** ! Ma. 337 Wat !.. baiweaa tl ixt I fe m n* IT ? * ?2?HtF^>usi~Frri~?iiiTrFriuo? ? fcr,?^5Ly mma Mr atirg, 330 lit* at., ?"?'* I *>< I ittwu. it* WT0< K Ar H riXTVBBB of il?r*~4t?l7lk at. ?r Fixtnroe tor uliaad Mar*for real. L < * 8A L* 0 R BE iff ?'Jhea .. a loir rooail * !T?wJ2iM * "earth* Cirri? Also a fins MfilMil OU fjr ? ! ?! KOMtST FULTON A. t'awntTigsr 3??r,h at. near -a. ar. faJvtw* I^UhMSUkD BOOMS roR BBNT, wlthoat J,. *C."rW*_M"*r*B,"a **chan*ed Appl' at No. t9f? New Tork hw pth >*4 10th tt . r?iNt' L'CI "A* The OU'JU WILb Lllhl LI' r CKMHB atd FIXTURE* vlik "took l' ??re~d ae.of the Mtr?>lUM*d on the southeast ror*or ?f it't h4 D street* laiul re un the prem fa H St* LMIU ItfcNT-k'uur Biwitul BOOMS lulu >la I f. r tor-a or shop*. An the moat pr>m>n-r,7 bu*loa*?oornar of 7th treet. For tirma inanir. at l8li^KL,S Bh?" *' ,r* **. 3797th ?tr*at,corner of I. L'OI BENT?Oae thraa *|jry BBICK BOC5E I e-ntaln'nt 9 rooasa, with gaa %n 1 ?a?-r new,,' painted Hfral. atibhoj for two tl' 047 Uth stieei between R aed I -1 a > r| fen annate.' walk to tba Treaaar* building. Aaetr at No. 7th at , hot D*<>? E nirt* r? <i OB K OF THI Mo*T VtLli AHLEAND l>B SIBaBLE BUILDING LOTS iMh* ity f" ala It la aitoabd * the north aide of K ai a t n?r 1 let ween Sena'nr Hbei man's nut tba Mexican Minister'* frxliai on r.auklia Sjaar* bald lot la'2ft feat by 157. running back to i tu i t Allay and tmprarod by a two story brlrk <uMa fa 35-tf S P. BBO% N, 4 B 5 9th Ira**! vnot I^ORBBBT?Paitea of FBuflSHE l? BtOMH ' on the 2d aad 3d floor* "f hon-* ovrovr utth and F streets. 1> L WKLLS A DO If IS 61 If. W enrnur ? ><1 W ?*a FfOB BALK? i??uly f!ilcMh ro<jnlred. tae t?*|OMMaiU paid la monthly l> lulaoma of 9tk e?ch )?s Daw two atorf HOUhl'<. 81 A KK A CO , 4*?H?.,7th at. , hat l> and B. L'DKMSHID RiMlSi-Tvi htnlaotte PaR LORS. tlr>t floor, with or without b*?l ..r cuoklngatorc Alio CHtlRBttS for kou-a> aping Pl?a**nt and conr.-nleut 492 B atreet. botwrfn 5tb at<d tith. fo 2s |t* t'OR HAl,B OB KB ST- A vary 1?-ir?hio HwPSB.ia tha new and <>l?><ant block rn '?th ? r?-tt. bear B> utittary, r<>niai'nu? naren nuvna The Iiohm |? now ?cenri*-4 by Mr S n??b*o?h! ^ ant tl' per month Price 5.' 2?0 V .??ea-loa 1.1 vetPWorch I. B P HB<?Wf?, fe -a> St I Ohran ] 4?.'? ?th ?tre.-t w<?t. ICR RENT F.lrxaiitty rfTRKMHCD 4'>I'SB ?? H ra< ni?, near tba Prraid -ntial 4m?t ?n t ftiw per niontb *l??.one nf in o ? n?<>a Varyl?kd avti.B? u??r tlx-Oaaitol at $ to-i p?r m Al-?o. ona . f JO rooru? unfotni-l.- d oa New Yorw aveune. at fr* per month. All tliaie hoaae* h?re i>.o<te>D iu.piow-Luenta U. L WBI.L8 A OA . f? 25 >! lotli an I W atre t?. 'I'?, LKT-Tbraa ROO VIS an the II floor ..f 30;> Ptnn a ava., between wtb and loth at*., until aide. fa u st* ABARC,Alii?a LOT FOB i*ALB?Oi H "traet a-ith, t"?-tweeu 4'b an I 6th at->. . atnall *m iot U,c* .lL?,,a 'a?-?ointw.?yeari. In juireo' JOHN ** blBl.* cor. 9th and M ata. fail St* l/OR BENT?Ry the lat March, a HOUSB v <h tan toi n a, w*ta gaa an 1 water, on Htb at . rono door from K st.aet In mire uait 4. or. *t tPeMoie fa 29 M* ^OB 8ALB-A POBTAIILB I0B HOlflK, I (btlleo' aioke.) s ?aet l.y 6, at Xo <2?? 7ib treat, bay next door Imuire of HOPlimH, corker M and iStU atraeta north, at th? ?rotery . f? tvit* L'I'B HA IB - All ktn<1 of I Pitt KDBBKCD PLBUOB8, to pay advanoaa at tt?^atie?t. near Pa. ave. $. OOLU8TBI N A 0 J? fe I] lm Li en?ed Pawnbroker! I/OR RKI>T?BOl 8B* in th?- Phliidelpiiia K >w, iltb atreet aat thirty -?-luni>-?' ride from the 1 rf?tury 1ht*>a Hwiia a nave all convrnienrea, HB' wl'l be r? aitO lit tba maatb or year, at *?rv low bgura*. ln.uirt- cf the Avent so J f tr?e? fell 6t* iJk T PRIVATE HALK?The HOLD FCROool> wIL,L. BAR. and I IXTl kKS of the Hotel Ltits at <ha corner <>f Ji tb ?fre< t weal and 0 atreet n<>i th For te-int, tc.,ingtilra(iD tli* premUoiof the owner. If not *1.1 b> the lat day of March, it will b" lold at public anctiua. ? ie? 6t^ _ JLOUIS R0TQ8JHILD. h'OR RENT?A two story IlRIOK IIOU8B a-ltb five rotiuia. oa )3:b street, l?etwa?-n O ?nd P. Id ,nlre aeit door, or at A ji nth ?t. fe 2* < !* I^'OR 8ALB OR RENT?Fnrni?bed or nnfur '"r ni<bm?the RESIDENCE of the Anatrian flntater. eornar 12th and K Apply between 12 and 2 p. F*OB 8ALB?Three small GARDEN FARMS, near the ctty, me ot in acroa iaoprored bv new lwr??'orj brlrk hcuae ant nacetaary ont baiMtu^t, Ktape- atrawbetilsa jpeachee. apples. Ae . 2>1 ftf teen acrra beat of garden a-U, ?1, thirt? |> aixty acrai, daalrablv locatod far Butcher or Milk Farm V. D. 8T9CK8BI DOB A CO . . ? Real E>t*te Broker*, "" I* N E. corner 7tb and F at*. F?B BEKT?The 8TOBB BOOM a?xt |> the btar office aadar Me rjpoUUa Hall. Apply ?> C_. B. BAB BR. Star office. fa 18 tf F^CRBISIJED BOOM4 FOR RENT-PAKLOB ..and Iwo BED BO0M8. aaaie floor, ooatmant* I eating, for rant wiU or with?at board. To be lac together or aeparately. Apply at 934 H atreet, onaa^nare from the carp. fa lH trc?rl* /'BOBGETOWB BBALB8TATE AND MOUSE AOBHCY.IOO BBIDOB 8TBBBT Honaea for rental $25 to 91 6 per month. Deal cable Houaea and Lota for aale. fe 14-lm* OB MB * COO PIE. ^OB 8ALB?A two afciry BBIOK U008B, with E fonr large rooma and centre hailv2>.twt feet of yroat.d encloard 1 near the northeaat boundary of the city. Prloe #3,?? Apply at 347 3d at-eat VV feis tf POB8ALB-Tha STOCK, GOOD WILL, LbTmE I and part of ?IXTl'BBSaf th* wall e tabliaaed Grocery Store Bo 7th street, Bavy Yard, aow ?f?i??a good bwaiaoaa UMaon for aelliag. bad | health lor farther information taqnire oa the pram ibm. tamw FOB BUT-A three atory and baaaaicat Brick DWELLING HOl'SE. brown front. 'Catar aad sa*. tea rooms, aow nadarsclng repair*, *it aated on lS*.h street we*t. between L at. a^rlk and Mat* avanae. Be. 369. la ulrea* Ho. 90 3 Wth t betweoa 8 and 10 a. m. and ? aad Ip a. ja I tl P)l BEST?The F ABM, for the I aat th roe yean the residence of Major Theephllna Galae*. coaftatiaf of IM acres, lying near Fort Mahan. 1 ..lie from Benainf 'a Bridge. Imnroyeaieata. dwell'ng hone* of li rooma, atone atabla, aervanra houaoa, barn. Ae Addreea ' B B .?? 4 37 E atreet, Waaa Ington, P. O , or aall la par*oa. between 3 and 7 p oc 1* tf fpOB BEHT?Two large aad oae email eomaanal. eating ROOMS, anfnrniahed, aocond floor No 134 Peaa ay., bot 19.h attd ?th ala. ao hi tf ABB CHaHCB?For immediate aale on* of h tba best located small corner atore GBOCE IBS in the city. Stock and Fixture* new Ap^l^ynmediateiy. by letter, to A. B. O..OHr P?M P>B BBBT?Two Barntahed BOOMS, at Bo". 4S7 13th *tre*t betwaaa E aad r at*, d* 14 tf ? I t A B L I 8 B IJ) lsTsT" SPECIAL B OTIOI. chablbsTbbzbbbo. Sncceeaor to laaac Beraberg A Son, Who har*conducted the PawnhroktBJ Battnea* for fiftaea yeara la thl* city, far taair* /Ov T?M* th* enlr Pawnbroker la the BIstlic'.jC^A teke tbts mat nod of thaaklng th*ir palronaO Q aad th* public for the confldeace heretofore ahowa th?m. and beg l?a?e to call their atteation to the feet that a* till roatlnue to make the higheat ad* jaoees la all tuma npon all artlclaa of Jewelry, Dlamoada, watcbes. Bond*, oaarnment Scrip, bllaer PlaU, Ac . for wbloh we have aaaeHor lace* of deposit and aecirfty, which will at wara la ahowa for the ?attafacii -a of taoaa aatroalatag a* W*hav? *?eelal facilities Car the care and preeervati.a of Wearlag Apparel of eeary deacrtptivB Woolana, Ae., on which th* hlghaat ad vaacee are made. gaaraate*la<t when reaalred against ?ota, a nd alwaya against injury tl arias a larpe watehoa*e ia ro iaectlnn with oar effica, we hare special facilltle* for storage of all kind* af Merchandise, Faraltare, Ae . oa which we make the highest adraacaa for day*, weak* or months We uall eapaoial attaalioa to tlie fact that owing to tba large capital employed In oar boalDM* we can taaAe adraace* at each rate* of o-t*reet as to deft ootbpatlUon We aail bo good* until the expiration of six month* a'ter their forfeitnre, and than only at pabils aaction. flrst rlr lag ample notlao throagh the rarloa* city jonr ual* 10 all depoaitor*. By thla m*aaa deaoaita with a* are nerar loaf If their rodoaipMoa la desired W* call ?*portal atteation to oar arraace mant* for forwardla? g? >d* to nay part of the Conakry, arrangementa arhlah an *xp?rl*?ce of Site# yeara ha* hroaght ta rerfoetioa. DepooItora are enabled hy this meaaa to redoes* tholr ET.S/ST <?:.rrs,s.Ki's.,^""'w' ale apartment* for coafldeaOaTewiaeee. M. B ? We hare ae eoaaocUon with aayal allar eatahlMhmeat in thla aity Be for toanr old reoideat of Waehlattoa Bemomhar BBB/BBBG'S Loaa Office. 351 aorthC atreet, between iK aad (th. Washington. t> 6. fatft lm* PIAIQ8. or pan OABIBBT OBGAB8, HIIH MILODBOHS For aala npon oaay moat el y laatalimoi U, at the war* room* of W. 6. MBTZBBOTT A 00. ?a2 ?' SIB Pana. are. QOTBL G POPE. OBOCBBBT, CLAS8WABB. QH uor-Vio mu - e_M . w PIoBTBO wabb all Oct)da* caaauatly aa hand of the host WEBB * BBVBB1DOB. - M ,. Odd FoUowe' OaB, ? 31 Soreath etraet. COMBTHINB BBW! & ??OUI^*?1BO?* B?Be?40I0BS I PRAtTrfAL CARPBT WKATgR, Orisarth an l C atraata. 1 Island ! Makee Carpets to ordor with dispatch, oa mode rata terms, aad satisfaction guarantied. Carpet* ooastantly on haad, aad far sat*. Ja II lm AUCTION SALES. tmiM AFTMM.MOOM AM9 TO-MO** /?." BY COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aartioaorr* (ktt?ei*rk>?iU Jm C IrOttn u<i.a| vltk?Nte?IMr of Pni'ttn aad ll.<* atr IKw Oftce _ BILLIABD *ALO"B AT ACOT'OB. ( TlllDtT IMIUtK'H Mtt.r*. M. at 4 < dock a r> , we will eel I the Tabli* m4 Fla'o e* Of the Billiard lkl?? lortlMMI ooritr vf P<ii'*it?.m4 llth atroot, i over BU> chard a obaaa l<o<>k *tore ia*t?>ti.g? 4 Pbelaa Marble t-ed /*cket aad < arom To .ee. B*k??uf frame, clik Ball* I***, Bo iViliitMii I Fram* Fr*T-h Plat* Mirror. < by ? lucboo * **' oa? |ot?i Oil P and Bngrevt a** I Hart* ??ik. | l.rg.? < al Stov* Ta|*tb*r with other apparteaanco* of o bll'tad a % toon 'be above Bamrd |Im* la MO 4alnf a tbr1rt?( ' " i?f?a. ??<i la ??i<1 olii oa areoan of the proprietor aiahli'i to taihark io aaotber l>a-1b**? ?J.Vra* "'' Ullaaah.Muoalil aa4M?*ra. *["b lalaiaet, aecnred t>y O deed of Itaatoa tha PI Ooa??>?nfl?| at. J reveaae atom pa at coat uf poret.a?or. fa ad ' POPBBA LATIMBB. Aaat* HT COOPBB A LATIMBB. Aa-tlonoer*. ( Lota cleik. with Jamee HcVglra | Oo .1 B< allivMt c< raer Peno*> lvan<a avioa au 1 atroot. Mar Uft.oa Kail1li.?" CATALO<;ri SALK OP LAW ABB MIBOBLMfllfl 4T ADOtlOB lluiMUMWBDBBBBAY ant, >ehrnarr Z? ??. and 3> br Aacii ? fcb# WrpliBB?'r-ari. we Will t*a ar il i - ? y"V^*r * Ltto.r tB? volaBt I* Law Libiarv ;>f tbe lat-Ota* H U'-rmahlo '"""I bicb will be foBB-1 many rare bo*k* ?ein* of V birfc aro boa oat el prtat Tern.* nab, Bl'OFNB f*8nai, I . . . BAOMI I'TBbUBIILB \ Adaila. COOPKK A LaTIMKB, Au acta To which ill adde-t? tirti oV Ko*?i.,Ii',,,"T B?laco|f%no<?aa collar Uv5^,.,:rvii xz'szi."'-"- **?<- ". Bala to at 7 oVIor k earh err a n? a^UobT:.".00* >0d r*n b' ? ?*r Trin.a ctoli. fejotf A LATIMBK. Aaote D. L BLLS A >'o Avtioaeer*. * C?lBn Of iv.b aad f atroot* HOl'SBHOLP rCBIHTt'BB AT PI' B LIU A COOa WBDKB "*l> A Y, Fe?.ra*ry IT, at to a Cork * *\^T ' *? H >ua* N.? 1** G at'Hal roar ol National Hotel, ?m>d 4?? aa I ?th atra?U' olargoa?avrti>aot of Boa?ab ,ld l.r^T* ' C*"*1 ' T1"~ Hr v><xr^:,,2.c.'rr*-?'r.,i c"-u n'fr'M'*."6*' *'" IB t?ak and Waloat Ualr t loili t?' t?a t?t?Oa<l 4)hatra Mxrbla top Hurmia, W aah.lao4?. a?H Tablei ViJl 'JW1 ?-a?aod ..t<. ^p rBl lr^ trf,?7,'?** a Pataot Hair bbi uti jtk Mat* Ora Walaut Kltan#ton, 14 faat ? *" eT ?t. ra ?lth oUa.t a 8toi?' * ni* of Parlor a >d ClaBhor Pn.lBs K^tm Paroitaro. Orockary, Ac. t*ala peremptory. / ? P L. Nt BLLg A Co., Aa^to. BV F. I> ULK tU) A ictiuuarr , bt uth a t ?or:i?r h. mi>4 -Itb atroota II0U8BUOLD iCKHm ?|, Ar., AT APc. Or WBPBBPPAY MOKBIBO, FaO.Vth at o O rlo? k. I will aellat u y Auctloa B^ob a u,.i B?aortB aiit "t BurBUnre vti * '*T<* R<<.rteavia Bot' tui, ta aah-t .n?|? Maliasanr. W.Uatat.d Pine Tabloa, Maltreats tfecktr) iboUiisBvirt A | gt i PryOo?da Faocr Oooia. il'oaiory OI?<?ea bc?i, ttt-gar* aod T 'locco T?*n carM Bali e Mlno V biaay aa<l other LI<jaora in dtml ohna and bnt Uta Ternia c^ab. 1*. r. P CLBAHT. Aact. BY 8BSEW A WILUIAM8. Aootlonaara 0 0 j jt) Coroer 7tb aud D atreota. TfA\AL,'A??'S LOTtJ PROBT. ?^?TM B*? fcVll ' BBT 'u(,BTB AND V, I i *t8r' *l Auction Ob TB L BCliA Y. tbf C>tn tra.aat atKoVlork p m L 2 baU aoH. la fra: t of the preMt.aa. Lata Boa 6 as>l <. in aobdtoiaioB of ><)?iora No All ir'wH r?LI,d,"t Jr?*'U *'<1 ^aptba, raanlair ba, k to flna alio)*. Tb i ropartr ia thta aiaare la Improved by ?ood dwellicg buoaea, which tnakeo tba-o lot# ? ?; tfeairat-le. Teraia Oto qaarUr CMh : balaara la ? and It month*. aoomaA by adoed of tract oatbe pram ^''c?,lT*SL?B?lBf and re t* ana a tamp* at tho c(Jf ?' 'bo Patchaoora. |!0do?n vh?a unit uu QHBKW A WILLIAM*. Aucta. K' OBIBB A WILLIAMB. AnctlnrM^, ? aato, coroor 7tb aud U atreeta. "KWw Vl?BKHAvS5r?L5 /rBN ITUBE ImfkTuifV'" rul'l(c ,#th *"d V n' of Ifftrch At 10 o clock ?D8u,.r;w ?<> tuu,^ UaaUraaa Bey Parlor Salt*, rnoatatln" of Tatan. ??**r aod Btao OBoiro Oaa baatfooma Blark Walnut U bata?i d;?"# Bap-ploab Valvat Oh^ra a Looaia t ckeiaaal Baat Chain aidB^k^ ^ Mlrr*r'^? Mar bio Blab Marbla top Oaatra Tabloa and Ottomaaa 5u^^;,Vtrp.VfVaS:xr^-s*tt' "? ?'2','!i Bitaaaioa Tabla aad PibIbk f'balra Be^^.^t.*004 o'rottBta > urn.tare nfl ' JJ? caking and otb?r Stoeaa Oblaa. Glaaa and Crockery vara. T. rma caaA. OBBBB A VILUAHI _ * d Auction a?ra UT P L. W BLLS A OO.. * ?Iraaaia ** B. W. corner 19th aad f atreeta *Of;BWOOD PIABO ft)BT?. PBBB'JB PLATE MIBKOBb. LACE ABP BBOCaTBlIl era TAlN>. B BL1 SUBLB CABPBT0 WaLI(tT aBP MABOOaBY Pabloh and rnVv BBB FCBBlfrlB1, A^TAT PUBLIC ACCV?tho 4th day ol March aeit. at |A i - ? <** ah all a?|| at boaao Mo. 3a* 18; B a^ ^I tod K nortb, tAit tTd^ ail Vit Blt*r#^lld Aloe to cuBtaiard In a jo bonae, Boaowoo4 Oaae Plaao Porte octave rorr awoat tuna , aad Ib oieallent ordor ' Broach Plata Mirror, ?lit fframo. with Bra keta aa?i Marble Slab -racaata Lace and Brocatelle Window Onrt-.tna BrnaaaU, lnfraln ami Veattlaa CarptU.Bnca. WalBUotb0fM' 8I<!' "* *My Chaira, la Hair Walnot and Oak Chaabor Seta Marble top Buroana. Waahataada. aad Tabloa Jardroboa. Toilet Bota. Bad Lido aa. Blanketa.tlomfortabloo. aad Coaaterpanoa > eat bat Beda, Pillow, and Bol.tero ? 't*fanck . mii?l Cattoa Top Mattraaaoa ? . . latit Bitaaaion PibIbj Tabla Mar Lie top Bideboard.l Walaut i Wiadaor ana Oak Ptniac *'ha<ra Cooki^nf^Parlor, and Okambor Stovoa, with 811*or plated Caator. Baoena. aad Catlary China. Giaae, and Cro< kery Ware Alao. large lot Kitcben Bosnia!toa, too aamer >aa to nitaliuB. fe * lintel] P. L WILL? B CO.. Anata |^? THOS. POWLIBO^Aaet ; UoorCo?owa. HEBKNO I BOB BaFB. Ac , Ac.. AT AUOOn MCMPAT MOBBIBO, March ?th at ia oVIock. I Will aell. at tho raoidoBro of tbe lato ^*_Bedla. Mo. Y Oay atreot, betweoa Ooa?raaa and Waahtnft. n atreeta, Georgetown, tbe Honao hold Yaraitaro. Ao , coaaiatlag la part of " riMO' *.? ^tool Mahoaasy Haircloth Chaira aad Sofaa Pawaakand L*ce t'nrtaiaa Coraicoa aad Shade* Froaoh Plato Wilt Frame Mirror* ?fl"' IUrW* to? fl"****. FloraadBido TaMahataay Bareana, Bedataada, Wardrobaa, Ac Three B|y and Ingrala Oarpota Oltcloth aad Matting Fanther Bed*. Bidding, aad Mattreaaea Waiant BitoaeloB aad oth?r Tabloa Sideboard .Ac Mahowany Secretary aad Book Oaao Small Iron Safe Oaa Flitnrea, Froack Clock, Ac Crockery aad laeewaro Largo Oooklag and other Btovea. And a groat variety ?rf Sooda, too aamareaa to Tar me caah. THOBBAB DOW LI NO fa U llatel} Aaotloneor BY OOOPBB A LAT1MBB Aaauoaaeta. iLatoolorka with J 0 MoOtilre A Oo .) Boathwoat onrnor Peaaay Ivaata a*aaoe aod llth atroot. Btar UBoo BaiUiag S06aS4?k? JDbbItcbb AT acctiob. On TBI BBDAY MOBBIBO neit. Feb 10 a nock at pwelpac Mo ABT atroot north, between ath aad 7th atroota waet. we wfll aotl tho llati1'*'* ^ KV*cU Kerala ooataiaad, aavb?ee* ply aod Iagrala Oaraota Mahogany Haircloth Bafa, Bockor aad Bldo Marile top Centre aad Sofa Table*. BacraelBBa Walnut Biteaeloa Plalaa Table. Oaao eaat _ < halra I B?d?t?.af.. Bareana. Wa'drole F'ather Bed *, Bolatora aad Flllowa I'all aad Bt?a OiMdTKalr Bad* Bat taak Window Sbadoe aad Cornice *B*-(rl*eraWr. aLoat tweaty foot Babber Hoe* and Cooking aad Chamber Wood aad Goal 8 to rod Crocker* Ol aee aad Tib ware ami***. f.'ua rpom* tATiaaa.i?*_ gT OBOWH. VALES* * 00.. itlti.Mm fm MI..M pnbtt. .,rt*?n nu r*l?AV.Mtnb I. awJa'Krt'Sysr- ~-JK' Palo wit boat reeorve. Term* Oao half oaoh; balance la I awd 11 moBth*. aot ared by deed oa the aroyarty, |M caah when the property la kBoa^ad dawa. CBOWH. WALhBB A OO.. fo 7J ot' AacUotioata.